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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 30, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in des moines, iowa. we begin with yet another blow to the candidacy of hillary clinton. once considered virtually unbeatable on the democratic side. we are awaiting the latest release of e-mail found on her private server. e-mail that have put her candidacy in question, according to some. the real story may be the e-mail that we will not be allowed to see. and the emerging battle between clinton and the white house. the chief white house correspondent has our top story in the iowa capital city. good evening. >> reporter: this could be a disaster or hillary clinton. just three days before the
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caucuses here. the obama administration, not her republican citizen igs, but the obama administration is saying, some of the nation's most closely guarded secrets were on her personal e-mail server. the state department confirming 22 e-mails had top secret material and will be health back tonight from this release. a story first reported by our colleague katherine harris. back in washington, the state department john kirby told reporters, the e-mails had highly classified information despite those denials from clinton. >> documents are being upgraded at the request of the community because they contain a category of top secret information. they were not marked classified at the time they were sent. >> already noting that the secretary of state is obligated to protect classified information, whether or not it is marked. clinton aides are tonight, scrambling to insist the top secret e-mails actually had innocuous information.
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they're dealing with that as they also deal with some real problems on the ground in iowa. before hillary clinton arrived for an event at grand view university, it was a struggle for her aides to get the crowd excited. >> we're going to do a little cheer. >> reporter: an official at the university later told fox, clinton aides told them to expect about 1,000 peel. but only a few hundred showed up. almost as many reporters as voters to hear her final pitch. >> if you stand up for me monday night, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: the once inevitable nominee is now anything but. as democratic socialist senator bernie sanders continues to get larger crowds. >> i believe it is our campaign that is generating the excitement and the interest for a large voter turnout. >> reporter: and he is getting more confident about standing up to clinton. calling her out for ducking more debates last year when she was winning and didn't want to slip up. now flip flopping since there's
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a dead heat in iowa. >> the campaign does not run the world and it is not my job to do what the clinton campaign wants me to do. >> reporter: as he rises in the polls, he is facing more scrutiny from his socialist plans. from the "washington post" which drew fire for the senator saying he is selling fiction. the "washington post" wants to say that our ideas are bold, i accept that. but right now, that is precisely what working families and the middle class want. >> reporter: the post fired back in a second editorial. what concerns us is not that mr. sandalers' program to tackle these issues is radical, as he put it. bum it is not very well thought out. clinton spokesman brian fallon is saying all the e-mails should be released. even the once being called top secret. emthat's because some intelligence officials have. it has innocuous information in there. the bottom line is the clinton campaign is insisting this is
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overclassification run amok and it is overdoing all of it. >> some comments on this at the white house podium are really raising some eyebrows. >> that's right. the white house is supposed to steer clear of any kind of comment on ongoing criminal investigations such as the fbi's probe of clinton server to avoid even the appearance of any political interference. today when josh earnest was asked whether he could say with certainty that clinton would not be indicted, he said it is up to the justice department. but the white house doesn't think she'll be indicted. watch this. >> that would be a decision that is made by the department of justice and prosecutors over there. what that i know some official over there have said is that she is not a target of the investigation. so that does not seem to be the direction that it's trending. >> reporter: but a law enforcement source is pushing back telling us, this is still very much an ongoing
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investigation by the fbi. a decision on an indictment has not been made either way. and it is worth noting today. bloomberg was saying, in private white house official have been buzzing that there might be a lot more here. this could get very bad. that's interesting if the main stream media is suggesting that clinton may be playing a lot more defense in the days ahead. >> it is a major story. and we'll follow it. thank you. much more on this with the panel. we are now a little less than 74 hours from the first voting in the 2016 presidential campaign. most of the candidates are here in iowa with the exception of donald trump who is campaigning in new hampshire ahead of the primary there. as you can see, the candidates are all over the state trying to hit as many of iowa's 99 counties as possible. we are coming off a pair of debates. the last one before the caucuses. the rival tried to show off and take advantage.
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chief political correspondent carl cameron reports. >> reporter: with four days until the lead-off caucuses, attacking rival takes a back seat to energizing voters. >> at this point it is all about turnout. >> reporter: not only did donald trump skip the only iowa debate while others frantically recruit caucusgoers, he skipped town for a rally in new hampshire. >> he is an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> reporter: cruz warned that trump and others change their views and can't be trusted to keep their word. >> if we're tired of getting burned with politicians who campaigned against amnesty who go to washington and support amnesty, then we need to look to, if they have a proven record. >> reporter: team rubio pointed to 2013 suggested he supported what he called amnesty. we need to secure the bored he 9/11 bill this body passes should have border security first.
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cruz noted the past debate contributions. >> let me say i'm a maniac. and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> rubio's debate perform yag got strong reviews even though he got hit from all sides for proposing and then abandoning a path to citizenship. >> we are not going to round up 12 million people but we won't hand out citizenship cards either. >> this problem has existed for 30 years and then cut and run because it wasn't popular amongst conservatives. >> marco went the direction to go to major donors. he thought it was politically advantageous. >> this is why you need to send someone from outside washington to washington. >> i feel like i need washington-english converter. >> it was a rough night. with a chance to shine in trump's absence. >> i would note the last four
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questions have been, randal, please attack ted, chris, please attack ted, jeb, please attack ted. if you ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> all the republicans are now taking word from the obama administration that some of the e-mail that hillary kept on her private server will not be released. they're in a classification as top secret, has the republican in addition lather. and already, marco rubio and ted cruz are hammering her. expect that to be a big rallying cry the rest of the year. >> we'll hear from another one in just a moment. thank you. data from our debate partner google indicates almost a third of google users believe marco rubio won the debate. trump received 17% of support for not participating. national security was the top issue followed closely by the economy. search interest has increased by
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more than 1,700% cynic 2010. rejection of the establishment has been one of the main themes, of course, of this campaign. what does this really mean? chief washington correspondent james rosen has some answers. >> you reject the establishment label. why do you reject it? >> indeed, the candidates have practically fallen all over themselves to avoid getting tagged with the establishment label. >> the united states senator, he went to princeton, harvard. today, clerkship in the high federal courts and then worked through bush administration. it seems to me, he is an establishment guy. >> if as a voter you think what we need, more republicans in washington to cut a deal with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer then i guess donald trump is your guy. that's what the washington establishment is saying. >> his new lightning of attack is that i've become establishment. give me a break. >> thursday night's fox news debate, the candidates that last addressed this hulking monster that has stalked them all, even
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donald trump, with expressions of frustration and relief, more appropriate to group therapy than a presidential debate. for jeb bush who has claimed the mantle of tech no democrat. remember, he can fix it. this men coming the grips with the fact that he has a name besides jeb. >> i'm establishment because my dad, the greatest man alive was president of the united states. and my brother who i adore was president. fine. i'll take it. i guess i'm part of the establish many because barbara bush is my mom. i'll take too. >> and for marco rubiogone from establishment pin-up in the space of a single senate term. it meant reckoning with a material previous lenl on social media. which only made his debate stage last night. >> he is the most conservative guy and everyone else is a rhino. >> in the political jungle, the acronym rhino refers to a
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republican in name only. what else can we say? it is hunting season. >> thank you. well, mike huckabee won the caucus by almost 11,000 votes in 2008. he is here with us now. as he makes his next bid for the caucuses. how are you feeling? >> tired. i've hit all 99 counties several weeks ago. we've gone back and hit a lot more. we've done between hundred one and 150 events in iowa in the month of january. so i'm doing everything i know to do and i don't know that there is a shortcut to winning the iowa caucus. if there is, it will never be the same. >> i'm not going to talk to you about the polls. >> good. >> we've talked a lot about the polls and we're closing in on first vote which will finally happen. i want to talk about this breaking news. about hillary clinton's e-mails. the state department not putting out several of them.
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because they're too top secret and the clinton campaign pushing back. listen to a clinton confidante. ooze. >> to hurt her chances? >> no question about that. >> this is intelligence community that is raising there. and they're saying it is all suspect. >> when would be a good time to do this? after she has gotten the nomination? if she gets elected, god forbid? there is no good time to find out that hillary clinton has broken the law and that she abused her privilege as secretary of state, had access to sensitive information, and kept on it a personal server and didn't protect it. you can't do that. i can't do that. if we were in government. nobody in the state department would get away with that. and there is no reason that hillary should. to say this is about politics is nonsense. furthermore to say that the
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timing is right. the iowa caucus. the timing maybe, the democrats realize. if they don't go ahead and acknowledge the trouble, that it could sink the entire democratic partyship. not just hillary's. >> so you don't buy the overclassification and all the push back by the clinton campaign? >> i've known the clintons way too long. i've dealt with them all my adult life. the answer is a big no. no. i don't think it was just an accident. one of the smartest people in the world. she has a law degree from yale. these aren't stupid people. she was on the watergate committee. she can't say i didn't know those rules. somebody might get away with that if they were in the first term interesting first year as a u.s. congressman. can hillary do that? all the years she was in state or federal government? her whole life has been in government. she knows the rules. she just didn't think she had to play by them. ? you've been pretty aggressive when talking about donald trump on the stump. you have a super pac supporting you that's running an ad.
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then you went to this event last night. >> i don't have a super pac does anything. i've not said anything unkind about donald trump. >> on policy you've been hitting him pretty hard. >> i don't know that i have. i have only hadly left him alone. i figured he's getting all the attention he needs without my help. i pushed back on some of the other candidates that i thought were being a little disingenuous with their records. i did go to the event for veteran last night and i was glad i did. it was an electrifying event. $6 million raised for the veterans and it was an extraordinary opportunity to aif i recall those veteran who are getting screwed by the government. >> eric ericson writes about you and senator santorum. they were sub serven. not seek balances the crowd was there to see trump. what a pathetic end to the last two men to win iowa. >> how absurd.
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>> we were there not to endorse donald trump. it wasn't even a political event. and donald trump didn't speak very long which in itself was a remarkable moment. the big speaker was a green beret soldier who was wound asked lost his leg. he gave the most powerful speech on patriotism and why we need to say thank you to the veterans. the sad fact. why do we have to raise million of dollars in the private sector to help veterans? i'll tell you why. the government has failed to do the job that they are obligated to do to keep their promises to these guys. >> lastly, you won iowa. what do you look for? are you going to surprise somebody? >> i truly believe we will. and i may surprise me by not surprising me. but i think it will be a surprising night. every four years, iowa voters go and say to the media on the east coast. you guys got it wrong. we know what we're doing here. when they do, the lessons won't
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be learned and four years, we'll be looking at poll and not the people of iowa. i think it will be a great night. if i didn't think that, do you think i would be sitting around in 20-degree are weather for weeks and weeks? >> if it is not a good night, are you going home? well, i'm going home one way or the other. i will want to see my dogs. we plan to go to new hampshire, south carolina. nobody knows exactly what will happen and it is in god's hands and i'm in god's hands. i'm at peace with that. what that turns out to be. >> thank you. up next, keeping your frenls. friends close and your great friends closer. how and why the u.s. has been spying on israel. first around the country. fox 12 in portland with fbi video of tuesday's could not frontation with ant-government protesters.
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it left one person dead. they've been occupying a wildlife refuge. the video shows him working into his pocket. the fbi says there was a loaded gun inside. he was shot and kill. fox 11 in wlaks the capture of one of three men who escaped the maximum security jail a week ago. he was arrested in santa ana. two others remain at large. unless jail, a woman who taught english classes at the jail. she is accused of they know men he is came. and this is a live look. michigan governor rick schneider said he was not aware that the state was providing bottled water to its employees in a flint office building while insisting to the public that the water was safe. a spokesman later added, the water was intended for both employees and residents. tonight, snyder signed into law $28 million for funding. that's
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the sisters say despite the rules, they are required to pay for drugs and other services they view as sinful. the u.s. economy had a very rough time in 2015. the gdp slowed sharply to .7%. that's less than half the 2% rate of the third quarter. analysts blame reduced consumer spending. stocks surged on the latest trading. the latest trading day of the month led by big gains. after microsoft turned in a strong corner. the dow jumped 397. the dow gained 2.25% for the week. the nasdaq finished ahead .4%. >> the u.s. has been spying on its friend and ally israel in a
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very high-tech way for almost 20 years. that's the latest revelation from noted government secret leaker edward snowden. tonight, what the u.s. was doing, why, and the reaction to it. >> reporter: an armed israeli drone, hacked into it. spies watching. it reads like a hollywood spy thriller but this story is apparently real. the national security agency and uk officials have spied on and infiltrated israeli intelligence for the last 18 years. part of the classified program code named anarchist. the reports are based on documents exposed by former nsa contractor edward snowden. between us and the u.s. and israel on intelligence matters is the best there is. >> the video and images
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reportedly show recould not sanls missions over gaza, the west bank and other parts of the middle east including iran. it doesn't show any israeli drone attacks but they provided intelligence about israel's military operations and training, critical, according to one 2008 document for u.s. and allied operations in these areas. >> i'm not surprised. but we are angry and disappointed for the simple reason. for 30 years we've avoided spying on the u.s. >> this isn't the first report of the u.s. spying on israel. while some are trying downplay this latest expose, one senior israeli official called it a, quote, earthquake. and the worst leak in the history of israeli intelligence. >> john, thank you. for the second time this week we're hearing rumblings that president obama may give in to pressure to put more troops on the ground in the fight against isis. kevin cork has the latest.
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>> reporter: in meetings as part of the security team, pentagon officials are calling for an increase in american troop levels in iraq and syria and the commander in chief is. to be open to the change. military leaders ask for hundreds more trainers, advisers and commandos as the fight intensifies. currently there are about 3700 troops in iraq and syria and at least one official tells the "times," he doesn't anticipate it increasing to. >> we need to do more because we need to accelerate the defeat of isil. and he has granted every proposal we've asked him. do i expect more in the future? yes. >> while carter has been amenable to the strategy, the president resenlts being asked for more troops. >> i assure you.
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if anything, it is the leaders at the department of defense who are feeling pressure from the commander in chief to find new ways to intensify the strategy. >> with expected battles ahead and mosul and raqqah, some believe the president needs to do more than just add more bodies. >> we need a special operations surge to iraq and syria to end the local forces and to bring the might of american air power with pinpoint accuracy. >> no surprise, the u.s. has had trouble enticing the europeans to put more troops on the ground in iraq and syria. that's something that the defense strategy is expected to address next month when it meets with his counter part. >> live on the north lawn. thank you. when we come back, we'll get together with iowa voters we met recently to see what they're thinking. now just hours ahead of the caucuses. need to hire fast?
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now it's time to catch up with some of our new friends in iowa. regular people like most of you. okay. all of you. last time we were here we talk with them about what they're looking for in candidates. now on the eve of the caucuses, we check in to see if anything has changed. >> the economy, the number one issue. when the economy is strong everybody is happy. >> last time we talk to the sale manager. he told us a businessman was needed in washington and that's why he was leaning toward caucusing for donald trump. >> you were going to caucus for donald trump. still that way? >> yeah. >> did you watch the debate? >> did i. i was actually there. >> what did you think? >> it wasn't as exciting as previous debates were. obviously, donald trump was not there. but i thought it was a very formal debate. >> reporter: he says he was
1:32 am
disappointed but trump's boycott didn't change his mind. he's already mouhamed out where the caucus site is monday. >> i think a lot more people who never caucused before will caucus for the first time in iowa. >> reporter: baby georgia is three weeks older since we last talked with her mom a.j. kelly. a. jsh told us then she was leaning toward caucusing for senator ted cruz. >> i did think that a couple weeks ago and i am now confident. only a few days ago that i will be supporting ted cruz. in. >> did you watch the debate? >> i did. >> your thoughts after that? >> it was not ted cruz' best debate in my opinion but he has done very well in all the debates and he did well in interviews after the debate last night. so i think not having donald trump there kind of changed the dynamic of the debate and kind of put a lot of the heat on ted cruz. so he had a lot to hang on is
1:33 am
there a sense with the people you hang out with that it is going one way or the other? >> anyone who works on a campaign is very confident for their candidate. i give a lot to that. a lot of people my age in this area seem to be supporting rubio and they're very confident in his chances in iowa. so like i am, it comes down to who shows up on monday and who decides to actually cast a ballot. >> and baby georgia is just sleeping through it all. >> she is not quite old enough to cast her first ballot but she will be attending her first caucus. >> since we last talked, grand has been closely studying the candidates. last time we were here in this kitchen, you were undecided. are you decided now? i have come to a final decision. it has been an interesting couple of week in the campaign to be sure. but i have decided i'll be caucusing for marco rubio.
1:34 am
>> did the debate affect at all? >> did it make a difference. i've always been impressed with rubio's personality. i've agreed with him on policy. i've felt him to be a skilled communicator. i think he showed that last night for the debate. i think the last couple week he's some standout moments where he's talked about how his christian faith would shape his decision making as president. and i've appreciated that he hasn't shied away from that. >> i think electability is the other thing that has come down to for me. and i believe strongly that he has, he is the most electable in the republican field and has the strongest appeal in a general election. >> reporter: the real estate agent an dree said she hasn't wavered since we last talked. her candidate was and is dr. ben carson. last time we talked you are going on caucus for dr. ben carson. >> yes.
1:35 am
>> still? what has caught your mind about this election? >> it's interesting. like nothing we've ever seen before. lots of undecided which is abnormal, i feel like. i feel like peel are either very, very strongly behind their candidate or they're still trying to figure things out. it's monday. >> you watched the debate? >> yes. >> your thoughts? >> yes. it was nice to see focus on the issues. i feel like the candidates got more of a chance to be to have speak to what they're actually going on speak to the issues. instead of it being a back and forth between them. >> thanks to all those iowa voters. meantime, another blast of e-mails is due out shortly from hillary clinton's server. but it is the ones not being released making the news. the panel joins me when we come back.
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irving. i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. so i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material. >> the state department will be denying in full seven e-mail chains found in 22 documents representing 37 pages. the documents are being upgraded at the request of the intelligence community pause they contain a category of top secret classification. they were not marked top secret at the time they were sent. >> explaining this latest failure for the e-mails. prompting questions at the white house about this investigation
1:41 am
today. >> can you say with certainty and confidence that secretary clinton will not be indicted? >> that would be made by the department of justice. what i know some officials have said that she is not a target of the investigation. so that does not seem to be the direction that it's trending. i'm certainly not going to weigh on a decision or in that process in any way. that is a decision to be made by independent prosecutors. it does not seem to be heading in that direction. >> our producer at the justice department sent this. a law enforcement source close to the doj into hillary clinton's private e-mail server is pushing back hard against josh earnest' remarks this afternoon that the investigation is not trending in the direction of an indictment. this source tells fox news that the investigation is still very much ongoing and added with certainty that the decision has
1:42 am
not been made on the matter one way or the other. with that preamble, we've moved over to accommodate our panel. let's bring them in. steve hayes, a.b. stoddard. it seems like this is snow balling. it seems like this is getting bigger. >> yeah. i spoke with democrats in washington this week who are getting very nervous about where this is going and how serious this has become. that there is no way to say as the clinton campaign spokesperson said today, overclassification run amok. today they're pretty frantic that a cabinet secretary, would come out and say that the timing of this is suspect and call, i mean, call into question with intelligence sources in our government that their involvement of political intervention in any way to hurt
1:43 am
her campaign is preposterous. it is becoming a really big political problem. not for her but for president obama. at some point it will look like the executive branch is covering up for her. >> we've had secretary vilsack come out. he did say that. the clinton campaign said they suspected the inspector general was somehow politically working with republicans to hurt hillary clinton. now it is snow balling, as a.b. says about, the white house. >> yeah. politico had a piece about the questions that the clinton team has raised about one of the investigators involved in this. way down in the weeds. this is the clinton play book, right? take shots at anybody who might be involved in the investigation regardless of whether they work for the obama administration. regardless of whether they might be career intelligence officials. you need on tar everybody involved. that's the only answer to this question. to a.b.'s point, i think we're actually at the point where the
1:44 am
white house looks like it maybe involved. what we heard from josh earnest today from the podium at the white house was extraordinary. i mean he said two thing that struck me. what i know is that some officials have said she is not a target of the investigation. to my knowledge, nobody has said that on the record. that's the what clintons are saying. we don't have people from the darrel of justice making those comments. >> that was the report from justice. >> and second, josh earnest. based on what we know from the department of justice, it does not seem to be headed in that direction. what does the white house know from the department of justice? who is doing the briefing? what guide lines are they using to determine what information in this ongoing criminal investigation the department of justice is sharing with the white house? >> in fact, the fbi director was on capitol hill and told lawmakers that he was not briefing the president on every
1:45 am
detail of this investigation as is going on. this is sticky politically. >> in the clinton campaign, calling for the release of all of it. which is convenient because they have no control over the release of these classified pieces of information. but look. the democratic primary, it may not be the issue that we think it is. the nbc "wall street journal" poll said 70% of democrats don't care about this. i think this hands a talking point in the race. bernie sanders' campaign would not comment on this today. >> to that point, i went out to the bernie sanders campaign. we'll play this sound bite again. >> clearly you have momentum according to the polls and your message is registering in places like this in new hampshire and iowa. i'm wonderering with the vehicle with the fbi, you're now regretting that you said you
1:46 am
didn't give a dam. >> no regrets at all. in fact, i would argue the reason we're doing well, is that people understand we are trying to run a different kind of campaign. not one of personal attacks. one of dealing with the real issues facing the american people. and i'm not going to be engaged in personal attacks against secretary clinton or anybody else. >> so a.b.? >> i disagree david. senator sanders knows this will get wrap-around coverage. senator sanders has seen the polling that her untrustworthy number are terrible. that's helping fuel support among young people who don't trust her. >> and he has already attacked her for taking from goldman sachs. i'm just saying, i don't know that he has to. when you say democrats don't care about it. i disagree. in the polling it shows they
1:47 am
really don't believe >> we'll talk iowa politics on the gop side. last night's debate after a quick break. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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time for media noise, for the attacks, all of that
1:51 am
is gone. this is now your time. >> on monday night, you are going to show as am i, that real leadership matters. >> the movement is massive. and i think everybody is going to be quite shocked on tuesday morning. >> it starts here monday night in this great state. and i'm asking you for your vote. >> so we have a big day coming up. we have a number one, we have february 1st. i think we are going to do really well in iowa. >> some of the flavor on the trail here in iowa. as you take a look at the average of recent polls. the real clear politics average. you can see donald trump is up, according to the latest polls over ted cruz and rubio there in third place. now, polls start to not matter here in iowa. we're back with the panel. there is is a big poll that comes out, dave, on saturday evening. it's a des moines register/bloomberg poll traditionally closest to the results. >> they always nail it the variation is who is turning
1:52 am
out. 122,000 people turned out in the republican caucuses last time. most people agree more people will turn out this time. but they say if it's between 130 and 140,000,%that's good for cruz. because these are regular caucus goers. if you see turnout jump to 150,000 and beyond, that's what i'm hearing, that's a trump victory and probably an easy victory for him. >> a.b.? >> i think we talked about turnout matters and organization matters. and so it's really going to be the secret surprise of donald trump's extraordinary iowa round game or it's going to be the ted cruz outmaneuver him on the ground. >> so ted cruz is out with a new ad against marco rubio calling him the republican obama starts airing here in iowa tonight, apparently. does that suggest to you anything, steve? >> certainly. >> why is he swinging that way? >> jonathan martin from the "new york times" reported today that cruz is turning virtually all of his ads over the last three days to this negative attack on
1:53 am
marco rubio. it suggests that he sees what other people have talked about before that this rubio surge, that this rubio momentum we have been hearing about is actually real. it's showing up in polling numbers. i talked to two outside groups who are doing polling here. they say that rubio appears to be having this surge going back as far as 10 days. and i think that shows that ted cruz wants to keep some separation, whether cruz comes in first or second. he doesn't want marco rubio to creep up on him very closely. i think that's one of the two big stories heading into this weekend. the other one is donald trump and his absence last night. and his absence today. he is in new hampshire today. i came here thinking that the public polling was probably right. trump seemed to be polling polling -- pulling away. he was more likely to win. i do think that there are some iowa voters who believe that this is a slap in the face. that he is not giving them the proper attention, the kind of attention they are used to seeing. he has done this very differently. he has certainly done it successfully thus far judging from his poll
1:54 am
numbers. but he has not done the kind of on the ground campaigning that ted cruz has, hitting all 99 counties. he hasn't been here. he wasn't at the debate last night. he left today. and i think iowans take this personally. i'm less confident that trump is going to be the clear winner than i was when i came here three days ago. >> you know, dave, we talk about, quickly, the split between the establishment candidates and how they are splitting that mainstream republican vote. there is also a split in evangelical voters because you have dr. carson, rick santorum, mike huckabee and ted cruz vying for a very important part of the electorate here. >> that's why you see ted cruz saying a vote for anyone but me is a vote for trump. he is basically making a play are to the carson huckabee santorum camp you are going to throw away and give this to trump you better get on board with me now? >> they attract the same evangelical voter. they usually hold a college degree and evangelicals attracted to trump are not.
1:55 am
that's why most carson. >> i should point out rubio is talking about his faith in the final days. >> there is a reason rubio kept invoking his faith last night. >> next up, winners and losers with the panel.
1:56 am
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1:58 am
finally tonight with the panel, winners and losers. okay, dave winner first.
1:59 am
>> winner is the city of des moines. the restaurants are packed with hundreds of journalists with big expense accounts. maybe some bigger than others. it's great to be a bartender in des moines this week. >> that's true. >> my loser is ted cruz, the des moines register headline todayr ted cruz. i think there is widespread agreement that it wasn't his best debate it seems like he knows he is fighting from behind now. and marco rubio is on his tail. >> quickly, win withers and losers? >> my winner is blood hound from elk of runners and followed them and came in under an hour and a half. my loser is the democratic national committee, which is now under pressure from hillary clinton who feels her back is against the wall to hold more debates after they restricted them to protect her. >> my loser is donald trump has to be the loser. my winner is joe biden who has been saying repeatedly that he regrets not running for president.
2:00 am
he may get his chance. >> that's it for the panel. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget a special edition of "special report"nnnn p.m. sunday night with live reports, the focus group. see you then! welcome to "hannity" and tonight the iowa caucuses three days away and last night's big gop debate we saw the candidates are holding nothing back. her's the biggest moments and the best lines from the final republican showdown before the iowa caucuses. >> i will unite the party and defeat hillary clinton and turn this country around once and for all after the disaster that is barack obama. >> i'm an establishment because my dad the greatest man alive was president of the united states an my brother who i adore was a president and barbara bush


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