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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ andrea: well, today is the day. just eight hours from now iowans will head to their schools, community centers and other caucus stations to choose their presidential nominees. kicking into high gear what has been an exciting and unpredictable election season. this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today harris faulkner, sandra smith, fox news contributor or megan mccain and today's #oneluckyguy on loan from fbn, the one, the only l.d., otherwise known as lou dobbs, and he's got a really, really dope car, and that's all i have to say. harris: really? >> amen to all of that. [laughter] andrea: you looked really good cruising you around in your car. i spotted you the other day. sandra: what car? [laughter] you don't have to reveal --
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>> i'm trying to figure out how to gracefully get out of this. andrea: we'll do out on outnumbered overtime, secrets revealed. >> we'll do it. andrea: after weeks and months of finger pointing, mud slinging, debates and polls, iowans will head to their caucuses as the republican contenders furiously criss-cross the hawkeye state. donald trump is holding a slim edge over ted cruz, marco rubio is in third, but in iowa it's all about the turnout. >> if everyone here brings nine other people to the caucuses tomorrow night, we will win the caucuses tomorrow, we will win the nomination, and we will win the general election! >> i'm asking you to caucus for me tomorrow night because if i'm our nominee, number one, i will unite this party. we have our differences, we're having a debate now in this campaign, a back and forth, a
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lot of last minute attacks that are almost always false. if they wait until the last minute to say it, it's probably not true, okay? but in the end, we still have to be united. we cannot win if we are divided. >> and we have to win this election, and we have to win in iowa. a lot of people say, donald, just say do well in iowa. i say, i can't do that. i really want to win. now, maybe it won't work that way, but if we do, we're going to run the table, folks. andrea: fox news chief flit call an -- political anchor, bret baier, joining us. bret, thanks for joining us. >> sure, blood to be here. andrea: i want to start with you first. if donald trump wins tonight, is he unstoppable? and if ted cruz doesn't, does this mean that he has been stopped? >> well, if donald trump wins tonight, he is in a great position for this nomination because he is in position, as we know, in new mexico with a
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20-point -- new hampshire with a 20-point lead going on, and he's well positioned down the road. so it is a big step tonight if he wins in iowa. if ted cruz stops him here, the momentum changes, and donald trump has to talk about, you know, losing iowa ahead of new hampshire, and perhaps it opens the door in new hampshire to someone else to shoot the gap. i don't think you can say it's a done deal if he wins tonight, because we have a long way to go before the nomination and getting to that magic number of delegates. harris you know what's been interesting, the forecast has changed a little bit, so now it looks like voters will have a better day and evening to work with with regard to the snow that's coming into the forecast, and that could be an advantage, as i'm reading, for donald trump because now there are this growing number of people who say they're going to caucus for the very first time. that's a big deal why? >> it's a huge deal, because if you get the turnout number up and you look at the polls going
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in, first-time caucus-goers overwhelmingly support donald trump. so if the number in the turnout quos up significantly -- turnout goes up significantly, donald trump benefits. if that number goes up, bernie sanders is the big beneficiary against hillary clinton. so it is all about, as we've talked about many times, who comes out. the first-time caucus-goers, sometimes it's intimidating. if the weather is good, as it looks like it will be, it's less so. harris: very interesting. we're going to continue, but i want to make everybody aware of what they're looking at on the left side of their screen. obviously, that's donald trump at a lectern. that's waterloo, iowa, he's given -- giving a rally at the convention center, i understand. we're not going to listen to this right now, but we're monitoring it for any news. and, sandra what's interesting about this is this is that day when you go and press the flesh, and you get out there. this is just one of the ones
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that's going on right now. sandra: yeah. and we'll, obviously, bring you anything game-changing that might come out of that. bret, as we do look at donald trump speaking and with expectations so high for a donald trump victory, what could a surprise win by a ted cruz or a marco rubio, how could the outcome tonight alter expectations for new hampshire and south carolina? >> well, i mean, if marco rubio won, that would be a game changer automatically. if he comes in second, i think he gets a huge bounce out of here. a strong third, rubio is fighting another day and likely is going to try and consolidate the establishment lane. you have others who could perform well here. dr. ben carson has been in a strong fourth and had, obviously, a lot of support that fell off. he may be able to surprise tonight. and then you have the past caucus winners, rick santorum and mike huckabee. i think how they play especially in the rural and more conservative parts of iowa will
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determine whether ted cruz has a good or bad night because, obviously, that splits that evangelical vote. andrea: i want to go to our other one lucky guy sitting right here on the couch. lou, momentum, enthusiasm, it looks like it's with trump. cruz has an incredible ground game. it is, many are saying, a must-win for ted cruz to the, but it's all kinetic. it's going to affect the messages and the strategies coming out tonight. what do you expect is going to happen? >> what i expect is a real test of whether or not donald trump is all that he appears to be. every poll shows so much energy and excitement around his message and him personally. and it's one of the questions, i think, also, you know, i'm eager to hear from bret as to what we are seeing in terms of the expression of that energy. who's got the doggone bumper stickers? [laughter] who's got all of those placards out there, and how many guys and gals are running around say the
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age somewhere around 21 -- harris: like you. >> -- to 30 with, you know, their badge of affection for a candidate. is it trump? is it cruz? is it rubio? is it carson? what do you see? andrea: so, bret, you heard lou. we know who has those red hats, it's donald trump. who has the bumper stickers, the energy? does bernie sanders and the democrats have a monopoly on the young voters? what do you see? >> listen, on the republican side in recent days the cruz crew is out and about. they are very organized. they, obviously, have a lot of people throughout the state trying to knock on doors, and they've been pretty well versed on both social media and on the ground. so i think they're formidable, very formidable. i think rubio has seen in recent days a surge, and you ask people around des moines -- which, obviously, is a more moderate area in the big picture of the state, one that went overwhelmingly for mitt romney in 2012 -- you hear a lot of
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rubio, you hear some trump, but you then look at the people who are showing up at these trump rallies, and the numbers are astounding. i mean, they're bernie sanders' numbers, and that's where the momentum is at least emotionally. if it is that way organizationally by the time we get to tonight, donald trump's going to have a great night. megan: the evangelical vote has been historically so significant to iowa, but obviously with the inclusion of trump it might change the game in iowa. how important do you think the evangelical vote will be in relationship to ted cruz tonight? >> you're right, that's a great question, megan. i think that it may be less important tonight if we see trump early on with big leads in some of these more conservative areas. that will be a shocker. traditionally, you're right, that evangelical voters play a big role here, and ted cruz has really worked to get that vote out. but as i mentioned, others have too.
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and if mike huckabee does well, that's a horrible night for ted cruz because it's in the same bucket of voters that you're going for. andrea: bret, you hear rubio, cruz, trump, rubio, cruz and trump, these three names. is it just about these three? you just mentioned mike huckabee who won in past years. are voters just focusing on these three candidates? should we be focused on the others as well? >> of course. yeah, i mean, listen, there's a possibility of surprise here for anyone. i mean, i just talked to carly fiorina. she said you guys are all wet x you don't understand what we're seeing out here. [laughter] and she says she's going to surprise. you have rick santorum who obviously feels he has support and has traveled to all 99 counties. you have, i just talked to chris christie at an event at drake university, he says he's going to be the top governor out there. he's going to finish ahead of bush and kasich and huckabee, he claims, and that is going to give him momentum into new hampshire which is really where
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all of those establishment candidates are going to fight. so i think the storyline is much more beyond trump and cruz and rubio. and it really will set up this race going forward. sandra: which is why, bret, i'm going to go back to donald trump. i'm going to quote him from an interview over the weekend. he said, i don't have to win it. he said i'm doing really well with the evangelicals, so, you know what? we have a really good chance. if there is not a donald trump victory, what does that do to his campaign? how does that affect his momentum? >> well, listen, he's got a huge lead in new hampshire. what it does, though, is that he will not have won, and in his words, he will be a loser in the first state. and ted cruz will then try to catapult that and try to affect new hampshire and to affect the sec states. so it changes the dynamic if he doesn't win. but a lot can happen. harris: yeah. you know, with regard before we let you go, with regard to those evangelical voters, you were
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talking about who else has been kind of focused on them. we saw donald trump bible in happened just a couple of days ago, and he was talking about the falwell endorsement, which you haven't heard him talk a lot about enforcements, but he was speaking specifically to those voters about faith. so so it is interesting because he was, perhaps, early on one of the candidates we thought might not see do that. and then you've got huckabee. you mentioned him. he went to his event the other night. >> yeah. and, listen, all of the candidates play that way in iowa. they don't usually talk as openly, some of them, on the trail other places, but in iowa faith is definitely a comfort zone for a lot of voters here. and i think you have sarah palin and jerry falwell jr. campaigning with trump today. that's, they're hoping, the trump campaign's hoping that that moves the needle. rubio's been talking a lot about his faith as well. >> hey, bret, it sounds like a lot of people in iowa finding religion. that's inspiring.
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is there any correlation to the fact that there's a caucus tonight? [laughter] >> maybe so. there's going to be some candidates praying for some good numbers, i think. [laughter] >> amen, brother. andrea: that is for sure. they're all going to find religion. >> amen. andrea: and we are going to find you later on, we'll be glued to the tv. thanks for joining us. >> all right, see ya. andrea: and if you are not actually caucusing, you've got to be right here because our coverage kicks off tonight at 6 p.m. eastern on fox news channel with bret, you do not want to miss it. well, the competition is tense for democrats too. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both making their last minute case to iowa voters. what an upset in the hawkeye state could mean for the race, and a stunning new claim about mrs. clinton's e-mails. a former state department inspector general says that the agency is not telling the truth when it claims that it didn't know about her use of a private e-mail server. this as we learn more about what
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♪ ♪ harris: well, it is a tight race, for sure, for the democrats in iowa. the latest polls showing hillary clinton and bernie sanders lock inside a virtual tie, and the senator is sharpening his attacks against the former secretary of state. his campaign launched a new tv spot which implies hillary is in wall street's pocket. lou dobbs is laughing. [laughter] watch how he answered eleven he was asked about nancy pelosi suggesting his plan to raise taxes will be a problem for democrats farther down ballot. >> i think, in fact, hillary clinton will be the problem, because i think our campaign is the campaign that is generating excitement and energy that will result in a high voter turnout. i think our campaign is raising the issue about a rigged
9:18 am
economy, a corrupt campaign finance system. secretary clinton yesterday just announced, i suppose with pride, that her super pac brought in $45 million. i don't have a super pac. harris: so nancy pelosi and her words which she meant was they're going to have the discussion he just talked about in congress. doesn't like that. as for clinton, her campaign is releasing this video of her, bill and chelsea taking a selfie on the trail. she's fighting for every last vote, pushing her electability as a candidate. watch. >> i think i'm a better candidate. i think, you know, my experience as secretary of state gave me a depth and understanding about what the next president will face that, frankly, nobody else running on either side could have. i know how to do this, and i'm ready. i'm experienced, and i think i've got the best shot at becoming both the nominee and the next president. harris: and then there's martin o'malley who's polling in the single digits, but according to caucus rules, a candidate needs to be at 15% at least, or their voters must choose someone else. so his supporters could
9:19 am
determine who wins tonight. you know, i can't throw shade, i am a fan of the selfie. [laughter] he's getting about 3%, andrea, and so that really tips the scales. how do you get a martin o'malley voter? andrea: i can't believe we're talking about martin o'malley. i think he's, i actually think martin o'malley's a bit irrelevant right now, and i think the momentum is with bernie sanders. i just do not end vision a situation where the dnc allows bernie sanders to capture that nomination, because they're just not going to do it. you see them circling the wagons around hillary clinton. nancy pelosi never met a tax increase she didn't like, and they're trying to shut bernie up. don't say tax increases are going to cost people money. they're trying to quiet him down. but i do think hillary clinton, the machine you keep hearing mentioned over and over, is one to be watched this evening. and whether or not she gets indicted, they will try to drag her over the finish line while
9:20 am
elizabeth warren waits in the ranks saying no one's above the law. harris: the closeness of this race according to the current polling is about the percentage that martin o'malley has, so that's the only way he's relevant, by exiting. and then where do those voters go. >> i loved the fact the other day he was asked if he was the kingmaker in the democratic party. he said, oh, no, no -- harris: martin o'malley was asked if he was the kingmaker? [laughter] kind of funny. megan oh, my gosh. i mean, i find martin o'malley borderline insufferable. i can't handle a candidate who's trying to be cool with the guitar playing folk songs. i do not care, i don't even think it's cute. i think why try and be cool? you're running for president. i'm so handsome, why am i not doing better? i hate it. [laughter] i agree with you, it's borderline completely irrelevant. you're so much nicer than i am, harris.
9:21 am
you're a nicer lady than i am. sandra: suggesting maybe when he bows out -- [laughter] >> i think we actually saw in those two clips of bernie sanders and hillary clinton as much truth as you're going to see emanating from either campaign. in this respect. you have sanders suggesting hillary's a problem. i think he may be correct in that. and you have hillary suggesting and nancy pelosi suggesting that bernie's the problem. whichever one of those two candidates survives in trying to lead the rest of the ticket right down to dogcatcher, i think it could with a bloodbath. i really do. sandra: talking about a potential sanders victory, about a loss for hillary clinton? if it's that close at the end of the -- >> i keep an open mind, sandra. until the voters speak. [laughter] harris: well, you're going out on a limb there. but one of the questions has
9:22 am
been if she doesn't win big and, andrea, i know you said it sounds more like a republican talking point, that that's a loss for her. doesn't this kind of work like the nfl, a win is a win? in voters' minds? do they parse it like that? andrea: yeah. if she doesn't win, it looks really bad. i mean, if she loses iowa and she goes on and she loses new hampshire which a lot of people say she likely will because this is tailor made for a bernie sanders, that makes her look really bad. but i think democrats are nervously gnawing on their nails today because their nominee, the one that they've circled the wagons around, is looking like she might fall again. sandra: staying on hillary clinton, we're learning more about the story first reported by fox, those 22 hillary clinton e-mails the intel community refuses to release because they're too damaging to national security, well, it turns out those documents contain operational intelligence and were sent over an extended
9:23 am
period of time from 2009 to 2013. that's according to a government source. this as a former state department inspector general tells "the new york post" the agency is lying when it says it didn't know clinton used a private server. saying the department never set up a government e-mail address for her and that it was all, quote, planned in advance to skirt federal records rules. all right, lou, you're having too much fun. get serious here. what do you make of these revelations? >> well, i think, again, it's very serious stuff for everyone, apparently except for the obama justice department and hillary clinton. it's really remarkable to see an ig ten up and say this, a former ig. and then to hear hillary clinton say this is all partisan politics when, in point of fact, the inspector general for the intelligence community who is moving everything forward happens to be an appointee of this president. he is a democratic appointee. so that, the suggestion that
9:24 am
it's partisan politics is absurd on its face. secondly, the explanation remains why in the world did she race 35,000 e-mails? we begin with obstruction of justice, destroying evidence, we given with on its face classified, top secret information some of it so secret that members of congress have to get special clearance in order to see it. on its face this woman is rudy giuliani right now faces the prospect of having violated 13 federal laws. harris: for those people who watched our special live edition of "outnumbered" yesterday -- oh, it was very live -- "the new york post" had just broken this with that former inspector general for state. and what he was saying is, as we just reported, there's no way that state couldn't have known that she didn't have an original
9:25 am address. which means they were complicit at the very least. she broke the rules. will this have democrats taking another look at the one issue they all can agree on with republicans, and that's trustworthiness? it may not move the needle on benghazi or on the e-mails per se, but the idea that there is something shady going on is something that most americans can get their minds around and e agree upon. >> we add to all these elements, very quickly, the fact that she did not appoint an inspector general for the state department for the preponderance for her term of office. megan: to support hillary clinton is to give up believing honesty matters in politics in any way. i want to know how many people are involved, who has the kind of culpability more than anything, and it's saying they're going to look into huma abedin. that's her hench woman. at what point in time, she is, and at what point in time are we going to get into her e-mail
9:26 am
cloud and exactly what she knows? she will be the red herring, and i want to know when she is going to start being investigated. they may not do can it to queen hillary, but they should do it to huma. andrea: remember in the beginning this was all yoga poses? wedding plans? we know that is a very, very different story. you're right, megan, the people on the other end of these e-mails that knew she was operating, the entire administration is somehow culpable, and it leads right to the white house. we've talked about this. who was she sending e-mails to, who was receiving them? there's a lot of people involved in this. it's not just her. it is the m.o. of a rogue administration that thinks that they are above the law, and that's why i think they will all protect themselves in in this. because the white house knew. harris: at the very least, sandra, remember how we reported last week that bernie sanders was outside the white house after he met with the president and how excited he was to give that news conference? [laughter] but the point we were talking about was if, in fact, the president is going to throw more support behind hillary clinton
9:27 am
to help her cross that finish line, as you're talking about, whether there's something to these or not, whether there'll be charges, these allegations or not, he has to make nice with bernie sanders' voters. sandra: i'm chuckling because i can't get the image that andrea painted in my head -- >> hillary clinton in downward dog. sandra: even biden, peering out the windows. all right, the road to the 2016 election begins in the heart lambed. voters in iowa preparing to choose their candidates tonight. but unlike in recent elections, the bloc of voters appears split as a top evangelical leader explains why and what it could mean for this already-unpredictable race. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ megan: we're just hours away from the iowa caucuses where evangelicals are expected to
9:32 am
play a big role, but this year the same faith-based voters who propelled rick santorum and mike huckabee to victory in the past two go-arounds appear divided between ted cruz and donald trump. ralph reid, who founded the christian coalition back in the 1990s and now chairs the faith and freedom coalition, explains why. >> what i'm seeing is a decision in the evangelical finish division in the evangelical community between those who are most interested in core principles and somebody who's walked with them and worked with them over a long period of time. the bulk of that vote is going to ted cruz. he's now winning about 30-33% of the evangelical vote. and then there's a strong leader, you know where he stands. you may not always agree with him, but you know where he stands, and he's tough, and he's strong, and that vote is going to donald trump. megan: what do you think, lou? >> well, i think it's interesting that there's even a discussion that donald trump is
9:33 am
going to put up the evangelical vote. [laughter] you've got him pitted against, you know, the son of a preacher man, and he is, you know, as he acknowledges, something of a sinner with new york values. and, i mean, the evangelicals are responding. and when you look at the latest des moines register/bloomberg poll, you're looking at a split of 31-19% among evangelicals, cruz ahead, but trump second. i mean, i think that's one of the most amazing stats in this whole deal. sandra: i heard this explained so well by a evangelical leader on fox this morning saying we're not necessarily looking for someone just like us, we're looking for somebody that doesn't hate us. >> by the way, that's a change. sandra: okay. >> evangelicals in this country have been looking for the template of themselves for a very long time. sandra: correct. and he identified that as a change specific to this election. he said we just don't want somebody who hates us because they feel like they've been under attack by the current administration.
9:34 am
a huge change as to why donald trump is part of that. harris: something else about evangelicals, and we heard herman cain say this yesterday, the economy's very important to them and so is security, national security at home. 40% of the population that will caucus tonight and some of the most diehard ca cuts-goers are in the rural areas of iowa. so, i mean, these are people who care about what can happen outside of a city, a big city like a san bernardino. these are people who are in those mid-sized to small-sized cities who care about that. we saw statistics recently they are the most worried about terrorism in america right now. national security, see, yes, that's evangelical, but you can -- but they're not all looking for the same thing, just as sandra alluded to. there are other things that are important to them as well, and they may choose those other things alongside of their evangelical values which could be a really interesting point. i mentioned donald trump with his bible on the trail this weekend. >> right. harris: and quoting from a message that his mother had written in that bible.
9:35 am
look, he's going for it, and he's splitting it -- >> god loves sinners, you know? and god bless. harris: well, thank goodness, because we all are. andrea: i was going to say, we all are. >> sandra is saying it is a major shift not just in iowa, but in the evangelical thinking. andrea: sandra, you've got to wonder, too, why that shift happened. a lot of these evangelical voters showed up to vote in the midterms. they put a lot of these people in congress, and they feel like they've not stepped up, so now they're saying, wait a minute, we're under attack by the obama administration, the establishment hasn't really stepped up to fight for us so, you know what? maybe we will go with someone like a trump who's not going to be bound by political correctness. sandra: my quick response to this is that void, that lack of leadership that has been felt around this country. and so people are looking for someone that's not hating them, but somebody who's kind of like them and respects them, but they're looking for a strong leader. megan: conservatives want a winner too, man. rick santorum and mike huckabee,
9:36 am
god love 'em, but they didn't do very much. why this election is such an outlier is traditionally the iowa caucus chooses the next evangelical leaders, like you just said. at a point in time there were many republican candidates, my father included, that wouldn't go to iowa, that sort of skipped the caucus and have gone on to new hampshire. i think if trump wins and he has the momentum going into new hampshire, it's a game changer for the iowa cause as well which debate my i used to believe was not insignificant, but more a case maker for who would be the next evangelical leader in america, not the president. >> and their choices over the last two cycles have rendered them irrelevant at least to this point. they can recapture relevancy. andrea: is that a defeat by evangelicals? do they feel that attacked and that beaten down? we covered the story every day here. harris: well, we cover religious freedom topics all the time. andrea: christianity seems to be the last form of acceptable discrimination in this country. sandra, as you pointed out, please, don't hate us.
9:37 am
is that where they are now, or is it really, harris, what you mentioned, that split. are they feeling like, you know what? we're not just one-issue, religious voters, we care about security and other things. harris: some things you talked about have been those religious freedom issues that we've dealt with here on the couch. is it something that they're simply feeling attacked, or is that the reality of it all? andrea: i think it's the reality. >> well, the reality is the president is going to a mosque which has been absolutely connected to radical islamist extremism, at the same time he is not taking the part of a president expressing deep concern about the beheld especially and the attempt -- and the attempt to exterminate christians in the middle east. i mean, these are not inconsiderable fears on the part of the evangelical or christian community. andrea: and his obamacare bill is the one forcing businesses to violate their religious beliefs,
9:38 am
so they are under attack. megan: yeah. it's going to be fascinating to see how it plays out. i'm more curious about the evangelical vote than might be anything. before the nation's first primary, the democratic candidates suddenly getting another chunk of prime time television in that town hall format. this as bernie sanders is crushing hillary clinton in the polls in the state. we'll debate the reasons and the timing. crushing! [laughter]
9:39 am
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9:43 am
the stage in derry, new hampshire, wednesday night, less than a week before the first in the nation primary. and with bernie sanders holding a big lead there, some analysts say that this will give hillary clinton a chance to chip away at his numbers, chip, chip, chip. can she do it, lou? because live free or die -- [laughter] that's a little bit more bernie sanders, a little more vermont thinking than it is hillary clinton. >> a lot more, and the proximity isn't beautiful. i marvel at the confidence of bernie sanders here to say, you know, sure, let's have another debate. my backyard, come on down. that really speaks volumes, to me. andrew: it's funny, harris, in the beginning they wanted to hide hillary, they wanted to put her in the witness protection program, and now all of a sudden they're scrambling for more. harris: that didn't work because the investigation on the e-mail situation got so loud, it needed a countervoice and, apparently, the surrogates weren't doing it
9:44 am
well. she's the fighter, i've heard you say it, that's her best mode. the fighter is usually oppositional to the likability that she needs to build. it actually doesn't really help her, and it might be one of the reasons why, you know, they just did this last week. it's not like we haven't seen this. this is part deux of the town hall, but part of the reason we haven't seen her is because it wasn't helping her. now the question is, is it helping bernie? i would argue right before the state next door to his home state? yeah, it's probably going to help him. andrea: sandra, you've moderated a debate for us and done a great job at it. when you look at the democratic debates, very different. [laughter] very, very different. there was no sandra smith asking the tough questions that i saw, but you do look at how they performed. and hillary clinton has performed pretty well. i mean, you have to say she has done pretty well. is that why they want more debates -- sandra: but this isn't a debate.
9:45 am
andrea: the last one she had a stomach -- stumbling block. sandra: i agree, this is a town hall, and she got some fairly tough questions at the last town hall which she was not all that skilled at responding to. you would think she would have championed her message. megan: but what's so weird about how democrats debate in general is bernie gives her passes on her weakest areas. i don't understand him on nine different levels -- harris: only nine, megan? megan: this is a blood sport right now. harris: well, in a debate format, yes, but in a town hall -- megan: i still say nobody cares about your e-mails, nobody cares about bill clinton. andrea: megan's right. even though it's called a town hall, there's opportunities if he wants to go negative. >> i don't think bernie would ever go negative. andrea: well, you saw him. >> the other part of this is
9:46 am
it'll be interesting given what happens in the caucus as to who is in the strongest position going into that town hall meeting as well. bernie sanders right now looks to me like a man with all of the mojo. harris: wow, i never thought i'd hear those words together. [laughter] >> well, the reality is that -- and i have to, and i seldom disagree with you about anything, but hillary clinton doing well, i think she's absolutely not met any expectation of any kind for a woman of her experience and alleged capacity. megan: but he gives her a pass. bernie's not hitting her in the jugular like he should. harris: well, he's starting to now, and he's getting a little criticism, because one of the things people like about him is he's authentic. as far as he would go yesterday, andrea, was, well, this e-mail situation is very serious if it should turn out to be something. andrea: you know i hate when we disagree -- >> but you're going to have to
9:47 am
beat me down, aren't you? andrea: you have got to look at that stage, the competition wasn't that fierce. can we say it's all relative that she did well -- >> i might argue with you once, but never twice. andrea: okay. i know where your car is parked. a chilling war in the development in the -- development in the war against isis that hits close to home. a major cyber attack by the terror group. what the fbi is now saying and how this could have happened. ♪ ♪ listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition
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9:51 am
harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: hi, harris. donald trump just crapped -- wrapped up an event in waterloo, iowa, as voters head to the caucuses this evening in iowa. will his supporters actually turn out though? john roberts on that. marco rubio running a solid number three among republicans there, he had a stop at rubio hq in iowa today. we will discuss his chances of grabbing the so-called establishment vote. meantime, hillary clinton holding onto a narrow lead over bernie sanders in iowa according to recent polling, but can the vaunted clinton get out the vote
9:52 am
effort beat momentum from the enthusiastic and young sanders' crowd? ed henry ahead on that, "happening now." harris? harris: i love the way you teased that. we will be watching. jon: we do our best. sandra: a chilling development in the fight against isis. the fbi says the terror group now has the personal information of more than 1,000 federal workers and military members hacked last year. the criminal complaint against a kosovo national accuses him of stealing security data he passed on to the terrorists to be used to conduct attacks against u.s. government employees. we are talking names, e-mail addresses and locations, lots of personal information. so could this breach, how could this breach have actually happened? that is the big question. this is a 20-year-old guy from kosovo who was in federal court last week. i mean, this is a huge story, lou, in the capacity in which he used this personal information. >> and turned it over to
9:53 am
jihadists with direct connections, of course, to the islamic state. what is also, to me, terrifying, if you will, is the fact that our government doesn't have the guts to name the online retailer that he hacked -- harris: yeah. >> -- and release this. now, i have just one request for our government, that it start, this president, whomever, start being straight with the american people. harris: you mean transparent? >> i don't even want to ask for transparency, but i just like straightforward -- treat us like the adults we are. this is a government that has taken nanny state to the point that it's ridiculous. it's like a separate organization from american society right now. and that, to me, is terrifically disappointing. sandra: it's a great point. the online retailer, we know that stolen records totaled 100,000 customers. you ask, megan, how could this happen? megan: i don't know, but i know that we -- i think cyber terrorism more so than anything
9:54 am
may be the next bastion of war that we're going against. i don't understand, i've talked about this with you, andrea, why we don't put our feet to the fire with mark zucker berg, every person in silicon valley. they don't get involved to help us track these you know whats down. sandra: what is with that, andrea? you can't create new laws to force them to do more with the government and to protect our citizens more. you're saying there's already laws on the book that aren't enforced. andrea: we just need to enforce them. these ceos know the value of protecting their customers' data. the government doesn't. there's blowback. if you lose your customers' data, maybe we won't shop with you anymore. we're not going to trust you. the government doesn't care. millions of people, millions, their information lost. i got a letter myself from work on capitol hill. the government can't do it. and this is at a time when the government is promising it can do more. there's no repercussions, no way to really protect our data because nobody's watching it in washington, d.c., and this is no consequence --
9:55 am
sandra: to andrea's point, the first thing a private retailer or company would do is put out an e-mail, say your information may have or was compromised, and they'll let you know it. they won't hide it. different for the government. harris: as you guys are beautifully going -- pointing out, that's because the bottom line is customers spending their money. what leverage do we have with the government? who's on that list, who's going to be giving them the bad news of really -- because i doubt that we know everything. who's going to give them really how exposed they are. and then moving forward, would you want to give your personal information to the government? oh, boy, but we do. through the irs. so who's protecting our stuff? >> and it comes around to another, i think, or very important question. why in the world should american citizens require leverage with their government? harris: because that is a harsh reality. sandra: all right. for folks in primary voting states, the whole caucus thing can be a little mysterious. a lot of nuts and bolts. we're going to break down how it
9:56 am
all works, this time-honored tradition. stay with us, we'll have that next. ♪ ♪ it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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9:59 am
harris: read about the new app they're going to use for the iowa caucuses tonight. that ought to be really interesting. lou dobbs, great to have you. >> great to be with you, thank you. harris: happy monday, and i think andrea's happy on this monday -- andrea: i see why you do it. sandra: oh, my gosh. harris: don't forget to tune in
10:00 am
live tonight for our up to the minute results as voters pick their candidates in iowa. it all kicks up at 6 p.m. eastern on fnc. we're going to stay right here for outnumbered overtime, back noon eastern tomorrow, "happening now." hawkeye state as excitement builds. we are covering all of the news, "happening now". >> it is everyone over the state and you can casually see someone get a cup of coffee. >> i go down and it is my first time doing it and i am looking forward to it. >> crunch time in iowa. candidates are out in full force. we have all of the action. >> and the snow


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