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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 25, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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do not be tandentious. please remember the spin stops here. we're lookin
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>> do you ever think that you might have seen things or done some things over this that you wish you hadn't? >> that is not me. no. >> what is not you. >> i was just protecting my guys they were trying to kill my soldiers and i am willing to meet my maker and ask for every shot that i took. the thing that haunts me are all of the guys i couldn't save. >> bradley cooper playing chris kyle in the movie "american sniper" which became a huge success. that he was not around to enjoy.
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more reactions pouring in over the guilty verdict for the man who killed chris kyle and his friend, chad littlefield many of those reacting are navy s.e.a.l.s. a friend of chris kyle joins us tonight. clint, thank you very much for being with us. tell you about your relationship with chris. >> just like with the relationship with all of the other men an opportunity to serve with, their families, you get to know them and get to know the people that created them like wayne and debbie kyle. and and you know we're called to do this thing chris was called to do. like on that relationship with great affection and great inspiration. >> yes. i mean just what was your reaction when you see what
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happened you look at the skill and intense training you go through as navy s.e.a.l.s. >> one of the things we do is just kind of get to go with whatever the mission is. the mission in that moment is just come around him and his family, and come alongside them and do what we do which is thank them forgiving us an opportunity to serve alongside such an amazing guy and love them through the next hours and days and months and years. after we all have to reconcile not having him with us anymore. once setting the battle rhythm on that, we think about what happened it's something we ask ourselves a lot of about but not at the expense of letting wayne and debbie know what kind of son they raised and letting taya know what kind of man she loved. and just amazing children he
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raised, while he had them. so we'll come to that. and how do we make sure it never happens again. mission one is tanning business bihis family. >> focus on his life and his family, and supporting them and just relishing every moment with them. thank you for speaking with us. >> it's minor in comparison to what chris did. up with of the things i loved is celebrating the marine corps. he loved supporting them. one of the things i will tell you this verdict is affirm validity and accountability. it's something washington, d.c. and private sector can embrace a little more accountability when
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you do something wrong. he had a good faith and ffdz in the american people. i trust justice wins and i think it's something our leadership can learn and it's something our military loves and admires. >> clint bruce, thank you for calling in. we do appreciate it. >> you bet. >> we've got these reactions tonight from all of this, and the courthouse, as people filter out of there. we continue to watch the scene where all wrapped up tonight. you heard about this moment taya kyle shed tears and left the scene, earlier today, at out of frustration. so we're going to show you a little bit of the interview we did with her. we'll be back with more
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>> i wanted to be here to represent chris, and i still want to embrace everything he came here to do with me. >> that was american sniper, chris kyle's widow, taya kyle on the red carpet. she flew from the courtroom in stephenville to l.a. to be there for that show where the movie was nominated for multiple awards. tonight a new chapter in the chris kyle story. eddie ray routh found guilty for murdering kyle and a workout buddy and friend of his, chad
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littlefield. pete, it's good to have you with us tonight. this is just a tragic, tragic story. your thoughts on this outcome? >> well, first of all, taya kyle has been an amazing spokesperson for her husband. rock solid in carrying on his legacy and we're proud of how she's conducted herself throughout i hope she has a measure of close closure and peace. mr. routh deserves the same protections under the prosecution anyone would and veterans like chad and chris kyle served to protect. but now he's been guilty for capitol murder justice has prevailed and chip as way at this narrative that post
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traumatic stress is what tipped the scales here. this guy was showing schizophrenic ten dense yeez, who knew at some level right from wrong and didn't see combat when overseas. i'm glad to see the jury coming down the way it did tonight. hopefully the families can move on in some way. >> it's a grant point you made, pete. because you, i take away from what you said that you don't want him to be seen someone who got messed up by being in the military. right? >> that is right. the film "american sniper" shows difficulties of a guy like chris kyle four deployments and impact on him and his family. how you manage to process that. and chris kyle says he deals with post traumatic stress but
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doesn't necessaryily claim. and here is eddie routh, suffering from other mental disorders. and i think chris kyle represented the best of how we manage multiple tours, eddie ray routh tried to use post traumatic stress in some level that he knew he was doing and going to go to jail for the rest of his life. >> yes. >> pete, thank you very much. good to talk to you tonight. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us. >> so in just moments we'll show you the interview with taya
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>> more on breaking news out of texas. a jury took just over two hours to convict eddie ray routh for capitol murder in the american sniper murders that happened in 2013. so we're expecting new video of some of the most powerful testimony that came from taya kyle when she was on the stand they're going to release it and we're working to get that turned around for you now. i had a chance to sit down with taya last month on this program
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and talk about the then-blockbuster movie. she's a terrific person and an emotional, strong woman, watch this. >> let me ask you a question chris. would you be surprised to tell you the navy credited you with over 160 kills? >> do you ever think that you might have seen things or done some things over there that you wish you hadn't? >> oh that is not me. no. >> that is not you? >> i don't tell you enough i'm so proud of you. you're such a great father.
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>> are you not worried about what might happen? >> i'm willing to meet my creator. and answer for every shot i took. >> what where are you? germany? where? >> i'm stateside. >> your home? what are you doing? >> i guess i just need a minute. >> what haunts me are all of the
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guys that i couldn't save. >> hey, hand me my daughter please, right now. >> i'm ready. >> oh, my god. i'm ready to come home. >> taya kyle is chris kyle's wife, she joins me now in the trailer, it's emotional enough for you and me, it's such an extraordinary story. i want to thank you on behalf of all of our viewers i know and the american people your husband was an extraordinary man and the way he lost his life helping other people who had gone through difficult things in their own service is, was just horrible. and you wish that the outcome of this had been so much different but when you watch the movie for the first time it must have been so nerve wracking for you to want this to be portrayed
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accurately. >> it was. and i don't usually cry over this. grief is a weird thing. it hits you hard yes. interesting things, it's very natural, thank you. to see the movie. you know moments where i just watched it and saw bradley earlier today, he's warm and caring and i'm just grateful. i miss my husband. >> of course you do. when you see him and i wonder it's told from both sides of the story, you at home, and did you feel when you saw the movie like you're getting a sense of what he actually went through? in a more-full way? . >> i don't know it was more full at that point. chris is good by little bit and little bit telling me more about his service, what he did. i started to get an understanding from other people as well while we're together in california before moving to
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texas. so it didn't feel unnatural to see it there. i just -- reliving it, certainly, they did such a good job making it so authentic. i got to live some of it which was beautiful, wonderful and painful all at once >> the book he finished the book just so everyone understands and the screenplay was written. tell us the timing. because that finished right before he was killed. right? >> it's true. jason hall just finished first draft and texted chris, and chris texted back lol was the last thing and then he got news that he had been killed. jason and i went through stories and experiences emotions together. so it morphed over time.
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>> how about your children? will they see this? how much will they understand about their father's story? >> it's so interesting. they're elementary school age. it's not appropriate for them to see the movie yet. they know their dad is just their dad the one that held them to a high standard and loved them and laughs at them. it had nothing to do with his service, but they're aware of that. and we watched the trailer together, spent 45 minutes watching first trailer together. i didn't want them to see it on tv so we talked about it. they had such strong faith and such a solid foundation. yes. they're doing pretty well. >> it will be a tribute to them. >> it's a great part of both of their lives. >> yes. thank you for having me. >> thank you for being here. >> loved meeting her. she's a terrific person. what a day today has been for
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her as well. we're going to go live to the court house for what's happening there and arthur idell is here with the legal side of what happened in that courtroom tonight. blp
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>> again we're hoping to get this video of taya kyle giving her testimony on day one of the trial and will bring that to you as soon as et comes in.
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let's go to casy seigel outside of the courtroom where a relative of the victim told the killer quote, you took the lives of two heros, men that tried to be a friend to you you became an american disgrace. those are the words of mr. littlefield tonight. who more can you tell us about that? >> it was interesting because we heard those witness impact statements and those are typically introduced in the sentencing phase to try to its necessary because if the jury came back with a not guilty verdict there is one sentence, live in prison without parole the prosecution wanted to give family members on the stand and let eddie ray routh now.
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you talked about chad littlefield's parents. routh admitted he didn't know chad littlefield's name when he murdered him. tonight his dad leaned down and said now you know my son's name and he spelled it out. l, i, t, t, t, l, e, f, i, e, l, d. this is one of the moments you realized what these poor people have been going through his mom spoke about two years offing aonof agony. i had a chance to look at taya kyle. there are moments they'd just sit there and sob. judy littlefield would sit there and rub her husband's leg i'd see them exchanging glances and that is what we experienced
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tonight once getting word the jury had reached a verdict. they were holding hands and there were tears shed as the judge read what the 12 member jury decided, guilty on a capitol murder charge. it's just been a fascinating night in terms of the way this panned out, martha. and no doubt we're hoping to hear from more of the victims' families in the days, and weeks, to follow. >> joining me to react to this is arthur idalla, and i was looking at the closing arguments here from the state. and they were ares very heart felt. he said he survived four tours of duty in iraq came home unscatheed and died face down in the dirt in a luxury shooting
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range. it was awful, bloody and a senseless crime. >> arthur, as we've said there wasn't too much of a contest here. everybody knew who pulled the trigger in this crime but it was a very deliberate and brutal crime. he shot them at close range. and most of the bullets were gathered in one area, on both of them. you know? the back. >> that is why you call it execution or assassination? your heart goes out for chad he is helping out a buddy. he wasn't really trying to help the defendant. just going along for a ride
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here, he's dead. he's 36, married with a daughter. and you're right. it's senseless. and it stinks all the way around. >> when you look at the way this trial was carried out, mark, any thoughts on how both sides did in presenting these cases? >> well, defense had a really tough time. they knew the chances of this jury in texas or anywhere for that matter going along with the defense's theory is probably so low, it approached almost no real value. jurors are not supposed to consider what the outcome of the verdicts will be in terms of sentencing but everyone of those jurors, ten women, two men knew that if they were to go along with the defense, if they did it would go to a mental hospital and once a doctor says it's okay to be released there was a chance he would get out, and be amongst society, that was never going to happen.
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>> mark? >> i just want to ask. mark brings up a good point. there was an effort on the part of the defense to move the trial because it was happening in this area and right in the middle of american sniper mania. all across america. would that have made a difference? >> no. that is going to be the biggest grounds of appeal. i find it interesting jurors wanted to get into that jury room and reached a quick verdict. >> i'll tell you why. >> maybe they knew what they wanted to go by the end of the summations. >> absolutely. i think what they did is sending a message to the victims' family we can't bring your family member back or do anything but give you a guilty verdict. >> one thing from a procedural point of view, we heard for me
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in part is a foreign concept. there is usually a delay. weeks between the verdict and sentencing. but usually, like under the circumstances, when your name is insanity, the defense attorney will ask the judge to make sure you note my client gets mental treatment when incarcerated. you also want to be consistent in claims i didn't hear that. also, in the state i practice in new york when you poll the jury you ask every juror what is your verdict? they say guilty, guilty, guilty. not was your verdict unanimous. >> it's procedural things. >> it doesn't make a difference. >> just making observations clear. >> one thing i want to make clear is that this defense we've learned rarely ever works. but statistically in the case of
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american heros the chance of -- a 2% work my work goes down is less than a fraction of 1%. >> no sympathy. >> none. >> correct. he didn't seem to object to the outcome. he apparently looked at chad hillfield's dad and listened to every word he said when speaking to him. strange. so we're going to continue with this. thank you, guys. new reaction to the verdict we've been talking about in the american sniper trial. more straight ahead. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? (cough!) it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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breaking tonight the after nearly three weeks of testimony,
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a texas jury spending only a few hours before returning a guilty verdict in the american sniper case as it came to be called we're getting reaction from another well known vet. hi, trace. >> you know, it's important to note that when the judge read the verdict and sentenced eddie ray routh he said to the jury you're free to go and speak to the media or not. so far we've heard nothing from the media. we're getting important reaction from across the country. one, the governor of texas at the time of the murder was a state attorney general. tweeted quote justice, the jury did not buy insanity defense, marcus latrell tweeted quoting here justice served for chris and the littlefield families. to eddie ray routh you thought he had ptsd before?
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wait until the boy independent of corrections find out you killed a texas hero. then, a group called boot campaign. a texas jury finds eddie ray routh guilty in the murders of chris kyle and chad littlefield maybe the most important statement might have come between don littlefield as well as eddie routh. he says he wanted to become a real man but destroyed the community. told eddie he was trying to help you. he gave you this time because he liked you and he spelled his name. eddie ray routh said he did not know his name before he
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do you ever think that you might have seen things or done some things that you wish you hadn't? >> oh, that is not me, no. >> what is not you. >> i was just protecting our guys. they were trying to kill our soldiers and i'm willing to meet my creator and ask for every shot that i took. the thing that haunts me are the guys i couldn't save. >> that is from the movie "american sniper". our coverage of the guilty verdict in the american sniper trial will continue tomorrow morning. you look at taya kyle and littlefield family and one chapter of the pain that they have suffered and entour -- endured in this ended tonight. and chris kyle and chad
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littlefield trying to help another vet deal with ptsd. it turned fatal for these two men. chris kyle is an american hero and will be remembered as such. remember go to fox for the stories tonight. and thanks for being with us tonight, everybody. we'll see you in the morning. have a good night. >> it is wednesday february 25th. a fox news alert. guilty. eddy ray routh accused of killing chris kyle and chad littlefield. now brand new video of kyle's
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widow on the stand. >> it is kind of hard to put some of it together. i haven't heard from him and then a police officer shows up. >> why the jurors accepted the guilty verdict. >> going door to door snatching christian men and women from their homes. we are live with the breaking developments. >> dozens grounded while you were sleeping all for safety reasons. what you need to know before your next flight. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> and we begin with the fox news alert. new overnight a verdict in the american nieper murder trial. eddy ray routh convicted of killing chris kyle and chad littlefield. >> let's get back to jackie with
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breaking developments. >> eddie ray routh will go to prison for life for murdering chris kyle and chad littlefield at a texas gun range three years ago. >> we find eddie ray routh guilty of the offense of capitol murder as charged. the jury taking less than 3 hours to con frikt routh of capital murder late last night. routh showing no emotion as they handed him a life sentence with no chance of parole. >> his victim's families crying holding hands in court grateful to have closure. >> we have waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son and as always, god has proved to be faithful. we are so thrilled that we have the


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