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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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home tonight. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. a special edition of "on the record" with greta van susteren starts right now. tonight, a very special sunday edition of "on the record." we're coming to you live from des moines, iowa. in just 24 hours, iowans will turn out to caucus and officially kick off the 2016 election season. democrats and republicans are storming iowa. "on the record" has been out in the field, talking to the candidates, and talking to caucus-goers. right now, a major winter storm is threatening to derail what could potentially be a record caucus turnout. but first, this busy special sunday edition of "on the record" kicks off with senator marco rubio going on the record for davenport, iowa. good evening, senator. >> good evening, greta. >> it's really nice to see you.
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so tell me, senator, in the first four hours when you get back to the white house after the inaugural parade, what are you doing that first four hours? >> well, i'm going to repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional amendments. that means the end to all these epa rulings, the end to dhaka. also the end to all of the -- this federal funding of abortions overseas. that has to come to an end immediately as well. so we look forward to getting rid of all those things. the deal with iran. i'll cancel it on my first day in office. >> today there was news that in nigeria, boko haram attacked about 96 people were killed. many were children that were burned to death. is that any of our business. and if you're president, what are you going to do about that or not do about that? >> well, let me tell you why it becomes our business. because these sorts of terrorist attacks, where they start
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triggering a mag igratory crisi. we're having a huge debate in this country now about what to do with syrian refugees that are trying to come to america. they're trying to come here because assad is using chemical weapons, and also because isis is beheading people and committing incredible brutality. so you see it's already infringing on europe. but it's also now a big issue here in the united states. so these sorts of instability ultimately impacts the united states. it also, by the way, allows boko haram, which is a group that now has pledged allegiance to isis, it allows isis to establish one more affiliate, one more place from which they can conduct operations against our interests and allies and eventually the hole land as well. >> so what do you do? it's a terrible situation. you've laid out why it affects the united states and why people in iowa should care about something so far away as boko haram doing to nigerians, so you've laid out that case. so what can you do as president? or what should you do? or what should the united states do? >> well, we need to lead a
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global coalition to defeat isis and it needs to be made up sunn form the bulk of the ground force. we'll imbed special operators with them. it means increasing the number of air strikes that we're taking. sharing logistical support. getting not just sunni tribes armed and working with the kurds, but also ensuring that jordan and saudi arabia and egypt and other sunni countries like the gulf kingdoms begin to provide ground forces as well. they have an immediate vested interest in the defeat of this radical group isis. their core of operations today are in iraq. i'm sorry, in syria. if we could eliminate the hub, the core of that, i think it begins to have an impact on their affiliates as well. >> senator cruz says a vote for you is a vote for amnesty. you say what? >> well, senator cruz has built his campaign on this falsehood that he's the only conservative in the race. the truth is ted cruz is a supporter of legalizing people that were here illegally and he was is supporter until he was called out on it and had to flip his position in order to keep up
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this false image that he's tried to create. he designed george w. bush's immigration plan on his campaign. he told cbs news in an interview that he wanted to come up with a reasonable compromise on here that were here illegally. he talked about bringing people out of the shadows. he sponsored an amendment in the senate that would have legalized people that were here illegally. at the time, he understood what most americans do, and that is we have an issue that we need to deal with. but we cannot deal with it until we first enforce our immigration laws. we have to security our border first. once that has happened and it is working, then i think the american people are willing to do something very reasonable, but responsible with someone who has been here for a long time. who's not a dangerous criminal. who can pass a background check, learns english, pays a huge fine, starts paying taxes, because they're gainfully employed and all they want is a work permit. that won't happen. none of that will happen until we first secure our borders and make sure that it's working and prove it to the american people. but ted has been very calculated. not just on this issue, but on a host of issues. he goes to new york and raises a bunch of money from new yorkers
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and comes to iowa and attacks new york values, for example. so, again, i think as this campaign has gone on and people have learned more about him, they've realized he's not a consistent conservative. he's a politically calculated one. >> senator, you bring up the issue of money. everybody does it. both parties, and everybody has these big super pacs. even the super pac that is supporting of you has raised 30 million $ million in this past year. do you have any problem with that? if you're a little iowa farmer, you're probably not in a super p pac. >> people always buy into my agenda. when someone gives money to me, it's because they're buying into what i stand for. that's why in there are people that don't give me money. number two, you have to have the ability to defend yourself. jeb bush's super pac has raised over $100 million. it has spent about a third to over a quarter of it against me
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in attacks, so we've got to be able to respond to these things. the media keeps charging us with commercials. i hear all this criticism of super pacs, but the media charges us to run commercials. they have a first-american right to speak out on political issues. the labor unions spent unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns. so we've got to have the resources available to set the record straight. there's a way to bring some sanity to the process. i'd be open to that. but we're not going to unilaterally disarm this. >> i agree. can't be unilateral because everybody's doing it. snart senator, i've got to go. thank you for joining us. we'll be watching. good luck, sir. >> thank you. >> in the big buildup to tomorrow's iowa caucus, we keep hearing the key to winning is the ground game. what does that mean? grif jenkins takes you in the ground game operations.
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>> the ground game means making a personal connection, giving these voters every reason to caucus for their candidate. it made all the difference in 2008 with huckabee. who has the best ground game? knocking on doors, making phone calls, reaching social media. here we take a look at senator ted cruz's game. take a look. >> we have over 10,000 volunteers here in the state of iowa. we also have strikeforce members that have come in from all over the country. they're staying at camp cruz here in the des moines area and they're making phone calls. they're knocking on doors. we're making roughly 20,000 calls a day. we've identified precinct captains and co-captains all over the state. and those captains and co-captains as we speak are making calls to the
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cruz-identified voters in their precinct. >> this is camp cruz, a makeshift dormitory. you can see that cruz, the american flag, upwards of 100 volunteers. currently upwards of a thousand have come and gone since they opened their doors in december and it's all run by one very energetic volunteer named kim brolen. >> coming here, having people with a heart for god that will do anything for their families and their country. i keep calling it conservative heaven for me. i have the privilege of telling them what i know we're doing. and please, please, please, let's go do it. they're not employees. they're volunteers on their own time. >> we've been to south carolina and oklahoma, and, of course, up here three times. >> so they're getting ready to go out and knock on some doors from 9:00 a.m. until they can't do it anymore. >> we have done a lot of
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research on voters, specific individual voters, so that when our folks make those phone calls or when they knock on that door, they have a really good idea of who they're talking to. with a full spectrum conservative like ted cruz, if we know what motivates the voters to be a conservative and be involved in the process, we can start there when we make the introduction. we're giving them lists of people to call and to door knock who actually are in alignment with us, and are inclined to be supporters. we feel confident that we put together the team and strategy and we're executing in a way that will help us to be very successful tomorrow night. >> the cruz campaign isn't the only game in town. the rubio campaign are pounding the pavement and ringing the phones as well. take a look. >> i think our ground game has been incredibly strong. we picked up a lot of momentum in the last few days, special after the strong performance. hundreds of kids, hundreds of people from around the country that have come here to iowa to
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help marco for president, making sure that all of our supporters get out to the caucuses. >> senator, you're making phone calls. how's it going? >> it's going great. there's a lot of enthusiasm. look behind me, all of these mostly young people who are very excited and enthused about a new generation of leadership for our country. i learned a new word today. marcomentum, and we think there's a lot of momentum for marco rubio. there's an awful lot of people working door to door. there's a real buzz. i think that means a lot in these last days. >> a critical part of any ground game is the phone banks, particularly in these last few days and hours. trying to get people. >> how many phone calls have you made? >> about 10,000. >> how's it going? what are people saying? >> it's going great. still a lot of undecided. people are undecided between -- a lot of them are senator rubio and senator cruz. we're feeling very confident. >> ted cruz has the strongest ground game in the history of
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iowan politics. what we have is marco and marco's message and vision for 21st century as an american. that's what we're focused on. >> and just hours away, i suppose we'll find out who had the best ground game. we went to a big rally last night. we'll bring that to you. >> thank you. and donald trump and senator ted cruz have been duking it out for the evangelical support. one analyst saying if that's the case, donald trump beats senator cruz 26% to 25%. share the faith and freedom coalition ralph reed goes on the record. good evening, sir. >> good evening, good to be with you. >> nice to have you.
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one of donald trump's surrogates is jerry followill junior. he says it may not be exactly what the evangelicals want to hear, at least with someone they can trust. do you agree with jerry that trust is a big item on this for the evangelicals, to the point that they can excuse some of his brash talking? >> i think it's "diff'rent strokes" for different folks. i have in iowa thursday and friday. got a chance to attend the debate and talk to a lot of people. what i'm seeing is a division in the evangelical community between those who are most interested in core principles and somebody who's walked with them over a long period of time. the bulk of that is going to ted cruz. he's now winning about 30% to
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33% of the evangelical vote. and then there's a strong leader. you know where he stands. you may not always agree with him, but you know where he stands and he's tough and he's strong. that vote is going to donald trump and depending on which poll you look at, it's between 20% and 25% of the evangelical vote. if this vote is 47% of the total, which is what the iowa des moines register poll released yesterday shows, then trump will win. if it's 55% to 60%, i think it's a jump ball. i think it's too close to call. i literally think it could be as razor-thin as it was four years ago when rick santorum won by only eight votes over mitt romney out of 122,000 cast. >> with the evangelical vote, are there a lot of undecided tonight? they don't know whether they're going to go with the guy who walks the walk or that they know where he stands.
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>> i think there's some of that. "the des moines register" poll shows that 9% of the sample is still undecided. i think that's about where the evangelical and faith community is. but what's really amazing to me, greta, and unless you've participated in a caucus, it's hard to really capture the ambiguity of the process. 45% of caucus intenders told "the des moines register" bloomberg pollsters that they could still change their mind. going to vote one way the day before and calmly change their mind in about 20 hours. >> we're on the ground here for a lot of voters. thank you, ralph. >> thank you, greta. >> january in iowa, and that means cold and snow. major winter storm is threatening the caucus. fox's meteorologist is tracking it all. >> we're going to be watching the timing of the storm, getting its act together across the southwest. we saw a lot of rain and heavy
4:15 pm
snow akrotcross the sierra. now it's going to move into the central midwest and upper midwest. you'll notice we have blizzard warnings here. blizzard watches for parts of nebraska, in towards iowa and southern minnesota. that means not only heavy snow, but blowing snow. when we think the worst of it is going to arrive overnight on tuesday into tuesday during the day. so here's the storm. this is monday, 3:00 p.m. starting to inch into southwest iowa, and then getting into the 8:00, 10:00 hour. we'll start to see western iowa getting the snow. and again, in some cases, six to 12 inches, isolated amounts of higher than that, and with winds gusting past 40 miles per hour, it's beginning to be very difficult if not impossible to be traveling on tuesday, but again, the timing of this storm, people are going to want to get home from the caucuses, so we will be tracking it for you all day tomorrow. greta, back to you. >> janice, thank you. >> okay. and as iowans are getting
4:16 pm
ready for the big caucus, the candidates are making their last-minute pitches. >> if i'm our nominee, number one, i will unite this party. >> you only agree with obama on that, and you agree with me on 90% of other things, then you should vote for me. >> number one in security, number one on isis, number one on protection, number one in almost every category. the only thing i wasn't number one on, personality. >> commit tomorrow night to come out and caucus for us, 7:00 p.m., stand up, speak for us. if we stand together, we will win. >> i believe i can be an effective president of the united states. and i know that i can beat hillary clinton in the general election. and that is important. less than 24 hours from caucus time, and there's a brand-new poll. "the des moines register"
4:17 pm
bloomberg poll of likely republican caucus goers showed donald trump still holding the lead with 28%. senator ted cruz five points behind trump at 23%. senator marco rubio in third place with 15%. and dr. ben carson in fourth place. no other candidate cracking double digits. voter turnout could be affect e big-time by that. rick, walking around town, this seems so close because there are so many undecided voters. >> the order of finish will be critical here, because even if trump and cruz are angling for number one and number two, who is number three? there's a chance for an established candidate to emerge in new hampshire and beyond. a trump versus an anti-trump. but it is so critical. and the weather could be that factor. it's going to test wills. it's going to test the ability for first-time caucus goers to go out there on a cold night. it's just a big question mark
4:18 pm
right now. if the weather hits, what does it mean for the folks who want a big turnout like donald trump and bernie sanders? >> i've been looking at the polls. with all these undecideds, these polls could look silly tomorrow night at midnight. it could be completely different winners. >> all the candidates going to church. their had their families on the campaign trail. there's definitely an effort to get the evangelical community out on caucus night. >> donald trump, i don't know if you saw, his facebook page had a video with a bible that his mother signed. >> he has found religion. and he has convinced so many evangelicals, deeply religious folks, not necessarily that he's one of them, that he speaks to one of them and is honest with them, and he's able to make that appeal, effectively splitting evangelicals is the critical thing for his victory path. that's the only way he gets it done. >> why isn't dr. ben carson a
4:19 pm
bigger slice of the evangelicals? >> i think there was a moment a couple months ago when focused turned to terrorism and carson couldn't really articulate the foreign policy vision that a lot of people in the evangelical community care about foreign affairs and particularly israel. i think he faded at that point and just has never really found his footing again. >> if trump doesn't win tomorrow night? >> there's nothing he hates more than losers. it changes the trajectory of the race. >> the people of iowa -- when he gets mad. >> he's going to leave really fast. >> he's going to be so mad. any sort of real surprise, like carly fiorina, or even governor kasich, or governor christie? >> i'm sort of interested in rubio. on the ground, you feel some momentum there. the poll doesn't show him with a huge bounce, but is there a chance to cut into cruz and emerge going into new hampshire as the establishment favorite? >> i just think eight years ago, it was senator barack obama,
4:20 pm
democratic senator, john edwards and hillary clinton was third. but anyway, it's going to be exciting. panel, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> viewers, now is your choice to vote at home on twitter. will there be a record iowa caucus turnout? tweet yes or no. #greta. we're going to show your live twitter votes throughout the show. and it is just hours until the iowa caucus begins. will any of these presidential candidates throw a hail mary pass? mr. herman cain is here. >> who's in first place? >> probably rubio. >> have you gone back and forth? >> between him and john kasich. >> and you, sir? >> i'm between donald trump and -- no, i'm going trump.
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in about 20 hours, the iowa caucus begins. the iowa caucus, they've been waiting for months. some even waiting years. so it's hours to go until the first americans make their presidential picks. who do the candidates here need to do? 2012 gop presidential candidate and author of "the right problems" mr. herman cain goes on the record. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. happy to be with you. >> happy to have you. so the evangelical vote and the millennial vote has a lot of attention here in iowa, and the evangelical vote right now seems to be split between donald trump and ted cruz. but explain this to me. dr. ben carson used to have a slice of that evangelical vote, and you've got the 2008 iowa winner, governor huckabee in this, and you've got senator rick santorum, the 2012 iowa
4:25 pm
caucus winner in the republican party. how come santorum and huckabee aren't gaining more of the evangelical votes this time? >> a lot of people may not realize, but evangelical voters are not single issue voters. evangelicals want a strong economy, they want a strong military, and they want those evangelical values upheld and supported by their candidate. so they're not just single issue voters. and the millennials, they're split. some of them are going with carson because they are buying the malarkey, and some of them are going with some of the other republican candidates. but they're not single issue voters. >> suspect it true of almost every voter? in terms of those issues you name, like the economy, national security, and values. aren't those sort of everyone's issues? >> they are everyone's issues. and that is why i believe donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz are in the top tier. i expect that they will still be in the top tier come tuesday
4:26 pm
morning. the order may not be the same, but based on the last poll that you showed, they'll be in the top tier. the rest of the fight is going to be the battle for the single digits. now, if someone moves up in the single digits, they're going to claim victory and momentum and that's okay. but i don't anticipate that the top tier is going to change other than maybe the order. >> have we in the media somehow created those top tier, contributed to it? we've got a lot of experience. governor kasich, governor christie, governor bush, carly fiorina. we're not talking a whole lot about them. we're sure talking about the other ones. have we in some way helped create them, or is it their poll numbers have helped draw that attention? >> i think it's because of two things. first, i believe that there's something real about the outsiders being preferred by a lot of voters. trump is definitely an outsider. a unique one at that. then you've got cruz and rubio, because they're first-term senators, so they're not viewed as much as a part of the establishment as many of the
4:27 pm
other people. the fact that you have governors in there who have a record and they have a resume, people are not connecting with that. and here's the main reason why. in the last 50 years, washington has not fixed anything, and we've always had an establishment republican or an establish democrat in the white house, and i think the people are saying we want something different. >> all right, you think that the term among the gop here, first-term senator running for president, like president barack obama would hurt senator rubio and senator cruz here, but apparently not. anyway, mr. herman cain, thank you for joining us here. >> you're welcome, greta. thank you. >> "on the record" caught up with dr. ben carson on the campaign trail, and dr. carson says tomorrow's caucus results could shock you. that's next as we come to you live from iowa. and dreams and maybe, a chance at greatness... because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff
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this special edition of "on the record" is coming to you live tonight from des moines, iowa. we are less than 24 hours until iowans begin to caucus. so what are the people of iowa thinking and saying just before the first 2016 test? jason nobles here with the pulse of iowa voters. i'm surprised, there are a lot of undecided people. >> yeah. i think traditionally, that's the case in iowa where you'll go into caucus night with a significant percentage still open to changing their minds. >> those are the ones who are willing to switch with a little pressure. >> that's right. and the caucuses, they provide
4:32 pm
an environment where you might get pressured to change your vote. >> you've been behind the scenes with the bush campaign? >> that's right. i've been on the road with them since the debate. >> what's their ground game like? >> you know, they've really invested a lot in their ground game here. a few weeks ago, they announced they're sending up a bunch of staffers from miami. they've been investing in that. i don't know that it's been paying off the way it has ted cruz and marco rubio and others. i was on the trail with them for 11 events of the last several days and they were getting crowds of about 100, 200 when donald trump, bernie sanders, some of the other candidates are drawing in the thousands. >> what's the enthusiasm level of governor bush? we expect him to do better in new hampshire. this is not to quote his state. but what's his enthusiasm level? >> you know, he's really trying to project confidence. and give the sense that this race goes beyond iowa for him
4:33 pm
definitely. it was really interesting to watch them over the course of the weekend here, where toward the end, he was going out and inviting people to hug him, and rushing across the room to embrace a voter who says they were supporting him, and really trying to prove that enthusiasm in iowa. >> there's a lot of enthusiasm here for the frontrunners. senator ted cruz and donald trump. >> yeah, that's right. certainly for donald trump. and cruz has been really kind of workman-like over the last year, building a caucus organization here, and doing everything that you traditionally do to be successful in iowa. >> that's going to be exciting tomorrow night. thanks very much. i know you're going to be very busy. you've got a great newspaper to work for. one candidate that has been shaking up the race is dr. ben carson. i caught up with dr. carson out on the trail in iowa. we're getting a blizzard tonight. it's a far stretch from when you first came to iowa. >> absolutely. >> what was it like when you
4:34 pm
first got here? a little hot? >> oh, this summer, it was the hottest place on earth. i was wringing out my towel and sponging off. >> the iowans like you. you have a 71% favorability here. >> well, you know, and last night at the place where i was speaking, they couldn't be like everybody in the overflow room. i spoke three times to see the people who couldn't get in. and the level of enthusiasm is great. i think people are actually -- when it comes down to the actual vote, will be looking to listen to their hearts. i think that's going to make a huge difference. i think everybody's going to be completely shocked. >> how do you think voters should look at camps? i mean, candidates promise everything. you promise everything, everybody promises everything. how's the voter to know? >> well, first of all, i don't promise everything. you don't get many promises from me at all. >> well, you talk about the direction of the country and you imply that you're going to do
4:35 pm
things. >> i think what voters should look at is not what people say. but what they have done. what has your life manifested? the bible says by their fruit you will know them. not by their tongue you will know them. but by their fruit you will know them. go back and look at the lives of all the people who are running. see what odds they've had to overcome. and see what they've accomplished. >> if you got to be in the media, what question -- i'll give you one question. you get to ask all the candidates in question. what's one question you want to ask secretary clinton? >> i would say, when did we become a nation where we leave our soldiers fighting in a place like benghazi with no backup? >> all right. senator bernie sanders. >> i would ask him how much of a person's hard-earned money is enough for him to take for him to be happy? >> governor martin o'malley, your former governor. >> i would say what great accomplishments did you have in
4:36 pm
baltimore and in maryland that lead you to believe that the presidency would be a good slot for you? >> a couple of the gop. donald trump. >> i would say are you really interested in being president of the united states? or is this just another notch in your belt? >> senator marco rubio? >> i would say, you're a nice guy, and you're a good speaker, but show me exactly what things that you have accomplished that make you an outstanding individual. >> senator ted cruz. >> same question. >> carly fiorina? >> you know, i've known carly for 20 years. and i would say to her, do you think that being a woman who can
4:37 pm
tackle hillary clinton is the most important benefit that you bring? >> governor chris christie? >> i would say why did you not recognize that validating barack obama just before the elections in 2012 was not a bad move? >> governor kasich? >> i would say thanks for all your service. you've been the consummate politician. and you've done a very good job as a politician. thank you. >> governor bush. >> same. >> the same? and senator rand paul? >> appreciate your willingness to jump into the arena. and i have often asked people of science and medicine to get involved because they've learned to make decisions based on evidence and not on ideology.
4:38 pm
>> okay. now, what would you ask dr. ben carson that the rest of us haven't asked? >> i would say, what would you want people to think about as they go into the booth? and the answer would be listen to your heart. and not to the pundits. >> dr. carson, good luck tonight. thank you very much. thank you. and welcome to iowa. i hope we all get out of here. the snowstorm is quite threatening. and you can see my entire interview with dr. carson. just go to and the big x-factor in the iowa caucuses, millennial voters. if they caucus, who do millennials support? that's next. >> are you voting? >> what? >> will you be voting? >> yeah. >> who are you voting for? >> i don't know. >> so you're undecided? >> yeah. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like that...
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4:43 pm
let's make college affordable, a plan that i have that will make it possible for kids to go to public colleges and universities with debt-free tuition. >> student loans are a big problem. 500% increase in the last ten years. in student loan debt in america. >> there's only two ways to get rid of student loan debt. you pay it off or you die. >> are you ready for the second radical idea? all right. there it is. here it is. >> how about investing in jobs and education for our kids rather than jails and incarceration. >> half of millennials believe the american dream is dead. young people. normally you have to wait to get -- you get grumpy when you get older. young people shouldn't be thinking that. that's devastating. >> of course, that was the 2016
4:44 pm
presidential candidates on the trail with millennials, and with nearly 60 colleges throughout the state of iowa, millennials could shape this race. what are those iowa candidates looking for? the college panelist here, president of drake university college republicans, logan kempner, and brianna sire. who are you going to vote for? >> i'm planning on caucusing for senator sanders. >> why? >> well, i think like we just heard, a lot of my generation is feeling this disconnect with the american dream. we were born into an economy where we learned you pull up your boot straps, you work hard, you have the ability to move forward. yet we don't see that in our own lives. so as much as there's a demographic disconnect between bernie and young people, he does connect with the experience of young people. >> hillary clinton says he wants to make college affordable. he says he wants to make college free. does that have anything to do with it?
4:45 pm
>> it does have a large part to do with it. i think we are running out of options at this point as our economy demands higher education. yet higher education becomes more and more expensive. >> all right. to you, logan. you're going to caucus tomorrow? >> i will. >> do you know who you're going to caucus for? >> i'm not 100% sure, but i'll more than likely caucus for ted cruz. >> why? >> he's shown the most conservative values throughout the entire race. he's anti-establishment. which i really appreciate. he's not been in washington his entire life. >> you don't like president obama as the president? >> no, i personally do not. >> but senator ted cruz, so what's the difference with senator ted cruz and president barack obama? >> absolutely. i don't think the reason i disliked barack obama is any reason to do with his inexperience. i think we just differ way too much on political views. but, you know, i don't think the experience necessarily had
4:46 pm
anything to do with it. >> who's your second place candidate? >> my second place candidate would be marco rubio. you know, i think one of the main things that scares me about ted cruz is he might cause too much good luck in washington. i think marco rubio would be able to deal with that. >> in your generation, is it a big deal or not a big deal the thoughts of having a woman president? >> obviously, i would love to see a woman in the white house as i'm sure a lot of old people would -- i was going to say, there's a generational gap here. the older generational women really want to see a woman in the white house before their lifetime. whereas my generation, we have recognized the progressive women in the past. however, i think what hillary brings, bernie brings in practical politics. it's kind of more of a
4:47 pm
hierarchical -- a hierarchy of needs. i always use the example of worrying about accessing my birth control when i can put food on the table for my kids. it's issues that affect women that aren't necessarily women's issues. >> logan, brianna, good luck tomorrow night. have fun. and caucus hard. >> i love to listen to this. thank you. >> senator bernie sanders is courting millennials with a star-studded contract. does this spell trouble for secretary clinton? style... ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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4:51 pm
we're back lye live in iowa. people at home are hitting google. so what kind of things are people googling about the candidates? shannon knows everything about it.
4:52 pm
>> this is really interesting, because you can check all kinds of things, even in realtime. like during the first debate the other night, there was a huge spike in people searching for who is jim gilmore. this is the other kind of stuff we've been able to track. here in iowa, the number one search for a democratic candidate is bernie sanders. he's on top at least for traffic right now. also, we can track what people are searching. these are the top three questions about democrats here in iowa. how old is hillary clinton. is bernie sanders a socialist? and does martin o'malley have a chance? interesting questions. we also wanted to look ahead to new hampshire. check out this map. this is gop searches. donald trump dominates nearly every county. there's one county in the northern part where ted cruz is the top search, followed by chris christie. otherwise trump dominating. here are some of the questions for the top gop contenders right now. people wanted to know how much did trump raise for veterans in that event the other night? this is interesting to me. they also asked what does ted cruz look like? he's the sitting senator running
4:53 pm
for president. and we looked at marco rubio. the top question for him was what does marco rubio believe? that's pretty broad. we all google things maybe we're embarrassed to ask other people. so people are asking about their heights, their spouses, their religions, where were they born. >> just watch fox news, we'll tell them everything. >> yeah. all you need to know. >> we even have a picture of ted cruz so you know what he looks like. thank you. secretary hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a tight race here in iowa. a brand-new des moines register bloomberg poll of likely iowa democratic caucus goers shows secretary clinton holding on to a narrow lead at 45%. senator bernie sanders just behind. but secretary clinton may be worried because democratic millennials are feeling the burn. grif jenkins went to a millennial sanders event featuring some very big names. >> i'd say she has a lot of reasons to be worried. last night's event was the
4:54 pm
biggest yet for senator sanders. it drew more than 4,000 people. it was mostly millennials, who if they turn out like they did for obama in 2008, could make that difference, and they had a lot of big names, the headliner, the band vampire weekend. take a look. >> look at all these people. these are dedicated voters. >> we drove all the way here from blooming ton, indiana, to go door to door, asking people to come out and caucus for bernie sanders. >> at this point, it seems like he's getting a lot of steam. >> i think that bernie has the best climate change plan for llm of us. >> what i like about bernie is he's more grass roots. so it's more by the people, for the people. >> people are calling and making sure that people are going to caucuses on monday, mobilizing young voters. >> he presents such an ability for us to change the way we operate our society today. for me, there's no other choice. i could never vote for another candidate. >> how are you feeling?
4:55 pm
>> i'm sure a lot of people on the right and left could have a lot of admiration for somebody who was independent for that long. >> it's weird to have a candidate of that kind of integrity and vision bhost willing to go to that next line. >> are you feeling the momentum? >> you tell me. >> he gets to the root of a lot of problems i'm passionate about. >> you're obviously feeling the burn? >> i'm feeling the burn. >> we're feeling the burn. >> we'll see if they'll feel that burn all the way through tomorrow night. greta? >> thanks. coming up, the people of iowa are the best. they put up with me. i'll explain off the record. here's to almost losing it...
4:56 pm
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4:59 pm
♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ thanks for being with us, but before we go, i wanted to say something off the record.
5:00 pm
thank you, iowa, for hosting and everyone descending upon your beautiful state. i have more i want to say to iowans. a special "off the record" will be posted on my facebook page. good night from des moines. it is 8:00 p.m. in the east, 7:00 here in des moines, iowa, where after months of campaigning, we are now just 24 hours from the first contest in the 2016 election. we are live from iowa's historic state capitol. good evening, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. that was a pretty shot, wasn't it? >> it was gorgeous. and i'm bret baier. candidates from both sides of the aisle crisscrossing the hawkeye state, making their final pitch to voters on a frenetic last full day of campaigning, and the frontrunners on both sides are digging in their heels. >> all across the state of iowa, all across this country, peopl


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