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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 1, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> see who shows up for a special kelly file tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. live from iowa. thank you for watching ever
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i think the attack ads will be critical. i'm not so sure i can vote for this person or not. it's going to be interesting. >> when it comes to the undecided voters specifically, which type of ad do you think works to sway them? >> i think it's really interesting now. most attack ads are done by pacs and so that means that the attack doesn't necessarily get
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stuck on the person who is doing the attacking it gets stuck on the person who is being attacked which is different than we have seen before. >> it is. >> so those attacks can really stick, those attacks that they really get in people's minds and you can't let go of those things that come out. so i think it's really powerful the attack ad and i think we have seen a lot of really, really powerful attacks. now, trump's attacks that you just saw, the new york values, cruz is doing that -- there is a super pac of all that, cruz is saying this is my ad. >> it's also interesting that this ad, cruz's ad against trump was using the dealmaker against him saying he will make deals and trump uses it to his benefit and says cruz can't make those deals and can't cross the line. >> trump throughout this whole process has been using the language of a businessman which is something we haven't seen in politics, the art of the deal he is talking about all the time and it works well for him. what people want is somebody totally different, they don't want the language of politics, they don't want an insider.
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>> they want jobs. >> exactly. >> finally in terms of support and people who have thrown their support behind different candidates, specifically palin for donald trump, did that show a shift in terms of support and you had glenn beck for cruz. >> i think a lot of the endorsements don't matter so much except they show momentum. palin is an interesting endorsement for trump, i think people are underestimating the power of it. 80% of iowans support day listen. it threw a lot towards trump and a different kind of candidate. the most important endorsements on a local level are the things that matter. you're talking in front of your neighbors, friends, and peers, if you have an endorsement at the local level that will matter more in iowa than these national endorsements. >> we will bring you back a little later. thank you so much. leah. >> the time is 20 minutes after the hour and do you remember when our navy sailors were forced to apologize after being captured by iran? their captors just awarded with medals. we are live in washington.
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that's next. plus our live coverage from iowa continues.
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a slap in the face for the administration. >> iran awarding victory medals to navy commanders who humiliated american sailors. >> kristen fisher is live in washington, d.c. with the latest on this. >> reporter: remember both the u.s. and iran have said that this was all one big mistake that these two u.s. naval boats accidentally crossed into iranian waters but now less than three weeks an iran released those ten sailors the supreme leader is awarding medals to the iranian commanders who captured them. he even posted a picture on twitter and said they were receiving these medals for
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capturing intruding u.s. marines. that's a mistake, they were sailors not marines. this is in addition to those infamous photos released by iran with u.s. soldiers on their knees with their hands on their head. the defense secretary said those images made him very angry and john kerry said on "fox and friends" they made him furious but on the day of their release the secretary of state struck a much more conciliatory tone. >> i also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. i think we can all imagine how a similar situation might have played out three or four years ago. today this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and efficiently resolved. >> just to put this latest development in perspective, this medal is typically given to iranian war heroes, it's a very rare medal and one of the highest honors that iran's supreme leader can ever give to a military leader. leah and heather.
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>> kristen fisher in washington. thank you. the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. the final poll before the first votes are cast in 2016 spells trouble for hillary clinton. could bernie sanders really win iowa? our political panel is up next. and what do iowans really think about hillary? >> do you trust hillary clinton? >> i was told not to. >> who told you that? >> my mom. >> a special edition of watt terse world. that's next.
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, february 1st, 2016, and the road to the white house begins in iowa today. >> and so we are live all across the hawkeye state on this monday morning with the first votes in
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2016 election just hours away. >> that's right. and the candidates are busy making their final pitch. >> if you're sick, if you've got a 104 temperature, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus. get up and caucus. >> we will win the iowa caucuses. we will win the nomination and we will win the general election. we will defeat hillary clinton and turn this country around. >> and i will always seek to make you proud, that you will always be proud of the fact that you caucused for me when i first came here. >> not only will the entire be looking at iowa, actually much of the world will be looking at iowa. >> please come out and caucus. sign up for some, go to caucus. don't worry about the weather. >> get up and get out to caucus. our live team coverage begins with rich edson in waterloo,
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iowa. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you hear all that talk about the weather, that's because we are supposed to get a blizzard in the next 24 hours, the timing is uncertain but everybody is trying to get their potential caucus goers to come out and caucus for them this evening as this all gets under way. on the republican side we've been hearing so much with donald trump and ted cruz atop the latest polls, those two have been going at it for some time, but third is marco rubio and he's hoping he will rise above the two of them and at least make that carry their momentum through the later states so marco rubio is now making his pitch. >> i'm going to repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional amendments, that means the end to dpa rulings, the end to daffa and end to dakka, that means to winds down. >> reporter: a number of questions going forward for the republicans, can marco rubio overcome donald trump and ted cruz or can donald trump turn his event goers into caucus
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goers? on the democratic side it really is a two-person race, that between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that is a close race as they make their final cases. >> not only will the entire country be looking at iowa, actually much of the world will be looking at iowa. and what they will really be looking at is to see whether or not iowa is prepared to move this country away from establishment politics and establishment economics and move us in a very, very different direction. >> don't worry about the weather. i have it on very good guidance that the storm won't start until after midnight. let's start a storm of movement toward the future that we want to make together. >> reporter: hillary clinton leads by a few percentage points in the latest polls over bernie sanders, however, if bernie sanders can close that gap or within the margin of error
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that's something that he can overcome clinton in this state, carry that momentum into new hampshire where he has had a very large lead in that state at times and his folks are hoping they can really make a case and move forward and start to carry that momentum through the later states. of course, the clinton folks are hoping to take really their best challenger out of the race early in this one. the caucus going starts in evening, snow or not. back to you. >> yes, it does. thank you, rich edson live for us. appreciate it. so you heard rich mention the blizzard watch in effect right now in the hawkeye state. how will it impact voter turnout? maria molina tracking it for us. >> it doesn't seem like the storm system will get going until late tonight across western and southern parts of the states. so in advance of that we will be looking at relatively calm conditions and pretty chilly temperatures. they are above normal for many of the areas across iowa, but nonetheless you will be looking
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at temperatures in the 30s and 40s, you factor in a little bit of a wind and those windchill temperatures are colder than that. you do need to bundle up. our storm system farther west and moving eastward, we have blizzard watches in anticipating of very heavy snow and very strong winds, but it's across western and southern parts of the state of iowa where we could be looking at showers as we head into this evening, it won't be until overnight tonight and tomorrow that the storm system gets going across iowa. >> they are from iowa, they know how to take it. they can handle it. they're tough. all eyes on the hawkeye state. how do those iowans really feel about the candidates? jessie watters went out to find out in "watters' world" iowa editio edition. >> bernie sanders wants to help the poor people. how is he going to do that? >> the percentage rates of
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the -- how much you pay back, how much percent of interest. interest percentages. >> i'm sorry, i didn't understand a word you said. >> bernie says he wants to raise the top tax rate to 90%. >> for the people who have been not taxed enough, yes. >> that's a very interesting point of view. >> do you think 90% is fair? >> i -- i don't -- well, we both aren't in the top 1% so i'd say we'd probably both benefit for that. >> speak for yourself. >> what people will do for money, it's amazing. >> you are an evangelical. tell me what that means. >> we do follow the prescribed pattern that we find in scripture. >> we believe that jesus christ is the only way. >> i try to read the bible every morning. >> i have a personal relationship with jesus christ. >> right now who are you leaning towards voting to in the iowa caucus? >> it's going to be to be
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between rubio and bush for me. >> which candidate do you fear the most? >> trump. >> why? >> he's stupid. >> you insulted me. >> which republican candidate do you fear the most? >> ben carson. >> you're scared of ben? >> yeah. >> you are the only one. >> my vote would be towards ted cruz. he is clearly declaring that he is a follower of jesus christ. >> did you vote for mitt romney? >> no, i did not. >> i wrote in rick santorum. >> are you a bernie supporter? >> i'm definitely a bernie supporter. >> have you donated to bernie sanders? >> i haven't given a single dollar, i have just given my time, my hours. >> here is a $5 bill, i'll donate it for you. do you trust hillary clinton? >> i was told not to. >> who told you that? >> my mom. >> i think i hear my mother calling me. >> have you made up your mind who you are going to vote for? >> i have not yet. >> well, you are an undecided voter. >> i am an undecided voter right now. >> we have a situation here that is absolutely incredible.
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>> what are you looking for the next president of the united states to do? >> someone who has had a background in politics. >> but politicians have been screwing this country up for decades. >> true. >> you think i don't know that? you know, what i know -- >> what specifically are you looking for the next president to do? >> definitely help more with college students. >> i'd like school to be paid for because why should i have to pay for higher education? >> what are the core issues that you're concerned about right now in america? >> we're starting to call what is wrong right as far as pibl cal principles are concerned. >> pro life, that's a big one, gay marriage, gun control is a big one for me. >> wrap your mind around that, captain crunch. >> which european countries would you like to see the united states emulate? >> switzerland. >> did the swiss defeat the nazis? >> the swiss -- they didn't do anything, actually. >> america defeated the nazis.
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>> yes. >> boy, i feel like a horse's patoot. >> do you know who i am? >> no idea. >> i'm watters and you're in my worl world. >> are you going to propose? if you're not, quit staring at me. >> the candidates are probably going after that undecided voter right now. you just heard what iowans really think about the candidates on the democratic side hillary clinton keeping a tight grip on her slight lead over bernie sanders. in the final des moines register poll 45 to 42%. for more let's bring in tammy brews and emily tisch sussman, democratic strategist and campaign director for the center for american progress and action fund. so let's start with you, emily. first off, we just saw those latest polls, but essentially it's a statistical tie at this point, but you say hillary clinton is going to win.
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>> i do really see clinton pulling this out. a lot of it are the lessons she learned from 2008. she went into this -- in 2008 as a well-known person, a well-known figure in american society. and they didn't really do the work in the campaign to go person to person, make sure that people were showing up, making sure they felt connected. they have been doing -- they really did learn that levin on the campaign and have changed their tactic this time. it has been much more of a ground-focused campaign. for anyone who has worked in politics in these early states you know people really do want to be spoken to directly. they are used to having a lot of contact with candidates and with campaigns. they really have learned that levin this time. >> and, tammy, of course, voter turnout will be huge in this particular election and we know weather may play a factor. what's your take on what we will expect? >> i agree in that hillary support is with the older experienced voters, voting is a habit. bernie sanders' voters are very much like donald trump's,
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they're younger, first time voters and as a result less reliable. the other thing we've seen also that speaks for a hillary win is that unlike in 2008 with obama when he had like 80,000 new people registering indicating a surge, none of that is apparent here for either side. the republican registration is pretty much the same, maybe a slight slow uptick for the democrats but not much. if there is going to be a surge for bernie sanders with his voters you would see that uptick. it really doesn't exist right now. so i do think hillary has got it, i think that there is going to be a basic turnout, i think donald trump has that same problem. i've called that for ted cruz for the same reasons. the ground game for ted cruz is excellent and i do think that if we're going to see a surge with these new voters for mr. trump we likely would have seen it for mr. sand sneers we know from experience that it is all up for grabs and that of course the weather could effect things. young people could decide this is a big party, emily and they
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could decide to come out in throngs that you wouldn't expect. there is a different message between the republicans and democrats. what say you on that message? >> it is quite a stark difference. i have actually spoken to a lot of first time caucus goers this time around and people are feeling like they need to get out and have their voices heard even if it's just in the primary. the reason we have seen a big surge with sanders is that the republican field has been active, we've been talking about the republican primary it feels like forever, but months and months if not a year, democrats wanted to feel like they were vetting their candidate in that same way and especially as they look toe contrast to where the republicans are going with a very negative view of the country, they want to be active in the process now. >> do you have a quick response to that? >> i think it's one thing to see a celebrity, look, bernie sanders is now a celebrity. hillary's enthusiasm rate is higher, interestingly enough, than bernie sanders even though their crowds are smaller. it's going to be about in the minute decision about whether or not you want to get out of bed
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and go and caucus. going to a rally and concert, if you will, is more fun and more interesting than actually going for hours to caucus, to deal with your neighbors, to stand there, to do bylaws, it's a very different situation. >> all right. as people are going out and getting their milk and bread and all those things for a storm we will see if they make it out to caucus as well. thank you to both of you, tammy bruce and emily tisch sussman. we will bring both of them back to analyze the republican race in iowa later in the show. heather. right now the time is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. in the evangelical vote it is most important in the hawkeye state. so who has the edge? pastor robert jeff ris is here up next. fo rs . rs . rs . .
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support given to me by the evangelicals. they've been incredible.
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every poll says how well i'm doing with them and, you know, my mother gave me this bible, this very bible, many years ago. >> donald trump appealing to evangelicals on facebook ahead of the iowa caucus. so who will walk away with the evangelical vote today? >> such an important vote. here with a closer look is fox news contributor and pastor of the first baptist dallas church dr. jeffress. when you look at the evangelical vote you say it's going to come down to idealists versus pragmatists. can you explain that? >> sure. there is a tug of war going ton between evangelicals about what the most important quality in a candidate is and the evangelical idealists i call them believe we need not only a strong leader but a strongly committed christian whose faith inspires every part of his life and those candidates are tend to go lean
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toward cruz or carson or rubio, and yet there is the pragmatists who say we'd love to have a strongly spiritual candidate but we haven't even been able to nominate that kind of candidate lately much less send tome to the white house and say let's choose the most electable conservative, let him concentrate on protecting the nation and we will depend on the church to articulate biblical viewpoints and those pragmatists are going toward donald trump. given the choice between an unpredictable candidate like donald trump or an unelectable candidate like the others they are saying let's go with the unpredictab unpredictable. >> they are battling for every single vote and it's a close one. in previous polls back at the beginning of january fox did a poll and cruz was ahead by a large percentage, but then in the latest poll numbers that you
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look at it's a relative tie between cruz and trump. so when it comes down to it in terms of any of the evangelicals who are undecided, which way do you think they're going to go? >> well, it's too close to call because, as you said, there is only a 2 point spread in the latest fox poll between trump and cruz. fox also had another interesting poll yesterday that said that 52% of evangelical voters said they believe that donald trump could be a good or even great president. so it's really too close to call on this and voter turnout will be a big factor in this. look, turnout, it depends what kind of voters turn out. the conventional wisdom is a big turnout means trump wins. well, maybe, but another modeling by the des moines register poll said a higher percentage of evangelicals may trend to go ahead and favor cruz. i will tell you this, i was in
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iowa last week, went with trump to a couple of rallies. it was amazing. thousands of people standing in the snow for hours in order to hear trump. the question is can he turn those crowds into caucus votes tonight? >> will they show up at the polling places where he will not actually be present? we'll see if it translates. >> you mentioned electability. when you look at the national polls, marco rubio actually looks best in the head to head match up as far as the promise that he has for winning the election. thank you to dr. robert jeffress for joining us this morning. >> thank you. 22 of hillary clinton's e-mails so top secret that they can never see the light of day. >> so how is she trying to spin this new twist in her server scandal?
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welcome back. good morning. hillary clinton trying to spin her e-mail scandal once again. the democratic presidential candidate now comparing sending top secret information to being attacked by republicans. in a new interview clinton compares her e-mail controversy to benghazi. >> this is very much like benghazi, george, you know, republicans are going to continue to use it, beat up on me. i understand that. that's the way they are. but after 11 hours of testimony answering every single question in public, which i had requested for many months, i think it's pretty clear they're grasping at straws. >> the state department refusing to release 22 e-mails with top secret, quote, information. clinton still says she did not send or receive classified e-mails as secretary of state. an emergency meeting on the potentially deadly zika virus being held today by the world health organization as fears of the mosquito borne virus grow. more than 30 people including four pregnant women are infected with the women in 11 states
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across the u.s. experts fear we will see three to four million new cases this year in places where the mosquito populations are high. snow another thing to watch for some parts of the country today. while others are seeing a big warm up. maria molina is tracking it all. >> good morning. that's right. a massive winter storm impacting the rockies today with pretty significant snow totals. with he could see as much as a foot of snow and eventually that system impacts the central plains today and also parts of the iowa as we head into tomorrow. a heads of this system we have relatively warm temperatures, 60s and 70s from texas into places like the carolinas so get out and enjoy it, unfortunately the storm will be tapping into some of that warmer air and producing storms across places like the mid south and gulf coast tomorrow and it could bring some severe storms including possible tornadoes. leads head over to you leah and heather. thank you for watching this special early edition of "fox
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and friends" first. >> absolutely. our coverage of the iowa caucuses continues right after the break.
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good morning. welcome to "fox and friends first," monday, february 1st and the road to the white house begins today. >> it sure does. we are just hours out from the iowa caucuses, both republican and democratic candidates making
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their final plea to voters. >> if your doctor says you cannot leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus. >> stand and speak for us. if we stand together we will win. >> please go out and caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty of time to caucus. >> monday night could be a historic night for this country. >> get out and vote, that's what they are all saying. we have team coverage across the hawkeye state and we start with rich edson who is already there, he is live in waterloo. good morning, rich. >> reporter: good morning, heather and leah. waterloo, iowa, right behind me is where donald trump will begin his final day, his final push in iowa trying to convince voters to come out and caucus for him in evening. if you look at the polls it is trump on top, ted cruz right behind him. so this race has very much in iowa been between trump and
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cruz. >> in closing, if y'all agree with me that it's now or never, that the stakes have never been higher, come out tomorrow night and us. stand and speak for us. if we stand together, we will win. bring others. commit right now to pick up the phone this election matters. >> i believe i will win the states that the republicans never even put down as a possibility. i mean, we are going to win virginia. we are going to win michigan. hey, i am going to bring the car industry back into michigan. >> the polls have done nald trump leading ted cruz by about 5 percentage points. polls can be unreliable so we look to the third and that is marco rubio pulling behind the top two but he is hoping to surge beyond them in an


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