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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 28, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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reflectsvfd your views, your perceptions of which 2016>p k]h candidate is the best equipped to win the next year election. thanks to the great work that kelly ann conway's firm does it also has an uncanny knack of predicting whov- top echelons of conservative power. so without further ado, let me bring matt and kelly ann to the lectern to explain what you told us and who won zñ straw poll. thank you. >> h9z)b cpac. what a great week it's been. larry bees will he%m;@ñ -- beasley and the washington times thanks for inviting my firm to conduct this year's straw poll. i'm very happy to report to you that we had over 3,000 respondents. a sample size of 3007 to be exact. that's a 20% increase in participation over last year's
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straw poll. and ipo participating%deñ. some people like to say the straw poll doesn't matter, why are we doing it? i'm here to tell you we douz because we believe you matter. at cpac, your voice is heard and your opinions count. i'd also like a give a special thanks to kevin quinnly and nate land, part of our polling team in this effort. before we get to the winners of the presidential straw poll, we'd like to review with you some of the demographics from the poll and in keeping with the spirit and the content of the 2015 cpac, we'd like to show you the responses to the substantive issuesw all three legs of the conservativeldfçz were represented, in the straw poll and we want these aspirants to
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play very close attention to what you say you expect on substantive issues. these are really hot off the press. this justf came in. next@-- slide please. is a registerrant was able to participate in the poll. fivea digit pin code. you can part on the cpac through the cpac) i saw they were five cross and 60 most of the week. as i mentioned, 3007 participants. we had 42% who are individuals. 42% who were students. 45% individuals. and you can see some associations with o. but once again, we had a great participation by students from all >> okay, that iso,$jr kelly ann conway. the polling company in charge ofgñ
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things there. reminding the american publicvan that hey listen, the cpac is still very much an important indication who have could be the next republican candidate for president of the unitedwbç states. john roberts is still standing by live. z year the participation is increased 20%, 3007 respondents driving home the point that do not sleep on cpac4ç/ and the results, that it couldw> reporter: i think it was also something to point out that 42% of the respondents were students as well which shows you how the demographic of cpac dri skew younger certainly a lot younger than the demographic here at the club for growth. i made the analogy earlier today that when you look at conservatives in the republicanfl)vz party, cpac is kind of the0 football game where everybody fills the stadium and they cheer for their favorite team. whereas here it's more like the owners all getting together.
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because there is some very, very deep pockets here. but it's all aboutf this is a point that ted cruz makes as well that youngrq people are really driving the conservative movementnj republican5h/ñ party. he had a grassroots campaign which he explained at great depth last night. he plans if he does run for president, to kind of repeat that. he told the group here last night that he took a9hyhy point out of barakúsú obama's 2008 playbook. in fact, he bought david axelrod's book and gave it to his inner circle and said this is the campaign we're going to run. a grassroots campaign like that does rely in large part on young5 people. so if you have 42% of respondents in this straw poll being young people, i think that could9f cruzz for a rand paul whokv nd to demographic, by virtue of the fact that they are younger. cruz a little younger than rand paul, but certainly not as old as some ofek# the democratic potential candidates are.vmc-you look
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at the average age of the republican candidates it's probably about 48, maybe 50 years old. but if you look on the democratic side, it's probably 68 yearss'; old. so arthel, i think there could be a real contrast in the 2016 election. >> definitely those demographics pointing that out, that really is a big deal because as you highlighted that president obama got there very much on the backs of those young students those people who are very involved in the internet and social media, et cetera. how does that sort -- what we're look at, kelly ann conway with the polling company explaining how this works, how they came to their results howprpl(tj therl demographics we're talking about, how does that bode for scottwalker?vixnç >> reporter: i think it could bode well for scott walker. ted cruz and rand paul tend to but scott walker certainly not as well-known as either one of them. but when you look at the results of the quinnipiac poll i cited earlier in iowa, that's an
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indication that he is starting to get out of the state of wisconsin and he was brought to national attention because of all the fights that he had, the recall election, having to run for office three times in five years, it certainly gets you on the national stage.-xy[ so sfg little better known. it will be interesting to see what happens in terms of the budget battle in in this new right to work legislation that's going through in wisconsin how that mighthyt4j4(p&c@ affect some younger union members. but at the very least scott walker couldrñ >> you mentioned the age group and it would be aazqñ contrast if you have a younger republican with an older democrat. hillary clinton will be 69 in 2016 if she runs. that is, though younger than%2uh ronaldaa#éç reagan was when he first attained]eg7ñ office. but talk az[qz÷ bit about thenc contrast. you've got this grassroots on one side and you haveh@wq hillary even with allg-f theé#+ emocratic party basically
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already anointed as the nominee.yqv >> reporter: well, there are grassroots on both sides. let's not forget. and i believe but i believe ronald reagan was 69 years old when he first won. but again, when you look at the age of the democrats, hillary clinton will joe biden, if he runs is well into his 70s.h but we are seeing[q&ñ quite a significant push by the grassroots on the republican side of things as witnessed as i 9 said a minute ago by ted cruz' huge come from behind win down there in texas. he said when he first got into the race he was polling at 2%. he won the general election by 16 points. but don't forget that grassroots is kind of new on the republican side. really has been emboldeneds.&3c by the tea party movement in the last few years. the democrats have beenñ this for decades. so hillary clinton is going to have a big grassroots support on
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her side of things. what the republican party really needs to do, and cruz was urging members of the club for growth to back this, is the republican party has to grow its grassroots movement as well and eliminate this split really between the establishment and the tea party. bring those two factions together. it's possible that a candidate like rand paul might be able to do that. it's also possible that a candidate like scott walker may be able to do that. are they getting ready to announce this or still doing demographics? >> they're doing demographics. >> the reason i say that about walker is, he is a darling of the tea party. but he also won election based (4jq ijz support from independents. he's already crossing over those groups i. asked him about that. he told me that people are sick and tired of what's going on in washington. they're sick and tired of hearing promises and nothing happens. they want to look toward a politician whobpcñ says what they're going to do and then when they get elected they get it done.
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>> but what is it that theyr/; to hear -- what promises do they want to hear? what issues are of importance to that group? >> reporter: if you're talking about conservatives, it's tax cuts reducing spending, it's reducing the size of government. it isijz actually doing something about obamacare. i talked to louisiana governor bobby jindal about this at length earlier. jindal is incensed and he is very, very critical of the republican leadership. he says everybody wente< and campaigned and won a landslide electionj)a1÷ in 2014 with the mantra, elect us we're going to repeal obamacare. and then jindal said, one of the first things they did when they got into office is said, by the way, about that obamacare thing, we can'tr'6 so jindal is very upset at them. there are a number of other republican potential presidential candidates who are as well and this really may)ágive rise to a movement here in 2016
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on the republican side that voters w politician, will want to nominate somebody, will want to have a candidate who will follow through on what they say they will do. and that really could help elevate rand(&kl paul ted cruz, and scott walker. although you have to remember jeb bush has done a lot. he's just been out of office for a while. so he hasn't been campaigning too much. but if you look at his record here in florida he got a lot done as well. >> john, you mentioned those. let's talk about rick perry. very successful and warm3x embrace at the cpac andwg ñ he really went after the islamics. he has to go past his first run he had a few years ago. but others say look he's a veteran. he flew hercules planes around the world. he's a tough talking texan who had a pretty successful economic record to run on. do you think0s could turn out to be some kind of dark horse in this race as we
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go on? >> reporter: i think he'd like to be a little more than a dark horse. i think he'd like to be in the top five. by the way, perry took a real shot at scott walker in his comments that he can deal withw ó isis if he became president because he had to face down the 100,000jtó union protesters in wisconsin. rick perry, i think one of his biggest problems is he has[f[ acknowledged, and he did in an interview with me at the republican governors association conference in boca in november, that he was kind of a littleu(- full of himself in 2012. he thought, i won four terms as governor. this running for president thing is not going to be too hard. he found out when he gotc3d> on the campaign trail that he was very out of his depth which was manifest in that horrible debate moment. so even though rick perry has gone to many many different think tanks, institutions, foreign policy advisors and analysts and really has brushed
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up on his policy both domestic and foreign he may have a tough time. i think we're ready here. >> john, here it comes. we're goingñé to listen. >> you go. >> we're not going to show the slide. in fifth place, former governor of florida jeb bush. >> do fifth and then the front. >> okay. at 8%, governor jeb bush at 8%. number five. >> all right! we got more to come. you all came out in the snow storm on thursday and i want you
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to know thatv!r>ñ wexny ran out of tickets on thursday. it was fabulous. and the last three days of cpac 2015, you got to hear from the next president of the unitedu?(çi states. you:4tc leaders like you represent the future of conservatism. and i would also love to thank our cpac staff. come on out guyp%xs. there we go! sorry, they weren't prompting me. >> usa! usa! usa!
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>> ready? go back.x'( f4:jruants to know who came in fourth? and fifth place former florida governor jeb bush at 8%. in fourth place ben carson.
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dr. carson received 11% of your vote this year. in third place, current u.s. senator ted cruz. that means we have a runner up and a winner. and this year they were separated by five points. very close this year for cpac straw poll. and actually, ladies and gentlemen, as you'll see, let me take your first choice and your second choice combined. they're separated by two points. i think is the cpac straw poll represents how fluid and open the race is. so the two winners -- matt is going to tell you the actual winner. i'm going to tell you the first runner up and the winner. the two top vote getters were senator rand paul and governor
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scott walker! >> all right. could we get a drum roll! come on! how about the audience, can i get a drum roll from you? show us the slide. the winner of the cpac 2015 presidential straw poll is rand paul. all right! way to go! wasn't cpac awesome?
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okay, we have one more slide. we're almost done. there we go. there is the slide. wasn't cpac 2015 awesome? are you going to sign up for cpac 2016? will you be active in your community? will you be active on your campuses? will you be active in the conservative principles every single day? we represent you! this is your cpac! this is your vision! conservative action starts here!
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>> there you have it. a threepete. the winner of 2015 cpac straw poll, rand paul senator from kentucky. john roberts, if you're still there, you called it. you said that having 42% of the participants being students, younger demographic, you said that was a good sign for senator paul. >> reporter: yep. certainly. but it was kind of as easy as picking secretary for the triple crown. in fact, i just got a note from sergio says this is the triple crown, third win in a roam senator paul says quote, i am humbled by the enthusiastic support and encouragement i received this week at the conference. our party is filled with constitutional conservatives who have chosen to stand with me for a third consecutive straw poll victory. since president ronald reagan, the conservative political action conference has been the gold standard on where conservatives stand, the
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constitutional conservatives of our party have spoken in a loud and clear voice today. i plan on doing my part and i hope you will join me as i continue to make the gop a bigger, better and bolder party. on that front, i've had several conversations with rand paul, with senator paul during this invisible primary season. and he says -- had is one of the things that he hammers on every time he is out there speaking is the republican party has to grow itself. it has to broaden out. it has to diversify. if it wants to win in 2016, it's got to be a bigger party than it is today. clearly, rand paul and the conservative side of things, again, you saw the participation of young people. they really are driving the conservative movement in the republican party. so i think it's pretty safe to say that conservatives are going to do well in this primary season and as the straw poll suggests, rand paul and scott walker and ted cruz will be leading that charge. >> john, the headline may be paul won, but the other headline is scott walker did so welcoming in second just five points
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behind senator paul. and ted cruz, what does this mean the same question, what does this mean to scott walker and what does it mean to ted cruz? >> i think it's a real boost for scott walker because he hasn't been in the national stage before. certainly rand paul has. and by virtue of his association with his father is a well-known name. ted cruz obviously playing in national politics. when you're governor you don't necessarily rise to the national stage to the degree you do when you're one of the elite 100 in washington or like jeb bush, you carry a very famous name along with you. so i think this really is a boost for scott walker. i think they're probably very pleased in scott walker's camp to come in second. i think they've got to be pleased in jeb bush's camp as well after being the subject and the target of so much derision by the republican party to company in fifth. i bet the conspiracy theorists are going to say he stacked the deck by bussing all these people in. >> you make a good point about
2:21 pm
walker. winning the iowa auction he's been making a lot of headlines dealing with the union situation in wisconsin. is he punching through? can you say he's punching through the field and does that new emergence, does that last and can it continue to keep him going through the convention and probably through next year? >> reporter: he's definitely punching through the field. forgive me for look down, but i'm hoping to get something from scott walker's folks as well on all of this. certainly scott walker has been looked to by people in the republican party conservatives, independent minded people people even more to the center. as a governor who gets things done, who stands by his principles does not waffle and will follow through on very tough battles even if it means he and his family are going to suffer personally for it and they're going to even have threats against their lives. so i think they look at him and say, here is a guy who says what he says but more importantly does what he says he's going to do. while he was on the national
2:22 pm
stage to a great degree during those battles in wisconsin winning the straw toll will give him a boost going forward. i think after kind of the last couple of weeks that scott walker has had, beginning with that trip to london where he was asked about evolution and was asked if he thought obama was a christian and that unfortunate statement where he said that you can take on isis because he's taken on protesters in wisconsin. i think this is a much needed turn around. >> john roberts, thanks for staying on top of it all for us. we're going to show the slide one more time of the winners of the 2015 cpac with rand paul going for threepete, coming in first, 26%. scott walker, 21%. ted cruz, 12%. ben carson 11%. and rounding out the top five governor jeb bush with 8%. >> what's interesting, we have some other numbers beyond that in last place at number ten.
2:23 pm
governor chris christie 2.8%. that could raise questions there. carly fiore. we have a lot more as the numbers roll in through the rest of the afternoon. >> we're back in about 35, 34 minutes and we're going to have more at the top of the hour at 6:00 o'clock eastern time here on the fox news channel. for now, we'll have analysis of all this, the winners and the ones who didn't win. >> have a lot about the potential iranian nuclear program. a special report in the next hour. politics, international affairs, and the assassination in moscow. >> why i think prime minister netanyahu's visit is going to be really important. he's going to be able to tell wil the truth on this. and the american people, i believe, are going to reject what president obama's trying to do in iran. >> i'm running out of time. i've got to wrap up in a minute. i've asked every other candidate that i had an opportunity to
2:24 pm
interview real quickly -- >> boxers. >> that was not the question. >> oh >> i'll leave that for nbc news. the top five agenda, do you become president what, are your top five priorities in the first 100 days? >> undoing by executive order u undoing what the president has done using authority he doesn't have. creating a regulatory reform agenda that allows for investments to take place in our country, presenting to congress a plan to reform our tax code so that we can see inversions happen the other way. where companies invest in our country to create highways jobs. we need to get back to high sustained economic growth and send a signal to the rest of the world that we're going to be their partner for peace and security. >> i'm going to do our lightning round. before that a lot has beenng written about terry shiavo. you used to have a license plate
2:25 pm
that said choose life. >> yeah. >> any regrets over the terry ha shiavo fight? >> no. we were the first state to havee. a choose life license plate that helped with crisis pregnancy centers around the country around the state.s and i'm pro-life. i also believe that the most vulnerable in our society need to be protected. in this case, here was a woman who was vulnerable and the court, because of our laws didn't allow her -- they were, di going to allow her to be starvedey to death. we passed a law, that was a year later ruled unconstitutional. i stayed within the law, but i acted on my core belief that the most vulnerable in our society should be ina the front of the line. they should receive our love and protection and that's exactly what i did. >> where you stand today. okay. there was an indication in an article today, gay marriage, are you changing your position at all? >> no, i believe in traditionaladit marriage. >> there were numerous reports o that you're telling people th privately that you are ath
2:26 pm
moderate but then public -- >> no. >> i describe myself as a reagan constitutional conservative. how would you describe yourself? >> i would describe myself as aco practicing reform-minded conservative. that i've actually done it. >> marijuana in colorado legalization, good or bad idea? >> i thought it was a bad idea.. but states ought to have that right to do it. i would have voted no if i was in colorado. >> i'm going to mention a few>> names. i we've gotten interesting answers on this question. hillary clinton? >> foreign fundraising. we're supposed ton. do a word association? >> yeah, kind of. you did good. >> how did that work compared to the other ones? >> that's good. bill clinton? >> bubba. >> all right. that's pretty funny.y. i do an impression. how you doing there? i want to say hi hi to thet6v÷u cute chick in the back. stay away from these radio and tv talk hosts.
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barak obama? >> failed president. failed president. >> you know there has been such a wig debate about the issue of american exceptionalism. in your view, do you a believe america is exceptional and why do youce love this country enough that you are going to go through the difficulty and the trials and tribulations of running for office? and that's our lastt question. >> i do believe in american exceptionalism. i got to be the>> chairman of the national constitution center for a couple years. it's the center that honors our constitution. it's a museum in philadelphia. i urge everybody to go. i fell in love with the constitution again being there c in its presence. this president has trampled over the constitution and put aside whether you like his beliefs or not, i imagine no one in this room does -- the fact that he is disrespecting our history and the extraordinary nature of our country by doing what he's done is deeply disturbing to me. and so i think restoring a love
2:28 pm
our country and its heritage and its tradition and expanding that love inña[d a way that gives people way confidence that they can rise up, that they can live thet american dream, has to be up th with of the primehas responsibilities of the next president of the united states.e >> when we come back, we'llw < of check in with senator marco rubio of`a florida former governor rick perry of texas, and we'll check in with the one and only donald trump as we come to you from cpac let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools
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or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> fox news alert. senator rand paul taking top honors at this year's cpac is that straw poll and early indicator of who could be the 2016 republican nominee for the president of the united states. the event wrapping up this week's gathering of grassroots activists in national harbor, maryland. senator paul beating out a crowded field of 17 republican white house contenders. much more on that to come at the top of the hour. we'll have that for you.
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in the meantime, western leaders are condemning the assassination of a russian opposition leader and are calling for an investigation. a fierce critic of vladimir putin was shot four times as he crossed a bridge near the kremlin. ukraine's president says he was killed because he planned to reveal evidence of russia's involved in the rebellion in the east. i'm arthel neville. i will see you at the top of the hour alongside eric shawn. right now back to hannity were fake. >> welcome back. earlier on the main stage i had an opportunity sit down and discuss issues with marco rubio. i love your family story. >> thank you. >> that is the american story. here is where we are now. and this breaks my heart and the heart of everybody in the room. nearly 50 million americans in poverty and on food stamps 92
2:32 pm
million not working. 18.1 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. how do we dig ourselves out of that hole? >> we are basically having the industrial revolution every five years and the leaders are stuck in yesterday. if we pour more of your money into the famed programs that did not work that well in the past, it will get us out of this. globalization is real. we are in competition with dozens of other countries. unless we get rid of obamacare, balance the budget and utilize our manager portfolio, we can't compete. if we do those things we can compete with anyone in the world. we need to help our people be stronger than ever.
2:33 pm
allowing parents to choose the school their kids go to. not having a national school board. >> i will put you down for common core. >> we need to understand that some of the best jobs require more than traditional high school and less than four years of college. we shouldn't be stigmall stigmatizing voekzal -- vocational careers. the four-year degree is still important. i owed over $100,000 in student loans. we have people graduating with a
2:34 pm
four-year degree that does not lead to jobs. >> let me ask you about immigration. you went forward with your immigration proposal and at the end of the day you said it did not work. i tried. it is not go to work. and you were, last time i interviewed you on radio you said you regretted going forward and thought you made a mistake. >> it wasn't popular. it is a serious problem that has to be confronted. we don't have a verified system. we don't know who they are. we have to put that in place. there are three sectors of the border, one in particular, that are completely insecure. needs more fencing and patrols. that has to be done. we have a legal immigration
2:35 pm
system that is the most generous in the world. a million people in the world come here legally it. can't be based on family alone. it has to be based on merit and economic contribution. that has to be dealt with as well. and yeah, you have 10 million people in the country who have lived here for longer than a decade and haven't violated the law it is. you can't have a conversation about that until believe and know future immigration will be brought under control. >> this is our lightning round. abortion. >> i am pro-life. that is simple as that. >> gay marriage. >> i believe a marriage is between one man and one woman. it served our people well. >> colorado marijuana
2:36 pm
legalization. >> i am against the legalization of marijuana. >> should every law-abiding american have the rights to carry a weapon? >> absolutely. the only people that don't care about gun laws are criminals. >> i am go to throw out names to you. hillary clinton. >> yesterday. >> bill clinton. >> next one. >> really yesterday. >> barack obama. >> failed. >> last question. you talked about your love for america and how we all really receive so much more than we could ever pay back. explain, if you believe in american exceptionism and why. >> i don't know if people realize but every society in human history your future is decided by what your parents did
2:37 pm
before you. if they were rich and could pick up the phone and find you your first job, you were set. the fact that the son of a bartender and maid sitting on the stage with you today. that is why america is special. >> when we come back we will talk to the one and only donald trump and we will check in with rick perry from cpac. [blowing] wow! cars. they've always captured our imagination. what they look like, how they move... and the places they take us. ♪ and because you've always loved them, you deserve to love the experience of buying them. ♪
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>> welcome back to hannity. earlier i had an opportunity sit down with the one and only donald trump is. he running for president? we had a opportunity talk. >> 50 million poverty. 50 million americans on food stamps. 92 million americans not working. we don't count them but they are not working.
2:43 pm
>> we don't count them. they say 5.3 and 5.6%. i think it is over. >> how would donald trump get these people back to work? >> you have to take the jobs back from china. you have to take the jobs back from mexico. companies are leaving for mexico. they have an incentive to go to mexico. mexico is the next china. mexico is not our friend. i am not just talking about the border. mexico is ripping off the united states big lean. we have lost our manufacturing base. >> what would you do to stop iran's nuclear program and to defeat isis.
2:44 pm
>> with isis i would hit them really hard. a year ago you would not have said it. nobody would have liked. but you may have to have boots on the ground for a period of time until you get rid of the cancer. they are cutting off the heads of people and burning people at the stake. with iran, sanctions all over the place. believe me you can make the right deal with the right negotiator. we have people that are diplomats doing negotiations. all they know how to do is keep their job. if we had the right people we could solve the isis problem and we could solve the iran problem and a lot more quickly than you think. >> there are so many young people in this room. obama, by the time he leaves office, will have accumulated more debt than ever other
2:45 pm
president combined. how would you say about how president trump could balance the budget? >> i understand business better than anybody ever had in office. i know how to get rid of debt. i would get rid of that debt and do it quickly. it is a time bomb for this country. >> specifically though. this is important. i like the penny plan. cut a penny out of every dollar. >> i like making the country rich again taking in tremendous amounts of money. stopping china from ripping us and cutting costs. but not cutting them when it comes to the military or social security. >> the american dream worked in your life and your family's life. now we are talking about american exceptionism. what makes america exceptional
2:46 pm
and why do you love this country and want to be its commander in chief? >> they have phenomenal people. we have so much going. we need the incentives. we can't take away those incentives. we have a country that can be so great again and will be admired by everybody. right now if is not admired by other countries. they talk to me sean. chinese. they are friends of mine. they say i can't believe we are getting away with this. in saudi arabia they say we can't believe we are getting away with this. i have nothing against china. their leaders are just smarter than us. if we keep the incentives going the potential of the united states is so incredible if we do it properly and have smart, really smart leadership. >> when we come back tonight on
2:47 pm
hannity from cpac we will check in with
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>> welcome back to hannity as we come to you from cpac.
2:52 pm
i got to talk to rick perry. >> the top five things you want to accomplish out of the box? >> obviously the economic side of this is where you have to go first. you get the economics headed in the right direction. lower the corporate tax rate. not only does it give a clear incentive to invest in the united states or bring back that manufacturing that moved offshore but raises the wages for the workers. not just about the ceo and stockholder. about that blue collar worker that sees the jobs and wages going up in those jobs. >> obama basically accumulated as much debt as every president before him. >> we need to cut the spending and do it. we had two major downturns. 2003. eye 27 billion in 2011.
2:53 pm
we did it without raising taxes. americans want to see that to walk in saying we are go to cut the spending and do this. >> abortion. >> i am pro-life and proud of it. >> gay marriage. >> traditional marriage. i believe in it. i think absolutely the states need to decide these issues. the idea we are a one size fits all whether it is health care or curriculum from the schools, it needs to be decided by the states. federal government needs to defend the border, everything else states. >> colorado pot. >> it say bad idea but it is their call.
2:54 pm
the old liberal supreme court justice said the states are the laboratories of democracy and need to experiment. from time to time they will make a bad decision. >> should every law-abiding american have a right to carry a gun? >> it is the second amendment. if a state wants to have the conversation about where and what have you, but they should actualitily have the right in general, in principle? >> second amendment is clear about that. >> what makes america exceptional in your mind? >> we are a country of volunteers. we give back. i do not see that in any of these other countries i had the great privilege to live in. the volunteerism. where they found themselves because somebody came before and sacrificed for them. >> when we come
2:55 pm
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>> that is all the time we have from this evenenenenenen we begin with a fox news alert from the cpac straw poll. senator rand paul wins the contest for the third time in a row, beating out a crowded field of potential 2016 gop contenders. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shawn. the headline from the vote today could be who came in as number two. that is wisconsin governor scott walker. he's five points behind senator paul. as the cpac gathering wraps up in maryland right now free markets, small government conservatives are getting their chance to take a close look at some of the other potential 2016 republican nominees. at the club for growth annual winter conference in palm


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