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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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live tonight for our up to the minute results as voters pick their candidates in iowa. it all kicks up at 6 p.m. eastern on fnc. we're going to stay right here for outnumbered overtime, back noon eastern tomorrow, "happening now." hawkeye state as excitement builds. we are covering all of the news, "happening now". >> it is everyone over the state and you can casually see someone get a cup of coffee. >> i go down and it is my first time doing it and i am looking forward to it. >> crunch time in iowa. candidates are out in full force. we have all of the action. >> and the snow storm that
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buried parts of the west and barrelling toward iowa. and can mother nature affect the contest in the election. new fallout of a san francisco man shot and killed by the police. what the justice department is doing as our legal panel weighs in on the case. but we begin with a fox news alert. as the presidential nominating process kicks off, welcome be to second hour of "happening now". >> i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. the people finally have their say and ed henrow is following the democratic race and carl caeron is live in a ted cruz event in jefferson, iowa, carl? >> reporter: the crowd hasn't started to line up. but ted cruz is talking about
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the crowd size and strength of the ground game. donald trump was in waterloo, iowa. a sparse turn out and he made a fairly quick exit. he said that he was going to have to get out quickly because he was going to drive to cedar rapids. ground game is an issue. for ted cruz, he claimed it was the biggest organization and ground game in the race are. he brought in hundreds and more than a thousand volunteers from the country to can can vass and door knock to get people out this evening and he suggested that donald trump to their view is some what lacking. >> we are not finding donald trump's troops on the ground. there is a lot of candidates that spent more time in iowa than i have. we spent a ton of time in new
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hampshire and south carolina and ton of time in the southern states with the super tuesday primary. and ton of time in nevada. we are running a national campaign. >> reporter: rhetoric when they talk about the national campaign, what they are telling people, they have the money and horseses to go all the way to it theen. donald trump was asked on the morning show. if he would won he said i have to see. that's not the confidence that ted cruz said. they said they think they will win regardless of whether it snows or not. then there is marco rubio, hustling and his strategy is 3, 2, 1. third in iowa and second in new hampshire and first in south carolina. with the caucus only a few hours away here is a little bit of
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marco rubio. >> iowa is important. it is the first step in the long process. and this campaign will continue. tonight is important and first time that the americans will answer what comes next for america after barak obama. no one will win the nomination tonight. >> reporter: that is down playing expectation. rubio has surged in third place and some of the rubio camp think with luck they might take second but they would not the admit that publicly. that is the down playing of expectations. all you have to do is better than what you thought here. in the case of ted cruz and marco rubio. and donald trump who said if he loses it is all for nothing. it would seem to be a setback for him. >> as long as you get the
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candidates straight, carl you are ahead. i appreciate what they are saying with their comments. it is interesting to hear what they are saying before the votes are cast. great to see you, carl. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. candidates need supporters to come out on a cold night to caucus for them to take home the win. donald trump is drawing big crowds, but that will not mean much unless they show up. trump said no excuse to calk u.s. >> i joke, if you have a 104 and if your doctor said you will not make it, it doesn't matter, get up and caucus. get up and caucus. so you got to get. there and it looks like the snow storm will start the following day. but even if it starts early, who
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the hell cares? go through the storm. stephen, welcome to you, donald trump, you know, obviously he is on top of the polls, but the people who support him, it is one thing to support him when the pollster calls you on the telephone, but you have to get out and caucus tonight to register that support, what are the indications? >> well, judging by history he will have a tough time converting folks telling pollsters yeah, i love him to boots on the ground and people who show up in the caucus sights. these are not primaries and not the sort of thing you choose in the day and you go show up at lunch hour and cast your ballot and you are out of. there the republican side is not as rigorous as democratic. you sit through speeches and get
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to vote and face your neighbors. it is a rigorous thing, the question is do donald trump supporters have the get up and go out spirit here. history suggests it is not going to be easy. we have howard dean, who had the anti- establishment energy that trump is bringing in to this and it didn't translate. but the party ended up with john kerry. >> we heard from ted cruz and talking about his ground game. we'll listen to carl cameron asking ted about his army of volunteers and how they are running into donald trump ground troops in the hawkeye state. >> we are not really finding donald trump's troops on the ground. they don't have an organization that is.
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but we need to turn voters out tomorrow night. we are working 16, 18 hours a day and making over 20000 phone calls and knocking over 2000 doors a day. >> that's what it takes to win in iowa? >> that's right. the the cruz campaign claims that it has a precinct captain in 1600 of those. that means a person in charge of getting the cruz folks to show up in the precinct to vote. in the smaller places no one comes close to that. and that is likely to prove a major difference there. and whatever happens, cruz will clean up in the rural areas and by contrast, the interview with cruz. there is not a lot. but they are operating outside of the campaign and vowing to
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get their neighbor and drive people to the polls outside the of the campaign. and tonight is a test of the trump enthusiasm and can having said that. i don't mean to belittle iowa, it is not a normal election and doesn't translate to the way the country votes over all. it is an interesting test of conald trump's supporters. and ability to go go out for him but not much about when the election come cans down to picking and choosing a time to go out on a primary or general election day. >> donald trump's presence has helped to throw out the rule books and it is not a normal campaign. is that meaning the rules about iowa will go out of the window. there are typically three tickets out of iowa, are there more this year? >> you generally have an iowa race and new hampshire race, and
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that is pronounced this year. three candidates in bush, christie and kasich who are not competing in iowa. they are in new hampshire and looking past iowa. they are the top three. if you compete in iowa, you have to be the top 3 or 4. and you asked about trump. it is it a good question. if donald trump didn't win this, it will be interesting to see how he handles. this his political self worth is valued by how well he is doing in the polls. imagine what happens if the voters reject him? it would be epic concession speech. and see what he says about iowa and where he goes from there. >> polling and winning, obviously that is important for donald trump. stephen, thank you. good to have you on.
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>> my pleasure. and on the democratic side of the race. hillary clinton and bernie sanders and martin o'malley trying to lock down support. ed? >> reporter: good to see you, jenna. you can see the phone bank behind me and a traditional get-out-the-vote and get to caucus. and a lot of volunteers here. in the hillary clinton headquarters they have had 8000 volunteers and i have driven across the state and it takes a lot of time to get out there and i have seen excited faces coming that they are getting here tonight. and they have had a surprise visitor. it was hillary clinton herself brought coffee and other treats for her volunteers and staff and she said she's excited about
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tonight, watch. >> i just had to stop by and tell you how much i appreciate your hard work and knocked on 186000 doors. [applause] and really, i was told i can't stay long because we are getting back to work but i thought i would bring some unhealthy -- >> reporter: we have seen secretary clinton and bernie sanders on who is embracing him more. they are trying to put together a obama coalition that surprised hillary clinton eight years ago. and sanders made a bold prediction, if he can get a big turn out, he thinks he will win here in iowa, watch. >> we will win if there is a large voter turn out and younger people, working class and lower income people who
10:13 am
don't participate, if they come out in big numbers win. if they don't, we won't. >> reporter: you are right to mention martin o'malley is still in the race. he's been low in the polls, but with the caucus, we heard about it on the republican side. if he doesn't reach 15 percent and doesn't get viability, his supporters will be free to go to the sanders and obama camp. and they can say, look, if you are not reaching the threshold support clinton or sanders. >> can they choose not to support anybody? or do they have to choose one side? >> reporter: they are expected to and i have seen cases where people left and they can be undecided, but the key is to try to buttonhole those people and say you have to participate and
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come here and caucus. they have operations to make the arguments, we are with o'malley on wall street reform and health care. and they will try to convince those folks. and some of those caucus goers could make a defense. >> it is a fascinating process. we'll talk more about that. >> iowa may look like a two man race with donald trump and ted cruz. but the rnc said you can't go wrong with the republican field candidates. we want to hear from you as to which candidates you think will win. go to to join the conversation. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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a fox news alert. the chairman of the republican national committee praising the candidates. our field of candidate system qualified and experienced.
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and representing a diverse set of life insurance and ideas. this reflects our party's values and committed to representing all americans and joining us now on this is rnc's director. thank you for coming back to the program. the chairman talked about the diversity of the republican party and there is a ton of reports of how the "establishment" feel about the candidates. the party would like anybody but ted cruz, what is your comment on that? >> well, i find the comment, people use that, that is a throw away term. who is the establishment? this is about the process that we are engaged in right now, getting every day voters out to the polls and here having them caucus and here in new hampshire primary goals and the nominee will be to the voters and
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delegates who come to the convention in cleveland. >> reports that the party is pulling for one or against you don't buy? >> it is not true. you heard us before talk about the number of historic diversified and qualified candidates. we are proud of the decisions in front of voters when you contrast what is going on in iowa, you have 11 individuals trying to get people to caucus. a top, first female ceo, and a neurosurgeon and top businessman and reformative governors and senators. that is a choice can. and on the other side there is a 74-year-old socialist in vermont who is not a member of his own party. and hillary clinton under investigation from the fbi. i think i will take our level of
10:20 am
diversity and the quality of our candidates every day of the week. >> we would expect it from you. that's what we appreciate. and the number and diversity of candidates. and as we start the process. often time the field narrows quickly. but with so is many people in the race and with folks like ted cruz talking about a national campaign and giving indications that they have money to go long-term with this, what is the plan by rnc if the field remains fairly big. what if you lose a few but you get to super tuesday next month what is the plan? >> allow the process to continue and allow the voters to make the decision. this year, unlike any other cycle in the past. you come out of iowa and then new hampshire and then a pause and then another state.
10:21 am
this year the chairman redid the calendar that we shorten the process by 68 days and when you come out of iowa, you have less than a month before new hampshire and south carolina and nevada. that puts more people in the process. a week later. march 8th. and then march 15th. several states go win or take all. the process is different than it has been be before. and each of the candidates coming out of iowa will evaluate the resources and decide whether or not to continue to go forward. >> and i am glad you brought that up. tonight, of course, is a focus. john, thank you for joining us on such a busy day. >> thanks for having me. well the gloves are coming off in the caucus.
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hillary clinton sayses about sanders and what he said about her e-mail server. will the tactics work? our political panel weighs in.
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fox news alert. two democrat candidates going negative just hours as the iowa caucus is underway. bernie sanders said hillary clinton in wall street and question her use of eh mails. and hillary clinton said he is impractical. will their efforts pay off. chris is here. and james holman is the national correspondent for the washington post. welcome to both of you. >> james, bernie sanderses said he would not go negative and
10:26 am
even gave hillary clinton a pass on her e-mails in the first debate, but he changed his tune over the weekend, any idea why? >> absolutely, bernie sanders is in a defensive crouch and hillary clinton has gotten under his skin and the clinton machine went after sanders attacking him on a whole host of issues and sanders had it. he decided to go hard after hillary clinton about her paid speeches with like goldman sachs. and this weekend, he said hillary clinton e-mails is a serious problem and he wants the investigation to go forward in its natural course. >> this is what he said last week in the democratic presidential forum, listen to
10:27 am
this. >> i like hillary clinton and i respect hillary clinton and hillary clinton has devoted her life to public will service and i have tried as you know, not to run a negative campaign and not attacking every other day and keep the discussion on a high level where we debate the issue. >> and now over the weekend, he sdieb -- described her e-mail issue an. >> and no one thinks it is a contest earlier. the president said he would stay out of. it and in the last couple of weeks, obama has allowed aides to attack bernie sanders on the record, he's gotten under bernie's skin and down to the wire in iowa. he has it in new hampshire in the bag.
10:28 am
and but iowa caucus, can they bring them to sander ares side. if you want to see a change, he's speaking to voters and he's going to be their candidate. >> james, people in politics talk about an enthusiasm gap between sopters of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. supposedly he has the enthusiasm and she doesn't necessarily. how does she over come that and does she have enough support that it doesn't matter? >> the latter. the clinton campaign believes they will win the nomination. and with sanders campaign and clinton has a slight edge in iowa. the numbers are on her side. and the way the process works. the clinton campaign has not taken risks. they haven't been able to draw the same crowds.
10:29 am
they are not as excited about her as sanders and will they go up and vote tonight in the caucus? >> christopher, why are they not talking about martin o'malley. those supporters could make a difference if they have to go to one side or the other tonight, right? >> it is interesting the way the democratic caucus works. if you are not a viable candidate your support is disbanded and you can go home or join another candidate. right now martin o'malley supporters is four percent which is the difference between bernie and hillary. they don't want to go negative and o'malley is not given instructions. but you will see the serious caucus leaders and captains in iowa starting to shake hands and talk to the o'malley people.
10:30 am
>> it all depends on how many people decide to show up. we talked about enthusiasm a minute ago, james. could that put bernie sanders over the top? >> one of the things that is interesting, clinton campaign is extra teggic and calculating and trained the precinct captains to send clinton supporterscwfhw to  to delegates. and if martin o'malley gets more than 15 percent he is considered viable and he can get adeleigate and that might prevent sanders from getting adeleigate. outap iphone app for their volunteers so they can put in the number of how many o'malley
10:31 am
and clinton and sanders supporters. which out for that in iowa. >> going to be interesting. a little bit of electronic manipulation. >> we are just getting breaking news from the world health organization about the zika virus. we'll have that for you as we get it in the newsroom. in the meantime donald trump drawing big crowds in iowa. he is facing his first test tonight. and the focus of controversial police shooting. his death sparking protest on the streets of san francisco. were the police justified in the use of deadly force, we'll have that next. we have over 15,000 activities
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10:36 am
earlier hour of "happening now". there is not a direct connection between the birth defects and mosquito and virus but it is we are here in the first day of january. hopefully it will bring more attention and funding to try to get a vaccine for the virus. big news from the world health organization declaring a world jon? front runner donald trump wrapped up a big rally. will voters turn out tonight in iowa john roberts joins us from west des moines with the details, john? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. donald trump will hold what he hopes is a victory party tonight. if he wins iowa it is because he threw out the playbook. appealing not to regular caucus goers but the others that are not political.
10:37 am
now it is getting them out to the caucus. and again today, donald trump urging people to get out. he was with his daughter ivanka who was making the plea. >> people want to see change. it is what he's done his whole life. my father will undoubtedly make america again and we appreciate your support and come out tonight and caucus for donald j. trump. >> reporter: the bigging question all along with donald trump, will the enthusiasm translate to votes on caucus night? he's relying to people who never have gone before to push him over the top. will they go? people in western iowa said they will be there? >> i look forward to seeing the turn out and supposed to be a good storm. but i tell you, people are showing up and i think it is
10:38 am
awesome. >> i am excited to kind of experience it for the first time and just to say that i had my part in this year's election. >> now, those are the young people that donald trump wants to get out to caucus tonight. he encluded a finder link. for a lot of people it is a process they don't quite understand and even donald trump admitted his ground game operation is not as long're large as competitor. and today, jon, it is all about getting out the votes. we'll find out how he does. is it a victory party or c consolation to ted cruz. >> thank you, john. >> up next, expected to announce review in the shooting in san
10:39 am
francisco. here is a video of that shooting. police say a young african-american man matched the description of a stabbing suspect. and he fused to drop his knife. they opened fire after using pepper spray and beanbags had failed to have the an affect. protestors demand that the officers be charged with murder. in the wake of the protest city super visors approved a day of remembrance. and joining me now to is john and wendy. and we saw the video. it is longer than that we should mention and we'll not show the moment of the shooting.
10:40 am
but it gives an idea what is out. there why are they getting involved now? >> that's what the justice department does now. when someone is shot and controversy is surrounding it, the justice department gets involved. but until all of the investigations are concluded, i don't understand why the city is giving the desedent a day of remembrance. he got up and decided to walk outside with a knife and decided to stab an innocent bystanders and decided not to drop the knife and he was pepper sprayed and decided not to drop the knife after the police ordered him to do so. you will not see that on the ú he has served time in prison
10:41 am
and had a rap sheet. i am from san francisco by the way, and i was curious how often the super visors had a day of remembrance for anybody and i looked at the officers that were killed in the line of duty and firefighters killed in the line of duty and no day of remembrance was named for them. but named her for woods? i am curious about the legal consequences of that. you have city officials and here is pictures of the men who died in the line of duty. just an example when the days of remembrance are named. does the action by the city super visors impact the investigation? and also the investigation in the police officers? >> jenna, you are showing one impact they had stoking the tensions that exist every time there is a tragic shooting. when it comes down to it, you labelled it as an active investigation. we can't come to a conclusion
10:42 am
and no one will reveal information that compromises the integrity of the investigation. they are not looking in hind sight. they are looking at foresight of the officers at the time. and it comes down to perception. what did they see or hear and know about the suspect when they arrived on the scene? and what distinguishes the case. the escalation of force. they didn't jump the gun and draw weapons first. first beanbags and pepper spray. and remember, there was a crowd of people that were gathering behind the officers. >> we heard that in the video. >> there is a lot factors in this case and all of that is actively investigated. and until we hear in the press conference what they found, it is impossible be to guess all of the factors that went in to the investigation and what will happen in the case.
10:43 am
>>ing i want to mention that the police officers are back on desk duty after they were allowed to return to work. one officer white and other black and filipino. and the race is not part of the protest. but it is in any of these stories, it becomes a factor, enough for mecaaw to mention. and what is the significant part of the investigation to understand whu%y÷ñ or not the officers are to blame for the death. >> no one can say it is a white officer on african-american criminal tgphñbasically. he had a criminal history and he stabbed somebody before p he got stabbed to death. and can i just say this? forget my lawyer hat. if i am a white woman and i have a knife and surrounded by police officers, i will be shot if i don't listen and put my knife
10:44 am
down. it is not the color of the skin. >> there is a big protest planned ahead of the super bowl. we'll be right back with more "happening now". equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition
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it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. >> well, everybody's talking about it, but do you know how the iowa caucus really works and what winning means for the candidates. we have a political science pressor and also on the fox decision desk involved in calling the results in iowa. darren, welcome. a lot of people may be confused about how iowa works and it is different for each party. >> that's right. on the republican side you will see closer to a straightforward vote. people talking about 130 people voting and a actual vote count and that will translate in
10:48 am
ultimately the selection or election of 30 delegates to the national convention. >> democrats, it is much more complicated. the people show up with the intention to support an candidate and there is thresholds at each presichths and if you don't make the 15 percent, you reallocate or go home. o'malley supporter have to pass the threshold or make a decision. >> and a hillary clinton knowingly throw support to prevent bernie sanders? >> that's right. we'll get an entrance poll and x ask people what they did? the entrance poll, what do you intend to do? who got their support issers to the polls and once they go in,
10:49 am
there is all sorts of stuff that can happen. and unlike the republicans, the democrats have state delegate equivalence. those 1406 will go to the county and state convention to select 44 democrat delicate. it is a question. >> donald trump has brought new voters in to the process. are there signs that more people are signing up to caucus tonight? >> there is two factors going on. we talked earlier about the registration figures. they haven't changed all that much. but iowa's population is static and not a lot of in migration and the raw registration figures have not bumped up on either side. but the the enthusiasm metric of
10:50 am
how likely are you to caucus and excited are you about the candidates? we are picking up on the republican side, little bit too, with on the republican side that on the order of one third we are anticipating of these caucus goers will be first time caucus-goers. that's a high water mark on the gop side. >> how important is iowa? some people say not a big contest. just ask rick santorum. he won it last time around although it took two weeks to get the results in. what can we expect tonight? we'll be asking darren that question in just a moment. of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! >> listen the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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hi everyone i'm gretchen carlson. happy monday. every candidate making their final pitch and still on the trail. we're going to hear from donald
10:54 am
trump appearing live with sarah palin as well as bernie sanders. what he is not saying about hillary clinton today. plus we'll take you inside camp cruz and see how marco rubio's ground game rivals his. and a new app website caucus also use. and that's all at the top of the hour. let's bring back daron shaw, fox news pollster and political science professor at the university ever texas. he is also on our fox news decision desk. have they fixed the issues that caused rick santorum not to know for two weeks that he had won the iowa caucuses last time around. >> the theory is that the republicans are going to be using an app, actualliful so what will happen is republicans will go in. each candidate has i believe it's three to five minutes -- or candidate representatives have that time to make a speech.
10:55 am
then they will have a preference vote. at that point the representative at the presichkt will enter the numbers, go to the central clearing house and come to the networks. hopefully the numbers will come in quickly and accurately. democrat kratz have cane system but we will be watching closely and keeping our fingers crossed. sedarren we have the final word in our final 30 next. we ha our final 30 next. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice
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♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice
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all right. time for the final 306789 over the weekend i served as
10:59 am
enunsiator for the big spelling bee in irving ton, new york. teams all competed to raise money for the irving ton library plowi ining through words until reached what turned out to be the final word. take a listen. those of you were shi shoney will have the clear advantage because it comes from the shi shoney language. it is a dense winter fog containing ice particles. >> paganip. >> we raised a bunch of money for the library. great fun on a friday even. speaking of paganip, our frequent guest, lynn sweep, the washington bureau chief at the washington sun sometimes tweeted
11:00 am
out this picture from iowa. i think there is a lig poganip. it is a dense fog with ice crystals. >> i almost got that word right. thank you for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. hopefully that fog holds off for a while in iowa because they are going the caucus night. horse' way. candidates converging in iowa as folks in the hawk eye cite state get ready to caucus. welcome to the real story i'm gretchen carlson n. iowa, jeb bush, ted cruz, chris christie, trump, hillary clinton, martin o'malley, rick santorum and donald trump. kasich already in new hampshire, putting all his focus on


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