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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 23, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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7:00 and 9:00 p.m. eastern and again, christmas day at 10:00 p.m. that is all the time we have now. merry christmas. see you after the holidays. yea. i know it's a stupid joke but anyway, good night. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. and our top story tonight, the more trump speaks, the more he spikes. the a new cnn poll shows donald trump dominating the republican field with 39%. ted cruz a distant seconds with 18%. ben carson and marco rubio are tied at 10%. trump's surging poll numbers coincide with escalating verbal attacks on hillary clinton. now, hillary is fighting right back. >> i really deplore the tone of his campaign and the
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inflammatory rhetoric that he is using to divide people. his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign and he has to keep sort of upping the stakes and going even further. >> hillary went on to say that trump has a pension for sexism. he did not let that slide. be careful, hillary as you play the war on women or women being degraded card. so is trump's attack strategy a good one or will hillary be able to use it to her advantage. joining us from miami republican strategist chris be about gala and here in the studio eboni williams. i will start with you. this is heating up a little bit. hillary decided to make that comment about trump. trump is firing back going right after the women, hillary shouldn't be using the women card. we all know where he is
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going with this. is this a good strategy? >> you know, it doesn't seem that donald trump can make a mistake. even though the mainstream media and everybody from the left just wants to attack him at any point. those pesky folks known as american citizens and voters actually don't really care. they are sick of the establishment. they are sick of politicians. donald trump is riding this wave. he knows just what he is doing. he is 39 points on the republican nomination, 2, 3, and 4 candidates combined don't even touch him. he is ready to take this on. hillary's energy level looks woeful at this point. is he is not backing down. the rest of the nation knows this sick of politicians. the bernie sanders attempt to take on hillary, that wasn't pro-bernie sanders. it was more anti-hillary, anti-politician. trump knows what he is doing. and hillary better get her game on. >> does hillary know what she is doing jumping in this
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fray with donald trump especially with this topic war on women. you have to be very careful. we all know where they are going on this. he is talking about bill clinton's some would say he had the most vicious war on women of anyone. >> he is baiting her and no, eric, i don't think she knows how to handle anything like donald trump. i think this is good for trump. here is why. if we go back to the first republican debate there were many people on the right saying well, you know, she was at his wedding and maybe that was kind of like hey is he going to be able to go toe to toe with her in adversarial way. i think it's helpful to him and hillary benefits too. here is why. there are going to be some people, eric, no matter i think he is right that trump is making no mistakes but some are offended by you this language by trump. those are the people that hillary will benefit from because he is right again she is not getting that enthusiasm on her own. she will have a default having tri from the anti-trump establishment. but my mother is a super pro-trump person she said to me you know what, eboni there is nothing he can say
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at this point i don't think it's all that classy there is something he can say that will make me not vote for him. >> she is playing this as the victim. >> she doesn't have any other card to play concerning that eric. you look at hillary clinton, you look at the things trump has said about carly foreign that and some people will feel that's quote anti-women. is he winning in the polls with women too still. that's outweighed by many people's belief that he can be the guy to fix this. i don't think that feminist argument is going to take any hold. >> do you think that's fair that hillary should be be using victim hood card especially knowing her background and her background with her husband, chris? >> no way. are you kidding me? they can pull out all the bill clinton issues and i don't think even wants to go there. how about hillary globe trotting all over the world, accomplishing almost nothing as secretary of state and never uttering a single word about all of these women around the world who have lost their civil liberties, who have not rights all around the world. how about all the millions and billions at the clinton
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foundation, clinton global initiative take on. and do nothing. she hasn't said anything. are you kidding me? she doesn't want to get into there and trump saying come on in here to this briar patch. he has got her right where he wants her. and trump know as little bit about this. and i think hillary's energy level here with that interview was almost incredible. it was unbelievable how woeful she was and trump is always up. and he is always ready for the fight. i think a lot of americans are just saying i like what this guy represents and i don't care what she says -- what he says. >> eboni some would say it's hypocritical for her to play the women's card given what we know. >> it didn't work with fiorina or hillary clinton. women are not going to support you because we share the same genitalia. just like people are not going to vote for someone just because they are black. you have got to have a platform and you have got to be willing to go get it. >> stay right there for one second. take a listen to donald jeb bush
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agreeing with donald trump when it comes to hillary. >> she is good at being the victim, this enhance her victimology status. this is what she loves doing. >> we don't need a victim. america likes leaders. >> everything about hillary's candidacy is strong enough good enough to go toe to toe. i believe any strong woman can do that. you can't play it both ways. you can't be strong enough but yet want to coil back when you feel like -- because that's trump's point. he says fiorina can take it. i think he is smart to play it that way. most women are going it to feel like hey, if you are big enough to get in the arena with the heavyweight, you have got to be able to go toe to toe. hillary clinton, kim jong u.n., prime minister shia in china. these are tough people. can a hillary victim compete and lead with these world leaders? chris? >> there is no doubt. i mean, obviously, this is the big leagues. and she went around the
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world with that seventh grade science project with the red but button reset, are you kidding me? i mean, that showed where she was when it came to the world leaders. they toyed with her. it was a joke. and now trump's toying with her. she cannot play this victim, you know, issue just like eboni says. i don't believe that. she can't do it and she has to be very careful what she is doing. trump knows what he is doing here. again we find out again and again and again that the american people are sick of politicians and they're sick of the establishment. we don't know how many millions and millions of voters out there who generally don't vote will run to the polls to vote for donald trump. that's a big, huge issue that people aren't talking about. >> i want to make a comment, eboni and then can you respond it victims not keys to the white house. >> i agree with you. hillary clinton like jeb bush some of the more establishment candidates in this race and that is why they are not doing well overall. people are against him and people will do well. >> very good. leave it right there.
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in the election 2016 site tonight, the undonalds, every time donald trump lob as verbal grenade the other g.o.p. presidential candidates are asked to react. jeb bush wasted no time saying donald's remarks about hillary rodham clinton lack the decorum but chris christie and ted cruz are making it very clear they want to stay out of the fray. >> i am not going to respond to everything that comes out of donald trump's mouth. it may fascinate all of you. it is of salute no interest to me. i'm running for president of the united states, jake. >> when you say you have no thoughts on that, i don't believe you but i will move
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on. >> no, jake, i didn't say i had no thoughts. i said i had no interest. that's different. plenty of thoughts, no interest in discussing it. >> i don't need to be another political pundit. i'm going to let donald trump speak for himself. i'm going to speak for myself. and i'm going to focus on my positive on must stick conservative vision for this country. >> are christie and cruz smart to stay mum? joining me now fox news contributor monica crowley. so, the note worthy part of that for me, has always been there. he has never really christie had and realize's trump's success. >> i think from the experience of other candidates including himself brilliantly for the start. got trump donald trump. he got the phenomenon and what was going on out there and got something of an alliance with trump which exists to this day, very smart. chris christie, i think, has learned that any time anybody attacks donald trump in a frontal way, trump hits
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back and he can flatten you with one turn of phrase. look at jeb bush, low energy. the guy is dead. $100 million and he is dead. so what christie is doing and i understand governor christie's frustration. he was donald trump in the political arena before there was a political donald trump. so i get the frustration on his part and the other candidates, too. but i think it's very smart just to lay back, run your own campaign, connect with the voters in your own way, and let trump run his own campaign. >> all right. so some news today came out "the washington post" ran a he editorial political cartoon, but let's take a little history. take a step back a little bit. ted cruz had an ad that he used his children in, we have a little piece of it. take a listen to this. >> the whole family will enjoy reading stories like the grinch, who lost her emails. >> i know do she said with a snicker, i will use my fervour and no one will be the wiser. >> if you acted now we will throw in the inspiring new
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story soon to be a instant class classic. >> read us this one, daddy. >> the senator who saved christmas. >> this is a good one. >> all right, so now we will show the picture of the ad, the cartoon of ted cruz where his children are pictured as monkeys. there is a big outcry. where are we on, this monica? >> i think what this shows and this comes from a leftist political cartoonist at the leftist "the washington post," this exposes at least for me the inherent racism of some on the left. you have got vicious hypocrisy coming out of the left. you also have their incull incull -- indulgence in identity politics which is what this is. you can imagine if a conservative or political cartoonist put the shoe on the other foot and portrayed a liberal's children in this way? holly -- holy hell would have broken loose. if they do it to conservatives that's fine. they took a latino man's children, eric, turned them into monkeys and try defend that and say that's okay.
8:15 pm
they do that and try to brand donald trump as a racist and then they are all scratching heir heads wondering why so many of the american people are supporting those two. >> the editor of the "the washington post" said well, it's against their policy to bring children into their editorials, however, he understood why she did it given the fact that sound bite we rolled where ted cruz actually used his own children, that doesn't make it okay? >> well, but then the justification is that they took it one step further and turned his children, latino children into monkeys. that they are okay with that. look, every presidential candidate for the most part involves their children in some way. and sort of the unspoken rule is, okay, but we don't go after them and paint them in this kind of way. we don't degrade the children even when democrats or republicans introduce their children on convention stages and maybe put them in ads, the unspoken royale rule is you don't do. this but they thought it was okay because he is a staunch conservative, because now he is giving donald trump a run for his money in the polls. so he could actually be thenomiy
8:16 pm
president. they have got to try to take these people down. as soon as the conservative gets real traction, they have got to try to destroy them and that's what this was about. >> no doubt there is the unwritten, unspoken rule of never bringing anyone's children into the debate. i totally agree with that. there are others who say first amendment, you know, what are we worried about? >> well, first amendment, sure. who is more oppose to the word police than me? nobody. however, i'm pointing to the double standard. because if the left wants to go ahead and do this to senator cruz and use the banner of the first amendment to defend themselves, great, knock yourself out but then do it to the people on their own side, too. and they don't. >> president obama -- i would agree with you, i think president obama even has on this npr interview he gave the other day, he actually alluded to the fact that maybe people push back on some of his policy because he alluded to this because is he african-american. >> yeah. here we go again, right? seven years into his presidency, he was elected. he was reelected by big majorities in this country and he is still playing the race card.
8:17 pm
that kind of thing is so tiresome, it's so pathetic. it's so beneath the office of the president in this particular president, and, yet, he is still playing it. why? because we are going into an election year. hillary clinton will be running, assuming she is the nominee as the first female president. she is already playing the gender card against donald trump and some of the republicans. this is what they do. they have to carve up the electorate, play identity politics in order to get elected, divide and conquer. that's what they do. >> i haven't seen this much iewd at this politics probably ever. >> this is what they do because this is the only way they can win divide and conquer. >> leave it right there, mondayca. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> how should conservative christians respond to the syrian refugee crisis? we'll talk to pastor robert we'll talk to pastor robert jeffress up a
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, what is the christian thing to do in response to the syrian refugee crisis? the obama administration is planning to accept at least 10,000 refugees next year but a new quinnipiac poll finds most american voters don't want that. the survey found that 51% oppose the plan, 4433% support it it as for donald trump's recent call to ban all muslims from entering the u.s., that's another story. two thirds oppose that plan, only 27% support it joining us now from dallas, fox news contributor pastor robert jeffress. so, pastor, what is the christian thing to do with regard to refugees? >> eric, i think most people assume the christian response is to allow immigrants and refugees unconditional entrance into our country and i think they think that because they confuse jesus with the statue of liberty. give me your tired, you're poor, your huddled masses. in fact, the real he
8:22 pm
historical jesus did urge compassion for those in need but he also said render unto caesar the things that are caesars. in other words, support government with your taxes because they have a legitimate function like protecting citizens. and those of us who believe in the sanctity of life believe that sanctity not only serves to protect the unborn but to protect the born from terrorist attacks, that's a christian value as well. >> you make a very good point there, pastor. the administration talks about what's the christian thing to do, we need to be taking these refugees, they are more than willing to fund planned parenthood and selling the baby body parts. >> well, that's exactly right. and i think by the way that is what is helping to fuel the rise of donald trump and ted cruz, not just the disenchantment with president obama but with the republican establishment that caved this week in the spending bill and continued the funding of planned parenthood. >> let's talk about that a little bit. the rise of donald trump and ted cruz now, especially in iowa. talk to us about what the
8:23 pm
evangelicals in iowa are saying with the two of these guys? >> look, i believe this race has come down, especially in iowa to a two-man race between trump and cruz. both are resonating with evangelical voters. if i everywhere going to it handicap it, i would say maybe cruz has the slight edge right now but trump is doing amazingly well, not only with the evangelicals in iowa but beyond iowa as well. i believe they are going to continue to resonate with voters and not only in iowa but beyond iowa as well. and i think evangelicals will be happy with either candidate. >> what specifically about trump and cruz, taken separately or together is rest someating with evangelicals? >> look, evangelicals are not unlike other americans. they are looking for a strong leader who will help get us out of the status quo, which ronald reagan said is latin for the mess we're in. people feel like we are in a mess. they see in trump a strong, strong leader.
8:24 pm
i think cruz, in many ways is the replacement for ben carson. people were attracted to ben carson because of a strong commitment to faith. i think now ted cruz has taken over that spot. so i believe. >> so, pastor, is it a commitment to faith or is there a policy that they are really latching on to with immigration policy, a national security policy, what is it? >> well, with trump, again, i believe it's a strength that they see that they believe trump is going to protect us. and after all, that's the number one desire of all americans to be protected from attacks from without or within. i think with cruz, they are also seeing a strength there, but evangelicals are especially attracted to him because of his christian faith. but i think the real story this season is of trump's attraction of evangelical supporters which the average person would not expect. >> absolutely. but i'm trying to figure out. jeb bush, marco rubio, the evangelicals, iowa voters,
8:25 pm
american people, in fact, they are looking at those guys. and what do they not like about them? >> look, they are looking for an outsider this time. and with trump, you have got the outsider outsider. with cruz, you have got the outsider insider, but both are going against the establishment. and i believe the evangelicals and most american voters right now are looking for that. but, you know, especially evangelicals, they are not only looking for a strong leader and somebody who will protect the homeland, but they are looking for somebody who will acknowledge that there is a moral and spiritual sickness in our country that no politician in washington, d.c. can solve. and that's really what the coming christmas is all about. >> one common denominator in iowa and elsewhere seems to be at least to me. donald trump said at one point i will bomb the s out of isis i want to syria carpet bomb isis. so, veapgs seem to be
8:26 pm
latching on to that. >> that's right. >> quick thought before we go? >> that's right. and that's a biblical value. romans 13 says government ought to punish those who do evil and government is never told to turn it the other cheek or to forgive. i think evangelicals are attracted to that strength in both trump and cruz. >> pastor, thank you very much. still ahead. fasten your seat belts. miller, watters are up ahead. it's a double whammy of outrageousness and nobody is ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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in the miller time segment tonight, some unforgettable moments from the sage of southern california, at this point do we even need to warn you? hide the children. >> you are looking a little casual first of all right now. what's going on? >> billy, i you got a clothing deal with the house of eddie has kill. >> i have been double-crossed. >> and this is from our you look beautiful today, mrs. cleaver day wear line. >> gee, mrs. cleaver, your hair looks nice. >> thank you, eddy. >> you are always spiffy, miller, has kill one of the leave it to beaver characters that nobody under 50 has ever heard of. but miller and i keep it alive. we keep the culture alive. >> beaver is a perennial. >> that's neat. >> the debate, did you see any hope for the country in any of those nine people? >> listen, billy, i wouldn't vote for any of them over hillary. save it, hillary lies like a rug is to forget during a twister a regular rug might
8:31 pm
get airborne periodically. i think she is a serial liar. better yet i think she is a breakfast cereal lier and she starts lying the moment she opens her eyes in the no morning. i missed a lot of the debate because i have the option to water waterboarded so i did that instead. >> is there anyone that you can see that might be able to turn the thing around in your mind? >> sharla main. >> okay. we have to go way back to french politics in the middle east. >> can we exhume winston churchill? >> no. >> winston churchill? good name. >> any of these guys would be improvement over hillary clinton. you know what i told you on the road. everybody says the country is at the edge of the cliff. i don't. you know that. it went over the cliff two years ago. i i'm just looking to stay frosty. i think the country you is in deep, deep trouble. i don't know if anybody can bring it back. >> country singer wily nelson getting into the pot
8:32 pm
business. marketing his own brand of marijuana called willie's reserve in states where pot is legal. >> i'm running and looking over my shoulder a lot. >> god, willie smokes a lot of dope, doesn't he? he is committed to the dope. you get the feeling if you were in molokini and went scuba diving he would put hash in the tanks fill it up while he was diving off the reef. i have got some marketing ideas for him god bless him if he wants to put these out there. i have a name for the chain of stores that he is eventually going to have. i would call them since it's sort of like starbucks for pot. i would call them starbucked up. what's with you. i would go i'm all starbucked up. if he goes in you order an ounce, you can get a full nelson, half ounce is a half nelson. quarter ounce is a little willie. the guy is 81 years old and i tell you this, when he gets to heaven, it's going to be a little cloudier up there than it is now. >> i was a little surprised.
8:33 pm
>> you are looking a little don henlyish tonight, a little eagles ♪ witchy woman ♪ she's got -- >> i think that's a lawsuit by the eagles right there. dennis miller, everyone. >> all right. you got the short pants on and you are traveling to antarctica on assignment for the factor to find out why the ice caps there are getting larger if the earth is warming, miller. >> by the way, that was a close-up of dean martin's drink. [ laughter ] you can say that you can say that. >> i'm going down there in january, billy, to give you a muck luck on the ground perspective. but, you know it doesn't matter if it's getting thicker to the left. they are just going to tell they think the yardsticks are the devil's center. they september ter. they september -- scepter.
8:34 pm
people who would sit and think and come up with an opinion and have a schism between people that saw it different way. now you have a schism between impeerist people who take actual measurements andgrei don't care if the science prove it's getting thicker they will say it's getting thinner. that's why i practice the new religion brag nothing brag not stickism. if they say it's getting thinner i lock my pod face on and say yes, yes, it is dangerously thin. >> you are right. this is a recording. >> and move on. they are not going to change their mind. be down there auditioning new countries in january and i will give you a report, billy. >> number one, leave the penguins alone. number two, you should be a college professor with all the big words, miller. i mean, you had like 10 or 12 of them in the segment. >> i'm for real. i'm for real. so you better check yourself. >> when we come right back, a surprising report about
8:35 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight. a surprising revelation to the department of homeland security as reported last night the southern border has recently seen a huge surge of unaccompany canned minors trying to get into the united states. but paradoxically, we are now learning that this year the obama administration deported the fewest number of illegal immigrants since 2006. what's behind all this? with me right now is republican strategist evan siegfried and from long island, new york, chris hahn a democratic strategist. evan, let's start with with you. a lot of people are pointing to president obama's executive order allowing dreamers to stay in the country. >> what it really is, you know, there are less illegal immigrants coming into the country because obama's economy is so bad for them. when the reality is that you have got the president is enforcing policies that make it amnesty. >> i have got to push back on you. the economy is so bad so mexican immigrants aren't
8:40 pm
coming? okay, it was a joke? >> yes. >> thank you. chris hahn, the reality is president obama signed his executive orders a lot of people in the country. >> hey, look, i think that's a good thing. these are people brought here and this is the only country they have ever known. it was not their choice to come here. their parents came here. we should make them -- we should take them out of the shadows and make them part of our society. >> not their choice to come. >> you are a child and your parents bring you here. >> chris, no spin zone, all right. not their choice to come here. >> well, the dock can a, which brings the dreamers here it's for children that were brought here. babies carried in mother's arms. it's not their choice to come here. this is the only country they have ever known. we should find a way to incorporate them into our society so they could come out of the shadows into our economy. >> let's talk about the southern border, evan.
8:41 pm
isis, it tears on everyone's minds. number one concern of americans right now. our southern border is wide open. how long or why isn't isis planning to infiltrate the country through the southern border? >> i'm sure they already are. it's a porous border which anything can get through at this point. right now you have illegal immigrants who are coming over and 30% of them are criminals. and that happened by the border patrol who said that in 2010 in tucson. they arrested 212,000 you will legals. 30% of them already had criminal records in the united states. you get tremendous problems such as kate steinle's law and gosh for bid what happened in san bernardino. that was legal immigration and we couldn't even stop it. >> chris, 136,000 convicted criminals were deported in 2015. >> that's a good thing. >> how many weren't? >> well, look, obviously we have got to make sure that we are doing everything we can to get rid of people who are here or doing illegal things. we need to crack down on crime whether it's immigrants or nonimmigrants in this country.
8:42 pm
yeah, you are right there. could be people in this country who came here for nefarious purposes that could be a risk. >> could be? you just said could be. >> i'm sure there are. i'm sure there are, eric. i think that you know, the tastes argument which we hear is offensive acred herring. every time we have the seen the terrorist attack performed in this country done by people here illegally. >> illegal immigrants. that's so comforting, so far every terror attack done in america is done by illegal immigrant. >> so far. if you are going -- i think we have given great incentive for terrorists to come in illegally. the screening process are you a a terrorist check yes, check no. of course they are going to check no. it's so ridiculous that my dog could write up a better proposal to deal with the terrorist problem. the obama administration had been serious about terrorism or illegal immigration, in fact, democrats. >> absolutely they're. >> you have got democrats trying to incentivize like hillary clinton and the presidential debate in october proposing giving free college tuition to
8:43 pm
illegal immigrants. that's sanctuary universities. >> evan, i know it's the first day of fess at this have you and you want to air your grievous against the obama administration tonight. that's not true. the president has been the toughest on illegal immigrants of any president in the history of this country. >> how do you figure? >> has deported more people than any other president in the history of the united states of america. >> because he is counting border stops as deportations. every president counted border stops as deportations every single one of them. >> president obama has. there in lies part of the problem is the accounting. if you honestly think that president obama has deported more illegals than other presidents, you are grossly mistaken. it's how they are accounting for them. >> you know he what? it's very tough to be the president of the united states. because people on the left are criticizing him for deporting too many. people on the right are criticizing him for deporting too few. >> it's about time replace the president with a tough person who can handle the
8:44 pm
job and show real leadership on issues of immigration and terrorism and the economy. and, you know, to get to what you said, that the president is being serious, he is not serious whatsoever. we have an immigration system that broke and allowed somebody to come in legally who is a terrorist in san bernardino. and she then was able to go out and kill 14 people. >> and that's a horrible thing. it's a horrible thing. and situations like that need to be rec if i tied rectified and addressed. the president has done a good job for this country and he will continue to do so for the rest of his term. >> from body art to holiday art with holiday shopping turned in for good measure. it's a watters world extravaganza straight ahead.
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
in the back of the book segment tonight, a watters world blockbuster spotlighting coney island paint holiday hoopla. ♪ ♪ what's your name? >> ocean. >> i'm watters. [ laughter ] >> that's the newest thing to do, put your collar up. is that what i you look like? oh, good. >> i don't think we are the same species. [ laughter ] >> i concur. >> is he vicious? >> no. he is perfectly harmless. >> tell me the most significant tattoo you have on you right now. >> nothing on me means anything. >> that's deep. for me it's more of a road map of all the sketchy places i have been in my life. >> i knew i wasn't going to be a 9 to 5 guy. i was in the navy. my brother was in the navy.
8:49 pm
i'm going to go do drugs, go have fun. >> pot head hannibal. >> what are are the benefits of your look? >> scaring old ladies. >> do you see any downside to changing your body? >> if you go to get an apartment and you show up in a woman's little like, you know, skeptical. >> a lot of people like to discriminate but i believe it's become something of a civil rights issue. >> you are the rosa parks of side shows? [ laughter ] >> do you get asked to baby-sit a lot? >> no, not at all, man. >> people keep me away from their kids. >> do you trust me? no. >> your tie looks a little excited. >> it's bostled. what else would it do. >> how much are are you selling this piece for? >> 14,000. >> i'm looking at a pile of hot dogs? >> yeah. >> do you think they would welcome o'reilly down here or not? >> oh, yeah. well, he is a work of art. why not? >> how much is this right here? >> the price is $3,500,000. [glass breaking] >> how much is the basketball?
8:50 pm
>> it's 45,000. >> can i touch it? >> no. >> i want to touch it. >> they are selling for several hundred thousand dollars. >> tree. >> go ahead drink it in. >> why do you think a tree? >> yes. don't be shy. >> why do you think of artists lean left? >> because they're grounded in critical thinking. >> what should we do about isis? >> maybe meditate. >> if liberals are so creative, why can't obama create jobs? >> that may be the best question you've asked all day. >> ba,ba,ba,ba. >> what's going on here? >> new york. >> whose fault is this, all this traffic? >> new york. >> as someone was saying -- >> you got to keep it movin', you can't stay here. let's go. here let me help you out a little bit.
8:51 pm
[ horn honking ] >> come on, let's go! turn it around. don't hit me, bro. listen, i won't give you a ticket if you get me this box of wine. >> can't do that. >> get out of here. you're causing traffic. >> how about this traffic out here today? >> i love it, it's beautiful. >> how about no? >> this is what happens when you let well drive? >> that's not good to say. >> got to deal with it, man. >> merry christmas. santa gave you gridlock. >> i'm sorry, dude, it was funny. >> traffic's out of control. >> ho! >> now are you going to mind your own business? or must i really give you a piece of my mind? >> do you know why we celebrate christmas? >> because jesus wants to give us stuff for his birthday. >> do you know whose birthday it
8:52 pm
was on christmas? >> santa? >> close. jesus. >> oh. >> what are you out shopping for? >> stuff for grandchildren for christmas, and for hanukkah. >> maybe this for cousin eddie? >> i have an uncle eddie. >> how about for uncle eddie in. >> yes. >> eddie? >> these boys been naughty or nice? >> it depends on the day. >> one of you's abou smacked in the mouth. >> i actually have family from argentina. >> don't overstay your visa, okay? >> son of a nutcracker! >> who are these for? >> my girlfriend. >> how long have you guys been dating? >> that's a girl. i don't date girls! what, are you kidding me? >> you take things too seriously. >> you've got to spend more money than this. you're not a communist, are you? >> good-bye. have a good day. >> straight ahead, what's
8:53 pm
o'reilly got cooking for the holidays? how about a visit to tv chef rachael ray's show? o'reilly when we come right back.
8:54 pm
♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
8:55 pm
of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? finally tonight, tv chef rachael ray added a special ingredient to her show, bill stopped by for conversation about presidential politics and his big best seller, "killing reagan". take a look. >> this is your big super bowl season and going into a super bowl year. handicap it for us a little. like reagan's story, there are a lot of candidates that don't have any political experience whatsoever. >> it's going to be a brawl, and as you said, it's great for me. >> it is great for you. christmas comes early, and that's the whole year for you! >> i bear bake them.
8:56 pm
like this. but interviewing trump is unlike interviewing anybody else in the whole world, okay? >> he is so talented at that. >> you ask him a question, i want to give you an example. putin, what are you going to do about putin? i'm going to make him my friend. [ laughter ] how are you going to make him your friend? he and i are going to be friends. what are you going to do, give him a golf membership? what are you going to do? how do you know you're not going to be fwreriends. >> he's a master at that. >> i'm going to make putin my friend. >> we promised our audience they could do a little rapid fire as long as we have bill here. you're doing rapid fire. take it away. you're first. >> your thoughts on kanye running for president in 2020? >> he might bring an interesting perspective. i don't really follow that world too much. i do know who he is. but i tell you what.
8:57 pm
[ applause ] if he does run, i'm looking forward to him coming on "the factor." i'm sure he is, too. >> bill, would you say that you were naughty or nice this year? would santa say you were naughty or nice? >> i'm always naughty. i never have behaved. i wrote a piece called "bold, fresh humanity." a nun called me that. and i was 7 and i haven't changed. >> what do you do for the holidays? >> i'm a boring guy as you know, you're making italian meals on sunday, and i hope you send some over. i watch the game. i played sports, so i go out with the urchins. we play touch football, ice skate, play a hillolittle hocke whatever. >> i'm a homebody, too.
8:58 pm
i'm making lasagna. >> have you ever considered running for president or any other office? >> if i was going to do it, i would have done it a while ago. my job is to watch all the powerful people and make sure they don't hurt you. that is more important for me. 20 years now in fox news channel. [ applause ] >> you're very comfortable in your skin. >> you know, asking for money and doing all those political games, that doesn't appeal to me. >> love your show by the way. do you ever feel bad about something you said while on air? >> yeah, once in a while i'll say something that when i think about it, go i think i could have phrased that differently or maybe that was a little bit too harsh. and when i do say something that i feel is not appappropriate, i do a tip of the day and say i did this, and i shouldn't have done it. i think folks like it.
8:59 pm
you own up to your mistakes. [ applause ] >> all right, make it a good one. >> if you could uninvent something, what would it be? >> the machines. you know, these, look, they're fabulous for communicating and for keeping in touch and calling 911 if a bear's coming after you, okay? we like that. the bear goes ah, nah, i can't eat him. he got the 911 call. but the kids are addicted to them. everybody knows it. and it changes their lives in ways that are so profound that parents and grand parents don't even know. and they're obsessed. >> and they don't seem able to relate to each other. >> i say read a book, it doesn't have to be my book. read any book. >> read a book. >> i have exciting new year's resolution. my book "wake up america" will come out next year. watch me and kimberly guilfoyle
9:00 pm
ringing in 2016 on fnc, donald trump will join us exclusively. i would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. breaking tonight, campaign controversy after one of the most powerful media outlets in the land attacks a candidate's young children. welcome to the "kelly file". i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly tonight. it starred ted cruz and his family. in it, the critics spoofed some made-up classics. >> the whole family will enjoy reading stories like "the grinch who lost her e-mails." >> i know what i'll do, i'll use my own server and no one will be the wiser. >> and if you act


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