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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 14, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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18 years. >> we have to go. set your dvrs so you don't ever miss an episode of "the five." have a great valentine's day. hello i'm eric shawn. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's news headquarters. >> and i'm arthel neville. topping the news this hour the hunt is on right now for a gunman in denmark after what danish security forces call a likely terror attack. and we are live in ukraine with that cease-fire that went into effect exactly one hour ago. so is it holding? is it finally slowing down? and do you think vladimir putin is good for his word or again cannot be trusted? and they just can't catch a break in new england. another vicious winter storm
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sweeping through the region. >> we're xntexpecting over a foot of snow in eastern mass and extremely high winds, potentially as high on a gusting basis as 60 to 70 miles an hour. >> it's a year already setting records. we have the latest from the fox news weather center. at this hour, with freedom under attack yet again that deadly shooting at a free speech event in copenhagen denmark. and the manhunt right now at this hour underway for that gunman. witnesses say they shot through the windows of the cafe in copenhagen. they have been under death threats for seven years from al qaeda and the head of the islamic state was inside the cafe attending a conference. the shooter opening fire with an automatic weapon. the attack sadly killed one person and injured three police officers. the suspect reportedly then took off in a dark volkswagon. the potentially intended target
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was swedish artist volkes who says he has faced death threats in the past after drawing caricatures of the prophet mohommad. joining us is kevin, a freelance journalist, any leads at this hour as to who may be responsible? >> reporter: no leads yet. the police are being pretty tight-lipped about it. they are, they have confirmed that they are searching for one suspect. and then they have released a description of the person that they -- they have said an arab appearance but also light skinned. so it's sort of the impression that they have very few clues, but the one thing they are going on is they definitely have one suspect. >> and this, of course, follows the horrendous horrific tragedy with the charlie hebdo
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cartoonist. this was called art blas fiphemy and freedom of expression. it could be east for a shooter to blast through the windows. this is lauris volkes who said he's not afraid but he was the victim of the death threats. there were several plots on his life broken up. why was this going on inside that cafe so open apparently even though he was under police protection? >> the choice of venue was probably just coincidence. it was in one of the cities in one of the most upscale neighborhoods, not far from where the prime minister lives. so location probably had nothing to do with it but the -- they are also discussing that although the attack might have been sort of very well planned out, it might not have been very well researched. because the speaking was going on well inside the building.
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and there was security. as you mentioned, there were police officers shot and the other two that were injured were plain-clothed policemen. they were bodyguards. so the person that shot sort of knew what to shoot at but might not have known what he was shooting at or what was going on. this might have just been the subject of the conference. >> kevin mcgwin in copenhagen tonight, we know the manhunt is ongoing for who potentially did this. and the french ambassador was there that night as well as the security for mr. wilkes. we'll bring you the latest as it develops, thank you. meanwhile, fox's news contributor lisa carter will be here to lack at these types of attacks we are seeing so tragically unfold. and it is 1:04 a.m. and we
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are one hour into the cease-fire in ukraine. and our crew there just now reporting to us that it appears to be taking hold. again, it's 1:04 in the morning there. that's after some heavy fighting in the hours earlier today when shells rained down on a government-controlled town ahead of the midnight cease-fire in ukraine. the one white house said. >> pat: to baa. >> pat: topresident obama talked to angela merkel to help negotiate the deal. so will the cease-fire deal hold up? we are in ukraine working on this story, greg, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we are into the second hour of the cease-fire aimed to stop the terrible bloodshed in eastern ukraine. and we can tell you from what we are hearing it is mostly good to coin a phrase to paraphrase a
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line, it is mostly quiet on the eastern front. let's take a look at what we saw tonight on ukrainian television. we saw president poreshenko on with his generals ordering his side to stop the fighting. he had this message for the world. take a listen. >> translator: every town on the unity of the whole world, for their solidarity with ukraine and are fighting with peace. and we guarantee that the old ukraine and armed forces will fulfill the order of the. >> pat: ofpresident of ukraine. >> the hours running up to this were hit by artillery and mortar attacks. poroshenko noted that ukraine an civilians paid a high prize for a 60-hour delay between the time
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the agreement was signed and the cease-fire going into effect. there have been very heavy casualties. also, very much up in the air is the fate of some 7,000 ukrainian soldiers who are holed up in a key transport hub that has been pounded by rebels backed with a lot of russian armaments for the past several days. so far we are told it is quiet there, too. but one rebel official told us tonight, those soldiers would have to surrender or meet their fate. yes, and we have been confirmed to us, that president obama spoke to. >> pat: boropresident boroshenko. >> and the president spoke to angela merkel as well. okay, stay on top of the story for us greg. thank you so much. arthel, the last cease-fire did not hold, so how is this
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supposed to play out? it went into effect an hour ago one minute past midnight on february 15th there. well, over the next few days you are supposed to see a pull-back of some of the heavy weapons there. then on march 3rd both sides are supposed to begin working toward an agreement on holding potential local elections. after that, both sides are expected and supposed to have a prisoner exchange. and by the end of this year, ukraine would carry out a constitutional reform giving more power to those russian-backed rebel-held areas. meanwhile in return, the separatists would relinquish control of the country's border with russia. we'll see if this plays out as they say this is some say, it will not work. well, they are calling it a hurricane blizzard. imagine that. it's moving into new england. it's a powerful winter storm packing category 2 strength winds with up to a foot of snow
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expected in the basetonoston area. and forecasters warn of significant if not life-threatening impacts across the region left staggering by a brutal winter so far. senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the extreme weather center with the latest. j.d., give us the details because this is a very significant storm. and we have to take heed. >> absolutely. the snow totals are one thing, we certainly could get a foot or more in new england but it's the winds to make this dangerous. and the cold behind it. some of this coldest air we have seen in decades with windchills anywhere from minus 20 to minus 30 degrees. what it feels like. so there's the storm right now, just a clipper system that's going to move offshore and then become our main event. our nor'easter. you can see light snow being reported in bridgeport up to providence and boston. boston, again, you could get a foot of snow in your forecast. so that's 8:00 a.m. on sunday. clearing out of new york still in connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, up towards maine we have the blizzard warnings in
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effect until sunday night with those winds. so any snow that's on the ground with winds in excess of 40, 50, 60 miles per hour in some cases along the coast, hurricane-force winds will cause blizzard conditions. and you are not going to be able to travel at all. again, the windchills behind this, we are hoping we don't have power outages because some of the coldest air of the season, some of the coldest air in years with the windchills factoring in near minus 20 and minus 30 degrees. so really dangerous as we head into sunday. and the same for monday. and we have another storm system to bring the potential for an ice storm, an ice storm across the south. then we'll watch this potentially develop into our next nor'easter on wednesday. so i wish i had better news on this valentine's day, but of course people are urged to stay safe. we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you j.d. janice dean. the pentagon is sending more than 4,000 troops to kuwait.
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>> pat: to president obama is calling for military force against isis. that debate is beginning on capitol hill. and isis is gaining in anbar province west of baghdad. the u.s. coalition troops are there training iraqi forces. peter doocy is live as they are cutting close to our troops. hi peter. >> reporter: hi there. we have been hearing about the progress the iraqi forces have been making on the battlefield and a group of them had a chance to show off what they have been learning from american forces in the region killing two dozen isis fighters who came with suicide guns. but the american trainers are there just a few miles away from the newest city to be taken over by isis. >> the fact is, those type of raids are the toughest guys around and are well armed.
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but the fact that the isis attacks didn't work, doesn't mean that it couldn't work in the future. it doesn't mean that something bad couldn't have been done. the fact is when you have the enemy only nine miles away, and it is almost like a pool table. >> so now what? the pentagon is careful to point out that while isis now controls the city of al-bagdadi. but there are concerns that americans in the area may not have the support they need to continue keeping the enemy at a safe distance. >> the reality is 320 surrounded by what -- you know, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 how quickly. it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes of these guys from al-baghdadi to get to this area. if the plans have not already been put into place, it is probably too late to start move things in quick order. >> and the former navy aviator
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captain chuck gnash thinks that americans will have a group of ground forces to gather at the state of the american installation, like the base that was attacked yesterday. >> peter thank you so much for the latest. well, it was a dramatic first week in the american sniper murder trial potentially exposing a possible motive. new testimony claiming that the man accused of killing chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. eddie ray routh did it because they didn't talk to him on the car ride to the shooting range. they were hanging out together because the suspect's mother had asked kyle to help out her son who was struggling with ptsd and other mental issues. the day of the shootings was the first time they had met. will karr has been following this from dallas. will? >> we are expecting to hear the taped confession at some point next week if the judge allows it
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into court. what this boils down to is not if he shot and killed chris kyle and littlefield. we know he did that, but if he was legally insane when he pulled the trigger. the prosecution says he knew the difference betweenght and wrong when he shot kyle, the most lethal sniper in the united states history six times and then turned the gun on littlefield shooting him seven. routh stole kyle's truck and led police on a high-speed chase. the defense says kyle was in a state of psychosis. they say the former marine suffered from ptsd told his sister people were sucking at his soul and had an anti-psychotic medication prescribed in his name after spending a week in a mental institution a week before the shooting. his father said he spoked pot with routh the morning of the shooting and asked about his upbringing, he said he could tell the difference between right and wrong. after the shooting routh told his uncle he was in a dead man's
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truck, speaking about kyle stolen at 3:50. that's the moment when chris' wife and widow teared up. she testified earlier in the week, she was emotional at times. you have to keep in mind with the jury ten of the 12 jurors are women. they have been emotional when she was emotional. as for the jury they are not sequestered this weekend but under strict guidelines not to talk about the case or watch media coverage of the case. arthel? >> will carr thank you very much. well some possible presidential candidates go to the head of the class in our latest fox news poll. voters are assigning a letter grade based on the prospects of the president. coming up, we'll see who got the highest marks and what the political panel thinks of for the race of the white house that's already underway. plus barbara bush once said the nation has had its share of bushes in the white house. now mrs. bush is changing her tune.
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hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit the voters are looking into the letter grade assigned to the possible presidential contenders. based on how they think they would do nobody got an a, but the top mark there was wisconsin governor scott walker.
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he scored a "b." next it was marco rubio and ben carson for "b minus." and mike huckabee was a "c plus." and chris christie came in last with a "c." does mean anything? we have an adviser to the late frank loudoun here, what is fascinating is jeb bush the big name comes in sixth. scott walker was at the top during a pretty tough week. >> yeah, look. this just shows you how fluid the situation is. it's very exciting times with lots of talent. and it shows you and this is interesting about walker and bush, is that while they are known in their states and they have gotten a little bit of national news, of course but the whole of the base has not
3:21 pm
heard speeches from them. so when scott walker has a terrific showing in iowa that propels him up. jeb bush might be able to do the same thing, so this is really about each individual having an opportunity to be heard. and when they have that chance is to really deliver. so it's an exciting time. the republicans overall are excited about the bases and what's happening versus the democrats who seem well, they know who their nominee is and they are not enthused at this stage. >> is that true, julie, they are not enthused about miss clinton? >> well if you look at poll after poll the democrats are very solidly behind hillary clinton, but she's sitting back watching the republicans do what republicans do best, which is try to destroy each other in a primary and then a foot forward in canada doing into the general. this is an opportunity for anyone to come up scott walker who we thought was a dark horse going back to when he won his re-election and he won the challenge to him where he tried
3:22 pm
to get impeached, i thought he was a strong national candidate and that remains the case today. and i think the polls now don't matter much. they matter to people trying to raise money, but people are not really focused. real voters are not focused yet. >> is it possible that someone like scott walker who kind of breaks out now so early, can he keep the momentum? how does he possibly do that when you have more than a year to go until the first primary? >> he can but it's hard. i think a presidential campaign is unlike any campaign, having worked on campaigns for years now, i can tell you that requires stamina that very few people can get through without stumbling. and don't forget, we have michele bachmann wins the iowa straw poll this time four years ago. so you never know what is going to happen. i still think jeb bush is the inside favorite to win but scott walker has a good opportunity right now. >> tammy, is scott walker, you know, is he the new obama? or the opposite? >> well, look, he has one thing that none of the other candidates really have. he's from outside of washington.
3:23 pm
so he's been able to show what he can do. he is delivering in an effectively blue state. he has not waivered from conservativism. people say the media wants him to not have charisma but the word out of iowa was he was quite charismatic. and i have to disagree with julie, the candidates won't be destroying each other, the media thinks scott walker they are going after him right now and that tells you that he's the one they are worried about. while they are embracing jeb bush, if you will because they don't seem to be afraid of him. but i would tell you the two things that matter is scott walker not being from washington and while democrats may be forhillary the enthusiasm in the polls show that the democrats are quite unenthused, even dreading the election while the republicans are excited. >> yeah, julie your reaction to this then. no matter who wins, 47% think the republicans will win. 38% think hillary clinton will
3:24 pm
win. that the next president will be the republicans. what do you think of that? >> it is very rare, except the first george bush succeeded a two-term president. it is relatively rare for a democrat to succeed a two-term democratic. >> pat:. however, democrats, if you don't see the enthusiasm gap right now, there's not much on the democratic side. you don't see hillary clinton to the campaigning or anybody out in the field campaigning. >> we have seen her for decades. >> we have but she hasn't done anything recently. >> we are about out of time. let me go to the most important poll we had today. since it is valentine's day, the most important aspect of choosing a valentine, a sense of humor humor, 80%. 7% political views. so based on the current number of candidates, julie let me start with you, who is your valentine? >> oh who is my valentine? i have had a tradition of dating republican men. so i don't know what is wrong with me, but i guess my valentine would have to be on the
3:25 pm
republican side. i am sure i'll be casting my vote for hillary clinton. >> she's dating republican men because she wants a decent future for herself and her family. for me, it is scott walker. i have liked him from the beginning because he's pushed back, he's stuck with his principles, he's saved his state, he's had success with economics and business. he pushed back with the unions and did it while maintaining his dignity. he's a great guy. >> if that's not a 20-second ad, i don't know what is. tammy and julie you are both my valentine. >> thank you. >> happy valentine's day. and art. >> thank you, you are all my valentine as well. how about that one? i love it. so check this out. this is great. the matriarch of the bush political dynasty is changing her mind on whether another bush should take up residence in the white house. you may remember first lady barbara bush said a couple years ago her son jeb is most qualified to be president but the country has had enough
3:26 pm
bushes. now mrs. bush has changed her mind. she has a right to do that while he's yet to announce a candidacy, jeb bush formed a super pac and hired staff in early primary states. so there you go. >> how about that? as we have been reporting on the fox news channel all day today, there was another attack in copenhagen. seemingly, the target was another cartoonist. another strike against free speech. there is a massive manhunt now underway in the country to try to get that gunman. officials call it a terror attack coming up with the very latest on why these are happening, will there be more and what we can do to stop them. also why a tribal leader in iraq is predicting a, quote, collapse within hours at the hands of isis. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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a cease-fire deal in youukraine is holding. just one hour into the cease-fire between the government and pro-russian rebels. and leaders in iraq say isis is gaining ground in anbar province and they could be in danger of falling within hours. should that happen, it will put the militants near the iraqi capital of baghdad under fire. and what investigators are now calling a terror attack in copenhagen. so far one person has died and three police officers were hurt. that attack occurring at a cafe in copenhagen where they were holding a symposium on free speech. and one of the speakers during the event was a cartoonist under death threats for the last seven years by al qaeda and by isis. you can see he drew a caricature
3:32 pm
of the prophet mohommad. it seems with the string of attacks we have seen recently including the tragic attacks during charlie hebdo. so how can they be stopped or is it just too late? considering the number of radical islamic terrorists that authorities predict are a threat to western europe and to us at home we are joined now by a fox news contributor. so lisa, there's a manhunt going on in the early morning hours for the one begunman and this seems to be the type of attack we should worry about. someone, apparently who wanted to go after n, in this case, a cartoonist to kill him in a terrorist attack. >> right. we are seeing a pattern, at least within europe, there's a much wider network than previously believed. and now what will happen in the aftermath? they say that this man is a home grown terrorist and he'll be much more honest about what is going on in europe. of course these are individuals
3:33 pm
who are native to the european countries, but are obviously tied to a bigger network. and that i'm guessing will end up being al qaeda and yemen. >> when you say what is going on, you blame radical islamic terrorists? >> of course this is a way to intimidate. that's what terrorism is. you use violence and you shut people up to intimidate them, to control the narrative to control people's minds. you know what, we can talk about cartoonists or talk about young girls going to school and attacking them. we can talk about the beheading by isis. we can blame this on speech but it is not free speech. how many cartoonists were in the world trade center and in the kosher deli in france? these are all excuses. until the world comes together this is an attack on denmark and europe as a whole and the west as a whole. those who want to combat this global swing have to acknowledge and connect the dots and put this all together.
3:34 pm
>> how about connecting the dots, the first one was here in new york 25 years ago, the assassination of the rabbi in a hotel on lexington avenue a few blocks from here. someone went on to be a member of the cell and then bombed the world trade center. and then you have the man in amsterdam that spoke out in documentaries and stabbed to death right in the middle of the street. how can we stop this? is it too late considering you have, what, 3,500 westerner who is have joined isis and can come back here to kill us? >> right. that's really the acknowledgment. if we stop to make differences and bring nuances into play here we are wasting our own time. they are all after the same agenda, whether they are bombing the school or those americans who have american passports and are trained to go back into america, the europeans have the same problem. the networks have been growing right under their noses. and now we are seeing a manifestation of this. >> this week finally, there's
3:35 pm
supposed to be a white house conference on the combatting radical islamism and terrorism. do you think this administration will achieve thinking? >> we hope so. the prime minister came out and said this is terrorism. she did not parse words or waste any time to call it what it was. if we see the same thing out of our administration, we hope to combat the threat in the right way and to have actual intel to go on the ground, get information, and that's a combat of both strategic and diplomatic ways, both are needed. >> that's on the agenda this week with the conference. we'll be reporting on it and see what comes of it. lisa, great to see you, thank you for joining us. mean while, more lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are coming out against president obama's new request for military force against isis saying they're worried about the language and the timeframe. >> he wants a three-year limit on this authorization. that is a poisoned pill for the next president, be it hillary or a republican whatever, because
3:36 pm
you're telling them as soon as the next president hits the ground they've got to go for another authorization of military force with all the other stuff on their plate. at humana, we believe the gap will close when healthcare gets simpler. when frustration and paperwork decrease. when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare. let's close the gap between people and care.
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$1,000 back on the 2015 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites. now it's time for a quick check of the headlines. how would you like to win and have a judge make you lose? that happened in new jersey where a state judge ordered gamblers to return $1.5 million to the golden nugget casino in atlantic city. the members won bid after realizing their dealer didn't shuffle a new deck of cards. they bought pre-shuffled cards which is why the judge ruled this way. and the labor secretary of california is going to try to intervene the labor dispute that shut down 29 ports. and many are tying the knot
3:41 pm
atop the new york city iconic empire state building. it's the 21st annual valentine's day event up there on the 86th floor. >> their hearts are warm. well, president obama is urging congress to authorize the use of military force to fight isis, but a growing number of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle vowing to oppose the request. >> i'm concerned about the threat and vagueness of the ground troop language. the limitation against enduring offensive combat ground operations suggesting that all defensive ground combat operations are okay. >> i'm concerned all he's really talking about is containment over a long period of time. and megan i don't think we can really toy with isis over a long period of time. i think we need to take him out. >> kevin sarelli is here, a reporter for "the hill."
3:42 pm
it seems like they have flip-flopped, the words are coming out of the gop mouths that you would normally hear from the dems and vice versa. talk to me about the points of contention. >> that's a great point. a lot of the republicans are saying, wait a minute what the president is putting forth is going to be too binding for the millitary and brave men and women serving overseas and would not allow them to take out the isis terrorists. it's too limited in the scope. on the flip side of that you have progressives saying absolutely not, president obama. this is something that is much too broad and doesn't provide enough context. so the president has really slipped a political hot potato if you will to congress with regards to having each of them they will have a vote on this for what the nation's path forward is going to be on isis, when quite frankly the president doesn't technically need an approval from congress to take out isis in this regard. >> and the reason you're saying
3:43 pm
that is because the authorized use of military force the aumf passed in 2001 which stands for authorization use of military y grants the president force to take on u.s. forces. the president says they have done so both in iraq and syria since last summer. so if congress does not enact the president's proposal it will have little practical impact, but what's the political impact? gop leaders have griped in the past that congress has been left out of the debate. >> well house speaker john boehner praised president obama for allowing lawmakers to have a vote. and, you know, with any use of military force, i think the american people largely would agree that there should be a vote in congress from one of the elected lawmakers. what is this all about? this is about 2016 2016 2016. >> come on it can't be about 2016. there's a fight going on and this is serious. >> you're absolutely right, but
3:44 pm
it's going to force people to weigh in and to go on the record. you have senator rand paul already saying, blaming hillary clinton for what is happening overseas. >> stop that that's madness. this is a serious situation and we just reported that tribal leaders in iraq, i'll read it again, isis is gaining ground in anbar province that could be in danger of falling in hours. and it could happen near the iraqi capital of baghdad but they are saying anbar is not under isis' control. there are road blocks put in front of isis but again, this is a serious situation. so americans want to know, and i ask you because you are not part of congress, but i'm asking you kevin, do you have any idea of a timeframe of when they are going to get it together there in d.c. on this? >> well, everyone wants them to get it together in d.c. absolutely, i'm not questioning at all the seriousness of what is happening overseas and then
3:45 pm
the brave men and women serving over there to fight off these isis terrorists, but i do think that a vote in congress you have to remember. >> pat: president obama came in as an anti-war candidate. >> what does that mean considering the situation at hand? >> well, it means the situation at hand, that these lawmakers are going to have to go on record to just have the democrats looking at the state department and their role. and and president obama's role of national foreign policy debate in this country. and clearly foreign policy is going to be on the minds of voters heading into the new cycle, especially as tensions rise overseas. >> kevin, thank you very up many. happy valentine's day. we'll end on an up note. >> you, too. >> thank you, kevin. and i want to remind our viewers to tune in tomorrow. on "fox news sunday" when chris wallace sits down for an exclusive interview with house
3:46 pm
speaker john boehner. please check your local listings for the times. also coming up here on the fox news channel, she was a popular high school teacher and former beauty queen who vanished without a trace. well tonight greta van susteran will exam the case. it is ten years after she went missing after attending a friend's barbecue just a few miles from her home. >> she was supposed to come to her mother's that next sunday morning. and tara didn't. so her mother and i were extremely worried. and scared. i think we are hoping for the best and praying that she was just tired from the night before. so sunday night she was due with your mother. >> yes mother started getting frantic when she didn't call her back any time sunday night. >> well, that case is the focus of greta investigators. "vanished without a trace" tonight at 10:00 and tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. here on the fox news channel. very good.
3:47 pm
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>> happy valentine's day. >> i like. that >> and we have good valentine's day news for you. chocolate is good for your taste buds. >> it is also good for your health. it has benefits from lower blood pressure and decreasing stress. talking to us about all of the ben if is of chocolate. this is the type of prescription you like. >> we love this. >> and we are not talking about any chocolate but the benefits of dark chocolate. >> it has a number of yummy benefits. chocolate comes from a plant. and we know that fruit and veggies are good for us.
3:52 pm
and it is flafoids. and antioxidants. and >> i tend to doctor radcliff tend to grab dark chocolate truffle balls. and so it doesn't have calorie free or fat free. the good news, it can satisfy us and have less salt and sugar. >> we are talking about a whole bar a day. >> it hasical row ands fat. so we can't eat carte blanche. >> and again, it is not no chocolate. >> and you have to be careful. they have gooingy and stuff. and you like caramel and this and that.
3:53 pm
>> and thosical rows add up. >> is it better to have a chocolate bar. before you check out and you know where that is in there. and the eggs and salad. and there and that is really good right? >> it was more antioxidants and chocolate together. it is a win/win situation. >> and you mentioned flafinoids. >> they are antioxidants. and that caused ageing and inflammation and this is a good thing. >> your prescription is like a couple a day. >> 1 to 2 squares a day. >> like a bar for every two days or so. you get caught you say the
3:54 pm
doctor told me. >> pregnant women have tendencies for cravings. but dark chocolate for them. >> women with dark chocolate with their pregnapsy has less stress and can less hyper tension. >> how did dark chocolate overoise cream. >> absolutely. and you can use cocoa powder without the sugar and flat. >> you take the koha power and put it in the coffee. >> there is little calories. >> look at that take. that is banulla crepes. and molden chocolate desserts. you are not talking about those? >> no.
3:55 pm
>> you ever go to a water fall and the parents hanging out while the kids are doing something else with the chocolate fountain. >> you like the chocolate fountain. but that is not dark chocolate. >> it is considered something with more than 70 percent cocoa powder. the more processed you don't get the flafinoids. >> you are not changing on us? a lot of times they say we were just kidding it is not good for you. >> a every day. great to so you. >> besides chocolate. st. valentine's day. get your flowers if you haven't done it already. and the flowers that are selling
3:56 pm
like hot cakes are tulips. they are now taking on roses and. so the red roses that are the legacy of st. valentine's day are challenged by tulips and they are around peak season and all of the men watching the fox news channel. go get those flowers and if i don't get them i have to it sleep here. >> i love tulips and chocolate. >> they bloom nicely to. >> happy valentine's day. stick around for the fox report. heather childers is in for julie bandaras. chlorredhi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein
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that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. >> new concerns over americans potentially in harm's way in iraq and whether iraq's military is capable will of expelling isis terrorist from their country. i am healther childers. this is the fox report. this comes in a wave of a multiair attack in iraqi province where hundreds of them are on a training mission. terrorist tried and failed to penetrate the base. all were killed. some got past the first layer of security thoechlt 300 marines are training iraqi troop ands adding to the


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