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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  January 30, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PST

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maybe we can share with marco rubio. bill and martha, top that. top that. my name is golden. take it away. it is crunch time here in iowa. we are coming up to the moment of choice. nation's first presidential contest. so, the candidates, you know, dozens of events all across the hawk eye state courting support in the final moments here in their quest for the white house. we've got a great, cool couple of hours coming up here. as we say hello from des moines on a saturday, i'm bill hemmer. i feel special with this special election coverage leading up to the caucuses. along with you. >> best friends here this morning with us. >> can't go anywhere.
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>> exactly. just grabbed them off the breakfast line. good morning. it's the final push, really now before the good people of iowa get together in about 1100 school, community centers, churches, town halls across this state to make their feelings known. hillary clinton and bernie sanders holding rallies at this hour. polls show these two in a dead heat in iowa. one more poll that comes out tonight. that will be our last look. before the good folks head into these kau u kuses and start hammering it out between these two candidates. fox team coverage for on this saturday. carl cameron tracking the republican race. ed henry is following the democrats for us and chris is here at the desk with more this morning. >> carl cameron live in aims, iowa. 35 miles north of us in des moines. closing argument a time. it begins today. carl, what do you say to seal the deal if now is the moment of
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choice? >> you're the person who could lead the country out of the things people are most upset about and crunch time is because of what's happening now. item going to step down off our ladder the show you the crunch. this room is elbow to elbow. kids on parent's shoulders and the line extends down through the building, snaking through hallways and into the parking lot. this is what candidates want to see. the last minute surge of momentum. the organizinging beginning to pay off and people showing up for the events in hopes they'll show up for the caucuses. this is ted cruz's event. he'll have phil roberson or "duck dynasty" and glenn beck. cruz has been working very hard, but so has trump and rubio and the polls continue to show the race tightening. rubio campaigning today has
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taken a very personal shot at cruz, saying in fact that cruz has been lying and quote deceitful. listen to this. >> you know, ted cruz has been my friend and is. he's decided to run a very deceitful campaign at the end. people see through that. >> he is suggesting cruz hasn't been honest about his voting record. for instance, what was rubio's plan to allow some of the illegal immigrants in the country to get a path to legal status and or citizenship among other things. they are about to get ready to go. bob of the family leader, one of the leading evangelicals in iowa is in the process of introducing cruz. vander plat's endorsement was the sign that cruz had the possibility to ko ales evangelicals. we'll see in two days and then there's always what happens with trump, who will be returning to the trail in iowa today, having blown off the state yesterday to go to new hampshire three days before the caucuses.
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>> what is he doing today, carl? where will he be? his sprint will consist of what here? >> he's going to go to both side of the state. today, he's in the eastern corner of the state, davenport and dubuque. the eastern side tends to be more the western side. tomorrow, sunday, the day before caucuses, cruz, excuse me trump, will go to the western side of the state and be in sioux city on the nebraska border, which is far, far more conservative. he's bracketing the state on both sides, which is what a lot of the candidates have been doing. trump hasn't made as many visits to iowa and doesn't do the kind of hand to hand combat that others do. he tends to do stuff on tv and online and this morning, he wanted to remind evangelicals in iowa that he does believe in god, he is a religious god and
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he did so showing off his bible given to him by his mom. >> you know, my mother gave me this bible. this very bible, many years ago. in fact, it's her writing right here. she wrote the name and my address and it's just very special to me. and again, i want to thank the evangelicals. i will never let you down. >> chuck likes to say he leads with evangelicals in all the polls. that may or may not be true. iowa caucus polls are notorious to be unreliable. we'll know when the real actual voting takes place monday night. >> you need to save your voice. we're going to send you a l-- hang in there. you've got plenty i bet you. thank you, carl. >> hkds's e-mail story is also heating up once again. the state department confirming they did find 22 e-mails that are literally deemed too top
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secret to be released. >> the state department will be denying in full seven e-mail chains found in 22 documents representing 37 pages. documents are being upgraded at the request of the intelligence community because they contain a category of top secret information. these documents were not marked classified at the time they were sent. >> what does all this mean? ed henry live in aims, iowa. so, ed, hillary clinton was at one point considered to be the inevitable nominee of her party, but all of this has clearly had an impact. what's the latest? >> big time. this complicated her effort to finally win iowa. two days out, you have this major story breaking. you've seen republicans like chris christie come out this morning and say, look, she's disqualified herself because of this top secret information on the server and that despite the
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idea there was no markings on it, chris christie and other republicans are saying as secretary of state, she should have known this was top secret information. the clinton camp today is insisting that none of these e-mails were sent by hillary clinton. suggesting maybe lower level staffers were to blame. that's not going to sit well with critics either. last night, hillary clinton's closing argument brought her husband, former president bill clinton. he has been working hard here in iowa in recent tas, trying to get out the vote and clinton's argument basically boiled down to the idea that yes, you've heard the pitch from sanders about fighting for the middle class, but she has a record of doing that for decades. watch. >> i'm going to take my views, my values, my vision. here to you to ask you to stand up for me and the caucus on monday so that i can stand up and fight for you. >> remember, she made similar
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arguments in 2008. also talked about her experience then, the 3:00 a.m. phone call, the ad against barack obama. didn't work. remember, she didn't come in second last time. she came in third behind barack obama and john edwards. >> really interesting to remember that looking back. they're concerned the same thing could happen again and i know you have news that you broke this morning on sanders in iowa. >> two sources telling fox that sanders is imminently going to get secret service protection. we're thot giving specific details about when that will start for obvious security reasons, so as not to tip anyone off, but why is this happening now? a number of things. he's had much bigger crowds than hillary clinton, who has secret service protection. we've seen that on the ground, but also, he's clearly crossed the threshold of being a major candidate. someone who had been dismissed long ago and not taken that seriously even by some democrats now is in a dead heat with
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hillary clinton here in iowa. listen to his pitch last night. >> we are the campaign that can increase voter turnout. if we are going to win in nv, we need a large voter turnout. i think this is the campaign that can bring about a large voter turnout. >> now, just in the last few moments, "the new york times" editorial board endorsed hillary clinton over sanders, suggesting her plans are more realistic than his. another sign the establishment is rallying around clinton, but number two, let's not forget, clinton got the endorsement of "the new york times" in '08 over barack obama and it did not work. >> good stuff. thank you very much. we'll see you later. >> now, these latest developments with the e-mails fuelling republican allegations, heading into the caucus on monday. first, jeb bush saying that hillary clinton is guilty of verification. >> the obama administration has recognized that there are 22
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e-mails that went on her private server that are so top secret they can't be divulged. 22. she has said she's done nothing wrong, but she's lied and is under investigation by the fbi. >> another republican candidates taking aim at hillary clinton about this latest development on the e-mail front, this from new jersey governor, chris christie. >> she can't read something and recognize that she's reading highly sensitive information, that she doesn't belong on the b job in the first place. some previous e-mails where she requested that people take headers off. that marked that there were markeded classified and then fax them over unsecure faxes. this is an absolute house of cards coming down around hillary clinton's body right now. >> so, then obviously from last night i'm joined by chris, fox
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news digital politics editor here in des moines. i knew of o all the people here, you would appreciate it. welcome. >> it is always good to be here by the soothing waters. >> indeed, it is. 24 hours a day. politically speaking. this close to a decision. >> okay. >> what does this revelation do to the people here in iowa as they consider this? >> hillary clinton has failed her party in a pretty profound way. she made broad promises about what her legal exposure was and what the condition of her secret server and all of these things and democrats believed her. and she started this process in the spring. she said, it's cool, don't worry. do you know how bad it is? so bad where she has created a situation where her campaign is calling for these to be released. you know who can release them? barack obama. she says there's nothing wrong with these. these are fine e-mails. i don't know why we shouldn't show them.
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the only person who can declassify them is the president of the united states and he can't do that because they're too classified. >> we're going to go back and forth on this. in a legal sense with steve and kir sten in a moment. two of the big issues here. here in iowa, cruz has shifted his advertising for the final three days and directed it at rubio. not trump or others, but rubio. what's working on the inside between those two now? >> so, with poll, we will get one more good poll today. pretty excited about that. >> des moines register. >> dmr, baby. it's crackle. that's the good stuff. but we have some reliable polling that's been out. marco rubio has movement and what you want to be in iowa is closing well. now, trump as carl pointeded out, made a mistake. he skipped their debate and left the state, now, he tweets, i'm coming back. he's going to do, going to try to be here for a couple of days, which is not something we've seen from him before.
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i have no idea how this affects the race and how they're going to respond because we've never had a celebrity of this magnitude that can draw this kind of attention. >> there are some awesome analysis pieces. you can find them all over the internet. try iing to dissect who turns o and who doesn't. those lead ng the campaign. watch the poll tonight around dinner time. or as they would say supper time. >> trump found his mom's bible. >> he did. >> put it on the internet today and his message is clear and it's directed at evangelicals here in iowa. you watched it. it was out 90 minutes ago and the impact could be what? >> okay, so, trump doesn't understand evangelicals, but maybe that's okay. because what he's saying to them, if i recall, you don't call them the evangelicals as if they are turtles in terrarium. that's not good. but what is good is to say i don't know what you are, but
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you're important and i'm not going to abandon you because the point of this video at the end is to say look, whatever it is you need me to do, i'll do just support me, i need your help. so, people don't mind if you're not one of them. if they think you're sincere and begging them. >> that comment reminds me of a piece that came out a week ago which sukts thggest that is a my of evangelicals who will likely caucus on monday are considering him to be christian enough. you remember the piece, right? is there truth to that or not based on what you have seen here and talked about? >> so, character counts. the first rule of every election is character election. and every election is a trust election and trump knows that. he knows he's got some trust issues. he's not a well trusted candidate. people ooen people who like him have trust ibs with him and he looks like clinton in the polls that way. they think he's a strong leader, but they're not sure if they trust him.
9:15 am
in the end, when people get to the gut check moment and make their decision, how much of a factor do they trust him to do what he says in that video and care about iowa and care about promoting a christian nation. we'll see. >> back to the terrarium. thank you, buddy. >> thanks, brother. >> that's the big question, right? in terms of hillary's e-mails, whether or not people weigh in to the honest and trustworthy numbers she's had a hard time with. if tht the final thought as they head into the those caucuses. in the democratic caucuses, there's a back and forth. there's people pulling each other to the other side. so that could have some impact for her. >> i thought there was a fascinating development a week ago yesterday that got little notice when the state department said hey, we need another month to go through this stuff and a judge has not ruled on that request yet. asking for another month. if that's granted, that pushes
9:16 am
those e-mails after iowa, after new hampshire. and after south carolina. keep an eye on that. >> into february would be a good time to wrap that up, wouldn't you say? also want to bring you some news that just broke. defense official confirming to fox that ash carter has decided he will not demote general david petraeus. obviously, this got a lot of attention when he allowed some classified information to be exposed to paula broadwell. that sort of resurfaced about a month ago at the same time this hillary clinton stuff was going on and the questions were raced about whether these two were being treated equally given the offenses. he will not be demoted and a lot of outcry. people feel he has suffered enough in this and it was a very small amount of material that was discussed there and she had some clearances. to look at this material.
9:17 am
so that's that. >> story keeps going, too. >> that went to john mccain from the defense department saying we're done. >> more on that as we track. in the meantime, you could put a heat map on this state and you would find, you would find candidates all over this place. there are 99 counties in iowa and they've got them all over covered here between the democrats and republican, duelling rallies at this hour and a few underway now. chris christie on one side. ted cruz on the other. several candidates in western iowa. a lot of conservative voters in that part of the state. fight to the finish here. sprint to the finish line as our coverage continues. >> one of the candidates in western iowa today is jeb bush, he's getting a lilt l help from his family, bringing two of his children along for the ride. we're starting to see some family members on the trail, which is interesting to note as well today. be right back. >> the oldest daughter is named georgia, elana walker bush.
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big any this is morning. a bombshell into hillary clinton's e-mails. the intelligence community has deem deemed 22 of those e-mails are quote too damaging to national security to be released in any form. >> this news breaking late yesterday. officials tells fox news not even redacted versions will go public. steven hayes, kristen powers, we welcome you here. it's like the five only with the four. the following. >> only needs four with this. we're good. steve, what's this ? how big of a deal? >> i think there are two big pieces of news. one are the e-mails themselves. the fact we know for certain there were these 22 u e-mail, highly classified, they have been withheld from public view because of the nature of the information in them. the clinton team is saying they weren't marked classified. totally irrelevant in terms of the legal case, doesn't matter.
9:23 am
the second thing is the white house reaction. you have josh earnest saying in effect, we don't think this is really really going anywhere. what we heard from the justice department, what in the world is the justice department doing briefing -- >> the irs thing. there's nothing there. the president said there's nothing there, the investigation wasn't over. i don't know how you can say there's nothing there. >> the second time the white house has done this. we had the president say earlier, there's no indication there had been any national security harm done as a result of her private server. the president's rejecting the case. it's highly inappropriate and it's set off alarms among national security lawyers i've reached out to. >> some officials there, she's not the targeted investigation. based on what we know, does not
9:24 am
seem to be headed in that direction. i know dana parrino had some issues. welcome, our first lady of fair banks alaska. when the state department says it will conduct its own investigation internally to figure out who sent what to whom? >> it's very serious, but we have to remember that we don't know what she knew and she does have to knowingly have transmitted classified information and the state department said at the time, she had this information. >> the word knowingly or willingly? >> i think it's knowingly. she has to have known that it was classified information. people keep invoking david petraeus. he knew he was giving classified information. what she is saying, and they have, this is something they would have to figure out, whether she knew it or not, is that she didn't know it was classified because the state
9:25 am
department said this information we're talking about had been classified at the time it was transmitted. classified later, so, i think that, to me, it's what makes it so unlikely she's going to get indicted. doesn't seem there's any kind of smoking gun yet. >> you told o'reilly last night that there will not be an indictment. >> that's my best guess. >> hayes? >> that doesn't mean there shouldn't be. i think we've heard from a variety of legal experts who say there should be. not just former attorney general of the united states wrote an article in "the wall street journal" making that case. national security lawyers, republicans and democrats that i've reached out so have said to me, look, if this were one of my cases that i have been working on, a rank and file intelligence analyst, this person would have had their clearances revoked, probably have lost their job and would quite possibly have been indicted. >> understood. but how do you get to this point where information is so sensitive that can't even
9:26 am
release it in redacted form. we've seen this documents. half are blacked out. so, they're saying they go beyond the level where you could black them out. don't even want them passing from one hand to the other. how on earth did hillary clinton not know that information is classified when it's discussing issues of that level and why would it matter whether there's a classified stamp on it. as secretary of state, isn't it incumbent upon you to understand that the information is that sensitive? >> i agree with that. if you want to talk about the fact this was irresponsible, it was. the question of the law though -- they had have to prove her state of mind, that she knew that. we know that she had, she had at least on one that memo, had asked for the markings to be stripped off and sent unsecure cables rather than through the classified system because they were having trouble getting that
9:27 am
information to her. >> quick add on the legal side of this. harnlg reports, the clinton campaign, that she is not to blame. she report os both statements are wrong under the law and under government regulations. >> if it's wrong under government regulations, you could have james comby issue a statement, hey, this is wrong, don't ever do it again. if it's wrong under the law, that comes back to the possibility of dime. am i clear? >> yeah. on the other point with respect to the markings, david petraeus didn't have markings on the information in his journals. it wasn't marked classified. it's irrelevant if it's marked classified or not. if the information is classified, classified at its orgins, that's what constitutes the violation. it's interesting to see how many reporters are reporting this as if this is what matters most. >> yeah, but the state department said it wasn't
9:28 am
classified. so, this information was classified later. doesn't that make a difference? >> no, it may not have been marked classified at its orgins, but if the information itself was classified, when it was born, which much of this was,s that's what matters. the same with the petraeus stuff. in his journal, there were no markings in his journal. >> if you're in their position, i mean, nobody would understand better than those individuals. the nature of the content of those e-mails and whether or not it was sensitive, so, in my mind to suggest she wouldn't have understood something was class iffed, that's it's so top secret they can't let it into anyone's hands now, if nothing more than that. >> there are some e-mails in this collection that have detailed reporting on the conversations of foreign leaders. either that was made up or came from classified sources. you don't have those kinds of
9:29 am
conversation, recordings of these conversations of foreign leaders and have it not be classified. >> i'm glad you guys understand it. this is clear as des moines mud today. thank you. >> thank you. >> the four, right? bullies. >> thanks, guys. all right. so, it's crunch time. ahead of the iowa caucuses, these folks are all over the state today. every presidential candidate is out there including ted cruz. you can see on your screen right now. the texas senator is saying in order to win nationwide. he doesn't necessarily need to win iowa. we're going to talk about that coming up. >> as the signs say, don't believe the liberal media. this is your turn. this is the time for the men and women of iowa. to make a decision.
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so, they have scattered, smothered and covered the state of iowa, all of them. republicans and democrats, a number of republicans today in the western part of the state. that's where you find a good number of likely republican caucusgoers. rubio is one of them on the stump. in fact, i believe that event live, he's in the western part of the state. so, too, is rich. you chatted with jeb bush last hour. good day. what did the former florida governor have to say? >> bill, to you as well and the former florida governor says he has a consistent message as he travels throughout the state. also took a shot at trump, saying he's essentially an entertainer. though we asked him why is it trump is leading in the polls. >> trump is a phenomena. an entertainer. blocks out is sun, but not qualifieded to be president with
9:35 am
the way he disparages people and he's not a serious conservative based on his record of supporting hillary clinton and barack obama. bill clinton. the clinton foundation. nancy pelosi. the list is long. and i'm not going to allow him to hijack the conservative cause that will create the chance for people to rise up again in this country. >> got some snow mobiles behind us. we also asked jeb bush why it is he's not on the snow mobile. why it is that if ted cruz and marco rubio and all the others finish, he's not in the top three and he doesn't win new hampshire, what does that mean for his campaign? only that he has an effective ground game in all 50 states. >> you know, you might be able to get around this time of year faster on a snow mobile. just to get, consider that. what are caucus voters that you're -- caucusgoers, i should say, what are they telling you in the closing hours? >> so many say they are still
9:36 am
looking at the candidates. attending a number of events. we are in the northwestern part of the state. an evangelical part of the state, but still, many say they are undecided. >> a couple of buddies told me that this morning. i think rubio, i think he's just looking good now. just beginning to look good. >> marco rubio, i'm kind of intrigued by him. you know, my personal view is i don't think he's ready, but i think what i see here in iowa is that a lot of the younger republicans who are very active are rubio people. >> i'm donald trump all the way. i like people that ain't got a problem saying what they think. >> about a fifth of iowa's voters are in the western part of the state. about a third went for rick santorum last time in 2012. back to you. >> thank you. western iowa. talk to you later today. >> very interesting. iowa, of course, is a massive
9:37 am
center for the media right now. it is first in the nation caucuses in just a couple of days away now. monday night is the big night. ted cruz was on with neil cavuto today. he says he's trying not to get caught up in that media hype. here he is. >> do you think you have to win iowa? >> no, of course not. listen, we are running a national campaign from day one. i think we're well positioned. we're going to do well in iowa. i don't know who's going to win, but we're going to do well in this state. we're well positioned in new hampshire and south carolina and nevada and have an incredible national team across the supertuesday statds. the so-called sec primary. >> it's fascinating when you get to this stage, you start to hear the sound bites saying look, i don't have to finish first. if i do well in iowa and all
9:38 am
these candidates sort of use the media to get the message out. >> i'm getting vertigo from all the furious spinning about how they're going to do in monday's caucuses. iowa is close to a must win state for cruz. he knows it. you know it, i know it. the is that right himself told a group of supporters that if he doesn't win iowa, trump has a huge lead in new hampshire, that trump could be unstoppable. wants to leave himself an out. rubio, he wasn't playing that seriously. here in the hawk eye state. wasn't spending that much time, now he's coming up as third place. a lot will depend on how the press spins that. is that a strong first place finish or weak finish. >> you hear a lot of people talking about rubio and the closing days here. trump didn't show up the other night as was well documented. he went to new hampshire. he made the decision to leave iowa in the last 48 hours, 96 hour, 73 whatever it was and head back to new hampshire, but
9:39 am
now u, he has scram bed it back to iowa. in the western part of the state today trying to get votes there. >> it tells you this is a state that's always put a premium on retail campaigning, but this year, trump draws that playbook across the country, but with things tight and you done want the wake up the morning after caucus day and say if only i would done this, i would have won. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and her team giving a story to the "washington post" saying even if she gets upset by sanders, she's building a network into the later stage, so, again, try iing to ensure against the bad headlines that surely will come if the front-runner gets a double setback. >> that's the work of every press secretary on every campaign today is is to manage expectations, tell people as long as we do well, as long as we finish strong, bill clinton has joined her on the campaign
9:40 am
trail out here. here's just a little snippet of what he likes like on the road these days. >> and then, it's just like your life. there are all the other days. you've got to have a president who's there for your on the great days. that's there for you on the awful days and who's there on all the other days. she'll be there every single day making something good happen. >> now, bill clinton has always been able to ignite the crowds. to fire people up. he did the same thing for barack obama. his second time around. how effective in terms of what you're hearing from reporters who are on the scenes at these rallies, is there the enthusiasm or the gap and is bill clinton able to do the magic he's done in the past? >> there is clearly an enthusiasm gap excited crowd sanders is growing. he's looking older. a little more gaunt and he doesn't seem to have the same magic as in past years.
9:41 am
maybe that's not a bad thing because if he comes on too strong, he could overshadow his wife. make some missteps as he did in 2008, so he's playing the role of dutiful, loyal spouse, which is an unaccustomed role for the big dog, but this is largely the stock market, which is companies come in, report their earnings. they can make a lot of money, but if it doesn't meet wall street's expectations, it gets knocked down. they don't want expectations too high in case they underperform. >> that's what we're seeing today. thank you. nice talking to you as always. you can catch more of howie's analysis on media buzz sundays at 11:00 a.m. eastern. thanks. >> 19 minutes now before the hour. jeb bush getting a little bit of help on the trail. some new faces are with him today and what iowans are receiving in the mail just this weekend. that's next. >> aren't you happy your mother changed her mind --
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thes a phenomenal person. she hands out jeb stickers in houston. she walks dogs at this dog park and everybody comes to get their bumper stickers to say hello to mom and get a jeb sticker. don't tell anybody, but i'm her favorite. >> pretty good line. jeb bush on the trail today. just from this morning. getting a lot of help from his family, right now traveling in iowa with two of his kids. they're grown adults. two of his children. his campaign mailing out fliers with a letter from his brother, george w. bush, asking iowans to caucus for his brother on
9:47 am
monday. he's live in l.a. and paul, good to talk to you again. thanks for making time on a saturday. i know you're working out there. i've got a lot to go through in the next four minutes. let's start here. why do you believe it appears that the establishment is so out of political favor this time around? >> well, i don't know, it depends on what your definition of the establishment is. there's various definitions for that right now. but you know, look, i think that we'll let the pundits decide what they think is going to happen. the equivalent of what you and i are doing right now is is being football analyst, talking about the game before anyone has entered the stastadium. so, on monday, voter rs going to enter the stadium and start this process. it's going to be a very long process and we've built an organization we think is built for a long primary process into cleveland and we think that jeb bush is going to be in a very strong position at the end of february heading into the march
9:48 am
states. >> on the outside looking in, many are wondering and you know this to be the case. many are wondering why it took so long to invoke the bush family name. why was that, paul? and looking at it now when you see the real clear average here in iowa with jeb bush around 4%, was that a mistake? >> well, look, i can't speak for the bush campaign, but i think it's a great thing that the bush family is out there campaigning for jeb. there's no one who knows the demands of the job better and no one who knows jeb buttetter tha the bush family. you're going to see a letter from -- this week going out to voters in iowa from president george w. bush talking about why jeb is the best candidate going forward. why he's the best to be commander in chief during this challenging time. he's the only one with the plan to defeat isis. restore america's credibility throughout the world, so, we think it's a great thing and we think that the bush family
9:49 am
campaigning for jeb is kind of leading a lot of the excite m that's going into jeb's candidacy heading into these early states. >> here is part of the letter from 43. it says in part to iowans, as someone who has sat in the oval office, i know jeb has the skills to lead our economy and keep america safe. talks about his record in florida as well. back to this establishment issue. do you believe as a campaign now, that the head winds were jeb bush with because of his name or because the electorate is moving away it would appear so far. from establishment candidates. how would you address that, p l paul? >> well, i don't know that it is. i think that what you're seeing right now is essentially in new hampshire, all of our data has said that this is a race between donald trump, jeb bush and undecided. i think what people are looking
9:50 am
for is somebody who can challenge trump if this becomes a two man race and someone who can challenge hillary clinton in a general election. i think the establishment of so-called beltway establishment and really firmly behind rubio in washington. and i think that's why you're seeing a lot of the complaints come from his campaign. when groups like ours are just bringing up his record and talking about his record in a very honest and open way. i think the chorus is largely behind rubio. >> the comment the other night about his family during our debate, that drove some headlines for him coming out of thursday evening. thanks for your time today. thanks. >> just a kouchl days way aand
9:51 am
new poll numbers. new data from google that gives you a sense of what people are searching and what that might tell us about who is getting strong in iowa. we'll be right back. . see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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9:54 am
entering the home stretch here in iowa, as we get to the
9:55 am
caucus caucuses, and google is using exclusive data to try to take the pulse of what people are looking at online, and figure out if they can reinvent the tea leaves. shannon, let's look at iowa first, where voters are dazed now from making their voices heard. >> reporter: yeah, and martha, we can look at what they're thinking. we can see what they're searching, who they're searching for in this first graphic we have. you can see at the top of the list, those who were the most searched in iowa during the debate. donald trump leads that group. at the bottom, though, you can see where that fluctuated. people were in and out of the second, third, fourth and fifth spots all night long. at times, rubio rose to the top of the list. he was the only that really challenged trump there. let's look ahead to new hampshire. we have some information about who is searching for who there. and nearly every county, donald trump has been the number one gop presidential candidate that's been searched. but there is one county in which ted cruz is the top search. and he followed in that county
9:56 am
by chris christie. northern part of the state. but in just about every other county, it's all about trump and cruz. we're going to use this data to look ahead to south carolina later today, as well. martha? >> cool stuff. thanks, shannon. so it's the final weekend before the first of the nation caucus here in iowa. in a moment, we hear the strategy. and it is everywhere. the candidates making their closing arguments. what is changing with ted cruz and marco rubio? and so much more in the inside as our live coverage rolls on today, live in des moines on a saturday afternoon. stay with us. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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♪ a sprint to the finish at this point in iowa. candidates are crisscrossing the state, all over the place today as we have seen from the live shots we have taken. there is ted cruz, his wife hannah handing him the microphone moments ago. you have the republicans taking shots at each other as they make their case and close their deal in iowa. good afternoon, everybody. good to be with you. on a saturday for a change. i'm martha mccallum here in des moines. >> special edition, right? >> special edition is right. it's always pretty special when we're here. >> right on. a busy day. i mean, throughout the entire state it's busy. on the democratic side, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, holding duelling rallies. tight race there. every caucus-goer counts, certainly. peter doocy outside in des
10:01 am
moines. start with the strategy on the republican side. the strategic changes. there have been some significant ones in the last 24 hours. what do we need to know? >> reporter: you need to know, bill, that ted cruz now seems to be spending about equal time going after donald trump and marco rubio, really trying to stop any momentum that rubio may have gotten from a strong debate performance on thursday. >> a vote for marco rubio or a vote for donald trump is a vote for amnesty. and i don't think the republican party is going to do that. instead, we want, i believe, the american people want a consistent conservative. >> and this morning, rubio responded to the new heat from cruz, saying he thinks the texas senator is getting desperate. >> ted cruz has been my friend and has decided to run a very disequal campaign in the end. >> meanwhile, to try and keep cruz or rubio from winning here,
10:02 am
donald trump out with new video this morning, appealing to evangelicals by showing off a bible with his mother's handwriting in it, and on the stump, the businessman bringing out some new terminology to raise questions about cruz's eligibility. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen, right? but he's an anchor baby. no, he's an anchor baby -- ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. but canada doesn't accept anchor babies. >> trump was in new hampshire there, but he is going to be in iowa later today and the reason there is such a frenzy in this state today is because a lot of potential caucus-goers have not made up their minds. a good example is our crew at a rubio event in sioux city said they found one person who was a solid rubio backer, one person who was a solid rand paul backer and everybody else there still undecided now just a day-and-a-half before the caucus gets going.
10:03 am
the "new york times" late this morning endorsed kasich as their republican nominee. clinton as the democrat. unclear if that moves the needle for either of them, but it could. bill? >> yeah, it could. i mean, every caucus-goer counts, right? that's what they say. there is significant breaking news on the democratic primary race. what is that, peter? >> reporter: it's that bernie sanders is about to start getting secret service protection. it's not because of a specific threat against the senator, but he has consistently had the largest crowds in the democratic field, and he is considered to be a viable contender now that needs beefed up security. so look for a couple more guys in suits and earpieces surrounding the democratic socialist from vermont here in the next few days. bill? >> all right. we'll see you outside soon. peter doocy live in des moines. thank you, peter. so here's where the polls stand in iowa right now. the latest "wall street journal" poll has donald trump in first at 32%. and then you've got ted cruz.
10:04 am
they are very close. if you look at the margin of error here. he's at 25. marco rubio is at 18 in this. and you see carson at 8, and bush is at 4%. kathryn lucy is a politics reported for the associated press for iowa, from des moines. good morning. >> good to be here. >> according to what i understand, how does all that work? >> yes. so there's -- that many sites. about almost 1,700 individual precincts. and there's a slightly different process on each side. so for republicans, you go, you sign in, you hear a little bit about each candidate and then they take a ballot. and the results are recorded. >> it's a private ballot. >> and they report out the results. on the democratic side, they show up, they discuss, and then they break into what they call preference groups. so the clinton people, the sanders people and the o'malley people all kind of separate, and
10:05 am
you have to hit a minimum level of support to maintain. so if, for example, the o'malley people don't have enough support, those folks have to redistribute to one of the other candidates. >> so if they don't get 15%, then -- basically around that number, then they go away. so any sense for where the o'malley supporters will go? >> that's an interesting question, and it gets into sort of the politics of -- the gamesmanship of this. from talking to people who are with o'malley, i've heard both. some folks really like what they're hearing from sanders and banking reform. but there are folks who want to see a more establishment democrat who might be clinton. so far, o'malley hasn't indicated any kind of preference or arrangement himself, which could tip the scale. >> you look at the turnout. the gop high i think was around 121,000, something like that in 2012, somewhere there. when you look at the obama number, something like 230,000, north of that, right? >> yeah, that was huge. although i think it's important to remember that eight years
10:06 am
ago, obama, clinton and edwards all had aggressive campaigns in the state, and it was a six-way race. so while certainly obama was sort of the biggest factor, all those things contributed to a historic number. >> how do you gauge the enthusiasm now as to then as to what you see covering these elections over the years? >> i think you're going to see good turnout on both sides. i don't think you're going to see obama level numbers on each side. it's just not -- there is not enough candidates in the field on the democratic side, and there's not that kind of, you know, vibe at the moment. but i think you'll see good turnout and i think there's a lot of predictions that the republicans will get above that sort of 120 number they have seen in the past. because there's -- and if they do, that is probably a good thing for donald trump. so -- >> what do you mean, reaction in terms of trump's movements over the last few days? not being in the debate, then leaving right after that and heading out to new hampshire. now he's high tailed it back to iowa. so what's the response on all of that? >> you know, it's so hard to
10:07 am
know and i feel like every time we try and game out donald trump, it's hard to predict. he has enthusiastic support. he's packing these events. and he is saying he's going to get new people out to the caucuses. so when we talk about numbers and turnouts, if he actually gets new folks out to perform, that's the game changer. >> and the weather outlook? always has some role in this thing, right? they're predicting a storm that i think in theory will come in after the caucuses. but if that changes, if that comes in sooner, that could depress turnout. >> all right, kathryn, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good to have you with us today. >> you too. >> thank you, kathryn. john kasich now, one of the only presidential candidates not here in iowa today. has focused a lot in new hampshire, instead. that's where he is today. picked up a big name endorsement, to. a bit of a back handed endorsement. the "new york times" writes this today. "governor john kasich of ohio, though a distinct underdog, is
10:08 am
the only plausible choice for republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race." neil cavuto is here, taking backhanded compliments every day. senior vice president of business news, anchor of "your world with neil cavuto" and a star from des moines to manhattan. >> by the way, if i'm such a star, look at the setup for you guys here. it's like i'm reporting from a deli over there. >> the takeout kiosk? >> yes. >> is that why you stole our table before? >> yes. >> is that what that was about? >> at least -- >> by the way, it's only 30 paces over there. >> 28. >> so welcome. >> yes. >> kasich has been bragging about these newspaper endorsements. here's another for the "new york times." a lot of endorsements in new hampshire. >> right. >> a couple newspapers in massachusetts. does this -- does this do anything for him? >> you know, it's hard to say. in any other environment,
10:09 am
getting the "new york times," "boston globe," prominent newspapers, that would be a draw in these conservative caucuses and primaries you've got going. an endorsement in the "new york times" can cut both ways. >> are they reading the "times?" >> well, you've got to wonder. but i do think the argument that's always been made about kasich is when you talk about the compassion, is that as a general election candidate he would fair very, very well. but it's getting past, you know, the nomination. it's tough. >> i'm sorry you didn't have more candidates on this morning. every time i looked out you had every one with neil this morning. and it was great, great stuff. great to watch. i want to play a little bit of sound from ted cruz, talking about donald trump with you earlier today. >> if you can't debate the issues, the only thing you have left to do is toss insults. so i understand why he's doing it. i don't take it personally. it's politics. but i don't think it's effective. i think the men and women of
10:10 am
iowa deserve more respect than just seeing people tossing nasty words at each other. >> we're talking about this earlier, neil. they're starting to manage the expectations. and he said to you also, i'm coming first. that's okay. but we all know the stakes are high for ted cruz. >> the toughest thing for him, if you think about it, when he went through polls weeks ago, suddenly emerging as the front runner in iowa. i don't think even he expected that. but, you know, we were talking about this. no storm coming, i guess, really is after much of the voting. but you need your rabid fans to come out, the ones who would walk over broken glass, two feet of snow. his are described that way. he's got that ground game you guys alluded to. our other fans of candidates the same, it's hard to say. i do know and i think you have gotten into it as well, polls are notoriously wrong, particularly for iowa. it's amazing how wrong they are. and consistently so. so we'll have to see. you could make the argument that
10:11 am
some were making my little deli cubicle there earlier that i'm not bitter. i don't want you to think -- >> you are. >> no. >> we're not getting that impression at all. >> no, i'm not bitter at all. one of the things that came up, this idea when did trump and cruz divide the vote, and all of a sudden someone like a rubio runs up the middle. you've heard all the analogies of rubio is in third place right now. that was the same position, rick santorum was in four years ago. >> let me squeeze in another thing. i think he had murderers' row on, didn't he? who did he not have on? this is ben carson, by the way. and don't look past his candidacy here in iowa. >> absolutely. >> he's got a message for the people here in iowa. >> a lot of money. >> this is what he told you about reclaiming values in america. watch. >> if they would rather have, you know, entertainment, you know, that's okay too. you know, you get what you deserve. hopefully, the american people
10:12 am
are ready to reclaim the values and principles that made us into a great nation. and not settle for something that entertains us or makes us feel good for a few minutes. >> just to add to that, what carl cameron would tell you, the carson team says they've got 40,000 committed caucus-goers in the states. and if you look at history, 40,000 is a lot. >> absolutely. >> 40,000 could easily put you in the top. >> absolutely. and, you know, the evangelical vote in the past, it was largely rick santorum, four years ago. largely mike huckabee. but you argue now, you've got both of those guys, ben carson, ted cruz. i think the richest guy can have an advantage here, because he can work at building his ground game and all that. but they might cancel each other out. and, you know, you might have four or even five divided so-called evangelical
10:13 am
candidates, and someone like donald trump at the top. >> yeah. and there's so much dissension and so much dissatisfaction with the way things are going, there is some indication that group doesn't vote mondolithically ths time around. >> i'm not bitter. >> wow. >> no, no. >> you guys have room service, by the way? >> they double billed me. >> i charge to you. but one of the things we're raising is the prospect that this time the religious vote isn't just thinking about god. they're it furious. so they -- a lot of them might be using the lord's name in vain to express that fury, hence the oddity of having, you know, jerry falwell jr. backing donald trum trump. a different environment. >> i used this statement last
10:14 am
hour. the "new york times," that evangelicals, some believe that donald trump is christian enough. and we'll see. >> yes. >> we'll see -- >> it's all about expectation. if you keep them low, you're going to be richer. i would tell my parents with my report card, expect all ds and fs so when i zinged in a couple cs, they thought i was einstein. >> good strategy. >> and back to the closet you go. >> thank you very much. >> we're going to bring you some water and whatever you -- >> i provide catering from a certain restaurant. big fans of mine. i don't think you guys got any. hello? >> can you say the name of the restaurant? >> maybe. >> maybe. >> i'm not sharing. >> thank you, boss. >> we'll see you around the breakfast bar. >> yeah, sure. >> all right. we've been talking about in this morning, as well. new troubles for hillary clinton. after the state department finds top-secret e-mails on her private server that are so highly classified, in fact, they can't really be released for
10:15 am
anyone to look at. also, tensions rising at the trail marker. ted cruz turning his attention to a new target. kinda sorta. away from donald trump. what's that about? we'll tell you, next. historians are going to write about this time in american history, and they're not going to write about who showed up or who said what at what debate. they're going to write about the choice you're about to make. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer,
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10:19 am
ted cruz shifting his attention away from donald trump, apparently, and toward marco rubio. cruz launching a series of sash attack ads, targeting rubio in the final three days before the iowa caucuses, like this here. watch. roll it. >> i am not and i will never support, never have and never will support any effort to grant blanket legalization amnesty. >> marco rubio was part of a gang of eight, trying to secure amnesty. >> all right. it goes from there. rick tyler, national spokesman out of des moines with me. nice to see you again. you barely are sleeping, i know that. it's crunch time and you knew that was coming. why the change in strategy toward marco rubio? >> i don't know. there's no one on right now. >> i don't know it's a change of
10:20 am
strategy. we shifted up the ads in the mix now. we've got four now. and one was the ad you just saw about marco rubio, who has been trying to muddy the waters about amnesty. marco rubio was a chief proponent of gang of eight. he ran as an anti amnesty candidate. that's what you saw in the ad. and then -- when he was elected, he joined up with chuck schumer and passed in the united states senate a pro amnesty bill. and if this party elects a pro amnesty candidate we will lose to hillary clinton. >> marco rubio just this morning called the campaign people and says what ted cruz now is doing in iowa is a deceitful campaign. >> and what basis would mariah careyo say that? he would campaign -- that was a shark tank video there when he was a candidate in 2010. he was an anti amnesty candidate. i will not pass amnesty. yet he was the chief sponsor of gang of eight. and that's why you heard limbaugh in the same ad saying
10:21 am
marco rubio was for gang of eight, and ted cruz was against it. very, very clear. and whenever marco does this, by the way, and tries to muddy the water, talk radio corrects him. and the reason they do, they were in the fight. they knew that marco was for it and ted cruz was against it and they're not going to let him rewrite history. >> in the closing hours here, sometimes people miss the message that perhaps the campaign is trying it translate. and what they pick on is the action or the strategy. and from an outsider's perspective, the strategy looks like marco rubio is gaining and ted cruz is falling and that's why you see this shift. that would be the allegation, perhaps, and the summation. >> it's interesting, because years ago, you're right. people did not follow strategy stories. now that's -- the news channels talk about them all of the time. so voters are more sophisticated about it. but this is actually really simple. if you want a pro amnesty candidate, and someone who would allow criminal, illegal aliens to stay in the united states, marco rubio is your candidate.
10:22 am
>> did you have the spots ready to go before the debate on thursday? >> we have lots of things in the works. >> i get it, but -- was this borne out of, you know, the final throws of this campaign or was it something that you had ready to go, say a week ago? >> the reason you see it on the air today, and, yes, coming together fairly quickly. the reason you see it today, marco rubio tried to muddy the waters on his own amnesty record, indicating that ted cruz is pro amnesty. he was never pro amnesty. he was the chief proponent of gang of eight so we're going to correct that record and we have corrected it. >> the reason i ask, the suggestion is that thursday night in our prime time debate here, that ted cruz did not fully take advantage of the absence of donald trump. and then you pick up the "des moines register" yesterday morning and the headline was rough night for cruz. >> the reason they did is because they're a pro amnesty editorial board. they're going to take a shot at ted cruz. look, ted cruz had the guts to
10:23 am
put himself on center stage, take the incoming and fared well in the debate. i thought he had a remarkably good debate. the person who didn't want to be at center stage is donald trump. so he went to some other event that got a quarter or fraction of the audience and ted cruz did very well, and people saw that. and then donald trump skedaddled out of town. by the way, that debate was about new hampshire, it wasn't about iowa. the only one on stage who could possibly win iowa was ted cruz. >> for the sake of this conversation right now, and the -- let's call it 48 hours, okay? i guess it would be 60 hours. safe? monday night? >> i've lost track. >> 8:00 local. is your focus donald trump, or is your focus marco rubio? >> we think this is race is a two-person race between donald trump and ted cruz. that's the choice. marco rubio is in third place, and is likely to finish in third place. but we wanted to remind people that marco rubio is the pro
10:24 am
amnesty candidate, and so we'll keep him right where he is. >> even though has been reported yesterday that the negative ads are now -- all of the negative ads from the cruz camp are going toward marco rubio. you're still saying it's a two-man race with donald trump. >> yes. and that's what the polls show. it's going to be tight. so we're out there. we've got an exceptional ground game. 12,000 people working. we had glenn beck stop by the headquarters this morning. >> i've heard of him. >> you've heard of him? i think he's been around here. >> thanks for your time. >> appreciate it. >> good luck this weekend and we'll catch up with you monday and tuesday as well. >> all right. >> we'll see where we are in this great big game tuesday morning. >> it's going to be great. >> all right. governor chris christie spending time, of course, in iowa and new hampshire, as we get close to the voting time. so will his washington outsider message resonate with voters? that is what his senior adviser believes, and is pinning everything on right now. he's here next. >> listen, i'd like to be the number one governor in iowa. we're going to be competing with
10:25 am
governor bush to be the number one governor in iowa and i hope we get there. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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10:29 am
they're all out there somewhere today. let's look at some of the live shots of who is where. there is marco rubio holding a rally right now at the hilton garden in council bluffs, iowa, at the moment. and let's take a look at what other live shot out there right now. i believe the ohio governor. there he is. he is in keen, new hampshire, for a town hall meeting. john kasich has put a lot of hope into new hampshire and hoping the final push will make the difference for him there. we'll keep an eye on everybody as they continue to campaign on getting down to the wire here. >> in the meantime, 1:30 in new york, 12:30 local in des moines, iowa. special edition of our program rolls on now. hillary clinton campaigning today here in the state. but there are significant
10:30 am
developments waiting for her back in washington. state department confirming for the first time that her home e-mail server contains top-secret information. kristen fisher is live in d.c. good morning to you. how many e-mails are we talking about now? >> reporter: well, bill, the state department says it's with holding 22 e-mails from clinton's private server, because those e-mails had been deemed to too damaging to release. the conservative group that sued the state department for these e-mails, judicial watch says this marks a key escalation just days before the iowa caucus. >> the fact that entire e-mails are being withheld because even releasing a portion of them, which might happen in the ordinary circumstances, would lead to letting the cat out of the bag on these top secret programs and such shows you that the government thinks there have already been disclosures out there of this secret information, which is a
10:31 am
remarkable development. >> the state department is also withholding 18 other e-mails between then secretary of state clinton and president obama. the reason, according to the state department, is to protect the president's ability to receive, quote, unvarnished advice and counsel. bill. >> so what is the latest from her team now and her campaign? they're responding to this how, kristin? >> well, clinton's campaign says they want these e-mails released, they want them to be made public. clinton's press secretary, said, quote, this appears to be overclassification run amok. we will pursue all appropriate avenues to see that her e-mails are released in a manner consistent with her call last year. here's how clinton handled it last night on nbc. watch. >> the facts have remained the same. there was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me. i just don't see it as anything that will in any way cause any voter to -- a voter with an open mind to have any concerns.
10:32 am
>> but keep in mind, polls routinely show that honesty and trustworthiness are two of her biggest perceived weaknesses among voters. so this latest revelation only feeds that narrative even more, and right before those all-important first votes are cast. bill? >> okay. more to come on this, certainly. kristin fisher, thanks. washington, d.c. today. 1:32 now in new york. here is mark. the new jersey governor, chris christie's team, believes that he is starting to resonate with voters out there. his team says he can move up, because they feel that the people ultimately are going to want a governor to lead them. someone with executive experience, as opposed to a senator. watch this. >> senator rubio and senator cruz showed on thursday night they're two guys who have never run anything in their life. never managed anything bigger than a 30-person senate staff. the choice on monday night has to be about who is going to be able to do the job when you sit
10:33 am
in the chair. >> joining us now is mike duhaime, senior strategist for governor christie's presidential campaign. welcome. nice to see you. >> good to see you too. >> there is a lot of talk about the governor's lane. this group between kasich and jeb bush and governor christie and that somebody needs to emerge a winner in that group, in that category. let's take a look at -- i want to look at the new hampshire poll here. this is from suffolk university. and this was just taken this past week. here are the numbers. so you've got trump on top, then kasich, cruz, bush, rubio and christie in that order. it's looking like that's a pretty tall order to break out among those governors at this point. >> i don't think so. i think it's a very fluid race. what we have seen so far, for four weeks, people attacking governor christie only when he rose. people like governor kasich had nobody hitting them. now you're seeing jeb bush and other organizations hitting john kasich, as well. i think the race is very fluid, both in iowa and in new hampshire. ultimately, governor christie the most test one, the only only
10:34 am
one tested in major crisis before. so i think at the end of the day, governor christie is going to emerge. i think after new hampshire and iowa, you're going to be down to four or five candidates and governor christie will be one of them. >> all right. you've used that number the past couple days, you think he's going to finish in the top four or five. and when you look at the polls right now, and as you point out, and rightfully so, this is a very fluid race. we're seeing a lot of movement here. but he would have to get out of six or seventh place, essentially, in both of those. but you feel confident he's going to finish fourth or fifth in new hampshire? >> i feel like the field is going to win owe down, and at the end of the day, we won't be left with a field of just trump and two u.s. senators. people are looking for a governor as you see right now, going around the speaker of the house, craig paulson, speaker of the house in iowa, introducing governor christie at every event. governor terry bransted in des moines. and, again, these early states are going to wino the field, not decide the nominee. as the field gets down to four
10:35 am
or five, i'm confident governor christie will be one of them. >> here is a piece of governor christie that sort of shows this strategy that you all are focused on right now in terms of the outsider/insider debate. here he is from the other night. >> ted could change his mind. marco could change his mind. it's perfectly legal in this country to change your mind. but when you're a governor, you have to admit it. you can't hide behind parliamentary tricks. that's the difference and that's the kind of leader we need in the white house. stop the washington bull! >> is that where he sees his focus right now? does he need to -- you know, he's going after rubio and cruz, essentially and he's not spending that much time going after bush or kasich. is that what you're doing? >> i think there is an element there too where the voters are getting sick of two senators arguing over which is more disingenuous and arguing back and forth over amendments and parliamentary procedure in washington. there is a big element of our party now looking for a governor. and they do have multiple choices, governor bush, kasich, christie. i think when you look at the
10:36 am
three governor christie is going to emerge as the one. governor bush has been on the sidelines for the last ten years. he hasn't been fighting the fights we have been fighting. governor christie has been leading the rga, leading in crisis, a national leader. i believe voters will come to his side. you see speaker paulson, governor bransted tomorrow night. i think we'll have real momentum out of iowa and into new hampshire next week. >> early on, he spent a lot of time, a lot of time, in new hampshire. and then you all switched your focus or added in much of more focus in iowa. what are your expectations for where he will finish in iowa, given where he appears to be right now? >> i don't necessarily have a number in terms of where he'll be. i think we'll exceed those expectations. as you said, the polling has been at the bottom in iowa. we understand a lot of focus has been on donald trump and ted cruz. but there is a big cluster of voters right now of people between 5th and 11th place. we want to finish as strongly as we can. and i think that will give us momentum going into new
10:37 am
hampshire. we understand where the focus is right now. but right now governor christie had 400 people with him last night and a big rally tomorrow night and four town halls every day this weekend. so we feel we've got real momentum at the end. and, again, iowa and new hampshire aren't going to decide who the nominee is, but will winnow the field and this last bit of enthusiasm will help us get in the group. governor christie is going to emerge. when you see the debates, several other people on the stage, marco rubio, ted cruz, donald trump, they have a lot of good practice lines. but as things go back and forth and they get out of their talking points, governor christie is the only one that can hold really -- really hold it with them in terms of policy strength. marco rubio has nice one-minute speeches. at the end of the day, people are looking for a governor, somebody dealing with crisis and doesn't need talking points and practice speeches. governor christie has been tested like nobody else on that stage. and i'm confident that at the end of the day, the voters will going to pick him. >> we will see. mike duhaime, very good to have you with us today. thanks. >> i appreciate it. thank you. >> he talks about speeches at
10:38 am
the end there. on monday night, martha, the winners, when they deliver their speeches, we're going to be laser-focused on their message, in a way in all likelihood many voters have not been so far. because they're going to have that gold or silver or bronze like, whoa. so we really need to pay attention to what the person is saying, because they came out of here with a first, second or third place finish. >> and one of the three people is going to be a bit of a surprise. just based on everything we're hearing and seeing on the ground here, it looks like the ground is moving. and people are shifting in terms of who they like. so it's going to be exciting. >> i would say. >> we're in the right spot, don't you think? >> no question. is marco rubio closing in on ted cruz? is his momentum for real? is it for real? we'll take a look at that, next here in des moines. >> we will take the conservative message to people that have never voted for us before. we will take it to them with
10:39 am
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so there is a lot of buzz building around he said marco rubio, the florida senator, holding a rally right now. council bluffs, iowa. a late surge in the final days now before the caucus, pushing his poll numbers a bit closer, we are told, to his republican rival, ted cruz. is that the case? >> well, if it's true or not, cruz is taking notice, unleashing attack ads against rubio, and senator rubio talked about that a bit earlier today, addressing his critics here in iowa. >> there will be people out there saying nasty things about me on twitter. there will be people out there that won't ever vote for me. there will be people out there protesting me. there will be people out there funding ugly campaigns against me if i'm your nominee. you know what, i'm going to cut their taxes too.
10:44 am
>> earlier today, we have chairman of the american conservative union and former white house political director for president, george w. bush. emily sessman is campaign director for american progress action fund. >> good day to both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> we called this segment before. >> so far, so good, right? >> we viewed it last hour. so you are our second test example, all right? so make it good. >> we'll try to hold up. >> you have been here since tuesday. is this marco momentum for real, or not? >> i think there is something to it. i think the real slog we have been seeing is between trump and cruz. but they are both playing total outsider and it's not that rubio is so much of an establishment candidate, he's just an alternative to them. there are a lot of people that really do not believe that trump and cruz are electable in a general election. and they want someone that can actually win. >> yeah. and that's a good point. and when you look at the battle going on right now between cruz
10:45 am
and trump and then the secondary battle, which is going on between rubio and cruz, really over who is more authentic on immigration and who is sort of holding the tougher line, do you see that sort of maybe there is a middle lane there for marco rubio? >> yeah, absolutely. marco rubio on paper is the one that so many republican insiders want, so many republicans believe can win a general election battle. but the fact is, is he closing -- is he winning that question of whether or not people see him as the commander in chief and as the president? i think all these republican voters really love marco rubio. but every time he's had this opening, this chance to really kind of stand out, i think he's somehow failing the question about do they see him as their president. and every time after a debate, the guy shines. he has got talent. >> what they tell you locally here is that he has not campaigned as hard as somebody perhaps like ted cruz or ben carson. >> in iowa. >> that's right. >> so he's trying to catch this
10:46 am
moment momentum. he's trying to hit it right at the perfect time. and if he does, he will in all likelihood defy, perhaps, what the traditional model has been here. >> that's right. >> do you agree with that? >> i do. and i also think you have to look at what's actually happening, and the tv is a great indicator. and there is no question that the cruz campaign is clearly jittery about marco's rise, whether it's real or imagined. they are absolutely taking him on. so when you see campaigns actually change their strategy and go after somebody, they're not wasting money, i guarantee you. that money is being well-spent, because they're worried about the story out of iowa being trump-cruz-rubio. and they want the story to be trump-cruz. >> you know, when you look at the kind of surprises we have seen over the last couple of cycles in iowa, there have been people like rick santorum, for example, who jumped maybe 9, 10% up. but, you know, even in that scenario, is there enough to sort of change the dynamic of
10:47 am
trump-cruz-rubio? >> i think there is a lot to change. i think something that's unique about iowa, maybe other early states, is that you can actually register day. so i think there is a big difference between people who are trump supporters in their heart, they like the spectacle and people who register to vote in time, show up to vote, although it still could hold true in iowa, since there is same-day voting. you're totally right, matt. where they spend money is what they're concerned about. and if you look on to new hampshire, just in a week, there is a very -- there is a block for second place there. it's really anybody's game. and then they could come out, you know, many states beyond that, where it could really be an open season. >> back to what bill was saying. one of marco rubio's biggest problems is that chris christie and jeb bush had great nights at the most recent fox debate. they had great nights. i don't think that is helpful to marco rubio. he needs those other candidates to continue to go away, and they're not going away without a fight. >> do you buy the governor argument that chris christie is making? we just spoke to his campaign
10:48 am
manager, mike duhaime. and they feel like ultimately voters are going to decide they want a governor so they're trying to win with governor. >> i don't believe that. i think the reason why the governor argument works is that they're an outsider. guess who can make that argument even more strongly? you know, donald trump. so if it's all about the outsider, that argument is going to win with donald trump. >> how do you -- both of you, how do you weigh the dynamics of the actual caucus process? democrats are one thing. if you don't get to 15%, you can go to another candidate. but republicans, you -- you don't cast a ballot, but you vote essentially. when you get people who stand up and argue on your behalf, right? and there's peer pressure involved here. so do you -- do you want to be the one who holds your ground for the candidate who has got just a little pile over here or do you in the end shift that
10:49 am
support to somebody who looks more available in front of a group of other people? i think the psychology here is fascinating. and how does that play into monday night now when you look at a field that is this big? >> yeah, i like where you're going here. i think this makes a ton of sense. not just standing in front of other people. these are your neighbors. these are people you know. >> and maybe you like that person, and maybe you don't like that person. >> right? maybe you don't want to be standing with that person. i think there could definitely be something to that. it could certainly explain if we look at the last two iowa contests. remember in '08, it was huckabee who won and last one, it was santorum who won. neither of which continued to be viable in any way. so that could play into that answer. >> does iowa want to pick a winner? this time around, are the voters here saying, you know, we've picked guys who were sort of outliers last time around. they love being an integral part of this process. does that weigh in at all? >> this is really important for us to know when people say the polls in iowa don't work.
10:50 am
remember, mitt romney did not fit this state well. evangelical voters are a big part of this and had a problem with his religion, no question. he was a moderate governor of massachusetts, which didn't fit well. john mccain was an outspoken critic of the ethanol program w well. john mccain was an outspoken critic of ethanol on the floor of the house for years and years. the front-runner in this race had been leading in the polls. >> in is val this is value-added. okay? this is something we can start to try and figure out in our own brains about how the psychology works. thanks. will there be any surprises? that's the big question. right? we're kind of figuring there will be. that's my gut feeling, but that's all anybody's going on at this point. so all the candidates are making their sort of final pitches out there, being everywhere they can over the course of the weekend. but first here's carly fiorina.
10:51 am
watch this. >> citizens, i'm asking you to stand with me, to fight with me, to caucus for me, because i think it is time we take our future back. i think it is time to take our politics and our government back. citizens, it is time. we must take our country back. and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was... that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood,
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we have a fox news alert
10:55 am
from des moines. greta van susteren has just been spotted in iowa. greta is in the house. >> greta's in the house. she's watching us. we feel a lot of pressure. we usually don't have greta. thank you, greta. >> welcome to des moines. >> this is what's so fun about all this, we get to see everybody in the flesh. >> we're calling the mayor's office and you guys are covered. right? good deal. listen. i think what's happening in these closing days here, i think it is fascinating because you are seeing the jockeying on behalf of each one of them. they feel it. >> as these guys were saying, you see where they are putting their money and who they're targeting where they put their money. it gives you a very clear indication of who they are the most worried about. it is pretty clear. >> we talked about 2007, 2008. if they play out, the outcome maybe is obvious on monday night.
10:56 am
but if they are different and don't play out the way the models predicted, then who knows? that's part of the drama. >> it may be parts two and three that are the most interesting. i'll see you in new hampshire. but first i'll see you on the other side of the break. >> good to have you with us, everybody. stick around.
10:57 am
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continuing coverage -- right? that never stops.
11:00 am
in the next few days you are going to have iowa caucuses all over you. >> we will be back tomorrow checking out des moines throughout the day. don't go anywhere, your best coverage is right here on the fox news channel. a fox news alert as the manhunt has just ended for two men who broke out of a maximum security jail one week ago. these two have been caught now in san francisco. the two were caught just moments ago. this announcement made by the orange county sheriff's department in california. just yesterday a third escapee turned himself in. we are waiting a news conference for 3:00 eastern time, one hour from now. with more details about how these three very dangerous men are now back in custody.


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