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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  January 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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caucus in a grocery store and others will meet in a grain elevator. have respect for those iowans. >> hope the snow holds up. julie banders. >> home stretch or cliche you want to throw in there. bottom line iowa caucuses are are 48 hours away and the race to the white house is about to take a now level. good evening, i am julie banderas and you are watching the fox report. you are looking at a donald trump campaign rally in davenport and bring it to you live. and first of all, look at this map showing a total of 55 different campaign rallies all in iowa just today alone.
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and many more are planned for tomorrow. and here are highlights from the many rallies earlier today. >> this is the last-minute of the campaign and where desperation kicks in and somebody e-mailed me this morning and said be ready for the kitchen sick. and that's what they throw at you. and you can see sdoetful things. >> we will win the nomination and go on to win in november 2016 and beat hillary clinton and turn this country around. >> what they are proposing would cause great harm, great damage to our economy, and to our society. we have to prevent that from happening. >> if we can win here, if we win in iowa, everybody's talking about it. we can run the table for the first time ever, we can run the table. >> we are at a pivotable moment
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fighting for the essence of american democracy. i may be an old fashioned conservative. it is democracy is one person with one vote. >> fox we have you covered with a full report of live analysis. and we have political insiders and we are live in iowa as well. ed henry is following the democrat. and shannon bream is in des moines to see if trends are emerging and we'll begin with carl cameron covering the republicans. the des moines register poll came out for the republican side and what is it revealing? >> the des moines register poll
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has a decade old history of performing this poll the last week woke before the first caucus and leading the poll, the des moines register poll of republican caucus. donald trump with 28 percent. and ted cruz at 23 percent. and harko rubio at 15 percent. and then ben carson comes in fourth with ten percent. and next, comes rand paul, the kentucky has not figured highly in the polls actually boats the field with five percent and christie at three. and down in the bottom, jeb bush, carly fiorina, and mike huckabee and john kasich and rick sanatorium all at two apiece. the story is top throw. trump, cruz and rubio. and this des moines register poll, the last of the iowa caucus season, 45 percent, 45 percent of the republican caucus
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goers say they may still change their minds. that's why we say the iowa caucus tend to go late and tend to be close and always more difficult to predict than any poll. >> absolutely. we look at the polls and we have to look at them with a grain of salt. anybody's mind can change. a lot of people have not made up their minds and that is what makes it exciting for us. and tell us what is happening on the campaign trail. >> we went to many candidates and seeing the side of the rallies. today, donald trump was over in the quad cities area of iowa and southeastern corner and eastern iowa is more liberal than the rest of the state and trump suggested that wow, it is closer than anywhere else in the country and listen to cajole and plead and push iowa voters to
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get out and caucus monday night. >> here's the thing. on february 1st. you have to get out and caucus. we have to do it and we have to go out and we have to caucus and i promise you, you will be so proud. >> reporter: donald trump raised questions about ted cruz'. and that is a concern about cruz's ascent. cruz is push ping hard. he's had a couple of nasty lines for marco rubio and indicates he is worried about rubio. here is ted cruz. >> it has been a crazy year. it has been an entertaining year. but next cycle i am told lady gaga is going to run. you have seen millions in attack ads. you have millions on television
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and radio and mailer ares filling up your mail box. >> reporter: more than 80 millionaired here in iowa. and it is interesting the lady gaga reference is his comparison to donald trump. it is very, very tough stuff and then marco rubio. listen to this. [applause] >> thank you, thank you. the way to end your campaign in the state, you will have to ask him how he is feeling. it doesn't sound like he is feeling too good and may be reacting under pressure. presidents are under pressure every day. >> reporter: an advertisement run by the cruz campaign that clips part of rubio's comments in order to show he supported cap and trade. he didn't. and the full sound byte was edeighted in a way that rubio
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said is deceitful. >> it gets ugly as we get closer to the caucus as rubio said earlier. thank you very much carl cameron and there are several different gop contenders all over the state of iowa. we'll dip in to each and every one. we have you covered and in the meantime. new york times announced the endorsement for the republican nomination. the paper's editorial board book being john kasich calling him the only plausible candidate of republicans that are tired of extremism and inexperience. the governor reacted. >> i have proven i can attract voters across the board. people in town hall meetings said i am an independent and i am going to either vote for bernie sanders or you.
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someone said it is down to you and trump. neal, i have been fortunate enough to you know, have accomplished things in public life and have a tone or whatever that is attractive to people that normally don't pay attention to republicans. >> for the democratic nomination new york times endorsed hillary clinton. calling her the most deeply qualified presidential candidate in history. bernie sanders is trying to you pull a heck of an upset. >> the crowds gathered for sander's rally. and the polls have shown what was once a large lead for hillary clinton dwindled to just a few points. the two are virtual low-neck and neck. and hillary clinton is pushing hard for remaining and undecided voters and they continue their live team coverage and he's
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there and hillary clinton was once the inevitable nom no and now playing defense. and the poll ps that came out of the des moines register, they are just a few points away. >> reporter: you are right. sander ares is not here yet and there are thousands of people behind me. vampire weekend is playing and brought a lot of college students and look at the poll, des moines register has clinton at 45 percent and sander ares at 42 percent. a dead heat. and last may hillary clinton had a 41 point lead. and earlier she had a rally with a thousand people and she talked about taking on the republicans come november. listen. >> we've got to get the progress go and put what president obama did for our country. we can't let the republicans rip
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them away. that's what they will do. >> reporter: they have spent part of the day debating about debates. they are leading to a new debate on thursday and talking about adding three more debates in the weeks ahead. >> you are waiting with a big crowd and doing a great job talking over the noise behind you. he does draw crowds specifically the younger crowds and college students. but will that translate to caucus goers? >> reporter: that's a great question. are they going to turn out. is it going to get an obama style turn out that tipped it to obama over hillary clinton. and the new york times endorsed new york over barak obama. it doesn't matter. she came in third in iowa.
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bernie sanders hoping for the same result and to shock the world. he said in a rally earlier today. he believes with a strong turn out, he will win iowa. >> right now, i would say it is a toss up. some polls have us ahead and some secretary clinton ahead. and virtually tied. we will win the caucus on monday night, if there is a large voter turn out. we will lose the caucus on monday night if there is a low voter turn out. >> reporter: i could barely get in here when we came in the car. there were thousands of people waiting to get in. they had to add doors to the field house to get within the fire code. if you have more doors, you can get people and god forbid there are an emergency. there are thousands and
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thousands of people here and trying to get a count. bernie sanders is not here yet. it gives you the energy and momentum. will it be enough on monday night, we simply don't know. >> thank you. ed. voters make the final decision leading up to the polls, we are looking at the race through google. examining search volumes and other trends to see if the data can predict what happened on on the days and weeks to come. it is like a crystal ball, shannon right? >> reporter: it is a sneak peek to see what they are doing. googling things they don't want to ask worker ares and friends. we start out with a map of iowa. google and look in the counties.
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donald trump has been the most sevened individual. and you will see other candidates where it comes to gop. ben carson. and chris christie and marco rubio and seven for ted cruz. that is how it looked just days from the caucus. and to new hampshire, we thought we would see what questions people were googling. looking at ted cruz. what does he look like? he is running for president and what does he look like. where was he born and what nationality is he? that comes after the conversations of him being born in canada. and nationally, why was he born in canada? and we thought we would look at the next phase as well. south carolina, we would look at who is talked about. marco rubio getting a lot of attention. and this is what they are
4:14 pm
googling. what religion is marco rubio. and where was marco rubio born and what does marco rubio stand for. these are fun snapshots to give us an idea what people are wondering about as they cast their ball on thes. and many folks are unsdoeded it and interesting to see what is on their meaned. positions on regular or else. thank you very much. right now police investigating after terrifyingvilles in the expo. >> and thrus they are back in custody. why investigators are crediting an observant woman for the arrest.
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right now police are investigationing a shooting and stabbing in denver in the coliseum in the motorcycle expo. one person is dead and several others are being treated in the hospital. will carr is live. the hospital was on lock down earlier, do we know what that is about p? >> reporter: chaos throughout denver. the reason it went on the lock down, the hospital was told by local authorities that that was the best thing to do. police are trying to figure out what sparked all of this. witnesses say it started between motorcycle gangs and at this hour tonight, no body is in custody. it was a chaotic scene that happen inside of the depvercoliseum. close to downtown denver.
4:19 pm
and the colorado motorcycle expo took place. it is one of the biggest events in the country. there is a lot of police tape. it is it a massive crime scene. there were thousands of people inside when it happen. and all of them fled within seconds of the shots being fired. >> a bunch of people scattering after hearing two gunshots. it happen on the stair wells and another group of guys beating up a guy on the top of the stairs. >> reporter: officials are not saying what gang was involved. seven people were transported to the regional trauma center and three are in stable and the hospital wanted's look down. you remember last summer.
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. >> once again hillary clinton's ca doing damage control of the the state department confirmed e-mails contain top secret information that can't be released. her camp defended her again and say issing that she is not to blame for messages sent to her. kristin is live in wash with
4:24 pm
wash. how many are you talking about here again? >> reporter: the state department is holding two e-mails from the private server because they are too deeming to national security to release. it is it the first time the obama administration confirmed that clinton's private server contained top secret information. the state department said they were not marked classified. judicial watch call it a key escalaegz just days before the iowa caucus. >> the fact that e-mails are with held and might happen in ordinary circumstances. would lead to pulling the candidate out of the bag. that shows you the government believes there is disclosures out there with secret information and that is a remarkable development.
4:25 pm
>> will this matter to democratic caucus goers in iowa wa. >> what is the latest from the campaign. >> reporter: the hillary clinton camp said it is overclassification. and we'll see that e-mails are released in a manner with her call last year. clinton said it doesn't say anything. >> the facts have remained the same and there was never information sent or received that was clarked classified to me. i went my work e-mails to the government account. i don't see it in any way to cause a voter to have same
4:26 pm
childrens. >> and say are too big. and the lelest it is certain lot in. >> talk about bad times. thank you. >> and retired general petraeus will not get a demotion for sharing classified information with his mistress. in a letter to mccain. the pentagon confirmed that the army recommended that no additional action on the matter is needed. the pentagon considering the matter closed. two escape prisoners are back in jail. an observant woman. the 37-year-old hussein and
4:27 pm
20-year-old johnathon was arrested. the tip from a woman, she saw a white van like the fugitives may have stolen. >> officers approached the van as hussein fled on foot. they discovered the other escapee hiding in the van. a third escaped inmate he turned himself in to police in southern california. they were waiting for trials for murder and torture. so where does the republican party stand on the eve of the
4:28 pm
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and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. y ye >> welcome back. the countdown is on in iowa wa, two days until the first votes are cast in the caucus and as
4:32 pm
the clock ticks we have two clear front runners who had momentum changing events this week. we'll bring in packdell. and former pollster for jimmy carter and don shown. and a fox news studio. and withny former congressman for new york. the des moines register came out with polls. let's tread lightly. because iowaons are likely to make up. donald trump with 28 percent. and ted cruz 23. and marco rubio 15, and carson at ten. and chris christie and then bush, huckabee and fiorina and kasich. a lot of people were impressed. >> no, he hasn't put much in
4:33 pm
iowa. the big story will be the top three. can that order change and how much is the gap. when they did the poll, cruz was at 31 and trump at 21. now twuchl all the way to 28 and cruz is 23. and the last poll in the middle january. cruz was at 25 and he went down. and the other thing we have to look at. i bet there will be huge turn out in both races on monday night. the excitement is huge. >> the turn out is everything. bernie sanders said people need to turn out in order for the numbers to prove true. we know a lot of them make up their minds in the last-minute and at this stage in the game, two days before the iowa caucus,
4:34 pm
they are undecided and how much weight can we put on the numbers. >> you can only put the weight in that this is a gold standard hole in iowa. the sites are polled and with the register. and we from last time they can be moving around. i think there is still. the voters might change their mind. it is within the margin of the error. and we'll discuss this and in the margin of error. and they are undecided and people who might switch. to see shifting, whether it is enough to shift the order we don't know. rubio has i think picked up since that last poll and everyone thought he was picking up out there. and think cruz held more here than some people thought he
4:35 pm
would. it is still very, very close. >> doug, do you think we might be surprised. donald trump, i don't think he needs to worry on monday's vote. but talk about tread cruz and marco rubio. a lot of people thought perhaps marco rubio would pull the upset. with 28 percent going to trump. and then 23 to cruz and 15 on to rubio. do you think that rubio stands a chance pushing cruz out of the number two spot. >> let me clarify a little about donald trump. his base in the poll and i had a few minutes to look. it is it narrow and in a two way race with cruz. he beats him 52- 35. it is not a two- way race. cruz is everybody's second choice. if there is a change that pat was speaking of.
4:36 pm
it would benefit ted cruz. donald trump is going steadily up. but his negative is pretty high and he has a core support of 28 or 35 percent. it doesn't look expandable. i think he has a clear lead. but i don't think he is out of the woods. i would say he has a lead but more in the margin of error. rubio hasn't moved. >> that's a point, doug. >> any deputy ahead. >> and can i confirm what doug is saying, which is important. people like us look at polls. we look at enternals. but that was the two way race and suggests that is a topping
4:37 pm
for donald trump. over all in this season, marco rubio has underperformed his favorability and acceptability numbers and in the debates. that's a and we'll it he getses the votes that are more than what we expected looking at his internals and we have that interesting dynamic. and one last thing on the turn out, the registration increase is almost what it was in 2008 when there was record turn outs. john is right. we have giant turn outs and that will certainly help trump i think. >> trump's supporters are very high among his supporter ares. and the high negatives are
4:38 pm
immovable. and this obstacle can come his way on the general election. i want to meet trump's image. he couldn't care a lease. republicans who are go to the caucus and his greatest field is 13 other candidates and he can win with 28 percent. >> look take a quick break and come back, hillary clinton and bernie sander ares, they are running neck and neck. and voters in the iowa state hasn't sdeeded. will the results of the iowa caucus affect your vote.
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earlier are today in reporting the latest des moines poll we omitted the name of former governor mike huckabee. he is polling at two percent. and there were jeb bush and carly fiorina and mike huckabee and john kasich and rick sanatorium. we regret the error and our apologies. moving on to the democrat. bernie sanders and hillary clinton locked. according to a poll, 45 percent of the voters said hillary
4:43 pm
clinton is their pick for the nomination. and 42 percent favor sander ares and o'malley at three percent. and doug, this is quite a difference from months ago where clinton led 40 percent and now only three percentage points. boy, what happened there? >> this is a statistical tie. hillary clinton is getting the women and older voters and bernie sanders is getting the younger voters and male. and there is a issue with what john and pat raising on the republican side. it is an issue of turn out. bernie is having a big rally at a large university in iowa. if he can mobilize the students to register and vote on caucus night on monday. and he can can get a turn out to
4:44 pm
200000 he can win. and a conventional turn out hillary clinton is in a position to eke out a win. >> clinton like trump was the subject of news and the e-mail scandal is more than trump sitting out a debate. how is that affecting the polling numbers? >> we don't know yet. it came out yesterday. and so it is really not in these numbers. i don't think it could help her. i think it makes people wary. and remember how tight the race is and they are showing ten percent uncommitted or undecided and people who might change their mind. one point i want to make in the poll i saw it when i went by. 68 percent of the democrats said they have no problem with a democrat socialist as nominee for president. if that is a case, that is
4:45 pm
a tip. and john did earlier, this is a turn out election for sanders. these numbers are holding basically in this range for a couple of weeks. and i think this e-mail scandal is serious and came from the white house. it just can't help her for voters. that it makes a difference. >> and the fbi and classified e-mails and some might not be released and the information coming out before the iowa caucus. >> pat is right, it can't help her. but a couple of things. doug used conventional thinking. this is the least conventional year of our lifetime. we also know since last summer, there are unprecedented huge crowds at two candidates appearances, bernie sanders,
4:46 pm
donald trump. unscientifically, i think that enthusiasm will be existent monday night. and there will be a huge turn out in both races. the republican state chairman mr. cough man is preparing for a tsunami of turn out and registration and people can come who are not registered and participate that night. by 11:00 all of you reporters are hearing oh, my god, the places are overflowing with people and that is good for sander ares and trump. >> doug, are you trying to jump in? >> john is right. i think we are looking at a level of interest based on the rallies that is high. and it is getting more substantial. and if i had to guess, bigger turn out on the democratic and republican side that helps trump and sanders.
4:47 pm
>> let me make a point to pick up on what john said and something we said on political insiders for over a year to everyone about how unconventional and the discontent in the country, i want to tell you right now, the few candidates that get the biggest crowds are in their own parties the most anti- establishment. most pure outsiders and expressing the frustration and anger of the voters at the system. and if that is driving, and i believe it is from some of the work i've done, that would not be be a shock if both of those men got huge turn outs. sanders and trump to prevail on monday night. maybe it won't, but i suspect the turn outs might do that. >> hillary clinton and we'll talk about the e-mails later, if in fact the indictment could she
4:48 pm
pull out of the race. >> it is not going to work. she told people in private i will keep going. it will not work. everyone in the party will pull the plug and she will take us over the cliff and bang out she goes and then you goat the biden and o'malley vote. and that makes it tighter with sanders in the lead in iowa. much more in the hillary clinton e-mails and the iowa caucus right after this. how do i know i'm getting the best price on this? we'll match any competitors price. what about this? price match guarantee. and this? yep! so no monkey business, no tomfoolery? oh, we do have tom foolery, tom. staples has a price match guarantee. make low prices happen. staples make more happen. don't buy makeup that settles into lines, it ages you. me advice from the future
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>> hillary clinton's camp on defense. the state department confirmed
4:52 pm
emaims from the private server contained top secret information. it is just days before the iowa caucus. our insiders are back. and so, pat the, they continue, the e-mail investigations saga. can she weather the storm? does she believe it is it a storm? >> i think she probably does by now. th the ref -- revelation. it was from the clint. that is a frudian slip. the obama administration. i will say this every week including someone in the network. the woman who is dealing with the e-mails was transferred from treasure where she was handling lois lerner's e-mails to deal
4:53 pm
with mrs. clinton's. and you know the state department didn't want to have to do this. they were forced to. i think it is deadly serious. and i think she is, people say nothing will happen. and maybe that will be true with the justice department. but anything in this administration, hiding and covering up for one of their people would cause a massacre. and last thing about hillary, she's endorsed by the new york times, prior to friday, the entire establishment of the democratic party is terrified of bernie sanders and trying to help her out. and when she said in the town hall. lincoln was her favorite president. by the way, he was the most inexperienced president. and the most experienced president she's compared and endorsed for is the new york times was richard nixon and they
4:54 pm
share one thing in common. untrustworthy and dishonest, so i don't think this e-mail thing is a disaster. >> when have we ever seen a presidential candidate on network on cnn on monday night and a young man said most of my friends don't think you're honest. we never saw that. that goes to a heart of her over all problem. in democrat party, they seem to think she is honest. >> but if you look at the polls, honest and trustworthy. poll numbers are going down. and her camp said today, that she can't be responsible for the e-mails that were sent to her and now she's trying to turn the tables and saying this is not about the classified e-mails that i sent out, but received them too. is she held accountable. >> when you receive an e-mail it
4:55 pm
is it a 2 way street and you send and get a reply. >> let me be clear. i have been a supporter of hillary clinton and worked for her and am a big advocate of mayor michael bloomberg who may enter into the crase. i have divided loyalties. turning to the facts, you have 1300 classified e-mails ending up on her server and 22 that are so top secret they can't be released by the state and emaims from the the sap program high level secure program ending up on her personal server and then you have her having said that e-mails that were on a secure serve should be stripped down and put on an insecure. this raises real questions.
4:56 pm
>> it is great to have the political insiders here in the studio with me as well on saturday night. thank you very much. i can't wait to monday. we'll be right back, state right there.
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>> before we let you g. we are celebrating an important milestone today. 20 years since the announcement of fox news. >> how delighted i am that we reached the moment where we firmly announce the starting of a fox news channel. >> on january 30th, 1996. are you pert murdoch and roger ailes announced the launch of our cable news network. since then fox news has grown to be the most watched news network. and reaching millions of americans and today and tonight,
5:00 pm
we say thank you to you, our viewers for inviting us in your home. i am julie banderas. the fox news gop debate right now. [ applause ] 8:00 here in des moines, iowa. i'm bret baier, with megyn kelly and chris wallace. >> tonight, we are coming to you live from the iowa event center in downtown des moines in the shadow of the iowa state capital. in just four days, people here in the hawkeye state will caucus and cast the first votes of the 2016 election. >> tonight, we're partnering with google for an


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