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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ $q tonight, "on the record," we are coming to you live from des moines, iowa. it is 7:00 on the east coast, but 6:00 p.m. right here in iowa where in just one hour, doors open and the iowa caucus officially begins. presidential candidates are crisscrossing the hawkeye state, making last-minute pleas to woo voters. "on the record" takes you inside, carly fiorina's campaign rv for final pitches before iowa voters kick off the wild caucus process. we're also going to take you live to the other candidates in both parties fighting in out in iowa tonight. first tonight fox news correspondent shannon bream at caucus site in iowa. shannon. >> we are here in clive,
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iowa, where they are calling this their super bowl. they say it's about the planning. candidates have been working, doing old school ground game, grass roots. they're going door to door. they are working phone banks. it all comes down to tonight. the interesting thing here is, greta, is we expect two precikc5ñ are going to gather here tonight.p about 800 people. and because it's such a big site, we do expect at least two of the presidential candidates are going to stop by, santorum and rubio. we hear there may be others. they are here to make last ditch appeal to all of these caucus goers. it's interesting because you have heard and we have heard on the ground some people we have talked to who say they are undecided. that's something we talked to the county executive director about. gloria and this is what she said about how that plays out tonight. >> maybe the candidate will show up. that is one of their choices. that may be enough to really push them to that candidate. talking to their neighbors, their friends that are here. they will persuade, too. one thing about iowans they
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have met them. they have been out there. and they know what they want. but there may just be too that are so close they can't commit. >> all right. and this is what it comes down to. simple pieces of paper, greta, literally once people come in here, they will listen to any representative for each of the candidates and as i said a couple of the actual candidates showing up here tonight. they will mark a piece of paper and pass around maybe four or five buckets like you would do to take up a church offering. people drop these in and on the stage behind me they open these up, they count them, anybody from the campaigns can watch. anybodyá"áq can watch. count them one by one by hand. it it's a long be transparent as possible. they announce the results here. send them in to headquarters and everybody waits to see how it pans out across the thousands of caucus sites that will be active tonight. greta, that's it from the g.o.p. side of things. >> shannon, thank you. and now to ames, iowa. that's where fox news correspondent peter doocy is inside a democratic caucus location.
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peter? >> greta, it's happening. folks are filing in and they are starting to sit in the section for the candidate that they like the best. tonight it's this location. sanders' fans are going to sit here. clinton backers will sit here. o'malley folks will be in the corner. once everybody is seated right at will:00. officials will come in and make sure that they have enough people to be considered viable, to make sure that they have at least 15% of the folks in the room. if somebody does not have about 15% support, then what usually happens is that group disbands and then, say, the sanders and clinton people might try to woo over the o'malley people as o'malley is in danger tonight of not being considered viable. interesting though, o'malley will not say if he wants his backers, if they are at a location where he is eliminated early to support sanders or clinton which could loom large because it's basically a dead heat between clinton and sanders right now across the state. and to give you a sense of how unique each caucus is, we are here at iowa state.
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as we go right down the hall, there is an arena that the school uses to teach students about agriculture and animal science. this is connected to the caucus room. so they are going to be picking a president about 50 feet away from this room had a cattle sale and we're told they are very proud, the group that was here sold about $100,000 worth of cattle. greta? >> peter. thank you. okay. check this out. are a view from our greta drone of the carly fiorina campaign rv making its way across the state. just a short time ago we got on board her rv. herems is carly fiorina "on the record." >> okay, carlie, are you excited. >> i am excited. all this talk 160 events. >> 160 here? >> yes, in iowa over the course of the year. i'm excited that finally the
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caucus goers of iowa get to speak. because everyone else has been talking for quite long enough now. >> you are going to some of the caucuses? >> yes, i am. >> what are you expecting? tell me what you are going to do. >> i'm going to do two things. my husband is going to caucuses. my daughter and son-in-law are going to caucuses. of course, we have people standing up and speaking for us all across the state of iowa. what i'm going to do is shake every hand i can and talk to people and then you get three minutes to talk. so i will take my three minutes and say to the voters of iowa we have to take our country back. i'm a leader that can stand with citizens of this nation and do so. >> you have been to some so many events in the state. how many caucuses do you think you can make tonight, you. >> me personally i can probably onlyç, make two. >> i have done a report on $43 million. at least that's the estimate. maybe it's only $40 million or more million dollars was spent by the department of defense to build a $500,000 natural gas station yn afghanistan that shouldn't have cost $500,000.
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as far as i know, there is no criminal investigation. would carly fiorina justice department investigate that, number one, and do you think it's at all possible that you can spend that kind of money without having corruption? >> yes. >> you do. >> i would indict: no, it is not possible to spend all that money without corruption. which is why on my blueprint to take america back. take our country back which i have nut writing because i want to be held accountable. i'm use to do being held accountable in my life. second thing on that blueprint is zero based budgeting. >> explain that. >> how all of us budget. you know how we budget? we examine any dollar. we can cut any dollar. we can move any dollar. everybody budgets that way except the federal government. once you get money you own it you never give it back. you never have to justify it all you have got to do is ask for more. that's what's been going on for 50 years. if we are going to get this government under control. we have to get control of the money. >> this is nothing the president can fix but something else that annoys me is we have all these
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committees on capitol hill that are oversight committees. i'm rather sarcastic and i call them after sight. whether it's $43 million on gas station. that's when they have hearings. well, it's too late. the money has been spent. what good is an after sight committee. >> you are right. that's why people are tired of the political class. everybody running with exception of me are part of the political class. >> donald trump and ben carson isn't part of it. >> that's true. donald trump is a i don't know call tallist. made millions buying access to people on the inside he admitted that. >> are you giving him credit for that. >> if you are the system, you are not going to change the system. look, we have to get control of the money. you know who has more power than the president and more power than congress? the citizens of this nation. so, as president, i'm going to harness their power. literally once a week walked
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in the oval office. fellow citizen fuss agree x1if you want this bill to pass press one. we use technology for foolish things. we vote "the voice." >> we have a twitter poll. >> twitter poll do not believe that these a very important poll we vote on. technology for important things. to give citizens the power back. >> as do we know you won't get co-opted if you are president and all of a sudden you become part of this? >> because all my life, i have challenged the system. that's how you go from ceo. all my life i hj> been told to sit down and be quiet, don't challenge the system. just accept the way things are. and all my life i have ignored that advice. but i'm running because the american people are being told that now, sit down and be quiet. just settle, just accept things are we can't anymore. well, good luck getting out of here tonight, i'm sure you will. on to new hampshire and get
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a ride in new hampshire, i hope. when is this arriving? do you know? four days? >> you know, i don't know exactly. but you can have a ride in new hampshire. >> better leave now to beat the storm u too. i don't think this has four wheel drive. >> this rv is going to leave around noon. >> anyway, congratulations. good luck. and we will be watching tonight. >> thank you. >> and the 2016 candidates are still out on the trail making their final pushes before iowans begin to caucus. >> i'm counting on you and i trust you and i ask for your support to caucus with me tonight. >> we don't get any wall street money. weave don't havewwé- a super sur pac. will resonate well beyond iowa and all over the country. >> in heidi cruz becomes the first lady, french fries are coming back to the cafeteria. >> quickly shake hands and thank you all. i know we have got to get back out there and do the work. >> i love you all. make sure you caucus tonight. make sure you all caucus
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tonight. we're going to have a tremendous victory. we love you. >> what so what surprises should you watch for tonight? the "on the record" political panel is here, real clear politics. caitlin huey-burns and from the "weekly standard" john mccormick. we have seen all the polls. but we also know that the polls can be unreliable and it's hard to poll caucuses. what surprise should we look for tonight? >> one big surprise that most recent the des moines register poll pointed out if a bigger nun of evangelicals, same number that came out in 2012 show up this is a dead heat. 1 point race. right now it's a 5 point lead for trump in the poll because they expect a lower percentage of evangelical christians coming out. if they show up tonight, this race could go late in!j the night. >> caitlin, sort of interesting, that same poll john talks about, dr. ben carson has 70% favorability. some people might go out and surprised everybody and do better than the projection. they like him. >> is he still polling in
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fourth place with about 10% of his support which is holding ted cruz back a little bit. ted cruz has start to do inherit carson's support as he declined and start to do level off. that could be a surprise. i'm also marco rubio, of course. his campaign has been talking about this momentum. we will see if he really has it tonight. if he can create enough distance between himself and the other candidates behind him. and close enough to cruz, i think that could be considered a victory. >> what if he comes in fourth, john. because senator rubio has been acting quite confident here in iowa the past couple of days. >> that would be psycholq0ájt(s blow to him. he has been ticking up in the polls 11 points to 16, 17 points. i think he is hoping to get 20% today. somewhere like that. the polls, i mean, the actual percentages don't make a whole lot of difference in terms of how many delegates you get. at the end of the day, 237 delegates. winner will get something like 9, second place finner 7. fourth place finishes, 4, 5,
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or 6. >> we this governor jeb bush was here today. he was pounding the pavement. but he didn't seem to get traction here, at least so it appears. >> it's interesting. jeb bush and chris christie spent campaign days here when they could have spent them in new hampshire. they are hoping to blunt any mow men rubio has going into new hampshire. they see him as a top competitor. if they can eat into his state of iowa. then that could be -- have consequence for new hampshire. >> governor huckabee, who won in 2008, where iso[ he? i mean, they liked him in 2000 it 8. >> way down in the polls. you have to wonder candidates getting 2, 3, 4% of the polls. maybe i should vote for two man race donald trump would lose by 18 points to ted cruz. donald trump is winning bawtion he has intensity on his side. he has a lower favorability rating than ted cruz, marco rubio or ben carson. >> his supporters have very intense about him. caitlin and john, thank you
4:13 pm
both. >> and in about 45 minutes iowans will begin to caucus. who will come out on top. what if a candidate who has been polling low wins f unsuspected second place? does that add oxygen to the campaign. [newt gingrich goes "on the record." good to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. you have quite an evening out there. >> it is a wild evening. it's been a wild day. wild couple days. whoever wins tonight in iowa on the democrat or republican isn't going to get a lot of delegates. this is important to win, isn't it and why? >> well, i think it's very important to win and in a way very important not to lose. christopher lee at "the washington post" did a very interesting about two hours ago pointing out that if hillary were to lose tonight, which is possible, i think it's a very close -- if she loses tonight, that that will be almost an earthquake among the democratic establishment because she was 51 points late last year. she has been sliding all through this campaign. so she has a lot -- she has
4:14 pm
more to lose than sanders has to gain. on the republican side. >> and, of course,. >> go ahead. >> no, you go ahead, sir. >> i was going to say on the republican side, i think the person who has the most movement right now seems to be marco rubio. and as you noticed both with rick santorum in 2012 andzá in 2004 with john edwards, sometimes somebody comes along who is being totally positive. the frontrunners start beating each other up and the average iowans goes gee, wouldn't that nice person be a better joyce in marco may be the person who is the most interesting to watch tonight to see if it coalesces and gives him a surprisingly strong outcome. soorenly a lot of excitement here. when the caucus doors open shortly they will at least be persuadable one way or the other. go back to secretary clinton. if she loses tonight, the psychological blow because at least right now she is way behind senator bernie
4:15 pm
sanders in new hampshire and that's right down the road. that's about a week away. that would be horrible. >> last poll in new hampshire this morning, she is behind by two to one. it was 611% to 30%. she has this real problem. you can't be in a national figure for something like 25 or 30 years, be a senator, be a candidate for president. be the secretary of state. raise the amount of money she has raised and then start losing without a lot of your supporters getting very very nervous. the more scandals that come out. and two or three came out during the day today, the more she erodes, the more likely it is you are about to see several other people jump in the race. >> mr. speaker, thank you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> "on the taking you inside the room where counting caucus votes tonight. ryanht priebus goes "on the record" tonight. you can feel it in the air. take tout headquarters presidential candidates
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we are back live in des moines, iowa, where the iowa caucus kicks off in a little more than 30 minutes. "on the record's" griff jenkins is live in the rnc war room where the g.o.p. caucus votes will actually be added up. griff? >> that's right, greta. you are getting a first look inside the war room. the g.o.p.'s war room here in des moines. this is where the 1681 precincts will report their results. the chairman herel jeff joins me. chairman, tell me where we are. >> this is the war room. this is where everything
4:20 pm
happens. this is the epicenter of the political universe right now. first time we have ever let media in the war room. >> technology is different. there is going to be an app. precinct captains use an app. to report back to these people. >> democrats and republicans came together with microsoft, everything is state of the art technology coming in. >> the question on everybody's mind is are we going to have a son tropical storm situation like in 2012 where it took weeks? >> we will have 48 hours. everything is going to be certified. greta, i'm "on the record" with that one. >> 48 hours, no multiple -- we didn't find out until south carolina when when santorum was finally certified. and who so did our viewers know in a little over hour from now you will get your first results; is that correct? >> about 7:30 open the gates. precincts come streaming in. beauty is all of your viewers can look at this on our website. they have can see it in realtime. we are transparent here in the hawkeyeñ state. >> jeff, thanks for letting us in 7:30 central time. 8:30 eastern time. greta, first results coming in. >> griff, dom, thanks for
4:21 pm
the shotout. thank you, griff. join us tomorrow. rnc chair reince priebus. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta. >> are you excited? are you ready for tonight? >> i'm excited. it's%uqu hard not to be excited about tonight. the primary process getting started. it's probably going to be a little bit longer of a road than people tis pated but tonight is a big night for the process. and you saw there from the folks in iowa. i think they have done a great job and prepared and making sure they don't have nobody wants that rough and tumble. insults back and forth between the g.o.p. throwing insults around. looking far out in the future. everybody wants to unite the party. feathers? >> time has a way to do that, greta.
4:22 pm
that's it. it seems like a few weeks ago. it seems like a few months ago. when you get to a nominee whether it be end of march, mid april. whenever that time is. there is going to be so much time, may, june, july, august, the convention it feels even longer after the convention. all that time getting people together. people want to win. no one wants hillary clinton to be president. she has so many problems. totally failed secretary of state. obviously between our own work and unifying the party and having a common opponent, the party, like always, will come together and will unify behind whoeverredmentr in knee is they will have the biggest, broadest national republican committee we have built. >> i hope your technology works and democratic party's technology works after >> i don't know if i can join in both of those wishes but i will wish for one of them.
4:23 pm
>> and you all tested this app. so you feel comfortable with it. >> yeah. i mean the folks in iowa have done a great job. certainly both parties are using it. so if it doesn't work it will be mutually shared destruction. we think it will be fine. there is fail-safe. there is backup ways of counting these votes as well. go back to the old system if we have to. it will be done and we will know tonight where we are in iowa and then move on to new hampshire.vze >> indeed. reince priebus chair of the rnc. doors are about to open at caucus locations all across iowa are any candidates feeling the pre-caucus jitters? we will take you thrive several campaign headquarters. that's next. ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days,
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talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options. i can do that! welcome back to this very special edition of "on the record" live from des moines, iowa. the caucus countdown. down to just 30 minutes. this will be the first time americans take their pick for the 2016 presidential rates race. "on the record" has live team coverage from the candidates' headquarters. let's kick it off with fox chief political correspondent carl cameron. carl? >> ted cruz healed rally last night and packed the place. tonight they hope it's going to be a victory party. is he the only republican
4:28 pm
candidate who went-to-r. toe to -- went toe to toe with donald trump for months. he did lose his lead a dead heat between trump and cruz. cruz campaign maybe making the case boldly and openly they have a spear grer operation to the entire rest of the field. they talk about thousands of volunt=ñ around from around the country to help them. precinct captains and then some. abundance of them. all of them at this very hour scrambling to make sure they have their ducks in a row organizational battle turnout. the cruz campaign has suggested for the last several weeks that if the turnout doesn't go much over 130 to 1,135,000, that they will probably be the presidential winners in the caucuses here in iowa. if it goes higher than that, they recognize there is a problem and that could, of course, benefit donald trump. last night it was ted cruz, phil robertson of "duck dynasty" and glenn beck in this room. it was clear there was an energy. we will find out how they translate into actual
4:29 pm
organizational action in the next couple of hours. greta? >> carl, thank you. from carl at the cruz campaign we head to john roberts at the trump campaign. what's the mood there, john? >> good evening to you, greta. things not quite underway here at the trump headquarters out in west des moines. the audience will be let in about a half an hour from now. donald trump arrived here 4:30 local time set. now out at couple local caucus sites. his daughter ivanka and two sons hitting caucuses in the southern part of the state. donald trump threw out the typical iowa playbook as'""wd he was campaigning for the caucuses here. not doing the small retail politics. dinners, living rooms. it was all big events all designed celebrity and draw people. in will those people so enthusiastic at those rallies come out and caucus. donald trump doesn't seem to have too much of a ground
4:30 pm
game unlike ted cruz and marco rubio. he may be really relying on celebrity in order to get those people out. he certainly has tapped in to a feeling of discontent among iowa voters. we are hearing reports that d)otiuuáhp)e showing up at caucuses which could bode well for donald trump. carl was talking just a second ago about numbers. in the numbers go above 150,000 to 170,000 that will play very well in donald trump's favor. according to a new quinnipiac poll if that number hits 200,000 this race could be his. greta? >> john, thank you from. john at the trump campaign we now moved over to the rubio campaign. mike emanuel is there. mike, what's happening there? what are the expectations? >> well, greta, good evening. senior advisors to senator marco rubio say they feel good about where they are tonight. they are talking about a strong third place finish. setting those expectations. trying to put a lot of pressure on texas senator ted cruz say federal government doesn't win here, that would be bad sign for him that he has a lot of the
4:31 pm
key endorsements and a lot of organization on the ground here in iowa. rubio spent the day with his family visiting volunteer centers and will speak at three caucus sites this evening before coming here to watch results. marco rubio has told supporters that he feels good about the direction of his campaign. of he believes tonight is important because it's the first opportunity that americans have to weigh in on this country after president obama bought line is he setting expectations as a good finish, a strong finish here and trying to make sure that the pressure is on ted cruz to win. bottom line, they feel pretty upbeat about where things are and%y think they will propel themselves into new hampshire from here. greta? >> mike, thank you. and for mike at the rubio campaign headquarters. to james rosen. is he at the sanders campaign headquarters. james? what's going on there? >> greta, good evening. the audience here, such is as it is so far comprised exclusively of members of the news media we are being
4:32 pm
treat to do some funky tunes being piped in. earlierxlivelier campaign small strip mall in des moines he stopped by to thank 100 volunteers and campaign staffers who took note of the fact that a poll released today by quinnipiac university of likely democratic caucus goers in iowa find him three points ahead of hillary clinton. at the same time, sanders also noted that there are polls showing clinton ahead. as he put it, iowa is a tied ballgame right now. it's all going to come down as you heard elsewhere to turnout. sanders told his supporters if there is a big turnout we will win. if there is not a high turnout we will struggle tonight. the mood amongst his campaign is that he has a very good chance of winning, but also trying to tell folks it's a media myth that he cannot build his political revolution if he doesn't win here tonight. he will be quite happy to come away even if he loses the iowa caucuses with equal or near equal number of delegates to the democratic
4:33 pm
convention, greta. >> james, thank you. and from james at the sanders' headquarters to he had henry at the clinton campaign#i headquarters. he had, how confident are they tonight? >> well, they feel confident. they are at drake university here. obviously a lot of hillary clinton supporters are caucusing or getting ready to caucus in a little while. they are not here yet. remember they everywhere planning a victory party eight years ago as well. she didn't win. she came in third behind barack obama and john edwards. what's different this time? they believe they have a better ground game. they believe they are going to turn out their voters. you heard john how the sanders' camp is hoping for a huge turnout. something not approaching what barack obama had in 2008. but having very strong. they think that would mean that sanders will have a big night. but if you look at the des moines register and others who have been watching the electorate very closely here on the ground in the hawkeye state. they have been suggesting that it won't be that kind of huge turnout. we don't know yet. i spoke i was at a clinton field office a few hours ago and a ran into all kinds of volunteers. one of them is actually a
4:34 pm
woman who lives in illinois and first met hillary clinton when she was 13 years old and said she was here eight years ago. was very disappointed but thinks this time the clinton camp is much more focused and has a better ground game. a few more hours and we@ will find out if she is right, greta. >> thank you, he had. from the clinton campaign in iowa. a bombshell, there could be a new crisis for secretary clinton's campaign. catherine herridge is here with new information about the clinton emails. catherine? >> remember, greta, on friday the state department confirmed what we had been first to report on fox news that 22 top secret emails were being withheld in full from public release. that means no one will ever be able to see them, even with heavy redactions. since we have spoken it a u.s. government official who has looked at those 22 top secret emails and they have told us that they contain operational intelligence. operational intelligence is real-time information about sources, methods and the movements of individuals. we were told that putting that information on unsecured, home server
4:35 pm
really put american lives at risk, greta. >> is this so obvious that she should have known? that's the big question. there is one situation where some emails were allegedly -- after she had received them they were later upgrade to do top secret. but these other emails. these 22, are they so obvious that one should have known? >> well, first of all on this turn term upgraded, this is view used by the campaign and also by the state department that term is real willly very misleading. what happened with these emails is that they were returned to their proper and original classification which in this case were top secret. i have not seen the 22 emails in question but this u.s. government official said that there was no way anyone who had basic knowledge of national security and an eighth grade education would think it's okay to have that kind of information on unsecure, unclassifiedi system. and the other thing we learned, greta, is that it was not a one-off.
4:36 pm
based on our contact that this was going on over a prolonged period of time. from shortly after the server was set up in 2009 until shortly before she stepped down as secretary of state in 2013. so would t. would suggest pattern and practice of sending in the information this way, greta. >> i certainly think these 22, if there is operational intention that we don't get does appear it to change things. however then we have got the make them public you can't put them in a indictment or charging document should it ever get to that point and i'm not suggesting it it okay this does make it much more complicated tonight. anyway, i. >> i just wanted to say in closing, he personally love the greta drone. i thought that was fabulous. and i hope one day that i'll have a story where it can follow me, greta. could be pretty interesting. >> that drone is fantastic. i can't take credit for that thank you. >> thank you. >> at least one g.o.p. candidate is skipping out on
4:37 pm
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[siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. ♪ beth, what can i do... ♪ next stop after iowa, new hampshire. folks are already ground game in new hampshire. john kasich joins us from from loudoun, new hampshire, good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> we miss you out in iowa. why aren't you here? >> well, greta, look, i was there for the debate and did some town halls before and then after and actually met with the quad city newspaper, the third large paper in iowa, which i got the endorsement for that and, look, i would love to spend more time in iowa but i got in the race in july and there is only so much of me to go around as my wife is thrilled to know. she doesn't want two of me. and, look, i have had to invest where i think we have
4:42 pm
an ability to sees a many people as possible. iowa is so big, and if i'm the nominee, of course, i will spend a lot of time in iowa. i spent a lot of time in new hampshire. i just finished my 89th town hall)é meeting. we are very happy to be here. we will spend more time in iowa if we can get the nomination. >> by the way, senator rubio just as an aside, has arrived at his campaign celebration in clive, iowa. i don't know, is he is there early. anyway, governor, it's a caucus site. >> governor, you mentioned the quad city endorsement. so i think i ought to give you a shoutout. you also managed. you have got the "new york times" d9t and the "boston globe." you have got those two as well. i should add that into the mix and a number of newspaper endorsements in >> seven out of eight in new hampshire. we are in second place in new hampshire. we have decided this was the
4:43 pm
place where we could really break out. there is only 1.3 million people and you can get all over the state. i'm sitting on my bus right nau which we have driven all over the state very optimistic to do well here and head on to a big national campaign. >> i read earlier today that you told governors bush and christie to take the trash off the air what's going on? >> it's a lot of negative campaigning. i found out this morning that my own super pac organization was going to run some negative nonsense and our whole campaign simply blasted our sister organization to say don't do it. we can't tell them what to do but we expressed our opinion. while we are taking our stuff off and put positive on, i'm calling on the criminals city people and the bush people to take their nonsense off othe air. i mean, look, at this point why don't we tell people what we are for instead of spending our time beating other people up to somehow slow them down so we can have some kind of a tactical advantage.
4:44 pm
my sense is let's go positive here in new hampshire for the last week. and let's tell people what we want top do, what we are for and then let it go from there. >> how about picking up the phone and calling them directly? is that a possibility? >> greta, they know how i feel. it will get to them. believe me. they already know. these things travel like the we will move on. tell me your plans between now and new hampshire primary day because it's a week away? >> we were running the 800-meter race and now getting down to the 100-meter dash. town hall meetings. we expect over the coming days to be able to it do at least 100 which is remarkable number. we have got a tremendous ground game here. we're trending in to second place. and we're just going to do more of what we have been
4:45 pm
doing. no reason to change anything. no reason to look another way. work as hard as can you through the the tape and the people of new hampshire will decide the results soon. >> governor, we'll be out there. we will see you soon in new hampshire. we have got to finish this up in iowa but we will be there to see you. thank you, sir. >> all right, greta. thank you. >> and we have been talking caucus all night long. but do you know how the caucus works in iowa? that is next it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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this is a fox news alert. just moments ago, senator marco rubio arriving at a caucus location in clive, iowa. fox news shannon bream is inside. shannon? >> all right, greta. he was surrounded by dozens of people clamoring to get a
4:50 pm
selfie to take a picture. is he is about to take the stage here. we understand he may lead the pledge of allegiance before they officially kick off the business. i talked to a couple of voters who said they are still so torn and they can't wait to hear from him directly. that's why the candidates show up at the larger caucuses hoping to scramble together a few more votes hoping to make the difference. we are waiting as he gets ready to take the stage it could make a difference. could make a difference. like i said these m=a1 three different people. they will hear from everyone tonight but to hear from a candidate directly will help put them over the top if they feel like they are lined up well enough. he had a tough time making it through the crowd because he was immediately swamped by people who wanted to touch him and talk to him. you know how it is in iowa. people are use to do talking to these candidates. sitting down and talking to them 15 or 20 minutes sometimes. they expect that out of the candidates. and tonight they will get a little more extra time with rubio as he is minutes away from taking the stage. greta, back to you. >> shannon, thank you. and you have heard the term caucus a million times.
4:51 pm
but do you know how a caucus differs from a primary? here is your answer. >> this is des moines, iowa. voters across the hawkeye state are meeting to kick off the 2016 presidential contest. but what is a caucus? and what makes it different from a primary? >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> welcome to smoky row. >> iowa is a great place. it's a great state. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> all over iowa, candidates in both parties have been campaigning for months. hoping they might just win big in his key first caucus. k conventions next summer. >> to go the caucus and caucus for me. >> my is in the hands of the people of iowa. >> i love this country. it's time we had somebody who makes proper decisions. >> this is a campaign of the
4:52 pm
people, by the people, and for the people. >> we will win the nomination and we will win the general election in november. >> for most states, voters engage in a primary where they cast ballots and delegates are chosen by how many votes. but in bit different. it's called a caucus. and voters in both parties meet separately, republicans with with meet with republicans, democrats meet with democrats. and for iowa's democrats, imagine a room full of democrats physically grouping together to support their candidates? one corner for clinton. another for o'malley. and if one candidate doesn't get enough support, those caucus goers, by the rules have to switch to another candidate. a second choice who met the threshold required support. and in the end, the candidate with the most support gets the most delegates. and for republicans, the caucus process is a bit different from the democrats. representatives from candidate campaigns give speeches trying to win over
4:53 pm
the caucus goers. at the it end of the night the caucus goers vote for candidate of choice using a little slip of paper. right now the campaigns are scrambling, doing everything they can right here in iowa to bring home a victory. >> now, do you understand what a caucus is? how could the voter turnout impact the outcome? >> zeke, if it's a good turnout that's good for trump and sanders, right? >> yes it is. they are betting on turn outf= new voters. people who have never turned out in the caucuses before. students and the like. people who live in rural areas. if they come out tonight, if we see long lines a at thee caucus sites. that's a good sign for both bernie sanders and donald trump. >> do we have any information about what it looks like. >> a little antidotal. precincts shift around every year. different locations every year. it's hard to point to what happened four years ago. long lines and some caucuses that people safe are kind of empty it depends on how talk to.
4:54 pm
>> fun looking at the crowd out in clive, iowa. senator marco rubio, that's a live video. donald trump doesn't seem to have a lot of of buses getting there he is hoping celebrity draws him there. >> has not done the tremendous traditional thing commit to caucus cards he has email tool, he has insight. doesn't have the traditional things like ted cruz or sophisticated campaigns have. >> i know you are off to manchester. more from des moines, iowa, when we come back. ,i$,;,ed with. one day, it started to rain and rain.
4:55 pm
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♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ this is a fox news alert. iowa caucus locations are beginning to fill up. fox news peter doocy is live at a democratic caucus site where 500 people are already there. peter? >> as you can see they set up seating for 300 here on the campus of iowa state university. you can see that was not even close to enough.
4:59 pm
the room is already standing room only. and there are still about 200 people outside. all the organizers keep telling us is that they are astounded by the turnout and that about 90% of the kids outside, the students outside are students. many of the students that have are are registering at democrats on the spot. just about every single one you can see from the left and right side of me. the sanders and trump side they are -- sanders and clinton side they are going for sanders. >> fox news janice dean. >> you need to be home before. if you can get home before midnight that's a good deal. the blizzard moves in overnight tonight and in to tomorrow for much of the hawkeye state. good thing this blizzard didn't hit today. that's the good news, so people need to be home by midnight. and then we will watch the gusty winds start and blizzard conditions throughout tomorrow. back to you.uw >> japan miss, thank you.
5:00 pm
that's all for us from des moines, iowa. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. thank you, iowa. and special edition of america's elections headquarters starts now. ♪ ♪ it's 8:00 p.m. in the east. 7:00 p.m. here in des moines, iowa. i'm bret baier. >> i'm megyn kelly. good evening, the process of choosing the next president has finally begun. >> early fox news entrance polls indicate a tight race on the republican side with new york businessman donald trump, texas senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio battling each other for the top spot. although trump appears to have a very slight edge. it is still very early and the numbers could, of course, shift. >> on the democratic side, there is a similarly tight battle between former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders, a democratic socialist. again, it is]vy very early. about the only projection we can safely make at this early hour is one that


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