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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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president sanders is going to do some major changing here. andrea: oh, god. harris: run it into the ground! outnumbered on the web, click on the overtime tab, we can't wait to include you in the conversation online. "happening now" now. >> and the objective will tell you that the energy and excitement is with our cam pawn.
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>> a week to g. political outsiders like their chances in iowa. we'll report live from the hawkeye state. plus the isis killers behind the paris attacks, terrorizing beyond the grave. they threatened another western nation. >> we are in the position we need the public's help. we ask people to call the hot line. manhunt on. after three dangerous inmates escape from a jail by propelling down the side of a building. it is it all "happening now". but we begin with the home stretch in iowa, where 11 week from now voters will have their
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say in the first stop on the road to the white house. hello, i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. presidential candidates pounding the pavement nailing down supporters as a new poll in the hawkeye state. donald trump has a 11 point lead over cruz. and rubio 12 percent and remaining candidates in single digits. we have kicked off the final week of campaigning in iowa. and we begin with chief political correspondent who is live in des moines, iowa. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, heather, countdown is on and it will be a crash in the end. donald trump and ted cruz matched in the polls. and trump shows he has a lead
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and attacking ted cruz aggressively for weeks. the fox polls have one thing in common. ted cruz is second to donald trump. and marco rubio is third and. 30 percent of the electorate said they are likely to change their mind. rubio will be here with the junior senator joni earnst. and marco rubio campaigned for her as a number ofth other candidates and rubio in particular, he's planning for this week for three years and perhaps before that. rubio's positioning himself for third against a tight battle between cruz and trump in the top. this morning, donald trump is making the argument. because he is a deal maker he
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can bring the republican party. the entire republican establishment is against him, watch. >> the establishment and media and special interest and lobbyist and donors, they are all against me. i self funded my camain and i don't owe anybody anything. >> reporter: trump said if he wins iowa, he will run the table. he's lead nothing south carolina. the campaign's calendar is compressed. in the next six weeks half of the nominating delegates will be selected and while mr. trump said it he is not with the establishment. senator grassly campaigned with him. and though she called herself an outsider sarah palin was the
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vice-president nominee in 2012 and that represents the establishment to some degree. >> as you know, things can change quickly. thank you. >> senator bernie sanders, once a fringe candidate is giving hillary clinton a run for her money in iowa and way ahead in new hampshire. they will spare tonight sparking that the democrats are trying to boost hillary clinton. ed henry is live inammes more with that. >> reporter: good to see you. that effort to help hillary clinton may not be working. the crowd behind me in iowa state university waiting for bernie sanders. this morning he got good news, the momentum continues for him
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notes inially in iowa, but south carolina. you can see them there. he is a state representative and switching his allegiance and now supporting bernie sanders for president. why is that significant? we are told bernie sanders has a problem with african-american voters and the clinton camp believes they have a fire wall in the south that even if bernie sanders wins here he will have trouble in the south carolina. the other issue in terms of the establishment much like donald trump on the republican side trying to convince democrats he can win the general election. and something that sanders is talking on the trail. >> he combes his hair nicely and
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has the gq kind of look and probably not going to be a serious campaign. it was thought of as a fringe campaign. the truth is, a lot has happen in the last nine months. i am here asking for your support. i believe i have the experience, the judgment, and the vision to get us back moving even further than we got with president obama. >> reporter: remember hillary clinton stressed the experience card right here in iowa and finished third in the caucus in 2008. she's stressing she is ready to be commander in chief. how did the world get more dangerous? look at her experience. it is something she is dealing with in this campaign.
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>> good keeping your thoughts in order in that screaming rally behind you. we want to it hear from you. one week, who do you think best poised to win in iowa wa. go to fox"happening now" to join the conversation. it is a fox news alert. the east coast is trying to recover from a record blizzard. airplanes and trains getting back up to speed in the east. two feet of snow. snarled travel all over the region this weekend. 12000 flights ground across the country as a result. abby is with us in laguardia in queens, new york. what is the latest. >> the storm is past and blue
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skies in new york. but it is a nightmare. a lot of people here at laguardia airport. flight friday- tuesday, 12000 cancellations and they are saying it is 1500 and that number can only go up compared to where we were yesterday and here in laguardia, 80 percent of the cancellations. and today that is 23 percent. newark is looking at 44 percent cancellations and jfk looking good the at seven percent cancellations and similar in the dc/baltimore area. the problem is getting the snow off of the tarmac. we got here and took videos of the tractors clearing the tarmac which is a massive field with two feet of snow. they are dumping them in a snow
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melter and drains in the sewage system. y we have planes that are not where wiare. and getting them to the flights. flight attendants and crews are all scramled. i have to say the real story is the people stuck as i mentioned. we were here on friday and there were some of the same people here on friday. they have slept here four nights straight. it is not just domestic flights. a lot of foreigners are stuck, too. >> if i tell my parents what i am seeing, they warned me i should not try this, you know. >> because of the storm. >> reporter: they told you not to come. >> they told you not to take the flight. >> they called 8:00 on my cell
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phone to tell me the flight was cancelled and it was supposed to leave at quarter to eight. >> reporter: those are a now of the people that we talked to. they are hungry and exhausted. it is expensive. and some are struggling to get a nice lunch. they are hoping to get out tonight or tomorrow. it is a sad situation for a lot of people and hopefully there will be movement soon. >> thank you, abbey. unbelievable. thanks. a large chunk of debris washes ashore in thailand raising questions if it is belonging to the malaysian airline. what officials say it could be. the des moines registrar throws its support behind marco rubio and hillary clinton in the
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race. what was behind the paper's decisions?
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welcome back to "happening now". villagers in thailand finding wreckage on the beach fuelling speculation that it could be from the the malaysian flight mh370. they say that the metal spec is more than likely part of a japanese rocket based on the
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images of the object. well, a week ahead of the iowa caucus, the des moines presidential newspaper is picking a candidate on each side of the aisle. clear pick for republicans on senator marco rubio saying he could chart a new direction for the gop. and on the democratic said they hillary clinton has the knowledge and experience to be president. how much heat has your newspaper taken over the choices? >> nothing more than the usual heat in this very hot year. you know, we are hearing from people all over the place and sure people disagree. and my inmail is full of benghazi and marco eligible to
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run i think iowans consider it a piece of the puzzle. >> let's start with marco rubio. you say he represents the party's best hope. >> the republicans have to court independents this year, and that's a problem four years ago, we think that he can do that. and not only that, we think that his ideas can unify the base and thoughtful policies and conservative policys as well. and really, this is, we not only endorsed him but the direction of the party in which opportunity and optimism and away from the pessimism from the candidates including senator rubio himself more recently. >> we'll talk about the
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democratic side. you chose hillary clinton based on her experience and knowledge. in what way has she demonstrated that to you and the editorial board? >> we base it on several things and one of it was we met with her twice for more than three hours. and you know, no one can question her knowledge and ability and record. we watched her. and our paper endorsed her eight years ago. we found same commonities and the trust factor is something we have reservations about and that's something we are looking for. what about the argument over the e-mails and what it said about her judgment as the leader of an enormous department
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federal of state. we critized her about that and asked several questions about that. and we wait to see what comes out of that. and we said to her again, when we feel she admit when she makes a mistake. she needs to admit it and we would hike to see more of that. the polls are showing a tight race in iowa on the democrat side. and donald trump in the lead on the republican side. and suggesting that a lot of the people responding never caucused before. are you expecting a big surprise. is donald trump driving a bunch of new voters to the polls? how do you see it? one thing we know, is that
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iowans wait until the end. we have a lot of undecided and people who can be moved from the first choice. i think in 2012, we saw over the last four days of our polling, we saw wide swings where we saw sanatorium and he eventually won over romney. i would expect iowians will be bomb boarded with information and they are doing the research and i will reassure your viewers that iowians are talking it seriously and not just going for the first choice. they are going and checking it out. a lot of them are reserving their judgment. >> once again your newspaper endorsing marco rubio and hillary clinton on the democratic side. linhicks, thank you. >> there is more here on
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american election headquarters. senator rand paul slamming donald trump. senator paul explains why we will all be sorry if he is elected. >> i believe be he believes in no limits to power if it is coming to him. and conservatives across the country will be alarmed. i think he is not a real conservative and pulling the wool over our eyes.
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republican presidential candidate septemberor rapped paul warns that america will be sorry if donald trump wins the white house. he said the gop front runner is
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not a true conservative and worse than anything we have seen in washington. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> worse than anything and we have had? >> conservatives are unhappy about the deal making and the true conservative don't represent the republican party. the deals made to raise the debt spending. i think trump is the art of the deal and he is a deal maker. and conservatives are going to be disappointed withought he was angry and against washington and protesting washington and got what washington is full of, deal makers. >> it is not only the conservatives to only appeal to win the presidency. >> the conservatives are typically a big force of the republican party. donald trump favors the
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government to take property from one property owner. a woman who had her house for 30 years and he went in and took her house and tried to make a parking lot out of. it those are not conservative notions. he was a supporter of the bank bail out and the original stimulus plan and a big supporter of a stimulus and single payer health care plan. >> they are positions he took. he is sitting apparenty on top of the heap in washington, i am sorry in iowa. what is the appeal. >> i think it is uncertain. we ought to let everybody vote. and you look at polls, current polls show a turn out three times than what we have had in the caucus before. it could be way off. polls in kentucky for the governor's race was off in 13
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points in a two-person race. polls are not that accurate and shpt spend all of our time on polls. we have made 500000 phone calls in iowa and the youth vote is under represented in the polls. >> that's a part of your support? >> absolutely. i think the government went to far in collecting our phone records. young people's, if you talk to them. they don't think the government should collect their records and i don't either. and because i am a loud spokesman. i think they will come to me in the end. >> there is another billionaire making noise to get in the the race. michael bloomberg. >> my initial response, we
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already had one liberal millionaire. he represents the nanny state. he wants to tell you how big your drink can be and what you can eat in restaurants and that kind of nanny state, big government is not something that appeals to it me or a lot of the people who want more liberty. they don't want a big government person to come in their personal life and tell them what to do. >> isn't that what donald trump is promising? >> that yeah, that is a problem. we come from limited power. and republican or democrat, and the founding father said the constitution is to restrain the government. donald trump said i am reach and smart and i will take care of you and give me the power. and those of us with limited government don't want too much
10:29 am
power to go to just combvenlt we want a restraint of power. >> it just seems that the federal government is growing by leap ands bound positive since the roosevelt administration. >> we borrow a million dollars a empty as a consequence. when i got started. the number one concern can was the debt we had. those people are still out there. i am not sure, i can't imagine they would vote for a big government republican like trump. we'll see what happens. i think people will be surprised how close it is. there could be 4 or 5 in a jumble in iowa. >> no votes have been catastrophe yet. ran paul, thank you. >> still to come, isis releasing
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nobody's hurt, but there will you totastill be pain. new car. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. isis is releasing a new terror
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video putting the brulitality on full display. featuring the terrorist who carried out the attacks in paris that left 130 people dead. they trained for the paris attacks and isis threatening to attack great britain. we'll bring in retired navy captain chuck nash. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> captain nash, the paris attacks were two monthsing on and why release it now? >> they want to show that there is connectivity and the folks who did the heinous act acted on behalf by isis and use thats as motivational feature and why they are pushing the attacks in the western countries or far
10:35 am
enemies and moving to incite other people to join their cause. and hopefully to cause a back lash on muslim communities that makes them more disa fefkted. >> who is the intended target of the videos? >> yeah. and then the next thing i wanted to point out. we showed image of the video. this would be the first evidence that these terrorist were trained by isis, specifically in syria. and why is that significant? >> it is significant, because what it shows they have the ability to bring people in syria and northern iraq and give them training and export them out in the world where they conduct the attacks. and the big picture finally. you talked about how it is an
10:36 am
effort to get us to it react. how should we not react or do? >> we should not overreact. we have to understand that within islam, there is no compromise for any other religion that can't be subjugated. they will not quit. this is something to do away with al-qaeda or isis and it is gone. extremist and moderates use the qu'ran and what is written in there and what we are facing now. who are the true believers? and al- baghdadi and isis say we are the true believers and look at their heinous acts. we believe in what we are doing, we are willing to do this. what are you willing to do?
10:37 am
>> thank you for joib joining us. >> you bet. new york city's former mayor bloomberg burg burg considering a presidential run. he sees an opening for a centerist cappedidate and instructing a match with trump or cruz or sanders match up? we have markularson. souther california host. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> it seems like a year, leslie ewe have thrown out the rule book and why not have an independent former mayor run for president? >> you know, i was like what? i have to say any time is the
10:38 am
time, now is the time. this is the year to do something like that. not only because i am a democrat and i want it split. this is where the country is going. leaning more right and left on social issues and that's where those voters are making the decision. centerist and undecided and moderates. they can put their vote. the republican party don't like the top two guys. trump and cruz. i don't think he is wait for a nomination. >> does michael bloomberg have any chance. >> he's got money. that's what it is about. isis has strategy to got on tv with money. just the idea he's thinking about it. rubio said over on
10:39 am
the weekend, if he officially gets in they will talk about it. right now not only divisions on the republican side, leslie. the president wrapping himself around hillary and doing it to the irritation of bernie sanders. >> let's hear what bernie sanders had to say when michael bloomberg might be getting in to the race and donald trump as well. >> here they g. >> if donald trump wins and mr. bloomberg gets in. two mully billionaires running against me. and i think the american people don't want to see our nation move to where billionaires control the process. >> i would love for him to get. he's opposite with me on guns and pro-life and a lot of
10:40 am
things. i would love michael to get in to the race. i would love to compete against michael. >> they are welcoming michael bloomberg in the race. leslie? >> well, i think it is interesting. i know senator sanders and i like him. he's not an impoeferrished man. most people at this level have a lot of money or have people with a lot of money. it takes a lot of cash, i agree with mark to say in the game. but look at someone with billions like a b doing so well. and so why not bloomberg? that is not throwing off the american people money involved. except for the bernie supporters. his supporters are not going to go to bloomberg on the issue of
10:41 am
income inequality. >> does donald trump's self funded campaign and michael bloomberg do the same. is that suggesting that people are upset with the role of money in poll tibs and pacs. and so farther. >> let's face it. they have a lot of eguess and bloom blom wants to get in his own news seekle. if he was running as a republican on the debate. he is madisonian in height. on the bernie sander's issue. this helps to play in the millionaires and billionaires. i thought the political interview was interesting that president obama talked about the bright shiny out. there he's playing in the class warfare. and hillary plays it and
10:42 am
president obama is not just an obviously. and it will be eight years. setting the stage and which is why bernie has a concern for then. they would prefer the voter turn out to be lower to help her. i am sure you would like the split up. and that, that could be big for bernie. >> and we'll see if that mike bloomberg to get himself in theeracy. god to s-- got to say good bye. >> how inmates used makeshift
10:43 am
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ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? >> a manhunt is on in southern california for three inmates all considered dangerous who escaped from a maximum security jail in orange county. they are facing charges including murder, and attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. they were able to cut through half inch steel bar asks propel from the roof using a makeshift rope. rod, this is dejavu all over again. back in june, we talked about the escape from the the new york prison and those inmates were missing three weeks, do you think that will be a similar case here? >> i do. i believe believe that the three enmates had help from the
10:47 am
inside. there is new information, the u.s. marshal service joined in the investigation along with the fbi. what is going to happen. checking with family members and known can associates and trying to determine who on the inside provided the individuals with the tools to cut through the barbed wire. they don't know what type of tol was used. it had to be brought in the institution. >> that's what difficult for people to understand. myself included. how no one hears that going on and the last time these inmates were accounted for was 5:00 in the morning and no one noticed they were missing. >> they had head counts and this is information that came out
10:48 am
from a source. there was a large fight or large altercations in the prison and that took the attention of the guards away from everybody. and the police believe that is the time they made good their escape. one other thing that is important in this investigation. they brought in sniffer dogs. they picked up a scent from one of the three escapees. and it was lost on the ground right outside of the facility. what does that mean? it is it a good chance they had a waiting vehicle for them when they escaped. >> they had a head start. and where do you think they are now and do you think they are together in >> no, i don't. if they are smart at all they wouldn't be together and they would split up. i have been involved in these type of cases and they will find them and press the one guy that
10:49 am
they found that they get and try to find out where the other two individuals are. biggest concern is the individual from iran. fbi knows he has contacts outside of the count row and they are making sure that guy doesn't cross the border. >> thank you, rod. >> sure. thank you, heather. >> millions of people asking this question. is shovelling snow dangerous to your health? yes, it can be. how to stay healthy if you have to dig out of this blizzard. re the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating
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. >> and there is a proposal to turn off niagara falls or dewater it as they officially call it. so how the heck would they do that? and why? we'll give you the real stories, top of the hour. a lot of people are now digging out from this weekend's snowstorm. but if you suffer from major health problems or you just aren't in good shape, you may want to hold off on shoveling your driveway. dr. david neumann an orthopedist and author the new joint book called pop doc joins us now with thing we need to know. this was a record a. snowfall. we've had at least 29 deaths, maybe 30 deaths as a result of this winter storm. >> yes. >> some of those, people who were shoveling at the time.
10:54 am
so what is it that people need to know before they head out there to do that. >> certainly. so it's impressive when mother nature throws that curveball at you and you've got to be ready. if you are going to start shafl shoveling, be well hydrated, wear layers and have good equipment, including shoes that are sturdy and stable as well as a shovel that's capable of doing the task. i believe that pacing yourself, taking your time, and using proper technique is very important when it comes to shoveling. >> and these individuals who did die as they were out there trying to shovel the snow and clear the path of the car, whatever, were men over 60, specifically. so are some people more prone to problems? >> i think that in this day and age a lot of people don't care about their body as much, and maybe they let a few things slide, especially if they get a little older and have other
10:55 am
things going on. >> how do you know you are about to be in trouble? what are some of the warning signs. >> when you are shoveling if you get short of breath. if you have chest pain. if the you get light-headed. and if some of your muscles start to have some sharp pain, it's a good idea to stop. i think pacing yourself is important. and the goal of the shoveling is to finish your task without hurting yourself or unfortunately dying. >> don't try to tackle it all at once either. take a break. >> for a sure. give yourself time, stretch out the low back and the hamstrings and the buttocks. that's important so you don't stretch out or strain any of the muscles. >> quickly, the cold weather and the impact that the cold weather has on your joints? right when you get out you are going to feel change due to the change and you are going to feel irn ch internal changes in the joints. that's due to the barometer and if there is inflammation or damaged soft tissues they are not going to react the way they
10:56 am
would if they were not damaged and you might feel achy joints in the cold weather. >> what could you do to alleviate that. >> stay in shape. toning, conditioning, and being ready for -- >> being ready for what mother nature may throw at you. >> right. or the activity of daily living. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. worlds set to collide as a veteran and a young star prepare to square off in the super bowl just like heather and i are. how peyton manning and cam newton's helped thb teams punch tickets to this year's big game. ♪ before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet served my country, carried the weight of a family, and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain
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lead a team in the super bowl. >> and just a few years into his nfl career, 26-year-old cam newton makes his super bowl debut after leading the carolina panthers to a rest of the arizona cardinals. it's going to be a good game. >> yes, it is. >> about broncos. >> go panthers. >> that's it for us. "the real story," with gretchen starts now. two great teams. thanks, guys. the race for 2016 gets real one week from today in iowa. hi, everyone. i'm cloidroic gretchen carlson. on the show today many of our presidential candidates. hillary clint . in. we have team coverage just a week out now from the iowa caucuses. ed henry


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