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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 12, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> are you willing to relocate? >> i love the white house. >> it will be a step down. but it would still be lovely. >> love the clipboard. >> funny stuff. >> see you tomorrow. bill: istanbul targeted as an explosion tears through turkey's most popular city. martha: turkey's president confirming foreigners and some yoturkish nationals were killedn this attack. officials believe they may have mayor man. a syrian bomber with isis backing. how does it look to be how likely this was to be an isis
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attack. reporter: isis is a lead suspect and separatists that have long attacked the turkish government. the point towards isis, among the dead are germans and norwegians, foreigners that were killed. in the heart of downtown istanbul, an area popular with tourists and locals. it's an area like times scwairp or washington, d.c. this is where tourists will go on a trip to istanbul. it gives you an idea how vulnerable turkey is these days. and suicide bomber likely with isis ties is able to detonate his bomb and kill 10 people. martha: turkey has been accused
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of being a big entry point into syria and selling oil to isis. why would those militants strike now and why would they strike there. >> turkey has long had a complicated relationship with isis. they viewed isis in the fight with bashar al-assad who is enemy number one with countries like saudi arabia and turkey. western officials have long accused turkey of turning a blind eye to isis. to even allowing isis's oil to be smuggled through turkey to the black market. but turkey has recently started to crack down and beginning to arrest syrian isis fighters. so isis is striking back. there was an attack in october that killed over 100 people in
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ankara. bill: isis fighters killing 16 people in baghdad. six gunmen storming a mall. that killed two terrorists arresting four others. after that attack isis sh coordinated car bombs exploding in two suburbs of baghdad. nearly 30 others died in those two blasts. martha: we'll have much more on the growing fight against isis. the vast instability spreading to so many countries. we'll talk to senator john mccain and he will be with us at the bottom of this hour. you look at this attack in baghdad and turkey and at complicated a situation of turkey which many aused of aiding and abetting the isis fight. now getting tougher on the group
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of and getting backlash because of it. >> this is a heavily guarded area. they found their target and executed it. 4 minutes past the hour. we are seven years later now. what will the president say about this ongoing war. president obama will deliver his final state of the union address at 9:00 eastern time. with me from the white house, josh earnest. it's going to be a long day for you. go ahead and make your case. what is new tonight. >> what the president is hoping to do is look beyond the next election and focus on the next generation of americans to talk about how to keep the country safe and build on the economic strength and prosperity we have seen after we dug out of the worst economic downturn since the great depression.
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bill: politico writes that it's tough for the white house to get attention for this speech. if that is the case, do you find americans are already looking past this presidency? >> i don't think so. i think we'll have a healthy audience. even if you look at the presidential debates that are getting a lot of attention. do you see the president is driving those debates. reforming our immigration system and keep guns out of the wrong hands. how we can build on the economic progress we have are shown so far. the president has put forward more ideas than anybody else and putting republicans in a situation where they are responding to the person they like to refer to as the lame duck. bill: joe biden questioned
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hillary clinton's authenticity when it comes to income inequality. >> what the vice president said is she has been focused on foreign policy. that's what she did for the first four years of the obama administration. but she has put together good ideas. connections benefit from the prosperity we are seeing in our economy. he minute as a compliment. i don't know if that was taken that way. bill: it appeared he was complimenting bernie sanders more. >> the vice president was giving credit where it's due to senator sanders. democrats are fortunate to have so many candidates on the democratic side who have a strong track record and are putting forth ideas for our economy.
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bill: was joe biden suggesting she is not who she says she is. >> he was suggesting she has some good ideas. because of the policies we've put in place we have been able to dig out of the worst economic downturn since the great depression pau --depression allg the deficit. >> these negatives have been a train on the middle class. bill: if the agreement between the white house and congress to close gitmo doesn't happen, will the president close gitmo. >> the president is planning to
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make good on his promise and the only reason he hasn't is he's been stymied by republicans and democrats. george bush's secretary of defense agrees we need to close guantanamo bay. bill: do you know there is a high percentage that go back to the battlefield? if you close the prison do they have come here or go overseas? >> it will probably ends up being both. there are more of these detainees than we can transfer other countries. we can mitigate any risk they pose to our national security. but if we have to bring some of
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those individuals to the united states, we'll put them in the same place where we are housing dozens of convicted terrorists in american prisons right now. bill: this is going to happen then, that's what i hear you have saying. >> that's what we intends to do. one of the president's first promises was to follow through on closing the prison at guantanamo bay. this is not a problem he wants to pass on to the next president whether it's a democrat or republican. bill hope and change 8 years after, many see a more divide america, the red straight more red and the bluff states are more blue. >> we have seen more partisanship and more vein khorasan division in washington, d.c. that we would like to see. there is no doubt that the president and all of us at the white house have been
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disappointed. that we haven't found a new partner to find common ground. bill: you had 21 republican governors seven years ago, now you have 31. you have a republican majority in the house and senate. by this measure have the policies of this administration failed? >> if you take a look at what happened over the course of last year, we made a lot of progress. working with a republican majority in congress we reformed the no child left behind bill to make sure our kids aren't being tested too much. we succeeded in reforming the imf contribution. we actually passed a budget agreement that funds our national security and economic pry overt $50 billion over sequester levels. we extend the debt limit to make sure we didn't risk the full faith and credit of the united
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states. all that got done between the speaker of the house and the president to get that done. bill: i thank you for your time today. josh earnest live from the north lawn at the white house. we are 12 hours away. thank you, josh. the speech tonight. bret baier is your host. our coverage does full analysis to follow full and balanced on the fox news channel. martha: another big stage is set for the republican showdown debate. bill: shocking video of the raid that captured the most wanted drug kingpin. that's an all-out shootout taking down el chapo. >> a bombshell report on whether hillary clinton used her
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position of secretary of state to benefit friends of her foundation. a member of the benghazi select committee on that next. >> the other thing she said after catherine's report came out is fox news is wrong, i'm not being investigated. she would not know whether or not she is being investigated. there is no obligation of the justice department to tell her she is being investigated until the get closer to the end of their work. first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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martha: a family of four is killed after a house he can explodes outside a small suburb in cleveland, ohio. the blast sent debris flying. residents say it could be felt several streets away. police are looking into whether this explosion could have been intentional. bill: there are new details on the hillary clinton email investigation. the f.b.i. looking at whether public corruption laws were violated. clinton denies that. clinton told the newspaper in an interview, no, there is nothing like that happening. congressman pompeii, welcome back. i'm trying to fure out
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corruption laws, do they carry the same weight as the classified emails. >> we have seen the cumulative effect of a massive amount of information on a home brew server in secretary clinton's server. and we have seen close relationships between the clintons and sidney blumenthal whom clinton was relying on for her information. bill: catherine herridge has done some terrific reporting on this. the way i understand it is at issue whether individual or governments over seas would have been able to take advantage of the clinton foundation based on a dough nation made to the
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clinton foundation while hillary clinton was secretary of state. is that the issue here? >> i'm not certain what the f.b.i. is looking at. but we have all seen the public records where bill clinton was giving speeches to foreign governments at the say time issues were before the state department where secretary clinton would have needed to make decisions. it looks embarrassing and a potentially greater risk to the use the. it was appropriate for -- fit was appropriate for the united states. our work on the benghazi committee has been hampered by the democrats on the committee
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and the state department refusing turn over documents. bill: are you suggesting you are being stonewalled? >> no suggestion, sir, that's the absolute truth. we had document that just weren't turned over and we are still working on get at them. bill: can you? >> i'm hoping we'll get everything the american people are entitled to and we'll be able to interview all the witnesses including white house witnesses. bill: how could you rate this, 50-50? >> i would think we would have had this completed months ago. but every single democrat on the democrat has been trying to obstruct us. but chairman gowdy and our committee will work to get all
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the answers we can. bill: hillary clinton on cbs sunday said there is no there there. >> the american people will learn new information when the report i released. we saw that she told her family one thing about a video that night and a terror attack and she told the american people something else. the american people deserve our report and i'm looking forward to issuing it before too long. martha: the police pull up to find the man chining to the hood of a moving car. >> what are you doing, man? are you all right? turn out the man and the driver are brothers. what led to this dangerous situation. here they are. the seven candidates who will
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participate in the next prime type presidential debate. what do they need to do to move their position in the polls, coming up. >> we are going to make america great again. we are going to make our country great.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill.
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he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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by rough ride expected for opening trading on wall street. there has been rather volatile days in 2016. any good news is welcome. right? martha: republican presidential candidates facing off for the first debates of 2016 just a
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couple days away thursday night. the stages are set based on the latest national polls. and you have got same for new hampshire and iowa going into the mix. you have do the donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, dr. ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich made the cut for the prime time debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. rand paul, carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum are slated for the earlier debate at 6:00 in the evening thursday. byron york with the "washington "examiner" joins me now. >> i think what we have seen is three of the candidates who at some time or another have glen the prime time debates have now been relegated to the earlier debates.
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we know rand paul says he's going to boycott and not take part in an earlier debate. this is the manifestation of the slide their campaign has been take. it's one more sign they will have a hard time staying in this race. martha: one could say there had been no voting. but very soon that won't be the case. we'll be in iowa, new hampshire, north carolina. who is looking to be emerging at top of these tickets? >> i think we'll see that he morning in the debate. donald trump has been a central figure in all of these debates. in previous debates we have seen a trump-carson showdown but now ted cruz has emerged as the main challenger to trump. ted cruz has avoided attacking
6:27 am
trump and he's kinds of embraced trump. but now trump is bringing up the circumstances of cruz' birth and whether he's eligible to become president. the other thing to watch is that establishment lane. rubio, christie, kasich, bush. they are trying to rights out of that pack and they have been trying to rise. martha: they are down to the wire as we get closer to some of this voting. when you take a look at his demeanor, he doesn't say the sharp barb things he says off the debate things once he gets there. he hangs back, a little bit more gentlemanly. is the fact voting is getting so
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much closer likely to change that? >> i don't think it will change with trump because it's been working. some of the thing we remember about the trump campaign. those are not things he rolled out at debates. those are things he said in other venues. he's not been a dominant figure in some of these debates. but the. >>er guys, it's time to make a move. for months and months we heard things are going to change in january. we are in january and some of these guys are far down in the polls and i think somebody is going to try to hit it out of the park. martha: there is a heated battle going on. do you see them going after each other? >> national security has been one of the ways we have seen rubio attacking cruz over this
6:29 am
issue of nsa surveillance. that's something they got into in the last debate. city wouldn't be surprised if they continue it in this debate. rubio rolled out a new attack on taxes. we have had a back and forth between rubio and cruz over you support legalization, no, you support legalization. christie says these two senators are just bickering, we need an executive like me. martha: you can watch thursday's republican debate starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. trish regan and sandra smith will moderate the first debate and at 6:00 p.m. pacific, 9:00 p.m. eastern maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will moderate.
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you can watch it live or stream sit online. bill: we are learning several westerners have been killed in a deadly terror attack there is and bull. plus this ... -- attack in istanbul. martha: a deadly shootout in mexico during el chapo's final minutes on the run. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at bill: a look at deadly raid that captured mexican drug lord el chapo. this is video from a mexican marine's body cam.
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bill: the drug men's hitmen surrounding his hideout. el chapo almost got away, but he failed in that attempt. what have we learned since the news broke this weekend. reporter: when you watch that entire 15-minute raid. the marines still finds five guys alive inside. but el chapo is gone. he escapes down the sewer and he steals a car and is caught on a highway close to escaping again. cops finds a massive arsenal. that 4:30 a.m. raid caught the cartel literally sleeping.
6:35 am
now comes the question of who gets the drug lord. mexico has begun extradition but washington has not decided which city there try him. so the justice department will decide which case is most likely to get a conviction. finally. going back to friday's arrest. police knew the house belonged to el chapo but had been vacant. a neighbor complained about a loud noise which led to the race. sources say sean penn was essential to his capture. while penn last saw el chapo in october he continued to talk with the actress who talked with el chapo. extradition could take up to a year. bill: thank you.
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martha: 10 people were killed in an aparent terror attack in the heart of istanbul, turkey. nine of those ten were german citizens it was right near the blue mosque. police believe it was a suicide bomber and he could have ties to isis and he was responsible for the deadly explosions. more on this this morning and the big picture as well. senator, good morning. always good to have you with us. >> there will be more attacks as long as isis has a base called raqqa to operate out of to plan attacks and manufacture the kinds of material necessary to carry out terrorist attacks. and there is no strategy to take
6:37 am
raqqa by this president. martha: you hear this, you see the attack in paris. remember the attacks in beaches in tunisia at hotels and terrorist sites. characterize what you think we are facing in the next 3-5 months from isis around the world. >> this is the first time a terrorist organization has had a territorial base with which to operate, train and equip. they even set up bomb factories. as long as they are able to do that, it's now exaggerated by the flow of refugees. that i know al-baghdadi is bringing young men on and say joint refugee flow and contact us on a secure site.
6:38 am
it's going to continue. the tragedy is as we celebrate retaking ramadi, the second largest city in iraq is still under isis control. you will continue to see this base of operation and effective attacks around the world. martha: what you are saying is pervasive in terms of american sentiment, in terms of how we are dealing with them. 65% of americans polled believe the obama administration has mostly failed when it comes to isis. let's look at one more poll in terms of how safe we are in this unsettled world at home. has the obama administration made the country safer? 58% say it's mostly failed. it's up 10 per since the same time 6 months ago. how do you expect the president
6:39 am
to characterize these issues, these concerns of the american people tonight? >> i'm afraid he's going to sort of put his emphasis on gun control. that's the answer to this issue of terrorism. he has no defense for his actions ever since the beginning when he decided to lead from behind. when the secretary of defense. the cia and the secretary of state and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff argued for arming the free syrian army. a core of some several hundred al qaeda moved to this area and developed what is now known as isis. all of that could have been prevented early on if we had had the residual force stay behind. it's been a series of withdrawals from the scene that
6:40 am
cause us to be in the situation today. more and more americans are figuring this out. this is called leading in the behind. and the tragedies will be on a continuing basis because isis is able to operate internationally as they metastasize throughout the middle east. >> we have seen in all of these polls a flip. they are clearly worried about national security and isis. your good friend lyndsey graham is no longer in it. one of the things he served to do was keep bringing the issue back to what he saw as the necessity of boots on the ground to lip night isis in iraq and syria and taking away that stronghold of raqqa. who is going to carry that torch now? >> i think lindsey will continue to do so because he's one of the most respected senators on national security issues.
6:41 am
the point is that lyndsey graham, i, there are a number of others in the senate, some of the newer members in the senate like senator ayotte and senator sullivan who are heavily involved in these issues. we'll continue on the armed services committee to have hearings and debate and have another defense authorization bill. but i almost think that this president is running out the clock and the next president is going to have one heck of a challenge to clean this up. i'm sorry to tell you this, but there will be further attacks. there is no strategy. martha: senator john mccain, good to see you. thank you. bill: joe biden is not running forked the white house but he
6:42 am
says he will not keep quiet either. our political panel reacts in a moment. martha: incredible video. wait until you hear why this guy jumped on the hood of that car. >> when you think you have seen it all. you have another incident where it's just another day.
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6:46 am
things. and no one questions bernies authenticity on those issues. bill: joe biden reacting on the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. he says she is a newcomer and doesn't sound authentic when talking about income inequality. josh earnest was with us 35 minute ago. i asked about joe biden's comment and this is how he read that. watch. >> the vice president said she had been focused on foreign policy. that's what she did for the first four years of the obama administration. but she put forward good ideas to make sure people in the middle class and working hard to get in the middle class can benefit from the prosperity we are seeing in our economy.
6:47 am
bill: guys will be how did you hear it? >> my hat off to josh earnest. he's a real professional. first of all biden's punditry is unavailable. bernie sanders has been rising on the basis of this passionate sincerity. what behind his comment is the rivalry with hoik over the years. these are people who manage themselves being president of the united states, and joe biden privately thinks of the children tons what most of us think, that they are appallingly unethical. reporter: no one questions bernie's authenticity on those issues. that's what he said. >> you had me on a few times to answer the question why did joe biden say that. i think biden's word weren't
6:48 am
chosing artfully. but on income inequality issues. bill: does he tell you where he is on her candidacy. >> i could not do the job that josh does. that is a tough job. but i do think that it was meant as a big. it sounds like it was meant as a big. but i don't think hillary has initial you at all. i want you to react to what donald trump said about her with jimmy fallon. watch. >> she is having a tough time. she has got some guy who should be easy to beat. how can you lose like this. he really isn't even a democrat. he said he's a socialist. i think he's a step beyond a
6:49 am
socialist and he's not doing well. i think she'll win, i guess. but she has the big problem with the emails. we'll see what happens. bill: does he communicate in a way the others just don't? >> yes, engage and informal, and everything he says in this case is absolutely correct. hillary clinton is running against a self-declared socialist and may very well lose to him in iowa and new hampshire. it looks quite possible bernie sanders will damage and embarrass hillary. >> it's important to mention hillary is up by 15 point nationally over sanders. hillary and bernie are both up over trump in nearly every poll. but hillary and bernie beat trump in every single poll.
6:50 am
>> it was a complement. you heard it all the wrong way. martha: disgraced soldier bowe bergdahl arriving at fort bragg. he's accused of desertion and endangering his fellow soldiers. bill: new reports isis is experimenting with chemical weapons. te cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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glad i could help you plan for your retirement. alright, kelly and promise me that you'll try that taco place on south street. and we have portfolio planning tools to help you manage your ira. yeah, you're old 401k give me your phone. the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. bill: two brothers facing charges after an argument took an unusual turn into the path of a police car. >> what are you doing, man? are you all right? bill: dash cam video.
6:54 am
one of the brothers tossed from the hood of the car as it hits the cruiser. apparent they did not see the cop in front of them. both brothers have been arrested. true story. martha: accused army deserter bowe bergdahl arriving at fort bragg in south carolina to face a judge. what do we expect in this hearing today, jonathon. reporter: this is a hearing before the general court-martial he's expected to face. bergdahl did not enter a plea at his first hearing in december.
6:55 am
at some point he must decide whether he wants to be tried by a military judge alone or place his fate in the hands of a panel of soldiers, essentially, a military jury. martha: what happens in the interim? >> while he's not actively in court in north carolina, bergdahl is technically on administrative duty at fort sam houston * in texas. supporters say bergdahl has been punished enough by five years of torture in taliban captivity. but critics say his recklessness led to that controversial prisoner exchange where the white house released five guantanamo bay detainees. the charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.
6:56 am
bill: president obama set to make his final state of the union address with a world in turmoil. martha: donald trump is setting his sights on hillary clinton in the general election. but is there another candidate he should be focusing on instead in former speaker newt gingrich joins us live to talk about that. but first donald trump. >> i'm sick and tired of phoney corrupt politicians like hillary, they are sick and tired and they are going to vote for trump.
6:57 am
. . .
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test test.
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because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. deirdre: another day, another vicious tear report attack to report to you. now turkey's prime minister is blaming isis for this.
7:00 am
welcome to brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: deadly bomb blast in heart of is stan buell. of is stan buell. bomber identified as 28-year-old man from syria. martha: we have ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. >> good morning. martha: we want to get your opinion on this attack and the in light of paris and others? >> even though the turks seem to point to isis as sponsor of this terrorist attack, it could be a kurdish insure gents which the turks face. it could be hezbollah trying to make it appear it is an isis attacks so the tickers retaliate against the islamic state. what it shows in turkey, we've seen in the past year numerous suicide bomb incidents. it is reflection i think of the
7:01 am
growing reach of the chaos we see in the middle east. maybe in paris the last year. it already has been san bernardino. it will be elsewhere in the united states too unless we do something about it. martha: now the urgency i hear in your tone, according to the notes that i sent us earlier, sound like you don't expect any of that in the president's speech tonight? >> i would be surprised. i urge, i don't normally advertise for "the new york times" but i urge everyone to look at the interview they did with president obama printed in this morning's paper. what it says it what the president won't say tonight because snows it wouldn't be politic. but as the president believes, i think he has for the last seven years, terrorism is not existential threat to the united states. more people get killed in automobile accidents. stop overreacting. don't use american military force because it just provokes more terrorists. just get used to it.
7:02 am
we'll adapt to it like the israelis have. i think if he actually said that there would be a mass movement in the united states against him. but the fact is that is his view. that is why the campaign against the islamic state is proceeding at such a glacial pace militarily. why the president thinks that terrorism is a law enforcement matter. this difference in how to confront the terrorist ideology is the critical issue on how to deal with international terrorism. this ought to be at the center of the terrorism debate in the 2016 election. martha: it feels like such a compelling issue and such a present problem that is growing in the world. that is growing across europe. that is growing across this country as well in terms of the threat that we face. woe saw in san bernardino. and it looks unlikely that it will be a big headline in tonight's speech as you say. i wonder if turkey -- you know it felt after paris as though there might be a tide turning in europe in terms of their seriousness in which this is
7:03 am
being taken over there. it felt like that for about a week or two, ambassador. it doesn't feel like that anymore. disturbingky make any difference in their fortitude against this fight? >> no i think the europeans would basically consider turkey too remote. let's face it even after san bernardino the urgency the sense of concern felt in this country has diminished. i would argue in large part because we have a president who is determined not to lead on the terrorism front. who believes the application of american power, of american military force against isis or elsewhere in the middle east would simply cause more problems. that it is our action that provokes the terrorists. our having gitmo that gives them more terrorist recruits. that we're the problem, not the terrorists. you know i think the american people actually believe that the first job of the president is to keep the country safe. maybe the terrorists at this point don't have nuclear,
7:04 am
chemical or biological weapons. but to say it is not existential threat, what, they are only going to kill a few americans, that is okay, we can get used to hat is what the american people believe. if there were a presidential candidate out there who could take this up they would see enormous surge of support. americans want the country defended. they're prepared to follow a leader who will explain how to do that. martha: thank you very much. ambassador bolton, good good too see you as always. >> thank you, martha. bill: this is 11 hours from now president obama delivers his final state of the union address. the white house saying this will be a little different and not like the traditional speech that we are used to hearing. last hour josh earnest here live with a preview on "america's newsroom." >> well, look, what the president is hoping to do is actually look beyond the next election and focus on the next generation of americans, both talking about what we can do to keep the country safe and build on the kind of economic strength
7:05 am
and prosperity we're seeing after we dug out of the worst economic downturn since the great depression. bill: chief washington correspondent james rosen live on the hill. james, how are you doing, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: they're promising something different. what does that look like? reporter: bill, good morning, aides to the president say there will be no laundry list of policy proposals this time around. instead mr. obama will use his seventh and final state of the union address to take stock of progress made in the obama era and also outline the challenges that the next president will inherit. one novel twist tonight in the first lady's box of seats shall remain empty, signifying victims of gun violence the white house says. other guests include syrian war refugee and illegal immigrant who joined military and went on to serve in afghanistan. for his part, paul ryan, governor of wisconsin invite
7:06 am
ad -- members of the poor, who challenged obamacare to the supreme court. bill: james, president had a long interview do on nbc today show and cutting words for donald trump when the election for his job came up. what came up? what did he say? reporter: matt lauer of nbc news if he feels any measure for popularity and appeal of donald trump who's take no prisoners oratorical style is different from the president's own. >> talk to me if he wins, then we'll talk about how responsible i feel. >> state of the union address, no mart part of your mine or brain can you imagine donald trump one day delivering a state of the union address? >> well i can imagine it in a saturday night skit. reporter: once upon a time people said more or less the same thing about ronald reagan.
7:07 am
how could a "b" movie actor go on to become president of the united states. so strangers things perhaps have happened. follow me on twitter, at james rosen fnc. i will tell you right after the live shot is done, first president of the united states to deliver the state of the union address when it was actually officially called the state of the union. it wasn't george washington. bill: i like it. james rosen, better than google. look at him. there he is! more with bret baier, anchor of "special report." he will be hosting later tonight on the fox news channel. bret, how are you doing? good morning. >> i'm@bret baier. what is this, i like it. bill: james give me bad information. i will cross-check with baier. >> that's good. bill: you came from on the record breakfast with paul ryan. what did he say? >> it was interesting, speaker boehner used to do these breakfasts before state of the union. a lot was off record or background. paul ryan came in, said it was
7:08 am
all on the record. so we took as diligent note as we could. he said he expects the president tonight to have five or six straw men in the speech. he expects it to be a glossy rendition of the past seven years. and that he thinks that the president is going to night, going forward, try to bait the gop into fights with him so that they look like angry reactionaries according to paul ryan, going forward to try to set the path for he thinks, hillary clinton in the democrat ic party. interesting to hear speaker ryan say he thought the state of our union is quote, a mess. bill: just reading your notes. the economy is soft if not bad. state of the foreign policy is a mess too. when you look at how many americans view washington now, many people think washington's a
7:09 am
mess. did he give you a suggestion as to what they could get done in the remaining 11 1/2 months? >> well two things. one is, i pressed him on the fact that his party is angry, not only at democrats but at him. and republicans for things like omnibus spending bill and others. he said he was dealt a hand when he came into office taking over from speaker boehner. he will do things differently going forward but he says republicans need to have alternative. they need not just be opposition party but a proposition party, even ahead of getting a nominee. as far as getting things done he said the list is pretty short. criminal justice reform he thinks is very possible. he said trade is going to be, quote, tough in part because of the election season. and, he said the president is, as he noted, going to try to get these fights with republicans he thinks to try to set the table for democrats in the election. bill: just one more thing on this. what is his relationship like with the president today?
7:10 am
>> he says that personally he gets along with the president. he does not consider him an enemy. he considers him an adversary but he called him a dogmatic ideologue. and said that the president comes from a very specific point of view. he said personally he gets along with him fine. bill: got it. we'll see you tonight, okay? bret baier, a bit of a preview. 8:55, right? >> you got it. bill: bump o'reilly on twitter, have you heard. >> don't forget that. bill: right on. see you tonight. thank you, bret. 8:55 our coverage starts. full analysis on fox news channel. @marthamaccallum and @billhemmer compare notes with rosen on the hill. martha: shamelous plug. bill: indeed 140 characters. martha: paul ryan says the state of our union is a mess. i don't think that is what the president will say tonight. opens door for adversary as he
7:11 am
calls him. despite everything we heard donald trump says he hasn't even started going after hillary clinton but should he be more focused on one of his republican opponents first? newt gingrich joins us live on that and much more. bill: frightening news on isis. deadly new weapon that the terrorists are said to be experimenting with and how. martha: huge development for the so-called "affluenza" mom whose son was convicted of killing four people in a drunk driving accident. the judge's decision next. >> you know can't set a bail to keep somebody in jail. i have to base my decision based on the law.
7:12 am
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. bill: we are now learning the mother of the so-called "affluenza" teen is free after posting bond in texas. tonya couch is her name. she walked out of jail a few moments ago after the judge reduced bond from million dollars to 75,000. judge says that is appropriate for charges. prosecutors say she helped her son violate probation after he killed four people driving drunk and ran off to mexico with him. the judge ruled his wealth ruled before that his wealth kept him from knowing right to wrong. ethan couch is still in custody in the country of mexico. ♪ martha: less than three weeks from the iowa caucuses.
7:16 am
polls donald trump is in dead heat with republican ted cruz. trump is looking beyond the republican primaries and talking quite a bit in recent appearances about hillary. here he is with jimmy fallon. >> i will set the record straight right now. the newest poll came out today where i'm beating her easily an substantially and winning against hillary one-on-one. so you know, look, i haven't even started on her yet although last week i did a little bit of that. but we haven't even started. martha: former speaker of the house newt gingrich is fox news contributor. good morning newt. he hasn't even started with hillary yet. what do you think of that? >> well, is probably true. i can't imagine how aggressive trump would be in general election. with all the different scandals and investigations more than enough to keep hum busy for a month with hillary. i us speck he better have a
7:17 am
plan b because he may not get hillary to play with. martha: look at quinnepiac in iowa. iowa is obviously first race, first caucus in the nation. and right now you've got, this one shows trump at 31% and cruz, this is quinnepiac, they're pretty much neck-and-neck in iowa. what is your take how that comes out? what do you think about in terms of support either one of these people gets in the end? would the party rather see trump or rather see cruz if it is between the two? >> i think alternative is sanders or clinton that the party will rally to whoever we nominate because the other side is so far to the left and so unthinkable but i think in the short run, i know, cruz probably has a better turnout operation in iowa. the big challenge for trump is that he has a lot of support among people who historically have not gone to caucuses. if he can get them, convince them to spend an entire evening at a caucus he could be very formidable. if he can't, then cruz has a big
7:18 am
advantage. martha: but in the big picture in terms of the nomination i hear you from time to time say things that are, you know, somewhat favorable about donald trump. you compared him to andrew jackson. i've spoken to rudy giuliani who also says look he is shaking it up. there is a churchhill, sort of quality about him, a reagan quality some people have said. i think these comparisons would have been considered absolutely impossible not that long ago. my question when you have people like you and people like rudy giuliani and rick scott in florida, are you all sort of trying to somewhat, you know, soften the ground a bit for a potential donald trump nomination and say to people, look, this is legitimate. you need to take him seriously? >> well, first of alls, i have a number of very good friends in this race. i have been with john kasich who balanced budget when i was speaker for over 20 years. he is a great person. would make a great president. i have been with jeb bush who i
7:19 am
campaigned with back in 1992, terrific person. there are a lot of good candidates in this race, but if you're observer analyst, things i do here at fox news you have some obligation to look at reality. the reality from the day he announced from june 16th donald trump has been frontrunner. that may all fade when people vote. that is certainly establishment's hope but there is no necessary reason to believe he will fade. if you look at size of his margin in new hampshire or south carolina or nevada, he would have to fade a long way. you at least have to stop and say, this is a, i said this in a column last week at gingrich, this is remarkable person. he has, if you go back and read his book, "the art of the deal," it is an amazing book, and he has been a national figure since the 1980s. he has changed some of the nature of american politics. he has raised issues that were politically impossible before he got in the race.
7:20 am
i think that is good for america. frankly three out of four americans according to the "gallup poll" think washington is corrupt. i think in that setting they want somebody who will shake it up. certainly both cruz and trump represent kind of the shake it up wing of the party. martha: there are some people who are, you know, who say they would rather see trump than cruz. they're both outsiders. they are not the establishment candidates that you talked of. who would you rather see in the final spot between cruz and trump? >> i work very hard not to pick a final choice. i, cruz is very, very smart. trump has a different kind of intelligence. you know he is a, not a trained lawyer, he is not a debater but astonishingly good businessman. he knows how to make deal and done thinks in public policy are remarkable the skating rink in central park. i think kasich, christie and jeb bush would also be and
7:21 am
marco rubio, all four of them would be good nominees. i know all six of them pretty well. i think republican party can be very proud. this is the strongest bench we have had in modern times and any one of them would be a formidable general election candidate. martha: newt gingrich, always good to hear from you, sir. bill: 21 minutes past the hour, donald trump and others spending a lot of time talking about hillary clinton and her husband bill but could her email scandal be her downfall instead? what we're learning via the fbi. fair and balanced coming up. martha: drivers on the ground happy to be safe and sound after unexpected landing you might say. >> a plane literally landed on freeway, guys. i'm freaking out. a plane just landed on the freeway. ♪ melodic, calm music
7:22 am
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martha: a freeway turns into a runway in southern california. student ininstructor flying with her instructor when the engine went kaput landing on a highway in simi valley. >> when you hear words engine failure, what goes through your mind? >> we thought we were going to die. we saw cable lines. we thought we would hit them. thank god all the cars stopped except one guy that went underneath us. martha: student says she was shaken up but she plans to get this plane again. good for her. bill: germany is turning more migrants away at border and sending them back to austria. after reports of hundreds of attacks on women during
7:26 am
new year's eve celebrations. authorities blaming attacks on migrants. benjamin watching that out of london. what is the effect on german public opinion, benjamin? reporter: bill, very heated debate in germany about the roll of refugees in the country and open arm policy. most importantly, most immediately, what do you do when a refugee commits a crime in your country? this stems from the new year's eve attacks when number of refugees sexually attacked women around cologne. more than 1000 men of of surrounded women, threatening and attacking them. there are 553 criminal complaints about sexual assault from that night. backlash was swift as local police chief sought to downplay the roll of refugees in the attacks. it also resulted in anti-immigration rallies. last night hundreds of supporters of anti-islamic movement demonstrated in the
7:27 am
eastern german city of leipzig carrying signs like refugees not welcome and freedom for germany. protesters urged closure of borders to asylum seekers and pledged they would fight the spread of islam in germany. bill? bill: bill: what is the response from the government, benjamin? reporter: it is very hard to send refugees back to countries where it is deemed to be dangerous. angela merkel met with the algerian counterpart and admitted germany was vulnerable. any sentence of grounds -- would be grounds for deportation. center of these accusations are very much a minority. however similar trend is seen across europe. finland, sweden and austria. their police forces warned women about this potential threat. very much a europe which is divided. many people still welcoming refugees. others saying immigration,
7:28 am
integration, multiculturalism, good in theory, a lot harder in practice. bill. bill: benjamin hall live in london what is happening in germany. 28 past. martha? martha: big hearing on capitol hill. former cia chief michael morrell giving lawmakers an update on the growing threat of islamic extremism in the world and stemming from what is going on in iraq and syria. we get word that isis may be using chemical weapons. then there's this. [shouting] bill: i was going to ask you who won last night. i guess that doesn't apply here, does it? martha: no. bill: alabama and clemson for the national title. it was a great game. how it ended coming up. ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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martha: right now on capitol hill former senior intelligence officers are being grilled about iraq and syria and the spread of islamic extremism. former u.s. ambassador to syria robert ford an expert on these issues with a long history covering them and representing our country in syria, comes as new evidence emerges that isis is experimenting with chemical weapons in iraq and syria. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live from washington with details on that. catherine, how strong is this evidence? reporter: martha, two sources including a doctor who was on the ground in northern iraq last fall say there is growing evidence that isis is experimenting with chemical agents with the goal of understanding how it works and then exporting this so-called recipe outside of the region. these photos were taken by the
7:33 am
kurds and shared with fox news. we're told they show burns and blistering consistent with the use of chemical agents and their precursors. they claim the agents are odorless, colorless and absorbed through the clothing over several hours cause severe burns and physical illness. former senior fbi intelligence officer preparing a conference on weapons of mass destruction investigated isis in libya where chemical stockpiles remain as well as in iraq and he reached the same conclusion. >> i think if they get their hands on and continue to test with chemical weapons, crude chemical weapons, particularly mustard, we've seen this time and time again with their use of mustard, i think it could be a perfect testing ground. reporter: u.s. government source said there was no reason to doubt the authenticity of those photos, martha. martha: pretty stunning. you've got new information also about the number of foreign fighters that are going into iraq and syria at this point.
7:34 am
what does that look like? reporter: that's right. a year ago at the worldwide threat hearing on capitol hill, this is where the u.s. intelligence community lays out their global view on terrorism the director of national intelligence james clapper said since the conflict began in 2011 more than 20,000 foreign fighters from 90 countries have traveled to the region. one year later that number has spiked with a u.s. intelligence official confirming to fox that the number has nearly doubled. among that group there are at least 6600 western passport holders from 120 countries. a key figure is the number of countries affected with the extremist ideology drawing followers from 20% of the world's nations. the president's special assistant on countering isis recently briefed reporters on new numbers. >> this is challenge like we've never seen before, the world has never seen something like this. upwards of 35,000 now foreign fighters from 100 countries all around the world, supercharged by social media and twitter and
7:35 am
everything. reporter: just for some context, that means the number, the official number has nearly doubled in the last year at same time we've had this military bombing campaign. that said, mcgirk says the admin does believe they're seeing some progress on the turkish border to contain the flow of foreign fighters and also of course in a maudedy, martha. martha: interesting what we hear about that tonight in the state of the union. catherine, thank you. bill: more analysis, general jack keane, retired four-star general, institute of study of war, fox news contributor. general, thanks for being here. >> good to be here. bill: general, is this stopping or is this reversing in any aspect? >> no, not at all the one of the big things we learned from 9/11, when we permit radical islamic terrorists to have sanctuary, they become more dangerous and more ambitious and more lethal. look back in the '90s we allowed al qaeda to have
7:36 am
sanctuary in afghanistan where they attacked two embassies in western africa and uss cole. we did nothing to destroy al qaeda sanctuary even after those three attacks. the result? 9/11. then we destroyed sanctuary, hunting down al qaeda. the result? no attacks successfully executed in the united states. isis has a sanctuary in syria. they began it in 2012. this will be their fourth year of occupation in that sanctuary. what we're seeing before our very eyes is what i opened with. they are going to become more dangerous, more ambitious and more lethal and that is what their acquisition of wmd is all about. there is no doubt if they get their hands on it, bill, they'll use it. bill: let's find out where next, general, okay? on the map here behind us we talked about this last week. sunnis is ruled -- saudi arabia rather is ruled by sunnis. they have been at loggerheads with iranians ruled by shia. further east you have ongoing
7:37 am
war in afghanistan. in iraq you know about the war there. isis primarily in eastern syria and western iraq. general, we haven't even talked about what's happening in libya. you believe in the eastern part of this country already there are some 10,000 isis fighters that are assembling there today? is that what you report? >> yes. what is happening because that sanctuary exists, isis has been able to expand into nine other countries. the largest expansion has taken place in libya. we have anecdotal reports now saying there are as many as 10,000 fighters there. we have to confirm those reports through intelligence sources but that is reality. we know that isis has a huge footprint in libya. there are going to be three more other countries that they will have affiliations with and just going through the final stages of document approval. so this is an expanding threat. bill: that takes you to a dozen.
7:38 am
now the key point that you make repeatedly, and to emphasize this, if you have territory, you can plot and you can plan and right now it does, correct? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean syria is a safe haven for them, even though we're bombing that safe haven. they know how to hide from that bombing and shield themselves and all of their functions are being performed, command-and-control, logistic support, expansion, internet telecommunications on a regular basis. 20,000 hits on average a day in communications. that's why catherine reported that isis is still recruiting successfully. that's a stunning report that she just issued to us. that gives you a sense of what the sanctuary does in terms of contributing to the success of isis and that's why people like myself are frustrated with the administration because there is no sense of urgency to get after it and destroy it. bill: do you think you get much on this tonight in the state of
7:39 am
the union? >> i think we'll get some rhetoric and lip service to the fact that we're succeeding against isis and we have full intention of destroying it. the reality he will ask the next president to do that. he doesn't intend to do it. bill: general jack keane, thank you, in washington today, thank you, sir. >> good talking to you, bill. martha: donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton's troubles on the campaign trail yet again. watch. >> if you get the nomination you can't have the person that gets the nomination be sued like hillary might be sued, has a -- she will be sued on emails. martha: could potential criminal charges derail clinton's campaign before we even get to the general election? a fair and balanced debate what is really going on with all of this coming up. bill: also talking about your potholes, right, jersey, earth opening up and swallowing a car. if you think that is bad, wait until you hear what the driver did before she went in the hole. ♪ this is how banks used to see me.
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now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. get serious about your credit. get experian. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. ♪ martha: critics may be talking about bill clinton as potential liability to his wife's campaign but there may be an even bigger issue that is hanging over her campaign right now, possible criminal charges. now a newly-released email shows that she in fact asked at least one aide, jake sullivan, to send her a, quote, non-secure item, as long as he took off the message header on that email. this after she insisted over and over that she had never had classified information sent to her private account. here is charles krauthamer. >> if this is completely innocent and routine, why would you scrub the heading?
7:44 am
it makes no sense but i think she knows this is a real vulnerability. in the end it is all about the legality of this and will there be a criminal referral. martha: we have a democratic strategist. guy benson, political editor for welcome to you both. >> good morning. martha: good morning. you have an interesting brew going on here. you have increasing questions about whether or not hillary clinton basically let information that was on her server or in her emails become vulnerable in terms of whether or not anybody could have seen it or used it because she was in charge of keeping that information classified. now you have this email says, take off header, send it non-secure. some believe that could be enough for james comey, director of the fbi, to say, look, she made that information vulnerable. he is not, he is a straight-shooter. i mean he is not a political person. so, julie, how, how worrisome is this potentially for hillary
7:45 am
clinton? >> it is a concern. look, i will say from the minute that these emails came out the way the server was treated i never defended it. i never understood it. i think democrats need to take a hard, serious look at the fact this is potential vulnerability for our frontrunner. the reality is that she did something that is inexplicable to me and lot of other people who otherwise support her policies. this is always push and pull with the clintons. people who support them tend to support them because they supported their policies and their agendas politically, not necessarily their personal behavior. that is a problem for her as she goes into possibly this general election. martha: the belief always has been, guy, this administration will not indict her on this. that loretta lynch will not go down that road but james comey may. if he believes that the law was broken, just based on his past, based on what happened with ashcroft and bush administration. this is a man who does what he believes is right.
7:46 am
based on his record, that is just what we can see when we look back, where do you think this is going, guy? >> well i go to what we saw yesterday from our own catherine herridge and her exclusive report that the fbi has expanded again, now for the second time their investigation into hillary clinton. it's not just mishandling classified materials more than 1300 times it looks like. it is not just potential obstruction of justice. they're also now examining whether there is public corruption connected to the clinton foundation. so as this continues to swell and grow and bubble to the surface, just reading that report from catherine herridge yesterday, there is a sense within the fbi, within intelligence circles there will be demand that a criminal referral be acted upon by the department of justice. if the obama administration decides, in spite of ample evidence that they're not going to pursue criminal charges and if criminal prosecution because of political considerations i think there will be avalanche of leaks and recriminations from whistle-blowers that will be
7:47 am
extremely damaging, both to the obama administration and to the clinton campaign. this would keep me up at night if i were on clinton campaign. martha: there is all talk about bill clinton's past. when you look what is going on here, it appears to be something that you know, as you point out, guy, would keep most people up at night a little bit more than other stuff. you couple that, julie, when the emergence of joe biden saying in one interview, i regret it every day that i decided not to run. then in another interview he basically says, bernie is really more in touch with what the american people are feeling when it comes to income inequality than hillary. that hasn't been her focus. it is her focus now, maybe more so. what do you see in these tea leaves, julie. >> joe biden regrets after man who thought he could be president since the day he got into the senate in 1979. all these people, every senator on the planet thinks they could be president.
7:48 am
frankly every dog catcher on the planet thinks you can be president. you run for office you think you're qualified to be president. biden made right decision for his family he repeatedly said in the interview. obviously no love lost between joe biden and hillary clinton. he has taken every opportunity since he announced he is not running to get tweaks in. he is not somebody coming out for her anytime soon. i suspect if she is nominee he will campaign for her. making it not easy for her to get the support. what is the reason is between the two of them. reading tea leafs as you said, making it fairly obvious he will not make it easy to get his source. martha: like elizabeth warren, you don't want to put the cart before the horse. next step is coming from the fbi investigation. guy, anything else you see on the horizon in earls it of bernie sanders or in the clinton campaign? obviously this is tougher campaign than anybody thought it was going to be, right? >> although it is mostly
7:49 am
hillary's own doing. you know, because ultimately think bernie sanders getting a bounce and maybe he can win in a place like new hampshire and make her life more difficult. people are talking about bill clinton and his past could that be issue for her, i think that mostly engenders sympathy for her, except to the help offing of slamming and shaming her accusers. there is something there. over all the eye on the ball for republicans look at hillary clinton's absolutely disasterous record as secretary of state. look at her enormous credibility problems when it comes to honesty, when it comes to national security and protecting information that she was sworn to help keep secret and instead put it on bootleg, totally unsecure server. she lied over and over again about the email scheme. i think between that and clinton foundation mess there is a lot of smoke. martha: we have to leave it there, julie, guy, thank you. good to see you both. >> thank you.
7:50 am
bill: fox news alert now on the morning of the state of the union address. fox news confirms 10 detainees at gitmo will be transferred this week, likely on thursday to middle eastern countries. quote, all these guys are the hardcore type. if not they would have been transferred earlier. this morning state of the union address. josh earnest on the program two hours ago insisting president will close gitmo before leaves office. when asked whether or not those detainees come here or overseas, he responded likely a mixture of both. some more to come on this here on fox. college football crown as king. 'bama winning a fourth championship in seven years. the coach is closing in on a legend. so how the tide feel about that, huh? shades of bear bryant. if a denture were to be
7:51 am
put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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>> hi, everyone, coming up on "happening now," three weeks from now the first votes in the 2016 race for the white house take place in iowa. new polling suggests the race is tightening. plus a prominent conservative says donald trump is only hope for the nation. very special guest who will be at tonight's state of the union address. we'll talk to a 4-year-old who inspired the speaker of the house. that is all at the top of the hour. bill: jenna, thank you, see you in ten minutes. alabama crimson tide national champions again. it is becoming a habit. beat clemson 45-40. great game. alabama, fourth national title in only seven years. for coach nix saban, fifth
7:55 am
overall, one short of a legend. how good is this team? how good is nix saban. >> go back to post-world war ii, when notre dame was last team to run offer four titles over seven year span. alabama is like new york yankees of college football, montreal canadians. bear bay i can't greatest of all time. he reminds me of legendary coach of bill belichick, new england patriots. with the surprising onside kick. the game was tide. get it back. two plays later in the end zone. that is where the game turned around. saban had smarts and dab bow sweeney very smart coach for clemson i think saban outgrowthed him. and i do believe better team won bill: they have had now the second bowl championship series, right? >> yeah. bill: last year ohio state, oregon, huge success. it appears this one was as well.
7:56 am
is this playing out the way the ncaa had hoped? >> how could you argue against it. they got it right. bill, one of my favorite parts about last night's game. there was no controversy. number one, against number two. even one play reviewed for late touchdown sealed win. refss got it right. alabama, champs of college football. for good reason. >> thanks, bill. bill: jared max, channel 115, 'bama, roll tide. >> roll tide. bill: see you later. martha: there is a terrorism story coming out of turkey that is our headline today. isis apparently behind a deadly bomb blast outside of a popular tourist attraction. the latest on this new attack next.
7:57 am
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of honor. the generosity was enormous. thank you to the folks who made our visit enjoyable and profitable. they have done a lot of great work. check out jon: a deadly terror attack rock as popular tourist site. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. the turkish prime minister says a syrian member of the islamic state blew himself up in a homicide bombing that killed at least 10 people. it happened in an area of


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