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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 20, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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popular governor. but we begin with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge back in washington and a blockbuster letter, spelling out more potential problems for hillary clinton. good evening. >> as the fbi investigation expands, confirmation from a senior government watchdog that mrs. clinton's email problems are much worse than previously reported. according to this letter, first obtained by fox news, hillary clinton's emails on her
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unsecured personal server contained intelligence from the u.s. government's most secretive and highly classified organization operations. called special access programs, or s.a.p.s. >> these are the crown jewels of the american intelligence community of the united states government. >> intelligence community's inspector intelligence notified congressional oversight committees on january 14th, the letter says the comprehensive review by the intelligence agency who is have final say on classification matters, found quote several dozen emails containing classified information. at the confidential secret and top-secret/s.a.p. levels, that's more sensitive than top secret and brings new scrutiny to the presidential candidate's handling of secrets. >> if this administration is compromised we're going to suffer very serious national security damage. there's no mistake, you don't accidentally stumble across it. >> access to these programs is highly restricted, on a need-to-know basis, only.
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the state department spokesman had not seen the letter, but added -- >> there are reviews and investigations going on about past email practices at the department and i'm not at liberty to discuss the content. >> the new findings are striking. giving clinton's first public statement about her personal server. >> is there is no classified. material. i'm well aware of the classification requirements. >> according to court documents, former c.i.a. director david petraeus was prosecuted for sharing special access program intelligence by his biographer paula broadwell. both petraeus and then-secretary of state clinton were required to sign nondisclosure agreements, promising to protect special access programs with the understanding that a failure to do so has significant legal consequences. >> this is a real test for the administration. as to whether they're going to apply the law in a fair and equal way. and treat hillary clinton the same way that david petraeus was treated. >> a new email first obtained by
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the daily color shows that the state department knew about the personal account as early as august 2011 and suggestions to use a government blackberry and a account were rejected by hillary clinton's aide, houma abedin. i went to a john kasich town hall meeting and asked him about the latest revelations in the clinton email scandal. >> you, you can't be fooling around with stuff like that. especially you know when you get to the stuff that is really highly secret. it all has to be gone through. we'll have more with governor kasich on his campaign and more about hillary clinton a bit later. coming up, senator ted cruz from his campaign bus a short time ago. one of the lightning rods of recent presidential campaigns is now teaming up with the man who has received the most attention this year. chief political correspondent carl cameron is here in new hampshire.
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but his story now is breaking in ames, iowa. >> did. >> formally endorse the billion developer, by sarah palin. she was the 2008 vice presidential nominee who ignited conservative passion and liberal outrage across the country. will give the endorsement. trump said he respects her, appreciates it. sees her as a fine quality woman. and for ted cruz, it's a bit of a blow since it was sarah palin who helped get him in to the u.s. senate. >> i love sarah palin. sarah palin is fachlkt without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in the senate today. >> no love lost for trump, who cruz said will work for the liberal left. >> if you're looking for someone who is a deal maker, who will give in to the democrats and give in to chuck schumer and harry reid and nancy pelosi, then perhaps donald trump is
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your man. >> cruz had hoped to win palin's endorsement and took another hit in iowa from republican terry brandstat who wants cruz defeated because he opposes ethanol subsidies he says are crucial to iowa. trump waste nod time agreeing with the governor's criticism of ted cruz. >> that will be very attractive -- you agree, too. >> i agree. i agree. you know, he's been mixed on the subject. he goes wherever the votes are. >> cruz suggested that ethanol subsidies amount to crony capitalism. >> washington lives on making deals, on picking winners and losers and supporting corporate welfare. >> blasted trump for supporting government bailouts. >> mr. trump enthusiastically supported the t.a.r.p. big bank bailouts. i disagree with him, we should have no bagouts of wall street banks. >> mr. trump enthusiastically
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supported president obama's stimulus plan and said the only problem was it should have been bigger. >> at the john wayne museum in winterset, trump was endorsed by the late actor's daughter. >> if john wayne was standing around he would be standing right here, not me. >> i would like to win, don't forget iowa hasn't picked the winner for 16 years, if they pick somebody other than me, they're going to pick another loser. >> he continued his assault on cruz for being quote nasty. >> ted has got a rough temp perment. you can't call people liars on the senate floor when they're you're leader. >> trump and cruz are dominating the polls. and their battle has been dominate thing the news which makes it even harder for the likes of john kasich, jeb bush, chris christie. marco rubio to get any attention, but the new hampshire primary is three weeks from today and the iowa caucuses, two weeks from yesterday.
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bret? >> carl cameron with, the golf voice at a town hall of john kasich. a short time ago i went to packed town hall meeting with senator ted cruz and afterwards, i caught up with the senator aboard his campaign bus. about the events of the day. >> i just sat through essentially a town hall, crowded. packed, how does it feel here on the ground? >> it feels fantastic. we're in the middle of a state-wide bus tour. we're traveling around every county in the state and we're doing town halls, sitting around, looking new hampshire voters innite and answering their questions. i think that's something, that's the only way to win in new hampshire. the only way to win in iowa. is to demonstrate the how many illty and the respect to the voters, to come and ask for their support. i don't think anyone will win new hampshire or iowa from a tv studio in new york or washington. it's got to be on the ground. and it's got to be person to person. friend to friend, neighbor to
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neighbor. our campaign is a grassroots campaign. that's the strength of it. >> i heard you with the reporters, by the way, you're right, the questions were shorter in the cold. i heard you answer a question about governor brandstet in iowa, saying you have to be defeated. but tonight, sarah palin is endorsing donald trump. obviously you can't characterize her as establishment. what's your reaction? >> listen i love sarah palin, she's a friend of mine. i would not be in the u.s. senate if it were not for sarah's friendship and her incredible support. whatever she chooses to do in 2016, i will always be a big fan of sarah palin's. >> last thing, now you bring up donald trump on the stump. without being asked about him and you talk about in the same sentence, kind of cronyism. i heard the words petulant child today. well in the same paragraph, i'm wondering has your tactic
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changed? >> listen it's very much the same. which is from the beginning of this campaign, when others have engaged in insults and engaged in personal attacks, i have not responded in kind. that's true concerning donald trump and concerning everybody else. what i've said many, many times is i don't think the american people are interested in politicians belayoffing as petulant children, bickering like school children. i think they're interested in the substantive issues and the challenges of the day. so i'm perfectly happy to draw distinctions based on substance, based on issues, not only am i not going to insult donald, i'm going to sing his praises. i like him, i respect him. he is a tremendous marketer. he's atratracted a lot of attention and energy to the campaign. there are differences in our record. as we approach election day, the voters are asking, who's been a consistent conservative. and there are real differences on the issue of life and
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marriage. >> evangelicals make the difference for you? >> it is a whole coalition of evangelicals, the libertarians, of conservatives, of tea party activists. the most exciting thing is we're seeing conservatives unite behind our campaign because i've been a consistent conservative. donald trump, not too long ago, supported partial birth abortion. he was open to gay marriage. donald trump praised and supported the t.a.r.p. big bank bailout. he supported president obama's stimulus. he supported expanding obamacare to make it socialized medicine for everyone. i disagree with him on that. those are policy diggss. >> and new york values, you're saying? >> new york values was his phrase. i found it i found it amusing that he behaved as if he were sew offended. where the phrase came from is he was doing a long interview with tim russert. he was explaining, he was saying he was very pro choice. he even supported partial birth abortion. he said the reason is i'm from new york. i was bosh and raised in new
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york. he said those are the views of new york. that's not iowa values. that wasn't me speaking, that was donald. it does raise a question why he was so offended when his own explanation for why his views were socially liberal was because he was a new yorker. i would note likewise when it comes to supporting things like the big government wall street bailout, that's also part of new york values. or for ma matter, eminent domain. where donald has supported a decision that enthusiastically said that eminent domain should be used to seize private property, seize your home to give it to a giant corporation, to give it to build a casino. i think that's wrong, it's against the constitution, i've spent my life fighting to defend the constitution, the bill of rights and property rights need to be protected. i think in the closing weeks, the vote remembers saying we're less interested in rhetoric. we're interested in who's got a record. the same yesterday, today and
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tomorrow. who can we trust, because we've been burned too many times before. >> senator, thank you very much. after the town hall meeting, up next the islamic republic of iran, flush with cash and a state sponsor of terrorism. what it means for the war on terror. sox fox affiliates around the country are covering -- fox 11 in los angeles, southern california gas says it expects to stop the methane leak in porter ranch by late next month. the company reported the leaking well in october. residents near the site have had to deal with foul odors, nosebleeds and headaches and other problems. cincinnati, pete rose going to the hall of fame. the reds hall of fame, not baseball's. the team has changed its own rules to allow the hit king's induction this year. last month mba mba's commissioner rejected rose's petition for reinstatement. and honolulu, the big story
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there, the continued search for 12 marines missing since their helicopters crashed over the hawaii shore thursday. the coast guard has found the last liferaft from the two choppers. officials say all four rafts were empty and there's no indication anyone was ever on any of them. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway, we're outside the beltway. from special report, live from new hampshire. enthusiastic pre
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obama praised australian prime minister malcolm turnbull and his countrymen for the steadfast support of u.s. effort in the war on terror. >> they've been a consistent and extraordinarily effective member of the coalition. that has helped to deliver an opportunity for the afghan people to govern themselves and build up security. >> tehran using the rice offi is in the middle east. there are new concerns that the regime will be emboldened to imperil u.s. interest notice region. >> this is a diplomatic waterloo for the united states. we've lee jegt jit mized a regime that practices state terrorism. that supports terrorism as a central bavger initially. >> iran is flush from cash with thawed assets and sanction
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relief and their central bank moved billions from banks in japan and south korea to germany and the uae. with more cash, comes a greater emphasis on oil production. iran's already one of the least expensive places on the planet to produce crude at just over $12 a barrel. slightly more than saudi arabia. but far less than the u.s. and the uk. which means more economic strength for an avowed enemy of the united states. >> deal by itself communicate a desire to on our part have a relationship with iran that is not reciprocated by the iranians. >> this week's negotiated prisoner swap that did not include 67-year-old robert levinson, an american who went missing in iran nine years ago. >> we're trying to meet with the top-level administration official to find out what they're going to be doing now that everybody else is out. now that the nuclear deal is struck. now that the sanctions have been lifted. what can they do for us to get our dad home. >> this is a delicate situation. but it is important for people
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to understand that the administration has been in touch with the levinson family. >> meanwhile, bret there are reports that the u.s. embassy in iraq received threat information of an iranian attempt to kidnap americans ahead of this weekend's prisoner swap with a we heard so much about. that news comes as we've learned the search continues, even in baghdad tonight for three missing americans. bret? >> we'll follow up on it kevin, thaurk. stocks were missed today on wall street after a day off on monday. the dow gained 28, the s&p 500 was up one. the nasdaq lost 11. about 40 minutes from now in michigan, governor rick snyder will give his state of the state address, amid a state of emergency, panic and political scalp-hunting over the drinking water crisis in flint. flint's mayor was in d.c. for a quick meeting with president obama and an endorsement of hillary clinton for president.
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correspondent mike tobin has the latest tonight from flint. >> citizens in flint, michigan are forced to raert resource centers for the basic needs in life. they pick up bottled water, filters and test kits. >> it's bad when i have to walk over and get water and i have live at least two and a half miles away. >> lawyers in michigan have filed class-action lawsuits, claiming that residents should not be obligated to pay a bill for contaminated water. that the water is responsible for miscarriages, rashes loss of hair, anxiety and future problems that children will have developing and they claim leaders in washington knew about the bad water before they took action. >> they continued to make false assurances to people. i don't know how many kids were poisoned because of those false assurances. >> but we're going to find out. >> in 2014, under the authority of a state-appointed emergency manager, flint switched from detroit's water supply to the
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flint river, but the water was corrosive and caused lead to leech into the town's water system it could still be there. now much of the blame is directed at michigan's republican governor rick snyder. he told a a reporter it's fair to compare this to hurricane katrina. democrats vying for the presidential nomination brought it up in the debate. but a former drain commission anywhere michigan, a republican, says this crisis has fall noon partisan tunism. blame rests with the local missions who built the infrastructure to tap into the flint river. >> they're all democrats, they've been pursuing disconnection from detroit water since 2009. he had they not pursued the disconnection there would never have been a lead contamination here in flint. >> the white house has appointed a czar from the department of health and human services to oversee federal assistance to flint. $5 million has been approved. governor snyder said the need is around $55 million.
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bret? >> mike tobin live in flint, michigan. thanks. when "special report" comes back, i'll talk to voters in new hampshire about what they're looking for in a presidential candidate.
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we're coming to you live from roby's country star and election landmark here in new hampshire. one of the reasons we take "special report" on the road is to connect with you, the viewers and voters who will decide the next president late they are year. right now, like we did in iowa two weeks ago, we want to share with you what we found here, when we asked new hampshire residents what they're thinking. >> mike owns an auto repair shop in man chest wer his four brothers. >> i look at it similar to a barber shop. people come in voice their opinion. >> he's following the election closely. >> there's a lot of issues we care about. >> i care about, we have the safety of the country issues.
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jobs are huge thing. you know i still see people that are suffering, they've lost their jobs, are losing their jobs, they can't find jobs and they're discouraged. you have that one person that worked all their life, lost their jobs. can't find another job because things have changed. and they get so discouraged that they don't even want to look for a job any more. if everyone knows one person like that that's a lot of people. >> thank you all-for being here. >> bouchet says he doesn't go to the town hall meetings, but he is watching the debates, sees the nonstop commercials and like many in new hampshire, is still undecided. go for me it would probably be rubio and trump. i'm just going to be honest with you. i can't get any worse. you know maybe we need a businessman running this country. i don't know. but i mean i think people are out there looking for something different. you know, i'm a typical new hampshire person. i, i don't know who i'm voting for yet. and i usually wait until like a couple of days before to make my
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decision. >> so you really could get swayed in the final days? >> yes. no doubt about it? >> no. >> has it happened before? >> yup. >> really amazing in new hampshire, the next president of the united states will come here, can you shake their hand and can you ask them a question and they'll answer you. >> donna is a social studies teacher, wife and mother of three. >> what issue was, is most important for you? >> well i guess keeping up faith is on everybody's mind. if there was someone out there who i felt wow, this person could really keep us safe from terrorist attacks, i would be behind them 100%. but i don't really see anybody able 20 do that. i'm independent but i tend to vote more democrat. not always, but i tend to lean a little bit more liberal. i like a moderate republican. if there was a really moderate republican, i could get behind that person. >> how about two? >> i kind of like chris christie, because i had no
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interest in him. but i'm like, i'm trying to see them all so i went to see them. i really like how he spelled out how he was going to do things. i had a lot of respect for that. i kind of like kasich and i wish i could like jeb bush. i just, i want to see him do something great. >> new hampshire is an open primary so independents and unaffiliated voters, about 40% of the electorate here, can vote in the republican primary. which makes this state very different than iowa for example. and donna says her friends and family, are supporting many different candidates. >> they're all over the map. i'll talk to people and they're like, my dad is a big trump fan. he is 100% behind trump. >> when you watch tv, bombarded, right? >> you mean with ads and everything? >> oh yeah. >> nonstop? >> yeah. yeah. i mean everybody is, right? the phone never stops ringing. it's crazy. does it anow you or? >> well the phone is annoying, that's part of being in new
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hampshire. >> the great thing about new hampshire is you get to look these people in the eye. you get to see how they respond to things that they can't expect to happen. >> henry is a lobbyist who works across the street from the state capital building in concord. >> you have a few people in the office, but they're uncommitted. >> they are uncommitted, yes. >> we've got one that likes trump. we've got one that likes kasich, some for rubio. >> for him, it's all about keeping the country safe. >> on the federal level i would say national security. with all that's been happening, i think we need someone with a careful hand. someone that's measured. >> is there somebody who kind of fits where you're leaning right now? >> right now if the primary election were held today, i would vote for marco rubio. i like his youth. which some people think is detriment. but i think is a positive. i think you know, i really like that he steps outside, the
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normal politics. when he first was elected. reached his hand out and tried to get the immigration issue moved. it didn't work out, i like that he had a real interest in drive in getting something done. >> i hear people in new hampshire phrase it that way. if it were held today. because a lot of people do change their mind, it seems. in the final days. >> there are things that could happen over the next three weeks, that we can't project. >> i'm 99% sure that i'm going to vote for marco rubio. >> it's fun that we have the opportunity to meet so many of the presidential candidates and we're kind of the front-runner in this whole process. >> georgette is a stay at home mother of two. her husband, dave, works for a pharmaceutical company. and they just moved into a new house. there's been a lot on their minds.
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but now, the election is in focus. >> i think the thing that drives me most is the national debt and national security. >> is some candidate that is kind of talking about that, or fitting in with the way you think? >> i would have to say chris christie. i really like his stance on taking a hard stance on security issues and he seems to be the only one that i've heard so far to really lay out a really strong plan of what he would do to overcome that. >> have you seen him? >> i've net him at breakfast one morning. >> that's pretty interesting. that you know you have that interaction with those candidates. >> yeah, it was really, really neat. >> anybody else that you're looking at? have you decided? >> i don't know that i've decided 100%, the only decision i do know is that i do not want donald trump. >> definitively. >> definitively. >> why is that? >> i don't take him seriously. with all due respect and i'm really nervous about the large following that he has right now and wondering if those people really do take him seriously.
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>> if it's not christie, who is the second choice? >> i would have to say ted cruz. >> interesting. have you seen him? >> i have not seen him yet. a couple of the debates i've seen on tv. >> you seem like you're leaning towards christie. but you said you're not 100%. when do you make that decision? >> we're about three weeks away now, so it has to be made quickly. that's why i'm going saturday to go to a town hall meeting and see if it answers all the questions that i have. >> is most of new hampshire like that? in deciding in the final days, do you think? >> i can't answer for other people, but i think so i think it's a push comes to shove, people realize we're down to the wire, we really do need to make a decision. >> our thanks to voters today, it's interesting to say that most polls have here it at about 60%, people deciding in the last three weeks. bernie sanders cuts hillary clinton's lead almost in half. the numbers, when "special report" from new hampshire continues.
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bernie sanders has cut hillary clinton's lead almost in half. that is the take-away from the latest monmouth university national poll of democrats. clinton leads 52-37 now. she once had a 33-point advantage. that was just last month. chief white house correspondent ed henry has more numbers from washington. >> the momentum continues for senator bernie sanders. today he gained more ground on hillary clinton. this time, in monmouth university's national poll. among white democrats, clinton and sanders are now in a dead heat of 43% each. a huge fall for the front-runner. who had a 23-point lead in that category just a month ago. >> today the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable as she did eight and a half months ago. >> and clinton continues to show she's alarmed. hauling in again to the rachel
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maddow show, her sixth interview with the liberal in just two weeks. insisting she doesn't pay attention to polls. >> i don't want to put any cart before the horse here. >> sanders was busy with a massive rally in birmingham. he drew over 7,000 people. significant because he may be eating into what the clinton camp has claimed to be a southern firewall in states like alabama. where african-american voters are key. in fact, the new monmouth poll had some good news for clinton. despite the tie among white voters, she has a 50 point edge among black and latino voters, and her supporters are trying to rally hard-core democrats, by noting during sunday's debate the republican national committee was sending out press releases cheering sanders' attack. while the american crossroads is running ads that join forces with sanders, that says he's right when claiming clinton is soft on wall street. prompting a superpac backing
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clinton to insist that republicans are piling on because they'll know she'll be a tougher general election opponent than a democratic socialist. >> why are karl rove and his republican superpac coming to iowa to attack hillary clinton? because they know hillary is the only one strong enough to stop wall street abuses. >> although even dick durbin, the number two senate democrat who has endorsed clinton is not sure she'll win iowa. >> it could be close and he could end up winning that. maybe even his neighboring state of new hampshire. >> break tonight in new hampshire. new polls show sanders lead has grown to 27 points. the poll has sanders up 60% to 33%, as the race really gets interesting. brett? >> 27 points here in new hampshire? that's tough to believe, but it is what the numbers show tonight. as we mentioned a short time ago, ohio governor john kasich is polling well here in new hampshire. he's second to donald trump in the real headliclear politics a
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of polls. i talked to the governor about his campaign. >> governor, i listened to the first town hall with you here, i know you've been doing a ton of them. what's your feeling on the ground? >> great. we have the best ground game, no question, in the state and one of the best maybe ever, with the new hampshire and people who come from out of state. i think television really matters. but governor sununu told me long ago, he said when you put your ads up at the end, each one of them has less impact because there will be so many up. which is true today. i think the ground game is really going to matter. we've got momentum here, we've been in second place, in almost all the polls recently. we're rising. just keep working, most of the people still haven't made up their mind or a big chunk haven't. they'll probably be making up their mind on election day. it's really remarkable. >> i want to ask you about the other side of the aisle. hillary clinton, there's a story out today that the inspector general of the intelligence community has an additional
1:44 am
dozens of emails that were special access program. the most top secret. do you think about that? what do you think about the email situation and especially this new development? well you know, you can't be fooling around with stuff like that especially you know when you get to the stuff that is really, really highly secret. it all has to be gone through. and look i've spent a lot of my time focusing on what i want to do. because that's my job. but you better believe me. as we move forward, hillary will more and more get into the, get into the discussion with me. i've had to because i'm not known. because i'm not a household word. i've had to educate people as to who i am. and when i'm spending time talk about other people, then i'm not talking about my agenda and who i am. and you know what, it's paying off. because we're rising, we have momentum here. but believe me, these activities around this server, which he had on this server, that's going to
1:45 am
be very, very legitimate issues. but more important, a very serious matter. >> last thing, how do you break through? i know on the town halls and you're banking a lot on new hampshire, but the conversation seems every day to be about trump and cruz. how do you break through? >> if we do well here, it won't be a question. i now have the big great bret baier asking me questions, because they're all seeing that i'm doing better and rising. once i get known, people will hear my story, my experience and what i've accomplished in terms of jobs and national security and the experience and what i've done. and brett this is a whole different time. a lot of people say why does he keep talking about experience? because most voters today don't believe a politician when they talk so when i can tell them what i've done then it creates a better situation for when i tell them what i want to do. because then i have credibility. something that politicians are desperate to have.
1:46 am
we'll see you in des moines next week. >> thank you. our thanks to governor kasich and his team for the time after that town hall. another bombshell in the clinton clinton email saga. this one about communications, even more sensitive than top secret. we'll talk about it with the panel from d.c., as well as politics in new hampshire.
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ground jewels of the united states government. if this information is compromised, we are going to suffer very serious national security damage. you cannot have special access program information sitting out in the open. >> if i were hillary clinton's criminal defense lawyer i would treat this with grave urgency. the conduct we have now seen she is engaged in is the same type of conduct that led the justice department to charge david petraeus. >> our lead story about emails the inspector general from the intelligence community saying emails on hillary clinton's unsecure server included special access programs. that's more secret than even top secret emails. this comes as new polls are out here in new hampshire. check out this poll. the cnn/poll bernie sanders
1:51 am
up 27 points. ed 7.ined 10 points and you can see that sanders does have still a significant lead here in new hampshire. that's the average of recent polls. take a look at iowa and you can see it's neck in neck in iowa with sanders closing:q,p the gap in recent days. tucker carlson, marah liasson, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. tucker, let's start with the emails and this democratic rate. -- race. >> this is it. this is the smoking gun. this was not by news outlet but professional investigator who works for obama executive branch it shows dozens of the very most secret possible data points in the u.s. government wound up on unsecured server with the u.s. intelligence server believe was penetrated by foreign intelligence services.
1:52 am
i spoke to someone right before the show who has been covering this said if this were a member of the uniform military or cia operations they would be in jail right now. it's impossible to talk her way out of this. i think this is a pivot point in the democratic rate. race. >> marah, can we clearly sea now say now what she said they beginning of this controversy was not true about the classified emails? she said there was never classified information on her private server. now we have an inspector general saying yes, there was and it was pretty high level classified information. we haven't heard from the clinton campaign or her lawyers yet, but she really needs to explain this. if it's true it's extremely serious. >> and serious for this race, marah? >> serious for this race, absolutely. she conceivably could still nomination, even with this information out. even with an indictment. but she would be a very, very wounded, almost, i think, mortally wounded general election candidate
1:53 am
if that happens. >> charles? >> what people have to understand is that there is nothing higher, more secret than an sap. from some people i have talked to this is worse than what snowden did because he didn't have access to sap. if this is compromised, this is so sensitive that the reason and the reason it is that as a result, if it's compromised, people die. it also means that operations that have been embedded for years and years get destroyed and cannot be reconstituted. petra5)tj was mentioned earlier. he4'ht pled guilty because precisely this kind of information he shared. and i don't see, given the fact that he is the inspector general of the intelligence community who
1:54 am
was writing this officially to the intelligence committee heads in congress that there is any way to contradict this. it is not a news story. this is an investigative story. and now it's in the hands of the fbi, it's hard to imagine that the department of justice will ignore this or wave it away. >> okay. quickly. lightning round here on the republican side. right now sarah palin is endorsing donald trump. you had a lot of activity today as you take a look at the real clear politics average in new hampshire. trump is up, john kasich has moved to number two. and it's prettylêq tight after that but trump has a big lead. and in iowa it's neck and neck between trump and ted cruz in the real clear politics average of polls. tucker, marah, then charles, wrap up where the state of the race is right now. and whether thesecp endorsements mean anything. >> well, this will either be the moment that trump solidifies his lead. i mean to win iowa and new hampshire puts him on a pretty direct path to the
1:55 am
nomination. or it will be the moment that he jumps the shark and the palin nomination turn out to benefit her more than it benefits him. i think i can usually read this stuff. i can't read. this i think this has the potential to hurt him as well as help him. >> yeah. first of all, it's hard to imagine what supporters people who love sarah palin weren't already supporting donald trump. so it's unclear what this actually brings him. but, when you look at those polls, he is the big, big and he has a chance of winning iowa. i agree with tucker if he wins both of those, i think he is really on the path for the nomination. >> this is all about iowa. and because, again, if trump wins iowa, he is way ahead in new hampshire. i think he is at that point unstoppable. and the reason i think this is -- could be decisive is not because it helps trump or it brings him additional support, but that it hurts cruz. the one thing standing between trump and success in
1:56 am
iowa is cruz. he attributes his success in becoming a senator to her. she now turns against him. i think this is a major blow to him, and that's why i >> charles, marah, and tucker, thank you very much from washington brady bunch style. and a big thank you to the folks at historic robbie's country store here in hookset new hampshire for their hospitality today. it's warm and great. that is it for this "special report," live from new hampshire, tomorrow we are back in d.c. and we will be fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now.
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1:58 am
>> it is wednesday january 20th. the excuse n -- executioner executed. who took out jihadi john.
1:59 am
>> major endorsement for presidential candidates. >> no more pus see footing around. our troops deserve the best. you deserve the best. >> this move impacts the most. >> army college kids with stun guns. a dangerous idea or a good idea? we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. i am abby huntsman in or ainsley earhardt. >> good to have you here. i am heather childers. we begin with a fox news alert. the executioner executed. new the new magazine jihadi john is in fact dead killed in a u.s. air trikes star gett strike tard a car he was in. he did the execution of james
2:00 am
sotloff and james foley. killers proved they were ready to sacrifice that was dearest to them for the sake of responding to allah. parents, students and teachers on edge after dozens of schools across 10 states are threatened with bombs and mass shootings. many received phone calls from a robotic caller. they forced the schools to lock down or evacuate. last month you may remember the entire los angeles school district closed over similar threa threats. >> was ooet tan couch taken to mexico against his will? that and agreeing to fight his deportation back to texas. couch and his mother were arrested last month. they took off


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