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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> i would do that. >> unless you're blonde. >> but the mustache didn't match the hair. >> huh-uh. >> i'm not touching that. >> run for the radio we have the 13 hours guys on kilmeade and friends. see you. bill: good morning. a fox news alert. we are learning what president obama is set to sign on gun control. the president meeting with attorney general loretta lynch to see how far around congress he can go to get it done and today we finds out. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum the president is expected to expand gun control checks and redefine who is a gun dealer and that would cover gun shows. he says his actions are something everyone can get
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behind despite opposition from the nra and republicans. >> these actions are well within my legal authority in the skittive branch. but they are also ones the overwhelming majority of the american people including gun owners support and believe in. >> what is in this order from the president? reporter: it subjects for gun sellers to licencing and buyers to background checks. anyone selling a firearm online, in a gun show, in a store, to get a license. it could offer a seller offering as few as two guns. and they would be required to screen buyers. it would maker it easy tore
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temperature the' share mental health information. the federal government will also initiate research into gun safety technology. this is president in if the wake of the newtown massacre promulgated 23 executive orders on gun control and is doing so again today. martha: how are the gun rights supporters looking to fight this. reporter: perhaps pushing congress to push back. asking congress to act on a particular front. when congress fails to do so, release highly public sized executive orders. paul ryan says we are all pained by the recent atrocities in our country but no change the president is presenting would
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have prevented them. the president is subverting the legislative branch and potentially overturning its will. bill: gun sales are spiking in america. the same pattern seen in 2008 when the president was first elected. in 2012, after his reelection and after sandy hook, 2 million guns were sold. there was plenty of reaction from campaigns and the republicans on the trail. >> we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns, we beat the bad guys by using our guns. >> it's supposed to be negotiated. you are supposed to cajole the people in the room. you are supposed to deal with
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them. you have got republicans and democrats that got elected. you are supposed to get together and pass a law. but he doesn't want to do that because it's too much work. he wants to go back and play golf. bill: as that graphic just showed there is as clear pattern. >> any time there is talk of the federal government restricting gun sales, putting extensive background checks gun sales shoot through the roof. as leland mentioned before they went up after sandy hook and after president obama was elected. there was speculation he would push for new gun control. one gun industry analyst says president obama is perhaps the best salesman for guns because every time he talks about limiting them sales go up.
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>> but he says gun owners can get behind these ideas. >> the polls have shown the majority of the american people, not just democrats. do favor more universal background checks. what we could be seeing is this fear among second amendment adherence of some sort of slippery slope effect. if this starts there mr. be more limitations in the future. bill: gun owners say they will get the government to say no. on the campaign trail, this will be hot. what is your expectation for the candidates. >> we just heard ted cruz and donald trump say they will reverse the president's executivexecutive orders. by the way, there is nothing to stop congress from overturning
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an executive order if it doesn't involve one of the president's core constitutional authorities, so congress could do it, too. martha: the debates on gun control continuing on america temperatures newsroom * this morning. presidential candidate marco rubio will speak with us in a few minutes about that. at 9 if 30 eastern astronaut mark kelly will weigh in. his wife gabby giffords was shot in the head in a tucson parking lot in 2011. in the years since then giffords and kelly have become a huge voice for gun control. mark kelly will join us. bill: the latest donald trump campaign drama is over his first ad. we showed you this yesterday.
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watch carefully. >> the politicians can pretend it's something else, but donald trump calls it radical terrorism. that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states until we can get a hold on it. bill: the people rushing across the border are 5,000 miles away make their way into morocco. trump explained that with bill o'reilly. >> it's a display of what it's going to look like and what our country looks like. a display of what our country is going to look like, like a third world country, we are a dumping ground. bill: that explanation of that candidate. martha: the problem is they say our southern borderer.
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and accuracy is important. but you have got to get it right. a fox news alert. iran's president criticizing saudi arabia for cutting ties between the two countries. saudi arabia executed a shiite clear hillary clinton haof -- ad an and you ran cleric. bill: isis using another english speak tore carry out executions. martha: the house is set to vote on a new bill to repeal and replace obamacare.
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but will republicans be able to be replace it with anything? we'll ask one republican lawmaker who is supporting this deal. sweetheart, you okay? come here, come here. bill: that is so touching. a family breathing a lot easier after a kidnapped gir is found safe and sound. more incredible video when the police found her and brought her home. >> you okay, sweetie in she's okay. she's okay.
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>> they allowed people to storm an embassy which violates every international order. bill: iran tested ballistic missiles. >> i think what you are referring to is a missile that
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flew within 1,500 yard of a navy vessel in the persian gulf. they want to drive us out of the middle east. this president betrays our allies, cuts deals with our adversaries. all that will change on my first day in office. did you bump into bill clinton in new hampshire? >> no, i did not. bill: what do you think he does for her campaign? >> i don't know. he's obviously her spouse so he has a right to be out there in the campaign. people like bill clinton. i'm not a big fan of his and i don't believe hillary clinton should be the next president of the united states. this is a president who wants to radically transform and change
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america. we can't afford another four years like that. bill: her team is saying you supported the same policy she did in arming the opposition in syria. >> she supported leading in the from behind, which is a phrase that came up in libya, leading in the from behind. i suggested leading from the front. i said we were not doing enough, it would prolong the civil war and the jihadists would take over and that's what happened. the phrase leading in the from behind was a phrase she created. bill: thank you for your time, marco rubio in iowa. a lot of back and forth you see between rubio and cruz. now rubio and christie agree as
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well. i think that will play out in five days. this movie 13 hours which we just saw, and we'll speak about it in a and coming up will raise a lot of questions about the handling in libya and leading in the from behind. stick you a for more coming up on that. in the meantime a train derailment that has made a mess after a dozen cars went off the tracks. new details on what the cargo was on that train. bill: a rancher taken to prison. >> i have six children, a beautiful wife, a wonderful home, i'm not here to die.
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i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. by 10 cars and a 166-car train sliding off the tracks in kansas. that train carrying hazardous material, but it was not on the cars that derailed. >> the standoff is escalating at an oregon wildlife refuge. the militia members say the take yoaf is in support of the ranchers who were set to prison for arson. but the ranchers family members say the armed militia is in no
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way connected to them. but the protesters say they have no intention of leaving. >> the federal authority does not have the authority to come down into the state and control it land and resources. things are going to get straightened out, and that's what we are here, and we are confident that's going to happen. and it will be a benefit for many, many people across this nation. martha: dan springer joins us live from oregon. any sign there is movement in this situation? reporter: they may be backing off a bit. ryan bundy told the oregon public radio said if the people of harley county want them to leave, they will. the sheriff said in a statement directly pointed at the people
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who locked themselves up in this compound, that it's time for them to go. you mentioned dwight hammond and his son steve served time for setting fires on their own land. the bundies and the militia followers wanted to keep the ham monds out of prison. but yesterday they turned themselves in. they are hoping for a presidential pardon. >> my uncle is 74 years old. there are a lot of people who do things on a daily basis to stay engaged with their family. reporter: the oregon's mormon
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church have come out against the occupation. the bundies have kept a low profile. they say they are working on a peaceful resolution on this. the police are nowhere to be found our here. but they have taken over a junior high 30 miles away. classes were canceled because of fear of violence. what they want is to have the wildlife refuge turned back to the people. the sheriff said what they really wanted is some overthrow government. >> you said you were here to help the citizens of harley county. that happened when the ham monds
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turned themselves in. reporter: we'll see if they respond to the sheriff's comments for them to leave. bill: we are only minutes away from the opening bell. we opened the day with a thud. we were down significantly yesterday. tell us what to expect today. martha: president obama pushing ahead with an executive action on gun control. it's drawing praise from gabriel giffords' husband mark kelly. but not everyone is on board. here is marco rubio. >> it undermines the second amendment and will do nothing to keep people safe. barack obama is obsessed with
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bill: 9:30 in new york. we had a rocky start in 2013 in the markets. the dow down 276. gerri willis is on deck. she'll tell us what you need to know minutes away on "america's newsroom." martha: president obama's executive actions are being held as a big first step by gun control advocates. but critics say they have to do with one thing and one thing only. >> this president is obsessed with undermining the constitution in general and the section amendment in particular. he's obsessed with undermining
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it. if this execute yifd order and other things he stands for will do nothing to prevent gun crimes in america because criminals don't follow the law. martha: congresswoman gabrielle giffords was nearly killed by a gunman in tucson. since then she and her husband mark kelly have worked to stop gun violence in this country. good morning, captain. what do you have think about what marco rubio had to say there? >> i'm curious if senator rubio read the executive orders being announced today. when you look at them, they are pretty common sense things most americans support. the concept of having the people there 24 hours a day to conduct the background checks.
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$500 million more to mental health treatment. and if a gun is stolen it gets reported. and background checks. we have transactions over the internet and gun shows without checking their background. these are things' americans support. martha: the concern on the part of the candidates is the slippery slope issue. they believe freedom ofs are being taken away. people don't want to feel like they are losing of any their rights. we are in an environment where people feel they are losing power to the federal government and they are not happy about it. >> people in the middle part of the country feel they are losing things i lived in texas for 17 years, i now live in arizona.
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i'm a gun owner. i understand how gun ownership is important to folks in rural america and myself as well. it's important to my wife. but at the same time we have a high rate of gun violence. i think most people don't want to know we live in a country where people die from gun violence every year. so i think we can have it both ways. the second amendment can be strong and vibrant and responsible gun owners like myself and my wife can own how many guns we want. at the same time we can deep them out of the hands of criminals. martha: you look at these cases, jared loughner legally purchased his gun at a sportsman warehouse chain and he passed a background
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check. after he daadam lanza got the gs mother who legally purchased them. nothing of the things in the executive order would have prevent these actions. >> when you are putting $500 million more towards treatment for mental health maybe jared loughner or adam lanza would have had treatment. but it's a combination of factors. you bring up chicago. chicago does have rather strict gun laws, and it has a higher rate of gun violence. that's mainly due to trafficking guns from other parts of illinois and states nearby.
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with this executive order if maybe we can drive down some of that gun trafficking in chicago and it will have a positive effect. martha: the mental health issue is such an integral part of this, donald trump who doesn't have a hard time situation he would do about anything, said this. i want to get your reaction. >> all they want to do is blame the gun it's not the gun that pulls the trigger. right now they have plenty of rules and regulations and they should be looking at mental health. we should build institutions for people who are sickos. we have sickos all over the place and that's the problem. martha: adam lanza's mother said she wanted to have him committed. there are very few places you can send somebody if you think they are going to commit a violent act. would any of that change the
6:37 am
issue, throwing more money at it, instead of giving people a place to put people away. >> the correct quote is it's not the gun, it's the person. but when the gun is in the hands of the wrong person tip creates an environment that cause our gun violence to be inordinately high. so what we have to do is keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them. felons, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill. you brought up adam lanza. it's such a tragic situation. she goats out and buys a semiautomatic assault rifle. that makes no sense. we can't debate that over and over again. but what we do know is the laws
6:38 am
do matter, and the states with more expanded background checks, gun violence and murders are significantly lower. the actions the president is taking today will have a significant difference on gun violence. >> captain mark kelly, thank you very much, sir, good to have you today. bill: lawmakers looking for a bounceback after yesterday. explain what's going on here. this doesn't have to do so much with us as it does china. >> it's all about china. china's economy of is having real problems because the government props you have that economy, props up demand. and it's showing up in their stock market, a big sell-off overnight. the government pumped in $19
6:39 am
billion to make the economy look positive. bill: the chinese but the $19 billion into the market. gerri: to make things look better. we talk about markets and we think they are open and everything is above board. that's not the way it is in china. bill: we are flying without a parachute because the fed raised rates. gerri: the fed is not behind this. when we hit air pockets, like china has a problem. biggest economy in the world. our second biggest economy trading partner in the world. our biggest trading partner. the fed is not standing behind everything, right? they raised rates, that's the moid they are in -- that's the mode they are in. but this is a new world.
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january is critical. it's critical. it sets the tone for if the rest of the year. so if the s & p500 stocks finish negative tore january the average gain in that index 0.7%. but if january end higher the s & p ends up on average 11.5%. bill: i will say it's early. martha: this is an emotional moment. an officer find a missing girl in a park lot late at night. look at this little girl. all caught on video. bill: detainees said to be transferred out of gitmo with strong ties to al qaeda. should we be worried about them going back to the battlefield
6:41 am
given the history these men have. >> look at the folks who have been released in the past. have they gone back.
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martha: a little girl was kidnapped, then she was found safe and sound by police. >> hi, sweetheart, are you okay? come here. come here. i know, come here. martha: wow. that's the result of police body cameras are in some cases. you see this amazing rescue of this little girl. she is 3 years old. the albuquerque police say she was sitting in the back seat of a car when her mother filled up water jugs. a thief jumped inside the car
6:45 am
and took off. the officers found the little girl sitting in a parking lot. manage the relief on the part of the family and these police officers. they are looking for -- they don't know what they are going to find. well done. bill: today is the day republicans will take action they say that will eventually replace obamacare. georgia congressman tom price member of the congressional caucus. happy new year to you. republican voters are saying, they have been saying it for six years. what took you so long? for the first type we'll be able to have a bill passed through the senate and the house. get it on the president's desk that repeals obamacare and
6:46 am
recognize what they know. and that is that this law is not only harming the health of so many americans but the health of our economy. we'll put this bill on the president's desk that will repeal obamacare and we'll let the president say whether he stand with the american people or getting in the way of positive solutions. bill: you know what he's going to do. he's going to veto that bill. it will bounce back on the idea of what you replace obamacare with. that's the linchpin for this entire debate. what will republicans do. what does it look like? >> that's why i'm so excited about the new leadership of speaker ryan. he's challenging members to come together with a patient-centered solution that put patient and
6:47 am
doctors in charge of healthcare and not the federal government. this is going to be a bottom up. an organic process that brings together over 100 pieces of legislation currently in the house of representatives that comes forward with positive solutions. >> you and i discussed this for years now. what does it look like? how is it better? >> it respects the principles violated by obamacare. affordability, the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing. we need to bring the costs down. incentives for the highest quality of next world, and the quality is being harmed by obamacare. choices. the incredible amount of choices patients want. they want to select who-is treating them and where and when and the like. and we'll respect those principles. then you can figure out what the bill ought to look like.
6:48 am
that's what we'll be doing through our committee process. bill: how long does that take? >> i think it will be a couple of months. i'm excited about the speaker charging the committees with the responsibility to bring the legislation forward. the fact of the matter is there are over 100 pieces of legislation in the houses that relate to healthcare. there are a number that are comprehensive. so i think it's a number of months that we'll work through over the beginning part of this year and have a piece of legislation we can be proud of and the american people can point to and say those are the folks we want to be in charge of healthcare policy. >> they have been looking for s away from obamacare. because they don't like it. they have been waiting for folk like to you give them an option, to give them an alternative. twhament they have been saying
6:49 am
in vote after vote in cycle after cycle. and they have got nothing. what will you tell them now about what their expectations should be? >> that's why this step is so important. this is the first time the senate has been able to act with a simple majority. usually the democrats stand in the way and it requires a 50-vote threshold. it's the first step in the process that will allow us to bring forward that replacement piece of legislation. nobody is living under the illusion the president is going to sign this piece of legislation. it's so important for the american people to know people are fighting for them for a positive solution for healthcare. bill: today what happens? >> it's tomorrow. today we'll bring forth the legislation through the rules committee. and tomorrow we'll pass the
6:50 am
reconciliation bill to repeal obamacare in its entirety. put it on the president's desk. bill: tom price, the republican from georgia. thank you for your time. martha: the mother of the so-called affluenza teen is due in court. but when will her son be back in the united states after going on the lam in mexico. bill: has the republican establishment lost its cool? we'll talk to karl rove about that. but first governor christie on this now. >> show time is over. we not electing an entertainer-in-chief. showmanship is fun but it's not the kind of leadership that will truly change america. the nicod, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time
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martha: the mother of the so-called affluenza teen is expected in court this morning. tanya couch is currently in los angeles after she and her son were caught in mexico after he violated her probation. a hearing today could send her back to texas to face charge. her son is in mexico fighting deportation. jonathan hunt is live outside the courthouse. the mother will fight the extradition to texas or no? reporter: we don't know. this is the couch family so anything could happen. but any indications we got is that she'll not fight the extradition. in which case we could be in for a short hearing. last week, a few days ago, last
6:55 am
week her attorney said she was looking forward to getting back to texas. in a statement on new year's eve her attorney said while the public may not like what she did or have strong feeling against what she did, make no mistake, tanya did not violate any law of the state of texas and she is eager to have her day in court. when that day comes she could face up to 10 years for helping her son, the so-called affluenza teen skip the united states on that probation violation. martha: ethan, what's his story. he has a meeting with his lawyer in mexico today? >> he has hired, or his family on his behalf, has hired a high-profile attorney in mexico. and they will decide what his approach will be. his attorney has said if he
6:56 am
wants to just waive extradition, not fight it, come back to the united states, he could be back within a day. more likely he will fight it and that could take many months. martha: as a teenager he was found responsible for the deaths of four people in a motor vehicle accident. bill: talk about turbulence. this pilot needs to stick to landing. crunch time on the trail. 27 days to iowa. one of the busiest days for hillary clinton. g on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings
6:57 am
and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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. .
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martha: so the presidential race martha: so the presidential race in iowa and new hampshire, crisscrossing the states all day long. they have weeks before voters have the first say in the
7:00 am
matter. couple of town hall meeting underway. a couple of live shots to give you a flavor of the day in iowa and new hampshire. chris christie in manchester, new hampshire. marco rubio who we spoke earlier is in cedar rapids, iowa. we welcome you to hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'll bill hemmer. the candidates head for the first big hurdles. iowa, ted cruz head of donald trump in the "real clear politics" average. in new hampshire things are tightening up in the recent polling. chief political correspondent carl cameron live in des moines, iowa. let's start there, carl. marco rubio is in new hampshire. how was his tone, would you say? reporter: it is escalating. it is getting a little bit tougher. he has been best known for the personal biography and commitment to foreign policy issues. proven articulate advocate of
7:01 am
particular positions in the critic of the obama administration but in the last five or six days he has begun to talk much more aggressively with the same types of tones and rhetorics really donald trump and ted cruz have mastered and really tapped into. marco rubio's trying to go after some of that conservative republican anger the way things are, not just with the republican leadership and the concern by conservatives a lot of times even though they had the majorities in congress haven't been able to get things done but really i am blaming things for the obama administration, particularly hillary clinton last couple of days. mr. rubio is up in cedar rapids not too far from here. the to inhall rapped up a few minutes ago. he had something specifically to say about hillary clinton. >> any intelligence agency could have to then into the server but she didn't care. she wanted to read it off her phone. this is recklessness and irresponsible. you can not put someone like that in charge of the united states military. reporter: through see it.
7:02 am
rubio going after hillary clinton. something that donald trump is doing. something jeb bush tried to do but spending time dealing with donald trump instead. rubio polling third in iowa, a distant third. ted cruz and donald trump have a considerable lead but rubio has been criticized by some of his supporters who are worried he might not get out of february in a victory in iowa, south carolina, new hampshire or nevada, he is in iowa pushing hard to show he has momentum to push up the tone. bill: the future says you need gold, silver and bronze, you need top three, that's just in iowa. you were in new hampshire. what do we understand is happening there, carl? reporter: a couple things going on. a forum about opiate addiction. the heroin problem has been a problem there. chris christie will weigh in on that. chris christie is stepping up his exercises here in iowa. christie, bush, john kasich, are putting 90% of the their eggs in
7:03 am
the new hampshire basket. chris at this is setting up shop here in rye waa that would set up christie to bet jeb bush in new hampshire and iowa. establishment voters in both of these states are still of the mind that with four weeks to iowa, a little bit less now, a little less than five weeks to new hampshire trump to still slip up or be tripped up by one of these rivals. bill: we'll you a hat or earmuffs, carl cameron in iowa. reporter: thanks, bill. martha: 27 days until the iowa caucuses. republican establishment are taking gloves off looking to -- >> showmanship is fun. but it is not the kind of leadership that will truly change america if we're going to turn frustration and anger with d.c. insiders, politicians of yesterday and carnival barkers of today into something that will actually change american
7:04 am
lives for the better, we must select someone who has been tested. martha: karl rove, joins me now, former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and of course a fox news contributor. karl, good morning to you. happy new year to you. good to see you sir. >> happy new year to you, martha. martha: thank you very much. chris christie said it is time to stop listening to people he calls the carnival barker. but people polling don't have that inclination at all. 35% in the first national poll of 2016 for donald trump. >> he is trying to do something a little more subtle than pull people off of trump. he is trying to pull people already not for trump around himself. he is in fighting a battle in new hampshire to become not the guy who wins the primary, that would be nice. realistically trump is ahead. what he is trying to do vault into second place in iowa,
7:05 am
"real clear politics" average, second place is marco rubio, just over 13%. two points behind him in the "real clear politics" average is christie. christie is trying to consolidate the not trump voters if you will around him and end up being the countier weight to trump in new hampshire. then in the subsequent contests. martha: what is your read on that? you have christie, rubio and cruz, all vying to have sort of the largest piece of the pie the non-donald trump pie. who do you think will win that measure? >> we don't know. in iowa cruz will win in my opinion. he has got a narrow lead about 3%, but he does have organization. there was illuminating piece in the "new york times" over the christmas holidays about trump's lack of organization in the state. he has big rallies but his people have not used database has been created by those rallies to organize people to turn out to the caucuses. now, that, he is an atypical candidate. this may not be the fatal problem that other candidates
7:06 am
might have if they were in the same situation. his people may show up on their own. but typically in iowa you have to have an organization. you have to train people how to get people out to the caucuses. you have to have a get-out-the-vote operation, aimed at getting people. that wasn't there for trump in december. martha: i hear what you're saying. we're looking at pictures of lowell, massachusetts last night. massachusetts, thousands of people. it seems ridiculous at this point to think that these people who show up everywhere across the country for donald trump are going to have a tough time getting themselves to a caucus in iowa? don't you think that argument becomes less plausible every day? >> well, let's see. we've had people who have drawn big crowds before and who have not ended up winning iowa caucuses. that caucus is a weird dynamic. you have to have committed people, who are committed not simply to show up at a rally, on a cold day in february to show up at a caucus and spend hours upon hours upon hours before --
7:07 am
not like walking into a booth, ballot in and out quick, back at home. it takes a commitment. this is the test. we have all the field except trump saying we have to go about this in iowa, in traditional fashion, have organization, train pesent chairman and get-out-the-vote. sum says i can do it a different way. i don't need do it that way. i can buy tv. i will have a sense of organization and outperform my number. martha: all donald trump has to do is surprise people in iowa. he doesn't have to win iowa but surprise people how well he does. i think dynamic you're talking about could change substantially. i want to play hillary clinton for you. there is this idea there is alternate reality going on in trump land. it raise as question, maybe alternate reality is becoming more tried and true and folks who have been around washington for a long time. here she is.
7:08 am
>> your response to "the donald's" comment that you and president obama created isis. [laughter] >> i have adopt ad new year's resolution. [applause] i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality and i'm not going to respond. martha: got quite a few people living with him in alternative reality, if that is what it is, karl? >> from her perspective this is smart politics. no need to punch down. plenty of time if he becomes nominee to engage donald trump but for her it is consolidate the obama coalition and obama coalition is not a group that is drawn by donald trump's theories. so, she in essence says, he is an idiot. you all know that. and that obama coalition responds accordingly. so right now this is probably a smart move on her part.
7:09 am
why engage with him? the only reason to engage with him, when he thinks she has got a clear opportunity to damage him with potential swing vote, general election swing voters, people not in the republican camp, not in the democratic camp but who will settle the general election. that is the only reason for her to directly engage. if she thinks she can do damage with him. otherwise play to the biases and world view of the obama coalition and stoke it because without getting gigantic turnout in the african-american community like president obama is able to do, without being able to get the numbers on the latino community that president obama was able to do, and, then she can't win. she is focused on making certain they're stoked up an in her camp. that is the right kind of answer for her crowd. martha: donald trump said that is head-to-head he would relish taking on. we'll see if we get to the moment in this process. karl, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you, martha. bill: got a fox news alert now.
7:10 am
we are learning more countrying cutting diplomatic ties with iran after saudi arabia's embassy in tehran was raided. protesters demonstrating against the execution of a prominent shiite cleric in saudi arabia. john huddy is in saudi arabia. how does this continue to impact the region, john? reporter: we're seeing domino effect of those joining saudi arabia. kuwait is cutting ties not totally but pulling ambassador away from iran with saudi arabia in this political fight. bahrain and sudan cut ties all together with iran. u.a.e., united arab emirates, said it is downgrading with the relations with the country, really only having business relations at this point. saudi arabia continues to take a hard-line approach after storming of its embassy as we've been seeing in tehran over the
7:11 am
weekend, not only cutting diplomatic ties but financial as well. also yesterday, halting flights to and from iran. this continues really to be a battle of words back and forth between both countries, bill. they had already a contentious relationship, bill, and now growing worse seemingly by the day. bill: much more to come on that. john huddy reporting live in jerusalem. 11 past. martha. martha: some on capitol hill raising red flags about the administration's plans to close gitmo. >> we retained them for a reason. was it a case of mistaken identity? if it was case of mistaken identity, they shouldn't have been detained in first place. martha: this after another release of detainees with terror ties. bill: a new movie putting on new heat on hillary clinton and the obama administration. it is called "13 hours."
7:12 am
it is about benghazi. question, who is telling the truth? >> chief of base, deputy chief and our team leader sitting on the front porch, when he told me to stand down. hi. i'm matt mccoy.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
we're working on video. when we get it we'll pass to you here and more details. martha: the obama administration transferring another 17 detainees out of guantanamo, including members of al qaeda. a source telling fox news that the administration will not identify exactly who is among these 17 who are being released because knowing who they are in advance would spark an even bigger controversy, according to these reports. critics of the transfers fear the worst. >> i assume that they were detained for a reason and i further assume that there's no way the secretary of defense can certify that they're not a threat. look at the folk who is have been released in the past? have they gone back to terror? have they started bridge clubs? are they volunteering in after-school programs? martha: trey gowdy on that. john bolton joins me now, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., a senior fellow at american enterprise institute and
7:17 am
fox news contributor. ambassador, good morning. good to have you with us today. >> good morning. >> 17 to be transferred now and the word is that they are going to countries who are first-timers, countries in the past who have not accepted any of these detainees. what is your take on this whole thing? >> i think the president continues his obsession to get rid of all prisoners at gitmo. he wants to close the camp down. he is six years late in his campaign pledge to close it after one year. he wants to do it after his one term. he long given up evaluating how dangerous these people are. i think it is something he wants to finish in the next year. i still think he wants to give guantanamo bay itself back to cuba. i don't rule that itself out. at this point there is almost nothing that will persuade him to take into account the danger these individuals could pose to americans and others. >> if he wants to close it, according to catherine herridge's reporting there would be 90 individuals left at the
7:18 am
camp after these 17 go and those 90 are not on the list of people who could possibly be transferred to another country. those 90, would have to come here. so that is going to take a little bit of work on the president's part, isn't it? >> it will and congress made it clear they don't think he has, they have tried to take that authority away from him but as this release of 17 indicates, the diplomatic efforts haven't stopped to find countries around the world who can be persuaded to take them. once they go to some of these countries and we'll know the list presumably here in fairly short order, there is nothing said about what their monitoring capabilities are, how long they keep the people under observation. the possibility much their returning to terrorist activity is high. only thing that slows them down in some cases i think is al qaeda or isis, other terrorist groups themselves, want to be sure these people haven't been flipped by america and turned into double-agents. that they will hold off for a while until they can repositive
7:19 am
their terrorist bonefides. martha: the reference of taxi drivers and cooks that we heard from trey gowdy refers to ibrahim al cozy, kosi, who was a driver to for barack obama and returned essentially to the battlefield, correct? >> as many others. let's be clear, this last list of 100 or so still at gitmo are the hardest of hardcore. when the releases began in the bush administration, that hose are relatively cases. these are people who ought to stay in gitmo forever, basically. so as each new release takes place, the risk, danger posed by these individuals once they're out in freedom out there is really growing intensely. martha: yay. and word is that isis rarely mentions guantanamo bay as part of their recruiting materials. it really isn't part of that lexicon of persuasion.
7:20 am
so we'll see if it remains the issue for the new groups as it once was for al qaeda. thank you very much. john bolton. always good to see you. >> thank you. bill: 20 past the hour. hold on to your seats here. passengers going through quite a ride as their plane tries to touch down in rather windy conditions. how this turned out. martha: you've seen the speeches. you have watched the debates. now what comes could be a real difference maker ahead of the iowa caucuses, the ground game. who has the real advantage on the ground in iowa with 27 days to go? >> i could not be more encouraged by the support we're seeing on the ground. what we're seeing happening, it has been happening for months organically, is we're seeing conservatives coming together.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: gale-force winds across europe making for pretty white-knuckle landings. imagine being on board this plane. pilots of different sized planes struggling to make a landing. put her down there carefully. heavy cross win, rocking the planes as they come in for landings, bouncing along the runway in several airports. happy to be down. thankfully no reports of injuries. bill: put the tray up. you have seen the tv ads, heard radio spots. there is one thing every candidate relies on just as much, if not more come caucus day. that is the ground game in iowa. john roberts live in des moines, iowa, checking on campaigns there. he is live and what are you seeing in the various campaigns, john? reporter: good morning to you, bill. as karl rove was saying this is not typical election. show up in your car, wait ten
7:25 am
minutes and vote and go home. you have to come out and support your candidate. for all of that reason all campaigns need ground game, to identify supporters and get the people out and support that candidate on caucus night. what do they need to do it? how have they tried to do it? brad anderson was president obama's politicalor in iowa back in 2012. >> what they really need to do is figure out, okay, here are my supporters, here is where they are, here are their addresses. here are volunteers knocking on those doors, here who we need to turn out on caucus night. last four days it will all be about gotc, which is get out the caucus. reporter: jeb bush made news last week by pulling down all the advertising in iowa and diverting money to buildout the ground game. hiring more staff and bringing in more volunteers and using mobile app to identify supporters. tim albach who is running bush's ground game said that it is smart to put people into people.
7:26 am
>> i think it's a great idea to invest in the ground game. iowanss, expect it. they expect to run into campaign staffers at local coffee shops. they expect to get answers to understand more the candidate's positions, what they're doing in iowa. reporter: who has got the ground game to beat so far in this state? by most accounts, ted cruz, he has army of nine thousand volunteers. not only has his own operation but has operations of some of his big endorsers as well. congressman steve king and bob vander platts of the family leader that will go a long way. bill: 9,000, wow. donald trump is hoping to turn out in many ways, first time caucus-goers. how do you do that, can he do that? reporter: it is a bit of a heavy lift. president obama did it in 2008. you have 1:00 fifth of registered voters go to caucus -- 1/5. getting more may be difficult but donald trump defied expectations all along, bill so
7:27 am
wouldn't surprise me. bill: indeed. thank you, john roberts in a snowy des moines. looks like iowa brother, in january. thank you, john. reporter: it is not summer. martha: president obama will make a big announcement today unveiling executive orders to expand gun control. we're live at white house with that. bill: also tehran fanning the flames as tensions rise between iran and saudi arabia. what will the u.s. do and can it do anything to stop the spiraling out of control? general jack keane has that answer. he is next. >> those attacks were unprovoked. they constituted very serious violations of international norms and laws and regulations. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
7:28 am
7:29 am
martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer,
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but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. bill: getting word from afghanistan, fox news alert. u.s. special forced wounded in battle fighting taliban. southern afghanistan, helmand
7:31 am
province. u.s. defense officials confirming that news with fox. when a u.s. military medevac helicopter landed to get wounded troops out of that area, the helicopter sustained damage, mortars landing around the chopper. officials confirm there are wounded u.s. forces. number we do not have. more when we get it live from the pentagon inside of "america's newsroom." martha: for now we are awaiting a new round of executive actions by president obama, this time on gun control. the president expected to close the gun show loophole by redefining who is considered a dealer. and also they are expecting to expand background checks. chief washington correspondent james rosen joins me now from the white house. so, james, how does president obama make the argument that his executive orders will not undermine the second amendment right to bear arms? reporter: martha, good morning, in essence by invoking horror of recent mass shootings that galvanized national attention
7:32 am
although a number of those were outright terrorist attacks n after oval office session yesterday with attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james comey, president obama argued in effect keeping guns from those who shouldn't have them, there is no violation of the second amendment by law-abiding gun owners. >> we have frequent mass shootings that far exceeds other countries in frequency. and although it is my strong belief that for to us get our complete arms around the problem, congress needs to act, what i asked my team to do is see what more we could do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. reporter: among actions being announced today, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, requires anyone selling a firearm in a store, online, in a gun show to be licensed by federal government. this could be apply to sellers offering two guns and that seller would have to screen his
7:33 am
or her purchasers. dealers who ship firearms will have notify law enforcement if guns shipped are lost or stolen. it will be easier for states to share information about minutes who are prevented from purchasing firearms for mental health reasons. offer fbi those acquiring a gun through trusts and corporationses will need a background check as welk. lastly, among other things, federal government will conduct expanded research into gun safety technology. it's a robust list, martha, prepared by the attorney general, signed off on by the president. martha: republican leaders saying not just cutting rights of gun owners some of them feel but they also believe it is an end run around congress. reporter: that's right, house speaker paul ryan, republican of wisconsin, calling this subversion of congressional will. republican congressman june cowell berton of texas, chair ever the committee that funds department of justice, wrote a
7:34 am
letter to attorney general lynch warning not to submit 2016 new budget that creates new law. he said i want to express the committees expectation that the department of justice will allocate resources to enforcement of existing federal law. there is a case for that, martha in the statistics which show that the obama administration, under the obama administration, prosecutions and convictions for firearms offenses are way, way down over one decade ago. martha? martha: thank you, james. >> reporter: you bet. bill: under growing pressure as saudi-iranian crisis threatens to escalate. [shouting] the split growing wider as several middle-eastern countries join saudi arabia in cutting off or downgrading ties with iran. in fact there is breaking news a moment ago. a decision by the u.s. to delay sanctions against tehran making it more difficult for washington to help resolve this dispute.
7:35 am
senator marco rubio blasting the white house just last hour here on "america's newsroom." >> you would understand who your allies are and who your enemies are this president doesn't seem to understand that. not that saudi arabia is perfect. we have quarles with many so of the things they do internally and some of the other things they do around the world but they are a military ally of united states. iran is an enemy of the united states. iran is avowed enemy of the united states. bill: general jack keane, chairman of the study of war. >> good to see you. bill: how serious is this at the moment? >> well, certainly this is serious. neither one of these construct is want conflict, that's for sure. but reality is, there are always unintended consequences that could occur that make this a very dangerous situation. what this is fundamentally about is the geopolitical struggle in the region, those who characterize it as sunni versus shia, that is superficial understanding what is taking place this is iran seeking regional domination.
7:36 am
they have control and influence over four countries already, lebanon, syria, iraq and yemen, and they are seeking to undermined the sunni-arab countries in the region and the accelerant for this has been the nuclear arms deal that the united states has been pursuing for four years. that has been done at the expense of our allies in the region. that is what senator rubio was just talking about. he is absolutely correct. bill: what you're describing is the saudis have a greater sense of paranoia now and concern in perhaps legitimately so, because of the nuclear deal? >> oh, absolutely. and also because of the united states overall policy of disengagement from the region which began politically with iraq in 2009, militarily in 2011 and one thing after another. not dealing with the syrian issue early on in 2012. when the national security team recommended arming and training
7:37 am
the syrian rebels. not responding to the chemical line that was crossed over by assad's regime. all of these things, saudi regime has looked at and fundamentally, they recognize the united states is disengaged. i can tell you for a fact because i have spoken to saudi i believe ifs. they believe that the united states, during this administration, that the united states would not defend them if they got into a conflict. bill: wow. >> that's a fact. they are waiting for this administration to go but in the meantime, what's happened, the other accelerant here is the new leadership, bill, that is in saudi arabia. king salman and particularly the deputy crown prince, who is aggressive, assertive, also a visionary. that is why military action is taking place in yemen against the iranians. they were willing to push back very aggressively to do that. forming the 34-country alliance against radical islam to take on
7:38 am
generational challenge of that ideology itself. bill: that sounds like something we would applaud. here is josh earnest yesterday at the white house when asked about this, general. >> there is plenty of blame to go around and what we would like to see are both sides or all sides begin to take the kinds of steps that will de-escalate the situation and not further inflame the tensions that are obviously pretty raw right now. bill: that sounds like mediation. now where is the administration on this when -- you know they want to keep this nuclear deal going but yet the tensions surrounding all of it grow greater by the day, general. >> and we are contributing to it, bill. and you put your finger on it. the reality is that what the iranians have always wanted is the money, the 100 plus billion to be needed to continue their
7:39 am
hedge monic and regional objectives. they will get at nuclear weapon and cheat to get it. they got a better deal anyway. in 15 years they can do it without cheating. of the saudis are focused on money situation and the fact that the united states is not doing anything to stop it. secondly, two missile tests were filed. that is violation of a u.n. resolution. we should be involved aggressively in new sanctions i'm posed on regime, not just with companies doing business with them, but bonafide sanctions on regime itself. guess what? the regime, the iranian regime pushed back on that with the foreign minister, that what caused the united states to pause after announcing they were growing to do something, to pause and not doing anything. that kind of weakness in the face of the iranian aggressiveness what has got saudis so aroused over tensions and the fact that the united states one time after another capitulates in favor of their
7:40 am
enemy, iran, which they also believe that at one time was the united states's enemy. bill: wow. general, thank you. we will await the next move. let's hope it's a good one. jack keane there in washington. thank you, sir, very much. martha: get you back to the breaking news out of spokane, washington where the airport is now closed according to reports. look at snowy scene here. at 737 skidded off of the taxi way. thankfully as of right now there are no injuries reported in this situation. but because of obvious weather issues and the sliding off of this plane, the airport is shutdown for the time-being. we'll get you latest from spokane as it comes in. bill: another fox news alert. we mentioned this ten minutes ago. we're now confirming news by way of pentagon, u.s. special forces during an operation to rescue some of the u.s. and afghan forces operating in southern afghanistan, at least one killed in action we are told. a moment ago we were told about
7:41 am
injuries. we don't have a number b now we do unfortunately on the killed in action. and that is one member now of the u.s. military. we'll work for more information. we'll get that to you from the pentagon as we get it here inside of "america's newsroom." in the meantime a school bus catching fire with more than 30 students inside. their dramatic escape. they got it of this. that's next. martha: and benghazi, september 11th, back in the spotlight as a new movie, based on the accounts of the men who were there on the ground that night. it is about to blow this controversy wide open all over again. >> even though the headquarters shattered with the headquarters elements of department of defense moving them it eventually just stopped for some reason. we still don't know why.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
bill: so los angeles might have a new football team next season. get this, san diego chargers, oakland raiders, st. louis rams have filed petition to move out west. i guess in san diego and oakland's case they are already west. but they want to move to l.a. owners vote about a week from now, whether or not teams will be allowed to move. l.a. hasn't had a team since 1994 when the rams moved to st. louis. right there, kid. you know what that is? martha: all about the money. bill: all about the money. martha: want to be in l.a. with superstars and hollywood. all right. so scandals surrounding obama administration handling of benghazi is heating up once again with two upcoming events. first, former defense secretary leon panetta and former cia director david petraeus will testify this week behind closed doors about this event. and there will be a lot of questions for them, based on what we have seen in the new
7:46 am
movie, "13 hours," the secret soldiers of benghazi which premiers next week. >> u.s. ambassador got to send us. >> you're not the first-responders. you will wait. >> go, we got to move! >> we have no jurisdiction in the country. we're not even supposed to be here. >> stand down! >> if you do not get here soon we're all going to die. >> none of you have to go. we are the only help they have. ♪ martha: this is something to see. it will raise a lot of questions. the people involved say that it is not a political endeavor on their part but there is no doubt that it will put some more questions to hillary clinton about her reaction that night. so there is this newly-released email that shows some of what she told congress and families didn't exactly line up. we'll explain that. rich lowery, editor of
7:47 am
"national review" and fox news contributor. matthew littman, political consultant and former speechwriter to vice president joe biden. welcome, gentlemen. good to have you both here. not something we thought about for a while essentially but having seen this movie, i can assure you that it will raise a lot of questions in the minds of people who watch this. one of the issues, really which is, sort of a peripheral issue, but it cuts pretty deep no doubt for families. according to the families accounts, they were told, when the bodies were brought home, by secretary of state clinton at the time, that it was because of a video. we're going figure out who did this video, okay? here is chris tonto poronto, he is called tonto. he is responding to the fact that hillary clinton had two different stories whether or not it was video that sparked all of this or something else. >> i know they told us a video. i believed pat. i believed katy and charles
7:48 am
woods. who would have a reason to lie. >> why? >> their loved ones just died. >> simple. >> exactly. >> they have no reason to tell anything but the truth. martha: there were reports that hillary clinton was telling members of congress a different story. they knew it was a planned terrorist attack. when you see this movie and accounts of these gentlemen, literally on the ground and watched the whole thing played out, doesn't seem like there is a whole lot of question about that. matt, what is your reaction to this so far. >> i haven't seen the movie. i haven't seen the movie. i'm not optimistic it will be good. michael b bay did pearl harbor story. his track record for making very good movies at this point. i also don't know, you're saying that people who see the movie it might change minds. i don't know a lot of people will see this movie. then hillary has one version of events of what she has told these people. families have said something else.
7:49 am
i take hillary's word for it. i think that she probably did mention the videos. martha: hillary wasn't there though, that is the problem. hillary wasn't on the ground watching all of this unfold. rich, one of the things that struck me so much when i saw this, i do have advantage over two of you, it is very well-done movie i would point out. >> matt is very tough movie critic apparently. martha: i don't know about pearl harbor. i guess i saw it a long time ago. >> no way you liked "pearl harbor." martha: it shows perspective people who were there, they were on the ground that night and explains exactly what they saw and heard and what they were directed to do and not to do. and rich, you know, these guys, they're not political. they're just want their story told. your reaction to what you have seen so far and what matt said? >> i haven't seen the movie either, my understanding from the colleagues that seen it. very compelling. not explicitly political at all. my understanding that the names obama and clinton don't come up in the entire movie but makes a
7:50 am
point this facility was undersecured and these guys didn't get the kind of help in real time that you would have thought they certainly deserved in such circumstance. in terms of these clashing stories between the family members and hillary about whether she mentioned the video, one it is three against one. you have three family members saying this is their memory and it is guys who are saying in the clip at beginning of the segment, what incentive do they have to lie when hillary clearly has political incentive to lie? this administration was manifestly obsessed with that video. what i think is very telling one of the family members hillary said we'll go arrest the guy who made video. sure enough, he was arrested and spent time in jail. martha: we have to go. unfortunately against a time crunch here. i encourage everybody to see it. i encourage you to have curiosity, no matter how you feel about the issue. go and see it. >> i will see it if it gets well-reviewed.
7:51 am
then i will see it. martha: thank you, guys. bill: breaking news out of afghanistan. deadly battle with the taliban. there are american casualties. we are live from the pentagon on that next. a dry mouth can be a common side effect.
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bill: again word from afghanistan, american operation resulting in -- casualties. southern afghanistan in helmand province of the jennifer griffin live from the pentagon with more details. what have we learned this hour? reporter: bill, we learned there was an operation in helmand province near the town of marcia that went awry. there was a gunbattle. we understand from a senior u.s. defense official, one u.s. special operator was killed, two were wounded. one of the wounded was from the rescue copter a medevac helicopter sent in to try to
7:55 am
rescue the special operations team that came under fire. we understand that helicopter was, it was fired at by mortars and is now currently grounded, but they are trying to rescue those who are on the ground. this was a battle, a battle with the taliban that have been resurgent in helmand. helmand is very important province. that is where the poppy is grown fueling insurgency. it is very key battle point at this point in time. exactly one year ago president declared combat operations were over in afghanistan but there are still 9800 u.s. forces serving in afghanistan. just last week, general john campbell, the top u.s. commander there, told a reporter in sit-down interview he thought it would be a mistake to draw down those forces. those forces, u.s. forces were supposed to come down to 5500 this year. but he is asking that it stay at 9800 for, for the near future.
7:56 am
the taliban has been resurgent and is giving really tough battles to the afghan forces that the u.s. was partnered with in this area of helmand. bill: we were reporting on this taliban resurgence yesterday. do you see similar move of on behalf of al qaeda or not in that country still? reporter: certainly eyebrows were raised when u.s. special operation forces and drone attack took out an al qaeda training camp at the end of last year. al qaeda had not been resurgent in afghanistan since invasion 14 years ago. we're seeing al qaeda and isis presence and return of the taliban to afghanistan. this is the first u.s. service member to be killed in afghanistan this year, bill. bill: thank you. jennifer griffin with the tough news there from the pentagon. martha: more coming up on that of course. mounting tensions in the armed standoff as militia members take control of a federal building in oregon in support of two ranchers. we'll be right back.
7:57 am
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jon: we are awaiting the president's announcement on new gun control with expanded background checks and redefining who can sell a firearm. critics say he's working outside his authority of the white house. jenna: after his discussions with the attorney general and how far he can legally circumvent a gridlocked congress. many republicans and the gun lobby say the president's


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