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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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she didn't know who was behind him. could be that bear from reverent. >> that's just lady gaga. >> thanks for joining us. >> real story with gretchen starts right now. kicking off with fox news alert. the white house weighed in on whether elchapo should be tried in the united states. this is the real story today. now u.s. law enforcement waiting for elchapo to be extradited here to face drug charges. mexico saying that could take a year at least. a new set of questions rising about the secret meeting between the drug king pin and actor sean pen. live for us in l.a. what do we know about all of this? >> you know, there are two stories here.
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one is the new details on the raid on elchapo's house. turns out he almost escaped that going down a sewer. news that sean penn met with him in a hideout and may have led to the capture. photos allegedly show penn meeting with actress just as the two were setting off in october to meet with ho wanted advice on dealing with hollywood who wanted to make a movie of his life. after his dramatic escape from prison. in this article penn says after he had dinner with the two the drug lord agreed to a two-day interview the following week. that ever inhappened face-to-face because police raided elchapo's ranch just four days later wounding him in the leg. elchapo escaped that but responded to questions on video,
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proud of his cartel status he took no responsibility for others' addiction. >> so extradition proceedings began yesterday by mexican authorities but say it could take a year before he seeathize inside of a u.s. courtroom. >> what about details about friday's shootout where he lived? and the reaction to penn's meeting with america's drug enemy number one? >> turns out video leaked to mexican tv station shows a huge gun battle with police as they assault guzman's house with grenades. he sneaks out the back and into
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a sewer pipe and gets into a car and they find him several miles away and stop his car and he does not escape. as for penn some criticize him for meeting with a drug lord. others give him a pass. i had dinner with sean penn a few weeks ago for several hours and he was a humble, articulate, informed guy. other people interview bin laden or moammar gadhafi and he was doing nothing different. others criticize him for meeting with a guy who imports drugs into the united states. >> maybe he could have picked up the phone and said i did this interview here is where he is. maybe he did that. maybe he didn't. more on that with geraldo coming up in a few minutes. hillary clinton a run for her money. the latest poll shows them running neck and neck in iowa and new hampshire.
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ed henry following the campaign. i can imagine the clinton camp woke up a lit nervous or a lot nervous to these new polls. >> today this is what the washington post called the nightmare scenario for hillary clinton that the front runner could lose iowa and new hampshire. her campaign manager acknowledged they are trailing in new hampshire. he also admitted that this race is tightening big time in iowa. look at the new poll numbers out from the wall street journal specifically in iowa. clinton 48%, sanders 45%. she used to have a double digit lead. same poll new hampshire sanders 50%, clinton 46% and remember fox news kicked this off a few days ago. a new fox poll in new hampshire bigger lead for sanders 50% to
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37%. hillary clinton is in iowa right now. a moment ago she said i'm not taking anything for granted. she doesn't have that luxury anymore. >> very interesting. they say the snapshot of that particular day. and clinton struggling to explain the e-mail now in the latest document dump suggesting that she told an aid to to send secure information over a nonsecure fax. >> which contradicts what she said from the beginning of the whole situation. this was an e-mail in the latest batch of e-mails released by the state department saying put secure information over nonsecure fax. she was pressed on that on cbs. here is what she said. >> aren't you ordering him to violate the laws on handling classified material there? >> no. not at all. as the state department said just this week, that did not happen. and it never would have happened
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because that's just not the way i treated classified information. headings are not classification notices and so often times we are trying to get the best information we can. >> significance, remember in recent months hillary clinton and top aides said one of their key defenses has been that these e-mails were not marked classified. she was telling an aid in at least one e-mail don't mark this and makes you wonder about the whole defense and what is happening behind the scenes. >> tomorrow another new story potentially. now the polls on the gop race side. in iowa finds donald trump, senator ted cruz locked in a dead heat with senator marco rubio far behind both of them but also up. then you have dr. carson and christie next. then let's take a look at the
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fox news poll in iowa. donald trump still within the margin of error. they round out the top five. joining me now for analysis, fox news editor and editor of fox news first. it looks as if ted cruz and donald trump are polling away from the others at least in iowa but i think it is interesting that rubio has gone up two or three points. >> here is the deal. when it comes to marco rubio the name of the game he just has to survive these people trying to kill him, hammer and tongs, they come for him. his former mentor jeb bush, chris christie, others who believe that if they can just destroy marco rubio they would have the chance to be the last sort of credentialest or establishmentarian in the process. that individual will have serious advantages in the home
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stretch, not just in the way the delegates are but in the resources and when electability becomes a concern. the name of the game for bush, christie and others is get marco. what these polls tell us it is not working. rubio is starting to slip from them. you can see efforts to drag him down. >> i want to go to the monmoth poll saying 32% of the people are completely decided on who they like as their candidate. in november that number was only 20%. seems more people are solidifying who they like in their minds and yet there is still a ton of people who haven't decided. >> you ever go down a log ride at amusement ride? >> hate it. first of all, no seat belt. i gave up those kinds of thrills a long time ago. >> you remember that what happens is you are going along
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and flat and things are here and then all of a sudden all of the change happens at once. the log goes off the edge and into the splash pool at the bottom. we are just getting ready to go over the edge and we will see where the log ends up. when we talk about the polls and these things we have to bear in mind that things are getting ready to change a great deal in the next five weeks. >> that would be a good thing to put the candidates down the log plume and which have the look of fear of god in them. time for the 2016 power index. senator ted cruz at number one. senator marco rubio in number two. donald trump in number three spot. this as governors jeb bush and chris christie switch places. governor john kasich who was unranked coming in at number six knocking carly fiorina out of the index. >> john kasich with the karate
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hands, with all of the things that made his candidacy this novelty is not a novelty in new hampshire. he is not doing diddly nationally but in new hampshire they are taking him seriously. remember new hampshire is good for a certain kind of republican is because it is open primary, democrats, independents and republicans can vote. and the state is less dominated. so the centrist message is resonating and he is doing the thing that is essential in new hampshire politics which is tell the voters that their voice will matter. if they give him their support he will make it count. john kasich is making it count and he is getting in the game. >> what is so important are the two debates that will happen before people go to the caucus or primary. i know you are busy working on that. we will talk to you again next week. be sure to tune in to the
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debates. first republican presidential debate held in charleston, south carolina. the early debate 6:00 p.m. eastern. placing bets on any presidential candidates? turns out it is a thing. are the odds makers better than the pollsteres at judging who will win the white house? who you should put your money on. actor sean penn could be in lots of trouble meeting with elchapo in the mexican jungle. what do you think about that? >> sean somehow figured out that he had an audience i assume with this person and i'm sure was pursuing something creatively and thought a meeting with him would be valuable. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from
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dsenators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing -
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fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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welcome back. new video of elchapo being interviewed last fall while he was on the run by none other than actor sean penn. >> fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera joins me now. you were here on friday when they captured him. now we find out that sean penn is interviewing him in october and didn't seem to find anything
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wrong with it. >> i don't think there is anything wrong it is either. when you consider that in this occasion sean penn was not acting as a journalist, he was performing as a journalist, he did what i might have done, arrange a clandestine meeting with a very newsworthy fugitive. remember john miller the current nypd intelligence commissioner did it it with osama bin laden in 1999 a year after the bombings in africa. there is a long tradition of journalists doing stuff like this. the fact that he doesn't work for or was not on the staff of a journalistic outlet is irrelevant. "rolling stone" loved the project. >> i have a bunch of questions about that. does sean penn and mexican actor, they don't have moral conscience. they know this guy has killed
11:17 am
thousands of people by selling drugs. he escaped prison. the u.s. wants him. pick up the phone and say here is where he is? >> i love you but i dispute the moral compass idea because i interviewed charles manson. i interviewed fidell castro. pick your terrorist in the middle east over the years i have interviewed. you don't always interview nice people. i have a perfect moral compass. >> charles manson was in prison already. >> i have interviewed other fugitives and moreover i have gone into drug dens and been with dealers and confronted various people. the key to me is -- and this is simple test. was it newsworthy? i am distressed that sean penn
11:18 am
agreed the product could be reviewed by elchapo. i admire sean penn for admitting that and claims that elchapo asked for no changes in the interview. >> should we be concerned that sean penn and a mexican actress can find him and authorities can't? >> that is why i am demanding that america should demand of mexico now that this man be extradited. as i said on friday i have no faith that the criminal justice system can hold this notorious billionaire fugitive for the simple reason that he has the money to buy, to threaten to cajol, to intimidate. he can kidnap relatives of prison guards. he can torture. there is no security there. he escaped twice already. i understand mexican pride. they want to adjudicate his
11:19 am
faith in the system. he is wanted in seven districts, federal court in the united states. i think he should go on trial right here in brooklyn where loretta lynch helped indict him. she is the attorney general oft united states. >> let's see what happens. said it can be up to a year. you can bet on boxing matches, baseball games and elections. john will tell us why he thinkics the presidential odds are a better predictor of who will be the next president than the polls. national college football championship between alabama and crimson. are you clemson or alabama. use the hashtag. what about you? >> i'm going clemson. >> i will go alabama.
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enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. a lot of money riding on the upcoming election in november. gamblers placing bets on the party nomination. who is going to the white house? when there is gambling involved you have experts setting the odds. election betting odds tracking the numbers. senator marco rubio leading the pack in the republican primary. here to explain the gambling. you came up with a website election betting odds. what is it?
11:24 am
>> i came up with it because i'm sick of your polls, all of our polls because polls haven't been very accurate. think about you are in a bar and people are mouthing off and someone says you want toput money on that and they say wait a sec. when you put your money where your mouth is you are investing in what you think is true. when you get a crowd a lot of people doing that you get the most accurate predictions. in most every election the betters have given more accurate predictions in the polls or the pundits. >> there has been a lot of discussion about the polls not being accurate over the last decade or so. has a lot to do with cell phones and who wants totake the call to answer. people go to this website it changes all the time as far as who is in the lead. why? >> because the betters -- it is like a stock market. the stocks are constantly going up and down based on what people
11:25 am
think the future is. people are betting based on how much money they have, swing states, polls constantly changing. i created this because it is illegal. bet fare is the largest in europe. it is uninteligible. so this merely converts the european betting into an american form. >> let's look at the democratic side, then. here are the primary odds and you have mrs. clinton at 85.1%. >> maybe in polls they are leading in these two states iowa and new hampshire. so what. she is a shoe in say the people who put their money where their mouths are. >> who will get to the white house? let's look at that graphic. let's see, who will get there? 53.1%. rubio is second at 13.7. what do you make of this?
11:26 am
>> i make of this as bad news because she scares me. we have to face this truth. she is the huge favorite. >> and the republican side is changing all the time. >> trump is leading in the polls but never led in the betting. he is doing much better lately. he is past cruz but marco rubio leads in the betting for the republican nomination. >> we will archive this interview and see where we are in a couple of weeks after iowa and new hampshire. fascinating way to look at it. thanks much. police officer shot in his squad car in philly reports that officials have been warned that the threat of violence against police is not over. the white house weighing in on this a few moments ago. why they are not calling it terror just yet. and the affluenza teen mom
11:27 am
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fox news alert with a new threat putting police more on edge. this following the ambush of a patrolman days ago in philadelphia as police there investigate a tip that members of a radical group may be plotting to attack more officers. this is a huge development.
11:31 am
what do you know? >> reporter: this tip came from a woman who shot the philadelphia police officer on the street and told him the threat was not over and he should be extra careful. privately law enforcement is telling me that this may be a false lead. they get tips like this all the time. while they are investigating so far there has been nothing to suggest this information is credible. we have obtained a copy of the incident report following claims of the woman that the suspect was part of a larger gang of four. the fbi and the philadelphia police department's homeland security unit have searched home used by archer and scouring his internet history looking for claims that he was inspired by the islamic state. officers of the philadelphia police department are partnering
11:32 am
up riding in pairs. >> very interesting. let's talk about the officer who was shot. how is he doing? >> reporter: his condition has not changed. he is listed in critical but stable condition. he is in intensive care scheduled for more surgery. a fellow officer tells us friends and family are at his bed side. his arm was badly d lly damaged broken and nerve damage. not only was he able to survive but he was able to get out of the car and return fire as the suspect was running away before calling for help for himself. >> an amazing act of braver. for more on the shooting investigation, time for real talk with former co chair of new york's antiterrorism task force. you have a tipster who says this
11:33 am
archer character is part of a gang. how do you figure out if that is true or not? >> remember the investigation is already underway. the fbi is looking at all of the social media, forensic evidence, what websites. they are looking at travel to where he went, who he was with. >> saudi arabia, supposedly. >> egypt. this is all part of the investigation. in the midst of the huge investigation you get somebody who comes in from left field and says he is not alone. i have seen him with other people. this could be someone from his mosque or neighborhood or someone who knows him well. it could be someone out of left field. it will help because it is a live witness and now they can try to identify the other people. >> so they talked about the fact that he attended a mosque in philadelphia and that he may have gone to a second mosque, may have become radicalized after that. what are the policies in every
11:34 am
big city -- are they the same with regard for police monitoring mosques? how does that work? >> you have to base it like you do any other criminal group. that is done through informants, intelligence, individual by individual. you don't like to say that we are surveilling the muslim community and going to every mosque and wire tapping every conversation. but you do want to be involved with people who are connected to islam, people who are part of the communication network. those are people you are going to focus on. you get the wire taps and informants. it is looking at those individuals who are disenfranchised who will cooperate with the government or not cooperate either witting informants or nonwitting. >> this was breaking during our show on friday. they held a press conference in philadelphia. and the mayor and the police chief and such were there.
11:35 am
they said directly what this guy had said when he did this act that he was doing it on behalf of allah and to honor the islamic state. is it an act of terror? i want you to listen to what josh earnest at the white house said? >> this is something being investigated by the philadelphia police department. they have not concluded that it is an act of terrorism. given circumstances of the event it is something we are all wondering right now. i'm confident as the philadelphia police department investigates the shooting this is something they will consider. >> what i find fascinating, what i want to pose to you is why is he so up front in the press conference and when charges came out there was no charge of terror? >> when they had the press conference it was the facts of the case. it was what he said, how close he shot. it was where the incident took
11:36 am
place. it was very factual. as time went on and got away from the police department into the d.a.'s office more in terms of the prosecution side of the story things began to change a little bit. it could be that there was a course of the investigation. it could have been that without that confirmation from some outside sources that maybe this was somebody who just said this or just walked up and did this even though he had the information about the mosque and the information about traveling to egypt. >> and we convict those people on other crimes because they just said it. >> you have to call it what it is. this is an act of terrorism. you can see that just ask the cop in the hospital and ask him to recount what happened. look at that with other evidence out there, it is terrorism. >> thank you. we are three weeks out from the first major hurdle of the 2016 presidential election. the latest polls show donald trump and senator ted cruz
11:37 am
leading the republican pack. mike emanuel live in washington. what more do we know about the iowa race at least on the republican side? >> iowa is looking like a two person race on the republican side at this stage according to the new survey. donald trump at 31, senator ted cruz at 29 and marco rubio in third at 15. today dr. ben carson is on the trail in iowa and made this reference to the powerball lottery. >> everybody is getting excited but you don't need to get too excited because i already won it. because i won it because i was born in america and i know the lord. >> back to that survey, 46% of those naming a candidate say they might change their mind so there may be movement over the next three weeks. >> a big number. what about the race at the next stop which is new hampshire? >> new poll shows donald trump growing his lead and in a three candidate race for second place.
11:38 am
trump leads with 32% support up from 26 in november. then ted cruz is at 14%. ohio governor john kasich is also at 14. and then marco rubio at 12. chris christie is at 8. trump is in new hampshire today and continued his attacks on cruz being born in canada to an american mother. >> ted cruz is a problem. he has a problem. if you know congressman allen grayson said he will bring a major suit and the suit is going to say that he wasn't born in this country. so whether you like it or not, ted has to figure it out. >> over the weekend in iowa cruz said he has always been an american citizen and fired back at trump. >> i recognize that there are candidate whose don't want to talk about those issues and they want to instead encourage the good people in the media to go down rabbit trails and engage in circus side shows.
11:39 am
i don't think the american people are interested. >> he took a swipe at trump saying he didn't think a candidate would win in iowa or new hampshire from a tv studio in manhattan. we are getting a look at brand new video showing elchapo's dramatic capture. watch this crazy gunfight unfold. [ gunshots ] >> all this footage caught on mexican soldier's body cam. they chase them throughout that hideout compound. five of elchapo's men died. he was captured as we are
11:40 am
looking at the dramatic video coming in of the capture of elchapo. a brawl between brothers spirals out of control and right into the wraths of police. watch this. one brother driving with the other on the hood of the car as it collides with the police cruiser. this happened in michigan. watch again. no one was hurt but both brothers were arrested for domestic disturbance charges. what were they up to? happened to go into a police car. here is a sight you never want to see. folks around buffalo, new york finding their cars frozen in a thick sheet of ice 6789 driver of this car will need a lot more than an ice scraper to get
11:41 am
inside that car. affluenza mom moments away from a court appearance. the pair in a lot of trouble and affluenza may not get them off the hook this time. american murdered in italy. did she leave digital clues about a possible stalker before her death in. >> we have a great community of people. everyone loves her.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
new video from the raid that took down elchapo. that and the reason why sean penn might want to watch his back. and mom of the so-called affluenza teen due in court. the sheriff says the mom complained her jail cell isn't up to her fancy standards. we will have the hearing top of the hour, 15 minutes away.
11:45 am
welcome back. another detainee released from gitmo as the white house reaffirms the pledge to try to close the prison. the detainee was a member of al qaeda and possibly an osama bin laden body guard and was considered a high risk as recently as 2008. the board that reviews detainees decided he is no laupger a threat after being in prison for 14 years so he has been moved to saudi arabia to where he is from. that brings the number of detainees down to 103. back in session on the mother of the so-called affluenza teen. she tries to get out of jail. she will ask the judge to reduce her bond. her son, ethan couch remains in jail in mexico city.
11:46 am
so she has a million dollar bond. she is asking for it to be 25,000. >> that's not going to happen. isn't it ironic we are talking the affluenza defense and now the mother is saying i can't afford. this woman picked up her son after he was going to be charged for a probation violation, a big deal but not a huge deal. she picks him up, takes him to mexico. dyes his hair, takes $30,000 out of the bank and tells her husband you are not going to see us again and is gone with him for two weeks. >> her lawyers say tonya did not violate law of the state of texas and she is eager to have her day in court and she will
11:47 am
plead not guilty. how can that not be a violation of law? >> section 62.102 hello defense lawyers out there. helping a fugitive. he became a fugitive when she helped him cross the border and go to mexico and avoid the probation violation hearing and change the color of his hair. >> you don't believe the judge is going to lower the bond to what they are asking for? >> no. >> i want to call to your attention the mothers against drunk driving. they believe couch has been found and everything possible must be done to hold him accountable and to ensure that couch has no more victims. he is not a child. his actions are not that of a child. four people were killed and several others injured. i will mention his mom appears to show no regard to the law either in complaining the jail is not up to snuff. does madd have a case to put him
11:48 am
in adult court. >> before madd they have a case. a judge can do this. the problem is it is only the violation of his probation. the most he can get, 120 days. >> because he was originally a juvenile. >> now of the probation violation nautthe underlying crime itself. >> even though he was not a juvenile -- >> they can't retry him on that. if he violates probation again then he is looking at ten years of hard time. right now it is 120 days. whether he comes back and tried as a juvenile his birthday is april 11. he is still out in april, may. it appears that maybe neither of them have learned a lesson through this process. >> great mothering. mothering is tough enough to do it the right way. when you don't even attempt.
11:49 am
>> and help your kid break the law again. >> we will see as we look at live pictures. see what is going to happen and what the judge decides and what the affluenza mom says when she comes into the courtroom. murder mystery after an american woman winds up dead. the clues police are finding on her instagram account. did she have a stalker or somebody making her fearful for her life. that when we come back. covergirl makes flawless as easy as... one... "tru"... three. with new trublend primer preps and smooths skin and trublend makeup blends flawlessly plus new trublend blush and bronzer from easy breezy beautiful covergirl.
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welcome back. police in italy on the hunt for a murder suspect after this american woman found dead in her airport in florence. ashley ol' sewn posting pick pictures on their instagram account before she died.
11:53 am
>> ashley ol'son's body was found by her boyfriend after the boyfriend convinced the landlord to open the apartment. olsen was found with in clothes on and bruises and scratch marks on her neck. despite there being no signs of forced entry into the apartment, investigators sale the indications she was strangled and tried to fight back. the boyfriend admits they had been fighting in the days before her death but he is not considered a suspect, although one of ashley olsen's friends say the relationship with the boyfriend was trouble and the friend advised olsen to move on. bull all accounts olsen was well-liked in her expat community. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. she is a gentle, kind, beautiful, friendly, lovely girl, and it's an awful shock. we have a great community here of people, and everyone loved
11:54 am
her. >> and as -- you mention eat weird twist here. it seems in the months before she was killed she posted pictures on instagram that she suggested were taken without her consent, with hash tag saying things like i have a stalker, stalker alert, and creeper pick. it's unsure if she is joking but police are scouring her electronic footprint looking for unusual activity. surveillance footage from a video near her apartment is being scanned for evidence. the lead detective in this case was also involved in the amanda knox case. ring a bell? >> very, very interesting. trace, thanks much. a playoff game that came down to routine kick for a player who has come through many times under clutch circumstances. my take on overcoming a tough break for the minnesota vikings, next. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet.
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let check out what clicking on today. the wild mustangs beat out three other teams to win the world championship chair rot racing event in the u.k. that is kind of interesting. detroit auto show getting underway, michigan, where the honda civic was named car of the year ask audi unveiled it's concept car. >> people around the world are remembering david bowie, the rocker lost his 18 month battle with cancer yes. he was 69 years old. time now for myó;oxf takemea bummer to be a minnesota vikings fan yesterday when minnesota down, driving with a minute left, chance to close it out with a field goal, a chip shot. 27 yards. >> 27-yard attempt.
11:59 am
mcdermott is the snapper, and the kick is no good! wow! >> vikings coach, mike zimmer, said of the kicker, it's a chip shot. he's got to make it. and walsh simples who has converted 33 of 34 kicks frommed in 39-yard line took full blame. then he said this. i know i'm one of the best kickers in the league. i have to take it in stride and come back. it's just one of those days. we have all had one of those days, right? maybe not ones that play out on national tv and determine whether a team keeps their super bowl dreams alive or not, but days where we experience failures, great or small. yes. i'm bummed the vikings are out. but as a believer that failures in life ultimately help us to
12:00 pm
appreciate success that much more, i hope blair walsh gets another chance to take it in stride and come back. this minnesota vikings fan will be cheering for him. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and in mexico the drug kingpin "el chapo" is locked up. we have new video from the violent raid that ended his run. [gunshots] >> but the capture is only the beginning. ahead, how mexico is already trying to send him to the united states, and why making that happen could take months or years. this hour i'll speak with a former dea intelligence officer who went face-to-face with the drug kingpin him. also, could the actor and activist, search penn, be in trouble for that very strange interview with "el chapo"? protecting the police. days after a gunman wounded an officer in the streets of philadelphia, cops and the fbi are i


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