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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> we'll share more on monday. also, we'll be back tomorrow. >> that's right. working tomorrow saturday. do not be confused. will be saturday tomorrow and also working. >> covering those iowa caucuses as we get ready to vote. thank you for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. intelligence community now deeming some of hillary clinton's e-mails, quote, too damaging to national security to release under any circumstances. hi, everyone. welcome to "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. fox news told it's special access programs which are considered beyond top secret. well, this undercuts claims by the state department and the clinton campaign that none of the intelligence in the e-mails classified when it hit clinton's personal server. the state department scheduled to release more e-mails today but instead asked a federal court for more time. we'll more on the clinton campaign in a little bit but the breaking news and the headline
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some of the e-mails too classified to ever be released anywhere. as you know, fox news is america's election headquarters. gop candidates back on the campaign trail today hitting multiple stops after last night's fox news debate and making closing arguments ahead of the iowa caucuses. here's senator marco rubio holding a town hall meeting at this hour. this is muscatine, iowa. nice down. i've been there. and jeb bush is in the town of carroll. they make the final sprint before the hawkeye state, the dust barely settled on last night's big debate. sparring mostly over foreign policy and immigration but also addressing as megyn kelly put it, the elephant not in the room. donald trump. >> i'm a maniac.
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and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a teddy bear to me. we always had such a loving relationship. in these debates. and in between and the tweets. i kind of miss him. i wish he was here. everybody else was in the witness protection program when i went after him. >> marco rubio taking a jab at jeb bush and rand paul over military spending. >> you cannot destroy isis with a military diminishes. i'm rebuilding the military because the world is a safer and better place when america's the strongest military in the world. >> jeb bush addressing the scandal of a leading veterans charity and his plan to fix the v department of jet rans affairs. >> would you police the agencies that say they're helping vets? >> of course. all sorts of ways that can be done at the state, local and federal level to do that but the first duty of the next president
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of the united states is to fix the mess of the department of veterans afarrells. >> who are the winners and losers? bring in bret o'donnell, president of o'donnell and associates, former debate coach for governor mitt romney. who won and lost in your mind? >> well, the big winner of the night wasn't there. that was donald trump. because no one effectively was able to make the case that they should be the first in the iowa caucuses over him. i mean, ted cruz had the most to lose and the most to gain last night. and unfortunately, he had a very poor night last night. >> all right. let's take a look at marco rubio who many thought had a good night, as well. here he took a hit. it wasn't evident right away but a big hit on bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders is a socialist. i think bernie sanders is a good candidate for president. of sweden. we don't want to be sweden. we want to be the united states of america.
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hillary clinton -- hillary clinton is disqualified from being the commander in chief of the united states. in fact, one of her first acts as president may very well be to pardon herself because hillary -- >> what did you make of marco rubio's performance? >> i thought marco rubio won the actual debate. he had a great debate last night. he clearly had the most moments in the debate from that line to really seizing the opportunity to talk to evangelicals in iowa. he made it very clear that he's a person of faith and that he should receive consideration from evangelicals as much as ted cruz or donald trump. marco rubio had a very big night last night. he won the exchange with ted cruz and he was able to drive his message once again. >> okay. but he was -- he had his feet held to the fire by jeb bush in their fight on immigration. listen to this. >> i wrote a book about this called "immigration wars." you can get it $2.99 on amazon. not a best-seller. i can tell you. we should have a legal status.
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come out from the shadows, pay a fine, earn status by working, paying taxes, learning english, not committing crimes. >> you changed your position on immigration in that book. you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> and the book. >> so did you, marco. >> seemed as though jeb bush had a huge relief lifted not having donald trump there and came alive. >> jeb bush had his best debate of any of the debates this far. by far last night and got the better of marco rubio in that exchange. i mean, that's the one problem for marco rubio is the issue of immigration. fox played the videos of marco rubio's past positions and in contrast with jeb bush. you know, jeb bush sold himself as a consistent fighter on that issue opposed to marco rubio. >> uh-huh. all right. let's look at rand paul because he was back on the main stage. he got some great reviews, as well. and here is rand paul taking on
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ted cruz? his authenticity problem as he put it. >> what's particularly insulting, though, he is the king of saying, oh, you are for amnesty. everybody is for amnesty except for ted cruz. that's a falseness and an authenticity problem. everybody not as perfect as him. we're all for amnesty. >> was that a strike? >> that was a definite strike. one of the three reasons voters vote for candidates is authenticity and likability. so when rand paul and marco rubio went after ted cruz on the authenticity issue, not only was that a terrible moment for ted cruz, but it was a good moment for rand paul to say, i am awe thebtic. i am the real deal. rand had one of his better debates last night, as well. >> very interesting the see how it all panned out and now voters go to the caucuses on monday. we'll see what happens. very nice to see you again. take care. >> good to see you. thanks to google we have a
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good idea of who got good online buzz. important issues facing the country. shannon breeze live in des moines looking at this closely. shannon, does the data -- what does it tell us about iowa's reaction to the candidates last night? >> reporter: it's so many cool tools to use with google friends data to look at things. look at the top of the screen telling you who's getting the most attention and queries. trump there in the top spot and not part of the debate and overall the most traffic. still followed by cruz and rubio. the bottom of the screen, that's the horse race. you can see where people jumped up to the top, crashed down to the bottom and searching more about someone and less about someone else. rubio with spikes where he was in the number one slot. he got a lot of attention in the debate last night. so that was interesting. overall, folks on google and watching the debate asked in the survey there, who do you think won? rubio came out on top with 29% and numbers from inside iowa
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where, of course, we'll have the first actual voting days from now. >> okay. so what about the trends outside of iowa for last night? >> yeah. these are interesting, too. because we can track specific candidates and people know about them. how old they are, tall, married. even is chris christie a democrat? people google anything. we can do that anonymously. here's something on ted cruz. top three trending questions in the debate yesterday. why was ted cruz born in canada? that was number one. we had this conversation about was he. that's clearly established. people wanted to know what were the circumstances? what about that? where did he go to school? will he get the nomination? that remains to be seen and so interesting. google could track this to the county in iowa. and already we talked to daniel seaberg with how they're looking to the upcoming contest days away. >> we're already looking ahead to new hampshire and sharing that data. same goes for south carolina and
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the states into the future. we're starting to look for the trends and of course, you know, we want to look at a national level, as well. compare how those line up. >> reporter: so, looking ahead to new hampshire, already crunching some of the google data last month. number one searched candidate in new hampshire has been donald trump and one county where he's not tops and that's ted cruz. in the rest of the counties where donald trump is number one, cruz is number two in those countie counties. we have heard about polling and still looks like it's a trump-cruz game as far as google traffic and searches in the next state to vote after iowa which is new hampshire. >> on the 9th. shannon, thanks so much. busy day for democrats on the campaign trail in iowa. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in des moines. 72 hours to go. bernie sanders calling out mrs. clinton for a call for more debates. right? >> reporter: that's right.
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what's interesting is, remember, last year, hillary clinton was leading big time. didn't want to do more debates. now she is struggling a bit and so her campaign is saying, look. we have always wanted more debates. they'll do three more in the days ahead beyond what the dnc committed to. bernie sanders yesterday calling her out basically saying, look. i'm not going to let her dictate the terms of this. watch. >> clinton campaign does not rule the world and not my job to do what the clinton campaign wants me to do. >> reporter: sanders says he'll accept three more because he's calling for more debates for months. not because he's going to let clinton now dictate the terms. it is interesti ining because i shows you bernie barely acknowledged the existence by the clinton camp and now pushing back because he feels confident. >> clinton is dogged over an enthusiasm, as well. the energy level. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, madame you say
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president. madame. madame. >> reporter: you can feel the excitement, right? let's do something. let's get excited. in fact, official at the university told me privately they had been told by the clinton camp to expect 1,000. there were maybe 200 or 300. gretchen? >> they need chocolate or something. a little sugar. >> reporter: always good. >> ed, see you soon. crucial campaign weekend after the final debate. who has the best ground game in iowa? who's been to the most countiec? does that even matter this time around? detail breakdown next. so the fact is that wr the t work for us and we have to have an attitude when we're in government of servanthood. we serve you. you don't serve us. we listen to you. and then we act. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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time for some real talk now. presidential candidates in the final stretch before monday night caucuses. the difference of victory and defeat could very well come down to the ground game in iowa. here's texas senator ted cruz. >> by monday, you will have welcomed me into all 99 counties in iowa. you will have welcomed my dad to preach at your churches. you will have welcomed heidi and our girls into your homes and i am so grateful for the diligence, for the seriousness with which the men and women of iowa approach this process. joining me now, director of the center of politics at the university of virginia, larry sabodo. there's no question ted cruz has his best ground game and going to every county and volunteers.
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we have been talking about this for months. my question this time around is, does it matter? >> it matters somewhat, gretchen. it's going to make a few points-worth of difference. after all, this is a relatively low turnout compared to primaries drawing out a large number of people in a state. if you have 125,000 or ing acro state, if your organization is working for months or even years to add an additional 5,000, 10,000 to the mix, that's going to help you. it's going to add a few percentage points to you and make your opponents if they don't have a ground game look worse. >> yeah, because it's so different when you're talking about a caucus versus a primary for the reasons you just stated and people have to make a commitment to come out. i want to take a rough look now at the iowa counties that the republican candidates visited to see there cruz has already
11:17 am
reached 93 of 99. carson far behind at 48. paul at 35. rubio at 25. and kasich at 8. those numbers could change but i think the big question in people's minds, larry, is the ground game of donald trump. there have been report that is there really isn't that much of a ground game and if he's attracting all of these new caucus goers and they don't know where to go, how does that flush out? >> i don't think there's any question at all that his ground game is inferior to that of cruz's and probably several of the other candidates much lower down in the polls. will it matter? it makes some difference. the public opinion polls of iowa, i automatically subtract a few points from trump's total simply because we know he doesn't have that vigorous a ground game. they insist he has one. i think it's not the equivalent of the others. the other extreme there, as you
11:18 am
noted, is ted cruz been to 93 of the 99 counties and pledged to visit all 99 and instead of being in some of the highly populated areas, he's visiting the leftover rural counties that aren't going to deliver many votes. i think he kind of regrets that. that's the old way of doing iowa. i think that's going to go by the boards in the future. >> that's really interesting. so let's say, for example, that donald trump ends up winning the iowa caucus and he hasn't had this elaborate ground game, how does that affect the future of politics? >> it puts more emphasis on fund-raising to get on television and send more mailers and hire more people to make telephone calls. in other words, it takes the emphasis off the supposedly highly personal game that iowa has always claimed to be and it suggests that iowa and for that matter new hampshire are becoming like everywhere else.
11:19 am
you campaign there just as most other states. >> unless donald trump is just this anomaly which we'll have to see how that all pans out after monday night. >> he's an anomaly. i don't know if it applies here. >> very true. >> that's a good word. >> yes. all right. can we spell it? larry sabato, good to see you. officers usingletal force against a key player in the armed standoff. will the video do anything now to ease the tensions now that they have released it? with the final debate in the rear-view mirror, what was your favorite moment in last night's debate? that's the question of the day. tweet me. also, we are going to show some of your debate viewing photos. lots of you sent them to me last night. i appreciate that. on facebook and twitter and inthi instagr instagram. listen up!
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welcome back. the fbi releasing an aerial look at this week's confrontation with the armed men in oregon. one of them driving that truck looking to outrun the police. but he crashes into a snow bank and when appears to grab for a weapon troopers shoot him dead. claudia cowan has more. why did the feds release this video? >> reporter: well, gretchen, the fbi says it's trying to be transparent but this is a p.r. move, as well. locals say they have had wit the fbi roadblocks. had it with how long the occupation has been allowed to continue. after tuesday's fatal confrontation rumors flying that police committed a cold-blooded
11:24 am
murder. the fbi took the unusual step to post this video to youtube and people could see what happened. the video shows 55-year-old one of the group's more fervent spokesman getting away or provoking them. when he appears to reach for a weapon, federal agents say a state trooper justified in firing at him. finnegan seen here two weeks ago said he would die before going to jail. agents said he had a loaded handgun and more weapons inside the truck. several others in that truck taken into custody without incident. but, gretchen, that turn of events prompted many protesters to leave the refuge in a hurry. >> wow. it's amazing to see that video. now, i understand that some members of the militia still there, right? >> reporter: right. we have four holdouts left at the refuge including a man and wife. these members have been posting videos, as well. including this one showing that
11:25 am
married couple dancing amid some cars and provisions. they clearly have bandwidth and power to charge electronics. they also have explosives and night vision goggles and another video occupiers say they'll surrender but only if no one is arrested. the leader amman bundy said to go home. he and several others are due to appear in federal court in portland today for a detention hearing. 11 people arrested all on conspiracy charges. gretchen, a federal judge said no one will be released so long as this occupation continues. >> thanks so much for the update, claudia. further south in the same state of oregon, monster sinkhole swallowing part of a highway. officials say it's at least 60 feet deep and say it won't stop growing. the d.o.t. is looking to have it fixed by march.
11:26 am
okay. breaking news from the white house now as they were just asked to say with any afd that secretary hillary clinton won't be indicted. that answer is coming up next. plus, iran test firing missiles. when's up with all of these military drills? what's the best way to predict our next president? my next guest says forget the polls own the pundits and you should check the odds. so does this guy have a chance? >> no one more effective to fighting amnesty, fighting to secure the borders, to fighting to keep this country safe than iowa's own steve king and i have been proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in each and every one of those fights.
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bottom of the hour. fox news alert. white house marking seven years since the fair pay act with a plan it says to help close the gender gap. it will gather data to disclose discrepancies of salaries. live from the white house, kevin, what will the feds be gathering? >> reporter: get this. it is return to the past, glorious past if you're a fan of the president and the white house because one of the first things he did, initial law sign about the gender pay gap.
11:31 am
gretchen, pretty interesting set-up here and certain it will obviously get a lot of pushback and criticism around the country. here's what we're talking about. we are talking about federal pay data collection. they're going to look for information from companies that have at least 100 employees. they want them to give the government annual data for gender, race and ethnicity and used to help public enforcement of equal pay laws while giving more insights says the president is discriminatory pay practices. >> social change never happens overnight. it is a slog. and there are times where you just have to chip away and chip away and suddenly there may be some breakthroughs. >> reporter: the president talking about the foray making it easier to track what people are paid. they believe here at the white house, gretchen, to help level the playing field. >> very interesting.
11:32 am
so also some breaking news at the top of the show with hillary clinton e-mails being, quote, too damaging to national security to ever be able to release anywhere. what are you hearing? >> reporter: look. very interesting, right? it was a fairly simple i felt like a straightforward question. when's this say about the process and what happens if she is ultimately indicted by the department of justice? clearly people at the white house are concerned and here's a taste of the exchange i had with white house press secretary josh earnest. >> can you say with certainty and confidence that secretary clinton will not be indicted? >> that will be a decision made by the department of justice and prosecutors over there. what i know that some officials over there have said is that she is not a target of the investigation so it does not -- that does not seem to be the direction it's trending. >> reporter: okay. so he said that's what some officials over there have said. he didn't say he was told specifically.
11:33 am
he didn't say they've announced she is not official target. what he's sort of referring is reports we have all sort of heard about dating back to late last year but whether or not that changes remains to be seen. after all, given where it's gone so far, you have to wonder if, in fact, secretary clinton could ultimately be indicted. >> all right. thanks as much. do you want to know who the next president will be? our next guest says look to the prediction markets, also known as odds makers. with candidates of ted cruz taking some of the spotlight, how are the bookies handicapping the gop horse race? >> there is a difference between personal insults and attacks, between going into the mud with ad homonyms and focusing on issues and substance. >> according to the website election betting senator -- well, let's see. senator rubio i think we are
11:34 am
saying holding a nearly five-point edge over donald trump three weeks ago but as of now donald trump 16 points ahead. time to bring in john stossel. all right. you have devised this website because you actually believe in the theory that the bidding war abe the election is not answered by the pundits or the polls. >> and the evidence shows that in previous elections. the betters where it's legal. not in america. much more accurate than the polls. and, yes, rubio was ahead until a few weeks ago. trump has been climbing steadily and he is now the overwhelming republican favorite. >> okay. let's look at how other things have changed. you were on here. >> things change. >> yes. i want the show the democratic side. and how that changed from two and a half weeks ago. >> not that much. fortunately, hillary is down a little bit. i don't know if it's --
11:35 am
>> editorializing. >> yeah. i do that. sanders is up. that's also bad news. >> look at that disparity. out in the real world, at least in new hampshire, sanders is killing clinton. >> well -- new hampshire is one state next to his state. the people put their money where their mouths are said sanders has just about no chance. >> take a look at the general election and include every candidate and see how that has changed between two and a half weeks ago and now. >> again i get to say sadly because hillary again, the -- not the overwhelming favorite. the favorite to win. trump's way behind though he's come up since the last time. rubio was leading. and all this means is that she's got 51%. if you combine the republicans, they would be closer than any one of them but she is the favorite. >> i think it is so fascinating in that one you have sanders better odds than chris christie
11:36 am
way down the list. >> i know. paying attention to the republican race and hillary is almost certain to win the democratic nomination. but look. she could have a stroke. she could be indicted. and then sanders is apparently a candidate gnat betters think could beat many of the republicans. horrifying as that is to me. >> more editorializing by john stossel. tell me how the web works. people can partake in this. not just you crunching the numbers. >> you can partake if you're not in america. it is illegal here. this is all i did for this site which we have created. convert the very complicated odds from bet fair in london which is the biggest international better site. and in to percentages so americans understand them. >> all right. so it is >> election betting we have the iowa odds, too. >> what's happening in iowa? >> clinton and trump certain to win.
11:37 am
>> all right. >> we'll see on monday. >> you heard it here. we have it on tape. john stossel, thanks. iranian navy test firing surface to surface cruise miss sills now in a series of drills. a narrow strip of water crucial for global oil shipments. the president rowhani in france touting the removal of sancti sanctions. first visit by an iranian president to the country since 1999. meantime, iran says it successfully flew a drone over the path of an american aircraft carrier. tv broadcasting video showing the incident. the country claiming that it took precise photos but did not name the vessel. u.s. navy confirms that an unarmed iranian drone did fly over the aircraft carrier. "uss harry truman." did not say whether it was the same incident. republican presidential candidates getting a little more
11:38 am
time to speak with one less rival to contend with on stage last night. so what happened? did anyone win as a result of that? did they all do the same? our political panel's going to debate all of that and much more when we return. >> i had the thing going on last night. the debate. i don't know if you saw it. it was a lot of fun. actually, had a little bit more time than usual. i think there was something missing or something but i had like more time.
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i'm shepard smith, we'll talk to the moderator of last night's debate. we'll get his take on which candidates did well, which flopped and what he is looking for on monday, caucus night. also talking about the quick response when a candidate tried to take on the moderators. that's coming up on "shepard smith reporting" in just 18 minutes. welcome back to "the real story." u.s. weighing potential military options in libya as isis
11:42 am
influence expands in the country. president obama directing his security advisers to prepare options to counter the terror group in the country. the pentagon now watching the situation carefully before making any decisions to take military action. the u.s. has a limited presence in libya right now. taking action in november when a u.s. air strike killed the head of isis there. the topic of religion working its way into last night's republican debate. one example being senator marco rubio's reaction to a question about electability in which bret mentioned this cover from "time" magazine. >> let me be clear about one thing. there's only one savior and it's not me. it's jesus christ who came down to earth and died for our sins. >> joining me is allen combs, ed rollins. both are fox news contributors. >> thank you. nice to be with you. >> nice to see you and get your expertise after the debate. let's talk about religion. i mean, we heard a lot about it
11:43 am
last night, ed. >> very larng evangelicals in the republican party and large catholics population in iowa. i mean, pro-life position is very, very important and playing to that element. and traditionally ones that turn out. >> i don't want to hear about god. it sounds like pandering. some said that rubio one step away from talking in tongues, really. >> i saw that tweet. >> you can do that at my work. >> maybe it would work. i mean, it's -- we're not ele electing a pastor in chief. someone hopefully to run the country. >> thank you. >> allen, many believe that the way you act an live your life has a lot to do with the religious beliefs. >> some people believe that but i don't think you're automatically a good person because you're religious or not because you're not. >> 53% of republican and leaners say there's too little expression of faith by political leaders. ed? >> well, again, i think it's
11:44 am
very important to those who care so deeply about their faith. and organization of the churches in iowa played a very heavy role in the past and how santorum and mike huckabee won and i think to a certain extent i don't think you need to be phony but sun sere and to an extent rubio is sincere in the faith and several others. >> a part of his life. >> didn't help huckabee to get the nomination. >> talking about winning iowa. monday. >> one at a time here. >> here's another interesting finding from the pew poll. compared with carson, cruz and rubio, fewer republicans see trump as a religious person. allen, the reason i say that's weird a little bit because evan gel -- evangelicals like him. >> what's the bible say? endorsing and yet an evangelical and was a regular worshipper and
11:45 am
the church said he was not a regular attendee there. something apparently is disconnected there. seems not to matter in iowa. >> well, i would argue a little different. evangelicals leaders in iowa significant players and endorsed cruz and produced the votes. jerry falwell jr. and others outside and part of this establishment that's now come to the conclusion trump could be the winner of this process and jumping on board. >> okay. >> but same time that he gets the endorsement, he trashes vanderplatz. >> very significant. on show yesterday. known as the kingmaker in iowa. governor christie got a lot of applause last night for this line. >> i feel like i need a washington english dictionary converter. i heard what they both said. i saw it on video. the fact is this is what makes a difference as a governor. you can change your mind. ted and marco can change his mind. perfectly legal to change your
11:46 am
mind but when you're a governor you have to admit it. you can't hide between tricks. that's the difference and the kind of leader we need in the white house. stop the washington bull and let's get things done! >> i tweeted out #washington bull after he said he needed a dictionary for washington. one of his best moments. >> unless you think i'm here to bash republicans. >> so unusual. >> no, no. jeb bush had a good night. he came off presidential. kasich does well and rand paul did well but christie continues to pander on planned parenthood saying i would give privately and pandered on guns. let him hoyle to the positions rather than the national academy. >> he is chairman of the republican governor's association and raised a ton of money from the big donors, a u.s. attorney, all political. he's always been in washington. played a big part there. it's kind of worshipping on the other side. >> the other side of ed rollins. you brought up jeb bush. a lot of people said he did
11:47 am
well. here's a moment. >> look. i'm an establishment because my dad the greatest man alive was president and my brother was a fantastic brother was president. fine. i'll take it. i'm part of the establishment because barbara bush is my mom. i'll take that, too. but this election -- >> all right. that's a good moment. >> good, good. can't run away from his family and who he is. can't run away from being in the establishment lane and stuck to who he is. i think that's what people want to see in the candidate being yourself. >> he had that -- best last night and start third degree way he would be a much further up the pole. >> no doubt. all right, guys. thank you for your analysis. >> thank you. time now for my take. there was a lot of religious take in the debate gop last night. the christian vote is an important part of the republican party. in fact, republican voters asked in that new pew research center poll if it's important have a president that shares their belief, they said yes. obviously, this's why we heard
11:48 am
most of the candidates last night talking about their faith. >> when i'm president, i can tell you this. my faith will not jus the way i govern as president. it will influence the way i live my life because in the end my goal is not simply to live on this earth for 80 years but to live an eternity with my creator. always allow my faith to influence everything i do. >> interesting pli it's not as much of a topic of conversation for demonstrates. hillary clinton is a methodist and bernie sanders grew up jewish and rarely discusses his religious viewpoints. will that matter for him? studies shown democrats increasingly view religion not an important factor in choosing candidates. still it would be a big change. according to the pew research center on religion and public life, three presidents unaffiliated with a religious tradition. thomas jefferson, abray hamlin con and andrew johnson. let's talk sports now. gold medalist michael phelps
11:49 am
hitting up a college basketball game. how his lack of shirt and pants helped his team win. and "the x-files" makes a comeback. the real stories on the cia's x-files coming up. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) seize it! i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
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olympian michael phelps showing some love for arizona state basketball. he's showing some skin, too. speedo-clad swimmer one of the people behind the curtain of distraction put in place to mess up the other team's free-throw shooters and yeah, it worked. plus "back to the future" getting back in business.
11:53 am
delorean motors planning to make 300 replicas of the car, expected to sell for 100 grand when they go on sale next year. the cia is releasing out of this world pictures. the agency declassifying hundreds of documents about its investigations into ufo sightings, most dating back to the 1940s and '50s. trace gallagher has been delving into all this. what did you find out? >> the timing is a nod to the "x files" show, the cia is offering something for believers or the fox moulders of the world or skeptics like the scullys. there's no evidence in any files that we have actually been visited by aliens from another planet. having said that, there are fascinating unexplained sightings, this one called in by gretchen's parents in 1960, saucer-like light was spotted over minneapolis. normally these things are explained away as lightning,
11:54 am
weird cloud formations or missile tests but to this day this one remains a mystery. remember all the fuss about the aliens in roswell, new mexico? in 1964 in secoro, new mexico, the police officer you will see here swears he saw what he thought were explosions in the desert accompanied by a silver flying object with a red logo. again, never explained. then there were these five flying saucers photographed in 1952 over she field, england. these were all said to be moving at a high rate of speed. they've also been unexplained sightings in germany, spain, and this account of two fiery discs in the congo. quoting here "the discs flieded in elegant curves and changed their position many times, so that from below they sometimes appeared as plates, ovals, and simply lines. suddenly both discs hovered in one spot then took off in a unique zigzag flight."
11:55 am
the cia documentation have information skeptics say clearly show the investigations were narrow and amateurish, in other words, no explanation could not be explained. >> wow. we still don't know. okay, trace. thanks. why did the alligator cross the road? yeah. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them.
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11:58 am
he ventured out in the streets and brought traffic near a standstill in tampa. the gator doesn't look to be in any rush but as a pedestrian he had the right of way. >> we asked you to send photos of yourself watching the debate. ron was watching with his son mark. michelle watching from her cozy couch with her pal, jenny. sandy watched the big event at work, check out that uniform. thanks so much for sending in your pictures, and make sure you watch a special edition of "the real story" this sunday, yeah,
11:59 am
we're going to be here but not at 2:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be here at 3:00 p.m. just to confuse you "the real story" the day before the big iowa caucus which starts monday night. we'll have full analysis how a caucus works, how different it is from a primary which will be in new hampshire february 9th but all eyes on iowa first, monday, so be here with us sunday afternoon, 3:00 p.m. to catch "the real story. have a great weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in iowa, the republican candidates back on the trail hours after their final face-off before the caucuses. we'll talk with chris wallace one of the moderators in last night's debate on fox news. the democrats in a tough fight for iowa, we'll have the latest on their debate over holding more debates and with three days to go we'll talk with a pollster why it's so hard to predict what
12:00 pm
will happen on caucus night. plus there's word the affluenza teen may be cured. his lawyer says ethan couch is sorry. we'll tell you what else happened in court today. and breaking right now, word one of the three prisoners who broke out of jail in california is back in custody. let's get to it.


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