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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 22, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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an animal caught on camera runniruing the streets of queens. the cow was taken back to the slaughterhouse. >> so scared running around. you have a great weekend. be safe out there. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning everyone. it is friday, january 22nd, 2016. i'm san tra smith. take a look at this incredible shot from space. that's a massive winter storm brewing bearing down on the east coast. maria molina is track tg live from space, i mean washington, d.c. >> that's right. conservatives coming together, some are, against donald trump? >> if you truly are a conservative, you believe in ideas and principles. they are basically after thoughts to donald trump. >> rich lowrey doesn't like donald trump. the national review warning
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don't vote for donald trump. donald trump himself this morning has a few things to say about that. you'll hear it straight ahead. a lot of people jumping to his side and off his side. hard to keep it straight. you're driving around with pounds of pot in your car. it's not a good idea to call the cops in that happens. >> yeah. we're the two dumb -- that got caught trying to bring some stuff through your border. >> okay. little bit different of a story, right? mornings are better with friends. hi everybody. welcome to studio e here in the heart of midtown manhattan. it's not snowing yet. sandra smith is the perfect person to have. she's the chicago girl. she knows about snow. >> the east coast -- >> people are if a panic. every year it gets worse.
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i can't believe it's snowing again in the winter. >> this time the amount much snow could establish records in our nation's capitol. keep in mind, it was two days ago, 1 inch brought washington, d.c. to a complete stand still. now, let's take a look. we have a fox news alert. the snow arrived in arkansas. the winter weather making a mess of the roads. as you can see right there in little rock. >> this as 75 million americans up and down the east coast brace for what could be an historic and potentially deadly winter storm. >> yep. maria molina is live in washington, d.c. where the storm expected to hit the hardest. maria, what's going on? >> reporter: that's right. i'm in d.c. not in space. sandra, i have to say, i would turn down a trip to space to be here in d.c. for what could be ground zero for the upcoming storm. we could see potentially high amounts. union station behind me. some travelers moving in and out of the station. we expect them to continue to
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increase through the later hours of the morning. that's because the city is expected to shut down by noon, at least that's what it's being toelgd bit mayor and the government expected to shut down at noon. storm system is under way in areas. you mentioned in arkansas. they've been seeing snow coming down there. they have winter storm warnings in effect. and they're looking at several inches of snow possible and each some ice. very dangerous traveling conditions in areas outside the mid-atlantic. even though we continue to talk about this being ground zero. other areas hit hard as well include places like kentucky and the carolinas. they're going to be seeing that snow as well. let's take a look at the maps. we have our area of low pressure already impacting the southeastern u.s. yesterday we saw tornado warnings across the gulf coast. we've been seeing them early this morning as well in places like florida. that's because of this massive storm system and it's very powerful bringing in all kinds of impacts. another impact is that ice
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accumulation going to be very significant across portions of the carolinas. they could see more than a half inch of ice. so that means travel will be very dangerous. impossible in some areas. it extends from arkansas all the way to parts of the northeast. we have blizzard warnings, they've been upgraded in places like new york. they stretch anywhere from d.c., baltimore and up into new york city. the worst of the snowfall accumulation forecast in places like d.c. and baltimore where we could see 2 feet of snow and some areas could see 30 inches being forecast in the suburbs just outside of d.c. the strong on-shore winds bringing another concern for coastal flooding. watches across delaware, new jersey and farther north. they could be gusting in excess of 50 miles per hour. but i want to mention you brought up how d.c. only saw an inch of snow just about on wednesday. it brought the city to a standstill. we heard the mayor issue an apology.
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you want to roll on that tape. because of how bad it was that day. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference. our city has a responsibility to residents and visitors to deliver essential services every single day. >> reporter: now, conditions will deteriorate this afternoon, the worst tonight into tomorrow. we'll see what happens. >> maria molina next to the train station in washington, d.c. where she can get out of town when she needs to. >> thank you, maria. >> we should point out the federal government is scheduled to close no later than noon. you have to be out of the door at the u.s. capitol. classes already called for washington, d.c. because it's going to be a big storm. >> try to read something at home if you're a child and watching us. let's talk about iowa
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because many thought donald trump's candidacy would be a rocket and fade. much like herman cain's did and ben carson seems to be struggling of late. donald trump has done anything but fade away. that has caused a legendary conservative magazine to jump forward in a desperate attempt to stop the donald trump train from getting the nomination. >> 21 conservative columnist that is got together and wrote this harsh cover story based -- >> anti-trump manifesto. >> yes. basically, they said he's a menace to american conservatism who would take the work of generations and trample on it. here's the national review editor and what he had to say about this. >> if you truly are a conservative, you believe in ideas and principles. it's not just attitudes. it's not just who you dislike. it's limited government, it's the constitution, it's liberty.
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those are the things that truly make this country special. they are basically after thoughts to donald trump. he almost never talks about them. if you're truly a conservative, you have a consistent record. we all change our minds on a few things every now and then when the facts change. but he has been on the other side on big hot button defining issues like abortion, gun control, taxes even immigration. >> there he is with meggin last night. donald trump in las vegas, he saw this and got a smartphone out and started to tweet. he wrote this. first of all. national review is a failing publication that lost its way. its circulation is way down with influence at an all-time low. sad. then he wrote, the late great william f. buckley who founded national review would be ashamed of what happened to his prize, the dying national review. >> by the way, the republican
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committee has acted on this. they saw the national review move forward and they stripped the national review of their sponsorship with the cnn debate coming up in february. you can't take a position and sponsor. i don't care who it is. how high or low they're rated. that makes total sense. keep in mind, there's pushback from the establishment for donald trump. evidently, there's a lot of people saying you know what, the more we think about it, he's a better alternative than senator ted cruz among the people we told you about, bob dole. many in the "washington post" written up today. >> donald trump has brought -- these are just the facts. donald trump, because he's in the race, has brought a lot of excitement to it and a lot of people have watched and that's why their ratings are through the roof. people have seen him in the rallies. they've watched him on television. they've watched him on the debates. you know what, people looked at him with their eyes and ears and like what they see and hear. right now a plurality of republican voters like trump and
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the establishment, which is the national review, among others and they don't like it. >> trump's reply is the failing publication and saying the gop starting to accept him. also there's this, trouble brewing for hillary clinton. more trouble i should say. a new poll showing that bernie sanders is soaring in iowa. this is among iowa democratic likely caucus-goers. 51% supporting bernie sanders to 43% supporting hillary clinton. >> then you got -- then you have martin o'malley. also, there's a brand new cnn poll out for iowa. this is good news for donald trump. in iowa with just a week before the -- little more than a week before the caucuses. trump is at 37. cruz at 26. he's down 11. that's substantial. marco rubio in third place. anyway, because hillary -- keep in mind, the dnc pretty much
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stacked the deck in hillary's favor. they limited the number of debates. but that's kind of blown up on them. bernie is now surging. the clinton campaign is in free fall. they're going to have a town hall on monday on cnn. i don't know why they don't come to fox newschannel. >> it's an -- the previous four debates have been opposite red eye. the other one versus 60 minutes. the dnc with their hand on the scale to push it to hillary clinton. she's getting killed in new hampshire and losing in iowa. they threw together this town hall, a chance to make bernie sanders crazy, a wacko, a radical and a communist. this is their last attempt. the bernie goldberg who is a contributor and deep thinker had this to stay about the entire democratic situation. >> what question would he ask? >> mrs. clinton, you're running a campaign as a feminist who cares deeply about the
3:11 am
well-being of women. "the new york times," which is hardly hostile to liberal democrats like yourself just ran a story under the headline, 90 scandals threaten to erode hillary clinton's strength with women. the story is about your alleged role along with members of your husband's political team in smearing women who have accused your husband of sexual misconduct. my question is, how do you plan to run a credible campaign appealing to women when there are accusations that you either sat by silently while your husband and his team demeaned women or while you actually took part in a smear campaign against those women? >> cynthia, you have hosted presidential debates. is that a good question for her? >> any question is a good question in my book if it's well thought out and meaningful. we want to know if you have a questions for the democrats. what questions would you ask.
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i know brian's got a few. >> no. i'm stumped. i have no questions. >> i'll start with that one. that's a good one. >> send them in. >> heather childers is joining us on this friday and starts with a fox news alert. >> good morning to you. good morning, sandra. nice to see you here. everyone at home as well. breaking overnight, an american student from the university of virginia arrested in north korea for, quote, committing a hostile act. the student identified by north korea media as otto warmbier is there as a tourist. the country says he claims to -- it's unclear what happened. a former pilot accused of flying while drunk. he was arrested in 2014 after his blood alcohol level came up nearly double the legal limit during a random test. he then flew two flights that day. one from san diego to portland and another to santa ana, california. he has since retired. the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan, shaking things
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up with epa. amid criticism the agency didn't do enough to keep the tap water safe, there was a resignation. this is a day after they blamed local and federal authorities for the contamination. the city switched water source to the flint river and since then children are struggling with possible lead poisoning. that's a quick look at headlines. >> that water was the color of beer. how could they say yeah, it's fine? crazy. coming you on this friday morning, gitmo detainees being freed by the white house. one of them says no thanks. i want to stay. that's coming up next. when i gok my mom used to make me chicken noodle soup. aw, ok... you should call your mom. bye. campbell's chicken noodle soup. there when no one else is. campbell's. made for real, real life.
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and click to activate your within. with the first primary votes just around the corn r, republican super pacs are ramping up their attack ad campaigns. which ones have had the most impact right now? we're joined with the results. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have three ads to look at. first up, the american crossroads, here's hillary's bull market. watch the lines. >> hillary clinton has gotten 54 times more money from wall street interest than from all of iowa. hillary rewarded wall street with the $700 billion bailout. then wall street made her a multimillionaire. >> i represented wall street. >> you sure did, hillary. does iowa really want wall street in the white house? >> okay.
3:18 am
so the lines are all over. what are people judging that ad on? >> attack ads are different. it's hard for people to say i love it. >> i love the attacks. >> you're looking for intensity. this attack ad was particularly effective with independents and democrats giving it an a-plus. here's the thing about this ad. this is one of the most effective so far. bernie sanders picked on the same thing in the debate. she's in wall street's pocket. typical politician. what people are questioning about hillary clinton is can i trust her? this gets to the heart. it's the kind of thing getting right at it. the thing that's most dangerous for hillary here is that people are repeating this over and over and over again right now. >> this is what we're grading things on. as an attack ad, is it effective? you say that's an a-plus. let's look at the next one. this is from marco rubio supporting a group.
3:19 am
it's called conservative solution. it's marco rubio pac. it's called cruz consistently calculating. >> in the last year alone, cruz switched on immigration, syrian refugees, ethanol, trade. even on national security. who first betrayed edward snowden. now he's changed his tune. what's changed for ted? he wants your vote. ted cruz consistently calculated. >> the grade you give it is -- >> i give it an f. no matter who you talk to, a republican, democrat, it didn't move them. an attack ad is meant to move people either in a really positive or negative way. we want to know what's most sticky. there's nothing here that will stick. people are really, you're going to say he's a flipflopper. that's a tired argument. the final one. let's take a look at enough. this is an anti-trump ad by the jeb bush campaign.
3:20 am
as we look at it, all right, what is the key to these lines? what grade do you give this? an a, i believe. >> let's see. >> i don't know what i said. >> the reason for that is that it appealed to democrats. not surprising. wrong target audience. independents, republicans are kind of neutral. here's the thing. this is an argument about trump that doesn't really matter because the people who support him already know this is an issue. they know that says what he's going to say. that's part of his appeal. for better or for worse, it doesn't really matter. >> so attack ads we looked at, the one that works the best so far? >> is the one against hillary. >> we thank you very much. >> thanks so much. coming up on this friday, they served our country with honor, but female veteran pilots still can't be laid to rest at arlington cemetery. how can that happen? we're going to talk about that next. dr. phil makes a living helping people deal with their
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time for a quick look at consumer headlines. a pair of recalls coming your way. parents need to know about it. the company recalling 71,000 be safe 35 model infant car seats because the handles can break. also, the 49,000 be ready. w-ready strollers recalled. the company says from the foam padding on the arm bar can fall off causing a choking hazard. it was found to contain
3:25 am
morphine. the company says it can cause respiratory depression and death. some say addiction. syrup was sold in chinese grocery stores in several states. hi, sandra. >> thank you, brian. elaine harmon dealt with breast cancer, a brain tumor and served our country in world war ii as a pilot. now after her passing, she's been denied burial rights at arlington national cemetery. she was part of the group known as wasps. they were always allowed burials there until last year. now harmon's family is hoping congress and the incoming army secretary can help reinstate this honor. her daughter and granddaughter, terry and erin join us now. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> terry, tell us about what you're doing right now to try to find, as you put it, the rightful resting place for your mother's ashes at arlington
3:26 am
cemetery. >> certainly. when my mother passed away, i had instructions from her to apply to arlington national cemetery to have her ashes placed there. i was stunned at the call that i received denying her that ability to be placed in arlington. and so i wrote a letter to the secretary of the army at the time to reconsider the decision. i also submitted a freedom of information act request to try and understand exactly why it was that she was being denied the honor of having her ashes placed there. >> why did they reverse course on the decision to allow their ashes to be buried at arlington cemetery? erin, as the granddaughter of a
3:27 am
wasp, women air force service pilots, why did they change that decision? >> it's very unclear. the motivation is very unclear. they've given the reason that space is an issue. but we really don't believe that is the legitimate concern because we're only asking to have her ashes placed in the columbarium. it's not a burial plot. >> we know there is hope to reverse course here. you have a petition out there. you have been getting a the love signatures, particularly in the last month or so. are you hopeful that you will finally be able to bury your mother's ashes at arlington? >> right. we're very hopeful. we've had a great response to our petition. in particular, we've had a great response from congress, both in the -- from senator barbara mccull ski of maryland who has
3:28 am
put forth a bill in the senate to correct this and representative martha mcfally from arizona who has really championed the cause for us and is leading the way in congress. >> all right. we thank you both for joining us this morning. erin, your grandmother, she piloted aircraft in world war ii. she flew noncombat missions to free up male pilots for combat. important role. we hope that she's properly honored. thanks to you both for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having this story. we really appreciate it. coming up, more gitmo detainees are being freed by the white house. one of them says no thanks. i want to stay. that's next. and when you're driving around with 20 pounds of pot in your car and you get spooked, probably not a good idea to call the cops for help. >> hi. we're the dumb [ bleep ] that
3:29 am
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there is a blizzard coming. meanwhile, after wednesday's dusting of snow causing total chaos in washington, d.c., paralyzing the city, officials there aren't taking any chances with the impending blizzard where between 2 and 3 feet of snow could fall. >> doug luzader is live from the capitol with how the city is preparing. doug? the question is, are they? >> reporter: well, we'll see. we know what not to do. what not to do was what we saw on wednesday where the city dropped the ball. that's not my opinion as a resident here. that's the mayor herself said. she apologized for the way that this was mishandled. they didn't get out in advance of that storm and 1.5 inches of
3:33 am
snow shut things down here. we're getting orders of magnitude of that. the good news, it's happening on a friday. so the federal government can call a half day and they keep hundreds of thousands people off the roads. the traffic may not be so bad today. listen, be honest with you, a lot of the federal employees won't be coming in for the half day. the roads should be relatively quiet. we have some time to deal with this. but you're dealing with an infrastructure limitation as well, which means that we will probably still be digging out well into next week. so that the closures we're talking about today, the federal government, schools, businesses, we may see those extend into next week if they're not able to keep up with it. this is a massive snowfall and this is a part of the country that doesn't deal with snow all that well. back to you guys. >> doug, what about your decision not to wear a hat? 24 hours ago you wore a hat. >> gone all earmuffy on us.
3:34 am
>> the mayor discussed that as well. she apologized for the fact that i wore a hat yesterday. she said the city didn't adequately prepare for my head wear needs. they decided to go with the earmuffs today. we'll see how that decision stands moving forward. >> i'll tell twhau to do, so people can judge how deep it is. stand there throughout the day and the cameraman can look and see how deep it is. >> a time lapse video. a slow building up like that, right? >> it's the doug omter. >> get back to me on that. >> we'll get back to you when it's waist deep. this is a historic storm. that's why maria molina has gone to washington, d.c. she's a scientist. she's fascinated by this. you are excited in a scientisty way. >> she loves this way. >> there could be thunder snow involved in this blizzard. >> reporter: oh, yeah. we think by late tonight when
3:35 am
the storm ramps up, there will be thunder snow. be hoping to kafrp it on video here and send it over to you guys. we do have our storm system. first of all, i'm standing outside union station. it appears most people traveling are in a hurry. they're tough to talk to this morning. they're in a hurry, trying to get inside and catch a train out of d.c. that's what we're hearing for the most part. the storm system is under way, including virginia, southwestern virginia already seeing that snow moving in. you can see on the radar, the storm system pretty massive. bringing in snow right now anywhere from arkansas to tennessee, kentucky and also the state of virginia. north carolina has already been dealing with some snowfall and some ice accumulation. another impact that we saw take shape yesterday across the gulf coast is severe weather. there were tornado warnings issued yesterday and early this morning across places like florida. we're continuing to see that threat. for more severe storms across the state of florida today. stay safe.
3:36 am
that's another aspect of the storm we have to watch closely. ice accumulation. it could exceed a half inch in some areas across the carolinas, including south carolina and northeastern georgia. that's going to be bringing in some very dangerous traveling conditions. we have winter storm warnings stretching from arkansas all the way to the northeast. and blizzard warnings from d.c. to new york city. it's not so much because of how much snow we're expecting. but it's because of the wind. it's going to pick up the snow and produce white-out conditions. wind gusts exceeding 40 miles per hour across many areas. there's a quick look at your forecast snow totals. essentially more than 2 feet across the mid-atlantic, including d.c. and coastal flooding will be another major concern. we'll keep an eye on that as well. let's head back to new york. >> thank you, maria. blizzards and tornadoes down in florida. >> you have to prepare for the worst, right? you have to make sure you have all the right supplies. >> do you have milk and eggs and bread. you got toilet paper. i know brian has liquor.
3:37 am
>> every day i prepare for the worst. so i have plenty of liquor. >> i want to be ready. >> heather childers, are you here? we need headlines. >> you need brownie mix. >> two more detainees. we begin headlines with this. gitmo, another man slated for release wants to stick around. a lawyer for him, he's tied to al qaeda and the taliban reports that he's too scared to go to a country where he doesn't know anyone. for now, he's staying at guantanamo bay. the two men released to the balance kins are al qaeda affiliated terrorists both with explosives training. there are now 91 detainees left. does dr. phil need anger management. a former employee is suing the tv doc claiming he held 300 staff members hostage to find out who leaked information to the media. according to the lawsuit, he took their phones away, locked the door and verbally assaulted
3:38 am
the group. the woman who filed the suit says the false imprisonment caused her so much emotional stress that she was forced to quit her job. then there's this. a jewish private school in new york trying to shield their students from potential bad grades. this is a letter shared on social media from a woman in long island. a part of the letter says, if after reviewing the enclosed report card you would like us to develop a second version of this report card for your son with higher grades, notify the school. teachers claim that the rosier report card will help students cheer up about getting bad grades. critics say it's just coddling. what do you think? this story. you got to hear this. a 911 call from idaho will have you shaking your head this morning after these two men driving across state lines with 20 pounds of marijuana called police after getting a little paranoid. >> what are -- we're the huge
3:39 am
dumb [ bleep ] that got caught trying to bring some stuff through your border and all of your cops driving us like a bunch of jackrabbits. i would like you guys to end it. >> you guys got guns or weapons? >> we don't have any of that. >> okay, cool. >> yep. that happened. when the cops arrived, both men had their hands behind their backs. they told police they were caught and they were surrend surrendering with their snacks. unreal. >> those are the guys who are making sure they have the brownie mix for the big storm. they've got the brownie mix. >> thank you, heather. >> the jack wagon, the line of the day. showing how quickly your child can slip away from you and find themselves in serious danger. patricia stark is still up and here with this story. hey, patricia. >> good morning, brian. a lincoln county officer patrolling a dark highway on a rainy night happens upon a
3:40 am
toddler running down the middle of the road. watch how this child seems to appear out of nowhere. >> the incident, the entire incident caught on police dashcam. sheriff's deputy noticed the 2-year-old in the middle turn lane while driving on highway u.s. 101. thankfully, he stopped in time. moments after the deputy scoops him up a big rig rushes past. an amazingly the child was not injured. the deputy soon realized that his help came right on time. >> learned the family was cleaning up after a gathering at a nearby community center when a child in a flash of a second ran straight to the highway out of an open door. >> the toddler's frantic parents were reunited with him moments after that. while the story had a happy ending, the sheriff's department says that the video emphasizes not only how quickly kids can leave your grasp but highlights the importance of driving distraction and should not be
3:41 am
driving when you are distracted because you don't know what you're going to see. >> the quick action that allowed for the safe return to his parents. >> officials investigated the incident and saying it was just an accident and that no criminal charges were filed. i can only imagine how those parents felt. >> oh, my good necessary. >> that's awful. coming up on this friday, the party is over for "el chapo." what we just learned about what's happening inside that mexican prison. they want to keep him this time. >> he snuck out twice. john kerry says all that cash we handed over to iran, just might going to terrorists. >> some of it will end up in the hands of the irgc or other entities. some of which are labeled terrorists. i'm not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that could be prevented.
3:42 am
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we've got quick international headlines on this friday. a russian plane explodes into a fireball. there it goes there as it tries to take off down the runway. the bomber jet bursts into flames and falls apart lighting up the night sky. two of the five people on board were killed. officials say the blast was caused by an engine fire. thankfully, there's no ammunition on board. meanwhile, prison is a real drag for drug kingpin known as "el chapo," mexican jail officials say. "el chapo" is depressed. he was given the book, don kwee hoet to cheer up. >> dogs are also taste testing "el chapo's" food to make sure that no one is trying to poison him. he's bummed out. >> after the dog licks it, he's got to eat it? that's terrible. >> maybe they give the dog a portion of it? >> i'm not sure. if you know how they do that, if you've been to prison, high
3:46 am
security prison and know how they do it, please write or tweet us. let's talk about something else. how about this. our current secretary of state, john kerry found himself in -- he's going to need a job soon in the next year at which time he gave in to an interview at cnbc and he talked about the billions of dollars that iran is getting unfrozen, that's going to go back into their coffers to the tune of 55 to $155 billion. >> right. separately -- so let's listen to this sound bite right here. >> i think that some of it will end up in the hands of the irgc or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists. you know, to some degree i'm not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that can be prevented. but i can tell you this. right now we are not seeing the
3:47 am
early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time. i am sure at some point some of it will. >> so what he's talking about right there is the fact that, you know, the big headline was about the $150 billion we've given back because that money was frozen. well, he was responding to $1.7 billion that apparently was released by the federal government. it was wired to the country of iran and as soon as they got the money, that's when they released the americans. clearly, it was ransom money. that particular bunch of cash was because back in 1979 the country of iran bought a bunch of arms but then because of the iranian revolution, they didn't get the arms. we apparently owed them like $400 million and with taxes, title and dealer prep and everything else, they decided they would settle for $1.7 billion. the white house said, look, folks this is good for the taxpayers because it's going to cost us less. john kerry just admitted the money that we gave them is going to go to terror and they're
3:48 am
going to try to kill us. >> he admitted that it may at the end of everything end up in the hands of terrorists, which is certainly a possibility. >> with their limited budget, they're depriving the iranian people of things for their infrastructure, for their everyday needs. money was flying out of their coffers to hamas, to hezbollah to fund propping up assad. now you're taking that extra money and giving it to this regime who only cares about exporting their brand of shia terror and giving it to all the terrorist organizations. they've done that prior to these being lifted. logic tells you it's going to go there again. kelly ayotte of new hampshire come out and basically said, this is a quote, duh, no kidding. of course it's going to be going there. why wouldn't it be going there? >> that was the fear all along and why it's been criticized move all along. >> you technically could say that this negotiation was to go put blood on america's hands. >> it looks like it's pretty
3:49 am
clear if that 1.7 was ransom money. all right. next on the rundown, when your kids are out of control, this is what you call. >> this is behavior that you can eliminate literally in 48 hours if you don't feed it. >> now parenting expert jo frost is hitting the road in an rv to help parents around the country. she stops here with us on the couch first. when you get your business a refund, do you insist on being called the taxonator? then you might be gearcentric. right now, buy any tax software
3:50 am
and get a $100 service bundle for free! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®. ..
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3:53 am
well, you've seen her on tv before, taming toddler tantrums. >> and now she's back and touring the u.s., putting her nanny expertise to the test once again. >> it's a temper tantrum. if i kick up enough fuss, i'll get what i want. this is behavior that you can eliminate, literally, in 48 hours, if you don't feed it. >> all right. >> joining us now to talk about her new show, "nanny on tour" is global parenting expert jo frost. welcome, jo. >> hi, thank you. good morning. >> so, mother of a toddler, and a 12-month-old baby, tantrums are the worst. what is your number one recommendation? >> well i just hope you notice they always happen when a child is hungry or tired. and yes, that's true. situational tantrum. but a mock temper tantrum happens when a child knows that
3:54 am
they can behave a certain way, because the parent will pacify the child and they get what they want. >> anything to end the tantrum and get us through it. >> wow, okay. we're going to have a problem when they're 25 years old. but jo, this is exciting. this is a brand-new series. >> it is. >> and this time you go into these communities and you're helping out nontraditional families or traditional families. >> we are. we're literally taking it to the next level. you know, making sure that the mobile office is there to provide a parental consultation on the road in town squares, helping hundreds of people. >> really? >> as well as helping families >> they will come to you? >> they will, yes. and they do. as well as we are going to see one hour of ten episodes in this series of helping families from babies, right the way through to teenagers, with grandparents who are looking after kids, as well. >> wow. >> living in the same home. looking at marriages and the impact that it has on teenagers and how they behave.
3:55 am
>> so you're in this rv and you've got these nanny cams. so you can monitor multiple families at once. >> i can, yeah. >> what is the number one problem that you're seeing in american households? what's going on? >> there's a lot going on. you know, and i've been a very busy bee helping families. but we are looking at the communication between the parents being on the same page, we're looking at the challenges in raising children overuse of technology. we are looking at the realistic balance of work, and raising babies. you know, this spectrum is going to be very wide of what people are going to see. something that's really important, you know, for those who are watching to know that whether you have a newborn, or a teenager, or you live a couple of generations in a home, it's valuable to every family who's going to watch, because we're all families. >> right. absolutely. so when everything from cyber bullying to single parent situation. >> correct. >> you're diving in. how do you decide where to go. do people reach out to you? >> they do. yes, they reach out. >> i could use some help in my house. >> i can come to your house.
3:56 am
definitely after. >> i would say that one of the number one concerns i hear from young parents is the amount of screen time that their kids are getting. >> it's true. >> parents are so concerned about what it's doing to their eyes. >> i say do something about it as a parent. you have the ultimate, okay, power to be able to regulate and to monitor. okay? the screen time. and separate the difference between entertainment, and education. >> and this is the type of reality show people could actually benefit from at all levels of parenting? >> absolutely. >> so that's why nanny on tour starts january 28th on up tv. >> i'll be watching. >> i need some tips. >> thank you so much. >> real quick do you feel better or worse about america? >> i always feel good about america. because it's being able to help, and i'm embraced by american families who understand the importance of learning and that education. and that's very positive. >> jo frost. always great to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead we move ahead. if you like "duck dynasty" you're going to love this. jeff and jessica robertson are
3:57 am
here with the kids including new baby boy gus to talk about their breakout show "growing the dynasty."
3:58 am
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orencia. see your ra in a different way.
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good morning, everybody. it is january, 22nd, 2016, and i'm sandra smith. an extreme weather alert this morning. bracing for a blizzard. >> ooh look at that. >> potentially historic storm already causing havoc. problems up and down the east coast, and it's only going to get worse, we're told. we're live on the ground with the very latest on this storm. and some conservatives are coming together against donald trump. >> if you truly are conservative, you believe in ideas and principles. they are basically afterthoughts to donald trump. >> that is rich lowry, the national review, warning republicans don't vote for the donald. trump has a few things to say about that. his response in moments. >> and you've never seen confidence until you've seen
4:01 am
this little guy. ♪ all right. >> very good. >> gets some applause. that's right. he's happy. he's celebrating. and then what does he do? he does a moonwalk. and then what does he do? he falls off the stage. that's not funny. i'm not laughing. >> right. >> he's okay. we're going to tell you who he is. where it's happening and everything else. live from new york city, and the snow zone, this is "fox & friends." ♪ >> look who's in the green room. >> whoa! it's the robertson family is here. they're coming up on this show in just a little bit. some big news on their front, by the way. >> absolutely. here's the bad news for them,
4:02 am
and i hope they can't hear us right now, because this gigantic blizzard is moving to the mid-atlantic and up here in new york city, there's a possibility they might not be able to get flight back to west monroe, louisiana. they could actually be stuck in the green room until next monday or tuesday. >> they're the only ones who will survive in new york city. they could survive without heat, without food. >> absolutely. >> they're used to hurricanes down in louisiana. so snowstorms, they can handle that. >> they can go out and kill their own lunch and dinner. they only have problems with breakfast. how do you shoot cereal? >> that's good. >> they have a brand-new son. he's here. >> that's right. in the mean time, big story that everybody's talking about. fox news weather alert. ready or not the east coast, mid-atlantic about to be hit with a huge blizzard affecting more than 75 million americans. >> all right this morning we have the team assembled. jonathan live in north carolina and meteorologist maria molina in washington, d.c. here with the decision on who to
4:03 am
go to first is sandra smith. >> we pick jonathan. we love you maria but jonathan you already have snow already coming down. >> in north carolina. >> thank you very much. yeah, snow's been coming down fairly constantly throughout the early morning hours. you can see it's blanketing the roads. it's not disrupting traffic yet. but local officials worry that could change a little later in the day. the governor of north carolina has declared a state of emergency. >> winter has finally arrived in north carolina. and our goal with this potential winter storm coming to north carolina is to be overprepared, and hopefully underwhelmed. >> the mix of ice and snow is creating treacherous driving conditions throughout the southeast and because this region doesn't get this type of weather on a regular basis, it's simply not cost effective to maintain huge fleets of snow plows, and other resources to deal with it. >> we don't have enough plows to
4:04 am
salt all the roads. and we try to plow them with the plow but it don't get all of it off. >> in lower elevations a mixture of sleet and freezing rain is expected to cause problems throughout the day. and not just for traffic. ice accumulation can weigh down branches and power lines, causing them to break, so utility companies have crews on standby throughout the region to respond to potential electrical failures. the winter storm is also prompting school districts throughout the region to cancel classes. we're talking about small and major cities throughout tennessee, north carolina, upstate south carolina, so we'll keep you posted throughout the day. back to you. >> jonathan, brian by the way, appreciates the fact that you've got a hat on. >> yes. >> very good move. very good move. >> thank you, jonathan. >> glad he likes it. >> yes. >> your serve. >> all right, jonathan, thank you very much. meanwhile maria molina joins us from our nation's capital. now, maria, it was just a couple of days ago, washington got one inch, and the city was
4:05 am
paralyzed. and it took the president over an hour to go ten miles in his motorcade. they're going to wind up with 20 times that, 20 inches, 30 inches of snow. is washington ready? >> apparently they are. they have tons of salt. and they're ready. that's what they're saying, though. but we know that d.c. is notorious for not handling the snow very well. and behind me we have union station, you can see traffic is starting to build here as many travelers are either arriving or escaping the blizzard. overall the trend looks like most people are trying to escape out here. so while meteorologists, and myself are just very excited for the blizzard that's going to be taking shape here across the mid-atlantic, other people are not so excited. take a listen. >> what are you supposed to do, walk? get some dogs -- you can't do that. >> you think it's going to be inconvenient for a lot of people. but i guess if that's the safest
4:06 am
option, then, you know, it makes sense. >> premature. we don't know what's going to happen exactly. so, -- >> a big inconvenience, and people at the airport seeing huge lines and big delays. take a look at this photo from reagan airport. you can see the long lines already building. we know that more than 900 flights have already been canceled because of the storm system. and snow has already started in places like arkansas. check out this video from there. several inches of snow coming down. and the concern in some of these areas is that it's not just snow, but also ice that could be coating roadways. and that's a threat not only in arkansas, but in other areas, as well. as we take a look at the radar you can see we have snow already starting to move into places like kentucky, coming out across north carolina, and across the carolinas, they could see as much as a half inch of ice, or even locally greater amounts. so that's what's going to be making travel very dangerous. severe weather another concern across florida. we do have the threat for
4:07 am
tornadoes and damaging winds with these storms that will be developing later today. we also expect some ice accumulation across places like kentucky and tennessee, and winter storm warnings extend anywhere from arkansas all the way to the northeastern u.s. and blizzard warnings are in effect from places like d.c. to new york city. not so much because of the snowfall accumulation, because in new york city it's still a big question mark as far as how much they're going to get, a very tough forecast. be nice to your meteorologists across the tristate area. looks like they could get maybe six inches, maybe a foot. it all depends on where that northern edge of the storm system ends up. but in d.c. and areas surrounding it does appear that two feet are very possible and locally even greater amounts. coastal flooding another big concern with very strong onshore winds that could exceed 50 miles per hour. let's head back to new york. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. the key is the big storm, people are going to get a snow day. but it's a dangerous storm. so be careful. >> all right. meanwhile let's talk about the "national review."
4:08 am
that is a magazine published twice a month out of new york city. they've got a new issue, comes out today, "national review," the case against donald trump. 22 conservatives contributed to the anti-trump manifesto. the head of it is rich lowry, here's his beef with trump. >> he's a very talented politician. he has proven that over the last six to eight months. and he's hit a nerve and he's gone where the energy is. and a lot of times, i'm laughing and applauding right along with his supporters. but conservatism is more than that. and i don't even believe -- i think even on immigration, he is really conning people. this is someone who three or four short years ago was criticizing nice, pleasant, polite mitt romney for being too harsh on immigration. it wouldn't surprise me if one day donald trump, if he gets the nomination, wakes up the next day and says you know what? deporting people, the best people in the country have told me it's not possible, forget it. >> a lot of republicans,
4:09 am
conservatives have weighed in. how donald trump will be the wrong choice. donald trump's said listen, i have some democratic views like a guy like ronald reagan. rich lowry's retort is reagan had a series of years after studying this and changing his opinion. donald trump has just changed his opinion recently. however what's so interesting is donald trump's best weapon might be ted cruz. ted cruz is so reviled by those in congress, and many especially in the senate, that they're saying that donald trump would be better for the party than ted cruz, people like peter king weighing in saying i'd much rather have donald trump. >> so naturally donald trump has responded to this. on twitter, tweeting out, the national review is a failing publication that has lost its weigh. its circulation is way down, with its influence being at an all-time low. sad. he also tweeted out the late great william f. buckley would be ashamed of what had happened to his prize, the dying "national review." that of course the founder of that publication.
4:10 am
>> that's right. meanwhile a little after midnight, the rnc, republican national committee, fired the "national review" said you can't be a partner for the debate so they will not be at an upcoming debate february 26th down in houston. cnn is now the replacement. the big key is what kind of an impact does "national review" have with people across the country? i mean are people going to care what bill kristol and rich lowry have to say about donald trump? because people have seen donald trump, and, you know, a plurality of republicans at this point, according to the polls, like that they see. >> and donald trump, in his words, he says the gop is warming up to me. >> right. >> but if you -- >> in the polls. >> but just it's so crazy is that you're really regarding and grading donald trump on a curve. when marco rubio has -- or jeb bush, or senator ted cruz have a slight discrepancy in their voting record, just like in any other election, they're skrut niced on it, they're called flip-floppers. with donald trump, he could be
4:11 am
caught on tape talking about being pro-choice and it just doesn't hold to him. >> he is a unique candidate. and so anyway, we'll be covering this story throughout the morning. and heather childers joins us right now, and she has got some breaking news. >> some other stories we've been following for you all morning long. good morning to everyone at home. some breaking news for you. an american student from the university of virginia arrested in north korea for, quote, committing a hostile act. the student, identified by north korean media as otto warmbier was there as a tourist. the government there claims that he quote aimed to destroy the country's unity and has ties to the u.s. government but it's still unclear exactly what happened there. a former alaska airlines pilot accused of flying while drunk. david hans arntson was arrested back in 2014. he flew two flights that day, one from san diego to portland and another from santa ana,
4:12 am
california. he has since retired. and the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan, is shaking up the epa. regional director susan headman resigned amid criticism that the agency did not do enough to keep that tap water safe. this comes just a day after the governor's office released some e-mails blaming local and federal authorities for the contamination. the city switched its water source to the flint river to save some money and since then thousands of children are now struggling with possible lead poisoning. and finally, some unbelievable video out of alaska as a female skier tumbles down a mountain just like a rag doll. look. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> believe that? well angel colinson appears to lose her balance somehow before hurtling down that mountain for around 30 seconds that happened.
4:13 am
and then you heard her yelling out, i'm okay. well colinson is a free skiing world champion, that probably helped. look at that. 30 seconds. amazingly, she was not injured. at all. that's crazy. yeah. a testament to her ability to ski. >> what is the key to that? relaxing falling down a hill? >> what is the key? not falling? >> in an accident you're supposed to relax. >> don't stiffen up. >> if you've ever fallen down the side of a mountain, tweet us. we need to know. meanwhile coming up, let at tacks begin. campaign ads are turning up the heat, and one of them just got a big, fat ad. >> and a party goes off on a cab driver. it's on camera. >> call 911. >> oh, yeah. call 911. >> it turns out that woman is a
4:14 am
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4:17 am
the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at republican campaigns and
4:18 am
super pacs ramping up their attack ads as primaries near. so which ads are having the biggest impact? lee carter put it all to the test, and she joins us now with the results. good morning. >> good morning. >> so there's this new jeb bush ad out this morning, featuring his mother. so let's have a look. >> jeb has been a very good father, wonderful son, hard worker, his heart is big. when push comes to shove, people are going to realize jeb has real solutions, rather than talking about how popular they are or how great they are, he's doing it because he sees a huge need, and it's not being filled by anybody. of all the people running, he seems to be the one who could solve the problems. i think he'll be a great president. >> it's a brand-new ad. what do you make of it? >> you know, i was speaking to a bunch of people about it this morning. you almost feel sorry for bush
4:19 am
in this ad. it's like you're bringing out your mom, and of course she's going to say you're going to make a great president. it -- you know, you could use family in politics to help show a different side of you, to show your values, this -- >> he just announced that he's bringing his brother out on the campaign trail, george bush will be campaigning for him. we want to move on to this anti-christie ad, as well, because you've given this one an "f." take a look. >> when something doesn't work in new jersey, they look at me. >> so when new jerseyans look at chris christie why do so many want to leave? new jersey has the nation's highest tax burden. it's next to the bottom in job growth. and christie's close aides are under criminal indictment. chris christie. high taxes. weak economy. scandals. not what we need in the white house. >> why does that one get a failing grade? >> it gets a failing grade because in attack ads you're looking for intensity of emotion. you want either really positive response or really negative
4:20 am
response. the worse thing in an attack ad is a neutral response. the worst thing about this ad is at the end when we're talking about folks who repeat the attacks, no one even remembered this. it did nothing. >> all right and bernie sanders out with an anti-hillary ad, as he continues to gain momentum in the polls. we're not going to have a chance to look at it right now but you gave this one an "a." why do you like this particular ad so much? >> bernie is on a roll right now. i think one of the things that he's doing so effectively, he's picking her weak spot which is this wall street in her pocket. she's taken money from big business. she's getting speaking engagements. and you know what? people just don't like her for it. they're not trusting her and there's something about him that's seeming authentic and real and it's really working for him. >> and i misspoke you gave that an a-plus." >> i did. >> all right so thank you so much lee carter joining us. and with the new jeb bush ad featuring his mother. thanks. >> thanks so much. >> all right coming up, if you like "duck dynasty" you're going to love this. the family is growing! jeff and jessica robertson are
4:21 am
with all the kids. they're here, including new baby boy gus. to talk about their new hit show "growing the dynasty." when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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4:24 am
all right you know 24e78 from the hit show "duck dynasty," but now jep and jessica robertson are getting their own show, it's called "growing the dynasty." and will focus on the couple's adoption of a new family member along with everything else. watch. >> he's here! >> he's here! >> here's your son. >> yay. >> hi there, mister. oh! >> can i hold him, momma? >> we're all going to hold him. >> hey.
4:25 am
>> he's so big. what a big boy you are. >> and it begins. we're joined right now by jep and jessica robertson playing the role of the parents on our couch and their five kids, lily, merritt, priscilla, river, and baby boy nicknamed -- >> gus. >> congratulations. guys. you've got your own tv series. >> thank you. >> are you ready for this? >> we are. >> yeah. >> i mean it's definitely a change, you know. having five days a week in the house. >> lily, first off, what is it like as a kid being 13, right? >> she's 13 now. >> teenager, and having cameras in your house, and a new brother? >> it's pretty exciting. i mean, a lot has changed. like i have to give up like a lot of my time helping him. but that's really fun. >> it's a chore. >> it's a great changer of the baby. >> everyone's helping in. all right. jep, what was it like? what went into this decision? >> you know, it had been on our hearts for awhile. and it's kind of one of those things people say well you know
4:26 am
we could wait, you know, until we, you know, our lives settle down but, you know, we just thought we've been wanting to do this forever and he came into our lives. >> that's right. we knew it was a god thing -- >> hey, buddy. >> it was a god plan basically. >> so how did you end up with gus? >> well, it was about what about a year and a half ago we decided we were going to go ahead and start the adoption process, and so we met with the adoption attorney. >> look at that smile on this face. >> it's fantastic. >> site was about a nine-month wait for him to come into our limps. >> we had a couple of hiccups. you know, it's a rough process. it's not easy. but, it worked out awesome. >> definitely worth it. >> so what is it like, so now you have a baby brother, a brand-new tv series. the cameras are just on you guys, for example priscilla, tell me what is it like for you? having a brother? what do you have to do now? what is it like having cameras? >> you know what? i'll go over here.
4:27 am
>> oh, sorry. >> what is it like? >> you get to hold him a lot. and he always smiles. >> wow. what about for you, river? >> -- >> good to have the brother? good not to be the youngest anymore? >> kind of. >> when are you going to teach him when he gets bigger? >> soccer. >> all right. >> sounds good. i think he's looking more like a football player if you ask me. >> yeah. >> but i think that's true. so what have you learned from doing the robertsons, you know, so that's going to help with your tv series, jep? >> i think we got a good grasp on how everything works and the long hours, and, you know, we just do our best and try to be ourselves. and i think this shows a little more raw, and real. >> right. >> and so we love it. >> right. i know that willie was on our show and he said, i'm going for bobby jindal. bobby jindal's been good to the family. bobby jindal didn't get the momentum he waited and he said i'm going for donald trump. what about you guys?
4:28 am
who are you pulling for? you have a lot of null louisiana. >> we have a little split. i mean -- i like the trump. >> i mean trump -- you can't help but like him because he just says stuff that's crazy and it kind of reminds me of my dad, you know. >> let's go with crazy. >> can't help but kind of like him. >> we love cruz, too. >> cruz is awesome. my dad just kind of supported cruz. did a little video for him. so you know, i don't know. we're -- >> what is the family's reaction to "growing the dynasty"? adopting a son, too, and now you have gus? >> oh, they love it. everybody's just fired up. yeah. >> it became a question of why wouldn't we do it, versus why would we do it. you know it was the right thing for us. >> gus, we look forward to watching you grow up throughout the season. >> thank you. >> we're going to be watching you on a&e at 10:00 and premi e premieres this week and it will be on wednesday. guys, thanks so much for joining us. i appreciate it. >> good job. >> all right, river, good to see you. you're the coolest dressed guy
4:29 am
on the couch. can i tell you that? absolutely. all right, since gus doesn't want to read us out i guess i will. coming up straight ahead, you've got the bread and the milk, but is your house prepared for the big storm? what you need to know before the blizzard next. we'll tell you because you're not used to the snow. and you've never seen confidence like this. ♪ see this little musician steal the show. take a bow. and find themselves right off the stage. another reason why you should -- oh! take general music, kids. the future belongs to the fast.
4:30 am
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extreme weather and it's our top story. a massive storm bearing down on the east coast and thousands of flights already canceled. so far today according to flight aware 2,320 flights and a multiple of that, how many passengers are at airports right now figuring how to get where they're going. >> business travelers. friday, weekend travelers. joining us live from philly international airport, wtxf reporter david kinchin joins us now. good morning, dave. >> quiet there. >> good morning to you. people are getting out of town as we speak and they have about until 10:00 p.m. tonight at philadelphia international airport to, in fact, hit the skyways before the airport stops tapering off flights and we hit delays tomorrow. we'll show you the airport, the big board right now. and all flights for the most part are on time for today and we can also show you a few people who are lining up to check out, and it's been a steady pacing, empty and then
4:34 am
more people start to come in. let's go to some video at philadelphia national airport that we shot earlier. american airlines has canceled all flights to and from philadelphia international on saturday. american has canceled the bulk of its flights in the northeast. snow, ice, and strong winds will be creating major problems. and other airlines likeand brit canceled at least some of their saturday flights to and from philadelphia. we spoke with the mayor of philadelphia, he talked about the overall city's response to the storm. listen to what the mayor had to say. >> i would love for all of this would be wrong, and the sun comes out on saturday, and you know, it's 65. but that's probably not going to happen. so let's prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and be prepared for whatever comes. >> the good new, all airlines are offering waivers so people can change their flights to avoid the storm without any extra penalty. that's at least something good coming out of this storm. back to you in new york. >> dave, thank you very much for joining us live from the airport
4:35 am
in philly. meanwhile if you're expecting to be blasted by things wean and's storms and today's storms you're probably set with bread, and milk, and toilet paper. but what about your house. is your house ready for a big storm? where the winds could be 50, 60 miles per hour. >> what are you stocking up on? >> here with us is angie's list founder. angie, what should we be focusing on right now? for example what would you do? >> when you're preparing for the storm you're obviously going to think about getting food and making sure someone can help you clear the snow when it happens. but you also want to think about other services you might want to line up. having the names of your plumber, electrician, heating company, tree company all handy. because if something goes wrong you want to make sure you can get a hold of them easily. and remember, if you've used someone before, keep their number handy. because they'll likely put you closer to the top of the list. >> absolutely. >> angie, there's also some things that you can do, there's one we all remember to do when you get really cold, let the
4:36 am
water drip in your faucet so that the pipes don't treez. but what else could we do to protect ourselves from home damage in the wake of cold, snowy weather? >> let the faucet drip. >> absolutely. water is a homeowner's worst enemy. making sure you're in good shape there. the sump pump is something we never think about but it's going to keep that basement from flooding. so make sure it's working properly. you also talked about pipes. you know, a tiny crack in a pipe can create tons of water in your house. so know where your main water valve shutoff is. a lot of times as homeowners we forget where that's at. it's in the basement typically. also, be sure that you -- if you're going to have a lot of snow that could end up on the roof, you probably want to hire someone to come and remove that snow because it can get heavy and you don't want it sitting on your roof. and when you're out plowing your driveway, your sidewalks, be sure that you're putting those piles away from your house. because when it does start to melt you don't want that running towards your house or into your basement. >> good point.
4:37 am
>> and one other thing, and angie tip from angie hicks and that is a lot of people are trying to save money on their electricity or their power so what they do is they turn the heat down, but you say, turn the heat up. why? >> when it's this cold, you don't want to keep fluctuating your thermostat, because it's going to be harder on your pipes when it goes up and down. so try to keep it at a steady heat, that way it will help to prevent those pipes from freezing. >> all right. now there's a lot of people that want to take advantage of us because we think it's des strat times. what are some of the scams we should look out for. >> when a storm comes through, anyone that's coming door to door, just be cautious. you're going to want to say no. because good companies are busy this time of year. and it might seem really simple. somebody drives by with a blaze on their truck and says i'll clear your driveway. >> right. >> what happens, a lot of times you give them the cash, they might leave, they may not do the work, also they might damage your property. it may seem simple enough to plow your driveway but what if they hit your light pole or your
4:38 am
garage door. those are -- that would be damage that's oftentimes not covered by the company. and you're going to cover that yourself. >> something else you might not think about is tow trucks scammers, somebody shows up that might not really know what they're doing? >> if you're on the road, you want to make sure you've got a tow truck company in your wallet somewhere, or if your phone so you know who to call. because you do not want to get taken advantage of. and unfortunately, at times like these, when cars are sliding off the roads, you might run into that. so you want to make sure that you're paying a fair price. >> all right. angie hicks from angie list, which we all visit. thank you very much for joining us today from indianapolis. with some ideas. >> thank you. stay safe. >> thank you. be safe. >> all right, all of you have your own things that you always like to do when you have snow, when you think a flood could happen, you get hit by a storm or tornado. things that you always try to hoard in your house before the big storm hits. >> but water, milk, bread. were you hoard in your house when you're getting ready for a
4:39 am
storm. >> right on the internet right now there are i can't tell you how many images there are of grocery stores where the shelves are absolutely cleaned out. >> diapers. there is no bread. there -- >> you might need to stock up on those. >> you really need diapers and you really need beer which is john sampson's suggestion. absolutely. do you know why they always say you want to make sure you get bread? you want to make sure you get milk and stuff like that? >> because you want to survive. >> not exactly. i mean, you can probably survive on the stuff in your house right now. but pittsburgh magazine actually looked into where is that list come from and back in the '50s, the local media said there's a shortage of milk so the next thing you know everybody goes out to get milk. then there was also a story about they're rationing bread. so since then, it has spread across the country. >> next hour we're going to find out what you think, and what you're getting. as you get ready to take in the storm, if you are going to be anywhere on the east coast. >> send us your e-mails. what are you stocking up on? what are you doing to prepare for the storm?
4:40 am
we'd like to hear. >> all right. and one of those things, john mentioned, liquor. >> oh, yes. >> and actually, heather childers joins us right now with the story that could involve that. >> speaking of liquor. no, not me. this story, a violent attack, actually. look at this. you're not going to believe this. this was on an uber driver in miami and it was caught on camera. >> go ahead and go. >> 911 -- >> yeah, call 911. oh, yeah. >> hmm. oh, yeah. the woman in this video filmed punching and kicking the driver, and she's a doctor. the fourth year neurology resident at the university of miami refuses to get out of the car, and then she throws the driver's cell phone, you see what else happened. other belongings right into the street. she is on leave from work and she could be fired. the driver, not pressing charges, though. a brazen robbery inside this texas pharmacy. this as two robbers break into a vault with a saw. and then the surveillance video captures the men crawling along
4:41 am
the floor for two hours to avoid the motion detectors. once inside the vault the men can be seen pulling out trays of prescription drugs and the thieves actually got away with a million dollars in medications. and this might be your favorite story all day long. a little musician steals the show for all the wrong reasons. ♪ that little trumpeter, he was so happy you saw him do the fist pump. look, look what happens. celebrated with the moonwalk and then oh, yeah. right off the stage. the excitement may have gotten the best of him there. took that little tumble. this video going viral. >> he meant to do it. >> yeah, i think we -- >> good job. >> that was all just part of the show. >> should have dropped the trumpet and exited gracefully. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> coming up from this friday more gitmo detainees are being freed by the white house.
4:42 am
but one of them says no thanks. i like it here. i want to stay. >> plus, you see a lot of wild things in new york city. every single day. but take a look at this. how this cow ended up running loose in the streets. queens, new york. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill.
4:43 am
he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. introducing centrum vitamints.
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4:45 am
you know, before you get -- release anyone from gitmo the secretary of defense at that time has to sign off on it. the president could want it as much as he wants it but it's not going to happen unless someone like secretary of defense gates, panetta or hagel sign off on it. and they were very slow about doing it. and much to my disappointment senator ash carter has been letting these people go like it's a revolving door and it's continuing now. >> so where are they going? three scheduled to leave this week. this is interesting. one of the three a fellow -- >> doesn't want to go.
4:46 am
>> there for 14 years. he's from yemen, according to his attorney, he's scared to go back to yemen. he apparently is depressed and what his lawyer has said is he has compared his -- this man right here from yemen who doesn't want to go back, to the guy from shaw shank redemption the movie. he spent so much of his life in prison he just can't handle life outside of it. >> he's afraid to go to a country, he said. he'd 35 or 36 years old. he's afraid to be sent to a country where he says he won't know anyone. by the way, he has been tied to both al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. >> there's a reason he was at gitmo. so anyway -- >> these guys are terrible people. these are the worst of the worst. they're all high risk, and this is a serious transactions going on that find these countries, small nations, just taking these guys in. and i'm just wondering what is behind this. >> well, here's the thing. you know, he's worried, but then
4:47 am
again why would you want to leave gitmo and go to yemen? let's take a look at life at gitmo if you're a detainee. they've got close to a $1 million soccer field. they've got 21 cable tv channels. they've got dvds. they've got rec centers. >> you can take art classes if you want to. >> they've got 10,000 books in the library. so why would you give up all that? here is lieutenant colonel oliver north last night talking about the people who are at gitmo, and what's next for them. >> think about the places we're sending these guys now. bosnia, montenegro, ghana. i point out to you that there are no super max prisons in any of these places. i'll give you a prediction. within six months of the new administration in washington there will be an investigation that finds that quid pro quo, and things were provided to these governments for taking these -- >> i don't know about that -- >> huge checks, huge incentives to do this. there's a reason.
4:48 am
and guess what's going to happen? they've got to find out that these guys have rejoined in the fight and just think about the man or woman who arrested these guys or died trying to round these guys up and then you find out that our country's just putting them back in the fight. what is wrong with life in prison for trying to kill us and to be a terrorist to take us down? why do we need to let them out? >> well, here's the thing. it's all about barack obama's legacy. he's done the back nine and one of the things -- the first thing he was going to do when he became president was close gitmo. it's seven and some odd years later. still not closed. >> and yet, even though some are being sent away, they just don't want to leave. they've been there so long, they're so comfortable. >> they're under 90. the last 30 are impossible to move. they're called the dirty 30. these guys look like the dirty 90. i have no idea what's going to be happening but congress should do something to put the brakes on this. >> meanwhile, coming up on this friday a shocking new report says the e-mail on hillary clinton's unsecured, private server were so classified the lawmakers investigating couldn't
4:49 am
even look at them. geraldo rivera and judge jeanine pirro on that. >> the judge got a bigger picture. >> and here's one way to call a snow day. met the school superintendent behind the snow day announcement, next. ♪ i was wondering if since it was so cold you'd stay at home have a snow day what do you say ♪ ♪
4:50 am
lost shipments, lost invoices, lost prospects, lost respect. well-crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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4:52 am
frozen. a school superintendent in the state of west virginia using his god-given musical talents to deliver a very important message to the students in his district via this early morning robo call.
4:53 am
♪ hello it's me ♪ ♪ i was wondering if since it was so cold you'd stay at home ♪ ♪ have a snow day what do you say ♪ >> awesome. >> that's not the first time he's made a musical snow day message. he's done it a few times before. >> here to talk about it, keith butcher the superintendent himself with a wonderful voice and fine guitar and key board. welcome mr. superintendent. i guess you're with us because there's a snow day? >> that is absolutely correct. we're part of that impending storm jonas so we're getting ready to get hammered here in west virginia. >> you sure are. you've been doing musical messages for awhile. why do you think this particular one, mr. superintendent, has caught fire and gone viral? >> i'm not sure. unless it's just the popularity of adele. i've been doing it for four years. as one of our school employees suggested, i try and get a
4:54 am
little creative rather than the same old boring spoken messages. so we decided to try and mix it up a little bit. >> we like it so much we want to hear today's snow day message. let's listen. ♪ when i had you to myself i liked having you around ♪ ♪ then the winter weather came and snow days came around ♪ ♪ oh, students i was to let you go but now since i see you're at home ♪ ♪ yes i do now due to winter storm jonas schools in nicolas county are closed for friday, january the 22nd. >> there's certain things you can't sing. mr. superintendent, what time do people get this robo call? and how many think they're being pranked? >> the very first time i tried it, the husband got the message, he went back to his teacher-wife and she said who was on the phone? and his response to her was i
4:55 am
don't know, i think it was some drunk guy singing on the phone. so it makes a difference. and -- >> it makes a difference whether you do it in the evening or in the morning. >> and here it is. here's this version. which is a tribute to someone we lost this week. ♪ ♪ well i'm running down the road trying to drive in the snow ♪ ♪ i got several students on my mind ♪ ♪ some live on the mountain some live in the valley ♪ ♪ some live on the county line note take it easy take it easy ♪ ♪ don't let the -- >> that is fantastic. so far, keith, i guess this has been well received. you going to continue to do it? >> i probably will. but it's nothing special. school administrators all over the country are using social media and a lot of different technology tools to reach out to their community and build relationships with students. it's a good way to do that and
4:56 am
improve communications. >> can we see you do just a little bit of the adele one again, live? just sing a little. >> sure. ♪ hello it's me ♪ ♪ i was wondering if maybe you would like to stay at home ♪ ♪ have a snow day what do you say ♪ >> well the students just must love this. i think it's neat to keep a cheery atmosphere, a positive atmosphere. good for you. >> and keeps the fans in his house. all right, keith, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> lucky student body. >> let's figure out what his number is and call him tomorrow morning on saturday. >> yeah. >> better yet, why wouldn't you do two esteemed judges? >> hmm. >> what did geraldo a judge of? >> geraldo rivera an attorney, and judge jeanine pirro are here live. the topic, hillary clinton. and you know what? he likes her.
4:57 am
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card good morning, everybody. it is friday, january 22nd, 2016. i'm sandra smith. an extreme weather alert. winter coming with full force. millions of americans already being hit by an historic storm along the east coast. we're live on the ground with what you can expect straight ahead. >> here it comes. meanwhile some of the e-mail on hillary clinton's private server are so top secret they're too classified for even the people investigating them to look at. geraldo rivera, judge jeanine pirro, fired up about the new report, and you know what? it's going to be fiery. they don't agree. >> do they ever? >> on her guilt. >> never do. >> they're coming up. >> hey, you got bad pot?
5:01 am
call 911. >> hey, we're the two dumb [ bleep ] that got caught trying to bring stuff through your border. >> yeah. it gets worse. those two self-proclaimed jack wagons got so high they called the cops on themselves. and just wait until you find out how much pot they had with them. mornings are better with friends. all right, everybody's talking about the weather, extreme weather alert. the east coast is bracing for a monster winter storm. 88 million americans now in the path of the snow, and the ice. the wind and the rains. this morning we have team coverage. jonathan serrie live in north carolina where it's already snowing a bit. and meteorologist maria molina in washington. >> and now with my decision on who to go to first, jonathan.
5:02 am
>> he wins again? >> thank you again. the snow is still coming down. it's been constant for most of the morning hours. you can see a few cars out. traffic is running smoothly. but officials are worried that there may be some bottlenecks as we go into the day. the governor of north carolina has declared a state of emergency. >> we have also issued executive order that waves the usual hour and weight restrictions for truck drivers responding to the storm. this is particularly important to power restoration companies, essential agricultural operations, and fuel supplies. >> the mix of ice and snow is creating treacherous driving conditions throughout the southeast. and because this region doesn't get this type of weather on a regular basis, many cities and counties in the region simply don't have the huge fleets of snow plows and other resources to deal with it. traffic is not the only problem throughout the day, a mixture of
5:03 am
sleet and freezing rain could pose a risk of weighing down branches and power lines, causing them to break so utility companies have crews on standby throughout the region to respond to the potential of electrical failures. meanwhile, school districts throughout the region are canceling classes. again officials trying to keep as many people off the roads as possible. back to you guys. >> all right, jonathan. thank you very much. meanwhile let's go up to washington, d.c., where they could get two feet of snow. maria molina? >> yeah, we're expecting blizzard conditions starting later today, and continuing into saturday. behind me is union station. we've been seeing a lot of travelers coming in and out of there. and we found one, her name is nina. you've lived in d.c. for quite some time, but why are you in union station this morning? >> i'm on the move today. i live in leisure world but spent the week working in bangor, maine, but need to be baby-sitting my grand babies in connecticut this next week. so i got an earlier flight out from maine this morning, and
5:04 am
love amtrak. so plan to get on the train and go up there this morning. >> so the safer bet is the train. and you've lived in d.c. for quite some time. you've experienced other big snowstorms. tell me about them. what's the response like around here? >> snowmageddon, well, at leisure world locally it was wonderful. they take care of us there. of course everybody was socked in so it was kind of fun to watch the snow. about 1960 we had 44 inches as i recall when i lived in front royal, and we were out of school for two weeks that time. >> nice. and these are areas just outside d.c. thank you so much for talking to us. >> you're welcome. >> safe travels. hope you beat the blizzard. moving up quick. but we also found someone who is taking responsibility for the storm. typically meteorologists get blamed. let's take a listen to what this guy had to say. >> my birthday is on sunday, and about two months ago my wife asked me what i would like for my birthday and i told her a two foot snowstorm. so this storm is actually possibly my fault.
5:05 am
>> i hope his wife gives him some shovel duty coming up this weekend. he sure is going to have a lot of snow across the d.c. area, potentially two feet or more. and let's head to the maps now, because the storm is already under way across some areas. other areas in the country, including parts of arkansas, they got some snow early this morning. it's moving quickly across kentucky, north carolina, and also spreading across virginia. the other concern with this storm, though, on the warm sector is that we could be seeing some severe weather. including some tornadoes, and damaging winds, and that includes parts of florida. that will be something to watch very closely. ice, another big issue with this storm. across the carolinas, they could be seeing potentially more than a half inch of ice accumulation, so that could make travel very dangerous. and we have winter storm warnings stretching from places like arkansas all the way to the northeast, including blizzard warnings from d.c. to new york city. and again, the hardest-hit area forecast to be across the mid-atlantic. now let's head over to you in new york. >> all right, maria, thank you
5:06 am
very much. big snow coming. news time, heather childers. >> good morning. good morning to everyone at home. breaking overnight, news of an american student from the university of virginia getting arrested in north korea earlier this month for, quote, committing a hostile act. the student, identified as by north korean media as otto warmbier was there as a tourist. the government there claims that he, quote, aimed to destroy the country's unity and has ties to the u.s. government, but is still unclear exactly what happened. a former alaska airlines pilot mean time accused of flying while drunk. he was arrested in 2014 after his blood alcohol level came up nearly double the legal limit during a random test. he flew two flights that day, one from san diego to portland, another from santa ana to california. he has since retired. and the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan, shaking up the epa. regional director susan headman resigned amid criticism that the agency didn't do enough to keep the water safe.
5:07 am
this comes just a day after the governor's office released some e-mails blaming local and federal authorities for the contamination. the city switched its water source to the flint river to save some money, and since then thousands of children are now struggling with possible lead poisoning. and finally, you didn't want to end up on your dinner plate. oh, no this cow seen running the streets of new york city, after escaping from a slaughter house. his escape was short-lived, though. the cow was caught by the nypd, and then he was taken back to the slaughterhouse. poor cow. >> this is the last footage we have of the cow. >> exactly. >> all right. thank you very much, heather. >> thanks, heather. >> got a couple of burgers. >> all right you can hear geraldo, judge jeanine is here, as well. >> they're here. >> let's start because you guys do not agree on this topic, which is hillary's immail. catherine herridge just sent us some more information about how remember hillary said well, there aren't that many secret things on there. >> and nothing was ever labeled. >> apparently there are way more
5:08 am
than we knew about. how big a problem is this for her? i mean, some of the e-mails on here were so classified that people investigating them were not qualified to look at them. >> it's redacted. so people at the highest level of the intelligence community are not allowed to look at this. this is need to know. why? because it puts all kinds of americans, assets, intelligence, black ops, in danger. here's the bottom line. the woman circumvented both the spirit, and the letter of the law. she needs to be indicted. the evidence is overwhelming right now, and there must be a presentation if there is any integrity in this country, there needs to be a presentation to the grand jury. >> geraldo, how do you feel? over three dozen now. way over. >> first of all i thank you for putting me in the position of defending hillary on a story that will make me even more unpopular in this building than i already am. guaranteed like an appearance every two or three weeks. >> i think it's valuable. >> i think this is clearly as a
5:09 am
lawyer i have to say there's a legal aspect to this and there's a political. >> let's talk legal. >> i have no doubt that the legal analysis, with all due respect to my brilliant colleague, judge jeanine pirro i love more than life itself, that there is a political component to the legal analysis -- >> talk about the law. >> i believe that the statutes that the judge believes are indictable in this particular case, all require specific intent and there is no, as far as i know, chic in the armor of hillary clinton when she says these were not labeled top secret. these were not labeled classified. i had no intent to disseminate, to mutilate, to destroy -- >> what about the -- >> the intent is not a requirement. >> it is clearly a retirement. i spend the morning researching. >> you can research it. i researched it, too. here's the bottom line -- >> -- politician. >> i don't care about politics. this is about justice. this is about the law. this is about a woman who was not above the law. even though she thinks she is. it is the negligent storage of
5:10 am
intelligence. let me ask you this, the woman is the secretary of state. she has one e-mail, one server. are you telling me that for four years the woman never had classified information on her blackberry? come on! >> first of all, on the de -- i want to make a quick reference to another case that is frequently invoked when people are criticizing. >> petraeus. >> hillary clinton. the david petraeus having to plead guilty to the misdemeanor dissemination of intelligence to his girlfriend paula broad. >> who had a security clearance. >> who had a security clearance and was a colonel as well as being his mistress. never should have been -- petraeus never should have been indicted. it was a terrible miscarriage of jun american hero. for absolutely no reason. but he did something that hillary clinton is not even accused of. he took the intelligence, and he gave it to paula broadwell. paula broadwell was not
5:11 am
classified to receive -- not qualified to receive -- >> -- >> there is no allegation that hillary clinton -- >> i'm not saying it's the same statute. >> one comparison. it is as if hillary clinton using the private e-mail said to hilly clinton -- chelsea clinton her daughter when she got something about the drone strikes, hey, check this out, chelsea -- >> she had the most classified -- >> -- allegation that she disseminated it. >> she made americans vulnerable because she had a nonsecure server. who is houuma abedin to have information of top classified people in our nation cannot access. >> there is not a shred of evidence that there was any breach of security -- >> and i'm going to give you the motive. you know why -- >> there isn't even an allegation of it. >> you know why she did it? so they could raise money for the clinton foundation so that she could have access to information from sidney blumenthal that she promised the president. >> i disagree. i think she did it to keep it away from republicans like you. >> i could care less. i'm not -- this is justice.
5:12 am
she's not above the law. >> you said two aspects. one was legal and one was political. you have to ask yourself as a voter are you comfortable with the judgment of the secretary of state to leave this stuff -- [ everyone talking at once ] >> by the polling it is clear that the political aspect of the scandal has polled profoundly on hillary clinton. it is -- >> as well it should. >> it is i think exactly tied in to bernie sanders refreshing candor honesty, you know, maybe bungling the professor from back to the future and all that larry david, but the fact of the matter is he didn't use sneaky e-mails, she did. she's not guilty of a crime. but she -- >> she's guilty of many crimes. she's guilty of destruction of evidence, destroying them, concealing them. you know what she's scrubbed -- >> the justice department ruled that she had a clear legal right to delete any e-mail she felt was personal. >> really? >> that's what the justice -- >> so then what's the fbi doing
5:13 am
chasing its tail? >> exactly. and even though many of the agents are ticked off that they -- that they there is not a more -- >> what's in the public eye -- >> all right. >> wow. >> time. >> geraldo, judge jeanine. thank you very much. that was interesting. let's see what happens. >> i got a feeling you're going to be talking about it? >> my open is on hillary and if you want to know what the law is and the statutes and what she did the motive and why -- >> you going to have geraldo on? >> i will be shoveling snow. >> geraldo. new jersey loosened up their laws. you can shovel your own snow. >> all right, thank you. >> christie released it. >> coming up the video is shocking. a toddler walking down the highway with trucks flying by. then a miracle happens and the whole thing caught on camera. >> it's a miracle. and some people bet on sports. others bet on the 2016 elections. john scott is here. where his money is going.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
one place to find the most accurate odds for who will be next president and predict who will win that election. >> john stossel host of stossel on the fox business network is here to explain and tell us exactly who is going to win the presidency. >> well, i can't tell you exactly who. but i know the betting odds are so much better than the polls you guys quote all the time. >> what do you mean betting odds? >> it's like a stock market. it's illegal in america but around the world people bet on lots of things. that is the best predictor of anything. that we know of. >> because when people put their money to it, they're more serious about it? >> partly. or a bar -- people are bloviating, you want to bet on that and then they back off. it's that plus the wisdom of crowds. that tv program who wants to be a millionaire. you can ask an expert, you can ask the audience. the experts are brilliant. the audience is who knows. but the audience gets it right 90% of the time. the experts 75% of the time. >> where's the money right now on the chances of who will win the democratic primary. >> totally hillary.
5:19 am
there's all this talk on fox. sanders is surging but look at it. 78% to 17%. pretty much a shoo-in. >> you got the o'malley machine pulling up the ranks. what about on the republican side? >> republican side, trump is ahead. the polls are consistent with the bets at the moment. ahead of rubio, second. cruz, a lot of talk about cruz. he's down with bush. not that close. >> okay. and then ultimately, once you get the nominees to both parties, the general election, and wow it looks like hillary, a lot at this point, but explain what that all means. we've got all those republicans following her. >> sadly hillary is above 50%. but, of course, once a republican is nominated, then trump's at 16% now. if he were nominated he'd be much higher. now he's competing -- >> because he would wind up with the rubio, the bush, the cruz, presumably. >> presumably. but he would be doing better. >> you created this whole thing? >> well it's illegal in america. there are these sites in
5:20 am
europe -- >> your invisible friend created it? >> no, you've got a web -- >> the information is not illegal. we have, it converts the european odds so we americans can understand them. >> when it comes to people putting their money where their mouth is compared to where they were -- what they would answer in a poll you're saying that they're much more honest when it comes to putting dollars behind the predictions? >> win carson led in the polls. he was never higher than 9% in the betting. last election, look who led. newt led at one point. herman cain, rick peri. >> he is john stossel. he has a show called stossel at 8:00 and it is tonight. >> it is. >> we're going to be watching. >> actually it's 5:00 tonight because they're rerunning the republican debate. >> oh, yeah, okay. >> the amazing republican debate. >> all right. all right thanks, john. always great to see you. >> all right. coming up, are your kids grades slipping? just change their report card. that's what one school in new york is doing.
5:21 am
they're making the report much rosier. >> and hollywood legend robert de niro is back as dirty grandpa. in his newest movie will it be worth your money? kevin mccarthy is here with his review next. it's winter. eat winter snacks. freshman. campbell's. made for real, real life.
5:22 am
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we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california. time now for a quick look at your friday morning consumer headlines. first up, a pair of recalls. parents need to know about from britax. the company recalling 71,000 be safe 35 models infant car seats, because the handles can break. also, 49,000 be ready strollers have been recalled. the company says foam padding on the arm bar can easily fall off which, of course, you don't want your baby to choke on. so beware. plus a sof syrup from
5:25 am
master's herbs is being recalled after it was found to contain morphine. yes, i said morphine. >> huh? >> that's right. the company says it can cause respiratory depression and even death. the syrup was sold in chinese grocery stores in a number of american states. and that's your consumer news for this friday. >> all right. two new films out to tell you about. robert de niro and zac efron teaming up in a movie called "dirty grandpa." and the sci-fi thriller "the fifth wave" both hitting theaters today. >> sadly they're both going to miss the awards season. should you face the winter weather and check them out? >> is it worth your money? >> fox news contributor and founder of, kevin mccarthy, joins us with reviews. first up let's talk the fifth wave. >> yeah, good morning to you guys by the way. thank you for having me on. it's the new film.
5:26 am
it's basically an alien invasion young adult novel. apparently there are three novels. two of them have been released. one of them is coming out. basically have alien invasions that happen in waves. her character is trying to search for her brother. you've seen this movie a million times before. that's the big problem here. i love her as an actress, but the movie is so familiar, it's predictable. the script is bad. there were times i was laughing at things that should have been serious. some of the effects look really cheesy, as well. the thing is lee ef schreiber is this movie. he's a great actor. but the problem is everything just feels really forced. i gave it two out of five. i would just say skip it. wait for the rental if you're a fan of the book. overall two out of five. >> robert de niro is back at it again. he's along with zac efron of "dirty grandpa." this seems like movie of the year material. >> it looks funny. >> brian, you may be on to something there, buddy.
5:27 am
this movie kind of surprised me to be honest. i walked in. it's a very hard r-rated comedy. there's nothing in this movie for kids whatsoever. i will say, as a fan of robert de niro over the years watching him in films like "godfather," "raging bull" and "taxi driver" and seeing him do something this over the top and ridiculous, it is so profanity ridden, there's so much going on in this film that you would never suspect from robert de niro. that's what makes it kind of charming -- >> it's called "dirty grandpa." of course it's going to be dirty. >> i know. but to be honest, hearing the words that come out of de niro's mouth in this movie blew my mind. but him and zac efron are funny together. they do take the "r" rating to the extreme too much at times and it becomes a little bit uncomfortable. but overall it's a good, solid r-rated comedy. but i gave it three out of five. >> wow, you are generous. because i'm uncomfortable watching the promo. >> i was going to say the same
5:28 am
thing. julianne hough from dancing -- >> if you're caught by the snowstorm a couple things streaming on netflix. making a murderer, breaking bad, saved by the bell is on netflix which is an amazing show, pulp fiction. jumanji, snow piercer, some good movies. >> then again, kevin, maybe we would suggest you watch the fox news channel if you're stuck in house. >> good tip. >> that is true, steve. yes, sir. i will watch that for sure. >> include that. >> all right. kevin mccarthy joining us from washington, where he soon will be snow bound. meanwhile coming up, dr. phil makes a living helping people deal with their problems but there's word this morning dr. phil could need some help himself. >> and, you know, if your fridge is ready with milk, eggs and bread, but what if you need to charge your phone? and the power is out. kurt the cyber guy is here and f that.ought some stuff.
5:29 am
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can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. we've been tracking storms throughout the day. following the latest what's going on with the election, titanic news on the trumpian side. >> a lot going on and everybody's awaiting this big winter snowstorm. so we're going to have more on that in a few minutes. first the headlines with heather
5:33 am
childers. >> good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home. we've been following some stories. oregon police have a warning for all parents showing just how quickly your child can slip away from you and find themselves in serious danger. a sheriff's deputy noticed this 2-year-old right there running down the middle lane in newport. the frightening moment caught on dash cam turns out the toddler ran away from a nearby community center gathering. the deputy scooped up the little boy, just in time as a big rig rushed past. he was safely returned to his parents. >> hmm. so does dr. phil maybe need some anger management of his own? a former employee is suing the tv doc claiming that he held 300 staff members hostage to find out who leaked information to the media. according to the lawsuit he took away their phones, locked the door and verbally assaulted the group. the woman who filed the suit says the false imprisonment caused her so much emotional stress that she was forced to quit her job.
5:34 am
and a jewish private school in new york trying to shield their students from potential bad grades. listen to this. this is a letter. it was shared on social media. she says, quote, if after reviewing the enclosed report card you would like us to develop a second version of this report card for your son, with higher grades, notify the school. well teachers claim that the rosier report card will help students cheer up about getting bad grades. but critics say that's just coddling. and a 911 call you have to hear this from idaho. will definitely have you shaking your head all day after two men driving across state lines with 20 pounds of marijuana called police themselves, after getting a little bit paranoid. >> this is 911. >> hi. we're the two dumb [ bleep ] that got caught trying to bring stuff through your border, and all your cops are just driving around us like a bunch of jack
5:35 am
wagons and i'd just like you guys to end it. >> you guys have any guns or weapons or anything on you? >> we don't have any of that stuff with us. just a bunch of snacks and stuff. >> okay, cool. >> yep, when the cops arrived both of these men had their hands behind their backs. they told police that yep, they were caught, and they were surrendering along with some snacks that they had. >> that's a new one. i looked it up. you want to know where it comes from? jackwagon from the 19th century the chow wagon at the end of the cattle train. all the debris and stuff went into it so you were dumb enough to be in the jackwagon. >> they didn't know that. >> no, no. >> all right, heather, thank you. the big story that we've been talking about following all morning, you're prepping for it. 88 million people now in the path of this potentially deadly monster snowstorm, woulding its way up the east coast. >> maria molina has worked her way down the east coast to be in the middle of the storm. hey, maria.
5:36 am
>> hey good morning. if you remember wednesday evening in d.c. the city was paralyzed by this much snow. we found some evidence of it, just a little bit of snow about an inch fell down here across the city. so hopefully they fare a little bit better with this upcoming blizzard and people just heed the warnings and stay home. our storm has already started across places like kentucky, also in north carolina, and in virginia. another concern with this storm is severe weather across florida. we have the threat for tornadoes, and damaging winds today with some of these thunderstorms that developed in the warm sector of the storm. ice, about a half inch to even greater amounts are forecast across places like south carolina, north carolina, and even farther north across northern kentucky. so that's going to be something to watch out for, very dangerous traveling conditions. travel not recommended. and anywhere from arkansas, to parts of the northeast, you do have some winter storm warnings in effect, and because of how strong the wind is going to be across the mid-atlantic and northeast we have blizzard warnings with wind gusts over 40 miles per hour possible.
5:37 am
potentially two feet or more of snow across the mid-atlantic, including parts of west virginia and also northern parts of the state of virginia, coastal flooding another big concern because of the strong onshore winds. now let's head back to new york. >> all right, maria, thank you for that update. we're going to keep watching for those snowflakes to begin to fall. and when the weather gets bad you can turn to high tech products. might not look high tech in my hands right now but we'll explain. it will keep you warm and safe. >> and what those are we turn to kurt the cyber guy. >> good morning to you both. i'm telling you right now, this is the app that's totally free, you should download this very second if you're in any sort of weather, because this app right here, which is called the winter survival kit, download this, you're driving around in your car, you've already put in your aaa number and any emergency number, if you get stranded in a storm anywhere, especially in the snow, you open this app, and look at it, you just hit i'm stranded and the app's going to do some stuff for you that is
5:38 am
miraculous. "a" it's going to remind you every 30 minutes to get out of your car and make sure that the tail pipe is not caught in the snow so you don't have carbon monoxide problems. it also is going to ping you every 30 minutes and your friends to say okay, are you okay? otherwise it's going to send for emergency services. and it also will calculate the gas calculator. i've got a 26 gallon tank, so it estimates, that i've got about 14 hours of idling in the car to keep the heat going. but it recommends just turning off the car on occasion, just to preserve the gas in the tank. it's a brilliant app. it's totally free. i think it's like the smartest thing during a storm to have. >> you want people to use that in your car if your battery froze and got juiced, priet? that's part of the problem. when it gets so cold -- >> i did not know this. >> so there's something to protect it. >> what a crazy transition. yes, this is a company called salt. and this is salt cases make cases for iphones, and virtually
5:39 am
every product. tablets, computers. and they have some amaze iining stories where they'll put this on the dash. this is a technology, keeps your phone at a regular temperature. they put it on a shot dash and took a heat gun to it. what it does is it keeps the phone at a normal temperature where your phone won't get zapped in the cold. in the heat it will keep it from overheating. check this out right here -- >> we don't ever want to sacrifice our fun, right? in the cold. for this -- >> it's a great way to stay connected to your phone. and brian, can you put that up to the microphone? >> yeah. >> this actually has built-in speakers. so that's playing in your ear. while you're out there shoveling. >> and then look at this handsome guy, keith the camera man. nice enough to model the raven heated jacket. this is a breakthrough for 2016.
5:40 am
we're talking about a thermal coat that has a battery inside of it, that not only will it charge your phone, but the jacket itself will keep you warm for up to six hours. >> love. >> it's got heaters throughout the coat. we're going to ask keith to go out when the blaze ard starts and keith is going to stay out there and see if the six hours is really true. you're up for that, aren't you? >> all right, keith, we'll get back to you on the gretchen show. that looks good. >> i can feed my isb right into it, right? >> if you go to our website i will show you how to download this app. you'd be a fool not to have it. it's really just a smart move in this weather and even if you're not in bad weather around the country it's a smart app to have. >> for a guy who calls san diego home you certainly know a lot about the winter. good john, kurt. >> thanks, that's good stuff. i'm sorry for my hat head. here's coming up. she was a front-runner but not anymore. hillary clinton's campaign going into panic mode as bernie sanders pulls ahead. >> that guy. ed henry joins us live from the
5:41 am
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5:44 am
or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. all right quick international headlines. i'll do it in english. a russian plane explodes into a fire ball as it tries to take off down the runway. you can see the bomber jet burst into flames and fall apart. lighting up the night sky. two of the five people aboard dead. officials say the blast was caused by an engine fire. hey, prison is a real drag for the drug kingpin el chapo. mexican jail officials say he suppressed and was given the book don quixote to cheer him up. dogs are also taste testing his food to make sure no one's trying to poison him. >> poor dogs. >> bad news is it tastes like dog when you eat it. 8 million americans are now
5:45 am
in the path of the winter storm jonas. and the internet is going crazy in preparation for this thing. buying supplies from the storm, clearing the shelves at your local grocery. >> look at that child. >> little girl who just saw a snowflake running with bread and milk. >> in a hurry. >> and a wine map, by the way. this was really circulating the internet right now. shows how much in each part of the northeast, how much alcohol you're going to need depending on how much snow you're going to be getting. >> exactly. so how are the new yorkers prepping? steve is outside with typical new yorkers in times square to find out. hey, steve, i know you're outdoors. >> yes. i am outside. i just had my hat on. i took it off for tv purposes. jim is here. jim you've got a smile on your face. i know you're terrified that the big storm is coming. before you went to work today, what did you make sure that you had plenty of at your house? >> well, i've got two young
5:46 am
kids, 6 and 3. and they both love their yogurt, potato chips, all the junk food. >> wait a minute, you're a prepper with yogurt? >> absolutely. >> what about for you and your wife? any liquor? >> yeah. >> okay, good. >> i'd definitely say so. mainly about the kids because happy kids, happy life. >> i completely understand. now, with all the -- with all the snow coming who's going to be doing the shovel? obviously your wife, right? >> probably me. >> oh, good man. all right, go to work. i know you're late. meanwhile let's just stop some people walking by right here -- oh, here's some people. they want to -- >> can i ask you a question? how are you? what's your name? where you from? >> england. >> welcome to our land. big storm coming. have you heard about the big blizzard? >> we've heard, yes. >> are you staying in a hotel? >> yes. >> what have you brought to your hotel room -- this sounds kind of weird. have you taken any extra food into your room in case you're cut off from the food supply? >> no. >> so in other words, you know, there's a possibility it's --
5:47 am
there's no opportunity the restaurants are closed you're just going to be able to drink those little liquor bottles in your hotel room. >> we'll be all right with that. >> steve, could you a think america's reacting? >> oh, hi. that's okay. are you ready for the storm? >> yes, sir. but i'm working, i'm sorry. >> he's working. >> he's busy. >> are you excited about the snow coming? it's coming. that's okay. >> are you excited about the snow? >> yeah, sure. >> okay. >> she's excited. >> all right. and real quick, one more person this guy right over here. how you doing? can we ask you a question -- >> it's a tough gig. >> hi there, are you red did for the storm? >> oh, yeah. i guess. >> okay, what did you make sure you had plenty of at home supplywise before you came to work today? >> food and just make sure, i don't know, food i guess.
5:48 am
>> plenty at home? >> yes. >> you'll be ready for the storm. >> have a great friday. >> i love it. >> the people of new york city, and even visitors are ready for the big storm in >> that's. >> steve you brought a little bit of the working man, you brought us the child, and you brought us a little bit of england. remember for awhile they ran things in this country. >> they did. and we're happy they're here spending their tourist dollars. >> thank you for bringing all that to us. we're glad to hear people are getting ready for the snow to fall. >> promise us you'll come back. >> they're ready. >> all right. all right. coming up, she was the front-runner, but not anymore. hillary clinton's campaign going into panic mode as bernie sanders pulls ahead. >> yep. ed henry joins us live from the campaign trail for the inside story inside the clinton camp. >> first. let's check in with bill hemmer for what is coming up at the top of the hour. bill? >> snow? good morning to both of you. big doings on the campaign.
5:49 am
a major hit on donald trump from a leading conservative group. reaction on that this morning. did iran get a payoff for hostages? that's the allegation. we'll analyze. marco rubio and jeb bush in the fight for their lives. both in the home stretch. both will be here today on the state of their campaigns as we are coming up on iowa. ten days. is that right? martha and i will see you at the top of the hour. eleven minutes away on a friday morning. see you then.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
hi, leading up to the first two primaries the democratic race has a clear front-runner in iowa and new hampshire, and it's not who you think it is. a poll has bernie sanders ahead by a whopping 60 to 53 in new
5:53 am
hampshire. and a brand-new poll out in iowa spells an ugly scene, has sanders ahead eight points of hillary clinton. >> what is going on here? and what would happen if hillary clinton lost the first two states? here to break it down is fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry. good morning, ed. >> good to see you, sandra. >> make some sense of it. what's happening? >> hillary clinton all of a sudden is seeing bernie sanders has the momentum. he's been raising a lot of money. you see good poll numbers, as well. they're still confident they've got a week from monday before the iowa caucuses to catch up, as you know the latest poll suggesting bernie sanders is up eight points. hillary clinton used to have a double din it lead there. when you talk about what would happen if sanders won iowa or new hampshire the clinton camp is still confident when this race goes south, south carolina, georgia, alabama, that the african-american vote will pull hillary clinton through. that's what's interesting though is that yesterday sanders had this ad that he put out. it was all about america, very
5:54 am
positive. no attacks. and what did david brock do? he's an ally of hillary clinton, runs one of her super pacs that supports her and he said look there's only white faces in that ad. bernie sanders is basically, this is an affront to the democratic base, there's no minorities. and david brock, this attack dog, went on to say, that basically black lives do not matter to bernie sanders. that is because the clinton camp wants to put this divide out there and say hillary clinton is going to get the african-american vote and that will be decisive. this is a hard attack within the democratic party. >> absolutely. they're implying he's a racist. meanwhile joe biden is in davos talking to all the rich and famous. the establishment attack on bernie sanders continues. listen. not only my country but in other countries, more progressive tax code.
5:55 am
that policy, not socialism, but tax code. so they're painting him as a socialist, a communist, and somebody who is wacky. >> yes. >> well, there's two other things going on here. a week or so ago remember joe biden the sitting vice president attacked hillary clinton and said she was a late-comer to the fight against income inequality. now he's attacking socialism. going after the upstart of the democratic party. joe biden decided to not get into this race. and i think a lot of when i was speaking to some democratic strategists yesterday they said what is he doing? is he just tweaking both of them? is he rethinking all of this? nobody really knows for sure. but i think the bottom line is with joe biden attacking hillary clinton attacking bill clinton attacking bernie sanders when the democratic establishment does that it might actually help him. think about hat you've been talking about this morning with donald trump. almost every time the republican establishment attacks donald trump he uses that against the establishment to say, look, they don't want me to be the guy. >> in hillary clinton's e-mails
5:56 am
we're learning today of more of those e-mails that were too classified for people investigating them, found on that private e-mail server. >> yeah. >> this story just continues to get uglier. and look there's two big issues there. the first is you go back a year ago in march hillary clinton had that news conference at the u.n. and said there was no classified information on my server. i know the rules. there was no classified information sent or received. after report after report it suggests that that was just simply not true. that's a problem and the other big looming unknown in a campaign is that the fbi is still investigating all of this. there's a criminal probe out there and that's one thing campaigns don't want. they don't like unknowns guys. >> our show, i know wants one thing, ed henry is available. thanks so much. >> love to see you guys. >> nor "fox & friends" moments away. hey pal? you ready?
5:57 am
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hey marc. how you feeling? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i'm going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it's pretty close to my eye. i don't know how you do it. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. clayton, tell me what's on this weekend? >> we've got snow coverage for us. so our rick rite moouth is going
6:00 am
to be braving the storm down in washington, d.c. when you've got cabin fever and stuck inside with the kids. what to do with the kids in the snowstorm. and we're going to make desserts out of snow. >> is that sanitary? >> we'll figure it out. bill: another possible international incident brewing. an american college student arrested in north korea. pyongyang saying he was plotting to undermine the unity of north korea. he was a member of a chinese tour group. u.s. officials said to be working to bring him home. a leading in the conservative voice unleashing an all-out assault on the republican frontrunner donald trump.


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