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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 12, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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the way. finally thea coyote found w jar stuck on its head in san diego. they took the animal to a special facility for additional care. >> thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. hi friends. good morning. today is tuesday, the 12th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. a neighborhood rocked. a family of four killed in a house explosion. homeowners know how it happened? the details moments away. donald trump is interviewed for the position of president of the you united states. >> tell me a little bit about yourself. >> i'm an extraordinarily handsome person. i have a beautiful head of hair. >> oh, yeah. >> and why there trump says he's only just begun when it comes to the topic of hillary clinton. >> and bringing your country
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together. air ball is out. those phrases banned from high school basketball games because they might hurt somebody feelings. >> come on. >> really? hurting feelings? has that ever happened in sports. i don't think so. mornings are better with friends. so pc. you have to snap. finger snapping. >> you don't need score boards. >> if your team makes the goal and the other team didn't, scoreboard. >> we'll tell you where this crazy thing is happening in a couple of minutes. right now we turn to heather with breaking news. >> this coming from overseas, involving the country of turkey. terror in istanbul. ten people are now dead and 15 more hurt after an explosion rocks a tourist area of the turkish city.
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state-run media reporting that the blast was likely caused by a homicide bomber. this news coming into our newsroom a short while ago. the explosion is believed to be terror linked. we'll bring you more on this throughout the morning. another alert to bring you. this one back here at home out of ohio. a family of four killed in a house explosion southeast of cleveland. that explosion rocking the entire community. neighbors running to the rescue, kicking down that front door and screaming for that family inside. tragically, no one answered. a mother, a father and two daughters, 8 and 12 years old were found dead on the first floor of that family home. the dog managing to escape from the house. fire crews are still trying to figure out what caused that blast. a mystery until the end. new reports say it may have been liver cancer that ended the life of the rock icon david bowie.
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♪ >> well, he kept a low profile on his health since 2004 when he underwent emergency heart surgery. his biographer saying bowie had six heart attacks in recent years but fought them off to finish off that off broadway play and a final album. >> look up here, i'm in heaven. >> black star released two days before his death. the haunting first single lazarus. many fans believe it was his goodbye to life on this planet. the college football title headed back to tuscaloosa. alabama rolling past clemson, 45-40 in the national championship. it's alabama's fourth title in seven years. the crimson tide scored 24 points to take the lead from the tigers in the fourth quarter. this is coach nick saban's fifth national championship leaving him only one short for the most
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titles in history. boy, what a score that was. and those are your headlines. >> game was up to the hype. it was unbelievable. >> very good. >> three minutes now after the hour. major news on the 2016 campaign trail. fox business network announced the lineup for thursday's republican debate. >> one of the candidates already making good on the promise to boycott the whole thing if he wasn't in the first tier. >> kristen fisher live with more. >> good morning. the last month, rand paul said he wouldn't participate in a second tier debate. yesterday, it was announced he wouldn't qualify for the primetime debate, paul said i'm out. >> we are a contender. we think we have a national campaign that can contend for victory. we can't accept an artificial designation by anybody. >> the lineup was determined by the results of both national polls and state polls in new hampshire and iowa. rand paul was given a spot in
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the undercard debate with carly fiorina, rick santorum and mike huckabee. the candidates that main the cut or donald trump, ted cruz, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. the republican front-runner, donald trump will be at the center podium. he's hanging on to a big lead in new hampshire. 18 points according to a new poll. in iowa, he's locked in that tight battle with ted cruz. a new quinnipiac poll gives him a two-point advantage. last night on "the tonight show," trump told jimmy fallon he's been preparing for this debate for the last 30 years. >> debates have been interesting. we have one on thursday night coming up, a big one. >> that's right. >> i hope to do well. twho knows? you never know folks, you never know. the debate will be on the fox business network on thursday night. the undercard at 6:00 p.m. how much will trump and cruz go after it after the mounting
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tepgss on the campaign trail. we'll have to watch and see. >> kristin fisher live in the nation's capitol. >> i think it's a big mistake. rand paul should go. >> i agree wuchlt you have 6 million people on average. what rick santorum and rand paul have said have devastated their campaign. the donors when you look at a second tier. governor christie has the template. he dropped down. said i'm looking -- >> so did carly fiorina. >> carly fiorina now drops down again. >> right. but she was able in the first debate to gets on to the main stage. it can be done. >> the problem is, we're just -- what, less than three weeks away to the vote. a lot of people's messages aren't resonating. if they didn't finish in the top of the pack, sorry, but the message is not resonating. this is the year when donald trump's message is resonating. we just saw from kristin fisher that he was on "the tonight show" last night.
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jimmy fallon asked him why he's so popular and this is what the donald had to say. >> i think it's one. reasons we just came out with a poll, 42% of the people, there were 15, 16 people, 42% of the people are in favor of me because they want our safe again. look what happened in germany with the tremendous crime that took place like overnight. the tremendous problems on new year's eve. you know, i just want to see something different for our country. i feel strongly about it and i guess a lot of people agree with me. >> they do. that's why he's doing so well. big huge issues. you see the peak contenders who have gone down in the polls or not risen in the polls. senator rand paul who got booted down to the second tier debate stage and also dr. ben carson who has been seen by many as weak on foreign policy. >> in iowa, the latest poll
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comes out. we'll see in the final stretch. 46% of the people are still up in the air about who they are going to vote for. that is significant. the monmouth poll, he's about double everybody else. which makes you think who is second and third and who will survive. that leaves cruz, kasich and followed by rubio. if chris christie can regain that momentum and if jeb bush can make his voice heard sometime in the first two contests. >> somebody who went after somebody else on the republican side yesterday is rand paul wend after ted cruz. because his message is resonating. he called him a natural born canadian and said the democrats will force it to be adjudicated and the supreme court will have to decide it. he's saying the same stuff that donald trump has been saying. regarding the ultimate general election lineup, it could be donald trump and hillary clinton. donald trump also last night said look, i haven't started going after her, yet.
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>> she came out with a little bit of a statement about me and i came out be a big statement about her. she stopped talking about me all of a sudden. winning against hillary one-on-one. look, i -- i haven't even started on her yet. although last week i did a little bit of it. we haven't even started. >> and a way of exposing weaknesses of candidates and exploiting them. we've seen him do that a ton to gop contenders. waiting to see what he'll do with hillary clinton with the e-mail scandal. we told you about the fbi is expanding their investigation into potential public corruption charges. >> with the clinton foundation. >> right. >> let's think this. three weeks from iowa. then you have the debate on thursday and tonight is the president's final state of the union address. he says it's going to be like no other. let's look back at last year's. you want to have free community college, that didn't work. extend pell grants. that wasn't effective.
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the fact that we're winding down on terror and the future of eye -- fewer are in iraq and how isis has been neutralized. that has blown up. >> won't see john boehner behind the president. it will be paul ryan. tavis smiley, pbs host and author, he said despite the fact that this is the first african-american president in our history, this president really missed his chance to change things. listen to this. >> i think ultimately the president missed a moment. what we try to lay out in this book is that on every leading economic issue on the major economic issues, black americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories. for the last ten years, it's not been good for black folks. this is the president's most loyal constituent ten si that didn't gain ground. >> promised for a unified america. look at what's going on in
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communities where the war on police is prevalent and look at how not unified america is on things like gun control and immigration and the refugees. >> let's look back at the state of the union address and keep in mind, this dates back to george washington. it was time to get an update on the state of our union. george washington had a speech. it wasn't carried by all the networks. i'm not sure why. he had the longest one. 1,089 words and the shortest -- the longest, jimmy carter was 33,367 words. >> 30 times the size. next up, it was fdr, franklin delano roosevelt who coined the phrase state of the union. before that it was the annual message to congress. here's an interesting tidbit. what is remarkable and actually brian this is your department, thomas jefferson did something that was up to that point unique. that is the fact that he never
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delivered his address to the congress in person. he felt it was too imperial. so what he would do is write it all out by hand and give it to a congressional aide who would stand in front of congress and read it out loud. >> i guess he had neat handwriting. be hard to wreet with a felt tip. >> what's that word? >> exactly. next up, the longest speech to be delivered, not by number of years but by time, was 1:28 by bill ton. because there were 128 interruptions for applause. >> one of his addresses essentially the national deficit is gone, down to zero. >> you'll be able to see the state of the union address, kicks off our coverage tonight at 8:55. it will be anchored by bret baier. a block away. let's get started. a gunman ambushes a philadelphia police officer in the name of islam. the white house still won't call it terror. >> they have not concluded that
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police on high alert after last week's ambush shooting of an officer by a man who admitted he acted in the name of islam and pledged allegiance to isis. the white house still won't call it terror. >> they have not concluded that it actually is an act of terrorism. but given that some of the circumstances of the event, obviously that is something that we're all wondering right now. >> really? joining us is homeland committee chairperson, author of this new book out today, "failures of imagination" texas congressman michael mccall. your reaction? >> they're in a state of denial. won't call it what it is. it goes back to major hasan in
3:18 am
ft. hood. i think we all know what it is. the american people know what it is. the reason i wrote this book is to tell the american people the truth about what the threats really are that we face as a nation and then how to stop them. until you are honest about this situation and call it what it is, you can't defeat it. >> if this was in the name of a gang, a blood or a crip and they shot a cop, we would sum a members of the bloods or crips. this guy says isis. he travels oversea. what damage does it do, if any, to delay the definition of what this is? >> i think first it's an insult to the police officer. when the defendant, the suspect calls it an act of islam, when he says he pledges allegiance to isis and that we're going to backtrack and we're not sure what the situation -- we all know what it is. this is the 79th arrest in the
3:19 am
united states related to isis. that's a pretty disturbing statistic. when you look at that. in addition to all the foreign fighters out there and the people radicalized over the internet, that's what my book addresses. there are chapters in a fictional sense and what to do about it when people are radicalized overseas and in the united states. >> that's what your book is about. what we're guilty of leading to 9/11 and world war ii you put in the open. we should have known the japanese were going to bomb and should have known they were cape will of doing this. you call it a failure of imagination. >> we failed to see pearl harbor, it was foreseeable. we're right back in that same scenario now where we're not imagining what could happen and what we need to do to stop it. i think this is a public service book. the proceeds go to wounded warriors and their children. i think, i hope this becomes a 2016 presidential point much conversation. >> because you talk about
3:20 am
different scenarios. they actually could happen. if you could picture it, imagine it, outthink your opponent, you could prevent it from happening. is that the theory? >> yes. we call them red team exercises in the military. let's run exercises on what could happen and how can we learn from that and stop it. >> you were not chairman during this time. but bush and cheney were overhyping this to get ratings and popularity. to get people's attention. this is the other extreme. now we're seeing the other extreme. >> what would you rather live with? >> i'd rather live with the truth. if you're going to down play, the campaign is end the war, close down guantanamo. brian, it didn't wk out that way. isis popped up and you cannot effectively deal with it and it's still the number one threat to homeland. >> great presidents react to the times. this president doesn't seem to be. chairman, thanks so much. >> brian -- >> congratulations on your book. i'm sure it will be a great hit for a great cause.
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need headlines? i got them right now. disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl due in a military courtroom for a pretrial. he's charged with desertion and misbehavior with the enemy. he didn't like what was going on before being captured by the taliban. u.s. traded five taliban prisoners to secure his release. he's in trouble. a terrorist considered a high risk recruiter for al qaeda
3:25 am
who said he would kill americans, he was released. guess what? he's free. mohammed al rahman. he's the latest detainee released from gitmo after the white house considered him no longer a risk of the he's out. great. anna, doctor? >> steve, thanks. 25 minutes after the hour. put down that drink. new guidelines released in the united kingdom say any amount of alcohol is bad for you and could increase your cancer risk. is it really to ban all the booze? fox news medical a-team dr. david samadi joins us to separate alcohol fact from fiction. good morning. >> do you agree with the new study? >> i think it's a guideline that we have talked about it for years and now finally it's official. that alcohol is really not good for you. the answer to the guideline is actually for pregnant women. in the past, they said a little bit of alcohol is okay. but they're firm about the fact that pregnant women should completely stay away.
3:26 am
for other people, moderation is the key word. of course, there are a lot of differences in how much alcohol, your body weight, whether you're hydrated or not, whether you had food beforehand. that's why i have questions for you. >> you're going to quiz me, right? >> you already know it. simple ones. alcohol, does it cause cancer? can it lead to cancer if you drink a lot of it? >> yes. >> we know it can cause liver cancer. if you're drinking a lot of alcohol, stay away from this. what is the definition of alcohol? beer, wine and hard liquor are the same or are the amounts different? >> i'm going to say lowest medium high. >> you need more beer. 12 ounces of beer is the same as one drink definition as five ounces of red wine. >> right. >> exactly right. as opposed to one and half size of hard liquor. which one is your favorite, we'll talk about it later. not now. >> go with the red wine.
3:27 am
>> can alcohol actually hurt you? is it always bad for you? >> always? no. >> that's good. so there are some studies that suggest, i've talked about coffee and red wine all the time. that a little bit of red wine is actually good for you. maybe it can sensitize the insulin receptors, may increase your good cholesterol. i'm not suggesting you should drink red wine to reduce cholesterol. you exercise for that. a little bit of social alcohol is good for you. we mingle, we have a good time. >> relax. >> relax, have fun at the end of the week. moderation is always the key. a little bit of alcohol is okay. which one of these are more beneficial to your health? that comes up all the time. white wine or red wine? >> red wine is more beneficial. >> you're getting all the easy questions today. this guy has a lot of -- antioxidants, polly felony ol. it's good for your health. >> of course, we talked about it on sunday house calls.
3:28 am
binge drinking, which is a big fashion and women are actually getting involved in this. what's the definition of binge drinking? >> doesn't that also depend on your weight and how much you've had to eat. >> of course. >> but women have less of that enzyme. if we both go out to drink, you'll get drunk faster than me because i'm -- that was a bad imitation of donald trump. binge drinking is about four drinks for you in two hours. >> okay. >> five drinks for me in two hours. that's the definition of binge drinking. >> people who think ten drinks in a night is bing drinking, you're right. but less is even binge drinking. >> you hit the bar, you start drinking really quick in a short period of time. four drinks for you, five for me. that can increase your alcohol level. be careful guys out there. >> while we have you here, doctors are pushing back on the mammogram guidelines. >> the new definition for
3:29 am
mammogram guidelines came out yesterday. i'm glad you're reporting this. they're talking about not getting mammograms until the age of 50 and then every two years after that. again, we're back to square one where they're saying the risk of benefit. more risk at the age of 40. a lot of women out there, a lot of doctors say we're going to be missing a lot of cancer among young women. this is the debate going on. they're not forcing you. my concern is that a lot of insurance companies say your task force is not recommending, we're not going to pay for it. that's the concern. talk to your doctor. you know, look, there are a lot of young women that come up with aggressive breast cancer. find out your risks, not the population. >> that's why doctors are pushing back. dr. david samadi. >> i guess cheers, right? cheers to you. >> here's what's coming up on "fox and friends." do not say air-ball at a high school basketball game. are you kidding me? it might be having you in big trouble if you do that. chants like that are being
3:30 am
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office depot officemax. gear up for great. tell me a little bit about yourself. >> well, i'm an extraordinarily handsome person. i have a beautiful head of hair. >> i know. i noticed that. yeah. >> i was always a good student and i always worked hard. >> yeah. why do you want this job? >> because i want to make america great again. >> are you willing to relocate? >> i love the white house.
3:34 am
>> i guess i'll take that as a yes. last night with jimmy fallon. >> he was also asked if he was comfortable with media attention. he said, no, no, i'm very uncomfortable with that. we can tell. >> center stage on the big debate which is going to have fewer people on the stage than ever before. more pressure on the candidates and more opportunity for the candidate to speak. >> if he moved into the white house, it would be smaller than the many houses he's got. and his jet is fancier than air force one. speaking of jets, we're going up in flight now. before you go on your next flight, you might want to beware. oxygen masks have a time limit. did you know that? that's one of the things airline workers are telling us. >> i hope the time limit is to get down to the ground. lea gabrielle, is it? >> i can tell you about that. some of the secrets might seem obvious for some. for example, the headphones might be dirty or the coffee containers maybe never washed. some of the secrets are a little
3:35 am
scary for some. thousands of people who say that they're anonymous employees of airlines are complimenting on a red dit dread talking about things going on when you step on an airplane. on long haul flights when passengers are served breakfast, lunch or dinner, pilots are served different food. they do this because of food poisons. >> if the cabin were to depressurize, there's only 12 minutes available of oxygen. that gives them enough time to descend to 12,000 feet. >> that's double you need from a cruising altitude around 40,000 feet to safely get down. here's a tip you want to know. many explain that it pays off to be nice to airline staff. does that come as a surprise? the nicer you are, the more they can do for you, including getting filet mignon from first
3:36 am
class when they run out of beef. >> thank you very much, lea. also in this article with this reddit thread, do you know what happens to your han mals. the dogs get freaked out. then the baggage handlers talk to the dogs. if you check a cat, the users said never seen a cat freaked out. cats are so calm, cool and collected. they don't care. >> do what they want. >> cats, cool customers. >> all right. talk about a cool customer, heather nauert is always cool. >> good morning to everybody out there. hope you're off to a i great day. we've got incred blg new video inside look of the takedown of the most wanted drug lord in mexico. take a look at this. >> wow. then after that, he was captured. that footage all shot by mexican
3:37 am
marines. they were equipped with go pro cameras as they advanced on "el chapo" guzman's compound in mexico. the drug lord captured on friday, six months after escaping from a maximum security prison there. actor sean penn now dismissing all that criticism over that secret interview with "el chapo." he says he's got "nothing to hide about his piece." more on that as we get it. tanya couch, the mother of the affluenza teen is expected to be released from jail in a few hours with an ankle bracelet. she posted $75,000 bond after a judge lowered it from $1 million. couch is expected to plead not guilty after helping her son escape to mexico. ethan couch took off after a possible probation violation for a 2013 drug driving rap that killed four people. they claim he was too rich and spoiled to know better. his mother, by the way is now claiming poverty. even taking out the trash --
3:38 am
ice creating a force field around the garbage can so that this guy can't get there. but he is determined. his neighbors laughing as they record his multiple attempts to that garbage can. he eventually crawls on his hands and knees to get that job done. that's one determined guy. that would be my excuse. >> i couldn't get to it and picking it up and dumping it. >> that's just it. >> tried to throw it. >> if they can't get it to the garbage can, the collector can't get to it. give it to the dutch. go dutch. >> thank you, heather. an arctic blast slamming into new york takes this car as collateral. >> wow. >> look at that. >> 50 mile app hour wind combustgusts causing massive -- the biting cold freezing air as you can see did that to the car right on the spot. >> sound like honeymoon material
3:39 am
for maria molina. she's been tracking all of this in the cold weather snap. >> that's right. i saw that photo surface yesterday. i was like kind of wish we were in buffalo, new york, would have seen that. >> you wish. >> ontario, we're dealing with lake-effect snow. more cold wind over parts of the great lakes. but we also have a clipper system moving through parts of the midwest this morning. as much as 3 to 6 inches of snow are possible in parts of ohio, indiana also expecting a light coating. there are going to be scattered snow showers across parts of northeast. the big deal is the great lakes where we could see an additional foot of snow and lake-effect snow warnings in effect throughout the day today. here's a look at the radar. you can see light snow showers possibly across parts of the northeast. it's across maine where we could be looking at significant snow accumulations potentially. more than a foot of snow in some areas today into tomorrow. otherwise, current temperatures,
3:40 am
frigid morning for you. in minneapolis, it's 4 degrees below zero. heading into this afternoon, not much better. single digits in places like minnesota. chicago, only in the teens. the temperatures across the gulf coast, not bad. should be reaching the 60s today. let's head back inside. >> well, it is winter. you talk about where it's cold, thanks, maria. what about wisconsin where the association has come up with a policy that i find abhorrent. so does this athlete. she's astounded that the administration of this association would ban these phrases at games. >> you can't say these particular boards at wisconsin basketball games because you might hurt the feelings of the players or the fans. >> oh, my goodness. >> they seem innocuous. air ball. you can't do that. there's a net there. scoreboard. season is over during tournament play. >> if you lose? >> compound the pain if someone
3:41 am
says season is over. for example the other team. >> you can't do that. >> that's crazy. >> this is the with us i have indication of america. everybody gets to play even if you deserve to be a benchwarmer. takes it to a new level. i would have been suspended the every game. most kids are having fun. they do that kind of stuff. what about if you hollered the words, warm up the bus. disrespectful? well, it's cold in wisconsin this time of bus. is it offensive or is it goodwill? >> i think goodwill and a little offensive. >> probably find ways around it and come up with different words to use that are also very innocuous. >> i sat in the upper deck of a few football games and some of it is out of control at pro games and people need a sense of decorum. one of the best things of a home game is having your fans intimidate the other team. you can say air ball when you miss. >> support your team. >> scoreboard if you're up by
3:42 am
ten. you got to make your place in not a favorable location for the other team. if you did that in college, what about the events -- >> it's a teaching moment for all the players. how many times have you heard employers say they love to hire employees that are former athletes not just because they know hard work and dedication. they know how to handle it as adversaries when they're trying to rattle them. >> tweet us or facebook us. in the meantime, 18 minutes before the top of the hour. the. >> the fbi is expanding an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. did she violate public corruption laws and what are those laws? justice napolitano is here to break it all down. this picture of love going viral. how a couple's brush with death brought them closer together. they will join us with their incredible story coming up.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
hillary clinton who is running for president denying a fox news report that the fbi investigation into her use of private e-mails has expanded. however, three intelligence sources telling fox news the fbi is looking at whether the possible interception of the clinton foundation work and the state department business of the clintons may have violated public corruption laws. for more, let's bring in senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano who says this is accurate, right? >> there's two -- good morning, steve. there's two investigations going on now. both are coming to a head shortly. the first is the e-mail investigation. did she or did she not fail to secure national security secrets. the evidence that she failed to do that is overwhelming. over the weekend, we've got two
3:47 am
smoking guns, two e-mails from mrs. clinton to separate aides. that document that you can't get to me using a state department fax machine, don't worry, use another fax machine. the other, that document that says secret to another document get rid of the word secret before you stend to me. that shows an intent and a willingness to violate the laws that require the protect secrets. >> she was telling her aide how to break the law. >> precisely. we don't know if the aide did it. >> it doesn't matter, does it? >> no it doesn't. it shows a willingness and intent to break the law. second investigation, this is the news that katherine broke. there is a team of experts examining the clinton foundation and a curious pattern of decisions by mrs. clinton affecting foreign entities, contributions to the clinton foundation and huge, enormous, $750,000 speaking fees to
3:48 am
president clinton. >> you mean entities, countries, whatever would give money to the clinton foundation, next thing you know things happen and the state department? >> that is the allegation. the news is that that is now a part of the fbi investigation. sources have told us that between 100 and 150 fbi agents are devoted to this investigation would the fbi in an age of terror devote such an enormous amount of human resource to this if it were a wild goose chase? >> no, absolutely not. she's said on numerous occasions, the stuff on my private e-mail was unsecured. nothing secret there. as of yesterday, we're up to at least 1,340 classified e-mails. >> the other thing that was said, fox news is wrong, i'm not being investigated. she would not know whether or
3:49 am
not she's being investigated. there's no obligation the justice department to tell heifer she her she's being investigated until after their work. >> it sounds like the fbi is amassing all this data. it sounds like what was said the other day, they've got the goods on her. next thing you know, they just found it. they give it to the attorney general. if they decide not to prosecute her, what will happen inside the fbi? >> i think you will see massive resignations and almost, if i could use the phrase, saturday night massacre, the likes of the time of watergate. judge, standing by. thank you very much for the analysis. meanwhile, have you seen this picture? one couple's brush with death and a hospital reunion gone viral. they say the hand of god touched them both. the incredible story when they join us live, next. hi i'm heather cox
3:50 am
on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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3:53 am
hey, friends, good morning. seven minutes until the top of the hour. a brush with death made them realized power of faith and prayer. >> this couple's photo of the moment they were reunited at the hospital after a horrific car crash has gone viral. they say they survived with a guiding hand from god. here to share their incredible story with us is erica stoveal and hunter hanks. they join us from nashville. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we're going to put up a picture of your vehicle that you were traveling. it hit a -- it hit a pillar at
3:54 am
about 70, 80 miles per hour. how did you survive that? >> it's really unknown, honestly. paramedics and cops and stuff have reached out to me and said out of all the wrecks they've seen, they know well enough that we shouldn't have survived that wreck. but is scary to know. >> well, it's amazing that you're able to stand in front of that just mangled toyota tundra there, and stand in strength. we have a picture, though, that went viral. tens of thousands of people have been impacted by this story, and this image that we see here. erica, what are we looking at? >> that was a picture of hunter and i in my emergency room basically he and i had just been asking like crazy all the paramedics, the nurses, the doctors, is hunter okay, is erica okay? and even though they kept giving
3:55 am
us the reassurance that we were okay we just needed to see that for ourselves. so that was the moment we were able to. >> yeah. >> it's a beautiful picture. arika you remember a moment when you were in the car and you didn't know how -- you didn't know about hunter's condition. somebody came to you -- >> yes. >> an old man with a white beard and you feel that that was god. why? >> yeah, i mean, i think it's just an overwhelming peace that he brought me in that situation. i obviously was in shock, and freaked out. hunter wasn't responding to me. and -- >> what did he say? >> well, i looked up, and i just kind of said like what's going on? i need to call the ambulance. and he just looked at me, right in my eyes, and he said, ambulance is on their way. don't worry. >> yeah. >> and after that, you know, i just got a sense of peace.
3:56 am
he helped me over around the truck, and i mean just the entire experience, he was giving me the reassurance that i was okay. >> okay. >> and hunter, how has this strengthened your faith? and what does it mean to you that you've been able to share this story with tens of thousands of people, and now a million-plus people being on our program? >> it's i think it's definitely strengthened my heart. it strengthened by faith more than anything. because, you know, like i've told many people who've reached out to me, i'm not -- i'm not the perfect children. you know, i mess up every single day, just like everybody else. so there's times that i go about life and i wonder, you know, is god next to me at all times. >> sure. >> and there's times that i go to bed sometimes and i don't even pray, because i don't feel worthy enough to pray. and just to know that in that moment, you know, maybe he put his hands around me, at a time that i had an accident, and he put his hands around me, and not
3:57 am
only me, but her to protect us, like i just -- >> we're happy that you're healthy this morning. and thank you for sharing your story and being on our program. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> god bless you. >> we're taking a break. we'll be back in two ? ? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
hi, friends. good morning. today is tuesday it the 12th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. the white house gearing up for president obama's final state of the union address. but will they review last year's tape and see now just how far we've come? or haven't progressed? we're live in washington, d.c., just seconds from now. >> there's a song about that. let's see how far we've come. the main stage is set for the next republican presidential debate. but this morning a surprise shake-up in the second tier. they'll have everyone talking today. and a surfer's stunt gone horribly wrong. oh, man. look at that. when he falls on his face, and got crushed by a 50-foot wave.
4:01 am
the believe it or not, that guy you can barely see right up there survived and he's going to join us live today. and live from new york city you're watching "fox & friends" for a tuesday. well, tonight's the night. we're going to get back to the final state of the union address for president obama. he's going to have a chance to look back and look forward and he says it's going to be like nothing else he's ever done before in other state of the union addresses. maybe just as interesting as the things he has to say are the people and the guests that he is going to have in attendance. chief white house correspondent james rosen is live in the nation's capital with a preview. james, what have you put together for us? i know it's early for you. >> oh, good morning to you, brian, anna and steve. technically speaking the president of the united states delivers the state of the union address at the invitation of the house and the senate. but the first lady seat will feature those guests whom
4:02 am
the white house says personify the progress that has been made during the obama era. so tonight those guests will include the self-proclaimed accidental activist who became the plaintiff in the supreme court case that legalized same-sex marriage last year. spencer stone, the air force sergeant who helped disrupt a terrorist attack aboard a train bound for paris last august. and governor daniel malloy of connecticut, a point man in president obama's gun control campaign following the shootings at sandy hook elementary in newtown. one novel twist this year in addition to still other white house guests including a syrian war refugee and an illegal immigrant who joined the u.s. military, one seat in the first lady's box will remain empty to signify the victims of gun violence. house speaker paul ryan reflecting his own priorities, has invited members of little sisters of the poor, the group of nuns whose lawsuit challenging the contraception requirements of obamacare has advanced the supreme court. also two anti-gang activists
4:03 am
from ryan's home state of wisconsin will be in attendance as will the democratic mayor of washington, d.c., moor yule bowser. a few days ago our intrepid capitol hill producer caught up with the house speaker and asked what he hopes to hear president obama say tonight. >> i take it all back, the health care was wrong, we shouldn't have done dodd-frank i want to actually lower tax rates, clear out a crony capitalism, and restore the constitution to its rightful place in american life. that's what i would encourage him to say. something tells me he might not say that. >> yes, probably be strikingly different safety remarks from the president. follow me on twitte twitter @jamesrosenfnc and right after this live shot, i will take to the twitters to tell you when was the first time a state of the union was broadcast, and when was the first time the state of the union was delivered in primtime? >> james have you thought about how your day's going to stack up now? because you have a long day. are you going to nap at some point? are there going to be times where you put a "do not disturb"
4:04 am
sign on your penthouse? >> yeah, i'm -- i'm just going to main line some caffeine, i think, at various points throughout the day. also i do frequent push-ups, and -- >> really? >> also, maybe healthy doses of car sachl. >> that will keep you awake. >> your last push-up was in 2008. we're not fooling anybody here. before there was video. >> all right. i confess. >> james, thank you very much for getting up early for us on this morning of the state of the union address. the response from the republicans will be given by south carolina governor nikki haley, officially. and so when that was announced debbie wasserman schultz had this extraordinary sound bite about -- about this selection of that woman. >> yeah, here's what she said, it's pretty clear that nikki haley is being chosen because the republican party has a diversity problem. she goes on to say that she has a failed record and that gives her no credibility, which is
4:05 am
just -- makes my blood boil. i'm from north carolina, a neighboring state of south carolina. know a lot about nikki haley. she's the youngest governor in the united states right now and she's driven jobless rates in the state of south carolina to some of the lowest levels that they've seen. added tens of thousands of jobs -- >> just the fact that debbie wasserman schultz said that the republican party has a diversity problem when it comes to running for president. think about it, republican party has two latinos, an african-american, a woman, and at least one guy born in canada running for president. >> and a billionaire. that shows diversity. nikki haley probably had -- she showed tremendous leadership skills through south carolina. i even think the president praised her. so this is somebody who's on the short list on everybody's number two, i think, if you ask me, for the president, whoever ends up with the nomination. >> you mean as a possible running mate? yeah, a lot of people are saying that, not just what happened
4:06 am
with the mass shooting there, and the church in charleston, but also with the confederate flag debate. she really brought people together so that she knows how to deal with adversity. >> are there any fun facts about the state of the union we could share with america? >> there's an article in the constitution that says the president of the united states shall from time to time give the congress information on the state of the union. that's all it says. since then it has had many permutations. did you realize this? president ronald reagan was the first president to invite a special guest and recognize them during the speech. that guest was in 1982, his name lenny skutznick. he worked for the congressional budget office. the guy in the mustache. he was one of the brave people who were on that bridge in washington, d.c. who jumped to the aid of people who were
4:07 am
trapped in icy waters, flight 90 partially submerged under ice in the potomac river. >> a lot of people say is it -- skut nick. >> so a lot of people say any time a president invites somebody they go, who is the skutnick seat going to be filled by, because he's that iconic at this point in longest speech ever, bill clinton, he probably ad-libbed it, 1 hour 28 minutes. because they counted a lot of interruptions. >> do you remember bill clinton during one of the state of the union addresses, they actually loaded the wrong speech into the teleprompter. and so they started rolling the speech from the year before but he had a paper copy and he was just -- he figured it out and went from there. now that's some good ad-lib skills. >> here's another piece of trivia for you from 1801 to 1912 the state of the union was delivered in written form. >> and the last one to do in a written speech and written form was jimmy carter. that was back in 1981. the shortest address as we told
4:08 am
you last hour was george washington's. he was the first. and then jimmy carter with the longest. >> all right. make sure that you watch the coverage here on the fox news channel. we're going to kick things off at 8:55 right after live version of the bill o'reilly show. things will be anchored by bret bai baier. by the way, two presidents never delivered a state of the union address. >> who? >> william harrison and james garfield because they died in office before it was time to give it. >> yep >> didn't get a chance to. >> a civil war hero. meanwhile heather nauert has something important to tell us. >> hi, everybody. we start out in ohio, i have a real tragedy to tell you about. it is a fox news alert. a family of four has been killed in a house explosion just east of cleveland. that blast rocking the entire community there. neighbors running to the rescue, kicking down the front door, and screaming for the family inside. that's in northfield center, ohio. no one answered that door. a mother, father, and two
4:09 am
daughters just 8 and 12 years old, were found dead on the first floor of their home. the family dog managed to escape the fire. crews are still on the scene trying to figure out what on earth caused this blast. our prayers go out to this community. this morning. what a tragedy there. well millions of dollars turned to dust in an instant? u.s. airstrikes wiping out a warehouse in mosul, iraq, where isis apparently stashed tons of cash. the money used to pay jihadi troops. u.s. defense officials say that they plan to target even more financial targets like this. and then brand-new drama brewing for the next republican debate, as the fox business network reveals the lineup for each event. on the main stage, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush, and john kasich. in the undercard debate, carly fiorina, mike huckabee, rick santorum, and rand paul. but don't expect to see him there. he's boycotting it. listen.
4:10 am
>> we have a first tier campaign. >> all right. he first told our brian kilmeade that that he wouldn't be showing up if he didn't make the top debate. i'm dropping names. brian kilmeade. the lineup was determined by the results of national polls and state polls in iowa and new hampshire. you can watch all the action on the fox business network. that's this thursday night. the undercard gets under way at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the prime-time debate starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. so who says that cats only have nine lives? a puppy rescued from a frozen pipe begs to differ. take a look at this. [ bleep ] >> i got him. >> oh, that little baby in that pipe right there. really cold in chicago area. an animal rescue group in illinois saving this adorable little guy from certain death. he was wedged inside that pipe. he couldn't move. it was so tight in there. luckily they managed to get him out safely. three puppies found in the
4:11 am
bitter cold have now been named frozen, chilly, and ice. and brian, they're all up for adoption. >> oh, really? >> as we both have new puppies. >> yes. >> ten minutes after the hour. let's talk a little bit what's happening in wisconsin scholastic association. they are upset by the way their fans make the other team feel, so they're banning certain phrases for fans to say. and one 16-year-old student was so outraged they actually used twitter, and because, perhaps, she used some expletives in that, they suspended her for expressing outrage about the terms we're about to share with you. >> they must have been -- the fans must have been cursing p/e players or something, right? >> no! not exactly. >> saying terrible things. >> these are some of the words they don't want you to say. you can't say fundamental. serve. we can't hear you. air ball. you can't do that. there's a net there. scoreboard. season's over. can't say that, because, if you say that, as a fan, you might hurt another fan's feelings on
4:12 am
the opposing team, or you might hurt the other team. we asked you what you thought. brooke e-mailed, wimpy wisconsin, we are easily becoming too soft when people's feelings get hurt. have some tough skin. it's just a game! >> what about the home field advantage? nikki says why don't we just turn off the scoreboards, too, if these young adults can't handle losing or the other team trash talking maybe they shouldn't leave home. >> and brenda on facebook says this is just taking all the fun out of everything. it used to be the normal. >> you know, lieutenant general flynn also e-mailed me because we just did the story, he was watching a half hour ago and he says why don't we just play every game at neutral site? what's the sense of having a home field advantage? right now part of the fun of going to a college or high school game, not everyone can start on the basketball team. but isn't it supposed to build school spirit to go and cheer? >> you don't want it to get out of hand like the hecklers and hooligans like you see in the uk over their football or their
4:13 am
soccer. >> we're anti-riotanti-rioting. i'll give you that. >> very different. >> and we should not too ben roethlisberger when he gets hurt, that's wrong, too. but this is an overcorrection. >> they're just saying we don't want you to hurt anybody's feelings. the next step they're probably going to give everybody who plays a ribbon after every game. >> boo! >> you can't boo. you're hurting my feelings. >> who are those people? >> oy. >> thank you. 13 minutes after the hour. two v.a. bosses suspended with pay after vets waiting for care now back on the job. what kind of message does that send to our heroes who fought in wars? >> then linkedin not just for the office jobs anymore. now linkedin has got terrorists posting their resumes. not kidding. hmm. wonder what he's looking for.
4:14 am
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4:18 am
allegedly, well now those two people, back on the job. after being sent home on paid leave for 19 months. 293 feepics area vets died waiting for care during the scandal, it is said. and still not a single person has been held accountable for these secret waitlists and everything else. so what should happen next? joining us is dan caldwell with concerned veterans for america which is an advocacy group pushing for v.a. reform. dan is also a marine corps vet. dan, when you find out now that the smoke has cleared, it's been over a year, nobody has been held responsible for what happened in phoenix, arizona. what does that say about this government? >> well, it says that ultimately at the end of the day they are not serious about reforming the v.a. and there's no accountability within the v.a. and frankly, across the whole government, because the same processes that it takes to fire a bad v.a. employee apply across
4:19 am
the whole government. and not just the v.a., but the entire federal government and the obama administration is not serious about holding bad employees accountable. >> what should happen to these two? i know they were, in addition to getting jobs back, they're at different ranks, slightly lower, but still getting their same pay, i think i read they were -- they selected 400,000 betwixt the two of them in back pay, as well. what should happen to them? >> well, they selected $400,000 by literally doing nothing. they could have been playing xbox all day for all we know. frankly, three investigations have found that they either retaliated against whistle-blowers, or knew and had involvement in the secret waitlist. i think disputably everybody watching should say they should be fired. >> right. >> i think that that's indisputable. this isn't speculation. multiple investigations, the l.a., the house v.a. committee, multiple agencies within the v.a. have found that they did this stuff.
4:20 am
>> dan -- >> they need to be fired. >> dan, our president went on television and said this is a big problem, i'm going to take care of it, heads are going to roll, essentially. no heads roll. >> none. well, we actu don't know for sure, we keep saying it's this man. the v.a. secretary has actually lied a couple of times about how many people have been fired. >> yeah. >> every time they say somebody's been fired like the head of the phoenix v.a., sharon hellmann, we actually find out it is usually for something other than waitlist. like sharon hellmann's case she took beyonce tickets from a lobbyist and that's really why she got fired. >> exactly. so it was unrelated to this. if the president of the united states tonight really wants to summarize the past year of his presidency, he should point out that these two people who he suspended are back on the job. >> absolutely. he definitely should. i hope that tonight he does at least talk about how he's going to do it. >> well, let's see. dan caldwell, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks for having me on. >> very upsetting. thank you, sir.
4:21 am
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4:23 am
jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
4:24 am
hi, everyone, good morning. some quick international headlines and a fox news alert. the president of turkey blaming the deadly explosion in istanbul to a homicide bomber with links to syria. ten people were killed and 15 others hurt when a blast rattled a tourist area in the turkish city earlier today. for the first time in 40 years, 38,000 physicians are on strike in london. they are protesting against the government's new contract that affects their pay and shift hours. they're only providing medical care for emergency patients. thousands now going without
4:25 am
treatment. all right 24 minutes after the hour. our nation in the midst of a heroin epidemic. you know that. more than 10,000 americans have died from overdoses since 2014. this crisis hitting one community especially hard. right in the shadow of the statue of liberty. heather nauert is here with more on this. >> hi there, brian, steve and anna. so we've been talking about this through our fox series about heroin and also proscription drugs. a lot of times prescription drugs will lead to heroin, as well. so we went out to new york's staten island where illegal drugs, mostly painkillers and heroin, have taken such a disastrous toll on its young people. while we were there we met one recovering addict who is inspiring others. take a look. >> every day when i wake up, a reminder when i have to step out of my bed an put my leg on to take another step is a reminder that i'll never do again. >> kevin parker is a recovering addict. >> when i got out of high school i got into an accident. i really got hurt bad.
4:26 am
i had a bad back injury. i tried to fight it off myself. eventually went to a doctor, he prescribed me painkillers. >> it spiraled into a drug addiction that nearly killed him. >> there was nothing i could do it but search for more medication to get through. eventually until i overdosed. >> here here today on new york's staten island not far from manhattan. at this beautiful beach, where kids we are told by locals, will come here to get high while they're waiting for a bed in rehab. in 2012, 36 people here overdosed on heroin and 37 on prescription pills. that's almost one overdose death every five days. the problem is just a snapshot of america's widespread heroin epidemic. >> horrific. all day long my phone does not stop. >> reporter: alicia red di is on the front lines of the war on drugs. she's a former detox nurse who helps families try to get their kids clean. she runs a support group called addiction angels. what do you want parents across the country to know about this? >> mainly, to educate
4:27 am
themselves. prevention and awareness is key. starts with education, detox, rehab, and essentially recovery. >> reporter: week after week families gather at town hall meetings, some like reddi's are jam packed. nearly 800 people at this one. others are more intimate. parker is almost always there telling his story. >> i remember the doctor saying, he's going to be brain dead. he's going to lose all four of his limbs. when a doctor told me i was going to lose my left leg i was actually thankful. think about that. being thankful finding out you're going to lose your leg. >> regardless of how you feel, how hopeless you feel in your addiction, there's always a way out. unfortunately, it takes somebody to hit rock bottom to get to that point. but there are people that can help you. >> reporter: reddi says it starts at home. >> everyone has to wake up and see that this has no discrimination. it could affect anyone at any
4:28 am
time, and you must be educated and prepared. >> hmm. and that's the message that they're trying to get out. get educated and prepared. and that's what we're trying to help people with here, as well. steve you were just mentioning to me that you hosted one of these town hall meetings in your town where it's a huge epidemic there, as well. 800 people at that one in staten island. >> it touches people across all demographics. it is a terrible problem. you know, like that guy. >> yeah. >> gets hurt. gets hooked on the prescription drugs. >> yeah. >> it leads to something else. next thing you know, you can't afford the prescription drugs and your doctor won't give you any more so you wind you up getting hooked on heroin because it's cheap. >> and that's the story across the country. >> so great that he's speaking out. i'm sure it's helping him with his own therapy, too. >> for more on this as we continue our series. >> all right. thanks for going over to staten island. >> thank you. >> what a story. all right straight ahead a high rise scare. workers trapped on a scaffold. look at that. 70 stories in the sky. how this one ended, coming up. and wipeout! a surfer gets crushed by a giant
4:29 am
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4:33 am
the hour. >> and for what is making headlines, heather nauert joins us. >> let's start with an upindicate on philadelphia and that police officer who was shot right now, there is a manhunt under way for three people who may be linked to the gunman who tried to execute a philadelphia police officer. police say that they know the names of at least two men who are now believed to be a part of a larger network planning to target and kill police officers. edward archer has admitted that he opened fire on officer jesse hartnett in the name of islam after pledging his allegiance to isis. the white house still refusing to call it terrorism. homeland security chairman -- committee chairman michael mccaul says that he's not surprised about that. >> first it's an insult to the police officer. when the defendant, the suspect, calls it an act of islam, when he says he pledges allegiance to a sense and that we're going to backtrack and we're not really quite sure what the situation -- we all know what it is. and it's happened too often. >> investigators now trying to
4:34 am
determine if a terror organization paid for archer's travels to the middle east. a new potential bombshell for hillary clinton's private e-mail investigation. the state department has agreed to release a trove of e-mails from one of clinton's closest aides, huma abedin. this comes as we learn that the fbi has expanded its investigation into whether the clinton foundation donations broke our government corruption laws. the clinton campaign denies that claim, but our judge napolitano says her story simply doesn't add up. >> the other thing she said, after the report came out yesterday, was fox news is wrong, i'm not being investigated. she would not know whether or not she's being investigated. there's no obligation of the justice department to tell her she's being investigated until they get closer to the end of their work. >> all 29,000 of huma abedin's e-mails will be released in rounds. of the 400 pages. the timing overlapping
4:35 am
significantly with clinton's presidential campaign. a sky-high scare to tell you about. two window washers stuck on scaffolding 71 stories up for almost an hour outside houston's tallest building. the fire department saying that one of the scaffold's elevation motors malfunctioned. causing the death-defying tilt. oh, that makes me nervous just watching that. rescuers had to remove one of the glass windows to pull those workers to safety. otherwise they are okay this morning. and do you remember when we were told that more jobs would take terrorists off the battlefields? remember this one? >> we can work with countries around the world to help improve their governance, we can help them build their economies so they can have job opportunities for these people. >> oh, yeah, they said it. well, maybe the white house was on to something, actually. an isis terrorist reportedly set up this profile on the professional networking sit linkedin. oh, no he didn't? yes, he did. the page claims that he has experience as a grammar school
4:36 am
teacher. >> great. >> he's a native of new zealand. he also encourages people to join isis, calling it a great place to bring up the family. >> of course it is. >> love it. that's wonderful. >> unless, of course, you're a woman. >> that, too. >> 24 minutes before the top of the hour. >> an arctic blast slamming into new york takes this car as collateral. >> look at it. >> yeah the wind gusting up to 50 miles per hour caused massive waves from lake erie to spill onto this buffalo parking lot. the biting cold air freezing the car right on the spot. >> maria molina's here tracking more on that cold snap. hey, maria. >> good morning. you know what? we've been pretty spoiled this winter so far across many of these areas in the northeast. and now it's a little bit of a reality check. because we're seeing temperatures that are closer to average across the region and we're dealing now with some heavy lake-effect snow, potentially several feet by the time the snowfall is said and done as we head into later on today, and also into tomorrow. we do also have a quick-moving clipper system that's bringing
4:37 am
in some areas of snow this morning across parts of indiana. also in ohio. there are some areas that could potentially see as much as three to six inches of snow across the midwest. but it's a great lakes areas that are really being impacted hard. we have lake-effect snow warnings in effect out here because again of several feet of snow. light snow showers forecast across parts of the northeast. maine should be looking at as much as a foot of snow here coming up throughout today and also into tomorrow, and there's a quick look at your current temperatures. you can see very cold across parts of the upper midwest. chicago you're only at 11 degrees right now. and there's a quick shot of your forecast highs. not going to be changing much in chicago. that's it, back inside. >> maria -- >> hawaii, 82 today. >> let's go there. >> thanks, maria. well, a world record holding big wave surfer wipes out big time. in california, you've seen this video? that surfer was hospitalized with just a broken arm after being crushed by a massive 50 foot wave. so, how's he doing this morning? professional surfer garrett mcnamara joins us now. thanks for being with us.
4:38 am
>> thank you all for having me. >> so, would you do it again? >> definitely. i can't wait to get back out there. it will be a couple months and i'll be back out there. >> so garrett, set the scene for us, for us, for me, i'm a nonsurfer. but set the scene for us. you know you're getting on a wave. did you know it's going to be that big? and what went wrong? >> you know, you never really know how big the wave is going to be when you get on it. but, what went wrong is i just -- you know, i can't -- i play it over in my mind over and over again. i don't really know it wrong. but i know when i hit the water it was like a -- it just was so -- i hit so hard it was like a crack of lightning went off and i think it was when the bone broke as i hit. and it was so bright and so beautiful and so clean, and everything seemed so perfect and all of a sudden this explosion went off. and, and then i don't underwater ride just goes forever.
4:39 am
i can't really remember what happened while i was under water. >> i can't imagine as you fall off the board there you are 50 feet up. you actually hold the record for hiding the highest, largest wave in history at 78 feet. but you've also tell us about the 100 foot wave you did. >> i don't know if i've ever -- i don't think anybody's ever surfed a 100 foot wave. but there's definitely 100 foot waves out there and we're getting close to it. everybody's getting close. >> so i look at that wave and i cannot believe the side of it. and that isn't even the biggest wave you've surfed. so you're under the water as you fall off. did you have to be rescued? did you have to be pulled out by the jet skiers or did you pop up? >> you know, that's the amazing thing about mavericks. they're such a tight knit brotherhood and there's always a few guys out there for safety, and ian banner went in to get me, and kurt myers, they both came to get me a bunch of times and they didn't quite get me
4:40 am
because of my arm. i couldn't get my arm up on there. but, yeah, the rescue guys finally got me in the end and brought me to safety. >> the rescue guys help you out there in the surf. now that you're at home you say your toddler is actually hugging you a little bit tighter the same way you're hugging him a little bit tighter. tell us about that. sfl yeah. he had this real concerned, confused, and just the most awesome -- it's really a blessing. i'm beginning to spend more time with him. and you know, my wife is the most amazing woman on earth. the most selfless. she's putting up with me in this state. so i'm just so grateful. and this support system, my mom, nicole's mother, and all of our family and all of our friends around the world, and just there's so many -- so much love and so much support from the whole world that i'm just thankful to everybody for sending me positive thoughts. and -- >> absolutely. >> i'm just grateful to be here with you all. >> we're grateful that you would join us, as well, after your
4:41 am
tough spill a couple of days ago. garrett mcnamara, professional surfer joining us today from honolulu. thank you very much for joining us live. >> garrett, are you -- you're not quitting, right? >> no. >> no, no i'm not quitting. special thanks to frank, because he stayed with my family the whole time i was in surgery. >> frank, you're a good man. thank you very much. >> all right. >> all right, garrett, thanks a lot. >> can you imagine that double overhead wave is going to be like? brave guy. 41 minutes after the hour. friends, check your medicine cabinet. why the cold medicine inside could put your child at risk. >> and should unions be allowed to collect dues even if you're not a member? that's a decision facing the supreme court. one teacher bringing that case joins us next. but first, the trivia question of the day born in 1951 this actor is known for playing rebecca howe in the hit series cheers. come on. >> i saw her in the lobby yesterday. >> there you go. >> first e-mail us with the correct answer is the big winner. i take pictures of sunrises,
4:42 am
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time for some quick health headlines on this tuesday morning. first of all, check your medicine chest. nine retailers recalling store brand liquid children's cold medicine over a potential overdose risk. the packages contain a dose cup with incorrect markings. hmm. you get too much apparently. the recall affects 4 ounce grape and cherry liquid sold at starts like rite aid and cvs. check their website.
4:46 am
common heartburn drugs can apparently increase your risk of chronic kidney disease. a johns hopkins study said people who use pry owe second, nexium and pref sid had a 50% higher risk than people who don't. that's your health news. >> all right here's a big, big story. should unions be allowed to collect dues from your paycheck, even if you're not a member? in states like california, they can. and now, a group of teachers are challenging the controversial practice over how their money is being spent. some just all goes to super pacs or a lot of it. sarah fredricks is one of the teachers taking her case all the way to supreme court. she joins us with her attorney terry pell who gave oral arguments yesterday in front of the supreme court. welcome to both of you. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> rebecca, you and nine other teachers brought this all the way up. you've had it with unions. how, in your mind, what were the unions doing that you were not
4:47 am
happy with? >> well, the unions take stances in collective bargaining that we are totally opposed to. and unfortunately, the union in my district was voted in when i was a child. and you know, it didn't matter what i did, even when i served as a union representative, i couldn't make my voice heard. and the union continues to make decision, and collectively bargaining stances that were actually harmful to my students. so we just decided enough was enough >> terry we've heard this for the longest time that people who were forced to join unions feel that some people are happy with it, and not happy with the agenda, but if you want to teach, that's what you have to do. what made you think that rebecca and her nine friends had a case here. >> well, the first amendment is clear. the state can't compel individuals to support an organization that takes positions that they fundamentally disagree with. individuals have the right to decide for themselves what organizations they allow to
4:48 am
advocate on their behalf. so when the union takes positions not just political positions, but positions during collectively bargaining, that teachers fundamentally oppose, they should not have to support the union. they should not have to pay money to the union. if they don't agree with what the union is doing, then it's up to them to decide whether to support it. >> yeah, for the longest time we've heard we want to reward the good teachers and get rid of the ones that just start phoning it in and got tenure and now this is coming forward. i understand, rebecca and terry that this is not just about teachers, this is about public unions. in what way? >> well, any public employee union is covered by the -- sorry any public employee union that's a state, you know, is in charge of, is covered by the first amendment. so, if the court decides that the first amendment doesn't require teachers to support their union, the same rule applies to policemen and firemen and any other public employee union. the point is, the state cannot compel individuals to support a private organization with which
4:49 am
they fundamentally disagree. >> so rebecca, you got six months to wait. what are you going to do? >> well, i think i'm going to pray a lot. and just hope that the justices can see our side of the case. i feel very hopeful. >> terry do you feel as though you presented your case strongly? >> well our lead council did a terrific job yesterday, and you know, all you can ask is that the justices seem to hear the arguments, and understand them, and we think we've got the better side, of course, and so we're confident and hopeful. >> man, you talk about an impactful case. this is certainly it. rebecca friedrichs thanks so much and terry pell, appreciate you bringing us inside your story and your presentation. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead. we're going to change gears. just sit right back and you're going to hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, it started from this tropic port, aboard steve's tiny ship. but first mate and his skipper
4:50 am
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well, the answer to the trivia question of the day, the actress from cheers, kirstie alley. she turns 65 today, and our winner is tim from massachusetts. you're going to be getting a copy of brian's new book, thomas jefferson, and the tripoli pirates. congratulations. now then >> the temperatures outside may be freezing. that doesn't mean we can't start thinking about hot weather in the summer. >> that's right. even though it is january, it's officially boat season. here with the top showings is
4:54 am
discover boating's keith. good morning to you. >> good morning. it is a little chilly out but i am ready for boat season. >> boat show season going on across the country. the biggest one coming up in miami in february. >> we just finished the progressive insurance new york boat show and we'll be heading all over the united states including the grand daddy of all the miami international boat show. >> tell us about the boat we're on right now. >> this is an everglade. a premium brand center console fishing boat. you can go on this boat, do some serious fishing, catch whatever you like. >> that is a big motor we've got back here. >> big yamaha 300 horsepower on this. >> it's the cadillac of fishing boats. what are we looking at here? i see sonar? >> this is sonar. you can get radar, garmin, top of the line electronics. this boat, and you could go right off the coast of north carolina, outer banks, catch big huge fish there. >> i know a little something about that. how much does this run? >> this class of boat will range from $50,000 on up. depending on what you want to
4:55 am
get. >> it's like a car. you got your basic version, for $50,000. and then depending on how many coolers, and size of the motor you can go north of $100,000. >> exactly. >> you're telling me that having a boat like this isn't something that's out of lifestyles of the rich and famous. you can make under $100,000, in fact most people who are boat owners make under $100,000 a year. >> the average boat in the united states, boat, motor and trailer is right here around $30,000. so very affordable >> tell us about that one in front of us. ahoy. >> this is the regal surf boat. this boat is designed for a spectacular water sports. you've got the speakers on there. regal boat is built in florida so it's a u.s.-made boat. you can jump on that boat. take off behind it. surf. ski. wake board. do all kinds of stuff. >> this boat we're standing on is to fish on and that one is to get dragged on. >> exactly. that one you go out, spend the weekend with the family on the lake and have a blast out there on the water.
4:56 am
>> and those are speakers we're looking at. it's a lot of fun while you're wake boarding. you can listen to some tunes -- a lot of people love to tie their boats up together. >> i actually go raft out there and hang on. socializing and hanging out. there's really no better lifestyle than being out in the middle of the lake, body of water, hanging out with your best friends on a boat. >> i can't think of a better way to spend a morning. canoe? >> absolutely not. especially fiths nice and warm. how much would a boat like that run you. >> that class of boat you could start about $15,000 on up. >> 15? wow. i love that. >> very, very nice. >> i don't think you guys got my joke. it wasn't very good. canoe? >> i get it. >> it wasn't very good. >> kind of makes you feel good when you come to new york city up from florida, and so many new yorkers and people in the northeast, even though it's freezing outside are already thinking about boating. >> absolutely. progressive new york boat show this weekend was packed. lots of people saw things there. now i'm on my way to atlanta and the chicago show is this weekend, as well. >> keith, thank you so much.
4:57 am
>> thank you very much. take care. >> okay. i know it's boating season but let's go inside because it's freezing. >> brrr. you're late for work.
4:58 am
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hey, everybody. good morning. today is tuesday, the 12th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. president obama will give his final state of the union address tonight. but has he even delivered on promises made in past addresses? we're taking a look back. and moments ago, the president speaks out on donald trump's campaign. >> do you feel you're responsible for a certain hunger out there for the message that donald trump is putting out? >> talk to me if he wins. then we'll have a conversation about how responsible i feel about it. >> i guess he wasn't going to answer that question. what else did the president say? stick around. >> and like mother, like baby daughter. >> i love you! >> i love ooh!
5:01 am
>> i love you! >> ooh! >> oh. >> i love you! >> i got a feeling it just goes on and on. >> wow, i guess. is it over? that almost looks fake. i don't think i can. that great video, we can't match it but we'll show you more of it because mornings are better with friends. sfl that looks like computer animation. it didn't look real. >> kids are cute. they're just cute. >> i know. cute and talented. >> i know. >> it's like the king family. >> we're going to tell you who that family is in a moment. but right now let's talk about a big story. major news in the 2016 campaign trail. fox business network has announced the lineup for this thursday's republican debate down in charleston, south carolina. >> and it's like no other. one of the candidates already
5:02 am
making good on a promise to boycott the whole thing if they were not in the first tier. >> kristin fisher live in the nation's capital. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. so, four candidates did not make the cut for the prime-time debate and rand paul is one of them. this is the first time that he has not made the main stage, and now he's refusing to participate in the undercard debate. >> we are a contender. we think we have a national campaign that can contend for victory. and we can't accept sort of an artificial designation by anybody. i won't participate in anything that's not the first tier because we have a first tier campaign. >> with paul out at least three other candidates in the earlier debates, carly fiorina, hike huckabee and rick santorum. the candidates that made the cut for the main stage are donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. now the chairman of the rnc says that the cutoff is a reminder of just how many high caliber candidates are still in the race. >> all those shows is what a
5:03 am
competitive field it is. we have a varsity team of candidates that are out there. >> the lineup was determined by the results of the national polls and state polls in new hampshire and iowa. a new monmouth university poll has trump 18 points ahead of the rest of the field in new hampshire. while in iowa according to a new quinnipiac poll he's only two points ahead of ted cruz. that tightening of the race in that first caucus state should make for a very interesting debate thursday night on the fox business network. the undercard debate gets under way at 6:00 p.m. the prime-time debate at 9:00 and then there is only one more debate before the iowa caucus. brian, anna and steve. >> all right, kristin finer thank you very much. john kasich very, very lucky, because he was destined for the undercard but he was saved by that monmouth poll that kristin just highlighted where he is in second place in the state of new hampshire. donald trump has a sizable lead but it's -- he is then followed by mr. kasich and mr. cruz. >> cruz has got to regain that
5:04 am
momentum. cruz and kasich tied at 14. remember kasich says i don't need to win. i need to be the story coming out of new hampshire. that would be a story. >> a great story. >> and although cruz and trump are neck and neck in iowa, and national polls donald trump still taking a commanding lead, he went on the tonight show last night with jimmy fallon to explain why he is so popular. >> i think it's one of the reasons. i mean we just came out with a poll, 42% of the people, and you know these were 15, 16 people, 42% of the people are in favor of me because they want to have our country be safe again. and you can see just look at germany. look what happened in germany with the tremendous crime that took place like overnight, the tremendous problems they had on new year's eve. and you know, i just want to see something different for our country. and i feel very strongly about it. and i guess a lot of people agree with me. >> so earlier, we just showed you a real clip in the open that's what donald trump said last night. matt lawyer must have been staying up watching his own
5:05 am
network on late night television. he just talked to the president and said being you're such an inverse, donald trump is so opposite of you, are you responsible for his rise. listen? >> the message that donald trump's putting out has had adherence a lot of times during the course of our history. you know, talk to me if he wins. then we'llville a conversation about how responsible i feel about it. but i'm pretty confident that the overwhelming majority of americans are looking for the kind of politics that does feed our hopes and not our fears. that does work together, and doesn't try to divide us. >> what's so interesting about that is this president did run on hope and change. that's what we were told. but we were also told that he was going to bring both parties together in washington, d.c., but now, seven years into his administration, we have got the most polarized politics of my lifetime. >> it's not just politics.
5:06 am
it's america in general. look in many communities, the war on police that's going on. look how divided america is on the way to handle illegal immigration, gun control, what to do with all these refugees from the middle east. america's divided. donald trump is tapping into that anger and frustration. >> he says he's going to fix it. >> he's not big on details but he says i'm going to fix it. >> executive orders on immigration, executive orders on gun control. not pointing out that the number one enemy against america is islamible extremism, refusing to name it. the fact that the president has not mentioned what happened in philadelphia. the fact that a mayor goes out there and blames guns. the fact that josh earnest can't even say for sure that a guy who claims to be isis is isis and it's actually part of a bigger plot. people look at that and say, this guy does not have our backs. >> particularly when that police commissioner from philly goes on the record last night with greta and doubles down on exactly what he said. he said yes this edward archer character who fired 11 to 13 times on this hero police
5:07 am
officer, pledged his allegiance to isis and said that the reason he targeted officer hartnett was because he was wearing a badge and police officers defend laws that are contrary to the koran according to this guy. >> down in philly they've got a problem. the mayor and the police chief are not on the same page. one says it's guns, the other says -- >> and in america we have a problem and that's fundamentally the problem. we're going to find out what the president thinks about it tonight at the state of the union. but at seven minutes after the hour, heather nauert will tell us what else is happening. >> let's start overseas where we reported earlier on a homicide bomb attack in istanbul. turkish officials are now blaming this morning's deadly explosion at a popular tourist location in istanbul on a 28-year-old syrian homicide bomber. ten people were killed and at least 15 more hurt when the blast rattled the busy area earlier today. many of those victims are believed to be foreign. european officials are now warning their citizens to stay away from crowds at tourist spots throughout that entire nation. so far no official word on what
5:08 am
terror group may be behind the attacks. but we're watching the news as we get it. happening today, disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl heads to military court at ft. bragg. a judge holding a pretrial hearing ahead of an expected court-martial this summer. bergdahl facing charges of desers and misbehavior before the enemy. he walked off base in afghanistan in 2009 before the taliban captured him in may of 2014 the u.s. traded five taliban prisoners in order to secure bergdahl's release. kentucky governor matt bevan about to fulfill a promise he made last year right here on "fox & friends." remember this? >> we talked about these government programs that frankly, while they make you feel good, you've got to at the end of the day be able to pay for them. i made very, very few promises. i made very few claims. those things that i said i was going to do i am going to do no question about it. >> what a novel idea from the government. well governor bevin has new just informed the feds that he will dismantle the state's health care program. it's called connect.
5:09 am
he plans to model the expanded medicaid program after indiana's program, he says that they will do this by the year 2017. they need to be able to pay for it. and our very best wishes to two very special people. news corp. executive chairman rupert murdoch just announcing his engagement to jerry hall. the couple engaged over the weekend where they attended the golden globes in los angeles we all wish them the very, very best. and those are your headlines. love to bring you some happy news. >> congratulations. >> i'll see you real soon. >> they got engaged after going out for about four months. >> i got engaged after going out four weeks. >> four weeks? >> and then we got married five months later. and that was 30 years ago this year. >> and you started the doocy empire. >> we did. >> doocy court. >> the doocy dynasty. >> and kathy is still putting up with you, i see. >> she's hanging in there. she's watching tv right now
5:10 am
talking to it. >> congratulations, steve. >> thank you, mr. president. >> nine minutes after the hour. at any moment the mother of affluenza teen ethan couch will be going home. tonya couch is expected to be fitted with an ankle bracelet after posting $75,000 bail. reporter from fox 4 in dallas is live outside the fort worth courthouse with the very latest. what can you tell us, dan? >> well, good morning, tonya couch as you mentioned expected to be released from the tarrant county jail this morning. she has posted bond. she will be fitted with a gps ankle monitor. she's facing a number of other restrictions, as well. upon her release, now she's being charged with hindering the apprehension of her son ethan couch after the two of them fled to mexico last month. authorities say they fled because prosecutors were looking in to a possible violation of ethan couch's probation agreement. now, in addition to the ankle
5:11 am
monitor, tonya couch also has to remain inside the house of her oldest son, steven mcwilliams. he was in court yesterday. she's not allowed to leave the house, except for appointments with her attorney, or her probation officer, or for medical appointments. tonya couch also told yesterday she's not allowed to drink, or do drugs, or go to a bar as a condition of her being released. again, on $75,000 bond. back to you. >> drop in the bucket for her. thanks to much, dan, appreciate it. and she is now out. not complaining about the draftiness in prison. >> well, she was complaining about how high the bail was, and they got it reduced. >> right from a million down. 11 minutes after the hour. president obama set to deliver his final state of the union address. it will be tonight. but has he even delivered on promises he made in past addresses? peter johnson jr., how does he see it all working? he takes a look back.
5:12 am
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in president obama's first address to congress, he made some bold promises, and had some high hopes about what his presidency would be delivering. >> while our economy may be weakened, and our confidence shaken, but we are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight i want every american to know this, we will rebuild. we will recover, and the united states of america will emerge stronger than before. >> well, in his final state of the union message tonight, will he claim bragging rights, or launch a we're-long apology here? here to break it down fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. >> good morning. this will be part farewell address, part declaration of happy days are here again. and there's a great big, beautiful tomorrow. but the numbers show a different
5:17 am
picture in terms of the economy. although there's a 5% unemployment rate, the labor participation rate, it is historic low. number of people collecting food stamps has gone up from 31, almost 32 million people in january 2009, to 45 million in october 2015. >> however, in 2009, this is what president obama had to say about the economy. >> and with our friends and allies we will forge a new and comprehensive strategy for afghanistan and pakistan to defeat al qaeda and combat extremism. because i will not allow terrorists to plot against the american people from safe havens halfway around the world. we will not allow it. >> now, the american people have to judge whether the president's allowing people to plot halfway against -- or world judging his response to isis. a recent survey also shows that in terms of making the country
5:18 am
safer, 34% of americans say that he's mostly succeeded and 58% say that he's mostly failed. and another nbc survey says that most people feel that america's no longer the number one power in the world. finally, in 2009, mr. obama talked about america's future. has that promise been met? listen to what he had to say. >> if we confront without fear the challenges of our time, and summon that enduring spirit of an america that does not quit, then some day, years from now, our children can tell their children that this was the time when we performed in the words that are carved into this very chamber, something worthy to be remembered. . >> how do people feel now? >> he's quoting daniel webster, great u.s. senator and orator. the american people aren't as optimistic as he was back in 2009. look at this. do you feel things in this country are generally going the right direction or do you feel
5:19 am
things are pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track? 68% of the american people say that they're on the wrong track. another nbc survey says that americans are barely getting by in terms of their paychecks. that they only have enough money to spend, that's all they have. >> well we do have some fun facts for our viewers about the state of the union address. and our first one is about president ronald reagan. he was the very first one to invite a guest to watch the speech, and this was lenny skutnick on january 26th, 1982, a federal government employee, the one who dove into the icy potomac river after the air florida crash to save a woman. >> okay. who had the shortest address? and who had the longest address? shortest address, george washington, 1,089 words. longest address, wow, jimmy carter, 33,000, almost 34,000 words. >> and who coined the phrase, state of the union, peter?
5:20 am
>> absolutely. that was coined by president franklin d. roosevelt. wasn't known as a state of the union. it was the known as a joint session of congress message from the president. and the longest speech delivered, bill clinton. 1 hour 28 minutes. that was his val ductry speech, 128 interruptions for applause. president's hoping the same thing happens tonight, as he begins his year-long, i believe, revision of what's happened over the last seven years in america. >> certainly looking back and thinking about his legacy and how he'll be remembered, isn't he? >> tonight he is. >> he will be. all right peter johnson jr., thanks for that. make sure you watch our coverage at 8:55 right here on fox news channel. you just heard peter on the state of the union. so what does the man who killed osama bin laden want to hear from the president tonight? rob o'neill will be joining us live. and a car salesman is attacked, kidnapped, and tied up inside the trunk during a test drive. he saved his own life. he joins us live with the
5:21 am
incredible story coming up. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better.
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time now for the news by the numbers. let's get started. the powerball edition. first up $1.4 billion. that's how much the jackpot has swelled to and it may climb even higher by tomorrow night's drawing. next, 28. that's how many people are just one number shy from hitting the jackpot during saturday's drawing. those people ended up winning between $1 million and $2 million. and finally, zero dollars. that's how much it will cost you to download an app which helps you manage your official powerball pool. it's called lottery pool boss. and it's available for androids only. steve? >> thanks, brian.
5:25 am
you think you had a bad day at work? one texas car salesman got attacked, kidnapped, died up in the trunk of his car during a test drive. but some quick thinking on his part probably saved his life. that salesman, jose martinez, joins us live from houston. jose, good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you all? >> i'm doing better than you were doing at work. so this guy comes in, says he wants to test drive a charger. what did you think about this guy when you first saw him? >> like every customer, he was a normal customer every day, you know what i mean? he seemed a little sketchy. >> a little sketchy. all right. and then what happened? you're out driving this car. $75,000 cool charger, you're out driving. at what point did you realize, wait a minute, we're not going back to the dealership? >> i realized -- we have a little route that we do. >> mm-hmm. >> i realized after the second time i asked him to do the u-turn and he finally did it,
5:26 am
and he started slowing down, and made like a sharp right that's when i knew something was going on. >> he was going the wrong direction. what did you say? and what did he do to you then? >> he stopped the car. as soon as he stopped i was like, you know what? why don't i just drive the car back, he seemed a little -- like a little shaken up. right before he was about to do something, you know what i mean, kind of like nervous. i asked for the keys and that's when everything went pretty crazy from there. started beating me up and stuff. >> he started by socking you in the face. as it turns out -- >> yeah. >> you were being followed. what happened to the people in the car behind you? >> as soon as i got the first hit from the guy, i had my door slightly open because i was ready to get out of the car. >> right. >> as soon as the guy hit me the other guys pulled up, and they got me out of the car and that's when they started beating me up before they put me in the trunk. >> so they put you in the trunk.
5:27 am
but they didn't realize you had something on you at the time. >> yeah. i had my cell phone. i wasn't completely out of it. you know what i mean? i was still conscious so the moment i got in the trunk i called my 911, called my supervisor. i was trying to be as quiet as possible. i turned my iphone -- my current location app on with my iphone app and that's pretty much kind of like how we got the guys back. we found them for using that app. my phone was still in the car. >> okay. so you had -- you turn on the iphone, and you were able to eventually get help. but before help came, how'd they open the trunk, because next thing you know, somebody's got a gun, with one bullet in it. >> yeah. i opened the trunk-they tied me up, taped my hands and feet and
5:28 am
face, and they closed the trunk and i heard them say where we're going to dump this guy at when we're done you know what i mean? in your head you're like -- >> yeah. dump this guy is not good. >> you're thinking they're going to kill you. >> absolutely. >> thinking they're going to kill you. >> and -- >> so -- >> and who say the way the cars are manufactured these days, there's a trunk release in there, it's one of those glow in the dark things. >> yeah. >> you saw it. you pulled it, then what happened? they heard me moving around, they hit me, then he thought he knocked me out but he didn't. but he walked about 30 feet away and that 30 feet away gave me that time to think, jump out, and they're going to eventually catch up to me, they're fast. but just going to fight it out until hopefully one of us wins, preferably me, you know. that when the gun came out. >> the gun came out. there was a struggle. there was one bullet. thankfully you were not hurt. >> yeah. >> they made off with the car.
5:29 am
it has since been recovered. have they figured out who these nitwits are? >> they have. they got their information -- i mean they know who they are they just haven't found them yet. they're still looking for them. because a lot of people from here in houston looking for them. you know what i mean. >> you know you're probably alive today because you did some quick thinking on your own part. >> yeah, everybody keeps telling me that. sending out my location and having to jump out of the car was probably the smartest thing i could have did in fighting my way through it. >> absolutely. i know you're on tv right now but you had a broken nose and it still hurts. when are you going back to work jose? >> here in a couple weeks. my nose is fractured in four places. so i got to get a specialist to look at it. as soon as it heals i'll be back to work for sure. >> what a story. what a story. jose martinez joining us today from houston. we are glad you're okay. and we hope they -- >> thank you.
5:30 am
>> pick up those guys sooner than later. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> all right. very good. took matters into his own hands. he is alive today. all right meanwhile, it's 8:30 here in new york city. dr. oz gets charlie sheen to admit a shocking secret about his health, as they go jogging right there. the doctor is here to reveal the exclusive announcement next on "fox & friends." and, like mother, like daughter. >> i love you! >> ooh! >> i love you! >> sing it. >> ooh! >> who are those people? the cutest individual year you're going to see all day next. huh.
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>> i love you! >> i love ooh! >> i love you! >> ooh! >> well, the absolute cutest video you may see all year. >> that baby is 15 months old. the baby's name is gem ma kate imitating mom's sweet singing during a video chat with dad. the selfie video obviously going viral this morning with over 70,000 hits. i have a prediction that will hit a million. >> absolutely. >> yes, that baby is about pitch perfect. impressive. >> that baby is cute!
5:35 am
>> cute! >> if you ask me. >> okay your turn. >> i know i don't have that octave. >> time for the news! >> you don't want to break the glass in the studio this morning. >> could watch that all day. love that beautiful little baby. good morning to all of you. 35 minutes after the hour, we are now getting an incredible inside look into the takedown of mexico's most wanted drug lord, take a look at this. [ gunshots ] that footage of the raid that captured el chapo, all shot by mexican marines equipped with gopro cameras as they advanced on el chapo's compound. the drug lord was captured on friday six months after he escaped from a maximum security prison. the actor sean penn talking more about this, dismissing criticism over that secret interview with el chapo. he says that he's got, quote, nothing to hide. well a terrifying brush with death for a mother in
5:36 am
pennsylvania. a truck's axle came loose and then smashed right through her windshield. while she was driving her two children to school. look at that. unbelieveal. her son she says had driven her car the day before and luckily he moved the seat back just a few inches. the truck company says that those few inches saved her life. what a story there. a young couple touching hearts around the world after a picture surfaced showing them reconnecting after a serious car crash. arika stow val and her boyfriend hunter hanks were on their way home on new year's eve when hunter lost control of his truck and crashed into a wall. they both joined us live earlier on "fox & friends." listen to this. >> it strengthened my faith more than anything. maybe he put his hands around me at a time that i may -- i had an accident and he put his hands around me and not only me but her to protect us. >> to protect us.
5:37 am
amazingly, that couple walking away with just minor injuries. they both credit god with their incredible survival. what a miracle. those are your headlines. over to you. in case you missed it, the college football title game heading back to tuscaloosa. alabama rolling past clemson in a closh of 45-40. that's the national title. alabama's fourth title in seven years. the crimson tide scored 24 points in the fourth quarter to take the lead from the tigers. this is coach nick saban's fifth national championship leaving him only one short for the most titles in history. he might be the best coach ever in college football. it's been nearly 50 years since the packers and chiefs scared off in super bowl 1. now for the first time the historic game will reair friday night on the nfl network. footage of the game has been lost for decades. some people erased some of the copies because of missing tapes as well and new reconstructed versions will be featured original play calls as well.
5:38 am
modern graphics, social media interactions. green bay goes on to win the game spoiler alert 35-10. that was in 1967. and that's quickly what's in the world of sports today and yesterday. >> the ratings are going to be huge. >> yep. >> well friends, in a candid interview with actor charlie sheen, dr. oz gets the troubled actor to admit another frightening secret about his health. he recently stopped taking his hiv medication as an experiment. >> there's a host of side effects that are that are manageable. i was just curious, as i think i'm a lot of people are, you know, you, you ingest something every day, and you feel a certain way, i, i, i just got curious about what i might feel like off of this stuff. and then if, if, you know, what was being professed, if any part of it was, was, was true, then, then i thought it was worth exploring. >> so he went off his meds.
5:39 am
that is from today's episode of dr. oz and dr. mehmet oz joins us live right now. how did you meet charlie sheen? >> he called me years ago for a health problem in his family. we stayed in touch peripherally. didn't spend much time together but we talked about health issues when they came up. when he decided to make this announcement, he came to new york to do it, we met and he actually had this idea, what was a big -- big concept that he -- of how he'd bounce back from this diagnosis was to be honest about it and then start chasing a cure. so he agreed as long as he would tell me the truth, warts and all of whatever he was doing, that i would allow him to tell the story on our show. so we've been telling it. yesterday was the first installment. i went to his him. -- the iconic location next to his bedroom couldn't find any drugs or pair fear nail yeah. i also wanted to make sure he was doing the things he said he needed to do. for example charlie sheen stopped drinking which is a big deal for an alcoholic. >> that's hard to believe. >> still smoking but not drinking. and then the bombshell. that's what this afternoon's
5:40 am
program is about. he confided to me just before we started taping the show that he actually stopped taking his hiv meds. which is a catastrophe. now here's a man who four years ago was diagnosed. had very high amounts of hiv in his blood. went on medication. he's actually from doctor's perspective pretty well. he wants more. he wants to truly be cured, to not have to carry around the need to take medication and ill innocence. when you don't take your meds you become infectious again. >> contagious. >> and also the virus can mutate. so it's a dangerous thing. so i, i, i need to have it out with him. and actually you know it gets angry at times but really go through what is he doing. why is he tempting fate death like he has his whole life? >> the way you do it, too. you have to tap into psychologically, not only physically what's wrong but psychologically what's wrong. i watched a lot of yesterday's show you were running with. he's out of shape, he's a great athlete. he's way out of shape. did you ever lose the fact that the cameras were looking at you? >> completely forgot the cameras. it's remarkable when you're
5:41 am
truly looking at someone in the eyes and doing what i do in the office is try to do an intervention. we all face this at home. the people that we care about and what if anything else you do care about charlie sheen. he's very endearing and charming at times. and then, the opposite at other times. but like many of us at home, you've got people you want to change and you can't get them to change and you throw your hands up in the air. doctors have this problem dealing with patients all the time. why won't you take the meds? why don't you twauk extra or whatever it is. coping with the addictive mindset is important. i have one important point where he talked about his father. martin sheen had a heart attack on the set of apocalypse now and charlie saw a man who was strong and his father go from that vision to a weakened man on a cane who he thought was going to die. and charlie was only 10. a very at time dangerous time in people's lives because they're prone to be an influence for the rest of their lives. he has been tempting death all his life. why is that? >> he's doing it again.
5:42 am
>> by stopping the meds but in defense of him he says, as you heard briefly, he stopped his meds because he's trying an experiment. he's been chasing a cure, he found a doctor, i don't know much about this doctor. he flew to mexico to see him. but he believes this doctor can help him. and as part of the treatment the doctor offered he had charlie stop his traditional medications. >> we'll be tuning in today for that interview. and i know that he wants to make sure that his legacy for his kids to be remembering him and how america remembers him is chasing this cure not the days when he was off his rocker. >> it's a big deal for him and the points you brought up, why did that happen? that's the next issue. while charlie's trying to chase a cure for hiv i'm trying to chase the cure for charlie and many others like him. the demons aren't the ones outside of us my friends it's the ones inside of us. >> so this is part two today. >> part two today. we'll have part three, you know, coming in the future. we're going to be following his story throughout the season. >> we'll be watching dr. oz. check your local listings for showtimes. >> i watched it yesterday. looks great.
5:43 am
>> 42 minutes after the hour. when we come back the man who killed osama bin laden and what he wants to hear tonight from his commander in chief. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising.
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staples has a price match guarantee. make low prices happen. staples make more happen. president obama getting ready to face the nation for his final state of the union address this evening about twelve hours from right now. earlier this morning, the president gave his predictions of what we'll see with the fall of terror. >> your daughters are young ladies. when they get to be your age, president obama, do you believe in your heart that they'll be living in a world that is dealing with the threat of radical islam on a daily basis? >> i am absolutely confident we will have defeated isil. i don't think we have to wait until they're 54 for that to happen. >> that's what the president just said on television this morning. fox news contributor rob o'neill is former navy s.e.a.l. and the man who killed osama bin laden. he joins us this morning from
5:47 am
dallas. rob, what do you want to hear from the president of the united states tonight in particular? >> good morning, steve. i'm hoping to hear more of that. i mean he has the highest desk in the country, in the world, he knows more about it than most of us, as far as the intelligence. i hope he talks about isis and they have a plan to destroy them. i know they're making some gains in mosul. they just hit a bunch of their physical cash. they blew up millions of dollars. i just hope we hear the words islamic terrorism. i mean they always say he's not islamic. their al baghdadi has a doctorate in islam. i hope we have a plan to destroy them. i hope we do. i doubt we will but it would be nice to hear something like that. >> it would be nice to hear something like that. >> because we haven't heard him refer to it as islamic terrorism. >> not yet. >> which it clearly is. and that's one of the reasons, for instance, donald trump and a number of republicans, they are
5:48 am
resonating with the public because they've got plans unlike this president. does it frustrate you and your brothers and sisters in the military who look at this president, and you're thinking, okay, the guys in the pentagon have got a million plans, but this president is not instituting any of the really good ones. >> yeah, it's frustrating. because a lot of things are being said, you know a lot of the military dbs people that i speak with my friends, a lot of stuff that they want to be said people to know about it. everything from obviously the big threat of islamic terrorism. i doubt he'll even mention the manmade islands in the south china sea that china just made obviously expanding what they're trying to do there their aggression, too. i think we're going to hear the typical stuff about closing guantanamo bay because this administration likes to say that as a recruiting tool even though it's not. we're the only ones that still bring it up. i doubt we'll mention the giving back five of the terrorists for bowe bergdahl. i guarantee they won't mention master sharnlg ert mark allen who was shot in the head by a
5:49 am
sniper's bullet and is still paralyzed. his family looking for answers why we took bowe bergdahl for those five terrorists. typical stuff, close guantanamo, climate change and how that's the biggest threat. he won't mention where there was a poll out where half the american public worries that one of their family members will be a victim of islamic terrorism. i would love to hear him say that. i'm always trying to be optimistic about it but i don't think we're going to hear a lot of it. >> you've given us a great list of things we would like to hear about. will the president talk about them? we'll know tonight. rob o'neill joining us from the dallas-ft. worth metroplex. rob, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. >> all right. of course you can watch our coverage starting about twelve hours from right now right here on the channel. meanwhile, if you want to save space, stay home. that's the message from our next guest to college students who want speech codes on campus. we're talking about alan dershowitz. he's going to join brian next. but first, let's go to that very safe space up on the 12th floor with martha maccallum. >> good morning to you. so the president preparing for
5:50 am
his final state of the union tonight. as a bomb kills tourists in turkey, and trump, cruz, rubio and the rest battle to be the next president. we will speak with the white house press secretary josh rnest, john bolt, john mccain, newt gingrich and more about the state that we are in here and abroad and where we are heading next when we see you at the top of the hour.
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5:53 am
ask any college student should your university have a rule banning offensive speech? 51% say yes. my next guest says if these students want a safe space they should just stay home. the author of a brand-new book, abe ra whom the world's
5:54 am
certainly but not last jewish lawyer, alan dershowitz welcome back to the show. longtime professor at harvard university, harvard law school and who is the perfect person to answer this question. what happened to our college campuses, professor? >> well, they blame places where people are afraid of ideas. they think they know the truth. and they don't want to hear opposing points of view. they know everything they need to know about race, about gender, about rape, about you name it, climate control. they don't want to hear opposing points of view. and opposing points of view just defend them. they want to be kept safe from ideas that they may disagree with. and if they want to be safe from ideas, there are better places to be than college and university campuses. >> well, it's not what you saw when you first broke in in the '60s, is it? >> no. in fact when i was first teaching in the '50s there were acements to censor speech by senator mccarthy. the right wing was trying to censor left wing speech. now it's the hard left that's trying to censor right wing
5:55 am
speech, conservative speech, christian speech, pro-israel speech, you name it. and this idea of safe spaces we have to dwiesh between safe spaces for ideas, there should be none, and physically safe places where you're not intimidated or you're not threatened. and christian speakers, pro-israel speakers, speakers that are not politically correct today, have their physical safety endangered. i know when i speak on college campuses in favor of israel, i need armed guards protecting me from radical leftist students who would use physical intimidation. they won't give me a safe space. they won't give pro-israel students a safe space. they won't give christian students a safe space. for example, when a group of christians who were against abortion said all lives matter, and you know, you may agree or disagree with that formulation, they were attacked. they were told to be subject to training, and sensitivity, and the president of smith college had to apologize for using that term. >> alan, what's the danger of this? >> the danger is that universities will not any longer
5:56 am
be places where ideas can be exchanged, where people will change their minds. people today when they enter college want to leave with exactly the same ideas that they entered. they do not want their ideas to be challenged. and they are wasting their money if they're doing that. >> that's correct. >> we've got to come back and talk about it. congratulations on your book, abraham the world's first but not last jewish lawyer which is now out. thanks so much, professor. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> all right. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. it's winter. eat winter snacks. freshman. campbell's. made for real, real life. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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6:00 am
>> are you willing to relocate? >> i love the white house. >> it will be a step down. but it would still be lovely. >> love the clipboard. >> funny stuff. >> see you tomorrow. bill: istanbul targeted as an explosion tears through turkey's most popular city. martha: turkey's president confirming foreigners and some yoturkish nationals were killedn this attack. officials believe they may have mayor man. a syrian bomber with isis backing. how does it look to be how


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