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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 21, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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bill: good morning. new polling numbers show donald trump pulling away. his biggest lead to date. ted cruz reveal something new-found strength in the granite state. martha: good morning on this january day. look at these new numbers. done up by 20 points to with a 34% support rate? sarah palin pushing back against cruz's claim that trump is not conservative enough.
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>> they now are concerned about ideological purity? since when? we are not red enough. not every conservative has had the guts to talk about the real issues needing to be discussed and debate. our candidate is ballsy enough to put those issues on the table that other candidates have wanted to duck and run from. bill: you don't see all good news for trump in this poll in new hampshire, why not? >> it is good news. he's still winning. his margin over his closest competitor remains the same. he's the guy in new hampshire. donald trump ... it would take a
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natural disaster for donald trump not to win new hampshire it's the most secular state in the early going. it's an open primary. disaffected democrats can vote in the primary. when we look under the rock, there is some interesting stuff going on. bill: that's new hampshire what is palin doing for trump in iowa? >> sarah palin is not going to out-conservative ted cruz. ted cruz is an inorganic rock of conservatism. there is no danger of him being brand insufficiently conservative. sarah palin's brand is not what it once was though it remains popular and she was a great way
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for donald trump to get back on the front page in the coverage cycle on which he relies. maybe donald trump will dismiss ted cruz in the same way he did jeb bush and other candidates he destroyed and knocked out of the running. but in the process ted cruz will hurt him and do substantial damage to donald trump. bill: ted cruz is climbing, right? and why does that matters you a look back at this poll? >> i think ted cruz is breaking out and the two guys up at the front will be up in the front in the early state voting. cruz is distancing himself from the rest of the pack by 4 points. there is starting to be some separation. more significant for the republicans is the fact these
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dead letter candidates. jeb bush. chris christie, john kasich who don't have a path to the no nation are succeeding and hurting marco rubio. they are dragging him back down. rubio is giving as good as he's getting. but rubio almost have a hard time getting that third slot. if marco rubio can't be the winner of the traditional candidate lane of the republican party, it will be hard for this to be a three-man race. bill: when you look back at this polling number. in "happening now" 43% say they are trying to decide. i think. >> i what number was similar if not higher than that. >> iowa is a much more changeable state. > >state.
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iowans change their mind. but donald trump should win "happening now." it's built for him. but he must win new hampshire. whatever changeability there is, i have no expectation donald trump will do anything but kill it in "happening now." bill: chris tire wal -- chris st analyzing egg as it stands today. martha: sarah palin addressing the problems her son is having and she blamed in part his problems on obama. >> when my own son is going through what he goes through coi can relate with other famils who feel these ramifications of ptsd and some of the woundedness
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that our soldiers return with. it makes me realize more than ever, it's now or never for the sake of america' finest. that we have that commander-in-chief who will respect them and honor them. martha: that's the issue that happened at her home monday in alaska. track palin is a veteran of the iraq war. he was arrested monday night after a domestic violence dispute with his girlfriend. everybody wondered if she was going to talk about it. bill: ted cruz slamming donald trump saying across peak louder than words. >> i suggest to voter, don't listen to what candidate say on the campaign trail. campaign rhetoric is cheap. lack the to our records. who has actually stood up and fought. if you say you are going to take
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on washington. when have you student and led the fight. martha: jeb bush rolls out a new ad that depicts a future where trump loses the election to hillary clinton. >> we cannot -- we can now project hillary clinton will win. >> donald trump will be the greatest gift from heaven and easy person to beat in a general elect and she'll become the next president of the united states. martha: that's jeb bush's age. he want to say he's the most electable in the end. whether he can make that argument successfully to the people of new hampshire. they need to say they surprised us in some way, the american public. that's jeb bush's latest.
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bill: think some interesting back and forth on the democratic side. we'll play that for you in a moment, too. martha: in the mean type, the story nobody want to hear about. wall street is desperately look for a good day. stocks took in. >> the nosedive. the dow fell 550 point early in the session. it rallied a bit. now we await the opening bell at 9:30 this morning eastern time at the new york stock exchange. there are concerns we could see bear market territory in this market. melissa francis, host of after the bell, good morning. what do you expect today. is there any insight into where the bottom might be? melissa: i was there at the close where we only closed down
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249. it's amazing the dow is down 9.4% for the year. it's only mid-january. a little past that. it has to do with the price of oil. it's back to where it was in 2003 when i started covering energy. it's so cheapie want to take three or four barrels and save them in my office because lit go up at some point. unless we are all going to give our cars and stop driving, but that's what's driving the market lower. it's bad for energy companies. it's bad for people employed in the industry. it portends a lot of layoffs and a shrinking of the economy. that's the worry. martha: we have been told this economy was improving. and the worst days were behind
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us. and the measures taken by the administration and the fed started to turn things around. one of the issues with the oil glut is the new oil that's come on to the market in iran. melissa: when the market is hurting, you see this iranian oil sitting obtainingers waiting right now to be released and sold into this market and push the price of oil even lower, causing even more of a slowdown. it's like a pile-on effect. as a consumer you want to rejoice and take advantage of that and buy the cheap gas. it shows a slowdown in china and elsewhere in the globe. people feel here in the u.s. we'll see not great numbers in terms of gdp. that's something to watch. martha: it may have some positive impact in people's wallets down the road.
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bill: 21 days into this new year. give us a break. a shocking video. a gunman walks up to an office and opens fire in broad daylight before he take heroic action. >> if hillary clinton god forbid were elected president, one of the things she'll probably have to do is pardon herself. martha: hillary clinton's email scandal getting hotter every day. >> the case against her is overwhelming, dam ning and grave. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time.
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"one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. martha: two of the american prisoners released from iran are on their way back to the united states. amir hekmati will be arriving in detroit this afternoon and saeed abedini will be going the billy graham training center where he will be reunited with his parents. a third prisoner released. "washington post" journalist jason re rezaian remains at the hospital in germany for a few more days.
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bill: the head of the foreign relationed committee said hillary clinton had information on her server beyond top secret. judge napolitano: the case against her is overwhelming and from her perspective, grave. the names of moles, black-ops, secret programs the government wants to deny the existence of. for her to put that on an open server while she is the secretary of state is grounds for indictment. bill: welcome to our program here, do you have agree with the judge on that? is she in big legal trouble or not? >> i think she is in big legal trouble. here is the bottom line. the conduct that appears to have
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happened here is indistinguishability and worse than what general petreaus did which resulted in a criminal charge. i think hillary clinton is making a big mistake by trying to laugh this off. this is a serious allegation. bill: how do you when comparing the two cases respond to this. the allegation is petreaus willingly showed classified information to others, she did not. >> to me minds that's not a meaningful distinction. in hillary clinton's case the distinguishing factor is the volume of information. in petraeus' case it was diaries and records that he gave to his biographer. hillary clinton made vast amounts of information publicly available. as the judge was saying, this not just emails bark and forth. this our most secret, sensitive
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intelligence for considering our in tell jones mef thoughtologies. covering the identities of our covert agents. bill: her side is arguing it's part of this vast right wing conspiracy. her side is arguing the leaks have been selected. her side would argue, there is no proof she was hacked. it was just sloppy. toot notion this is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy is absurd. this is an obama apointee who found this evidence. this is not a right-wing political apointee with a grudge. so to try to paint this as a political attack simply disregards the facts and evidence as we now know it. bill: charles mccullough is the
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i.g.'s name. >> this seems to be to be another effort to inject this into the campaign. it's another leak. i'm going to leave it up to the professionals at the justice department. nothing that this stead changes the fact that i never sent or received material marked classified. bill: marked classified. the rationale comes back to that repeatedly. i think there is a fund amount tall question. will the federal government indict a politician who is actively seeking the presidency of the united states in the middle of a national campaign? >> well, as a legal and constitutional matter it makes no difference. we are a nation that applies equal justice under law. there noise doubt in my mind that if hillary clinton were
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named hillary jones and she were a regular government employee, she would have been fired on the spot and likely prosecuted. i think this is probably a test for the administration. when they say they are fleerk see call justice for everyone or if they will make a special exception for hillary clinton. bill: are you in the yes or no category in 2016. will it happen or not? >> i think it will. when the justice department, when they have the evidence before them, will do the right thing. we don't know 100% what happened. we can't rule out the possibility the evidence will support her case. i think she is in grave danger. bill: but you are not saying yes or no the government will purchase sue it? >> i think she should purchase sue it. but whether they will or not i'm not so sure. we have seen this administration
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allow political judge to the taint d political considerations to taint their judgment. thank you, sir. martha: a young driver lucky to be alive after getting into this precarious position. stuck on top of a car in the middle of an icy ponds. bill: there are break allegations putin put a hit out on a former kgb agent. the british government calling for justice. >> all the evidence points in one direction, namely that when they killed mr. liv lit then. you both have a perfect driving record.
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bill: first responders rescue a teenager after crashing her car into a pond. the water is only four feet deep, but the's deep enough and it's freezing. she managed to climb out of her sunroof. wait on top of the car until the crew arrived with a raft. martha: that was lucky. thank moodness the sun -- thank goodness the sunroof worked. this must have been a long time coming, but the united kingdom is considering taking action against russia after an investigation revealed president vladimir putin likely ordered the kill big poisoning of a former russian spy. this was a huge tory.
6:26 am
alexander litvinenko fled to the united kingdom after being a kgb agent and was a critic of the kremlin which did not go over well. he was poisoned at a hotel in london. moscow denied any involvement in his death. what can you tell us about this case. reporter: all the hallmarks of a cold war thriller. russian spies, defections, vladimir putin may have personally organized this assassination. litvinenko died an agonizing death from a mysterious illness' he defected to the u.k. after speak out on an assassination attempt by russia abroad. on his death bed he told his wife president obama almost
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certainly ordered his death. investigators found he had been poisoned at the hotel in london and it left a trail across london eventually leading to a teapot from which he had drunk. and that led to an outcry. martha: what do we know about the people who carried it out. >> that trail led to the suspects. they are former kgb agents. they left traces of plutonium in restaurants, and even on a plane. a direct connection has remained uncertain. that's why today's announcement is so important. the judge spoke of his findings. >> i have further concluded that
6:28 am
the operation to kill mr. litvinenko was probably approved by mr. khrushchev, then head of the fsb, and also by president putin. reporter: the british government deciding what actions to take. talks of travel bands and sanctions. relations with russia at an all-time low. russia has denied the claims saying they are biased, unfound and politicized. bill: there are concerns about a little-known virus starting to show up in the u.s. martha: is hillary clinton playing nice to the white house so the justice department will leave her alone? that's what donald trump believes is happening. >> you in the how positive she
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is about the president? you know why, right? you know why. because she wants to stay out of the clink.
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bill: here we go for the stock market open for trading. look at that. martha: is that a plus sign? bill: yesterday's wild ride on wall street saw the dow drop 550 points at midday. but the oil prices are taking the blame for the sell-off. there were concerns about a looming bear market. concerns about recession in other parts of the world. put on that bear suit and hide. here we go. we'll see where you go.
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>> leave petraeus alone. enough already. they destroyed him yet hillary is flying safe and she did 100 type worse than what he did. and you in the how positive she is about the president? you know why, right? baugh she wants to stay out of the clink. that's why. believe me, that's why. she is -- every single thing -- oh, the president is wonderful. she never thought the president was wonderful before. martha: donald trump yesterday in tulsa. he is among the presidential candidate saying hoik is getting special treatment from the white house amid the growing investigation into her email server. a campaign spokeperson accusing the inspector general who was nominated by president obama, they are saying he is conspiring
6:34 am
with republicans to leak details on this investigation. we bring in former indiana senator evan bayh and monica crowley. nor, let me start with you. your reaction to donald trump saying basically hillary clinton is putting her arms around president obama because she doesn't want to be put into the clink in his words. >> i agree with the statement about general petraeus. he was right about that. but i disagree with the second part of the statement. it's pretty clear hillary clinton is running a democratic primary and obama has about a 90% approval rating so she is trying to appeal to those voters by showing she is supportive of the president. it's internal democratic party politic. martha: hillary in terms of your thought, she may be trying to
6:35 am
embrace the president to save herself but it's too late. >> i don't think they are mutually exclusive. she would love to have the president's endorsement and minority support he could deliver. love to have the obama social media and infrastructure he used to win in '08 and '12. but she need to prioritize. her number one threat facing her is this f.b.i. investigation. i think she is under the misguided assumption if she spend a lot of time kissing the president's butt perhaps he will have some influence in having the f.b.i. go easy on her. i think she is misghied that thought. but i think -- miss guide -- she in that thought. i think why they went after
6:36 am
petraeus to begin with was to set the precedent to go after mrs. clinton. i don't think they have any intention of demoting him. it was a shot across hillary clinton's bow. martha: for defendant department to say we need to consider whether we are going do demote him. we take this sort of thing very seriously is sending a strong message. what about the suggestion? donald trump is not the on one saying it. it sounds like what hillary clinton was doing was much worse than what petraeus did. >> in your intro i think you mentioned the key word, that's ongoing investigation. we won't know the facts until it's done. i don't know what prompted the petraeus leak. i think it was unfortunate.
6:37 am
i hold him in high regard. but the one difference is he did intentionally divulge information. based on what we know mrs. clinton did not intentionally die you will have knowledge information. -- did not intentionally difficult you will have divulge information. if national security was compromised, we won't know until the investigation has run it course. and the motive for the leaks is simply speculation. martha: the f.b.i. investigation is ongoing. people know what they know about the numbers of classified document found on that server. whose fault that will lie in is one of the biggest questions. so we'll see what happens with that. in the meantime they are reaching back to the right wing conspiracy plot saying that's
6:38 am
what this is all about. here is a quote from brian falln fallon. he says the inspector general working with republicans in congress continues to selectively leak materials to resurface the same allegations and hurt hillary clinton's presidential campaign. >> this is the old clinton default move which is deny, stonewall and deflect. this is an obama appointee. the inspector general of the intel community. the clinton team knows these leaks are not coming from republicans. they know the enemy might be within. the battle is between clinton and obama. the president is holding many of the card but we don't know what the end game is going to be.
6:39 am
martha: there is word the organizing andio and other places is not what it was going to be. you have to wonder how much focus is going to this issue in stopping the gap and the leaks in the wall. thank you so much. senator bayh, monica crowley. bill: he's not robocop, but something close. how a police officer reacted after being shot at point blank range. martha: some call him comrade bernie, some democrats are targeting bernie sanders amid growing concerns about the clinton campaign. >> we are on the home field advantage. but the real issue is, who can win the election, who's prepared to do the job, who can make real change.
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martha: we have startling dash cam video of a police officer being shot, point blank range during a traffic stop. this man comes out of nowhere, walks up behind him and opens fire. this is in capetown, south africa. thank tonight officer only suffered a minor wound. but unfortunately this guy got away. bill: is the democratic party establishment moving toward bernie sanders. there has been a huge focus on the word "socialism." earlier today in switzerland here is the vice president joe biden dropping the "s" word.
6:44 am
>> we need in my country and other countries a more progressive tax code. not confiscatory policy. not socialism. a tax code. everybody pays proportionally a fair share. bill: how intentional was that? bill: a lot of back and forth behind the scenes. analyze that on the surface. >> it's telling. it seem the memo has gone out in the democratic party that socialism is a very bad thing. we have a lot of democrats sounding like tea partyers denouncing socialism every chance they can get. it might have something to do with the fact that a vermont socialist is threatening to topple hillary clinton. bill: cnn announced a town hall in iowa monday with o'mall reply
6:45 am
and sanders and clinton. the only way that happens is if she agrees to do it. she wants to get back on the stage one-on-one with him before iowa's vote. >> she is desperate live afraid and the democratic establishment is desperately afraid. the hall mark of the democratic debates has made every attempt to hide them on weekends. to protect hillary from them. this is a sign she wants another bite at the apple. a week ago bernie sanders was a charming eccentric. now across the board, every democratic politician who addressed it, every establishment liberal is characterizing him as a socialist. >> i can only speak for my state. i think it would be absolutely impossible. you have got to win states like missouri if you are going to win
6:46 am
the presidency. states like indiana, ohio. pennsylvania it many hard for most americans to see how socialism would cure the problems we are facing right now. bill: there is that word again. >> she is probably right about the battle grounds * states. of d about the battleground states. but bernie sanders performs better than hillary clinton. the problem bernie has is he has no elite defenders. this one man against the machine. barack obama was going up against the establishment in '08 but pulled politicians into his camp who could defend him from the assault. this is bernie alone. bill: i want to show you an ad and materials has out. a very populist message that goes to his theme.
6:47 am
simon and garfunkel. [♪] it doesn't get more inclusive than that. >> it goats kinds of campaign he has run. even if you are not a socialist. you have to admire he's run on a set of consistent ideas that he genuinely believes in an has gone out and generated excitement around those ideas. that's a campaign. at a certain level you can admire. he hasn't been negative at all except when he begins to hit on the goldman sachs speaking fees that went to hillary clinton. those speaking fees may turn out to play the same role her iraq war vote did in '08. bill: the town hall monday is
6:48 am
significant. the next debate on the democratic side happens two days after new hampshire. if you are 0-2 after new hampshire, wow. >> if bernie loses iowa, if bernie goes 2-2 it might rock her campaign to the core. thank you, rich. rich lowry here in the studio. martha: breaking news. targeting isis. reaching whole new level in afghanistan. the united states can now kill if someone is just wearing an isis t-shirt in that region. according to this new information about how we are going after this group. bill: the u.s. seeing new cases of a virus linked to birth defects. we'll look at where it's coming from, why it many here and what mothers can do to protect themselves.
6:49 am
>> all the mosquito-borne viruses, it's preventing getting bitten.
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bill: a fox news alert. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits rose last tweeting highest level we have seen since july. applications still around the historical low level. weekly applications rose 10,000 to 293,000. we'll see what effect it has on the market. it appears oil is the big driver in the markets. and we'll watch that throughout the day again. martha: there are new case of a dangerous mosquito-bornee virus.
6:53 am
doctors say women can pass the zika virus on to newborn babies. pregnant women are warned not to travel to certain countries where they could contract this virus. good morning. good to have you with us. i started read being this a couple weeks ago. now they are more concerned about it here. we have texas, illinois, nor dan hawaii all showing cases. >> one young child they think was born with an under developed brain related to this. this virus has been around since 1947 in uganda and it's been all over africa and asia and we haven't seen what we are seeing now. a lot of scientists are saying maybe this is a new version of this virus.
6:54 am
a year agovernment took off in brazil. we are seeing hundreds of thousands of cases in brazil. we are seeing from 150 of those small brains of microcephaly we are seeing more cases. we don't want pregnant women to transmit it across the placenta and infect the young child. we have many diseases we can get travel toghter countries. pregnant women need to watch it anyway when they are traveling. martha: people need to understand the people who contracted it here in the united states traveled to these countries in central america and south america and brought it with them. as far as we know nobody has
6:55 am
been bitten by a mosquito in the united states and contracted it. >> that's right. it cannot spread person to person. you can only get it from a mosquito that bite you. three out of four cases have no symptoms so you don't know what to look for. but one quarter of the cases it's a flu-like symptoms. so it's hard to diagnose it. you don't know if it's this or something else. the best thing you can do to protect yourself is use insecticide, cover your arms with clothing on arms and legs. watch out areas of stagnant water. the gulf states are worried about it because mosquito that carries this is already there and there are a lot of areas of stagnant water. we could have an he morning problem with this. we have got to look after it now.
6:56 am
i'm happy the cdc is issuing a travel advisory. martha: no course of treatment for this virus. there is concern about the 2016 olympics. thank you very much. >> we won't see a vaccine for this anytime soon. bill: ted cruz taking the establishment label away from marco rubio and giving it to trump. >> the establishment is abandoning marco and they are rush over to support donald trump. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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identified by the agencies and mrs. clinton's emails had to sign additional non-disclosure sign additional non-disclosure top secret sensitive compartmented information. this seems to undercut mrs. clinton's claim and unnamed officials that somehow this material is innocuous. former justice department official says there is another problem for clinton team, state department employees and i.t.s and others should be using government account. >> if you have situation where someone was knowingly violating the law and that they knew that what they were doing was prohibited by federal law, because other people were saying you're vie lathe the law, knock it off, and disregarded that advice, went ahead and that is very difficult case to defend. reporter: at end of this month the state department will release final batch of emails that some of the most sensitive
7:02 am
emails will be simply never be released. only thing not redacted would be date and time stamp and possibly subject line. if anyone has the full contents of email, that kind of clue could lead them to sensitive information, martha. martha: what is clinton defense on this right now, catherine? reporter: in an an interview with national public radio mrs. clinton said the latest finding doesn't really change anything and suggested it was politically motivated. >> this seems to me to be another effort to inject this into the campaign. it is another leak. i'm going to leave it up to the professionals at the justice department because nothing that this says changes the fact that i never sent or received material marked classified. reporter: that final comment has really been campaign's and her go-to comment to explain away these emails. this is important for context. it is content that is classified, not the format that it's in.
7:03 am
to suggest to people that there is somehow a big rubberstamp with classified that smacked on every document is completely misleading and that is something you only see in the movies. and mrs. clinton knows better because she had to have special training as secretary of state because she has classification authority. so that statement on its face is misleading at best but simply not correct. martha: they're sticking with it. same thing she says every single time. >> reporter: doesn't matter. martha: carefully crafted sentence they come up with. we'll see if it works for hillary clinton. thank you, catherine. you're welcome. ♪ bill: today we find donald trump and ted cruz thousands of miles apart but polling showing some distance in new hampshire. cruz moving into second place at four teen%. he still trails trump significantly. 14%. down 20 points in the poll of new hampshire. >> actually going down quite a
7:04 am
bit. i say when will he attack. now he attacked so i attacked him very strongly and vociferously. i think we're doing very well. >> his criticism of me is he said i went to washington and actually stood up and fought in washington and donald has said, well, the problem he has with me is that i won't go along to get along in washington. i won't cut deals. bill: chief political correspondent carl cameron back on the trail today in manchester, new hampshire. that's where we find you, carl, good morning. what are you watching for today between cruz and trump. reporter: it's in every exchange an escalation of the battle between these two guys of the worth pointing out in terms of that poll briefly, bill, there is a huge number of undecideds in both iowa and new hampshire and anything can happen at this point. cruz just moments ago has tweet ad new attack on trump. he tweets, trump supports amnesty.
7:05 am
read this 2013 tweet while i was leading to, to defeat the rubio "gang of eight" amnesty, hashtag truth. in the next tweet he quotes trump from 2013. says congress must protect our borders first. amnesty should be done only if the border is secure around illegal immigration has stopped. so cruz has pointed out in a tweet just a couple three years ago, trump himself was contemplating favorably the possibility of amnesty if the border could be secured. and this battle has bottommen really tough. last night trump was going after cruz, essentially saying he is suspect not only because of his canadian birth but also because he failed to file a couple of loans from two wall street banks during his u.s. senate campaign. listen to this. >> smart guy. he doesn't know that? yeah. that is worse than hillary when you think about it. he didn't want voters to see he is borrowing money and personally guaranteeing it from banks. what he did is absolutely,
7:06 am
probably illegal but certainly wrong. reporter: absolutely probably illegal. so, ted cruz still going hard at mr. trump, has been saying now for about four or five days that trump actually represents the establishment. in fact last night the former, the 1996 presidential republican nominee, bob dole, former senate majority leader suggested he would prefer trump to cruz because trump can cut deals and cruz he suggested was too obstinant. listen to how, last night, cruz went at that attack that trump is actually now the establishment favorite. >> mr. trump said that they should support him because he said ted won't go along to get along. he won't make deals with the democrats. the problem with republican leadership they make deals on everything. they surrender at the outset. they stand for nothing.
7:07 am
reporter: another busy day on the trail in new hampshire. several candidates raising around the state. they're looking for a big storm here in new hampshire all along the east coast this weekend. there is a first-in-the-nation candidate summit on saturday supposed to bring most of them to the granite state. bill? bill: you look so warm too. thank you, carl. talk to you you again real soon. reporter: thanks, bill. take care. martha: ted cruz as you've seen going after donald trump's past record. he calls the billionaire now the establishment candidate. and not the true conservative. here is little bit more of that. >> right now the washington establishment is abandoning marco rubio. they made the assessment that marco can't win this race and the washington establishment is rushing over to support donald trump. we're seeing that happen every day and mr. trump is welcoming the support of the washington establishment. martha: all right. let's bring in bret baier, anchor of "special report" here on the fox news channel. bret, good morning to you. >> morning, martha. martha: this is how it's
7:08 am
defined. you have the two outsider candidates and ted cruz said at one point in the end there will be the outsider and establishment guy. now he is nudging donald trump into that establishment category. is he right that the establishment is starting to find donald trump to be sort of the less unctuous of the two? >> there is part of that argument that may be right. there may be some establishment figures who look at donald trump's deal-making, how he talks about things as being able to work with someone. you saw the bob dole comment that cruz would be worse. i do think it is a little tough to paint the establishment shifting dramatically when you still have a number of candidates who are trying to get that title. you have marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich, you could even stick carly fiorina in that lane, if you wanted to. she is definitely more of an outsider. but, and chris christie of
7:09 am
course. so you have a lot splitting up that so-called establishment vote. it is tough to see in the polls that donald trump has co-opted that. but i do think that is interesting line of attack for ted cruz who is trying to paint himself as the idealogical purist and guy who will stand up for what the conservative part of the party really wants. martha: very fascinating, when you look at, this is quote from rich lowery, goes to the point that we're making here. he said reality establishment is sitting on its hands, agonizing over whom it loathe the least, trump or cruz. fight between populism and conserveative rages. the battle for the soul gop is the battle for the south of the right he says. it will be interesting to see who surfaces at the end of that battle and what categories they're put in.
7:10 am
basically he said sarah palin is deciding going with the populist over the conservative. what is the take whether that is working for him or not? palin a day in working out to be a good thing or bad thing for trump? >> in iowa, it probably helps him. in the long term who knows how the palin thunk plays out. it is clearly not establishment. so it pushes back on that argument. it is important to point out what carl mentioned, which is both of these states, early states, iowa and new hampshire, there is a large percentage of the population, the caucus-goers and voters in primary in new hampshire decided in the last week, we're not talking three weeks, we're talking within the last week a lot of people make that decision. on the establishment side it is also interesting to point out that marco rubio has received the most attacks, the most negative ads. most of them have come from jeb bush but some $22 million in ads attack ads against him since decent. that is quite something because
7:11 am
they're not attacking donald trump and ted cruz who are the two people who are leading in this race. martha: the crowds crawling over each other in the bucket as chris stirewalt put it eloquently. see you later. bill: major winter storm barreling towards the east coast. some are already feeling the pain. millions more facing -- bracing for blizzard conditions. first storm of the season for many. we'll keep you updated on the storm's track and what you need to know in moment. martha: new developments in the way we describe our fight against isis and how far the united states can go to take out anybody who appears to be even loosely affiliated with this group in afghanistan. we'll slain. bill: attorney general lore at that lynch making case for president's executive action on gun laws. she argues it is legal. some administration critics not so sure that were in that room. richard shelby is here to talk about live what he heard around
7:12 am
the questions he had in return. >> as we've seen time and again this president uses tragic events to push his political agenda. i believe he is more interested in grandstanding and engaging in anti-gun theatrics than actually doing the work necessary to protect this country. . . . .
7:13 am
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bill: we are learning more today about three americans kidnapped over the weekend. we are now hearing about suspects.
7:16 am
they believe three contractors taken by iranian-backed shiite militia from a neighborhood in baghdad. tehran not believed to be involved directly we are told. they said they're working with iraqi officials to find americans today. ♪ martha: news today that the obama administration is stepping up the fight against isis in this way. they authorized the military to launch attacks on the terror army, or, and this is new part, anyone who appears to have any affiliation with it, even if they are not showing immediate hostile intent. this puts isis in the same category now as al qaeda in afghanistan. i bet you thought it was already in that category but apparently it was not. joined by lieutenant colonel ralph peters, fox news strategic military analyst. good morning. what do you make of that big development? >> it actually matters very, very much. it tells us how bad the situation is because the
7:17 am
administration's narrative of course has been we're pushing islamic state on the defensive. yet here they're in afghanistan, estimated to have at least 3,000 active fighters there now. that is in addition to taliban we faced, al qaeda still active and resurgent in afghanistan. so for the administration to come out with this in a public sense, there's, on one hand they're saying, we're serious. but on other hand it is another manifestation of how successive administrations to be fair, even the bush administration, never really took this threat as seriously as they should. martha: it is interesting. in this piece, this was reported by "the wall street journal," this change in the policy, they quote a u.s. official, pretty broad attribution, saying now we can kill isis in afghanistan just for wearing the t-shirt or waving the flag. does this unleash the military in a broader way, and is that something that will help them accomplish the task? >> well it's, that statement was
7:18 am
a bit of hyperbole. you kill a kid wearing isis t-shirt, you are going to be in trouble anyway but it does significantly expand the legal capabilities and this is an administration obsessed with legality. so, it is meaningful. it helps, it all helps but it's also another manifestation how far behind the power curve we are. instead of being ahead of the problem, we're always, always reacting, essentially playing defense and you can't win that way. martha: yeah. it also illustrates the restrictions that have been on the military to not make judgments on the ground in terms of what they are seeing and whether or not they think these people are affiliated, whether or not they happen to have a bomb in their hand at the moment. move on to the new magazine, glossy magazine of dab i.q. came out. there is picture of it. anyone with a chance to read this it is very clear to you. that the enemies this group is targeting is pretty much everyone.
7:19 am
in this one they're focusing on shia-sunni divide. we must go after shia muslims, killing muslims as we talked about quite a bit here is one of their main focuses. they believe they're not extreme enough. they're not true to the faith enough and they have the wrong interpretation of islam. so let's put up this quote. it says some of them are jews who fake islam to spread their deviance. they are apostates who must be killed wherever they are found until none walks on face of the earth. ralph, your thoughts. >> for viewers this sunni, shia divide goes back to the 7th century. shia believe bloodlines dominate, who became caliph. and sunnis take a different view. first of all, this just codifies a war already exist is in the middle east.
7:20 am
this is already a bloody, bloody fight. our elites you talked about this, martha, they're so secularized, they don't understand the passion of religions and religious hatred. the pattern is through last 2000 years of history. fanatical groups, fanatical adherence of religious movement like islamic state, it is religious movement, you can't get around it, they may hate a distant enemy, certainly glad to kill us but their most ferocious, bitter, uncompromising hatred for those they regard as heretics in their faith. they regard the many sunnis as well, certainly regard sunnis as heretics. it never fails. over 2,000 years these fanatical groups when they come to power end up killing more of their own coreligionists because supposedly hair ticks, whether they call them crusaders,
7:21 am
whatever the foreign power may be. this tells me only the bloodshed in the middle east will only get worse. very quickly, just 400 years ago european ancestors were killing each other, slaughtering each other over contents of con mine cup. protestant reformation brought 130 years of most brutal war in history. the islamic reformation if it is starting is just barely starting. expect more blood. martha: ralph, so important to understand exactly what they're fighting over and how much muslims are a target to understand the big picture here. thank you, ralph. good to see you. >> thank you, martha. bill: one of hillary clinton's most visible supporters actress, writer lena dunham singing less than enthusiastic tune behind closed doors. are bill clinton's problems starting to hurt numbers with women voters? we'll talk about that. martha: dangerous storm in washington. they are digging out.
7:22 am
east coast braces for something a whole lot bigger. >> i drove home from work and i'm not used to driving in snow. so, it was pretty rough driving home. took a while. took him a hour to get four miles. so we decided to walk. it is pretty icy on the roads when you're walking.
7:23 am
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bill: so we are learning now two americans released from prison in iran left a u.s. military hospital in germany. are expected to be back on u.s. soil today. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot reporting live in landstuhl, germany, with more. what is happening with the two americans that have left, greg? reporter: as you mentioned, bill, very good news for two of the americans released from prison in iran over the past weekend. 32-year-old ex-marine, amir hekmati, well, he is in the air as we speak.
7:26 am
remember he made that great presentation to us earlier in this week. now he will be making a public arrival in his open town of flint, michigan, later today, despite four 1/2 years of destin shun. looks like he is holding up really well. as for 34-year-old pastor, saeed abedini is coming home as well. we got a first post view with congressman pit henninger, helping out with the release of the individual. going to asheville, north carolina where he is reunited with his parents. his enough nagmeh will join him next monday. has gone long distance some issues with him and his marriage, this separation can take its toll in all sorts of ways, bill. bill: best to all of them. jason rezaian, "the washington post" reporter what is his status?
7:27 am
reporter: he is still here, bill. we're told 39-year-old jason rezaian will be here for a couple of more days. remember we saw him yesterday come out of this facility. he looked good too. maybe a bit unsteady. he told all of us here he was eager to get home. later he issued a statement, while he feels fine he is staying in very comfortable guest house here with his family, getting terrific care he said. in his words, he is beginning his recovery. he did say, however, when he does return to his bay area home, he looks forward to seeing some warrior basketball games and catching that new "star wars" movie. somehow i think george lucas might arrange a special seat for him. bill: can't happen soon enough. greg palkot in germany. thanks, greg. martha: so the attorney general going to the president's defense on this, backing his executive actions on guns. she says they are constitutional. some of the president's critics though beg to differ. senator richard shelby is among
7:28 am
them. he will join us coming up in "america's newsroom." bill: something dark and mysterious lurking deep in space and this sucker is big, changing our view of the entire solar system. martha: wow. bill: what is it, huh? ♪
7:29 am
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introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. martha: finally winter, folks. we have winter storm up and down much of the east coast. state of emergency declared in virginia. heavy snow expected across 15 states from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. blizzard conditions in washington. they are not going anywhere for some time. baltimore and new york city. former to cast models are frightening when you look what could be happening. up to three feet of snow possible in some places. meteorologist maria molina in the fox weather center. what are we in for here?
7:32 am
>> all kind of weather. not just blizzard conditions frightening across the middle atlantic and some parts of the northeast. we're at risk for severe storms. i want to talk about the some aspects one severe weather threat in place and overnight hours anywhere from eastern texas through parts of the florida panhandle, you do have threat for tornadoes. greatest risk area is southwestern alabama, southern mississippi and big chunk of the state of louisiana. have to get those weather warnings. we do have risk of severe weather into the overnight hours. many people will be asleep and won't have a way to get those warnings. the other concern we're expecting significant icing across the carolinas, parts of kentucky and farther west into portions of southeastern missouri. some of these totals are pretty significant. we're talking about potentially more than half-inch of ice. that will make travel very dangerous, if not almost impossible, areas across the carolinas.
7:33 am
stay safe out there. there is another aspect, very strong onshore winds. once the nor'easter develops friday, saturday, into sunday across the mid-atlantic coastline and into new england and looking for threat of coastal flooding and beach erosion. some of the wind could exceed 50 miles an hour, personning water onshore. that in combination with high tide storm surge will bring in coastal flooding. it's a threat anywhere from like major threat to moderate threat across these areas. we have number of watches already in effect across parts of jersey and delaware. head's up, atlantic city, you're looking for risk of significant coastal flooding. winter weather in parts of northeast. we have advisories and winter it storm warnings. we have advisories in washington, d.c., boston, new york city as we mentioned. some earliest conditions in d.c. could start tomorrow afternoon. worst of it could be during overnight hours into saturday.
7:34 am
look at some totals. new york city really tough to nail it down because you're on the northern fringe of where the cutoff will be for heavy snowfall but for sure, mid-atlantic, that looks likes that's where we'll see some heavier snowfall totals. potentially more than two feet. martha? martha: weather outside looks frightful. suite have to batten down the hatches. maria, thank you very much. >> thank you. bill: attorney general loretta lynch defending president's actions on gun laws. told a senate panel that orders to expand background checks are quote consistent with the constitution. here is part of that. >> list of tragedies involving firearms has grown so is the american people's belief we must do more to stem the tide of gun violence. actions announced by president which focus on background checks and keeping guns out of the wrong hands are fully consistent with the laws passed by congress. bill: alabama senator, richard shelby, chairman of senate appropriations committee on commerce. you were at yesterday's hearing. you chaired it.
7:35 am
made it to work this morning. well-done. others have not there in washington. she argues, senator, this action will strengthen the existing gun laws. what do you think of that? >> well i believe she's wrong in this, and a lot of people who have studied and spent their life dealing with the second amendment to the constitution, that is the right to bear arms, believes she's wrong. that is why i had that hearing because they keep chipping away, they, the president and attorney general who's the president's agent i guess you would say, at the second amendment. the second amendment is just as important to our way of life as the first amendment, or fourth amendment, the fifth amendment. you can't separate them in a sense. they're all part of the bill of rights and we're going to fight to keep it that way. and i thought the hearing highlighted, i thought she was rather weak on that. she didn't cite any sources that was meaningful. she just gave her opinion on that. well her opinion is that of the
7:36 am
president and president's idea is to chip away to erode the rights of the people to bear arms under the second amendment. bill: they're argues, they're arguing that they're going after felon and domestic abusers and others. sound good. >> they argue that but what they're really going after is to try to erode the right of the people of america under the second amendment because they have said that basically before. everything is gun control, gun control. what we need to do, we need to share information to prevent guns going into people's hand that shouldn't have them. we should do, double down on dealing with mental health. that is some of the testimony yesterday. that is area we're going to push in toward. bill: on that point, whether charleston, south carolina, or even san bernardino, california, the administration would argue it could probably lend a hand to stopping some of these mass killings. based on how y executive orders, what would be
7:37 am
the impact of these orders on tragedies like that? >> none, absolutely none. because there's testimony yesterday that even what president's trying to do and through the attorney general would not have stopped anything in california, would not have stopped south carolina, would not have done that. but we've got to double down, as i said on mental health, checking that, sharing information with the state and federal people. but protect people's right to have arms. bill: one more question here. do you believe this is the end of executive action on guns or do you expect more? >> i would hope it would be but i think every time the president has an opportunity he is going to chip away at the second amendment, or try to. we're winning that battle and we're going to win this one. bill: was there a suggestion that would happen from the attorney general yesterday? >> she didn't say that but she didn't say i recall this is the endgame.
7:38 am
i hope it is. the sad thing is the president has about 11 months left in his term, 12 months maybe. that's too long. bill: senator, thank you for your time. richard shelby. >> thank you, bill. you bet. bill: from capitol hill. 37 minutes now past the hour. martha: hillary clinton says she will fight for women if she wins the white house. >> if calling for equal pay and paid leave and women's health is playing the gender card, then deal me in. [cheers and applause] martha: hear the crowd there? so how are women responding to that line of campaigning? why her husband's past scandals may be an issue going forward for hillary clinton. bill: also the family that steals together stays together? did a burglar bring her baby along for the heist. martha: couldn't get a sitter. bill: whoa.
7:40 am
7:41 am
bill: police in central california asking for the public's help in identifying six
7:42 am
burglary suspects including a woman seen holding a small child during the robbery of a motel. that little girl apparently taken along for the ride as the group allegedly ransacked that business in broad daylight. police asking anyone with information on the incident to please come forward. ♪ >> call yourself a feminist. >> yes, absolutely. i'm always a little bit puzzled when any woman of whatever age, particularly a young woman says something like, and you have heard it, something like, well, i believe in equal rights but i'm not a feminist. martha: hmmm. interesting moment there. hillary clinton talking politics and gender with lena dunham. the actress is avid supporter of hillary clinton at least in public but behind closed doors a source, multiple sources actually telling "the new york times" that dunham told guests at a dinner party she was disturbed by how in the
7:43 am
1990s the clintons and their allies discredited women who had said that they had sexual encounters or been sexually assaulted by former president bill clinton. a spokeswoman for dunham now claiming that the conversation was mischaracterized. tom sullivan is the host of tom sullivan show on fox news radio. marjorie clifton, former consultant to the obama campaign and principal of clifton consulting. thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> let's put the quote on the screen from lena dunham's spokesperson who shays she is fully supportive of hillary clinton and her track record of protecting women. a lot of young women are not familiar with some of these stories because they were very little when these things happened or not even born yet. you have injected into the mainstream of this discussion, the juanita broaddrick story, the kathleen willey story, the paula jones story. that makes these women, hard
7:44 am
part, hillary was involved so they say harassing some of these women through intermediary in some instances not pressing charges or pressing any cases against her husband. that is the where the problem lies, marjorie, right? >> again, there is a lot of information flowing back and forth but i think the key thing is while bill clinton's actions were unsavory, they are not deemed unlawful. there were lots and lots of people who wanted to take him down and these cases were investigated and investigated, what they found they were unfounded claims and instances where he was misbehaving it was consensual. this is challenging thing because look as woman who advocates also for women professionally it doesn't deem you immune from women wronging you. and in some ways, you know, again it was not her choices that led bill to have affairs. in some ways she was wrong. you have to be careful what we're attributing to her actions and what were actions against her.
7:45 am
martha: tom, i think it is very specifically what people are concerned about the actions she took to tamp down these stories. >> this is not, emphasize, this is not about bill clinton and his actions, not at all. this is about did hillary clinton try and destroy these women? it is not about putting down a successful woman, hillary clinton. it noise the about bill clinton. it simply about the fact she knew of a campaign to destroy these women and to your point, martha, there is a lot of young women who do not remember details and facts it has been quite a while. you go back -- betsy wright, one of hillary's top aides called them bimbo eruptions. george stephanopoulos in his memoir, hillary said we have to destroy this woman's story, who was accusing herl of attacking her. carl bernstein, woodward and bernstein, the wash upon post, hillary said they had to discredit jennifer flowers. the list goes on and on and on.
7:46 am
these are not women who had consensual sex. they say they were attacked and correct me if i'm wrong, lady, women doesn't make that kind of thing up. >> martha: that's the issue, okay? exactly the sort of things that surfaced in books. you just documented them very well, tom. the reason that it's a problem, marjorie because hillary clinton has now said, when we talk about all the incidents of campus sexual assault which we've documented here pretty clearly, she says you have to always believe the woman's story. a woman wouldn't lie about these things. yet when it happened in her own personal life she seemed to have a different standard. >> well, yeah. to be very clear, what she says, you have to look at the facts and give them credence before you make judgment. and so, in the instance of bill clinton, again, two different things were going on. first of all, there was an extreme investigation going on looking at the facts of what was happening because claiming sexual misconduct and claiming misbehavior are two very, very different things.
7:47 am
what we're talking about with campus assault is rape. it is unlawful. bill clinton was deemed again in the court of law, in the court of public opinion being something very different, but also by many people who wanted to see him taken down, was that there were no facts, there were no things. she does not say that in all cases because that's not true either. >> marjorie, you're doing exactly what women's rights groups are mad about, it is woman's fault. >> no, i am not saying it is women's fault. that is not true. >> the list is very long of women who have accused bill clinton of sexual inappropriate behavior but it is not about him. it is about her going, we're going to destroy that woman and there too many people, that are credible people with enough stories to say she went after the women. i don't blame her for trying to defend her husband. he is politician. they have a business relationship. martha: you know what? people can forgive their husbands for transgressions. if that is what happened between the two of them, that is absolutely nobody's business, nobody's business.
7:48 am
but question we're zeroing in on her is not that. >> sure. martha: can you imagine if hillary clinton or somebody worked for her said young woman who were saying that they were, you know, crying out, that they had been harassed or assaulted were just bimbo eruptions? how that phrase would go down today? >> and that was by the way not her words but look i have complete empathy for women making claims, for hillary clinton, for everyone in this situation. this is not easy. i'm not saying that we shouldn't listen to or give credence to but need to look at all of the facts. we have to look at entire situation. we have to measure hillary clinton by human yardstick, not a different yardstick because you can be an advocate for women and you can be an advocate for women's rights and still be hurt by the actions much other women. so again, i think the court of law has to decide on facts. -- what the facts are. >> this is coming down to the fact of 2/3 of men generally don't like hillary clinton, for whatever reason.
7:49 am
she doesn't have men in her court. so she has to, in order to win, she has to have the women vote for her. and that's why this question about is she really for women or not is so serious. martha: yep. brian fallon says clinton spent her whole life standing up for women and charges to the contrary are grossly unfair and untrue. that is from her spokesperson. we want to include that in this discussion as well. >> it's a hard one. yeah, thanks. >> thank you. bill: jon scott next on "happening now." good morning, what are you working on? >> good morning, mr. hemmer. bringing up bill clinton the race for white house is heating up and he is joining attacks on bernie sanders as polls continue to get tighter on the democratic side. also on the gop side ted cruz versus donald trump feud intensifies. we're hearing from some so-called establishment republicans who say they like trump over cruz. we'll tell you their reasoning. plus we're keeping an eye on market volatility and fall of
7:50 am
oil. there is a murder case out of michigan and strange ties to the popular netflix miniseries, "making a murderer." all ahead "happening now." bill: see you then, jon, ten minutes away. there is new evidence pointing to something very large and mysterious in our solar system. what is it and what does it mean as we go deep into space? ♪ it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. martha: the buffalo bills making nfl history, hiring the league's first full-time female coach. organizations promoting katherine smith to special teams quality control coach. she has 13 years of nfl experience starting out as an intern for the new york jets. head coach rex ryan praising
7:54 am
smith for herr knowledge and commitment to the game of too football. bill: good for her, good for the bills. astronomers finding evidence of what could be another planet, nicknamed plan net 9. supervisor of the intrepid museum here in new york mike massimino. good day to you. you've been up there a couple times. >> not that far. bill: how far out is it? >> they're approximating now because they haven't gotten a telescope to actually see it, right? but there is evidence that it is out there. bill: how far? >> to give you an idea, pluto is 4.6 billion miles away. this is between 20 million, at least 20 billion they think to maybe 100 billion miles away. bill: that is a road trip. >> very far. bill: you said they haven't seen it yet? >> no. what they did, they have been studying the area of the sky and there's, there's about six objects apparently, a half dozen objects that seem to be, their
7:55 am
orbit seems to be influenced by a large object out there. they're looking at that evidence. in other words, they see how these things are behaving and they're pretty convinced there is a big planet orbiting around our sun, part of our solar system therefore, causing this behavior out there, much bigger than earth? >> probably. they're not really sure exactly the size of it. again, what they're looking at is gravitational attraction. so it could have a very, a more of a massive core and a bit of an atmosphere or maybe less so. could be more gaseous. maybe size of neptune. somewhere at least as big as earth. probably larger. bill: i'm reading it may take 10 to 20,000 years to orbit the sun. that is one, longer -- >> quicker you go, farther out you are. so you're really talking about -- nasty winter. yes. bill: how significant do you think this could be? no as far as sending people there? bill: no.
7:56 am
what's the impact? look, when pluto was demoted i was ticked off. >> right, so i was i actually. we grew up with pluto and now it is no longer planet. this would be pluto replacement. it shows we think we know what's out there. and we kind of do but, we get get new information where we, it increased our understanding. so you never really know everything when it comesconstruct of our universe, even our solar system. reason though it is 20 billion miles a way is a long way it's in our neighborhood. we're finding out what is in our neighborhood still. imagine what is out there beyond. bill: you've been there. >> i think it is significant. bill: true, 150 years since we've identified one. we'll wait for solid evidence. >> the search is on, chase is on, see who winners will be to get a telescope on it to get a real image. that is fake image that you see there on your graphic. bill: mike, see you soon.
7:57 am
martha: we have a really big neighborhood. it is crunch time in iowa and new hampshire as you know. back and forth is heating up. patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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martha: i had no idea i had such neighbors that are billions of miles away. i still think pluto is planet number 9. i have a problem with that. bye, everybody, see you tomorrow. jon: on this thursday morning, a mighty political battle between the establishment and the outsider, and, no, we are not talking about the republicans, rather the democrat as hillary clinton fights off a surging bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. the real clear politic average of


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