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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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website. washington, d.c. getting ready for snow. i hope we are scared and it's not going to happen. anyway, good night from washington. ♪ ♪vé >> the o'reilly factor is on: tonight. >> we're going to protect christianity. and i can say that i don't have to be politically correct. >> but what will donald trump protect christianity from? he will be here to answer that question and many others. >> >> more problems in europe as semitic men confront women on the street. we'll have a special report. >> sorry sir, i can't do that. >> hown< willing are you to die for your country. >> the movie 13 hours connick cling in benghazi
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not popular among some on the far left. we will talk with its director michael bay. caution, you are about to it enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. our lead guest donald trump warming up in the bullpen but, first the talking points memo. president obama ordering illegal aliens out of the country. so far this month homeland security has apprehended 121 central americans all with outstanding deportation orders. it's the same old story. immigration judges order people to be deported, they don't show up for the hearings. and ice has to track them down. that costs millions of dollars. so far 146 house democrats sent a letter to mr. obama demanding that he halt the deportations. also, hillary clinton bernie sanders martin o'malley all have denounced the raids that's because many democrats want open
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borders and amnesty in order to change voting patterns in the states. now, it's interesting that president obama is enforcing immigration law when he really has no will to do it. perhaps the president is looking at the supreme court which today announced it will hear his executive order granting some aliens temporary residence in the u.s.a. in apparent violation of immigration law. that will be a landmark case. and is it legal has details in just a few moments. summing up, illegal immigration, a major issue in the presidential race and no doubt about it. and that's the memo. now for the top story[7÷ tonight. donald trump sayingshe will protect christians. >> we're going to protect christianity. and can i say that i don't have to be politically correct. and if you look what's going on throughout the world you look at syria. where if you're christian they are chopping off heads. you look at the different places and christianity, it's under siege. >> joining us now from des
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moines iowa, is mr. trump. so let's stay in the u.s.a. for this discussion. do you believe christianity here is under siege? >> absolutely, you just take a look what's going on. even fromt< something that is less important but very important to a lot of people, including me, the words "merry christmas." you go to a department store today, you don't see merry christmas anymore. we are under siege. we are losing ground. christians are losing ground in this country. you get outside of the country and they want to come into this country as you know whether it's isis or anybody else and you have their heads being chopped off. we are definitely under siege. >> how does a president of the united states change the/x culture of secularism? because that's what this is all about. it's about we don't want judgments and religion. it's not just christianity. it's all religions. we don't want judgments. we want to be secular. and how does the president change that? >> well, i think you have to change it almost with a different spirit than we have. we don't have that spirit
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anymore. we have a president that is much more committed in my opinion, to iran than he is commit to do israel as an example. much more commit to do certain things that you or certainly me would not be committed to than what he would be, according to what we believe. and you look at things that are happening within the country, outside of the country, but little things like our friends that aren't christian, that love christmas. i mean, they say oh, christmas is coming. and they are not christians. and it's okay to say merry christmas and happy holiday but now stores aren't even able to say merry christmas. >> you know i have been in)a the forefront of that. i think we won that deal because we said to any major department store chain if you forbid your employees to say merry christmas we will tell everybody and they are not going to buy at your store. >> but they don't do it, bill. >> most of them do now. >> i don't know why. maybe they are afraid legally. they are afraid they are going to be sued. afraid of retribution of some way. afraid a customer won't buy a bag of goods. they are not doing it but
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it's a small thing. it's a tell tell sign of what is going on. somehow you know the power of christianity is amazing in terms of political power. i think it's because they are afraid to lose their tax exempt status but the christians have to get together there is a problem. >> it's political correctness thrnches is a problem that they have with that. they do have a problem with tax exempt status. they are afraid to get too political because if they get too political because they will all of a sudden lose that status. >> you are talking about the churches fighting back. >> i'm talking about for the dhowrch fight back. >> they can say whatever they want to say within the church. let's change to the clinton foundation. some of your owe opponents have said look, donald trump gave $100000 to the clinton foundation you say. >> over the years i have been called a world class businessman which isry what i was and i'm not now. i'm a politician if you
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can't believe it i hate the term politician but i guess that's what i am.' i take care of everybody. i give to everybody. i get along with clinton. i get along with the speaker of the house. i get along with everybody. that was my obligation. i got along with democrats and liberals and republicans and conservatives. and they called me and they loved me and if they want to do have dinner they would call me whatever i wanted i got. that's part of being a successful businessman. >> as a businessman you bribed them. >> well, in some cases some people do3vqbá bill. >> in some cases people -- to the clinton foundation. now, she is in trouble hillary clinton, with the clinton foundation. she is in trouble now. >> if you are the republican nominee how can you attack her on that when she will turn around and say you gave me 100 grand to do what i did. >> it's very easy and i have to tell you this in all fairness. i thought that money was being put to very good use. i assumed it was being put to haiti or all the different things i heard about. i didn't know about the private airplane rides all
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over the place and if you look at the kind of expenses they charge and the way they lived, i had no idea that but i will say that as far as the foundation is concerned, i assumed it was being put to good use and so did everybody else that gave and there were a lot of people that gave. they never really did anything for me, but i will say this if i think they probably would have liked me and, you know, whether you give here or give there, i got ha long with everybody bill. i get along with everybody. >> all right. >> i think it's important. >> do you want your money back? >> if they want to send it back i will take it gladly. i would love to have it back. by the way i wish it was put to good use. want you want to know whether it's it's that foundation i wish it were good use. >> i think we corrected the record last night. >> bill, i have to tell you just before, i think people really understand. i was a businessman. >> i got it, i got it. >> it was my job. understands that and there has been no retribution. >> >> we cleared up the glebleg
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obama vote thing last night. i don't know whether you saw it last night. >> by the way i did. i did and i respect the fact that he was willing to do it so quickly. >> he did the right thing and we are a fair program here and we correct the record. >> he did the right thing. >> i want to go "on the record" did you vote for any democrats in the last 30 years for president? >> it's probable. i mean i would always vote for the best person. >> did you vote for bill clinton? >> no, i didn't. >> both times you didn't vote for bill? >> wait a minute. in new york city, you practically couldn't vote for a republican. >> come on, i:" live in new york, you can vote for whoever you want. so you didn't vote for bill clinton, right? no bill clinton. >> whether you have a vote of 98% to 2? a lot of people didn't bother voting. >> stand in the wilderness. you know me. by the way i have voted for democrats because i thought they were the best problem solvers so you didn't vote for clinton. >> i secretary of defense i voted for the best person. >> did you vote for bush
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twice the younger twice. >> did i vote for bush twice, yes. i mean, i don't think he did a particularly good job. i think he got us into iraq which was a disaster. but i voted for bush, yes. >> a okay. and then you voted for mccain against obama mat first time. >> i was on his committee. i raised a lot of money for mccain. i was on his committee. in all fairness to mccain, i don't think abraham lincoln could have won that election. i voted for mccain. >> all we do here is get things "on the record." now, in new hampshire. >> by the way not only did i vote for mccain i raised a lot of money for mccain. >> yeah, but the problem is you gave it to the clinton foundation after you raisedu.é] it. no, that's a joke. >> no, i raised money for mccain. >> okay, now, i have said on this program that i believe you are going to win new hampshire, okay? and the polls show that you are way out in front in new hampshire. so that's good for you. but in iowa, you could!g lose. it's possible because cruz is very formidable there. does it matter? does it matter if you lose in iowa?
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>> it only matters to me. i mean, iowa is a place that i'm at right now. i mean, we're doing this interview i'm sitting in iowa. and i have a lot of meeting today. tomorrow i'm going to be here for a long time. it matters to me because i have a great relationship with iowa, the people of iowa. i have a great relationship with evangelicals and the tea party. i think i'm going to do really well in iowa. i would like to win iowa. >> you're not going to like be mad and call all the iowans pinheads and stuff. >> i will not be mad but i would like to win iowa. i have great relationship with the people of iowa. i think we are going to do very well here but who knows? >> did you watch the democratic debate on sunday night? did you see that? >> i did. i@uk actually the democrat debate. why do the networks call it it the democratic party. >> democratic party is a traditional way to say it. >> it sounds better but it really isn't the right way. >> who do you think is more qualified to be president? bernie sanders or hillary
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clinton? >> i think it's very weak. start off with the third guy the mayor of intearmt a total disaster he is has like 1%. he is a disaster. he shouldn't be up there. >> sanders or hillary? >> well, i wouldn't vote -- i think i would take a pass on that election to be honest. >> you would?ñ stay home. >> bernie shouldn't be -- hillary shouldn't be in the election because of emails. >> she shouldn't be allowed? >> she is innocent until proven guilty. >> i think what she did with the emails. if she gets indicted she will drop out of the race because if she sunday indictment she ♪ going to be running. it's amazing that whether it's general petraeus or many of the people that have done about it 2% of what she has done and their lives have been destroyed. so, i don't think she shouldybmnx be allowed. the other one he is a socialist/communist. if you want to pay the 90% in taxes you vote for him. so i think i would have to pass on that election to be honest. >> all right. okay. anything else you want to say? i have got all my stuff
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down. you were very cogent tonight. very pithy tonight. you didn't go off on me. that's good. >> no, no. you are a great guy. >> stop it. you are ruining my reputation.? c=: >> i have a meeting. i know i will destroy your reputation but we have a meeting in another while and another speech and i'm here today, i'm here tomorrow and we are having a great time in iowa. >> i think palin endorsed you that means you are carrying wasilla alaska. >> sarah palin is a great person. >> i'm a great guy so it doesn't matter what you say now. >> maybe just a little. >> donald trump everybody. next on the rundown andrea tantaros and mary anne marsh will react to that interview. more horrifying stuff out of europe and immigrant men are assaulting women all over the place.ç2)4 s ei-we have very disturbing tape to show you. viewer warming. we'll be right back. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown.
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diddid you learn anything from that interview. >> i learned that trump's court punch has gotten really good. >> the difference in his interviews with you is drastic. he has his answers pretty nailed down. the one thing i would like to see bill, from trump is a more fervent rebuttal and really indictment on the administration for their treatment of christians. he could have been stronger. merry christmas stuff fine, that's okay. >> yeah, i didn't think he had a very big argument on that. >> the administration going after conservative christians. >> little sisters of the poor. >> hobby lobby case he could have pounded that, especially the persecution of christians from isis. so many places to go i thought more on the christian realm than merryetlj christmas. mary ann he has a good
5:17 pm
answer to the donations clinton foundation and other interactions he had a businessman in new york city has to do that particularly at his level. do you buy it. >> anyone who hates the clintons isn't going to buy it. but the fact is the clinton foundation has done a lot of good. donald trump and lots of other people have given money. >> he didn't donate that.' ownership-i'm shouldn't say that the primary mow variety as he says he is a builder. builders need politicians to okayxv+> projects. that's why you spread the money around is that answer valid. >> he is in when he is a businessman in new york. if he gave money for politics it makes it political that he gave money for to the clintons. >> all right. but she at various times had a lot of juice here in new york. she lives here in newà york. >> right. >> do you buy that answer. >> i do. i think it's old news and i don't think that republican primary voters care. >> but it's out there big
5:18 pm
time. >> it's a good answer because it's the truth. he had to get along with everybody his added answer of wanting to do good instead of that pedophile that reminds voters of what we are dealing with the clintons. there is questions on who he voted for. i thought that was really interesting. >> i had to get it on the record. that's my job. >> your best question is when you asked about iowa. that was brilliant. because that is one of those questions that trump can't afford to say that he doesn't care about it that he doesn't want to raise the bar. he also can't say that it's critical. i you thought that he threaded the needle appropriately on that one. >> if trump loses iowa he loses some momentum, mary ann, no doubt about it a big media outlet in new hampshire has him up big in new hampshire. i can't see him losing in new hampshire. you know the state very well and you know i'm right correct? >> the fox news poll which is about 10 days old had had him up 18. >> he is gaining.
5:19 pm
do you know who else is gaining? john kasich according to a little poll. >> i don't know -- don'tj ignore -- ignore that poll that's not true. ignore that poll. >> i like that poll. i don't want to ignoreúça good news for kasich. >> if you like kasich like that poll. here is is the more important point. if trump wins iowa and wins new hampshire he runs the table. >> because he will win south carolina. >> he will anyways. here is the more important point about the interview he did with you tonight bill. you have seen -- now you know his strategy to win iowa. his answers about christmas and christianity. his appearance at liberty university is cherry picking. >> evangelicals out there. >> the endorsement by sarah palin tonight is about tea party. that's also about cruz, raising issues about his citizenship. that's about ted cruz. he doesn't have to hit home runs. he can win hitting singles. he might fill up the nomination before she does.
5:20 pm
>> the home run big headline unprecedented move the governor of iowa, terry branstad came out and lamb bassed ted cruz and said that he was associated with big oil and that he would be quote very damaging to our state. so that is a huge win for trump. >> ladies, thank you. more trouble inxñ europe. male immigrants who have flooded into that continent are sexually abusing women on the streets. later, controversial movie "13 hours" about benghazi we will talk with its director, michael bay upcoming. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots anhappening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots but eliquis also had significantly less
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viewer warning, refugees from flooded into continent. syria, iraq and north africa. women were sexually assaulted by roving bands of semitic man. so far only one man has been charged. a choof of police of cologne, germany, was fired because he tried to cover things up back to political correctness and politics. the reason refugees are overrunning europe right now because of the failed western policies. folks are in big trouble because scenes like this in sweden are becoming common.
5:25 pm
the tape was shot by woman involved. guys in the background. always a possibility that it was staged but for this discussionvg0b we believe it's real. joining us from las vegas katie pavlich. here in new york city from the fox business network kennedy. your reaction when you see that tape? >> i'm disgusted when i see that it doesn't matter where it is. it doesn't matter if it's sweden or austria or germany or the united states. there is an excuse for that kind of stuff. if there are migrants who are breas9wuz laws like that, every country has the right a sovereign nation has the right to kick people out who break their laws. >> this is becoming almost common i will submit to you that there is a big cultural divide between middle eastern men in countries like syria yemen, all right, and then when they go to sweden or germany
5:26 pm
finland, they bring this male superiority that they can debase women with them. >> there are idiots all over the world. here's my question. of course it's a problem biggest problem is police in places like germany and sweden because they don't want to see racist. >> there is an individual problem here. what do you say katie? >> look what we are seeing in sweden and in countries all over europe which actually has been happening for a long time. it's not just a recent thing but what we have been see táá)r'g this result of progressive idea that multiculturalism trumps assimilation. cultures around the world no matter where they are are the same. that's not true. we are seeing that now as countries like sweden import rape culture into their societies and then wonder why they are having increase in rapes. >> importing culture. what's the rape culture. >> they are importing
5:27 pm
thousands of men from countries as you just explained. countries that embrace rape for men as something that is acceptable in those countries. these men are coming from societies where is alxx+ñ message any is is i sage any. men surrounding women. tearing away from their friends and tearing off their clothes that is a very normal practice we see in arab countries. it happened to lara logan in the arab spring. >> some. >> in most of them, bill. we saw it in egypt. we see it now and now we are seeing it happen in europe. >> last word. >> what's the logical conclusion you shut down immigration in the european union you have to be very careful with that because then it leads to authoritarianism. they should investigate allowing people to arm themselves legally in europe so people like that are discouraged because they don't know if a sweden. >> you have got to be very, very careful. >> of course. >> when you have a mass migration. ladies thanks for the good
5:28 pm
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personal story seeing want tonight, the new movie "13 hours" action packed
5:32 pm
dawmization of how christopher stevens was killed in 2000 12. it avoids politicizing the. but the "new york times" says the film is politically dedivisive. joining us now is the director michael bay who directed "13 hours." any political message in the film at all? >> the message is one where i have been fortunate enough to work with special operators for 20 years. i have been friends with many many seals. and they are an extraordinary group of people. they are very selfless. and this is a very tragic story it avoids the politics. it gives you the facts but at the end of the day it's an inspirational story. >> i saw the movie. i enjoyed it. a lot of action. you know how to do that really well. i think if you went to see it and you didn't know about benghazi, libya, you might be a little lost for a whia because you pick it up assuming people know what the narrative is. qaddafi falls chaos ensues.
5:33 pm
and idealistic ambassador wants to make america, you know, -- put america in a good light to the libyan people. he takes chances and bang, he dies. but for people who don't really know anything about benghazi in iáhe news, they might be a little lost. >> i don't agree with that. i have had two four star generals and several other generals praise the movie. people on both sides of the aisle are really impressed with the movie and the story told. >> i don't understand the politically divisive line in the "new york times," but be that as it may forbes magazine usually not crazy came out and said that this movie would alienate people who liked hillary clinton
5:34 pm
and liberal people. you didn't mention hillary clinton in the movie, did you? >> no, we didn't. we were just saying the facts. >> so you stayed away from that because it's a movie. you want people to go see the movie. you don't want them divided up online. >> here's the thing. the politics got in the way of this great human story that happened. this is really to honor these type of men that do this every day. that put themselves in harm's way. that's what this movie is about. >> okay. but it makes the muslim fanatic its look terrible. villainous and savages. >> theyw$ attacked. this book was written by the five guys that were there on the ground it was a rough rough, relevant night. >> it sure was. and you depict that as i said very very well. when you were writing, when you were directing the movie and going on the script. the script was written by a guy named hogan who writes a lot of action movies.
5:35 pm
how involved were the five guys that wrote the book? did you consult with them and seat script? >> very much. many many times. a lot of meetings to know exactly what happened. a lot of stuff you see in the movie like a guy loading a contact on the way to a gun fight the little things we put in the movie. the jokes they said that night emotions they were talking about that night. try to keep it accurate and buckeye keep it in a two hour movie window. >> it worked. it worked. i mean it's very entertaining. very realistic. they cannot criticize your movie-making and the scene when they first alive in ben gaze and pulled over by muslim militias, that, i thought, was the most harrowing scene. that was an excellent excellent scene. so factor gives it four stars. mr. bay, we appreciate you coming on. >> all right. thank you very much. thanks bill. >> when we come right back, is it legal on the supreme court hearing a very important case whether president obama violated the
5:36 pm
law on the illegal alienxu front. also another brutal fight in an american school. this one in texas. is the situation out-of-control? legal is next.
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5:40 pm
thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight three very important topics. let's go to it. kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. the supreme court says it will consider a legal challenge toll president obama's executive actions that allow 4 million illegal immigrants to stay here in apparent violation of the law. the case centers on the take care clause. can you explain it so even i understand it? >> i will try. i have it right here in front of me in the constitution. >> it's the take care clause. >> article 2 section 3 says the president quote. shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. and what the states are going to argue in that these executive orders obama goes beyond taking care of executing the immigration laws that are already in" place. instead of just -- he is not going to deport these four million and in addition to that he is going to give them work permits ie -- change the law. >> the president has to take care and enforce the laws.
5:41 pm
>> correct. >> the states brought this lawsuit? >> 26 states, including texas brought this lawsuit. >> so texas led the charge. >> yes. >> and then 255 other states -- >> -- signed on. >> and the supreme court will hear it. >> yes. >> but let's' -- about whether he has faithfully executed. >> let me say something that's important here. the supreme court reached back. in other words, it says we want to hear about this take care clause. the parties haven't addressed it except. >> no, i never even heard it until today. but it's+g brilliant. i mean, sometimes i'm very critical of the court. but this is exactly the pith whether he is upholding the law of the land or not. >> the president is blurring the enforcement law. what he is trying to do is make new law and essentially granting new rights. >> he can't do that only congress can do that. >> congress enacts the law. this is a very important case. >> in june we will know. second one guilfoyle is planned parenthood is suing the crewñthat took the
5:42 pm
undercover videos th explained how some planned parenthood executives are harvesting the organs of dead babies and selling them. now, what is this suit based on? >> they are suing the center for medical progress which did is 1 videos last year showing this abhorrent practice it. they filed a lawsuit thursday in san francisco alleging that under civil rights law saying ricco violation that they used fraud to be able to get in and gain access and make these videos. that they should be estopped from doing so. that she should give the true identity and therefore these videos should be banned. >> this is just bs. >> well with, no -- >> -- ricco statute? >> the ricky so definitely a stretch. >> that's what they are bringing it under. >> also mail fraud saying you sent these emails interstate mail pretending to be something you are not. >> they were doing
5:43 pm
investigatory journalism getting to the heart of the matter. >> planned parenthood with attorneys on staff are trying to bankrupt this crew. >> right. >> which probably doesn't have the money to defend it and bring it to san francisco which is the most liberal federal court in the nation. >> well planned. >> forum shopping. >> videos are in colorado, texas and well. why go to califueáátñ >> it's forum shopping. >> is there anything more loathesome than planned parenthood at this point? >> it's horrendous. >> it really is whole organization top to bottom. change the name. all right. now, texas in fort worth irving texas where the cowboys play. there is a crocket middle school two 12-year-old girls. roll the tape. >> the 17 second video will find crocket middle school in irving is hard for cindy to watch. >> i'm so angry it's unreal. i could not believe that nothing was done to stop this. >> she says her daughter, 12-year-old grace elliott is a seventh grader is a
5:44 pm
student who ends up on the ground. >> so teacher wiehl was fired? >> teacher was there yes. teacher resigned after this. >> teacher did nothing. i'm not saying that teacher had to go there. >> teacher did nothing. >> not even say stop. there was another teacher across the hallway who came across and said stop. >> the teacher erickson is done. >> um. >>um good. he deserves to be done. couldn't the mother of the girl who was on the floor call the police for assault? >> i think. so but prosecuted in juvenile court. >> so what? >> nevertheless, there should be. >> i would have. >> a record established of this kind of like violent abhorrent behavior. >> how about a civil lawsuit against the school. >> it's unacceptable. what you have is the girl who was the aggressor has been suspended. the identity of the victim was not released. that wasn't a slap or pulling hair. >> negligence against the school. >> you could sue the school, the school district if you wanted. >> to you have a teacher and theyli are incompetent. >> i agree. she should. this has got to stop.
5:45 pm
messages have to be sent and police have to be involved. ladies, thank you. we appreciate it footnote, wiehl has a new book out. novel about the tv industry called newsmakers, a thriller with chilling overtones. very scary. you will like it. gutfeld and mcguirk scary talking about scary. the far left mocking three young girls. wait until you hear why. right back. 2(
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened? at a trump rally in florida three young girls ages 8 to 11 performed a song ♪ when freedom rings and there is a call on your feet stand up tall freedom's on our ♪ u.s.a. ♪ enemies of freedom
5:49 pm
♪ face the music ♪ come on boys ♪ take themnn down ♪ president donald trump knows how to make america great ♪ great or get crushed every time. >> that video went viral and the internet loons began knocking the kids. here now bernard mcguirk and are you going gutfeld. >> that should be the super bowl halftime show that beats cold play. who hasn't done the same thing for a candidate? i did a similar routine in the 90's for alan keyes. in fact she isq"'h wearing the exact same outfit i wore in '92 and it still fits mr. o'reilly if you care to see it. >> what about mcguirk, the loons, in the sewers of the net mocking these girls? >> right. it clearly is despicable. it's corny and inknock
5:50 pm
colliculus. any parent with a daughter know what is a dance recital is. that's essentially what this was. they were performing at a political rally. it wasn't the rock questions rockets or ♪ bill is here. >> replace trump with me. >> bill is here. >> one of the loons gutfeld, referred to these girls are going to be doing north korean videos now because they are forced in north korea to do propaganda the kids are they are making that political connection. >> here is interesting comparison. you could compare it to the children that are chanting barack hussein obama. do you remember that? >> i do. >> that was in a classroom which makes it propaganda. this is at a rally that makes it a parent teaching these kids how to do this. >> i have got to go "on the record." i wouldn't allow my children to do. this i don't think that's a good thing.
5:51 pm
>> if they were twerking to the killer mike song. >> they wouldn't do that either. >> for bernie sanders that would bex cool. >> do you guys know who milosh space semon is? do you know who he is? >> we eat perogies together. >> he is the president of the czech republic. all right? he is a really controversial guy. he makes trump look like a little sister of the poor. he is this guy. here is what he said recently quote: the experience of western europe countries, western european countries, which have ghettos and excluded localities show that the immigration of the muslim community is practically impossible. so he doesn't like the migrants coming in and he says they are not going to assimilate and he doesn't want them in the czech republic and you say? >> he is right and people like him and the countries of hungary and poland may
5:52 pm
save europe. as you said he sites the ghettos in paris brussels and london. and they come here, these people, some that have been here for a long time, they have the ghettos and the new ones that come here, again he cited the -- >> -- isn't it fostering racism a bit by saying, look, he islumping all muslims there are some that assimilate. >> realism. >> they don't want to assimilate they want to dominate. >> i'm going to use the word some. in some places. >> i think assimilation is intolerant. how do you expect me to conform to your perception of lifestyle? for example, fox news continually asks me to wear pants to the gym. but according to my lifestyle i find them kind of uncomfortable and a symbol of operate patriarchy so that is my choice. >> you know we are talking about czech republic. >> somehow got to your gym. >> it's the host country's fault for failing to he see
5:53 pm
the superiority of sharia law. haven't you seen the flintstones? it holds up. >> they didn't throw parades when we left iraq. >> so you are actually making a point aboutmr what the guy said. >> exactly right. >> unlike gutfeld flintstones and his gym. >> they hate us. >> okay. good. i just want to do he no. i was confused you are actually making sense. >> you don't understand my point. >> i know what i don't understand. i have got to go. gentlemen, factor tip of the day. a family makes $150,000 doing nothing. the tip moments away. ♪song: "that's life"♪ ♪song: "that's life"♪ ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life.
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signed copy of wiehl's book and a copy of the constitution. i mean what more can we do? i hope you check it out on bill o'reilly did the come. now, the mail; i said he would outlaw it xin because that's what he is saying. all health providers would be required note the word required to accept government health insurance not private. supplemental health insurance probably would remain but the industry would be devastated, which is what bernie sanders wants. tammy, you are entitled to believe whatever you want top believe.q one of the great things about lake jackson texas and america is that you can believe what you want. nancy, withholding her last name florida:
5:57 pm
>> that's correct. i have not asked those questions, nancy, that's correct. i haven't asked them because i am not a loon. as you know, rick, we are a fact-based program here on the factor. that kind of speculation may be big on the net but i prefer to wait for the fbi to issue its report. jim stuart: overproduction has caused oil prices and no manipulation in the world can stop overproduction. in fact, gas prices should be lower at the pump. my initial analysis was and is correct.
5:58 pm
did you work sanders: see gladys and the oj's in the same show, scott. you'll thank me. and finally tonight the factor tip of the day as you may know the fox business network surging in the ratings against cnbc one of the reasons a prime time program strange inheritance which madeá night. >> mike leads me inside saying has something amazing to show me. he keeps it in its own molded air tight protective case. >> can i take a look? >> you sure can. >> you brought me all the way here, mike. this is -- what is it? >> mike's strange inheritance is this piece of decorative pine wood.
5:59 pm
30 inches long. 14 inches across, four inches thick. on the back is a faint signature and a date. j.f. williamson october 15th, 1902. >> there is a real story behind it family legend is that it's from the white house. >> could that be? the white house does have a colorful past. >> and it was from the white house. mckinley was in then. that piece, which is the meister family inherented it came from the white house and sold it at auction for 150,000 bucks. just that little thing. strange inheritance worth checking out. interesting program. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' also, we would like to you spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day one of m1éñ favorites do not be a pal --
6:00 pm
poltroon. miss megyn is next. thank you for watching bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. breaking tonight a moment with the potential to change the 2016 republican race for the white house. or not. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. a short time ago former vice presidential candidate tea party icon and lightning broad sarah palin joined donald trump on stage before a packed crowd in iowa. the buckeye state. the republicans cast their first vote for the republican nominee. donald trump and ted cruz are neck and neck in the polls. sarah palin endorsed ted cruz in senate contest but this time around she is backing trump and tonight she did not hold back, blasting everyone from president obama to the


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