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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 20, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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desiree think why do they think you should be a sitting duck? i would take one anyway. professors should be required to carry guns. have a great day everyone. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it is wednesday, january 20th. 2016. i'm heather nauert. this is a fox news alert. terror on campus. begun men storming a university overnight. at least 20 students are dead. the details moments away. and trump's big surprise. we told you about it yesterday. turns out to be sarah palin, the former vice presidential candidate. from iowa, she threw her support behind donald trump. >> you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors go do their job and go kick isis ass? >> so is mama grizzly joining the trump train a game changer?
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we're going to talk about it. >> and jamie foxx is playing hero on the big screen. this time it was real. >> this is to enjoy. it all worked out the right way. >> wow. how the oscar winning actor just saved a man's life. and just in time. let me remind you, mornings are always better with friends. you know we're about ten days from the iowa caucuses. everybody talks about it. here's the thing. what do you know about iowa? we went out on the streets on the avenue of the americas in front of this building and asked people and the stunning lack of knowledge about some of our 50 connected states is stunning. >> oh, no. >> got to really hurt you. i was born in iowa. >> you're from iowa.
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>> that's in about 15 minutes. >> you go on the streets. >> i do. >> absolutely. within oun of the coldest days of the year. also, look at this, there's a dog loose here in the building. it was a couple of weeks ago. brian told us all that he got a new dog and asked for a name. >> about six weeks ago. our dog duke passed away. see we decided got to quickly as you know when you lose a dog in the family, it is like a death in the family. >> absolutely. >> we quickly, all the kids went out and researched the best breed for us. >> what is that? >> went along with a great pyrenees. arriving shortly at our house is that great pyrenees puppy. i asked all of you to help us out in naming a dog. we got over 50,000 suggestions. >> come on, 50,000? >> if not more. we do have a winner. but there's a twist to this story.
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>> there is. >> we're going to reveal the name and the twist to the story that nobody, including my family, could have predicted. >> it's so kilmeadian. >> my dog is actually up at this hour. >> your family is asleep. but the dog is awake. heather nauert is up and at 'em today. >> we've known each other so long and it's great to be back with you in this capacity today. only problem is we don't have anything to talk about. nothing is going on in the news. >> we're going to talk about the headline in the new york post today. lady and the trump. that's coming up in a minute. right now, we turn to the other heather in the studio. heather childers. >> hello. >> good morning. >> nice to see you this morning. nice to see everyone at home as well. we begin with a fox news alert. the taliban claiming responsibility for a deadly assault on a university in nefrn pakistan. at least 20 people were killed when four militants stormed into the university as classes weres.
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a massive firefight breaking out between the gunmen and government troops. the four attackers were killed. another knox fox news alert. the executioner has been executed. an isis magazine now confirming that jihadi john was indeed killed when a u.s. air strike in syria targeted a car he was in last year. we told you about that. the ruthless militant appeared in several beheading vi yoes including the execution of two americans. the magazine praising the terror attack in san bernardino saying that the killers proved they were ready to sacrifice what was dearest to them for the sake of responding to allah. an investigation under way and parents, students and teachers on edge after schools in at least ten states threatened with bombs and mass shootings. many schools reported they received phone calls from a robotic computer generated
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voice. all were hoaxes but forced the schools to lockdown and evacuate yesterday. last monday, you may remember the entire los angeles school district closed over similar threats. finally, like a scene out of a hollywood movie. but this was all too real. actor jamie foxx jumping into action when a car crashes. you can see is burst into flames. this was out by his california home. the oscar winner pulling the driver to safety. >> i said man, listen, as i'm getting him out, i said you got to help me get you out. i don't want to have to leave you. you got angels around you. i don't want to look at it as heroic. >> the driver was arrested for drunk driving. look at this. fox met with that driver's father and posted this touching picture of them sharing a big hug. that father very thankful to jamie foxx. >> no kidding. he got him out just in time and it engulfed in flames. >> you saw that car engulfed. >> a paramedic was driving by. so they were able to get these
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giant scissors and cut him out. >> he was right when he said angels were around him. >> he was indeed. meanwhile, yelled on this program at this time, we told you about kind of a cryptic message that donald trump put out on his facebook page over the weekend. it said, hey, make sure you tune in on tuesday night live from iowa. i've got a big special guest. and that person is going to endorse me. yesterday on this program, we correctly speculated that it would be former governor of the great state of arkansas -- alaska. >> she was fantastic, wasn't she? i mean, she was just on fire. in case you missed it, we have a clip for you. let's take a look. >> only one candidate's record of success proves he is the master of the art. he is beholden to no one but we the people. how refreshing. he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again.
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are you ready for that, iowa? no more pus i footing around. our troops deserve the best. you deserve the best. he is from the private sector. not a politician. can i get a hallelujah. you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis ass. >> ready to make america great again. are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> she got everybody fired up. of course, the big story is, okay, maybe people could have telegraphed who it was going to be because they said she would put on a show, whoever this person was going to be. i think it's a bigger blow to ted cruz perhaps. the response that ted cruz gave was classy when he found out it would be sarah palin endorsing
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donald trump and he simply say, hey, you know what, i have a lot of respect for sarah palin. to pair phrase, i would not be senator of texas without her. >> he said that after her communications director sad -- blasted sarah palin and then bristol palin went on, i believe, it was facebook and tweeted out a link where she said i hope my mother today endorses donald trump for president of the united states because of the criticism from the cruz camp from this guy by the name of rick taylor. said i would not be in the senate today if it wasn't for sarah palin endorsing him as he ran for senate in texas. >> this is an interesting development in the campaign. this is driving the mainstream media crazy. >> their heads are spinning. >> sarah palin said, look at all those people in the press box. their heads are spinning. look at this. just daily news headlines,
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nobody buys a paper anyway. i'm with stupid. really? this is only going to encourage conservatives to get out and vote. >> also on the cover of the daily news, one of their critics talks about how the eagles, the day after glenn frey died was a terrible band. just goes to show you -- >> nobody thinks they're a terrible band. >> this guy. >> i would say this. she not only ripped democrats and hillary clinton, but the republican establishment at the same time. when you look at a race that's one or two points, even though sarah palin doesn't have the clout she had a few years ago, she can deliver one or two points, that could be the difference in the caucus and in donald trump's case, a lot of experts who have been wrong along the way say if he gets iowa, being that new hampshire is in his column, he could be a runaway train. >> if this could get people out to vote, this could be out to the caucuses, this could be a game-changer. >> you know what ted cruz has been saying on the stump. donald trump has new york
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values. for somebody who does not embody new york values, it's governor sarah palin. also, we should point out that at c pack 2013, he introduced sarah palin and said she can pick winners. is it going to make a difference? e-mail us. tem us where you think so or not, or tweet us or facebook us. also donald trump will be joining us live about two hours from right now on the fox newschannel. >> you know, one thing we'll ask him about what he sees in the future for sarah palin. he's interested in bringing her into office. >> the cabinet. >> we'll ask him about this. >> this works for sarah palin too. she was virtually invisible on the landscape. you can hook yourself to the hottest comet out there. it works for all sides. coming up, straight ahead -- >> bad news for hillary clinton's campaign. e-mails containing the highest level of secret information found on her server. >> unbelievable. politics aside, that's trouble.
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this as new poll numbers show she's way behind bernie sanders in new hampshire. double digits now. >> way behind. kristin fisher is take tg all in and joins us live from the bureau. >> good morning. a double dose of that news yesterday for the clinton campaign. first, her e-mail problems are much worse than previously reported. and then, she got slapped with another poll showing bernie sanders beating her in new hampshire and by a lot. according to a new poll out yesterday, sanders has a 27-point lead in new hampshire. 60-33. last month it was just ten points. that is a huge jump in one month. now, new information about what exactly was on clinton's private unsecured e-mail server could complicate her campaign even further. according to the intelligence community inspector general, some e-mails contained intelligence from the u.s. government's most secretive and highly classified operations. a 20-year cia veteran called
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them the crown jewels of the american intelligence community. >> these are the crown jewels of the american intelligence community of the united states government. if this information is compromised, we're going to suffer very serious national security damage. people are going to die, quite frankly. >> clinton's campaign responded by saying this is the same interagency dispute that's been playing out for months and does not change the fact that these e-mails were not classified at the time they were sent or received. remember, the fbi is still investigating and could recommend criminal charges here. this is just one reason why this cloud continues to grow over her presidential campaign. back to you. >> it does. kristin, thank you very much. >> bombshell. i wonder what joe biden is thinking. uh-oh, i could jump in or i should have jumped in. >> he's said he redprets that every single day. >> where did that story come from? that she had a private server? joe biden. >> yeah. >> all right. meanwhile, on this wednesday,
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a water crisis in flint, michigan, exposed nearly 100,000 people to lead poisoning. michigan's governor apologized last night as protesters gathered outside the capital building and his home in ann arbor calling for him to step down. listen. >> to you, the people of flint, i say tonight as i have before, i'm sorry and i will fix it. no citizen of this great state should endure this kind of catastrophe. government failed you. federal, state and local leaders by breaking the trust you placed in us. >> how on earth did this crisis happen in the first place? and should flint's problems serve as a cautionary tale to the rest of the country? joining us to weigh in former adviser to the city of detroit, mark ash. mark, thanks for coming in this
3:18 am
morning. the backdrop of this, serious financial problems for the state of michigan and also in the city of flint. when you first heard about this toxic stuff being in the water, what was your reaction? >> good morning, heather. i got to tell you, if you look at the core responsibilities of government, the core responsibility of government is to make sure that the american people are safe. that's the core function of what government exists for. and so whether from those who do us harm, foreign and domestic, whether it's -- >> they failed to do that here. there are toxins in the water. was that done to save money because of the financial problems that flint was in? >> so i think if you put it in that context, the other cornerstone is to have safe water. we're in a situation in flint where they overspent for years 60% more money than they took in
3:19 am
every year. what that leads to is exactly that point, you bring in an emergency manager, you can't afford what you do today, so they go to an inferior water supply simply to save money and this is what happens. i think the broader lesson is what does that mean to america, where we overspend by hundreds of billions a year. >> unfunding -- a huge problem there. also health care costs for retirees and lots of people fleeing the state of michigan and moving elsewhere. but i do want to ask you about whether or not something like this could happen elsewhere in other cities that have aging infrastructure. what do you think about that? >> i think you have to worry about that. any time we're in a situation as you look across the country where we have $20 trillion in debt, that puts at risk the very core responsibilities of what government delivers. i think what the american people are weary, you see it in flint and across the country, is being charged ritz carlton level taxes
3:20 am
but only getting bates motel quality. we're seeing that play out in flint today. you have to worry for the nation. >> we certainly do. if this could happen somewhere else. one more thing. you say that the government has misplaced priorities. not in terms of where they're spending money. yes, you say that. but also focusing on things they shouldn't spend time on. tell me about that. >> well, you look at the debate that we want too have over climate change for example. while we don't have the ability to provide people in flint with clean drinking water. coming here today, as we all did to the studios, we had a one in nine chance of driving across a bridge that is structurally deficient and we simply can't continue to have these -- >> we're spending too much time on pc stuff. we have to leave it there, mr. ash. thanks for joining us. having worked in detroit on these issues. >> great to see you, heather. is your child being taught terror in the classroom? why the fbi is investigating this college professor.
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plus the kilmeades have a new member of their family. that is too cute. brian's dog. a name picked out by one of you and a huge twist. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back. fluffy. ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. and we just can't find the sound... ♪ just a few more hours... ♪ and i'll be right home to you.♪. ♪ i think i hear them calling... ♪ ♪ oh, beth, what can i do... ♪ ♪ beth, what can i do... ♪ text beth, what can i do...
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quick headlines for you. at kent state, a history professor is under investigation by the fbi because of possible ties to isis. reports say julio pinot has allegedly tried to recruit students to join isis. he has been under investigation for a year and a half. he denies any connection to the terror group. nearly half a million foreigner who is entered the united states last year overstayed their visas. the department of homeland security seeing a large majority
3:25 am
of those are still believed to be the country. lawmakers are demanding more information and fears that terrorist could pose to students, business travelers and simply overstaying their visa. remember this moment just a couple of weeks ago right here on the curvy couch. >> that's a look at the dog we're picking up in the middle of january. he's only two weeks old. he's a great pyrenees. he's picked out by my girls. even though it's all white in the litter. we picked out the one with the badger mask. we have a problem. we need a name. >> and that's why we asked the viewers to come up with a name. i want you to meet our newest addition to the family, he weighs in at 17 pounds, 7 1/2 weeks old and his name, it's a giveaway, heather. >> rocky? >> rocky. >> this is rocky kilmeade.
3:26 am
he doesn't answer to that yet. he's a little exhausted. he had no idea he was going into a family with a morning show host. he didn't know he would be here this early. >> someone showed up to walk him. >> this is the guy that's been keeping us up and keeping us out late and up early. >> a lot of people actually e-mailed the suggestion of that name because that is your favorite movie, right? >> not the only movie you've ever seen. >> picking out a favorite rocky. especially with creed now. rocky, and so many of you picked rocky that we could not -- of course, the winner gets the book, thomas jefferson and the pirates. >> my wife thought you would name him pirate or jefferson. >> me too. >> really? >> rocky, who is exhausted right now -- >> it's a tough life as a puppy. >> he came a week ago. the day before he came, we got a call that rocky has a brother. and rocky's brother is deaf. rocky's brother was either going
3:27 am
to have to go to a rescue or shelter. so they said would you be interested in taking him and being that they're inseparable in the litter. >> wait a minute. you wound up with two dogs? >> i want you to meet apollo. this is rocky's brother. another great pyrenees. that's kurt helping us train him. >> hi kurt. >> bravo, brian. >> look at this. take a seat, kurt. >> this is his brother. his brother can't hear and they're helping out each other already. it's pretty amazing. >> this is great pyrenees dog. these are -- these dogs will grow up to be 120 and 140 pounds. >> they're known to be gentle and smart dogs. you see them in hospitals sometimes visiting people. >> they do. these dogs are known as gentle and great family dogs. >> so you wanted the one dog. this is the dog you selected. rocky. but then you wound up with two dogs, rocky and apollo.
3:28 am
that must have been a tough decision. how is it working out so far? >> all the pressure is really on them. you have to bring them out after every meal. dawn has done an unbelievable job. >> in other words, she's ready to kill you. >> absolutely. this is her first day off. it was good the kids were off last week, brian was home. >> they could help you out. >> we have a puppy as well. going through the same house breaking thing. >> there was one viewer that even though the 50,000 people that came in, one viewer came up with two names that said rocky or apollo that. genius is anna dell castillo of vernon. this is here. this is what she wrote on facebook. come on, brian, this is my third attempt to get you to name him, rocky, creed or mick. you know you love the rocky movies. brian, apollo wouldn't be bad either. because of that anna, you
3:29 am
separated yourself from the herd. you've named both dogs. therefore, i'll send you a book and you have free visiting rights any time throughout the day and baby-sitting rights. >> they're beautiful. >> they are beautiful and so sweet, too. not a bark or anything. >> he's going to tell us how to train a deaf dog. it's through hand signals. >> i want to know how that works. >> congratulations papa. going to be a crazy house. >> thanks everyone for writing in. we truly appreciate it. the question is, can we keep them entertained for 2 1/2 hours? >> not our problem. >> all right. congratulations. good job picking the name. >> meanwhile, what happens when you mess with a mom and her two kids? two carjackers learned the hard way. it's all caught on camera. watch that guy. goes into the car. pauses for a minute. and then, watch this. yep, she throws him out. the other one goes too.
3:30 am
the iowa caucuses are 12 days away. where exactly is the state of iowa? >> somewhere in here. >> i will go with right here. >> oh, no way. >> steve, you hit the streets of new york city for a hawkeye state edition of deuce on the loose. they picked illinois instead of iowa. >> first, happy birthday to brantley gilbert. he's 31 years old today. congratulations. he plays music. you wanna see something intense? new pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful.
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3:34 am
the election, he'll go back to building skyscrapers. when asked where? he said right in front of the white house. >> he does have a fallback job. >> he's done okay at it. so everybody is talking about the iowa caucuses that are a dozen days away. sarah palin endorsed donald trump out in iowa. people are talking about iowa. brian is going to go out and broadcast live from iowa the day of the caucuses. what exactly do you know about iowa, where it's at, who is from there, what do they do? i went right out on the streets. avenue of the americas, to poll the people. watch this. >> everybody is talking about iowa these days. >> yes. >> so you must know where it's at. >> of course. somewhere over here. >> somewhere in here.
3:35 am
>> right here? >> that's so close. that's illinois. land of lincoln. >> that's close. >> what do you know about iowa? >> that it's a potato state. >> they're actually not. >> idaho is the potato state. >> which of these items doesn't come from iowa? corn, ethanol, potatoes or captain crunch berries. >> i'll go with the crunch berries. >> berries. >> captain crunch? >> think of another i-state. >> potatoes. >> those are potatoes. >> potato. >> this one. hello. the potato. >> idaho. >> do you ever call them potatoes? >> you say tomato and i a tomato. whatever. >> iowa is the home of the world's largest what? >> corn, strawberry, fort or box of raisins. >> i'll go with corn. >> fork. >> strawberries?
3:36 am
>> this makes no sense. >> you feel like you know a lot about iowa so far? >> i've been watching. >> where is it? >> i would not have a clue. >> kind of more right about there. >> stick your finger out. >> yeah. >> i was born in iowa. i think we've got some youtube video. listen to this. >> okay, we don't have the video. just audio. one of these people once called iowa home. >> ronald reagan. >> yes, that's right. >> reagan. >> that's right. >> this guy. >> he lived in davenport. as a lovely parting gift, we're going to give you a cell phone. >> no way. >> you're right. we're not. two of these people lost the iowa caucuses. which two? >> the two bushes. >> i don't know. george bush. >> hillary and her husband. >> oh, okay. >> i'm a ford. not a lincoln.
3:37 am
>> one of these people got 0% in the iowa caucuses. >> mr. sharpton. >> zero%. >> i'll about with al sharpton. >> zero. >> there's no real conflict. >> when you see al sharpton, you think zero? >> yeah. pretty much. we're from baltimore. >> you're from spain. >> is it true about the rain in spain? >> yeah. >> does the rain in spain fall mainly on the plane? >> no. >> you know who is from iowa? that guy. who is that? >> i don't know. >> does this help you? >> yes. >> charlie, you're a professional journalist. >> right. >> draw what the state of iowa looks like. >> kind of like this. >> yes. >> i'm right. >> you're a fedex guy, right? >> yes. >> you would know where iowa is on the map, wouldn't you? >> positively, has to be there
3:38 am
overnight. des moines, where would you take it? >> that's colorado. >> that's nebraska. >> that's kansas. >> that's wyoming. you already did that one. are you sure you work for fedex? >> that was terrific. most of the people were americans as well didn't know where iowa was. come on, folks. >> you take that personal that they don't know your hometown. >> no. it's harder for them to find me. >> so many knew that ronald reagan lived there. i was surprised by that. >> i did not know. >> who knew that iowa was one of the world's largest producers of captain crunch berries. >> it's the soybeans, right? >> you pick it out of the ground. >> captain crunch is from mason city. >> i didn't know there was military there. there's a military base in the captain? >> so anyway -- >> now you know a little more about iowa. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. time for some headlines with
3:39 am
heather childers. >> i don't know about the giant strawberry. good one. >> we have headlines we are following for you. stunning american connection to the capture of "el chapo." authorities revealing a rifle strong enough to take down a helicopter was discovered at the drug kingpin's hideout. that rifle has been traced back to the u.s. government sales gun running operation fast and furious. now a federal judge is ordering the department of justice to release the documents of the program. all of this coming after president obama tried to use executive privilege to prevent congress from viewing the records. that operation let criminals buy guns so the atf could track them. but ended up losing track of most of the weapons. was affluenza teen ethan couch taken to mexico against his well? that's what his attorneys are saying and they're agreeing to drop the fight against deportation back to texas. they were arrested last month. they took off to mexico after
3:40 am
ethan missed a probation appoint: he pled guilty to killing four people in a drunk driving wreck. he didn't get prison time after his legal team claimed he was too rich to know any better. a mom fights off two carjackers to protect her children. surveillance video from the florida gas station shows the men trying to steal her car. then the mom, afraid for her children in the back seat, throws one of the men out of the driver's seat and rips his mask off. the carjackers make a run for it. didn't get far, though. the two masked men were arrested shortly after. the good news is the children were not injured. so back to you guys. way to go, mom. >> don't get between a mom and her babies. >> absolutely. maria molina tracking some extreme weather and a snowstorm headed to the east coast this weekend, maria. i know it's early. but already there are some predictions there could be 2
3:41 am
feet of snow in some spots. >> i think one of the areas that we have a greater calf dense is in the mid-atlantic. places like maryland, d.c., baltimore, heads up. you could be looking at a major snowstorm friday into saturday. areas farther north, including new york city and also in boston, you need to keep a close watch on the forecast because it's still not 100% confident. we still do have several days to track the storm system. i want to show you the current windchill temperatures. this is a big story early this morning, especially in the midwest. take a look at indianapolis. right now it feels like 7 degrees. in minneapolis it feels like 0. you got to bundle up. we're tracking now a separate area of unsettled weather. this is moving through kentucky, alabama. we have winter storm warnings in effect and advisories locally as much as 3 to 6 inches of snow will be possible. then behind that storm system, a new one develops and it's this one that will be bringing in the potential for a big storm across the eastern u.s.
3:42 am
we'll continue to keep you updated. again, that would be friday into saturday. let's head back inside. >> get out the shovel. maria, thank you very much. coming up, oscar's outrage going. spike lee and jada pinkett smith, apparently not going to the oscars because there are no minority nominees. stacy dash has a message for those two. she joins us live. >> guys, have you seen this adorable video? take a look at this. oh, love that. the hugging dogs are going to join us. we'll meet them. we'll see what they do with brian's dog. they'll join us live with their owner just ahead. >> maybe not in studio. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals.
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this morning, there's
3:46 am
growing outrage with some over the lack of diversity in this year's list of oscar nominees. spike lee and jada pinkett smith say they're not going to go to the oscars next month after an all-white list of nominees was announced for the major categories for a second year in a row. joining us now to weigh in, actress and fox news contributor stacy gash. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what do you think about this? >> i think it's ludicrous. >> why? >> because we have to make up our minds. either we want to have segregation or integration. if we don't want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like b.e.t. and the b.e.t. awards and the image awards where you're only awarded if you're black. if it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. it's a double standard. >> so you say there shouldn't be a b.e.t. channel? >> no, i don't think so. no. just like there shouldn't be a black history month. we're americans, period. that's it. >> are you saying there shouldn't be a black history
3:47 am
month because there isn't a white history month? >> exactly. al sharpton has jumped on this boycott bandwagon. he says don't watch because hollywood, here's a quote. hollywood has become like the rocky mountains. the higher you get, the whiter. >> the whiter you get. that's not necessarily true. if it is, that needs to change. what i find astounding is that we've had a president who was black in office for the past eight years who gets most of his funding from the liberal elite in hollywood. yet, there are not very many roles for people of color. how can that be? why is it just now being addressed? >> i can understand jada pinkett smith's frustration that her husband wasn't nominated for -- he did a great job in the movie concussion. at the same time, what does that say about how people are selected for these awards.
3:48 am
>> that's assuming they're selected by race which would be a disservice to the people who are looking at the films and making the choices. maybe they need to be more integrated and there need to be more diverse people in the process of electing. >> in the academy. >> in the academy. >> the demographics of the academy apparently are secret. but for the most part, according to some investigation in hollywood, it's predominantly white males. >> really? >> yeah. maybe that says something about who they select or are they looking for that or the best movies and the best actors? >> i hope they're looking for the best movies and the best actors. the good news is that there's attention brought to it now. like i said, over the past eight years, we've had a president who is black, who gets his funding mainly from hollywood. the elite liberals. it's odd to me that this is now become such an issue.
3:49 am
>> let's see what happens. they are calling for people not to watch it. let's see if the ratings go down. >> i doubt it. >> by the way, before you go, happy birthday. >> oh, thank you. >> its her birthday today. >> thank you very much. >> good luck to you today and every day. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us. >> meanwhile, a fox news alert. parents want to listen to this. there are bomb threats targeting dozens of schools in ten different states. we're outside one of those schools in the next hour. plus, the most adorable video you'll see all day. a dog, his best friend dog, gives him a hug. those two furry pals and their owner join us live next. good morning everybody. when you get your business a refund, do you insist on being called the taxonator? then you might be gearcentric. right now, buy any tax software and get a $100 service bundle for free! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®.
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all right. this incredible display of affection between two furry friends has gone viral. >> lotty, who's your best friend? >> wow. lotty, lotty is the dog in the back. and the dog in the front is grizzly. and grizzly's getting a hug from lotty and it's been viewed over 42 million times. believe it or not they have a few more tricks up their paws. yep, the two pups and their owner taylor joins us right now. welcome, taylor. >> hi. >> taylor, first off, tell me what -- how this got to be. does this seem like lotty, you feel as though lotty looks at your other dog, grizzly, as its puppy, right? >> yeah, she really does. right from the minute i brought her home, she treated him --
3:54 am
grizzly, sit. come on. treated him with love and affection. come on. and she's always, you know, played with him, and cared for him, and they're almost inseparable. >> they've been together two years, you say. tell us what led to this moment. >> yeah. >> where lotty hugged grizzly and the response it's gotten since you posted it. >> well, i didn't realize it would get such a big response. it's such a small video, and it's such a simple trick. bit i woke up the next morning and there was already hundreds of thousands of views. so i thought it was amazing. and all the comments, i mean it's hard to find something on the internet where all the comments are so positive and so uplifting. yet, i can read through the comments for hours and i can't find a single negative one. people just think it's adorable. >> congratulations. that's a new social media record. never to be replicated or equalled again. let me bring you to this. let me bring you to this, taylor, the hug that you give, this isn't just a trick, you
3:55 am
feel as though that dog feels that affection for grizzly. correct? >> oh, yeah. come on. yeah, they really do. like, even aside from tricks, they -- they're always together. they're in the house, they follow each other around. they eat to the. they sleep together. they walk together. they hike together. they -- i mean, other than you know that it is a trick and nothing of their relationship is staged at all. >> lotty does other things. catches frisbees, correct? does a lot of things for you. >> yeah, she does. we do frisbee competitions. we do -- she does some trick performances. and we play agility. she even does everything down to dog sledding >> wow. and grizzly seems to appreciate it? they seem to get along great? >> yes, lotty teaches him the ropes, and it's made it a lot easier to do training with him. he -- he picks up on it really quickly just following lotty's lead. >> what are you going to do with your new celebrity status and
3:56 am
your dog? >> well, i hope to, you know, spread the word of positive reinforcement training. as well as show people what kind of life they can give their dogs by using training. and hopefully just promote healthy life for our dogs. >> wow. yeah. that is fantastic. all right, special thanks to lotty for getting up early. grizzly, of course, too for almost staying on the chair the entire time. taylor, great job training. thanks so much for bringing one positive story to social media that no one can criticize. >> thank you. >> all right. have a great morning, taylor. thanks again. >> you, too. bye. >> all right. bye. meanwhile, over the next two hours we change gears and go back to politics. where there's a lot of negatives, and some positives. sarah palin endorsing donald trump. what does this mean for iowa? and the nomination race. and america's mayor rudy giuliani is here to react at the top of the hour. don't miss a minute. rudy weighs in. across america, people...
3:57 am
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good morning. it's wednesday, january the 20th, 2016. i'm heather nauert, and this is a fox news alert. once again, terror on campus. gunmen storm a university overnight. at least 20 people are dead, and that number is likely to rise this morning. the breaking details just moments away. and stumping for trump. and all fired up. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> sarah palin. throws her support behind donald trump. what does it mean for this election? america's mayor and a guy who ran for president, former presidential candidate himself, also leading the pack, rudy giuliani is on deck. and real-life hero, movie star jamie foxx pulls a driver from a flaming crash. >> he said that he had, you
4:01 am
know, pure joy. it all worked out the right way. >> it certainly did. more of the emotional moment he shared with the victim's father. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning, live from new york city, this is "fox & friends." ♪ you're as cold as ice you're willing to sacrifice our love ♪ >> it's cold winter. we've been spoiled here in the northeast. now we're not spoiled anymore. we're down to 20, 25? >> colder than that. in some spots, 25 right now here in new york city. and as maria just detailed a little while ago, a big storm is going to impact much of the eastern seaboard from the mid-atlantic up north, could wind up with a foot of snow in some spots. >> there's a second storm coming right behind it she's saying, too. >> it's the one-two punch. during this super cold snap
4:02 am
we're going to show you this hour how to winterize your house. actually last night it was so cold, i was walking through the house, and i was running my hand along the windows, and along the doors to see where the cold air was coming in. i got two spots i got to fix today. >> i got a whole bunch of them. especially folks who live in old houses. we've got fantastic tips about how you can save on energy and keep your house warmer. >> or walk around your house with glove and hat. >> heather knows the feeling. we just got a puppy in the house, so we have two puppies in the house. i introduced them a short time ago. they are exhausted. more exhausted than you. they're out like a light. run around 15 minutes, sleep 15 minutes. that is their pace. they're 7 weeks old. we're going to come out and talk about how one can help the other, and how one can turn the other and how people at home might want to adopt a deaf puppy. >> they are so sweet and so calm. little different than my dogs.
4:03 am
>> i feel sorry for rudy giuliani. he showed up, wanted to go in the green room. there's these two gigantic dogs in there passed out on the sofa. rudy's going to be with us in about two minutes right after heather childers joins us with the news of a terror attack at a university. >> we've been following this story as it continues to develop. this fox news alert for you, dozens dead after gunmen opened fire at a pakistan university. four armed militants shooting and killing at least 20 students, and one teacher. pakistan officials have control of the campus and all four gunmen are dead. officials say the terrorists timed their attack during a student ceremony. the taliban has taken responsibility. another fox news alert for you the executioner has been executed. an isis magazine confirming jihadi john was, indeed, killed when a u.s. airstrike in syria targeted a car that he was in last year. the ruthless militant appeared in several beheading videos, including the execution of
4:04 am
americans steven sotloff and james foley. the magazine also praising the terror attack mean time in san bernardino saying that killer sayed farook and tashfeen malik, quote, proved that they were ready to sacrifice what was dearest to them for the sake of responding to allah. some big promises to fix the water crisis in flint, michigan. governor rick snyder h release all e-mails from his office during 2014 and 2015 that deal with the lead contamination. snyder apologized, saying that government failed, in debt to its ears the city of flint switched to an inferior water source, and experts say that that decision put the public in grave danger. >> any time we're in a situation as you look across the country where we have $20 trillion in debt, that puts at risk the very core responsibilities of what government delivers. >> the contamination may also be responsible for ten deaths linked to legion they're's disease. got to figure that out.
4:05 am
well it is life seen out of a hollywood movie. but this is all too real. actor jamie foxx jumping into action when a car crashes, and then it bursts into flames. that happened outside his california home. the oscar winner pulling the driver to safety. >> as i'm getting him out i said you got to help me get you out because i don't want to leave you. i said you got angels around you. i don't look at it as heroic. >> foxx being one of those angels. the driver was arrested for drunk driving. fox met with his father, the driver's father and posted this touching picture of them sharing a hug. definitely thankful to him. there's a look at your headlines. >> we saw him briefly in the background. he's going to appear. sure enough mayor rudy giuliani back on the couch. >> good morning. >> to bring us inside the back stretch of iowa. what it feels like. >> we're close, aren't we? >> we're within a point on the realclear average and out comes sarah palin with donald trump. what does it mean? >> well, i would think this is very, very big. >> you're talking about the head
4:06 am
line -- >> well the head line -- >> lady and the trump. >> but i mean she is still an enormously popular among republicans, particularly amongst conservative republicans. with a ringing endorsement. it wasn't just an endorsement, it was like a campaign -- i mean, fabulous campaign -- >> a little wwe? >> yeah, yeah. >> a little vince mcmahon. >> she was really very, very enthusiastic. now, she was a former supporter, right, of the other side. >> ted cruz. >> of senator cruz. that hurts a lot. that she's supporting him over cruz. and second it's the same day that governor branstad announced do not vote for cruz. i don't know why he did. >> ethanol. >> that one-two punch has to be pretty helpful to trump. >> if folks missed it, its last night about 7:00 eastern time when she took the stage out in iowa. here's sarah palin endorsing donald trump for president.
4:07 am
>> are you ready to make america great again? you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass? the gop machine, the establishment, they who would assemble the political landscape, they're attacking their own front-runner. before the gop establishment to be coming after donald trump's supporters, even, with accusations that are so false, they are so busted, the way that this thing works. now, what they're doing is wailing, well, trump and his -- his trumpeters, well they're not conservative enough. to be lectured that, well, you guys are all sounding kind of angry is what we're hearing from the establishment. dog gone right we're angry. justifiably so! yes. we're not going to chill. in fact, it's time to drill,
4:08 am
baby, drill. down, and hold these folks accountable. >> oh, boy. she went on to talk about how she's going rogue and he's going rogue. so what an incredible partnership you have right there. >> oh, yes. >> i'm wondering if this is going to help shore up his conservative credentials? because a lot of folks have expressed concern is he not conservative enough? >> beyond just iowa. i mean iowa is a place that cruz has to win, he doesn't. if he comes in a good second in iowa, it's just as good as winning iowa. if he wins new hampshire. what it will mean, i think, is help in new hampshire among conservatives. help in south carolina. among conservatives. it will generally mean shoring up part of that conservative base that might have some doubts about. >> sure. >> i thought it was interesting that ted cruz came out and said, look, i wouldn't be a senator from texas without her. i have all the respect in the world. i thought that was very -- >> it's very classy. but it's because one of his aides tweeted out some very nasty things about sarah palin. so i get a sense he was kind of
4:09 am
like trying to take some of that back. >> sure. and of course ted cruz has been trying to label donald trump has somebody who's got new york city -- new york values. >> that did not sound like a new york -- >> exactly. >> she's -- >> sounded like an alaska endorsement to me. >> meanwhile let's talk a little bit about this, and this is up your legal alley. the intel community's inspector general came out with some information yesterday that said that they discovered on hillary clinton's unsecured, illegal, home-brew server apparently not only were there top secret and confidential things, but also classified documents, including something called s.a.p., special a access programs. these are beyond top secret. only given out to people who need to know. this is stuff that not even edward snowden had access -- >> in my days in the government, which in large part was pre-internet, that could not be taken out of my safe. out of my office. >> right. >> in fact i never took top
4:10 am
secret material out of my office. sometimes i'd have to work on nice is aapplications, that was 40, 50 pages long, i'd be there until 2:00 in the morning because it would not come out of my office. now how she can put all this out there and not get proceeded against by the government, and they're talking now about taking away general petraeus' rank. >> retro actively. >> we were talking about two pieces of e-mail to a -- to one person. whereas this woman -- >> several dozen. >> -- to the whole world. to the whole world. like hey come and read all my top secrets. she's running for president of the united states. >> do you see an indictment? >> i don't know how you avoid it. i mean, tell me how you avoid it. i mean -- >> politics, that's how. >> i gave sean hannity, 13 violations of federal law that she arguably committed. this is about as clear as it gets. it is a crime to negligently handle top secret material. >> yeah. >> she also --
4:11 am
>> went beyond negligent -- >> -- as did general petraeus that they would keep secure sensitive, classified information, and they failed -- >> she obviously -- >> -- to do that. >> she misrepresented about it. she's lied about it. she said she had no top secret material. it's absurd. how could the secretary of state not have top secret -- and finally -- >> and finally -- >> she destroyed 34,000 e-mails. you know what i argue as a prosecutor in court? that's evidence of a guilty knowledge. that -- and i am entitled to a charge by the judge to the jury. >> but that server was against the law. >> but the destruction is evidence of guilty knowledge, evident jari principle that you can use against someone when they're in a situation where who knows what's on those 34,000 e-mails. >> and who knows if we can actually get them -- >> secondly the fbi has opened a second investigation. if i were her lawyer, this is
4:12 am
really worrying, they're opening a second investigation into the clinton foundation. how was the money raised. what was it used for. what connection was government action. how many times did the clintons get money for the foundation, or $1.2 million speaking fees. and she did a favor for that country, or that company. >> but mr. mayor, what people watching right now want to say is this a partisan tactic. this has nothing to do with politics. this is the inspector general revealing dozens of top secret special access programs. >> this is -- it's not a republican. that's not the republican national committee. this is the fbi that is investigating it. and it's the fbi within the obama administration. >> the question is are they going to come down on her as hard as they came down on general petraeus? >> well if they do, then it should be a major indictment, because they treated it, in the case of petraeus, as a major crime, and his actions are 100th of hearse. >> you're joining a brand-new
4:13 am
law firm? >> i am, i'm doing it for two reasons. one, i want to help solve the cybersecurity problem. and i think i can. i think i can help introduce technologies and approaches to protecting yourself against identity theft. both at the top and at the bottom. and this firm has a tremendous practice, 38 offices, many, many countries, all over the world, so it gives me, including israel, where i get a lot of my knowledge from, and second, i want to protect the american businesses against the way in which regulations are being used against them and show them how to practice what i call preventive medicine. preventive law. how you situate yourself so you protect yourself against the government. when i go around the country today, unlike when i ran for president eight years ago, when i ran eight years ago, big complaint high taxes. now, crushing regulations. >> there's plenty of that. rudy, thank you very much for joining us today. good luck with the new job. >> great to have you here.
4:14 am
we'll be back in just a minute. pardon me we've got a fox news alert. bomb threats targeting dozens of schools in ten different states. we'llville a live report coming up next. arturito soup! hi! arturito soup? follow me. campbell's new star wars inspired soups. arturito soup! yaaa! made for real, real life. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at we are back with a fox news
4:18 am
alert, parents, students and teachers on edge this morning after dozens of schools in at least ten states have been threatened with bombs and also mass shootings. >> wfxt reporter katherine per at to is live in wall. massachusetts with the latest from that community. katherine? >> good morning, we're outside of an elementary school this morning where students will be returning. but this school was one in particular that received one of these threats. in fact schools in 15 communities spread across massachusetts received similar threats yesterday. we want to let you know this isn't the first time that this happened. in four or five days, last friday, seven communities also received similar threats. of course this was a disruption to students. we know in many cases students were dismissed yesterday as these threats came in and at least one case at this elementary school where we are today students were bused to a nearby school. but officials said they certainly needed to take this seriously. in fact the police chief in arlington, massachusetts, just outside of boston, described the call that they received.
4:19 am
he said that call described that there would be a shooting after an explosive went off in the school in that community. now, in terms of the nature of these calls, officials say they were automated calls, a robo call, if you will, that came in. and now at this point, local and state agencies are investigating and the fbi is also investigating, as well. bomb sniffing dogs were brought in to all of these schools. they had been cleared. the threats were determined to not be credible. but again they are working to track down exactly where these calls originated. and to hopefully prevent something like this from happening again. for now, live here in waltham, massachusetts. >> catherine, thank you very much. yesterday out in my county, bergen county, new jersey, i think there were close to half a dozen or ten different schools got those same phone calls. >> this is becoming so common. remember just a couple weeks ago the same thing happened in los angeles where they got an e-mail threat. and then the whole l.a. unified school district, which encompasses, i want to say 600,000 students, if not more, shut down for the day out of an abundance of caution. >> because if you're a
4:20 am
supervisor or superintendent and you know that call came in, even though your gut might tell you it's a hoax, do you want to know that you allowed something to happen, and if it took place, you had the warning. >> and the way the technology works with the spoofing, where you can make a phone call, and it shows up as somebody else's number. >> yeah. >> hard to track down. all right, it is 7:20 now here in new york city. remember the teenager who blew cigar smoke in his teacher's face? got in big trouble? we've got a big update on this disturbing video straight ahead. and you met brian's new puppies rocco and apollo earlier. we could look at them all day long. now it's time to train these guys. >> yeah. should be easy. >> we've got some tips for you coming up next. >> right now they're trained. they're sleeping. fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil.
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all right. earlier i introduced you to the new members of my family. rocky and apollo. there's rocky. this is apollo. and there's a lot of questions a lot of you have, should i get a puppy. i have a puppy, kurt is one of the best in the business. he helped us with duke, our dog that just passed away at the age of seven. and basically, kurt comes over once a week and tells us what to do. for the most part you don't have a trainer all the time. kurt is with command training and he is the first person i called when we found out that apollo is the brother, and guys, apollo's deaf. and i want to know what we're in for with a deaf dog. you train deaf dogs before, so what was your reaction? >> one. i didn't know he was deaf. and i brought him to the kennel, and had him a couple of days, and i smacked my hands behind him and he didn't hear anything. so then i used hand signals. >> so we developed a series of hand signals.
4:25 am
and this guy is going to help train this guy, right? >> exactly. >> so one follows the other. >> that's what's really good about it. >> now a lot of folks say having two puppies at once, don't even try it. >> i told him that. house-breaking especially. i ended up sleeping with mine on the couch. >> brian is sleeping on the couch anyway. all the time. >> right. i mean, what i did, when we first got a dog, the kids were so young, and first and third grade, they were really no help except my son was in like 6. but for the most part, they're all helping out. because you can't bring them out at the same time. because they focus on each other. they got to go outside. you got to go outside almost every hour. and after they eat. and the hardest thing is housebreaking them. >> housebreaking is most difficult. but that's number one. >> and you talk about -- >> do it right away. later on it's much more difficult. if you let it get -- >> and you do it with rewards, correct? >> yes. >> and one of the things, kurt, that a lot of families don't understand, is they hire a trainer. and they train the dog.
4:26 am
but then, if the family doesn't do the proper follow through, then the dog doesn't understand. the dog will do what you train them to do. but if you're not all on the same page it's complicated. >> you have to educate them. i like to think i'm a people person. you have to have a lot of patience with them. >> yep. >> and show them what to do. >> right. >> and when you have a deaf dog -- >> yeah. >> okay, here we go. all right, all right. i should have put a chip in him. i hope he doesn't go. he doesn't usually go on television sets. but you never know. i notice this guy already is a little bit more of a challenge. rocky's already walking towards the door when he has to go out and then this guy will see rocky and follow him. >> that's why i told you take them. remember we talked about taking them. just follow them. >> when you train rocky to do something he'll follow. >> sure. kurt a lot of people tune in today to find out the name of the dog, and a lot of people did suggest rocky.
4:27 am
but one person suggested rocky and apollo and that person is anna del castillo who is on the phone right now. good morning to you, anna. >> good morning. >> so anna, when brian announced the name of his -- and it was a surprise, two dogs. not just one. and you said, oh, that's me. what were you doing at your house? >> well i was actually getting ready for work. and i watch "fox & friends" every morning while i'm getting ready. and the minute i heard the rocky music, i thought oh, my gosh! >> you thought i could win. go that could be me. >> then we ended up with two so we went with apollo. that was actually one of the reasons is it was a rocky weekend during week off they played all the rockies in a row. and for the first time the girls were watching all the rockies. and at the same time we picked them up and we went off one name which name will be nameless and ended up going to rocky and apollo. >> that had to be a dream for you. so anna, you knew that brian was going to get one dog. when you heard this morning that he now had two, one of which is
4:28 am
deaf, what was your reaction? >> oh, i was thrilled. i -- they are so adorable. and they belong together. and, then i thought, well, how perfect. rocky and apollo. that's just perfect. and i'm just so excited, and happy for your family and happy for those puppies. >> we'll sign a book and get it out to you "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." the only problem is i heard that they get bigger. i've heard reports. >> just a little. >> and they're going to end up, what? >> 130 pounds maybe. >> 130 pounds. and we're probably going to watch them grow. >> or 150 pounds. >> anna, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. thanks so much. and all the 50,000 people that wrote in. how important are the first six weeks? how important are the first three mounths? >> foundation training. it's important to train a puppy. and then later on he'll learn the commands a lot quicker when he's an adult. >> right. and these dogs, great pyrenees in particular, can be a little
4:29 am
stubborn. they want to take over your house. >> with 300 pounds of two dogs, that might happen. might take over your house, brian. >> kurt, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> all right. kurt, thanks so much for bringing them in, getting up at 4:00. and once a week kurt is going to be coming over. >> time to go. >> kurt, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> all right. okay. meanwhile, straight ahead on this telecast, the oscars outrage is growing this morning. spike lee, and jada pinkett smith boycotting the awards show because the acting nominees are all white. so why is whoopi goldberg now calling that move a slap in the face? >> and then do you remember when football star te'o was duped by a fake girlfriend? this morning he's got a new woman in his life and she's the real thing. we'll tell you about that. i have asthma...
4:30 am
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ really got a hold on me >> this is your shot of the morning and a good morning it is. take a look at this, heart-tugging moment. a premature brother and sister show off their special bond in the hospital. listen. >> hold her hand. how is that possible? >> oh, twins, kristiana and kristen, both born two months early hold hands as they rest on their father's chest. both babies about two pounds apiece. >> that is so beautiful. >> the mom posted this on facebook racking up over 2.3 million views. >> they are so little. >> you know, we've had -- >> god bless them. >> we've brought some happy news a lot recently whether it's your puppy or these new lives right
4:34 am
here. people really love to see that and respond to these things so well. we've got a lot of dark news in the world right now. love to bring those stories. >> absolutely. the other thing you were talking about earlier with stacy dash is what's going on with the oscars. the nomination as well as the movies aened the roles. i read george clooney talking about the lack of diversity. there's a lot of pressure now on chris rock and others to back out and boycott. george clooney said i don't really blame the oscar nomination committee, who we don't really know. i blame more there's a lack from minorities. >> for the second consecutive year no black actors nominated in the major acting role. jada pinkett smith, will smith's wife went online and she's angry that her husband got snubbed for "concussion" and there you see spike lee the director, he said in an instagram message, he's not going to go. al sharpton is calling for a boycott, asking people not to
4:35 am
watch. meanwhile, given the fact that chris rock is going to be the host of the oscars, whoopi gold about that yesterday on "the view." >> boycotting doesn't work and it's also a slap in the face of, of, of chris rock. and i find that -- i find that also wrong. so i'm not going to boycott. but i'm going to continue to [ bleep ] as i have all year round, because i'm tired of seeing movies where no one is represented except a bit of the population. not all of it. >> what one of our fox news contributors kevin jackson talked about this. he said hey, it's simple, make better movies. but you have to think about some of the most popular movies that have come out in recent years, 12 years a slave. that won best picture in 2014. selma also did well at the box office. so, there are these movies out there. i guess they would argue that there just aren't enough roles. >> i will say this. i watched creed, i'm a little biased. i thought sylvester stallone was
4:36 am
great but i thought michael b. jordan was better. why wouldn't he be nominated? comes out of nowhere to i thought dominated the movie. will smith i heard was very strong in "concussion" the movie was extremely well received. took a big risk taking on the nfl. i thought you could get a nomination out of that. so far there's between 6,000 voters who we don't know their names. that's just the way the entertainment world is lined up. but they did do a survey in 2012 and they said who are these people? 94% of them are white. >> and male. >> you're not saying you think there's bias in this award decision, do you? >> i think there has to be a little bit of bias. it's old school -- it's an old school evaluation of what's going on in the movie business. >> but hollywood -- >> maybe there's a little bit of hypocrisy going on. maybe they're not understanding what's going on in today's world. i just -- i would understand the frustration if i was an african-american actor or actress, and saying what do i have to do to get noticed?
4:37 am
in fact i look to the left and right and there's nobody getting nominated. >> well, you know, we've -- i was reading online some people just say well, you know what, it's up to the academy, and until they change the academy, nobody's going to do that. it could be they're just out there nominating the people they like the best. >> earlier you were talking to stacy dash one of our fox contributors. let's listen to a clip of that. >> she said boycott bad idea. >> i think it's ludicrous. we have to make up our minds. either we want to have segregation or integration. and if we don't want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like b.e.t. and the b.e.t. awards. and the image awards. where you're only awarded if you're black. if it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. it's a double standard. just like there shouldn't be a black history month. you know, we're americans. period. >> so what do you think about that? e-mail us at
4:38 am >> heather childers has the breaking news happening, including the news we got off to today. >> a lot of stories we've been following. iran has been in the headlines a lot lately again, iran's u people leader ayatollah khomeini praising the revolutionary guard who detained one sailors on board a patrol craft last week. he says temporarily holding all ten sailors after they inadvertently entered territorial water in the persian gulf was, quote, the right thing to do. mean time, the former marine released after years of captivity in iran is speaking out for the first time since this weekend's prisoner swap. amir hekmati says it was a surreal experience to be set free. >> as soon as we got out of iranian air space the champagne bottles were popped. i feel extremely lucky, alive for the first time in a long time. i just really feel proud to be an american. >> it is still unclear when the freed americans will return home to the states. and remember this kid, the
4:39 am
arkansas boy who blew cigar smoke right into his teacher's face while on camera has been arrested and charged with harassment. the viral video shows 18-year-old christopher dunn refusing to follow instructions while in class. according to the teacher, dunn blew smoke into his face three times while the class cheered. dunn has pled not guilty. and has been released on bond. tragedy forcing dr. ben carson to cancel campaign events for today. a member of his staff, 25-year-old braden joplin, was killed in a car wreck. he was inside a campaign van when it slid and slipped on icy road in iowa. it was then hit by another vehicle. joplin was rushed to the hospital, where he died. carson traveled to omaha to meet with joplin's family. and finally, looks like football star manti te'o has a girlfriend. maybe. and this time hopefully she's real will. the san diego chargers linebacker is reportedly dating this woman, josie nicole, an
4:40 am
apparent model. te'o made headlines a few years back when he found out the woman that he thought he dated online, who supposedly died of leukemia, turned out to be fake. so, better luck this time around for him. >> and she's an apparent model? >> an apparent model. versus a real model. she's an apparent model. >> you know you don't take anything for granted. >> exactly. >> we don't even know what city his team is going to be in. the chargers could be in los angeles or -- >> maybe an apparel model. >> do you know what today is? >> well it's wednesday, brian. it's science trivia day with maria molina who is outside where it is 25 degrees. >> it is chilly. did you know that this morning all five of the bright planets, mercury, venus, mars, superter and saturn were visible in a straight line on the horizon. >> we knew that but i didn't look up. >> i saw a bright moon,s so that count? >> today's science trivia is a tribute to the planets. and the question is all the
4:41 am
planets rotate counterclockwise except for -- so we're talking about how they spin on their axis. so they all rotate counterclockwise except for which planet? "a," venus and uranus, "b," jupiter and uranus. "c," venus and neptune, or "d" jupiter and neptune. which ones do you think rotate the opposite way? >> this is just a guess. >> i'm going to go "d." >> i'm going to go jupiter and uranus. >> i'll go with "a." >> "a"? heather you won. >> oh! it is "a"! venus and uranus. their the ones that spin the opposite way that earth does. >> whose idea was that? >> the planets spinning or the science trivia? >> the science trivia i know was your idea. >> that's just the way that happened to be. they're all tilted on an angle that's pretty extreme and that's why they rotate that way. so opposite to the other planets. but they all move in the same direction around the sun. so at least they have that agreement. >> all right.
4:42 am
they do. >> my science teacher mrs. johnson would be so proud of me. >> that you're guessing? >> that i got it right? >> we're all guessing. >> all right, maria, thank you. >> mean tile 19 minutes before the top of the hour. no more man in the army? the big change coming to combat titles. that ahead. >> plus our next two guests are used to fighting down in washington. >> we're getting a resounding no on the other side of the aisle. >> you want to do something about this problem? or you want to play games. it's not clear to me. >> former senate majority leaders tom daschle and trent lott say gridlock is becoming a national crisis and they are joining forces to end it. they're live in the studios and we're going to talk to them. >> they're tough. nice to see you. we said goodbye the day.
4:43 am
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we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. our next two guests are no strangers to duking it out on the floor of the senate. watch this. >> we're getting a resounding no on the other side of the aisle. we're getting an absolute emphatic no is an exclamation point. we've got to find a way with which to address this bill in a more consequential and productive way. >> this thing, as i've said in other forums, this has become a problem of greed. >> you want to do something about this problem, or you want to play games, it's not clear to me. >> yeah, what do you want to play games? now ahead of november's election, those two form he leaders washington say our nation's capital, seen right there live, has never been more divided. joining us are the co-authors of a brand-new book called "crisis point" former senate democratic
4:47 am
leaders tom daschle screen left, appropriately, and former senate republican leader trent lott, screen right. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> what happened to that black hair? >> yeah. do you remember, it was years ago -- it was 2002, you came on the program -- >> i do. i remember that well. >> do you -- >> i thought maybe i'd get hired. i mean, i thought you did -- >> what happened -- >> let's go to the videotape. do we have it? all right now we do have senator we do have this is tropical storm fay down along the gulf coast. >> i knew that. >> what do you mean you knew that? are you one of those guys who watches a lot of weather channel? >> no, i don't. >> you just watch fox news. >> that's right. i do. >> yeah, right. >> let's talk a little bit about the weather in south dakota. >> we have a big drought over in this part of the state. if you draw a line about halfway through the state, the part on the west has a lot of sunshine. >> just a lot of sunshine? >> and no rain whatsoever. >> what i remember about that, after he did the weather, and he came in and asked to do the
4:48 am
weather, you came in about two weeks later and then you said i want to do the weather, too. >> yeah. >> you know what, in that case you both were on the same page. >> there we go. >> yeah, that's right. >> unfortunately, washington is not on the same page. >> yeah we thought we'd be in the dog segment this morning based on what you see in washington. >> well, there is -- there does veep to be a lack of bipartisanship and that is how washington works best. how do we fix it, senator? >> a number of things. i think there's a need for congressional reform, steve. there's a lot of things that we could do. five-day work weeks. spending more time in washington to get to know one another. changing the rules to accommodate more debate, and less filibusters. all of those things, i think, could really make a difference. electoral reform. we've got to change the way our primary system works. the elections are too long. there's too much money. we'd really like to see a call to public service, as well. younger people committed something to get back to their country. those are some of the things we talk about in the book. >> when you say there's too much money, there's also the constant need, particularly if you're a member of congress, to go get
4:49 am
more money to get re-elected. i can't tell you how many members have been on our couch and i say what are you doing in new york city? fund-raising. >> one of the things we suggest to do with that is shorten the length of campaigns. the presidential campaign's been going on for a year. we've got ten more months to go. we did the book because we did work together through some difficult times. we had an impeachment, 9/11 and all that. but we found a way to get a balanced budget and a surplus, things like safe drinking water, welfare reform. so we talk about what we learned from our experience. but it's not about oh, look at us. we really wanted to make some recommendations of things we think that could be done in washington, not just in the congress, but if the white house, and with the american people. we need some more civic responsibility. >> sure. things are polarized, though, on the campaign trail. i mean, regardless of who you're watching, it seems like the other side is just talking about how toxic the other side is. >> that's exactly right. >> there was a glimmer of hope at the end of the year, though. they did get a budget agreement. they did a highway bill. they did cybersecurity. >> yeah but looking forward are
4:50 am
you optimistic? >> well, i'm not as optimistic as i'd like to be. as trent said there are some signals that maybe things could get done. i don't think there's much expectations for 2016 right now. legislatively. >> well, interesting -- >> tough year. >> it is a tough year. let's see if things change because we are at the crisis point which is the name of your book. >> absolutely. thanks, steve. >> thank you very much. >> nice to see you again. when maria molina calls in sick i'm going to call one of you. >> please do. er with ready. >> we need a real job. >> stop it. all right. thank you. coming up, are you ready for a winter whiteout? a major snowstorm has 50 million people in the crosshairs perhaps. and we've got some last-minute tips to make sure that your house is nice and warm. talking about insulating those pipes there. but first, back in 1982, olivia newton-john had the number one song in the world. ♪ let me hear your body talk still not feeling well? know when i got sick my mom used to make me chicken noodle soup.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
welcome back with a major snowstorm expected on the east coast and mid-atlantic later this week it's not too late to make some last-minute updates to your house to try to keep your family warm. that's something we're always arguing about in my house, the temperature. here's what we need to know if about that and insulating our house is licensed home improvement contractor. brian, good morning. let's start with the windows, because a whole lot of heat is lost through windows. >> i would guess that you've got a hair drier at home. when you use that, we're going to cover our windows. you know you lose so much energy through windows. because it's the older homes as you were saying, we both live in older homes, single pane of glass. so if you put an extra coating on the inside it will act as a barrier and keep that wind from whipping in and be an extra
4:55 am
layer. >> not great to see though, so you should -- >> well -- >> under curtains, maybe. >> and the way you do it, you just put this double-stick tape around the casing and put the plastic on and dry it with a dryer. >> this idea i love. by my front door last night i could feel all the air coming in. you've got these strips at the bottom. >> these just go on the bottom of the door. they just slide on. as you can see, it's got nice sort of, you know, keep there so when the door closes it closes tight. you can also use, you know, they've got like door snakes that are like sandbags that cover. don't look so great but they do really work. >> could you use this on the side as well as underneath? >> the side you use something like this which is a rubber foam insulation. double-stick tape, put it all around the door so the door closes and seals. you want a nice seal on the door because that's where the drafts come in. >> you also say the pipes. >> in the basement you've got your hot water pipes. there's heat just -- coming out through the pipes. if you cover them, you're going to -- it's going to be much easier for the hot water to heat
4:56 am
up really quickly and you'll save money because you're not losing all this heat coming off the pipes. >> seems like a lot of work for my husband to do. >> give him the honey-do lists. >> these are the ones, believe me, really quick. and all these things are under $10. and this just slips on the pipe and you know -- >> okay. >> one thing i also want to provide, this is really good. this is outlet covers. so if you ever hold your hand up to your outlets to a plug, you can feel a draft. these are little insulating -- >> you're kidding? >> that go behind -- pop it out. that goes behind wall plates. put that in and now you've got a nice barrier. >> and you can also add this to your attic. >> put it up on top. >> thanks home depot for these terrific products. and brian thank you for coming out in the cold. next a live interview with donald trump. get his reaction to the sarah palin endorsement. where do they go from here? will she be in office with him? [ music ]
4:57 am
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good morning. today is wednesday, january the 20th, i'm heather nauert. this is "fox & friends." and we start right now with a fox news alert. terror on campus as gunmen storm a university, and shoot 20 people dead. >> oh. >> the breaking details just moments away. and, iowans fired up over a major endorsement for donald trump. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> many now calling this a major blow to his opponent, ted cruz. donald trump is here live in moments to react. and the iowa caucuses just about a dozen days away. it's important to know about, but do you know much about iowa? like where it is? >> somewhere in here. >> i will go with right here? >> close. i hit the streets for a hawkeye edition of dooce on the loose. on one of the coldest days of the year.
5:01 am
live from new york city and iowa, "fox & friends." and on this wednesday morning, we've got heather nauert in center stage. >> great to be with you guys. >> you had to go outside. how'd you handle that? >> all right. doing some home improvement stuff. we're all about trying to keep our homes warmer right now. >> thanks to home depot. >> like your fight with kathy doocy over the temperature. >> i like it colder. she likes it warmer. >> i'm still not old enough to touch the thermostat. >> i have it on my phone. i can do it right now. meanwhile let's talk politics. will this be the key to a donald trump victory in the first presidential contest of 2016? in the iowa caucuses. >> he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. no more pussyfooting around. our troops deserve the best. you deserve the best. you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis'
5:02 am
ass? i'm here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin yesterday, endorsed donald trump, and donald trump joins us on the phone right now. good morning to you, mr. trump. >> good morning. >> so how does this endorsement happen? did you reach out to her? did she reach out to you? what? >> well, you know, i've known sarah for a long time. she's a fantastic person, and respected, and really, many people wanted her endorsement, as you can imagine. because she's got a group of followers that will do anything. they love sarah. and, you know, we've done very well, as you folks know, perhaps better than anybody, we've done very well between, you know, all of the different things we're going to be doing with trade and obamacare. repealing and replacing it with something that's going to be much better. i don't know if you've seen the rates, but people are going up 25%, 35%, and 45% with obamacare. it's a disaster. so many other things. and people view me much stronger on the border, and on isis, and
5:03 am
taking care of the vets and the military. so, she -- she wanted to endorse us. and, you know, it was an endorsement that i'm very proud of. and she did it yesterday in front of a really big group of people. and, we had such great crowds. and, you know, so we're really honored to have it. we love sarah. and, so do a lot of people. >> do you think that you would put her in your cabinet should you win? >> well, you know, it's interesting. because she didn't even talk about it. you know a lot of people, they'll call, oh, gee, that's called politics. she never even mentioned it. it was just the endorsement. i don't even know that she'd want to do that, actually. >> -- would think about, donald trump? >> well, it would be something i would certainly think about. we never even discussed it. she was just happy to endorse. you know, she views it as a movement. she said it in the speech, for instance, today, we're doing the speech, i'm in iowa right now, we're doing something early in the morning in iowa in a little while, right after this call and then we have a great crowd and then we go to oklahoma. we're going to have like 12,000,
5:04 am
13,000 people in oklahoma. and it was just set up a couple of days ago. and you know, we have the biggest crowds by far. much bigger than bernie sanders, by the way, but the press hates to say it. yesterday the other day sanders had 3,000 people and i had 12,000. and they said oh, the crowds at sanders are unbelievable. nobody ever mentioned the fact that i had 12,000. >> well you know why that is. >> i have an idea. >> mr. trump, mr. trump, this is heather here -- >> hi, heather. >> great to talk to you this morning. you just mentioned obamacare. when you have put out policy propose ams in the past, whether it's v.a. reform or your economic plan you've gotten a lot of kudos for those things. there are still a lot of folks out there who want to know more, more details about what you would do, whether it be dealing with isis and iran, or what about obamacare? do you have anything that you'll be releasing any time soon? >> right, well we have a lot of policy out there. and you've seen what we've done with the vets, which is really been acclaimed by everybody. the vets are in love. and they really like what we're doing. and we're winning all -- so many
5:05 am
endorsements from the vets. obamacare, we're going to free it up. we're going to make sure that companies can come in and give us much better health care at a much lower price, and we're going to let the companies bid. you know, i don't know if you know, but right now you have very strong restrictions on what companies can do, and who can bid, and you have these phony state lines all over the place. people been talking about it for years. i'm not receiving any money. i don't get any campaign contributions from these fat cats and from people i know very well from the lobbyists from everybody. and what happens is, the insurance companies are all protected. so they have like a monopoly in different states. and you can't even bid against them. it's ridiculous. if you want to bid in california, if you're an insurance company, you can't do it. we're going to free it up. so that people can get great health care, and great health insurance, and this is what we have to do. and if we don't do it, it's going to be a continuation of the same. because if you look at your rates, if you look at the premiums on obamacare, what's going on, and take a look at the
5:06 am
deductibles, by the way. the deductibles are so high no matter what happens, unless you get hit by a tractor you can't use it. so it's a real problem. >> so yesterday you had sarah palin endorse you. you had the daughter of john wayne say, you know, john wayne was alive today, he'd be up here endorsing you. and then also, although it was not a direct endorsement of you, the governor of iowa, terry branstad, said it would be a big mistake for iowa to support ted cruz, and he hoped that ted cruz lost, because he doesn't like ethanol. what did you make of that development? >> yeah, and maybe for other reasons, too. you know, ted is not a person that's liked. i mean he's a nasty guy and people don't like him. and i was really surprised to see that. terry branstad is a very highly-respected man. actually it's the longest-serving governor in the history of the united states. that's something. he broke that record about a month ago, or two months ago. that's an amazing record. and the people of iowa love him. and he cares for them. and he's not your politician where they talk.
5:07 am
what he says is the right thing. so i think that's going to have a huge impact. he really does not want ted cruz to win. and i was surprised to see. i mean i think everybody, because it's just not him. he doesn't do that. it was a very bad hit. >> ted cruz has run, i think you would agree, a very solid campaign so far. he was an also-ran who seemed to have absorbed all of ben carson's votes and now is very tight with you on the realclear average, 1.5 points away. >> in iowa. >> only in iowa. we're pretty tight in iowa. i'm winning in iowa but we're tight in iowa. >> but in new ham shiers -- >> other than iowa if you go to new hampshire and other places he's not doing well at all. >> governor kasich -- what is your take on governor kasich's surge to a solid second it seems, on an average, at 19% still far from you, in new hampshire? >> well, he's doing better. and i'll tell you, interestingly he was very nice to me when he first ran and then he got very nasty. and then he became very nice again. so right now i like him. and i think he's doing pretty
5:08 am
well in terms of the establishment, he seems to be doing a little bit better than the others right now. based on a poll. i think the big poll comes out tonight at 6:00. the wmur poll, with cnn, it comes out at 6:00 so i'm looking forward to seeing that poll. that's a very comprehensive poll of new hampshire. but, we've been winning new hampshire by a lot. i think he maybe could be in second place or third place right now. >> you know, ted cruz came out last night of course he was criticizing you in part over the sarah palin endorsement, but one of the things he said, he criticized you for being a dealmaker which is really one of your positive points, he said -- >> that's a good thing, not a bad thing. >> that you would be too likely to capitulate to democrats in congress. so how would you work with the opposite party in washington? >> well, i've been making deals all my life. and that's why i'm worth many billions of dollars. more than $10 billion, because that's what i do. i make deals. and you get it done. and the problem with washington, they don't make deals. it's all gridlock. and then you have a president that signs executive orders because he can't get anything done. i'll get everybody together,
5:09 am
we'll make great deals for the country, we'll take back our trade. we'll strengthen our military. we'll take care of our vets, the vets are a huge problem, they're being taken care of so badly. i mean, so badly. we'll strengthen up the borders. yeah, we're going to make deals. we're going to make great deals. and politicians don't know how to make great deals like a guy like ted. he borrows money from goldman sachs. he borrows money from citibank. he doesn't report it on his forms where you have to report it. you know, violation at a very significant portion. and he doesn't report things like that. you can't just say that. i mean it's very sad to see it. he's got the other problem. you know what the other problem is, because now he's being sued by numerous people saying he was born in canada. so weiss got to work that out somehow. >> the question of natural-born citizenship. got to ask you about this. this is something in the show business world, and you're been part of that for a very long time. al sharpton is now calling for people not to watch the oscars because for the second consecutive year, no black actors were nominated in any of the four acting categories.
5:10 am
jada pinkett smith, will's wife, said she was upset about it. got spike lee saying i'm not going to do. what do you make of this? >> well i think it's a tough situation. i think it's really sad. and you know, al is just a guy who wants to get publicity for himself. and i understand him very well. al would actually probably say that he was a friend of donald trump, okay? maybe not on television, but outside of television. i think it's a tough situation. i saw somebody on your show today saying well, what do we do with b.e.t.? black entertainment, right? so over there -- the whites don't get any nominations or don't get -- and i thought it was an amazing interview, actually. i never even thought of it from that standpoint. but with all of that being said, it would certainly be nice if everybody could be represented properly. and hopefully that's the case. but perhaps it's not the case. it's a -- it's a difficult situation. >> but donald, if you're chris rock, and again for the second consecutive year there are no
5:11 am
african-americans who got nominated and now there's pressure from the black community for him to step out, what would you recommend he do? >> well, i think he'll probably say something, you know, and joke about it a little bit, and do it the way he does. he's a great guy. i know him pretty well. he's a very good guy and a very funny guy. he'll probably make a big issue out of it, and i think that's fine. let it be known. and somebody deserves it. if somebody deserves it, i mean i've watched over the years, where african-americans have, in fact, received academy awards. and have been very well represented, this is not one of those years. but over the years i've seen, numerous black actors, and african-american actors receive academy awards. and i think that's great. this doesn't happen to be one of those years. but, it's a difficult situation. >> yeah. >> and you know, when al sharpton, when al sharpton's jumping up and down, you know, people say, well, give me a break. >> before you go, sarah palin endorse you yesterday, pre-iowa caucuses. any other endorsements up your sleeve that might drop next
5:12 am
week? >> well, i just got a very big endorsement from carl icahn who is a great businessman. and i have many business people wanting to endorse me. and they're the best. but unfortunately, nobody's ever heard of any of these people. but i consider them to be, you know, the most important endorsements, because when you look at what chain in and japan and all of these countries are doing to us on trade, we're going to have the best people negotiate. we're not going to have political hacks. right now we have political hacks that got there because they donated and because they made contributions to politicians. we're going to have guys like carl icahn, and the best businessmen, the best negotiators in the world. we have the best business people in the world. men and women. in the world. we don't use them. we use political hacks to make our deals with these countries. and they rip us with china, we're losing in terms of trade deficit $500 billion a year. and those days are gone. it's not going to happen anymore. so when i get an endorsement from carl icahn, and many other business people, the top people, top people in the world, really,
5:13 am
to me that's a great endorsement. >> a big deal on wall street. donald trump we know you've got a busy day there in a yeah and later in oklahoma. >> and sarah palin tagging along today and tomorrow. >> she's going to be going. and we're going to have a lot of fun. it will be great. >> congratulations. >> thank you all. thank you very much. >> have a great day. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. it is 13 minutes now after the top of the hour on this wednesday. and we have a fox news alert. dozens of schools in ten states now being targeted by bomb threats. these are new threats. we've got a live report, next. this is insane, a man gets tossed into the air after a car crash. and guess what? he survives. chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was... that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood,
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5:17 am
about comfort food, is who you're sharing it with. marie callender's. it's time to savor. good morning, 17 minutes past the hour. we start with a fox news alert. the taliban now claiming responsibility for deadly overnight assault on a university in northwestern pakistan. at least 20 people were killed. when four terrorists stormed in to bacha khan university as classes were in session. a massive firefight breaking out between the gunmen and government troops. the four attackers were killed. seems like another day. attack. another fox news alert right now. the executioner has been executed.
5:18 am
isis magazine confirming that jihadi john was, in fact, killed by a u.s. airstrike in syria last year. the ruthless terrorist appearing in several beheading videos, including the execution of american steven sotloff and james foley. the magazine also praising the terror attack in san bernardino and the terror group issuing this chilling warning, saying get used to the sound of explosion and the image of carnage. wow. meanwhile, in other news, here in the united states, an investigation under way that has parents, students, teachers on edge after dozens of schools in at least ten states threatened with bombings, and mass shootings. >> catherine parrotta from fox 25 in boston with the latest from that community. catherine, what are we doing this morning? >> well hopefully it will be business as usual. i'm here at an elementary school in waltham, massachusetts. kids will be returning to school
5:19 am
today. but this was just one school in about 15 communities in massachusetts yesterday to receive one of these threats. and it's not the first time in a matter of days that this has happened here in massachusetts. in fact, on friday, schools in seven communities received similar threats. in terms of what these threats were, police described them as being sophisticated, automated calls, a robo call, if you will. they say they threatened shootings and bombings in some cases. one police chief said the caller in that case described there would be a shooting after an explosive went off. that was in the community of arlington, massachusetts, which is right outside of boston. in terms it of what happened here, many of these schools that received these threats the students were dismissed for the day. keep in mind some of these were high schools that were having midyear exams. so certainly very disruptive. in the case of this elementary school, students were bussed to a different school. now local and state authorities are investigating, along with the fbi, to try and prevent this from happening again by tracking down whoever is responsible. for now live in waltham, massachusetts, catherine
5:20 am
parrotta back over to you. >> who is making these calls? >> across the country parents have to be so nervous about sending their kids to school nowadays. >> yep. >> all right. >> coming up this morning we've got some brand-new concerns about the dangerous disease that can infect an unborn child. the cdc is now issuing some new guidelines on zika virus. what pregnant women need to know that's coming up ahead. plus it's the new diet that could spice up your life in every way. the taco cleanse. it's real. and the creators are real, too. they are joining us live with lab coats on because they're scientists. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
5:21 am
he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. all right quick headlines now. the navy is going green.
5:24 am
really launching a carrier strike group powered partly by biofuel as part of an effort to end reliance on foreign oil. right now the ships can run on 90% petroleum and 10% biofuels. the goal is to be at a ratio of 50/50. and titles like infantryman could be soon part of the military's past. yep the army and navy and marine corps reviewing their gender specific titles to remove the word "man" from any combat title. even though the word man is in woman. so far the air force doesn't plan to make any changes. that's what we're focusing on, really? >> you have heard of the cleanse diet, right? people basically starving themselves in order to lose weight. i got my kale last night. look at how awful that looks. all right well the cleanse craze just got a little bit crazier with the introduction of the taco cleanse. >> it's a satire but it's also a tortilla based diet that promises to change your life. jessica morris and stephanie
5:25 am
bogdanich are the co-authors of the book. they're both wearing lab coats. yours says you are what? >> a doctor of takeo-ology. >> and jessica? >> i'm a registered taco -- >> you are cookbook authors. >> that is correct. >> how did you come up with this idea? >> well we live in austin which is like home of the taco. you can go days without eating anything besides tacos and not even trying. so we got together, and we were drinking margaritas and eating tacos like you do in austin, and we just decided that -- >> let's come up with a taco cleanse. >> yeah. >> basically what happened. >> that's exactly what happened. we thought let's see how long we can do this for. i said maybe we could do it for a whole week. >> i said if we're going to do it let's do it for 30 days. because that's a real cleanse. we ate nothing but tacos for 30 days. >> what happened? >> it was awesome. >> did you put on a bunch of weight? >> our recipes are plant based.
5:26 am
so we didn't actually put on a lot of weight. >> most people know one way to make tacos. you get a pound of hamburgers, but you've got 70 taco recipes. this is the taco wake and shake. what do we have there? >> this is a tofu scrambled taco which is really popular on plant-based diets. you get the spice mix here and you add the tofu into a paper bag so it makes it really fun for your kids to join up because you just add your tofu and your spices, and then you shake it up. >> as ricky bobby said, shake and bake that thing. >> like taco in a bag. have you ever seen that where people take doritos and crush them up? we do that in the midwest. >> the frito pie is a huge texas thing. >> you put it right in the oven. you don't need to use any oil. basically you top it up with maybe some avocado. a little bit of salsa.
5:27 am
it's awesome. >> what do you got over here? >> this is our saitan mac and cheese brisket taco. texas in a taco. it's all the flavors that you love. the mac and cheese barbecue sauce, you've got a plant based brisket. >> okay. >> and wrapped inside a flour ftortilla -- >> that's not beef? >> it's not. >> what is that? >> it's delicious is what it is. >> it's plant-based protein. >> what does that mean? is that tofu? >> it's similar to tofu. it's similar. >> not too bad. >> right, right. >> and finally right over here. we've got what is that? >> you've got to have dessert on a cleanse, am i right? >> stop you from having. we wanted to add some chocolate. berries, super foods. >> instead of a tortilla we're using a crepe. so you can fold it up. it's delicious. you've got a chocolate ganache. >> and maybe the best part, margaritas. >> any cleanse has supplements. and so our supplements are tequila based. >> well, yeah, of course. >> you've got to do that. you go that with agave and
5:28 am
that's lower in calories. >> and agave is from the same plant as tequila so you know it's got to be a superfood. >> from a juice chens this is the way to go. >> how many shots of tequila did you have before you came up with the taco cleanse book? >> people are excited. everybody loves tacos is the one thing that we've really learned. >> we were excited, that's why we had to have you. the book is called "the takeco cleanse" very nicely done. jessica and stephanie. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> i'm throwing out my kale. >> thank you. all right you have to come look at this. a man flips through the air after a car crash. >> watch. there he goes. >> that is a person right there. >> and he manages to survive. unbelievable. >> thank goodness. and the iowa caucuses are just twelve days away from today. do you know where iowa is? >> somewhere in here. >> i will go with right here? >> that is so bad. >> close but no hawkeye state. the hawkeye state edition of
5:29 am
doost on the loose from the streets of new york city coming up next. 72% of women say they often make healthy choices. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ... from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biote and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. according to a recent poll hillary clinton has a better chance than bernie sanders of beating donald trump while martin o'malley still has a great chance of beating traffic. leave now. >> did you see how disrespected he was. they said we're going to really be talking to the two front-runners and they will decide, the moderators, if martin o'malley can speak. can you imagine if they did that to al sharpton or dennis kucinich -- >> you look at the new poll that came out for new hampshire, bernie sanders has 60 and martin o'malley has 1. >> absolutely. but you've got to give somebody the respect. martin o'malley is not doing well but i don't think you should disrespect somebody like that. but how sobering was it for
5:33 am
hillary clinton to get up today and be trailing by double digits by this much in new hampshire? >> between that and the trouble with the e-mails. >> and "the new york times" reporting that she's preparing for a long slog and that her campaign according to the "times," and they've got some good sources inside the hillary clinton campaign, is preparing potentially for a loss in iowa and new hampshire. >> that's right. >> so that's significant. >> but she'll win later. >> speaking of iowa. >> some would say iowa, yes, indeed. >> where is iowa, steve? >> the iowa caucuses are exactly twelve days from today. i know where iowa is. i was born there. but go out on the streets of new york city. you see all those people. you ask them, where is iowa? who is from iowa? what do they make in iowa? those people really don't know much about iowa. so we thought we would educate. watch this. ♪ >> everybody's talking about iowa these days. >> yes. >> you must know where it's at. >> of course. somewhere over here.
5:34 am
>> somewhere in here. >> right here? >> oh, that's so close. that's illinois, that's -- >> that's close. >> what do you know about iowa? >> they're the potato state. >> no, actually they're not the potato -- >> no idaho is the potato state. >> which of these items does not come from iowa? corn, ethanol, potatoes or cappen crunch berries? >> i'll about with captain crunch berries. >> berries. >> captain crunch. >> think of another "i" state. >> don't tell me it's potatoes. >> just one. hello. >> oh, idaho. >> idaho. >> you ever call them potatoes? >> you say tomato and i say tomato. whatever. >> iowa is the home of the world's largest what? corn, strawberry, fort, or box of raisins? >> i'll go with corn. >> spark.
5:35 am
>> spork. >> strawberry? it makes no sense. >> you feel like you know a lot about iowa? >> i've been watching. >> where is it? >> i would not have a clue. >> kind of -- kind of more right about there. stick you finger on it. whoo! i was born in iowa. >> oh. >> that's right. >> i think we've got some youtube video. listen to this. okay we don't have the video just audio. one of these people once called iowa home. >> ronald reagan. >> yes, that's right. >> reagan. >> that's right. >> this guy. >> that's right. >> he lived in davenport, and as a lovely parting gift we're going to give you a sofa. >> no way! >> you're right. we're not. >> oh! >> two of these people lost the iowa caucuses. which two? >> the two bushes. >> i don't know. george bush? >> hillary and her husband. >> oh, okay. >> i don't even know who this
5:36 am
guy is. >> i'm a ford, not a lincoln. >> one of these people got zero% in the iowa caucuses. >> mr. sharpton? >> zero percent. >> i'll go with al sharpton. >> zero. >> who would that have to be? >> so there's no real conflict. >> so when you see al sharpton you just think zero? >> yes, pretty much. because we're from baltimore. >> you're from spain? >> yes. >> is it true about the rain in spain? >> it rains a lot, yeah. >> but does the rain in spain fall mainly on the plain? >> no. >> you know who's from iowa? that guy. >> that guy. >> who is that? >> i don't know. >> does this help you? >> yes. >> charlie, you're a professional journalist. >> draw what the state of iowa looks like. >> oh, like this. yes, i'm right. >> now you're a fedex guy, right? >> yes. >> then you would know where iowa is on the map.
5:37 am
>> oh -- >> when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight, to des moines, where would you take it? that's colorado. that's nebraska. that's kansas. that's wyoming. you already did that one. are you sure you work for fedex? >> that's terrific. >> just educating the people about some of the things in iowa. of course, it's all about politics. why was charlie gas parreno so good at drawing the state of iowa? think about it. how do you know? it was a square until two rivers -- >> he even got the river right on that. i'm impressed. >> on each side is a river. charlie went to the university of missouri, neighboring state. >> i was surprised how many americans did not know where iowa was on the map. >> they just know it's in the middle somewhere. >> and you just rant into him on the street? >> charlie? >> did he pull over for you. >> brian, i was in front of the building. >> oh, okay. i thought you were in another city. it looks so different. >> can't avoid him. >> great, steve. >> thank you. >> 23 minutes before the top of the hour. heather childers in today with the headlines. >> good morning to you.
5:38 am
good morning to everyone at home. listen to this story. the cdc issuing new guidelines surrounding the zika virus. it is an infection from mosquitoes that can cause brain damage to unborn babies. the cdc says if you're pregnant, and you've traveled to south american countries where there's an outbreak you need to be tested. so far women have tested positive in hawaii, florida, illinois and texas. one college's plan to improve race relations is, well, raising some eyebrows this morning. portland community college in oregon is hoping to educate students by hosting what they call whiteness history month in april. now the college says it's not to celebrate being white, rather faculty and staff want to start a conversation about how white privilege was constructed through history, and how it led to the race relations we have today. an incredible car crash caught on camera. look at this. this was in brazil. a passenger is thrown into the air like a rag doll.
5:39 am
as the truck just loses control, drives right off the side of the road. yep. you can see the man flying into the sky as the car rolls over and over. amazingly he survived with several broken bones, though. the driver of that car left unharmed. that's unreal. and those are a look at your headlines. >> flies out and then the car rolls over. that's amazing. but he's fine, right? >> broken bones. >> he is alive. >> wow. amazing. >> might have paid that he didn't wear a seat belt. in that case. >> maybe that's the problem. >> could be he doesn't fly out without a seat belt. >> you notice how cold it is outside? and in minnesota i saw zero degrees. that's why i always say to my mother, ma, when they start to talk about why don't you move back here to minnesota? no thanks. >> we've got an extreme weather situation. >> there is a winter storm warning for some states. an arctic blast hits the midwest. temperatures dangerously dipping to the single digits there. >> this as the northeast and the
5:40 am
mid-atlantic prepare for our own bout of wintry weather set to bury states with up to a foot or two of snow. but it could miss us entirely. maria molina is tracking more. are we going to miss this? >> i don't know. it's looking less and less likely across some areas, especially in the midatlantic, new york city it does look like we're going to be looking at as much as a foot of snow, areas farther north that's where the big question lies. parts of southern new england if you live in massachusetts or boston you really don't know just yet exactly what the storm means for your area. but the mid-atlantic, including places like d.c. and baltimore, we are looking like you could be looking at the brunt from this storm system. but i want to start out with your current windchill temperatures because it's quite cold out there in pittsburgh it feels like 8 degrees right now. feels like 10 in indianapolis and farther west across places like des moines and also in minneapolis, we're looking at single digit current windchill temperatures. we're tracking one storm system that's bringing in some light snow accumulations across places like kentucky, tennessee, and also into parts of ohio. we have winter weather
5:41 am
advisories and winter storm warnings in effect out there. but take a look at what happens beyond this storm system, with the new one develops across the plains. this is the one that could be tracking up the east coast and bringing in our first significant nor'easter of the season. we'll bring you more as it develops. >> it is winter. it should snow. just not that much. all right, maria, thank you. do sarah palin and donald trump go together like -- ♪ ♪ i'm a little bit country i'm a little bit rock 'n' roll ♪ >> donny and marie. >> peter johnson jr. on how this new partnership could be huge. >> and up next the massive winter storm heading our way. we've got some gear to protect your pup and brian's new little doggies. keeping warm in the dangerous cold. >> get the dog sled.
5:42 am
5:43 am
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stress sweat is different than ordinary sweat. stostress sweat. it can happen medicalany time, to anyone. it smells worse. get four times the protection against stress sweat. with secret clinical strength invisible solid and clear gel. are you ready to make america great again? >> yes! >> i am here because, like you, i know that it is now or never. i'm in it to win it. know that the united states military deserves a commander in chief who loves our country passionately, and will never apologize for this country. >> just 12 days to go until the iowa caucuses. donald trump just picked up a huge endorsement from former vice presidential nominee sarah palin. it sort of reminds peter johnson of this.
5:46 am
♪ i'm a little bit country i'm a little bit rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ i'm a little bit of nashville a little bit of motown in my soul ♪ >> peter johnson jr. thinks this new partnership could be a winner. could be huge. >> i think it is huge. a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll. and the mainstream media and the republican establishment, their heads are spinning, and exploding. i agree with sarah palin what she said yesterday. this is a huge, incredibly smart move by both of these folks, because what donald trump has done is he's gotten a lot of more street cred. >> sure. >> with conservatives. with women in the republican party. with evangelicals. with rural voters, with suburban voters. this says listen, i've done -- i've done the dance. i'm sarah palin. i've gone through the firestorm of the american media already. i've run for vice president. i've taken the sling and arrows.
5:47 am
and i say that trump can be a great president. so if you want to say i'm not a conservative, somehow, well you prove that. >> sure. >> and so, this is kind of annie oakley meeting p.t. barnum in some ways. and, it gives them both great credibility. it's a very smart political move. and probably the best move that i've seen in the political season. >> you know, over the last couple of weeks, it is -- ten days let's say, ted cruz has been saying you know that donald trump, he doesn't -- he represents new york values. because he's from new york. >> right. >> if there's anybody out there on the republican side who does not represent new york values eu the woman from alaska. >> absolutely right. that's why i was making that loving reference to donny and marie, a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll. americans understand that. and as much washington and los angeles and new york likes to make fun of sarah palin, make fun of the way she talks, make fun of the words she uses, people like her, they respect
5:48 am
her, they believe person of integrity, and donald trump does, as well. so when the two of these are fused in this campaign it's terrific for both of them, as well. the governor of iowa, terry branstad yesterday said that ted cruz is bad for the people of iowa, doesn't believe in the renewable energy, and is a pawn of the oil interests. big day for donald trump yesterday. big day for sarah palin. let's see what happens. endorsements, they say it doesn't mean anything. this one is a little bit different. i was impressed. and i'm a new yorker! i was impressed. >> that's right. there was one other one. john wayne's daughter. >> john wayne's daughter. john wayne, sarah palin, donald trump, donny, marie. >> peter johnson. who knew? >> thank you very much. >> you're a little bit of the country and a little bit rock 'n' roll. >> i do. i do on eddie arnold. my mother used to play it in the eight track in the car. >> all right peter, thank you. all right is your pet ready for the big winter storm and cold weather heading our way?
5:49 am
brian's just got his new pups here and we've got gear to keep them warm. during the storm. that rhymed. martha maccallum is preparing for the storm. she's got mukluks under the desk. >> how did you know? good morning, steve. thank you very much. so donald trump gets sarah palin on his side and the iowa governor says don't vote for ted cruz. but cruz says trump is unwilling to break up the washington cartel. so who is the real reformer? we will talk to tucker carlson, rollins and trippi and eric trump this morning and the inspector general for the intelligence agency says hillary clinton had top top-secret info on that server. we'll dig into that as well when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. it's winter. eat winter snacks. freshman. campbell's. made for real, real life.
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5:53 am
they may be wearing fur coats all the time but even our four-legged friends can freeze in the ice cold winter months like what we've got going on. >> we've got brian's dogs here to show it all off and melissa seligman for vp of merchandising for bark box and that's the company. >> bark shop. >> and by the way, melissa we told you yesterday come on down, be on "fox & friends" and bring your items. first off we have a storm hitting this weekend. what should we keep in mind when it comes to a rain coat? >> this is a jelly wellies rain coat. it has full closure on the stomach which adds extra warmth for the dogs, and it's waterproof. >> you say that's good for the owner. >> yeah. when you're bringing, a dog like this doesn't necessarily need a coat, but coming inside after it's snowing and raining you have a wet, fluffy dog. >> what is rocky wearing right now even though he's not aware of it? >> a shearling quilted coat from top dog. this is a great vendor, new york based.
5:54 am
apollo has the porter coat on which i love it's wool with a fleece lining. >> tell me how much this is, and tell me how much this is. >> this is $40 to $50 depending on size and this one is $68. >> do dogs like to wear coats? >> i don't think they mind them. >> all right. >> how do you know if your dog needs a coat? brian's dogs are big, fluffy dogs. they have a great coat of fur. how do you know if they need something to keep them warm? >> so, i think you just think about it like yourself. you're going outside you feel cold. if your dog is resisting going outside they might be cold. it's just really give or take. >> and if you like steve, and like to crochet that might be the answer. >> what is this? >> it's a knit sweater. >> a chunky knit sweater for $72. be careful with it. >> on the inside it's actually double ply so when you're putting in his nails don't hook it. >> that's a good idea. >> you said booties are important for dogs. >> exactly. >> their paws are so much more
5:55 am
sensitive. >> exactly. these are really great. they're just kind of balloons that you put on your dogs, watching your dog for the first time wear them is probably the funniest experience. >> there's twelve in there so it can go out three times. >> they're reusable too. you can keep reusing them. >> i was always under the impression that nature took care of all types of animals. >> they do generally. but we've brought them to different climates they're not used to. but we have pollution and the salt to break up the ice on the street which is really bad for dog's paws. >> all right. the bag. >> snuggle sack. this is one of my all-time favorite items. it's great for dogs that like to burrow. fleece lined. >> it's like a sleeping bag for dogs. >> exactly. >> you have all those dogs -- >> there's no shedding in your bed when you have one of these. >> check out this mat. this is like a mini game -- sorry -- this is like a game that you can play. >> exactly. this is the activity mat. we sell this in bark shop for $69. it comes with a starter kit.
5:56 am
that blue carrier bag, and you put treats in it and it's a way to stimulate your dog when they can't be running around outside as much. >> steve, also if you have a concern candidate you're pulling for, whether it's hillary clinton or donald trump. >> hillary kitchen, and the dognald. >> melissa seligman, thank you so much. bark shop is the name of the e-commerce company. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> don't mind whispering, they're sleeping. >> oh, okay. we have a huge surprise for rocky and apollo. we'll tell you about it when we come back. >> if they wake up. they're exhausted. >> did you drug them, brian? >> i'm not sure! [ coughing ] [ sneezing ] a cold can make you miserable.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
look who wrote back, jasper perino says come by for breakfast any time. >> i think i see a date. >> are you asking the dogs? >> i'm asking the dogs if they want to date jasper? >> thanks for watching. bill: a fox news alert. a terror attack targeting students in northwestern pakistan. 20 are dead. dozens are injured. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: the taliban first claimed responsibility for this attack, but now a spokesman for the pakistani taliban said they had nothing to do with it. the terrorists slipped into the campus through a barbed wire fence as the students and teachers ran for cover. bi


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