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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 25, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> let's get back to jackie with breaking developments. >> eddie ray routh will go to prison for life for murdering chris kyle and chad littlefield at a texas gun range three years ago. >> we find eddie ray routh guilty of the offense of capitol murder as charged. the jury taking less than 3 hours to con frikt routh of capital murder late last night. routh showing no emotion as they handed him a life sentence with no chance of parole. >> his victim's families crying holding hands in court grateful to have closure. >> we have waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son and as always, god has proved to be faithful. we are so thrilled that we have the verdict shlgsthat we have
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tonight. >> in his victim impact statement littlefield's brother speaking to routh directly calling him an american disgrace saying your claims of ptsd have been an insult to every veteran who served with honor disgracing a proud military. >> she stormed out during closing arguments cursing and slamming her hands on the wall at routh's mother for never mentioning his son's history of violence before he took him to a gun range. >> taya has been in court every day and has been the first to testify. now we are hearing that emotional testimony released overnight. taya on the stand reliving the last time she ever spoke to her husband. >> he would say hey, babe. i just had a quick question for him if he wanted to go out with our friends for dinner that night. i just said hey, i know you are working doing your stuff do you
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want to go out with my friends for dinner. he goes yeah that would be fine. i said okay. i said are you okay? he was like yup. that's not common for him. usually our service sayingses are -- conversations are more. he was just quiet. a lot of times that was the case with him it would be like i am at a point where i don't know if i should say more because obviously there's something more or if i should just -- he's probably dealing with it and go. >> chris kyle's family not yet releasing a public statement. eddy eddie ray routh's attorneys planning to appeal his conviction. the jury reaching a verdict in less than three hours choosing to deliberate late last night rather than bait until today. a clear indication maybe of what they were thinking. joining me now is rebecca rosewood
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rosewoodland. thank you for joining us so early. did it surprise you they were able to come up with the verdict so quickly and why they were able to do so unanimously. >> it doesn't surprise me. i think they knew what they wanted to do. once they listened to all of the law which the judge gave to them they said let's do it judge please let's get it done. they took adequate time. it was not as if they predecided but they knew where they were going. you had a defendant who pled guilty. he was guilty or he went into a mental institution. >> the defense spent a lot of time trying to prove his insanity. it boiled down to whether or not he knew what he did was wrong.
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in that respect why didn't it work? >> you are right. what the insanity defense is legally not what it would be col lobing kwally. you have to have committed the act not knowing you were wrong or doing it with an uncontrollable urge. there hadz to be a doctor coming in to prove that you were medically incapable of knowing right from wrong or medically incapable of helping yourself from doing it. the defense didn't prove that here. >> they called one witness. >> one. >> why just one witness. >> i guess that's all they had. you can't make someone testify to something that isn't true. i guess they didn't have enough support for the defense that was pretty much baseless. we saw him in the confession, in the time after the killings say, i can't believe what i did recognizing that he had done something wrong which is the big
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per parameter. did you do something wrong and if you know that you did then you go to jail. then you are guilty if you are found to have committed the act. >> bottom line those pieces of prosecution admitted saying he admitted guilt. >> there was a chase with a car. he knew what he had done. the prosecution presented the facts clearly without misunderstanding to the jury. i think the jury did what they had to do. they took the time but they did apply the law to the facts. i think the conclusion was oosh-- >> life in prison. any chance there will be an appeal? >> he will have life in prison. i don't see any possible for an appeal being victorious. >> we will bring you back in the
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next half hour for more insight. >> marcus latrell and his wife have been in the courtroom since the beginning. during closing arguments they set off a social media firestorm just moments after the verdict. >> this is what he posted. justice served for chris and the littlefield family. to eddie ray routh, you thought you had ptsd before wait until the boys in td find out what you did. >> chris kyle convicted of capitol murder jury didn't buy the defense. >> this just in texas jury finds eddie ray routh guilty of the murders of chris kyle and chad littlefield. #never forget. >> it played outside by side in the big screen telling about
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chris kyle's story. >> what are you in germany or where? >> stateside. >> you are home? >> what are you doing? >> i guess i just needed a minute. >> clint eastwood's american sniper broke january box office records grossing over $320 million and scoring six oscar nominated including winning best picture. no, that was one of the nominations. that was one they were up for the mega hit was snubbed winning only one award for sound. chris kyle's heroism getting all of the publicity as routh's child brokeemployed out as an instant sequel to the movie. legal experts say it is impossible to know whether thern "american sniper" had a
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substantial effect on the verdict. >> brand new information will isis barbarians capturing christians in syria. 150 women and children abducted from their homes. we have breaking developments on this. >> no question they were targeted. local mal lish sawmilitias try to fied their own. they had over run the villages killing some and taking 150 prisoners. according to a state department they didn't discriminate but taking men women, children, the elderly and even breezes. >> the absence of leadership in the white house is leading for more and more christians to be persecuted and bee headed churches being bombed. nobody is acting. this is a full loan christian
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genocide. >> are you equating this to a modern day christian holocaust? >> this is a christian holocaust. >> months of u.s. and coalition air strikes they are far from on the run. the group gained ground inside syria and it has become a difficult situation for the administration to explain. >> there has been a slight increase of isil presence in syria, but i can't buy any means describe what is happening in syria as a big advance. they had been stopped. remember kobani was going to be the big quest.test. >> syria has proven to be difficult to operate in. there was an insatiable group last month. they had 21 deee deposition
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christians simply for being christians. >> we have to prevent it. >> it goes to show how little of the united states and coalition partners know about what's going on on the ground inside syria. sources say there are little human intelligence they had to try to track folks like this. satellite intelligence signaling those kinds of things but not that kind of hard ones. >> thank you leland. >> states to the south declare ago state of emergency ahead of snow sleet and ice in areas of georgia today. >> maria molina is tracking the stormer storms for us. >> new england is taking a break now we are looking at snow across parts of the south.
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through mississippi and parts of the southeast. take a look at the forecast high temperatures. temperatures well below average in the great lakes to the midwest. highs in the teens from minneapolis to cleveland. you are going to talk about windchill temperatures much colder than that. winter storm taking aim at mississippi and carolinas and southern parts of virginia. many areas looking at potential for several inches of snowfall in the form of sleet or freezing rain p. be careful on the roadways. >> great advice. >> 11 after the top of the hour. some heart stopping video adds to as a house explodes into tiny pieces. what caused the massive blast. >> hot heels consumer reports
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>> welcome back. more now on the fox news alert on the american sniper murder trial. the man who killed chris kyle and chad little field convicted of capital murder in texas. eddy ray routh will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibilities of parole. his lawyers tried to argue he was insane when he shot kyle and littlefield in a texas range two years ago. the jury not buying it delivering a guilty verdict in just about two hours. >> there were no surprises here. i said it earlier this evening, the jury wants to deliberate after having such a long day as they did today. usually they would want to get home and absorb it. clearly they knew they were on
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the same page there was no doubt, that the defense of insanity works so rarely all over the united states of america but especially in texas especially a case that has such notoriety. two american heros being executed after the battles, the wars that they have been through for our country. zero sympathy on his side. >> routh's attorneys now planning to appeal. >> a fox news alert. southwest airlines grounding more than 100 planes from missing safety inspections. >> lauren simonetti fox business. how did the jets slip through the cracks. >> they voluntarily grounded 128 of their boeing 737's lastnight. the problem had to do with the miss inspection of the hydraulic system used to control the
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rudders if the main system fails. 128, it's a fifth of the entire fleet. most of the grounded planes will fly today. they made an unusual agreement to keep flying for a maximum five days. anthem they know are taxed but we are finding new information that millions of those who were hacked into or knew they were stoenl weren't customers of the company. >> it is unbelievable. the total number of records compromised about 80 million. between 8.8 and 18.8 million of those are not even anthem customers. popular blue cross blue shield plans were administered by other companies. those records may have been included in the hacked data base. if the information was compromised a lot of people should get a letter from an dem starting next week.
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>> finally magazine consumer reports they picked their best car. the problem is this year no one can afford it. what is it? >> it won last year, too, no one could afford it either. naming it best overall car that means the model s scored high in performance and model testing. they start at 2 grand and go through 100 grand rapids.. the first time since 1998 three of the winning models were american made cars. the buick regal as well as chevy impala score top marks as well. let me show you numbers. we had record highs for your 401 k yesterday. the dow down yesterday. >> go to
2:19 am to find lauren. the president's denial comes with little fan fair or much drama. he says the legislation bypasses an ongoing process in the state department to examine the pipeline's benefits. a recent fox news poll shows 65 percent of voters wanted him to approve the pipeline. so now it is up to congress to over ride his veto. that would take two-thirds of a vote in the house and senate to get that done. some call it stolen valor. others say it was a simple mistake. now the head of veterans affairs apologizing after being caught on camera lying about his military record. >> in an attempt to connect with that veteran to make him feel comfortable, i incorrectly stated that i, too have been in special forces. that was wrong, and i have no excuse. >> the lies angered some veteran's groups who say a lie is a lie others ablgccepted his
2:20 am
apology and want him to focus on reforming the va. >> the trial of the terrorist accused of bombing the new york subway system took a bizarre return. >> did scott walker throw a political punch at jeb bush? >> unlike some out there i didn't have fame or fortune by my family. >> the governor setting the record straight coming up next. the road. it can bring out the worst in people. but the m-class scans for danger... ...corrects for lane drifting... ...and if necessary, it will even brake all by itself. it is a luxury suv engineered to get you there and back safely. for tomorrow is another fight. the 2015 m-class. see your authorized dealer
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>> the race for 2016 sure is heating up. scott walker throws a political punch. >> unlike some out there i didn't inherit fame and fortune from my family. >> he aimed that comment at
2:24 am
rival for president jeb bush. he insists that's not the case. >> i said what people have heard me talk about for years long before there was a thought of potentially running for office at this leflt. i talked -- level. i am not talking about people in general some inherited fame and fortune. when i got from my parents and grandparents if you work hard you can do anything you want. sadly today because you haveof what we see coming out of washington people think that is out of reach. i think they need a fighter this he need someone who is going to fight and win for them. >> a new national poll out by the democratic firm policy polling has walk ir leading followed by ben carson and jeb bush. >> rahm emanuel forced a blow. he finished first among the five candidates but falling short of
2:25 am
the necessary 50 percent majority to prevent a runoff vote. he will face cook county commissioner on april 7th. a massive explosion rocking a new jersey neighborhood to its core. it is caught on camera. a moment the home is blown into smirt reasons injuring 15 people. it was caused by a gas leak as far as 75 feet away. two homes left uninhabitable and a dozen damaged. two workers remain hospitalized. >> an arrest this morning after a passenger train flies off the tracks near los angeles. the train landing on a demolished pickup truck. he was found nearly 2 miles from the derailment in what is described as a state of distress. the time now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour.
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breaking overnight a guilty varied reached in the american sniper trial. how was the juryable to make a decision so quickly? we ask a defense attorney up next. >> how the irs plans to clean up a major less after sending bad obamacare tax information to thousands of americans. and can cost thousands of dollars to repair. thankfully, rid-x has enzymes to break down waste and time-released bacteria to reduce tank buildup. rid-x. #1 in septic maintenance. and now for rvs too!
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with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. >> it is wednesday, february 25th. a fox news alert. guilty eddie ray routh convicted of killing chris kyle and chad littlefield. now brand new courtroom video just released of kyle's widow on the stand. >> it was very short and it wasn't like short like hey you are not having a good time. short i wish i could say more but i am not going to because there are people around. >> why jurors rejected the insanity defense in the "american sniper trial. >> isis terrorists exploiting
2:30 am
the most vulnerable going door to door snatching christian women and children right from their homes. >> we are live with the breaking development. >> the 2016 gloves are off. >> like hillary clinton i, too, have traveled hundreds of miles around the world. unlike hillary clinton i know flying is an activity not an accomplishment. >> the potential rival taking a swing at hillary clinton's record. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> let's get to the fox news lay. the man who shot chris kyle and chad littlefield found guilty of murder in texas. >> jack see ibanez is here with more. it only took the jury two hours to come down with the verdict findling eddie ray routh
2:31 am
guilty of capital murder. >> we find the defendant guilt of the offense of capital murder as charged. >> he will now spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing chris kyle and chad littlefield at a gun range. his lawyers and him tried to say he was insane at the time. little fooelsd father addressing ralph in a victim impact statement saying quote you didn't know chad's name when you brutally murdered him now you will have the rest of your life to remember him. then he spelled out chad littlefield's name. his mother showed gratitude for the jury's decision finally getting closure. >> we waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son. as always god has proved to be
2:32 am
faithful. we are so thrilled that we have the verdict that we have tonight. >> chris kyle's wife taya not in court when the verdict was read. she stormed out cursing and slamming her hand on the wall as defense attorneys blasted routh's mother for never mentioning he had a history of emotional. now for the first time we are hearing that emotional testimony. you see her reliving the last time she spoke to her husband. >> normally going out there especially near rough creek. it is beautiful he is making their day, which is what happened earlier. the guy sounded really excited to go. he thought he was doing a good thing.
2:33 am
you>> you were irritated. it was short i wish i could say more but i am not going to because there are people around. >> chris kyle's family has not made a public statement on the verdict. eddie ray routh's attorney says they will appeal his con vinks. >> the jury reached the verdict. what went through the minds of the our or the foining snoining us all now. what does this say about the injury's mind set. they knew what they were going to? did they deliberate? absolutely. there were 10 women, two men i am sure they took their time but they knew had where they were going, the families, the victims want to give them some relief. the jury said please let us dlin
2:34 am
brat through the night. >> eddie arouth he thought about shooting them in the car. if there was a crash he might have died in that-kra and been injured. he knew what he was doing. why would the defense try to plead insanity? he knew his actions were wrong. >> they were in quick sand. i am not sure who came up with this decision. it didn't make any sense. it wasn't founded in fact. it wasn't evidence to prove legal insanity. did he have issues he was in and out of mental hospitals, yes that does not equal mental insanity and legal insanity, not the same. >> is there any real repro kugs that eddy ray routh's mom knew he had problems and wanted him
2:35 am
to still hang out with chad? >> the big issue is the veteran's hospital that allowed him to leave didn't keep himhospital. >> are they going to be held accountable for that? >> i think there would be a possibility of a civil action against the veteran's hospital. hounld you know a than who has violent tendencies how do you not treat him further? i can't believe this happened. >> from attorney's perspective what do you make of eddie ray routh's appearance in court. if you look at his mug shot he was thin and bulky in court. he looked like a different person. he was unaffected by all of this. >> often times people are so shocked with what they did. this doesn't mean he didn't know what he did was wrong. he we know clearly he ran from the police. it is unfortunate. but he is's serving life in prison and that's a good thing.
2:36 am
>> absolutely. the wives met with the kids were playing sports and they were trying to do a good thing by helping this veteran. you see where it left two families broken. thank you so much rebecca rosewood land this morning. >> a lot of reks a coming in former navy seal and author of loan survivor in court during closing arguments setting off a social media firestorm with this post on facebook moments after the verdict saying quote justice served for kris and the littlefield family. to eddyie ray routh you thought you had ptsd before wait until the boys in tdc find out you killed a hero. >> justice chris kyle murderer guilty of murder. didn't buy the insane defense. >> chriseddie ray routh found guilty
2:37 am
of chris kyle and chad littlefield. >> this played outside by side with the big screen telling of chris kyle's story. >> you are home? what are you doing? >> i guess i just needed a minute. >> clint eastwood american sniper broke january box office records grossing more than $320 million and scoring 6 oscar nominations including best picture. the mega hit was snubbed only winning one of those reardz for sound. while it's a furry's job to stay impartial legal experts say it is impossible to know whether american sniper had a substantial effect on a verdict. >> now to another fox news alert. christians under siege in syria. isis taking 150 people hostage
2:38 am
including innocent women and children. let's get right to leland vittert who are standing by live for us in washington. good morning leland. >> good morning to you. no question these christians were targeted and by all accounts local malilitias fought to keep their own. they over ran the villages taking some and what we know to be 150 prisoners. they didn't discriminate taking not only the men, women, children, but the elderly and even priests. >> they have lost everything. we are talking to folks on the team we have a network of churches and partners through out the region. they are under tremendous pressure. they lost everything. some literally stripped of the clothes on their back. people aren't recognizing what is happening. when they are attacking you it is a genocide for christians in syria and iraq.
2:39 am
>> despite months of u.s. and coalition air strikes they are far from on the run. in fact the group has gained ground and it is becoming a difficult situation for the administration to explain. >> there has been a slight increase of isil presence in syria. i can't by any means describe what is happening in syria as a big advance. they have been stopped in syria also. pavani was going to be the big test. >> it is hard to know what if any options were used to capture the christians. remember isis is showing insatiable blood thirst. the group executed people on the beach simply for being christians. we are seeing a report adds many
2:40 am
of egyptians since leaving. >> there were a lot of egyptians who pled economic problems a lot of different jobs inside the country lead to oil industry and service industry where the pay was not better and now you are seeing so many flee back to egypt for safety. >> leland vittert joining us live this morning. thank you, leland. declaring a state of emergency ahead of the snow, sleet and ice expected to hit georgia and sort carolina today. >> maria molina has the latest for us. what is happening now? have you called mom, dad and everybody? >> my dad was saying 6 inches of snow in the area. i want to tart out first with the temperatures.
2:41 am
it will be cold enough for no fall into west 20's and 26 in charleston. those high temperatures will be in the 30's places like memphis. warming up above the freezing mark for places like raleigh north carolina. we expect there to be some kind of transition at that point. we have winter storm warnings in effect through northeastern texas, arkansas louisiana, all of the way up to southern parts of virginia. we are looking at potential for several inches of snowfall and ice to mix in the form of sleet and freezing rain. it is now 41 minutes after the top of the hour grounded a 5th of their fleet not taking flight. it could have come at the cost of safety on the sky. you won't be seeing this
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amazing stain removal the first time. >> a fox news alert in the american sniper story. breaking overnight the man who killed chris kyle and chad littlefield convicted of capital murder. eddie ray routh will spend the rest of his life in prison without possibility of parole. routh's lawyers tried to argue he was insane when he shot kyle and littlefield at a texas begun rank range two years ago. >> every one of the jurors 10 women two men knew if they were to go along with the defense, and i don't think they legitimately thought about it but if they did he would go to a mental hospital. once the doctor said it was okay to be released will he could go out and be amongst society that
2:46 am
would never happen. they were sending a message we can't bring your family member back, we can't do anything other than give you a guilty verdict. >> routh's torns are planning to appeal. >> now to a fox business alert. southwest airlines grounding over 100 planes after finding they missed inspections. ashley web is here from our sister network fox business here with how they managed to slip through the cracks. ashley? >> good morning. southwest airlines grounding 128 planes close to 20 percent of the complete after failing to inspect backup high trawlic systems used to control the rudder failed. they canceled 80 flights yesterday but expects minimal impact on today's schedule. the boeing yes, sir were shown to over thrown the they can.
2:47 am
they developed a plan to complete the over due checks. in part the safety of customers and employees remains our highest priority and they were working quickly to resolve the issue. last july the agency proposed a $12 million fine over 3 separate issues. southwestern charged that 'n back in court. they had a $10 million fine over maintenance later settling for a penalty. >> ashley webster thank you. to find us log on to minder. >> 27 minutes after the top of the hour. if you like your tax returns you can keep your tax returns. how the obama administration is fixing a mess after sending bad
2:48 am
obamacare information to thousands. >> worst than just your waste line. why you want to stay away from the fridge late at night. >> potato chips are branned ladies. a guilty verdict reached down in texas and the american sniper trial. those who knew chris kyle react. >> reports that 150 christians have been kidnapped by isis. governor huckabee will weigh in on that. the fans from national geographic glg wild will be right here. that's when it kicks off for your channel for news. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day.
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welcome back. a fox news alert. we are just hours away from explosive testimony in a bizarre terror trial in brooklyn. abid d nassir set to take the stand accused of being part of a plot to bomb the new york subway system. prosecutors are expected to present documents captured during the 9/11. on days before the homeland security runs out of money, senator mcconnell goes to plan b. >> there is a real question of how far democrats are willing to go as that clock continues to tick at the department of homeland security. all eyes are on republican
2:53 am
house speaker john boehner. he'll be meeting with members to get some feel for what they're willing to do. his counterpart in the senate, majority leader mitch mcconnell is about to fund a fully funded homeland security bill essentially nullifying efforts from house republicans whob trying to delete funding for president obama's executive actione illegal immigrants. that immigration issue would be given its own vote, something the president could easily veto if in fact it passed. >> there's no excuse for our friends on the other side to oppose it. i've indicated to the democratic leader that i'd be happy to have his cooperation to advance the consideration of a clean d.h.s. bill which would carry us through till september 30. >> but senate minority leader harry reid says not so fast. he wants some assurances this thing will pass the house before he allows it
2:54 am
move forward in the senate which opens up the possibility that you could have senate democrats filibustering the exact bill they have been pushing for. >> you're prepared to filibuster the clean d.h.s. bill? >> we're being very hypothetical here. >> it could become realty around here pretty quickly. >> thank you, doug. the obama administration trying to minimize the damage after obamacare enrollees received the wrong tax data. 50,000 people who filed their tax returns based on the incorrect subsidy information will not have to refile amended returns. the i.r.s. also won't collect on any underpayments due to that major glitch. the 2016 presidential field growing by the day. former hewlett-packard c.e.o. and potential g.o.p. candidate carley fiorina is taking shots at hillary clinton accusing her for running for office on her
2:55 am
record of airline travel. >> like hillary clinton, i too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. but unlike hillary clinton, i know that flying is an activity not an accomplishment. >> she just launched a new superpac carley for america to support a possible run next year. >> five minutes till the top of the hour. swift justice the verdict coming down last night in the american sniper trial. what happens next for eddie ray routh. >> flying forward. the airline awarding passengers with free flights just for being nice.ou.. ♪ relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running
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helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. updating our top story a fox news alert in the american sniper trial. eddie ray routh convicted of capital murder sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing chris kyle and chad littlefield. his attorneys plan to appeal. do you think the success of the movie influenced the ish? you can weigh in on our facebook page. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. jetblue giving back by flying it forward granting free flights to people who have a compelling charitable story. but a catch, they have to pass on the chance to someone else. the bad, the reports that the star of shades of grey will not renew his role because of his wife. the ugly.
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are you a late night snacker. researchers say it can wreak havoc on your biological christ. >> in 2004 passion of the christ came out on this very day. just a snippet for you. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, february 25. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. justice is served. late last night eddie ray routh found guilty in the american sniper trial. >> we just want to say that we've waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son. >> the breaking details from the late-night verdict for you straight ahead. >> for the first time emotional testimony from the wife of chris kyle. >> it's kind of hard not to put some of it together. i haven't heard from him


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