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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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i think there is a lig poganip. it is a dense fog with ice crystals. >> i almost got that word right. thank you for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. hopefully that fog holds off for a while in iowa because they are going the caucus night. horse' way. candidates converging in iowa as folks in the hawk eye cite state get ready to caucus. welcome to the real story i'm gretchen carlson n. iowa, jeb bush, ted cruz, chris christie, trump, hillary clinton, martin o'malley, rick santorum and donald trump. kasich already in new hampshire, putting all his focus on the granite state.
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donald trump holding his final event in the hawk eye state, his campaign trumpeting the fact they are bringing new voters into the caucuses. >> john? >> the building where donald trump hopes he is going to be having a victory party on the. not everyone is looking into what donald trump is doing and saying that's the right way to go about it. dan fire, a former adviser to president obama says donald trump doesn't understand iowa at all. he shouldn't be having big rallies like the one he is about to have in cedar rapids, that all of his staff and volunteers should be tasked with getting people out to caucus. but a couple of the other candidates, chris christie and ben carson are out there having events. donald trump as we know has never followed the traditional iowa playbook. in fact we don't know if he has a ground operation to dispatch his staff and volunteers to do today.
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we have asked several times and never been allowed to see it. if rallies are any indication donald trump himself may be the simpson sum total of the get out the vote operation. listen. >> i kid when i say if you are in bed, if you are sick, if you can't walk -- if the doctor says you cannot leave, i don't care. get out of bed and caucus. you have got do it. hopefully tonight we are going to have the beginning of what is going to be in a certain way a very positive revolution. >> by the way we should mention that we asked the trump campaign if we could do broadcasting headquarters which we assumed would be a hive of activity as they get out the vote. they politely declined. i asked them why all the secrecy in they said no secrecy. would' just busy. >> interesting. how does donald trump actually pull out a win? >> it's about turnout. if we get the same number of people out to caucus as we did in 2012, 122,000, polls suggest
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that favors ted cruz. as the numbers tick up, it starts to favor donald trump. his sweet spot is between 150,000 and 170,000 caucus goers. that will be a indication that a lot of new people have come out. some polls are suggesting if the numbers hit 200,000, it is a clear win for donald trump. will they come out. >> we'll find out. just a few hours to go. >> john, thanks. bernie sanders spending the final hours, well let's move on to this instead. it's crunch time as we mention.  d before traveling to new hampshire to get a head starred between the granite state's primary next week. he is wrapping up his meeting his count down to caucus tour. now bernie sanders. spending final hours before the caucuses thanking campaign workers and volunteers. the vermont senator drew big crowds at events in iowa creating momentum he hopes will
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push him straight to a win in tonight's democratic caucuses. james? >> gretchen, good afternoon. vermont senator bernie sanders is calling iowa right now a tie ball game. and predicting victory for him if turn out is high. dropping by his des moines headquarters just about 90 minutes ago to thank the roughly 100 campaign staffers and volunteers on hand. sanders warned them, quote, we will struggle tonight if turnout is low. he alluded to today's quinn peaiac university survey of likely caucus goers in iowa that shows him leading by three points. he also noted another poll showing the former secretary of state holing a narrow lead. afterwards, a reporter asked sanders if his refusal to run an negative add explicitly attacking hillary clinton hinders his ability to win. sanders says he doesn't smash other candidates.
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>> people don't want to hear about candidates ripping apart other candidates. what they want to know is what your vision is for america. what you are going to do to improve the life of the middle class. i think not doing ugly negative ads is the right thing to do, and you know what i think, i think it's good politics. >> sanders also dismissed what he called a media mythology that he cannot build his political revolution without a win here in iowa tonight. sander÷said, quote, it's in the the end of the word if he loses the popular vote to hillary clinton. he is predicting a national campaign. >> james rosen thank you. time now for a special edition of our 2016 presidential power index where we focus today only on iowa. chris stooir styger wallet, the author of fox news first joins me live from the hawk eye state. we're just going to focus on the presidential power indesignation in that state today. let's look at the republican side first, where you have -- i
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think this is the first time ever donald trump in the number one spot, ted cruz, marco rubio, and then ben carson?v >> reporter: you got to get i have to trump on this as we look into iowa. yes, it is uncertain that there will be the surge of new and first-time voters. democratic, left leaning independence and others who will come to caucus with the republicans. but as you saw in the last round of polling there has been such a him. and probably more importantl ted cruz has really slipped. i was on the fence about maybe making marco rubio number two in the power index over ted cruz. the delta between those two candidates has shrunk and shrunk and slumping. rubio has forward progress. cruz has downward progress. look. i'm glad in a i will be in new hampshire next week because by then i won't have to take responsibility for this if i'm wrong. if i had to call it this morning. and i had to go one, two, three. trump, cruz, rubio. but it's wild out here. >> okay.
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i like that. you know, it's really interesting because in the last four days, apparently, 1500 e iowans have registered. that doesn't seem like a huge number. but does it mean anything to you? >> no. that's usual. we haven't seen the kind of inclose in registration that you saw with barack obama's 2008 p.m.ance for the democrats where they almost doubled the turnout and you saw a surge in registrations. but iowa does have same day voter registration. you cannot discount -- basically it's this. if 2 out of 10 are new caucus goers on the republican side donald trump and ted cruz ought to be tight and knotted. if it's 4 out of 10, trump would trump all the trumping of the trumps. he would win widely over cruz and rubio. we've got to see how many new folks show up. >> i think that was trump cubed. >>. [ laughter ] >>, et cetera when go to the
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desk now. i don't know what you call it when it's to the fourth power. bernie sanders on top, hillary clinton, martin o'malley as i'm remembering my seventh grade math. you are going out on a little bit of a limb here, but i know why you are doing it. >> i'm on the limb. >> we've seen a surge for sanders over the last few days. >> well, and here's the other thing. if he can make it close -- normally when politicians say it was close, it was whatever -- if bernie sanders is even close in iowa, it shouldn't be close. it shouldn't even be anywhere near here. but if bernie sanders -- if the polling is right, he has momentum at the en, he has a good quinn peaiac poll today. he has all the stuff. look, if bernie sanders has this within a couple, few points he is going to have to new hampshire and have a credit argument to make he is going to beat her there soundly and stay in this thing. you have got feel the burn, feel a little mojo in iowa today even as he tries to manage expectations. >> how many more terms can you come up with? let's look ahead for a moment.
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january kasich is already in the next primary state. he blew off iowa. necessary the granite state. in just a few hours, jeb bush and chris christie are going to join them there. both have already made their presence known on the air waves. listen to this. >> i hope that christie and bush will take all their negative crap off the air and get their super pacs to talk about what they are for. >> new hampshire has a better track record than iowa when it comes to picking the eventual gop nominee. since 1976 five winners from new hampshire got the nomination. and two went on to win the white house. both states play a key roll because in the last 40 years no republican has become the nominee without winning iowa or new hampshire. are you still with me on this, cross? >> i'm tracking you. i followed the bouncing ball. look, here's the thing, a candidate like kasich is running for president of new hampshire and that means you have got to
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be all in on new hampshire. you have just got love on their -- you have got do what john mccain did in his 2000 loss to george w. bush. he camped out all around new hampshire. kasich is messing up. the reason he is talking about super pac. his super pac had an ad out that implied an endorse mement. i don't think he is closing well in new hampshire. >> inside information from steigerwald today. have fun in iowa. we'll see how your predicts do when see you next week. thousands of miles of ground game to cover this election period. and volunteers looking to wo ok o voters towards candidates like ted cruz are living like college students to get the job done. >> this is camp cruz a makeshift dormitory you can see that cruz, the american flag, the signs
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everywhere, and it houses upwards of 100 volunteers considerly. upwards of1,000 have come and gone since they opened their doors in december. >> who has the best ground game so far? we will ask marco rubio's communications director and find out what he is doing that may be helping him surge in the polls in just the right time. >> the presidency is the most significant job on the planet. leader of the free world, commander in chief of the most powerful military in human history. i think people deserve to know exact kpee what you are going to do on these issues. we have over 15,000 activities that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing.
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even if rubio comes up short in iowa, he says this race is far from over. >> i don't do that for everyone tonight. iowa is important. it is the first step in the long process. irrespective of what happens tonight this campaign will continue. tonight is important. it's the first time any americans will get to answer the question of what comes next for america after barack obama. it's important but no one is going to win the nomination tonight. >> we have the communications director for marco rubio's campaign on. i understand why you would underplay this recent surge because it's all about expectations for tonight, right? >> well, we do have some momentum, absolutely n the last couple of days. we've seen some of the biggest rallies we've had in the whole campaign in the last 48 hours. we had 48,000 people in you are bandale outside of des moines two nights ago. hundreds rallying around marco
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yesterday. we feel good. but look at what we are up against. donald trump is the greatest showman on earth. and ted cruz has built the greatest ground operation we've ever seen in iowa. so i fully expect that ted cruz will win the caucuses tonight. donald trump will come in second. if marco can come in a solid third place we're happy with that. that will give us moment up headed into new hampshire and beyond. >> wow. we tacked about having real talk here. i think you are refreshingly honest. i mean you are representing marco rubio but you are basically saying look at this showman, trump, and this amazing ground game, ted cruz. >> i'm being honest about what we expect will happen tonight. and look, nobody has been attacked in this campaign more than marco rubio. jeb bush's campaign is spending $1 million a day on attack ads coming after marco rubio. and othert candidates are taking shots at him as well. he has stayed focused on hillary clinton. and i think caucus goers appreciate that. they know the only way we are going to beat hillary is if we
11:17 am
unite as a party and focus on her this fall. that's what marco is doing here. we are seeing momentum heading into the caucuses tonight but it's going to be long campaign. >> many are saying it comes down to the ground game today into tonight. volunteers and paid workers making calls, setting you will rallies, knocking on doors to reach out to the voters. you let griff jenkins get look at your campaign. here's a snippet of that. >> i learned a new word today, marco mentum. we think there is a lot of momentum out there for marco. >> how many calls have you made? >> 10,000. >> how is it going. >> a lot of people are undecided between senator rubio and senator cruz. we're feeling confident. >> i want to push the question a little bit out into the future right now alex because i understand that the campaign has boosted spending in new hampshire and south carolina. and a lot of people are writhing out these stories about the long
11:18 am
game for marco rubio. >> yeah. yeah, well i'm glad you talked to some of our volunteers just now. we have some of the best volunteers in the country working on our campaign. people from all over the country have come here to iowa to help marco. and then we go to new hampshire and south carolina beyond that. the way the system is set up. it's going to be a long process. all the early states award delegates on a proportional manner. we expect this will go well into march, probably beyond. and we are prepared for that. we are the only campaign that has chairmen in all 50 states around the country and we have thousands of people going to marco rubio dot com every day donating resource. we just increased ad spending in new hampshire, a state we think is very competitive. >> tonight the first night of what could be a long process. alex conant thank you. >> yes. 47% are either undecided or
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could switch candidates. we'll talk to three undecided caucus goers next and also explain how the caucuses actually work. that brings us to our question of the day, who would you caucus for if you were in iowa, and maybe you are in iowa. tweet me at gretchen carlson, use the hashtag "the real story." use my facebook page as well. let me know what you think. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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persuaded still and 40% of the gop electorate made up of first time caucus goers. that's similar to what we saw in 2012. joining us now, three drake university students who are all undecided at this point. logan kentner, amy samuel, and casey cleary on the right. great to have you all on "the real story" today. i find it fascinating that so many people still have not made up their minds. logan, let me start with you. who have you been leaning towards. >> what has changed over the last few days to maybe change your mind, if you have. >> i've beentine leaning towards ted cruz the entire race. i started following him when his polling numbers were really low. recently i've started to you know, some of the ads have started to come out about causing gridlock in washington and that's started to concern me. i don't know if we need another four years of constant deadlock and i don't know if democrats or republicans will be able to work
11:24 am
with him. >> so you have put yourself back into the undied camp then. >> absolutely. like i said i was pretty decided up until three weeks ago and then i kind of switched back to undecided. i'm not 100% sure yet. >> amy, you said that the turning point for you was the debate just the other night. what happened? >> yeah, well i at first was really leaning towards rubio and then i got to attend the debate. and after kind of listening to who fiorina had to say, and i thought she just did really well, i started leaning towards her little bit. so after i left the debate i was kind of really undecided. i just wasn't sure at this point. >> okay, and logan, you like cruz and rubio, but you are still also undecided. what's changed for you? sorry. i mean casey. >> can you repeat the question real quick? >> yeah. i think that you have liked -- no, i'm wrong. i don't know who you liked -- yeah, you have liked cruz and rubio, the same as logan, who i
11:25 am
just screwed you up with. >> logan and i have been the same. i have been a cruz supporter, i supported fiorina in october, i did doorknocking for her. it was great. i love most of the candidates in the conservative field. what has changed for me. mar marcomentum is a real thing. i want to support a candidate who has inspirational rhetoric. maybe work across the aisle if he needs to accomplish what needs to get done. i think he can do it. i think cruz comes off combative. i love how he stands on princip principle. his filibuster in congress was great. stand up against obama care, we need somebody who can do that. and we need someone who can accomplish things that they set out. >> appreciate your insight. i'm interesting in knowing from young people, are you looking at
11:26 am
issues like the economy? logan? >> i would say the bigger issue for me would be the economy. social issues, you know, typically the millenials are not as stuck on those as the older voters are. personally i lean towards the economy. social issues are important as well. but i would say the pigger issue would be the economy. >> when you go to the caucuses tonight, the three of you are just going to decide right then and there? amy? >> well, there's going to be a representative for each candidate talking on their behalf. basically going to be saying what they fine is the most important to tell the voters right before they decide who they want to vote for. so i think that will show who each candidate thinks is the most important to talk about. so i think that will definitely be my deciding point because i'll know which each candidate thinks is the most important. >> okay, so the suspense
11:27 am
continues. logan, amy, and casey, thanks much. >> thank you. >> we're going to talk to the woman who is considered the gold standard of polling and has gotten almost every iowa caucus nominee correct since 1988. who does she have this year? plus hillary clinton hoping for a different outcome tonight compared to eight years ago when she lost to barack obama. we'll show you the very interesting motivator in her campaign headquarters. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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bottom of the hour. fox news alert. ted cruz putting hi ground game to work at a community center in jefferson. he is wanting to take away votes from marco rubio and upset front-runner trump. what he talk-- meantime, iowa vs will kick off the presidential nomination process just hours from now. they are going to caucus. here's the thing. you don't walk into a voting booth and pull the lever. different process here. we want to show exactly how it works. republicans and democrats even have different procedures. take a look at this graphic on the screen here. republican voters first listen to speeches by candidate representatives. voters then choose who they would like to see in the oval office. some precincts cast a ballot. others vote would i raising their hand.
11:32 am
process for democrats, complex e they divide into groups. if a candidate doesn't have at least 15% of voters in their corner that group then -- basically they are forced to disband. they go a way. captains for the other candidates can lobby those members to ask them to join them. folks at vermont public radio used legos to help us all get it. >> once everybody is in the room together they form preference grps by physically joining other supporters of that candidate. if a candidate doesn't get 15% of the caucus they are considered not viable. precinct can tans and other supporters can try to convince that candidate's supporters could come to their preference group. >> not just anyone can show up and caucus. voters must be at least 18 years old and eligible to vote in iowa in the november election. they must also be a registered democrat or republican.
11:33 am
iowa voters have up until the last minute to choose a side. party registration is also available at each caucus site. for the first time active duty members of the military and civilians living abroad will be allowed to cast their votes. the democratic caucus will use the first after satellite telecaucus. the republican caucus will accept abs absentee records. its track record is impeccable, predigiting eight of the nine caucus winners since 1988. well, now the latest des moines register iowa poll puts donald trump narrowly on top over senators ted cruz and marco rubio tonight. jan sellser joins us. you have this amazing track record. we've talked about it before on "the real story." do you believe tonight's results on the gop side will end up as the last poll indicated?
11:34 am
>> you know, gretchen, the caucuses are designed for things to change in that room. you gave a hint of that. people come in and they will be worked on by their neighbors and their precincts about who he is they should caucus for. in this particular field of candidates you have front-runners. you have got a lot of people down there just getting 2%, 3%. i'm sure there is going to be a lot of talk in that room about joining one of the front-runners, either joining on with donald trump or joining on with somebody who could upset donald trump. it is a little bit of a program as of a caucus. >> just a bit earlier i had three undecided voters on. i think it's fascinating so many people don't know what they are going to do. in your experience have you found anything in previous exit polls or anything that points to what finally makes them make up their mind? >> well, they are confronted with a decision point. and understand in iowa the
11:35 am
assignment is to look at the largest field of candidates that anybody has to look at. so you can understand that people want to keep an open mind and kind of consider what's going to happen. sometimes in the room, especially on the democratic site there is something you might gain, an advantage you might gain by being undecided when you walk into the door. might play the game a little bit before you end up committing to a candidate. >> that's called leverage. let's talk a little bit about the groups have trump and sanders' leads are the strongest. >> well, they actually share a group in common, which is what is so interesting about this campaign cycle. one of the strongest groups for donald trump are people who say the system is rigged in favor of people who are very wealthy and powerful. the strongest support, a 20-point lead he has with that group. that's also a very strong group with bernie sanders. and so there's the commonality of people being fed up, of
11:36 am
people feeling they are not getting their voice heard and for the republicans those people are finding an ally in donald trump on the republican side. and bernie sanders. >> your poll did not find this huge surge int tell you? >> well, we don't see -- we see the average number of first time caucus goers we have typically picked up before amount of poll isn't a good estimate of what is happening with registration. we look to the secretary of state to see that. of course people can be registered to vote for the first time on caucus night. i'll correct something you said earlier. you can be 17 on caucus and you are eligible so long as you are 18 by november. >> yes, i just read that in the notes before we went to air and i should have amended it. you of course are exactly right because you are the expert in iowa. it's always great to get your take. thank you so much. we'll see how i plays out tonight.
11:37 am
time now for my take. just how predictive is iowa? much has been made about the small number of people who will actually vote tonight. in fact, it's only about 15% of the registered voters in the entire state of iowa. but the impact of in early state could still be huge. historically, it's played out differently for republicans and democrats at least in recent history. since 1976, iowa has picked three eventual gop nominees but just one president, george w. bush. on the dem side, iowa has picked six eventual nominees, with two going on to become president, jimmy carter and barack obama. still winning iowa or new hampshire, really important, because just one person has gone on to win the presidency after losing both. do you know who it is? yep, bill clinton. in that same time span, no republican has been able to do that. no republican has become the nominee without winning either iowa or new hampshire. who knows? this year could be the first
11:38 am
time, or not n. a year of outsiders and unpredictability, no one could possibly know. hillary clinton sounding cautiously couldn't mystic today eight years after her disappointing third place finish in iowa. as much as she tries she can't seem to get away from the growing e-mail scandal. chief white house correspond end ed henry. on caucus day clinton seems to be doubling down on her claim that the e-mail skadle is just like benghazi, right in the. >> that's right. here's what is interesting, the republican ben gowdy, who is stumping for marco rubio right now, over the week weekend he was in new hampshire stumping for rubio. he says all people wanted to ask him about was the benghazi investigation. hillary clinton is trying to do the mirror image of that, trying to stay look this e-mail zeal is like benghazi, it is a republican conspiracy theory in
11:39 am
her eyes as a way to motivate democrats. watch. >> it is a little bit like what the republicans and others have tried do with respect to benghazi. just a lot of innuendo, a lot of attack. and i just know that after i testified for 11 hours, answered every question, nothing new came up and most voters have made up their minds. and i'm grateful for that. >> here's the challenge, unlike benghazi, the e-mail situation is something being investigated by the nonpartisan fbi. fbi, by the way, overseen by president obama. big difference, gretchen. >> yes. so take us inside her field office, inside peek. are they nervous about losing a second time, potentially? >> it's definitely on their mine. people are edgy about that. they don't want to start talking about defeat. but the volunteers are excited. one person met hillary clinton when she was 13 years old in
11:40 am
illinois. she is excited to get out there and canvas for her. there is a fien bank behind me. hillary clinton was here in this field office where i am earlier bringing in coffee and cookies, you have got to feed your army. but there is something else that's interesting, it's like a sports locker room where the opponent tries to trash talk you and you try to motivate your troops. i found something plastered all over the field office, there is no excitement, no energy that exists right now in the clinton campaign. they have this plastered on. what said it? bernie sanders? bernie sanders said there is no excitement in the campaign. just like in a sports locker room they have it up here to motivate the troops. they are not going to take the trash talk. >> you know a lot about trash talk because you are a huge basketball follower. >> i thought you meant towards you. >> you call me kid and gretch. both of those nick names i love.
11:41 am
i have got to come up with a better name for him, right. ed, tweet me, what should i call ed. top government officials telling fox news that e-mails on hillary clinton's private service contained operational intelligence that put lives at risk. 22 e-mails prepare found to contain top secret information. of the 900 that were released 243 contained top secretings in. for than 1,000 pages of e-mails have yet to be released. fox news has the iowa caucuses cuffed. we are live in the hawk eye state with a look at how and when the results will start rolling in tonight. we have a behind the scenes look with our own bill hemmer. we'll be right back.
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11:44 am
come up we'll speak with a political reporter who has been on the ground in iowa. he will tell us the numbers he will be looking at tonight like
11:45 am
the turnout he says could push this man over the top. also the magic number to watch for for ted cruz. and the percentage point difference this reporter says could spell the end of the ted cruz campaign. that's coming up on shepherd smith reporting, top of the hour. from the state capitol building, this is where the official winners will be decided come monday night. and this is quite the billboard. 99 counties. a lot of votes come from over here in lynn county in the eastern part of the statement that's cedar rapids. by far, the most shoets votes come from poke county, where we are in the city of des moines. over the weekend, you saw a lot of republican candidates out here in wood bury county. sioux city, far northwestern part of the state -- if you hit all 99 counties that's what they call the full grass length. some of these candidates have. tonight here we go. iowa, it's in your hands.
11:46 am
let's get started. >> that was so cool. bill hemmer all over the iowa map. stepping all over it. tonighten he will be in the thick of all the action at microsoft's iowa caucus media center. a full grassley, is that like a full nelson in wrestling? >> it could be if you hit all 99 counties, kid. hillary clinton has done it. santorum has done it. huckabee has done it. probably a few others. yeah. >> cool. let's talk about this microsoft app. it's 2016 and we are moving into a technological century, i guess. >> significant. >> there is a change in the way they are taling up the votes. what's gonna happen? >> you know, in 2008, gretchen the last time the democrats caucuses, which was two cycle ago because they didn't have to do it in 2012, the i-phone was six months old. all right. this is what they are doing. microsoft approached the parties back in june.
11:47 am
they said we will do the apps. an app for the republicans, an app for the democrats. we'll design the software and we'll do it for free. so tonight the big test. they have done some dry runs. they say it's error free. we shall see. there are 180 some odd precincts for the daumts, same for republicans throughout iowa. each preerch has a captain, each precinct has a smart phone and a phone number. theses are the apps for the republicans down here on the bottom. ifnow, it says republican 2016, welcome. select begin to report results for the 2016 iowa caucus this. lasts for 15 minutes. what you would do is say i'm ready to begin. you would hit it. sorry, we're not ready to rt ro. come back at 7:00 central time here in iowa. okay? >> right. >> so this will all change once they begin the caucus. same deal for the democrats. the command comes up, the precinct captain logs in, enters begin.
11:48 am
obviously, sorry it is a too early to do that. again, all precinct company tans will have a phone number that will correspond with their precinct so they can validate the findings. then they'll input the number of people who have attended that caucus site and who has voted for whom at that location. >> i imagine this is going to increase the speed in which we are going the find out the results. >> yeah. >> also hopefully the accuracy. but you still have a human -- i don't know about you, i still print russian sometimes when i look down on my i-phone. you are going to have -- >> there is a verification system. if there is an anomaly that comes in, and the party chairs, the republicans or democrats say that doesn't sound right based on history, there is a method or system to contact the precinct director. you can call him by phone. and we are trying to figure out other avenues that might be available to them so they can cross check to see whether or not the numbers are legitimate. yes, there are human beings involved on both sides.
11:49 am
but they have been doing it by telephone for years now. gretchen. this is the first time they are going the try this new system. we'll see how it goes tonight. for the viewer at home, it had not be in real time analysis. but it will be preet close to it. and that's what they are aiming for. greater efficiency, they say the system is secure. we'll find out together. and because of what happened in 2012, when mitt romney and rick santorum, they were so close, neck and notebook, the state chairman -- >> they declared the wrong winner. >> they declared it for romney but went too early and several weeks later they down rick santorum won by 34 votes. they are trying to avoid that this time. >> everyone should watch fox news and you and see how this is all going to develop tonight. but you can actually track it yourself, too. so if you want to track the democrats with this app, go to www..idp and to track republicans in
11:50 am
iowa, ia gone i will put both of those on my facebook page as well. bill you will have a busy night. i hope you studied up on your math and how to plug in numbers to apps. >> yes, that's why they call it a billboard. look, it's either going to be an early night because there are going to be simple winners to declare or it is a going to go late into the evening because it will be too close to call. that is like any every other election we watch. two republican candidates getting out of town in iowa looking to get a head start this in the next big state, new hampshire. can the get the early momentum to carry them to victory in the granite state even if they don't win in iowa? >> or are we going nominate someone who can win and have the still's leadership, proven leadership, 32 years in the private sector, eight years as governor of the largest swing state, to transform our country?
11:51 am
this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. republican race for the white house seems to be uphill battle for establishment candidate lies john kashich, jeb bush, and chris christie, mike emanuel is live in des moines, iowa. why so difficult to break through? >> reporter: some of it clear live the mood in the country. tired of the establishment and part of it is that it is such a crowded republican field. for example, if you're an establishment republican voter and you like governors you have choices. jeb bush, chris christie, and john kashich. the other establishment candidate who is generate allege whole lot of buzz here in iowa is senator marco rubio. >> tonight is important. it's the first time that any americans will get to answer the question of what comes next for
11:55 am
america after barack obama. so it will be important. but no one is going to win the nomination tonight. but we feel positive about our campaign. >> reporter: governor chris christie joked, tonight is a critical election. until new hampshire is a critical election, and then south carolina is a critical election. you get the picture. line, all these candidate are hoping to meet or beat#% expectations. >> no doubt. how much pressure is on those who don't perform well tonight to then actually drop out of the race? i should whisper that. >> you can expect candidates to ask supporters to give them more time to see how they perform in new hampshire but with ted cruz expected to perform well in the conservative lane, and donald trump expected to dial, to there will be pressure to back one outside who can fight it out. and walked -- talked to an
11:56 am
analyst about robow. >> the potential to finish higher if crews' support fades and trump supporters don't turn out, rubio could do well here. >> speaking of establishment, jennifer jacobs from "des moines register" tweed tweeted this photo of jeb bush's rally. was a mix of peninsula, hispanic and asia voters. programs the most diverse g.o.p. audience she has seen in the final week. >> very being. okay, mike, thanks. nfl, was hoping to gethovç super bowl 50 off without a hitch, butter -- but a hiccup by the field crew has the league shaking their heads. one team got unintentional extra support. you won't believe what happened. i have asthma...
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phrase off this be the ground crew forgot the panthers were playing. the painted the broncos' logo on both end zone. i love the ed henry nick names. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in iowa where today the racewg for the white houses very real. after the speeches-the fundraising and all of the rhetoric, it's time to see results also the iowa caucuses get going tonight. the young there could help set on the for the rest of this race. on the run side we're watching the showdown between donald trump and ted cruz. trump still the favorite but analysts and will his supporters show up? (ivy clinton now adopting a tougher tone. will it help her grab support from bernie sanders? how today's turnout could make or breaker some come pains. we'll -- some campaigns. we'll crunch the number.


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