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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 25, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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launched this website shipsnowyo dot com. for $89 you get six pounds of snow to your door. i understand you can make 15 snowballs if you need them bill: new reaction after the verdict in the american sniper case. it took only two hours to come back with the verdict. >> we the jury find eddie ray routh guilty as charged. bill: he was sent to prison without the possibility of parole. that's where we start on this day of america's newsroom. you had a late night last night. martha: we covered it last night
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and it's the story this morning as well. we are getting to hear for the first time the emotional testimony of chris kyle's wife taya who described the moment she was first told something bad happened to her husband. >> in the military there is always rumors but i knew from experience you never go to that place until it's confirmed. i did see him and i did say mark what's up? he said have you seen crisp truck? i said no, what's going on. and he said, chris has been hurt. bill: her husband's killer will spend the rest of his life behind bars. what was the reaction inside the
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courtroom, casey? >> reporter: routh sat there with what blank face. he showed zero emotion but that's not unusual. that's how he behaved for the nine long days of this trial. the families of chris kyle and chad littlefield holding hands as the verdict was read. weeping. eddie routh's mother visibly just set. taya kyle, crisp which dove, she got and stormed out as the defense team presented its closing arguments. it was around the point where those attorneys talked about rather routh's mom's jody should have disclosed her son's violent past' before they went to the gun range by his mother did not. that's when taya got up and
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stormed out. she never returned to the courtroom. he confessed to the crime. that does not happen every dave in these times of proceeding much less it was caught on tape and it was played for the jury at the beginning of last week. but the defense wasn't arguing whether their client did it. they were trying to build this understand sanity defense that the 27-year-old former marine didn't know what he was doing at the time was wrong. very difficult to prove especially since routh said this the night he was arrested. listen. >> this anything you want to say to the families? >> yeah, i'm southerliy for what i have done. and
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. >> reporter: one witness said routh was faking to get out of working. martha: case martha: chris kyle's mother judy giving her thanks to god. >> we waited for two years for god to get justice for us opposite behalf our son. as always god has proved to be faithful and we are so thrilled that we have the verdict that we have tonight. thank you guys, for being so compassionate and treating us with respect and honoring us. thank you very much. martha: what a woman.
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a lot of integrity. a great mother. she sat through this and watched the whole thing. her son chad was 36 days away from his 28th birthday. he leaves behind his wife leanne who is one of taya's closest friend and his little girl. bill: texas governor greg abbott weighing in on twitter. the jury did not buy the insanity defense. hashtag american sniper hashtag kyle trial. when the verdict came down. justice search offed for chris and the littlefield family to
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eddie ray routh. you think you had ptsd before? wait until the boys in the department of corrections find out you killed a texas hero end quote. bill: the littlefield family remained silent throughout this entire ordeal. martha: you look at taya kyle other night at the oscars. bill: with his dog tags, too. let's get to the other big news of today. iran now conducting large-scale military drills. look at this video we got in from the persian gulf. it shows the country's revolutionary guard firing a barrage of missiles at what
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appears to be a replica of a u.s. aircraft carrier. connor, is this meant to be some sort of warning to us? >> reporter: iranian officials basically bragging about it. one iranian general says this is an effort to show after iran's military might. this large-scale naval and air defense took place in the strait of thestraitof hormus. it was nothing other than a dressed up barge but it was meant to look like an aircraft carrier. ships -- coastal missiles were fired at this barge as well. it was part after plan to show off what iran can do. martha: it's stunning
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considering the on going discussions about the the future of their nuclear program. >> reporter: it comes when there is a lot of controversy about this ongoing effort to remove sanctions from iran because of their suspected military program. this isn't really clear in it's directly related to that. the it in downplaying this exercise saying the military conducts lots of these exercises as well. and there is no doubt this is probably tide at least to some of the images in the might flexing of muscles. bill: right now house homeland security secretary jeh johnson about to speak about the need for congress to pass a bill to
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fund an agency. the stage empty now. a compromise has been offered to separate the funding bill. >> there is no excuse for our friends on the other side to oppose it. >> we need a vote on the homeland security bill. bill: you believe this dha issue was overhyped. >> just a little bit. the reality is this will be secretary johnson's job today. it will be the job of the president that to say essentially the world will end or america will be left ex posed saturday morning if this does not happen. we know the reality is even if nothing were to happen. even if congress just left today and did nothing.
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we would be talking about potentially delay offed paychecks for the 200,000 people deemed he accepting out of 230,000 people in the agency. this has been an overhyped way overcooked controversy in washington. as we get down to the dead light's an admission that something is going to happen. it's going to be solved. repercussions won't be that severe. bill: so tsa wasn't going walk off the job saturday. but the plan is to have two bills. one that fund homeland security. the big question, what will house republicans do? will is pass? >> you can think about the bill and what's going none the senate. one is a sharp stick to poke democrats. it's not like the president is going to sign a bill that would
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repeal his own executive amnesty. but the republicans can force democrats into painful votes. the question in the house is this. as they meet and talk today with a lawsuit out of -- with a lawsuit from states led by texas and 25 others progressing in federal court block the president from what he's doing are house republicans willing to pass a stop gap funding measure that would kick the can for a couple of weeks why the senate republicans try to torture democrats for their support. martha: the world sitting back, many would say as isis moves forward. and bill o'reilly called that
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shameful last night. bill: the world dithers. there is no organized campaign on the ground to defeat the savages. martha: he warns history is repeating itself and we can't just sit back and watch. bill: there are new developments on george zimmerman and the death of trayvon martin. martha: top white house officials bail on the israeli prime minister's speech to congress. >> i can't believe where joe biden is but i can't believe it's more important than listening to our biggest ally on the threat from an nuclear armed iran.
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martha: the justice department announcing it will not charge george zimmerman in the shooting death of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. the decision comes after a florida jury acquitted zimmerman. the d.o.j. was looking into whether he committed a civil rights violation. eric holder said the high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution cannot be met under the circumstances here. tomorrow meets three years since the shooting in a gated
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community in orlando. bill: these isis thugs are the same as the nazis who slaughtered people before and during world war ii. president obama is not taking the lead, his stated 60-nation coalition is invisible oonter nations of the world are even worse. how long are these atrocities going to continue before the world unites against these savages. bill: bill o'reilly calling isis modern day nazis after isis abducts 9 ought men women and children. he says we are repeating history by not doing enough to stop them.
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o'reilly is talking nazis others are make that comparison. you can talk about rawan today about rwanda and how that genocide began. is this land they want? >> they want land, they want a caliphate. but the immediate target are christians jews, yazidis but especially christians. chrisian" civilization in that region predates islam. the first 2,000 years of christianity in that region. but what we are seeing now is an islamist attempt to exterminate
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the last vestiges of christian civilization in the middle east. after the holocaust of world war ii the world said never again. but bill o'reilly is right it's happening again. it's a genuine holocaust against christians. these christians are kidnapped and foretured and crucified and women are raped and christians are driven from their homes and lawsuiter bit tens of thousands and our president does nothing. he's the reincarnation of pontius pilot washing his hands of this. bill: the state department said we demand the unconditional release of the civilians taken captive yesterday.
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o'reilly talked about the invisible coalition. the amir of qatar was in the white house yesterday. >> the coalition is a total lie. there are a handful of countries doing something. for the state department to demand the prisoners should be released. do we really think the islamic state pays much attention to jen psaki? you have got to act. you can't cry crocodile tears and pretend magically this is going to go away. you must act. this an e termination unfolding before our eyes. it's larger in scale if more slow motion thang than a what you today. motion. and the world does nothing and
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our president. what does he do? percent cute israel because he desperately wants a phoney view with iran on nuclear weapons. his legacy is going to be an iranian bomb. bill: an egyptian border official says 20,000 egyptians have fled libya since the beheading of christians two weeks ago. martha: some new details after that massive train crash that we covered for you here in southern california. who is under arrest and the police are saying this situation has them quote very concerned. >> we did what we do and we are lucky we survived. >> it was facing south and over in the ditch.
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bill: the faa will allow southwest airlines to keep using planes. 1/5 of its fleet was ground. martha: investigators are trying to figure out why a driver would abandon his truck on the train tracks in southern california. >> it was flipping on the pole like a flag. finally the lights went out. it seemed like slow motion.
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it seemed like it took forever. martha: jonathon hunt reporting from oxnard where it happened. speed and light will be big parts of this investigation right? >> reporter: have much so. of the sun coming up over the crash scene you can see behind me before it was much darker than that when the accident occurred. earlier today we took a wash along the tracks to try to give you an idea of exactly what conditions would have been like at the time of this crash. take a look. it was right at about this time. 5:45 a.m. pacific that the train was leaving ox hard station this way and hurtling down these tracks. the speed would have been between 55-80 miles an hour. it's guided by its lights at that point. in this predawn darkness it was unlikely to have seen the truck
6:27 am
stuck on the crossing with have much warning. think of it as driving along a highway with only your headlights to guide you in the pitch black. the driver did all he could slamming on the brakes. passengers describe hearing the terrellifying screeching of the brakes -- hearing the terrifying screeching pen came the met at on met at, train striking -- metal on metal train striking truck. the engineer probably saved lives with his quick action. martha: what about the truck and how it happened to be there and the driver who fled the scene? >> reporter: that driver will be facing a lot of questions today. he has been arrested on felony hit-and-run charges.
6:28 am
the question is why did he get on to the tracks in the first place and why did he leave the truck. his wife says it simply stalled. investigators say they can't find any evidence it was stuck and bottomed out. for them the biggest question is find out how it got on there how he left it there and why he left it there. bill: there are new questions on the potential nuclear deal going with tehran, iran. >> this is the biggest decision any president will make in a lifetime. if we get this wrong and create a nuclear arms race in the middle east. bill: are we siding with iran over israel? martha: plus the man who killed chris kyle will spend the rest of his life behind bars. we'll play you the interview the american sniper did with bill
6:29 am
o'reilly before he was brutally murdered. bill: now looking back, do you have of any regrets about anything you did? >> yes, the people i couldn't save.
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bill: it was a quick and speedy verdict in the american sniper trial. the jury taking two hours to put eddie ray routh away for life. >> you liked killing these guys. did you ever figure that out? >> i mean it's not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. that's not a problem at all. bill: you don't have post traumatic stress or anything like that that you killed so many human becomes? that doesn't come back at you?
6:33 am
>> none my problems come from the people i killed. >> in two years they have a trial and verdict and a deliberation that lasted for 90 minutes. if you look at eddie rowtd in court he looks nothing like the interview conducted with police. bill: you shave your beard and the hair on your head. but he looked like a much bigger physical person in court than he did talking to police two years ago. so the souls of littlefield and chris kyle rest forever and the families remain strong as we showed you 30 minutes ago. martha: we told but this iran tape. they have been launching
6:34 am
large-scale air exercises. benjamin netanyahu plans to speak out against the tawcts with iran in front of the u.s. congress. something neither the president nor the vice president says they will attend. here cities senator behind i graham on that. >> i find the vice president's absence at this joint session of congress appalling and unacceptable. i don't know where where joe biden will be or what he will be doing but i can't believe it's more important than being in the chamber and listening to our best ally in the region, israel about a nuclear armed iran. martha: alan colmes and brad blakeman a former deputy to
6:35 am
president george w. bush. it does seem this could have been handled more diplomatically than everybody folding their arms and saying no way. >> the perception is reality in this case. the perception of the vice president disrespecting the prime minister at a time of middle east crisis and nuclear proliferation by iran. while iran is suppose to be negotiating with us they have military exercises. so any agreement with iran will be breached i believe because they know they have negotiation powers they wouldn't have had if we had a stronger and tighter relationship with israel. it's about the survival of israel and that's what the prime minister is coming to address congress about. martha: a good piece in the new york post give michael goodwin.
6:36 am
he says that the broken promise promising iran will never get nuked. he sees is as the twin to the domestic whopper that you can keep your doctor. here is another piece he wrote. he says it would mean that the united states and leading in the u.n. powers give their blessing to the world's largest sponsor of terrorism to have the ultimate weapon. he goes on to say it rewards iran for decades of criminal behavior and acts of war against america, israel and others. why would he want to do senate. >> i would ask what is the alternative? the disrespect is the fact that netanyahu is acting anything but an ally of the united states when he goes behind the back of the white house and state department to make secret deal with john boehner.
6:37 am
martha: congress has the right to i right a head of state to speak sat congress. that's a fact. >> i'm not saying they don't have the right to do it. i'm saying it's totally wrong. imagine if ronald reagan were president and you had a democratic congress invite head of another nation when sensitive negotiations are going on. i don't think they are acting like allies. i hope every democrat boycotts this speech. martha: did you have say you don't think israel is our ally? >> i don't think netanyahu is acting as an ally when he goes behind the back of the white house to make secret deal with the speaker without informing the white house he wants to speak to congress. martha: netanyahu is fighting for his country. >> reporter: the intelligence
6:38 am
agency, one of the best in the world says the activities iran is doing is nowhere near making a nuclear weapon. the best thing we can do is make a deal and keep our eyes on them and not negotiate with them. >> the deal isn't worth the paper's written on if it's not going to be honored. what good is the paper we are going to agree to with iran. this president is so desperate by the time he leaves office to go to iran, he thinks this is some kind of break through like nixon and china. they are playing our president. they are doing what dictators have done in the past. martha: there are argumentsing. >> you want to go to war and bomb iran? >> i want iran not to the gate
6:39 am
nuclear weapon, period. martha: so the president and john kerry say this deal will insure that iran never gets a nuclear weapon. both of the men said that yesterday. they believe this deal with insure that iran never gets a nuclear weapon. but it does feel like what happened with healthcare. they say you don't know the details of this deal. we are not going to talk about it. you don't know what's in it. wouldn't this be a great moment if the president feels so strongly he's right about this. why doesn't he come before the american people and say let me explain up to why you should trust prawn in the deal we are brokering and give us all those reasons and reassurances. >> i think that's a great point and i hope once the deal is done they are still in the midland of negotiating it. i hope he gives that speech and does explain that to the american people. martha: brad and allen thank
6:40 am
you very much. a lot of people very nervous about what's transpiring here. bill: tuesday will have some drama when by by when bibi netanyahu comes before congress. martha: president obama keeping his word vetoing the keystone five line bill. john boehner calls this a nationality embarrassment. >> this has bent most reviewed pipe fluent history of pipelines. >> i was struck by the same thing. the manhattan project took less time and the approval of keystone pipeline.
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weather. this dash cam video shows how heart stopping it can be. that's a person ejected from his suv after hitting a barrier. he hid the ground and slid across the highway. he got up a little bit shaky and twiewks his car. -- and walks to his car. >> i think it was miraculous he was able to walk away from this crash. he's lucky another car didn't come across and hit him and lucky for him a trooper was paying attention. martha: the driver doesn't remember the accident, doesn't remember being eject from the vehicle. police save he was cited in the accident. >> there is significant by part -- there is
6:45 am
significant by the partisansignificant bipartisan support for keystone. bill: keystone has been vetoes and the house speaker has harsh words for the president. boehner writes, quote the president vetoed the keystone project is a nationality embarrassment. karl rove, deputy white house chief of staff and a fox news contributor. how are you? i know you have got a white board you will show us geography in a moment. do you think the president was ever on board the keystone pipeline at any noinlt this process? >> no. but in 2009 he approved the bert
6:46 am
clip which is a pipeline that comes from the same tar sands comes out of the canada and comes toibt united states at the northwestern corner of minnesota, connects to duluth, connects to chicago moves to michigan, and links up to pipe lines to take the tar sands to the east coast. the refineries around philadelphia have been renewed by their access to these tar sands oil. he's also not stopping the oil from coming. it's coming the united states by the's coming on rail cars which have a bigger environmental impact and which are far less safe than pipe lines. it's not only embarrassing, it's stupid the president is not doing this. bill: do you see him as an, as
6:47 am
>> the state department says in july of 2011 we'll review it and finish our work by the end of the year. in 2011 the congress by a unanimous vote, every democrat and every republican supporting a bill that the president signs that says the decision is due in 90 days. a month later the president says i reject the first application of transcanada the pipeline company, they have to apply again. the oil is coming from up here. two pipelines check in the bert. the red line is the bert clipper. this is the keystone xl pipeline that's approved. we have tar sands oil coming to
6:48 am
the east coast reef fineries. -- -- east coast refineries. it matters because by forcing it to come by rail we are raising the cost of the products that are distilled at those refineries. everything from gasoline to you name it is costing more than it ought to because it's being brought on expensive rail cars that are far less safe than a pipeline. why the president is doing this is beyond me. bill: supporters are saying the middle east is giving us heartburn and heartache and isis is doing what it's doing. every bit of energy independence helps america. even though this is just a small piece of that, it would help as well. that's what republicans and some of the democrats who support this are arguing.
6:49 am
>> one other geopolitical point this would reduce our reliance on the hasty crude that comes out of venezuela that would allow us to further crate kerr our opponents in venezuela that is anti-american and fueling instability in our own neighborhood. we could have hemispheric you independent. we wouldn't need -- we could export natural gas to the rest of the world rather than importing energy. bill: is it over yet, is it dead? >> no, they are not going to be able to override the veto, but the president is obligated to make a decision. he can only stall so long. at the end of the day the state department announced today it will begin a process that will allow within a relatively short period of time to make their
6:50 am
finding. every finding to the state department to date is this pipeline would not have an adverse environmental impact. bill: thank carl, interesting discussion. martha: there is major remodeling going on at the international space station. you are looking at a space walk 2 of 8 miles in the sky. we'll tell you will what they are doing that could let private spaceships come over there and dock. bill: astronauts to take what could be the best selfie of all times. your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project. and you could make it happen. right? wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough
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bill: the ultimate selfie. astronaut bruce willmore was in space when he fired up his shot. great stuff. well done. martha: these guys are preparing the iss to dock private spacecraft like a big marina in the sky. it's supposed to happen in 2017. phil keating is reporting live from miami. what they are doing today is pretty complex isn't it? >> have much so. tricky, tedious. the most complicated cable run in the space station's 16-year history.
6:55 am
it's been a busy morning up 260 i'ms above us. -- miles above us. they are done laying 800 feet of cable. later this year international docking adapters will be installed. as for boeing and spacex, they are on tarring tote get u.s. astronauts up into space by 2017. space x is ahead of boeing on this. they could seat 4-7 astronauts inside. it plans an unmanned test flight next year. boeing is not planning on an unmanned space flight but plans to send up as row knotts two times in 2017. and boeing broke ground friday
6:56 am
at the kennedy space center. they are reconfiguring some modules, then they have three hours of lubricating to do for this weekend's final space walk for this big job. bill: never gets old. we are after he waiting comments from republican and democratic leaders. is there a resolution to a deal on homeland security and immigration? we are about to find out from both sides. martha: the man who murdered american sniper chris kyle is given his sentence. how other seals are banding together to help the families of these victims. >> they know their dad is their dad who held them to a high standard and we talk about him all the time. it has nothing to do with his service. and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone so you can breathe and sleep
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martha: already a twist in a homeland security showdown on capitol hill as we await to hear
7:00 am
from both parties. democrats making new demand after republicans agreed to give them basically what they asked for, a clean bill to fund homeland security, free of any measures to block president's obama controversial immigration actions. we're keeping eye on that. we'll give you the that news as it comes in. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. holding separate votes on each. now senate democrats demanding guaranty the house pass a clean funding bill. all this as the clock ticks now to friday's deadline. martha: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill. mike, what is the complaint from some key conservatives about this plan? >> reporter: martha, good morning. they essentially want to keep fighting president obama's executive action on immigration. alabama republican jeff sessions says they should continue the fight against president obama. he wants to dot house bill,
7:01 am
which connected funding homeland security with rejecting president's unilateral action on immigration. that bill got stuck in the senate. congressman jeff duncan sent a letter, now to stand firm against what he calls unlawful executive actions will be sent to house leadership. i'm told inside the room as house leadership is meeting with republican members. it is not tense. speaker john boehner is making the case the house is still waiting on the senate to act. they still need the senate to pass a bill. all of members i talked to inside the room said it is not a tense room but they're taking a wait-and-see approach on what can pass the senate, martha. martha: what are you hearing in terms of the message from mcconnell this morning? >> reporter: well, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is essentially saying this is sensible way forward, splitting the bill into two. you have funding homeland security through september and
7:02 am
pushback on president obama on immigration. he needs cooperation from democrats to move it forward. as you mentioned the calendar is becoming an issue martha. martha: sure is. mike, thank you very much. bill: there is a new, a new and violent push by isis to gain more ground in northeastern syria. kurdish and christian militiamen locking in fierce fighting with isis in the area where militant kidnapped hundreds
7:03 am
engaged in a bloody tug-of-war for control. we're hearing that those kurdish forces regain, retaken about 20 villages and towns in that area. various human rights groups are reporting that, more than 130 isis militants have been killed in the fighting. at this point. all that area is mentioned is where those christian syrian christians have been abducted bill. bill: any estimates how many of those a syrian christians? we heard 90. we heard 150. what have we learned about their fate john? >> reporter: bill, i got off the phone with a guy named sam edward. he is director of syrian human rights network. he said the number is at 150. he said his wife's aunt is among those who have been taken hostage. he says the men and women have been split up. the men taken to a mountain news area in the region. women and children.
7:04 am
bill: by the way distressing children are among those who have been abducted. the children and women have been split up and separated into various villages and towns in that area. when i asked him what is isis planning to do with them? he says their three main goals. one possibly use them as a bargaining chip to swap for prisoners, isis militants detained by opposition forces. two, use them as human shields. three to instill terror and fear of all those in that region bill. bill: john, something we're keeping close eye on as best we can. john huddy in jerusalem. martha: as john reports the fate of the kidnapped christians remains very unclear. we've seen many hostage situations end badly to say the very least. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard," fox news contributor. good to have you with us. >> good morning, martha. >> the discussion has been rammed up to a whole new level in terms of what is happening in this area. the eradication of christians have been really going on for
7:05 am
several years but has been ramped up to a level we've not seen before. the criticism that our leadership and leadership in europe as well is standing idly by steve. >> yep. this is simply a matter of western will and i think in really, presidential will. this is president obama being unwilling to actually take the fight to isis and end not only this kidnapping but taking of territory, the slaughtering of non-christians as well as christians. this won't end until the president decides that it has to end. and if he doesn't make that decision it will continue. martha: you know there is this side story of the girls that are heading over there, voluntarily, running away from home. we have pictures of three girls from london. there is said to be another girl from scotland who went a year ago, who is the ringleader of this group. these girls were studying at an academy in london. they're good students. they're at a private school. up until recently i guess,
7:06 am
listening to coldplay and reading "harry potter" but now they decided to pack it up and head to isis to become, i guess, wives of these fighters. i mean what is the lure here steve? what do we know about this phenomenon? >> scary personal implications obviously for these girls but the timing is bad for the obama administration. last week's countering violent extremism summit focused largely on willingness of young people to join up with groups like isis because they're disaffected or poor, can't get a job. we heard that from marie harf other people in the administration. these three girls from well to do families. they have made a decision. radicalized online and made a decision to go to syria potentially fight alongside isis eventually come back to western europe to conduct attacks. really undermines what i think is one of the central themes of the obama administration's case last week at this countering
7:07 am
violent extremism summit. martha: the president has to be thinking at this point in his tenure about his legacy. i always remember president bush say i will look in the mirror i felt what i did at time was right in terms of his actions in the middle east. a lot of criticism back and forth how that came out but you wonder what president obama thinks as he looks forward? how will he look back at this period and will he feel good about it? >> yeah, look i mean the problem with the way president obama has debt with many threats -- dealt with many threats, particularly jihadist threats, he has set aside reality and created this fantastical reality. he is the one that said isis was a jv team. nine months later had to give a prime time address in the country talking about actions he would take to stop isis. he gave that address in september. here we are nearly in march and we haven't really done much. isis is still gaining territory. they're making progress.
7:08 am
they have had setbacks in certain localities. they're making progress. the other thing to remember as we focus so much on isis, al qaeda still exists. al qaeda is expanding. franchises are growing. they're strengthening. video from al-shabaab in somalia which president pointed to is potentially model for u.s. counterterrorism efforts, that is a stark reminder of the fact we're not just talking about isis. we're talking about al qaeda. we're talking about a variety of other jihadist groups. martha: b al-shabaab. a lot of activity that needs to be dealt with many people think in comprehensive manner by leadership from the united states of america. steve, thank you very much. great points. see you soon. >> thanks martha. bill: we have new reaction now to the swift guilty verdict in the "american sniper" murder trial. eddie routh receiving an automatic sentence of life behind bars for murders of navy seal sniper chris kyle and chad littlefield at a texas shooting range, two years ago this month. we're hearing for the first time
7:09 am
emotional testimony from kyle's widow taya, describing the day her husband was murdered saying she knew something was wrong. >> going out there, especially place like love creek. it is beautiful. he feels really good about helping somebody. usually making their day and he knows it. which was what, you know that happened earlier. he thought that that guy sounded really excited to go and so he thought he was doing a good thing. >> sew found a little irritated when you talked to him that afternoon? >> yes. it was very short. not short, hey, you're interrupting a good time. i wish i could say more. i'm not going to because there are people around. bill: more of that later. taya left the court during defense closing statements yesterday afternoon and was not there to hear the verdict read. she reportedly angry chris was being attacked in closing statement of defense. kyle's friends and fellow seals will band together to support her and her two children.
7:10 am
>> listen in that moment of loss, chris was, him and his family to come alongside them do what we do which is thank them for giving the opportunity to serve alongside. such an amazing guy. try to love them through the next hours, days, months, years after we all reconcile not having him with us anymore. once we set the battle rich on that we think about keeping that from happening again. martha: conversation i had last night with clint bruce who knew him very well. i spoke with taya kyle last month. i asked her about watching the movie, "american sniper," for the first time. >> interesting thing. it is very natural for me to see it, move very. -- movie. on moments like that where i watched it and saw bradley earlier today. he is such a phenomenal person and warm and caring and, i'm just i'm grateful. and i miss my husband.
7:11 am
>> she has such an incredibly strong core and a very deep faith. she and her husband both just come across as people who knew what they believed, and had no problem with what they believed. felt very strongly about it. she will, i have no doubt, go on to do great things because she is a very strong strong person. bill: we're both impressed. i think everybody watching this from the outside so impressed by the strength of all these families through this. stevenville, texas. 11 minutes past. we're hearing routh's jailhouse confession for the first time here. >> keep talking to chris, you know. you talk to chris. bill: so what kind of impact did it have on the jury's decision in we have a terrific legal
7:12 am
panel to take on that, coming up. martha: a disturbing new report says that the white house has decimated our military. why this report says our forces may not be able to protect us in some circumstances. lieutenant colonel oliver north here on that. bill: some incredible video of the moment a house explodes literally. we'll tell you how this happened. >> i thought a tractor-trailer hit this porch. that is how much the house shook. >> happened so quickly, the explosion, had debris all around us. coming from nowhere.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
martha: alarming report that america's military can just barely defend the nation given the numbers and status of what we have. the heritage foundation finding the pentagon has cut so many troops and weapons under president obama's administration we can no longer effectively have the numbers needed to fight two wars at once. which is always been the benchmark for those levels. quote, the consistent decline in funding and consequent shrinking of the force are putting it under significant pressure. cumulative effect of such factors has resulted in a u.s. military marginally able to meet the demands of defending americans, america's vital national interests. joining us with his thoughts is oliver north, fox news military analyst. good to see you here this morning. >> good to be with you, martha.
7:17 am
martha: so when you look at that and hear that quote, what goes through your mind? >> i've been covering this military of ours for the last 14 years. i've seen them in combat. i've seen them here in the states. i go to the hospitals to see them after they get wounded been far too many funerals at too many places like arlington. the size and capability of the force is supposed to be based on threats we face, in other words intelligence. well it turns out our intelligence really isn't very good. and worse, our commander-in-chief can not name our principle most likely adversary, radical islam. the mission of this total force soldiers sailors airmen guardsmen, and marines is to deter war and win one if we have to fight. this administration can not even define victory in the war radical islam is waging against us. since world war ii, and the report acknowledge this is, the united states enjoyed a
7:18 am
technological edge over present and potential adversaries but the most important component in every branch of service are the people who volunteer to serve. we have today the best educated, trained, led equipped and most combat experienced force in history. the operating and maintain the most sophisticated weapons and equipment ever employed on the battlefield but as the military downsizes to comply with sequester spending cuts, both endorsed by the congress and administration, the services are dismissing the most experienced from the services. instead of reducing the numbers of generals, admirals and their bloated staffs the green eye shade bean counters at pentagon decided it is cheaper to hire a new private than keep a gunnery sergeant with 12 to 15 years of service. that is true if you never have to fight. flushing out combat experience denies reality of what is happening in today's world. martha: very interesting. so you're saying, you have
7:19 am
always said all these years we have the best fighting force the smartest fighting force in our volunteer services that we ever have had but that their resources are being cut and that's what would prevent them from being able to confront two enemies at once. which is always pretty much been the benchmark. you want to be prepared to be fighting one war if you have to and not be hamstrung if another conflict arises at the same time right? >> exactly. and presently we've got a war ongoing in afghanistan, another one in iraq chaos reins in failed state, libya, yemen, lebanon, syria iraq and sudan. putin's surrogate army is succeeding in ukraine. all this does not bode well for a military downsizing as quickly as this one. martha: quickly where is morale? >> the morale is lousy with families getting pink slips. think about this a marine
7:20 am
gunnery sergeant with 15 years of experience, multiple deployments is told, thank you very much for your service. we want you out early. so you hire a private to replace him. you can not replace combat experience. you can build a tank in days. build an airplane in weeks, build a ship in months but you can not build combat experience. without combat and years of it, that is what we've gotten so good, rough men with rifles are still going to be needed. >> we hear from inner-cities nearly impossible to fire a teacher but apparently it is not so hard to fire a gunnery sergeant. really interesting. colonel north, as always, thank you very much. >> martha. bill: so there is new fallout over obamacare. the president promises government subsidies to help some people pay for insurance. now millions of americans are having to pay some of that money back. we'll tell you why in a moment. martha: an opening shot in what could be the battle between hillary clinton and carly fiorina. her latest jab at the likely
7:21 am
democratic nominee and her frequent flyer miles. >> like hillary clinton i too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe but unlike hillary clinton, i know that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: another big activity on capitol hill today trying to resolve funding for the department of homeland security. it's a big fight going on and john boehner was asked if he would bring up a clean bill meaning that it would not have immigration in it. would just fund the department. here is what he said. >> i'm waiting for the senate to act. the house has done its job to fund the department of homeland security and to stop the president's overreach on immigration. and we're waiting for the senate to do their job.
7:25 am
senate democrats have stood in the way now for three weeks over a bill that should have been debated and passed. so until the senate does something we're in a wait-and-see mode. >> hmmm. remember last week he told them to get off their you know whats? he and senator mcconnell have not been talking directly. but their staffs are talking. we'll see if they can get anywhere. bill? bill: martha, you might be paying more under obama care than previously thought. according to a new study. h&r block says at least 52% of obamacare customers have to pay back part of the subsidy if they're receiving a subsidy from the government to the irs. that is a big number. stuart varney, from the fox business network. host of "varney & company," 11:00 a.m. eastern time. >> good morning. bill: what did these folks do or did they not do? >> okay. they claim ad subsidy for 2014 they want ad subsidy from the government for their health care
7:26 am
insurance. a lot of people evidently said i earn this much money when in fact they earned that much money. they underestimated their income so they could get a nice sub sy did from the government. now there is tax time. they're reporting their income. turns out they underestimated the income, therefore they have to pay back the subsidy or at least part of the subsidy that they got in the first place. with me on this? bill: got you. you're saying that they, put their salary level lower than it was? >> yes. bill: in order to take advantage of payments from the government? >> yes. and now the average payback is whopping $530 apiece. that comes right out of the refund. some all of those people, it is millions of people. i don't have the exact number but runs in the millions. they will be getting back a much smaller tax refund in the next few weeks. bill: how is that going to go over? >> it will hurt, no question. bill: my god.
7:27 am
average tax penalty comes in at $172. >> yes. bill: is that considered higher than what we thought? >> it was thought to be $92 because that was thought to be the standard penalty. in fact, it was $92 or 2% of adjusted gross income whichever is higher. turns out percentage of income was higher. so the average tax penalty was $172 not 92. bill: you're predicting it will be higher than next year? >> yes it will be, the fine goes up, way up, i think $360. bill: we still don't know what the supreme court will do on subsidies. >> no we do not. bill: that could change all of this again. >> how many times past few years we said this is chaos and it is confusion. let's update it is chaos and confusion right now in the future. bill: it is a and b. 11:00 a.m., fox business. start varney. martha, what is next? martha: we're now hearing for the first time the confession of
7:28 am
now convicted murderer of "american sniper" chris kyle. martha: he will spend the rest of his life in prison and talk to the legal panel about the case. bill: house blowing up. all caught on camera right there. what caused it? we have an answer. >> it was big, it shook the floors, the whole foundation of the house. >> it was terribly loud, i never heard anything so loud.
7:29 am
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>> the verdict is guilty as charged. a jury reflecting and rejecting eddie ray routh's insanity defense trial.
7:32 am
he's serving life in prison for american sniper chris kyle and chad littlefield. >> we're so thrilled that we have the verdict that we have tonight. and thank you, guys, for being so compassionate and treating us with respect and honoring us. thank you very much. >> strong person. lis wiehl and doug burns a defense attorney and former prosecutor, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> we have a lot of testimony that we did not have prior. this is the jailhouse confession on behalf of routh with investigators in february of two years ago this month.
7:33 am
>> it wasn't a want to. i had to to get out of that situation. >> i had to kill a man today. those are his words. jurors hear this and it strikes us on the outside that had to be a slam dunk. >> for the prosecution. exactly. even before the confession he spoke with texas ranger briel -- briley. he asked, did you know what you were doing was wrong? he said quote, yes, sir. and then he added the sentence that i'm para phrasing a little bit here would it have been okay if i would have stayed there? meaning he fled in kyle's truck and then talk about all the stuff you talked about. would it have been okay if i stayed here? that shows that he knew right from long. that's the only legal test that applies here. >> it was interesting because in that same interview with the texas ranger, he said at one point, i fled. i didn't know what to do. i didn't know right and i didn't know wrong. but hold on. i think this jury concluded
7:34 am
ultimately that that was staged and i think they sought through it because the point is -- >> sorry. what was staged? >> making up the insanity defense. >> he actually quoted the legal standard and i think the jurors said, wait a minute. >> has he been recorded saying i did not know right from wrong? >> i didn't know what was wrong. i didn't know what was right. the point is this jury, i think the take-away from this case legally, and lis said this a lot, it's the mere distinction between insanity and legal defense. the prosecutors are smart. they said he's mentally ill. but he's not legally insane. >> you've got to -- you've just got to keep narrowing it down to the insanity defense which is on the defense to prove by the way. they have to show it. usually prosecutors show everything. >> do you need a doctor to sit on the stand and say this is the
7:35 am
definition or is it the prosecution presenting the case and the jurors deciding this guy is not crazy? >> both sides put on experts. the last expert that came on from the prosecution said pretty much he was making it up and may have been watching seinfeld episodes on the pigman for goodness sake. i think the jury in this case and in many cases, they kind of throw out both sides because they know that experts are going to tout whatever side they're on. they look at what the guy said and the guy here convicted himself. >> is it common doug is it common for defendants to fake a mental illness? and can they get away with it? >> i think it's hard to generalize on that point but i think it happens and i think there are a number of instances in this record and in this case where he tried to make it appear that he was -- by the way, one of the knockout punches was he said something about having
7:36 am
schizophrenia and one expert said those who have it would not be -- >> you said as this case was going on you're almost making the case that you almost thought his argument would sell. >> i thought he had a lot to work with. put aside a jury concluding that he's faking. if you take it as genuine, i felt he had something to work with. >> i think that the prosecution was always in the lead on this one. and, you know, just his words themselves, i don't see where you get back those words. >> this is another thing we're hearing for the first time. this is the widow of chris kyle on the stand. the day she -- the kay that chris was killed and she was on the telephone with him, listen. >> i called once and didn't get an answer. then i texted, are you okay? i'm getting worried. kind of hard not to -- not to put some of this together but i haven't heard from him and i'm worried and then i haven't heard from him and a police officer shows up. >> these families as witnesses
7:37 am
and as human beings have shown remarkable american strength. >> they really have. they were there in the courtroom. there were no outbursts. >> it's a tremendously tragic case all around but the reality is to a pure lawyer who you kill is completely irrelevant and i'm not trying to be cast i can. the jury has rendered the verdict and this man is behind bars. >> it's automatic sentencing. >> thank you. 22 minutes before the hour. >> all right. right now dash cam video capturing the moment a natural gas explosion ripped through a suburban home. take a look at this. there it goes. sent debris flying everywhere and neighbors said it felt like a bomb went off and his whole house shook. at least 15 people were injured in the explosion as we learn new details about how this happened. julie is live in the new york city news room. among the injured, emergency
7:38 am
crews who were trying to fix that problem, right? >> yeah. they were there when it all happened. really it's a miracle no one was killed. good news is the home was under construction so thankfully no one was inside the home at the time of the explosion. had anyone been inside i probably would be telling a much more devastating story this morning. see for yourself. the video captured by a police dash cam. according to police the officer was apparently returning to his car when the explosion happened and he pushed the record button knowing the recorder would capture 30 seconds prior and there it did. the cause, a suspected gas leak which erupted into a fire ball and as you can see, sending debris flying into the sky, shaking up neighbors who could not believe what they were seeing. >> i saw a tractor trailer hit the porch. >> it happened so quickly that the explosion had debris come from nowhere. >> among 15 people injured were
7:39 am
natural gas leakers trying to find the source of the leak. two of those injured were flown to a hospital and last reported to be in critical condition. >> awful. how are the neighbors coping without heat? >> it's been cold. emergency crews had already been on the scene responding to the gas leak when the explosion occurred. now, this morning, new jersey natural gas crews have been going door to door restoring service one home at a time to the neighborhood. so far service has been restored to about 300 customers getting everyone service restored is expected to take all day today. >> wish them all well. thank you. >> it's an alarm clock, isn't it? did scott walker take a swipe at jeb bush? >> my people heard me talk about my narrative for years. it was even a thought of potentially running for office at this level. >> governor walker insisting his line about fame and fortune had nothing to do with governor bush. >> and the future may be here
7:40 am
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urinary tract infections changes in urination and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life♪ ♪yeah, you do the walk of life♪ need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. >> dream of flying, do you? might be moving closer to reality. a jet pack manufacturer started trading on the security exchange yesterday. they're rolling out jet packs controlled by remote control next year for rescue organizations. price tag about $200,000. >> wow. >> pretty cool view though huh? plan is to sell them for recreational use starting in 2017. >> maybe the price will come down. >> recreation use. >> usually with technology it gets cheaper as it goes forward, right? we'll count on that.
7:44 am
>> you first. >> all right. the race for 2016 is genuinely heating up. people are grabbing staffers all over the place. governor walker insisting that he is not talking about jeb bush when he took a jab at wealthy, well connected opponents. see what you think. >> i've talked about the fact that unlike others out there, i'm not talking about -- i'm talking about people in general. if you work hard and play by the rules, you can do anything you want. there are plenty of people with regards to the political heritage, they got that. it was all about my narrative, not anybody else's. >> let's bring in ed rollins and joe trippi, both are fox news cont political watchers. ed do you believe him? >> doesn't matter whether i
7:45 am
believe him or not. at the end of the day, he's a self made man as was ronald reagan as was gerald ford as was richard nixon, dwight eisenhower. bush came from an elite family. his brother was the president, his father was the president. some people see it as an asset. others say it as a liability. it will be discussed. i think walker was making his case that he had a great blue collar upbringing and let's move forward. >> joe, even given the controversy over his education and comments about christianity he's having a good run the last few weeks. >> there's only -- it always gets down to two sxeem if you look at the screen we were just showing, it's him and jeb bush. that's the screen scott walker wanted and he's really pushed himself into that position. doesn't mean he and jeb will be the two that this comes down to but that picture those two side by side that's what he wants and he's actually put himself in position to be there in the last
7:46 am
-- in a very short period although ed and i can both attest, be careful getting into one of those stations too early. it could be a big problem later on. >> yeah. and he doesn't -- he has a lot of experience obviously in wisconsin. he's run many times there and that's one of his biggest selling points, that he's been in difficult -- electoral situations and he has emerged victorious but not tested as any of these people wouldn't be at this point on the national scene and you can get tripped up pretty easily in this game, ed. >> it's a whole new game particularly with cell phones and with cameras on them and everything else as mitt romney found out. at the end of the day he's an experienced candidate. he's been a good governor. there will be three or four frontrunners that move forward. they'll end up -- we have two wings of our party. bush is going to basically be the establishment wing of the party. he'll be the wall street candidate, the chamber of commerce candidate.
7:47 am
walker will be the outsider. walker huckabee or someone like that is going to be the evangelical, the blue collar the working people candidate and it's going to be a real clash and lots of pushing and shoving before a year from now, we'll know where we are but today before voters have a shot walker has done extremely well in the last six weeks. >> what about carley fiorina? let's look at statements she made. she's been coming out swinging against hillary clinton. >> she's travelled a lot of miles and she's shaken a lot of hands. every place in the world is more dangerous than six years ago. >> she'll have to answer that question in terms of being secretary of state and just how good of shape the world is in right now, joe. >> yes. she will. but i think here carley fiorina is doing one of the things in a field like this with 18 20 candidates and better known candidates or candidates that everybody is focussing on like walker and christie and bush the best way to get into the mix
7:48 am
is to be one of the firmer attackers of the opposition attacking obama or attacking hillary clinton. my guy howard dean we came out literally nothing and made a candidacy in the beginning out of being a ferocious attacker of bush in our crowded field. we're talking about her today so that helps her. i would say she's a better candidate than i think a lot are giving her credit for. >> really? thank you very much for the weekly update on 2016. see you next time. jon scott is in washington, d.c. today. what's happening? >> we have the shutdown showdown as mitch mcconnell brings a new proposal to the table. will the house support the deal? plus a quick verdict for the man who killed american sniper chris kyle and his friend chad
7:49 am
littlefield. now there's talk of an appeal of the conviction of eddie ray routh. we're seeing what the jury saw and heard for the very first time and a blind man gets to see his wife for the first time in 10 years. see the amazing technology. we'll tell you about the medical marvel with the doctor who made it all happen coming up at the top of the hour. >> i've seen the picture. remarkable. thank you. see you in washington, d.c. at the top of the hour. northeast is going through one of the coldest winters on record. soon you might be able to ice skate from new jersey on over to new york city. that's a new commute for you. >> marvelous idea. love it.
7:50 am
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>> this happened yesterday here on america's news room, the early morning rush hour nightmare outside of l.a. a commuter train colliding with a truck, injuring 54 three of them critically. that's who days after the ntsb released preliminary findings on a deadly collision earlier this month in new york between a commuter train and an s.u.v. that killed six people. laura is live in the new york city newsroom on this. what are some rail safety measures being worked on to try to prevent this? >> hi bill. rail safety experts say as long as there's a human component, there will always be a level of unpredictability. despite the sight of an oncoming train with horns, bells and closing gates, many drivers try to push their luck and beat the locomotive. safety experts continue to work on things like high definition camera recording systems and even audio warning systems which would come over a car's radio to give drivers a heads up. the president of the railroad safety equipment manufacturer says the only sure fire way to
7:54 am
prevent a crash like yesterday in california or the one like new york earlier is to prevent drivers from coming into contact with rails in the first place. >> from the industry's perspective, best crossing is no crossing at all so we close the road or we have a bridge over or an underpass. >> while he acknowledges that's an impractical solution, he said every crossing is different and requires its own engineered solution to be able to come up with the best possible scenario to allow drivers to get off the tracks, bill. and with 750 railroads running on 140,000 miles of track nationwide, you can actually see why this is such a daunting task. >> there's a recent push for public announcements on this. how is that going? >> life saver has been working on getting out the message. see tracks think trains. warning drivers that every crossing is potentially dangerous. highlights that all of us should
7:55 am
look and listen before heading across the tracks. >> life saver was formed 42 years ago, there were more than 12,000 crossing collisions every year. and now there are about 2,000 so that's an 83% decline but of course, just one is too many. >> and that message is being run in movie theaters on billboards, radio and train stations and on trains themselves. >> that's a message as old as time. laura here in new york. >> the latest on the showdown on capitol hill today with funding for the department of homeland security set to run out in just days, folks. the republican leadership's plan to avoid a shutdown may face harsh resistance from conservatives. we'll be right back.
7:56 am
7:57 am
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7:58 am
>> brrr. record cold temperatures nearly encasing new york city in a sea of ice. look at the ice city before you. that is a real picture from the
7:59 am
ferry crossing over the hudson river. ferry operators say it's the worst in nearly three decades and some parts of the river, the ice is 18 inch thick. they use cutters. that's what they're there for. the supply of heating oil is carried up that river so it's pretty important they can get through. that's cool. >> remember the volunteer if he cans last year? >> i do. >> remember that -- we didn't think that it would get much colder and this year is going to be like top four or five on record. >> but it didn't start until the middle of january. we had no winter, no snow, no nothing all the way through christmas. >> week after week. >> stop complaining. >> i'm not complaining. i'm just stating a fact we're in the middle of one of the coldest records new york city has had. >> we're getting use out of coats, hats and mittens. >> soon you don't have to drive across the river. >> we can skate.
8:00 am
we will see you on radio in about 20 minutes and then o'reilly and kelly and you'll never get rid of us. bye, everybody. see you later. jon: just days before a potential shutdown of the department of homeland security senate majority leader mitch mcconnell offs an exit strat fwri from the latest stale mate on capitol hill. welcome to the bifurcated edition of "happening now." i'm jon scott in the nation's capital. jenna: are you there to help the process along? jon: whatever i can do. if i can be useful, use my good offices to be a go-between i'm happy to do that. jenna: we'll take the exclusive interviews as well. i'm jenna lee in new york city. senator mcconnell is willing to


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