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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 11, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> i love that one with mick jagger. >> i liked "modern love". >> david bowie dead at 69. thanks for joining us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. bill: we have a fox rsh. the final stretch to iowa and polls showing the republican race a dead heat. cruz at 28%. and trump within the margin of error at 24%. martha: you have got the top two contenders pounding the campaign trail, trump on the offensive about cruz' citizenship and he's taken a bonus shot at hoik. >> does anybody know more about
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litigation than trump? i know a lot. i'm like a ph.d in litigation. what's going to happen is the other side will bring a suit. is he a natural born citizen. honestly we don't know. who the hell knows. but you can't be running ... hillary clinton has a problem, too, she doesn't know whether she's going to be indicted. bill: you are live in des moines in a general sense give us the state of the race there today for republicans. reporter: trump and cruz are neck and neck and both are paying more and more attention to iowa. cruz just finished a 6-day 28-county tour. trump was here saturday and will be back here tomorrow. the key question and will stay
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the key question, who will turn out? if you look at that new nbc poll. cruz has a 4-point lead among likely caucus-goers. so the question is, can trump get those new voters he's attracting coming his rallies, can he get them to show up. bill: here is the attack from on cruz on the citizenship thing. what is your sentence iowa. is it raising questions? >> it's about raising doubt. most legal experts agree with cruz that he's a natural born citizen and is eligible foreign the white house. but it's something he has to talk about. i was at one of this town halls
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and a woman in the audience asked hip to explain it which he did. then he had to talk about it on the sunday shows. it was probably not in his game plan to be talking about citizenship at this point. bill: in new hampshire trump has a commanding lead. you see making a bit of a move. is that a real move or managed move? >> it's a real move. bush has always thought the slow and steady plotting forward resonant i'm a solid conservative campaign would finally take hold. it hasn't in iowa but he has spent time in new hampshire. there is another governor, chris
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christie doing well in new hampshire and they will be neck and neck. martha: we are going to talk to dr. ben carson, and next hour we have senator rand paul. bill: all the republican contend percent face off in south carolina in the fox business network. debate number one begins at 6:00 eastern. then if the prime time debate starting at 9:00 eastern, maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will moderate that one. all on the fox business network. martha: we are looking forward to that. in the meantime we have new details on this story. the drug lord and a-list actor.
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joaquin el chapo guzman recaptured. remember how he rode out of a tunnel on a motorcycle. it looks like sean penn is the one who unknowingly gave away his location. now the united states is trying to bring guzman back to this country and sean penn could be in a bit of trouble. what's going on here? reporter: penn went through some elaborate secrecy in the judges to find guzman where he then train k --where he train tequild dinner with guzman. he was del p -- he was deluged m
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requests from hollywood to make a money. we learned el chapo flew engineers to germany to learn how to make the tunnel. el chapo told penn he knew he would likely be arrested. reporter: sunday the process of extraditing el chapo to the united states, that could be several months because his lawyers will challenge that. martha: i understand you know sean penn.
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what do you think about the criticism he's getting. reporter: no journalist or movie producer would turn down this interview. i met penn over christmas at a small dinner party of a mutual friend. we sat across one another and talked for hours about the mile east, politic. he was even gang, genuine, humble and well informed. so when many criticize actors from being disengaged from the issues they talk about, that's not the case with penn. as for hip giving away the location, they believe it wasn't of this arrest but of a previous one where he had a shootout with mexican authorities because of connections his people were making with hollywood producers. martha: very interesting.
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thanks. bill: a lot to go through on this. the life of david bowie. the world losing a rock icon. he died with his family by his side after an 18-month battle with cancer. that was kept secret from most of the world. he inspired generations of musicians. the shocking news after his latest track was released friday. on his birthday the opening line foreshadowing he knew his death was at hand. martha: the man' are hail as
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genius today. the tribute are pouring in. madonna tweeting, devastated. the first concert i ever saw in detroit. even british. he david cam ran tweeting about the british icon. >> genius is an overused word. but musically and creatively and artistically he was a genius. for someone my age he provided some of the soundtrack of our lives. watching athletes appear in the wonderful olympics to the strains of heroes. martha: the soundtrack of our lives for so many of us over the last couple decade. david bowie, an a trailblazer. we'll have more on his life and
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legacy. the word that strikes me about david bowie is original. he was so truly original. that's what made people stand up and take in the. you get people bending things for shock value. but he was so original and so true to hi own spirit and his stone creative artistry. bill: a tremendous body of work. 10 minute past the hour, a fast-moving tornado moving through florida. details on the damage left behind there. >> she is not a victim. she was -- she was -- she worked with hip. some of the women have been totally destroyed.
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martha: donald trump trying to turn the tables on hillary clinton. he says she is no victim, she is quote an enabler. is bill clinton an asset or liability in the clinton campaign. bill: shade of the amanda knox case? raising the possibility of another drawnout saga. >> she was adventurous. she loved italy, she loved to travel. kind of special. and anyone who met her loved her.
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martha: a plane was diverted to canada when i received a threat. >> evidently the threat he made was a verbal threat there will be was no shouting or yelling or scuffling. as soon as they took him off we were able to put our hand down and it was fine. martha: just another flight in the way we live now. police arresting the canadian. bill report f.b.i. expanding the investigation into hillary clinton beyond the issue of her
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emails. look into possible public corruption with the clinton foundation. dr. ben carson is my guest now. sir, good morning to you. thank you for your time. as we go into the fine weeks before the caucus. should she be prosecuted based on what information you have now? bill >> it is obviously very concerning. even more concerning as i talk to people across this nation is the lack of trust in our government. do we now want to instill someone into the highest positions that just fans the flaips of that distrust? bill: just thrk for a yes or no answer, based on what you know, should she be prosecuted. >> based on what i know i would be in favor of looking further into the investigation.
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bill: i'll take that as a maybe. tomorrow night the president will be making his case against guns. there will be an empty seat next to the first lady. >> i wonder about the symbolism of that or are they concerned about their loved ones when they eat dinner. we have gotten into fancy symbolisms. we are in a lot of trouble. you look at the number of i will filtrations, what they call otm, other than mexicans, it includes central and south americans. a lot of people coming here from iraq and syria and somalia and places like that. and we are not doing a lot about it. they are infiltrating, there are
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cells there, and the american people are concerned about that and they don't see the same concern from our government. bill: his executive orders from last week, does that affect anything you are talking about today? >> his executive orders have a tendency to play to his base. in terms of what they do to ease the situation, we are not seeing a lot of that going on. executive orders are there for a specific purpose. the legislative branch which represents the people are the ones who make the legislative decisions. the president has the ability to do an executive order when they are not in session or not available. it's supposed to be temporary. we have gone the way out of whack and we need a president
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who understands how things work. i think, you know, if we begin to communicate with each other we may have an opportunity to make this thing work. bill: on the issue of your fellow republicans, do you see that as a problem for cruz or not. >> i don't see that as a problem at all. much ado about nothing. in terms of our unity. so this kind of thing, it's just, you know, a fly in the ointment and doesn't need to be paid any attention to. bill: in iowa you know the challenge is to fin efficient top three slots. you rank in the polling at number 4. you announced the hiring of three new senior staff members
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after a considerable shakeup around the new year. you say you have more energy and you are more focused as a campaign. what has been the difference for you over the first couple weeks in the new year? >> the big difference of course is now we have an operational campaign. one that actually is getting thing done. that's why you are seeing policies rolling out now, and you are seeing they are good policies, and they are getting good press. that will continue to be the case. i'm much more actively involved in terms of what's going on. i have the kind of staff now that i believe can handle a lot of the things that come up from a day-to-day basis which gives meet ability to truly concentrate on the campaign. i fully recognize that as our numbers begin to rise again,
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that there will be all kinds of attacks. but i have the kind of organization now i think that can respond more appropriately. bill: they asked whether you can finish in the top three and you said it won't be a problem at all. we'll find out in three weeks. ben carson live in iowa. martha: growing concerns about terrorism worldwide. the white house guaranteeing it will close guantanamo bay prison this year. president obama may go around congress to do that, and we'll talk to kt mcfarland about that. bill: who wants to be a billionaire. millions lining up hoping lady luck will be on their side.
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bill: power obama officials announce the jackpot has grown to $1.3 billion. most states require winners to be announced publicly. i think billionaire sounds pretty good. i think it sounds pretty good. martha: if you get one number
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right like someone in my house did, they can get $5 so you can get more tickets. i don't in how long this can go on. bill: when i win we'll hold a press conference that will be a riot. we share it 50-50. martha: an american woman found dead in italy and police are calling this a homicide. 35 years old. her name ashley olson. an artist from florida. her boyfriend discovering the body in an apartment in florence. marks on her neck indicate she was likely strangled. is her boy friends being considered a suspect. >> apparently the boyfriend is not considered a suspect. he's also an artist.
6:27 am
and italy's premiere national news agency is saying his alibi actually stands up. so they have spoken to people who are back up what he says which is that the two of them had an argument a few of nights ago. he tried to reach her but they hadn't been in touch. when her phone was switched off saturday morning he went to her apartment to check on her. found it locked, the land lady let him in. then he found her dead on her bed, undressed. he said he put her on the floor and tried to resuscitate her without any effect. local media reports are suggesting he was a jealous the man and at the same time there are local media reports she had been seen out late at a discoteque on the night of
6:28 am
january 6 and on a bench in if the square near where she lived in florence on thursday into friday with a girlfriend. anothy getting a lot of traction. police aren't commenting on of any these hypotheses, she may have had a stalker. some posts on instagram were allegedly from someone not her, but she was commenting on these pictures taken of her that she had a stalker and saying creepy, weird. people are saying it may be a joke, but it's something being taken seriously. she is 35 years old. she moved over here after a divorce to join her father who is teaching art in florence. she is involved in art and fashion marketing. the ex-pat community in florence
6:29 am
is very tight. she was very well loved. very friendly, and finally clues will be gleaned from the security cameras that are quite brief atlanta from that area. when the autopsy results come out police will be putting a timeline together to see who may have been coming and going from that building at the time she died. bill: there are disturbing details about the shooting of a police officer in his car by a man who claims to have been inspired by isis. martha: donald trump sharpening his attacks on the clintons. one political panel weighing in on whether he's on the right track. >> i have more respect for women than hillary clinton has.
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bill: the second trial starts for one of the police officers charged in the death of baltimore freddie gray. the first trial ended in a mistrial. martha: a slugfest on the campaign trail between the leading in the republican and leading in the democrat. donald trump slamming hillary clinton. >> she is not a victim. she was an enabler.
6:34 am
>> she was an enabler? >> she worked with him. some of the women have been totally destroyed. some of the women have been destroyed. and hillary worked with him. there is no feeling sorry for hillary clinton in the situation. just look at the facts and some of the settlements. there is no feeling sorry for her. martha: hillary clinton firing back saying trump's strategy is not new and it will not work. >> it's been fair game for republicans going back many years. it didn't work before, it won't work again. martha: welcome, ladies. good to see you both this morning. i want to start with one of the fox news polls. this may be a number that caught donald trump's attention and
6:35 am
opened this line attack. who is more respectful of women is the question. bill clinton gets 50% of all voters. 55% of women. donald trump donald trump. % -- 37% of all voters and 31% of women. >> no question it will help donald trump in the bring mary with republican voters and may well help him more than you would think in a general elect, but probably not as much as donald trump hopes in a general election up against hoik. when you go back to the new york senate race when hillary clinton ran against deblasio and he walked across the stage with a contract he wanted her to sign many women felt she was treated unfairly.
6:36 am
that was the turning point. martha: it wasn't about this topic. >> women voters felt she had been treated unfairly in that situation. and that's when she took off. martha: the interesting thing here, katie, think is what was brought up, and the clinton allegations have been around forever. kathleen willy has been speak out force fly. the new twist is not it's not about bill. it's about hillary and whether she strong armed kathleen willy into keeping quiet or whether she pushed people to do that for her and do that dirty work. is it valid, does it matter? >> it is valid. and hillary clinton is one of the world's most infamous enablers of abusive men.
6:37 am
if you talk to the victims of bill clinton's sexual abuse and assault, they will tell you this wasn't just about bill clinton, this was hillary clinton in the white house taking extra steps to assassinate their character and drag them through the mud. the same set of people who were used during the bill clinton presidency to destroy these women and compare them to trailer trash. if hillary clinton is going to say she believes sexual abuse victims have the right to be believed and stand on being a champion of women, then she has questions to answer regarding her role in the scandal. >> most people will defend their spouse when they are attacked. hillary clinton testified her husband until she found out the truth. once she found out the truth about this actions, she no
6:38 am
longer defended him nor did she criticize her accusers. you never heard her defend her husband after that day or attack his accusers after that day. martha: the question is whether people were put in action, there is an interesting exchange about a lunch with sidney blumenthal where he claims blumenthal said we are going to take care of this situation and weird thing started taking place at kathleen willy's house. whether she can put herself forward as a woman and a candidate and not have these thing revisited. and even more importantly, does it bring it all back up and make some people say there is so much interest in outsiders. enough with them? >> i think for a lot of people including people like katie who weren't around when this happened.
6:39 am
they don't know much about this, they on learned about it by reading about it. i think more other voter who are more concerned about moving forward and about the things that need to be fixed in this country, they will move forward. there are plenty of people who don't like hoik and would never vote for her no matter what and i think we hear many of them all the time. in november you will have a choice between two people. it might be donald trump and it might be hillary clinton. when they have that choice they will render their judgment. bill clinton paid a big price and the judgment has been rendered. it can't be good for her but give her a lot of credit for getting out there and running for president anyway. >> as someone who wrote an entire book on the left's war on women, interviews with people like jennifer flowers talking
6:40 am
about how she believes hillary clinton played a huge role in her character assassination. i think i know what i'm talking about. she has questions to answers. the teams she sent to assassinate the character of women sexually abused by her husband. >> no one believes hillary clinton knew the truth until all of us found out the truth. and the fact is the way she handled it, the way she did, she never criticized them since nor has she defended her husband since. bill: a wildcard tbleect nfl. aaron rodgers was on it. packers put away the redskins 35-18 on the road. it was freezing for this game. man, was it cold.
6:41 am
seahawks rally to take a 10-9 lead. that tundra was frozen and they missed the game winner. 27 yard away. seattle survivors. what a game. the top two teams in college football face off in the national championship. number one clemson against number two alabama. martha: sorry about your bengals. bill: yesterday was numbing. i like alabama to win but clemson isis good. martha: i'll go with wisconsin. i was right about the hall of fame people for baseball. i am the person to watch when it comes to these issues. all right. this story coming up for you
6:42 am
this morning. the white house is doubling down on the issue of gitmo. vowing to close it. he wants it done before he leaves. kt mcfarland is next on the high stakes involved. bill: a bird's-eye view of the aftermath of a tornado. the trail of destruction in the state of floor. pretty much road right out of the downed power lines point was just a mess.
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theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. martha: dozen of homes were damaged in cape coral after a tornado hit dozen of homes. more than 12 square miles of neighborhood. now the massive cleanup is under
6:46 am
way. >> we want to get everybody back to their homes, we want to get the power back on and get the kids back in school. reporter: millions of dollars in damage reported. but no reports that anyone was hurt. bill: the obama administration is vowing to close gitmo before the president leaves office. >> we want to make sure we are in a position to close that facility because it strengthens us when we do it. he feels an obligation to close that facility and we are going to do it. >> you are going do it whether the congress says yes or not. >> the president said he will present a plan to congress and work with ngress. bill: kt, good morning to you on this monday. he says it strengthens us when
6:47 am
we close it. what do you say? >> not at all. we are not just going to leave it there because the president knows the next president will reopen it. what does the president hah to do. he has to choice and turn it over to cuba. what is cuba going to do with it? it's a major naval port. they will lights out. who will they lease it out to? china. bill: wow! >> he's saying it's going to be take off as an issue. it's been an issue in american policy for decades. what obama is really doing is preventing any successor president from undoing what obama has done. bill: they will take a plan to congress and congress is going to do what? >> congress is not going approve this.
6:48 am
congress will have an executive action. he does it on many other things with foreign policy. he will happily have an executive order to close guantanamo bay. bill: there is your map. you predict that the castros get gitmo back under this president. is anyone else talk like that? who not really, but they should. if the president is going to close off the options for the next president to reopen gitmo, he has to give it back to the cubans. if it's just shuttered the next president can open the shutters. bill: if they have it back you predict russia? >> cuba is looking to have reform investors? who is likely into vest? china, russia, perhaps even iran. they may want the privilege and
6:49 am
opportunity to put their naval vessels in that very state of the art fantastic port. cuba owned guantanamo bay. in 1903 released it from cuba and we continued to make payment for that lease. the castros don't cash the checks because they insist we are there illegally. bill: i'm hearing word another detainee will be released very soon. tied to al qaeda. fox polling late on friday said this. has the administration failed on isis. 65% said mostly failed. 68% said they have mostly failed. we know a lot of them have gone back into the fight.
6:50 am
bill: we have more breaking news now. thanks, good to see you. here is martha with that. martha: the judge delayed a trial of a police officer charged in the death of freddie grey. the trial was supposed to begin today for the driver of the police van. depraved heart murder ways they call it. the judge delayed that trial and an appeals court is deciding whether the first officer who stood trial, they are saying whether william porter can testify against ceasar goodman. his own trial ended in a mistrial. we'll keep you posted on developments as we get them. bill: last night golden globe awards. the equal opportunity offender going off. he went after almost everyone.
6:51 am
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>> i want to do this monologue then go into hiding. not even sean penn will finds me. -- will find me. snitch. martha: did you get some of this last night? i did it was on the edge there during a lot of it. that's comedian ricky gervais, that opening line about sean
6:55 am
penn meeting with el chapo. best motion picture drawa and its lead leonardo dicaprio wing for best actor in a motion picture drawa. she is on her way up there to get her award for "the american horror story hotel." the emotional win of the night. this is a big night for sylvester stallone and his wife who was very emotional. he thanked philly for his win.
6:56 am
>> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friends i ever had. bill: i have got some binge watching to do. martha: i'm going to try to see "the revenant." this is the one time of year where i can pack them in. bill: hillary clinton getting a run for her money. new polling showing her neck and neck with bernie sanders and in some places trailing sanders. a look back at the legacy and influence. 40 years of david bowie.
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so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit martha: philadelphia police on high alert after the ambush shooting of a police officer. he's sitting in his patrol car when this man comes over and shoots. the f.b.i. is check to see if the man is part of an organized group with ties to isis. bill: a new warning to officers in philadelphia. a source telling police about three radical associates of the suspected gunman who want to harm police. cops on the beat taking precautions with orders to work
7:01 am
in pairs until further notice. rick leventhal is there. how big is this development now? >> a word of caution on this. police and the f.b.i. get tips like these all the time. a federal law enforcement source said the only reason this tip was made public was because someone leaked the original police report. it may be credible and it may not be. they want to determine whether archer had co-conspirators or if he acted alone. the information came from a woman who stopped a philadelphia police officer on the streets and told police archer was part of a larger group of three others and archer was not the most radical of the four, warning the police to be careful.
7:02 am
the officer was alone when he was shot last week. bill: how is he doing? >> he remains in critical but stable condition. he remains in intensive care but he's sleeping better. he's surround by family and friends. his left arm is damaged and he suffered never damage as a result of three bullet wounds. the police commissioner confirmed he has multiple surgeries ahead. >> we denounce that as a terrorist act it doesn't have any relevance. reporter: police say they are proud of the officer because he was able to shoot and wound the
7:03 am
suspect while bleeding his own wounds. martha: hoik facing some trouble heading into the first major contest of 2016. the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll shows her leading in the 48% to 45 per. 45%. look at new hampshire. he has 50% in new hampshire, she is 37%. so is that what we are seeing? is the ground shifting under hillary clinton as she heads into these races the next few weeks? >> in the early state it looks like it. in iowa it's the closest it's been in a long time.
7:04 am
while there is volatility in iowa with the des moines register with her up 9 points. the fact she is up 3 in a respected nbc marist poll. it shows she was counting on that aura of inevitability. martha: she was teary in 2008 in new happen shire because thing were change. it raises a question. the same thing could happen again. >> crying in new hampshire would not help hillary clinton recover. if she loses in iowa, you are looking at her losing the first two state. iowa and new hampshire. her team and other observers
7:05 am
give it a discount factor because bernie sanders is from next door in vermont. if you were to win iowa first, then win in new hampshire, i think that puts more back on her heels. it would cause people in the days that follow to remanage the whole race. i think that air of inevitability would be punctures once and for all. martha: there is some shifting going on on the republican side. you have got marco rubio beating hillary clinton in a general elect. ted cruz by a similar margin. and upbush tying hillary clinton here. that's a pretty big move. >> the democratic race hasn't
7:06 am
been as prominent as the republican race. democrats are holding their debates at 8:00 on saturday night. having said that, hillary clinton is not a great candidate. she is not likeable. people don't think she is trustworthy and honest. she'll have time to make her case if she is the democratic nominee. butted the fact that she is in a respected battle. martha: from the republican side you have got -- this is new hampshire. you have got trump at 33%, rubio 13 degree. we'll talk to rand paul. the people on the lower tier of these polls say the polls are nonot telling the real story.
7:07 am
>> that's what people on the bottom always say. sometimes there is a case for that. but in many cases that's just political rhetoric. what that poll shows donald trump has a manning overwhelming lead. i think it would take something significant and catastrophic from his perspective to see him losing in new happen shire. it's hard to manage what would knock him off that perch. martha: later this hour we'll speak to one of the republican candidate. senator rand paul will join us live and we'll get his take on the state of this race. this week fox business network thursday night. trish regan and sandra smith will host the earlier debate,
7:08 am
then maria bartiromo and neil cavuto at 9:00. bill: claims of sexual assault in germany topping 200. police say women were groped and assaulted. what more are we learning about these attacks, gregg? reporter: some troubling news coming out of germany and more news he morning being the terrible events in cologne, germany. authorities in that city say that they have 516 criminal complaint filed from mostly women and many of them, 40% at least, sexual assault. this followed incident on new year's eve in the center of th city. 1,000 men, rowd irand drunk. most them refugees he see you lum seekers from north africa
7:09 am
and the middle east. they grabbed, they cornered young women, they and and robbed and in two cases raped them. some compared it to tahir * square in egypt right in the heart of germany. there are complaints that police did not act fast enough. and they have been slow in describing the nature and cause. there are two arrests so far. bill: what's the government saying in germany? reporter: angela merkel is taking a lot of heat. she seemed to be backing down from earlier positions saying her country would deport asee you slum seekers who committed crimes. she is still standing by her open-door policy.
7:10 am
1.1 million immigrants last year into germany. several hundred thousand more expected this year. there is fear of terrorists hiding among the ranks, not just criminals. this fueled by reports that that man who tried to attack a police station in paris and was shot, he was hiding out in a refugee shelter a couple days before that. on the u.s. campaign trail, donald trump noting the results of open-door policies regarding immigration just yesterday on the sunday talk shows. bill: gregg palkot reporting in london. martha: donald trump refusing to drop questions about ted cruz's citizenship. >> ted needs to get this situation solved. if he's running against a democrat and they bring a lawsuit he has a hell of a thing
7:11 am
over his head. bill: el chapo is back behind bars after the secret meeting with sean penn. can the hollywood star be in trouble now. martha: nearby neighbors escaped not a moment too soon. >> i could smell a leak and i ran to tell everyone to get out. my friend and i started to gather our stuff and the whole building shook with the explosion. because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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martha: donald trump repeatedly raising questions about ted cruz's citizenship and whether he's eligible to run for president base was born in canada. but trump admitting he's not sure what the law is. >> i don't know. it depends. does natural born mean born on the land? in that case he's not. but nobody knows what it means. but it hasn't been ajude kaitd and gone to the supreme court. i'm only saying ted has to get this problem solved. if he's running against a democrat and they bring a lawsuit he has a hell of a thing over his head. martha: judge napolitano says it's wide off on what the issue
7:16 am
of what a natural born citizen is. >> it's been established before it congress for 100 years. a human being born in another country with at least one parent who is an american citizen who lived in the united states for at least one year before the birth. the child is a citizen. his mother and her husband were in canada at the time of ted's birth it's well settled. he's a natural-born american citizen. donald trump may be doing senator cruz a service by raising it now and getting it out of the way. ted cruz spent the weekend talking about this, and i can't imagine that was his favorite top toik talk about. but the law is solidly on his grounds.
7:17 am
has the supreme court reviewed it in donald trump is correct the supreme court has never reviewed it because the issue has never come up. martha: john mccain was born in panama to two american parents. >> there was a little talk when he ran for president, but it went nowhere. john mccain is a natural born citizen. martha: there is only one reason for bringing this up. this is to put a question mark in their heads where there dede
7:18 am
7:19 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:25 am
7:26 am
what she did was not only what she did was not only bill: you're in new hampshire. if she in danger of losing that state, a, b, do people talk about this issue there? >> there is some discussion of
7:27 am
it up here but the biggest issue up here is really whether people want to move to bernie sanders or not. almost without discussion of specifics. you know, this there, there is amazing parallel in this election. bernie sanders is the next door neighbor to new hampshire. tsongas was a next door neighbor when bill clinton ran up here. bill clinton was coming in here with all kinds of negative polling. let's see what happens to mrs. clinton. the clintons do have a long history of a good ground game up here and a long history of relationship with people up here. this is the volatile season for polls. so let's see if she pulls it out or comes very close as a second. and calls herself the comeback lady as bill called himself the comeback kid when he came in second to tsongas. bill: four weeks and a day to the primary.
7:28 am
john sununu, governor of new hampshire. appreciate your time. >> secret rendezvous with el chapo. sean penn getting interview with fugitive drug lord who nobody else could find. how the interview could play a role in the capture. plus is sean penn in trouble for this. bill: world remembering a david bowie, rockledge end icon. amazing career as tribute continue to pour in. ♪
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
bill: mexico apparently taking steps to send drug lord el chapo guzman to the united states. recaptured after a month long manhunt. secret meeting with the actor sean penn helped track down the fugitive kingpin. penn secretly meeting with him for a story published over the
7:32 am
weekend in "rolling stone" magazine. senator marco rubio reacting on the presidential trail this way. >> he interviewed el chapo and guessed they used interview he had the mexicans did, that is fantastic. i hope they extradite el chapo to the united states. if one of these american actors benefited from greatness of this country, made money from our free enterprise system want to fawn all over a criminal and drug trafficker in their interviews they have a constitutional right to do it. i find it growth desk. bill: joining me pete hegseth, iraq and afghanistan war veteran, fox news contributor. and emily camapoo an attorney. joining us on the legal side. americans want him extradited, based on what? where is the motivation for the mexicans to follow through on that? >> the united states wants him for his vast supply of heroin, methaphetamine, cocaine and more into the united states. in fact the united states is the largest recipient of guzman's
7:33 am
drug trade. frankly mexico started their extradition proceedings already. this is in stark contrast to the last time he was apprehended where the mexican president nieto refused and said we will only extradite him to the united states after he serve ad 3 or 400 year sentence. this time like that they are beginning that process. bill: emily, why would the mexicans do that? why would they not just go ahead and take care of justice for him? >> it is probably a mix. number one, they have been embarrassed frankly. the last time they tried to bring him to justice twice he escaped. secondly there is a political climate between the two countries right now reflecting mexico's proaction in terms of dealing with us and acquiescing to our requests. bill: he is escaping because he is getting help on the inside. i think everybody can see that. appears pretty obvious. sean penn is in any sort of trouble here legally or not? >> frankly not really.
7:34 am
what is illegal harboring or concealing a fugitive, making moves towards that. meeting with a fugitive is not that. he had no duty to report guzman to the united states authorities. i see u.s. subpoenaing him and documenting his transcripts and sean penn considers himself a activist. i see him digging into his heels or even testifying for the united states. under this administration they have prosecuted many more people under the espionage act since 1911 than any other history combined in this. i see there might be a fight moving forward with sean penn at the center. bill: i want to bring in pete hegseth. talk about the chase for this man. it is said penn's interview led authorities to him. how do you do that? what would be process involved on behalf of mexican authorities to get on his trail, pete? >> sure. it starts with informants or
7:35 am
folks willing to give up information in. ultimately el chapo's vanity gave him away. they tried to meet him in remote location of durango state, six hours from where he was eventually captured. sean penn didn't think there was anybody tracking him but there were eyes on him. there likely were. to contact el cheap -- el chapo he had to go through a famous mexican actress. that is when human intelligence turns into signals intelligence and they monitor an area. they knew el chapo was there and they would raid him after the interview. there were women and children they didn't. turns out after that they collaborated with one of the folks that built the tunnel to get information where he might be. that is where the second raid occurred where they ultimately got him. a lot of humans involved. bill: pete, you look at this on the face, you escape a couple of times, you can't do that unless you have people on the inside helping you. that goes to the level of
7:36 am
corruption on behalf of the mexican government, does it not? >> sure it does. he has a networks of people helping him out. transportation from point a to point b. if he is pulled over or something happens this is the kind of guy who paid his way or forcefully made his way out all of these things. when he was finally captured he escaped one more time under a tunnel. they usedded sewage system underneath his compound to get away. they ultimately captured him in a stolen vehicle. he always had a network bought and paid for and contingency plan. this is why extraditing him is important. god only knows who he has on the inside again. last thing the mexicans want is him escaping again. bill: kudos for authorities tracking him down yet again. >> absolutely. bill: you don't get out of these prisons unless you have help, that is my point. >> that's right. bill: pete thanks to you. emily, thanks to you as well. we'll see what happens next in all of that. >> thank you. martha: so the trial of the second officer charged with the
7:37 am
death of freddie gray is now going to be delayed. just this morning a judge put off the beginning of jury selection in the case of officer caesar good son. police van driver goodson, is charged with second degree depraved heart murder for freddie gray's death while he was in police custody last april. peter doocy is in washington. peter, explain why the trial was delayed after they were just about to get started? reporter: the delay is because of the hung jury. they tried william porter the first in hopes he would testify against the second officer tried, caesar goodson. since charges against that first officer, william porter, are still pending until a retrial, his lawyers don't think he can be compelled to testify because he could say something in one trial that impacts his own. the snag here is, the judge disagrees. issued what he admits is a first of its kind immunity arrangement
7:38 am
that the first officer, william porter has to testify but that nothing he says can be used in his retrial. porter's lawyers though obviously don't think that is very fair. so they went to the maryland appeals court and appeals court still hasn't decided if the state's most important witness should be forced to testify against the officer facing the most serious charges. they're the ones who ordered today's postponement. officer goodson has to await their ruling. he is one driving the van freddie gray was injured in. he is charged with second degree heart depraved, most serious of the charges against the officers. the rest of the officers trials are tightly to go one after the other. so far they have not been pushed back so far. >> everyone hanging on every word. peter, thank you very much. bill: heart-stopping moment caught on camera here. fire crews rush a burning building to save those trapped
7:39 am
inside. martha: ted cruz and donald trump leading the way in the homestretch to iowa. can the establishment get behind one of these candidates as nominee? presidential candidate senator rand paul joins us next on what he thinks about the state of the race right now and we will talk to him about the upcoming debate as well. >> 2/3 of the party is in one of those guy's pocket. 1/3 is in the establishment lane. that doesn't auger well for the establishment going forward beyond new hampshire. i has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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martha: republican candidates gearing up for the first debate of 2016. iowa just three weeks away now. donald trump and ted cruz leading crowded field. one analyst, a former bush-romney advisor says he thinks because of other candidates have been unwilling to get on board or share supporters to knock these two off their pedestal he thinks it
7:43 am
pretty much has come down to these two. >> if you disqualify trump you could help ted cruz, establishment doesn't want that. if you disqualify cruz you could help trump. so, a lot of the establishment is just sitting on sidelines. i think moment to go after either has passed. 2/3 of the party is in one of those guy's pocket. 1/3 is in the establishment. that doesn't auger well for the establishment going forward beyond new hampshire. martha: interesting stuff, joining me presidential candidate kentucky senator rand paul. thank you for your time this morning. good to have you with us. i would imagine you would take issue what he had to say there. >> he is a little bit confused. usually we wait to let the voters vote before we decide. polls are so far off. if you look at polls, half or people or more are still undecided. we had a poll in kentucky before
7:44 am
the governor's race. everybody said the democrat would win by five but the republican won by eight in two-way race. we're doing better than people reported. we announced a 1,000 precinct chairs in iowa. that is more than any other campaign. we think we're right in the middle of it. martha: with regard to the ted cruz citizenship question you can imagine this question going to the supreme court. do you still believe that? >> well, democrats have already threatened. there is one democrat congressman will file a lawsuit over this. i think without question everybody would accept that you know, cruz is a natural born canadian. he was naturally born there. the question can you be natural born canadian and natural born american at the same time. maybe but the courts will have to decide. the it has never been decided. martha: we spoke to judge napolitano. it doesn't matter where you physically born but your natural
7:45 am
born is from parent. >> for traditional citizenship it always has been but only part of the cons says natural born with regard to the president. it appears to be a unique qualification and most people have interpreted they had to be born in the u.s. until recently. citizenship though, if your parents had you outside of the country and you were born in france or canada you were always considered to be a citizen but unique thing to be natural born. i think democrats will force it to be adjudicated. think haven'tly the supreme court will probably have to decide it. martha: others say it is a closed question. sounds like you and donald trump are on the same pain when it comes to this issue though. >> i think it is whether or not democrats will pursue it. it is not me. whether or not democrats pursue it and i think they probably will. martha: talk about the debates coming up. you said you're not interested in participating in undercard debate. you're not sure why there is one. do you plan to participate in the upcoming debates regardless which one you fall into?
7:46 am
>> well the good news is the last, virtually every poll that has come out in the last two weeks we've been fifth or sixth. cbs national we were only one point out of fourth last week. so we've been coming up in the polls. i don't think there is any question we should be and included in first tier. i don't think it is fair to people might be excluded, jeb bush, kasich, fiorina. i don't think fair to them with national campaigns not to be included. but if we look at the polls last two weeks we moved up are in fifth, sixth or barely out of the forth place. if they use the criteria and they're fair about it we can't see why we wouldn't be included in the first tier. martha: if you were not, i looked at all numbers this morning, as you point out you're on the cusp bubble, if you were not, would you participate in the other debate, the first debate of the evening? >> we won't allow the media or the party to exclude us from being in the first tier because we've raised nearly $25 million. we have 1,000 precinct chairs in
7:47 am
iowa. it would be artificial designation that just isn't helpful. it really isn't fair for the media to have so much power. the voters ought to get to decide. in some way disenfranchises voters in iowa and new hampshire says you guys don't count, we'll count 400 people in iowa and make decision in advance who we think can win and it is self-fulfilling prophecy we'll not be designated by anybody in the media whether we're in the first tier. martha: based on polling, not media. >> media interpreting polling. the polls show us in top five or six. all the recent polls have shown ha. martha: something you care very much about, the vote on auditing the fed. can you tell us where that stands and how you expect it to woman out? >> waited for five years to the got vote. i think this is the to audit the fed and shed light and transparency on federal reserve.
7:48 am
the federal reserve is the biggest bank in the world. they're one of the most secretive bodies in the world. they were created by congress. congress and people should know what they're doing over there. it passed in house overwhelmingly. almost every republican and 100 democrats. overwell overwhelming -- by partisan support. we believe in shedding light on banks and the biggest bank of all the federal reserve. martha: thomas jefferson certainly thought so. so do you. senator paul, thanks very much for being here today. good to have you. bill: jon scott next on "happening now." what is happening, jon? >> good morning, bill. murder mystery in italy. young american found strangledded in her apartment. authorities are questioning ashley olson's friends and as well as her boyfriend.
7:49 am
government troops fighting the taliban. why afghan fighters is much larger on paper and how it is affecting deteriorating security situation. "affluenza" mom is back in a texas courtroom soon. will the judge reduce tonya couch's million dollar bond? could she walk free early as today? all happening on "happening now." bill: remembering a rock icon, david bowie dead after age of 69 after a long battle with cancer. a look back at his life and legacy leaves today. ♪ in my business i can count on my i.t. guy bailing me out all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. martha: back with a fox news alert. breaking news out of baghdad just moments ago.
7:53 am
iraqi officials say that gunmen attacked a baghdad mall killing 10 people and that they have taken hostages. we're looking for more on this story. when we get it to you we'll bring it to you. breaking news out of baghdad at this hour. ♪ ♪ changes, changes bill: you're going to hear a lot of this music today, tribute pouring in from around the world, for the legend david bowie, who died yesterday after battling cancer for 18 months. bowie created some of the most memorable music of our time, dying only days after the release of his 25th album. called black star. we have a senior entertainment reporter for good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: here are the lyrics from
7:54 am
lazarus. i'm in heaven with scars can't be seen. drama pa that can not be stolen. everybody knows me now. what do we know about david bowie and his contribution to music. >> his contribution to music was absolutely immense. you see it from the outpouring of musicians and prime minister, they have taken to social media to release statements to say his impact changed the face of music. he was responsible for creating what they called glam rock. he broke barriers. he had some hits. i mean he is a pioneer. now, you know, here's the thing with those lyric that you just read he knew he was dying. he battled cancer for 18 months. bill: i don't think a lot of other people did. >> fans did not realize but he wanted to leave this parting gift which already shot to the top before his death, when he dropped it on friday on his 69th birthday, black star. it is being critically praised, how great it is.
7:55 am
another example he was working up to the moment he passed away. bill: he defined, sex, drugs, rock and roll. he lived the life, 40 years of it. 25 albums. >> 25 albums. he was considered to be a chameleon of sorts. he would change his -- bill: i agree. >> things that he sung about, you know, a lot of like, they would say like the misfits or the out casts really felt like they could connect with him because he considered himself not to be a popular. he wanted to talk about real issues. he was inducted to the rocks and roll hall of fame in 1996. the sad part leaves behind a family is. his wife imam. there is vigil in soho in front of his apartment right now. it is really sad. people didn't realize he was so sick. bill: he did everything too. rork and roll, the pump, the pop. he ran the gamut. >> yes. bill: david bowie, we remember
7:56 am
him today at age 69. thank you, chloe. >> nice to see you. thank you. bill: martha. martha: hollywood blockbuster written all over it. the world's most notorious drug lord recaptured after meeting with award winning actor in the mexican jungle.
7:57 am
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rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. martha: smoking firebreaks out and police rush to the rescue. people hanging out windows were trapped. officers on the scene before firefighters arrived, use ad ladder to reach 2nd floor apartments. this in hempstead, new york, started in a furniture store. there were only incredibly minor injuries. well don on part of police and firefighters. jon: bill: a lot with the body cameras. hope you had a great weekend.
8:00 am
martha: ref vennant is the next one on my list. "joy" is one i am told you should avoid. bill: she won. figure that. martha: bye everybody, see you tomorrow. ♪ jon: there is new fallout this morning from the capture of mexico's most notorious drug lord and in a twist straight out after hollywood script, how an oscar-winning actor might have led police to "el chapo." good morning, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. waa keen guzman or el chap boy as he is known, he was captured friday in a deadly shootout with mexican marines. we're learning from "rolling stone" magazine, that act sore sean penn met with him october and might have helped track him down. william la jeunesse live i


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