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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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monday store storm, but that's all for now. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c.hoççç ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special 2016 election edition of the factor, the republican primary outlook. let's get right to the top story. the political war brewing in the g.o.p. the conservative wing of the party is setting itself apart from other republicans anddx[ç independents as it launches a major offensive against donald trump. when trump entered the 2016 race last june, many saw him as a joke. but he shot straight to the top of the polls. and now those same people see him as a threat. to the dismay of some republicans, trump's calls to arrest and deport all
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12 million illegal immigrants in the u.s. and to temporarily ban all muslims from entering the country have only strengthened his grip on first place. so, today, the national review, a conservative bible, published a special issue focused solely on taking down trump. 22 pundits wrote poison pen essays on why they think trump is a danger to their cause. naturally, trump immediately fired national review is a dying paper. it's circulation is way down. not very many people read it anymore. i mean, people don't even think about the national review. so i guess they want to get a little publicity. that's a dying paper. really, i mean, pretty much, i guess pretty much of a dead paper. >> and some political observers have saying?s#;' this attack will actually help the donald. national review could do more to help donald trump than to put out an issue like this. it's like an inkind campaign conviction for the establishment to attack
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trump. it helps him with his people. if it's where trump wants to be, it reinforces his message. >> joining us now with reaction from nashville, trump supporter scottie nell hughes from the tea party news network and from washington matt slapp a republican strategist who worked with president george w. bush. >> scottie nell, was this a smart thing for national review to do? >> absolutely not. this is a part of their track record of going against honest conservatives. in 2012 they went out against newt gingrich and declared mitt romney their poster boy and then actually back when reagan was running they actually attacked reagan saying that he didn't have what appeared to be a presidential psona. this is exactly why the republican party continues to lose, eric. there is no stsd(uqt+y they sit there and try to throw missiles and then they don't follow up. and where were all of these folks when we were trying to fight for conservative principles within congress, like fighting obamacare, when ted cruz stood up there. i didn't remember all of these folks uniting together to push the pr message.
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it died the next day. in fact, some of these might have even criticized him. so i'm all for unification. this was just a bad idea. and it's going to back fire and unfortunately it's going to effect the whole entire conservative movement. not just the 22 people that put their name on this. >> i'm scratching my head. we are 10 days out from iowa. what is the purpose of this? is this a hail mary pass or do they believe that this is a well-timed takedown of trump? >> first of all, these are conservative luminaires. these are a group of people who collectively have fought every bit of the obama agenda. let's give them their due. a lot of them were cruz supporters. support other candidates. yes, they are taking trump on ideologically and questions they have on conservative policy. let's face it. a lot of these folks have signed up with other candidates. i was actually asked to sign on to this manifesto too as chairman of the american conservative. i didn't do it. why didn't i do it?
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because i would rather get donald trump in a better place on the issues that i'm concerned about. >> so you were askedfzç to write a piece to join the 22 pundits that wrote with the national review? >> that's right. >> you turned them down because, why? it would be too divisive. >> i turned them down because i think donald trump is saying a lot of things that need to be said is and i think he is going to take on a lot of these people and i don't see why that's a bad thing. there are areas where people have questions about what he will do. >> do you think it was a mistake for the national review to do this then. >> yeah. obviously if i would have endorsed it i would have signed on to it i didn't sign on to it because i worry exactly what was just said that i worry that this will just be a cause for division. at the end of this process, if we don't unite every single voter on the center right, we will not win. it's imperative that would he be able to pull together again. >> i will bring in scottie now and let you respond after that matt. is this going to end up helping donald trump then? >> i think this is absolutely. we are seeing it already help donald trump. people are are identifying the folks who they perceive to be the wolves in cheap's
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clothing. i agree with you. there are a lot of great patriots and friends on this list. that's why i'm stretching my head. why would you go up against the number one person. celebrating that we have two conservatives leading these polls. awakened. what these folks have done is sit there and isolated the people who follow donald trump and the majority of them are good conservatives. >> it's also -- >> can i add this matt though. i'm trying to dissect this a little bit. look at the national review and some of the names on that list. very prominent conservatives. let's call it establishment type on the right there. is a mix. there is glenn becks. there is the dana and then there is also rich lowry, et cetera. and the list goes on and on. it's almost; [úxñ like donald trump has made a case for himself being an outsider. this puts him outside the d.c. corridor. maybe that will end up helping him. >> maybe. i think, look, ilso for donald trump, and for his supporters, i think it's very fair that prominent conservatives like ed mease are saying we want to know more about where you are on
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a whole range of issues. it gives donald trump yet another opportunity to listen to to these critiques and continue to make it really clear where he is encore issues. he has done a great job on isis. he has been very clear on immigration. he has been very clear on how he wants to take on washington. if prominent people like he had mease want to have more questions answered. he should answer them. so far he is doing a good job answering them. >> he8bu has done a good enough job for people like ann coulter and now sarah palin, three wonderful conservatives to endorse him. >> that's right. so you have to wonder is there maybe something else going on? maybe these types of journalists and i will agree a lot of the online journalists have been coddled by d.c. politicians before. mr. trump does not do that i'm more interested in the grass roots and people and talking to them than talking to you journalists. you come along for the ride and actually report. maybe that's more of what we are seeing here. >> if donald trump happens to be the nominee going forward, are these people on this list obligated to
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defend conservatism and will they have to push away from the g.o.p. nominee then? >> that's the fear i have, which is i haven't read this edition yet, but i will. any language that somehow and i you have read it from other conservative journalists that they would never support donald trump. what they are saying and everybody ought to hear my words. what they are saying is they would support hillary clinton or bernie sanders to be the next president of the united states. and if they say that i think they lose all credibility. we have to get behind the nominee of the republican party if we tore stop this onslot of socialism and collectism and the destruction of our constitutional order that we have seen under an obama presidency. it must stop. and i'm going to support the republican nominee no matter who he or she is. >> scottie, one of the issues that rich lowry brought up he thought there was a potential for donald trump to be bought off by special interests. that's been one of the pillars of his campaign so far that he can't be bought. your final thoughts?
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>> that's completely a joke considering he is the one writing the checks while all these politicians have been accepting them. who would you rather have in leadership the one leading this country, the one that wrote it and cannot be controlled or the one that is controlled by the guy writing the checks? >> he we8ió5v?;mçw3will leave t there, scottie and matt, thank you very much. next up on this special edition of the o'reilly factor. donald trump and ted cruz releasing vicious new attack ads against each other. does either land a knockout blow? we will debate it in a moment. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives,
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his casino. >> he doesn't have no heart, that man. >> trump won't change the system. he's what's wrong with it. >> meanwhile, the trump ad rips cruz over his record on immigration. >> i want immigration reform to pass and allows here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> that amendment would have allowed undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. permanently and obtain legal status. so how do you square that circle? >> actually, bret, it wouldn't have. >> joining us now with reaction from houston, rick tyler, communications director for the cruz campaign and from dallas, trump spokesperson katrina pearson.
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i will start with you, rick. pretty scathing ad the immigration issue he goes after ted cruz, donald trump does. >> yeah, except for everything in that ad has already been repudiated before the ad was put out. everybody knows that ted cruz was against the gang of eight. marco rubio had been for the gang of 8. by the way, donald trump was for amnesty in 2013. he even tweeted out himself that, you know, we need border security first and then we can do amnesty second is. so he is on record saying he i think this ad is designed to cover his position which is pro-amnesty. nobody believes ted cruz is ever for amnesty. he has never uttered a single statement to to say he was for amnesty. he fought the gang of eight andg'( put in that bill to make sure the gang of eight wouldn't pass it was so as amnesty bill and speaker boehner wouldn't take it up which is why we defeated the gang of 8. >> that was one of the moments in the cruz campaign where the the candidate really looked like he was
5:14 pm
stumbling a little bit for words. a rarity he has run a very effective campaign. a rarity but the trump campaign picked that up. >> i think the ad speaks for itself, eric. when it comes to illegal immigration there is no question that donald trump is leading on the issue. particularly with cruz's support of expansion of hb 1 visas and green cards which is detrimental to american jobs in this country. to the cruz ad, i would like to point out that that ad is so misleading considering eminent domain abuse. the ad features a woman supposedly losing her property which she didn't. that woman kept her home. i will say that everyone isg ( that is in support of the keystone pipeline like senator cruz there had been a grandmother right here in her home state of texas who last a farm to that corporation which is not beholden to the united states it's in canada. maybe rick can explain that one. >> it has been one of the criticisms going after donald trump on imminent domain, conserving want the keystone pipeline. frankly that thing couldn't be built without eminent
5:15 pm
domain. >> we are not talking about the keystone pipeline or highways or bridges. what we are talking about is a casino parking lot that was for limousines to pull up to the parking lot and a widow in atlantic city lost her home over eminent domain. >> she did not lose her home. >> but this is just typical of donald trump. donald trump has been for tarp. he has been for stimulus. he has been for amnesty. he has been for partial birth abortion. he has been for pro-gay marriage. it just goes on and on and on and all all of a sudden right on the eve of this elections we have what he would like to you believe is the road to damascus conversionú2tkç conservatism. which is why it 2 prominent movement conservatives including brent bozell who is the nephew of william f. buckley, including call thomas, glenn beck, dana loesch all wrote that in their own various ways of why donald trump is not a conservative. not only is he not a conservative. he wasn't even a republican. he gave endless cash to rahm
5:16 pm
immanuel. clinton, mostly cloudy, anthony weiner. >> endless. >> andrew cuomo, the democratic party, the list goes on and on. >> i get it. >> are you getting the difference here. >> but to rick's point, it's interestinglñññ.r how he talks about someone who also was a former raging liberal who became conservative that's now telling everybody else what it means to be a conservative. but i will say they can continue to focus on positions or ideas or beliefs that he may have had 15, maybe 20 years ago. what matters is today. i will remind rick that just 15, 20 years ago, ted cruz was still a canadian citizen. donald trump wants to fight for this country and he wants to make america great again. and if we want to sit here and talk about the past, we can do that but i don't think he wants to. >> you guys are throwing me a bunch of campaign rhetoric back and for the. i love the'jh;?7[?çç[mçç deba. rick, i want to ask you this. ted cruz went after donald trump at the last fbn debate. it was a turning point. up until that moment they had a cease-fire going on.
5:17 pm
ted cruz went after him. was that a mistake? >> no, it wasn't a mistake. donald trump had said he had not gone after us and then he did this passive aggressive, you know, i'm not really concerned with the fact that ted cruz is born in canada it doesn't bother me my goodness and then he goes on and on and on about it. that was designed to be an attack. then he within a couple days it escalated to ted cruz ♪ qualified to be president. he should step aside. what happened was donald trump got punched in the nose after his attack. and, you know, so he -- it was a good hit because he deserved it so, and, you know, bullies can be stood up to. when he he stood up to he backed down. that's what happened. >> the4sf whole country had backlash after that debate. the whole country backlashed against ted cruz. that was not a slap in the face. >> was donald trump waiting for ted cruz take that so as he points out counter punch? >> no, donald trump is not the political calculator
5:18 pm
here. he is not the one trying to manipulate people into believing other things. is just being who he is. this did not even start to happen until senator cruz went after from trump. mr. trump has kept his word. he is not going to go after on the eligibility, rick, it was the cruz campaign that went after donald trump in a tweet that started this0fñ+: whole discussion. y, mr. trump is definitely going to fight back if you come after him. >> go ahead, rick. do you want to respond to it? >> yeah. look, donald trump, for most of his had life, has been a liberal progressive views that are based on new york values. those are not my words those are his words from a meet nothing has changed other than he wants to be the republican nominee for president. he is not a conservative. he is not reliable. he is not dependable. we don't know what he would do. and in washington the art of the deal is a euphemism for you are going to get screwed. >> we have to leave it there and rick. next on the rundown, brand
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in the campaign 2016 segment tonight. a brand new fox news poll on the state of the g.o.p. race. nationally, donald trump remains the man to beat by a wide margin coming in at 34% among republican voters. ted cruz is second at 20. marco rubio is at 11. dr. ben carson 8. jeb bush 4%. john kasich 4%. chris christie came in at 3%. joining us now to analyze from massachusetts boston herald columnist and strategist and in the studio jessica. adrianna, it strikes me, i'm looking at the top 2. trump and cruz, you are
5:23 pm
talking a 4% ofqewç the republican voters would pick one of those two. >> yeah. it's just incredible how much of the two of them are dominating. and i can say i think trump is going to end up being the nominee. is heqemde0 dominating in double digits in new hampshire in the latest cnn poll. he is dominating in iowa. and now he is dominating nationally as you mentioned in the national poll. and i recently went to a donald trump rally in lowell, massachusetts. i have toll it you, eric, i have never seen excited crowd like this. i mean, there was thousands and thousands of people. the stadium was packed. they were chanting u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a. i mean, he brings out so much patriotism in people one thing worth noting the crowd was very diverse. there was a ton of women there. blue collar, union type of guys. what i saw there is something that i i don't think ted cruz or any other candidate can match. >> fair and balanced not dominating in iowa. he is moving up in iowa.
5:24 pm
but he is certainly within the margin of error either way first or second. jessica, if you -- i love math. i love thee@çts!ers. 54% would vote for trump or cruz. if you add up rubio, ben carson, john kasich and bush, rubio, carson, kasich and bush, the next four, it's half that. exactly half that 27% total. >> this is a two man race at this point. i think it's really kind of amazing how marginalized marco rubio has become. he was supposed to be the savior of the g.o.p. forxzç this election cycle and he has kind of been left in the dust. so you are completely right. >> everyone is left in the dust. >> but marco rubio was the standout there as someone. i say this as a democrat. he was the one that we feared the most for having hillary clinton go up against. and now. >> why is that? he is a very strong hopeful message. he speaks enthusiastically. he is strong on national security. he took it to her on national security from the start. with what i felt were real
5:25 pm
as kind of bluster out of donald trump. we are going to build a wall. we are going to ban muslims. we are going to let russia take care of it. oh, wait, we will take care of it marco rubio has always had a plan. is he is a clear speaker. he is young and fresh. family values. >> adrianna, if i am not mistaken, 1992, one william jefferson clinton didn't win iowa or new hampshire and went on to be president of the united states. >> you are right. so polls have proven to not always be accurate. we know that look at huckabee, he won iowa or senator santorum and then they didn't lead the party at the end of the day. but i want to say that it's very important to go live to rallies and meet with the people and see exactly what is going on. and i can't tell you what i saw at this rally. i mean, people, thousands of people were there waiting for hours outside in 10-degree weather to hear donald trump speak. i mean, i haven't seen that type of excitement since i dropped by 7th grade daughter off at taylor swift
5:26 pm
concert. >> add degree anna makes a good point. bernie sanders putting out 10, 15,000 at a time. >> we also don't know if those people are going to turn out. >> why wouldn't they? >> why wouldn't they? they haven't in past years. >> but they are willing to stand in line and in the cold. >> just because you stand in the cold. >> if this are willing to stand in line, get turned back and come back another time, what makes you think they won't drive to the polls and pull a lever. >> i think he is more spectacle than a politician. >> i know bernie sanders, absolutely, on the bernie sanders side on the democratic side it's going to be about getting out the vote as well. i just wanted to bring up a couple numbers about donald trump that i think are really interesting. he talks about how he is going to get independence and reagan democrats. he has a negative 27 favorability with independents and negative 70 with democrats. that's a bit more permissible. >> adrianna have a bernie sanders nominee on the democrat side. he is killinghq3o?ya favorability. quick thought? >> that's right. but with bernie sanders the problem is/
5:27 pm
younger vote and they are not as reliable voters as middle age or elderly people. that's the challenge that bernie sanders is going to have. >> quick thought, last thought. >> i completely agree with that bernie sanders and donald trump it'sing all going to.. beyp( mobilization. i think donald trump will be the nominee and hillary clinton will be on the democrat side at the end of the day. >> if she is not indicted. >> with the red light coming on. >> she ♪ going to be indicted. >> i don't know whether she deserves to or not. >> not looking good. not looking good at all. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, eric. >> the perfect cure to the blizzard blues. a donald trump/bill o'reilly shootout in the no spin zone. don't go anywhere. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability
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a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. in the personal story segment tonight, donald trump in the no spin zone. earlier this week o'reilly squared off with the donald on whether he can win the iowa caucuses, his past donations to the clinton foundation, and how he would deal with attacks against christianity. >> so let's stay in the u.s.a. for this discussion. do you believe christianity here is under siege? >> absolutely. you just take a look at what's going on. even from something that is less important but very important to a lot of people, including me, the words merry christmas. you go to a department store today, you don't see merry christmas anymore.
5:32 pm
we ever under siege. we are losing ground. christians are losing ground in this country. now you get outside of the country and they want to come into this country as you know whether6jçç it's isis or anybody else and you have the heads being chopped off. we are definitely under siege. >> how does a president of the united states change the culture of secularism? because that's what this is all about. it's about we don't want judgments and religion. it's not just christianity. it's all religion. we don't want judgments. we want to be secular. and how does the president change that? >> well, i think you have to change it almost with a different spirit than we have. we don't have that spirit anymore. you know, we have a presidential that is much'f$ñd"@ more committed in my opinion to iran than he is commit to do israel as an example. much more commit to do certain things that you or certainly me would not be committed to than what he would be according to what we believe. and you look at things that are happening within thewvn'.,mñ country, outside of the country, but, little things like friends that aren't christian, that love christmas, i mean, they say oh, christmas is coming.
5:33 pm
and they are not christians it's okay to say merry christmas and happy who holiday. now stores aren't even able to say merry christmas. >> i have been in the forefront of that i think we won that deal because we said to any major department your employees to say merry christmas, we will tell everybody and they are not going to buy at your store. >> but you they don't do it,c12? bill. >> most of them do now. >> i don't know why. maybe they are afraid legally. they are afraid they will be sued. they are afraid of retribution in some way. are afraid a customer won't they are not doing it that's a small thing. it really is a tell tell sign of what is going on. i mean, somehow, you know, the power of christianity is amazing in terms of the political power. i think it's because they're afraid they are going to lose their stacks exempt -- tax exempt status. bill, there is a problem they have with that. >> let's change to the clinton foundation. some of your opponents have
5:34 pm
said, look, donald trump gave $100,000 to the clinton foundation and you say? >> >> over the years i have been called a great businessman. in the articles they said a world class businessman. i'm not now i'm a politician if you can believe it. i hate the term politician but i guess that's what i am. in i take care of everybody. i get along with clinton. i get along with the speaker of the house. obligation. i got along with democrats and liberals and republicans and conservatives. and they called me and they loved me. and if they want to do have dinner they would call me and whatever i wanted, i got. i mean, that's part of being a successful businessman. bribe them. >> in some cases some people bill. >> when you give is 100,000 to the clinton foundation, now, she is in trouble, hillary clinton, with the clinton foundation. she is in trouble now. so if you are the republican
5:35 pm
nominee how can you attack her on that when she will turn around and say you gave did. >> it's very easy. i have to tell you this in all fairness, i thought that money was being put to very good use. i assumed it was being put to whether it's haiti or all the different things i heard about. i didn't know about the private airplane rides all over the place. if you look at the kind of expenses that they charge and the way they lived i had no idea that. they never really did anything for me. but i will say this. this i think they probably would have liked me and, you know, whether you give here or give there, i got along with everybody, bill. i get along with everybody. >> all right. do you want your money back? do you want your money back? >> if they want to send it back i will take it gladly. i would love to have it back. [ laughter ] >> i wish it was put to good use. you want to know whether it was that foundation. i wish it were put to good use. >> i said on this program i believe you are going to win new hampshire. the polls show you are way out in front of in new hampshire. that's good for you. but in iowa you could lose.
5:36 pm
>> does it matter if you lose in iowa. >> it matters to me because i have a great relationship with iowa. the people of iowa. i have a great relationship with evangelicals and the tea party. i think i'm going to do really well in iowa. >> so if you lose by a little, you are not going to like be mad and call all the iowans pinheads or stuff. >> no, i will not be mad but >> okay. all right. directly ahead, new polls show bernie sanders surging in iowa and new hampshire. is it panic time for the hillary clinton campaign? he had henry has the inside details next. cold and cough . rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly on this special 2016 election edition of the factor, the republican primary outlook. while the brewing war in the g.o.p. is consuming so much of the political oxygen there is high drama going on well. new polls out of iowa and new hampshire shows polls out of new new hampshire. take a look at his new campaign ad ♪ together
5:41 pm
♪ -- we will come back to with sanders surging, vice president joe biden appeared to take a swipe at the socialist serenity earlier senator earlier this week. >> we need in not our country but other countries more tax code. not socialism. a tax code. everybody pays proportionally a fair share. >> for his part, bernie sanders is escalating his attacks against hillary as being an establishment
5:42 pm
candidate. hillary responded to the allegations on cnn last night. >> are you the establishment? >> i just don't understand what that means. he has been inuvwpjtó congress. he has been elected to office a lot longer than i have. i was in the senate for eight wonderful years representing new york. he has been in the congress for 25. and so i will let your viewers make their own judgment. >> joining us now with more from rochester, new hampshire, he had henry who is covering the clinton campaign. he had, let's start with the obvious. she doesn't know what the establishment means? >> that might"çç be a coda for the entire campaign, eric. i don't know what the establishment means. she is clearly the establishment. former first lady, former senator, former secretary of state. married to a former president. if that's not establishment. i'm not sure what is what bernie sanders has figured out on the ground here, i'm seeing it in new hampshire, i was at an event last night with him where basically when i was out doing a live shot, there was car after
5:43 pm
car after car, the event because tre were so many people there. for bernie sanders, turning out liking the ideas that he is an outsider, tapping into the anger on the left. much like donald trump has tapped into the anger on the right and maybe in the middle. we will see who ends up being the no knee and who is in the general. but my point is that when that i suspect, from talking to the sanders' campaign they want joe biden. they want' president obama. whoever wants to go out there in the establishment and attack bernie sanders, it helps him because it gives him more street cred with folks on the left and outside movement. just as you have noticed. when donald trump is attacked by the republican establishment, oftentimes it boomerangs and helps donald trump. >> let's talk about bernie sanders. personally i'm not a simon and garfunkel fan. it was not rest signatureating. even people in this studio right now happen to like it. but the noticeable thing of that isstt( very pro-american.
5:44 pm
it wasn't an attack ad. he wasn't taking down hillary clinton or the g.o.p. at all. it was just pro-bernie. >> right. which is that bernie sanders is winning right now or at least tied in these states by not talking about email. not attacking hillary clinton really. talking about his agenda, talking about the middle class. beating up, yes, on millionaires and billionaires. let's face it his programs money. he doesn't want to talk about that necessarily. you notice we should, to be fair, point out that he doesn't mention any of his plans in there he makes it about the people. well, part of that may be he doesn't want to talk about his socialist policies. we shouldn't completely let him off the hook. on the other hand, you are right, i think it was a completely positive ad compared to the slashing and attacking we have seen from the clinton camp. why? they are on defense right now. >> talk about t(kf]a little bit. they are on defense because the latest poll has hillary clinton down 8 points to bernie sanders from iowa. she had been running, you know, down to him in new hampshire which would make sense is, given where he
5:45 pm
comes from in the country. this is new. is she worried about bernie sanders? has she now thinking he is someone who contend with and stop worrying about the g.o.p. at least for the time being? >> yes, it took him a long time. here is how i knowiz4sçñ that is gotten inside her head. a couple moments ago she was heading down a staircase had a camera and microphone and i tried to get to her and ask her a question are are you worried? i said that a socialist might be elected and she sort of smiled and kept going down the stairs. because, a few moments before that exchange with her, she had said to the crowd behind me that basically we need to elect, she said, a democratic president. well, left unsaid but clearly meant was not a socialist. and the democratic party has been late to this. they let somebody who has not previously been registered a democrat, who socialist policies on to the democratic national policy debate stage as a democrat. they are now regretting that. and they are also now regretting that they had so few debates to actually try to rip apart some of his
5:46 pm
policies. hillary clinton has done pretty well in the debates. but the dnc tried to coddle her and tried to protect her. now they are saying we want to do more. in fact, eric, they just added a forum monday in iowa. not a debate but a forum but they want to get her out there more. >> joe biden and i don't know that i have asked a lot of people in the building. can joe biden be put up for nomination late in the process? after the first elections? >øó3 it's hard because a lot of the key states like ohio have already closed. however, key come up at the convention if something happens to hillary clinton with the fbi investigation something like that? he could come up at the convention or run are as independent. i don't see any of those scenarios likely. the fact that joe biden keeps sticking his head out there beating up on sanders last week clinton she is late to the game on income inequality. is he keeping a flag out there telling democrats i'm still there. >> i'm going to leave it right there, he had, stay away from demi lovato.
5:47 pm
i hear she is hanging around hillary clinton a little bit. straight ahead, the next republican debate less than a week away. expect the unexpected moments away. test. test. test.
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in the unresolved problem segment, mark your calendars. candidates will face off in des moines. will it come down it a cruz trump showdown? kirstin peaowers and katelin, let's focus on what each candidate needs to do. let's start with donald trump.
5:51 pm
>> sure. donald trump and ted cruz are in this heated rivalry and they are in the key caucus state of iowa. i think trump needs to make sure that he is able to encourage supporters to show up to the caucus, translate that momentum he has been getting in rallies and i think ted cruz needs to win this upcoming debate. he's had a really tough week. he's trying to rebound, trump has taken a lot of oxygen from him over the past several days. i think he needs to be able to really mobilize his supporters and really land a punch on trump. >> so what about kirsten, looks like the top two. trump and cruz, and what do they need do? >> it is pretty much between them. rubio is the third but it is -- they are sort of in a separate group by themselves and trump honestly if he just does what he did in last debate, he will be in great shape. and he found his sea legs and in
5:52 pm
the beginning with him i think the last debate he was striking the right tone. he was able to communicate to people that he is definitely angry and different but also coming off his presidential and is really on cruz i think to try to sort of shake his lead because trump seems to be the one that is, you know, as jeb bush calls him, the big guy in the race. >> be ted cruz's adviser in this debate. for one second, when it comes up that governor terry brandt said don't vote for ted cruz, they are in iowa. the caucus comes a few days afterwards. what's the response to that question that i guess would come up? >> i don't have a good response to that because i really do not like ted cruz very much. but i will say this for cruz. he is a good debater and i think he did a good job in the last debate and i suspect he has an answer for it. but he is a trump, as he keeps saying, trump says that -- everybody is saying that nobody
5:53 pm
is saying on tv which is nobody likes ted cruz. >> go ahead. >> i think to her point he can use that as an advantage. ted cruz loves the republican pile-on he is getting. it allows him to say, look, as these people said this week people are flocking to trump. nobody likes me for a reason. >> he just have done a couple of minutes this segment. we haven't named anyone else except for donald trump and ted cruz. marco rubio, john kasich and chris christie, four established candidates, no one can seem to get the traction they need. >> we have donald trump and ted cruz which leaves room for a third candidate to take advantage of this site and make open the door for that candidate. the problem is, that those four candidates are all stuck in their own primary so to speak. i think marco rubio can use this debate to gain some room. he is able to interject the way that he was in the last debate
5:54 pm
and kind of show that he is the one that can consolidate that lane. i think he can use that to his advantage. but the problem is that christie, bush, kasich, they are all trying to compete for that same -- >> kasich happens to be, i don't know, seems like he is doing very well in new hampshire. a reseptembrecent poll had him to trump. what is the reason for those four establishment candidates? >> the problem is the question it there is an establishment lane. whether there is a desire for an established candidate. we do talk about the other establishment candidates but none are able to catch fire but it is not what people are looking for. they are looking for what trump and cruz are selling. i think that they are actually trying to take each other's votes and at some point one of them will collapse and votes go the other person. i don't think it goes to an establishment candidate. rubio has risen as top establish many candidate and kasich is doing well in new hampshire -- >> are they staying in the race
5:55 pm
there is a nominee or are tle doing it because one of them, rubio, kasich, florida and ohio could be kicked as a candidate. >> they think they can be president and republicans are coming around on this and i think we are seeing this but there is still this belief that people are going to sort of wake up and realize that ted, you know, ted cruz and don add trump are crazy and what you really need is you know, tried and true establishment candidate. i don't know if that will happen but that's the thinking behind people that people will come to their senses. >> do you think they are in this to win it or there to be the top second place finisher? >> i think that every candidate in this race thinks that they can have some kind of place in this race. i think that there has been obviously a lack of humility and all of these people have stayed in this long and i think that if you're one of those four candidates that he thinks that there is a if you few points separating all of them.
5:56 pm
why not me? >> a very, very political answer right there. >> we will leave it right there, thank you very next, hillary, ji jimmys moments away. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be.
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decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lotta fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. welcome back to this edition. a little late night humor at the candidate aexpense. first up, hillary clinton e-mail saga. >> drama with her e-mails came to a chrrescendo this morning. the e-mails she used as secretary of state did indeed have classified information. it was described as above top secret stuff. which i didn't even know there was an above top secret. you think top would be top. but i guess it's like america's top model. they're not really top models. but the lesson here i think is the secretary of state needed a
5:59 pm
better secretary because you know, you told me clinton would have a scandal involving e-mail, hillary would not have been my first guess as to who it would have been. >> oh ouch. then marco rubio's turn. as you know, he's been getting heat after showing up wearing zipper boots on the campaign trail. >> have you stopped wearing -- >> they are in an undisclosed location. but they will be used at the appropriate time. >> undisclosed location. you can't say where they're hiding. bring them back out. don't let people believe, man, they are cool, you're marco rubio. >> that's it for us tonight. bill is reporting from los angeles on monday and we like to thank everyone in southern california because the who want to be president show there is now sold out. but there's still tickets available for the show in fairfax, virginia. details on also, be sure to check out my show, cashing in, airing saturday mornings on 11:30 a.m. eastern here on fnc.
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