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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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we will see you tomorrow night right here "on the record" 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from washington and go to and blog with us. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we need to develop a political movement which, once again, is prepared to take on a ruling class whose greed is destroying our nation. >> some in the media starting to get behind the bernie sanders movement, playing down his radical past. but what is the truth about the senator? we will tell you. >> he was not aware of what was happening in fast and furious. certainly i was not. >> a federal judge says president obama cannot block information about the fast and furious scandal from we, the people. we'll have the latest. also ahead, stossel says vegas not the polls will
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call the presidential winner. miller on global warming and black lives matter blocking a bridge in san francisco. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. building up bernie, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there have been a number of articles saying that senator sanders no longer a fringe candidate but a real threat to hillary clinton. that's because the new des moines register poll has sanders only 2 points behind hillary clinton in iowa and only 13 points behind nationally. finally in new hampshire the real clear average has sanders up by 11 points over hillary clinton. in joust a few moments he had will analyze why hillary
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clinton's campaign is tottering and i will tell you why sanders. it does not come to bury sanders but to praise him. kind of. in contrast to mrs. clinton, the senator is energetic, appears to be honest and is not the usual phony po problem is bernie 74 really is a hard core socialist. >> democratic socialism means that we must reform a corrupt, that we must create an economy that works for all not just the very wealthy. >> that doesn't sound too bad but here are the facts. according to analysis by the "wall street journal," sanders backs at least $18 trillion in new spending, federal spending over the next decade. catastrophic, nation already has a 19 trillion-dollar debt according tojy analysis by "the washington
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examiner." sanders' to raise taxes in america by 20 trillion bucks over 0 years. as we pointed out monday, if sanders begins taxing american corporations more, many of them will simply leave the thousands of jobs with them. remember, the u.s.a. already has the highest corporate tax rate in the developing world. sanders says he will close many tax loopholes and that's fine. it all comes back to one thing. the more money you take away from individuals, the less they spend in the marketplace. the more money you take away from companies, the less they hire and the less research they will do. the goal of socialism is to blatantly flatten out the economy so everybody makes the same. if sanders were elected president he could not get this stuff passed in congress. he could do damage by the executive alone. why are millions of americans buying into that? two basic reasons. some have no clue what senator sanders really stands for.
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they don't know anything about socialism or about him. for example, bernie sanders has been in the senate for 9 years. in that time, only one, one significant bill with his name on it has passed. revamping the department of veterans affairs. before that he was in the house of representatives for 16 years. the highlight of all was his brokering a deal with his pals in venezuela to import heating oil to america. so you can see mr. sanders north exactly a major player in congress for 25 years. but, again, he is honest. and he is not afraid to say what he believes. now, there is no question that the liberal mainstream media is getting very nervous about hillary clinton. it seems almost every day there is a new revelation about her ethical dilemmas, blurel, dilemmas. on the campaign trail. she is less than inspiring, trying to run as continuation of barack obama. when many voters understand, especially with the stock market melting down that
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mr. obama's economic policies have not exactly strengthened america. the propaganda says president obama saved us from depression. take a look where we are. your investments are going hammered and salaries low for workers and outlook for this year very bleak. when stocksblow up, all of us get hurt. do you understand that, bernie? do you understand that, barack? so hillary clinton running on more obama policy is folly and sanders knows it one more thing. if the senator does win the democratic nomination, still not likely, that would be a g.o.p. dream. america will never go socialist. that's the memo. now for the reaction eboni williams and monica crowley. how much of a chance do you think sanders has? >> zero. i have got news for you neither mrs. clinton or bernie sanders is going to be the democratic nominee for different reasons. but the only person controlling this whole pro-is says is barack obama and what he wants. >> i know, this is like the ninth time you told us. you are going to be right,
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crowley. >> fbi is going to take her out of and mounting evidence that's going to happen. >> do you remember the name dick morris? you better be right here. >> mounting evidence. >> vanished. and i hate to have that happen to you. >> bernie sanders can win. >> bernie sanders, you say, has no chance to get the democratic nomination? >> nope. will not get it. >> and last time if you didn't watch miss monica last week she said jerry brown in california there are rumblings he may step in. >> or joe biden. >> or joe biden and i have said that eboni, what say you. >> i think this is what the democratic party deserves, bill. i think this was a setup from day one. i think they decided to make nobody on the playing field that really stood a chance against hillary clinton with the presumption that the democrats would fall in line and easily nominate her. never in a million years did they think that someone like bernie sanders could actually upset her. >> let me stop you. you say that debbie wasserman schultz and her merry people. >> yes. >> didn't want any real competition for hillary clinton?
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>> that's correct. >> so they let bernie -- encouraged bernie to get in but none of the other big democrats? >> they were talked out of it, bill. i absolutely believe so. this is now back firing on the democratic party. >> bernie gets in. he is pretty cares mastic on the frame. >> for some. >> you have to get bagels out there but he is fine. compare him to hillary. >> absolutely. he has enthusiasm. >> collapsing when hillary is talking. >> there is nobody there. >> but, youiy know, you have now the spector of an indictment against mrs. clinton. >> correct. >> we're going to talk to he had henry about that in a moment. i'm not saying that's going to happen. but the odds of it happening are more today than they were a month ago. >> correct. as i have been trying to tell you since august, bill. >> we are just hoping that you are not wrong. >> i understand. >> because i don't want you to go where dick morris went. >> and i said i coulden wrong but based on what i have been hearing since
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august. >> but you have been adamant about this. >> about the president's intentions. >> that's only one speculation. >> can i say this, monica, even if hillary gets the nomination that is still a gift wrapped present. here to is why. the the candidate forced down america's throat versus the candidate that the people selected. i will tell you this, bill, when you try to take choice away from the american people it will not end well. >> you are talking about the people on the republican side because that's still wild and woolly and nobody knows what's going to happen. >> at least choice. >> you may be underestimating her. that campaign has put together a coalition of the willing. pretty powerful. african-americans are not going to bernie. >> not as much as you would think, bill. >> maybe they will stay÷a home. >> some of them, bill, people will not talk about this. mob can a and i talk about this all the time back stage. many will consider voting
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for the first candidate. >> i think that's true because of economic reasons but the mucks are going to have to sign up and say look we care about you but you have got to do x, y, and z. >> they all don't want that. remember, in addition to the looming fbi investigation, hillary clinton has two other problems. first of all the democrat party is not her husband's party. this is barack obama's party which means it's so far to the left that she is trying to navigate into relation. >> you heard her the other night, whatever barack obama wants, i want. >> there is a reason why she kicked his butt sunday night three letters, fbi. the dirty little secret about hillary clinton is that nobody actually likes her. are the exception, i have spoken with her a bunch of times and she has been very interesting to it talk to. >> you are missing my point.
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there is huge enthusiasm gap for her. trump and cruz. >> why is there enthusiasm for a guy who would ruin the country. come on. >> at least, bill, with barack obama we didn't know a lot about him either in when he ran in 2008. he seemed like a better alternative. >> we have known everything about bernie. for 2 5 years he has been doing nothing. >> a better alternative for people on the democratic party than hillary clinton. >> a guy 2 a years did nothing is a better alternative? >> for many people. not of bernie but of hillary. >> can i get to the crux of bernie sanders? >> richard nixon once told me i have more respect for congress that be a democrat. first believe in principles and where they stand. that's authenticity. >> if a man elected would ruin the country. >> of course. >> you can't operate at the level that he wants to operated on.
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>> when you say the kids don't know socialism is. they want democratic socialism police state. >> i think it's so simple. you may be right. i never overestimate the intelligence of some people. because it's -- you know, that's why we do the watters segment. ladies, very interesting. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> by the way my talking points memo on monday about the debate. the democrat debate is posted on bill o' the next on the rundown he had henry on more problems as mentioned for hillary clinton. then later, stossel says forget about the polls. it's vetters who-+ know who is likely to win the nominations. we are coming right back. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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tonight, the federal inspector general representing u.s. intelligence agencies has written a letter saying there are several dozen classified emails that were not secured by then secretary of state hillary clinton. several dozen. so another problem for her is the fbi continues its investigation. pressure mounting on the feds who explain the situation we the people. joining us from washington he had henry who is covering the clinton campaign. first of all you are also occasionally covering bernie sanders. is my talking points memo unfair. >> he is largely fair. what he believes is fairly extreme on the left. there is no bones about it. and some of this was exposed by the way by hillary clinton, the pressure from her, she is taking a beating right now. but, in the hours leading tomb that debate on sunday night, she forced the issue. forced him to reveal the the details of his healthcare plan. he wants to raise four or five different taxes to pay for it. >> absolutely. >> that hasn't come out and gotten a lot of scrutiny. >> everybody knows that he is a man who would absolutely destroy of
5:16 pm
capitalistic infrastructure in the country and have millions of people going yea, yea. they have no idea the unintended consequences. >> he is at 91 is% favorability in new hampshire right now in a cnn poll. >> among likely democrats. he wants to give out free stuff. >> i don't know if it's that simple. i think there is a lot of resentment against hillary clinton in new hampshire. they just don't like her there. they didn't like her the last time around and they don't like her now. how worried is the clinton campaign about this email situation? >> look, this is time secret personal server. some of her allies were out today saying this is innocuous information. it's not a big deal it is a big deal. as our own catherine herridge has been reporting and she broke the story, some of this information was need-to-know basis. what does that mean? i have done reporting with former intelligence officials who say
5:17 pm
need-to-know information is the kind of stuff that you only brief seniory/ officials like hillary clinton or leon panetta in person. if you were to write it down, you would show did to them. and then you would burn it later. you certainly would not put it in an email. a server where the chinese, the russians or others could hack in. so the bottom line is, going back it to last march, hillary clinton said, you know, there was no classified information. this cuts to her credibility. >> until the last day of this stuff she is going to say it wasn't classified when i got it. that's what she is going to say. but, when you have the inspector general and everybody else and 150 fbi agents and now looking at the clinton foundation where there is quid pro quo, it is a candidate. >> she has been dealing with this issue for some time. >> hands around her neck. >> nobody knows for sure when the fbi is going to act the fact of the matter is though, if the fbi, and they have over is 100 agents according to various people i have spoken to working on
5:18 pm
this. if they come up with information suggesting that either laws were broken or at the very least it was sloppy and rules were broken, bended, whatever you want to say and the justice department does not bring charges, the fact of the matter is you could have fbi agents resign. >> i understand it might come as early as next month, march; is that correct is that right? >> honestly our report something that nobody knows when the the fbi will do it. yes, there has been speculation that it could be within a month. that would be after iowa and new hampshire, but around the time of super tuesday, for example. >> right. >> whenever it comes out, in the middle of a campaign, it could be devastating. >> one more question, miss monica crowley is putting her reputation on the line here somewhat, saying that the obama administration does not want hillary clinton to win the nomination. >> you know. >> monica has been saying that for months. you saw hillary clinton basically say if you elect me, i'm going to run exactly and do exactly what barack obama did.
5:19 pm
is there tension between the white house and the clinton campaign? >> she is right that there is tension. and i love miss mondayca. i know her off the air. i know her on the air. but i think she is wrong on this one. the fact of the matter is there is no other topx desperate who can carry on the obama legacy. as you noted in the debate sunday night, hillary clinton made it very clear to her political peril in a general election. it could work in a primary especially in south carolina where the debate was sunday and where the african-american vote will be critical. that's their southern fire wall. get the african-american vote out. get the obama coalition together. that's why she said this will be obama third term. that may help her win the: democratic third term election. >> breaking news that el chapo, the heinous mexican powered rifle he got in the fast and furious chaos. this story may be about to explode again. later, stossel on politics and gamblers, also miller on
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factor follow up segment tonight, remember the fast and furious gun scandal, that was a sting by the feds that allowed thousands of guns to be smuggled into mexico from the u.s.a. so, federal agents could track them. find out who is operating and selling guns south of the border. well, one of mows guns may have killed a border patrol officer and another was found in el chapo's arsenal when he was captured last week in mexico. in addition, federal judge has told president obama he cannot use executive privilege to withhold certain documents about the fast and furious case. joining us from los angeles, fox news correspondent william la jeunesse, who has
5:24 pm
been on the story from the beginning. now, this started in 2012 it was a little story in the beginning and it got bigger and biggser and bigger. what documents does the president not want we, the people, not to see. do you know? >> so the justice department produced an index of the records it was withholding after getting subpoena from congress thatey includes emails in detail how then attorney general eric holder crafted the fast and furious talking points. 0 emails between holder and his wife, emails holder and the white house. and finally emails from and to the u.s. ambassador to mexico as well as about 16 other officials. so yesterday this judge said some of the records deserve executive protection, others don't. giving the justice department two weeks to turn them over to congress which is still, bill, trying to figure out basically. this when and how much did the top people of the administration know about fast and furious, which they were blaming on a few rogue
5:25 pm
agents in phoenix. of course we know that's not true. i will say minutes ago -- >> minutes ago what happened? >> okay so minutes ago i get -- i talk to the chairman of the oversight committee who told me that he and senator grassley are going to be writing a letter to atf today demanding all the serial numbers of the he feels that basically they are going to seek a stay on this judge's ruling and hopefully run out the clock before the president leaves. >> some of these emailers from holder be given to the congressional republicans behind the massive screwup of -- that's the bottom line. they want to know why the thing went bad, who is responsible for the mistakes beca5m# a border agent, brian terry, was killed and one of the fast and furious weapons was found near the
5:26 pm
body. that -- do i have it? >> yes, sir. you do. >> okay. so, who screwed up and what was the extent of it so it doesn't happen again? that seems logical. i don't know why barack obama would want to stop information flow from that. say, look, i was -- unless he was involved andkwg doubt it because that's an operation that you wouldn't think the president of the united states would be involved with guns going south of the border. doesn't make any sense. what too you say? >> well, i was going to say that, of course, initially they said hey, listen, we in washington knew nothing about this. this is a few guys in phoenix who didn't know what they were doing. well, as it was revealed over con grecialg investigation over basically two years we found out that wasn't true. whether it be. >> holder knew. >> laney brewer. >> well, holder claims he did not know anything until it made the press. we also know that there were documents that he received, that he claimed he didn't open the email that actually did disclose what operation fast and furious was and
5:27 pm
what it was doing in terms of weapons. >> holder knew. so, what? you know it's got screwed up and say i'm sorry. i don't understand. i don't know what the subterfuge is here unless there is something else that we don't know. >> well, i guess if you claim that you don't know something and records actually show that you do, then that looks pretty bad. >> then maybe you are a liar; you are a liar. obama is protecting his pal holder. could that be it? >> i suspect there are people within the department of justice who knew a lot more than they let on. there are records, i am telling you, bill, that go back to meetings that took place where atf was explaining to doj in washington exactly how many weapons on a weekly basis they were feeding into mexico. they say i wasn't at that meeting. >> okay. well, let's hope that finally we figure out what happened there because el chapo has some of the weapons and you can aconsume that a lot of people were killed with those weapons in mexico. william, good work.
5:28 pm
we appreciate you coming on tonight. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. john stossel says forget about the polls. betters know who will get the presidentialí7!ç nominations. and more trouble credit of the black lives matter crew they shut down a big san francisco bridge. i hope youa stay tuned to those reports. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. personal story segment tonight, political polling as we become a huge industry in america. john stossel says forget
5:32 pm
about the polls he points to betters and odds makers oversea as to knowing what the political climate really is the in u.s.a. stossel joins us now. why are you so cynical about the polls? >> because pollsters reach only 10% of the people who will answer their phones andmn> that's reflected in the general vote as well. many voters don't know anything. >> but a couple weeks before the election, then they will make up their minds, then the polls are more accurate. right now the prediction markets are much better at predicting. >> what are the prediction markets? what is that? >> it's like the stock market and commodities market. stupidly illegal in america. on other places can you bet on the outcomes of things. >> like london? london is a big better place. >> and the largest one is in london bet fair. and there was in-trade before that predicting "american idol" winners and oscar winners.
5:33 pm
>> this is what the london wise guys have up now. chances of winning the republican primary put it up on the screen. trump is ahead 39.4. then rubio 27.6. cruz 16.7. bush 10.2, christie 3.22. kasich 1.7. do you agree with that? >> none of us are smart enough to outguess it. >> if you went to london and put a few pounds on. >> on trump. >> your odds are smaller than if you went northbound the for the long shot. >> right. >> do you think that because trump is the favorite because he is leading in the polls here, means anything? >> it means that he is a favorite. it happens to be that the polls agree. but when the polls don't agree, i will take the betters any time. >> doo they ever not agree. >> oh, sure. >> all right. let's put up the democrats now here isance chief of staff winning a primary hillary clinton 77.33. bernie sanders 17.6.
5:34 pm
o'malley has no chance. >> here is an example where the polls don't agree. you keep say hillary is fading and bernie is coming up in the polls. >> saying hillary is going to win. >> not even close according to people who put their money where their mouth is. >> that doesn't surprise me. here is chances of winning the presidency, put it on the screen. hillary clinton 50%. all right. trump 16, rubio 12. sanders 9 see, now i think that's just skewed out. >> put your money where your mouth is then. >> i'm not a betting guy do you want to get and give me eyes on these things? >> do you want to bet on this? this is smarter than you. >> it it looks to me like i'm going to take any republican. you are going to see hillary, okay? >> okay. 50/50 bet here. >> no, no. 16 to 50 so that's three to one. the top bet guy is trump. that's 16.
5:35 pm
that's 3 to 1. you give me 3 to 1 odds. >> trump vs. hillary? any republican. >> they get closer. >> the highest republican is 16. don't try to bam boofl me. three to one. >> that's a bad bet for me. >> why? >> because trump and rubio. >> only one can run. >> weaseling out of this. tayl the bet and people will respect. >> you once one is picked it they will be higher in the odds. >> give me two to one. i have got any republican, you have got hillary. >> no. >> no. >> you are trying to rip me off here. >> you are a gangster. >> you are a scam artist. >> you are a gangster. there is stossel, everybody. and he won't take the bet. that's all you need to know. when we come right back, it will be miller time. he is going to talk about global warming among other things. miller is next.
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advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. bill o'reilly, miller time segment tonight, our pal dennis is in antarctica. i'm not kidding. is he down there scaring the penguins. we put together a best of miller segment that i hope you'll like.
5:40 pm
>> you are looking a little don henleyish tonight a little eagles ♪ oh, witchy woman ♪ she's got. >> i think that's a lawsuit by the eagles right there. dennis miller, everyone. all right. you got the short pants on. and you are traveling to antarctica on assignment for the factor to find out why the ice caps are getting larger if the warming, miller. >> by the way, that was a closeup of dean martin's drink. [ laughter ] >> you could say that he can say that. >> i'm going down there in january, billy, to give you a mutt luck on the ground perspective. it doesn't matter if it's getting thicker to the left, they are going to tell youeç they think yardsticks are the devil's september tore. they are going3r@ i don't care
5:41 pm
if the science proves it's getting thicker. they are going to sigh it's getting thinner. that's why i practice the new religion brag no, sir stickism. i'm prognostic. if somebody comes up and say it's getting thinner i lock my pod face on i say yes, yes it is dangerously thin. >> you are right this is a recording. >> you should be a college professor, miller. >> they are not going to change their minds. i will be down there auditioning new countries. >> number one, leave the penguins alone. anybody two, you should be a college professor with all the big words, miller. had you like 10 or 12 of them in the segment. >> i'm for real. i'm for real. so you better check yourself. >> indonesia, there is a guy named booty wasico.
5:42 pm
he is the head of the antinarcotics force in indonesia. booty wants to build a prison on a little island and have crocs patrol the waters around the prison, miller. i'm for it. >> everybody knows that wrong. it's got to be alligators with uzis because they have got those little arms and they can control the shoot radius of the uzi. you can't break out of a prison armed by -- i don't even know what i'm saying for god's sake. >> that's nothing unusual. crocodile, billy. oddly enough, they like those big christmas cans of caramel corn. they love it they sit there and you can also get them with wallets and loafers and you would think they would be is you purr plus. they love to sit there with little can. get my segment off. i'm in trouble. >> all right. so miller, you are a 1 percenter. did you know there is a new
5:43 pm
type of therapy called wealth therapy? that treats people who feel guilty about being per russ. it's not all that easy if you have got stuff in america you feel guilty. >> you have got to buck up and shoulder on. put one python skin loafer in front of the other one. just keep moving forward. >> that's right. >> listen, i have been broke acted i have had some money. i was in therapy once because i was so broke and now i have a few bucks. i hire a kid to go to therapy for me. i got them from a company called rent kavich. let's raise facts, if you are wealthy in america you hit the mother load. not everyone has been getting it i busted my -- >> i was in the same situation as you, miller, no money at all and now i have
5:44 pm
some cash but i don't even think about the money. i don't think about it. and i submit to you. >> well, give it to me. >> you don't deserve it. i give it to deserving people,. >> write a book called killing my bank account and give it to me. >> if you obsess about money then you should be in therapy ♪ >> putin has a fragrance, vladimir putin is marketing a fragrance and i understand if you spray it on you invade ukraine. >> speaking of the oscars, i swear he looks exactly like the oscar statue ♪ >> i predict that the 2016 phrase of the year at the end of next year is hey, you smell like putin. >> hey, i smell like putin. >> get off. people are trying to sleep. >> here is the ad campaign, billy, i can bring home crime me i -- crimea, fry it up in the pan.
5:45 pm
♪ i am putin ang lee. i can't seem to forget you. your vodka stays on my mind. just a couple ad campaigns for vlad. >> my apologies. miller wants you to know that the show in connecticut mohican sun all sold out. i'm thinking about putting father's' day buffet. i will let you know. microsoft theater 50 ticket remain some of them are good seats though. finally we will see everybody in fairfax, virginia eagle bank arena. details up on bill o' soup and sandwich and clean and real,
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did you see that? san francisco group black lives matter attacked a bridge. >> the bay bridge is sometimes blocked by accidents but this was a spectacle rarely seen. protesters halting westbound traffic at about 4:00. patrol officers faced off with them. some demonstrators chained together and chain strung through their cars. one in each lane. as bolt cutters came out, organizers called it a stand against anti-black racism and terrorism. >> okay, here now to explain further fox news anchor martha mckel um. this is an offshoot of black lives matter, like an affiliate. are they franchising like mcdonald's? you get your own franchise? >> the original group is the black queer liberation collective. >> wait, the black queer? >> black queer liberation collective. and they would march with martin
5:50 pm
luther king, jr. and now they put chains through cars and hopefully there was no one trying to get through in an emergency vehicle across the bridge. they wanted to be there for 96 minutes. they managed to hold it down for about 30 minutes. you can imagine, the twitter and social media fall-out from people's cars because they were not happy. they were trying to get to work and funerals and the like. >> what do me want? >> crack down on police brutality. there is a newer case. a 26-year-old they believe was unjustly killed by police in san francisco. but in general, they are in solidarity with other cases around the country. of police brutality. and they want the mayor of oakland, police chief of oakland and of san francisco all fired and then they say they will be happy with that. >> isn't san francisco one of the most liberal cities on earth. and that's still not enough? >> no. they believe in a state of police brutality and this is
5:51 pm
what they want. >> i know you're involved with the debate next week, but i would like you to follow the punishment -- >> 25 people arrested, all let go on fines. pending potential charges. we will find out what happens. >> find out for the next, did you see that, what did they get. >> and big controversy and with very few african-americans nominated. and whoopi goldberg weighed in. roll the tape. >> boycotting doesn't work and it is a slap in the face of -- >> chris rock. >> chris rock. and i find that also wrong. you want to boycott something? don't go see the movies that don't have your representation. >> i agree. i agree. >> that doesn't make sense. don't go dsee movies that don't have black people. >> if you hear the whole thing, she is saying, make a stink all year long. if this is how you feel, i'm not
5:52 pm
showing up at the oscars thing is meaningless -- >> so speaking of showing up, smith's wife -- >> jada pinket smith. she is not happy because her husband wasn't nominated for concussion. spike lee says he isn't going, his wife isn't going. he said, i never use the boycott word, but we won't be there. >> well in chicago they got ignored. got good reviews. but i think the beef is the people who vote for the oscars, they are all white people. >> old white people. 96 % are white. 77% of them are men. i think that the -- that there is a legitimate beef you could say that the academy is ins lar and they like each other's movies and they are not seeing enough of what is going on out there. >> there is a lot of people of color in the industry so maybe branch out. i had two movies nominated for best tv film for the emmys. "killing jesus" and "killing kennedy." now by knew we were going to lose. we knew. because of me.
5:53 pm
now if the executive are producer would have been bill mar, those movies probably would have won. but i'm not boycotting. that's not the kind of guy i am. there are politics to be played. but it would be hard it believe they are trying to exclude black films. >> you got yourself a seat at that table by producing things you think are important and that are good. that is what whoopi goldberg is saying. produce. get involved in the process. get yourself a seat at that table because it is a very -- >> for the academy to be fair they should branch out, people that are younger, people of color. because the industry does have them. >> right and things that get nominated or left off the list regardless of color factor. >> all right. tip of the day, the bad lesson that socialism teaches. the tip moments away. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain,
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a lesson currently on display. in a moment. but first, super january promotion on bill o'reilloreilb. reading books inside is a good thing because it is so cold outside. you get a free copy of the book "the news makers", quite a deal. if you become a premium member, get any of my books free, and a copy of the constitution free. we are crazy. now the mail. trump is coming apart, acting like a little kid. how can you continue to campaign for him? bill, it is quite apparent that trump is not your cup of tea. then how come i'm campaigning for him? bill, i know you'll never respond to this, but another trump interview? really? how about cruz? trying to get senator cruz on
5:57 pm
for weeks, ken. and we'll keep trying. really. does trump really think an endorsement by sarah palin will help him? apparently he does. and it won't hurt him in the iowa caucus. hey, bill, i see you are also a movie critic. you gave "13 hours" four stars when i and others give it five stars. careful one may be a pin head. let me get this straight, john, if i don't line up exactly where you are in a movie, i'm a pin head? mr. o'reilly, your disdane and dismissal of positions put forth by bernie sanders are hard it understand. he has been challenged on them here, jim. but sanders who used to appear with us, is now hesitant to come on. what does that tell you? trump takes the fire. bill, you're sounding a lot like a liberal with all of the give aways on we pay for those give aways.
5:58 pm
not the folks. that's the difference, brian. we're just being nice. read "killing reagan", your best book yet. when is a movie coming out? we're aiming for october on national gree geographic. bill you said mckinley was president in 1902. it was roosevelt. mckinley was in 1901. thank you. because of your tip last year to go see the eagles in concert we did. one of the best concerts. rip, glenn frey. and finally, damage of embracing the socialism train.
5:59 pm
in life, anything worthwhile is difficult. if you want to achieve, you will suffer. period. but the socialist philosophy ignores that truism. it is based on entitlement that we all have a right to live in a certain way. to get specific things given to us. that is a false narrative that damages human beings and weakens countries because it robs incentive. robs you of incentive to reach your full potential. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out fox news factor website. different from and spout off anywhere in the world. if you wish to opine, word of the day, do not be peccable. you don't know that one. i didn't. now i do. look it up. >> tomorrow, we will put forth questions, tell what you they are, then we would like to ask
6:00 pm
bernie and hillary in the upcoming town hall meeting they're going to have. that should be fun. again, thanks for watching. miss megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, stakes are raised after one of the two presidential front runners mounts a big response to a campaign trail challenge in a critical state. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file" were everyone, i'm megyn kelly. we are exactly one year out from the swearing in of the next president. think about that. just 12 days away from the first vote and the republican nomination fight. and an iowa, two men are out in front. donald trump and ted cruz. less than 24 hours eye go, mr. trump electrifying pumped crowd in iowa announcing endorsement of former governor sarah palin which you've heard about last night. today senator cruz and


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