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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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s. go tweet using #thank swiss. let's get that trending and that's> the royale factor is on, tonight: >> i'm going to defend president obama for taking on wall street, taking on the financial industry and getting results. >> you have received all the $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders trying to outdo each other in left wing politics. tonight, we will assess their positions very specifically. >> so when you say well, he was a republican or now he is a democrat. >> he voted for obama in 2008. come on, bill. >> glenn beck was wrong. donald trump did not vote for barack obama. beck has apologized. we will have the latest. >> bernie sanders says is he a democratic socialist. >> yeah.
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i don't know, actually, what a socialist is, but my mom is not too happy about it. >> also ahead jesse watters going to iowa to find out if voters there know anything. >> do you trust hillary clinton? >> i was told not to. >> who told that you? >> my mom. [ laughter ] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.w ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the state of the democrat party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night in south carolina the three democrat candidates debated the state of the union. with all due respect to martin o'malley he has no chance so i will focus on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. truthfully senator sanders has no chance either because he is a socialist and america will never vote for
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a socialist as commander and chief. be that as it may senator sanders is competing well against hillary clinton in the small states of iowa and new hampshire. nationally he is 25 points down. still, not a bad showing for an now, the media loves to mock donald trump for dubious things he says, but sanders makes trump look like abraham lincoln. here is what mr. bernie wants to do. destroy wall street and the big banks. provide each american with free healthcare kind of. he would highly tax affluent americans to pay for the government run healthcare industry. private health insurance would be outlawed. also, bernie wants' free tuition at public colleges and university. alsoíwy' free child care for millions of americans. also mandatory family leave whereby companies would be force to do pay for both men and women to take time off after babies are born. a list of sander's freebies is endless. the unintended consequences is simple.
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a bankrupt nation. the nearly 20 trillion-dollar debt wouldñe double under a administration. also many american corporations would /v& leave the country and go overseas that would devastate the economy. does bernie sanders not understand any of this? it is simply insane, insane to tell the folks that you will destroy the capitalistic infrastructure. >> you have got to break up these huge financial institutions. they have too much economic power and they have too much financial power over our entire economy. >> turns out that they were crooks and they destroyed our economy. >> again if bernie sanders were ever elected president the economy would collapse. companies would flee abroad. the u.s.a. would turn into venezuela. that's why bernie sanders will not be president. he is, however very entertaining, is he not? especially when he unloads on his opponent, hillary
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clinton. >> the leader of goldman sachs is a billionaire who comes to congress and tells us we should cut social security medicare and medicaid. secretary clinton and you are not the only one, so i don't mean to3! just point the finger at you. you have receivedhvxhñ almost $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> i think she is the only one. i don't know anybody who has gotten 600 k from golden sak's. now, if bernie, again were president, mrs. clinton would have to pay the feds most of those goldman sachs fees in taxes. let's take a look at hillary clinton's point of view. like senator sanders she wants the government to pay for, quote: debt free college education. child care, family leave free medical insurance for those who have none. also she wants equal pay for women mandated in the private marketplace. and with all of that, she believes she can unite americans. >> i would be working in every way that i knew to
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bring our country together. we do have too much division, too much mean spiritedness there is a lot we have to do on immigration reform on voting rights, on campaign finance reform. buff we need to do it together. >> wow that sound bite sounds like the song happy together by the turtles one of my favorites and it's just as realistic. apparently mrs. clinton doesn't understand that more than half the population doesn't trust her according to recent polls. how could she possibly bring folks together to drastically change the nation the way she wants to? in theá debate last night. secretary clinton did not say how she would improve the economy nor did senator sanders. democrat platform is to provide how that would stimulate the private marketplace, one of the great mysteries of the universe. the most surprising thing hillary clinton did last night was inject racism into the debate. >> one out of three african-american men may well end up going to prison.
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that's the statistic much. i want people here to think what we would be doing if it was one out of three white men and very often the black man are arrested, convicted and incarcerated for offenses that do not lead to the same resul$ for white men. >> mrs. clinton's one in three statistic is false," according to the justice department. secretary obviously going for the black vote with her inaccurate statement because bernie sanders not attracting much interest in the african-american precincts. on the subject of isis, both clinton and sanders were aamazingly vague. >> i have a 3. plan that does not include american ground forces. it includes the united states leading an air collision, which is what we are doing supporting fighters on the ground. >> muslim troops should be on the ground with our support and the support of other major countriesna. is how we destroy isis.
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>> so, somehow magically bernie sanders is going to convince muslim nations to launch a ground war against isis. gee,ja i wonder why no one else has ever thought of that i'm sure somehow museum -- muslim nations are lining up to fight on the ground. >> sorry for the cynicism but had it on both sides. the obama administration has allowed isis to grow in power. neither one of them has any realistic solution to stop that this is the headline in the debate last night. much of what the candidates said is simply unrealistic. apparently bernie sanders doesn't understand there is a congress that makes laws in america. his crazy left vision of government running the economy and everything else, would never pass. most of his proposals wouldn't even get to a vote.
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hillary clinton made it clear she is running as barack obama's second, pretty much saying he has been a successful president and she would carry on his programs. one more point. do you really believe that if sanders or clinton are elected president they can unilaterally destroy banks insurance companies and drug companies? do you really believe that? if bernie sanders starts to punish american dj$uz companies, research and development of new drugs stops cold. and toes companies as mentioned go overseas. you can sell aspirin from anywhere. hillary clinton is not as extreme as sanders but she is a big fan of obamacare. however, 52% of americans are not big fans, according to a recent cbs news poll. so all in all, if the republicans cannot beat the democratic party in 2016, when will they ever beat it? but you know what? the g.o.p. is so confused,
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the leadership so divided that hillary clinton could win. she could win. and that's the memo. next on the rundown reaction from charles krauthammer, later, karl rove will respond to hillary clinton's attack on him and glenn beck apologizing to donald trump. factor is coming right back. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. when you get your business a refund do you insist on being called the taxonator? then you might be gearcentric. right now, buy any tax software and get a $100 service bundle for free! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®. marie callender knows that a fresh-cooked meal can turn dinner time into bonding time. that's why she roasts tender white
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in siberia. come on. cut him a little slack. but hillary clinton go ahead. >> it does show a lack of imagination. >> whatever. but, hillary clinton -- i was surprised because she is running as barack obama's twin. >> i know. >> she is hitching her start his wag done with. >> she is hitching her start of a wagon of a guy presiding over a country with a 27% right track number. >> so why is she doing that? why would she do that? >> she is in a bit of a mini panic over sanders' rise in
5:14 pm
iowa and new hampshire. i think it's completelynd irrational because there is no wayq5n q sanders is going to depose her because after new hampshire he has got nowhere to go. nonetheless, i think she is afraid it will be dragged out, drain her of some of her funds. it won't allow her to direct her attention at the republicans so to run to sanders left to get to the base. the only way to do it you can't do it on policy '. you have got to do it by wrapping yourself around the mantel of a guy who did verylg well in 2008i,,r and 2012 but it makes no sense because is he not popular in 2016. i knee i was really surprised she did that and i don't know if you it feel as cynical as i do about it. i'm sitting there on sunday night. on hbo they had the godfather one and two combined and i can't watch
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frayed doe get it. i have to watch this. i'm listening to a guy bernie sanders who believes every single word he says, by the way. put forth a vision that is absolutely possible constitutionally electorally, legislatively none that could happen. it just couldn't happen. it's like, you know, i mean, i'm saying where is rod searling. is he back there somewhere? are you thinking the same thing? are you thinking the same thoughts? >> i was. because i too was watching the godfather and may your first child be a masculine child, you remember that line. >> great line. >> look, i find)pu almost impossible to watch the debate. and, of course, bernda6b sanders is so far out there look hilsz -- his appeal is to the coastal elites and to college towns. beyond that he has got none. >> but charles wait, wait,
5:16 pm
wait just for a second. i can't understand how any american citizen can't just pull back a little and go, gee, if bernie sanders were president, almost every single multinational corporation would leave the building. general electric just left connecticut because it raised its corporate tax. and went to massachusetts 400 jobs just walked across the border. and bernie sanders is going to punish the banks and the drug companies? i mean, there wouldn't be anybody left? who is going to turn out the lights? nobody. because there wouldn't be any electoral grid. i'm sitting there going do you know anything? it's just insane. >> but here isí+ where your imagination failed. you have got to understand, his constituency are college students who are protesting on campus for the serving of sushi because it's cultural aproposition of oppressed third world people. you are talking about people
5:17 pm
who aren't even capable of the kind of economical could you legs you are making. >> but he is still getting enough in the polls and millions of people will vote for him. i mean, it just to me i'm just going where are we? last word. real quick. >> a lot of that is just liberals who cannot swallow voting for hillary clinton on arxzmatter of personality honesty and trust. it's not all ideological. there are not that many far lefties in this country. >> all right. charles, thank you very much. we appreciate it i want to&]rn take this opportunity to wish everybody a happy martin luther king jr. day. i hope you are enjoying the federal holiday. in writing killing kennedy martin dugard and i searched dr. king very thoroughly. i admire what the man accomplished. you may not agree with his political outlook or with his personal life, but he was a great leader, a man of courage, and charisma. directly ahead, glenn beck apologizing to donald trump even as mr. donald trump and
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personal story segment tonight. on friday we talked with our pal glenn beck about politics. he was down on one donald trump. >> trump, you know i you have known him for a long dime. >> i know. >> he is not an idealogue. when you say well, he wases a republican or now is he is a democrat. >> he voted for obama in 2008. come on, >> that's not true. and today beck apologized on hesitate radio program. >> i try always lead with my mistakes and recently, over the weekend i retweeted a
5:22 pm
tweet from donald trump that indicated that he voted he voted for barack obama. as it turns out the tweet was a hoax. and i apologize to donald trump for reposting it. >> always have to watch that social media. it can easily mislead you. in addition to mr. trump and senator cruz going after each other big time now. joining us from washington mary katharine ham and here are in new york city juan williams. who is getting the best of the trump cruz deal? >> i don't think there is any question donald trump is getting the better of it. now, the thing is that the trump charge of cruz being born in dand and that's going to tangle him up in all kinds of lawsuits, that's resonating nationally. the cruz charge, new york values, we played some in the new york$ tabloids that didn't like it. it started no national conversation. >> what do you mean rest signatureating nationally. >> in other words, can you pick up a paper in phoenix and st. louis or boston and it's there. >> surely you know that ted cruz is will jingle bell to run for president. >> i agree with you on
5:23 pm
matter of point. it's a fact. >> the supreme court has never ruled on it you can can imagine as trump is saying there would be a suit by some democrat who want to do cause trouble. >> wait, wait, wait. ted cruz held what they called dual citizenship. >> until recently by the way. >> and his mother is an american citizen. >> no doubt. >> so according to the constitution ted cruz can -- look, all right. if you can stand it,,x go and knap will tell you. i don't think this is a serious constitutional. >> let me quickly add on saturday trump got booed by conservatives while he was attacking cruz and so some people think -- you look at the polls -- the polls indicate that right now trump has stopped cruz's surge in iowa. >> what poll is that? i didn't see it. >> a couple polls today. >> which one? >> i don't remember the names. >> i'm not buying them until i see the poll. >> okay. mary katharine who is getting the better the cruz trump deal. >> number one and number two
5:24 pm
trading paint and number three and four start looking to pass on the inside. rubio and christie are looking for these two toeach other and maybe sort of surge up a little bit. when it comes to the two of these guys, look, cruz has known all of these arguments against trump about him not being a conservative and not being agñ consistent republican for a long time. many like myself have made those arguments for a long time. he was content to off trump. now is he making those arguments and frankly landing a a few punches. here is the question i think about right trump not being so ideological bill and many of his supporters as it turns out not that ideological and not looking for that consistency which is why those argue. s have not worked great against him so far and may not have worked against him like cruz. cruz is the antiestablishment guy and make those arguments belatedly. >> this is an iowa play. once it gets bigger situation, i don't think they are going to care whether cruz is born in canada and i don't think they are going to care if donald trump gave a donation because he want to do get building permits to anybody. because that's what trump
5:25 pm
did. that's just what it was. but, you say that cruz has landed against trump right? you think cruz has landed -- like give me one. >> in the debate the other night when he said i'm not going to take legal advice from trump was a trumpesque insult and i appreciated it. i thought it went over pretty well in the hall. when it came to the new york values exchange cruz didn't do as well. that has gotten a lot of media play as well. >> there was a charge by geraldo that the new york values thing was anti-semitic. >> you don't know? >> i'm not going to say i know the guy's heart. i can understand why people say it looked like a wink and nod toward. >> why? >> i disagree. >> media and wall street. >> i'm a new yorker, i'm not jewish. >> i agree up here i'm not-x jewish. >> williams and o'reilly are not jewish. you see, this is the kind of stuff i hate about politics. unless someone is overtly attacking a group you don't
5:26 pm
say that he is insinuating something unless he says it. that's not fair. >> mary katharine said a moment ago she thought that trump -- that cruz was, in fact hitting and laying some hay makers to use your language against trump. is he laying hay makers in terms of saying cruz is not popular, even among republicans and. >> that doesn't have it do with anything. >> cruz is an outsider because he took loans from goldman sachs and city bank and went to all these establishment elite schools. >> i don't know. i wish they would stop with the nonsense and get into the policy. the anti-semitic charge, mary katharine you say? >> i disagree. i didn't make such a big deal of that new york values thing. if you trade out values for policies, that's more what he is talking about. and i think it doesn't play the criticism of that phrase doesn't play as well or is not as important in iowa or new hampshire as it is in new york and with much of the media i disagree about the antisemitism charge. >> good debate you guys. thank you.
5:27 pm
karl rove on hillary clinton attacking him last night at the debate. that was fun. brit hume on the iranian prisoner5 swap. watters in iowa with the voters. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. introducing metris the mid-size van from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz.
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5:31 pm
the hedge fund billionaires who are running ads against me right now and karl rove who started running an ad against me right now funded by money from the financial services sector, sure thing i'm the one they don't want to be up again. >> governor o'malley? >> mrs. clinton said i'm the one they don't want to be up against before she wasay interrupted. that's referring to the republicans, of course. when mentions karl rove mrs. clinton was referring to this ad. >> ever wonder how hillary clinton can afford so many ads? chances are were paid for by wall street cash. hillary clinton has gotten 54 more times from wall street interests than from all of iowa. hillary rewarded wall street with the 700 billion-dollar bailout. and wall street made her a multimillionaire. >> joining us now from austin texas, karl rove. did you write that ad? >> no. but i sure do like it. >> was that financed by your crew? >> yeah. american;+ crossroads.
5:32 pm
and why she brought us up last night is beyond me. mission accomplished. we are inside her head and this ad is now running in iowa. we want to be part of the dialogue. and this has to do on the surface with the support from wall street, but it has a deeper meaning to it which is this woman is not honest and trustworthy. she will say and do anything to get elected. it's a huge vulnerability. iowa is going to be a battleground state in the fall. we said why not participate in the political dialogue in iowa. and she fell for it, hook, line and sinker. >> you heard her a little -- hurt her a little bit but helped bernie sanders in the process. >> that's ancillary. he may win iowa. >> the ad definitely helps bernie. you know that. >> that's ancillary. the main thing to remember in the quinnipiac poll 59% to 39%. americans do not think she is honest and trustworthy. by 50% to 46% she does not
5:33 pm
care about the needs and problems of people like me. by 53% to 42% she does not share the values of americans. democrats get huge numbers on. worse numbers of any democratic frontrunner in the history of politics it's because people look at her and say -- >> you the -- >> -- sure, absolutely. >> the big election, not the primary. >> sure, absolutely. >> you think the way i do that sanders has no chance in hell and hillary clinton unless she is indicted will be the nominee. you are trying to undermine her credibility with the folks now. that's what you are trying to do? >> exactly. absolutely. look. already that credibility is already been undermined by her actions. and what we're trying to do is in a critical battleground state where everybody,ñh republican, democrat and independent is engaged in looking at the caucuses and considering the candidates, we are trying to solidify that view that, look, you are right, she is untrustworthy. she can't be honest. she will say and do anything to get elected.
5:34 pm
>> what if bernie sanders overwhelms her and wins the nomination? >> please please. look. republicans have not lived that good a life that we would have bernie sanders i mean look, look. bill, i hate to say this but you are being light on the guy. >> you didn't hear. >> i heard your talking points. >> you thought i was being light? >> light light. the guy is a a left wing lunatic. >> you didn't get that from the memo? i took every one of his positions and shredded them. >> here is where i am, bill, and here is where you are. please, here is where the american people are in anything how left wing he is. he is out there on the fringes. >> i'm just stanley cupped that you thought the talking points memo was too light on. >> soft. soft. >>. i don't care about his
5:35 pm
radical days. sweden or wherever from. that's not relevant. >> those are fighting words. i'm norwegian not a sweed. >> there is a lot of tundra in both places. i'm light on bernie sanders. you are dracula if you think i'm light on sanders. you are democratic --$q dracula. >> the nor we norwegians came down raped and pillaged the whole crew. they couldn't stay away from the island. that's what i mean we are not going to go back to your an sis tores. last night is what counts. karl rove, everybody. when we come right back, brit hume on sean penn, saying journalists are terrible and the the iranian prisoner swap. what does brit think? watters in iowa. >> which european countries would you like to see the united states emulate?
5:36 pm
>> switzerland. >> those reports after these messages. t7f+x tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens.
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♪ ♪virgin islands nice♪ ♪ ♪so nice♪ ♪so nice, so nice♪ ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice♪ . thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the human zone segment tonight. three americans held why iran for more than a year in germany recovering.
5:40 pm
another chose to stay in the iranian capital. the four men were traded for seven iranian prisoners held in the u.s.a. any with the deal, brit? >> everyone in america is glad these americans are coming home. all tolled there will be five. someone released on saturday who was part of this. but thejs seven iranians were being held by us for legitimate reasons. some had been convicted. others were being prosecuted. mostly for violations of the sanctions regime that obtained against iran. while the american captives were being held illegitimately it is a somewhat unbalanced swap. what worries me about it is that it suggests that it's a good idea to take american hostages for whatever reason can you trump up because can you get something, in fact, you can get more than something more than what you have got for releasing them. >> yeah. and then today in iraq. >> the worry is that it encourages more
5:41 pm
hostage-taking. today in iraq three americans disappear. we are working on that story as well. the people -- the iranians that we sent back aren't terrorists. so it's not bowe bergdahl here as you pointed out. they are economic people. i would have made the deal even though i understand the points you have got to get those guys out of here. you want these seven take them. >> wait a minute. think about it. >> you can't leave them there i understand the implications that now americans are at more risk. but it's fd9le %19 you have got to get them back when you can get them and they got them out. that's just my opinion. >> well, just remember, one of those who has been released pleaded guilty just in december to a cyber attack on an american military contractor. so yeah, that isn't terrorism of the kind we are used to talking about. but it's not -- it's not something extremely minor either. >> no. but you would have done the deal if you were president you would have done the
5:42 pm
deal. i know you would have. >> you are always tempted to. >> you have to. >> the question is it a good deal. and you can say it's theoretical, but i think it's just common sense.ñ >> you have got to get them out. >> if you make a deal as sweet as this for iran, you are going to take more hostages. >> if they do that then there has got to be real, real trouble. you have got to get those guys out nor than a year. sean penn on "60 minutes" talking about the state of journalism. roll the tape. >> i'm really sad about the state of journalism in our country. it has been an incredible hypocrisy and an incredible lesson in just how much they don't know how disserved we are. >> hume and i came up traditionally in the journalistic ranks. he may have a point. because of i have seen the deterioration of american journalism now for#, about 15 years. >> i have all kinds of problems with the way journalism is practiced
5:43 pm
today but consider, this bill about sean penn. look, journalism isn't a priest hood. you don't have to go through something akin to devicinity school divinity school to receive credentials to be a journalist. it's perfectly okay with him to seek an interview with a major drug lord if can pull it off. but look what happened? he went to see the guy in hiding and it was agreed that he would come back later and do an interview. but that meeting never happened. so he sent softball questions in advance, which the guy answered before his own cameras. and that was what constituted the interview. now, as you say we go back a ways. i don't think back in our day when we got started or even now at fox news or any other place anybody would come up with something like that. >> el chapo editing approval. >> think of that that's just unheard of. wrong person to be preaching to us about the state of journalism. >> right. but he is an actor. withfk the uprise of the
5:44 pm
internet where anybody can say anything, glenn beck got in trouble on friday doing that. donald trump has gotten in trouble retweeting. i just think standards really have almost collapsed in the j world and i will give you the last word on it. >> it is worrisome that we have such immediate access to people through all media that we are have the internet being the most example. sometime your twitter feed can look like open sewer with all kind of charges floating around. talk radio is full of that stuff, too. it's deplorable. a lot of the people who are popular in these various new arenas didn't come up up as reporters. it's just different. >> it is and it's not helping the nation. brit hume, everybody jesse watters on deck. he is in iowa talking with the voters. watters is next.
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world. the iowa caucus vote will be held two weeks from tonight. wow. time is zipping by. so we sent watters to iowa to check out the voters. ♪ ♪n8 >> bernie sanders wants to help the poor people. how is he going to do that? >> the percentage rates of the -- how much you pay back. how much percent of interest interest percentages. >> i'm sorry, i didn't understand a word you said. >> bernie says he wants to raise the top tax rate to 90%. >> for the people who have been not taxed enough, yes. >> that's a very interesting point of view. >> do you think 90% is fair?
5:49 pm
>> i -- i -- well,. >> we both are in the top is 1%. i would say we both benefit from that. >> speak for yourself. >> what people would do for money. it's aamazing. >> you are an evangelical. tell me what that means. >> we do follow the prescribed, pattern that we find in scripture. >> we believe that jesus christ is the only way. >> i try to read the bible every morning. >> i have a personal relationship with jesus christ. >> right now who are you leaning towards voting to in the iowa caucus? >> it's going between rubio and bush for me. >> which republican candidate do you fear the most? >> trump. >> why? >> he is stupid. >> you insulted me and i got to kick your [bleep] right now. >> which republican candidate do you fear the most? >> ben carson. >> you are scared of ben? >> yeah. >> you are the only one. >> my vote would be toward ted cruz. is he clearly declaring that he is follower of jesus christ. >> did you vote for mitt
5:50 pm
romney? >> no i did not. i wrote in rick santorum. >> are you a bernie supporter. >> i am a bernie supporter. >> you have donate to do bernie sanders. >> i haven't givencx a single >> no i did not. >> have you donated to bernie sanders? >> no. just my time and hours. >> can i see your wallet? here's $5. i'll donate it for you. do you trust hillary clinton. >> i was told not to. >> who told you that? >> my mom. >> have you made up your mind who you're going to vote for? >> i have not yet. >> whoa. you're an undecided voter. >> i am. >> we have a situation that's absolutely incredible. ♪ >> what are you looking for the next president in the united states to do. >> someone with a background in politics. >> but politicians have been
5:51 pm
screwing this country up for decades. >> true. >> you don't think i know that? >> what specifically are you looking for the next president to do? >> definitely help more with college students. >> i would like school to be paid for, because why should i have to pay for higher education? >> what are the core issues that you're concerned about right now in america? >> we're starting to call what is wrong right as far as biblical principles are concerned. >> pro life that's a big one. gay marriage control. that's a big one for me. >> which european countries would you like to see the united states emulate? >> switzerland. >> did the swiss defeat the nazis? >> the swiss didn't do anything. >> america defeated the nazis. >> yes. >> boy, i feel like a horse's patoot. >> do you know who i am? >> no idea. >> i'm watters. and you're in my world. >> do you want to propose? if you're not, quit staring at me.
5:52 pm
>> the last voter looked a little dazed. but it was cold out there. >> the windchill was minus 27. so thanks for sending me there. >> i've been to iowa a few times and i could never figure out the radical fringe on both sides. because bernie sanders i think is going to win the caucus. >> it's close. >> and then on ted cruz, he'll win on the republican side. that could change in two weeks, but if the vote were tomorrow i think both would win. but there's not many that vote in the caucus. >> it's very extreme and you have to galvanize your radical supporters to get there on minus 27 with the windchill nighttime. and they have to stand and argue with each other in the caucus. >> but then in the general vote it's not that way. it is a state that could go
5:53 pm
either way. so they didn't know you out there? >> some of the people did. >> a few of them did? >> i waved to them. it's very wide open spaces. >> i think you should vacation out there. >> okay. >> iowa is a pretty state. they think it's just all cornfields. >> it's beautiful. >> jesse watters, everybody. factor tip of the day, something that you should absolutely do. the tip moments away. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both...
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5:55 pm
"factor tip of the day." the three killing books on lincoln, reagan and kennedy well worth checking out. also the three who wants to be president shows, starring miller and me on the verge of sellouts. billo' will link you
5:56 pm
to the box offices in fairfax, virginia and los angeles. >> i don't believe she ever mentioned any anti-trump bias from me, harry. careful with the propaganda. >> so far no starving families have surfaced from my challenge, jerry. there was one lady that kirsten knows who said she would come on but insisted on bringing an activist with her. i want to talk with the starving americans one on one here.
5:57 pm
>> don't be a pinhead, dean. "factor" invanderbiltites newsmakes on all the time. >> i agree. things are out of control there, judy. a shame, such a beautiful place. >> too frightening for all the candidates, greg. >> well, thank you, mr. charleses.
5:58 pm
>> you'll be a better man for it bill. besides, it's 14 below zero where you live. indoor options rule. >> not exactly sure rocco. but we did find out researching killing reagan that the president wrote or edited nearly all of his speeches. he was deeply involved in the words he said. finally tonight, the "factor tip of the day," a few months ago i suggested you might want to make a list of entertainment people you want to see in person. i've done that. listing a group of icons, i definitely have to see live on stage. this weekend i saw gladys knight here in new york city. how about that. now in her early 70s, put on a fantastic show. amazing her voice still so good. also on the same bill the
5:59 pm
o.j.s two of the original members, also in their 70s, the guys knocked it out of the park proving age can be neutralized to some extent. i couldn't have done it. so both gladys knight and the o.j.s are in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. i got to see them perform in the same show and it was great. "factor tip of the day." and that is it for us tonight. check out the "factor" website. also spout off about the "factor" from anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a poppinjay when writing to the "factor." tomorrow donald trump right here. and also the director of "13 hours," the benghazi movie, will be here. thanks again for watching us tonight.
6:00 pm
i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight for the very first time you're about to hear exclusive new insight into a devastating terror attack from the american heroes who lived to tell about it. it comes as a blockbuster movie about their story is released that could change everything you thought you knew about benghazi. and directly impact the 2016 race for the white house. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. this past weekend paramount pictures released "13 hours." it tells the account of the men who risked everything to save their fellow americans from terrorists. 11 years to the day after 9/11. and it happened


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