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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  January 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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i'm standing also on the mass of iowa there in the southeast corner. we've got to go. take the wide shots. they've been amazing all week. just wonderful. >> we'll be here in iowa. in a little more than 48 hours, the doors will slam shut on schools, community centers, and voters inside will begin the unique process of choosing their party's standard bearer in the race for president. welcome to this special edition of "america's election headquarters." i'm john scott. >> i'm jenna lee. both canvassing looking for a final edge. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are practically neck and neck in the poll. "the new york times" today endorsing clinton, even as her e-mail scandal up again. the state department more than 20 messages are now deemed too damaging to release.
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>> among republicans, donald trump tops the polls over second place. ted cruz in iowa, who's been directing fire at third place marco rubio in a new round of negative ads. senator rubio said that proves cruz looks at him as a threat. in the meantime, t"the new york times" calling john kasich, quote, the only plausible choice in the race for the gop nomination. we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron live in des moines. there's buzz about marco rubio and his surge just beginning. >> reporter: marco men tham is what they're calling him. they've been campaigning so hard and get pretty silly. marco meant them is what. and they try to get the folks to caucus on monday night but also talking about his rivals as well as president obama and hillary clinton.
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rubio is positioned well. he has not spent the most time in iowa. he has not led the polls in iowa, literally for more than a year. and yet, there's a distinct possibility and a sense he could be doing particularly well from 48 hours from now. but we'll see. he's been out all over the state and got a lot of campaigning to do before it's over yet, jon? >> "the des moines register" said ted cruz had a rough debate the other night. how's he doing now? >> he's really pushing hard. there's a sense of urgency with the cruz campaign. he's added a lot more scripture to his stump speech, courting evangelicals, which he's depending on heavily and taking shots at marco rubio and not so much for donald trump. he's for ted cruz this afternoon on the trail in iowa. >> if everyone in this room brings nine additional people to
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caucus on monday night, we will win the iowa caucuses. we will win the nomination, and we will go on to win in november 2016 and beat hillary clinton and turn this country around. >> there's a bit of a spat unfolding between cruz and rubio with advertising. they're running an ad showing that rubio had cap and trade with climate legislation and all day on the campaign trail, if you take the sound bite, that's not what rubio was saying at all. that's a gross representation. >> what about the elephant that was in the room? is he there now, the republican front runner? >> he sure is. donald trump for the first time in his campaign is holding three events, all at once in iowa. he usually came in and would do just one stop, maybe two. but never before has he done
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three big rallies. he did today. here's some criticism of ted cruz who he sees as the biggest threat in the so-called two-man race. >> ted cruz, who was not born on u.s. soil, it's a problem. it's a problem. he's going to have to solve. by the way, has to solve that problem. that is incredible. the democrats are going to assume, i mean, he was born in canada. he was a canadian citizen until 15 months ago. how can he run for president? >> so jon, three things to take away from this. less than 48 hours away from voting and donald trump is still beating up on ted cruz. shows he's nervous about ted cruz maybe performing better than expected but you see ted cruz pounding on marco rubio, showing he thinks he might be doing better than expected. three tickets out of iowa, but this year is a lot different. while three will definitely move on, it's likely perhaps four or five will go on to new hampshire and whatever the results here on monday night, it immediately
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shifts the landscape in the granite state, jon. >> this race so fascinating. carl cameron, thank you. >> you bet. we'll talk about the democrats next. the bombshell revelation about the e-mails. the presidential candidate steps in iowa, clinton making three stops ahead of monday's caucuses, but an announcement from the state department may turn up the political heat on her campaign. officials say 22 of her e-mails from the latest release batch are so top secret, the public will never see them. kristin fischer joining us live from washington with more. we certainly have the story about at the mails, but the political story with the iowa caucuses just a few days away. what is the latest reaction from the clinton campaign about all of this? >> clinton told reporters this does not change anything. she maintaining she did not send or receive any e-mails marked classified on her private server, even though the state department just announced yesterday it will withhold 22 of the e-mails because they contain
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top secret information. that's the highest level of classified information. although the state department said the documents were not marked classified at the time they were sent. now that's part of the reason the clinton campaign is claiming all of this on, quote, overclassification run amuck. will pursue appropriate avenues to see it's released with a manner consistent with her call last year. they want the e-mails made public and last night, clinton told nbc news that voters should not be worried about this ongoing fbi investigation. >> it's like benghazi. we've answered every question. i testified for 11 hours. nothing changed. that doesn't mean republicans and their allies in the media and the superer ppacs are not g to keep raising it but i think the american people are smarter than that and the same with this issue. i don't see it as anything that will in any way cause any voter
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to, voter with an open mind, to have concerns. >> in poll after poll, honesty and trust worthiness are two of the biggest perceived weaknesses as candidate and this plays right into this narrative right before the caucus. jen jenna? >> kristin, what about the group that initially sued the state department over access to these e-mails? they're weighing in? tell us about that. >> they see this as a key escalation because this is the first time the obama administration has confirmed that clinton's private server did contain top secret information. >> my gosh. if the public can't look at it, why was it sitting on her personal server in a way that, especially on internet parked bench, for anyone else to look at? >> the big question now, will it matter to democratic caucus goers in iowa? we'll find out in a little over
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48 hours. jenna. >> what a story. kristin, thank you very much. a deadly shooting and stabbing at the denver coliseum. at least one person killed. the colorado motorcycle expo held there at the time. no arrests have been made yet in this developing story. car live in the west coast newsroom. he has the latest for us. will? >> hey there, jon. appears this was an altercation between motorcycle gangs that left one person dead, multiple victims and right now at a local hospital in denver, it is a lockdown because of all of this. it all took place in or around the denver coliseum. denver, it's right ven through there off of i-70. according to the web site, the colorado motorcycle expo is one of the biggest motorcycle events in the country. take a listen to one witness who says, he saw it all play out.
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>> we saw people scattering after we heard two gunshots. it's happened on the stairwell, and then there was a bunch of motorcycle guys beating up on the top of the stairs. >> reporter: seven people were transported to a level one trauma center. doctors at the rocky mountain regional trauma center say three patients are now in critical condition. three are in stable. we get the volatile nature of all of this and continues to play out. the hospital taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. >> right now, the hospital is on lockdown. we are listening to our partners with the denver police and at this time, we are on a total lockdown. we do not have pashtients comin in our office. >> reporter: it's not the first time we've seen an explosion of motorcycle gangs. remember last may in waco, texas, two gangs in a shootout
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that left nine people dead. >> but i guess with a crowd, it may take a while to come up with any arrests, huh? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. nobody in custody right now. police trying to talk to as many people as they can on the scene, but obviously, you had a lot of people scattering there. so it could take quite some time to figure out exactly what happened. >> will carr from the west coast newsroom, thank you. on the west coast now, an intense manhunt for escaped inmate is now over in california. arresting the two remaining f g fugitives after the third escapee turned himself in. they were in a parked stolen van. the three men broke out of the maximum security jail in southern california a little more than a week ago. well, there is certainly a lot of talk about the battle between donald trump and ted cruz ahead of the caucuses. but analysts are also keeping a close eye on marco rubio. could guy on the left of your
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screen, the florida senator, pull off an iowa surprise? >> good question. and as we close in on 2016, we'll talk to a likely caucus goer taking parking lot in her 20th presidential election. 102 years old, who she's endorsing and what she has to say about the current crop of candidates. >> that's going to be interesting. plus, we await the results of the final poll before the iowa caucuses. what it could mean for hillary clinton and her quest for the democratic nomination. you both have a perfect driving record.
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polling in iowa remains a dead heat with donald trump and ted cruz. marco rubio in a new attack ad. >> marco rubio is different. led the gang of eight, and on taxes? >> i'm in favor of a mandate they go out and design a cap and trade for tax program. >> senator rubio saying the ad proves the cruz camp is worried. while rubio is currently in third place, his numbers are rising in iowa and iowa is no
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stranger to late surging candidates. rick santorum was polling in sixth place, one week before the caucuses before going on to win the race. can marco rubio pull off a similar iowa surprise? joining us now, republican congressman, daryl issa, he's a rubio surrogate. you have two conservative senators in the race, similar life stories. why do you pick marco rubio over ted cruz? >> it's easier. the uniter rather than the divider. he's built relationships in the senate, particularly in our party but also across the aisle. if we want a loner in the iowa, we could give president obama a third term. the fact is, marco rubio is a conservative candidate and so is cruz. marco rubio is in fact the national defense expert.
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cruz voted against defense authorizations consistently and when you look at who is supporting marco rubio, the fact is marco rubio's colleagues in the house and senate like myself and chavis and we work with them and know why we'd like to work with them to get great conservative legislation once he's in the white house. >> you suggest that president obama has been a go-it-alone kind of guy? you just saw it there from the ted cruz ad. the ted cruz ad paints marco rubio as the guy who would be another president obama in the white house. how do you contrast? >> you know, what separates senator cruz and senator rubio mostly is that senator rubio has a plan to deal with isis. he's been consistent on supporting our troops. he's endorsed by not just the brian terry family but a host of
3:18 pm
border patrol people because he's had a tough on enforcement stance and those are the areas that separate them. both are conservative, but a question of who can reunite our country and who can grow our party and who can win? and marco rubio does all of that. these are both tough individuals, but it wasn't a hard choice to choose a uniter, having had a divider in chief in the white house the last seven years. >> ted cruz has received some notable endorsements including from the reverend jerry fallwell jr. but when it comes to actually sitting politicians such as yourself, marco rubio has far and away more endorsements. what does that say? >> it says we've worked with him, my investigations of benghazi, fast and furious, the irs targeting scandal, i know who i could count on in the senate to work with, to hold people accountable.
3:19 pm
to put holds on bills for the purpose of making sure we've got discovery and accountability. marco rubio was there and knowledgeable at all times. that makes him one of my champions and quite frankly, he didn't call me. i called him and asked him if he'd accept my endorsement and whatever help i could give him. >> but i'm sure it's on the pulse of what voters are feeling. a lot of voters feel like, you know, the power structure in washington as it exists right now has betrayed them and i suppose ted cruz is wearing it as a badge of honor the fact he doesn't have endorsements from fellow republican senators. >> people who know me and the people that were on my oversight committee with me know that we've been fighting an administration. but we've also constantly are trying to pass good conservative legislation. and marco rubio has been a champion on both of those. so is washington broken? absolutely. are there good people that are trying to hold the executive
3:20 pm
branch accountable including hillary clinton and her unlawful private use of e-mail? absolutely. but at the same time, the american people want us to make washington work again and that means you need a ronald reagan type leader. somebody who can speak to america, unite people, roll up his sleeves, get into legislation and get it passed. it hasn't been barack obama. it wouldn't be ted cruz. it certainly wouldn't be donald trump. i had an easy job picking marco rubio because i know he's a uniter, not a divider and gets into the details enough to pass good legislation together, something the american people want us to do. they want us to fix the health care system, starting with trashing, if you will, obamacare. the only limitations on obamacare the house or senate has ever passed, marco rubio authored, champion, and saved the american people billions of dollars and has been one of the people who works smart, not
3:21 pm
just, you know, sort of having opposed a filibuster, that's not the only thing you do as president is filibuster. >> some strong opinions there. republican of california, thanks for sharing some time with us today. >> thank you. it's crunch time in iowa. voters nail down choices. hillary clinton and bernie sanders practically neck and neck down to the home stretch each looking to take momentum on to new hampshire and cruz hitting hard in iowa today, hoping to gain ground and the victory there, whatever that looks like for his camp. monday's caucuses are coming. can he do it? you heard a supporter of marco rubio, a member of the cruz camp joins us. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason
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donald trump calling him the republican obama. rubio campaign said cruz is pumping money into negative and false attack ads. bob smith also for ted cruz and ted cruz supporters. senator, thanks to you. >> those who say ted cruz who doesn't win iowa, it's over for him. why aren't you in iowa today? >> well, i'm in iowa, on air. we have a big race coming up here in new hampshire in a few days as well and look, i know that -- i've been in iowa many times. i ran for president there myself in the late '90s. i know they have good conservative folks. to do what he say he was going to do and that's senator as
3:27 pm
well. >> i feel i'mwell, as we chat this evening. going back to the rubio campaign. they have worries about the new ads from the candidate you're spo supporting saying the reason ted cruz is putting out the ads because he knows marco rubio is putting it on him. >> let me respectfully disagree. i think the reason the ads are out is because marco rubio is misrepresenting his record. he was part of this group called the gang of eight which everybody heard about in the senate to push for the opportunity to get immigrants illegally into this country and amnesty for illegal immigration, for illegal immigrants. that's the reason he's, you know, he was not a passive advocate for this legislation. he teamed up with chuck schumer and john mccain and other people who supported this legislation and trying to say he didn't, but
3:28 pm
he did. and that's very, very important. we don't want to attract illegal immigrants to get amnesty. and that's why the ads are comincomnot attack ads, just pointing out what the truth is. >> your candidate, ted cruz s trailing by just a little bit. >> we don't know the leader. that will be determined in two nights from now when the people of iowa go to the polls. the polls now, they're all over the place. who knows. >> well, donald trump -- he's at the top of the polls now. donald trump tea has his own attack on ted cruz and here's what donald trump had to say about senator cruz. >> ted cruz, who was not born on u.s. soil. it's a problem. it's a problem. he's going to have to solve it. he has to solve that problem. that is incredible. the democrats are going to assume, i mean, he was born in canadian. he was a canadian citizen until
3:29 pm
15 months ago. how the hell can he run for president? >> your response, sir? >> you have a lot more money than i have, but i'll make you a bet whatever you want to put up, i'll make you a bet and you take that to court, senator cruz wins. he's a citizen of the united states. it's nonsense and desperation to get off the fact that donald trump has a record that is going back similar to obama. he was for planned parenthood. for obamacare. and all of these things that mr. trump has been for. maybe he's changed his mind and maybe he hasn't. and that's the point. if you're a voter in iowa or new hampshire, anywhere else, you better be sure you have somebody who's consistently conservative, done what he says he's going to do. >> let me just ask one more thing. because i know you're part for cruz and one of the things he
3:30 pm
supports marco rubio, by the way. so congressman, saying senator cruz voted against defense authorization acts consistently. and that's been brought up quite a few times. and i love your perspective on that because for cruz about these questions that are raised about where ted cruz stands, about supporting our military, making sure it stands strong. some student programs helping our national defense. >> everyone knows that senator cruz is strong for the military. strong for veterans. it's nonsense to imply otherwise. there's a million reasons why you can vote against the defense bill. first of all, maybe there wasn't enough spending. maybe the priorities were wrong. maybe we weren't helping our troops and you want to make the bill stronger. there's a lot of reasons. that's just misleading. but if you look at mr. rubio and you say, here's a guy we say in our ads that he's another republican obama, and he is. he's for a tax on carbon.
3:31 pm
i can't imagine how many hundreds of millions of dollars that would cost just the people of iowa, not to mention being in favor of amnesty. this is why in the end, voters have got to sort through this and say who is the guy that's been there, that's consistent that i can count on. and believe me, you can count on senator cruz. he's the strongest conservative in this race. he's the most consistent conservative in the race and the only conservative we've had in a national election for president that has a chance to win since reagan. >> thank you for being on the program. appreciate the diverse opinions out there. we look forward to having you back. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. thank you. the senator talked about the polls. we are awaiting a new "des moines register" poll. the last before the crucial iowa caucuses. and as we look ahead to the first voting of 2016, we'll talk with one likely caucus goer looking forward to taking part
3:32 pm
in her, get this, 20th presidential election. just do the math.
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life as a non-smoker is a whole lotta fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. one likely caucus goer looking forward to her 20th presidential election. at 102 years old, she's voted every four years since franklin roosevelt won in 1940 and we're lucky enough for her to join us on the phone from des moines. hello from new york. how are you doing this evening? >> i'm doing good. >> it's so nice to have the opportunity to speak with you. how did you get involved in voting? >> well, i've always voted. >> the iowa caucuses? >> when roosevelt was running for president, we were in the
3:37 pm
depression and everybody was interested in getting out of that depression and he seemed to be our hope. so i voted for him. my first vote. >> your first vote was for roosevelt. and you haven't missed an election since? >> i don't think i have. >> what do you like about the process, ruline? >> if you're a citizen of the state, you need to vote. >> and what advice do you have for folks that maybe aren't as involved as you are? >> well, you need to go to the caucus. it's going to the caucus. that's when you select the candidates. it's when you go to the caucus. >> now we see a photo of you and it looks like you're at a hillary clinton event. have you gone to many events
3:38 pm
this time around to learn about kz candidates? >> yesterday was the first time i had a chance to go. >> and what did you think of the event so far. how are you feeling about this election cycle? >> well, i think everything is going well. >> and do you have any idea -- i know you're going to go to the caucus tomorrow night. >> monday night. >> i'm sorry, thank you for catching that. on monday night, you're going to go. are you leaning in one direction or another as far as which candidate? >> yes, yes. i'm going to vote for hillary. >> and what is it about hillary? >> i think she has had the most experience and would make the best president. i like bernie, but i don't think he has the experience that hillary has. >> ruline, before i let you go,
3:39 pm
because you've voted so many different times in our country, i'm curious this time around, what you think is one of the most important issues that is facing our country? >> well, the economy. i think the economy. >> i think that's number one in a lot of people's minds now. ruline, it's great to have you on the program. we're inspired by your dedication to be part of the process and we thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. thank you so much. >> well, thank you. >> going back to fdr. >> fdr. that might have been one of her first interviews on television in 102 years. >> she sounded sharp. >> she corrected me when i said the caucus is tomorrow night. thank you, ruline, for catching that. >> hoping by the time supporters catch on caucus night. hillary's campaign, who ruline
3:40 pm
is supporting, and sanders on gun control votes. she holds a narrow lead in the latest poll average, even if the campaign moves back into damage control mode over the new e-mail revelations. in the meantime, sanders is hammering clinton on a variety of issues to get enough momentum for an upset in iowa. it's likely to go down to the wire there. chief white house correspondent ed henry is following in iowa city. >> good to see you. a field house at the university of iowa. it took me a long time to get here because bernie sanders is having a rally and i got to tell you, there's thousands of people outside trying to get in. some of them in already and it's going to be a huge rally here two days before the caucus. i'll get to that in a minute. hillary clinton on the trail as well. you noticed, she had a bigger crowd than she usually does. we've been talking in recent days. usually, her events are just a couple or a few hundred people. today, a thousand people in ames
3:41 pm
at iowa state university. and she was talking about the republicans need to be stopped in november. listen to this. >> i have learned a lot. i'm a better candidate, but i really believe i will be a better president because of what you have shared with me. so please, go out and stand up for me on monday night and if you do, i will stand up and fight for you for the next four years. >> so she is still looking ahead to take on the republicans in the general election, but first, as i mentioned, she has to get past bernie sanders. she was once the inevitable nominee, not inevitable anymore. sanders continues to have big crowds and if he gets a big turnout, not even as much as barack obama did in 2008, but something approaching that, he thinks he's going to shock the political world on monday night. here's sanders. >> right now, election tea, i would say it's a toss-up.
3:42 pm
polls on secretary clinton a little bit and virtually tied. we will win the caucus on monday night if there is a large voter turnout. we will lose the caucus on monday night if there is a low voter turnout. >> reporter: in terms of turnout, vampire weekend, the rock band, will be playing here. there's thousands of college students streaming in here. the bottom line for bernie sanders, he has more energy and enthusiasm but are these folks going to turn out on monday night? that is the big question for bernie sanders, john. >> when you've got vampire weekend working for you, it's a good thing. ed henry. hillary clinton's e-mail story is heating up once again just in time for the iowa caucuses. the state department finding 22 e-mails deemed too top secret to release in any form. this is now forcing the former secretary of state to do some damage control while also scrambling to garner last minute
3:43 pm
support in the tight race against bernie sanders. let's talk about it with susan, professor of law and political science at usc, former national campaign manager and a fox news contributor. it cannot be seen as good news, this revelation from the state department. how, if you're the clinton campaign, how do you handle it? >> well, there are two approaches. one i think she's doing, the one we're watching, is she's keeping on message, she's focused on the republicans, and meanwhile, you have statements from the campaign and other aides saying this is all about the overclassification of documents, none of these documents were marked as classified. in other words, they're trying to defeat the story and keep her above that. what i'm certain they're also doing is watching those poll numbers like hawks. and waiting to see hopefully sooner rather than later whether
3:44 pm
this story is moving people away from her. and if it is, you've got to watch damage control number two. you tip the candidate down, you put her out there, you get the entire press corps sitting there or a town meeting or something that shows her being transparent and forthcoming. because really, this isn't about e-mails. this is about whether she is honest and trustworthy in the minds of voters. >> and also about judgment, isn't it? if you're going to occupy the most powerful office in the world, you want to have good judgment, and this whole question of whether it was a good idea for her to be using her own private e-mail server, this calls all of that into question. >> yeah, i think it's an interesting point. because i've long believed you can have absolutely terrible judgment as long as you take responsibility for it. you think about some people too young for this but you think about janet reno after the
3:45 pm
terrible disaster shootout at waco. most hadn't even heard of her and there were a lot of real questions about the decision to allow the use of force there, but the amazing thing was she stood up there and said, i'm janet reno, i'm the attorney general of the united states, i this. and her numbers soar. i wish hillary had in the beginning just been able to sit there and say, of course this was a mistake. i was mistaken to think that there was privacy or there could be a private corner carved out given that my life was as a 24/7 official. if you take responsibility for it, it's amazing what voters will forgive. >> but it's not just the republican candidates who are hammering her on this issue, bernie sanders, as you know, leading it alone but the state
3:46 pm
department of the barack obama administration which she once served. that state department saying these are too classified or sensitive to even release them in any form. that's pretty damning condemnation, isn't it? >> well, it may or may not be. look, if you look at it as my law professor, all of us agree if there was a terrible problem of overclassification of documents, the public had the right to see and been classified for a reason having almost nothing to do with national security. so that's a separate debate but that's the legal debate. tha we're t the mere fact you and i are talking about it as opposed to how hillary would be a better candidate or a historic first president or anything else shows it's not a good story for her to
3:47 pm
becoming out right now. >> susane estridge. you can roadway her column every wednesday and friday. released any moment now. the last before monday's caucuses. we just got them in. we look at them after the commercial, a quick break. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
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>> fox news a scomplert breaking news. we'll get our final snapshot of the iowa caucus. the des moines register poll looks most accurate right before the caucuses. and we have new numbers to share with you. trump is pulling in the 28 percent. cruz following at 23, and rubio at 15. and carson at ten. the next few, this is where it gets interesting. rand paul at five, christie at three, and then bush, fiorina and kasich and santitorium around two percent. we want reaction to it this. we have our fox news contributor
3:52 pm
and i will get to the democrats in a moment. your reaction to the numbers. trump 28, and cruz 23 and rubio and carson hitting double-digits. >> it is interesting in iowa as the numbers are portraying it is still close with trump and close with cruz and you also have carson coming up behind marco rubio. the numbers keep changing on a regular basis. i wonder how accurate the polls really are. voters tend to change their mind sometimes when they do the polls and with iowa, a lot of the voters are undecided. >> we heard that from the ground already today. there is still a lot of buzz and not sure where everybody stands. we'll get to the. i thought it was interesting that rand paul was ahead of
3:53 pm
christie and jeb bush. what does this mean for the bush cam can pain going into iowa, how significant is this? >> it is not good for the bush family or bush president see. there is millionses sent by the super pac. george bush left the party and left office and it is not the same party that he left. you see donald trump and cruz getting all of the traction. and devastating the numbers. and what will be interesting, who are all of the lesser candidates in the rooms. what did they go to rubio? >> let me ask you about the democrats, hillary clinton polling at 45 percent. and bernie sanders at frochlt and martin o'malley three percent. and see bernie and sanders and hillary clinton in the margin of
3:54 pm
error. martin amal -- o'malley and they go to bernie sanders there is a dead heat between the democrats. >> i codo, it will come down to the wire. you have to be 15 percent to be viability and it will be interesting to see where that vote goes. that will tip the scale on who will come out of here a winner on monday night. >> it is different than the republicans, they are different. and what do you think as we look the at the democrat field, what does this tell us about the contest? >> bernie is keeping the gap close behind hillary clinton and i am sure she was not expecting this and her camp didn't expect that at all. and look at all of the scandals out with hillary clinton and the
3:55 pm
e-mails and what happened in benghazi and four dead brave americans, this is all harming her and bernie sanders is able to gain momentum and a lot of money and closing that gap on hillary clinton and they were not expecting this. >> final thought. this poll was before we got the information about the e-mails that came out late friday and impact here? is there more or less of an impact? >> i think more so who will be most motivated. will the youth vote show up in a caucus and where does martin o'malley go. >> and great insight on the breaking news. and we'll be right back being with more. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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>> well, the voters in iowa will caucus in church basements and halls and one town a gun shop. republicans in haysvilli iowa it is home to 50 people and the caucus site has an inventory of 1200 guns. and democrats in another town will hold their gathering in a basement. >> that is a church basement. city of davenport is holding the
4:00 pm
caucus in a grocery store and others will meet in a grain elevator. have respect for those iowans. >> hope the snow holds up. julie banders. >> home stretch or cliche you want to throw in there. bottom line iowa caucuses are are 48 hours away and the race to the white house is about to take a now level. good evening, i am julie banderas and you are watching the fox report. you are looking at a donald trump campaign rally in davenport and bring it to you live. and first of all, look at this map showing a total of 55 different campaign rallies all in iowa just tod


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