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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:36pm PST

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phrase off this be the ground crew forgot the panthers were playing. the painted the broncos' logo on both end zone. i love the ed henry nick names. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in iowa where today the racewg for the white houses very real. after the speeches-the fundraising and all of the rhetoric, it's time to see results also the iowa caucuses get going tonight. the young there could help set on the for the rest of this race. on the run side we're watching the showdown between donald trump and ted cruz. trump still the favorite but analysts and will his supporters show up? (ivy clinton now adopting a tougher tone. will it help her grab support from bernie sanders? how today's turnout could make or breaker some come pains. we'll -- some campaigns. we'll crunch the number. first from the fox news deck
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this monday afternoon, months of off talk and twitter storms come down this where this can turn into votes at the walks apartment the split state of the nation two candidates, at opposite ended of the political extremes. for the democrats,ber in the san dense neck and nick with hillary clinton and for the republicans a former rat tv star billionaire who never served elective officn leads nearly all polls. the trump campaign is counting on many first-time caucus goers and tonight we'll see if they're really willing to get involved, not just come out to watch the show but participate in the process. today donald trump made a last-minute pitch to his supporters, video on facebook. >> even some things have to be
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done. i could go on and on. but i don't want you to listen. i want you to get out and vote. because if you don't vote, what we have done and this is a movement, this is a big, big movement -- that the whole world is?:ñw3/#[yç#gmoç talking a. >> a trump win could spell big trouble for the g.o.p.'s so-called establishment. but the biggest headaches could be for the senator from texas, ted cruz. bankings on iowa all along, as a springboard to build his momentum nationwide. ted cruz today finishes a whirlwind bus tour of all 99 counties in iowa, picking up major endorsements and says his campaign's ground game is much >> here in iowa we have over 12,000 volunteers nationally, we have over 200,000 volunteers. we have gotten over 700,000 contributions. people all over the country going ted that's the strength over this campaign. >> but with donald trump posting
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huge leads in the first primary state, new hampshire, and south carolina, the analysts say a cruz loss tonight would be very hard for him to overcome. let's get to team fox coverage. shannon has more on whati& tonit could come town to turn your, and carl cameron is first in jefferson, iowa. you're at a ted cruz rally. what is he saying in the final hours before the caucuses? >> reporter: he is about to wrap up with a speech and pointed out to that's right we're now five hours away from the first caulks and described it as do or die and will come down in a two-man race he described as tied to donald trump to turnout. the required 122,000. all of the political consultant for both side suggest if it's a lower turnout, 135 thousands less, it's trump, anything over 135, it faves trump.
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there are 600,000 registered voters but if only 22 show up, that augers toward ted cruz. >> how is cruz dealing with donald trump now? >> aggressively. tonight at the caucuses, his precinct captains across the basically to all of the3nç candidates who are not trump and rubio supporters. could be rand paul, jeb bush, chris christie, and the cruz forces save i you want to stop donald trump and somebody who can beat hillary clinton, those backing the lesser popular abandon those candidates right now some come to cruz and do away with donald trump right away. it's a very aggressive strategy. there is a lot of peer pressure in the republican caucuses. they have a secret ballot and don't vote five or circumstance times in an evening or more, there's still peer pressure. if you your friends and
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neighbors are sitting around, and all the precinct captains have to make a speech if you support a candidate at one percent or necessary there will ç to come to the can you see campaign and both trump and robow acknowledged that cruz has the better organization, and hey has brought in, 12,000 volunteers from around the country, fanned out across iowa and new hampshire already. >> as for the more establishment candidates, marco rubio, for his part, seems to be downplaying tomorrow. looks like third place he might consider a win, or want to us believe that. >> marco rubio's campaign start boyfriend he got into the u.s. senate. he spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on big data three years ago, has been waiting for this moment, and relentlessly truth not to peak too soon. like the cop who say,9!75>5othio seek'7)ç here, move only he doet want a lot of attention, third in the polls, and he has what is
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called the three-two-one strategy. come in third in iowa, perhaps second in new hampshire, south carolina, and then first somewhere else, is really a to florida. three, two one. if he comes in third here, marco rubio will do it without having been significantly attacked by donald trump.
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speed up answers for the rest of us. >> how are the candidateses trying to sway caucusgoers so close to the main event? >> well, you know, they're using old school tactics,o?
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out. trump is using his family, ice daughter and sons will spread out to other caucus sites and have the face-to-facev5]wx contt can make all the difference when comes down to tonight and every single vote counts. >> let's bring in senior politics writer. one thing we have been looking at, will some new young people who say they're for trump, come
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out and register early? are there signs of that? >> there's no way to know yet. the caucuses don't begin for a few hours, this isn't an all-day event like most regular elections, the polls open up at 7:00 a.m. and go all day. to this happens at 7:00 p.m.+u tonight, people go to the precinct and then stand in a corper to be counted. i was at a beer in sanders rally people who said, development leave your corner, stand there. there's a persuasion factor where people will make a speech and say, dom our side. so not only about getting there. , it's about standing your ground. >> what are the analysts saying about turnout? early projections, we heard as many as 180,000, which would blow the record away. any record good for trump. >> right. the cruz campaign doesn't believe the molls because most of the public polling showing
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trump ahead is counting on this larger turnout. maybe even 200,000 -- cruz campaign says the "des moines register" polls are the gold standard and are projecting 300,000 they save it's not going to happen. not that many people will comewç out for trump. people who came to the rallies came to see the somehow but putting in the time and spending an hour and a half of a caucus. they won't do it but that debatable. we don't know if these people are go to show up and the first indication we'll have ills -- is at 7:00 local time tonight. >> we have talked about the ground game. we know that cruz's ground graham is very organized. the vote tonight or get the caucusgoers in the case. have you seen any evidence of a trumping organized ground game? >> no, and in fact there has been reports that some of his
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county chairmen, precinct captains there to organize local vote everes didn't even get contact lists from the campaign of a basic thing that campaigns do they say, here are supporters, this is who you got to get out. and there was some indication that hadn't happened. but again, trump is not a ground-game candidate. that's cruz. cruz is the ground-game candidate. trump is running on pure nature to be able to draw people out. >> before this cycle, everyone like you would say that the ground-game is what wins. it was barack obama's vaunted ground game that beat hillary clinton according to every analyst. if one candidate has a very strong/ñz( ground game and is e to one with no ground game in past cycles we'll see the ground game, ted cruz would win but this isn't past cycles. >> it's not and everyone is
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tempering predictions. ground game is usually worth 2007 -- worth between two and three points. maybe that could make the difference. and then crews eeks out a victory. if new people are coming out in force and standing there for trump, he will win this thing. this is the open question and it's been debated all week on the ground in iowa. >> i saw that rally -- that trump rally with half the seats empty. sort of quiet. and then last night a big, huge hillary clinton ralmk[ç which h don't know -- the observer felt more like a donald trump rally. i guess you can chalk that up to monday morning. >> well, the other thing you have to chalk up to -- a lot of people from out of stayed, from new york, florida, georgia,; thy want they beingtive visual. bernie sanders rally there were a lot of people there that made
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the room looked packed but they're from florida, georgia, and illinois. >> thank you very much. have fun. thanks. >> thanks, shep. >> donalddonald trump's campaign trying to get support from people who never before come to caucuses. ahead, his message, and what people are saying about whether they will show. and later, we'll look at the democratic side and why bernie sanders is going -- well, hillary clinton accuses if only going negative. if his is a negative campaign-somebody forgot to watch previous negatives. it's all ahead on caucus day in wife. this is fox news channel.13zdm america's choice for news and information on cable. that just . fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition... like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best.
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why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. and for a $200 savings card, go to counting down to tonight's iowa caucuses, a night has held surprises in the past. pollster says the state is knower to yourselfly hard to predict in 2012, rick santorum was third but was the winner on caucus night but we didn't learn that for a couple of weeks. caulks day in iowa for republicans, donald trump holding a solid lead in the top of the polls but even trump knows anything can happen. he told nbc he considers every rival candidate a threat. john roberts is live at the site of trump's watch party. hello. i. >> reporter: good afternoon. youpyok were talking with dave t this. the big question for donald trump, all these thousands of people who come out to massive rallies, will they come out to the caulks are irthis support kind of soft?
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donald trump in order to win tonight, is really relying on young people coming out, people who have never caucused before. they are considered to be the holy grail of iowa voters because typically they're not political, but donald trump seems to have touched a nerve with them. will they come out tonight? listen to these young folks who say they'll definitely be out to caucus. >> i do want to support trump and i don't believe i would be caucusing if it wasn't for him. >> sick and tired of the politicians lying and never done it withbecause i think they're a bunch of crooks and they lie. we got ourselves a businessman here that tells it like it is. >> young people are more toward trump and at lot of them towards bernie. interested to see how people are responding to each candidate. >> trump volunteers told us if people with stand -- this, is thousands -- who will stand out in c?emç for hours to see trump at a recally, not much of a leap to get them to the caucus.
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>> i'm curious about your observation. david said he hadn't seen any evidence of trump ground game. have you? >> reporter: in a word, no. we have asked several times to see it. can we come out to your headquarters, they declined saying they're too busy it. it may be that really the ground game is all about these rallies, that trump really believes through sheer force of personality he can draw people out to the polls and also enlisting hisa3 family. here's this daughter, ivanka in waterloo, iowa. >> people want to see change, and he is going effect wait that change. it's been what he has done his whole life. so, my father will undoubted blue make america great again and we appreciate your support. come out tonight, 7:00, and caucus for donald j. trump. >> has an added enticement to get i'm pout, ivanka and the
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trump boys will we at locations and the donald himself will be attending a couple of caucus sites but for security purposes they're not telling us which ones. >> john roberts, thank you. forecasters predicting theirs a major stolen on the -- major storm on the way, and candidates and all those journalists might want to check on their travel plans because the storm ills held for the state's biggest airport. what happened when a woman pulled over a police officer for speeding. >> i just wanted to knowzoú;v ws the emergency? >> i don't know how fast i was going. >> the rest of the video and the police department's response. that's next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree.
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let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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as anymore iowa prepare for the caucuses they're bracing for a major winter storm. meteorologists are predicting at least a foot snow in some areas tomorrow and sayi[ç it probably will not affect any caucusing tonight but the candidates and their staff might have some trouble getting out of there. the national weather service has already scheduled a blizzard warnings. when is it going to start. >> for iowa we're expect overnight, but parts of colorado, nebraska, kansas, seeing the storm get cranked up. let's talk about iowa as the candidates get ready and the caulk goes 'er -- the caucusgoers, it's 9'm tonight. the outh is the rain event and there's des moines on the cusp of the rain and snow line. but one thing for certain, overnight, tonight into
12:24 pm
tomorrow, winds are going to gust 40 to 50 miles-per-hour, and that is going to be the dangerous part of the storm. so let look at it as shep mentioned ex-blizzard warnings in effect for kansas, nebraska, iowa, southern minnesota, seeing not only snow but winds in excess of 45 to 50-miles-an-hour. we're expecting six to ten inches in much of the hawkeye state but southeastern portions could be mainly a rain event so the cutoff between rain and snow is sharp. but the wind gusts are go to start overnight tonight, blizzard warning in iowa starting at 3:00 a.m., and again, shepard, 40, 50 miles-per-hour, for an extend length over time, and that means travel is going to be difficult, if not impossible, overnight and tomorrow. >> and problems in the thought, thoughq+[vç;4qrfferent ones. >> glad you brought this up. we're talking about iowa and the paris but the severe weather event is perhaps a tornado
12:25 pm
outbreak for dixie, ohio valley, tennessee valley, mississippi river valley so getting into tomorrow afternoon, around this time, we're probably going to be starting to see some of the thunderstorm watches and tornado watches as we are expecting tornadoes, perhaps an outbreak tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. that is the warm side of the storm. so, not only hail, damaging winds but could see long-lasting , large tornadoes and we need the warm air ahead of the cold air, and we're talking about tos and 30s behind it, 60s and 70s in front of it and a lot of dynamics coming together for a potentially very dangerous, severe weather outbreak starting tomorrow at this time. >> one to watch for sure. thank you. >> okay. >> now the driver who says she turned the tables on a cop in florida by pulling him over for speeding. spears -- claudia castillovwcs she was running an errand when
12:26 pm
the officers squad car blew past her car so fast it shook her vehicle. she turned on her cell phone, and followed him and got his attention. >> you were leaving me behind and i was going 80 miles-per-hour and i just wanted to know, what's the emergency? >> i don't know how fast i was going. but i can tell you i'm on my way to work right now. i don't i believe was speeding. but like i say you're entitled to your opinion. >> she said that she was going 80 and he was going faster. that would be higher than the speed limit on the dolphin, but ixdzhjíguess that's only okay iu have blue lights. the officer apologized, said he would be sure to slow down, a rep from the police department said it would investigate the incident. and i'm confident there will be a followup. three months ago hillary clinton was doubling bernie sanders in the polls in iowa. folks get ready to head to the caucus places tonight. we'll go back to iowa for a live
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a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. a suicide bomber attacked a line of people waiting to enter a f injured other dozen others according to officials in afghan in kabul. the taliban have claimed respond. >> crews put out a massive fire in an industrial building in los angeles. 150 firefighters battled the flames. there's word propane tanks inside the bidding exploded, making the fire worse. no reports of anybody hurt. police have a new way to take down drowns that are thankfully -- down drones that
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the democratic presidential candidates making final sales pitches to votes in iowa before tonight's caucuses. >> i prom is in you this. if you stand up for me tomorrow night i will stand up and fight for you. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the(-fhr people. >> i'm their challenge people of iowa to do what you do best, lift up a new leader so we can move our country forward. >> martin o'malley getting a moment. hillary clinton' bernie sanders running neck and neck but o'malley in last place. analysts say it could come down to how many out to the caucuses.
12:33 pm
the higher the turn youth, the tight their race gets between sanders and clinton. ed henry is live in des moines. what are members on the clinton camp saying about her campaign compared to 2008? >> this time they wantqo( to wi. i'm on the campus of drake university because she is holding what they're calling a victory party tonight here on campus but there's a lot of work left to do. i was at a field office where hillary clinton herself was handing out coffee and doughnutt cookee this morning. she wants to get the troops out. they think they have a better ground game. they were stunned by barack obama in 2008, who got his troops to the caucuses. they simply did not do that. i meat woman who first met hillary clinton when she was 13 years old, back in illinois. here's what she says is different. >> she is more focused, and it
12:34 pm
feels more positive, and it's organized. i feel that everything is more organized and people are more up and hopeful. i just see her as the only one about ground game and the second point ills that she is the one for the job as commander in chief. that is the closing argument hillary clinton has been making inmer speeches and what her ad here are saying. >> hillaryhillary clinton's camn have caucused before. bernie sanders, the opposite. >> reporter: yes. he wants to put back together the obama coalition. that is, college students, that's why he has been rallying big crowds at the university of iowa, iowa state. clinton camp believes there's not enough delegates in those concludes to help bernie sanders.
12:35 pm
and the secretary of state new numbers. 624 moret' democrats to rental register for the caucuses. the key number, 2700 democrats. that's not a surge of new democrats in the last month. that would suggest that bernie sanders is getting big crowds but no people registering and in fact few moments ago he had a press availability and seemed to be laying the groundwork for the possibility of losing. watch. >> this is a national campaign. we are looking forward to winning. we worked hard to win. but shift ends up with two delegates more, you need many more. she would say exactly the same thing. >> so obviously sanders still thinks he's going to win but he is playing the expect additions game. if he doesn't get a huge turnout he doesn't want the national media narrative to be he is done and that new hampshire, where he is winning by


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