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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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yes say 79% no say 21%. that's all for now. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. go to gretawire and facebook. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> if donald trump doesn't fall, i will either move out of the country or join the resistance. >> a new anti-trump movement is threatening the media if we cover the republican cob tender in depth. the factor is investigating and wait until you hear what we found out. >> they walk around half naked and use perfume. things can happen. >> a muslim cleric in germany saying the women who are molested by young muslim men deserve it it we will tell you what that is all about. >> well, you say he was a republican, now is he is a democrat. >> he voted for obama in 2008. come on, bill. >> also ahead, how did glenn beck and donald trump get
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bamboozled by internet propaganda. jesse watters on the case. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm ncez o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hysteria surrounding donald trump. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you are following the presidential sweepstakes, you know that donald trump is dominating media coverage, especially on tv. the guy you is ratings gold and not boring. so he is on camera a lot. that being said, much of the commentary on trump is negative. >> now, the screamers and the crazy people on the alt right as you call it who love donald trump, who have plenty of hitler -- in their twitter icons. >> i have been part of that
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when they just use a blanket statement to talk about black people. or when they use a blanket statement to talk about white people. or women. or any other group. i don't think that's america. i don't want it to be america. maybe it's time for me to move. >> he plays the race card, obviously. and he did it with mexicans. he is doing it with muslims. he did it he even thought about running for president with african-americans. that's part of who trump is. >> so with all the media attention, trump is taking his lumps in the free marketplace of speech. but apparently that is not enough for the trump haters. there is is a new group called stop hate, dump trump trying to influence the media the campaign intends to, quote, put the media and political constitutions on notice that they are accountable for normalizing trump's extremism by treating it as entertainment, by%/zó9 giving it
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inorder meant inordinate and unequal air time and condemning it appropriate i can't tellly. wow, that sounds like a threat from ms. ensler, does it not? she, of course, is a rabid feminist. others in the group, far left folks harry belafonte, glover, kerry washington, michael moore, jane fonda, lily tomlin. now we actually applaud americans who hold deep honest political conventions on both sides. but, there is much more to this stop hate group than most people know. jane fonda's politics are obvious and the other celebrities are well known for their liberal viewpoints. two lesser known names in the group are instructive. noam chomsky and7$ crenshaw. chomsky a radical professor smear his own country. evidence questioned the credibility of the press
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reporting atrocities committed in cambodia in the aftermath of the vietnam war. he said the reports were propaganda to put the united states in a more favorable light. later, chomsky had to acknowledge that genocide did occur in cambodia and was committed by communists with whom chomsky is sympathetic. the nutty professor also blamed the u.s.a. for the 9/11 attacks partially calling america a, quote: leading terrorist state. so why would you live in a terrorist state, professor? just asking. talking points is amazed ms. upon go -- fonda are donald trump is a hater but fine with noam chomsky. he is not a hater? come on, he hates america. now on to kimberly crenshaw. she teaches at ucla. she is highly critical of one president barack obama.
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the reason? he launched my brother's keeper initiative. she objects to that because women of color are not included in the program. the teacher was also part of the legal team that tried to destroy clarence thomas. so you can see what this dump trump group is all about. a bunch of radical leftists who believe they can say pretty much anything, attack nip, smear their own country and all of that is okay. however, donald trump's opinion not okay. and if we in the media report it, they're going to get us. or something. now, the factor is extending an invitation to most of the people in the anti-trump group. we are happy to debate them here. but the odds of jane fonda showing up on the factor, over her life miss fonda has been an emotional person often(jr'g out against
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her country in bizarre ways. she has apologized for her conduct during the vietnam war openly helping the enemy while americans werenning killed in southeast asia. talking points accepted miss fonda's apology because that to do. but i don't believe jane fonda has learned any lessons at all. if she believes noe noam chomsky is not a hater, then she is out of her mind. chomsky makes trump look like mother teresa one of the reasons i continue to do this program now in our 2 oth season is because i am able to expose rank hypocrisy. he you are free to take donald trump or leave him. he you are not free to to threaten anyone who reports on him. i challenge him all the time and have openly said his ban of muslims from overseas and proposed roundup of illegal aliens would never be
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implemented because of legal barriers. here we are responsible using facts to support our opinions. we practice democracy, freedom ofnq expression. robust debate in the radical precincts, noam chomsky and his crew seek to shut down expression and debate by using threats and smears. and one more thing. this group may actually help donald trump. people on the fence about him might well say, you know, enough is enough with these radical totalitarian loons. trying to stifle coverage of my political candidate runs against what the u.s.a. is all about. the radical left despises the openness, the constitution encourages. why? because it's much easier to control thought when dissenting voices are silenced. and that's the memo. next on thekg+l rundown, reaction from dana perino, also, we will have some new information about the new hampshire vote that is kind of shocking. the factor will be right
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at impact segment tonight. the new hampshire primary will be held on february 9th, and right now polls say donald trump is way ahead on the republican side and bernie sanders a good lead on the democrat side. according to the new hampshire secretary of state, undeclared voters make up 44% of the electorate. republicans 30. democrats 26. and now a new poll from wbur recess among the 44% who are undeclared, '3% of them are undecided. a very big number. that means anything can happen in the granite state. with us now dana perino, co-host of the five. i still think trump and sanders will take it up there. but there is a lot of people and this is not reflected in the polling because, remember, the polling is all
5:12 pm
among democrats likely voters and republican likely lçe=u say? >> they are not going to make up their minds for a littled while. they might see what happens in iowa. because if you notice over the past few election cycles, iowa votes, they choose somebody. and then new hampshire seems to kind of go in an opposite direction that might not happen this year. trump could win iowa or new hampshire or cruz could do the same. whoever comes in second. >> cruz isn't going to win in new hampshire. >> he might not. >> he won't. >> okay. unless you want to put some heavy money on it because stossel backed down last night. >> i have no money. >> okay. you can send donations to dana perino care of the five. the talking points memo which basically my opinion thatted radical left really doesn't want freedom of expression. that's what that is all about. they are using donald trump as añ@ev stocking horse.
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noam chomsky is way worse than donald trump has ever been. >> if they weren't going after donald trump they would go over someone else, either ted cruz or whoever else was in front of the republican party. >> thty feel they can threaten us if we report on the campaign. i mean, that is so outrageous, so over the top. >> it's so unamerican. and so against the first amendment. and i find it a little bit humerus that they all talk amongst themselves at cocktail parties thinking this is a good strategy. >> but do you really find it humorous? because i find it dangerous. i really do. and it's not dangerous now but it could be dangerous 10 years from now. because, if you look at what's happening on college campuses. this is exactly what's happening on shut down opposing speech. if i'm invite to do go to a college, i usually turn it town because i know it's going to turn into az; fiasco. i know there are going to be people who are going to try to hurt me, physically hurt me. >> right.
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or at least disrupt the proceedings so they can get it out on the cell phone and put it on the internet. that has shut down my presence on college campuses. >> you are not alone. college campuses that have inrighted speakers such as condoleezza rice. they decided after a student revolt at rutgers can't have secretary of state. >> first african-american woman extremely accomplished and gives a great speech. >> you can see how this confluence of these hollywood people with all due respect, the names that i named, you know, i mean, if they come on here, we would have a discussion about it, i could respect them, but they never will because they don't know anything. >> they don't want to debate. >> they don't know anything. >> they don't want to have a discussion. >> because they don't know anything. >> and they think the most of the rest of the country is stupid. >> if you throw them noam chomsky's resume they are like. i don't want to be supercilious -- word of the day. there is a effort to shut
5:15 pm
down opposing points of view. >> that's why you said in the 20th season of doing this show, one of the things that they complain about, that 4nuz left will complain about fox news, especially hollywood complains about fox news, they have almost the entire rest of the media comes to a story with their viewpoint. so,. >> i think fox news gives air time to more diverse viewpoints than any other network on the air. really, the big three, they don't have a lot of diversity anyway. they just have their shows. >> they have a lot of. give opposing. all straight down the line. they have a few tokens, but here you have a whole bunch of people always coming on every hour. you never know who you are going to see and they are allow to do say what they want. >> if i were on the left and i got an invitation to come on the o'reilly factor. i think i would take it. >> if you come on and do you well. >> right. >> you gain respect. >> right. >> he would not going to
5:16 pm
basically mock you unless you are doing something that we feel is dangerous. and that's only a few times. >> if you look at somebody like adam goolsbee who you have. >> austan goolsbee. we love him. >> he is great. and he argues well. i don't think he wins all that much he is up against me, i mean, who does. dana perino, everybody. there she is. mike huckabee still in the race but things look dim. he will be here. and a shocking development in the mass meteorologist story -- mass molestation story in europe. cleric says they deserve it. those after these messages.
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personal story segment tonight, the former governor of arkansas mike huckabee won the iowa caucus back in
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2008. this year things have been more difficult for the governor. he joins us now from iowa. you ood shot, but the trump/cruz brawl seems to be overriding everything right now. how do you see that? >> well, i will tell you, i'm still finding it out here with iowa people that the connection is real. and i just think people have forgotten the lesson ofvy iowa. every four years the media gets it wrong. they got it wrong four years ago, eight years ago. bill, they have gotten it wrong for 40 years. jimmy carter was never supposed to win it back in the 70's. the iowa people will make up their own mind and most of them don't make it up until just before the caucus. i think we will see that happening again february 1st. >> okay. and i hope they do. i would like to see some surprises. but santorum won last time, you won in 2008. it doesn't seem to mean that much in the general vote. although certainly we applaud juans for having a caucus. we think everybody should be heard. but, trump -- >> -- let me just point out something, bill. hold on one second.
5:21 pm
i just want to point out. it wasn't just that each of us won iowa we come in second in the nominating process. people say all you did was win in iowa. i came in second to mccain and santorum came in second to romney four years ago. it is a launching pad and predictability had you well we can do. >> valid point. it's different this time because of trump. and trump is in a brawl with cruz. they are both trying to woo evangelical voters and theyc?? are your base. how do you see this? >> have you ever been to a nascar race and if the from front cars have a collision and both of them wreck? guess what happens? somebody comes from behind them and ends up winning the race and get the checkereds4á flag. there are less than two weeks and that's a long period of time in iowa election t could be all the cars in front end up crashing into each other and rolling off the track. people in iowa say forget it. these guys are so consumed with each other, is there a candidate who is really talking about us? and that's when they are going to say mike huckabee has never stopped talking about the working class
5:22 pm
people who are getting gut punched whose wages aren't going up. that people who work hard in places like where i am here in thisw) factory in sioux center, iowa. people who stand on their feet all day. at least one guy who is not corporately funded. he is not a big wall street cash guy. i think that's where the shot is and that's why i think there is going to be a surprise february 1st. >> if those blow up. two candace, you are well-positioned. you have been more critical of cruz than trump, correct? >> i don't know that i have been critical. i have been asked a lot of questions. and i have pointed out that for someone if they are going to say they are consistent they need to be consistent. one of the things thafl like i have brought to this race is nobody has caught me saying different in new york than i say in sioux center. if i tell somebody something in marshall town, iowa they will hear the exact same things in manhattan. bill, that's one of the things that you know from the long time i have known you. i don't go and change even my message when i sit down and talk on your show or
5:23 pm
behindy the scenes. i just don't. that's one of the things that i people learn about you. you do the same. >> you are a straight-talking guy. look, you said about cruz how can you be a rabid christian if you don't give any money to charity. that's a pretty tough statement. >> i didn't say that about cruz. i was asked a question generally. and i said i don't think you can put god last in your budget if you claim that he is first in your life. i was talking about me. look, the fact is christian believe. in i believed in it when my wife and i were dirt poor and living in a $40 a month rent house. i have believed it when we had a lot more money. never given less than a tithe of income to our church for the simple reason that that's how it is supposed to be.[if(p&c@ >> did you not say that why cruz gave less than 1% of his income to charity in 2006 and 2010? did you point that out. >> i don't know that i said that i don't think so. but, look, i believe that everything in our lives is open for inspection. i'm not criticizing. >> do you think that cruz.
5:24 pm
>> will have to answer for that. >> do you think cruz is a christian to be emulated? i mean, it seems like you are casting aspersions on him. >> i'm not going to judge his christian faith because, look, god is going to judge mine. he is going to judge his. >> is he being a phony in this area or is he being upfront? >> i think it's something he needs to answer. what are his parameters of stewardship? bill, look at it, you are one of the most generous people i know. i think of all the contributions you have given to fisher house, to wounded warriors, you give vigorously. why do you do that? because you believe you have a responsibility back to other people. you don't have to. government doesn't force you to do that do you that because you like to do it. that's why i do it. i think that's why every christian does it. and anybody, i don't care whether it's mor i or ted one of us i think somebody could ask us what are your priorities and i will be able to find it out as much by your budget as i will by
5:25 pm
whatever you say. >> cruz just throwing that out for all the candidates? >> for all of us. i evaluate myself every day and ask myself what are the priorities in my life? >> trump is, as you may have heard, i don't know whether you heard the talking points memo but he is under attack by the far left. they are coming after him like crazy want to shut him down because is he dominating the coverage. his domination of the coverage has hurt guys like you. there is no doubt. because, you know, he is driving the>h media on television, in particular it. is does that anger you, governor? >> well, not at donald trump. i admire the guy for being such a master of manipulating the media and having them literally eating out of his hand the whole process. good for him. any of us that could do that heck we would be doing it it's made it difficult sometimes to get the more substantive message out. i don't blame donald trump for that. >> i don't think you would do it, he is a bomb thrower. he throws bombs.
5:26 pm
that's not your style. i don't think you are going to do that. >> no, that's not my style. >> his style as you just pointed out is working. it's sucking the air out of the room and the other candace are losing face time. governor, we wish you the best. and we appreciate you coming on tonight. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. how did glenn beck get so bamboozled on the internet. how did donald trump get fooled? jesse watters has been investigating. but next, the muslim cleric in germany says the women were being molested on the streets deserve it. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him.
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life as a non-smoker is a whole lotta fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. truth serum segment tonight, two very hot topics why the feds will not crack counsel on illegal immigration. follow-up report on saying they were molested by -- cleric in cologne said this. >> we need to find a solution. if someone te'o tacks another it creates a dangerous situation. one of the reasons is how the women were dressed. if they walk around half naked and use perfume things can happen. a man, a woman, it's like putting oil on the fire. >> joining us now fox news correspondent shannon bream in washington. eric shawn here in new york city. so, i mean, who is this guy anyway? who is he. >> he is sammy abood yousef. he is the imam of the
5:31 pm
tallahed mosque in cologne. he blames women. >> it's a big mosque. >> been investigated in the past reportedly about 10 years ago but nothing apparently has happened from that. is he is defending this. a thousand men. >> absolutely defending it? >> they describe as arabic and north african. 5211 sexual assaults, three rapes. >> how many arrests? >> eight arrests so far. >> all north africans? >> they won't describe all of them but the first was asylum seeker, 26-year-old man from algeria and arrested in a refugee center. >> okay. throughout europe now, we are having -- we ran a story yesterday in sweden, where there was a tape, a woman was actually accosted. how badded is this situation over europe. >> it happened in other places, sweden and austria and switzerland and finland. this is not just unique to that one night in cologne in front of the cathedral. >> is this imam alone in his craziness put on perfume and dressed in a western style? you are a legitimate target
5:32 pm
for this kind of stuff? >> that's apparently his view. >> that's his view, no doubt. >> it's the women's fault for the way they dress. some of the witnesses said that north african and arabic men some of them were drunk and yelling arabic and french. others say they can't really assimilate properly. the czech president is 71 years old. czech. >> we did this yesterday, czech president said look in the immigration we don't believe that the muslim people can assimilate into the check -- czech culture it. radical crazy imam or what the prevailing thought is europe is different than the arab culture in the middle east. we have to it see how this plays out. angela merkel calls the behaviors disgusting and anyone convicted will be deported. >> all right. let's go back to the united states. one of the big problems in
5:33 pm
illegal immigration is visa overstays. okay? people come here to visit, they have their little visa and they never go home. and it's there has been some congressional hearings on this. roll the tape. >> if somebody comes here and keeps their nose clean and doesn't have a criminal record, and they come here on a visa, and they stay, nobody is ever going to come look for them under the policies of this government and it's a wide open method by which millions of people can enter our country unlawfully. >> and we will be able to monitor that sir.íg >> when? >> we do now, sir. >> 500,000 people? >> just to clarify, that information is maintained in data bases. didn't mean to imply that we are actually out monitoring them. >> i don't know what that means. maybe shannon bream does. what is this guy saying? first of all, who was that testifying? >> well, it's an official from the department of homeland security. they are required by congress. they have been since 2004 to keep track of everybody who comes and goes on visas.
5:34 pm
they have never turned in this report to congress before. and they have never put together the formal tracking system that congress requires so what we found out yesterday is essentially a half million people who came here illegally on visas, overstayed. they are in the u.s. floating around and unless they commit. >> what time period is that. >> that's one year. >> that's what i thought. so everybody understands what we're talking about here. when you come in, they scan your passport and your visa and it goes into a data base. that's what the ice guy was saying to senator sessions, right? so that's true, right? >> right. >> but the problem is that when they oversay, november is checking to say who is this? nobody hunting them down or doing anything. so it's hey, happy days are here again. >> yeah. unless they commit some kind of serious crime or they flag some kind of national security interest. remember, at least five of the 9/11 hijackers came here on legal visas and simply stayed over. nobody was tracking them. >> nobody was watching them. >> we know the amount of
5:35 pm
damage those five guys were able to do. >> it's it really depressing that the federal government will not protect americans from foreign intruders. they simply won't seal the border in the south and they won't, you know, do the overstays on the visas or anything like well, yeah, we have them there what good does it do if you are not even going to check them and you don't punish them when they get caught, you don't punish them, then they come back five or six times. all right. shannon, eric, thank you. we come right back, bernie goldberg and i have some questions. we want to ask the democrat candidates during their town hall meeting on monday. then, later, both glenn beck and donald trump got faked out on the internet. jesse watters investigating why upcoming.
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. there will be a town hall meeting in iowa on monday starring bernie sanders, martin o'malley and hillary clinton, the democratic candidates. joining us now from miami, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. i asked you to come up with three questions. i have three as well that should be asked of the candidates. you go first. number one. >> my first one is to hillary clinton. senator -- mrs. clinton,
5:40 pm
you're running a campaign as a feminist who cares deeply about the well-being of women. the "new york times," which is hardly hostile to liberal democrats like yourself, just ran a story under the headline 90 scandals threaten to erode hillary clinton's strength with women. her alleged role along with members of your husband's political team in smearing women who have accused your husband of sexual misconduct. my question is, how do you plan to run a credible campaign appealing to women when there are accusations that you either sat by silently while your husband and his team demeaned women or while you actually took part in a smear campaign against those women. >> hillary left the building in the first three sentences of your question. she is not there anymore. >> you know what? i have enough critics
5:41 pm
without you. knock it off. just knock it off. it's a good question. >> right. it's a good question. here's myhk question. my question is pittier. this is to hillary clinton as well. >> you have never been pithy in your life. >> do you regret saying the benghazi attack was caused by a video? and who did you discuss the video scenario with before you made that statement? pithy? >> that's a good question. >> no wiggle room. no wiggle room. none. do you regret it? who did you discuss it with. no wiggle room. your question is you know are this has all been adjudicated. >> would you stop? i'm so tired of your critiquing my brilliance that it's really getting to be annoying. i'm so tired of it? >> i know. >> here is my second question. >> my second question is to senator sanders.
5:42 pm
you talk a lot about inequality. and you paint billionaires as the villain but you don't talk about dysfunctional behavior that leads to poverty and which, in turn, leads to income inequality. 15-year-old girls having babies is a prescription for poverty. liberal democrats, senator sanders, rarely talk about this kind of behavior. but you are supposedly the candidate who tells the hard truths. so here's my question to you. tell us, senator. who is responsible for these people being poor? the billionaires who you routinely vilify or those people themselves? >> oh, i like that. i like that one. >> oh, hold on, hold on. i'm about to it%6k$ faint. >> but my second question is just like yours. >> i'm shocked. i'm so shocked. >> senator sanders. you may have noticed that general electric left the state of connecticut after it raised its corporate tax
5:43 pm
and went to masses. taking 400 jobs with it it away from connecticut. if you raised the corporate tax, american companies will go abroad? how would you stop that? >> oh, bill, that's a great -- oh, my god. that is -- oh, i have never heard. >> and i got the dig in on g.e. on connecticut and massachusetts right there. i got the dig. >> you can't be pithy for this one. thisxc]t is to martin o'malley. governor o'malley, why are you still in the race? i mean, i mean, seriously, why are you in the race at this point? >> because i'm going to be martin o'malley, are you ready? i'm answering your question. >> you remind me a lot of martin o'malley. >> but i'm not as tan as he is. because i believe na my message of inclusion in the state of maryland where we
5:44 pm
did -- ba ba ba ba is. >> wake me up when you finish with this answer. >> this is not o'reilly. this is o'malley but i know what he would say. this is the best question. are you ready for the best question ever? >> oh, the best question. i can't believe this. i can't wait. >> are you ready? you're hillary clinton, ready? okay. >> i'm hillary clinton? >> you are. you have to answer this request. are you ready? >> yeah, go ahead. this is the o'reilly crusher. secretary clinton, how many private jet trips did you take on the clintons foundation's dime? >> i would like to answer that, mr. o'reilly, but you, as we all know, are part of the right wing conspiracy that for 20 or 30 years now has been out to get both me and my poor innocent less understood husband between 1
5:45 pm
and 52. between 1 and 52. i don't know the exact number. >> see, that is a question that how many private jet trips did you take. >> i learned so much -- i could learn -- i watched the program just to learn so much from your wisdom. >&hp6 stage, too late. >> hey, hey, hey. >> now, ifyra goldberg and o'reilly, this is serious, if we were the mod der racers of the town hall meeting, that would be something is. that would be something. >> right on. >> because all six of these questions, perhaps phrased a little more succinctly, would be very difficult for those candidates except the martin o'malley one to answer. there is bernie goldberg. last word? last word? >> last word. here's a question you will
5:46 pm
get at the forum. mrs. clinton, why are you so wonderful? >> i know. jeesh, where did you get nice hanker chief around your neck? bernie -- watters is next. i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at test. test. test.
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earlier this week glenn beck apologized on the radio program for saying on the factor donald trump voted for barack obama based on information he gleaned from the net. information that was not true. some weeks ago donald trump retweeted information about blacks murdering whites, it wasn't even close to being true either. jesse wood has been investigating both situations. what happened? >> there is a website called
5:50 pm
fake trump any yahoo! can go in there and plug in some random message and it shows up on the internet and then it is circulated. someone said something, i love obama, from trump. beck fell for it. the site that does this is shady. it is based in toronto. tried to contact them. they won't talk to me. but they were bragging about how they got -- >> it has the word fake on it. >> it says >> so whoever gave the research to beck should have seen -- they weren't lying, it is just satirecal. and. >> it was and it was photo shopped to look like it was 2012 or 2008. so they were double faked.
5:51 pm
it looked like it was taken place years ago. there it is. and it looks like trump. >> but there is not any word that's fake on there. that just looks like something he would tweet out. >> it looks like the real deal. only thing it is from 2012. a long time ago. you can't generate that on the fake website. >> so if you were a sophisticated person, you would know. but it doesn't say fake on it. >> no. >> they are just putting it out there to cause trouble. >> yeah. >> trump retweeted, i don't even know what that means, okay, retweeted false statistics about black crime. >> right. >> how did that happen? >> another sketchy guy, we think a racist, created a fact sheet, black versus white, homicide stats. >> let me stop that. where did he create that? >> you can just go on the internet and create anything you want and put it out there on twitter. it doesn't have to be true. >> some racist guy put these bogus stats, all right, he put
5:52 pm
them on an internet site and took the bogus stats and tweeted them out? >> right. it somehow filtered up to trump and another talk radio show host. trump retweeted it and got into a lot of trouble because those stats are way off. >> how would trump get it on his tweet system? how does that happen? >> his tweet system. his tweet system will receive a ping and it will show up on his filter -- >> why would he get it from some racist nut? >> some guy can sa say @billo'reilly o or @donaldtrump. >> so it is likely one of trump supporters found it and gave it to him -- >> no, no, he just retweeted, didn't think a thing of it but -- >> but shows up how? who sends it to him? >> like i said, if you're on twitter, you can alert people with their handle. you have handle, you're on twitter now.
5:53 pm
bill o'reilly. it shows up. and you can retweet it. >> so if you know trump's handle you can send any garbage you want? >> yeah. people send garbage to you all the time. >> i don't see it. i have people. >> i don't have anybody. >> like in the godfather, we have buffers, senator -- >> you have people that have people. >> i'm busy and i have important things to do. but we do get information. but we verify it. >> right. >> he didn't verify -- >> he did not verify it. >> so the information was all wrong and i had to correct him. >> and he didn't back down. >> yeah, he did. he didn't say the information was correct. he said, it's not my fault, i retweeted. >> exactly. >> i don't retweet anything. i do tweet. >> you do. >> i do. @o'reillyfactor. twice a day. so they are all verified, by the way. i'm not sending you nonsense. jesse waters, tip of the day, what did donald trump and barack obama have in common? the tip, moments away.
5:54 pm
marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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tip of the day, barack obama and donald trump have something in common. another reminder we have january chaos on you buy a copy of killing reagan you get a copy of brand new thriller the news makers. and if you become a billoreilly.c premium member, you get any book free, includi reagan, news makers. this book is bankrupting us. check it out. . is it possible to like someone who has lied? i heard you say you like hillary clinton. dihear you correctly? >> my philosophy is this, john. hate the sin, love the sinner. all of us are sinner so the
5:57 pm
stone casting deal, a tough one. which is why i included that scene in "killing jesus." i do not approve of some of hillary clinton's actions and i've made that quite clear. she has hired despicable people who i truly do not like. but my dealings with her have been civil and respectful one on one. the best political reporting comes from journalists who do not allow emotion to cloud their judgment. hate is a very powerful emotion. bill, you said last time around new hampshire didn't like hillary clinton. she won the primary. far less than predicted when the race started. so the answer has never really embraced mrs. clinton. bill, spot on about socialism. winston churchill once said socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of not i have. it's inherent virtue is the
5:58 pm
equal sharing of misery. i play pool with young people that are not doing well and blame the government. they really like what bernie sanders is saying. >> in view of boycotting of the oscars over race, i've decided to boycott the nba where white athletes are underrepresented. >> come on, this is opinion voting. nba is objective. who scores, who plays defense, who wins. a mean officers for 2 of years, i just became a premier member on o' overdue. you and your team are right on with research, reporting and focussing on what is important. the tip of the day, what barack obama and trump have in common. that is some folks that really hate them, really hate them, over the top hatred. not healthy. now i know both men. they are not evil. both see things in unique ways. i think that's fair. those ways may offend you.
5:59 pm
and those ways might even cause damage to the united states of america. nothing wrong with stating your opinion on barack obama and donald trump and what they do and say. nothing wrong. but when you wish them harm, that crosses the line. passion about your country must be controlled. no need it hate folks with whom you disagree. simply express your opinion rationally. no need to do the alexander hamilton deal. that's the tip of the day. please check out the fox news factor website. word of the day, do not use snollygoster. again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. the spin stops here.
6:00 pm
we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight in a power pul fell can i file exclusive. one of the most influential publications in american conservative thought. publishing a dire warning from nearly two dozen of the nation's best known conservatives. donald trump must be stopped. less than an hour from now, this will be the cover of the well known national review. cover page titled "against trump." the magazine started by william s. buckley junior more than 60 years ago. describing a true conservative at the time describing a thwart history yelling, stop. tonight these conservatives join together in an attempt to do just th


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