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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," the weather forecasts are terrifying. a monster storm is threatening 75 million americans. are you in the path? and is there any way anyone can be ready? the clinton campaign just might be in crisis mode and is one of the big reasons secretary clinton's husband president bill clinton and his checkered past?aujçg0÷xbnf3m takes you to thedcampaign trail where the race is heating up in those two critical state. >> we're seeing the washington establishment run behind donald trump. >> we are bringing out big- >> -- if i'm the no, ma'am into of the republican party we are going to beat hillary clinton. >> i'm not using teleprompters. i'm not reading speeches,
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ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. >> we want to actually elect somebody who not only can go down there and disrupt that place but also knows how to do that disruption and get something done. >> the most important thing we have to achieve in this election is to keep hillary clinton out of the white house because she is disqualified from being president. >> the iowa caucus is just 11 is days away and a brand new iowa poll, cnn orc iowa poll out today shows trump with a commanding lead at 37%. now, trump is 11 points higher than senator ted cruz. cruz is in second place with 26%. senator rubleio in third with 14%. dr. ben carson at 6% and everyone else in iowa is at 3% or#v below. and, yesterday, another poll in the other important state, new hampshire. the cnn/wmur poll again showing donald trump in the lead with 34%. that's 20 points higher than senator ted cruz who trails at 14%. senator marco rubio and jeb bush body -- both tied at
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10%. john sununu goes "on the record." good evening, sir, how are you? >> good evening. how are you? are you ready for snow? >> it's going to be bad. it's going to be a whopper. we are really being threatened down here. all right, new hampshire, big poll he shows donald trump with a demanding lead. do you trust polls? >> well, i have never trusted them up here. you remember last time, a couple of days ahead -- hillary was ahead of obama in 2008 -- i mean obama was ahead of hillary in 2008 and she ended up winning up here. there is lots of surprises. bob dole was ahead of george herbert walker bush and we pulled that out by 10 points. you have got to go in the last week. it's starting to be the see me, touch me, feel me component of the campaign. we have got, i think, six republicans in the state today. governor bush, governor christie. governor kasich. we have senator rubio. senator cruz, and senator santorum. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders is here today and hillary is coming tomorrow.
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>> county polls be so wrong though when the polls have is such a commanding lead for trump? i mean, if we are sort of neck and neck within the margin of error a few more points. when you hear these points 20 points up. they would have to be a huge >> well, you know, that's a strong lead. has got to prove that it's real and if he doesn't prove its real in iowa and he doesn't prove it's real in new hampshire, he has got real trouble. i can tell you today in the couple of blends shops i was in, the talk was really about mark mark levin going aftr trump for not being a real conservative and for trump's accusations against cruz. so, there is a lot of conversation, there is a lot of volatility. people are still not yet hardened in their positions. so, i don't think anybody ought bet the ranch on those numbers. >> well, governor christie new hampshire union leader. but, governor kasich seems to be getting a lot of
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newspaper endorsements. does that make a difference there? >> the newspaper does make afvz difference. it is still a very important part of the republican primary process. i just think a lot of the polls reflect who was in the state last. now that they are all here, what you see over the next 10, 20 days are the important numbers. i guess it's 19 days now to the primary. >> all right. senator bernie sanders leading secretary hillary clinton by a substantial amount. is that because he is a neighbor or is that something else? >> i think most of it is neighborhood. but there is still a big component of that difference that's more than that i think iowa, the numbers are a lot closer. >> you know, she had the the same problem with obama going into the primary in 2008. so don't count her out. she has a very strong ground game here. and the clintons always seem to surprise people by doing better than expected in new
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hampshire. i think the interesting poll is one of your competitors had a poll out. and head-to-head both hillary clinton and bernie sanders against the top five or six republicans and the amazing thing how bad trump was. he was the worse in all of those in the head-to-head against bernie and mrs. clinton. >> governor, thank you. nice to so you. i'm sure i will see you in new hampshire very soon there. >> come visit. i will send -- let me know if you get stranded. >> i'm going to get stranded. you should have seen washington last night with very little snow. we really are in crisis mode here. anyway, governor, thank you. >> thank you. >> speaking of crisis mode, it is crisis time for secretary hillary clinton or is it not? a brand new cnn, orc poll of likely democratic iowa caucus goers and senator bernie sanders clobbering secretary clinton. 51%. 8 points down new poll coming after cnn
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new hampshire poll where sanders is likewise beating her there to and by a larger margin. he had henry is live in nash what you, new new hampshire. polls have been on bernie sanders side not just with the polls but with his money. the aides say ever since the attacks from the clinton camp started about a week or so with chelsea clinton they have seen more and more money pouring in over the internet. and, in fact, hillary clinton has had to match that by spending some days over the last week off the campaign trail in order to go behind closed doors and raise money. that's not something she expect to do have to do to catch up, keep up with bernie sanders on the#7=g÷ money front she was on the ground in iowa and the attacks continued. she was suggesting that
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bernie sanders is not up to being commander and chief. the former secretary of state saying that he has been naive, for example, on his approach to iran. she also is hitting him on the domestic front over health a single pair plan will cost too much there is not enough details that may back fire in a general primary. in a democratic election republicans would be deeply skeptical of a single pair government run healthcare plan. in the democratic primary here in new hampshire, that's something a lot of voters say they like. on the democratic side, anda3 i tell you an event wrapped up here a short time ago with bernie sanders and the cars were still leaving long after he was gone. one set of headlights after another. because, beyond polls, what i'm seeing on the ground is bernie sanders getting more passion and getting larger crowds, greta. whether that translates into more people going to caucus, more people voting here in new hampshire in the primary we still simply don't know, greta. >> he had, thank you. and it isn't just new iowa
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and new hampshire poll numbers that are bad for secretary clinton. tonight she has more email problems. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine, what's the problem? >> this letter was sent by intelligence community's watchdog known as the inspector general to lawmakers with oversight for the intelligence community. and the senate. and what they found is that there was intelligence in the emails that was beyond top secret in terms of how sensitive it was. special access programs. these are like the most close will he held, restricted government held programs because they are trying to protect sources and methods in this case. >> all right. now, who appoints that person? how does that person get the job? is it republican a democrat a bureaucrat? i mean. that was very good. >> who appoints this person? i don't mean to insult bureaucrats. in this is a highly volatile situation toxic topic. >> this inspector general, this is an appointmentp6ey by the obama administration.
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so thatted that i made it it all the more curious that mrs. clinton's team attacked the inspector general and accused him of working with republicans to leak this material. this was not a leak. this was an unclassified letter that was sent to congress. and my experience is that when agencies write unclassified letters, they do that with the goal of having it out in the public, so it can inform the public discussion of the issue. >> all right. now, this is all the emails that went back and forth on her server that were not deleted is there any report to recover the deleted emails that she determined were personal. >> our understanding is that the fbi was able to recover the deleted emails because the it specialist, brian pagliano glee it was not professional standards so they were able to recover much of the emails.
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>> >> so it looks like i did it or tried to do it. or tried to do it. mf3gc]way. you. >> you are welcome. >> it isn't just the iowa/new hampshire polls and the new emails giving secretary clinton heart burn. also struggling to get some women voters. many are blaming president bill clinton and his scandals from the 1990s. >> i have adopted a newkw year's resolution. i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality. >> he has one of the great woman abusers of all time sitting at her house waiting for her to come home. >> it's not the first time he is has demonstrated a penchant for sexism. >> she used the words sexist. i'm sexist. >> i have more respect for women than hillary clinton has. >> there has never been anyone better prepared for the job that awaits the next president than hillary. >> i'm the only one that's willing to talk about his problems. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the daily beast, jackie kucinich and from the hill a.b. stoddard.
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a.b., for the life of me, i don't understand why secretary hillary clinton doesn't go after bernie sanders for what has done. he is the big promiser in chief. this issue in the "new york times" about the women. >> well, she is going after bernie sanders. and she is saying that his promises are unrealrealistic and that the prospect for them in washington are near impossible. >> but even that's ridiculous. you know, if he could do all these things, what's he been doing since 1988? that's the thing. if i were the defense lawyer on, this i think i had hit the jackpot. >> it's not bernie sanders going after her on bill clinton's indiscretions. it's donald trump and other critics. and so it's still fills the space. and she is trying to attract millennial women. bernie sanders is beating her with young women by 21 points. beating her with voters under 45 under 299 point. those are disastrous numbers for her what they portend for the general election.
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she is running around trying to convince younger people who weren't around into husband's scandals. what is thiss about? complicit in really ruining these women's lives after they had run-ins with bill clinton. it's not about monica lewenski. other cases that donald trump is likely to bring up again and again every time it goes dormant. >> apart from that when you talk to pollsters who do focus groups, they say young women aren't really hung up on the first president narrative that hillary clinton talks about. she will be the first female president. young women, their view is well with, okay, i'm going to see a female president some day. i'm not really worried about it happening in my lifetime. she hasn't sort of broken through that logic, yeah i want a female president not her are. >> there was an article in the "new york times" maybe yesterday or the day before about the young women, it
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was stunning to me the numbers. >> absolutely. this has been in addition to what's trump pushing this narrative about bill clinton and some of the narrative. >> back in 2008, i must admit how could she possibly lose that freshman senator named senator barack obama. here we are all this time how can she lose to senator bernie sanders who is promising the moon and he has had all this time to do something is and he hasn't done anything. >> look who he is attracting? the party of young and the party of tomorrow. she is attracting the older voters in the party. she is not meeting the moment again. >> all right,kfnl panel. senator bob dole the 1996 g.o.p. nominee making big headlines by saying nominating senator ted cruz would be cataclysmic for the g.o.p. moments ago he called in to "on the record." he did not budge. he doubled down on those comments about senator cruz. >> senator dole, nice to talk to you sir. >> hey, greta. how are you doing? >> i'm doing very well. you had some tough words for senator ted cruz saying that
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if he is elected the party would suffer cataclysmic and wholesale losses and even called him extremist. is that how you feel? >> he is an extremist. do you ever hear him use the word republican? it's always the word conservative. and i always thought i was conservative, and i'm a chuck grassley republican. and senator cruz, i watch all the news and rarely hear him use the word republican. so he i think he is a republican in name only. my candidate is jeb bush, and remains my candidate, not supporting jeb bush but if it comes down as donald and ted cruz. i'm for donald trump. i think he has got a lot of ability. he has to bring people together and negative united
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states and he would get out in congress can. >> the 1996 republican nominee sure doesn't like ted cruz. >> nobody does in the republican conference in the house or the senate. that's "on the record." and it's public information. ted cruz is running on that. that he doesn't have any friends in the washingtonl cartel. having bob dole say that is the best thing that could happen to senator cruz it's actually an interesting moment for donald trump. ted cruz is trying to paint trump now as the establishment. is he going to beat him up saying bob dole wants him because is he going to make deals which means is he going to sell out. republicans, you know, are not shy about the fact that they believe that senator cruz, if he is president, can't work with the congress and can't get anything done. >> the other thing to remember, ted cruz went after bob dole during one of his cpac speeches. naming off all the nominees that didn't work bob dole. i remember there was a gasp
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from the establishment because this is a war hero we are talking[ he was dismissing him. yeah, there is a lot of animosity toward dead -- ted cruz, are we going to go with a guy we absolutely despise or go with donald trump? >> ted cruz is appealing tozca:l the tea party side of the republican party. now he has lost governor sarah palin. she still has support. >> she does. ha was a big blow for him. it really really was. >> i think if mark levin is bashing trump on cruz's behalf and glenn beck is supporting him he has enough supporters. he is not going to suffer&vbw because he lost sarah palin. he has a lot of other people on his side. >> i don't think people in my hometown, it's not iowa, it'suh! wisconsin. i don't think they care if mark levin and glenn beck are fighting over. this senator cruz is trying to organize caucus goers in iowa. >> they listen to talk radio. and -- ted cruz. >> that fight i matters
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between glenn beck and mark levin to voters? >> absolutely. >> wow. i don't know. i think they should look at everybody's record. stop listening to whearve is saying and look at the record and see if they have done anything and see if you like what they have done. >> so simple. >> so simple. anyway, i'm not voting in iowa. a.b., jackie, thank you both. as an aside, i do want to remind you of one thing though, senator dole is the finance chair raising money for the dwight d. eisenhower memorial. it's a worthy cause. you have might want to check it out. this is a fox news alert. a winter storm packing a powerful punch bearing down on much of the united states. as many as 15 states are in the danger path of what could be the storm of the century. in much of the southeast, the roads arei@u already icy, causing headaches and danger for drivers. right now, several states under a winter storm warning. cities and towns across the region, gearing up for heavy snow and ice. be? and are you in danger? a brand new fox forecast
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with the storm's newest path is straight ahead. and breaking right now, u.s. marine amir hekmati is home. just a short time agofjqv check that out. the plane carrying amir hekmati is michigan. he spoke briefly to reporters at the airport. >> brief statement. >> it's great to be back in flint, my hometown. i love this city. i love its people. they have been so good to me and my family and we're very grateful. happy to finally be home. it's been a very long road. a very long journey. unfortunately, many people have traveled this road with me despite all the difficulties. thank god, thanks to everyone's support, everybody from the kildee, every day americans. i'm standing here, healthy, tall, and with my head held high. >> andpw(bt christian pastor syd abedini no ho was also held
4:19 pm
in iran's prison will be landing in north carolina any minute. from cameras on the ground. and we're going to bring that to you later in this hour. also, a dangerous al qaeda terrorist just released from gitmo. lieutenant colonel oliver north is here. also a massive winter storm prepared to unleash its fury on america. what you need to know about this possible deadly storm coming up.
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a vicious terrorist who had direct ties to usama bin laden was released today from gitmo. the al qaeda explosive maker is responsible for the shoe bomb use to do try to bring down packed jet liners. how do we know that this man will not return to terror? lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us. good evening, sir.
4:23 pm
>> good evening, i will answer that question right off the top. you don't. in fact, about a third to as many as a half, we really don't know. at least a third and maybe as as many as a half do go back to the battlefield and go out and kill more americans and in some cases they succeeded. >> what's the difference of like prisoners of wargná like in world war ii or anything, we didn't hold them for 1,000 years. >> no, but we held them until the end of hostilities. >> because we still have hostilities with isis and al qaeda? >> it is a legitimate reason for us to do so, except that barack obama wants to get rid of gitmo and some people question his motives for this. but, many people suspect it's because he intends to give gitmo back to the castro brothers before he leaves office. and. >> what does he get out of that? it's under a lease to the united states. >> he will go down in history books for it what's unfortunate is that we are one of the very few news outlets in the planet that actually goes out and tracks this. for example, there are 91 detainees left at gitmo as of today.
4:24 pm
and two more were released today. so, and by the way. >> we have got to talk about the guy who was supposed to be released today. >> who didn't want to governmental he didn't want to leave. >> didn't know anybody. >> bh was going to a country where he didn't know anybody. bermuda wasn't available, i guess. >> think about the places we are sending these guys now, bosnia mont negro, gawp that. there are no super maxes in any of these places. >> that was the whole language and even republicans who opposed the gitmo, adopting the same language transfer. they were not being transferred to another prison. they were being released. i don't know whether they should be released or not. but let's call it like it is, released. >> unfortunately, this president in his campaign promise way back in 2008, he made the campaign promise that he was going to close gitmo with an ear -- within a year of taking office. that didn't happen for good reason. even his own investigation sent down there to go camp delta there were no people
4:25 pm
there that were harmless goat herd errors, these were terrorists. these were bad people who tried to kill americans and in some cases succeeded. think about this. khalid sheikh mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11/01 was the last. where will he go? think about what happened with oma detainees here are he radio leased to oman and a week later oman gets. >> a weapons deal. >> 51-million-dollar weapons deal. >> it's incredible. said it's a coincidence. obama administration says it's a coincidence. we're not that stupid. >> is the kerry state department holding a secret auction to the high bidder, secret sealed bids on who will take khalid sheikh mohammed? think about it. if you look at what's happening with this administration, there is no concern for the severity of american& -- safety of american troops or american citizens. this administration ought to be held accountable. >> we should know every
4:26 pm
single aspect of every single deal because, the obama administration will work out a deal with some other government who is at odds with us but they won't tell me i'm a good american. what's the secret on all this stuff. >> the president got up and said that everything that they did was done because the united states promised these were not really terrorists. we know that's not true. >> i think the american people under transparency which he also ran under. he may want to close gitmo because he closed that. cutting all these deals and not one american knows what the deal is. >> i give you a prediction within six months of the new administration in washington there will be an investigation that finds quid pro quo and things were provided to these governments for taking these incredibly bad people. >> i sure want to know what did is i'm taking the last word. nice to see you, ollie. >> thanks. >> this is a fox news alert. heavily armed gunmen storming beach side restaurants in somalia. at least three people are now dead but that death toll is expect to do rise. a car bomb was detonated as many as five gunmen approached from the beach.
4:27 pm
right now it is unknown who is behind the attack, but it is believed that the al qaeda linked al shabaab group is responsible. oh brother, are you one of the 75 million americans who are in the path of this kill canner storm? we have that forecast. that's next. when you're engineered to literally to drive circles around the competition. makes me feel stopped up. that's called opioid-induced constipation, or oic. a different kind of constipation. finding relief has been a real struggle. paint a different picture. talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options.
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it all. rick? >> hi, greta, yeah, it's a big one. a lot of facets to this one as well. including severe weather, a lot of wind an coastal problems and obviously the snow and ice. here. the severe weather already going from this storm down across parts of the south. we have ha number of tornado warnings today. see this line of storms pulling to the east. it will continue to do so during the overnight hours. more severe weather and tomorrow across parts of florld. one other thing i want to show you right now, it doesn't look like that much but get ready, i think this is going to change over into some ice and then eventually some snow here. even areas as far as south as parts of arkansas are going to get in on some of this. we have a lot of icing we are going to sees a well. tonight into tomorrow morning get red i don't think, the north georgia mountains through parts of south carolina into north carolina is going to be bulls eye and also spots of kentucky. potentially some spots over an inch of ice in an ice storm. that is going to cause a lot of power outages across thisyd9s area. and then we will see some
4:32 pm
snow fall on top of it. snow after a the ice and big problems on a lot of the roadways in the south. now, take a look how expansive this is winter storm warnings in aeffect across arkansas and mississippi. all throughout parts of the tennessee valley and highway. parts of the mid-atlantic coast and blizzard warnings in effect for washington, d.c. for baltimore, as well as out here across the appalachians. and then take a look at this. blizzard watches in effect. those will likely switch over to blizzard warnings just as we get a little bit closer to the storm. we are going to be talking about a lot of wind. this wind that's a nor'easter. winds come out of the northeast. it's coming at the same time, greta, as the full moon so we're going to have extra high tides and a lot of even storm surge from some of this. big problems, long island all the way down toward virginia beaches get ready for that snowfall totals, big, bulls eye right where you are, d.c. it looks like that. baltimore and areas just to the west. that's going to be the big winner or loser, depends on your viewpoint here of this
4:33 pm
storm possibly two feet some spots each more. >> two questions.%h is there any way you are dead wrong about this? it's not happening. that's the wishful thinking one. secondly, when is this over so we can try to clean up? >> good questions. all right. am i wrong? a nor'easter. where you get the heaviest of snow is where a band sets up when you look at something lake this band in here. 30 inches of snow. does d.c. get 13 to 24? i think so. is it 15? is it 28? it could be anywhere in that sort of thing. one good piece to this, take a look at these temperatures, sunday you're 35 in d.c. monday you are 38. and tuesday you are 47. a lot of times you get these storms and it gets really cold afterwards and miserable. this time not the case. it's it not getting to be that bad. it will melt and help people as they are digging out and roads won'ts be as frozen which is going to be a bit of a help. >> it's it just awful. every time you show up on
4:34 pm
the screen, rick are, i get scared. you don't show up for the nice weather. >> you don't invite me then. >>olfutáuey thanks, rick a1osp c >> you bet. >> all right. this massive storm is making travel a nightmare. flights at airports across the country, cancelled. fox news correspondent huntsman is at new york's laguardia airport. abbey? >> you are right. already along the east coast, there have been a number of delayed flights. they cancelled flight today. tomorrow at least 1300 flights are cancelled. we're here at laguardia airport. it feels like the calm before the storm. for the most part things are running smoothly. i talked with some of the passengers just a few moments ago. some prosecute were frustrated about cancelled or delayed flights. for the most part they feel lucky they are getting out right before the storm hits. that's at laguardia airport though. not every airport is like this today. charlotte douglass international major have cancelled. three main airports where you are in d.c. and
4:35 pm
baltimore they will see a number of flights cancelled tomorrow as well on saturday. no one is going to be getting out in that area. delta is now saying theyonfo will give people a refund for any flights cancelled or significantly delayed between friday and sunday throughout the northeast region. big take away, if you are planning to travel in the next few days, they are highly recommending that you change that flight. all major airlines are waiving the change fee so right now it feels calm. things are running smoothly. tomorrow could be a very different story. i have a flight out of laguardia tomorrow night. it's looking like i could be in trouble like many other people. >> i would suggest you buy skis. abbey, thank you. and is the obama administration sending money to terrorists? that answer next.;, the biggest challenge for business today is not
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inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. breaking right now, christian pastor syed abedini is finally back in the united states. just a short time ago, pastor abedini landed in north carolina. now abedini spent more than
4:40 pm
three years in an iranian president before his release over the weekend. pastor abedini will now rest and spend times with friends and family at the billy graham training center in asheville, north carolina. boy, are are we all happy he is home and everybody else. this is america's nightmare. we could be) funding terror. today's secretary of state john kerry admitting that some of the billions of dollars in sanctions relief granted to iran under that nuclear deal will end up in the hands of terrorists. >> i think some of it will end up in the hands of)%uip the irgc. other terrorists. to some degree i'm not going to tell you every component of that can be prevented. i can tell you. this right now we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time. i'm sure at some point some of it will. >> former u.s. ambassador to
4:41 pm
the united nations ambassador john bolton goes "on the record." good evening, sir. what i don't understand is this. is that iran has been financing forever. hezbollah is a terrorist group. i would expect that some of that money at a minimum would end up with hezbollah. >> i really want to give props to secretary kerry. this man can embarrass himself endlessly and not even smile about it. you know, this past summer which when they signed the nuclear deal he was asked wouldn't some of the unfrozen assets likely go to terrorist or nuclear programs. no, iran can't do that. there is a u.n. resolution that forbids people from aiding terrorist groups that have been sanctioned by the u.n. and there are u.n. resolutions against using money for the ballistic missile program. and now, of course, he admits that these pieces of paper do absolutely nothing to stop iran from allocating
4:42 pm
these funds any way they want to.eç >> i have always thought that the money was far more dangerous in the deal than actually the business about the nuclear know how. because the money can so destabilize a region that's already so incredibly destabilized and make it extremely dangerous for israel. as for the nuclear know how. you can frankly buy some of that stuff and from pakistan or, perhaps, or perhaps north carolina or some rogue nation. and it's easier to take out the nuclear facilities than anyway how do you fight this money that's being just dolled out in the region? >> the nuclear know how can get your attention when it explodes over your city and nobody has shown any inclination it to take it out. the fact is though that we have got some amount of money, 100 billion. 150 billion that will free up and iran will be able to do what it wants. build domestic infrastructure. pay off supply assad and others with arms and
4:43 pm
trading. arms, stairs there is no limit what they can do with it. that constitutes entirely foreseeable. at the time it of signing the deal. >> i'm not, -- why the way, i'm not israel has always said that it could take out those nucleau-il plants with the united states assistance. i don't mean tounder palestine it. >> i don't see israel doing it, frankly, i have given up on the notion1p actually will strike the iranian nuclear facilities which is one deal. i think that means iran inevitably gets nuclear weapons and sooner rather than later. in the meantime there is no doubt that billions of dollars of free cash not to mention what they will gain from the trade and inward investment that eliminating the sanctions allows will be
4:44 pm
to iran at the time when global oil prices are still at $30 a barrel. >> ambassador, thank you, enjoy denver because you are not getting home. nobody is getting in or out of this town at least for a while. >> you are telling me. >> and new inside information about your tax dol,?'cg 800-million-dollar experiment, is that bad? seriously? inspector general blowing the lid off the spendingba scandal next. eo i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
4:45 pm
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get ready to speed read the news. brand new video showing refugees trying to get into britain. police in france firing tear gas at the migrants as they try to hop on to trucks to the u.k. fleeing terror from the middle east in africa. gathered in the french town hoping to cross the english channel. ethan couch will soon be
4:49 pm
heading back to the united states. couch has been in mexico awaiting deportation since fleeing the united states. his lawyers now say they will stop challenging the deportation process. that means couch will return to texas within weeks. couch's attorneys also saying couch's case will likely be transferred from the juvenile system to the adult system. and a los angeles zoo worker rescued from the brill enclosure. the worker fell early this morning. since gorillas in sleeping area. worker was never in any danger. that's tonight wants speed read. okay. this is not government competence. i think it's corruption. remember that gas station we were first told it cost $43 million. it should only have cost half a million bucks. now at a senate hearing yesterday we learned the pentagon has no idea how much was actually spent and the pentagon is doing back pedaling saying the gas station only cost $10 million. as if paying $10 million for a $500,000 gas station would make us somehow feel better.
4:50 pm
that's the tip of a very big iceberg special attorney general for afghanistan construction john goes "on the record." good to see you sir. >> good toe so you. >> you testified yesterday. you are trying to see what the pentagon is doing with its money over. >> there um-huh. >> the first question is the pentagon cooperating fully? >> we are hoping. up to now, no. but we are hoping we got a promise and commitment, senator ayotte got a promise and commitment out of them to cooperate. >> that was yesterday? >> that was yesterday. >> so they weren't cooperating and now we got a promise that they will. >> that gas station which is one item. the one i seize upon, what was it 443 million or 10 million. do we know yet? >> the records are horrible. the best guestimate is 43 million. even the defense department's witness had to admit that although he thinks the number is wrong, the records are so bad that that's probably the best number. >> do you know who actually paid that, who sort of hit the button for the transfer of the money or okayed it or anything? i mean, somebody paid
4:51 pm
43 million. >> i would love to answer that he q we will try to find that out. the records are so abysmal. so bad. he we can't figure that out. >> you can isolate which part of the pentagon it came out of? >> task force which reported to the secretary of defense and then reported to the principle deputy under secretary of defense forvn policy, who testified yesterday. >> so we don't know who. on this particular project, this $500,000 gas station. we don't know who said okay, we're going to pay 10 million or $43 million? >> no, we don't. >> do we know who got the money? >> we have some contract data. but we don't know who got the entire amount. remember are, most of that amount was overhead. and what we're finding with many of their programs, they spent more on overhead than they did on the actual programs. so we don't know how that overhead was allocated. >> all right. another project i saw some sort of -- looked like the four seasons in kabul and i have been to kabul. what was that all about? >> we found out they spent
4:52 pm
$150 million, so their staff didn't have to bunk with the troops or sleep in the embassy. that $150 million paid villas, three star villas with, you know, best that you could provide in food food and clothing and all of that. >> i don't know how all that's possible. i have been to kabul. it's hard to spend 150 million in downtown washington to get those nice places. how do you do that in kabul? suspect goes the money some place, it did go to those villas. >> in that case we have documented the contractors who provided security. provided the food and was a lot of security and it's not a safe place. >> yes, i know that the question is why did you spend all of that money. they say we need to do spend all that money so we had freedom of movement. that was so we could impression investors to
4:53 pm
invest in afghanistan and convince them afghanistan was safe. we said okay, you can)k prove any investors actually invested because of that and they can't prove it. >> i think senator ayotte and senator mccaskill and some of the other women and senatorsy good yesterday. i do have a criticism. the senate oversight committees are after sites. way too late after this money is spent. and i hate that. >> well, i'm glad we're doing oversight. i'm glad senator mccaskill, senator eye i can't tell. >> i hope you will come back. >> move advice to attorney general lore let can a lynch show an indictment. show me the per walk. that's next. guarantee.
4:54 pm
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it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. you were made to move. so move. let's all go off-the-record. president eisenhower was the supreme commander of allied forces in world war ii. no one knew better than
4:58 pm
general eisenhower the importance of a strong military. but, when he left the white house in 1961, president eisenhower washed the american people about the military industrial complex. >> the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. >> we all want a powerful military. and one that has the tools it needs to protect us. but in wanting that, are we heeding president eisenhower's warning about the military industrial complex? why isn't the department of defense sending $43 million of your tax dollars for $500,000 gas station in afghanistan? you know that's just the tip of the iceberg. when a government spends that kind of money, and it can't tell you how it it was spent or where or who got it or why, something is fishy. it's corruption. that's the word we all use for unaccounted funds in haiti. so, what's the difference here? nothing. the congress sure is not protecting you. it's time for attorney general loretta lynch to
4:59 pm
summon a grand jury. if my suspicions are correct. get some indictments. show us the perp walks that will send a strong message to everyone else in government who might be considering stealing your money. washington has been the city of no9= consequences. it's time to make it the city of consequences. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and it's time for your campaign flash senator ted cruz holding two events at new hampshire. first he spoke at the college and held a meet and greet in manchester. senator marco rubio spending much of his day in new hampshire holding two separate events. and governor jeb bush speaking at three events today in the granite state. one of those just wrapping up. and governor chris christie holding an employee town hall at globe manufacturing in pitsfield and that's tonight's tonight flash. we will take you straight to the candidates and the campaign flash. and your live twitter results on your screen right now, will closing gitmo create extra danger for the
5:00 pm
united states? yes say 79% no say 21%. that's all for now. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. go to gretawire and facebook. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> if donald trump doesn't fall, i will either move out of the country or join the resistance. >> a new anti-trump movement is threatening the media if we cover the republican cob tender in depth. the factor is investigating and wait until you hear what we found out. >> they walk around half naked and use perfume. things can happen. >> a muslim cleric in germany saying the women who are molested by young muslim men deserve it it we will tell you what that is all about. >> well, you say he was a republican, now is he is a democrat. >> he voted for obama in 2008. come on, bill. >> also ahead, how did glenn beck and donald trump


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