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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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martha: the snowball association organized the snowball fight in washington, d.c. bill: two feet down there? martha: they got two feet of snow. it's very shocking and they are still digging out. bye, everybody. jon: a fox news alert and millions of people in the east slogging through snow. hello and welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. schools and government offices closed in washington, d.c. the storm giving the jersey shoreline more than just high
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tide to worry about. jon: hundreds of drivers stuck along a road in kentucky. the blizzard practically closing down a blizzard on new york city saturday night. folks still digging out from 2-fight plus of snow. we'll get back to the nation's capital. with the latest from there, kristen, you were there at 5:00 a.m. this morning. >> it's amazing how much the traffic has picked up. amtrak trains are running on a modified service. but there are a lot of delays and cancellations. the big news in washington is all metro stations in the city have reopened as of about a minute ago. so things are picking up in terms of public transportation. out on the roadway it is still very dicey.
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folks are still dig out as two feet of snow, the main roadways, you can see pavement that's great. you get into the neighborhoods and side streets and they are covered in snow. cars are buried everywhere. it's not just our average washingtonians who got buried in the snow. the vice president and the defense secretary ash carter got stuck in florida during the blizzard. los night you could see defense secretary carter's plane landing on the tarmac covered in snow. the vice president is making his way from delaware to miami today. both the house and senate will be meeting this week. but the house pushed back all those until february. so not a lot of stuff going on inside the capital building but outside.
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for the first time in years folks are able to legally sled down capitol hill. hundreds of people were out there, i ways one of them. there will likely be more folks out. d.c. public school are the closed and so is the federal government. heather: we want to get some pictures of you sledding. reporter: those are private. i took a roll in the snow, no one will see that. jon: turning to politics and the presidential candidates entering the home stretch to iowa. the latest fox news poll shows donald trump leading in the
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among likely texas cow with us-goers. a similar situation in new hampshire. donald trump topping the field of 31%, followed by ted cruz at 14% and marco rubio 13%. bret baier will be one of the moderators during the debate on thursday. the people have to show up but donald trump is sitting in a good position right now. reporter: momentum on the republican side seems like the is with donald trump. carly if you trust the poll numbers. momentum appears to be with bernie sanders. you are talking about a difference and it's important to point out the margin of error
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factors in here. but as we have seen in iowa and new hampshire in the past, caucus-goers and primary voters decide in these two states usually within the last week. so there could be a large variation of undecided voters who end up as a candidate in the final couple days. jon: earlier this month when fox news took that same poll among very conservative, ted cruz was up by 18 points. now the two are virtually tied. what happened over the course of the last three weeks? reporter: that's a shocking number. people who thought that ted cruz wrapped up kinds of evangelicals and was focusing on that support, that number is most shock out of the poll numbers. donald trump chipped away and is essentially tied with ted cruz
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in that category. you had the appearance at liberty university. he had a number of people speaking out for him. that's why you have ted cruz out with an ad about donald trump and abortion. partial-birth abortion and the meet the press interview where donald trump talks about the pro-life in all things. it's a commercial that hits that that cruz is running. the other thing he has out today is donald trump is introducing ted cruz saying nice things about him. you will see on the airways and the stump a lot of contrast between these two candidates. jon: more than a third of those who say they will vote in the republican caucasus this year say they have never attended one of these events before. jon: does that suggest the candidates have broadened the appeal of the party and the process?
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reporter: those numbers suggest good things for donald trump and bernie sanders who are looking to get outside the usual caucus primary-goer and bring in new people. that's where their strength is. if they all materialized or a portion of them materialize, it bodes well for both those candidates in the two different parties. i think a thought could happen in a short time. the debate thursday will be a consequential moment for this field. jon: one of the things that can happen is voters in iowa and everywhere else can change their mind. a third of them say they are open to changing their mind on who they support and they are just a week away from the iowa caucasus. these positions to flip-flop a lot. bret: a third is comparative live low compared to other cycles. iowa and new hampshire is usually almost half of those who say they decide in the final week.
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so that's why it's so volatile canada you have candidates on the ground in iowa making their case. jon: bret baier, the anchor of special report. heather: fox news is teaming up with google and youtube for the debates. the first debate thursday at 7:00 p.m. sharp. and in the prime time debate moderated bid bret baier. that begins at 9:00 live from the iowa events center in des moines. jon: karl rove, former deputy chief of staff to former president bush. iowa is all about peaking at the right time. who is peaking at the right time?
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>> if you look at the real clear politics average this is a two-man race. donald trump and ted cruz. but the guy who looks likes he's peaking at the right time is donald trump. we paid a lot of attention to the endorsement by sarah palin and the attack on him as a canadian dual citizen. and over the weekend the state senior republican senator chuck grass reply appeared at a trump rally at pella, iowa. he didn't endorse trump, but he said nice things about him. the mere appearance of chuck grassley who is considered a saint in the state. democrats can't even couple with an opponent for him this time around. this was a great statement of not an endorsement of but the acceptability of trump. the gop republican state
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chairman appeared at a trump rally and said nice things. the longest serving governor any state in america's history, terry branstad of iowa has taken donald trump's son hunting and has said good things about him. this is iowa republicans making sure they have somebody who has a real shot at the nomination. they have a terrible record of picking somebody who is the nominee and president. jon: you say it seems to have come down to a two-man race, trump and cruz. marco rubio is appearing at a rally with joni ernst there. he plans to spend every day there until the caucasus.
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i was talking to bret baier. 33% of iowa caucus-goers say they could change their minds before monday night rolls around. >> he got endorsement of the des moines register. if you take a look at the iowa caucasus last time around, one out of every two made up their minds in literally the last three days. one out of every five of them said they made up their mind on the date caucus itself. ed the question is, is iowa 2016 more than iowa 2008 or iowa 2012. let me show you what i mike huckabee won the caucus in 2008. he read 5.4 points better than where he was. romney ran just about where he
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was. .8% less than where he was this many days out. john mccain ran 1.5 points bert and fred thompson dropped by 4.1% less than had in the average. but it was relatively stable. but in wonderful, rick santorum ran 16.9% better than he did. rap any 3.5, rand paul -- ron paul who was in the lead in iowa dropped out of first place and newt gingrich dropped to 4th because of an upward movement of these two. is this iowa 2008 where the numbers are relatively table the last week of the campaign? there is a lot of movement under the surface that cancels itself out or does a marco rubio or ted cruz get a boost in the last
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week. the debate will be thursday night. the final bunch of people will be making their mind up friday, saturday and sunday. jon: he says he's leading in virtually every state after the first two. he says if he wins in iowa and new hampshire he will most likely be the republican standard bearer. >> if iowa is close and he and ted cruz are essentially a dead heat and marco rubio up's up or somebody else jumps up into third place to take the somewhat conservative lane of the primary, that could portend something for "happening now." i thinhappen -- i think he's likely to win in new hampshire.
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but there is a close battle for second place. cruz, kasich and rubio are all within 1% of each other. then bush and christy behind them in the high single digits and it's possible for any one of those to jump up into second place. the question is does someone start clearing the opposition to trump. if he come out of iowa and new hampshire with a strong victory and grows to south carolina and shows strength and nevada. it will be hard for anyone. the question will be does he start moving up from where he is in the low third and start consolidating? we'll probably see the and to that by south carolina and nevada. jon: the voting start today. thank you. we want to hear from you as well with one week until the first
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2016 elect contest. our question of the day, go to to join the conversation. heather: a ridio showing the terrorists behind the paris attacks.
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heather: candidate making last-ditch evident to gain support ahead of iowa and new hampshire. that includes republican candidate yeb bush who has so far failed to gain momentum. but republicans still think he's the best person for the job. joining me is norm coleman to do just that. why do you think bush i best? >> i spent the last year working with the bipartisan group with joe lieberman and evan bayh on an iran deal that would pave the
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way for iran to get a nuclear weapon. we know isis is gaining strength. the one person ready to be commander-in-chief on day one, a plan to defeat isis, is jeb bush. that's the issue. national security is the issue. i chaired lindsey's super pac within he said the same thing. national security is the issue. the plan with the plan to get it done, the man with the aby the to be commander-in-chief on day one is jeb bush. heather: why i it not translating what you see in jeb bush, why is that not translating to voters. poll after poll he has not managed to escape single digit since the beginning when he first announced.
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>> we are going to go from polls to across pretty soon. and the sense i get, jeb is gaining momentum on the ground. in a place like "happening now" that prizes retail campaigning, that's where you see a difference. a week is a lifetime in this business. going back four years ago rick santorum may are been nowhere in iowa and a week later he wins the caucasus. jeb is out there, he's a great reday campaigner. idea matter, policy matters jeb put out the idea and put out the policy. he says i can get it done. if you are just being angry. donald trump may be your guy. but if you want someone to fix the problem making you angry, jeb bush is your guy.
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heat are jeb bush campaigned and spent $60 million so far and hasn't managed to go up in the polls. a majority of that money has been spent on campaign ad. lots of folk are talking about those cap pain ads being aimed at other candidate other than trump. do you think he need to change that plan? >> i'm not going to be talking about changing plans or how do you play politic 101. jeb bush is about the only guy take on donald trump. he says trump is a charle is --a charletan. he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. he made money and lost money. jeb bush is the only one taking
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him on and i give him credit. heather: we appreciate you announcing your announcement here on "happening now." jon: the national re-review announced the against trump issue. would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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>> general douglas macarthur said in war every task be explained in two words. "too late." the question is whether the republican wing of the party is beginning too late to rally against donald trump. jon: george will says it may be too late for republicans to stop donald trump from getting the
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nomination for president. conservative commentators explain why they think the billionaire developer should not get the nomination. alan colmes and tammy bruce. you got to hand it to the "national review" to come up with an issue we are still talking about this week. >> it's great to have the conversation but it's too late. a lot of my listeners are wondering where were they when john boehner passed the largest tax increase in history. where were they with the promises to stop omacare? there has been no real symposium, if you will, against the liberal dynamic, now suddenly it's also an indication of the mistakes that have been
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made in the past, misreading the nature of what the electorate is up to and misreading what the base is thinking. when it's suddenly too late and they realize the republican nominee will likely be the president, it's a good effort by think a bit too late. reporter: people following trump aren't conservative necessarily. he has a coalition of people who don't walk the conservative ideological line. it gives trump the opportunity to go against the media. "national review," he daunts the media. that helps him to knock the media in the form of the magazine that put out this narrative against him. jon: here is a list of the writers and thinkers who wrote
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against him. rich lowry was asked to defend that issue. >> it's not that so-called establishment is opposing trump. you have element of the political establishment among republicans hiding under their desk figure out how they can co-op or deal with donald trump. we want to make a point it's principled conservatives who oppose trump. we want to win this election with a conservative and we think we can. jon: it sounds like you agree with him conservative republican leaders are hiding under their desk. >> they mentioned they want to save the broad conservative consensus in the gop. this was a magazine targeted at saving the party. this is not about independent conservatives who were not interested in that. i have respect every single one of the people who did this. but i have to say it would be
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better suited instead of being against something, to figure out how to realize what the base is doing, what to be for, because mayors cans are for things, not against them. and how to articulate the conservative ideal. this is the first time i have seen in a pile people doing that. trump is showing them what the conservative ideal is. >> they have no place to repeal and replace. >> they manage to do it politically. >> trump is -- david brooks in the "new york times" said rubio over the weekend. he continues to say it's going to be rubio. there is a great denial or a strong effort to make sure in the republican party whatever they can do to stop trump or whether it's validity access. >> there is a lot of money and power and they realize the
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system, if trump is elected. if either one of those guys are elected, a lot of people think they are going to get a jock or not going to get a job. jon: also on abc talking about that "national review" special issue and whether the anti-trump fervor comes too late. >> as much as i love the "national review" and that it for making me the conservative i am today, i think long after the last shot has been fired, they are telling republican party to pull its ripcord long after we have hit the ground and gone splat. jon: when trump first announced his candidacy people thought he would be up there for a couple weeks then disappear.
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>> all we have heard from the beginning is against trump. it's not new but it has been the attitude of the media. this has been an under estimation of the people, of the nature of what's occurring and clearly the assistant hasn't done well on either side. maybe this is something we give a shot to. we -- we are a week away from iowa. they say the last shot has been fired. nobody has gone the ballot box. jon: tammy bruce and alan colmes. thank you. heather: isis releasing a gruesome video showing the terrorist behind the paris attacks committing more acrossities. a high-profile meeting for iranian president hassan rouhani. famous,
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heather: the president of france saying he will not allow threats to weaken his resolve to fight terrorism. this after isis releases a video sending a warning to great britain. reporter: this video shows the
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extent to which the paris attacks were planned, plot, carefully by the terrorists. it shows the terrorists beheading or shooting westerners. they address all muslims living in the west telling them to rise up with whatever they can whenever they can and if they don't have hands or knives, he should use their hands or rocks to kill. before each man turns to a prisoner under him and slits his throat, in some cases they are smiling and they talk about snriect hearts of paris. in syria it shows the terrorists practicing with ak-47s that would have been filmed before they went to paris to commit the atrocities.
8:37 am
it shows all of s. aircraft carrier with planes take off in cross-hairs. it directly threatened britain. specifically st. palms cathedral. david cameron said the video is the work of a group who is on decline and retreat. president francois hollande said this only strengthens his resolve. surely more questions will be asked whether more has to be done to take that territory back. heather: benjamin hall live for us, thank you. jon: fresh off sanctions release, iranian president
8:38 am
rouhani will meet with pope francis. reporter: iran is just racing to take advantage of the lifting of sanctions, and get some foreign investment and trade going again. europe is greeting this all with arms wide open. this is the first time an iranian leader has been to europe in two decades. his delegation is 100 large and they need 20 cars to make their way around rome. rouhani is promising billions for companies that invest in iran. it's believed $18 billion in deals will be signed while rouhani and his team are in town. these are be infrastructure, railroads and shipbuilding. he will dine with the prime minister this evening. he will then neat pope francis
8:39 am
tomorrow, the pope having been a big supporter of the nuclear deal. this days after the chinese receive the chinese president. iran's leader said we never trusted the west, that's why we were seeking more cooperation with independent-minded countries. sunday saw an aviation show take place in iran. iran is expected to get 114 airbus planes this year. its aviation industry was crippled by the sanctions with aging planes and lack of parts and concerns about air safety. protocol in these countries is catching up with events. here in italy we understand people at the dinner will be washing down their pass a without wine.
8:40 am
but in france there won't be a big dinner because iranian protocol dictates that alcohol cannot in the room and the french have been more formal about scrapping their own protocol. heather: egypt ramping up security in tahrir square and in the downtown district. the efforts causing a new wave of arrests. it was the focal point of the just rising. and mubarak stepped down after 30 years of rule. but five years later about police brutality and the use of deadly force continues. jon: a british explorer dies while trying to cross the antarctic alone.
8:41 am
the significance of the expedition he was attempting. many questions surround netflix's series "making a murder."
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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jon: new information on a forearmy officer trying to cross the arctic alone. he called for help and was airlifted off the ice. his family says he died following complete organ failure. he was trying to become the first person to cross the continent unaid. he was attempting to complete shackleford's unfinished pole expedition a century ago. heather: the truth shall set me
8:45 am
free, the words from the netflix series "making a murder." steven avery recently file higgs latest challenge to his 2007 murder conviction asking for a new trial after documentary suggested evidence may have been planted by police to obtain a conviction. avery and his nephew were convicted of the murder. so the cast of characters here sees like a lot of folks maybe want their what, 15 minute of fame. but let's begin with the former defense attorney.
8:46 am
he defends steven avery and now he's saying he believes or worries he may be guilty. >> don't make too much of that. here is something most lay people don't realize. that is criminal defense attorneys often do not know whether their clients are innocent or guilty regardless of any verdict, and we do that because we don't live in a world of what they tell us, we live in a world of what the evidence says and what the elements of the crime tells us. we have to analyze it not so much from a standpoint of what our client is going to tell us. one of the most interesting things i learned when i was a young turn green are than this dress. we would interview hardened crippals in behind bars for hours and hours and i would say to my mentor, you didn't ask hip if he did it.
8:47 am
my mentor said you never do. heather: steven avery has filed an akneel this case. what -- filed an appeal in this case. what do you think that his former defense attorney would say this now in terms of timing. >> i don't know why his lawyer said this at this time. i represented a lot of criminal defendants, and it's a rollercoaster ride. at those moment when you may be doubting your client. that's when you need to be most vigilant finding the evidence to exonerate your client. this lawyer shouldn't be saying this about steven avery. what he should be focusing on is helping avery in a new trial. based on this documentary, if i was working in the u.s. department of justice i would be polishing up my resume. they may be out of a job at the d.o.j. this documentary did a great job of highlighting the possible planning of evidence and the possible malfeasance testing
8:48 am
that was done that had it been done properly maybe avery is free. this blood testing, this testing of the alleged blood of avery in the car, there is better testing now. if there is a preserve extra tough in that blood which we think there might be, that in itself should be ground for a new trial for avery. heather: i want to mention another person in this documentary, that's his ex-girlfriend. then we'll talk about the evidence. jody sikowski in the documentary said she supported him and didn't think he was guilty, but now she reversed course and she says she does think he possibly did this. so why the change in her story as well? >> dollar signs. you have a person who you can't trust anything coming out of her mouth.
8:49 am
she is annex girlfriend with 5, 6, 7 prior convicts for drunk driving. if she thinks there is an opportunity to make money by saying he's guilty since the large majority of the population thinks otherwise, that's what she'll say. i would disregard it. heather: avery in the letter he wrote to a local fox affiliate, he says she believes she is reversing course because she has been maid off by authorities. brian, going along the lines of evidence being planted and shady thing happening. >> heather, there are colossal red flags in this case. i have been in the trenches on some civil right cases involving law enforcement and usually we only have one piece of evidence. there was a knife allegedly planted near a victim who had been shot and killed. here you have more than that. you have got a bullet that was
8:50 am
found after several times looking for a bullet in a garage. you have got a pair of car keys in her house where after 6 times of searching for that nobody found it. then all of a sudden they found it. in the first sexual assault case involving avery, you have the local police department go over to the sheriff's department and say we think somebody else disthis, and they didn't even investigate that purpose. now you have got this -- now you have got this blood sample that was tampered with. heather: we should mention, he served 18 years for a wrongful convict on rape. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate your insight today. jon: it's quite a case. a massive manhunt in the golden state after three inmates escaped from jail. it appears they had quite a head
8:51 am
start before yard noticed they were gone. >> we have not stopped. we have been continually investigating this since the escape occurred. we continue to have three individual out there who are very dangerous, and i want to tell the public, presume that they are armed. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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jon: "outnumbered" is coming up in 6 minutes. harris: happy monday. donald trump is topping polls in iowa and new hampshire. can anyone keep him from locking down the gop nomination at this point? more bad news for hillary clinton. the f.b.i. is reportedly investigating a whole new level of no-no in her email scandal.
8:55 am
can her white house bid survive all this? if you are a woman and so is your boss, could you be holding yourself back? it's called the queen bee syndrome. what is it? is it real? "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. we'll see you. jon: fascinating. see you then, harris. heather: an intense manhunt under way in southern california for three inmates who who broke out of the orange county jail. these are the three men. one is an accused killer. william lajeunesse is with us with more on the search. >> the jail is old and lacks surveillance cameras. how did the inmates escape without being detected for 14 hours. this photo shows where they cut out a steel screen to get into
8:56 am
the ventilation system likely with a hacksaw smuggled in. the dorm story room housed 60 cellmates. from there they escaped to the ventilation system. there they made it to the roof, carrying a rope made out of bed sheets then they cut out a section with a razor wire. they escaped undetected. >> we have two investigations going on. the investigation of the actual escape, then the investigation that is about apprehending the three inmates. that's our priority and the other investigations are taking a back seat. >> these inmates are wanted for murder, attempted murder and torture and cutting off a man's anatomy. police are asking for help. there is a $50,000 reward posted for information.
8:57 am
heather: we'll be right back. e , with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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heather: we will see you back here in an hour. jon: we're going to be talking super bowl later. heather: yes, go panthers. jon: go broncos. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert on the millions of americans digging out from a massive blizzard which paralyzed the east coast this weekend. at least 31 people confirmed dead now from related to the storm deaths, baltimore got a record 29.2 inches, new york got more than 26 inches, just shy of a record in a single-day snowfall. we've had some refreezing, so the roads are very slick at this point. many cars, though, are covered under crusty snow, so they aren't going anywhere. more than 1500 flights still delayed or canceled today, rail service is spotty up and down the eastern seaboard, and in d.c. federal be offices remain closed with key house votes now postponed. on the list?


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