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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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they spent a month in the hospital because they were so small. they weighed between 3 and 3.5 pounds at birth. >> start those college funds now. >> i like her bow. >> thank you for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. kicking it off with a fox news alert. president obama laying out his plan to overall gun control. it was an emotional speech. this is the real story. president getting choked up as he spoke about victims of gun violence. >> our right to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. those rights were stripped from college kids, from high schoolers at columbine and from first graders in newton.
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first graders. from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives but a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> the president said new executive orders will not prevent all gun violence but are common sense reform. he is calling for licensing requirements for gun dealers online or at a gun show. dealers must report lost or stolen firearms. states will be able to share mental health information and president add more atf and staffers to expedite the background checks. he pushed to fund new gun safety
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technology. his job today is the analyze what the president did. what do you make of it? >> some of what the president did is well within his authority. can he hire for agents? yes. can he decade more funds to mental health issues? yes. can he broaden the database to background checks? yes. the most significant thing he will attempt to do when he signed an executive order later today is create a new crime by saying if you sell as few as two guns or transfer, as a gift, as few as two guns, you are a dealer and you need a federal license. if you transfer the guns as a gift without a federal license you can be prosecuted. why is that troublesome? congress three times rejected that. he's attempted to rewrite laws.
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if he doesn't like the gun laws, he can argue to people, get your representatives to change them, but he can't change them on his own. >> let's look at the number of criminal weapon convictions. there are laws on the book that are not being used. in 2015 there were 6,002 criminal weapons convictions but they are down 5.8% last year. they are down 15.5% from five years ago. they are down 34.8% from ten years ago. they are up a whole bunch from 20 years ago. >> one of the things he promised to do today was to enforce federal gun laws. gretchen, that's not newsworthy. it should not be newsworthy. his job has been to enforce gun laws since january 20 of 2009. why would people be a dealers reporting lost or stolen
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firearms? >> i don't know people are against it. it's important the way laws are written. they can only be written by congress. they cannot be written by the president. many people may favor his proposa proposals. he claims gun owners favor it and i'm not in a position to dispute that. you can find polls to support anything. under our system, his job is not to take a poll and then decide what laws he's going to write. his law is to enforce the law that congress has written. >> every president does executive orders, executive actions, hundreds of them. what will stop him? will the courts stop him? >> if he attempts to prosecute someone, if his justice department attempted to prosecute someone who failed to register as a dealer because they gave a gun to their nephew. that person and their lawyer will challenge this. >> real quickly. the next president in office can wipe this out?
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>> absolutely. he or show could ignore it. >> thank you much. >> you're welcome. time for my take. could president obama's actions backfire with regard to gun sales? in december 2015, there were 3.31 million background checks. the highest number for any month on record. for the entire year of 2015, there were one million checks. since the president's first year in office there were 14 million background checks. that equated to a 65% increase in checks from the first year to his seventh. there are no real numbers on the actual number of firearms sold because the government doesn't track that stat. that includes activities between private parties.
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with the huge increase in background checks, there's no doubt americans are fearful their second amendment right may be hindered and many are choosing to act. the president's executive action on guns making waves on the campaign trail. hillary clinton making the rounds in iowa. senator bernie sanders with an event right now in new york city. chief white house wcorresponden has been covering it. you've been on the road with hillary clinton. she's been as aggressive as the president. might that harm her campaign? >> republicans are very fired up on the second amendment. she sees a chance to exploit the fact that sanders is more
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moderate on gun control. she has gone hard left. in fact, just a few moments ago she double downed by saying that president obama basically got the idea for these executive measures from her. listen. >> i am very proud of president obama's announcement today to try to have some sensible gun safety measures to protect the american people. in fact, i feel really good because i called for some of those measures a couple of months ago. >> this is where it could hurt her. beyond just gun, hillary clinton has said she would go further than president obama with executive action on issues like immigration. if this gets the right fired up, and she gets the democratic nomination, this could be a problem for her. >> interesting. another big issue for democrats, wall street reform. you had a one-on-one with senator sanders and he thinks he can win. >> he does high pressure he set a record by crossing a threshold
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of getting at least 2 million individual campaign contributions from people all around the country. why it's significant? that's more than president obama had in 2008. you see what's going on in midtown manhattan. he's about to give a major speech on wall street reform. he's been waraking in this morng been taking on billionaires. last night he talked with me in new hampshire and says he thinks he can beat clinton in iowa and new hampshire. >> i'm not into speculation or predictions. i think we have a strong chance of winning iowa. i think it's likely if the election in new hampshire we are held today, we might win it today. i think we have a good chance to win. if we win iowa and new hampshire, i think we have a good path. >> how does he do it? he has a 100 page staffers on
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the ground and in iowa. more than a thousands volunteers. they think they will have a better ground game. the clinton camp disagrees. fighti ining drug addiction topping for republican candidates today. the issue hits very close to home for candidate carly fiorina. >> when our daughter was just 34 years old, my his frank and i lost her to the demons of addiction. for those of you who have lost a child to this terrible disease, you know there is nothing worse than planning your child's funeral. >> new hampshire seen a huge increase in overdose deaths. losing some 400 people in the last year alone. let's talk about this now. the pentagon giving a briefing. they are expecting to address
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where one u.s. service member has been killed and two more wounded. the casualty occurred during heavy fighting. that's where the taliban has been attempting to regain control of key towns. jennifer griffin live from the pentagon today. what more do we know about what's happened today? >> u.s. special operators were accompanying afghan forces when the u.s. special operator was killed. he's the first u.s. service member killed in afghanistan this year. the a key battle site and prize sought by the taliban as they attempt to take back this key area where much of the poppy is grown. two u.s. troops were wounded. one was on board the medivac helicopter. the rotor was damaged by a mortar which was fired as it tried to land to rescue the troops that were on the ground.
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it's not clear whether that helicopter and the troops are still trapped. >> i'm going to give you chance to clear your throat with this question. u.s. troops are supposed to draw down by half. we know that's supposed to happen by next january. do we have any idea where things stand on that front? >> the white house has previously said that number of u.s. troops would fall to 5500 by next january when the president leaves office. there are now 9800 u.s. troops in afghanistan helping afghan forces but with the resur gent efforts to retake part of the country, the top u.s. commander sent in a recent interview that he hopes that all 9800 will stay as long as possible. every time aye gone to the president and said i need x, i've been very, very fortunate he's provided that. he's been very flexible. it's been condition space as we have gone forward. that was from an interview on december 29th with usa today.
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over the weekend top former obama administration national security officials said afghanistan will reemerge as a top u.s. security issue this year. >> thank you. more coalition member expanding their role in fight against isis as it's thought the killer could be from one of our ally countries again. is this the next jihadi john? she tried to help her son avoid parole. now she's heading back to texas. the latest on the teen and his mom as she leaves california court.
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino...
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and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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quick look another the oregon press conference. he is giving an update to their situation. that's amon bundy. he says the protesters plan to stay as long as necessary. the fbi and police want them out. we'll keep you up to date. the terrorist appearing in an isis video showing the killing of five accused spies is believed to be a british radical. he could be a 32-year-old brit, a muslim convert renting out those bouncy houses for kids before joining the terror group. imagine that. the video features a young boy in camouflage threatening attacks against great britain. the child is identified as his
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4-year-old grandson. >> he's my grandson. i can't disown him. he's a small boy. they are just using him as a shield. she said she was going to egypt for her studies. my daughter still there. >> what is this significance of showing young kids, like four years old, in the propaganda video? you see that grandfather. he's tearing up. his 4-year-old grandson is now part of isis. what are we to make of this propaganda with these young kids? >> i think they're trying to show you they are everywhere. they are british subjects going to the middle east to fight. this is a mother brought her
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little child to be part of a propaganda video. i think it's meant to be the shock value. part of the videos is for the shock value. to say we're in charge. we're everywhere. there's no way you escape from us. i think that we now think there's a new jihadi john. we just got rid of the old jihadi john and here is another one to step in to fill his shoes. >> it's another brit who was radicalized. he was selling children's bouncy castles. what is so important about isis sending out the message by using an ally of the united states, the uk? >> they are trying to show their domination over it. they are trying to show they control this narrative and can take anyone. it could be the guy next door who ask now pledged allegiance to isis and coming over to isis to fight and maybe coming back to your neighborhood as a sleeper cell. it's to show shock value and domination and instill fear
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because if this guy could do it, if a little 4-year-old kid is there, if the bouncy castle salesman is there, that means anybody. >> it seems as if isis is one step ahead of the united states. they come out with these new things all the time. right now our efforts are to have air strikes. is that enough? >> i don't think so. what they're showing is that whatever happens, as you say we're one step behind, but it says this is a global jihadi movement. we can dismiss it and laugh at it. that's their goal. just by merely destroying icy s isis, i don't think we can, they move. we got them in i rack. they moved to syria. they're going to go to libya. they're going to go back to afghanistan. we need to take a big step back and say how did we defeat
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communism during the cold war. it was a unified strategy. >> i don't think with this administration -- >> we will not. the mother of the teen giving herself up for extra diction. we'll tell you the charges she could face when she returns to texas. that brings us to our very popular question of the day today. what do you think of the president's executive orders on gun safety? tweet me at gretchen carlson.
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court action just ending for the mom of the so-called aflew ensa teen with her waiving extra diction. her lawyers say she did not violate any state laws when she ran off with her son for a deadly drunk driving crash. when is she likely to go back to texas? >> as we understand it she could be back in texas as early as tomorrow. it's a question of the l.a. sheriff's department processing the paper work for the extradition and officials coming from texas to pick tonya couch up. she waived extradition at that brief appearance. >> are you the tonya couch wanted by the state of texas? >> yes.
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>> i'm holding a waiver of extradition form. do you recognize that? >> yes. >> did you read and understand the information contained on this form? >> yes, i did. >> did you freely and voluntarily sign form? >> yes. >> do you understand you're giving up your right to resist extradition to the state of texas? >> yes. >> tonya couch's next scheduled appearance is in tarrant county texas on january 14th, where she will face the charge of hindering the a ppprehension of her son. she could face up to ten years. >> what about the teenager, ethan? >> ethan is still being held in mexico city. he's due at some point today to meet his attorney. that attorney who is a high powered one has said that if ethan couch waives his right to fight extradition, he could be
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back in texas within 24 hours too. that seems unlikely at this point. it seems that the couch family has made the decision to fight extradition on behalf of ethan couch in which case it could take weeks, even months before he is back in texas and even if and when he does get back to texas, they cannot resentence him or retry him on the killing of those four people when he was driving drunk. the worst that officials in texas could deliver to ethan couch in terms of justice is 120 days behind bars on the violation of probation charge. >> i think that has to do with the fact he's still a juvenile. thank you. president lays out his latest executive order on gun control. a lot of people not too happy about it. what did senator marco rubio and our panel have to say about it? dr. carson's wife pens a book about how her husband
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some stories making headlines today. police in georgia rescuing 11 kids and a woman being held hostage by an armed man inside a motel room. the suspect stabbed himself in the neck. the department of justice filing a civil lawsuit against volkswagen. the german car maker would face
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billions of dollars in penalties if found liable. rallies and tv ads are among the most visible tools for presidential campaigns. candidates are relying on the ground game as well. massive undertaking combining dozens of staffers with the sole goal of driving a luj voter turn out. john is live in iowa. what are you seeing with the ground game there? >> good afternoon. a positively balmy day. the reason you have to have a ground game is the iowa caucuses are not your typical voting day. it's not drive up to the polling place and ten minutes you're back out going to work. this is an hour's long process
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that requires motivated voters. all the campaigns are putting together extensive ground game operations of varying degrees to try to motivate them. scores of volunteers that walk in the neighborhoods, we went out with some of them yesterday armed with a new smart phone app that delivers data on possible supporters. >> we have a caucus app through our program. from that list you go out and call them and door knock. you follow up with them. >> reporter: there's 1,681 caucus sites. they want a captain to stand up. that is an enormous undertaking.
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>> trump and cruz lead the polls in iowa. how is their ground game looking? >> reporter: this is shaping up to be the contest in iowa on february 1st. ted cruz is trying to do it by appealing to christian conservatives along with representative steve king and the family leader to get them out to the caucuses. they are the most reliable caucus goers. donald trump is trying to attract first time caucus goers. far less reliable. >> all right. john roberts live for us. take care. president laying out his plan to bypass congress and create common sense gun reform today. the white house pushing for more background checks and redefining who is a dealer to try to keep guns out of hands of people who could harm themselves or others.
11:34 am
rich. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is an issue that's drawn emotion and anger from president obama and done so again today. the president is pleading that people are dying and there can be no more excuses. he listed gun massacres that had taken place while president of the united states and again stated the u.s. is not the only country with violent people but seems to be the only one with such frequent gun violence. his action expands background checks for those looking to buy begins and licensing for those who are selling them. then he criticized congress claiming republicans are denying the will of the american people failing to pass stricter gun control laws. >> gun lobby may be holding congress hostage now but they cannot hold america hostage. we do not have to accept this carnage as the price of freedom. >> republicans say polling shows more americans oppose stricter gun control laws than those who
11:35 am
want them. the senate majority leader has come out with a statement. he's said in the wake of the president's vow to politicize shootings, it's hard to see the announcement about more than politics. it appears to be an issue who are saying they are going to pursue this in court. back to you. >> we just showed the stats a bit earlier in the show. thank you. for more on this now simon rosenburg and former bill clinton campaign adviser and larry o'connor. happy new year to both of you. >> happy new year. >> simon, here is my question. with anything that the president proposed today, would any of those things have stopped or prevented any of the recent mass
11:36 am
shootings that we have seen in this country? >> the honest answer is i don't know. i want to say about what happened today with the president proposing, i think it's a modest set of steps. if you want to buy a gun and pass background checks for 99% of the people in the united states who want to buy guns there's going to be no change in anything that's going felon in way they buy guns today. it's about shutting down the ability of people operating on the margins to make sure the system is applying to all gun sales. this is a modest step forward. >> why would the president not propose something that would stop the mass shootings that we have seen if that's what we're talking about? >> the answer is the only thing that he could possibly propose
11:37 am
that could stop the mass shootings is to repeal the second amendment because we have the right to bear arms. that means sometimes bad people will get guns and do bad things. i'm sorry. the president cannot do what he did. he can't just write laws. i cry when people circumvent our institution. >> it's a multi-pronged problem. i was happy to see he included mental health as one of the initiatives. we could talk about video games or a myriad of other things. i want you to listen to what marco rubio had to say about it. >> i oppose gun violence. criminals don't care what the law is. they violate it. it's obsessed with undermining
11:38 am
the second amendment. if he's serious about gun violence, he would be focused on violence. >> they have gone down. they have gone down like 38% in the last ten years. there are laws on the books, simon, that aren't being utilized. we have strong laws in california and dhchicago and we still see violence. >> crime in the united states is way down. there isn't a violent problem in the united states. we haven't seen the explosion. the only part of the crime landscape that's increasing is gun violence. it's the only piece of the whole buy that's increasing. i think where rubio is wrong is that it's not about violence. we are a country far safer today
11:39 am
than it was 25 years ago. dr. ben carson's wife has penned a new book out. dr doctor in the house. tells some interesting stories. some of these stories that caught our eye is she talks about how in third grade he was upset about something at school and came home and wanted to kill himself by eating rat poison. is this a good story to tell about a presidential candidate? >> come on, larry. >> hillary clinton had 12 00 classified e-mails on a server. >> he's ai vovoiding the questi. >> he was able to get two books out to make money for his
11:40 am
family. i'm proud of him for that. >> sigh plon, here is another story. he was in the middle of carjacking in 1991 of the two guys he chased after them. they realized he was the famous doctor and shook his hand and stopped the carjacking. >> sounds great. i don't know. i'm glad we're spending time with ben carson today. his campaign is fading. he's had a lot of troubles. i wish him and his wife well. i don't think he's going to be a serious player in the upcoming votes in iowa and new hampshire. >> that story seem, wow, he's got some persuasive ability. >> he's a dynamic individual. the people rallying behind him they love him. he's great guy.
11:41 am
i met him many times. there's a lot of quirkiness there. >> his older brother counselled him to drink as much water until he exploded instead of doing the rat poison option. he didn't do either. i got to wrap it there. see you again next week. >> thanks. iowa and new hampshire are getting overloaded with ads as primary season gets into full swing. are those ads worth the money being spent anymore or reaching the voters that they need to get to. plus, school bus in new jersey goes up the flames. how the students get out in time with the fire. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms
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they might want isis to get stronger. why and what to do about it. coming up. a high school track team and driverer lucky to be alive after a school bus engulfed in flames. they were headi ining to a morn meet. the coach motioned for everyone to get out and fast. they did. thankfully no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 2016 election season kicking into high gear with the first in the nation presidential contest less than a month away in iowa. political ads hitting the airplane waves there and beyond. >> the world doesn't know where
11:46 am
america stands. on day one of my presidency, that will change. >> the politics will be very, very different in a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the rio grande. >> donald trump calling it radical terrorism. >> still with all these ads, younger ones don't really watch tv anymore at least when it's on live. they are glued to their ipads and social media. do political tv ads even matter anymore? such a fascinating topic. super pacs will spend millions of dollars. are they speaking to the wrong people who are not watching tv?
11:47 am
>> exactly. definitely a little misguided in terms of where it's been invested if they are after a younger voter and trying to move the younger minds for the upcoming election. >> let's look at the money. despite the domination of all things digital, 4 billion dollar will be spent on tv ads. that's up 18% since 2012. also, spot tv ads will remain the preferred medium for political commercials. that's also going to go up. is it that super pacs are an anteqated? >> people think television is safe. it's reactive. there's an opportunity to speak to a group of individuals on their own terms using very clear data profiles we can construct and tap into issues which are
11:48 am
relevant that are being ignored. >> 60% don't follow politics. 33%, democrats, 22% are republicans. they are looking at social media platforms. if candidates were smart and trying to get those voters, what should they they be doing? >> i think what they should be doing is isolating exactly what the essence of their brands and communicating that simply in very clear terms, making it very easy to understand and then creating it digitally that allows them to go away and find out more information for themselves. it's an inverse approach for mimi milennials. they want to find more information they are interested
11:49 am
in. the parties don't seem to be optimizing the ability for something that they will care about and give them a digital ecosystem to find out. >> this group makes up 26% of the population. we saw what happened to barack obama eight years ago with milennials. the candidates have to be serious. i hope they are listening to your approach. >> i think there's a lack of pro-active approaches for the millennials. most of the money is for 35 plus television. only one tv campaign ran when obama was running for
11:50 am
18-year-olds. >> we'll see if they are listening to your strategy. carjacker taking off with a toddler in the backseat. incredible look at how officers were able to track her down. we have the video to prove it. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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welcome back. chilling tale with a heartwarming end after a carjacker takes off with a 3-year-old girl inside the car. trace gallagher with more on that. >> gretchen, you talk about the longest four hours of a parents' life. that's how long she was missing. the little girl was buckled in her mother's car. when the mom got out to fill water bottles a thief jumped in the car and took off. albuquerque police scrambled to put out a citywide alert. the car was found a short time later abandoned but no sign of
11:54 am
the girl. and with temperatures dropping below freezing, police had zero leads. hours later a police officer driving through an empty parking lot spotted what looked like a purple bundle. that turned out to be little caroline. the rest was captured on the officer's body camera. watch. >> hi, sweetheart. are you okay? come here. come here. come here. i know. come here. come here. here. okay? you sit warm, okay? >> as you saw there, she was wrapped in a purple jacket with a hood covering her head. it clearly wasn't enough because she kept telling the officer how cold she was. investigators still don't know exactly how long the child was sitting alone in the freezing cold, but the police officer who found her admits to being overcome with emotion. watch. >> just very happy and thankful.
11:55 am
i can't even imagine what the animal who did this was even thinking. >> the animal he talks about still on the loose. police have been circulating surveillance video of the suspect from the sgroesry store parksing lot where the mom's car was stolen. still no arrests. we are told investigators are also be talking to the little girl to see if she can provide some leads in what happened. gretchen? >> wow, if every story could end like that. unbelievable not only that the officer happened upon her and then it's all caught on video. what an amazing story. trace. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. it's all hands on deck as authorities search for a valuable l iimb of president abraham lincoln? huh? that story, next. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino...
11:56 am
and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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i have a massive heart attack oright in my driveway.d the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. welcome back to the real story. police need your help. they need a hand, actually, to find some missing art.
11:59 am
seems the sticky fingered crook stole a plaster sculpture of am bra hamlin con's hand from an illinois museum. the hand went missing last month. so it's about the size of a ten-pound hand. the estimated value about 5,000 bucks. police are hoping someone can help finger the culprit. all right. good writing. the producer who wrote that is going to be in trouble. a small town in china, statue 120 feet tall taking almost two years to build at nearly half a million dollars. mao ruled until 1986. blamed for causing up to 45 million deaths from famine. earlier we asked you what you thought of president's executive orders on gun safety. al bailey tweet, not much. they will never be enforced. it's a desperate attempt to appease his conscience for promises that he made. it won't work. dale said, it's test case to see
12:00 pm
if the administration can expand executive powers with respect to bill of rights versus legislation and pass courts. thank you for writing. i'm grechtchen carlson. it's noon on the west coast. here's what's happening. president obama announcing exec pif orders on guns. ahead, what his plan actually means for america's gun buyers, gunseler, gun owners and why people at the nra don't seem too worried. presidential candidates on both sides looking to build momentum with less than a month to go and things are getting a little rough out on the trail. plus, that teenager who killed four people and n. a drunk driving crash ran to mexico with mom. apparently to avoid possible prison time. still fighting extradition. but influenza mom is back. and today she was in a california courtroom. let's get to it.


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