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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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anniversary. 71 is prettyia amazing. good night now. thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow night here at 7 p.m. eastern. good night from the washington. the o'reilly factor is on tonight: >> well, i can tell you what i am. i am a progressive democrat. >> but that's not what mrs. clinton said last september. she said she was a moderate democrat. the point is americans really don't know what hillary clinton will do if elected. tonight, we'll have a special report. >> now putin comes out he says trump is brilliant. i don't reject that. >> should donald trump be tougher on putin a major human rights violater? we will take a look at that ♪ >> also ahead some big named american entertainers taking big money from human rights violators. we will name the names. caution, you are about to
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enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪zñ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary clinton and your money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the stats are grim, that half of all-american workers currently earning less than $30,000 a year. median income in america peaked in 1999. 2015 median income more than $1,000 below the 19999 level. incredible. in the seven years president obama has been in office, the median income has fallen. so obviously the american economy is not good, no matter how the politicians try to spin it. enter hillary clinton who defined herself politically in september then contradicted herself yesterday. >> you know, i get accused of being kind of moderate
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and center. i plead guilty. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? >> i can i tell you what i am, i am a progressive democrat. i'm a progressive democrat who likes to get things done and who believes that we are better off in this country when we are trying to solve problems together. getting people to work together. >> obviously mrs. clinton dodged the question about socialism. but i can tell you this: she is not a socialist. everybody knows the clintons live very well with two lavish homes private jet flights and enormous income stream. speeches in the clinton foundation afford bill and hillary an affluent lifestyle when they embrace. meanwhile bernie sanders is a hard core socialist. he doesn't live high at all. he walks the walk. unfortunately the walk is lame. socialism doesn't work and sanders promoting a guaranteed income for all americans is living in a galaxy of far far away. the democrats should listen to their icon john f.
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kennedy. to help those least fortunate of all i'm recommending a new public welfare program stressing services instead of support. rehabilitation instead of relief. and training for youthful work instead of prolonged dependency. what president kennedy espoused very clearly is government help in helping yourself. not handouts, not socialism not progressive politics. the truth is hillary clinton is massacre rationd as a far left person so sanders will not embarrass her in iowa and new hampshire. however by doing so she loses credibility on all fronts. how would hillary clinton improve the economy? nobody knows. amend the economy definitely needs to be improved. a new study by bank surveyed 1,000 american adults 1,000 63% say they are unable to handle a hundred dollars car repair. or a $1,000 emergency hospital room bill. and according to the pew
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organization 59% of all-american households experienced a financial shock in 2014. that doesn't mean they won the lottery. that means they couldn't pay their bills. it's clear many american homes are living week to week in extremely dangerous situation. there comes a point and talking points said this before they get the government they deserve. terrorism and economy are the two big issues in this year's presidential election. hillary clinton is a lock for the democrat nomination and now she says she is a progressive democrat. but she is not. and that's the memo. now for the top story reaction, joining us from boston marianne march democratic strategist and here in new york andrea tantaros host of outnourished. hillary clinton says she is a capitalist, what is she. >> when it comes to the rest of us, bill. she is a progressive. she is going to be obama's third term. she is not going to to help the middle class she only cares by herself. a lot of people know that by now. almost three decades career
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in office. look at her record especially asm york where she really pledge to do help the middle class. people in upstate new york still waiting for. >> i don't think if she gets elected she is going to be as liberal as obama. >> she will be exactly as obama. >> you think so? in foreign policy and, you know, global warming over the he economy? that's what it's all about. you get down and you pull your shirt sleeves up and say i'm going to fix the economy by promoting the private marketplace. >> foreign policy, no, the economy she will be exactly like him. all she cares about herself. her husband only cares about himself. she will keep the progressive policies in place. she will not interrupts anything that obama done. >> are you progressive or moderate democrat, marianne, by the way what are you? >> i think i'm like hillary clinton and then i like to see things get done. >> wait, wait, wait. you are like hillary clinton had. you were a moderate in september but now you are a progressive in january?
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i mean, look, people change, marianne. people change. >> no, i'm a progressive on social issues. i think when it comes to the economy and restoring the middle class, hillary clinton has got it exactly right. to bring back the middle class we have to bring back manufacturing. >> trump is going to do that he is going to go to china and bring all those jobs back. hillary is not going to do that. >> of course she is. that's exactly what she is going to do. use the tax code to get people continue to vest in manufacturing again. good paying jobs that's what we need so people have money in their pockets and make things in this uncan tri and buy things. >> not talking about the valley of promises right now. they all promise stuff come on marianne. they are not facts. >> no, those are fact=i5(p&c @&c@ >> you can't make a promise a fact and you know it you would have flunked at the kennedy school with that kind of stuff. they would have flunked you out of there. what we want to talk about who the woman really is? is she september hillary a moderate or is she january hillary, a progressive? who is she? >> to andrea's point i think she is very smart and
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moderate on economic things. the reason she won that senate seat was upstate new york. all those small businesses up there she end had. every single one of them they voted for her for that reason. that he was the promise she made and she kept. >> why hasn't it shown up in any of the stats? income levels in upstate new york are lower than they were in when she was senator. i mean, it's ridiculous. >> now they are. >> the jobs when she was there and then they[%um disappeared? come on. >> no. we had the great recession. we had the great recession. that's what happened. and when hillary clinton make no mistake about it she did a great job in upstate new york with a lot of businesses. >> it's abysmal. she has no experience on the economy and bill, she only cares about one person and that's herself. but progressivism is about making everybody's life equally miserable except for her and her husband. >> let's deal with that. marianne, i don't want to you deal with this question directly north give me some pie in the sky theory. she lives well. >> i don't i do pie in the
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sky. >> she liv well. all right? she has got a very very nice house in georgetown and chappaqua. zips around in private jets. i don't begrudge her of that. i have nice houses. then she says i'm a progressive which means(/ she wants to basically guarantee people, unlike john f. kennedy stuff. she wants to guarantee them a wage. she wants to guarantee them retirement, health benefits, obamacare, on and on and on and on. creating this giant government apparatus. so she's a capitalist as andrea said when it comes to her. but, when it comes to everybody else, she is a quasisocialist. is that what you are telling me? >> no. when you make it in life, your job is to help other people make it, too. that's the great thing about public service. i think people who do make it and go into public service and stay in public service, that's]#iq they do number one. >> capitalism, not socialism. >> but what we don't see today in the wake of the great recession are people being rewarded for their work. so, is it progressive to raise the minimum wage to
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10.150 and lift 5 million out of poverty and out of last rung ever the middle class that's progressive but that's the right thing to do. raise it to 12 million and get 35,000 out of poverty. >> made it off the backs of people in this country that mistreat women and used her office in the state department to do quid pro quo favors. >> that's different. >> it's shadier. capitalism but she was a public servant and that's how they made their money. they parlayed being a public servant into this and on the middle class all hillary clinton is spending. spending we will have to pay for. you know i'm right. >> no, no. >> i i have got to go. certainly not. >> marianne, you know it's not what jfk put on. >> she is entitle to do her own -- andrea is entitle to do her opinion but not her own facts. and when it comes to manufacturing. >> i have got to go. you heard the kennedy s.o.t.
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in his state of the union it is absolutely the on opposite of what the democratic party stands for today. >> no. >> i have tweeted about mrs. clinton and her money punch up at o'reilly factor at o'reilly factor. tweeting. next on the rundown both bill and hillary clinton have a new strategy in dealing with trump. we'll tell you what that is later, miller on putin. also celebrities selling marijuana. factor is coming right back. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for thirty years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in three months. and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away.
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impact segment tonight bill and hillary clinton have been attacked by donald trump on a number of issues including the status of women, also for creating isis. i'm interested in your response to the donald's comment view that president obama created isis. >> i have adopted a new year's resolution i'm going
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to let him live in his alternative reality and i'm not going to respond. >> joining us now from nevada where mrs. clinton holding an event. he7ç had henry is covering the campaign. how did this strategy evolve? did they all sit down and say listen we are not going to get into this with trump because we can't win kind of thing because he is so outrageous? >> what sparked it in terms of timing in beginning of the new year this week i was on the road with bill clinton in new hampshire the beginning of his first solo campaign events. he will be doing more tomorrow by the way in iowa. they knew that people like me would be chasing him around trying to get him to respond to donald trump. they tried to come up with this talking point. when i i talked some top clinton advisors they say there is a couple reasons why they are saying this. number one they think if they get into a tit-for-tat with donald trump it will be a race for the bottom. to donald trump's credit every republican from jeb bush to rick perry bobby jindal who has tried to take donald trump on, they have
5:15 pm
all fallen and fallen badly. the problem for hillary clinton, of course, is in a general election if donald trump is the nominee, they may not have this choice to try a new years resolution and simply ignore him. i also think there is another big factor, bill, which is the great unknown. campaigns don't like unknown factors. what donald trump is talking about is not just monica lewenski but are there any other personal issues that are more recent? is there anything involving the clinton foundation? is there anything else bill clinton's speeches? there is a whole host of issues. and what you see is this has kind of frozen the clinton campaign. they don't know how to respond to donald trump. >> i think they are smart if you are just looking at it tactically, because you are not going to beat trump in this game. uninhibited. let's use that word. he has no rules. and he will say anything. and so i think that they are smart, basically staying away from any of the personal stuff. they will have to, if he
5:16 pm
gets the nomination, deal with the issue stuff. but personal stuff i would stay away from. >> right. >> now earlier this week i guess, you interviewed bernie sanders. let's roll a clip of that. >> i think it's likely that if the election in new hampshire were held today we might win it today. so i think we have a good chance to win iowa, a good chance to win new hampshire. and if we win iowa and new hampshire, i think we got a real path toward victory. >> all right. so the bern meister won't talk with me but he will talk with you. that's a mistake right there. and does it look to you like he might win iowa and new hampshire? >> right now in iowa, it's tightening. hillary clinton's campaign is concerned about that she is still in the lead. but it is tight. it's within 10 points. in new hampshire bernie sanders is winning in poll after poll. it's not just one or two. he does have a legitimate shot at winning either or both iowa or new hampshire. i think the real problem is for bernie sanders once it goes to super tuesday and southern primaries especially march 1st on
5:17 pm
super tuesday you have a lot of african-american voters turning out. most polls show they are not big fans of hillary bernie sanders and hillary clinton is getting the support. i'm not saying he can't do it. the voting hasn't started. it is uphill battle for him after iowa and new hampshire, bill. >> he am saying he can't do it. sanders is not going to win the nomination. but he could win in iowa and new hampshire and all of that final question for you. is sanders more of an annoyance than anything else to hillary clinton or is it a bigger situation? >> that's the way they see it inside the clinton camp and she is about to take the stage. they think here in places like nevada she in the end is going to roll over bernie sanders but the bottom line is he has been getting much bigger crowds than she has. and when i have been on the road with both of them she is getting more -- bernie sanders is getting more energy more excitement and more enthusiasm. but hillary clinton in the national polls as you know is still winning. by the way it may have been a mistake for him not to do
5:18 pm
an interview with you if you are now tweeting. >> and we were buddies. now that i'm tweeting, everybody should be doing interviews with me. >> it's big. i don't know why it would matter but they should. >> he had henry everybody enjoy the speech. next on the rundown germany taking in more than 1 million refugees, most from the middle east, now there are charges some of them are physically abusing german women. then some big time american stars taking money from human rights violators. we will name names up ahead.
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days after the paris attacks senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat...
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together, we're building a better california. unresolved problem seeing' tonight, germany is leading the several hundred semitic men some of those men abused sermon women in the city of can cologne.
5:22 pm
[speaking foreign language] >> but german authorities have made no arrests at all even though two women) say they were raped. joining us on the phone from cologne, germany london times correspondent alan hall. so what really happened here mr. hall? >> it was a mob of about 1,000 men of, we are told by the victims and by the eyewitnesses of arabic or middle eastern-looking appearance they rampaged through the main station in the square outside next the famous gothic theater they fired fireworks through the crowd with all these fireworks going off celebrations of new year's eve they took the opportunity to surround these women rob them and in some cases seriously sexually assault them. >> now was this a certain group of people? how do you get 1,000 people rampaging? how do you do that? >> well, this was a thousand men that gathered outside. it's a very big square and what happened was these guys
5:23 pm
according to the victims peeled off into groups of between 3 and 20. surrounding women in either singularly or in groups of 2 or 3 entried with them sexually and took the opportunity to rob them? are they all muslim men? had that been established? >> no, it has not been established. it's only been established that all the victims and so far it's 118 cologne say that they were of a north african or arabic appearance and spoke arabic or some other language. not german. >> interesting. we over here in new york that the german media was reluctant to cover this story. is that true? >> i think it isq true. the background to that as you know germany has accepted in over a million people last year. there is great -- there is a great strain on the social fabric in this country. there is no getting away from that you probably see in america the numerous assaults fire bombs other
5:24 pm
attacks on accommodation and on individuals. and i think the german -- i don't think it was a question of sweeping it under the carpet. it was a question of trying to get it right because at this stage the authorities are still say would he go he don't think these people that committed these assaults are actually asylum seekers. they think they are people that have been in the country for a long time and today there was a report from a city of dusseldorf only 30 miles down the road that said there has been a similar series of attacks over the last 15 months in dusseldorf from a group of men from nigeria and morocco. a new form of crime. >> in the arena of public safety this is not going to go down with the the anti-immigrant forces in germany. mr. hall, we appreciate it very much. now, joining us from washington fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters. does this have a wider implication, colonel? >> it6dp)z certainly does.
5:25 pm
there is just a firestorm in the german media now especially online and the blotion fear blowing blogosphere. they are all innocent victims. and when a german of any standing tried to criticize that immigration policy, the media and politicians would brand them neo nazi automatically. now there is a feeling from john smith the german man on the street that, hey this is what we have been talking about. because what happened was about 1,000 guys organizing this flash mob create organized sexual assaults, at least two rapes in cologne, about 50 plus attacks in -- the same night new year's eve. about 13 or more, 18 i think it is now in dues sell doppler. it is germans. it's got to be order. and this could happen in germany is unthinkable to
5:26 pm
them. and the first thing the authorities did was try to hush it up. and then they rushed out and said -- they did an obama. you know, you can't assume they're muslims. you can't assume this is sexual terrorism blah, blah blah, blah, blah. and the cologne who is super, you know, free immigration, open borders henrietta, she actually said within the last 24 hours well, what women have to do german women just have to keep all strange men at arm's length. pretty tough to do. >> that's absurd is. >> they have got their mardi grass coming up. cologne is their new orleans. they are worried about that. it is a disaster and may be a turning point in german attitude toward immigration. >> liberal press in germany and germany like many other countries the press is left is covering it up? >> i think they tried to initially play it down. they had to report it but they are play vanilla reports. now they are trial to ameal
5:27 pm
rate and say+s we don't know. several men arrested and taken into custody and questioned who were recent immigrants. that disappeared. now we know two men are in custody. the bottom line is this, bill germany can't handle the wave of immigrants it's got and a the average german is furious. >> thank you colonel as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller making his first appearance of the year talking about putin and celebrities selling pot. also hollywood director quinton tan teen know bad mouthed cops and now his latest movie is under performing. any politics in that? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. @cw
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personal story segment tonight, a bunch of big american stars are performing overseas for very large amounts of money. on december 19th, nicki minaj gave a concert in angola africa, despite a human rights group asking her not to bye because angola's president is corrupt and oppressive. ms. minaj took the money reportedly $2 million. in the past beyonce and usher gave a concert for muammar qaddafi's son and jennifer lopez mariah carrie all performing in countries with derelict human rights. >> are you. >> i'm not surprised. what outrages me the most is
5:32 pm
the hypocrisy. most if not all of these performers are known liberals. they support democrats and they profess to support human rights. how then is it okay for them to go and perform for some of the world's worst dictators? >> well, tell me about angola is this guy really a hatchet man? >> he yx is incredibly repressive. a regime that restricts freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion. public hangings take place there. this is a country that's exploited his natural resources. >> that's why she can get 2 million bucks. what do you say. >> i find a different hypocrisy. how about most of those are women perform in a way that can be sexually suggestive and that's their right. this is america. women are free to do that. in some of these countries bill, those women in those countries don't have thatkc;iw right. that's hypocrisy that bothers me. >> you are bothered by it, too. >> it really bothers me. >> kanye west paid $3 million to go to --
5:33 pm
another million and a half to do his dopeyé show by the oppressive president, i can't even say his last name. >> -- >> very good. she has a ph.d. everyone. the list is jennifer lopez all over the place. >> she is the biggest offender. >> she is on "american idol" but when she is not she is in use uzbekistan. >> turkmenistan, belarus some of these countries are muslim majority countries where they have to cover up to perform. women have no rights. >> these women don't -- you can say that last name? look at that guy's last name. >> i have never seen that guy before in my life. >> you can say that guy? he looks like watters. he looks like watters, does he not? but he is a bad guy. and jennifer lopez is singing $1.4 million for that. and then jennifer sing happy birthday to some russian
5:34 pm
crook who was promptly arrested after that so, the bottom line is this: as you said, we are all americans. we have a freedom to choose what we do. >> you are not obligated bill. what else sad to me. >> but don't come back and tell me. >> they are not broke. you don't have to do it it's pure greed. i was raised to know that[q not all money is good money. belafonte takes issue with this. back in my day we stood for something. we stood for social justice. and then beyonce. >> ray charles would not play in areas. >> he affected change. >> we don't have that anymore. >> beyonce supporters would say but she has given $7 million to homeless people in houston. >> she takes the money and like robin hood. >> flan pay is not activism. >> to be fair, look, they don't have a lot of of people around them like you me and eboni to advise them. >> no, but they watch the factor. come on they know i'm not going to approve. >> even if they do know
5:35 pm
these regimes are bad and perform anyway, they only either donate the money to charity once they are exposed. >> yes. >> like almost like social justice laundry day. >> kanye west getting 3 million. you can imagine paying kanye west $3 million to do what? >> he is cool, man. >> if you are going to take that money from the bad guys don't come back and tell us that the bad guys are bad. don't do that ladies, thank you. when we come right back, miller on putin celebrities selling pot and mark surkberg building robots for everybody. the d-man is next.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time seeing want tonight, the first segment of 2016. let's get to the stage of southern california. first of all i have to cancel the show in kazakhstan. we can't take the guy's money he is dirty. >> billy, by the way never elect a guy whose name is worth 400,000 points in scrabble, all right? you know my president ---
5:40 pm
>> >> we are not doing it snoop dogg leafs by shoop. willie nelson willie's reserve. can business infused fine wines. they are all drug dealers miller what say you? >> i don't know if it's legal in certain states. i will say this, snoop is the ron popeil of pot. he sees a piece of bud he likes, he whips it out brings it in. this guy has done more for grass than miracle grow. he is the george washington carver of dank. you know, what we have got to do, billy. we have to hollow out the oscar this year and turn it into a bong. after that we have to get the jihadiists hooked while we wean ourselves off. we have got to start getting isis high? is this the end of the world? is this the end of the world? no. i don't think it's the end of the world but i do think when you take a sedentary non-motivated non-curious population and garnish it
5:41 pm
with a little weed i don't think it augers well for the country. we get much more lazier in this country i'm going to start getting stoned. when in decline recline. >> that makes sense to me. now, they are drug dealers because marijuana is a drug. so whether it's legal or not, that's what these guys are choosing to do. but you could make an argument that a lot of celebrities endorse booze. clooney does. i guess he got vodka or something he is selling. is there a difference? i don't know. i wanted people to know it's going on. >> drug dealer has a drug dealer has a pretty rough connotation with it, billy. >> i don't think -- noto÷ me. >> i understand but there is some things i'm adamant on that you are very equisk cable on. certain states where it's legal i can't call the purveyor a drug dealer but you can so we just differ there. >> mark zuckerberg, is he a facebook book guy isn't he? who is he.
5:42 pm
>> i don't know. you have got to stop getting stoned if you don't know this stuff. >> he is a tech guy. can somebody tell me who he is? >> facebook. >> all right. i had it right. so he wants build a robot that you can have in your house. i know a lot of people will already say i have one in my house. it doesn't have to be built. i married one. ba ba boom. >> i'm going to differ with you on that perspective too. [ laughter ] >> so anyway, do you want a robot in your house outside of a real human being? do you want zuckerberg building something for you? >> hey listen, mark. do you want to see artificial intelligence? go to a mall, okay? and when he builds an american robot like, this he takes jobs away from nobel mexican robots. i think this is robot racism. and, by the way what is zuckerberg need a butler for? robby, lay out my gray t-shirt, i mean, come on. >> i will take that as you are not going to get unone. all right finally. >> there was a couple jokes.
5:43 pm
i could care less about zuckerberg i'm in the vinkelboss camp. >> marketing atv fragrance. if you spray it on you invade ukraine. >> speaking of the oscars i swear he looks exactly like the oscar statue. i predict that the 2016 phrase at the end of next year will be hey i smell like putin. i you think that's going to be the phrase of the year. and here is the ad campaign, billy. can i bring home crimea, fry it up in a pain, bomb the hell out of isis, because your guy is a sham, i am putin ♪ an glee. i can't seem to forget you ♪ your vodka stays on my minds. just a couple ad campaigns. >> you have got to stay away from the willie nelson stash. you have got to get off that man. [ laughter ] >> willie, picked me up
5:44 pm
hitchhiking. i went two stops and i couldn't get my head together. >> if you just walk by him in the street you go whoa, i'm singing a song. >> i went into willie's tour bus once and it was like the hound of the bass kerrvilles. >> dennis miller, everybody. couple footnotes trump and putin in the tip of the day. if you would like to see miller and me in person, very dicey we have three shows coming up, los angeles, fairfax virginia, mohican sun in connecticut. big father's day show go to bill o' tickets selling very quickly so please check it out. on deck is hollywood director quinton tarentino paying a price for anti-cop rhetoric. also is is stephen colbert failing in the ratings because of his politics? coming right back.
5:45 pm
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back of the book segment tonight our hollywood director quentin tarantino who made antipolice statement earlier in 2015 and comedian stephen colbert a devout liberal hurting themselves in the marketplace. tarentino's new movie missed box office expectations by 20%. asking whether colbert's left wing approach is hurting him and cbs in the late night ratings. joining us now from los angeles dominic patton from tarentino any politics involved here? >> well, it's hard to tell, bill, to quote the great donald rumsfeld, i never liked to predict a nobles or unnobles. did hurt himself with those extremely i will considered and extremely i will timed remarks about police officers? i don't know. boycotts all across the country from police unions may indicate so. what we do know is though he went up# against "star wars" the force awakens and has now become the most successful film in box
5:49 pm
office in history today he has sloppy seconds with the hateful eight. >> other films went up against "star wars," one with farrell and wahlberg, it did right. this movie obviously is aimed at a different audience than "star wars." it's really not performing well on a daily basis. can you see it's not getting any traction at all. almost three hours long. and people whoc and action, they know what he said about the cops. they know that he called cops murderers without any proof in front of him. i think it's going to hurt him. that's my opinion. i think it's really going to hurt his career. >> i mean, look, there is no ways of debating this. this opening wide release weekend which brought in about $16 million is the worst a tarentino film has done since 1997 jackie brown. so you just look at the math, you have got to say that something is being hurt here. again, i think there are a lot of variables here. you mentioned the length, bill. i think that's a real factor in this film. 167 minutes that's a lot of
5:50 pm
movie time. >> that's a lot of hateful. that's a lot of hating in almost three hours. all right mr. patton, all right. we appreciate it thank you. now let's bring in david zurich tv critic for "the baltimore sun." when colbert late guy, i said this. >> colbert made a living ef he exclusively sat rising the right and he has plenty of material but that won't be enough to beat fallon and kim el who are sharp and well-produced. remember he alienated 40% of the country who define themselves as conservative. >> so what do you think, david? he is not doing that well in the ratings. it is consistent he is around 2 2,250,000 viewers. we did 4.5 million here. you think colbert's left wing bent hurts him? >> you know bill the thing that most disappointed me about
5:51 pm
colbert, i thought colbert will wo would have a much greater impact on the political talk of this country, and political figures of late night tv. i thought he would steal some of the thunder from late night tv cable. that didn't happen. that has to be a disappointment. he is in second between jimmy fallon who is solidly in first place and jimmy kimmel who is in some ways nipping at his heels, at least in november. that's got to worry cbs a little bit. i mean we're four months into this now. so the ratings are not great. >> he started off -- he lost about a million viewers since september 21st. as opposed to december 14th. but i don't think it is a disaster. however, i would tell you that knowing these guys as i do and i know them all and i've been on the late night shows a lot
5:52 pm
though i won't do colbert, because i don't trust him. they invited me to do his show and i declined. even though i had a book to sell which is amazing to me. i didn't trust colbert that he wouldn't pull a stunt, so i didn't do it. but he is following in letterman's shoes. and when letterman came out as a left far left guy, his audience dropped. because conservative people they want a fair shake. >> they don't mind if you're left but they don't want cheap shots. >> bill he came from comedy central and there is sort afterof a premise with comedy central. that assumption has already wrank elled me in this way. that is that conservatives are worthy of ridicule. jon stewart was the king of this. they assume that's where the humor comes from thp that's why i call it ideological. jimmy fallon doesn't do that. when he had donald trump on what he did was personal humor
5:53 pm
and brilliantly crafted when he was looking into the mirror at donald trump and he looked like donald trump and he said fallon is a lightweight. the only person worthy of interviewing me is me. that was personal. that was traditional kind of late night humor. i didn't think you could do ideological humor on late night. >> i don't think so either. fallon and jimmy kimmel don't parade it out and they give you a fair cut. and even stewart tried, but i could trust he wouldn't go over a certain line. >> you liked him but i thought he was a tool of obama -- >> but i said that right to his face. i said that right to his face and he didn't throw up. the tip of today, trump and putin. moments away. [ coughing ] [ sneezing ] a cold can make you miserable. luckily, alka seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus
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along with good writers. and that's the truth. the only writer on the factor is me. care givers and my 90-year-old father family appreciates the dedication in the front of killing reagan. >> thank you. i. snrs . trump said this. >> putin said trump is brilliant. i agree with him, totally. but trump is brilliant and the lead earn this. he said very nice things. people said oh, that's terrible. that's terrible. he should renounce that, me. no way i renounce the fact that i'm brilliant. >> that is clever but the problem is putin is a major human rights violator and possibly a killer himself. it's been documented that some
5:59 pm
of putin's opponents have turned up murdered. he is a former kgb guy. and has illegally deceived crimea and stoked up war in ukraine. his ghouls shot down a civilian airline. while making fun of putin is fair game putting him in a positive light, any positive light, is not. he's a menace and a danger to the usa. your tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. which is different from we would like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. new zealand, tasmania antarctica. any place. word of the day, do not oscillate. oh do not oscillate when writing for the factor. tomorrow we will have a number of reports on a very important question. can donald trump actually win? can he win the republican nomination for president?
6:00 pm
we'll have a very provocative factor on thursday. thanks for watching us nice. ms. megyn is next. the spin stops here. we are looking out for you. . breaking tonight's serious concerns that the most volatile region is exploding. and asking point blank in a lack of presidential leadership is to blame. welcome to the kelly file everyone i'm megyn kelly. we have witnessed a series of troubling headlines out of the mideast. including tensions soaring between two power players, saudi arabia and iran. diplomatic ties between the two nations have been severed after two saudi diplomatic posts were attacked following the execution of a top cleric. the u.s. so far reluctant to get involved. meantime in a defiant


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