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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 29, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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we have some big news. joel -- our own joel turned bill: good morning. we are back live in des moines iowa the morning after the big showdown in this state. this was one of the final moments to make an impression before iowa caucuses monday. there is so much reaction pouring in today. but iowa has its final say five days from now. martha: a lot to talk about. i'm martha maccallum. the debate lineup a little different. senator ted cruz shifted to the center of the stage where he pretty much took some heat from all sides. >> the last four questions have
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been rand please attack ted, marco please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. let me just say this. >> it is a debate, sir. >> he can't have it both ways. but what is particularly insulting is he's the king of saying you are for amnesty. everybody is for amnesty but ted cruz and that's as falseness. >> i have had more phone calls at 2:00 a.m. making life and death decisions. >> she put american secrets and american intelligence officers at risk for her convenience. let me tell you who is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> we are on pace to have the smallest army since world war ii. small jes everrest -- the smallt
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heavy and air force. >> we work for the people, we serve you, you don't serve us. we listen to you, and then we act. >> my dad, the greatest man alive was president of the united states, and my brother whom i adore was a fantastic pres part of the establishment, then i'll take it. barbara bush is my mom, too. bill: chris stirewalt is here to analyze everything. the audience matters across the country, but no one answer is more important than the one in iowa. des moines register front page
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rough night for cruz. >> the war clubs were out for ted cruz because donald trump was not on the stage. he absented himself. i also think, by the way, that he did 33% very technical specifications of moderator complaining. some of gaming the media works. but he took it too far and chris wallace pushed him down the stairs. bill: it seems there was a lot of that in debate number one fan number two, the candidates pushing back on the media and fox in general. >> you and martha did such a good job on that. the first debate, former governor jim gilmore did a wonderful job. he did substantive answers.
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but yelling at the press. donald trump was not the first republican to figure out that yelling at the press helps you with republican voters but they are all on it now. bill: the threat of a trump asked yo -- of atrump scud not e room. what did that do? >> jeb bush sort of grew up to his full size because no one was going to steal his lunch money. you could see he was not as worried about trump saying low energy, you are terrible, we hate you, your mom just called and you have to quit the race. and that was there. the thing about rubio. there are three frontrunners. there is clearly donald trump out of sight. but there are three frontrunners in iowa.
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we do these one at a time in february. we do them won at a time. we do them south carolina, nevada. there are three. is there not a close fourth. trump, cruz and rubio. cruz had a -- he had a rough night, the register is right. you know what else he did? he talked right to iowa. he said as past iowa winners have done. if you launch me here i can take this national. but marco rubio did himself a very good turn. he had a quick moment when he had the newly invigorated jeb bush came at him and rubio caught it and then he righted himself. in the second hour of that debate he seeped more like a president. he grew to a higher stage. you want to talk about elevating yourself. rubio found a new register, a
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new range in that second hour i haven't seen before. bill: i often think in these debates, there is an impression or moments. in this case you have only got 3 1/2 days before iowa make its call. did last night change the complexion for this race in this state? can we say that? >> i think you can in two senses. in one sense you can say ted cruz brought himself in a sacrificial way for iowa. i think you can say that. he was there. other thing you can say is donald trump's decision not to participate. there was only one iowa debate. and donald trump said he couldn't do it or wouldn't do it and as a consequence that will ring out. it won't be good. maybe he has enough to win, but this will not help him with iowa voters who take seriously his
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responsibility as the first in the nation to choose a president. martha: the war on terror and isis in particular, two very big topic. senator ted cruz defended his plan to as he has said carpet bomb islamic state fighters in syria. here is that from last night. >> i will apologize to nobody for the vigorousness with which i'll go after isis and utterly and completely destroy isis. we need to defeat the enemy and lift the rules of even gang the so we are not sending our fighting men and women into combat with their arms tide behind their backs. bill: governor chris christie, then cape his frustration with washington politics and drawing
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applause with this line here. >> marco could change his mind. it's perfectly legal to change your mind. when you are governor you have to admit it. you can't hide behind parliamentary tricks. stop the washington bull and let's get things done. martha: the issue that arguably drew the most back and forth between the two candidate was clearly immigration. former senator marco rubio deflected charge he supports amnesty and called for a balanced approach to immigration and he says it begins with securing our border. >> we are not going to round up 8 million people, but there will not be a citizenship order either.
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martha: senator marco rubio will be joining us on set. his reaction to the debate and his thought as we close in on the iowa caucus coming up. bill: kentucky senator rand paul had a lot of support in the room in the pipe type stage. he took aim at hillary clinton many times. >> i don't blame hillary clinton for this. i don't think she is responsible for his behavior. but her position promoting women's rights and fairness to women in the work place and if what bill clinton did, if any ceo did with a 20-year-old inperson in their office they would be fired and never hired again. martha: carly fiorina also took a few jabs at hillary clinton in the earlier debate saying clinton is unfit in her mind to sit in the oval office. >> here is the deal.
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here is the deal. hillary clinton has been climbing the ladder to try and get power. here she is trying for the white house. she is probably more qualified for the big house honestly. she has escaped prosecution more times than el chapo. perhaps sean penn should interview her. martha: good lines from carly fiorina. hillary clinton was one person everybody could agree on that they wanted to beat. and to make the argument each of them could beat her. bill: when you see the landing it's so much more effective. we found that in our debate whether it was governor huckabee or carly fiorina or governor gilmore. he came ready to roll.
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when you stick the landing it has so much more lasting effect the day after. who won? did anyone win? who may be a surprise or who may have set a setback? i'll look at that fair and balanced. martha: jeb bush going at it with marco rubio over immigration reform. bill: did senator rubio change the game? >> if i'm our nominee i will unite this party and we'll defeat hillary clinton and turn this country around once and for all after the 7 years the disaster is after barack obama.
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>> we usually elect presidents in america that want to change the things wrong in america. barack obama wants to change america. barack obama wants america to be like the rest of the world. we don't want to be like the rest of the world. we want to be the united states of america. bill: the senator from florida, marco rubio. he took a lot of opportunities to blast barack obama. he's joining us in the studio at the embassy suites.
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you are fresh, i'm certain. how did last night go? >> it was another chance, especially the last chance to talk to this big audience in iowa. the people of iowa will go to their caucus site to answer the big question of what comes next after barack obama for america. it was a chance to talk to all of them at once. bill: it wasn't quite a closing argument, that will come sunday night. but you, jeb bush back and forth in immigration. part of that exchange, i'll get to exchange to that. >> the time and context was 2009 and 2010 where the last effort for legalization was an effort done in the senate led by several people that provided almost an instant path with very little obstacles moving forward. what i always said is this issue needs to be solved. >> i'm confusioned because he was the sponsor of the gang of 8
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bill which allowed for citizenship over an extended period of time. he asked me to support that, and i supported him. then he cut and run because it wasn't popular amongst conservatives, i guess. bill: the last point saying you cut and run because it wasn't popular. >> emitted he was confused. ed the issue isn't the bill. there is no support in america for a comprehensive approach. the president shouldn't be ramming down the throats of the american people something they don't want through executive orders. this issue what do you do with the people in this country illegally. i said we won't round up and deport 12 million people. this is as reasonable and compassionate country. nothing is going to happen on immigration until illegal immigration is brought under control.
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bill: why not be more transparents on that. i changed my mind and governor bush you changed your miernld. beautiful to be for obvious about it would likely go a longer way. >> it is obvious. it's not about change your minds. that approach has no chance of passing. why will we've bang our head on an approach that won't work. i think it's harder to do it now than ever. you had to my gra torive crave sees. executive orders. that's the approach the democrats are trying to ram down our throats. we need to do enforcement first, then i think people will be reasonable. bill: was your strategy a go, make it contrast with jeb bush or make the contrast with ted cruz.
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>> it wasn't about either one of them. it was a chance for people -- a chance to answer questions so people could see what i would do as president of the united states. when it comes to ted, he built the campaign on a false notion that he's the only true conservative. that's absurd. ted on immigration used to support legalizing people here illegally. he helped design george w. bush's immigration approach which had a path to citizenship. this is a complicated issue on immigration. everybody on that stage dealt with it in different ways at different times. we are going to enforce our immigration laws. bill: it seemed to be the hottest topic. you have all so brought up gitmo several times. this president wants to close gitmo. if it's not there, what are you going to do. >> he doesn't have the power to
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close it. he has the power to empty it. there will still be the facility there. congress won't give him the authority to close it. if we capture people alive they will go to get more. they won't go to a courtroom in manhattan. they will be sent to guantanamo. bill: 3 1/2 days before the caucus, what's your campaign. where do you think you stand in iowa today. >> i feel positive about it. ted cruz spent all his money in iowa. he called it an historic ground game. 10,000 volunteers and all these people who signed on to his campaign. so receive put a lot of time and effort here. it's a place that's very importantth to him. we feel very good about it.
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bill: you said ted cruz is the frontrunner in iowa, not donald trump. >> ted happens put a lot of money and people into iowa. i'm going off what ted cruz's campaign was saying a few weeks ago. obviously while see monday night. bill: will you take a third place? >> we want to get as many votes as we can. we feel good about iowa. martha. >> with donald trump absent ted cruz took center stage. so how did he do? a fair and balanced look at his side of the equation coming up next. but first this moment from the governor of new jersey, chris christie. >> this fills why you need someone from outside of washington to washington. i feel like i need a washing the
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martha: we are back in des moines, iowa. ted cruz put a lot of effort into this state. try something steal the deal. took an unusual pittsburgh for a presidential candidate on a subject near and dear to iowa voters. >> god blessed this country with
6:26 am
enormous natural resources. i don't believe washington should be picking winners and losers and i think there should be no man date and no subsidies whatsoever. martha: tough position for any candidate in this state. mike warren is staff writer for the "des moines register." you were at a ted cruz watching party. what was the reef action to the ethanol stuff from the crowd? >> they loved it. this is 99% probably going to caucus for ted group. but it's a test to see if this issue really does break a candidate. ted cruz has been putting that to the test. he has a terrific amount of support with that anti-ethanol stand.
6:27 am
martha: the piece you wrote you said you were kinds of surprised that there were quite a few people still undivided. >> there was a sense they were still listening to what the other candidates had to say. chris christie, ben carson. i even talked to a couple people who said i'm still not entirely sure who i'm caucusing for. this is just a few of days. i think that tells you have how fluid this case is. cruz is relying on the most reliable caucus-goers to bring him up to the top to beat trump. he doesn't exactly have a lot. martha: what was the take on the people you were talking about in the trump situation. >> nobody seemed to know who was caucus degree for trump. they also said this solidified my decision for me because he's not taking it seriously.
6:28 am
we liked that he was taking into the establishment and being politically incorrect. but he's not taking this whole thing seriously. but that being said there weren't a lot of trump supporters at this cruz party. martha >> we need to define the enemy, we need to rebuild the military to defeat the military and we need to be focused and lift the rules of the engagement so we are not sending our men and women into combat with their arms tied behind their backs. >> this group needs to be confront and defeated. they are not going to go safe way on their own. they are not going to turn into stockbrokers overnight or open a chain of car washes. and that will take a lot of force. martha: all the candidates have their ideas about how they have would handle something.
6:29 am
what was the reaction to that back and forth last night? >> i got the sense people were paying close attention. it's one of those issues people don't have a first-hand knowledge of. they wanted to hear what both of those candidates had to say. one of the people i talked to leaning towards cruz but liked what rubio had to say saying that answer from rubio was her favorite answer from him for the night. they are saying similar things. ed the question is who do i trust more in that position. and that's really what people are trying to pay attention to. as i go around the state trying to figure out, are people going to cruz events, going to see him, are they committed or are they still candidate shopping these last few days.
6:30 am
martha: let us know how you make out traveling around the state the next few days. bill: who needs a bounce in iowa. first senator rand paul from last night. >> i don't think ted can have it both ways. we'll do well in iowa with the liberty vote. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need
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bill: before the main stage some fireworks in debate number one as we call it hosted by martha and me. the candidates delivering some memorable moments. watch a few right here. >> newsflash, president obama and mrs. clinton. climate change is not our most pressing national security threat it's isis followed closely by iran. the truth is under this
6:34 am
president we are on iran's side, not our allies who would help us defeat isis. >> i'm not going to throw hud at anybody on the stage. mike huckabee and i were asked to come to an event where money was going to be raised to help our veterans. if there were no political considerations, and i had type because i'm not doing anything at 9:00. >> to take away people's second amendment rights is to redefine an individual in society and i'm not going to put up with it. if gun control comes to the president's desk i'll veto it. >> you want to know why things never change whether the democrats or republicans are in power. the reason is, because if you follow the money, the same folks who finance the democrats, finance the republicans and no matter what the speeches and the ads, they get the same result.
6:35 am
you want a different result, i'm available. bill: loved the audience last night. both huckabee and santorum went to the trump event as we have hone and documented here. i thought the end of the night, huckabee had this spot in iowa with adele. he came with his closing argument. we'll share that with you. he nailed it. iowa, it's me, hello. martha: he gave it away. martha: let's take a look at what's coming up. obviously the debate had a different feel than previous showdowns. the other candidates had a little more time to take on the issues and go at each other a bit. who were last night's winners and losers. that's the big question this morning. we are joined by the fox news
6:36 am
analyst juan williams and mary katharine ham, welcome to both of you. good morning. now with this big new england the rearview mirror i want your thought on how you thought they did last night and what the impact is for these folks going forward. mary katharine let me start with you. >> the rules are if you don't show up you forfeit. for the guys on the take, what did they have to do. cruz wanted to make the argument he's different from trump. he missed the opportunity to do so. but he performed well. i don't think he hurt himself. rubio has to make the argument to evangelicals, i'm your guy. christie was looking at new hampshire saying hello, guy, i'm for you. martha: chris christie looked straight into the camera trying
6:37 am
to talk to the whole country at these event and it's worked for him and gotten hip attention in these forums. yuan, what were your big take away rshes from last night? >> the tory is about donald trump. he didn't get hurt by not appearing. but the question is were iowans offended that he didn't show up at the big event. i thought rand paul did very well. i thought he came across as very informed, very put together and able to go back and forth to play with the other candidate on the stage. similarly, i thought marco rubio did very well. he always looks presidential to me. i thought he came across as very appealing. martha: rand paul seemed more relaxed than we have seen hip in the past. very confident. he had a real command of where
6:38 am
he wanted to take the debates, especially the section object immigration as well. jeb bush, a lot of people felt he had a good night. let's play a little bit of jeb bush. >> this election is not about our pedigree. this election is about people who are really hurting. we need a leader who will fix things and has a proven record to do. i released 34 years of tax returns and 300,000 emails in my government record to get the information from hillary clinton you need a subpoena from the f.b.i. martha: that moment got a reaction from the crowd. he said my father was president, my brother is president, my mother is barbara bush. he seemed to embrace all of that in a much stronger way than he has in the past. he seemed more comfortable saying that and presenting it to
6:39 am
the american people. when he gets to south carolina his brother will be with him. >> i think the barbara bush line was good. he had a couple lines that connected with voters. he has trouble reading the situation and going in for the kill when necessary. when he was talking immigration with rubio, he's telling rubio he wasn't strong enough in favor of the gang of 8 bill and give rubio a win on that exchange. i think this calculations sometimes are off when he's trying to appeal to the people he needs to appeal to. >> i was going to say that was jeb bush's best performance of the campaign. you have got to wonder, is it the fact that trump wasn't there that allowed hip to losen up? is trump inside his head? has it got him paralyzed when trump is on the stage?
6:40 am
>> they have nothing to lose because they have to put it all out there. martha: juan and mary katharine. thank you. see you next time. >> here we'll talk to the bush team for reaction. and what it means after last night for his chances in iowa and beyond. fir take a look at this. watch. >> i wrote a book about this called "immigration wars." you can get for $2.99 on amazon. >> that's the book are you changed your position on immigration.
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by this was a critical moment. marco rubio and jeb bush going head-to-head on immigration. >> when you led the charge with
6:44 am
the gang of 8 i supported it because you asked me to. it's never going to be a perfect bill. but when you do that and you ask for the support you shouldn't cut and run. you should stick with it. that's what happened. he cut and run. that's a tragedy. now it's harder to solve this problem. >> there isn't going to be any consensus on this issue unless we enforce our immigration laws. you will never be able to ram count throats of the american people your approach. bill: the executive director of the republican party in iowa is with us. good morning. how did jeb bush do last night? it was his best debate. i thought he was the strongest guy on the state. he looked very presidential and put forward serious plans about what he wants to do for the
6:45 am
country and we had a great night. there was a difference in trump not being there. we miss donald. as you have seen over the course of the last several debate. governor bush has bent on one to take on trump. bill: here is what happened during the start of last night's debate. >> i kind of missed donald trump. he was a teddy bear to me. we always had such a loving relationship in these debates and the in between in the tweets. everybody else was in the witness protection program when i went after him. >> donald decided he didn't want to face tough questions from megyn kelly but governor bush has been the one to contrast his views are donald trump's views. we called him out for changing his positions and trying to
6:46 am
hijack the republican party and conservative party message. bill: you know you have got to be show up and be counted here. where is jeb bush's campaign specifically in the state of iowa? >> we are looking to be the strongest in the governor's lane. iowa is a state that generally sorts out christian conservatives and tea party candidates. we are first all, we are running a national campaign. we are running it all four primary states. we are driving hard to the end. what we have to do is finish first at governor's lane. bill: i have not heard the governor's lane before. that means you fish ahead of kasich, chris christie and you would finish behind a rubio, a cruz and a donald trump.
6:47 am
what a fourth place be considered a victory? >> this is i different cycle because you have so many candidates in this field. i think it will take longer to sort out these lanes. we invested more time in new hampshire. i have think we are going to do very well in new hampshire where we have been on the rights for a number of weeks. >> you know the state very well because you are from here. now, you live here yet again. but you ran myth romney's campaign in '08 and 2012. is iowa fundamentally different in the last cycle or the cycle before that? >> i think it changed a little bit. the presidency of barack obama polarized the country and our party as well. there are a lot of angry people who are frustrated with the direction of the country. frustrated with what they see as a receding in the world when the world is more dangerous. that's why he has a plan to
6:48 am
secure the border. his position has been consistent throughout. i think we are going to do well here. i do think there is something going on in iowa where you have got a lot of angst and anger among voters. bill: thank you for taking time. we'll see what happens monday night. my best to you. you have had a tough year this past year. you look terrific, and good luck on your health. martha: what were the voters looking for when they were at home watching the debates. what were they have listening for? we'll break count google trend. first, a moment from last night from ohio governor john kasich. >> one crossed t or dotted i does not occur. the president needs to be laying the ground work for the ability
6:49 am
to slap those sanctions back upon worldwide. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪ iowa caucus night bill: music based on adele's shut "hello." huckabee had some fun with all the fuss. >> this week there was a dust-up
6:53 am
about a video we put together with the music of adele. i thought it would be appropriate for me to say, hello, iowa, it's me. martha: he's so funny. and he loves music. he made the most of it with that ad with no apologies to adele. bill: he won here 8 years ago. it has to be mystifying for him and santorum who won four years ago not to be doing better than they were doing. almost as if the wave washed over them. martha: no one will have any sort of explanation until after none day night. but when the votes are counted and everybody has caucused. bill: still a good video, right? martha: what are the voters thinking?
6:54 am
wouldn't all the politicians on the stage love to know? google. they collect a lot of data and it will tell us that and more. shannon bream is joining us live. what does google's data reveal? >> it's so interesting. it can be things how tall a candidate is, how old they are. but more substantive searches as well. towards the end of the first hour of the late-night debate there was a lot of discussion about amnesty. who is for it. what does it mean. people at home had a lot of the questions because there was a spike in people searching for information about amnesty. 380% spike. also there was a lot of discussion about national security and isis and who's going to deal with it. one of the questions google was surveying last night for those
6:55 am
googling online is who do you think has the best plan for dealing with is *. marco rubio came in first place there followed give ted cruz. it's an interesting way to take a pulse of what people are searching for. but also how well candidates are doing on specific topics martha. martha: different opinions on who won last night's debate. what did the google users say about that? >> this is an online survey. people following fox typed "fox news debate" they got surveyed by a few questions. the big one, who won last night. here google users have marco rubio leading in the the pack. we mad a lot of dada on the lower debate. carly fiorina won that debate google users thought by a 3-1 margin over mike huckabee. some questions about jim
6:56 am
gilmore, who is this guy? and also why is he running for president? we'll have more data throughout the day, looking ahead to new hampshire and south carolina as well. martha: i think a lot of people probably saw jim gilmore on the stage and thought, who is this man. he has an impressive resume and he did well up there last night. but he hasn't spent much time in iowa, so it was not a big surprise there were people wondering who he was. bill: the spike for gilmore was off the charts. what is the impact. first senator ted cruz. >> i am not the candidate of career politicians in washington. and i'll tell you the endorsements i'm proud of are the over 200,000 volunteers
6:57 am
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for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. martha: so no rest for the weary. candidates back on campaign trail today, backs hard at work spreading out across-eye would you after big debate last night. seven republican rivals taking advantage of donald trump's absence on the stage. giving audience a big picture where they stand. went come to america's news room from des moines. i'm martha maccallum. bill: the candidates are out, doing morning after interviews and events around the state today. you will see that coming up. final debates before iowa caucuses is now in the history books. highlights last night, starting with chris christie, new jersey governor. >> now secondly, let me say i'm a maniac and everyone on this
7:01 am
stage is stupid, fat and ugly and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. [laughter] now that we've gotten the trump trim portion out of the way -- [laughter] >> teddy roosevelt said we are a nation of immigrants. as such everybody is welcome from any race, any country, any religion, if they want to be americans. if they want to accept our values and our laws. if not they should stay where they are. >> everybody is under fire and under attack and we have to stand together as an alliance. because of the threat to all of these countries to bring all of us together to say there is something more important than money. it is future of the world and future of our children and grandchildren. that is the kind of leadership this country needs. >> invasion of your privacy did not stop one terrorist attack. i don't think you have to give up your liberty for a false sense of security. if we want to collect the records of terrorists do it the old-fashioned way. use the fourth amendment. >> what comes next for this country after seven disasterous years of barack obama. let me tell you what the answer
7:02 am
better not be. it better not be bernie sanders. bernie sanders is a social i. i think bernie sanders is a good candidate for president, of sweden. we don't want to be sweden. we want to be the united states of america. >> there is no reason why you can't stand for principles, go and fight for them and be able to also have to get things done in government. you know what people are frustrated about in washington d.c., i know folks out there are incredibly frustrated because what they see is a government that doesn't work for them. >> we should be welcoming nation. our identity is not based on race or ethnicity. it is set of values based. this country should be aspirational across the board. bill: team fox coverage now. john roberts with the latest reaction and chris wallace with his take on last night's showdown as we say in the studio. we goin with senior national correspondent john roberts live
7:03 am
in des moines. john good day and good morning to you. reporter: bill, good day and good morning to you. i had opportunity to talk with a few of the candidates this morning. they all agreed that enjoyed extra oxygen on the stage with the donald trump no show. they appreciated opportunity to disagree with each other, sometimes strongly, but on policy front but withwhole debate evolving into attacks. some. sharpest jabs came from chris christie aimed towards senators on stage. >> we've actually had to do something. we had to make decisions. we had to be held accountable for them, knowing people's lives are on the line. yes or no vote in the united states senate rarely make as difference in anybody's life. reporter: big question from last night's debate, how much donald trump do with his chances in
7:04 am
hawkeye state by not appearing one and only debate. in go back to 1980, ronald reagan avoided iowa debate and lost the election to jeb bush's father. i asked if he thought it would make a difference for donald trump. >> i think people in iowa are proud of the first in the nation status. they may take it as insult not to participate in the debate. there is always debate at end. he didn't participate for whatever reason. it may have impact for sure. reporter: big caveat and all that. while ronald reagan lost iowa to george h.w. bush, he did prevail and became nominee. became president for eight years. maybe donald trump has that in the back of his mind skipping the debate. bill? bill: thank you, john roberts across town in des moines. martha. martha: without donald trump on that stage last night, senator ted cruz was feeling little bit of heat from the center
7:05 am
position. at one point he complained about that to the moderators. >> chris, i would note the last four questions, rand please attack ted, marco please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. [booing] >> let me say this. >> this is a debate, sir. >> no debate is policy issue. i will say this gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. the most important determination any voter is going to make this election is who is best prepared to be commander-in-chief. who has the experience, who has the knowledge, who has the judgment, who has the clarity of vision and strength and resolve to keep this country safe. that is what this debate is all about. i would suggest let's stay focused on those issues, rather than just attacks at each other. >> i think the questions were about issues. martha: "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace, one of the moderators. i love that moment. it is a debate, sir.
7:06 am
reminded him of what was going on there last night. that exchanges first, chris. what do you make of that? >> well, i had interviewed ted cruz recently on "fox news sunday" and whether you like him or don't like him, he likes to argue the rules. he likes, instead of just answering question, well this is two-part or not. it was that one i thought silly moment where i had asked, mentioned his name in a question but the answer, i think by rand paul never mentioned him. he wanted to be able to respond. i said, he didn't mention you. but you did in the question. you get 30 seconds to respond to me. tell you some people in the cruz camp winced on his behalf. felt sometimes he can't help himself getting into that. i don't know this had anything to do with donald trump's calculation. it is not easy in the center podium. not easy with the person taking incoming. in absence of trump. he was there, he was frontrunner on that stage.
7:07 am
i think he had kind of a difficult night. again i don't know if that was part of trump's calculation but i don't think, i think some people had very good nights like rubio, like christie, like kasich. i don't think cruz had a particularly good night. martha: that's a great point. no doubt when donald trump wakes up this morning and sees the cover of "the des moines register" he will probably feel like strategically that choice was good one for him if indeed choice last night was not good for ted cruz. this was fascinating experiment to watch the whole group up there without the, without the donald trump element. you know, how do you think it changed the dynamic up there? >> well, i will give you sort of an inside bit of information. you had that moment when chris christie, go back into the debate. rubio and cruz are arguing about illegal immigration and you did this and this amendment. you did this in this amendment.
7:08 am
i'm looking, one of the things you do particularly when you're not asking the questions, you're sort of scanning candidates. chris me gives me a sign, ask me, ask me a question. i like, you know, i sort of signaled to him, not my bucket of questions, megyn is the one asking questions. he gives me, why don't you give her a little shove. yeah, i'm going to give megyn kelly an elbow to call on him. she saw it. she called on him. he took that line about you know he, i need a dictionary to translate washington talk. so he wanted to get that, he wanted to get that out. it was interesting. dynamic was quite different. it was a little frustrating for us because it is a debate. you're trying to get them to engage, not fight or name call but they do have differences on issues. they, except for immigration were kind of a nonaggression pact. they didn't go after each other. at one point i was asking rubio about various things he had gotten into with chris at this.
7:09 am
he said, go to my website around took the rest of the 57 seconds to make a statement. to a large degree with the exception of immigration i think they thought let's focus on hillary clinton, let's focus on barack obama. let's not chee you've other up. martha: they did go after the media though, in both hours last night. people complaining about their position in the polls and the fact it is all the media's fault. what did you think about that? >> well, look, we're a long way -- on one hand nobody actually voted yet. you certainly have to be mindful of that. on the other hand we're six or eight month into the campaign. this was the seventh republican debate. former owner of oakland raiders would just say, just win, baby, that is al davis. if you want to be on the front tier, if you want to be in center podium, just do better in the polls. it is not up to us. they have campaigns beyond their coverage of us. they have to appeal with voters
7:10 am
who connect with voters. martha: polls across the board have been stacking people up over a long time. no one poll is ever completely right. that's why you look at big basket of them to figure out how things are sorting out to this point. one of the things that will be very interesting, i'm sure you talk about over the weekend, in terms of where people place. the story will be who is in first, who is in second, who is in third. seems like a lot of people in iowa are still making decision who is in first place for testimony. >> one of the stupidest polls, have you made your decision or could you still make it up? i think 75% of the people who made a decision could still change their position. i think it is all up for grabs. the cliche there are three tickets out of the iowa traditionally. i don't think that is necessarily true or not but we'll know on tuesday morning who has done well, whose campaign seems more viable and whose campaign seems on life-support. i mean there is going to be the trump hp cruz question. there is question of which of
7:11 am
so-called four establishment moderates, that is not true, they're all very conservative, christie, kasich, rubio, bush, which of them has done better, propels them eight days later to new hampshire. i think you will see some people drop out, particularly social conservatives when you look -- not saying it will happen, but if santorum doesn't do well, if huckabee in in eye you would think with such strong appeal where they won four and eight years ago, they will be in big trouble. carly fiorina i wonder about. by the time we're out of new hampshire, we have 11 candidates, my guess we'll have more like five or six. martha: great job, chris. >> thank you. martha: great job by all of you. great to see you. it is debate sir. >> you bet. martha: remember that. chris wallace on sunday. bill: quickly for democrats, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders crisscrossing iowa. as the state department is set
7:12 am
to release another 2,000 pages of her emails. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in des moines. ed, you've been on the ground for about a week. you're seeing momentum for sanders. what are you seeing out there? is it enough, ed? >> that is the big question, bill, when you go to bernie sanders rallies they are sometimes, three four times as many people as hillary clinton guests. she has an event short time from now in the, at the college behind me. the bottom line is hillary clinton is just not getting enthusiasm on the ground but her side of the story is, will the sanders folks who are going to these rallies will they turn out on monday night of course? also clinton folks point out that sanders has these rallies often times, you know in ames or iowa city where you have got big colleges and universities. the young folks that like him. and they have a smaller percentage of the delegates in those towns and cities. and so even if he runs up the
7:13 am
score, if you will, in some of those areas, that have a lot of college students, the clinton cam still is confident about their ground game in the rest of the state, bill. bill: good deal, ed. thanks. we'll talk to you a bit later today, certainly throughout the weekend. ed henry in des moines. martha? martha: none of that is lost on the candidates. they're going hard at hillary clinton. we saw a lot of that last night s that smart move? we'll debate that next. first here is governor of new jersey, chris christie last night. >> when i take her on, i guarranty you one thing, she will never get within 10 miles of the white house. the days of the clintons in public housing are over. i'm definitely able to see savings
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then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) usaa car buying service powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. ♪ martha: well as is pretty clear by now donald trump was not on the stage last night, if you didn't notice. seems his rivals largely played off of him for the most part. instead they decided they would put most of their arrows towards one hillary clinton. watch this. >> she is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> hillary clinton will never be prosecuted by this justice department. they will want to put a former federal prosecutor on the stage to prosecute her next september. there is no one on this stage better prepared to prosecute the case against hillary clinton than i am. martha: kirsten powers, columnist for "usa today.," steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." both fox news contributors.
7:18 am
you know them well. good to see you both in des moines this morning. steve, you would probably argue, doing that, going after hillary, rather than each other is what these folks should be doing? >> depends on the individual candidate. i was little surprised there wasn't more intercandidate friction honestly. because donald trump wasn't around, guidance most of these candidates gotten the way they came into the debate was they wanted to appear presidential, to contrast with trump holding second quarterlous-like event off site and they wanted to look presidential. certainly was the case with ted cruz, marco rubio, with chris christie. there was mixed results. cruz wanted to look presidential. he didn't want to muddy himself and came off sometimes as a little sleepy and not quite on his game. rubio i think had decent night. christie had a decent night. rand paul i thought had very good night. martha: he was strong to be sure last night. if you look at dynamic, kirsten, not having trump there, how do
7:19 am
you think it impacted all of these candidates up there? they certainly had more oxygen and more space to breathe. they seemed a lot more relaxed, they didn't have to worry about the element. >> good for some people. good for jeb, he seemed to be much more comfortable without trump there. you have to be afraid if you say something trumps goes after you. martha: low energy. >> basically emasculates him. it was worse for ted cruz. he was not combative mode at least of a foil. trump is a little of foil to him. trump is the person he needs to be in iowa. to contrast with trump ted cruz needs to be able to do. without trump there he wasn't able to do it. he got the best of trump in the last debate he was able to get under his skin in a way other candidates had not. martha: very true. look at another one of candidates who went after hillary clinton last night. this is marco rubio. let's play that. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander-in-chief of the united states.
7:20 am
in fact one of her first acts as president may very well be to pardon herself because hillary clinton, hillary clinton stored classified information on her private server and hillary clinton lied to the families of those four brave americans who lost their life in benghazi. anyone who lies to the families of americans who died in the service for this country can never be commander-in-chief of the united states. martha: each one of them trying to define themes, steve as person who could beat hillary clinton. >> yes. martha: that was definitely also on agenda. look presidential and make sure everybody thinks you can beat hillary clinton. >> this is marco rubio's closings pitch on the stump in iowa. it is interesting two worlds, when marco rubio bring up benghazi, when rub republicans bring up benghazi. you follow twitter and journalists are scoffing, oh, marco rubio, benghazi again. but in these crowds, in iowa and elsewhere around the country republican primary voters really care about that the line that he
7:21 am
has about hillary clinton looking the families of the benghazi fallen in the face and not telling the truth, it resonates with, you know, i think we saw it in frank luntz's focus group. you see it out on the stump. people in the room nodding their heads. it really works for rube i don't. that is part of his case he would be the most electable republican in a one-on-one contest with hillary clinton. martha: i mean they all talk about whether or not they can beat hillary in the polls. who do you think the hillary camp fears most at this point? >> i would probably say rubio. the person they fear the most is more of a kasich. kasich is not really serious contender. people who could actually be serious candidate. kasich is one at the beginning somebody who would appeal to moderates, checks a lost boxes electorally as well. he is a governor. martha: thank you, guys. see you throughout the weekend
7:22 am
as we camp out here at embassy suites. we'll look forward to that. bill: we're just short of "the five" over here. >> the four. bill: who stood out the best on the fight on against isis? the fight on against isis? ric grenell an lieses that in a moment. ople about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. >> when i am president of the united states after my first day in office we're canceling deal with iran. nations have to make a choice, they can do business with iran and they can do business with america. i'm very confident they will choose america before they choose the iranian economy. bill: that was a big line of marco rubio. not a fan of the iranian nuclear deal clearly. questions about terrorism, how to defeat isis, vladmir putin and russia. who did best on foreign policy? ric grenell former advisor to
7:26 am
four u.s. am badambassadors to the u.n. and nice to see you, sir -- ambassadors. bigger space and bigger office. i looked at your talking points, rick. you were not impressed with anything last night? >> no, there was a lot, i think for foreign policy hawks to be concerned about a couple of candidates. but i really liked rubio and chris christie. i think they rose in terms of how they command the issues, specifically this little clip you played with rubio. he clearly understands the difference between bilateral sanctions and multilateral saying schuss. making move to say we can only put bilateral sanctions on iran when i'm president. i can make it tough on allies, choose us or choose iran? bill: they have improved on their positions articulating them? >> rubio in particular. bill: who did not, rick? >> ted cruz had a terrible night this is couple days right before the caucus. people are focused looking at the candidate in a real way, and
7:27 am
ted cruz was all over the map. he got hit by being a phony libertarian from rand paul. and he responded by saying i love ron paul. that scares foreign policy hawks a lot. that is our fear about ted cruz. and then i think marco rubio did a very good job of showing that ted cruz is phony conservative. he wants to bomb without putting intel officers, which we call boots on the ground. ted cruz had really rough night trying to figure out from foreign policy standpoint which way he would go. he was embracing, ron paul, rand paul view of the world. that is scary thing for foreign policy hawks. bill: wow, not flattering. john kasich, ohio governor, his turn on isis. watch this. >> we want to destroys isis has to be in the air and on the ground. it has to be with our friend in the arab world and our friends in europe, a coalition we had when we went to the first gulf war. when we win that and we will win that against isis as it settles
7:28 am
down we should leave because we shouldn't be policemen of the world. bill: what's wrong with that? >> look, i think it is right we certainly have to bring people along but there is a difference there. in the first gulf war when we had big coalition, colin powell doctrine with overwhelming force we also had intelligence officers where isis command-and-control center was or back then where the enemy's command-and-control center was. we don't have people on the ground. it is not fair comparison. until we put boots on ground, we won't know what to target. carpet bomb something waste of money and waste of time. bill: when you look at foreign policy issues do you think hillary clinton or bernie sanders articulates it any better? >> no. that's why i think chris christie and marco rubio did the best last night because they began to switch towards what all republicans agree on, which is that bernie sanders and
7:29 am
hillary clinton's world view is a dangerous world view. that is where all republicans can gather around those two candidates. so differentiating yourself with your current primary opponent is important. but focusing on november. focusing on the one candidate that would unite all republicans with you means you have to be against bernie sanders or hillary clinton. bill: it i interesting analysis. i think a lot of your answers are frankly surprising with what i watched last night. see you later today. ric grenell in des moines. martha, what's next? martha: last night we heard a lot of serious policy discussion. there were also lighthearted moments out there. bret baier will join us with a look at some. deif bait highs and low. >> can you name even one thing that the federal government does now that it should not do at all? >> yes. you want one? >> i want one, yes.
7:30 am
7:31 am
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7:33 am
♪ martha: rick santorum, carly fiorina, mike huckabee and jim gilmore battling it out on the stage last night in debate number one taking on topics from immigration to the economy and even a little bit on the clintons. >> we can not have a republican party that scapegoats anyone, hispanics, muslims, any women, african-americans, anyone. if that becomes the future of the republican party, i don't want to be a part of that. you want to solve global climate change, take two million jobs from move them back here to the united states where we produce 1/5 of the co2 and make things. we can do it all. we can take care of the environment. we can create more jobs here. >> i honestly don't understand how anybody with i.q. above plant life would honestly think that we would be better off if
7:34 am
we let the government have all of the private property and that the government would dole out what they thought we should have. i'm not feeling the bern, bill. i'm not feeling it. >> hillary clinton will do anything to gain and hang on to power, anything. while i know that she has held many positions and many titles she has not accomplished much of anything in her life. she has gotten every single foreign policy challenge wrong. she continues to lie to the american people. it is clinton way, say whatever you have to say, do whatever you have to say, lie as long as you can get away with it. hillary clinton can not be president of these united states >> i think about when we were in cleveland in august. martha: yeah. bill: i thought they all came ready to play in a way we did not see back then. martha: yeah. bill: you can tell like the repetition on the estimate and just getting more compact answers more succinct. a lot of that comes from the work they put in and questions
7:35 am
they get from voters every day, a lot of stuff people don't see at home frankly. martha: they have all approached this in a serious way. they all, i thought, had very strong moments last night. as you say, they have had a lot of practice out there on the campaign trail articulating these ideas. they bring a lot to the table. people with enormous amount of experience. even jim gilmore who people weren't familiar with has tremendous amount of experience. chris wallace says there are likely to be fewer people in the race short term. however they put a lot of heart and a lot of time into this process. i think voters do appreciate it in a big way. bill: we talked about that last night immediately after the debate. in all likelihood, monday night into tuesday, you will get that phrase, suspended campaign. don't know where it is coming from. all likelihood one or two to make news next week. all right, ted cruz last night on obamacare. watch. >> if i am elected president we will repeal every word of
7:36 am
obamacare. now once that is done, everyone agrees we need health care reform. it should follow principles of expanding competition, empowering patients and keeping government from getting in between us and our doctors. bill: so that was a moment that filled the room. great crowd by the way in des moines last night. one of the moderators last night, bret baier is with us in studio. how are you, sir? >> good morning. bill: big broad sense. >> wonderful to roll out of your room to come to the set. bill: yes it is. >> it's a great thing. bill: coffee in hand. >> next up. bill: got that out of your system. >> yeah. bill: in a broad sense what do you think of how last night turned out based on what you had expected going there? >> well i thought there they were a little bit reserved at the first part, bill. i thought that we were expecting them to go guns blazing. we talked about it yesterday that we were getting indications
7:37 am
from the campaign even if trump wasn't there, if we asked anything it was going to be about trump, not being there. that was not the case. there was another calculation here. and that was not to talk about him. to talk substance, to not even have that sharpened elbow moment with others on the stage. they almost avoided some of those confrontations i think at the beginning. for moderators that was a little surprising for us. bill: just to put a fine point on this trump situation, 3 1/2 days away from caucus begins. what he essentially did last night was sidestep the possibility of getting caught in any sort of trap that may have sent some folks here in iowa into a period of doubts as to whether or not they supported him. the mere fact that he wasn't there, allowed him that opportunity to skip that
7:38 am
possibility. what do you think of that? >> i think for all the people say this was a big negative that he wasn't there, politically speaking, strategy speaking, i mean i don't see that there's going to be a ton of downside for him. at least not in the perception talking to people this morning. it could be, they could say, you should be out there. but, you know, listen, if you thought that the tapes of senator cruz and senator rubio saying different things in the campaign were interesting and you know, seeing them say, flip-flop, you should see the tape of donald trump. bill: is that right? >> i mean it was prepared. we were ready. bill: almost as if you're on the football field, and you're up a touchdown and there is two minutes left on the clock, if the polls are right and if trump believes he has an advantage or a lead here in iowa, run out the clock, just protect it. >> sure. the old dean smith,unc.
7:39 am
bill: go to that corner. maccallum is here. >> hold it. bill: kentucky. that is exactly right. i believe normally in big moments like debate last night it take as day or two for impression to settle in and leave you with a lasting taste on your tongue or on your mind n this case iowa decides in 3 1/2 days. i just don't know what the lasting impact of last night will be if there is any. have you thought about that, based on two united states of sleep and a cup of coffee? >> i think, listen, there was a lot of substance there. there was a lot of meat as far as where the republican party is. we started with the whole question about the establishment versus anti-establishment. that is the broad battle you're seeing in the gop overall. i think, donald trump factors in there heavily. there is a lot of people out there that say, you know what? just throw it away.
7:40 am
let's get somebody who can shake it up. that is why he is really having effect in this race. bill: maccallum talked to wallace 30 minutes ago. chris wallace said ted cruz, have not a great night. >> i agree. the exchange with chris wallace was not one of his better moments, this is debate, sir, the one that you played earlier. i don't think it was a great night for him but for iowa, you know, cruz is in the sweet spot. and -- bill: how come? >> just because he is with, where i think iowa republicans are. despite the ethanol point, he is against the ethanol fuel standard in the long term. doesn't want the government picking winners and losers. that was a moment as well. i think that idealogically and where they are, according to the polls, cruz lines up pretty good with iowa. bill: seems to be this feeling
7:41 am
jeb bush is more comfortable, as stirewalt called it, the trump scuds were not flying in the air. >> i think it is true. bill: a little under the weather. saw him pop a cough drop, hit his chest couple times. you're out there, traveling things happen. do you agree with that? >> it was a good night for jeb bush much his nights. he has not had good nights, most of them with donald trump on stage. i think chris christie had a great night, with some good lines and great back and for the. marco rubio performed well but jeb bush had a good night for him. bill: thank you, bret. see you at 6:00. >> all right. bill: we have behr in this corner, hemmer over here. we need a fourth. martha: breakfast bar over there. check it out on way out. thank you very much, bret. three days to go until the caucus day. what will voters in the hawkeye state do? pulse of iowa voter by someone who knows it extremely well.
7:42 am
here is rick santorum. >> i want to thank the people of iowa. over the last five years i have done 700 speeches and town hall meetings throughout the state of iowa. it has been an incredible ride, thank you. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis
7:43 am
with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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7:45 am
martha: we are back. this is live shot of a trump event. he is not in iowa. he is in new hampshire. donald trump in nashua, new hampshire while most folks are focused on iowa which raises questions. we have director of paul simon public policy institute and former political reporter for "des moines register." you know him well. he is mr. iowa. good to see you this morning, david. >> good to see you. martha: what does that indicate? is he turning his back on iowa?
7:46 am
>> i know he doesn't want to take, he is frontrunner and doesn't want to take any hits but to duck the debate after he done so well at other up withs seems like a mistake. martha: he had another event. how do you think iowa voters responded to see other seven out there? >> yes. trump takes oxygens out of the room. this takes other candidates a real chance to flower, to shine, to be heard. it was good for them. martha: we heard anecdotally, and heard from people out there polling voters in iowa, that obviously you know, it is clicheed to say at this point. they decide late. >> yes. martha: it is actually true. we talked to people last night. i'm kind of between this one and that one. how does it impact it when donald trump already hit the road and already in new hampshire? >> being in new hampshire is okay but the fact he wasn't there last night i think hurts him. if you look at polls, there are a lot of problems with polls of
7:47 am
caucus goers, caucus-goers will tell you i will change my mind or i haven't made a firm decision. don't forget this is caucus, not a primary. people meet with their neighbors. what do they do, talk politics. i know something about politics and i'm undecided i can change my mind. that dynamic is very real. there is lot of buzz and chatter who people want to support. martha: there almost always a sort of up side surprise when you look at actual numbers come out of iowa, you talk about how hard it is to poll here. you have rubio in the mix. when you look at top three, cruz, rubio trump. and we're hearing a lot of people saying they're taking a look at rubio, taking a look at christie out there. >> right. martha: how significant is the first, second and third spot after this on monday? >> very important. three tickets out of iowa is old saying. history of the caucuses eventual nominee comes out of the top three finishers. the exception was 2008 with john
7:48 am
mc-- mccain finished fourth out iowa. there are four tickets, first class, coach, standby and baggage. martha: who has tickets. >> trump, rubio, cruz, i don't know about the fourth. martha: so all right in terms of how it is going to work on monday, and you know the fact that donald trump went to new hampshire, how much matters over this weekend? because these guys, i've been asking campaigns where are your people today? they're all over the state. marco rubio earlier is on his way to burlington. hands on personal appearances people are doing, will it make a difference? >> sure. creates energy. campaign staffers say candidates can get in the way. their job now is to get voters out. they i.d.'d their people but need to get them out. they have to make room for the candidate. it creates buzz. more often they can be here the better. martha: when you look at last
7:49 am
night, look at people standing up there, who stands out to you as somebody who may have done themselves some real good last night? >> marco rubio. no question in my mind about it. i think marco rubio draws, his strength of his candidacy he is drawing from everyone of these lanes if you will. tea partiers, religious conservative, party establishment. doesn't have to get them all. has to get a slice. martha: what about cruz? cruz has been so strong in iowa and he's talked about the fact he made a major investment here. camp cruz. they have thousands of people who are camped out sleeping on air mattresses working for him in this state. as senator rubio said earlier, boy, if ted cruz doesn't win here, he really put all chips in this basket and won't look good for him. >> i think senator cruz may have let his expectations get out of control. the whole goal is to say to national media people, wow he did better than expected. if he doesn't finish second he
7:50 am
could look bad. he took a lot of hits in the debate. he may have peeked too soon. martha: david, good to have you here on the set. bill: thank you david. it is all over for the debate. now you get to choose. what are they going to do? what iowa needs to know today, what you need to know next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever?
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> top of the hour on "happening now," we'll follow all the reaction to last night's gop debate from new york. while some clinton supporters say the media are hyping bernie sanders just to create a more competitive race on the democratic side. plus is u.s. poised to take action against isis in libya? military leaders say terrorists are taking advantage of a power vacuum in that unstable nation. action should be taken.
7:54 am
plus he is back. "affluenza" teen due to face a texas judge just moments from now. will ethan couch go to juvenile or an adult jail? he is in court bottom of the hour. we'll have it, "happening now." ♪ >> americans are angry and i think it's important to understand why they're mad. they're mad because they see a government that continues to do fine. they see people at the top. they're doing fine. bill: that from the first debate last night. in response to a question about, you know, nikki haley, republican governor said, don't listen to the loudest siren call of angriest voices. donald trump said, damn right, i'm really angry. question is, who is right about that? i thought, martha, often times as moderators when you go in you have to be careful as to how much further you can press that. they are politicians first.
7:55 am
some of them businessmen or business women in that case of carly fiorina. but, we can't beat the story. and i know a lot of viewers were probably thinking, no, no, hemmer follow, maccallum, go there but you take the risk as a moderator to make yourself the story. we did not want to do that. martha: yeah. once you start to engage in that kind of pull-in, and sometimes it is absolutely appropriate, it becomes about that, rather than about getting through and getting some of these peoples policy issues out there. we ride to lay out a lot of coverage, talked about isis, economy a lot, talked about what makes people angry. we talked about issue of fact that there are conservatives and establishment sort of trying to fight for territory which some of the candidates pushed back on in both detraits but the truth of the matter is that's what we're seeing play out in very big way between trump supporters and other supporters out there. it is fighting for soul of what
7:56 am
the republican party is all about. that is relevant issue. i think everybody knows it and sees it. bill: as moderator being in arena is fantastic. 96, 97 hours when we opened up, you know the campaigns, some of them they're just hanging on at very end. others are working strategy to figure out a way to get in top three in iowa. to be in that at moment when everything is on line after month after month and month time, sweat and tears invested. it is something else. i'm honored to be there. martha: it is emotional for them, for the candidate, people that put so much into all campaigns. they know defining moments are coming. voters trying to figure out as dave yepsen said, no you don't want that person, you want this person. come over here with me. it is very persuasive and
7:57 am
powerful. bill: dynamic. martha: we're playing this gig all weekend. we're here until tuesday. bill: back in a moment.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
bill: what did you say, we play this gig all week? martha: we are here all week, folks. [laughter] bill: we are. martha: we'll see you monday, everybody. have a great day. ♪ ♪ jon: sparks fly on the des moines debate -- jenna: easy enough to say, right? we can start out that way. tripping you up with that. jon: thank goodness it's friday. [laughter] republican presidential candidates square off for the final time before iowa votes on monday. well come to "happening now," i'm jon scott. jenna: we'll say that ten times fast, des moines debate stage. candidates sparred over immigration and national security and each other's records as well, but they safed some fire


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