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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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veteran correspondent bob simon dies in a car crash. he was riding in a lincoln town car when it careened into a car. he died later at the hospital. he picked up 27 emmys along the way. he was 73. defense lawyers claiming insanity during open arguments in texas. they say their client's issues that the victims texted their concern. kyle and littlefield were shot to death at a gun range in 2013. i'm jackie ibanez. "hannity" starts now. tonight -- >> their brand is spreading. >> this is happening at a speed much greater than al qaeda's brand ever spread. >> the president sends a war resolution to congress to fight
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isis. >> our coalition is on the offensive. isil is on the defensive and isil is going to lose. >> but no troops on the ground. so is the president making a strategic mistake? our military experts will analyze. suspended -- >> this is a very difficult story for us to report on. >> brian williams off the air for six months. we'll tell you how it all went down. and a "hannity" exclusive. >> chris was a humble guy. >> the navy s.e.a.l. who served alongside chris kyle responds to the vicious attacks by nbc news. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." six months after the united states began a sustained air strike against isis, president obama has now officially requested that congress authorize the use of force dwens the islamic state that now stretches much across syria and iraq. >> today my administration submitted a draft resolution to congress to authorize the use of force against isil. this resolution reflects our core objective to destroy isil.
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>> now this from the same president who just one year ago compared isis to a jayvee basketball team and from an administration that can hardly utter the words radical and islam in the same sentence. >> i don't quibble with labels. we do ourselves a disservice in this fight if we are not taking into account the fact that the overwhelming majority of muslims reject this ideology. >> violent extreme schism something we want to be focused on. it's not just -- it's not just islamic violent extremism. >> we're going fo focus on all the different kinds of extremism with a heavy focus on people who do this in the name of islam. we would say falsely in the name of islam. but there are other forms of extremism that are also important. >> let's make two things clear. isil is not islamic. no religion condones the killing of innocence. >> given the administration's recent rhetoric, should we believe the president is finally
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taking isis seriously? our commander in chief states that he would not authorize ground combat operations. >> the resolution we've submitted today does not call for the deployment of u.s. ground combat forces to iraq or syria. it is not the authorization of another ground war. i'm convinced the united states should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war in the middle east. that's not in our national security interests. and it's not necessary for us to defeat isil. >> once again the president is ignoring the advice of top military and intelligence officials who for months have been saying ground troops are in fact necessary to win. listen to them. >> doing this through air power alone without corresponding ground forces is next to impossible task. >> it's going to take more than what we're doing now george. there's just no question.
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>> the only thing we can do is take the fight to syria. >> we don't really have an effective strategy that's coherent that addresses the wider problem. >> we need american forces in the forward edge of the battle area. >> and you need probably 50, 75 100,000 troops to be able to deal with isis in both iraq and in syria. >> here now with reaction is the house homeland security chairman and united states congressman michael mccaul, author of 88 days to kandahar. and foreign and domestic author and retired brigadier general tony tata is with us. guys, good to see all. before we get to this, i want to get back to an admonition a warning that came from george w. bush. this was back in 2007 of exactly what would happen if we pulled out of iraq too early. >> begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous for iraq, for
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the region and for the united states. it would mean surrendering the future of iraq to al qaeda. it'd mean that we'd be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. it would mean we allowed the terrorist to establish a safe haven in iraq to replace the one they lost in afghanistan. it would mean increasing the probability that american troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous. >> congressman everything he said there was 100% correct. one year ago the president was saying they're the jayvee team. he sat back and did nothing. 4,000 americans died in cities like tikrit and fallujah and mosul were literally taken by isis. we didn't do a thing because he didn't file president bush's admonition here. isis is at war with the world. and now is this the plan that's going to work or is this just more chatter by a president that likes to give speeches.
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>> well i think president bush was right. i think that this president is not serious about winning and defeating isis, although he says that. when you look at the authorization for use of military force, we had a meeting with the white house officials last night. if anything, sean this resolution weakens the president and the military's ability to destroy and defeat isis. i find it hard to believe that any -- anybody that's serious about defeating isis could vote for a measure that restricts our military and ties their hands behind their backs by saying we're not going to have enduring offensive ground combat operations. that's in their words, not mine. we asked them to define what that means. they couldn't even define what that means. but the bottom line is we are -- i've never seen a president ask for authorization for military force that doesn't expand his powers but rather limits his abilities to win this war. >> and rescinds the 2002
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authorization use of force which is currently still on the books. robert grenier let me go to you because i think this is important. i watch jordan, i watch king abdullah. they kill one jordanian pilot this was the guy in the cage they burned to death, bulldozed him after all of that. and jordan unleashes holy hell on isis. they kill their prisoners. they start bombing the living daylights out of their locations. and the king says we are going to destroy you. now they're on the border of iraq. and then i look at our president, the beheading of james foley happens, 30 seconds later he's on a golf course. what is he not getting? >> well look, i think that the u.s. should be more muscular in its response in iraq. but that said i think a lot of the statements you said earlier you really need to look at those a little bit more deeply in terms of what sort of combat role do we want as troops. i agree we need to have u.s.
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troops on the front lines providing a facilitative guidance -- guiding air power and all that sort of thing. i don't think however we ought to have large conventional maneuver forces taking the lead in this fight for just the reason that you cited. this is a fight that needs to be won by indigenous forces in the region. the u.s. can be much more muscular in supporting them. but if we take the lead ourselves, we qualitatively change the nature of the struggle. we make it -- we feed into the narrative of the enemy. >> he's shown no commitment to actually holding on the victories that we had. general tata. >> i agree he's been far too -- >> general tata, cbs is reporting 20,000 new fighters have flocked to join isis. so isis is getting bigger. they're getting stronger. they have all the munitions they need. they also have the money that they need to keep buying munitions. so that's all happening. so now the question is if we would have kept intelligence people on the ground instead of
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pulling them out and training forces for the iraqis, would we have lost fallujah, tikrit, mosul. and would they have gotten within 20 miles of baghdad? meaning isis? >> hey, sean. great to be with you. i think it's time that this president really quit waging war on american values and actually declares total war against isis. and you're exactly right. if we had all of that architecture in there from an intelligence and communications perspective, and we were leveraging our elements of power as a nation, economic, diplomatic political and military, and we were synchronizeing all of those and building a coalition, then we could actually have the right kind of force on the ground from many different nations. and we would have a synchronized effort to crush this enemy. this is a real threat. the american people see this as a very real threat. and to limit us to a very constrained type of force is a
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mistake. and so we need to be able to conduct total war wherever this enemy is. and we need to define enemy. and we need to quit apologizing on behalf of the enemy. this is ridiculous that we are not defining this enemy and allowing our military and all elements of power to crush this enemy. >> congressman, i'll go back to you for final question here. i want to show the map of all the territory. i keep going back to this. this is territory that we had that has now been taken over. they got very close to baghdad meaning isis. the president won't say islamic terrorism. he's now trying to compare radical islamists to what happened in the crusades 800 years ago. and he's blaming the media saying they're overstating the threat. and they won't focus on an issue like climate change because it's not as sexy. and then what happened in paris at a kosher supermarket is random. i am trying to understand what's in the president's mind about
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this. because i don't fundamentally just don't understand what he's not seeing. do you agree with him? is the threat -- is climate change the greater threat? >> well, in the national security strategy they put, you know climate change in there rather than defeating isis in iraq and syria. i agree with your comments. we withdrew out so fast without a residual force that led to the creation of isis. i think the president is to blame for the creation of isis. and the fact is that many of these foreign fighters who have come over there as we had in the hearing today have now left and gone to western europe. and some have returned to the united states. so from a homeland security point of view the best thing we can do is destroy isis wherever it exists. i would support an authorization for use of military force if it was to degrade and destroy isis and its affiliates wherever they
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exist. >> all right. >> that's not what this president is proposing. >> gentlemen, thank you. we appreciate it. yesterday confirmed american hostage kayla mueller had indeed been killed by isis. and today there are disturbing new reports that a rescue mission to save her life may have been delayed. standing by tonight from guantanamo bay with more details is fox's own catherine herridge. catherine, very disturbing report. big discrepancies in timelines. and maybe opportunities missed? >> reporter: well, that's right sean. two sources with direct knowledge of the efforts to free the western hostages confirmed to fox news that there was strong and specific intelligence about the location of the western hostages in may of 2014. that's five weeks at least before the president signed off on the operation. and the intelligence we're told was so specific that there was even the identification of a building they believe was holding the hostages in the isis stronghold of raqqa syria. even more significantly during that period of time the hostages had been held in the same location for at least two weeks.
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and this is highly unusual because typically hostages are moved every day to hide their location. the president saying he signed off when there was intelligence and had the best opportunity for success. but these two sources with direct knowledge with efforts to free the americans say this was perishable intelligence and the white house demanded that it build up further the intelligence picture before acting. and they look back on this episode now and they believe, sean, this was really the last best chance to get all of the hostages together. >> and they were all together. and as you said it was strong, specific and perishable intelligence they had. the main timeline though conflicts with the administration's claims that the white house signed off on the operation as soon as the intelligence was gathered. there was a gap. >> reporter: well, clearly based on the reporting and some of these details we had in the fall, but we did not report when we were asked by u.s. officials to hold that information for
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national security reasons. but it's very clear to me that there was kind of a disconnect between the operatoring who would launch the mission in the sense they were ready to go with a threshold of intelligence that existed because it was so specific and the source was so credible. but the white house wanted to wait. they wanted the intelligence picture to build up even further. we can never know whether if that rescue mission was launched late may early june, whether it would have been successful. but this certainly raises questions over whether there was an unnecessary delay. and again this great opportunity based on the intelligence to get everyone at once was lost because after the july 4th rescue mission all of the hostages were disbursed. they were not held in a large group again sean. >> catherine herridge, thanks so much for reporting on that. coming up one-on-one with bob beckel. first, brian williams suspended
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over his questionable reporting. so how nbc news covered the story. and later we'll run through the long list of hillary clinton's lies. it's been monthst she's done an interview or been out there. why is she in hiding? we'll examine that and more straight ahead. grandpa bode, grandma said you used to be out of control. really... i guess i did take some risks. anncr: bode, bode miller!!! trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control. but not always.
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welcome back to "hannity." the media world is buzzing after nbc news announced last night that brian williams has been suspended for six months without pay after he fabricated his experiences in iraq in 2003. lester holt filling in for quill williams addressed the controversy earlier tonight. >> now to the story many of you have been talking about and one for us not only hits close to home but in our home. brian williams managing editor of "nightly news" has been
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suspended for six months without pay. finally on a personal note it is an enormously difficult story to report brian is a member of our family. but so are you. we'll work every night to earn your trust. >> -- responded as well. >> it probably goes for you folks at home but it is a very difficult story for us to report on because it is so personal in many ways. most importantly brian is not only a colleague, but he's a really good friend. >> we all care a lot about brian. that's what makes this so hard. we also care a lot about this place. the standards of nbc news. and that's what nbc is trying to balance here. we can only say we wish the best for brian in this time. we hope the best for nbc as well. and we look forward to brian's return. >> joining me now with reaction from the fox news medical a-team. the hollywood reporter melissa guthrie, and from sister network fox business dagan mcdowel.
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melissa, you know what was happening in the last 48, 72 hours at nbc leading up to this. >> yeah, yesterday brian was summoned to steve burke's apartment in manhattan and told what his fate would be after five, six days of relentless hounding and hammering in the media that turned him from this credibility to late-night punch line. they had been mulling a lengthy suspension. and that's what they decided on. i think their mistake was announcing an investigation and then a suspension. i think they should have announced a suspension and said we're investigating. and we'll figure this out and get to the bottom of it. >> but they never addressed katrina. they didn't address other issues that have come up. katrina dysentery, gangs and floating dead bodies. >> yeah. there was -- rockets during the 2006 israeli war with hezbollah. exactly. >> they had to get him away. get him out from in front of a
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tv. they had to get him on the sidelines because with social media now this has blown up and become an embarrassment. a rolling embarrassment. did brian williams misremember? he's in the white bronco with o.j. he's storming the beaches of normandy. >> social media is brutal. >> lincoln got assassinated, there's brian williams. it's comical. this would go on and on and on if they didn't bench it. >> dr. avo, look, i'm not the professional. i know there's been a lot of psycho babble analysis here. is it as simple as i caught a fish this big when it was really this big. or i shot an 85 in golf and you shot 105? and maybe just his ego got out of control and wanted to tell stories to make himself look good? is it more complicated than that? >> sean, i think when it's a pattern you go looking for the why. it's such an unusual thing for somebody who's a journalist who's supposed to be based on the facts and dig for the truth to be untethered from the truth.
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you have to say because of what? and some of the things you might look at if i were brian williams and i don't treat the guy, but i would be searching my soul to say is there something about me that i feel very badly about? low self-esteem? i feel small? why did it become a drug for me? it's steam in people's eyes the way they would look at me. why did that become a drug? >> last question keith, do you think they made the right decision? >> i don't think there's any other decision to make. if i were him i would head for the most dangerous assignment in the field, he could stay very close to the truth and prove himself. >> merissa. >> i think they bungled the order of decisions. i think they should have immediately suspended him when this all came to light. >> does he come back? >> a lot of people inside nbc news don't think -- >> six months i don't think he can come back. they had to get him off the air period at this point. >> all right. and coming up now in the wake of brian williams scandal, we all
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want to know why aren't politicians held to the same standards? when we come back we'll run through some of hillary clinton's long list of tales, remember sniper fire, bosnia, benghazi later, bob beckel holding nothing back when it comes to the administration's inability to use the term radical islam. and meet the navy s.e.a.l. who served alongside chris kyle in combat and trained bradley cooper for his role in "american sniper" as the chris kyle murde every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand... in america. guts. glory. ram.
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you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to "hannity." so brian williams faced the consequences of his lies. and he's a journalist. what about politicians? shouldn't they be held to the same if not higher standard? look at hillary clinton, she's been caught lying several times. you may remember when she blamed republicans for her husband's affair with monica lewinsky. >> the great story here for
10:25 pm
anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspireing against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> really? okay. how about when hillary described the danger she faced during her 1996 trip to boz -- bosnia as first lady. >> i remember landing under sniper fire. there was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base. >> not exactly. she ran into the arms of a little girl. and who could her forget blaming the benghazi attack on four americans in a youtube video. and here's only one example of that lie. >> we've seen the heavy assault on our post in benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies
10:26 pm
over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> now, unfortunately there's more. here's another when clinton met sir edmond hillary who along with his sherpa were among the first men to reach the summit of mount efrs, said she was named after him. named -- she was born six years before anyone ever heard of edmond hillary. is she going to be held accountable like brian williams for her lies? joining me with reaction penny lee and doug schone. sir edmond hillary sniper fire we'll show the video. the sniper fire she came under. let's see, she walked off the plane very calmly right into the arms of a little girl. should she be held to the same standard as brian williams? >> we are all going to be a held
10:27 pm
to a standard. and she has. what she has said on many occasions especially with the sniper is that it was a misstatement. what she had been told prior to landing is they were going to have to find an alternative route because of sniper fire. they were going to have to wear body armor because of sniper fire. >> she said she ran to the car under sniper fire. she didn't say that we were told -- she ran -- >> and she said she misspoke. >> misspoke. she did what was responsible. >> brian williams missfoek, chopper hit with an rpg. he conflated it. >> like i said she has taken responsibility for that. she addressed that issue back in 2008. >> the defense is with brian williams, she apologized as soon
10:28 pm
as it was braugtd to her attention she realized she made a mistake. >> as soon as it was brought to her attention she didn't come under sniper fire? >> you know, you're in a campaign, you're in serbia it's not a particularly pleasant or safe place to be. >> i know it's not a safe place to be but everybody knew on the plane, we had sheryl at kis sontkisson on the show last night -- >> if brian williams had done that right away, i think we'd have a different state of affairs. >> then she claims she's named after sir edmond hillary, the first person to reach mount everest summit in 1943, she was born in 1947. >> it's a mistake. she is going to win or lose the election -- >> made after sean connery. >> by the way when is your next
10:29 pm
bond film come out? >> martini dry, shaken not stirred. >> i like that. based on positions or issues, one name you haven't mentioned, barack obama. that's far more important than all this stuff. >> all right. there's another issue. republican party is now, penny, going after hillary. where is hillary? i don't think she wants to come out in the middle of the brian williams issue and talk about sniper fire. so she's going to avoid the press. she hasn't held a press conference in 200 2 days. hasn't done an interview in 184 days. hasn't been in iowa in 103 days or new hampshire in 100 days. >> sean, i just love this. i love that the republicans -- >> what? >> i love that the republicans are begging for her to come out. >> where is she? >> i'll guarantee you we could set the egg timer in a month or two months from now whenever she does make an appearance you are all going to say she's overexposed. >> i'm glad you asked about the sniper fire story. >> i assume we're going to be seeing the exact same thing.
10:30 pm
she has her own timeline. there's going to be plenty of time to get the facts to get the issues to make her case before the american public. this is a long process. and we still have another 18 more months to go. >> now an interesting poll came out. elizabeth warren according to the ugov poll came out, whether you believe it or not she's beating hillary. >> in iowa and new hampshire. what my poll showed is warren is close, 16 points behind in iowa, seven points behind in new hampshire. what ugov did was they then did the comparative messages of the two candidates. and lauren went ahead. hillary's problem is not the stuff you're talking about. it's how to distinguish herself from obama. how does she deal with income equality, how does she deal with a -- >> how does she separate herself from obama that's a big one. >> that's what i said. i'm absolutely agreeing with you. >> penny i asked doug this
10:31 pm
question the other night. there's another issue that's the relationship bill has with convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein just came out in one of the tabloids that he not only flew to orgy island as the tabloids in new york call it, on a number of occasions, but he also went to see the state of brunei to deal with the sultan and that's a guy who would dupe women into slavery. spent 13 months in jail. >> sure. he is an unsavory character. he is someone you and i probably wouldn't be -- no. epstein is. we have been through this every single campaign we have been through this, this trying to guilt by association. because somebody is being seen -- >> really? would you hang out with a convicted sex pedophile? >> no.
10:32 pm
that is not my choice. but i'm sure there is somebody in which -- >> -- only spends time with the best of company. >> penny, on a serious note here, he flew multiple times according to flight logs that have been reported to this island where all the sex activity was happening. is it a far reach here to say maybe bill clinton -- >> oh come on. >> jennifer flowers paula jones, kathleen willey monica lewinsky lewinsky. the list goes on and on. >> these allegations and alleged associations and all of this guilt by association. look, i understand -- >> all over. >> i understand this is the moe tus op ren dus. >> i'll tell you why i think the landscape has changed. look at what happened to bill
10:33 pm
cosby. look at what's happened -- >> in cosby's case there were credible allegations from multiple women. at this point all we have are airplane flights -- >> orgy island -- >> to an island -- >> where orgies took place with underage girls. >> -- said did not see clinton doing anything with anybody. >> he has been identified as being on the island where all of this activity took place. >> again there's been no credible allegations by anyone that he did anything. >> all right, guys. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> i feel like it's 1998 rewind. you never know. coming up next on this busy news night on "hannity". >> i think obama grew up among muslims. i think he was very strongly affected by muslims. i think in his dream of dreams he hopes that these guys aren't really muslims. >> amazing comments by bob beckel on why the president refuses to use the term radical islam. and later, the "american sniper" murder trial is now underway. chris kyle's widow, taya
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i think obama grew up among muslims. i think he was very strongly affected by muslims. i think in his dream of dreams he hopes that these guys aren't really muslims. and he doesn't want to call them muslims because he really does like muslims. here is a guy very much affected by muslims in his life. he had friends who were muslims. i think he doesn't want to make himself a lead -- >> that was bob beckel trying to make sense of why president obama refuses to use the term radical islam. last week president obama lectured christians at the national prayer breakfast. tonight what we may have learned where president obama got those views from our friends at
10:40 pm
bright uncovered this. >> jihad crusade, you must be killed or the christian crusades is kill all the muslims infidels. to the point the last class he had me in one is you know what barack's middle name is? hussein? that means he's muslim. >> i had not seen that before. president obama sat in the pughs of -- pews for 20 years while he spilled his venom. bob beckel, before i want you to expand on this "new york times," hardly part of the right wing conspiracy bob actually quoted obama directly verbatim when he said mr. obama recalled the opening lines of the arabic
10:41 pm
call to prayer reciting them with a first-rate accent. in a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated it will give alabama voters heart attacks. mr. obama described the call to prayer as one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset. i heard your remarks. i remember this quote. you might be more right than you think. >> well, that's usually the case, isn't it? i try to be. >> no, that's not usually the case. but that's okay. on this issue we agree on a lot. >> listen, you have to ask yourself a question. why is it you're not going to not say radical jihadist islam, right? you're not going to say that. if you think you're really going to convince people by not saying it they'll buy into it, they don't buy into it. i think he wants to believe in his heart of hearts that these guys really muslims. they're using the muslim
10:42 pm
religion as a right to be terrorists and kill people and behead people. >> but you think he would have read the quran. the quran the literal interpretation clear, jihad, holy war. >> right but in the quran as far as -- >> infidels. >> yeah, but not killing women and children. that's one of the things he was very strong on, right? >> but the point is it calls for the killing -- take no christians nor jews, for example, the jihad is holy war. >> i'm just trying to figure out why is a supporter of obama's why is it he doesn't come to the realization that -- why does he not allow himself to say this. >> where you are? you have strong opinions about -- >> very strong. >> could it be he went to a muslim school in jakarta where he said the most beautiful sight on earth is the call to prayer at sunset? how do you interpret that? >> how do i interpret it? i think that the guy had exposure to a lot of muslims, their faith during his early
10:43 pm
years, his formative years. and i think that stuck with him for a long time. i don't think that means he's pro-terrorist. he just doesn't accept the fact that there is a radical wing of that religion. there are radical wings of every religion. >> do you take seriously what wright said hussein, he's a muslim. what's wrong with being a muslim? what do you think of that? >> i think that's probably sort of an accurate statement. >> do you think obama's a muslim? >> no. >> do you think he thinks that? >> no. i think when you have the name hussein, which is what wright was playing off of, why is it that when it comes to faith, why was it the first thing he did was to deal with the relationship between east and western muslims? >> and apologize for america? >> you look at it that way, i look at it a different way. i think this has been the forefront and center of his mind for a long time. and i think this is very difficult for him. very difficult. >> it shouldn't be that hard. they want to kill us. in the name after allah. >> you and i understand that.
10:44 pm
by the way they said 20,000 more are going there now. >> yeah. cbs reported. >> that means they're all in the same area. this is where you call for davey crockett. >> good to see you bob. >> you too. >> coming up chris kyle's widow taya took the stand today in her husband's murder trial. we've got all the details coming up next. and you'll meet the navy s.e.a.l. who served alongside chris kyle and helped train bradley cooper for his role in the movie "american sniper." you'll only see this interview coming up here tonight next on ♪ ♪ the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all-wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get 0% financing or up to $1,000 back on the 2015 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites.
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welcome back to "hannity." the trial has begun in what is being called the "american sniper" murder case. now, ex-marine eddie ray routh is being charged with murdering chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield at a texas gun range back in february 2013. now, routh's defense team claims he was suffering from ptsd. and today chris kyle's widow taya took the stand. the judge did not permit audio of her testimony but she was visibly seen breaking down in tears several times as pictures of chris and his family were reportedly shown to the courtroom. i sat down earlier with former navy s.e.a.l. who served along chris kyle in combat and helped bradley cooper prepare for his role in "american sniper."
10:50 pm
i spoke with him about this and much more. so you go from navy s.e.a.l. to movie star, not a bad jump, right? >> quite a transition. >> well, tell us about chris. i mean i got to interview his brother, his wife and his dad. and i loved them. you knew him at the time he was doing all of this. what was he like? >> you know chris was one of the most humble people i've actually met and worked with. i had a unique position being a junior member in the platoon. so he was that sniper that mentor for a lot of us new guys and people that hadn't deployed at that level. got to learn a lot from him and study him to assume that position, try and be at that level. so got to watch chris so i got to watch chris take credit and pass it off to people around him. chris was a humble guy. you see it in the amount of charity he did. >> he wanted to go. >> that helped him you go on 190,000 miles per hour then pit stops.
10:51 pm
>> he had to find something that would bridge that gap he found peace working with veterans and giving back. >> what is frustrated me i love the fact the american people you know what? the rank and file great americans that work hard, pay taxes and play by the rules make this country great, they responded, making this a blockbuster hit. and you got michael moores and another example this is the nbc foreign correspondent, now you have generals and colonels demanding an apology. >> it's an emotional movie, but when you juxtapose with the real chris kyle and what kind of personality he was -- back home in texas may not have been true? >> a lot of stories back home in texas. a lot of his old personal feelings about what he was doing in iraq, how he viewed iraqis,
10:52 pm
racist tendencies going on killing sprees in iraq on assignment. >> that is nbc's foreign correspondent, just giving you hearsay as though it's gospel truth. is that chris connell? >> sometimes have you to get rid of the small memories to make room for big ones the biggest memory is going to be validation you get from veterans saying this story resonates people can feel it and it's a story of us. and really, as a veteran you know what hurts you. it's ieds, bullets criticism. >> that is made up criticism. that wasn't chris. you knew him. you were friends with him. you served with him. was that him? >> no. >> what he described, so-called news guy on nbc is that the chris you knew? >> no. chris was a humble guy, represented teams well.
10:53 pm
like all soldiers you carry that. >> and what confirmed kill -- how many lives did he save in the process of using his skill? >> right. that is what he talks about. what haunts him is the people he couldn't save. >> it's part of the movie. >> yes. >> how did you get to be in the movie? i know you're a big star now. kidding. i'm just messing with you. how did you get in the movie? >> my wife sent a message to the writer when she found out he's writing a screenplay. i started to wshg with chris and jason to help work on the technical components. when chris was murdered it progressed to a technical advisor. and as far as on the range in february 2014 with bradley we're training he's like have you ever thought about playing yourself in the movie? it caught me off guard because i was very protective of chris. and wanted to get the story right. i didn't know what to say. just hit the targets and we'll
10:54 pm
figure it out later. he got me into that whole -- >> did he capture the essence of chris? >> yes. absolutely. chris has a larger than life texas personality. i think bradley shows that in the movie. i admire the way, i don't know how you got through -- i talked to every navy s.e.a.l. i asked how did you do it? it's a hardest thing you do. right? >> right. it's the most fun you'd want to have again. and you form a brotherhood in the stands of southern california and it stays with you. >> how many hours are you sleeping a night? >> at least five and a half in a week. >> are you thinking straight at that point? >> you don't think. you just act. >> appreciate it thank you. >> coming up we need your help and that is the next question of the day, straight ahead.
10:55 pm
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♪ music ♪ ...the getaway vehicle! for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. tonight's question of the day, should so called journalist nbc news foreign correspondent be fired for comments about chris kyle? does nbc news owe the family an apology? let us know what you think.
11:00 pm
that is all the time we have unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now this is a fox news alert. head of the irs getting grounded. to the irs targeting conservatives. >> will you admit that you mislead congress and the american people. >> absolutely not. >> you don't think you mislead them? >> nope. >> the hearing wrapping up moments ago. your political manual standing by to go "on the record" about it first and breaking right now, it is happening already, president obama running into resistance from both sides of the aisle when he asked congress to formally authorize military force against isis. a short time ago the president his plan to the american people. >> it's gonna take time to dislodge these terrorists, especial from urban


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