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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 1, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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think i've had them all. >> you are holding president obama's comfort food. >> k.g., he already fell asleep. tune in tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern and don't miss the outcome of the election tonight. this is a fox news alert, this is decision day. you are looking at live pictures from two of the 20,000 sites where the iowa caucuses will take place tonight. it doesn't look like much right now. a republican caucus site in clive, iowa just west of des moines. on the right ames, iowa. we'll have more as people again to file in. coming to you from our headquarters in des moines. a beautiful spot, during the next hour, we'll tell you how the candidates made their final pitches today to iowa residents, who according to polls are very much open to last minute
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influences. i'll have an interview with chris christie and talk here on set with marco rubio. we have a special expanded panel here in iowa tonight. plus, charles kraut hammer from washington. painting the backdrop for these first votes. the national debt. the amount of money you and your children and your children's children owe has officially passed the $19 trillion mark. it happened friday. the journey from 18 trillion to 19 trillion took a little more than 13 months. now to the caucuses, where the national debt has come up on the trail. fox team coverage, martha maccall maccallum. we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron live in des moines. and questions about who has the best ground game among the republicans.
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good evening, carl. >> thanks, bret. there's a record number of candidates, there have been a record number of tv adds run here in iowa. record spending. as the clock ticks down, iowa republican caucus goers will have their say. >> donald trump had sarah palin with him on the stump today. rallying caucus goers to brave tonight's storm. >> can you believe it? this is the day. this is the day we take our country back. remember that. >> palin fired back at ted cruz's iowa chairman, congressman steve king, who more than once implied palin's support for trump was paid for. >> why would steve king from the heartland of america want to say something that he knows isn't true? maybe he's been hanging out in a corn field too long huffing ethanol or something. >> earlier, trump had empty seats in waterloo, he cut it short because he had to commute to the event with palin by car.
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>> we're going over to cedar rapids right now. i learned we can't fly in, so we're driving. i'll get the hell out of here fast, is that okay? >> as of today, there are 615,000 registered republicans in iowa. the record caucus turn out in 2012 is 142,000. cruz boasts the biggest iowa and national organizations and says he's seen little evidence of trump's. >> really, we're not finding donald trump's troops on the ground. they don't have an organization that is per septemberible. there are more candidates that spent a ton of time in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. a ton of time all throughout the southern states, the super tuesday sec primary. a ton of time in nevada, we are running a national campaign. >> rubio is down playing iowa, as just the beginning of a 50
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state marathon. >> iowa's important, it's the first step in this long process. irrespective of what happens tonight, this campaign will continue. tonight is important, it's the first time that any americans will get to answer the question what comes next for america after barack obama. it will be important. no one's going to win the nomination tonight. >> i'm counting on you, and i trust you, and i call for your support to caucus with me tonight. >> at the republican caucuses tonight. each precinct captain will have an opportunity to speak to the caucus goers there, and then comes the peer pressure. in the cruz and rubio camps, they're being given talking points to suggest that if they support anybody who's not cruz or rubio or trump they should abandon that lesser candy date who's been trailing in the polls and get right with cruz or rubio to stop trump. >> much to talk about tonight, carl, thank you. turnout is the big issue on both
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sides tonight. particularly the democratic side, if you're with the bernie sanders campaign, chief white house correspondent ed henry wraps up the democrats final push. and sanders trying to turn enthusiasm on the trail into an upset win over clinton. good evening, ed. >> good evening, brett. iowa is a state that has same day registration, if we see a lot of first time democrats showing up tonight. it's going to tip us off that bernie sanders is having a big night. >> eager to steady her once inevitable campaign. hillary clinton brought cookies to her ground troops and declared she's excited about tonight. >> i'm feeling so energized because of all of you. >> we're going to win. >> bernie sanders is banking on an influx of new voters to hand clinton her second humiliating defeat here in eight years. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high.
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>> clinton may kbbenefit from t secretary of state of iowa today, saying not a lot of new democratic voters have registered. 6225 democrats have registered. not the type of surge sanders needs. she's been buffeted by revelations about her e-mail. including fox news reporting some of the top secret e-mails on her server could affect individuals. >> it's a little bit like what the republicans and others have tried to do with respect to benghazi, just a lot of innuendo, a lot of attacks. >> sanders again told reporters he's at piece with not making the e-mails an issue. he may have slipped up by writing a relatively mild blurb
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for a book blasting president obama titled "buyer's remorse." former aids to the president dashed to social media to bash sanders. including jon favreau tweeting, the most controversial president on causes since lbj. >> senator sanders was quite clear when he spoke to you in the drive way fivedies ago, about the fact that he was quite proud of the president's record and his legacy. >> martin o'malley myered in third place was pressed whether his supporters would go to clinton or sanders. >> i want my supporters to hold stro strong. >> reporter: o'malley supporters there, also chanding hold strong. if he does not reach viability at caucus sites, his allies are free to move on. o'malley may be able to tip the balance, bret. >> ed hen university.
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thank you. we don't have exit polls tonight. we have entrance polls. questions to voters heading in to the caucuses. martha maccallum is here to tell us more. >> it changes how we poll. we ask the questions as they enter 40 caucus sites for each party across the state. they'll be telling us how they intent to vote. they may change their minds once those doors close. supporters of the candidates often get their folks there early. older voters get there early as well. we may get responses from some of them first. one of the most compelling questions tonight will be are you a first time caucus goer? if that number is strong, say more than four in ten, it could signal a big night for donald trump, whose ground game and get out the vote effort has been somewhat elusive. we also asked, would you like
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the next president to be a political outsider? which will be telling for sanders and trump. some others have also wanted themselves to be in that pocket. another big question we have the data coming on this evening, do evangelics split their vote between a couple candidates. cruz has courted them hard. we'll see how he's done with that. that will be part of the data we'll get. lots of buzz around marco rubio in the final days. did it translate. did he sway those late deciders. we'll get data on that as well. are you looking for a nominee who will carry on the president's policies? points, of course, to hillary clinton. if young people turn out in big numbers, it could be a big night for bernie sanders. our fox news poll will tell us all of that, a lot more data coming in as well. it will be interesting to see what they tell us. >> bill hammer will be monitoring the results as they
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come in. he's at the media center right now with a preview. >> the republicans screwed it up in iowa, they gave the state to mitt romney. they don't want that to happen again. this past june, microsoft came in, we'll give you software, we'll do you an app for the republicans and the democrats, and we'll do it all for free. tonight when the caucuses begin, there will be 1,680 some odd precincts, republican and democrat. you will have 1,680 some odd precinct captains. what they will have is a smart phone. they will go to the app. they'll punch it up, select if you're ready to begin reporting your results. you lit begin, it takes you to the next screen, and you will see at this time, sorry, too early to report, come back at 7:00 local time. same thing for democrats by the way, they'll see a similar screen, are you ready to start.
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sorry, not time yet, come back at 7:00 local time. now, they will put in this app, the number of people who have showed up in their precinct to caucus and for whom they will caucus, all that information comes into the main media center in downtown des moines. microsoft tells me they have drilled this thing to death. the republican party tells me they've done three dry runs notice last month alone. it's never been done this way before, it is truly new age. i caution you, there are human beings still involved in this process, and on both ends. by the way, bret, in 2008, the last time that democrats caucused statewide in iowa, barack obama was the winner that night. and this iphone was only six months old. changing times. >> bill, we'll see you later tonight. let's get some insight and
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analysis now from charles kraut hamm hammer. jeff, let's start with you, you've covered ten of these caucuses. this one is a lot different. your sense of what's happening here? >> there's a lot of dissatisfaction, bret among the folks on the left and right. they're frustrated with government not working and you're seeing that with these huge rallies for trump and sanders, there's a lot of passion there, passion usually wins the caucus. >> we talked about that translation from passion to actual people coming out. you look at iowa, it's separated in many different regions and marco rubio, if he's to have a good night, has to do well around des moines, much like mitt romney did in 2012. >> you look at the latest polls, there's an interesting dynamic,
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there's the last two polls, the ones that came out after the des moines register poll. that included the entire weekend, it would absorb most of the effect of the trump no show for the debate. one of them shows a three car pileup in the low 20s, with trump and cruz and rubio. now, if that is a more accurate representation of where we are, then what you could have is the biggest shocker of the campaign depending on the birth order here, if trump comes out second or particularly if he happens to come out third, it could even be a razor thin margin, it would be shocking. if rubio comes in second it would be surprising. i think if we end up with where the des moines register has us, with trump at 28, cruz at 23, rubio at 15, that's going to be the expectation standard. anybody who exceeds that or
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comes under it will be seen as having even exceeded or diminished expectations. we already have the numbers that are set. i think that's going to be important how we see it, and also the order of finish. that will be absolutely critical. >> jeff, for somebody who doesn't know the caucus system, how much do those speeches in the final pitch that the surrogates make in each caucus site. how much does that platter? especially if the argument is, you guys aren't going to win, come to our guy. >> given that those pitches are made by the friends and neighbors of the people who are casting those votes in a straw poll or voting for a delegate, it can have a big impact in a democratic caucus. you actually physically see people moving around the room. you know where your friends and neighbors are. if you're a little on the fence, or if someone you trust from
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your neighborhood is the one that's making the pitch. it could make the difference, especially when iowa ans like to wait until the last minute to make a decision. we could see some horse trading tonight. >> the uncertainty is because there are so many undecided even heading into today. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is trying to capitalized his momentum with the people that show up. >> it's not just the undecided. it's the fact that there are a lot of supporters of candidates that have no chance of winning the nomination. you have a lot of loose support out there, will they decide in the caucus to go switch their vote away from somebody that can't win. and go for one of the top three. if so, we could see a real change in the way that the numbers come up because cruz and rubio are so highly supported as a second choice. and that also could be decisive.
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>> charles and jeff, thank you very much. who do you think the big winners will be tonight. let me know at at bret baier. one on one with new jersey governor chris christie. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. with the release of more than 2,000 pages of documents by the ntsb about last may's amtrak crash. 8 people died and more than 200 injured. included are two interviews with the engineer who says he hit his head and doesn't recall what happened. the train was going more than 100 miles an hour in a 70 mile an hour zone. more than 130 firefighters responding to a spectacular blaze. it was fueled by combustible materials. there are no reports of injuries. this is a live look at
3:17 pm
atlanta from our affiliate fox 5, one of the big stories there tonight. the cdc says the e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle restaurants is over. the cause of the illness is still unknown. it's the subject of a criminal investigation. that's tonight's live look, outside the beltway. we'll be back in des moines after a break. everyone's lookin' red carpet ready.
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tonight the cdc is urging caution over travel to places like costa rica and nicaragua. the world health organization declared an international state of emergency today. the virus, which is spread by mosquitos is linked to birth defects. the who estimates there could be up to 4 million cases of zika in the americas in the next year. tonight health officials in texas are confirming 7 new cases in the houston area. each of the patients had recently travelled to latin america. all the patients have recovered. we'll have more on the fight against the zika virus tuesday.
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the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide bomb that killed at least 9 people in afghanistan today. the attacker joined a line of people outside police headquarters in kabul. the assault comes as the u.s. prepares to take part in a third round of talks aimed at laying the groundwork for dialogue between the kabul government and the taliban. chris christie is hosting three town hall meetings today. one in iowa and two in the next battleground state, new hampshire. i spoke with him for a few minutes before he left des moines about his prospects tonight. >> it's a relief to have people vote. some people, myself and you will have real results to talk about, i feel we're going to do much better than people expect. my goal has been to be the top governor coming out of iowa, be governor bush, kasich, huckaby, that would be a really good night for us. governor bush has spend nearly
3:23 pm
25 times what we spent in iowa. if we could beat him here, that would be a big story. you. >> may not be at the top tier. >> i think iowa and new hampshire have to be looked at as a tandem. we're going to do very well in iowa and even better in new hampshire. i wanted to put the time in here, and i think that makes you a better candidate too. i've been clenked by a lot of iowa voters. i think it makes you a better candidate. >> what do you hear most on the trail? >> national security and homeland security. it really changed after paris. before paris it was a lot of talk on the economy, a lot of talk on immigration. we still get questions on that, well over 50% of the questions are on how you're going to fight terrorism, isis, how you're going to protect the homeland. >> new jersey, nine downgrades while you are chief executive?
3:24 pm
>> that's because i got left with a basket case of an economy. $11 billion deficit. i vetoed more tax increases than any governor in american history. these are old stats. you know what happened in 2015? new jersey had its best private sector job growth year in 15 years, over five different governors. the best year we've had in 15 years. we've now created 235,000 sector jobs. you know what happened before i was gov summer? zero net new jobs. new jersey is going to continue to do better if we continue my policies. >> talk about rejiggering our troop presence in afghanistan because of today's threat. what do you do? >> we have to dedicate troops in places where over a long term, we have made a major investment. we still have troops in korea, in europe. that's because we spent blood and treasure in those places to make advances and we don't want
3:25 pm
to give it away. it's this president that has pulled off our troops out of iraq, now we have isis controlling iraq. now he's pulled most of our troops out of afghanistan. we see a re-established taliban and reconstituting al qaeda. you cannot do that, if you make a commitment we have to be able to keep them stable and save what we've already accomplished. this president blew it because he played politics with it. >> this e-mail thing is no big deal, it doesn't factor in? bernie sanders says it's a serious legal issue. >> what are your thoughts, is this a really a death blow for hillary clinton and her political campaign? >> she should be prosecuted, bret. it's that simple. the fact is, she said that she didn't have any classified information on her server, then she said she didn't have any information marked classified. then we have e-mails where she
3:26 pm
was telling people to take the classified off the e-mails and faxing them to her nonsecure fax. she put national security, homeland security, lives of intelligence agents at risk for her own convenience? david petraeus got prosecuted for much less than this. as did sandy berger. and i hope and pray that the justice department will not publicize this. >> where do you stand in iowa? >> it depends what ben carson does, i think the first three will be some combination of trump, cruz and rubio. after that, we're going to see how everyone else does. a lot of governors have fallen by the wayside when people thought i didn't have a chance in this race. you and i are talking about what i'm going to do next, that's a good day for me. >> our thanks to governor christie for his time. marco rubio joins me here at the state capital building.
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the justice department is launching a probe of the san francisco police department, the doj says it will review use of force policies and practices, the december second shooting of a young african-american man by five officers has increased racial tensions and sparked calls for the removal of the police chief. markets today the stocks were mixed, the dow was down 17 points, the s&p 500 lost about a point, the nasdaq was up 6. back to politics now, there's a lot of talk in iowa that marco rubio may do well tonight. perhaps better than pollsters have predicted. what about that? senator, thanks for being here. >> your feeling going in, where you'll finish? >> i feel positive about it. our energy has been growing every day. we see the crowds growing. we'll see what it leads to tonight, i'm confident we'll
3:32 pm
have a strong showing here, i think people are starting to realize, not only can i unite the republican party, right now it's quite divided. i can help move the conservative movement. people that are living the way i grew up. and also, that's why i think i give us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. >> you know you're not going to win tonight? >> we're not the favorite, we're not the front-runner. >> you expect something less than number one spot? >> i never considered myself to be the front runner here, people have been able to spend more money and pull more resources. our team has done a great job here, and we feel positive. >> why do you think you can be the first gop candidate to not win in iowa and in new hampshire and go on to get the nomination. >> this is quite an unusual cycle. we've never had a race like this, where you have 11 credible candidates running, people are accomplished and running. there are at least five people that would be the front-runner in this time are probably polling in the single digits. that's the kind of race we're
3:33 pm
in. i don't think we're going to get the full understanding of that race. i'm very positive about the way we continue to grow. i feel optimistic, and we're going to have a good night tonight. >> a couple points. the national debt reached 19 trillion officially, we announced at the top of the show. what does president rubio do? >> we save those programs, those are the long term drivers. i have a plan that's detailed on my website that details how we save social security and medicare, we don't disrupt it for people that are on it now, but there will be changes to the way it works for people my age or younger than me. if you combine it with robust and sustained economic growth, you bring the debt under control. >> think about your entire political career. what's the single biggest problem you fixed or helped fix?
3:34 pm
>> i was a state legislature. we dealt with a serious issue while i was there. and that was a law or a ruling by the supreme court that allowed private developers to take private property away. even before i became speaker, we passed a law that is model legislation for the country. the u.s. senate unfortunately, the five years i've been there, four have been under harry read. and we achieve things. we brought accountability to the va. you can fire a senior executive at the va because of my law. there's no bailout fund in obama care, because i led the effort to get rid of it. there are additional sanctions on hez balance lo because i improved sanctions. i'm excited about what we're going to do -- >> you get the criticism, donald trump says you haven't made payroll. the governors say you haven't made executive decisions. how do you respond? >> the president is not the -- the presidents don't run the
3:35 pm
economy, the private sector runs the economy. barack obama runs the economy. we are the party that runs the economy. the president's job is to support economic policies that allow the private sector to succeed. the one thing the president has to be is the commander in chief. there is no one running for president, especially in the republican party that has more experience or better understanding of our national security issues than i do. i have more experience than everyone on that debate stage combined. >> can you name three people you would see in a rubio administration? >> i wouldn't do that, it's presumptuous. i think there are people you would consider. if you look at the people that are running for president, despite our differences, we have a very talented republican party. when i'm our nominee, we're going to bring the party together. from the field of people that are running, there will be quality people to serve our
3:36 pm
government. >> you don't talk about your support for trade, tpp, but you do support it. >> i support a free trade agreement. we have a particular deal that's been signed, no one has come out on that deal other than people that say i'm against it or not. congress is reviewing those 5,000 pages, they'll issue a report in may, that will outline the cost and benefits of the deal, i'll make a decision. i support free trade. i don't support any deal. it's a good deal. >> the new york times is out with a piece, it says, implicit rubio attacks on president obama, is that americans have a good reason to be fatigued by a leader whose chief assets as a candidates were newness -- republican voters may conclude that the world marco rubio paints is in such gloomy shades is better suited to an older, more worldly candidate, even if his name is donald trump. rubio will remain for this election, everyone's second choice. >> i don't usually listen to a
3:37 pm
lot of the opinions in the new york times to begin with. >> i don't have a gloomy view of the future. i think america can be greater than it's ever been. not if we elect hillary clinton or bernie sanders. america can be greater than it's ever been. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. the campaigning is just about over, it's time for the voting. we'll talk about what we can expect tonight with a special expanded panel when we return. i've been on my feel all day.
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test test test test test test test test test test test test knocked on 186,000 doors. i know we've got to get back out there and do the work, but i am so excited about tonight. i'm feeling so energized because of all of you. >> what is our job today. to make sure we have the highest voter turnout possible. that happens, we win. >> good afternoon god bless the
3:42 pm
great state of iowa. >> to have a crowd like this on our final day. can you believe it? this is the day. this is the day we take our country back. remember that. >> the sights and sounds on the trail today. we don't deal with averages of polls this close to the actual voting, the latest poll just out today, we'll put that up for you. it shows donald trump leading over senator ted cruz and marco rubio in third. you see first time caucus goers going to trump. 40% to 22%. previously attended caucus goers, cruz, trump, todd, rubio very close. also in this poll, voter certainty, mind made up, 72%. might change your mind, 28%. we're looking at the sanders/clinton numbers, we'll talk about that as well.
3:43 pm
brit hume, kirsten powers and steve hayes. brit, a sense going into this, and what we can expect. >> we have these two polls which we got yesterday morning. and this quinnipiac poll, they are pretty darn consistent, basically what they show in both cases is, this lead order, trump, cruz, rubio. same in both polls both polls show with different numbers, trump does the best, respectably well with main line republicans, which tells us, i think, that if there's a great big surge, which the polling hasn't yet picked up, he will win very handily, even if there's not, there's a very great likelihood he'll win anyway. that's my takeaway from what we're getting from the polls the last two days. >> we'll get a sense about these
3:44 pm
crowd sizes at these caucus sites. >> either way, no matter what happens. i think we know we don't know very much. having covered this for 20 years more than -- i thought money was the key factor. you know who raised the most money? ben carson did. i thought you had to spent a lot of time in the state, mike huckabee did that. trump is flying, giving rallies in states that don't have primaries. if trump and bernie win this thing, it's going to be an earthquake for both parties. we have no idea what the relevant criteria were for calling the race. >> what's the thing, the 20% that haven't made their mind up, is it electability? >> they have a real caucus where people are persuading people, it could be just who has the best surrogates who are there moving people. i think that -- we were talking
3:45 pm
about this before, on the one hand, maybe everything has changed or maybe everything has stayed the same. we don't really know. you could end up having hillary winning because she has the best organization and she reached the most voters, you could end up having cruz winning because he had the best organization and best voters? we don't know yet. the polls are suggesting trump. there's no new surge of registration. we have same day registration. that's true. do we know where these people are going to show up in the past? >> i tried to get some nuggets of information from senator rubio, whether his team thought he could get to second. he knows it's not going to be first. do we know anything about where the rest of the field stacks up. >> we really don't. to underscore what kirstin and tucker said, this is nice commentator humility here. there's so much we don't know.
3:46 pm
>> tune in tonight. >> finds out what we can -- >> well, look, it's better that we pretend we know everything. >> i was out last night and talked to several senior clinton campaign officials and folks with ted cruz's campaign and the rubio campaign. they all have the numbers and they believe in their numbers, they all say the same thing we're saying. we have no idea. the cliche is that it depends on turnout. nobody knows what to expect with turnout. there's talk of greatly increased turnout. nobody can say that. >> we know the weather's not an issue. >> correct. >> we know the drive to get people to these caucus sites has been intense. some gop leaders are predicting the highest gop turnout ever. bernie sanders and donald trump, one would think surge. >> marco rubio would do well with an influx of new voters. to underscore how crazy this
3:47 pm
past year has been. think about where the republican field was, at the bottom, cruz, rick santorum, rubio and trump. the people at the bottom a year ago today are now among the top three and expected to finish in the top three. >> i was going to say, there's one issue that emerges in all this polling. it has to do with how people feel before the nation's economic system. on the republican side, something in the mid-30% felt the system was rigged. on the democratic side, the number approaches 70%, why is that? the reason for that is a protected anemic economic recovery. i would say it's very clear tonight as we sit here that the sanders candidacy, and i think the trump candidacy as well would not have gotten off the ground had it not been for how long it's been, how many people
3:48 pm
are out of the kinds of jobs they want to have. and too many still out of any job. that drives this sense. there's an old saying in the legal profession, that hard cases make bad law. well, bad economic times spawn bad ideas. and bernie sanders socialism and a lot of this economic pop lichl, these are bad ideas, but they're riding high. >> if there's a state that is a sweet spot for bernie sanders, iowa would be it. >> he would definitely be it. if he wins here tonight, you really need to rethink again your assumptions about what happens next. we're all assuming that there's this firewall in the sec primaries, the southern states are never going to go for bernie. a little over a year ago, hillary clinton was leading among black voters. once obama won iowa, people began to see him as a real candidate. someone with promise you could actually be president. i have no idea what the future holds. there's a reason that des moines is crawling with democratic
3:49 pm
lobbyists and lawyers tonight. they've been called in by the hillary campaign. it could define for subsequent months, they're really really concerned and they ought to be. >> much more with the panel. next up, a live look at two caucus rooms, they're really empty. in a few minutes, they will be filling up. we go live inside those rooms after a quick break. wçg0
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3:53 pm
we are are are a little more than an hour away from the start of the iowa caucuses. the first votes of 2016. folks are lining up or going in to get their seats right now. let's see what it's like inside one of the 2,000 locations spread all over the state. starting with shannon bream at a republican caucus event in clive. hi, shannon. >> hi, bret. they are about to start streaming in here. and at places all over iowa. churches, schools, and some places even homes. in been b. an hour the final appeal for votes will be buzzing. every candidate can have someone speak on his or her behalf. you know in larger sites like we are in clive, iowa, often we expect the candidates will show up trying to persuade undecided caucus voters at the it last moment. we understand that rubio and
3:54 pm
santorum are both likely to stop in here. sometimes folk also send spouses or they will send other top supporters. tonight we understand it could be first-time caucus goers that could make all the difference. >> i feel like it's my daughter as an -- duty as an american to go out and put forth my opinion. >> i'm open to anything. i believe that it's -- if you're going to vote you can't complain who is going to be in office. you have to make the most of it.ú >> and, you know, people can actually show up here tonight and register to vote on site if they are not registered. experienced or novice, it all comes down to a simple piece of paper. they will literally write down a name on the ballot. put them into buckets passed around. counted in buckets out on the stage in front of everybody so they can seat process. very transparent and make the announcements of the two tallies here tonight for the two precincts caucusing together. how democrats handle caucusing tonight. i will toss it to peter
3:55 pm
doocy in ames. >> shannon, everything is out in the open in a democratic caucus room. can you see folks are piling in to pick their party's first winner of 2016. here is about how it is going to work about an hour and 10 minutes from right now. caucus goers gather in which facility think like. if a candidate does not have enough people to be viable, their supporters are basically up for grabs. that's when things get really good. that is when caucus gëñ who are supporting one of the candidates that is going for the top spot in their location try to woo them over. governor march continual o'malley is most in danger of not being considered viable tonight. but he will not say if he wants his supporters to then go to the clinton side or the sanders' side. bret? >> peter and shannon, thank you very much. those reporters at the caucus sites. but, stay tuned for some final thoughts.
3:56 pm
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some votes, and>çñ unafraid. ♪ ♪ $q tonight, "on the record," we are coming to you live from des moines, iowa. it is 7:00 on the east coast, but 6:00 p.m. right here in iowa where in just one hour, doors open and the iowa caucus officially begins. presidential candidates are crisscrossing the hawkeye state, making last-minute pleas to woo voters. "on the record" takes you inside, carly fiorina's campaign rv for final pitches before iowa voters kick off the wild caucus process. we're also going to take you live to the other candidates in both parties fighting in out in iowa tonight. first tonight fox news correspondent shannon bream at caucus site in iowa. sh


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