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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 21, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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very seriously. philadelphia police got an anonymous phone call saying someone wanted to shoot an officer. that information was forwarded to the nypd then the nypd got a call from the same man mentioning isis. a new york city man wanted for questioning turned himself in. however, police don't not believe he is the one who made the calls. so far no charges have been filed. officers in both cities are on edge with the person who threatened cops still out on the lose. >> when you have people threatening the lives of police officers just because of the uniform they wear we take it serious. >> we are taking it serious after what happened in philadelphia a few weeks ago. >> jessie hartnett was ambushed and shot four times in his patrol car. the shooter said he allegedal league against to isis. officer hartnett is hospitalized and has a long road to recovery.
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>> he is charged with attempted murder and is due in court monday. they are telling officers to stay vigilant mile wee look for the feperson who called in the threats. >> there is nothing more important than our officer's safety. >> philadelphia police are on mat troll with two officers in each car this morning. the nypd are selling officers to trust their instincts. if something feels wrong, call for backup. heather? >> jackie ibanez, thank you. isis on campus? a college professor potentially tied to the terror group. they are now investigating after a probe turned up disturbing extremist post on kent state professor's julio penio's stage. that's just the start of the
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story.>> as mar back as 2002 assistant professor was talking about a suicide bomb in 2007 defending himself against accusations he's sympathetic to terrorist groups. he made headlines again shouting death to israel during a speech by an israeli diplomat. that same year leaving this message on his facebook page. there was dancing in the streets in the united states chance of us,a, usa, usa, that fascist mentality is reminisce tant of hitler's nazi fegermany. americans claim the death of osama bin laden is a victory in the fight against the problem of international terrorism. there is no problem of international terrorism. there is a problem with the united states. he joined the voef gages of the department of homeland security and possible association with the islamic state. he denied the allegations to a
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reporter at the un. >> i haven't broken the law. i couldn't advocate anybody else breaks the law. >> he also denies he sympathizes with isis. his practice is freedom of speech. >> i have a duty to speak out on issues that some people find controversial, of course, but no, i have not violated any u.s. laws that i am aware of. >> kent state university president beverly warren tweeted a message saying we find professor pinio's comments counter to our core values. >> she did not speak on behalf of kent state. >> just a dusting of snow causing a major mess in washington, d.c. slick roads blamed for 100 accidents or noed dv and virginia. >> even causing problems for the president. his helicopter grounded took
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more than an hour for his motorcade to travel 13 miles. >> another storm is on its way to the east coast and could effect as many as 50 million people. >> the worst yet to come. maria molina tracking all of it in the weather center for us. what's ahead? >> good morning everybody at home. we are tracking more snow. our next storm system is developing across parts of the plains. for places like dc that struggle with a light dusting of snowfall we are expecting to see significant snow totals anywhere from 1-2 feet across parts of the mid atlantic and washington, d.c. in other places like baltimore as well. you can see the storm system that went through the mid atlantic yesterday bringing a trace of snow and light accumulations across the area. as we head further west our next storm system is starting to push eastward. on the warm sector of the storm we are looking at the risk for severe weather. a concern has been the storm
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system will become a powerful nor' easter but we are looking at the risk of tornadoes across louisiana, mississippi and even into alabama including cities like mobile and austin and new orleans. the risk for severe storms including tornadoes and strong wind gusts as the storm rolls through in addition to winter weather advisory. we have watches and blizzard watches as well in places like boston, dc and even in new york city we had a brand new blizzard watch issued saturday through sunday afternoon. so the storm system will be ramping up through out the day on friday bringing in the snow to the mid atlantic and eventually it reaches into southern new england. we are lacking at several days of tough weather conditions in the northeast and atlantic. postal areas could be looking at coastal flooding we will bring more of that to you later this morning. >> it is that time of year. thank you so much maria.
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>> 1,000 years that's the punishment for the women who plowed her car into a crowd of people in the vegas strip with her toddler in the back seat. she faces 71 charges including 30 counts of attempted murder for last month's crash that killed one person and injured dozens more. police say the crash was a pre-meditated attack. holloway is being held in jail without bond. the so-called affluenza teen will soon be back in texas to face the music. ethan couch's lawyers say his team in mexico is working to end mexican immigration proceedings to get him back to the united states in a few weeks. when he returns his case could be sent to adult court. he was serving probation for a drunk driving accident where he killed several people after claiming he was too rich and too spoiled to know right from wrong. he then fled to mexico with his mother after violating terms of his probation.
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his mom has been sent back to texas where she faces ten years in jail. confusion at the top over who is to blame for the water crisis in flant. 270 pages of e-mails just released by michigan's governor rick snyder's office says blame ship to local officials after levels of lead from detected. snyder's office says the water was safe to drink despite red flags. he is asking obama to reconsider his denial for disaster leaf for flint. america's election headquarters is turning to the race for the white house. donald trump leading by 20 points in a new poll as he continues to trade jabs with ted cruz on the campaign trail. gary tiny is life on wush washington, d.c. with the latest on the frontrunner feud. >> donald trump loves talking
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about the polls especially when they are in his favor. in these latest polls he has plenty of fresh ammunition. he is nearly 20 points ahead of the other candidates nationally and in the crucial second state of new hampshire. take a look at the cnn poll in that state where trump leads with 34 percent followed by cruz 14 and rubio and bush both at 10. chris christie and john kasich who have been polling well dropped down to 6 a piece. nationally trump is at 36 percent in the latest polls followed by cruise's 17 and rubio at 11. in the first of the nation state of iowa it is ted cruz who is leading the polls. with less than two weeks until the votes are counted the candidates are taking sharp aim at each other. >> he wants to pro tend he's robin hood with anybody. he's an honorable guy fighting the he didn't want to voters to see he is borrowing money and
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personally guaranteeing it with banks. what he did absolutely, probably illegal, but it is certainly wrong. >> what i would suggest to voters. don't listen to what any of the candidates say on the campaign trail. campaign rhetoric is cheap. ignore what donald says. look to our records. who has actually stood up and fought. you say you are going to take on washington when have you stood up and led the fight? >> trump and cruz have been brinki bringing in good names to try to rale he lee support. sarah palin addressed her son track's arrest on domestic violence charges earlier this week saying it is related to ptsd after returning home to iraq. she blames president obama for not taking better care of veterans. this weekend beck will have campaign events in iowa as well. thank you, garrett. >> as trump holds on to the top spot in the polls most political
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ads attack marco rubio and not the frontrunner. that's part of the reason in election cycle is so unique. we are in the iowa caucuses and donald trump a former democrat has liberal positions on many issues, sort of all over the place on the issues has had virtually no ads run against him. he's an opposition researchers dream. >> just that moment we are in where donald trump hasn't been a republican hasn't been a conservative is getting virtually no attacks. marco rubio the tea party candidate was the future of conservatism overwhelming number of negative attacks tell you how screwed up the cycle is. >> the latest ads released by the campaign finance committee supporting marco rubio have targeted ted cruz. the time now is 10 minutes after the top of the hour.
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a gun fired at point blank range. that gun aimed directly at a police officer. it is all caught on camera. how he managed to walk away unscathed. >> college entrance exams could soon be the thing of the past. >> of course falling off for star wars fans, why we have to wait just a little bit longer for the next episode. >> you may think i am making solo appearances and people wonder if bill clinton will help our hurt hillary's campaigns. he could help bypassing along her message. he could hurt bypassing along thousands of messages she thought she deleted. need to hire fast?
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great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> the sat bern bern investigation they aren't able to locate a hard drive. the deadly attacks killed 14 people last year. the fbi says that technology is key to know if a second attack is planned due to amounts of ammunition and materials for pipe bombs in the attacker's home. it is still unclear what happened in the 18 minute gap between the attack and the shootout that killed the couple. the white house under fire after a rifle is found in el chapo's compound. the failed atf gun running operation sold weapons to criminals. the drug kingpin's 50 caliber rifle is capable of taking down a helicopter if you are a really good fight. the administration should have seen this coming. >> the obama administration knowingly willingly gave the drug cartel nearly 2,000
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weapons. roughly 34 of those were 50 caliber most were ak-47's. what did they think was going to happen when they saw these guns walk. that's why we need the documents and investigation. one of our poredborder patrol a were killed from these guns. there is no doubt about why the obama administration wants to put a lid on this and not allow the american people or congress to lack at these documents. brian terry's uncle ralph will be on "fox & friends" this morning at 6:15. a fox business alert. investors on edge as the dow dives more than 500 points. >> lauren simonetti is here with what will be on wall street. >> call it a late day rally on wall street. the dow falls 249 points and investors are relieved. the average has been down 565 points responding to free
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falling oil prices. cheap oil plus a slow down in china has pushed markets sharply lower this year. the east coast is expected to get hit with a winter storm tomorrow. this weekend if you are traveling into it call your airlines. united jetblue and southwest are offering travel waivers even refunds for passengers in affected cities. amazon is offering full refunds to any customer who bought a hoover board on its site. the move is in response to falls, fires and injuries sparked by the board. volvo wants to ensure no one dies or gets hurt in any of the vehicles ever. that's why the auto maker wants to have a driverless car with special technologies to protect drivers and passengers on the market by 2020. fans waiting for the next star wars will have to wait a little bit longer. episode 8 now coming december 15th., 2017. back to you. lauren simonetti, thank you. now it is time to brew on
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this. there could soon be a new standard when it comes to getting into college. >> i got a zero on my act's. >> you know you get 600 points just for signing your name, right? >> a new harvard proposal by harvard university endorsed by more than 80 colleges and universities suggest making the sat and act optional when qualifying for college. the goal is to foirnl the admissions process to quote level the playing field. >> it would factor in family life and quality of student work over quantity. any changes, though, that happen may not be for several years. what do you think? should taking the sat to get into college be optional? >> send your comments at facebook, twitter or send an e-mail to the time now is 18 after the hour. a push to silence the press?
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the proposal that would force journalists to register to work. >> recognize this cat? the celebrity resemblance that is going viral.
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two confirmed days in illinois three more in florida. texas and hawaii have also
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reported cases. it can harm the development of an unborn child. all of the cases are people who traled to the caribbean and latin america. the cdc warning pregnant women not to go there. >> after jamie lynn seeing lar comes out and says she has multiple sclerosis and has been dealing with it for years. >> i want to change what this disease means to them and possibly give people hope it's not the end. >> the former soprano star says she wasn't ready to sttell her story until now. it is still hard to accept the reality. sigler says although her symptoms are manageable she cannot run or walk for long periods of time. >> meet the human suction cup. >> he has a condition where his head can hold on to things.
2:24 am
his drunk got stuck to his head. his doctors say he has no other medical symptoms and he's perfectly healthy. he now exercises for businesses with objects sticking to his he now advertises for businesses with things stick to go his head. >> decades in the making to celebrity's uncanning cat resemblance. sirius xn 115 is here with what's trending. >> good morning, ladies. it's a love story for the ages a world war ii veteran is set to reunite with his war time girlfriend after more than 70 years apart. he is 93 years old. he met joyce lawrence before parachuting into normandy years later. joyce never left his thoughts. he got the surprise of his life when she tracked him down on-line and reached out.
2:25 am
the two recently spoke via skype and thomas is visiting her next month. >> in other news we are following a superintendent singing about snow days. we heard this last year. >> it is that time of year again where kids in parts of the country are guaranteed a snow day and one superintendent is going viral for his musical way of breaking down the good news. ♪ >> he had another snow day singing "do you want to build a snowman" a version of it. >> i love that. >> people on social media are
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sharing a photo of a cat that they resembled, a star wars actor. what is the deal with this. >> photos of a cat are going viral because some say the feline looks exactly like star wars actor adam driver. the cat's owner says her door is wide open if driver ever wants to meet his feline alter ego. >> cats and dogs usually look like their owners after a while. he should own that cat. >> thanks so much carly. >> you can hear carly son siriu xm 115. it is 26 after the hour. for a modern day bonnie and clyde what police are doing right now to stop the nationwide crime spree. >> heart stopping footage of a snowboarder surviving an avalanche. why he could be facing a mountain of trouble.
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>> on high alert two cities targeted in a terrorist scheme. >> trump and cruz continue to tangle ahead of the iowa caucuses. >> why are you always talking about the polls? i am in first place. >> well, he is. who is in the lead in the latest polls. >> the future of flying. the high-tech tool that could help people breeze through security and leave their id at home. "fox & friends first" starts
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right now. welcome to "fox & friends first". nice to have you join us. i am heather childers. >> i am patricia saw stark. let's get right to the stories. terrorists targeting police. philadelphia on alert after threats involving isis. >> jackie ibanez is here with more. >> police in both cities say they are taking the threats seriously. it started tuesday morning when an anonymous caller told philadelphia police he wanted to shoot an officer. that information was forwarded to the nypd then the nypd got a call from the same man mentioning isis. last night a new york city man wanted for questioning turned himself in. police do not believe he was the one who made the calls. so far no charges have been filed. that means the person who threatened cops, well they are still out there this morning and that has officers on edge in cities. when you got people threatening the lives of police officers just because of the uniform they wear>> they are
2:32 am
taking it serious based on what's happening a couple weeks ago in philadelphia. philadelphia officer jessie hartnett was ambushed and shot five times in his patrol car. the suspect edward archer told police he pledged allegiance to isis. officer hartnett remains hospitalized in stable condition and still has a long road to recovery. archer is charged with attempted murder and is due in court again monday. both departments are telling officers to be on alert when they look for the opinion who called in the threats. >> there is no more higher priority for me and my leadership team than officer safety. >> we want to remain as we are just for the safety of the men and women. >> philadelphia police are in patrol with two officers in a car right now. they are telling officers trust their instincts if something feels wrong they need to call
2:33 am
for backup. he wroits chic osama may allah be praised for him. you quote i come to bury not to brave it. he is practicing freedom of speech. >> i am an american citizen speaking out on things that are controversial of course but i am no the violating any laws that i am aware of. >> kent state president beverly warren took to twitter warning
2:34 am
professor pino doesn't speak on behalf of kent state. we find his comments reprehensible and counter to core values. >> ryan more rose blasting tent state university f -- kent stat university for not stepping in sooner. the first statement he was noticed for supporting terrorism where he was praising suicide bombings happened in 2002. there cheent versie sur rou-- controversy surrounding him since back then. the university hasn't fired him. why aren't you firing him and if there's a reason that you cannot do so legally explain that. right now all we are hearing is we condemn them and the fbi says there's no threat to the campus.
2:35 am
should they take action amid the investigation? log on for a live debate #keep talking. >> as many as 50 million people in the path of a winter wallowa. >> good morning. hello everybody at home. we are tracking a lot of weather with the storm system. it is not just the blizzard conditions that will be bringing into the mid atlantic and northeast that are of concern but also severe weather along the gulf coast. we are looking for a real threat of tornadoes especially in the overnight hours. we are expecting heavy rain along the gulf coast and places like louisiana and mississippi and alabama and big cities as well like new orleans and mobile. the other concern is that it is going to be bringing in coastal
2:36 am
flooding. we are talking storm surge levels that could be compared to e irene and sandy. gusts of 50 miles per hour could be possible. we have a number of coastal flood watches in effect. some could include atlantic city and coastal areas of delaware. this will be a big concern as well. very extensive winter storm watches, warnings and blizzard watches that are in effect out here as far west and south in places like arkansas and extending to the new york city area. we had blizzard watches issued out here because as much as 8 to 12 inches of snow can fall in addition to strong winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. the greatest snowfall totals have been consistent with the runs. they have been hinting the mid atlantic could be seeing as much as 2 feet of snow. could be a historic storm across that area. we will continue to bring you the latest. let's head over to you. >> two feet of snow. >> all right maria.
2:37 am
thank you. >> the competition is heating up between frontrunners donald trump and ted cruz. garrett tenney is live with more. >> donald trump loves talking about the polls. he mentioned the latest polls. they have him in first place, and because of that we are going to keep hearing about it for time. nationally an in new hampshire he is dominating leading the field by 34 percent in the cnn poll in new hampshire followed by cruz's 14 and rubio and bush at 10. noticeably michiganissing are c christie and john kasich who had been polling well. they both dropped down to 6 percent a piece. nationally much of the same for trump when leads with 36 percent in the latest mammoth university poll followed by cruz at 17 and rubio at 11. one place he is not winning is
2:38 am
the first in the nation's state of iowa where ted cruz is leading the polls and with less than two weeks og those top two candidates are hitting each other hard. m >> he was a p joint citizen of the united states and canada. how do you do that? he said he didn't know about it. >> just yesterday donald trump promised not only to protect the mandate but to expand it. >> fresh off her endorsement of the donald sarah palin was on the road campaigning with the frontrunner in oklahoma when she addressed her son track's arrest on domestic violence saying it is related to ptsd after returning home from iraq. >> my son like so many others they come back a bit different. they come back hardened. by my own son is going through what he goes through coming back. i can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel
2:39 am
these ramifications of ptsd and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with. >> hillary went on to blame president obama for not taking better care of our vet tans. this weekend ted cruz welcomed a big name of his own coming out on the campaign trail when glen beck has several events in iowa. >> backlash building. the hollywood star is now slamming jada pinkett smith for her oscar boycott. >> a push to silence the press this lawmaker's journal that would force them to work. it is sparking outrage. >> the driver in big trouble for thinking it was okay to drive like this. >> wow. oh, boy. feel a cold coming on?
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>> welcome back. the calm before the storm is not calm in washington, d.c. > good morning. we are seeing some snow blowing around. this is the storm before the big storm. if this is a test for the area we failed miserably. a dusting of snow maybe an inch, inch and a half, but it was enough to shut down traffic down here making for a terrible commute. this is nothing compared to what we are going to get starting tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon or so which is expected to be more than a foot of snow. we will see how it all plays out. the federal government is open today. it may not be the case tomorrow.
2:44 am
>> back to you. we are debating whether it is a two-inch dusting or not. >> is there a new push to silence the press? republicans south carolina mike pits recently filed a controversial bill demanding journalists be on the registry. after tons of backlash pits is now saying it was just a joke and he was trying to teach the media a lesson. how? by pointing out his hypocrisy on birth control. one of will smith's former co-stars blasting jada pinket smith over his oscar boycott. she played vivian banks called it a photo op. she called her a quote pretend freedom fighter. she is boycotting because she says the nominees are not diverse enough. she wants black people to take back their power in the movie industry. >> the future of flying may be
2:45 am
at our finger tips, literally. >> cheryl casone from our sister network fox business has a tool that will change the way we travel. >> good morning. do you ever forget your driver's license when you go to the airport and maybe depending on your government rules your passport may be available as well. thutch entrepreneur you can wear your id under your skin. it is an nfc reader which is normally used for contact lens cards or smart phones he had it implanted testing it out at the stockholm airport. it can read your travel plans and it is placed under your skin. there's security warnings such as a possible theft of your information by other scanners that are near the body and of course overall identity theft. they learned how to skim credit cards. it is a big obstacle.
2:46 am
it would be nice if you are the woman who forgets your license at the airport. >> i don't think that would be nice. it is like the chips they put in doin dogs to find them. cut your arm off if they wanted to steal it. log on to >> the time is 46 after the hour. a terrifying attack of a police officer caught on camera. how that cop managed to walk away without a scratch. >> celebrity trainer who started his career behind mariah carey. secrets on how to get a hollywood body. >> now let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> here's what's coming up on "fox & friends." carl rove will be here. the crazy contest especially in the right and now on the left. also terror on campus, right
2:47 am
here in the united states. the fbi investigating a university professor for an inside to isis and loves bin laden. the army could soon drop the word man from the combat titles. should the branchs of the military, the air force, navy, marines, should they do the same thing? we will debate it. we have 2 and a half hours to fill. we have a lot more. don't miss a minute. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer
2:48 am
to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. . . . content of this message. ible for the
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caught on camera, the incredible moment a police officer is shot at point blank range in the middle of the day. the officer writing a traffic ticket in south africa when the shooter walks up right behind him. first he has trouble loading his gun. then from just three feet away
2:51 am
he fires, grazing the officer in the back. amazingly he was not seriously hurt. the gunman got away. the search is on for a modern day bonnie and clyde. police say this couple went on a multi-state crime spree starting in colorado stealing multiple cars and skipping out on motel bills. greg and christina oen biare abused of stealing a vehicle in colorado and making their way to okay ok oklahoma and police think the duo are somewhere still in the midwest. he is a tough talking trainer known for whipping americans into shape. >> come on, get it and go. push, push, push! >> john t. is taking on weight
2:52 am
loss in a whole different way. you know i love this guy. michael tamaro is in good shape. >> he's known for insane workouts and now he's the host of a show unlike the fitness world has ever seen. i caught up with fitness trainer shawn t. to find out what it's all about. >> thanks for joining us once again in the fox light. tell me about the new show. >> the new show is called my diet is better than yours where we take five contestant, put them with a diet plan and see which plan works the best. >> tonight we put you on the scale to find out how much weight you lost and which plan is working the best. >> how is it different from other shows? >> we don't eliminate the contestant. what makes this show different than any other show is these
2:53 am
people are home. they're not sequestered and they do everything from their home and you just see the show with everything people go through with weight loss. >> come on down! >> i see all this sugar and part of my wants to dive into it and eat. i don't know what to think right now. >> usually diets don't work because people don't give them enough time to work. instead of taking little steps people think they can make a giant step and you can't. >> you're such an inspiration to people. how does that make you feel? >> i love hearing the stories and in times when i'm really stressed i love hearing the stories because it actually keeps me grounded. >> it has been a life-changing experience. >> you can watch my diet is better than yours on abc thursday nights at 9:00. as always with all my celebrity interviews go to fox
2:54 am
or find me on twitter. >> i hope he's successful. i love his dvds. >> yes. we've been talking to him for years with his dvds and now he's doing a big network show. it's been fun to follow his career. >> i wonder if they'll try the cabbage soup diet. it's six minutes until the top of the hour and lowering standards, a new push to eliminate college entrance exams. is this a good idea? your e-mails pouring in on this one. heart stopping video of a snowboarding surviving an avalanche. why he could now be facing a mountain of trouble. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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here's what you need to know before you leave the house today. new york city and philadelphia police are on high alert after phone threats against their officers. the anonymous caller threatened to shoot cops in the name of isis. visa regulations aimed at keeping terrorists out of the united states are set to be announced today. nationals of iran, iraq, sudan or syria would face much tougher requirements. bracing for a big one. snow, rain and sleet expected to slam the east coast this weekend affecting 50 million americans. parts of the country could see up to two feet of snow. the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. a world war ii veteran is receiving long overdue medals for his service. his daughter worked to find the documents proving his time in the army after his records were
2:59 am
destroyed in a fire. next the bad, a snowboarder survived an avalanche but he may face criminal charges. >> oh! >> the california resort now accusing the snowboarder of trespassing. he insists there were no signs saying it was off limits. next the ugly. believe it or not, this car was actually on the road in canada. a police officer pulled the 80-year-old maneuver and sent him on his way with a ticket. time now for your brew on the response. a major change could be coming to college applications. a new proposal recommends making the sat optional. more than 80 colleges and universities endorsing the proposal but changes could be a few years a way. caroline says i think it's a great equalizer and it's a win for all of us. barbara says why should one test
3:00 am
determine everything? billy says a college degree doesn't carry the same respect that it once did. it's the learning process. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning this thursday, january 21st, 2016. a major winter blast set to unleash crippling snow and strong winds to millions and for some the trouble has already arrived. look out. that's washington d.c. >> meanwhile sarah palin gets personal to make the case for donald trump. >> when my own son is going through what he goes through coming back, i can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of ptsd. >> more from sarah palin and why she says


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