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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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track, 28 are in the green and the dow is having its best day of the year. when news breaks out, we'll break in, because breaking news changes everything. for news on the market it's your world with neil cavuto and that starts right now. >> thank you, shepard very much. you're watching "your world" and a buying roar the end of this month. we had an awful month, still anyone will take this and indeed take it happily. stocks down 6% on the dow, about 8% on the nasdaq. 5% on the s&p 500. you know what was the drill and the theme this month. oil goes one way, stocks go the same way, oil goes up as it has of late, stocks go up, but there's much more to it than that as we wrap. this first month of the year, jerry willis spells it all out. gerry? >> you got it right, the dow enjoying its best day of the year, big news there, stocks up
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380 points and a lot of this gain coming in the last few minutes of action, but let me tell you, this is a month that traders would love to say good-bye to. the dow had its worst month since august 2015 and the folks at the s&p 500 can't say anything better, they also had their worst month since august 2015. tech-heavy nasdaq performing even worse, its worst performance since november of 2008. so a big turn around here late in the month and certainly late in the day for the dow. two stocks in focus here today, amazon, the company reported earnings at the end of the day after the close thursday, and immediately that stock sold off 14% in afterhours trading. it continued today selling off, even so the company reported its best profit, largest quarterly profit in its history. mcdonald's also in traders crosshairs. good news, had a great report on earnings this week, but also they're going to have something called mcgriddle, a product made
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that's a sandwich made out of pan cakes. people excited about that. in china they'll roll out make your own ham burger with whatever you want to put on it. back to you. >> you know, by wait on the mcdonald's thing i'm told they have breakfast all day but the mcgriddle does not extend to that. it's an awful sandwich. you do not combine the ingredients and call it a sandwich. sorry, you try this, all your gains will be reversed, just saying. gerri, you don't know what mcdonald's is you're so healthy. >> no, i love the fries. >> it has a lot of greasy things but i'll dig in on it later. gerri, thank you very much. let's take a peek at the oil quote for the month, oil is down for the month, and by the way it has been clobbered over the past year but nevertheless tick by tick movement remain the same. oil goes down on a day, usually stocks go down. oil for the month went down, and stocks went down.
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in fact, on the month, this correlation very much in place. the most sophisticated graphs and i think this tells you the story. the fact those are the colors of mcdonald's is purely coincidental. let's look at how we finished the end of last year. this could be a harbinger of things to come. it worries some folks that maybe we're in for some cooler times. the economy grew all of 0.7%. it was weak, copyed abroad. lot of big western economies also seeing their growth slow to barely any growth at all. in japan they're back in recession territory here. the reason why the markets would take that news happily on the chin today is well maybe it holds off the federal reserve from tightening any more for the foreseeable future. hard to say as much as not. we've got the experts here to pick it apart. charles payne, host of making money on fox business, former dallas federal reserve adviser, danielle demartino and charlie
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g gasparino. concern we left last year slowing down mightily. should it be a worry? >> it should. we have a trade now, oil is correlated to stock prices. oil prices go up, stock prices go up, the reason for that is those companies that are in the dow or in the s&p represent a big chunk of oil companies, represent a big chunk of the s&p, and it also suggests that there is some more, there's more global command. obviously we don't have a global recession. i would say this there is many numbers that tell you something else is afoot, that the u.s. economy is slowing and at some point oil is going to go down again when the u.s. economy slows and stocks are going to go down again. >> danielle, as a former fed, a wonk, pardon the term there,
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you're looking that the market seems to think that who would be crazy enough to continue hiking interest rates in that environment? you say what? >> today was definitely a bad news is good news type of situation. if you dug deeper into the gdp report that came out first thing this morning, you actually saw that consumer spending was stronger than what had been anticipated. this was driven mainly by services. you can tie a lot of that to the increased cost of health care for americans because of obamacare. what the federal reserve is dealing with is a contracting manufacturing sector, all signs are pointing to lower employment growth going forward, and higher layoffs, even outside the energy space and they'd be crazy to keep continue hiking rates. that's what the market was celebrating today. >> interesting. this was not just us, charles payne, we should point out, globally it was pretty much the same story. china the big story here on the month. it's a big single hit losing about a quarter of its value.
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what do you make the worldwide nature of skittishness? some argue the markets had a good run, just taking a breather. what do you is ai? >> the markets had a good run and are taking a breather. there's something to this global slowdown and whether or not america's got this, because that was the narrative last year. it's been chipped away. month ago the fed thought we'd grow 2% for the quarter. the atlanta fed, this wasn't surprising they were down 0.6% when we came into the day. it's the businesses that won't spend any money, won't build factories. yesterday durable goods number the factory decline in those factory investments is so shocking and the notion that the fed will still telegraph a rate hike in march, that's why we were down huge yesterday and why we got a lot of it back today. we're still touch and go on every single day right now. >> charlie gasparino, one of the things that came up again in the fox news debate last night, how
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real this recovery is for a lot of folks. there's no denying jobs have surged but the quality of the jobs very much in doubt, something ted cruz has been pounding as he goes across iowa trying to win that state. where and how do you think it figures in to the final hours of sort of weighing the candidates ahead of the caucus vote? >> well, i don't know if the economy being lousy is necessarily going to make ted cruz the winner or marco rubio. i think that's a general election thing and i think that's where the rubber meets the road, where if this economy gets worse, hillary clinton, which he really wants to do, is basically say listen, we have 5.5%, 5% unemployment rate, the market is still going great and think. it, gdp is growing. >> that's going to be a big political issue if not immediately certainly in a
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general election. >> if you look at the university of michigan survey, people's anticipation that the unemployment rate is going to increase, it's at the highest level in two years. whoever is the next person to occupy the white house has to deal with a recession and very quickly f not before they even get into office. >> real quickly, charles payne, this has emerged now a preeminent issue popping up on voters' minds. you google it, search it, et cetera. how big do you think, charles payne, will it be? >> it's big and going to get bigger. three months going into november elections what the stock market has correlation of 87% with winners and losers. if the market's up big, hillary has a great shot. if it's down the way it's been she has no shot at all. >> i don't know what's more amazing% amazing%, it's 87% or you're nerdy enough to know that. back to iowa and what's going on. ted cruz as he continues addressing troops in iowa, he had a tough go of it certainly
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in the debate last night. lot of people say for iowa it's a must win for him, is the economy a centerpiece for his campaign? too hard to say. all i know he's trying his darnedest to get out the vote and his largely evangelical voters a fan base. looking at the economy and the candidates and post the debate, looking at them differently if at all, shannon breal with more on that in des moines. >> reporter: hey, neil. teams with the google trend data team able to look at what people were talking about, who they were interested in, topics they were interested in. first thing we want to show you specifically from iowa during the debate. the top half basically overall search traffic, people googling for information about candidates. you see trump in the top spot there. on the bottom half you could see how it fluctuated throughout the debate. trump remained consistent nearly at the top of the search list, the entire time but there were a
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couple of spikes for rubio, he knocked trump out of the spot during the debate, during times he was feisty and getting a lot of attention. second to that, our next look is at how exactly it ended up at the end of the night, because when people were looking at google and they were putting in fox news debate, they were also asked when they landed there a survey question, who do you think won overall at the end of the debate last night, 29% put rubio in the top spot. so the issues they're concerned about, another question they got from google throughout the night. national security was first but the economy was in second place, only by three percentage points so very near the top of the list and notice in the list other top issues, entitlements on the list, obviously another big driver of the economy, so those are definitely concerns people have. we talked to the google team, daniel sieberg, about where we go now the data because we're moving into new places in the next few weeks where votes will be important. here's what he told us? >> we're already looking ahead
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to new hampshire and sharing that data, same goes for south carolina, and the states into the future. we're starting to look for the trends and of course you know, we want to look at this at a national level as well and compare how those line up. >> reporter: of course they haven't voted yet at the caucuses here in iowa. we're already sneak peeking ahead a little bit because we got some iowa information last night, some potential voters here into new hampshire. there when it comes to who is getting the most attention online, and again this isn't positive or negative. it's people looking for information and putting out google queries, trump is nearly number one in nearly every county in new hampshire. there is one in which ted cruz is the number one googled candidate, and overall in the state though in every county it's either donald trump first, the majority of the counties or ted cruz first or second in the rest of the counties. so it's not a poll, but gives us insikt looking ahead. we'll keep tracking the data and let you know what the google team has found. neil? >> wouldn't it be a kick,
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shannon, trump and cruz dividing that vote and rubio to your point in the high marks he received on the debate runs up the middle and wins the darned state? >> reporter: nothing about this race we could have predicted so we'll see. >> you're right, just like polls are never good predictor in the past. shannon, great job, i appreciate it. >> reporter: sure. right after this show i am heading off to iowa, looking forward to it. we have special coverage, all this weekend, saturday and sunday. live from des moines, ben carson, marco rubio, carly fiorina, mike huckabee, chris christie and john kasich and yes, my friends, there is every reason to believe my friend, adele, yeah, adele could be joining us. much more on that later. the fact that she's my screen saver is purely coincidental. in the meantime we are waiting for marco rubio. he's going to be making an address in clinton, iowa. now, what if i told you, though, that marco actually might be
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there is talk if donald trump wins iowa, he would be unstoppable. is that something you're concerned about? >> no, i don't think anyone winning iowa makes them unstoppable. i think this is going to be,
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it's an unusual political cycle, a lot of credible candidates. i think it's probably going to go on for a number of states beyond what it normally has. >> the argument if trrp trmp were to win iowa and new hampshire, that double would be putting him in a formidable position, and senator ted cruz might make him unstoppable. it's anyone's guess how this goes. lot of folks judging for the debate last night clearly could see ted cruz was the target and they landed some severe blows. republican strategist lisa booth on how severe and how, if anything, that debate might have changed things. what do you think, lisa? >> hi, neil, how are you? >> very good. >> i think right now we're facing a really interesting election cycle. this has been one of the most fluid primary processes today and right now we're beginning the nomination process with iowa on monday. the key here is there's 2,470 delegates to the convention. nominee needs to reach 1,236 to
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get the nomination, so the race is on. i think the scenario that i know ted cruz has said if donald trump wins iowa and new hampshire, he may be unstoppable, and i don't necessarily disagree with that. if you look at throughout history, no republican nominee has gone on to be the nominee without winning one of the early primary states. so if you have a situation specifically in iowa, where ted cruz loses, i think his path to victory becomes much slimmer after that point. i think to marco rubio's point, marco rubio is hoping that ted cruz loses and the republican party coalesces around him so it becomes some sort of more one on one type scenario. >> there are a lot of people who look at polls and when it comes to iowa, i say it's a wasted effort. but one reading that was intriguing was that at this time four years ago, rick santorum was third in the polls, a distant third at that, went on to win iowa. it's a similar position, not quite exact for mike huckabee, who was actually lower. my only point in mentioning this
1:19 pm
is that's the exact position that marco rubio is in right now, and the argument goes something to the effect that the trump voters, the cruz voters cancel each other out and up the middle comes marco rubio. what do you make of that? it. >> that could potentially be the scenario and i think we're going to learn a lot from iowa, not necessarily because iowa is somehow consequential to win the nomination, we've seen historically it is not. the fact is a lot of the biggest knocks against a candidate like donald trump, the fact he hasn't won a nomination and a lot of his support we're seeing go woo come from first time caucus goers. a test to donald trump's strength would be if he's able to turn out first time caucus goers which would be unpress te dented propoe pell him to victory. it sets him up as a dangerous candidate headed to new hampshire. >>n states like iowa, the rabid they are, the more rabid supporter they'll go
1:20 pm
through broken glass and blizzard tolls get to the caucus sites and wait it out because the caucusing is fairly bu byzne and time consuming. hence the argument that's a cruz advantage. do you buy that? >> neil, i think that's right. the caucus requires much more dedication than simply going out and voting like you would in new hampshire or south carolina. so i think that again, if donald trump wins iowa, i think that sets him up to potentially clean up in new hampshire, nevada an south carolina, because if he's able to get first time caucus goers out, that's a testament to strength. however f someone like ted cruz wins iowa, or marco rubio wins iowa, then that sort of slows down donald trump's pace heading in to new hampshire. and as you mentioned, it is true, iowa voters as we saw with
1:21 pm
rick santorum tend to make up their mind at a later point. there was a fox news poll not too long ago that indicated about 33% of iowa caucus goers are still undecided. there's been recent polling showing that that has tightened and more people have made up their mind but we don't know that yet. i think iowa on monday although it's not necessarily consequential in a delegate number to reaching the number you need, what it will do is show us the strength of donald trump and i think answer some questions about his candidacy. >> lisa boothe, we shall see. good seeing you again. >> thank you, neil. i had the pleasure of interviewing a lot of interesting people but the one woman i get probably the most intriguing reaction from republicans and democrats is this next woman coming up. she is the fine congresswoman from the state of hawaii. she's a democrat, but she hears criticism and praise from democrats and republicans. so i guess she's a fair and balanced ticker offer, the
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you didn't hear it from me but there's a caucus going down on monday in the state of iowa, and we got all the candidates out, crisscrossing the street. you're looking at a hillary clinton rahlely and carly fiorina rally and in that order ted cruz rounding it out. it's anyone's call. up to half, maybe two-thirds of voters haven't made up their mind which is wild to me. by now you think they would but they haven't. we'll see. a big issue that could come up besides the economy as we mentioned at the outset of the show and certainly if this congresswoman has her way, national security, isis, bad guys wanting to hit us over here
1:26 pm
and soon. she's way ahead of the curve on this, democratic congressman tulsi gabbard from the fine state of hawaii. i hear from democrats ticked off what she has to say and republicans who are ticked off. so you're a mutual offender. are the kaepts talking enough about these issues to your liking? >> no, they're not, and they're not being held accountable for their positions on these issues of national security, on these issues of how to defeat not just isis, but al qaeda, jabat al nusra, and a number of the other islamic extremist groups that pose a threat to the american people and the united states. >> they say it's the administration's fault for not being more diligent. do you hear anything out of the republican candidates that sounds more aggressive? >> i listened to some of the debate that we had just last night. >> just some of it?
1:27 pm
>> and i heard, i had early wake-up, but -- >> okay. >> i listened to the part relating to national security and foreign policy, and was disappointed to see that there was a lot of strong talk against isis, but the reality on the ground in syria today is that if isis is defeated, you have al qaeda affiliated group jaba al nusra that is poised to take over all of syria and create this emirate or caliphate that would be a hub for al qaeda. >> in other words another terror group. >> that's right. that's the key here, neil, is that people talk about isis but you're not talking about the ideology, radicalism ideology fueling isis, al qaeda, al nusra and a variety of other. >> how do you stop that? cruz says you bomb until the sand glows. >> i wanted to say why? i think there's not enough focus put on the islamic extremist groups with the current policy which is important to recognize and that is, because the current policy is the united states is
1:28 pm
working with so-called allies like saudi arabia, turkey, qatar and other states to overthrow the syrian government of asad and are aiding and supporting directly many of these islamic extremist groups in doing that, so how can you -- >> we never know who our friends are. one group we think will be a group question work with, we found we can't work with. >> we need to know who our enemy is in order to -- >> i don't think we ever do, congresswoman. we just celebrate i guess the fifth anniversary, we hooked up with the wrong folks. >> that's why it's important for those who are seeking to be our commander in chief to exercise foresight, to have a military mind-set, to where they are making decisions that impact our country, our men and women in uniform, how we expend our resources. they better be looking ahead to seeing the consequences of this decision, how will this or that country react to the action we'll take? what will our response to that be and take that down the line
1:29 pm
so we don't end up being in a position today where we're repeating the same mistakes of the past,u.s. like we're seeing in libya, 2011 the president, secretary clinton, senator mccain, senator graham championed the overthrow of gadhafi. the result today is a failed libyan state, isis, al qaeda and islamic extremist groups poised to take over -- >> and some of them are merging. >> exactly which is why you can't be attached to one specific group. >> what do you think of hillary clinton's approach to this and stewardship of the state department? >> i think it was a failed decision. like i said, by secretary clinton, the president, senator mccain and others, and they need to acknowledge that that was a bad decision in libya, and it's important for them to acknowledge this, because then hopefully they will acknowledge the fact that what is happening in syria now is going to be a repeat of the exact same thing and if we acknowledge this now, if our leaders acknowledge this now, we can stop our country
1:30 pm
from repeating that same mistake, which would, by the way, end up with a far more disastrous result. >> donald rumsfeld, maybe the groups, particularly isis, have morphed into these multicell, you know, tentacled units all over the world, whether we had the arrest of a guy simple thet knick milwaukee to this guy outside disneyland, paris that, they're everywhere now. >> i'll say this. the longer we wait, we've waited too long to take this threat seriously to identify and understand and know our enemy and take action to defeat them. we should have done it immediately after 9/11 when they attacked us here on our soil. the longer we wait the greater risk we are at of having to deploy american troops, of having to expend vast amounts of our american taxpayer dollars, our american lives to go and defeat -- >> we never learn. we never learn. real quick on hillary clinton, what do you think of her?
1:31 pm
what do you think of how her race is going? >> i think we've got an interesting race on the democratic ticket. >> you haven't committed to her or bernie sand snerz. >> i'm a voice chair of the dnc so i claim neutral territory. >> you were just very critical of her. >> i would be critical similarly of any other candidate, and i have been of other candidates. >> to be fair you can answer both but the e-mail stuff and stuff that was top secret, released and a bunch of e-mails too secretive to be released. does that concern you? >> i'm watching the investigation carefully to see how this thing goes through. generally of course there should not be secret classified top secret information being put out into an open public server. >> so when she says it wasn't intentional, does that give any solace to you? >> i'm watching it carefully. i want to see how the investigation works out and see what they uncover. >> all right. congresswoman, great pleasure seeing you, tulsi gabbard, we didn't get to talk about atell this whole time. >> adele.
1:32 pm
>> maybe next time. >> call me adele. >> she's not, i'm sure i'm missing the call. hannah, in the control room has she called? she's not. all right, we'll have more after this. es you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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by the end of the day we were up close to 400 points on the dow, it was a down month and as januarys go the worst in years. why some say a turnaround is ne inevitable.
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1:36 pm
now the latest news we're hearing on some of the hillary clinton e-mails is that some in the latest batch are so compromising, classified or top secret that they can't release them. ed henry keeping track of all of that in des moines, iowa. ed, what are you hearing? >> reporter: neil, good to see you. big news because the state department for the first time is confirming on the record that there are at least 22 e-mails that were on hillary clinton's server when she was secretary of state that contained top secret information. these are some of the nation's biggest secrets, most closely kept secrets. that's significant obviously given the fact that hillary clinton at the beginning of all this last march said there was no classified information at all, let alone top secret information. this confirmed by john kirby over at the state department a short time ago, obviously complicating the situation for hillary clinton here on the ground in iowa, for this to be
1:37 pm
coming out and be confirmed by the state department three days before the iowa caucuses, back in washington, kirby also added another interesting detail that there are some e-mails the state department is withholding that involve communications between president obama and then secretary of state clinton. listen. >> to be clear, the e-mails between then secretary clinton and president obama have not been determined to be classified. they are entirely separate and distinct from the e-mails in today's release that were upgraded to top secret, secret, or confidential. >> reporter: now, adding a little more spice to all of this as brian fallon a spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign put out a statement a short time ago demanding the state department release all of hillary clinton's e-mails and not hold back these 22 that have top secret information saying "this appears to be overclassification run amuck. we will pursue all appropriate avenues to see that her e-mails are released in a manner
1:38 pm
consistent with her call last year." to be clear, he'd be suggesting if the top secret information in an e-mail it would be redacted. previously e-mails with lower levels of classification, the state department released them but then black out the parts that had that classification. in this case they're saying why not black out what might be top secret or what they believe to be exaggerated to be top secret now and release the rest. this is a big fight going on between the state department and the clinton campaign right now and again, complicates her situation right before iowa big time, neil. >> ed, why count' they do something like the watergate transcripts, block out the controversial wording or comments. >> reporter: well the suggestion from the state department is that this information is so sensitive they don't want to release any piece of these e-mails, and the fact that they believe that this is such a sensitive top secret information is what is going to put hillary clinton even more on defense this weekend. >> wow. all right, ed henry great
1:39 pm
reporting as always. ed henry in des moines, that guy does not sleep. >> on be the phone with us, judge napolitano, what do you make of this? >> it's another devastating fwlblow to mrs. clinton's credibility and another avenue for the fbi to investigate. look, the fbi is investigating whether or not she mishandled the nation's state secrets. the evidence that her having done so is overwhelming and more keeps coming out. the president has no problem with it being released but the state department itself involving people still working there that she appointed have decided it's too sensitive to be released. if it's too sensitive to be released, if it's top secret, if it's special access program, that's a classification of e-mails that involve ongoing human programs, where human beings, americans, are in danger, it had absolutely no
1:40 pm
place in her husband's server, in their barn in chappaqua and the fact that she diverted all of her official e-mails to that venue is a felony. >> you know, as you point out many times, judge, others have been punished and sometimes severely for doing far less. >> well you're quigt right abtet that, neil. i could go through a number of the cases but in general petraeus' case for example the document were not put in a place where they could be hacked. the documents were kept in a drawer in an unlocked desk in his home and the home was guarded 24/7. but you have a sailor who took a picture of himself, a selfie in a submarine and he was prosecuted and he's exposed to 20 years in jail because he didn't realize behind him was a sonar screen. you have a marine who informed his superiors that there was a guy, parading around who was a member of al qaeda and made the
1:41 pm
mistake of informing them using them as gmail account, in mrs. clinton's case, she caused to be placed in an insecure venue. the nation's most precious secrets and she lied about it. the fbi is prepared to recommend an indictment, it will be a b b bombshell that will reach the white house and the president has to decide what to do with it. >> thank you very much. put this in perspective before we go to break, the fbi would recommend such action, but it's up to the justice department to follow through. so the argument goes, would a justice department in obama administration do that? let's say it does not. then what happens? do you have protests at the fbi, do people quit their jobs? is it a black mark against hillary clinton? no matter how you slice it, this is big. actually this is huge. more after this. feel a cold coming on?
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♪ there's a fire starting in my heart ♪ ♪ reaching a fever pitch that's bringing me out the dark ♪ >> are you catching that? this was at a trump rally this morning. now, i'm not interested in truch or what he said this morning but that was an adele song that was "rolling in the deep." none of the adele people have gotten back to trump saying you can't use our song but boy, oh, boy, they didn't waste a nanosecond when governor mike huckabee was using the famous adele song "hello." i immediately got on the horn with adele to try to get her to answer this and when she called, i picked up the phone, of course she said, hello, actually she didn't, but it was so weird. it actually came up in our
1:46 pm
discussion with congresswoman gabbard. listen to this. great pleasure seeing you tulsi gabbard. we did not' get to talk about adele >> adele. >> maybe next time. >> call me adele. >> she's not but i'm sure i'm just missing the call. >> so i'm saying hello, hello, adele, thinking of ben stein famous for buehler, buehler. we both have our same identical iconic moment. >> adele. adele. ade adele. >> adele. >> oh, man. i didn't do that. >> adele, adele. >> stop because you're creeping me out. what happened here, man? what do you think is going on? i think the campaign is showing favoritism to donald trump and not to governor huckabee. now this is maybe just supposition on my part, but they were not fans of his political ad using the song, not even sung by adele but by someone who doesn't sound at all like adele and then an actual adele song at a trump rally.
1:47 pm
what do you make of this? >> adele. adele. no, i make of the fact that huckabee's video is a work of genius. i loved it. the guy is a genius in many different areas and it was great but i just want to know what adele says. adele. adele. >> she's not getting back. >> adele, where are you? adele. >> i tweeted her and let her know. >> adele. >> the blogs are lighting up about it. >> adele. >> must have gotten a dozen postings. >> adele. >> okay. >> adele. >> so ben, ben, come back to me. >> yes. >> do you think. >> yes. >> do you think that, a, her legal team should be making a big deal of this? >> of course not. >> okay that's all i want to know. then b -- >> okay. >> -- what do you make of the fact she hasn't called me yet? >> well, i don't know what to say. to me you're a star, neil. i will say that to me you're a gigantic star, at least as big a star as adele, but adele, what
1:48 pm
does she know? from a working class neighborhood in london. what does she know? she knows nothing. she can sing well but any number of people have good vocal chords and you're a star. i think she should be calling and begging to talk to you. >> she's obviously not for some foolish reason but i'm beginning to wonder that she doesn't know me and furthermore, she doesn't -- >> oh, no, no, no. there's no one who doesn't know you. >> that's my korean saver on my phone and she's not getting back to me. some people are getting nasty with me saying, neil, she's young enough to be your daughter and i said, well, what are you implying here? i'm a fan of her music. i want to settle this political economic story. that's my only interest. >> i think she's behaving disgracefully and should have all of her awards taken away from her and have to give back the money for the billions of records and discs she sold. i'm shocked at her behavior.
1:49 pm
i think probably this is the most shocking moment i've ever witnessed in my life. i can't believe it. it's just unbelievable. >> all right. >> it's horrifying. makes the north korean nuclear test look trivial. >> you know, ben, you have a great sense of humor, young man. ben stein, he is urging as i am all of you to retweet what we have already sent out >> adele. adele. >> what's the deal? >> adele. >> talk to me. >> adele, yeah, what's the deal. >> we just pick up the phone and what do we say, ben, when we pick up the phone? >> she is the -- we say adele. >> no, no. >> adele. adele. >> say hello. >> oh, right, and that's a great song and huckabee made a great video about it. it's a great song. but i mean, she can be a great talent and still not recognize your genius and talent. >> so much in my career, you wouldn't even begin to know. >> no she's the first one, she's the first one. >> all right, thank you very,
1:50 pm
very much. ben stein. all of you retweet adele. what's the deal? after this.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
. we're getting more info on these hillary clinton e-mails. what can you tell us? >> thank you. i broke this story along with my colleague, the senior executive pamela brown today. and we were able to confirm that some of the clinton e-mails are too damaging to national security to ever be released under any circumstance. we contacted the state department early this morning and they did not dispute our reporting. but they said they had no further comment. and then once we made that
1:54 pm
information public, they followed one a state to the associated press confirming that there were in fact 22 classified e-mails that would be withheld under the freedom of information act. the bottom line for listeners at home is that despite what the state department said today, there is no dispute, the intelligence community has determined that these top secret e-mails were top secret at the time they hit her server. each one of those is in essence a criminal violation, neil. >> so the white house has a response to that statement. >> very peculiar exchange with the white house spokesman, josh earnest. he was asked whether he could rule out if mrs. clinton would not face any questioning or indictment in the investigation and emthat based on what he knew from people at the justice department, that it was not a sort of leaning or turning in that direction. our understanding is that statement by earnest has really got the backs up of people at the fbi as well as the justice department.
1:55 pm
for two very basic reasons. number one, that josh earnest has absolutely no visibility into this fbi investigation. and he was really speaking out of turn. and it seemed to reinforce these comments that the president earlier that there were no national security implications and he made that statement. having no briefings. so they put a very political spin on this and it did not sit well with people at the justice department or the fbi. >> now one scenario. if the fbi recommended so that it can take any action. it recommended to the justice department. what would happen, is it your sense. if the justice department did not, if it ever came to that. >> i don't want to speculate but i can tell you from previous cases with the general trais case, the initial recommendation was turned down by the attorney general eric holder and the fbi director at that time, mueller decided to leave the case open. it was revisited in the future and then they elected to
1:56 pm
prosecute. >> thank you very much. whether this comes up or is discussed at various campaigns throughout the state of iowa is anyone's guess. you can imagine it has a very good chance to. this has put this issue that seemed like distant possibility seemed like distant possibility into a whole n soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them,
1:57 pm
we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪
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i have to get this here. the three people you see on the screen, they'll be joining me in iowa. right after this show i'm heading to iowa. i promised bret baier we would do jello shots and i'm a man of my word so we'll do that. just kidding. we are not doing jello shots. we're doing krispy kreme shots. we could have another surprise guest. i'm going to need your help here. adele on this controversy here, we're trying to hear back.
2:00 pm
which does she agree with? you've seen the tweet. you can retweet it. adele, we're trying to settle this once and for all. if i know adele, she knows me, this could be big. she could be joining me in iowa. could. live from iowa, hello, everyone. i'm dana perino, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. this is "the five." three days until election day in iowa. not much time left for the candidates to sway any undecided voters. they certainly tried hard last night. ted cruz was the front-runner on the stage which usually makes you the top target. he struck back at chris wallace after he felt he was being ganged up on. >> chris, i would note the last four questions have been, rand, please attack ted,


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