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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 13, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> it is friday february 13th. the horror captured on police camera. dramatic new video moments after a shooting death of american sniper chris kyle and his friend. what he said during the dramatic standoff that will give you chills. >> valentine's day store moving in on millions of americans more snow and the coldest air and a generation from the midwest down to the deep south we are tracking how slowlow the temperatures will go. >> young girls selling a lot more than thin mint cookies. >> should elementary age kids be
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using radical in their name? we report you decide. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> it's finally friday. how appropriate. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> we begin with a dramatic gut wrenching day for chris kyle and chad little field. chilling testimony from police. dramatic new video hours after
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routh shot the men dead. >> it was an eye opening day for the court as the victim's family and jury heard from eddy ray routh's moments before his capture. wauch dramatic never before seen video from police dash cam. testifying on the stand telling george he tried to talk to routh at his home hours after he killed chris kyle and littlefield at a texas gun range. routh refused to give up telling the officer i have taken a couple of souls and i have more stouls to souls to take. he talked about voodoo and the apocalypse. he had stolen the pickup truck from kyle leading police on a chase through the streets. one officer trying to slam into the truck to stop it but it p didn't work. he surrendered with his hands up after his vehicle stopped working. prosecutors say the chase proved
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he knew right from wrong. a disturbing clue strengthened their case. routh visited taco bell to buy burritos shortly after the killing. crime experts brought up his guns were fully loaded and safety latches were in place when they were shot multiple times in the back and killed suggesting they never fired their weapons. testimony will continue today. if he is found guilty of murder he will face prison for life without parole. the shooting that left three young muslims in north carolina dead. police say craig stevens hicks shot neighbors over a parking dispute. they have not ruled out a hate crime. they are trying to figure out if religious or ethnic hatred motivated the shooting. the father of the women believes
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they were targeted because they were muslim. >> brand new information about the crash that killed cbs news legend bob simon and the man behind the wheel. new york city police say the driver had nine license suspensions and two previous traffic convictions. all of those were cleared. they believe he was driving slightly above the 35 mile per hour speed limit moments before slamming into a car stopped at a red light. 73-year-old simon in the back seat died at the hospital. >> news reports show bobbi kristina was in a car accident days before she was found unconscious in the bathtub. the driver and the passenger were injured. brown has been in a coma since the 31st. a criminal investigation has been launched. her boyfriend nick gordon has been banned by thefrom the hospital
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by the family. he plans to take legal action to see her. >> they have exposed him to dangerous gas. a fire extinguisher went off at the marine court contractor in southern california. most inhaled noxious gas and had to be hospitalized. all of the marines are expected to be okay. >> chaos in the middle east continues. al qaeda fighters in patrol of the yemeni military base. isis militants coming dangerously close to white house marines. >> the middle east as you know is never exactly a paragon of stability. now it looks bleak even by those standards. they represent the major victory for the iranian backed revel and
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arcadia. now they have taken a big hit. >> the situation as you referenced in your opening here is too volatile to be on the ground now. that's not about american leadership that's about the situation on the ground and concerns about the future of yemen for the nem my-- yemeni people. >> he continues to look at this as kunter terrorism effort when in fact there's a war underway and we are in the midst of it. the president tied his own hands and want to die histie his hands even further with the operation he set up here. >> the debate comes as he asks for a new authorization of force. the terrorist army has seen the town offal baghdadi mere nearby with hundreds training the iraqi army. they down-play any immediate threats but the gains under
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scores the limitation of the ability of the u.s. air war to protect force while it would be a blank check foreground troops whatever his policy is or isn't it is not working now in the middle east. >> thank you, leland. that brings us to look who is talking. charles krauthammer says it is indicative of what he calls a complete failure of foreign policy. >> this is after benghazi. it isn't as if we didn't know what was going to happen. they took control of the capitol a few weeks ago. a week ago they announced i am going to take over the government. this is a policy of complete collapse. in 1970 henry kissinger managed to maneuver soviets out of the
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mid he middle east. we were the dominant power in the region for four decades. in six years of obama that has evaporated. >> two extreme weather now. millions of americans getting hit with a brutal blast of cold and snow. >> they have seen 17 inches in the last two and a half weeks. now they could drop another foot. maria molina is tracking all of it for us. what can we expect? >> the active weather continues across the middleeast. it is moving into parts of the midwest and into the northeast. you are looking at windchill temperatures below zero and up into care beau maine and down into atlanta. you are only in the teens this
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morning. over the next several mornings you are going to continue to see several arctic air masses continuing southward. these are actual moreforecast temperatures. we are looking at temperatures being below zero in chicago and buffalo. take a look at the forecast low in new york city 2 degrees in monday morning widespread cold across most of the country. in denver looking at a temperature then of 18 degrees. we are also looking at a lot of snow looking through portions of new england. we have blizzard watches already been issued out here. wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour will be possible. as far as additional snowfall goes could be significant in areas out there. some places could be looking at more than a foot of snow that will be the forecast for the city of boston. >> a criminal judge orders a reluctant county to begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. a state ban on gay marriage was
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found unconstitutional last month but mobile alabama refusing licenses because chief judge told probate judge the ruling didn't apply to them. they began handing out licenses yesterday. >> this is where your hard earned money is going. taxpayers are paying for the prison wikileak leaker becoming a woman. the soldier who goes by the name of chelsea manning. manning announced the day after being convicted of leaking national security secrets that he wanted to be a she. >> movie theaters are heating up more ways than one for 50 shades of grey. >> the erotic romance novel turns movie today. they were the first to see the film last night dishing what
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they were expecting from the much anticipated movie. >> hot, steamy. >> the film is expected to have a big opening weekend. the books have sold 100 million copies worldwide. >> this morning nearly 5 million fire extinguishers are being recalled. loren simonetti from our sister network fox business. >> good morning ainsley. nearly 5 million fire ex extinguishers are being called back because of the defective plastic valve. 31 models of fire extinguishers are being recalled. it causes it not to fully discharge when the lever is repeatedly pressed and released in the fire. if you call the company they will send you a replacement for free. best there's a regular greeistry.
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some will opt for flat screens instead of flat wear. it might be a way to get more women shopping at best buy and makes the groom to be very happy. if you make a reservation at mcdonalds you can have a fancy dinner with your special someone. a mickey d's in australia is serving the fast food on fancy plates tomorrow night complete with music roses and black tie waiters. if you head into starbucks today a tal flat white with a chocolate crew saunt for instance there will be other options. they are all selling for $5 from 2:00 to close this afternoon. stocks on wall street. the cow can pop back above 18,000 today. as you can see futures across the board are up. heather, back to you. >> to find fox business network all you have to do is log on to
2:13 am >> it is 12 minutes past the top of the hour. the power for parents the plan that would give parents more control of their kids. the dramatic moments a snow snowmobiler is about you are reed in snow. the camera reports the whole thing. cheers there's another great reason to drink that red wine.
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>> a police officer is charged with assaultlt after dashcam video shows him slamming a grandfather to the ground. the man from india arrived a week earlier was going for a walk in the neighborhood when a homeowner told the cops he was close to his garage. the man approached him he couldn't understand english because he couldn't understand
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his commands he walked away. excessive use was used on someone without committing a crime. >> they will hand back their fortune to golden nugget casino. they will urge the to return the $1.5 million with an unshuffled cards. gamblers took advantage playing 41 straight hands using an unshuffled deck and that's illegal under state law making their prize totally void. >> more control over their children's education and healthcare is one step closer to becoming a law in the state of colorado. it would prevent teens from getting birth control without parents permission allow parents to remove their kids out of sex education and opt out of education requirements. it would conduct medical exams without a parent's permission.
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it is a recipe for anot reporting child abuse. disney land officials were worried about the measles outbreak at the california theme park. the associated press releasing e-mails from the company to health officials urging them to make it clear the park was safe for vaccinated people to visit. the virus spread to 100 people in 17 states mexico and canada. >> it is time to get the coffee and brew on this. there's a girl scout troop but the members aren't learning how to sew or put out fires. they are wearing berets for the black panther message listen to what else are being caught?
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>> white policemen are killing black young folks such as women and children. >> (indiscernible) >> many people critical of the group's agenda and they have accused them of brain washing. they are just spreading social justice they say. is this the right message to be sending to young girls? send us your comments on facebook or twitter or >> it is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. irs bombshell illegal immigrants who never paid taxes could soon be getting tax refunds. how the irs commissioner is explaining this one. >> supreme canoes. ruth bader ginsburg explaining why she dosed off at the president's state of the union. >> more than a museum. where the world snaps the most selfies.
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no pictures of trucks pulling boats. no photos of men working on ranches. just a ram 1500 ecodiesel that gets 156 more miles per tank than the ford f-150 ecoboost. get more facts at
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>> it is frozen out there in many parts of the country. remember that as you head out this morning taking a live look at time's square. lights always shining. it is a dirty little secret. government workers watching adult videos on your dime and now north carolina congressman
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mark meadows is introducing a bill to stop the yankee pank key. a report last year showed that one epa employee watched as much as 6 hours per day. it is a spied spread problem. >> one agency but multiple agencies but 7 or 8 different agencies where they are so bored they are watching porn and not being held accountable. american taxpayers have had enough. >> he finds it appalling that he needs an act of congress to block the sites. >> the white mouse making a last minute push for obamacare. only people with major life changes will be able to enroll. this is brand new fox news poll. the country is evenly split obamacare will be a good thing for the country. 52 percent wish the law never passed. that is down slightly from last year. >> you remember this as ruth
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bader ginsburg was caught sleeping at the state of the union. she is explaining why. she wasn't 100 percent sober. telling the audience at george washington university justice anthony kennedy brought nice wine to their dinner before hand. she says the dinner was so good she needed the wine. >> good news for justice ginsburg and for orphans of the great. red wine can help over weight people burn fat. there's a study that shows an anti-oxidant containing red grapes can help with live function for those with live disease. only if you drink in moderation. it's not meant to be a secret to slimming down. >> the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. rush to go the rescue a car 50 feet under ground.
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pope frances harsh message for millions of families. captain obvious: i probably wouldn't stay here tonight. man: thanks, captain obvious. captain obvious: i'd get a deal for tonight with deals for tonight from and you might want to get that pipe fixed.
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>> never before seen video on the american sniper trial the horror on the highway as the alleged killer leads police on a high speed chase. >> new polls about the potential presidential candidates. who is on top of the class and who is not. and the rankings that might surprise you. >> almost buried alive a snowmobiler pulled under the avalanche. who runs to rescue him as the camera captures it all. fox friends -- fox and friends first continues right now.
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>> it is friday. i love that shot here in new york city. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. you made it through the workweek. we begin with another day in court as new details are emerging as the moments leading up to the deaths of chris kyle and chad littlefield. brand new video shown for the first time in court. >> chris kyle's widow arriving for another painful day in court as her husband's allege he had
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murderer eddy ray routh tries to show he was insane when he pulled the trigger at the gun range. this police dash cam might prove he knew exactly what he was doing. you can see eddy ray routh speeding away in chris kyle's pickup truck hours after the alleged murder. one officer trying to slam into the truck to stop it but it didn't work. he surrendered hands up when his car stopped working after 9 minutes on the run. he triedrouth refused to give up telling the officer i have taken a couple of souls and i have more souls to take. he also talked about voodoo, hell and the apocalypse. he wasn't too insane to remember to eat. they found a receipt from taco bell where he bought two burritos shortly after the shooting. >> more disturbing testimony in court reveals kyle and littlefield's guns were fully
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loaded and safety latches in place when they were killed suggesting they never fired their weapons. testimony continues today. if the jury finds his guilty of murder he will face life in prison without patrol. >> thank you, patricia. >> chaos unfolds in the middle east even though they tout it had a success. >> there may be no better event on how quickly fortunes can turn on the world stage than what has taken place in yemen. a dispatch in december president obama held up yemen as a foreign policy success. now the government has collapsed the state department defended the evacuation of the u.s. embassy. >> it wasn't hasty just because noeb knew what the plans were. we have been planning for weeks. a range of contingency options. you referenced the ships.
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we worked with the armanis in getting a plane. we have the options we can take when we are talking about a high threat post. >> at the same time the president is asking for new congressional authority to carry out the fight against isis as we are learning the group sont march again taking over another iraqi town. more evidence the president needs a better game plan. >> the president needs to have an over arching strategy to deal with the growing terrorist threat. he has yet to do that. >> the president did submit to congress that authorization for use of military force in making on isis. it is a three-year authorization. the problem with the white house is it hasn't generated much support yet in congress. >> doug luzader live for us this morning. thank you, doug. time to look at who is talking. new jersey governor chris christie sounding more like a presidential candidate. the republican taking the stage
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at a dinner saying the failures of america have come down to one man president obama. >> i will tell you what's happened to america. absolute abject failure of leadership in the oval office for the last six years and it has got to stop. when it happened during those periods of time. what happened is america has moved backwards. it is most starkly seen in the middle class. it is like a man in a darkroom feeling along the wall struggling to try to find the light switch of leadership. >> making the grade, scott walker and hillary clinton leading the class when voters score the 2016 presidential field. a fox news poll shows wisconsin governor leading republicans with a b average. retired neurosurgeon ben carson and florida senator marco rubio
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following close behind with b minuses. the majority of other presidential candidates are getting c pluses. on the other side hillary clinton and other fields b plus for democrats and vice president joe biden and massachusetts senator getting b minuses. let's keep talking about 2016. who is your pick among the presidential -- potential presidential candidates? you can log on to fox and friends first facebook page #keep talking. a water rescue captured body camera after police officers jump in to save the day. >> back out back out. >> come this way. >> keep your legs straight out and back out. >> the officers using a tire iron to smash a window after the car sped off the road landing upside down in the creek. the entire rescue taking 40 seconds. the driver somehow uninjured.
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>> a snowmobiler is buried alive. you can see him race up the mountain as an avalanche started to fall moments later. the man's friend covering all of it on a helmet camera race to go his rescue but also trying to stay out of harm's way himself of course. they pull up when they caught part of the buried snowmobile and immediately they start digging. they found the man's head right away and he was not seriously injured. >> wow. >> now extreme weather story for you. millions are waking up bracing for cold temperatures. >> boston another foot after bringing in snow melters to try to clear some of the record 72 inches. >> 72. my goodness. maria molina is tracking the storm. >> you can see another foot of snow in the city of boston along with blizzard conditions this
2:37 am
weekend. early this morning it is already cold out there 7 below zero in new york city. 22 below zero in buffalo. further west cold in chicago with the current windchill temperature is 4 degrees below zero. over the next couple days we will see reinforcing shots of air over the great lakes and eastern part of the united states. these are forecast low temperatures for sunday morning. raleigh north carolina you can wake up to temperatures colder than they are in the teens. it will be cold out there monday morning another cold one for you. that same weather pattern with cold temperatures in the east continues for several more days into next week. we have blizzard watches in effect through parts of maine, new hampshire and eastern massachusetts and down into the cape. wind gusts are going to be causing all kinds of white out conditions and locally areas could see more than a foot of
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snow saturday night into donesunday. heather and ainsley. >> thank you maria. >> remember the sink hole swallowing up 8 rare corvettes from the national corvette museum. it has been one year since that fateful day. one of the cars is can laoing better than ever. this is the fully restored blue devil. the blue devil is one of three restored from that accident. >> i want it. >> now it is time for your 5@5:00. the landmark snaps a selfie. the british company analyzing instagram data. they came up with a list. >> number 5 new york empire state building and big ben by westminster. >> number three the tallest of the building birds calesta. >> the hap kwhespiest place on earth
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in orlando, florida. number one with 10,000 selfies tagged the eiffel tower. >> here is our favorite place to take a selfie right here in the "fox & friends first" studio. >> studio j. there it is. the government's green budget will have you seeing red. how your hard earned tax dollars are being burned. >> will you accept this rose? >> a rose isn't the only way to everyone's heart this valentine's day. what millions think is a sign of true love. >> he vanished without a trace nearly 10 years ago. now brand new developments in the search for georgia beauty queen tara brine stead. >> this weekend fox news special airs 10:00 p.m. eastern and sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern. of all the places in your house,
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this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't and it also disinfects. so why just bleach? with lysol you can do more. that's healthing. and get max cleaning and freshness with every flush. try lysol no mess max.
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grinsteadgrinstead. ♪ >> love waking up to songs like that. thank you so much for joining "fox & friends first". we always appreciate it. appreciate every single one of you. the government's budget will show you how your dollars are spent. >> putting your tax dollars to work that is what the government wants you to believe. but it is a waste. for instance according to the tax payer alliance they have spent 150 billion over the past five years on solar energy. yet it still only makes up .6
2:44 am
percent of total electricity generation. it is time for solar energy to prove merits without billions of support from taxpayers. what about education? turns out the cost of president obama student loan forgiveness program ballooned by nearly $22 billion over initial projections. critics say it is three quarters of americans who don't have bachelor's degrees themselves. the military bases in afghanistan spent over 120 million of tax payer money on incinerators and they were never used. several of those incinerators had deficiencies. but the contractors were paid in full. so much for your tax dollars at work. >> to find the fox business network log on to
2:45 am >> illegals cashing in. the top irs chief found a loophole in the president's am immigration amnesty plan. he told congress there week once the millions living here illegally receive social security cards they will be able to claim taxback tax refunds even if they never paid taxes previously. >> you will get the earned income tax credit whether they were working or not. >> it will be available to everyone who was working even if they didn't file the previous years. >> that is my understanding, yes. >> they are concern pd this will open a window to illegals voting under the president's amnesty plan. the pontiff telling a crowd it is selfish for married couples to not have children. he talked about the joys that kids bring to society. this a dramatic difference in his speech last month when he
2:46 am
told families they don't have to quote multiply like rabbits. forget roses plastic or jewelry there's cheaper options for you. a brand new study shows more than half of the people think sharing pass words like e-mail pass words or facebook pass words that's the ultimate sign of true love and commitment. that same finding say 44 percent of women snoop on their partner's phones as compared to 36 percent of men. >> the time 15 minutes to the top of the hour. from a marriage proposal to prison. how this romantic gesture could have him locked up for life. >> it is the hottest ticket in town for the movie women around the world have been waiting for many women at least. "50 shades of grey" a review of the movie coming up. >> first brian kilmeade with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> everybobody is talking about the ainsley tim tebow interview. on the show besides answer lee
2:47 am
is going to be reports from isis taking a town in iraq. about 13 miles from our own marines. geraldo rivera has been to iraq man he into times. we will tell you what it means. ainsley with tim teeb bow. she wants me to keep sighing it. am then something else exciting we are going to go to the dogs. westminster kennel dog club is gearing up for their big show and bringing dogs with them. ian behind camera one. mornings are better with friends.
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dwism the new movie "kingsman" hits theaters today. it is expected to be a huge thriller.
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♪ >> this is mine. ♪ >> you want to give me a kiss? spoil -- >> i'll give you more than a kiss. >> can it live up to expectations? here with the review is fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. i heard this one was going to be like nothing we've seen before. >> good morning. happy early valentine's day. i'm wearing the red chuck taylor's. "kingsman" is unbelievably awesome. it's one of the most incredible action movies i've seen in a long time. it is by max vaughn. he did "layer cake." essentially an older secret agent is recruiting a young man to a service called the kingsman. it is ridiculous incredibly
2:52 am
fun to watch. it is like watching an r-rated james bond. i will say, though, it is very very, very violent, not for young kids whatsoever. it is a heavily r-rated movie. there is a special scene at the end, a four and a half out of five. everyone in the movie is great including samuel jackson. it's a lot of fun. four and a half out of five. >> there is another movie coming out this weekend. you know what it is. "50 shades of grey." >> this is based on the worldwide phenomenon. it was based originally on twilight fan fiction before it became what it is known today, this erotic s & m series. you're dealing with dakota johnson, actually the daughter of don johnson and melanie griffin. she plays a woman who falls
2:53 am
in love with a tormented billionaire, originally supposed to be played by the sun of charlie hunt. the chemistry actually works between the two stars. the problem is though, it's very repetitive. it was the same scene over and over again. i felt like it was an intimate moment then him at the piano. also his irish accent was seeping through the movie. but it is good intrigue, decent to watch. i give it a three out of five. i will say i saw somebody who read the book who says it was watered down from the actual book. it is kind of a disservice to the readers. it is very graphic but not as graphic as the book from the readers i've talked to about it. >> two big movies out this weekend. we'll see which one wins out. >> if you have kids go see paddington or sponge bob.
2:54 am
thanks guys. >> the time is eight minutes till the top of the hour. speaking of 50 shades of danger, it is the movie's side effects that no one saw coming. >> these brownies are selling much more than cookies. the so-called radical girls spreading social justice, but is this the right message? your e-mails next.
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♪ ♪ welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. ♪ the all-new nissan murano. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites. it is three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today, the fib launching an
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investigation into the shooting death of three young muslims in north carolina. police say craig stevens hicks shot his neighbors after a parking dispute. federal investigators not ruling out a hate crime. millions of americans getting hit with a brutal blast of cold and snow. boston already under record snowfall now bracing for another foot this weekend. president obama in silicon valley for the first time, first-ever summit on cyber security. the focus is to share information and better protect consumers from crippling attacks. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. america's longest married couples being honored with a special award this valentine's day. alice and dale rocky, both 99 years old, have been married for 81 years. next the bad. the worst proposal. police say this guy
2:59 am
kidnapped his girlfriend at gunpoint handcuffed her and drove her to a bed and frek fast in texas so she could propose. now he faces life in prison. >> officials in london are worried couples will try to re-create steamy moments and could need help. >> a new group of girls in california are calling themselves radical brownies. they spread the black lives matter message. is this the right message to be sending to young girls? julia said the adults behind this are beyond shameful. pam said what a waste of time and energy when they could be out there doing good. >> paul said give me a break. everyone's lives matters. police lives matter. enough with this already. thanks to everyone who
3:00 am
responded. >> keep talking about 2016. who is your pick among the potential presidential candidates? head to our facebook page to join the conversation. #keeptalking. "fox & friends" right now. >> good morning. it is friday february 13. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. dramatic dash cam video revealed in a texas courtroom showing the man accused of killing american sniper chris kyle fleeing the scene. what he said that could impact his entire defense. >> fallout from disarray and destroy. terrorists taking over military base. are we losing ground in the war on terror? yes. but the white house won't say that. >> but you did. and i agree. as the world burns, our president is making a


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