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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jon: see you in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered," and i am andrea tantaros 10 years harris falkner, co-hosted after the bell on fox business, melissa frances, nationally syndicated radio shows and fox news contributor megan mccain and one lucky guy from the great state of utah, chairman of the house oversight and government reforms committee jason chase fits is here. you are "outnumbered," welcome back. thanks for making time, this is a big political day and we can't wait to get your thoughts because you have an important role. >> i am honored to be there. we have a lot to talk about.
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>> we are three days from the iowa caucuses and last night the gloves came off as the gop candidates made their final appeal, the first thing was the elephant not in their room, donald trump. >> let me say i am of maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly and been, you are a terrible surgeon. now the we have the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> let's be clear what this campaign is about. is not about donald trump. he is the greatest show on earth. this campaign is about the greatest country in the world and a president who has systematically destroyed many of the things that made america special. >> the first vote hasn't been counted. when we let the process work i trust iowa, people in south carolina, people in nevada to start this process out.
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i miss donald trump. he was able to indeed there to me. we had such a loving relationship in these debates. i kind of miss him, which he was here. everyone else was in the witness protection program when i went after him on behalf of what the republican cause should be, conservative principles. >> the candidates quickly turned to the bigger issues and with ted cruz taking donald trump's place many of the shots went his way. >> ted it didn't show up. we had to audit of that which was the biggest thing i had been advocating for. ted didn't have time, the only republican that didn't show up. >> who could change his mind? perfectly legal in this country but when you are a governor you have to admit it, you can't hide behind parliamentary tricks. >> the bill would involved legalization. cavett both ways but what is insulting is he is the king of saying you are for amnesty.
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everybody is for amnesty except ted cruz. >> this is the lie ted's campaign is built on, that he is the most conservative guy and everyone else is the rhino. the truth is throughout this campaign you have been willing to say or do anything to get votes. >> sparks flew between marco rubio and jeb bush over there changing positions on immigration. >> the time and context was in 2009-2010, a last effort for legalization was an effort done in the senate led by several people that provided an instant pass with law obstacles moving forward. i always said this issue does need to be solved. >> i am confused because he was the sponsor of the gang of 8 bill which did require a bunch of thresholds but ultimately allowed citizenship over an extended time. that is a fact. he asked me to support that and i supported him and he cut and run because it wasn't popular
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among conservatives i guess. >> chris christie who said he is the best candidate to represent the gop in november explained why as he tore into hillary clinton. >> the republican party taking a chance on me because they know hillary clinton will never be prosecuted by this justice department and they want to put a former federal prosecutor and staged a prosecutor next september and no one is better prepared to prosecute the case against hillary clinton than i am. i will be ready and take her on and when i take her on i guarantee one thing, she will never get within two miles of the white house. the days for the clintons in public housing are over. >> and jeb bush who had his best night yet defended his family dynasty. >> the greatest man alive was president of the united states and my brother who i adore, fantastic brother was president, i will take it but let me be part of the establishment because barbara bush is my mom. i will take that too but this
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election is not about our pet agree. is about people really hurting. we need a leader that will fix things that have a proven record to do and we need someone who will take on hillary clinton in november. >> without the donald, breakdown last night. you have endorsed a candidate. marco rubio. marco rubio had a great night, was able to get some gloves into ted cruz who did not have his human shield donald trump there and marco rubio did bruise him a bit. what did you think of their back and forth on immigration? >> that is what this is about and this was a better debate because there was more substance as opposed to personal attacks and to that degree it was more productive. i and 8 huge fan of marco rubio, the best candidate to win in november and he showed debate after debate he knows his stuff, he knows foreign policy, he is a conservative and for those of us
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who spend time with literally every candidate on both sides of the aisle, myself, trey gowdy and others we support marco rubio because he is a leader and that is what we need. >> i want to ask about his position on immigration because it is a killing field and people don't think it is conservative. any -- he tried to go after ted cruz. what do you make of his switching positions? >> he hit the nail on the head when he said we can't get through any discussion until we lockdown that border. we have to get rid of rewards and incentives to be there and i think he understands that. some people say he supports amnesty, he does not. i would support him if he supported amnesty. i think he is good on this topic and he can lead us to where we need to be and the first thing he talked about last night is locking down the border. >> what did you think? you were doing online coverage?
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harris: i was not. >> what did you think of it? tayyip erdogan harris: i thought the best 1-liners against hillary clinton were by carly fiorina. saying to every adversary and every terrorist organization on the planet is open season. that is the difference it made. that is paraphrasing and in reference to the remarks clinton said at her 2013 benghazi hearing. she had her on bill clinton and the relationship, she was really loaded and ready to go but if the question is who lost or suffered a bit it was ted cruz. it was difficult for him. >> i was made uncomfortable by his attack on the moderators. >> they were asking tough questions. >> jeb bush got to sort of a little bit. if the only time you gets more is it your greatest adversary is
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not onstage fact what is hillary clinton gets the nomination? i think he did well last night, he finished complete flops, it wasn't so negative because the teddy bear line was the opposite of where he normally goes with donald trump but it was interesting to get to see him formulate his own argument. can he do that when they return to the same stage in a couple weeks? >> it does seem like that when trump is on stage, he talks to sean hannity, am i getting better at going after him which you shouldn't admit on camera but what did you make about ted cruz at stone? there have been rumors, hard to get along in d.c. but in the senate he is not well liked, did that come out last night or was it justified? >> the opportunity with trump off the stage to show himself to be the leader he wants to be, completely missed opportunity,
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he got some good things in. my favorite moment was everybody except you was the rhino, you are the only true conservative on stage and that hurt him because it is a ridiculous statement. i thing he is a brilliant debater but not last night. he feeds off of from's painter and did poorly last night. marco rubio big winner, jed came off not to embarrass his family. it was ted cruz's to win and he didn't do it. i was surprised by that. i have been impressed by his debate skills all along and whatever reason, there was a vacuum and heat it and fill it. the performance was rand paul, he had the opportunity to make his case without getting a inquiry. he did the other candidates's voices, i was joking about that and he was more himself, relax, made his case and in this particular race i don't know how much of a chance he proved he was here to stay and had some
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staying power. >> grant represents the different perspective of the party which is good. democrats don't have any competing theory is on stage. i thought chris christie did really well last night in addition to rand paul, very strong. when he goes after hillary clinton i think he does it better than anyone else. breakdown chris christie's performance. >> any time any of them go after hillary clinton it is the right target and that is what we should be talking about, the contrast between republicans and the other side show. >> they have been talking about marco rubio's credit card issue is, getting speeding tickets, this was a nice bright, elevating the discussion. >> talking about substance, what people want to see, each had their own highlights a law the way. having spent time with them, he
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is the right person. >> other memorable moments? does this bruce ted cruz going into a iowa? >> it touches on ted cruz, we talk about the super pac money, $1 million that will be put up to possibly -- ted cruz at escambia coming up with a venue, and i said yesterday that will give him a second bite of the apple if he doesn't do well but donald trump really going to want to do that a couple days out from the iowa caucus? carly fiorina might weigh in on that too. it will be without a moderator. does that signify the fact that ted cruz thought he might not do well? it seems like almost okay, if i don't i got that. >> he needs to win iowa and trump would like to win a iowa. >> he should stop trying to be funny. is completely false flat the audience and wyatt. it was very awkward, don't try
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it. >> all right -- >> not funny. >> you and your co-workers knowing how much you make and the public, the white house proposing a plan that would force companies to submit salary data to the federal government each year. as part of the effort to close the gender pay gap but is this too much government intrusion? republican presidential candidate taking aim at clinton's's marriage during last night's debate, we will show you the blistering critique that got everybody talking. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities.
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>> want to point your way to the left side of your screen, lee ledbetter making remarks before the president is expected to step up to the lectern marking seven years since the signing of the third act which makes it easier for women to file lawsuits for a discrimination but now the president wants to take things up another step toward bridging the gender gap, the gender a gap, he is proposing a plan that would force companies to break down a
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based on gender, race and ethnicity and submit it to the federal government every year. women still make an average of $0.79 for every dollar a man earns. we are watching the president right now. that was some file video but as he steps up to the lectern we will show you parts of that. what are your thoughts on taking this law and trying to do more with it at this point? >> in 2004 the white house according to the washington post and the white house itself men made on average $10,000 more than women in the white house. they can't even do it in the white house let alone try to do it for 330 million americans. and and women give birth and raise that child, they are
9:18 am
penalized, that is a valuable spurious. >> that is part of the crown corporations have tried. >> i don't trust the federal government. and will backfire in many ways. >> interesting point because the backfire could come from that is how companies make and sell look better. you make it so uniform for the government what does that do? >> i have a problem with this. it is hard to compare them. they bring different experiences. there is a reason they're making us and they made choices, they chose a career at that allowed them more flexibility, more time to be home with their kids. men are waking up, jealous of that, they want to spend time with kids. it is more complex than legislating, when i go to pick up a lot of dads and women who
9:19 am
are the breadwinner in the house, this is something that is changing. without the federal government getting involved, mandating, jean jim king is, let it natural >> reporter: volusia is doing that, changes you are making in your life. >> we talked about men one thing the element in their lives instead of -- i want to pay attention to this, we will show you the president has stepped up to the lectern now marking seven years since the lily ledbetter act was signed. >> i think you hit the nail on the head. it is hypocritical when you are not paying the women on your staff as much as the men and the president has been critiqued for allegedly not having been on his golf courses but you are absolutely right. this is a really complex issue. win and take time off because of child bearing and there are statistical issues that show why that is that there is a gender
9:20 am
pay gap in so many industries. democrats are right on visited the republicans who say it doesn't exist and not being honest about it. let me finish. in hollywood specifically you see women saying we are not pay as much as men. >> i have an issue. >> it is a liberal epicenter of the country and president obama relies on celebrities on his campaign so if you wants to take the issue centers stage why not bring in his liberal friends and point the finger at hollywood. >> it is subject like this indeed to speak to it too because you have a radio show and you're competing, sometimes it is more subjective. >> i completely agree with you that this is not the world of government to dictate all women are doing great jobs. not saying gendered a gap is not an issue. it is. i will say something people won't like, you got to step up. i always demand at every job if i know a man is making a certain amount of money i will demand
9:21 am
that amount of money as well and women are more resistant to ask for more money and raises, i think women have to be aggressive in the work force. >> what if you don't know what the pay is? >> that is the problem we are saying it is discrimination. i am not sure that is it. there are many complex factors which is why government can't fix it. how much have you taken off? standing up and asking for it, there are a lot of factors, not just straight discrimination. >> find out what your co-workers -- you can't obviously but you should know your value and that is something that is very modern. that is what the campaign is about. they have to fight for what they think they are worth in the work place. >> big developments in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, and
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must not be released today. the excuses come out of the administration you have to hear and hillary clinton taken to task for saying in her marriage to bill clinton what one of the republican candidate diluted to earlier, getting a lot of reaction today. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you. then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis
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think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. >> the state department is expected to release 2,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails but will likely delay a big chunk of that patch of messages until after voters go to the polls in early primary states, in a court failing late last night, regrets
9:27 am
and ability to punish the page on friday as federal court order ordered to do last year. and blaming internal oversight and snowstorms the crippled washington the last week. a hot campaign issue, chris christie, a former federal prosecutor letting hillary have it. >> she put america's secrets at risk at her convenience, but american intelligence officers at risk for her convenience. put american strategy at risk for her convenience. who is not qualified to be president of the united states, have the rodham clinton did that to our country, she's not qualified to be president of the united states. >> a lot of people frustrated by a this, why are we not doing something about it? while we still talking about it. >> she should never set this up. she said other e-mail servers,
9:28 am
the same day she started confirmation hearings. please things should have been released along time ago. they should have been dumped and given to the public. and all those types of things and for them to say we have delayed because of the snowstorm, can't you e-mail the e-mails? and to delay for another month. >> they proved they don't want to do that. what is interesting is there is filing on the friday before the snow storm hit because remember the federal offices closing at noon, they got the deadline before it was hit. we knew it was going to be bad but this pushes it back so far in the future. >> 18 agencies, 12 have so far, the lawsuit is forcing forward, frustrated about what is going
9:29 am
on. why americans are so depressed with government. >> ambassador bolton said he would have -- we saw what happened with general david petraeus. we know the government can do this. will the fbi recommend charges? the real question will that doj indict? they probably will. they recommend charges. i do not believe, with loretta lynch at the helm, one that did not choose to prosecute many others. they will not in sight. but the fbi will recommend indictments and it will be leaked to the press and it will go away. >> i am not a conspiracy theorist the the the part is asking for an extension after february which is after primary voting. are they doing this on purpose? i don't understand why there's this triple standard, i would
9:30 am
not even say double. that is something that will turn you into a conspiracy theorist. flyer you waiting until after the primaries? >> i don't understand how president obama previously said there is nothing in those e-mails at our national security. how does he know that? he is signaling how to conclude this, they have five open investigations and the president said there was not even a little bit of corruption. how do you know that when there are five and investigations? >> going on with this investigation, what happens a republican comes into the white house speech we heard chris christie saying he is going to prosecute. if a republican wins -- >> ambassador boy says if she were to face any sort of legal movement for indictment he would expect she would plead the fifth which in his opinion would mean the end of her political campaign but what you are talking about is what happens then, will she get a pardon? what are the chances of that? >> people have to be held accountable. that is to we are as a nation.
9:31 am
if that breaks down the nation breaks down. no person is above the law and certainly not the secretary of state. we should not treat her any harsher but we should not treat any easier and she's getting treated easier. >> is there more confidence for accountability with regard to this than there has been on been -- bent ozzie, that the a scandal? >> i will take some awfully. i do believe in director comey, got to believe in the fbi but what happens from there becomes inherently political. >> you keep an eye on a lot of issues and scandals. it must be frustrating to work with this administration. i see doing good working hearings but they don't seem to want to follow suit. >> my case but that let up, why are these people nightingale? a lot of people go to jail but they don't give me handcuffs. the legislative branch doesn't have -- >> we got to get you a pair. hillary clinton coming up several times during the debate,
9:32 am
the debate last night and so did her marriage to build. and this attack came from the only other woman running for the white house, carly fiorina. watch. >> hillary clinton will do anything to gain and saying on to power, anything. if my husband did what bill clinton did i would have left him long ago. >> she was joined by rand paul. there was some talk about clinton's infidelity. i do like carly fiorina. she does seem to get some clear shots on hillary clinton on key issues, that hillary is making her campaign about which is fighting for women's rights. >> i don't like the point about my husband had done this -- going at someone else's marriage, you don't know. there are so many women who said -- not sure that is a winning point. i like the point she made first about how she will do anything to hang on to power and i do
9:33 am
think that is what this proves is. rand paul made a more nuanced point the we looking at last night, the you -- a 22-year-old girl, if he was the ceo he would have been ostracized and fired. do we want him in the white house again? that was a winning point. >> is it the privacy issue? i agree with melissa, we should not be judging women on a decision to stay with a men or not but if she went after and blew leads women who were abused by bill clinton. >> her culpability in a row as related to bill clinton's sexual assaults, that is the culpability we are talking about. it leaked out onto the internet when questioning hillary clinton, this may be another thing people don't like. i love carly fiorina internal jugular. the clintons for so long have lived in your weekend talk about their relationship for their marriage, a private things happen between a man and woman
9:34 am
but bill clinton has a long history of nefarious behavior that reflects on her as well and we are talking about this man being back in the white house around young interns, he is not going to be the president any more. and i love that carley is doing it because it is different coming out of her mouth as opposed to a male candidate. >> some republicans on stage last night said this should not be an issue and a lot of republican voters said she is making this about women and fighting for women and she fought against women who were victims. should republicans make this an issue this time around since hillary clinton is claiming to be a champion for women? >> i don't understand the intricacies and arrangements bill and hillary clinton may have. quite frankly i can't even relate to how this might work and what is going on. my disdain for hillary clinton is a policy positions and lack of leadership. i think particularly males better start sticking to the issues and debating that an
9:35 am
carly fiorina is in a different position to argue that but certainly -- i don't like the policies. >> for me because hillary clinton is on stage right now saying young women of america i am your feminist icon, i am the one you have to vote for, you are a woman, you need to vote for a woman, questioning her relationship to sexual assault victims from bill clinton is more than fair on a lot of levels. what kind of feminist does that make hillary clinton? in release differently to different generations but mine in particular in the ear of bill cosby. >> if my husband did that to me i would leave him, my husband has not cheated on the i don't know what i would do if he did. >> millennial women are not buying this. when you hear carly fiorina make that accusation and you hear rand paul is there a difference? can one do it because when is a woman and should they? >> voters will decide that.
9:36 am
i have a 15-year-old daughter. if you have a 15-year-old daughter and have to leave for the weekend and wanted to stay with somebody who would you, mr. clinton? no possible way. >> would you leave your daughter with bill? much more will be needed from the united states to completely destroy isis. that is what military officials have told the white house. the obama administration should do about it up next.
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>> this might not be breaking news. more is needed to destroy the islamic state savages, the new york times is reporting the pentagon is telling the white house they believe additional forces are needed to be in iraq and syria to deal with lasting blow to the terrorists. the u.s. has 3700 troops in iraq
9:41 am
and a handful of special locks on the ground in syria. president obama talking with top national security advisers about the possibility of expanding the fight against isis into libya where the extremists are gaining a foothold. i wonder if the same extremists have the automatic weapons on the rooftop next to the consulate in benghazi or -- >> they have been there for a long time. >> in nigeria and parts of libya and pledging allegiance to isis, that will be the next round. >> it has been since before 2012, we haven't had human intelligence on the ground, the complete picture of what is going on. signal intelligence, certain things from satellites and drones and those things that you need human intelligence, but to say this is coming up is a joke.
9:42 am
anybody who has looked at any classified information knows this has been going on and growing in a rapid race. >> look at the polling and the taste the american public says, in some ways it has for fighting isis in a different way but no one has the flavor of putting combat troops on the ground and haven't been affected. we haven't trained many people. inside the beltway in washington what is the discussion like about how we are going to fight this? >> if we use the united states military, you fight to win. most of us feel that way but the president doesn't have a plan or the willpower to do it. he has been disguising it by using other names, it has happened overseas, and talking to members of congress, how to
9:43 am
do to solve this. >> you brought up many times, if you don't have a plan to keep the guys and women if you're going to willy-nilly is this, we are using the tip of that spirit, special operations forces, we are blessed to have them. so blessed to have our special forces and the rules of engage in targeting men and women killed, that is a fact, president obama says we can absorb another 9/11 and there's no existence of threats and there is no war on terror so it is frustrating, but it is really frustrating to watch republicans on stage last night. i appreciate them going after isis and fighting isis which is different from the president but the plane you mentioned, at 2 c candidate onstage, jeb bush and the is volunteering our men and women to go overseas to fight without a cogent plan. when this government and this country is on both sides of the civil war of sunni shia violence
9:44 am
we are funding both sides, we don't know what end is up, don't have a goal, i did not hear one from anybody on stage last night. if you are going to volunteer the men and women, so many have already died and we have given up -- you have to be willing, are you willing to send your own? stand up and give us a plan? we lost too many men and women to these wars, $4 trillion that have gotten us very little. >> a lot of people don't understand, the sunni component is our relationship with saudi arabia and what they're doing in yemen and shia side is delicious deal for the iranians. your last thoughts on this? >> we have given the iranians $100 billion and any combatants, the president releasing them back to the battlefield. you go with everything or you don't go. >> not going is a scary thought.
9:45 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in a moment the first john stopped in "happening now". jon: ethan couch wraps up his first court appearance in texas. the judge will send the affluenza teen to juvenile hall or an adult jail? high end homes on the brink. heavy rains from el nino forcing one family to teardown their multimillion-dollar dream home as a busy evacuate. and arrest in the case of those three men to escape maximum-security jail. an english teacher teacher at a facility helped some breakout.
9:50 am
we will tell you more about that at the top of the hour, "happening now". speaking to the federal government was a business on yield you would probably not walk through the door. a new survey from the american customer satisfaction index finds american satisfaction in dealing with federal agencies hitting an all-time low. the government as a whole scoring a 63.9 of 100 on the satisfaction index. st. louis level since they began tracking. the agency getting the highest marks the interior department because folks love the national parks but no surprise to taxpayers the lowest score going to the treasury department which oversees the irs. to you, congressman. are you surprise? >> i am surprised. who actually -- i get to go in and interact with the federal government. more than half of federal employees are good decent hard-working patriotic people
9:51 am
behalf of federal employees get bonuses every year. and too many things in every aspect of our lives and got to slow down. >> this was the only convenience store that opened during the snowstorm. you have to do business. >> page at down. >> the threat of snow and federal government. >> what is interesting, neighbors get there and no one wants to be there, not usually where you do grocery shopping. that is where you do that. whenever something happens why don't we see more people up in arms and contacting people like you? we have conversations about you should do what you can as americans. people don't do that? if you are that a greek, tell somebody. >> in our personal office i can tell you between immigration, social security, veterans, we
9:52 am
spend all day every day working on those issues. veterans make me absolutely i rate. we give them -- the american people, we give them billions of dollars and we are not taken care of. >> our form of government is based on hating government. that is what the country was founded on, the idea that we want people to do for themselves, you don't want to be dependent on the government, they are necessary evil, supposed to be doing the least amount possible. that is what america is built on. when we start to depend on the government to do too much we get into trouble, you should heed the government. they should be doing their the anything. that is what america is about. >> you sound like rand paul. government you can barely see. >> you need an ophthalmologist. >> do you get it? >> 30 million more people. 30 million more people on food stamps than we did in the year 2,000.
9:53 am
>> democrats need that to win. this is helping people. >> we are compassionate, we are going to take care of those the can't take care of themselves, too many people gaming the system and pulling money out of somebody's pocket and giving it to somebody else. and teach our kids that is what you do. you are pulling out one person's wallet and handed it to somebody else. >> it is likely to americas, the connected and political in government and everybody else. president obama talked about two americas. i don't think this is what people imagine. if you get sick don't, doctor, call a lobbyist. people feel they are not getting a fair take, people getting more of inert business. >> we like national parks. that was the one part of that. hooked on phonics didn't work for all millennial sledge what happened when attacking air when turned off the top of corrective measure how good or bad young people are at spelling. listen up!
9:54 am
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>> millennials are good at using
9:58 am
apps but they don't know how to spell. according to data from one texting apps users from 16 to 24 misspelled 40% of words they did not have auto corrected is the most commonly misspelled were weird and definitely. budweiser not only can they not spell but one lawmaker revealed that many students in the big apple can't even sign their own name because they have become so tech oriented. megan mccain, i don't want to judge millennials but this is a real crisis? >> the one thing i will say is i have a hard time writing things out anymore. i take notes on my computer. the euro we are living and i don't judge people too harshly on spelling mistakes, people use different jargon and slain. it is the world we are living in. it is technology. >> we are forgetting how to communicate.
9:59 am
>> i am not going to throw shade on his that the real world problems, really, auto correct, you can't even do that for yourself. the signature is important. if we want to be individuals and a business deal you got to be able to sign your name. that means anybody can be you. you can't blame technology fifth at the >> part of it has to do with the fight over common core, they're not teaching cursive any longer, that is where this came up and i am a terrible speller, always have been, at harvard terrible speller. it has to do with how you do things. they didn't have auto correct. i am a terrible -- >> you use imogees on capitol hill? >> if the spelling is wrong is because they got it wrong. i don't even tight any more.
10:00 am
they need to teach cursive. anybody knows anybody's telephone number? if you don't have a phone you are in real trouble. great to have you here, get you back and other day. join us for a special edition of "outnumbered" on sunday. noon eastern, one day before the iowa caucuses. kevin na starts now. alert. we expect a sheriff's briefing on the search for three dangerous fugitives in california. >> we are are learning about the swat team raids that could be tied to the break out. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> this is i lies that the campaign is built on. >> marco went to major donors. >> sparks fly over immigration and did they gain ground in iowa against the elephant that was not in the room? >> he killed more people. >> strong reaction from


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