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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 11, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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testing. surfer garrett mcnamara was hospitalized by getting crushed by a 25-foot wave. we're told he will be okay. happy monday everyone. unreal. thank you for joining us. "fox and friends" starts right now. hi friends. good morning. today is monday, the 11th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. it's a fox news alert. the suspect in that philadelphia cop shooting may be part of a larger, more dangerous radical group who wants to attack law enforcement. we'll have more on that. >> trouble. also, new trouble for actor sean penn. after that trip down south to see "el chapo." could sean penn now be facing legal consequences for helping a mass murderer drug kingpin. we're going to talk that. >> maybe he's taken madonna again. the world remembers a rock legend this morning.
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♪ >> david bowie passed away at the age of 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer. we'll take a look back at his life. his brand new album that came out last week. unbelievable. welcome to monday. and mornings remain better with friends. hi everybody. well am could the show. interesting thing about david bowie. he was born david jones bus changed his name because he didn't want to be confused with davy jones of the monkees. thanks for joining us, anna good to see you. >> good morning. he just released an album and everybody was just kifding about it. it was in everybody's monologue. talking about the similarities with jimmy fallon with the same hair. what a secretive life he's lived over 15 years. >> a lot of people didn't know
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he was sick. >> didn't know he was ill. keeps reinventing himself. he went to the hall of fame a few years ago. on another note that should be getting your attention. we're following this story. we saw the unbelievable scene of this man. a man walked randomly up to a cop in philadelphia and shoots him three times. the officer leaves his car and shoots the assailant in the butt. he's now been apprehended. now there's more to the story. >> there is. apparently a woman went up to a police officer saturday night on the streets of philadelphia and said i want you to know, you know that guy that shot the cop, ed archer, well she knows of three of his associates who are at large. there's edward archer there. 30 years old. he's now been charged with attempted murder and all sorts of related crimes. now the philly cops are on edge because they're worried he was
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not a lone wolf. as you look at the picture of officer jesse hartnett, screen left there, he may actually have been part of a larger group targeting cops. >> that's reiterating what we heard from the commissioner over the weekend. saying officer heart net was targeted because he was wearing a badge and inside his pa control car. edward archer said he was pledging allegiance to isis, that he was called to do it and he was targetsing police officers on purpose because they defend laws that are contrary to the koran according to the suspect. >> let's think about this. for those who said al qaeda is on the run and bin laden is dead, we're watching a slow buildup of isis infiltration through western europe and now another incident on the heel of san bernardino where an isis inspired -- this guy might have been overseas for a while. >> he was. two trips. >> so he could be directly trained by isis and they're
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here. is there a mention from the white house or anything from capitol hill -- >> he's confessed it the cops. he did it in the name of islam. that is indisputable. yes, if you listen, god bless him, the mayor of philly trying to spin his way out of this. trying to suggest it's not something really related to that. instead, it's really a gun problem. here's jim canton. >> in no way, shape or for does anybody believe that islam or the teaching of islam has anything to do with that. he has a stolen gun and tried to kill an officer. has nothing to do with being an islam. >> there are too many guns on our streets. i think our government needs to do something about that. >> what a slap in the face to the law enforcement who was just at that very press conference moments before the mayor takes the podium said it had everything to do with islam.
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say radical strain of islam. that undermines the police work they're doing now. >> by the way, that gun was stolen from a cop in 2013. if you register another background check, you wouldn't be able to stop it. we're not idiots. weave known for years that they're in our borders. it's happened over and over again. it's rising on a regular basis. now you're going to try to spin it to be a gun issue. this is why people like donald trump and others come out of others speak logic and rocket up the polls. people feel that the politicians of today do not have our back. >> we're going to be talking about this throughout the morning because the fbi and also philly cons are looking for those other three guys. meanwhile, as you were sleeping, the world lost a rock legend iconic singer david bowie, dead at 69. ♪
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>> the news of his passing sending shockwaves throughout the entire world because he was known for decades. "fox and friends first" co-anchor heather childers is here with more on the life and times of david bowie. >> the world is a little less glam you could say without david bowie. ♪ >> ah, the 69-year-old singer, he was quietly battling cancer for 18 months. a lot of folks didn't know that. his rep confirming that he passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. >> ground control to major tom ♪ >> david bowie truly a pioneer for the music world. his influential sounds combined electronic, punk and rock'n'roll keeping him at the top for four
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decades. the british rocker first stepped on to the scene in 1972 bringing with him the kpon september of alter egos performing as zig i stardust. yeah. i like that. bowie made it across the pond to the u.s. shortly after that hitting the top of the american charts. not just that one. including just dance, space oddity and changes. bowie never got off the musical train. just three days ago he released his 25th and final studio album. it's called black star. social media explodingnews. people speak on his influence on rock and on their lives. singer josh groban said he never seemed of this earth and now he's left it. he bent rules, gender and genres and our minds. david bowie, one of a kied.
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>> ricky gervais said i lost a hero. hours ago, a small memorial was spotted outside his apartment in lower manhattan. david bowie, musician, artist, icon. dead at 69. so there's a lot of folks will be remembering him and his music today. >> he had a lot of hits. heather, thank you very much. let's talk about you know rolling stone magazine, it wasn't long ago they had to retract that story about made-up gang rape at the university of virginia. as it turns out, i think about four or five months ago they did a deal with sean penn the actor. they gave him a letter and said you can be our correspondent. if you can find him and talk to that man there. the most wanted man in the world. he was apprehended on friday. he is responsible for half of the heroin coming into the you united states and extraordinarily is responsible for, they say, 35,000 murders.
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>> that did not stop sean penn from taking advantage of an opportunity he got from a mexican actress. first he met -- the last transaction was at the st. regis hotel in manhattan where he would be spirited in to "el chapo" as he was on the run. the first meeting lasted seven hours where he did not take any notes or record. the questions were submitted to him through blackberry messenger at which time he got his answers and put together an article about this madman who has escaped from prison twice now. >> remember the video when he escaped in july through his cell and went through a tunnel. he had this elaborate tunnel system and got on a moped for a mile and got out, if you remember that. what's wild about this piece of journalism according to rolling stone -- >> it's the story. >> exactly. all the questions were pre
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screened on blackberry messenger as brian mentioned. also, the entire piece had to be approved by "el chapo" guzman himself before it ever made it into the magazine. >> that's extraordinary, inexcusable that you would give this guy who killed so many essentially first right of refusal. if there's something if in there, just tell me, i'll take it out. how many people have said to me in the last hours, sean penn is dead. they found out where he was because of the interview he did. >> despite having burner phones and scrambling the signals and everything. >> the u.s. district attorney is looking into the probe and looking into his cell phone. he could be in a lot of trouble as can this mexican actor. >> we'll talk about this later on. it's about ten minutes after the hour. heather joins us with news from asia. >> that's right. good morning. hope you had a great weekend.
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great to see you. hope you're off to a great day. ten minutes after the hour, u.s. troops stationed in south korea put on their highest alert level days after north korea claimed it carried out a hydrogen bomb test. kim jong un boosting propaganda in his country praising his scientists and vowing to get more nuclear bombs. republican presidential front-runner donald trump says un -- kim jong un is somebody we need to watch. take a listen. >> you look at north korea, this guy, i mean like a maniac, okay? you got to give him credit. how many young guys, he's like 26 or 25 when his father died, take over these tough generals and it's pretty amazing. >> this all comes a day after washington deployed a b-52 bomber over south korea as a show of force. a scare in the air for a plane flying to athens from
3:12 am
madrid after it was forced to divert. the pilot of the airlines requested an urgent di investigation. this is after he was warned by greek authorities about a possible explosive in the bag of one of the passengers on board that plane. it landed and was met by a bomb squad. passengers were searched for several hours before the plane was allowed to continue to madrid. a cleanup under way at home after extreme weather pummeled parts of florida. nearly 200 homes in cape coral destroyed by a fast moving ef-2 tornado. look at that destruction there. 135 mile per hour winds toppling trees and knocking down power lines there and then in the midwest, take a look at this. a real arctic chill sending temperatures to 6 below zero for the vikings game in minnesota. cities around the great lakes could see up to 2 feet of snow by tonight. every time my mother-in-law asks
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me to move to minnesota, that's what i say. snow thanks. powerball fever turning into full on frenzy. the jackpot reaching unprecedented 1.3 billion d. the largest in the history of the world. it's so big that most of the billboards are stuck at $999 million. hitting all six numbers would land you a lump sum payment of $806 million. the jackpot has been rolling over since november the 4th. those are your headlines. how about that. quite a win if you can buy the tickets. >> i didn't. i'm hoping my husband did. >> i bought them yesterday. >> already. i got to think about them. remember, 70% of the time when you win a powerball, it's picked by the computer. >> that's what these are. quick picks. >> then you lose your friends. they're jealous, half goes to taxes. we're still playing. democratic party manipulating the black vote for political gain? one woman thinks so and calling
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it criminal. she tells us why and that's next. the golden globes moment everyone is talking about. why leo got busted doing this.
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but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. a provocative new book coming out today is calling out the democratic party accusing them of manipulating the black vote and calling the democrats'
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behavior criminal. crystal wright is the publisher and author of the blog, conservative black chick, and the author of the new book coming out today "con job." how democrats gave us crime, sanctuary cities, et cetera. you as an african-american should be a democrat by all standards according to people who criticize you. >> no, steve. that's what con job is about. that blacks like other constituents are voting against -- they vote for the democratic party. >> you talk about over 40 years, trillions of dollars have been put to fight poverty, yet poverty is proliferating in many neighborhoods because? >> because of democrats and the con that they're running on black americans. they have made black americans poor, dumber and more criminalized. >> why do you say that? that's their end game? >> 93% of what goes around,
3:19 am
wants to talk about regulating legal gun ownership. i've never seen barack obama talk about the black lives being killed by other blacks in d.c., chicago or baltimore. 93% of black homicides are committed by other black people. the number one cause of death among young black men ages 15 to 34, guns. illegal guns. they're killing each other. that's the con job. yet, black people keep voting against their -- they're killing them from the womb to the streets. >> black lives don't matter, black votes matter. >> they matter so much to hillary clinton. that's why she's going out saying black lives matter. oh, guys guess what? i support planned parenthood. the billion dollar abortion industry. i point out, not we, talking about myself. like i'm a big group. i point out that, while blacks represent 13% of the population, black women are aborting nearly 40% of all abortions are 40% of
3:20 am
black women. >> so ultimately, what you say is it's a giant con being put over on african-americans in this country to get their votes. >> yeah. also, what i point out in con job is that if you look at all the candidates running in 2016, donald trump is probably the most pro-black candidate. you know why i say that? because hillary clinton wants to support illegal immigration. you know what happens when we increase illegal immigration by 10%? blacks suffer by decreased wages. you know what donald trump wants to do with his illegal immigration plan if you look at it on his website, he wants to deal with black unemployment, eliminate j-1 visas. you know what, the enemy -- illegal immigration is no bigger enemy than to black americans. >> it's what you write about in con job. >> a lot of bad stuff. >> no kidding. all about the vote. crystal wright, thank you for
3:21 am
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quick consumer headlines now. dow futures are up this morning despite another rough trading day in the asian markets. they started off with the stocks plunging 5%. last week, u.s. stocks saw the worst week in four years over concerns china's economy my be slowing. and uber wants to get you on the road. the ride sharing app is cutting prices in more than 100 cities with discounts up to 40%. the company hopes the move will boost sales during the slow winter months. ford is launching a brand
3:25 am
new app called 4 pass. you'll be able to reserve parking spots and rent out your car when not using it. you don't have to own a ford to use it. it launches in april. sounds too good to be true. i want to talk about something else. >> this will fire you up. sean penn reportedly under investigation by mexican authorities after he had a secret meeting with drug kingpin "el chapo." [ speaking foreign language ] >> "el chapo" who was on the run at the time of the interview was recaptured on friday. now questions are being raised over whether sean penn is in legal hot water this joining us debate, defense attorney gomez
3:26 am
who will argue the actor cannot be held criminally liable and trial attorney who will argue he can be held criminally liable. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> i'll start with you. these are the possible charges that people have thrown out there. aiding and abetting. violation of concealment statute and also accessory after the fact. >> i think accessory after the fact it the closest thing we may have to prosecute sean penn. it's going to be a stretch but with accessory after the fact but if he provided any comfort or assistance in any sort of apprehension, he could be health liable. say for example, sean penn with were to provide a cell phone, a blackberry or provide any tips with regards to the fact that mexican authorities were after him, arguably then the u.s. could prosecute him as could mexican authorities which i think is his bigger problem. >> we understand from the piece in rolling stone that he did have a blackberry. that's how the questions were even goichb "el chapo." they had to be screened ahead of
3:27 am
time. what if there was a phone given to "el chapo" and not the other way around? >> i don't think it makes a difference either way. they have said that sean penn's interview with "el chapo" provided the government with assistance in finding him. >> inadvertently, right? >> we don't know the whole story at this point. a lot of that information could be cloosified. you don't know if the mexican government was working with our government. >> what about the sean penn watching his back. to your point from "el chapo" and all his buddies. >> if i were him, that would be my first concern. that "el chapo" and his buddies would be majorly annoyed i got him captured. the second thing is the mexican government may be -- the mexican legal system is different than ours. they only recently came to pre sumgs of innocence than guilt. i'd be more afraid of "el chapo" and the mexican authorities.
3:28 am
>> the piece he reportedly is bragging about supplying more heroin and methamphetamine and marijuana and cocaine than anybody else in the world. he brags about submarines and airplanes and all of that. this is maddening to everybody across the country if they've had to bury a child or something due to drugs, you know, they're probably pretty mad at sean penn. does public opinion play a role? >> it could. what's interesting about that statement, there's supposedly this videotape. that videotape, let's say his trial is held in the united states, "el chapo's" trial, that videotape could eventually come in. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be continuing to talk about this throughout the morning. 28 minutes after the hour on a monday. the golden globe winners are in. >> the winner is, straight out of compton. i'm sorry folks. i made a mistake. it's right here on the card. >> going all steve harvey for a moment there.
3:29 am
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in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at talk about a hot wedding. she got married in a volcano. >> yes. it was with fresh lava apparently too coming in at the crater. you're looking at fireworks of the celebration following the wedding of our meteorologist maria molina and her husband storm chaser reed timer.
3:33 am
good morning and welcome back. we missed you. your pictures are incredible. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. it was a dream come true. thanks to fox for letting us go out there to nicaragua and spend quite some time out there doing preparations and of course to our honeymoon. another picture from our honeymoon. we decided to head to patagonia. some extreme weather. that was a bucket list item for both of us. that's a glacier. >> i give you credit. not many people crossing off things on their bucket list on their honeymoon. we should point out he's a storm chaser and you're a storm chaser with your meteorological background. this was a marriage made in the clouds. >> it really was. we would probably get bored if we went to the beach and spent the weekends -- reed would see tornadoes across the plains and i'll tag-along with him bringing along my camera of course and taking photos.
3:34 am
kind of had to get some generally going during the honeymoon. >> your photos look look a special for nat geo. later on, in the meantime, tell us what kind of a da in store for us on this monday. >> yesterday we flew back and in new york there was tough weather. a lot of heavy rain across parts of the northeast and by the way, in parts of florida, they got hit with a florida in the tampa area. cape coral. the truly extreme weather across the eastern u.s. behind that system, we have cooler air moving in. as that cooler air moves over the relatively warmer great lakes, you got lake-effect snow. we have a region getting hammered both off of lake ontario and lake erie that could expect 1 to even 3 feet of snow. heavy snow out there. we have warnings in effect and across the western u.s., we have another storm moving in right now. over the next couple of days, you'll see a second system moving in. they'll be dealing with rain and high elevation snow. a quick look at the temperatures right now. it's a frigid start to your day across the upper midwest.
3:35 am
9 below zero in minneapolis. 0 degrees in chicago and there's a look at the forecast highs. much cooler today across the eastern u.s. only in the 40s in places like atlanta and also in parts of north carolina. back inside to you. >> that's what the country looks like at this moment. thanks, maria. you can head inside. the weather is not too bad to stand outside. yesterday was beautiful and pouring. >> here. but they played that football game, it was the third coldest football game in recorded history. >> but they heated the field so it was somewhat playable? >> although the beer was coming out like ice. >> hearty folks up there. >> no kidding. >> they still go out no matter what. >> they'll have a roof and new stadium next year. >> i love they had an athletic area like a warming hut. speaking of cold weather, utah, let's go out there right now. there is a serious medical story going on. there is a hepatitis outbreak that may be worse than originally thought. more than 7,000 patients at two
3:36 am
hospital this is utah may have been exposed to hepatitis c virus by an infected former nurse. this would have been happened over a three-year period we are told. so far, only 35% of patients contacted about the outbreak have been tested. but we'll keep you posted on these developments on that story. a desperate search right now is under way for a killer after an american is murdered abroad. new details this morning that she may have been stalked. ashley olson is a 35-year-old artist from florida. she was found strangled to death in her apartment in florence, italy. her boyfriend said he contacted police after he hadn't heard from her. her latest instagram post reveals that she may have been followed. she wrote, i have a stalker #creeper in the back. so far, no suspects. new york city high school students can get away with almost anything. listen to this one. a student was recently busted with seven bags of marijuana, but get this.
3:37 am
the student can't be suspended. that's thanks to a new discipline code launched by mayor bill de blasio and the department of education in new york city. the student walked away with a warning card that his parents had to sign and the pot was given to police. this is all a part of a pilot program that's now being tested at 37 schools. unreal. it was gaga versus dicaprio at the golden globes. dicaprio's priceless side eye won the night. take a look at this. as he kind of laughs and then raises his eyebrows and seems to point at lady a gaga, she's tearful as she goes up for her award. she bums into him. what did he say when the video went viral. iidn't know who was passing me. gaga hasn't commented yet. a lot of ladies will be saying that doesn't look nice. >> it looked like when she was passing behind him she hit him, squeezing through. keep in mind the tables are
3:38 am
close. >> he raised his eyebrows and pointed at her and seemed to laugh. which any woman, if a man is pointing at you and laughing as you walk by -- >> he said he didn't know who was walking by him. she was the one who won. who else would be walking by? >> open bar. >> we'll figure it out. let's go out to los angeles to figure it out. >> wasn't the only moment that had people talking about the golden globes. here to give us more michael at that tam marcher march owe. you were there. >> it's hollywood's biggest party of the year. last night was no exception, guys. >> award season is officially under way as the best of film and television were honored at the 73rd annual golden globe awards. >> steve jobs star indicate winslet didn't expect to walk away with the best supporting actress statue. >> i really am so shocked right
3:39 am
now. honestly, i'm so shocked. >> matt damon, the martian. >> the martian's matt day on and jennifer lawrence both took lead actor and actress. and leonardo dicaprio -- >> sylvester stallone. he scored best supporting role for rocky in creed. >> this is mark watney. i'm still alive. >> the martian an the ref nent took top honors winning best actress in a tv series. taraji henson said taking her role was a huge career risk. >> it was scary. but i'm the type of artist that if the role doesn't scare me, i don't want it because it's not going to change me as a person. >> john hamm. >> picking up a final globe for his role in madmen, best actor, john hamm hinted that he's
3:40 am
looking for a new project. >> i'm reading things. texts most recently. i've been reading a lot of texts. the golden globe goes to. >> the golden globes winners are hoping for a repeat performance at the oscars next month. >> we'll find out if there will be a repeat performance this thursday because that's when the nominations for the oscars come out. ricky gervais, even though he insults, he was asked again to host. what do you think? >> i think he did great last night. he has a way of punching through a lot of the egos in that room. his whole riff on the golden globe not meaning anything is kind of true. it's a made-up award by a group of pseudojournalists, about 75. they sit around and figure out who is going to get awards. the best thing is publicists can walk around and say their client say golden globe nominee or
3:41 am
winner. >> if folks were not watching nbc last night and many weren't, here's the montage of ricky gervais in the with a beer. >> i'm going to do this monologue and go into hiding, okay? not even sean penn will find me. snitch. he's also the only person who ben affleck hasn't been unfaithful to. please welcome, matt damon. >> mel forgotten about it apparently. that's what drinking does. i'd rather have a drink with him in his hotel room than with bill cosby. >> not very politically correct. >> does he write most of his jokes, none of his jokesment. >> he writes all of his stuff. for a show that invites mel gibson with an open bar, they're going for a little controversy. >> mike, good job. it was good you wore a tucks last night too. >> meanwhile, coming up straight
3:42 am
ahead on this show, shocking new poll numbers show bernie sanders gaining on hillary clinton in iowa and leading in new hampshire. how is he doing this? our friend and supporter of the clintons and a mayor joins us next. tucson.
3:44 am
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3:46 am
>> i believe in competition. what's going on is incredible. it's bringing out amazing ideas for the world and the countuouno discuss. >> how long have you been friends with bill clinton? >> since he was president. >> when you were an entrepreneur and you made your fortune in the cruise ship industry. >> exactly. >> you were hanging out for a while. next thing, you're in politics too. let me ask you. what do you think the difference is between what hillary clinton says is her economic philosophy and bernie sanders who is a socialist? >> competition is great. both are bringing out amazing ideas. when you try to compare, people are looking for people to go to washington as leaders and get things done. that's what secretary clinton is about. when you compare a democrat with a socialist, it's like comparing france and the united states. france is an amazing country, but in america we believe in the american dream. but also making sure that the playing field is fair. >> mr. mayor, you just answered the question that hillary clinton couldn't. let's listen to that question to
3:47 am
hillary clinton and let's see what she says. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat. >> i can tell you what i am. i am a progressive democrat. i'm a progressive democrat who likes to get things done and who believes that we are better off in the country when we're trying to solve problems together. getting people to work together. there will always be strong feelings and i respect that from the far right, the far left, libertarians. we got to get the economy fixed and get people working together and get all of our problems tackled. and that's what i want to do. >> debbie wasserman schultz, when i asked her, she couldn't answer it. >> why didn't she answer that question. >> it's how it's posed. it's all about the american dream. i know the clintons believe in the american dream. making sure it's a fair playing field. >> why are they not being -- why didn't she say what you said? i don't understand. >> i think being a progressive democrat is what she is saying, brian. it's about making sure people
3:48 am
all have the opportunities. it's not just about being successful. it's about making sure efrp is successful with the middle class. >> let's talk about something else. people get caught up in this and this and this. if it all comes down to florida, what's your message to either side. >> aaf. all about florida. it's the third most popular state. it's a purple state. the fastest growing segment is nonparty affiliated. i think the presidency will be won or lost in florida. dade county where i'm from, used to be republican. now it's purple. we have all different types of people moving in. venezuelan, argentinean. predominantly republicans. this entire state is up for grabs. >> having said that, naming them number two is vitally important. what would be your recommendation for the democrat who has to pick a number two? >> i think the most important thing is think about florida. florida, florida, florida. of course, i believe that florida will be in play. whoever wins florida will be president.
3:49 am
>> right. we'll see if marco rubio might resonate there? >> i'm not sure about that. when you see his friends in tallahassee, they're all working for jeb bush in new hampshire. you need somebody who has had a job and done something. i'm not sure if marco qualifies. >> great to see you. good luck with your transition to the job that doesn't pay as well as the other job. >> thank you. meanwhile, 11 minutes before the top of the hour. police are on edge this morning. the suspect in the philadelphia cop shooting may be part of a much larger, more dangerous radical group who wants to attack law enforcement. it's called isis. former nypd commissioner howard safer is live at the top of the hour. the super bowl of car shows kicks off. we're live at the detroit auto show with never before seen cars which you probably can't afford. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
3:50 am
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i will use my education to help my community. i will inspire our next generation of leaders. i am a college student, but i am only 1%. only 1% of college students are american indian. donate now, and help our numbers grow. ♪ we are there with exciting news. mike, wow us. >> good morning guys. you're right, anna. of auto sho
3:54 am
there's always a superstar. this was just unveiled last night and this is an exclusive for "fox & friends" right now. i'm going to get out of the way and let you take a look at this, it's stunning. i want your feedback after you see it, the all new buick evista concept. this isn't your grandfather's buick. it is the sole of buick high performance 400 horsepower twin turbo, eight speed automatic transmission. i have to pause. it's eye candy. what do you think? >> you don't think of buick as muscle cars. that has a lot of flex to it. >> does it look like a charger? i don't know my cars very well, but. >> no, i mean this is a grand touring coupe it's beautiful. i love it. there's other news at the show as well. let me move to the all new buick envision, luxury crossover, goes on sale in 2016. we're hoping in a will represent a big amount of sales for the buick brand, 252 porshour.
3:55 am
60/40 split rear seat, panorama, sunroof, interior beautiful. ford making big news, can't have an auto show without ford, the 2017 ford fusion comes in four grade levels. some big news about it, 325 p s horsepower with the sedan a lot of muscle, also the interior. they have an electric version the energy 500 miles combined electric, very, very cool technology with ford. some other things to note as well, chrysler announcing the pacifica, that replaces the town and country that's been on the market for 27 years, but the big news really about that pacifica, although all new rear interior what's really cool about it electric. the first ever electrified mini van. later this year it will go on sale no, pricing yet. genesis is the upscale brand of hyundai, cutting edge technology, launching the g-90
3:56 am
at the auto show. we'll showcase more of that later today but very cool. five liter under the hood. i'm a music guy. there's 17 speakers in this vehicle, you can't say enough about what genesis and hyundai the brand overall are doing. couple other interesting factoids, the president will be here january 20th to gauge the auto industry, so if you're a consumer in the marketplace, want to see the cool cars the president will also be here as well. the north american car of the year is literally being announced right now, the civic, the miata, malibu are up for that and the truck side the titan xd, the xd90, also up for that award as well and the honda pilot, very cool. they're announcing this literally in seconds. i'm going to have to put it out on social later. >> looking forward to it. >> very cool stuff. >> cool indeed. mike cordell at the detroit auto show thank you very much. >> 17 speakers that's true. straight ahead on this monday, could sean penn face criminal charges for his secret
3:57 am
meeting and interview with el chap o, geraldo rivera with the drugpin's escape tunnel last summer, hear this coming up live from new york city. announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen.
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4:00 am
the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ good morning it's monday the 11th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman, this is a fox news alert. police on edge in the city of brotherly love this morning, the suspect in that cop shooting may be part of a bigger radical group who wants to attack law enforcement. then the world mourns the loss of a music icon. ♪ ground control to major tom >> believe it or not, david bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer most of us did not know anything about. how the rock star is being remembered this morning. in other news, ricky gervais takes a shot at sean penn. >> i want to do this monologue,
4:01 am
and then go into hiding, okay? not even sean penn will find me. snitch. >> that's not the worst thing he said at the golden globes. he was all over the place. live from new york city, this is "fox & friends." when you went to bed you thought he was alive, you woke up and guess what? the world has lost a rock legend. iconic singer david bowie has passed away. ♪ ground control to major tom >> the sad news sending shock waves throughout the entire globe. "fox & friends" co-anchor heather nauert is live at times square. what is the feeling there? >> reporter: they're out here,
4:02 am
obviously very early still this morning. as you said a lot of folks waking up to sad news this morning, no doubt many of us will head down to the hard rock. sad news the world is a little less glam this morning with the passing of david bowie. ♪ there's the starman waving in the sky ♪ ♪ he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he blew our minds ♪ >> the 69-year-old singer was quietly battling cancer for 18 months, his rep. confirming on facebook he passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. ♪ let me love you, opening doors and pulling some strings ♪ ♪ angel >> reporter: david bowie truly a pioneer for the music world, his sounds combined electronica, pop, rock 'n' roll, keeping him at the top of the charts for
4:03 am
over four decades. the british rocker first stepped on the scene back in 1972, way back, bringing with him the concept of alter egoes. you may remember him performing as ziggy stardust. ♪ fame, fame, what's your name that seems to hollow ♪ >> remember that one? bowie made it across the pond to the u.s. shortly thereafter. "fame" hitting the top of the american charts but he was full of hits, not just that including "just dance" "space odysseodyssd "ch-ch-ch-ch-changes" and his final album "black star" social media exploding with the news. people speak being his influence on rock and influence live. pharrell williams tweeting this
4:04 am
"david bowie was a true innote veighor, a true creative, may he rest in peace. elijah wood said never imagined a world without him. haes ascended into the cosmos from whence he came. david bowie, musician, artist and icon dead at the age of 69. no doubt that memorial will continue to grow throughout the day as people get word of his death. back to you. >> heather, thank you very much for the live report from times square. geraldo joins us. his wife, david bowie's wife used to be on your talk show a lot. >> she was on the show talking about being the wife of the rocker, ran into bowie a couple of times over the 40 years we were on the planet together and professional life. he's so original, constantly evolving. he had, you know, i think he has to be given credit, he had five careers in five different guys,
4:05 am
five different personas. he really spanned this arc and remember, he come up at the same time, just a couple of years after the stones and the beatles and to carve out something unique, with that kind of competition. he did in a very big way. >> he disappeared. he was gone for a while. he was fine -- >> i think he used to do that on a regular basis, that's why nobody really understood this was his fatal illness, they kept him out of the public eye the last year and a half. i'd constantly disappear and come back as someone else, ziggy stardust or whatever. >> a couple of days ago releasing his 25th album. >> 28th. >> i read 25. but 20-something. >> 25, 28, it's quite an achievement. >> with the eerie video of him in the hospital bed. >> this so bowie when you see this. obviously he was already dying. he was on his death bed and he made it art, and that's what he did. he really, jagger also had an art school background but here,
4:06 am
he takes this really flamboyant sense of the aesthetic and made it popular music to big audience. >> rehall dough we talked to you today not only about david bowie, el chapo and the decision sean penn made to meet with him in seclusion as he escaped from one of the world's most wanted people. is he in trouble, sean penn? >> i don't think so. i can't imagine what the crime would be. he's he a journalist and he was acting as a journalist, and he wasn't acting. he was being a journalist when he pursued this worldwide exclusive that we're all talking about. everybody was interested in the product. i admire the fact that sean penn risked so much both physical and also professional and financial to pursue the story. the fact that he's being hounded by many in the journalism profession right now is evidence of you know, the courage it took to do this.
4:07 am
>> right at the top of the article that he wrote it talks about how part of the deal was he would submit the finished product to el chapo and anything el chapo didn't like he could take out. professional journalists are saying, you know, so he could have written a valentine just to make sure none of that stuff was excised. >> the only aspect of this i truly find distressing was that he gave this approval to a guy who is basically a scum dog mass murdering drug dealer, but he also told us he did, he gave full disclosure and then he claims that he made no changes, el chapo demanded none nor did sean penn do any, so i think that the benefit to society for him getting this story outweighs this one ethics. >> in "the post" a u.s.
4:08 am
manhattan district attorney says they are looking into leading a federal probe into possibly prosecuting him and also are looking for a subpoena to search his cell phone. >> well, i think that all that, brian, is absolutely a distraction. you have a man, el chapo, who was, by the efforts of sean penn, now captured, on record, saying he's the biggest heroin, meth and coke dealer in the world. i submit to you that that videotape will be admissible in all of el chapo's trials. it will end up with this notorious killing, drug dealing man who disrupted an entire nation, six stories underground in florence, colorado, super max, he'll be out of the daylight forever. that i think is a much more important goal than this distraction with sean penn. sean penn did i think the job of a journalist. like it or not, i really believe this was a huge scoop. let me just say this, i want to come down to the bottom line here. i would have done it.
4:09 am
>> yes. lot of people would, but they would not perhaps have proved, said okay, pre-approval. anyway. >> he said what it was. >> geraldo thank you for joining us. >> you should have seen the tunnels. >> you took us in the tunnel back in july. heather joins us at the top of the hour with a fox news alert. >> good morning to all of you. let's start out with the alert right now, a scare in the air, a plane packed with people forced to land over a terror threat. it was flying from athens to madrid and forced to divert about two hours into that flight, the pilot was warned by greek authorities about a possible explosive in a passenger's bag. the plane in mallorca was searched by a bomb squad. after several hours the plane continued to madrid. some extreme weather from
4:10 am
back here at home, the cleanup is under way after extreme weather pummels parts of florida. take a close look at this. nearly 200 homes in cape coral destroyed by a fast-moving ef2 tornado, 135-mile-per-hour winds, toppling trees and knocking down power lines there. and then in the midwest, it was cold there, even by minnesota standards. an arctic chill sending temperatures to 6 below zero for a vikings game there. cities around the great lakes could see up to two feet of snow by tonight. wow. award season kicking off with the golden globes. ricky gervais addressing some of the biggest elements in the room. not everyone found it to be so funny. >> i want to do this monologue and then go into hiding, okay? not even sean penn will find me. snitch. he's also the only person who ben affleck hasn't been entitled
4:11 am
to. mel's forgotten all about it, i'd rather have a drink with him in his hotel room tonight than with bill cosby. >> oh, goodness. then it was a gaga versus dicaprio. watch the video here. gaga goes up to get her award for american horror story and bumps into the actor along the way, his face seems to say it all but she didn't seem to notice. listen to this. >> always wanted to be an actress. i went to acting school for many years and this is just the best thing that could have ever happened to me, honestly. >> dicaprio responded to that video back stage after hearing that it went viral saying i just didn't know who was passing me, that's all. but as you take a close look you can see him laughing and his eyebrows go up and seems to point at her. people talking about it this morning. >> i think she hits him with that big bracelet as she walks by. >> was that it? okay. >> it was kind of a weird look. if you've ever been to her
4:12 am
concert she san actress. it's not just singing. you feel you're at a broadway show. >> the thing about the golden globes, did you see the size of the bottles of champagne? everyone is having a fun night. >> no room to walk between tables. coming uhm straight ahead, a new warning for police this morning, the man who shot a philadelphia cop may be part of a larger radical group that wants to attack law enforcement and that plan might still be in play. former nypd commissioner howard safer here to react next. and a man tries to steal a snake by putting it down his pants, and that's not the only crazy video that you missed. more coming up. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
4:13 am
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as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. new details of the philadelphia gunman who shot abofficer 15 times. the shooter may be part of a larger group directly targeting law enforcement. here to react is former nypd policition xher, thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> your reaction when you saw
4:17 am
the ugly shooting and found out there's an islamic link. >> i'm not surprised, it's the new normal, what police officers will face every day in this country from now on, whether is person is an actual agent, this is what we're going to see in the future. >> there was a times square bomber it was major news, a would-be subway bomber it's major news. an assassin killing law enforcement saying isis told me to do it, was overseas within syria and yet no attention drawn to this. >> i think what's happening is people are trying to downplay it, trying to make this person the career criminal he is. we have to find out, is he part of a larger group. >> here is the mayor, the mayor knows the threat, he's in charge of the city's welfare and security. here's his take on the incident, this is mayor jim kenny. >> in no way, shape or form does anyone believe islam or the teaching of islam has anything to do with what you've seen on that screen.
4:18 am
this say criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers, has nothing to do with being a muslim or following the islamic faith. >> there are too many guns, too many guns on our streets and i think our national government needs to do something about that. >> your reaction? >> ridiculous. this is a mayor who doesn't have the facts. it's not been investigated. it probably is related to isis, and he's doing what is politically correct that's irresponsible. >> what do you do if you're a police commissioner? ray kelly wrote a book, there were 13 plots unwound and beaten to the punch, we were able to deduct that 13 times in new york. what do you do if you're a law enforcement guy or woman and your mayor is that clueless? >> the responsibility is to the public. you may be appointed by the mayor but your responsibility is to keep the public safe and you go after these guys and you go after these plots. >> the tipster a woman comes forward and says i saw that guy with three others, the worst could be yet to come. these guys you got to be apprehended or do the rest of
4:19 am
the plan. what is best for a police commissioner to do, knowing that information? >> you work with the fbi, who has a good intelligence base, you work with the intelligence agencies, you get your people out there, and you make sure that your hero officers like officer harnett are well protected. >> you see swean bernardino and you see philadelphia what are you thinking? >> this is the new normal, what we'll see in the future and we have to take every effort aggressively to go after these people. >> and naming this islamic terror matters? >> islamic terror really matters. isis is reaching out to anybody including career criminals like harnett, i'm sorry, archer, to go after police officers. >> commissioner howard safir thanks so much. great to see you this morning. 19 minutes after the hour. did you see this? a snow owl flies into a traffic camera. heather nauert has been taping them all. we have the viral video we'll be sharing with you because we like
4:20 am
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4:23 am
we've got some headlines for you on this monday morning and the video you might have missed over the weekend. first up a terrifying flash flood rushes over a san diego highway right before one drive's eyes who was taping this. he gunned the car into reverse, barely avoiding the surging floodwaters. look at that. and the search is on right now after a bizarre theft, a man, if you're watching carefully, yes, he's shoving a
4:24 am
snake down his pants. the alleged thief takes the two-foot-long python out of its tank and puts the python in his pants. >> oh! >> then he carefully waddles out of the store, as you would, if you had a python in your pants. and spectacular wintry sight over a canadian highway, a snowy owl caught on a traffic cam soaring majestically over a quebec highway. snow owls are rarely seen in the wild and hardly ever seen on traffic cams. that's some video. switching gears, it's a reality of retirement, far too many americans are facing these days. 35% of retirees out there right now rely completely on social security as a primary source of their income and that statistic is proof that people aren't preparing properly for life after leaving the workforce. >> financial expert chris hogan
4:25 am
is with ramsey solutions and in "retire inspired" he aimed to change the way people use saving and help us out this morning. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> 45% of americans have saved absolutely nothing for retirement. do we just think we can spend today and save tomorrow? >> so many people are putting it off. they're just not looking at it and understanding the opportunity that's in front of them so that's what i want them to do. i want them to wake up and look at this and start to take the right steps. >> and one of the first steps is know your income. what does that mean? >> what i mean by that is i want people to be aware. we work hard for our money. let's make our money work for us, understand where you are, how much money is coming in and what does it take for to you live on month to month. >> next up we have to get out of debt. >> debt is not your friend. you start to look at this, it steals from your income. think about it, the best way to give yourself a raise is to get out of debt, get intentional, attack it smallest to biggest and give yourself a raise. >> all right, one of the things you should do, after you've done the two things, is you know
4:26 am
something bad could happen. you might lose your job, god forbid something worse, you should have an emergency fund between a quarter and half a year. >> well it's so important. life is going to happen. cars break down, people get sick, job losses. having an emergency fund puts a discussion between you and life. it's important. three to six months if you're married, sit down, talk to your spouse and agree how much you'll have, three or six, get that money and let it sit. >> to be clear this is the correct order, get out of debt and save or save a little bit more cushion while we're getting out of debt, too? >> you want to get a little bit of an emergency fund, $1,000 and i want you to attack everything toward getting out of debt, smallest to biggest and once you do that, you give yourself a raise you can build up that bigger emergency fund. >> okay, we all think we're probably going to be working until a certain number, but speaking of certain numbers you've got a tool where people can calculate how much money they would need to retire. >> a lot of people would ask me how much am i going to need to live in retirement.
4:27 am
after talking to so many people i met with our web developers and we put together a free tool on, called the riq assessment, the retirement inspired quotient. plug in a few data points and have an idea for you to take how much it will take to live your retirement dream. >> even $5 a day can exponentially give us amazing returns. >> absolutely. you know the truth is we spend more than $5. if we can wake up and start to get intentional you can tell that money where to go instead of wondering where it went. >> we all like to live in nice houses and drive fancy new cars, the biggest, fanciest car we can afford. if you boo i thbuy that new carn it comes time to retire you could have had more dough in the bank. >> i don't want to you look back and have regret. i want them to look forward and be inspired. it's okay to have some nice things. i just don't want nice things to have you. so do it within reason and stay
4:28 am
focused and always do it with cash. >> there's some freedom in financial freedom. >> it is. it gives you opportunity and imagine what you can do later when you have more time and more money. >> chris hogan, the book is retire inspired, and the forward is written by dave ramsey. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. straight ahead on this monday, are you planning a big trip? do you know when the worst day of the week is to fly? there is an answer, and we're going to share it with you, coming up. a trip so beautiful, it sets off fireworks. maria molina is back from her wedding and honeymoon and will share some of her favorite pictures, coming up. arturito soup! okay, okay. arturito soup! hi! arturito soup? follow me. campbell's new star wars inspired soups. arturito soup! yaaa! made for real, real life.
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4:32 am
card. i take full responsibility. >> i guess "straight outta compt compton" wasn't nominated for that but jamie foxx playing a little steve harvey. that was what the golden globes. it wouldn't be an awards show without bringing out the biggest blunders and steve harvey made the cut. >> that would never academy awards. >> it's highly scripted those oscar folks. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has the news. >> i have serious news from overseas. u.s. troops stationed in south korea put on their highest alert level right now, this just days after north korea claimed it had carried out a hydrogen bomb test. now the north korean leader kim jong-un boosting its propaganda in that country praising his scientists and vowing to get more nuclear bombs, he says. the republican presidential
4:33 am
front-runner donald trump says that he is someone we need to watch. listen. >> you look, if you look at north korea, this guy, i mean he's like a maniac, okay, and you got to give him credit. how many young guys, he was like 26 or 25 when his father died, take over these tough generals answer all of a sudden, it's pretty amazing. >> well this all comes a day after washington deployed a b-52 bomber over south korea as a show of force against north korea. this afternoon, the mom of affluenza teenager ethan couch goes to court for a bond hearing. texas judge will decide if tanya couch's $1 million bond will be reduced. that could send her home with an ankle bracelet. she's expected to plead not guilty to helping her son, ethan, run away to mexico. the 18-year-old is still behind bars in mexico, awaiting deportation. mom and son took off after ethan allegedly violated his probation for a 2013 drunk driving wreck
4:34 am
that killed four people. he claimed he was too rich and spoiled to know any better. she is accused of stealing millions of dollars in jewels and watches and a five-state spree but she's just 24 years old. her name is abigail lee kemp and seen here in a previous mug shot. she allegedly held workers at gun point before tying their hands together. surveillance video showing the suspect clearing out cases of jewelry. she and a man believed to be connected to the case were arrested near atlanta. beautiful robber there. >> an unbelievable rescue is caught on long island, brian, take a look at this coming out of nassau county. hero police officers risking their lives battling thick, black smoke to rescue two people trapped inside a burning building. the cops grabbing a ladder from a nearby construction site and helping two people down that ladder. officers also rescued four people from the back of that burning building. two of those were children. and then the fire department arrived moments later.
4:35 am
really fantastic. great job. >> if you're getting ready to plan a trip, wait until you hear this, the new list of the worst days to travel, prices jump for spring starting on march the 17th, so book before that day. summer travel prices spike on june the 10th, july the 31st the last day of summer, the high summer weekend prices and then august 22nd is the last day of the expensive overall summer prices, and the worst days to fly, november the 23rd and the 27th, of course that's because of thanksgiving. so as it gets colder here we think about going away to the warm places. i'll see you soon. >> heather thank you very much. this weekend we witnessed the seattle seahawks quest to avenge last year's super bowl continues miraculously thanks to a missed 27-yard field goal with seconds left by minnesota. watch. >> mcdermott is the snapper and
4:36 am
the kick is no good. >> kicker blair walsh needed to make the 27 yard field goal, they usually do that in tenth grade and it would have given them the win, the ball went to the left. he cried at the locker consoled by his teammates saying it was all his fault, seahawks win 10-9 and fortunate they'll play carolina next. wncht we take to you maryland the packers started the first quarter of the playoff game with not a lot of progress and no points. after trailing to the 'skins green bay came back to overwhelm. aaron rodgers two-point conversion, a field goal to beat washington 35-18. and college football's national championship game is held tonight, the second one ever, features clemson tigers and number two alabama, the crimson tide if they beat the tigers it will be their fourth national tight until seven seasons. kickoff is 8:30, unless you're busy they'll delay it. that's what's happening in the world of sports. >> 36 minutes after the hour.
4:37 am
congrats to our friend and meteorologist maria molina, married the day after christmas to reed timmer. this is bucket list stuff you say. >> items on our bucket list and some people may not know but i was born in nicaragua so we have a lot of family back there, more than 100 family members so it was appropriate to take the ceremony over to them. >> sure. >> and messiah volcano was my favorite part, like my disney world growing up. any time we visited nicaragua and our family i would make sure we we stopped there and revisit a year ago. sure enough. >> look at that picture. we should point out, you are a meteorologist, and reed timmer, your husband, is a weather chaser, a storm chaser, and so you went to all these weather extreme places. >> yes, for our honeymoon we decided, we talked about, hmm, it has to be somewhere extreme, our hobbies are a little extreme, not the normal people vacations, but we decided to
4:38 am
visit iguazu falls, part of it in argentina, the other part in brazil and we have some images from there. we took a boat ride up to the falls, they allowed this to happen and we were chanting "uno mas" which is one more time, and the boat driver gets fired up and went right up to the falls and made us soaked. >> what is that right here? >> before that picture, that was the boat ride with the driver that took us right up to the falls. >> when you were on your honeymoon, you were tweeting out images and they were so extraordinary. that's why we decided that we had to share some of these very personal moments. >> very personal moments and another location that we ended up visiting -- >> the glacier. >> the glacier, i always saw images of this place and we visited you could see there we had crampon s cramp crampons on our feet. you don't want to do this without an expert and we were able to hike around.
4:39 am
the ice is more than 500 feet, blows you away. we drank glacier water right off the glacier. >> how do you get there? >> glacier water? >> we flew down and to get to the glacier, you're able to drive up close to it, and then you have to hike an hour out, and then three and a half hours on this ice, we ate lunch there and had to hike back, and travel back. >> with all the ice there, were there any penguins? >> not on the ice but we went farther south and able to set foot on cape horn, a big accomplishment for us, weather enthusiasts and also we saw some penguins on another island, magdalena island, all the penguins return to the island every year to mate so they always find their partner, who they mate with every year, but we learned they're not monogamous. this is their sound. >> is that a mating call? >> they do hypothetically it is monogamous but the exception
4:40 am
becomes when the male is supposed to set up the nest and the female returns to look for the nest but if the nest is not up to par she leaves for another penguin. >> wow. all penguins look alike, don't they? >> they all have unique mating calls that they recognize, so that's how they're able to find each other. more than 70,000 pairs on that island. >> and you mentioned the legendary cape horn. you went there. >> extreme weather. they told us that between the late 1880s and early 1900s there were more than 800 shipwrecks, more than 10,000 people lost their lives so they were trying to sail around before the panama canal so a lot of history in this place. you can't just disembark off your cruise ship here. there aren't any ports. they try to keep everything pristine and untouched so we had to get off the cruise ship anchored out in the ocean, get on zodiac boats and head over to the island and they help us disembark from there. >> is there any weather phenomena you missed?
4:41 am
you were married in a volcano, on a glacier, there with the penguins. did you see the sun? >> we saw snow, we saw sun, there were moments we're in the 60s, moments that were very cold with snow coming down and even got some hail on cape horn. >> there you go. >> all weather covered. >> nice to be able to share that with the love of your life. >> glad you're back. >> goed to be back and good to see you guys, happy new year. >> happy new year. coming up on this monday, drug offenders count for nearly half of all federal inmates in the united states and many end up back in prison after they get out and do something dumb. our next guest a retired marine has a solution to fix this. you know her and love her, at first from "tack xi." >> i got this sort of schedule, very organized, short side of mental health, right? right. so -- >> but she's also in theater, and donald trump's "celebrity apprenti apprentice." why does she think the donald is doing so well in the polls?
4:42 am
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take charge by talking to your doctor about your oab symptoms and myrbetriq. and learn about savings at to a pretty much hopeless situation, i had a law degree and i got out after five and a half, six years and i couldn't find employment with a law
4:46 am
degree. you're sending these inmates out without any training or anything at all. >> that is a problem. former marine captain and former attorney with the department of justice, andrew mckenna describing the problems facing drug addicts when they're released from prison. then what do they do? >> bottom line our system is not working to are they will. our next guest found a possible solution. lisa peebles is a federal public defender, her program to get the folks back on track. lisa, you know about the hurdles firsthand. how are awe tacking it? >> well we started a program in our district about eight yeerar ago, modeled after a program started in michigan, where we have this intensive re-entry court where individuals that are high risk that have addiction problems, that have lengthy criminal histories, they're being released from prison, and they are at a disadvantage, not only do they have felony convictions on their record but they also have a lot of unfinished business out in the world.
4:47 am
for example, unpaid fines, debt, child support obligations. they start off and they're frustrated, and trying to obtain employment under those circumstances is often very difficult, and the program that we've started in our district enables them to have the support. we provide a team approach, which includes the court, a magistrate judge that presides over the irc program in our district, an assistant u.s. attorney, the probation officer who does a fabulous job in our doctorate trying to provide the support for our participants, and then our office, the federal public defender's office so it's a team approach. >> and how is it going? how does it compare to numbers of just throwing them back in jail? zbhi think i >> i think it's successful. when we look at the number of those who participant it has to be volunteer. it's not automatic. >> it has to be your decision as an addict anyway, doesn't it? >> very true. that's very true.
4:48 am
what we found in the program is initially, some of the participants are often reluctant to buy into what we're trying to provide them with. >> i tell you what, we'll detail for the folks exactly what we're talking about, because it's complicated. there are two phases. in phase one you are required to appear in court once every month. you must demonstrate working toward a list of goals, a higher level of supervision, participate in group sessions twice a month and accumulate 12 rewards and phase two, no longer required to appear in court each month, must continue to achieve goals and abstain from drug use, six consecutive months of no positive drug tests before a participant can graduate from phase two and be released from supervision. this is really hard. >> it is and that's sort of what we have to explain to those folks that may be eligible to participate in the program, that it's going to require a lot more on their part than just traditional supervision. they're going to have to work toward achieving the goals that they set for themselves. >> but the key is getting a job, too, right, and having a promise of a career, when your last job
4:49 am
is maybe five years ago and you have to say i was incarcerated for drug abuse. >> that's very true, and part of what we try to do, and in fact, our probation officer that operates our program does a phenomenal job trying to help our participants, and place them in various jobs and try to get them goal oriented to say okay, you're going to start off maybe at mcdonald's, but you can provide yourselves with additional goals to try to get a career. what are you interested in. exactly. >> lisa peebles thank you for joining us from upstate. great to see you. >> back to syracuse. >> she has a long ride. thanks very much. 49 minutes after the hour. you know and love her from "taxi." did you know mary lou henner has another talent? she's one of only 30 people in the world known to have her kind of memory. we put her brain to the test, coming up next. >> come on, mary lou! >> oh, no! >> first on this day in history
4:50 am
in 1902, "popular mechanics" magazine published for the first time and 1935, amelia earhart first woman to fly and 1983, the men down under. ♪ you better take cover hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres
4:51 am
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4:53 am
you know her, you love her, from this timeless sitcom, "taxi." >> i get up and i get the kids ready for school, and i drop them off at school and i run my errands or i do laundry and i prepare supper, and then i go to the gallery and i work for four hours and i pick up the kids, and then we kind of spend some
4:54 am
type together, i help them with their homework, bath and sipper. the babysitter comes, i go to the garage and take out a cab and drive all night. >> she was one of donald trump's contestants on the very first "celebrity apprentice." what does she think of trump's race for the white house. how are you? >> i'm good. >> nice to have you back. >> thanks. i remember it was march 17th, 2005 when i co-hosted with you guys. >> oh my goodness. >> wendy malik was our guest and robert blake had been acquitted and we talked about that a lot it was crazy. >> incredible. you got this amazing thing with your memory, don't you? >> yes. it's just there, called highly superior autobiographical memory. you showed the "taxi" clip, i said that was august the 24th, 1979, it was a friday and so it was just like it all comes in. i was on david letterman, on "the tonight show" that week for the first time.
4:55 am
>> in your head you can see it? >> it cues up. i see 1979 and goes right to august. almost like simultaneous dvd. >> a blessing or a curse? >> totally a blessing for everyone but my husband. that's why i'm on my third and final. >> mind if we put you to the test? what diwas thanksgiving in 1972? >> in 1972, it was november 23rd. >> that is correct. >> what was the "columbia" space shuttle tragedy? >> january the 26th, 1986, 28th, 1986. >> nixon's resignation? >> was that august the 9th of '74? >> august 9th, '74, that's correct. >> right again. >> wait, so that was -- 1986, january. >> with "columbia" you probably -- >> "columbia," i thought you
4:56 am
meant -- >> 2003. >> i was going with krista mcauliffe, "challenger." >> what movie won the golden globes in 19 the 8 "titanic"? "498" or "497." >> i don't know that for sure. tell us about your special at the food network. >> i'm excited. i love options. you can't have a dinner party without people wanting different things. people are gluten free. elisabeth hasselbeck was big gluten free, people don't eat dairy like me or allergic to nuts like my son. i show you optional cooking so you can make something but you can tweak it a little bit so that you could serve everybody. >> do you learn that out of a book or from experience? >> both. i have to read a book once. i've been cooking my entire life, one of six kids, grew up cooking with my mom. i love it.
4:57 am
i had 28 people for christmas a small group. >> back in the day she started in "taxi" and now she'd be in uber.henner, thank you. >> thanks. does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? then you might be gearcentric. right now, all hp ink is buy one get one 50% off! office depot officemax. gear up for great.
4:59 am
you i
5:00 am
. good morning. it's back to work monday the 11th of january 2016. i'm anna kooiman. breaking overnight, the death of a music legend. ♪ we can be heroes >> david bowie losing a private bat well cancer, just days after releasing a brand new album, a look back to his life and legacy. coming to america, a mexican druglord el chapo could soon be headed to the united states and be in our custody days after being captured thanks in part to his interview with sean penn. just days into the next
5:01 am
debate the gop front-runners face off. >> does natural born mean born to the land, meaning born on the land? in that case he's not. >> three weeks ago almost every republican candidate was attacking donald trump. today almost every republican candidate is attacking me. >> so what does that mean? bret baier is standing by with the washington reaction next, because as he knows, mornings are better with "friends." while you were sleeping the world lose a rock legend. iconic singer david bowie has passed away. ♪ ground control to major tom sad news sending shock waves throughout the entire globe. >> "fox & friends" co-anchor heather childress is live at the hard rocca fay in times square.
5:02 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. folks on the streets just waking up to news this morning. we're here live at the hard rock. the world a little less glam for a lot of folks with the passing of david bowie. ♪ changes, turn and face the space ♪ ♪ just want to be a better man ♪ time may change me >> reporter: a rep. for the 69-year-old singer confirming the sad news on facebook saying "david bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer." ♪ why can't they love you, opening doors and pulling some strings, angel ♪ >> reporter: david bowie was truly a pioneer for the music world. his influential sounds that clined electronica, punk, rock 'n' roll, keeping him at the top of the charts for over four decades. >> he was a song writer. he was a singer.
5:03 am
he was an actor. he was a composer. he was an impressario, he was an artist, he was a poet. he was everything. he was a renaissance man. he was a superstar. >> reporter: the british rocker first stepped onto the scene way back in 1972, bringing with him the concept of alter egos. you may remember him performing as ziggy stardust. he made it across the pond to the u.s. shortly after, "fame" hitting the top of the american charts. full of hits including just dance, space oddity and changes. just three days ago he released his 25th album and final studio album called "black star" with the haunting melody "lazarus." social media of course exploding with news of his death. people speaking on his influence about rock and their lives, influencing him as well.
5:04 am
regina specter, singer, tweeting "rest in peace david bowie. i'm glad you're here and will keep listening as always." rob lowe tweets "just heard. there aren't many legends left to lose. unthinkable and tremendously sad." just hours ago a smaum memorial developed outside his apartment in manhattan. david bowie dead at the age of 69. >> heather childress outside hard rock will people will begin streaming there. we'll talk politics on this monday morning as we always do with bret baier, joining us live from our nation's capital. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's zoom out and show once again, mary lou henner is still with us. we started to ask her during her segment but got derailed with the memory tests. you were on the first "celebrity apprentice" with donald trump.
5:05 am
>> i was on it twice, "celebrity apprentice" and "celebrity apprentice all-stars." i made a lot of money for my charity. i wasn't surprised he wanted to run. he's' a game changer and real character and i can tell you 100% that's real hair. i saw him in front of a helicopter, that's his real hair. >> bret i think she's ready for a special report panel. >> get her to come on down. >> mary lou has to do another tv show. >> thank you, bye-bye. >> there she goes. >> bret, willet's talk about the republican side. it's unbelievable. trump and cruz we thought they had a secret deal not to go at each other. now they're going at each other big time as iowa hooks like it's going more and more to the cruz column and new hampshire remains in the trump column. where are we going with this citizenship thing? >> donald trump keeps getting asked about it, keeps commenting on it and says ted cruz needs to clean it up before iowa, and you
5:06 am
know that's interesting. ted cruz is having to explain it, a lot of different stops. i will tell you anecdotally having been on the ground in iowa talking to a bunch of different caucus goers, potential caucus goers, it doesn't seem to be resonating as far as an issue that they really care about, but it is obviously creating a question for ted cruz on the stump. the latest polls have it really almost tied within the margin of error but ted cruz perhaps with a slight advantage in our fox news poll, up four, the latest nbc poll also up four but very close. >> and bret, how long do you think the issue of him being a natural born citizen or not is going to stay alive? we just saw over the weekend senator cruz showing, putting forth his mother's birth certificate saying she is an american citizen, just happened to be born in canada. >> i don't think at the end of the day that's the issue that's going to drive the caucuses, and just talking to people on the
5:07 am
ground, they care about the economy, scared about national security and they want to hear concrete plans. these, remember are, are states, iowa, new hampshire, they've been through this a lot and they know that you know, pressing candidates on the important issues is really what moves the needle and not kind of the stuff on the outside. >> i agree. >> on the democratic side t looks like bernie sanders and hillary are tied in a couple of states, for the most part, within the margin of error. there's some bad news for hillary this morning regarding the fbi is now, and this is breaking news at seven minutes after the top of the hour. the fbi is expanding their investigation into the e-mails. tell us about the aspect of perhaps public corruption. >> this is significant, and it's an expansion of the already existing fbi investigation. katherine heritage putting out from a couple of sources moment ago that the fbi is taking two tracks, not only the private
5:08 am
server and the e-mails, but also the material of commingling potentially the work with the clinton foundation and her work as secretary of state. we've always known that was a problem for her. remember the clinton cash book and all of the allegations with the inner mingling of speeches and who she was working for and helping. this is a suggestion that the fbi has expanded this to two tracks, and there's a quote here that says the agents are investigating this and fox news was told by, that fbi agents will be "screaming" if prosecution is not pursued, because many previous public corruption cases have been made and successfully prosecuted with much less evidence than what is emerging in this investigation. >> bret, is there a sense from your sources on what kind of timing they're at, of announcing this or not announcing this? >> that's a great question. obviously it factors in heavily to what's happening on the ground, and politically.
5:09 am
so there's not a sense about timing, but it seems like this is moving a little bit more forward. hillary clinton on "face the nation" this weekend saying there's no their there and explained away the e-mail seen instructing an aide how to take off the headers of classified material. >> it's a little crazy. ultimately though the decision on whether or not to pursue criminal charges is a political one. it's with the attorney general of the united states, and you know, her boss is the president, so what do they do? >> it's a great conundrum. the fbi is going to put forward what they have, evidence wise, and if the department of justice doesn't move forward, this will be, i bet, an internal battle that we hear about publicly in some form. >> it's interesting, because bernie sanders had at least two private meetings with the president over the last few weeks and you wonder, joe biden made that announcement last week
5:10 am
he regrets not running, just got in too late, kind of misses it every day. >> maybe he'll still have his chance. >> just remember that bernie sanders in that first debate saying that i don't care about your e-mails, and neither does the country, it kind of disarmed the issue and it went away. if in fact this moves forward or at least publicly we hear that the fbi is pushing for it, and the justice department doesn't move forward, this becomes a major deal on the campaign trail. >> bret baier we'll watch your special report tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern. appreciate it. >> great job in iowa last week, thanks, bret. heather nauert is poised to tell us something important including what's happening in philadelphia. >> there's a lot going on this morning and the philadelphia story is not over yet. philadelphia police, fbi and the joint terrorism task force investigating a reported threat against police, this coming as an anonymous tipster says the accused cop shooter edward archer was not alone. archer told police that he shot
5:11 am
officer jesse hartnett in the name of islam but as it turns out, he may be part of a group of three others. the tipster says archer was the least radical of this group. now all philadelphia police officers will work in teams of two when they go out on patrol. former nypd commissioner howard safir joined us earlier and said this is something we'll be seeing more of. >> i'm not surprised. it's at new normal. it's what police officers will face every day in this country from now on, whether the person is self-radicalized or whether the person is an actual agent of isis, this is what we'll see in the future. you make sure your hero officers like officer harnett are well protected. >> can you imagine that, the new normal he says. officer hartnett was shot three times, he is expected to recover. thank goodness for that. >> a terror threat overseas forcing a plane packed with people to make an emergency landing. than plane was flying from athens to madrid. it was forced to divert about two hours into that flight.
5:12 am
the pilot was warned by greek authorities about a possible explosive device in a passenger's bag. that plane was met by a bomb squad. passengers were searched for several hours. eventually that plane continued on to madrid. and awards season kicking off with the gloe golden globes. ricky gervais addressing some of the biggest el fapts in the room but not everybody found it so funny. see what you think. >> i want to do this monologue and then go into hiding, okay. not even sean penn will find me. snitch. he's also the only person who ben affleck hadn't been unfaithful to. please welcome matt damon. mel's forgotten all about it apparently, that's what drinking does. i'd rather have a drink with him in his hotel room tonight than with bill cosby. >> goodness. there's this story that a lot of people are ta you can being, take a close look at this video this morning, gaga versus dicaprio, a tearful gaga goes up
5:13 am
to get her award for "american horror story" and seems to bump into the actor along the way. his face sort of tells it all. he responded back stage after hearing that the video went viral saying "i just didn't know who was passing me. that's all." those are your headlines. >> i don't know. >> a "titanic" glance. >> movie was second at the bo action office, he won a big award last night, two of them. coming up, a secret meeting between sean penn, and dangerous drug lord el chapo, has even the white house weighing in. could penn face criminal charges? peter johnson jr. on the case. and wipe-out, the brutal moment for one surfer, caught on camera. i hope he's all right. ♪
5:14 am
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dsenators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
5:17 am
covernow there's a gorgeous easy as... otrublend face. three. for each of us one: new trublend primer it hides pores, preps and smooths skin two: trublend makeup matches 99% of skin tones. three: new trublend blush and bronzer - a baked blend to get you glowing! find your trublend it's easy as 1 tru 3 easy breezy beautiful covergirl. well, we got a plot twist in the case of the notorious mexican druglord and murderer, accused of murder, el chapo, now actor sean penn is under investigation for his secret meeting with the drug kingpin.
5:18 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] sean penn interviewed the drug kingpin in october, an inadvertently apparently helped authorities locate him. now the question remains what's in store for both of them? could sean penn face charges? chapo certainly will, won't he, peter squlonson jr.? >> chapo will be at supermax for the next amillennium. sean penn will continue to make bad movies and terrorize america with hollywood idolotry. the federal government through the power house u.s. attorney in new york city is n looking at
5:19 am
sean penn in terms of his conduct and they will probably be issuing subpoenaing according to the "new york post" for his phones and for the like to determine whether a crime was committed. >> let's look at a list of hypothetical charges penn could face. aiding and abetting, concealing an escaped prisoner, harboring a fugitive. >> those are tough charges to prove. it usually involves having someone take place in the united states. but el chapo is also going to be facing some tremendous charges. he's facing charges in about six different states, and if we bring that back, we can see what kind of charges he's facing. he faces charge with regard to distribution, heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine distribution and inspiring and being involved with the killing of many people including mexican police officers and law enforcement officials. so sean penn has put himself in
5:20 am
the hot pot here to the big, you know, to a big extent but that's no, nothing new to him. if you remember him with hugo chavez in venezuela. >> sure. >> if you remember him with saddam hussein's people in 2003. he's given, done alleged interviews of the castro brothers as well. so he's some latter day guevara or something. >> you detailed, the new york post" says they may be coming for his files and phones. all he has to do is say look i was a reporter. >> he's not a reporter. he gave it all away in terms of saying he will have approval, chapo was approval for the story. he's not a journalist. it's a joke. let's move on from this guy. maybe they'll indict him, i don't know. we'll see. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you.
5:21 am
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breaking right now u.s. allies conducting air strikes in syria and iraq, hitting areas held by isis militants more than 25 times, this as at least eight school kids are dead after an air strike in syria, a russian rocket reportedly hit the school in aleppo, because they're not interested in bombing isis. students in new york city can now get away with hmm, just about anything. under a new policy from mayor bill de blasio, profanity, insubordination and drug use
5:25 am
won't get kids suspended. instead, they simply get a warning card that includes the student who even brought seven bags of marijuana to class. suspensions are down 17% city wide but our next guest says bad behavior hasn't stopped. school officials are just being told to ignore it. gregory floyd is the president of local 237, representing school safety officers. good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> down 17%, the kids must be behaving. you say now. >> down 17% but we're ignoring crime, we're ignoring incidents we used to report. when you don't report what's going on in the schools, you don't get a true picture so therefore yes the stats are down. >> students are yelling, cursing, fighting, assaults or unlawful possession of marijuana, instead of are potentially being suspended kids could get arrested for some of this stuff, they get a warning card that says this. "you have committed a violation that could have resulted in the
5:26 am
issuance of a criminal court summons. you are receiving this warning card to give you an opportunity to correct your behavior within the school. if you commit a violation in the future it may result in an arrest or issuance of criminal court summons. please bring your card to your parents." is that enforced, do they have to bring them home? >> according to the form there's no place on the card to have the parents sign off so you don't have an idea if children are bringing it home to the parents. >> seems like authority is under assault from the teacher's standpoint, from the parents standpoint, they don't necessarily hear from law enforcement. what does this do for kids? we're supposed to be teaching these young, bright minds, they're young and impressionable, what happens to them long-term? >> long-term if their behavior is not corrected in schools and they go out into i would say the real world and graduate, they can't hold jobs because they don't have any disciplinary, they don't have any discipline, they can't act in society because they haven't been taught
5:27 am
right from wrong and i think they're doing a disservice to the children because we should be teaching all aspects of life in high schools, and you know, it's nothing wrong with if you want to get the kid a break, give him a class to say you know what? this is what you did wrong. you must complete this class and understand the consequences of your actions. so we're not for arresting children to give them criminal records but you have to have something in place to show them that what they did was wrong and unacceptable. >> historically in schools we inventivize good behavior, not poor behavior. practice your clarinet first chair in the band. study hard you may get an "a" on the test. you fist fight and get a warning card, please and thank you? >> what about the other students, the 99% of the students want to do well and they want to behave. 1% of the children misbehave, but in new york city, with the population of 1 million students, 1% could be 11,000 children, and that could be disruptive to the schools.
5:28 am
>> disruptive for the kids who are trying to learn and you think about teachers and trying to recruit the best teachers. why are they going to want to teach when the kids are acting like this. gregory floyd, president of teamsters local 237, thank you for your time today. great insight. 28 minutes after the hour on monday morning, guilty or framed, the question millions are asks about steven avery, the man at the center of the netflix series "making a murderer." up next with the perspective you will not see anywhere else, a man who came face to face with the convicted killer. a new danger in the air, are pilots putting you at risk when you fly? we'll explain, results of a new study next.
5:29 am
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♪ whoa, wipe-out. >> wipe-out! >> a world record holding big wave surfer wiped out big time out in california. >> surfer garrett mcnamara was hospitalized after getting crushed by a monster wave in california. look at this thing. >> he broke his arm but expected to make a full recovery. >> that's great. >> like falling off a building. >> mcnamara holds the record for catching a 78 foot wave in 2016, the largest ever surfed. hard to tell how big that is. looks at least 50 feet high. >> want to talk to this guy since he's on the mend to see if it was worth it. >> i'm sure he'd say he'd do it again. >> what did he break his arm on, like a shark? >> there's a lot of energy there in the big waves. they can twist you around like a washing machine. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with some news. >> brian, it's like hitting cement when you fall that far
5:33 am
and hit the water that hard. good morning to you all. hope you've off to a great day. headlines to bring you an incredible race to safety. take a look at this, the tanker is caught on camera speeding through the heart of an inferno in western australia. the burning debris flying as firefighters try to drive through, hardly able to see through the heavy smoke. imagine the job they do each and every day, unreal. the fires are believed to have been sparked by a lightning ave been lost so far, 143 businesses and homes lost as well. are you putting your life at risk, when you fly on a commercial plane? the transportation department's internal watchdog says that airlines are not doing enough to train their pilots. the reports say pilots are relying too much on technology and are now rusty on manual flying skills. the faa concerned that pilots won't know what to do if their computers go down. the agency says it hopes to provide new guidelines to the
5:34 am
airlines by january. the rapper 50 cent, his money woes aren't going away that easily. he shared his losing powerball ticket on instagram, while joking that he almost won. how? he actually matched three of the winning numbers, 16, 19 and 34, and that landed him $7. he says it puts him just $8 $899,999 from the big jackpot. >> i get excited if if i get one number. he got three? good for him. >> see you soon. she hit the lotto, she got married the day after christmas and back from her honeymoon. we're talking about maria molina. >> good morning and good to be back. i have my hubby now reed timmer, great to call him my husband now, got to switch gears from fiance to husband. reed and i on my glacier in patagonia, across extreme
5:35 am
southern south america, very icy landscape out there. that particular glacier is more than 500 feet in ice depth, so very massive and it was great to see it in person, ice bucket list item for us. great to spend it with reed. we want to talk about the weather across the u.s., because it is going to be an icy landscape for some of you across parts of the great lakes. we're talking about significant lake-effect snow coming off of lakes erie and ontario, some areas could see as much as three feet of snow in the next several days. heavy snow out there, out west battered with one storm system right now bringing in showers but a stronger storm as we head into the next few days moving into parts of the west as well. quick look at your current temperatures, bridge id this morning in places like chicago and minneapolis, with current temperatures that are below zero and there's a quick shot of your forecast, high temperatures for today across the nation. let's head back inside. >> feels like winter here in new york. maria, thank you. 35 minutes after the hour on
5:36 am
monday. high profile attorney vowing to hit steven avery of wisconsin free after prison after seeing his case featured in "making a murderer." >> a nationwide debate over whether he killed 25-year-old teresa halbach are simply the victim of crooked cops and a biased media. >> joining us with perspective is former wgba reporter aaron keller who covered this case from start to finish and a familiar face. there you are in the courtroom. >> this was a huge case for those of us who covered it. we were there for every step from the moment teresa halbach was reported missing through the last gavel in the second trial. >> this was a gigantic story. >> this permeated wisconsin media for more than two years. >> when he's convicted do you sense they sent an innocent man
5:37 am
to jail? after you see the documentary, and live what you lived and saw what you saw that he's an innocent man? >> i never tried to make my mind up. as a working journalist who had to cover every element from the victim's family, law enforcement to steven avery to the attorney and prosecute yoor, i decided i'd never engage in the process of trying to determine whether he was guilty or innocent. my job was purely to inform the viewers every step along the way and i've held to that. >> if you watch the documentary, i've seen a few, couple of the episodes now, like many people it seems like he is this innocent man and this is a crooked sheriff's department. the conclusion that many are drawing and saying the documentarans are doing this one-sided using the media, using cutaways of you as steve mentioned at the top saying oh, they certainly think something's up, too. can we read anything into these cutaways? >> i really don't think so. i know that a few other people
5:38 am
have made comments about that. we were just standing there trying to cover the case. we were oftentimes exhausted, tired, doing our best to relay information, i wouldn't read too much into the action. i really don't know. >> you haven't seen the whole thing yet? >> i haven't seen the whole thing yet. i'm late to watch it but i should watch the whole thing but it leaves out parts of the media history in the way that we covered the case. >> what way? >> we were involved in this narrative with steven avery's family that this was a setup from the beginning. so we were asking very critical questions of the law enforcement community from the very, very, very early days of the search and that's one thing from what i've heard that the documentary does not get into. we were asking the critical questions from day one, as to whether or not this sheriff's department should have been ethically investigating avery with the conflict of interest in
5:39 am
the original 1985 rape exoneration. >> right, also one of the things people who are watching it are wondering, before he went on trial for the murder, there was an extraordinary press conference where they laid out all these spectacular charges against him, they never brought him up in court. >> steven avery had given plenty of comments to us up to that point, so his side was very well represented in the local press in milwaukee and green bay and the newspapers on television. steven avery used to call us after he was arrested a few days after his disappearance from his jail cell and we'd put him live on the evening news on the phone from his jail cell and he was raising this narrative that wait a minute, they have an axe to grind from the original case so he was raising that question. we were asking the law enforcement community about it. >> did you think he was talking to a credible person when he made the phone calls? >> i didn't try to make my mind up as to whether or not he was being credible or not. we were giving him the platform that he wanted to make his case. >> what evidence was left out?
5:40 am
the former prosecutors come forward and saying you guys were leaving out critical parts of the story, and that's why he's sitting behind bars. >> i think that many other people have commented about what evidence did not play a prominent role in the film and i think that they've handled that discussion well on both sides of the case. i'll leave that opinion to them. >> in addition to covering the trial you find yourself caught up in the twitterverse where people are talking about you. here are a couple of comments from twitter. okay, but who is the silver fox reporter in #makingamurderer and where can i find him. you're an attorney in new hampshire. >> yes. >> seriously, anderson cooper has nothing on this guy, look at that jaw line, that chin dimple. >> i'm waiting for a trademark infringement lawsuit from anderson cooper. it's been amusing. it's nice that my journalism
5:41 am
work is being respected this many years after. i've heard from colleagues from the past said it's great you've gotten recognition from the amount of depth you put into covering this trial. beyond that, my fear is that some of the other comments will ultimately distract us from the critical issues that this documentary raises. >> we also can't forget about the family of teresa halbach having to relive the whole thing. >> is that why you went to law school? >> it is largely why i went to law school. i saw the opportunity to go, took the opportunity and enjoyed it. covering this case was unlike any other story i had ever covered and yes, understanding the legal wrangling of this case really piqued a curiousity. despite some of the criticism that's been lodged lately the attorneys on both sides of this case were very, very good in the courtroom. i'm a naturally curious person. i wanted to know more about why the rule of law resulted in a certain decision in a certain
5:42 am
way. >> now you're a lawyer. all right. very nice to meet you. thank you very much. aaron keller. straight ahead an american murdered overseas, a disturbing new detail emerging this morning. she may have been targeted by hashtag a creeper on line. benghazi backfire, could it affect hillary's run for the white house? we'll explain. >> you're not the first responders. you will wait. >> let's go we have to move! grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. >>blow it up. whaaat?
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you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? here are your headlines. desperate search right now for a killer after an american is murdered in italy. now investigators say she may have been stalked. ashley olsen an artist from florida was found strangled in her florence apartment. her last instagram post says "i
5:46 am
have a stalker, #creeper" in the back." the alleged jewel thief known as the bombshell bandit will make her first court appearance today. her name, abigail leekemp, accused of stealing millions of dollars of jewels. she held workers at gunpoint and tied their hands together. didn't cover her face. and in just a few hours, tanya couch, the mom of affluenza teen ethan couch goes back to court for a bond hearing and it's possible she could be going home with nothing but an ankle bracelet if her bond is reduced. dan godwin is live in front of the courthouse in ft. worth, texas, with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. tanya couch would like to get out of jail and one issue that will come up at today's hearing, her attorney will ask for a reduction in her $1 million bond. couch was in court briefly on
5:47 am
friday for an arraignment. her attorney though was stuck in traffic, so she was not with tanya for that particular hearing. couch has not yet entered a plea. her lawyer says she will plead not guilty. she's facing a charge of interfering with the arrest of a felon, her son, ethan, after the two of them fled to mexico last month. authorities say tanya was trying to help her son avoid a hearing for a possible probation violation which could have resulted in jail time for him. back in 2013 he was sentenced to ten years' probation after he killed four people while driving drunk. during the sentencing the infamous affluenza defense was brought up. defense witness said ethan couch's wealthy but dysfunctional family had failed to teach him right from wrong. ethan remains at an immigration detention facility in mexico city, after winning a legal delay in his deportation back to texas. reporting live in ft. worth, dan
5:48 am
god'dwin, ba godwin, thanks much. >> tanya couch was complaining too much light was coming into her cell and she couldn't sleep. this is not a resort, lady. 13 hours, the movie about benghazi, will it affect hillary clinton's campaign? frank saw the movie and said it will shock everyone. bill hemmer, what is going on top of the hour? >> good morning to all of you.. breaking news in at rest of the most wanted man in the world. what we're hearing about a possible extradition to the u.s. what is the state of the race in iowa? we'll talk to dr. ben carson. and recognizing the legacy of david bowie. martha and i will see you in ten minutes. ut this? price match guarantee. and this? yep! so no monkey business, no tomfoolery? oh, we do have tom foolery, tom. staples has a price match guarantee.
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5:52 am
we're not even supposed to be here. >> losing the initiative. >> stand down. >> if you do not get here soon we are all going to die. >> none of you have to go. we are the only help they have. >> "13 hours" takes audience inside the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, told by security contractors who survived the attack. what kind of impact could it have on hillary clinton's campaign? it was her war, she was recommended to it and secretary of state. private screening, frank, withal come. >> i got to tell you, i see about 25, 30 movies a year. this is going to be the best movie that i see in a long, long time for three reasons. number one it's the true story. if you want to know what actually happened in benghazi,
5:53 am
you've got to see this film. second, i think the public has a right to know. they're not being told by washington what really happened. this movie goes in detail by detail and third, it was absolutely relentless. it's a great movie that shows you just how heroic these people are. if you ever lost faith in the future of america, when you see how brave these men were not only will you have faith but say thank you to every service member and contractor. >> they were contractors in this case and they say they want to go back. they want to get back into the action. >> because they're patriots. we think patriotism is dead, it's alive and well. i hope people watching the film will take two or four people with them. the way this film will have the greatest impact is not if people see it alone. if they take their friends, they take their colleagues. this has got to open big on friday and saturday night. >> you look at "hurt locker" "lone survivor" and "zero dark
5:54 am
thirty" america seems to have a thirst for the movies, "american sniper" the latest example. frank, people want to know what happened, why help wasn't sent. do you hear about a standdown order? they try to avoid things like this. >> they never mentioned hillary clinton. that is true. you see the whole process and you see how close that cia compound was to the consulate and embassy area and you see just, it was attack after attack after attack, wave after wave. i've never seen anything like it. i have to tell you, i don't want to admit this but a couple times i was very emotional because the courage that these people showed under the most extreme possible human pressure, understand they were so outnumbered 10:1, 15:1. >> no help was sent. >> no help was sent and people will walk away frustrated but for the if, time they will walk away knowing the truth. by the way, if you want hollywood to make movies, if you want hollywood to make movies that actually tell the truth,
5:55 am
then people have to go and see the film. you have to support those times. >> do you think hillary clinton will see this movie? >> absolutely not. i don't think she has the courage to see the film. i don't think she has the courage to meet these men. that would be the great -- if i were advising her, i would invite her to bring them to a clinton rally and actually meet them but she doesn't have the currently to see it. >> lastly, will people leave that theater and have questions that didn't care before, do you think they'll have questions and want answers? >> they will leave that theater thinking it was the best two hours and 15 minutes they invested in the entire year because they leave that theater knowing the truth. every american has the right to the truth and should want to know the truth and it's a great story, a great movie. >> the book was successful, to. frank luntz thank you so much. coming up, remembering david bowie with our favorite songs, come yoing your next. 72% of women say they often
5:56 am
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♪ ♪ my love for you would break my heart in two ♪ ♪ if you should fall -- we woke up this morning to the news that rocker david bowie has died. he lost his battle to cancer, he was 69. want to celebrate his life and times sharing some of our favorite songs and this is one of mine "let's dance." >> brian, how about you? >> this is "changes." ♪ turn and face the strain ch-ch-changes ♪ >> next up, "dancing in the street" that's mine. note dancing in the street ♪ ♪ dancing in chicago ♪ dancin' in the street ♪ down in new orleans
6:00 am
>> i love that one with mick jagger. >> i liked "modern love". >> david bowie dead at 69. thanks for joining us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. bill: we have a fox rsh. the final stretch to iowa and polls showing the republican race a dead heat. cruz at 28%. and trump within the margin of error at 24%. martha: you have got the top two contenders pounding the campaign trail, trump on the offensive about cruz' citizenship and he's taken a bonus shot at hoik. >> does anybody know more abo


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