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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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page. we respond to your questions, "mediabuzz" at fox next sunday 11 eastern, 10 a.m. here in iowa. we'll be in new hampshire. we'll see you then with the latest buzz. happy sunday. as harris would say. welcome to a special edition of "outnumbered" on this sunday. i'm an tritreea tantaros. we're here today because tomorrow it is on. like really on. the first presidential nominating contest in the country. here with us today fauk fauk. sandra smith, democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie roginsky is back. and today's hash taq tag, one lucky guy, syndicated columnist and former republican presidential candidate, herman cain. >> what can i say. >> his latest book, the right
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problems, what the president, congress, and every candidate should be working on is out now. welcome to the couch. >> happy to be here. >> we must remind you, you are out numbered. >> i know, and this is a predicament i've been looking forward to. >> i only have one complaint. >> what's that? >> where is the pizza. didn't want to spoil some people's day by giving thel them something better than they were going to get. we left the good stuff back in atlanta. >> i like the confidence herman. i like it. >> last time we saw you we were on the cain train. >> when i was campaigning. >> welcome to the couch couch. >> happy to be here. >> i'm still going to hold you to the pizza. >> you got it. >> t minus one day to the iowa caucuses a poll that has a strong track record in predicting what will happen tomorrow night. the bloomberg poll before decision day shows donald trump regaining his lead over ted cruz, 28 to 23%. marco rubio is in third at 15%.
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and ben carson, the only other republican in double dijs, at 10%. but marco rubio is the most popular second choice. and that's important in a caucus state. 20% say that if their guy isn't viable, they will back the florida senator. 17% say that cruz is their second choice. just 7% say trump is their number two pick. meantime as the candidates make their final pitches to voters in the hawk eye state, cruz, rubio and trump confident about their chan chances. in listen. >> right now this is all about turnout, about who shows up tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. we're focused on if conservatives come out, we will win. what we're seeing is the old reagan coalition coming together. >> ted cruz is the front-runner in iowa. volunteers, spent money, got every endorsement he on the wad. we feel good about the progress. we have taken on more negative
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attacks than every other candidate kind. >> i have had a great relationship, i've had a great -- when you have jerry fallwell jr. endorse me, that was a very big turning point. >> all right. that is called the expectations game, mr. cain. >> yes. >> you hear marco rubio wanting to almost paint himself as the underdog. when you look at the polling and you hear the candidates, as someone who has been there, what do you think? who do you think is going to take it tomorrow? >> i believe that the trend of trump, rubio, and cruz will bear out tomorrow but not necessarily in that order. the battle of the single digits is going to be the big ballots. they are confident they are going to win. they actually think they are going to make a last-minute surge. the other thing this demonstrates is that even ooef evan gel calls are not necessarily voters. every time sent out an attack
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add, they think it's going to cause people to rush to their campaign or rush away from somebody else. no. especially in iowa. the voters are more sophisticated and they are not single issue voters. >> what are they voting on this time around? >> they are voting on the same thing that most of america is looking for. they are looking for a leader, a fighter, and a winner because they are tired of watching the d.c. not fixing stuff. that's that anger that some people have described. and i believe that it is real. they are angry that washington has not fixed the tax code. they haven't fixed social security. they haven't fixed medicare and medicaid. and the current administration and the current president have made things worse with obama care. >> how is it different that time around? as we have seen it has not been a great predictor of the future. are you putting more weight in it? >> not necessarily in terms of the final result. but it is a good pulse always. because the candidates have to
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get up close and personal with the voters in iowa. and it is a good pulse of what i think the american people are thinking. so they get a lot closer than people who only depend been sound bytes that are spoon-fed to the public. >> you know, i want to remind everybody that in august of 2011 you were on this rise. >> yeah. >> and iowa was one of the places where you were spending a lot of your time. >> yes. >> by october you were the front runner, ahead of mitt romney. >> yes. >> on fox news polling. october 25th i think was the weekend. the reason i say that is because you had been branded the original outsider. >> yes. >> and you were the one who was galvanizing the outsider thing. so much of the vote that's important in iowa is rural. being on the ground is critical. talk to me about whose ground game impresses you so far? >> believe it or not, mike huckabee. even though he hasn't been top in the polls has a great ground game because he has been there before. i top the think the top three have impressive ground games.
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let's go back to that august you mentioned. here's an interesting phenomenon that happened. michele backman won the straw poll. i came in fifth. and i had a reporter ask me, are you going to drop out of the race? why? the sprawl poll wasn't a correct pulse of what was going on. months later i was at the top of the polls. as i indicated it can be a good pulse. you can buy a few votes byin bribing people. i had godfather as pizza in my tent, by the way and we had a line -- >> that's cruel because now i'm hungry. >> i brought it to the straw polls, too, and it didn't help me. >> if i was voting, imd have voted for you. >> people did come by. but the bottom line, this will be a good pulse. and you know what? i'm going to be so glad when tuesday morning gets here so we can stop speculating. >> yeah. >> because the one word that characterizes this whole race this time, unpredictability. >> you know what's interesting,
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you look at somebody -- you saw what happened with marco rubio, he is talking about ted cruz being in the lead, he knows ted cruz isn't in the lead. he is setting ted cruz up for a big fall. that's why you are seeing the sunshine donald trump. you look at the poll, 47% of the republicans in the des moines register poll view donald trump unfavorably. yet you have got marco rubio going after ted cruz. everybody else going after ted cruz. nobody is touching donald trump. despite the fact he has fuge unfavorables, you have got him in the lead. we need to put this in perspect. you need delegates to win this coalition. >> right. >> if this goes down the way the register says it is, trump gets 8, cruz gets 6, rubio gets 4. that's the reality. the trump wins, he only gets two more hand the guy behind him. >> it doesn't matter who is first, second, or three as long
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as those three still end up in the top tier. >> herman you took a lot of heat in the press? >> yes. >> you had what i like to call the dogs of hell unleashed on you. and you were budgeoned by the media, fair or unfair. what do you think of the way that trump is being treated? and his support remembers being treated? what do you make of the unrest in the republican party? it seems at this time that kind of treatment and behavior isn't working. you felt it. can you campaign and contrast your experience with what is happening now? >> the reason it's not working this time is i believe the voters are much more aware of these media frenzy things that take place. on the one hadn't, trump has been criticized. and people have tried -- the establish mental, republicans, as well as some in the media have tried to bring him down. it hasn't worked. the reason is, go back to what i said earlierier, people are looking at whether or not this person projects leadership, being a fighter, and being a winner. like it or not.
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50% of a person's decision on who they are going to vote for is based upon perception. and i believe that the power perception is much greater this timan rather than the frenzy than it was the last time. >> you know what, to dovetail on what andrea was just saying, ted cruz this morning on one of the other networks had said if trump wins iowa, he could be unstoppable. and he was asked to specify what he means. he says there are two options he has. he can run scared or he can run on a posey. well that's anybody's options. he runs scared because he feels this time around democrats are going to take advantage of that divide in the republican party. and he said really and truly, trump could get the best of that. why is that? >> i think trump will get the best of it because here again many of the voters aren't paying attention to the attacks. and let me tell you about main street u.s.a. they aren't looking at social media. and unfortunately, a lot of people in the media take a line
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from social media that trump may have thrown out there and think that that's the story that's going to create the frenzy. they aren't paying attention to that as much. >> you have championed the message on the economy being the biggest issue for main street america. >> yes. >> what do you think has the best message, business friendly, promote the economy for america the best. >> trump, rubio and cruz. >> in that order. >> not in that order. >> why trump, what can he do? >> he was the first one to put his tax plan on the table. followed by cruz. and rubio, he wants to reform the tax code. i think that's going to hold him back. i happen to believe that any one of them will do a better job but the ones who have started without the right solution to the biggest problem we have, they are the ones they are taking the right approach for the business community. >> that's a ten-ten-ten.
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here we are, just one day before the iowa caucuses, is brand-new polling shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a virtual tie there. according to a new des moines register bloomberg poll, the former secretary of state leads sanders 45 to 42%. that's within the margin of error. meantime, hillary's e-mail scandal is intensifying. for the first time, the obama administration is admitting extremely sensitive information was on her private server.
9:16 am
the intelligence community says 22 of her e-mails are just too damaging to national security to release under any circumstances. but hillary's campaign claims she is not to blame if they are subordinates sent her classified information, calling it overclassification run amuck. hears hillary. >> this is, i think a continuation of the story that has been playing out for months. the timing and some of the leaks that have led up to it are concerning. let's get it out. let's see what it is and led the american people draw their own concludes. this is very much like ban benghazi, george, the media are going to continue to use it and beat up on me. i understand. that that's the way they are. >> bernie sanders taking a stronger approach today than he has in the past when asked about hillary's eaps, watch. >> should voters takes from those kents comments that you think nothing was done wrong when it comes to how secretary clinton handled classified information. >> no. >> or is that not a fair.
9:17 am
>> no. >> okay. >> no. that's not i think a fair assessment. i think this is a very serious issue. i think there is a legal process right now taking place. and what i have said -- you know, and i get criticized. bern ooerks why don't you attack hillary clinton? there is a legal process taking place. i don't want to political size that issue. it is not my style. >> here's what some of hillary's potential republican rivals are saying. >> she can't read something anding are that she is reading highly sensitive information, that she doesn't belong on the job in the first place. this is an absolute house of cards that is coming down around hillary clinton's body right now. >> now, she has said she has done nothing wrong. but she has lied. she has lied. and she is under investigation by the fbi. >> i want to get to herman cain right away on this. first, harris is leaning in. >> i was -- >> bernie sanders -- >> hold on. what were you trying to point
9:18 am
out about bernie sanders? >> okay. for a while it looked like a sloppy kiss from bernie sanders during the debates for hillary clinton. but what he said there was brilliant. i'm to the going to weigh in on a legal situation that's playing out. that's what everybody says. we don't comment on current litigation. he's acknowledging the fact this is a big problem. if he's smart, the new york post bombshell today, howard kron guard, who is is the agency's inspector general from 2005 to 2008 is accusing the administration of lying. bernie sanders ought to book him on his campaign trail and drop the mic. >> what is happening on the democrat, herman cain, the e-mails, hillary clinton saying the republicans are beating up on me. it's just like benghazi. >> i have heard her say these leaks is almost laughable. >> this is serious. it not a question whether or not she has done something wrong.
9:19 am
the only questions are will the fbi do its job? and will the justice department do its job? and when? >> predict that for us. >> yes. i predict that the fbi is going to do their job and take it to the justice department. but i'm not sure if the justice department is going to move fast enough before the november election because for whatever reasons, this clinton machine, this democrat slowdown on issues that could damage them in the general election, they have a lot of people in a lot of mayss that could slow things down. now, the democrat party, they are imploding. the republican party, they are just dividing. and there is a difference. so bernie sanders's rise is a lot of people saying i just quantity get behind hillary because of the e-mail scandals and benghazi a. lot of people are convinced that she lied to the families of the people killed in benghazi. and they are not going to forget that. that's not just a leak. that's not just a story. people actually have heard enough to believe that.
9:20 am
>> it just doesn't seem she is getting any better at answering these questions or you know, putting off answering those questions as she did for so long. she is facing the music. now what happens. >> there is no good reason why she did this. i will say why bernie sanders is surging is for a lot of reasons that doesn't have to do with again ghazi or the e-mails. >> what is it that they love? >> they love the fact he is an outsider. aspirational. they love the fact he stands for in my view unrealistic things that people wish would happen. for example, universal health care. that's what they are attracted to, the aspiration. it's not again ghazi or the concerns about her e-mails. because that's not something that the polling shows bears any effect on his support. but there are no good answers. that's why you are never going to hear a good answer from her.
9:21 am
what can she say. >> bernie sanders changing his mine. now saying this is a serious issue. >> that's why he has no credibility. i g bernie sanders lost credibility when he said i'm sick and tired of hearing of the e-mails. harris, you bring up a great point. not commenting on active investigations. isn't that the policy of the white house? suspect that what president obama has said time and again to get out of certain issues he doesn't want to comment on? but he comments on this. and he gave her a cover for this. there is not a good wherein why she did it? of course there is. she said we wish we could get them out. get them out. oh, wait you deleted them. why? what were on the e-mails?
9:22 am
>> she did it so she could communicate with each other and she could operate above the law on issues as benghazi where she looked those family members in the eye and lied to their face about thousand their family members died. >> kron god who i mentioned in the new york post article who is the former ag inspector general. says there was no way she was supposed to do business without a e-mail account. she never set up, she never had to change it to everything. u.s. state department is lying when they said they the not know until it was too late. >> they are all lying. >> 30 seconds to respond, take it into the commercial break. >> is this a debate? i thought this was a show.
9:23 am
[ overlapping speakers ] >> harris, harris, let me speak. >> at least you are picking up what i'm laying down over there. >> isis releasing a video threatening another attack against the west they say will be worse than what we saw on 9/11 or in paris. will the u.s. finally take more action against this terror group? and could it be already be too little too late? amid all of this, the white house announcing that president obama will make the first official visit of his presidency to u.s.a. mosque. why now? and what he hopes to achieve there.
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9:28 am
time. the militants said the attack would be deadlier than 9/11 or the paris attacks. this coming on the heels of u.s. military officials admitting we are not doing enough to fight the islamic state and may need to deploy more military. ash carter saying recently the u.s. is quote looking for opportunities to do more but falling short of committing any sort of ground troops trot fight. opportunities to do more. herman, your thoughts? >> they have had seven years to do more, and they have not done more. secondly, one of isis's main tactics is fear. that's why they put that video out there, to scare people. and it's working in some degree. because if you look at the top three in the polls again, trump, cruz, and rubio, they have been the most forcible about what they would do to take on isis. the administration has simply not done enough. they have had plenty of time to do more and they haven't. i don't buy the rhetoric.
9:29 am
and i believe that the american people also see that they are not serious about doing something about it. >> this goes back to something i have heard you say before sandra, and that is that desperate beneath need for the united states to have a strategy. >> part of that strategy we have often asked on this couch of guests and presidential candidates how involved should the u.s. be? we know that twitter and facebook have identified accounts linked directly to the terrorists. should there be federal laws and new the newly enacted president enact laws that require them to be for aggressively engaged with the u.s. government in tackling terrorism? >> with all due respect, we don't need new laws. we just need people to do their jobs that are already in these positions. >> are there laws. >> yes, people complain we don't have enough laws.
9:30 am
yes, you do. you may need a judge's spb s&p, but they need to do more with the laws we already have in order to go after this. i think that's what voters are hearing from the people that are leading in the race. i notice a distinct difference in the mood after those attacks in paris and san bernardino. even though people can't do anything about it, they want to have a leader who is a fighter who talks as if they are going to do more than what's been done. >> you know one thing we don't talk about, that is kind of the answer back, if you will. i don't know if you heard andrea while you were speaking, she was kind of giving you an amen about the fact that there are laws out there. should we expect more from our leadership in washington where when something like this comes out you don't want to give it too much of a platform? should shouldn't we hear from them at least? we've seen so many of these videos. we know it is a recruitment tool
9:31 am
also. they do so much about the videos what do you expect. >> at minimum, you would expect the administration, the commander in chief to acknowledge it and name it. he is not doing that. herman, you are exactly right. there are laws on the books. under immigration law, hare bob boring terrorists, that is a law they could use, this d.o.j. and they could go after these companies for harboring or allowing them to conduct terrorist activities. i guess my question to you is, if there are already laws on the books, why isn't the d.o.j. enforcing them? >> because they don't have a convincing strategy that they can share with the american people how they are addressing it. if you don't have a vincing strategy lay low and don't enforce the laws that are already on the books. >> i'm going to come to you first on this one, julie. mean while white house is announcing president obama will make first visit of his
9:32 am
presidentsy to a mosque. we're told he will hold a round table with commune members to celebrate the contributions muslim americans make to our nation at a time when rhetoric against muslim community is growing. talk to me about this president's visit? >> it's exactly what george bush did after 9/11. he went to a mosque in d.c. and he said, our fight is not with islam. our fight is with these savages. that's a very different thing than a fight with an entire religion. i'm surprised it took obama this ng lo. we are seeing unprecedented violence directed towards muslims around this country. it's unacceptable. these are not people who wish us harm. but are getting attacked by virtue of the fact they are muslims. sometimes they have sikhs attacked. >> uneducated confusion.
9:33 am
>> the reality is that we need the president to stand up and show leadership and say there is a big difference between attacking an entire religion and attacking people who are opposed to us. and you cannot tarnish an entire rog. i'm only sorry it took him this long. i wish he would have done it years ago. know up been critical of the president about how long he has taken to do different things. however you have a different issue. >> dr. judy johnson nailed it this morning. it's the wrong mosque. if you look at the website for this particular mosque, he is convinced and i believe him because he studies this. >> he being the president. >> no, judy johnson. he talks a lot about the peaceful muslims in the country. and i believe there are plenty of them. but he says this is the wrong mosque because there are definite ties between this mosque and the musz limb brotherhood. and that is what upsets him as a muslim. >> is that a secret? >> it's not widely known. i didn't know it until i heard
9:34 am
him say it. >> it's not a secret. >> it is the wrong mosque because of the direct tie with the must lim brotherhood. >> that has been an ongoing criticism as the president has tried to move forward with this. the misstep of ties with the muslim brotherhood. do you think that's fair? what's the criticism there? >> he makes it seem as if he and his administration want to go kissy kissy with the muslim brotherhood. that is definitely ng would. they definitely have terrorist ties. and doctor johnson, who i respect for following this -- and i agree with him, there aju are peaceful muslim. >> why did he pick this mosque? >> i have no idea, but it's the wrong mosque, and i would agree. >> an degree's head is about to explode. i think she has a clue. >> we traditionally look at what president obama has done and how he has reached out to the muslim brotherhood. they have been to the white
9:35 am
house. the muslim brotherhood, they told us after hosni mubarak stepped aside, they said the muslim brotherhood directs death to americas. they will never run for office. if they do run, they won't win. well they did rinne win. they were in the front row of the president's speech in cairo. herman, and julie, you make a good point. if the president could be democrats muslim homophobia. you don't want anybody targeted. however, out of the other side of the mouth if he was fighting the radicals as tough as he is fighting homophobia, i would support him more. >> if you flip this over and argue if other side at least the president would be talking into the toughest if you will
9:36 am
criticized move. >> how about the timing of this. why now with a few months left. >> i think it is a shame. i think he should have done this years ago. and the fact that he waited this long, there is no excuse. i'll say it again, why is he doing it now, probably because the time is running out. >> why this mosque. >> i have no idea. >> why do you suppose they are affiliated with the muslim brotherhood. >> i have no idea if they are. >> hooub hooub is no longer the president of egypt. >> why would the president back that democracy promotion over others. >> the same reason the previous administration did, we are going to bring democracy to the middle east. it failed. it failed under the bush administration and under this administration. >> herman cain dropping news. >> the media have ignored that.
9:37 am
>> turning back now to actually getting to the white house, and those politics, tomorrow night's results in iowa ought to give us a gauge on whether 2016 really is the year of the angry voter. the widespread discontent out there shaking up the race for the white house in both political parties. and what may be fuelling it all. stay close. this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. why you couldn't be healthy but one really good reason, that's our family. that's the beauty of working at gnc, we've got something for everybody. we're here for you. just ask. we make it simple. gnc.
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9:42 am
no one even knows who the hell they are. end quote. that voter, who says he has always voted democratic, including device for barack obama says now he is caucusing with republicans tomorrow night and that he's leaning towards trump. in the meantime this, super a sanders supporter in the hawk eye state. quote, it's all rich guy who is want to take over this country, giving other rich guys to help the rich. and according to a recent monmouth university survey, more than six in ten people think either all or most americans are angry with washington. that's that is beautifully summed up. both sides, the sanders voters and the trump supporters they feel they don't have a voice, it is the haves and the have-nots. the connected and the nonconnected. the political dynasties and the others. they are angry, upset and they want a voice. sanders and trump seem to speak for them is that they are angry and feeling ignored. now the sanders supporters, they bought into the class warfare
9:43 am
rhetoric. that's bernie sanders. they haven't looked behind the curtain to see that it means outrageous increases in taxes and loss of liberty. they haven't looked behind the curtain yet on sanders. but some of them will. it's interesting that other remark about the person who said that they have traditionally been democrat and they are going to go to a republican rally and they are leaning trump. i have heard that on the radio. what is interesting is they didn't say i'm not going from democrat to republican, they said i'm going to go from democrat to trump because he has tapped into leader, fighter, winn winner. that's what they are responding to. >> there was an interesting analysis in the washington post. i wish i were smart enough to think of this myself. they looked at the trump vote e. they called them the people who are losers. and i mean that in the sense of people who have lost out on the, quote, unquote, american dream, the people who see their jobs going to china, in the manufacturing states, people with high school degrees or
9:44 am
lower. people who don't feel they have succeeded in this economy. they are furious, angry and they are not just republicans. they are democrats as well. that's why he is atragtding to some extent democrats, too. you are right. these are not people who are voting republican. they are people saying i'm voting for trump. i hope this guy changes his voter registration. >> you can do it at the door. >>ity crossover appeal? >> to some extent. but you see polling where republicans loathe trump so much where they will stay home or vote democrat to get the nomination away from him. >> can i ask you about treatment because in the new york times article, because the way the democrats treat their angry base, is with more respect of the sanders voters that are angry than they treat the trump supporters. you see reporters on the right and writers san degree actively
9:45 am
tweeting at trumps they are stupid, insulting them. they say i don't have a country club membership but please don'ti speak to me. i don't wear nantucket red shorts or a bow tie. why the disrespect? >> you hit on the economy. for me, that always continue to be a big theme here. when you've got democrats looking at the current administration touting this sufficient economy we are all living in and this record breaking stock market yeah people are angry. their wages are strag stagnant, they see a weak jobs market. the middle class is shrinking. the rich are getting richer, the poorer getting poorer. it's not a great situation. when they are look at their own party leading the country right now and saying how great things are people are yum set about that. >> about the iowa caucuses, how important the rural prooig preervegts are, certainly they make a difference, for rick son for up made a difference.
9:46 am
they feel ignored. that was your replacement word for angry. they know they can make a difference because of the tightness. they know there may be 100 people. if you split those 100 votes. in the city that's different. in the rural communities, 100 votes that could be a majority for trump. the weather isn't going to be so great. people have to have intensity. >> one last statistic, 45s% of the voters don't vote. these people are now deciding they are going to vote. >> bringing back the blue collar men for sure, getting a voice. hillary clinton getting an endorsement from the new york times. what the editorial board played up, what they left out, and what it means for 2016. ♪song: "that's life"
9:47 am
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we're kicking up more of the sunday version put let's go to neil cavuto on what's coming up on a special two hour your world. >> thank you very much. obviously a lot of the tension in the final hours of campaigning. these guys are across the state. if you add up all the stops this
9:51 am
weekend, you're at 115 different stops split among the candidates alike. obviously a lot is on the line. we're going to be speaking to marco rubio. he's drawing large crowds. if trump and cruz were to fight it out that he might be able to score some impressive numbers here. there's no way of knowing, but i'll be speaking to him. and bob doyle. he has been critical of ted cruz, calling a guy who couldn't reach across the aisle because he has problems with his own aisle. that and much more for two hours. i just found out it was two hours. >> dude. >> yeah, because i already had dinner plans. >> i've heard there's some pizza coming. i don't know. >> oh, really.
9:52 am
well, i'm not picking up the tab for that. >> good to see you. have a great show. >> thanks. >> sure. the main stream media getting behind hillary clinton. new york times endorsing her for the democratic nomination calling her one of the most cal qualified candidates. hillary clinton would be the first women nominated by a major party. her life long fight for women bolsters her credibility. and mrs. clooninton is aware ofe wage gap for women. the times applauding her efforts for reducing gun violence. she has measures to combat the plague of firearms, but the paper failed to delve into her e-mail scandal.
9:53 am
sko quote, some of the campaign attacks are outrageous. some of those are legitimate and deserve answers. the times also failing to mention benghazi anywhere in the piece. to herman first. >> the new york times went to zero. they didn't want to endorse bernie sanders because they didn't want that to be a declaration of socialism and they're trying not to admit that yet. secondly they also if had that same paper, they endorse john kasich. i like john kasich, have a lot of respect for him, but they said he's the most viable choice for the republicans. that dog not going to hunt because quite simply he has a great resume, yes he's been in congress and all of these other things, but the fact of the matter is it's not connecting with the american people and remember i said from the outset,
9:54 am
50% of a person's decision is based upon perception and the perception isn't that he's that strong leader, strong fighter, strong winner. >> but it's a liberal editorial board. who do you want them to support, ted cruz? >> they could in they wouldn't. look at every other editorial that that board has ever published and then come to the conclusion that ted cruz is not their kind of guy. donald trump is not their kind of guy. they said how much he plays his own audience. in terms of hillary, benghazi is not a concern among liberal voters. >> would you take her out of this? >> it's not a concern among liberal voters and the new york times is a liberal editorial
9:55 am
page. >> it's the kiss of death for john kasich. >> absolutely. i just want to quote elizabeth warren in the new york times. she says that nobody is above the law and our next president shouldn't be either. so interesting on that. >> we'll be right back. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat.
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♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. so herman cain has this new book out. the right problems what every
9:59 am
congress and the president should be working on right now. you would hope that we're talking about some of these issues. make you can tick down a few, but the thing that caught my eye is it's not too late to start to fix them. why? >> because with the right leadership in the white house, they can go after replacing the tax code. the voters are angry and they're tired of hearing reform the tax code. they need to restructure social security. they need to remove the barriers to real energy independence. they need to reform and restructure medicare and medicaid by giving the states more authority over it rather than trying to do it out of washington, d.c. it's not too late because the american people, i believe, will provide the support to the right leader to help put the pressure on congress to start fixing something. congress, they haven't totally fixed any problem in the last 50
10:00 am
years in do you have the book with you? >> i sure do is this hold it up. as we leave, it's been fun to have a sunday edition much outnumbered. thanks for being with us. we're back on tv tomorrow at our regular time. neil cavuto and two hours now. the final p. welcome everybody. this is the last dash to the clash that has the candidates across this state like never before. one thing i noticed is about the campaign schedules is how they manage to squeeze in one more stop, one more neighborhood, one more calf tiera, any place where people will come together, candidates are getting to them.


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