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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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in new hampshire february 9th but all eyes on iowa first, monday, so be here with us sunday afternoon, 3:00 p.m. to catch "the real story. have a great weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in iowa, the republican candidates back on the trail hours after their final face-off before the caucuses. we'll talk with chris wallace one of the moderators in last night's debate on fox news. the democrats in a tough fight for iowa, we'll have the latest on their debate over holding more debates and with three days to go we'll talk with a pollster why it's so hard to predict what will happen on caucus night. plus there's word the affluenza teen may be cured. his lawyer says ethan couch is sorry. we'll tell you what else happened in court today. and breaking right now, word one of the three prisoners who broke out of jail in california is back in custody. let's get to it.
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first from the fox news desk this friday afternoon, ted cruz had a rough night. that's the banner headline today in iowa's newspaper, "the des moines register" just as analysts predicted. ted cruz became a top target for his rivals when the front-runner failed to show up for last night's debate. according to "the register" ted cruz largely forfeited a golden opportunity to outshine the absent donald trump. that's a stinging review of the number two candidate in iowa, right after that state holds its first in the nation presidential contest. he might not have praise from iowa's biggest newspaper but ted cruz is playing up his strong support from a different iowa institution. >> no one more effective to fighting amnesty, to fighting to secure the borders, to fighting to keep this country safe than iowa's own steve king, and i have been proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in each and every one of those fights. >> cruz and most of his rivals are making a mad dash across
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iowa, last-minute pitches before the caucuses on monday. notice who is not in iowa today, the same guy who skipped last night's debate. recent polls showed marco rubio gabing in the state. last night he brushed off donald trump as an entertainer, "the greatest show on earth." instead, rubio zeroed in on his senate colleague ted cruz. >> i like ted very much. ted is my friend. we serve in the senate together. >> you'll team up together maybe? >> i think we both want to win. this is not about ted personally. ted has this thing in his campaign he portrays hiv as the only principled conservative. >> rounding out the top four into monday, ben carson. he may not be getting as many headlines as he did when he led in iowa in october, but remember, ben carson is still the top tier in iowa, beating seven other republicans in the real clear politics average of polls. carson's message after the debate? don't count me out come monday. >> we have a very good ground
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game, hundreds and hundreds of volunteers all over the place that will be caucusing for us and the enthusiasm is just over the top. >> for perspective, rick santorum was third in the polls at this point in 2012. days later, he went on to win the iowa caucuses. so let's get to it, campaign carl cameron is live in caro, iowa, this afternoon. ted cruz got mixed reviews last night. how is he doing today? >> reporter: well like all the candidates, the personal attacks by name going after folks like marco rubio or donald trump, that's beginning to subside now, as the candidates turn to a more positive energizing the get out the vote exercise for monday night. essentially the insults tend to get tame in the last sprint. that doesn't mean they can't still try to set up contrasts and show voters there's a choice and that's what cruz was doing when he talked about his positions on immigration and a variety of other things saying
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he'd be the conservative you could trust. watch. >> so if we're tired of getting burned with politicians who claim to be against amnesty, who campaign against amnesty and then go to washington and join the democrats to support amnesty, then we need to look to if they have a proven record. >> now, obviously he's talking about marco rubio, who cruz says has changed his position. marco rubio has said ted cruz has changed his position, and the team rubio today pointed reporters to a tweet from 2013 in which ted cruz talking about the need for border security says that if there's going to be a comprehensive immigration bill, there has to be border security before a path to legal status and/or citizenship, so the rubio campaign pointing out that if you're talking about candidates who changed their positions on immigration, cruz is talking about himself. shep? >> what is the thinking on marco rubio, on the rise or how would you qualify it? >> reporter: he's been running
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in third in the polls in iowa and new hampshire for some time. his crowds began to surge in new hampshire about two and a half weeks ago. he really only has h his long extended stay in iowa campaigning for the season in the last few days. crowds are big, people impressed by him. his performance considered very good in the debate. it's entirely likely he can get the kind of momentum going that rick santorum got the last time. we've been saying for six months talking about this, shep, it will be decided in the last weekend and if not in the last few hours of monday night and looks like that's where we're headed with at least two candidates, perhaps three. >> you were at the jeb bush event today, what is the thinking in his campaign about his chances? >> reporter: he left just a little while ago and the room was packed, sort of set up for about 100 people and close to 200. lots of people talking about how they think bush has finally gotten his feet underneath him. there was a woman standing next to us, a local, not a reporter, making the point that she
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thought he'd begun to get real momentum. it may be wishful thinking. folks who show up for caucus events are already supporters. now is the time where the rest of the state who is going to make up their mind at the last minute come in here. when they hear stuff like that from their neighbors it can help. jeb bush is doing better in new hampshire and iowa but still has a hill to climb. >> thank you, carl cameron. one moment this twitter going crazy ted cruz tried to take on the moderators. the audience went wild when he slammed the cnbc moderators in october. last night, not so much. >> kris, the last now questions have been rand, please attack ted, marco, please attack ted, chris, please attack ted, jeb, please attack ted. [ booing ] let me say this -- >> it is a debate, sir. >> no, a debate is a policy issue but i will say this, gosh, if you guy sks one more mean question, i may have to leave
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>> this say is a debate, chris wallace, live from des moines. you're so mean. >> well, you know, and he said, it wasn't about policy, all we were talking about then was exactly that, foreign policy, cruz's votes not to give the president authority to en40s red line in syria, his votes three years in a row against the defense authorization act, against the collection of national security intelligence, the phone data collection. we weren't asking about the color of his tie, so i don't know what he was talking about when he said these weren't policy questions, and it was a de debate. part of them is to get them to express their contrasting positions on various issues. >> who did great? >> i don't know that anybody did great. i think some people did well. i think by all standards, and i know carl just mentioned it, i think jeb bush had his most
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energized debate. you have to wonder is that because he's gotten better or because his nemesis, donald trump, wasn't there. i thought marco rubio, he always does well and continued to do well and to make a case. i thought chris christie did well. not a good night, i agree with "the des moines register" not a good night for cruz, not just because of the back and forth with me, but you know, it's a different dynamic when you're in that center podium. you are the front-runner, and with trump gone, he was the front-runner. he necessarily was going to take a lot of hits from all the other candidates. it was the lead guy in the room, and he did take a lot of hits and i thought that suffered more hits than striking back at people. so i don't think it was a particularly good night for him in terms of capitalizing on his position as the big guy in the room. >> a lot of talk about marco rubio. >> yes, look, he's good at this and he does this run where he just seems to speak not in
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sentences but in paragraphs. he has his facts together. on the other hand, i thought that he got roughed up on the question of their switches on immigration policy, you know, they both have switched on immigration policy, there's no question about it. they've said their' either for legalization or they're not, they're for citizenship or they're not. i thought chris christie had one of his best moments of the night he said maybe i need an english to washington dictionary translator so i can find out what all this stuff means, and you know, just that idea of this is inside senate speak and it's not what affects people real voters in the real world was pretty effective moment for him. round two with ted cruz on sunday. >> i look forward to that on your show. breaking news we have to get to now, we've been reporting on the three prison escapees. they've caught one, there's a news conference under way.
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we'll listen live. >> we don't have answers to any of your questions. still looking for the van and the other two. we don't have answers to any questions now, i'm sorry, thank you. thank you. >> so my understanding is that the one fugitive who has been captured turned himself in. he is bak duong. there were three who broke out. the thinking was this is ba bak duong here. trace gallagher has details and is live. this is a good get. >> kind of bizarre, shep. after a week of this guy being gone, 43-year-old bak duong the sheriff told us this morning he walked up to some guy on the street and said he wanted to turn himself in. the "l.a. times" reported a different story saying that somebody who knew bak duong called police and then he surrendered, but now we're hearing from the sheriff, this guy walked up to somebody on the street, said "i'm one of the prisoners they're looking for. can you please call police because i'd like to turn myself in." there's a couple hundred
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thousand dollar reward for the guy, the vietnamese immigrant in the country for the past 20 or 25 years and the u.s. has been trying to deport him for a couple of decades, but vietnam won't take him back. so we're kind of stuck with him. he's now being charged with attempted murder, so he'll go back to the orange county jail and eventually go to trial. the big question now is, where are the other two inmates, because remember, this is the guy who this weekend reportedly answered a craigslist ad for a white gmc savannah van. he took the van for a test drive and never came back, and the theory was that these three guys have been together for the past week, and that they were now kind of looking into these vietnamese gangs here in southern california, because two of the inmates or escapees have ties to the vietnamese gangs and now they've intill traited the gangs and made ten arrests in tex with these escapes, and if you didn't hear, we were about
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to report in about 20 minutes, shep, on your show that, in fact, there is a woman in custody, she was a teacher who taught english as a second language inside the jail. the jail authorities reminiscette of the prison in upstate new york. she gave them google maps which showed the roof of the jail, which they cut through four players of aluminum, rebar and netting to get out of the jail and rappelled down to the street and escaped and gone for a week. that woman is charged with helping these three inmates escape. one of the inmates, not the one who just turned himself in, is accused or at least they believe to have been involved with her in some kind of personal relationship. we do not know if it's romantic. the big question is, where is the van that was stolen if this bak duong police believe stole
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the van, where is the van, where are the two other inmates and who else might have helped these people stay on the lam now for the better part of one solid week. shep? >> trace gallagher, good stuff. thanks so. one down, two to go. updates as they come in. caucus time on monday. we sit jonathan hunt to talk to the young millenial voters who many believe may be key on the democratic side and republican side. turnout is always key. it's cliche by now but as true as anything. comprehensive coverage and lo and behold, would you look at this. the dow is soaring. the best day of 2016. the dow up above 16,300, pushing toward 16,400. up is the trend throughout the day, up 2% on the dow. maybe it's safe to look at your 401(k) again, not sure. we'll track the markets for the rest of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." this is fox news channel.
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from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. more than 1,000 people expected to turn out for monday's iowa caucus, according to monmouth university and one thing is clear, candidates will be fighting for every vote they can get or every caucus iffer, could professor of a challenge for millenials. jonathan hunt is live in nevada. what are you hearing from the kids? >> reporter: well shep, traditionally the kids don't show up for caucuses. according to figures from the iowa caucus project, around
12:17 pm
two-thirds of caucus goers are over 45. but if our informal polling on the farms of iowa and in the college coffee shops is anything to go by, this year might be different. we stopped in at the stomping grounds, the coffee shop just off the campus of iowa state, and a lot of students said there, they feel something is different this time round. listen here. >> the vibes i get on campus, students are energized, caucusing and i think it's going to push them over the edge and they'll want to show up. >> reporter: but showing up, saying you're going to show up is one thing, shep. actually doing it on caucus night is another all together. we have to wait and see on monday just how many of those young voters take the decision to actually get out and caucus. shep? >> it sounds like the process scares a lot of people away. is that right?
12:18 pm
>> reporter: yes, we spoke to 3-year-old mark kenny, his family owns the farm where we are now. mark always goes out to caucus but he admits, shep t say commitment. listen to mark kenny. >> it's not a quick process. you go in there, it's discussion and takes longer than pulling a lever for an individual candidate. >> reporter: so it's about the attention span of young people? >> it's not as easy as hitting a few buttons on a smartphone. >> reporter: back at the stomping grounds cafe another student michelle abely told us young voters need to make that commitment to caucus. listen again here. >> people are going to be there at caucus night trying to persuade you to vote one way or another and that's not the way it is on election night. you have to dig deep and figure out what you believe in. >> reporter: and obviously, shep, there are candidates on both sides who would benefit greatly from a high, young voter
12:19 pm
turnout. so if those young voters do make the decision on monday night in large numbers to caucus, they could really shake up this election on both sides. shep? >> jonathan, thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both battling for support as the clock winds down to the iowa democratic caucus. ed henry is live on the ground in des moines and we'll go right to him after this. this is how banks used to see me. ever since i had a pretty bad accident three years ago. the medical bills - the credit card debt all piled up. i knew i had to get serious my credit. so i signed up for experian. they have real, live credit experts i can talk to. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. so i could finally start managing my credit. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. get serious about your credit. get experian. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today.
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22 minutes past the hour. clbt clinton and bernie sanders trying to rally supporters in iowa, three days before caucus goers get out and about. the latest polls show it's a tight race and sanders has been shipping away at senator clinton's lead, secretary clinton, whatever it is. ed henry is live in des moines. hearing about the so-called enthusiasm gap that's dogging
12:23 pm
the clinton campaign? >> reporter: that's right, shep. it's the beginning of the week, she did that cnn forum, young sanders supporter got uhm and said why do all my friends are saying they don't trust you, they're not excited about going out to vote for you? she got another question from a supporter last night out here on the road who said look, i doent' believe the hype that you have an enthusiasm gap but it's out there. how do you counter it? at this event that wrapped up behind me a few moments ago it almost got comical as some of clinton's handlers tried to get the crowd that was waiting excited for her speech that was coming up. watch. >> who in here is going to be caucusing for hillary here on monday night? all right. that is so exciting. >> i want you all to stand up because we need to liven this up a little bit. we'll do a little cheer. we'll do a little cheer. woo! >> yeah! >> you all excited over here for a cheer? all right, when i say madam, you say president. madam. >> president. >> madam. >> president.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: so you can see a little bit of a struggle there. they eventually got a little excited and official here at the university thought they'd have 1,000 people and ended up getting a few hundred. >> what is the latest on the debate over more debates? >> reporter: it's interesting, bernie sanders is getting bolder here as he rises in the polls. remember where we started and secretary clinton didn't want to do a lot of debates when she was winning last year. they are talking about adding the debate next week in new hampshire, still not fully set. there's already two other debates on the books and now there's talk they might add two more beyond that, all kinds of debates. sanders is saying this is a flip-flop for clinton. watch. >> let's do at least three more debates in the months to come because because hillary clinton now finds the race has tightened up and she wants to do more debates, that's not a reason why i have to do it. >> reporter: the clinton camp now says they've always wanted
12:25 pm
to do more debates and what's going on behind the scenes when you talk to some of her advisers, the dnc set it up so there'd be few. people in the clinton camp think she does well in the setting now that there's a dead heat here in iowa, sandersew hampshire, they want to get her on that debate stage because they think she shines there. shep? >> i saw her on with wolf over on cnn earlier, and he was trying to get her to commit to three more and see if she would, tried three different ways, asked it three different times, she wouldn't commit to it so it sounds like, we'll see? >> reporter: yes, still. that's what's funny. the clinton camp says we'll debate any time anywhere. you try to pin them down, two more, three more, one in new hampshire? it gets slippery. the democratic debates that already happened oftentimes happen on a saturday night against a college football game, there was one on a sunday, big nfl playoffs going on. so now again, the clinton camp regrets some of that. shep? >> oh, watch t sounds like politics to me. ed henry in des moines, thanks,
12:26 pm
ed. american and british spies have been spying on israel's drones for nearly two decades. that's according to the latest batch of leaked documents from the nsa whistle-blower ed snowden. the reports reveal u.s. and british intelligence hacked into the video feeds of israel's drones. that means spies can watch everything that the drones were doing where they were striking and whom. israel is not officially responding but one cabinet member says he is not surprised, just disappointed. by now you've heard the pundits, all the pundits have had to say about the gop debate last night, who won, who lost, who had the best tie. what did viewers find most interesting and what issues caused a spike in google searches? that's next. plus more on the upcoming iowa caucuses. we'll speak with a respected pollster about how turnip could have a huge impact on who wins the nation's election contest.
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a fox report, more of today's headlines. it was u.s. fighter jets that caused that sonic boom that shook the ground and buildings in northeast yesterday, that's the word from navy owe fishes. they say the jets are from a base in maryland and they were ka arerying out routine supersonic tests off the east coast. the feds recordrd the sonic boom in southern new jersey, folks reported as far away from new york and connecticut. for the first time a member of the spanish royal family is on trial, princess christina is facing up to eight years in prison on tax fraud charges, part of an investigation into her husband's charity. she claims she didn't know anything about it. after 36 days trapped, rescuers pulled four survivors from a mine. 13 others are still missing. the news continues with shepard smith right after this.
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after nearly seven decades and millions of vehicles sold the very last land rover defender rolled off the production line in england today. the 4x4 vehicle is a british icon. everybody from royalty to paul mccartney and military used the defender. some images in our slide show. here is one of the earlier versions of the thing. the land rover was originally designed for use on farms. pretty good offroad vehicle as well, you can see it driving in the desert in africa. defender has evolved a lot over the years. here is an armored model they use during protests. coalition troops drove them during the wars in iraq and in afghanistan. it's also been a favorite of queen elizabeth ii, this photo from the 1970s, just last month 2 millionth land rover defender sold for more than $500,000.
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wow. as the clock ticks down to the iowa caucuses we get a better sense who came out on top of last night's gop debate as well as what issues say viewers mattered most. shannon bream who were the big debate winners from a google perspective. >> they were propertied with survey questions including who do you think won, so let's look at the first one, by a 3:1 margin, folks who were watching and googling at the same time chose carly fiorina as their winner. interestingly enough a spike during the debate when jim gilmore was on the stage. he fought hard to get there, hasn't made much of the stage in this campaign. there was a spike asking who is jim gilmore and why is he running for president? so that happened during the first debate. the main event after it wrapped up at the end last night google folks picked rubio as their winner with 29% of the vote.
12:34 pm
those were the two wins and losses for the night. >> tracking the candidates they're tracking issues over there as well, right? >> reporter: that's the fun thing to watch, too, you can see what things people are googling, what questions they're asking. if you look at the midpoint of the main prime time debate last night there was a big discussion about immigration playing the candidates' own words back to them, pathway to citizenship, pathway to legality, amnesty. 380% spike during that conversation for the word amnesty, people looking to see what it means. so while the candidates were debating it and fighting about it, people at home apparently had questions, too, and here's another interesting one. when the candidates made their closing remarks last night, dr. ben carson decided he'd quote the preamble to the u.s. constitution. when he did that, there was a 1,600% spike in people looking for the preamble to the constitution. wanted to check it out for themselves. really interesting trending information we were able to see and we've been able to look ahead a little bit to south
12:35 pm
carolina and new hampshire as well where most of the google traffic there is about donald trump and ted cruz. not surprising. shep? >> thanks very much, shannon bream, appreciate it. the republican and democratic candidates may be able to sway minds of the iowa voters. according to the new monmouth university poll from before the gop debate, 48% of likely republican caucus goers claim they were "completely decided." 38% claim they have a strong preference, 7% a slight preference. just 8% claim they're undecided. separate monmouth university poll from this week showed 55% of likely democratic caucus goers said they were completely decided. 30% a strong preference, 7% claimed a slight preference and 8% said they were undecided. patrick murray, the director of the monmouth university polling institute, we're glad to have him live on set. >> my pleasure, shep.
12:36 pm
>> 8% don't sound like a lot but if they go one way it's a big number. >> the people who have a slight preference could move. i talked to voters in iowa, it's amazing they say well i'm for this candidate, but then you could did ask them the next day and suddenly they're switching their mind. there's a lot of volatility in a race where guess what? only about 15% or so of all registered voters in iowa are going to take part in the caucus. >> if it's a good night, 15% would be good. i want to show you the farvelt and unfarvelt ratings. this is one of the things that tend to sway voters, favorable, unfavorable and no opinion on four of the candidates on the republican side. jeb bush can't get away from the unfavorable numbers. >> his numbers go worse and worse. he's gone south all along. i don't think he's going to do well in iowa. it's a question whether he can do well in new hampshire. his numbers aren't good there either. everybody's numbers in iowa have
12:37 pm
gone down because you're in the heat of the campaign. rubio and cruz at 6 and 10, trump half have a opinion for him. >> do you see a trend upward for marco rubio? looking at your polls it seems like it. >> but it's a slight trend. iowa it's a slight trend but he's positioning himself distancing himself from the other establishment candidates from bush and christie and kasich. nobody expects him to win iowa but if he can come in clear third place with nobody close behind him then part of the story becomes rubio is the establishment candidate. >> especially in that establishment lane. >> right. >> democratic side, favorability, unfavorablity. 78% favorability.
12:38 pm
bernie sanders 85%. >> there's a sense in the democratic party bernie sanders is voicing issue positions they felt were ignored because clinton was considered the foregone conclusion as the candidate and they just like the idea he's out there articulating issues for the progressive far left. >> the positions of the far left seem to be making a lot of hay on the democratic side and the positions of the far right seem to be getting a lot of notice at the republican party at a point we're supposed to be more in the middle. >> that's exactly what we're seeing in this race is that sanders supporters are unhappy with the democratic party in terms of what issues they're going after, talking about. on the republican side it's slightly different, an anger but it's an anger against the republican establishment coming from moderates and conservatives within the party. so basically saying they don't see strong leadership in the party, this is where all the trump voters are coming from. these people have bound together and said we're going to look aside from ideology, not going to worry about our ideology in
12:39 pm
this election cycle. we'll worry about sending a message to our own party. >> i'm mad, he's mad, he's channeling my own mad, we're all mad. in iowa, it is so much about contact and pushing individual voters. they've come to expect it over the years. the next poll, did anyone contact you personally to ask to you caucus for a particular candidate? this is a new one and this is on the republican side, 45% of people said they've been contacted. >> yes. that's incredible. you won't see those numbers in south carolina, which is coming up soon. >> no. >> this is what it's all about, and we're talking about iowa estimated high turnout for the republican side. >> how high? >> 170,000. >> if that happens your polls show it's donald trump. >> it's a trump race. the reason why if it's 170,000 it's people who aren't contacted are going to come out by themselves. in a low turnout event like iowa is, it's all about your church leader, your community leader
12:40 pm
getting the group out to come out to vote, and that's what this is really the key of this whole thing and iowa has always been that the establishment candidate, the social conservative candidate where ted cruz right now has done better in iowa than the polls predict because of the people coming out, because of the contacts, because they're coming out as a group. so we'll see what happens. if our spolg correct and we're going to get these huge number, 50,000 extra voters who are republicans and go out in general elections and vote against democrats but don't vote in primaries because they're not too happy with the republican party, if they come out because of donald trump, coming out by themselves i think you'll see an entirely different ball game here and i think we're going to be talking about the inevitability of a trump nomination. >> it's one thing to tell a pollster i'm going, i love donald trump. it's another thing to get out there and do it. >> absolutely. this is what we're concerned about. >> sure. >> we know that ted cruz is going to get out at least 40,000 voters. the question is, does donald
12:41 pm
trump get out 30,000 voters or 50,000 voters. that's going to be the big question. >> well the weather sometimes in iowa actually plays a big role. lot of snow will slow them down. >> yes. >> the forecast for sunday is now a little bit of rain. the forecast for monday, monday clear. >> yes. >> clear and 40 degrees. >> i looked back at some historical weather patterns and it hasn't snowed in des moines on caucus day except for a light drizzles a couple times and it's going to be nice weather, it will be in the upper 20s to mid, lower 30s. it's going to be clear across the entire state. you know, if you have nothing better to do, you might come out and vote and these will be the trump voters. >> might get half an inch, half a foot on tuesday but iowa can take that. nice to see you, thank you. >> my pleasure. the dow is making a run today and a good one. finally good news to report. the dow is up 340 or so points, more than 2%. nasd nasdaq, s&p following along. we've been watching this throughout the day. it's been steady. the volume has been high and really of the 30 dow
12:42 pm
industrials, 28 of them are in the green today. so if you've been afraid to look at that 401(k) in recent days you feel like taking a peek, today might be an okay day. a court appearance for the affluenza teen who killed four people in drunk driving and avoided prison. his attorneys now say ethan couch is sorry. we'll have the response to that from the prosecutor, that's just ahead. to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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12:45 pm
just in to fox news, the state department moments ago refused to release some of clinton clinton's e-mails as secretary of state. state department spokesman said 37 pages of e-mails contained top secret information and will not be made public at all. that as the department has been sorting through the thousands and thousands of e-mails secretary clinton sent during her controversial private, on that controversial private server. important to point out the state
12:46 pm
department reports the e-mails were not considered top secret at the time they were sent. instead, intelligence agencies have upgraded the classification of the information to top secret after the fact. spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign says that clinton is requesting that the e-mails be made public. secretary clinton has long claimed that's a bureaucratic spat between the state department and intelligence agencies over what should be considered classified. fox news will have continuing coverage of this obviously as more information comes in and there will be a complete rap tonight, special report with bret baier at 6:00 eastern. >> the affluenza teen may finally have learned right from wrong. his lawyers say ethan couch is sorry now for killing four people while drunk behind the wheel in 2013. >> and yes, he's remorseful. just because he hasn't come out and given a public statement to y'all doesn't mean he's not remorseful. >> ethan couch avoided prison time on claims he was too rich and too spoiled to know he was
12:47 pm
wrong. affluenza, they called it. he drove with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit while he was 16. he's 18 now. today a judge ruled ethan couch will remain in a juvenile detention facility in ft. worth, but a prosecutor said he's confident ethan couch will eventually be moved to an adult jail. he also said the teen has never apologized to the victims and their families. >> they're all waiting for the same thing, waiting for some sense of justice, and the best we've been able to do is assure them that it is coming and that we will be with them during that journey and make sure it happens. >> ethan couch arrived in dallas from mexico yesterday. investigators say they believe he and his mother ran there after videos surfaced that appeared to show ethan couch at a party during a game of beer pong. drinking would be a violation of his probation. he reportedly blew more than $2,000 on strippers and booze in a single night in mexico and was so drunk that night that workers had to help carry him back to his motel so that mommy could
12:48 pm
pay the bill. keysha heaven is a defense attorney and former prosecutor. where does this go now? >> i think he'll remain in juvenile court. lot of times when juveniles are found to have been delinquent if they violate their sentence imposed by the juvenile judge they go back before the juvenile court. it's rare because they tie lated terms of their sentence they'll be waived up to adult court. >> even with the flight, even with the alleged allegations? i don't know how you prove that he was drinking that night at that beer pong game. >> that's hard to prove but if he's charged with an aationoffense of fleeing and trying to avoid prosecution that would be a totally different offense, and he could be tried as an adult on that charge. but the underlying driving while intoxicated and killing those poor people, that's going to stay in juvenile court and he's going to probably do some time in the squjuvenile facility onc he's sentenced.
12:49 pm
i doubt he'll be waived up on that particular offense. >> if you commit a crime as a juvenile often you're released after your juvenile time is up. in other words he's 18 now. >> he may have to do additional time, not as long as it would be if he was in an adult facility or waived up into adult court but he's pretty much, the juvenile judge is pretty much going to say okay, the probation wasn't enough. now we'll give you a few days in jail, it won't be years or anything like that. >> i guess what he says and how he acts now will matter a lot? >> it will. the judge who imposed that sentence is probably saying what a mistake did i make? obviously he didn't learn from probation and the goal of juvenile justice is to rehabilitate and to kind of help children before they become adults. he clearly didn't learn and he was trying to get away from his actions or the consequences of his actions. >> yep, seems. kisha hebon, nice to see you. republicans have long been saying president obama is too
12:50 pm
hesitant to deal with isis. now the white house says they are going to step things up, so what is the new plan? we'll get a live report next.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
president obama says the u.s. will continue its fight against isis in any country where necessary, that from the white house. the president meeting last night with the national security team. they say that the president called on them to step up the fight against isis. yesterday we reported here that u.s. leaders are looking to take some sort of action in libya. the pentagon spokesman said a small group of u.s. forces has already been on the ground there and is making contact with militia leaders to figure out who we could use as allies. of course the republican presidential candidates have routinely blasted the president over his handling of isis saying president obama has not done enough to stop the terrorists.
12:54 pm
doug has the news live at the white house. >> reporter: a constant refrain from the administration throughout the rise of isis, we need to empower or international partn partners, those host countries where isis is pro live rating to contain this scourge. critics say taking an advisory role on the ground has been deeply flawed. they say more direct u.s. military involvement needs to be stepped up. >> you don't need tens of thousands of boots on the ground like the red herring we heard batted around so much. we need a special operations surge though to iraq and syria to enable the local forces to be more effective and bring the might of american air power with pinpoint accuracy against isis. >> reporter: the white house has been pushing back against reports the president has been dragged kicking and screaming into recommitting u.s. troops to the fight, citing the president's for example willingness to agree to any
12:55 pm
request that his secretary of defense makes. >> each time that his, that secretary carter has presented to the president a specific plan for intensifying one element of our strategy that has already shown some progress, the president has approved it. >> reporter: but the reality on the ground may also be forcing the president's hand, one example of that, today's release of an inspector general report for afghanistan reconstruction which cites this. "afghanistan proved even more dangerous than it was a year ago. the taliban now controls more territory than at any time since 2001" and that millions of dollars were being embezzled while afghanistan pays for numerous non-existent ghost schools, ghost teacher answer ghost students. all of that, shep, occurring after the draw-down of u.s. troops in afghanistan. back to you. >> doug, thank you. we'll be back with a look back at an invention that changed summertime snacking forever, an invention that came on this date
12:56 pm
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on this day in 1924 an inventor patented a machine to make ice cream cones. he was an engineering student from the university of ohio. his story likely got its start at the world's fair in st. louis two decades later. the student was selling ice cream when he ran out of dishes. so he borrowed a waffle type of dessert from another vendor, stuffed it with ice cream and the rest is history. over the years, lots of people who claim credit for come up with the idea at that fair, but an engineer secured the rights to an american classic, 92 years old today. fox urgent and breaking news, the dow is on a tear. it's up 2.25%, so two and a quarter on the day. of the dow 30 industrials it's a
1:00 pm
track, 28 are in the green and the dow is having its best day of the year. when news breaks out, we'll break in, because breaking news changes everything. for news on the market it's your world with neil cavuto and that starts right now. >> thank you, shepard very much. you're watching "your world" and a buying roar the end of this month. we had an awful month, still anyone will take this and indeed take it happily. stocks down 6% on the dow, about 8% on the nasdaq. 5% on the s&p 500. you know what was the drill and the theme this month. oil goes one way, stocks go the same way, oil goes up as it has of late, stocks go up, but there's much more to it than that as we wrap. this first month of the year, jerry willis spells it all out. gerry? >> you got it right, the dow enjoying its best day of the ye,


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