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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 2, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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complete the pitch. >> we will see. >> it will be interesting to watch. >> it will. >> thank you, caitlyn. >> thank you. >> thank you. let's keep talking about the iowa caucuses what surprised you most about the results. log on to our "fox & friends" facebook page, #keeptalking. >> thanks, everyone. >> bye-bye. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. the democrats here seem to be in a virtual tie between one candidate who admits he's a socialist and the other candidate who pretends she's not. >> we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition. and we were taking on the most
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powerful political organization in the united states of america. [ cheers ] tonight while the results are still not known, it looks like we are in a virtual tie. [ cheers ] >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something -- i'm just honored. we will go on to get the republican nomination, and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> we have to be united against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us apart and divide us. >> they told me i needed to wait my turn, that i needed to wait in line. tonig tonight, tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state sent a clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. [ cheers ]
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a lot of talking last night. a lot of caucusing. this morning, it's the post-game show live from des moines, iowa. brian kilmeade joins us from the embassy suite along the river along with anna kooiman and moi in new york city. good morning, brian. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a late night and exciting night all around. we finally have something to talk about. instead of projections, we actually have results. am i the only one tingling? >> you and chris matthews. >> i had excited butterflies for last 48 hours probably. >> reporter: let's take a look. what's interesting is how the polls got this one wrong. the real clear poll -- real clear politics average for iowa showed that donald trump clearly in the lead, and yet in the end, last night, ted cruz won. look at these totals. this is a gigantic number of republicans who showed up. the turnout was over 180,000.
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that is 60,000 over the previous record. ted cruz wound up with 51,000. donald trump wound up with almost 45,000. marco rubio, 42,000, to put trump's number into perspective, he wound up with more votes, more caucus votes than mike huckabee did in 2004. and mike huckabee won. >> and governor huckabee dropping out of the race now. this year. >> suspends. >> yeah. suspends. he announced it on twitter, so did governor o'malley. >> reporter: yeah, i loved what donald trump said at the end. i thought -- a lot of people said whatever happens, if he loses a caucus or primary, how is he going to handle it. i think he handled it great. sense of humility. i look forward to moving to new hampshire. love the people of iowa. i might buy a farm. meanwhile -- by the way, the turnout thing is great news for america and a salute to iowa. on the democrat side, this was flat-out fascinating.
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here's how you know it's fascinating. we still don't have a winner. in terms of hillary clinton, she's got a slight lead. guys, that is a surmountable lead in theory so far. bernie sanders has got to be proud. >> absolutely. how are the candidates reacting to the results from overnight? >> we have live coverage with rich edson live in iowa and kriftd -- and kristin fisher from d.c. >> reporter: it was a major turnout for republicans here. a good chunk of that turnout were evangelicals. 62% according to fox entrance polls show those 62% of republican caucus-goers identified as evangelicals, that's up from 56% in 2012. one-third went for ted cruz. cruz declaring victory, and then turning his attention to the democrats. >> the democrats here seem to be in a virtual tie between one
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candidate who admits he's a socialist and the other candidate who pretends she's not. [ laughter ] i wish them both luck. but i will tell you this, as margaret thatcher observed, the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money. >> reporter: donald trump led many of the polls here in iowa going into last evening's caucuses. he -- the question about his supporters is whether they were just event-goers, whether they would be caucus-goers. many did show up at the caucuses, but not enough to put him ahead of senator ted cruz. and so donald trump in his remarks following the results made the best of his second-place finish. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something -- i'm just honored. i'm really honored. and i want to congratulate ted, and i want to congratulate all
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of the incredible candidates, including mike huckabee who's become a really good friend of mine. so congratulations to everybody. [ applause ] i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay? thank you. [ cheers ] >> reporter: senator marco rubio finishing right behind donald trump, 1% point less than trump, the second-place finisher. performed and outperforming what he was polling going into the caucuses. very good result for marco rubio and with that gave a very energetic victory-like speech. >> they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait in line. >> this is your turn! [ cheers ] >> tonight, tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any
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longer to take our country back. >> reporter: so with the first voting and first results, we now have the first narrowing of the field. that's former arkansas governor mike huckabee. actually won the caucuses in 2008. he performs with about 2% points here. so he bows out of this one. we now head to kristin fisher in d.c. with more on how the democrats performed last night. >> reporter: hey, rich. so the fox news decision desk says that this race is still too close to call. clinton's campaign is already declaring victory. ed henry is reporting that clinton's senior staff started cheering when their plane touched down in new hampshire around 4:00 this morning. they saw this their colleagues had put out this statement. "after thorough reporting and analysis of results, there is no uncertainty. and secretary clinton has clearly won the most national and state delegates." last night when she took the stage in iowa, she did not declare victory but did say she's breathing a big syed of
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relief. she congratulated bernie sanders and laid into republican rivals. >> when it was all said and done, we have to be united against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us apart and divide us. that is not who we are, my friends. and i intend to stand against it. i will not -- i will not let their divisiveness, their efforts to rip away the progress that we've made be successful. >> bernie sanders has already won the expectations game. right now he's just .3 to.5 points behind clinton in iowa. these are the closest results in iowa democratic caucus history. last night he reminded his supporters that nine months ago we had no political organization, no money, no name recognition, and now we're taking on the most powerful political organization in the u.s. >> i think the people of iowa
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have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and, by the way, to the media establishment. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the other big news, albeit not surprising news, is that last night martin o'malley dropped out. the former maryland governor didn't even get 1%. he ended it in iowa. >> the fight that you and i are engaged in is a tough fight. i believe the toughness is the way the hidden god has of telling us we're actually fighting for something worth saving. >> reporter: so now it is on to new hampshire. a state where bernie sanders has a clear advantage. he's leading by a wide margin in almost all the polls. and now he's proven that he can come this close to clinton in a state like iowa. we're still waiting on a final decision from fox's decision desk. >> all right. thank you very much. okay, so we just saw in that
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recap all the winners, the candidates talking. what about the actual caucus-goers? if you were watching the channel last night during megyn kelly and bret baier's coverage -- peter doocy, i followed his career extensively -- he was at iowa state university on a particular caucus side on. one side were the hillary cau s caucus-goers and the other side the bernie caucus-goers. you get a good idea demographically who is for whom. watch. >> reporter: the sanders side is overwhelmingly. the sanders crowd here is here -- at ames, a lot of students saying they're motivated by sanders' message of cleaning up wall street. whereas some of the under grads that we spoke to on the clinton side say they're here to listen. they could be convinced. >> there were a lot of kids on the sanders side, brian. then again, there was a dorm across the street. >> and that free college thing works in bernie sanders' favor,
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too. >> reporter: right. i mean, when you drill down who's paying for your free college and the professors and university, they really -- yeah. the followup question really stumps them. when you look at the breakdown of who voted for whom, that's exactly like peter's package reflects. sanders got 84% of the youth vote. 84% for a 74-year-old guy who has no legislative accomplishments. clinton with just 14. in terms of first timers, no doubt, bernie sanders comes with a new message, one that's impossible to satisfy. then the policies of the next president should be the same as barack obama. now you know why hillary clinton was talking so much about the president and left the trade deal behind. wasn't talking about anything but positive things about obamacare. >> right. she was wrapping her arms around obama and trying to connect herself as much as she could to him. let's take a look on the other side of the aisle, the gop polls
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and the candidates individually. here are senator ted cruz's strengths, 44%, conservative. 38%, shares my values, 33% evangelical christians, 27%, government spending. that evangelical christian voting block is a valuable one, particularly in iowa. >> sure. >> was that what gave him a big edge, or was it the ground game, the shoe leather, chicken dinners and coffee? >> reporter: ted cruz spent millions in the ground game. ed 9 county -- 99 county chairman, of the 12,000 volunteers, they included 164 iowa pastors. also, 800 out-of-staters moved to des moines, state department out by the airport in an apartment building that they referred to as camp cruz. without a doubt, ground game really played. for him, he spent a lot of money on it, but it paid off. >> right.
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brian, the voting violation card that went out, the controversial mailer that went out 24 hours before voters went to caucus sites appears not to have hurt him, right? >> reporter: yeah, it didn't. you have trump on immigration. rubio's best was -- rubio's best was electability. 44% of the people who voted for him say he's the most electable. for the first-time attendees, people who went there for the first time, they went for the most part to vote for trump followed by cruz, rubio, and 9% for ben carson. this is just the beginning of going inside the first caucus of what has to be one of the most intriguing races in our lifetime. just getting good. >> that's right. all right. we've got three hours. sit back, relax, pour yourself a cup of coffee. coming up, brian had his own ground game last night, right? >> reporter: yeah, we went inside the democrat and republican caucus system. we went inside a caucus as they voted and as each of the surrogates, the ones who showed
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ted cruz, the official gop winner in iowa, winning nearly 28%. donald trump came in second at 24. nearly right behind on his heels, marco rubio with 23%. >> and for the democrats, a dead heat. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders too close to call. >> brian? >> reporter: well, last night just down the road, just shy of the capitol, we had a chance to see a huge caucus center. it was what i think was -- i term controlled chaos. the system had people with a smile on their face and -- and patience in their heart. i want you to see both the republicans and democrats going at it and the inside story on the chaos -- the sometimes chaotic caucus system. watch. ♪ >> reporter: there are 1,600
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different places to caucus in iowa. this place in particular, the state historical building. you have six rooms to caucus in. three republicans, three democrats, it is jammed. >> a lot of people here, it's exciting. >> i'm feeling the burn. >> reporter: i see you in your seat. you ready to caucus? you do not know the decision you will make. >> i do not. i'll listen and decide from there. >> reporter: who are you voting for? >> ted cruz. >> reporter: are you persuadable, moveable, or can you be pushed? >> i'm opening to hearing what other people have to say. >> reporter: look at how packed this room is. people are everywhere. they're trying to get in. they're lining the walls. and they're even on the floor. >> so full. there's no room to sit. so -- >> reporter: i guess good news for the republicans. >> it's good. >> reporter: who you voting for? >> trump. >> reporter: father like son? >> no. i'm going for the marco rubio. >> this say huge turnout, and that's fox news. >> america comes first in this country, that's why i stand with dr. carson.
3:20 am
>> ted cruz. >> bush. >> senator rand paul. >> marco rubio. >> vote for donald trump and make america great again. >> we will announce it if you stick around. we will announce them. >> brian, as they filed out and put their ballots into the buck bucket, at the end of the night, did they announce for each precinct, okay, the winner, marco rubio, the winner here, donald trump? >> reporter: no, they took the buckets, they went down, met with the other three buckets full i imagine of voters on their side. they had their way of relateding the system to the microsoft app. next thing you know, by the time i get back to the after parties, we had a winner with ted cruz. fascinating. also fascinating to see there was nobody from huckabee in my center, no one from fiorina to plead their case. was hard getting 1,600 captains to talk about your candidates. >> sure. >> reporter: you see how the cruz system really paid off for them. >> absolutely. did not pay off for mike
3:21 am
huckabee who suspended his operation. meanwhile, great job, brian. donald trump skipped the debate in iowa last week and lost. that was a mistake? trump supporter and former presidential candidate himself herman cain. we'll talk to him about that next. if time is infinite, why is there never enough of it? a john deere 1 family tractor with quik-park lets you attach and go. imatch quick-hitch gives you more time for what you love. so it takes less work to do more work. autoconnect drive-over mower deck? done. they're not making any more land. but there's plenty of time if you know where to look. all john deere compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning, a terror attack at nighttime hot spots. five people including a woman under arrest this morning. officials say they planned to attack and then escape to skooer. the arrests come about three months after terrorists attacked paris leaving 130 people dead. the shame game continues for iran after capturing and humiliating ten american sailors who accidentally crossed into
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iranian waters last month. that country's top naval commander says they have extensive information that they took from sailors' cell phones and laptops while they were in captivity. iran has not said what that data contains and says it's still deciding whether or not to make it public. back at home, justin sullivan killed his elderly neighbor, john bailey clark, months before his parents turned him in. he told investigators his plan was to kill people in order to train for future mass killings. those are your headlines. see you back here shortly. we will go on to get the republican nomination, and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. iowa, we love you. we thank you. >> one of the big stories of last night, the candidate who has not taken a hit this entire
3:26 am
race. donald trump just took one on the chin from former boxer ted cruz. he finished first, trump second. how did he lose his lead in iowa which he had going into the end with, according to the polls? >> let's ask 2012 presidential candidate and fox contributor herman cain. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. thanks for being here. >> is this the result of not having as good of a ground game as senator cruz or donald trump not showing up? >> i think not showing up for the debate may have cost him a point. the biggest thing was not having an effective ground game. i think the trump campaign underestimated the importance of having an effective group on the ground, having people that would speak at the caucuses. i think that hurt him. >> ever woo more of a dedicated campaigner -- will we have more of a dedicated campaigner for donald trump? >> i think so. the ground game was the biggest thing that caused him to come in second. >> donald trump has run an unconventional campaign to say
3:27 am
the least. you look at the numbers, the polls got it wrong. real clear politics had trump winning by five. the "the des moines register, gold standard, had him by five, the pew poll by seven. >> they didn't figure in the bashing by other candidates. where were they going to go? just because high bashed carson, bush, and some others. they went to rubio and cruz. that's where they are. secondly, yes, it was a big turnout. they thought it would go mostly to trump. in fact, the big turnout went to cruz and to rubio. that's what i don't think the polls captured when they were doing their estimation. >> mr. trump has always campaigned as being a winner. he's constantly on stage, showing the poll numbers. this is the first real loss that we've seen him take. how will that affect him. >> i think he still has good strength going into new hampshire, that's not a problem. i think one of the differences that you saw between trump and
3:28 am
cruz and rubio was the statesman-likeness. i think that is something that's been missing. probably is starting to catch up with him a bit in terms of how he comes across and does he sound statesmanlike. >> we've got a graphic to remind people how important is iowa in the scheme of things. you know, in 1994, bob dole, from my home state of kansas where i grew up, he was the nominee. went on to lose. george w. bush in 2000 won iowa and won the chair in the oval office. >> right. i would say this is not a predictor of whether they'll win the presidency or not. peter johnson jr. gave an amazing stat the other day when he said if you go back to 1976, if you look at the democratic race, only twice did the hour winner not win the presidency. for republicans, only twice did republicans not win.
3:29 am
i call it a great pulse. pulse. at this time after the polls and predictions, we have a pulse. i got to tell you, new hampshire is going to be another big pulse. when we get to south carolina and super tuesday on march 1st, it's going to be a surprise. >> thank you very much. we'll forgive you for not bringing us breakfast pizza. >> okay. 29 minutes after the hour. coming up on the program -- we're just getting started this morning. up next -- >> up next we'll break down all the stunning results from iowa and what they mean with the best political panel in the hawkeye state. there you see them taking the stage live. [tires spinning] ♪ [glass shattering] [screaming] [electricity arching] [pole crashing] ♪ ♪ [impact thud] ♪
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♪ look at that. >> he's not rowing, he's rolling. some guys have to get their sweat on, even during caucus time. these their guy, they're calling him rowing dude on social media. kept on rowing and rowing as senator ted cruz was speaking at an event in iowa. the guy who captured this on camera tweeted, "rolling dude didn't care about caucuses." >> that was his chance to listen to ted cruz who won in iowa. who are the winners and losers? brian's got a great panel now. >> reporter: i do. thank you very much. i'm sure that guy's deltoids are hurting at this moment. last night's top gop winners proved the race is far from over.
3:34 am
>> tonight is a courageous victory for people across iowa and this great nation. >> you're special, we love you. we will be back many times. in fact, i think i might come and buy a farm. i love it, okay? thank you. >> tonight, tonight in iowa, the people sent a clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> reporter: what do the results mean moving forward? the candidates have all moved forward. and marco rubio will be joining us shortly. here to weigh in is caitlyn burns from real clear politics. incredible website this time of year. democratic stratejiftd chuck roca and political reporter for "the daily caller" tucker carlson tells me, pretty great, alex papas is here. caitlyn, what changes today as opposed to yesterday? >> i think rubio has momentum heading into new hampshire now.
3:35 am
>> much better than the polls projected. >> he was the surprise of the night. amount of and donald trump delegates. each have seven. that's a big deal for rubio who can make money off this. keep his numbers up. head to new hampshire where he's been very competitive. and needs to do well. >> the polls are wrong. >> that's right. what we heard was the establishment of both parties. hillary was supposed to walk in, a 73-year-old socialist, took her down last night. the poll even. also cruz. they were trying to cut deals with trump. you saw the american people having their voice be heard. now gha to new hampshire and let the money time roll. >> absolutely. alex, i think that cruz lost 11st laft last -- 11 of the last four polls. is it because he outworked everybody, outstructured people? >> i think ground game matters.
3:36 am
maybe trump is saying i should have invested more in a ground game. i think the evangelicals came out for ted cruz. what caitlyn said is right. the surprise was marco rubio. there were polls last week that had marco rubio down almost 2 points on donald trump. he finished last night one point below donald trump. then got the same amount of delegates. >> the thing that stood out, they had much more beer than the other candidates by the end of the night. seriously, they were hanging out. i felt that i walked into a victory celebration although cruz was crazy. rubio was raucous. >> right. you wouldn't have known that he placed third by the way he was presenting himself. remember when clinton took second in 1992 in new hampshire and called himself the comeback kid? rubio's looking for some kind of redemption here. >> i loved donald trump's tone in coming in second. everyone was curious how the winner would react when not winning. i thought it was great to show a humble side. my personal opinion. let's talk about new hampshire and who should skip it and go to
3:37 am
south carolina. >> if you look at donald trump who's gone through their now, the people camped out there, christie, kasich, they're not going to work because they put all their money on new hampshire. let's look down the ballot. no one's talked about jeb bush all morning. bless his heart as my grandmother would say. poor little jeb, he's skipping ahead to the south, up the street from florida. that would give him a place. new hampshire is not where he's going to do any good. >> that's interesting. alice, you would think he -- alex, you would think he has a shot. >> you got to go to new hampshire. the only person who maybe should have skipped new hampshire but was in the race was mike huckabee -- >> only 2% in iowa. that's crazy. >> he's doing better in new hampshire. new hampshire's the place. if he doesn't do well, he's out of here. i don't think you can go on to south carolina if you don't do well. >> i think ted cruz can now perhaps have a surprise showing in new hampshire. using that momentum from iowa, he does -- he has been campaigning a lot in new hampshire, hoping to tap into the conservative support there. and i think he could do well there, too. >> yeah. i think, too, kasich and christie have showed a lot in
3:38 am
the past weeks, then dipped. i wondered what happened. the message didn't change. money didn't out. nobody surged. i'm wondering, should we stop believing in the polls and see if enigmaticed up. both camps -- if they can make a difference. both camps, i heard the hillary clinton camp was rattled. bill was stopped come out. chelsea was supposed to speak. then hillary was supposed to come on. next thing you know with a speech on the stage, hillary walks right up with her family behind her and says, "i won." she hasn't won. >> no, she's a long way from winning. i was a boxer in my youth. when you get hit, you get back up. she took a punch she never saw coming. she had every elected official, every elected democrat in iowa. she had the entire establishment behind her here. there was no reason bernie sanders was supposed to get close. a year ago he was down 46 points and got even last night. >> sanders can pull this off as a win. he can consider this a win. the fact that he kept clinton on
3:39 am
her toes throughout iowa. they now head to new hampshire where sanders has a commanding lead over her. that's a natural sincy for him. it's going to be -- constituency for him. it's going to be a protracted race. >> he's going to go home and change clothes and coming back. going to vermont, going back. alex, if you look at sanders, he's got to feel good about it. for the clinton camp they have to wonder what to do if they win. they have moved so far to the left to keep up with bernie sanders to slow him down. they've left a lot, what i thought were core principles, in the closet. >> yeah. you know, i think they're rattled. i think they're going to spin it and acting relieved that it was a tie. maybe they is k say they won. it's going to get nasty. bernie sanders will probably win. then it's going to get to south carolina. remember, what does hillary clinton have to do to stop bernie sfrarnds overtaking her? she's got to keep the black vote from going to bernie sanders. i think they're playing the race card. david brock came out after he put out that ad that had simon and garfunkel. brock said apparently bernie
3:40 am
sanders doesn't think black lives matter. i think we'll see more of that stuff now as they go into south carolina. >> bernie, tell us once and for all how much you're taxing us, taking eight of every $10 we make. oops, does everyone hear that? kids, someone's paying for college even if it's not you. sadly, we have another hour we could do. caitlyn, chuck, alex, thank you very much. i appreciate your instant analysis. we'll see what happens in new hampshire. all right, steve and anna, what's ahead? >> speaking of new hampshire, that's up next. let's head there right now. >> joining us from manchester, our own molly line. good morning to you, molly. >> reporter: good morning, anna and steve. as you mentioned, iowa wrapping up. the granite state, the place to be. the first in the nation primary one week away. the candidates rushing here from iowa, trying to get here on the ground. the gop zirns town halls, rallies lined up. they are looking forward. take a listen. >> iowa, thank you very much.
3:41 am
we will never forget you. we will see you soon again. and new hampshire, we will see you in the morning. >> new hampshire, we love new hampshire. we love south carolina. tonight and tomorrow afternoon, we'll number new hampshire. and that will be something special. >> i'm getting on a plane in about an hour and flying all night to new hampshire to knock on doors and sit down and visit with people and ask for their support. >> several republican candidates are already here choosing to forego the caucus last night in iowa. they are focusing their efforts on new hampshire where gop voters tend to be a bit more moderate, less socially conservative. there new jersey governor chris christie, former florida governor jeb bush, and ohio governor john kasich. by early this morning, those governors will no longer have the voters here all to themselves. fellow republicans rushing in and the democrats. secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders, wheels down in new hampshire following their super-tight finish in iowa. clinton kicking off with an event at the nashua community college this morning. sanders has a rally later today
3:42 am
in keene. new hampshire voters are proud of the first in the nation primary status. it takes a lot of retail politicking, effort to get their attention and their votes. we will see the candidates criss-crossing the granite state in the upcoming week. back to you. >> oh we will. all right, molly line, thank you very much. live from manchester. 42 minutes after the hour on a tuesday. here's what's coming up -- a fox news exclusive. did hillary clinton's emails put lives in danger? >> judge andrew napolitano is on deck with stunning legal details. all rise, here comes the judge. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
3:43 am
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3:46 am
information so sensitive to national security it could not be released to the public in any form. a source inside the state department also who reviewed the emails told fox news that it contained operational intelligence, and they could have jeopardized sources, methods, and lies. mrs. clinton has defended herself. >> dianne feinstein, the ranking member of the intelligence committee, who's had a chance to review them, said this e-mail chain did not originate with me and that there were no classification markings. >> you said many times that the emails were not marked classified. no evidence that that's not true. the nondisclosure agreement you signed as secretary of state says that that is not that relevant. it says that classified information is marked or unmarked classified and that all of your -- you are trained to treat that sensitively and should know the difference. >> well, of course. and that's exactly what i did. >> really? is that what she did?
3:47 am
judge napolitano? >> you know, we don't know -- good morning, steve. we really don't know what she did except that she caused the nation's most sensitive secrets to pass through a nonsecured server. that is a crime. whether it falls into the hands of evil doers or not. >> just setting up the home server is in effect a violation of the u.s. code? >> setting up the home server and causing governmental information to come on to it is a violation of the u.s. code. whether she intended to expose national secrets, whether she actually exposed national secrets. it is the jeopardizing of national secrets that is the crime. it is the removal of them from a secure venue of government-issued blackberry. of government-issued or maintained server. it is the exposing them to evil-didders that is the crime. -- evil-doers that is the crime. she's like, i'm not digitally
3:48 am
savvy. guess what -- >> it didn't say "top secret" when i got it. >> that's the significance of what came out yesterday. >> right. >> the state department's been backing her up for the entire time this has been going on which is now ten months. the state department's saying, well, we're re-looking and deciding it's top secret and deciding it's secret. for the first time yesterday, katherine herridge reported this, the state department acknowledged they found 22 emails that were top sdret time she sent them -- top secret at the time she sent them and received them marked top secret. she said senator feinstein looked and said there was no problem. senator feinstein and the fbi agents investigating mrs. clinton do not have a security clearance high enough to read these things. >> sure. also, katherine herridge's report said what was in there put lives in danger. this could change everything. i know hillary clinton over the weekend said, you know, the republicans are trying to do the same thing to me they did with benghazi. i'm sure she poll tested that
3:49 am
answer where it's like, oh, they don't care about benghazi. if i boxcar them, link them together, they won't care about this either. >> she continues to make this mistake. benghazi is being investigated by a house committee. the improper use of these emails is being investigated by 100 fbi agents who don't give a flip, i'm using the language of the fbi director, about politics. they are concerned about the rule of law. they are intellectually honest. she's going to be treated as if her name were hillary rodham and not hillary rodham clinton. the more she mocks or belittles this, the worse her legal status becomes. >> you know, it's too close to call in iowa new between her and bernie. i wonder how many people decided at the last minute to go with western bernie just in case. >> this had to have affected her. and i think it will continue to affect her because of the respect we have in this country for the fbi. >> all right. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. straight ahead, we know who finished in the top three spots
3:50 am
in iowa. on the republican side right there. what happens to the other republican candidates? can they afford to stay in the race, or does the money start to dry up? iowa made its voice heard. what are the results telling the candidates? we'll talk the winners. losers, and have the followup. and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. but grandmcause we uses we don't charmin ultra soft.clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less.
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3:53 am
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3:54 am
it's a big morning on "fox & friends." huckabee and o'malley are out. who's next? follow the money says the next guest. joining me is a former national spokesman for the bush/cheney campaign, terry holt is joining us right now. thanks for being here on "fox & friends." >> thanks for having me. >> so a lot of the sustainability will depend on money. when will the donors stop donating? >> yeah, we have all heard the words follow the money, but in politics it's follow the success. there have been a lot of mainstream dollars that have been sitting around for months waiting to see who the alternative to cruz and trump was going to be. we knew they were going to be at the top of the heap so rubio had a huge night last night. i expect him to get a great bump of iowa, but they have a few cards to play. kasich and governor christie in particular, they have spent the money for new hampshire. all the mail, all the phones,
3:55 am
all the television have been bought. so their time is now. and they have a week to see if they can climb in to one of those top three or four spots, but i'll tell you what anybody who underperformed their expectations in iowa last night, i don't think that that's a whole lot of money for them on the table at the end of the day. especially after this huge rubio victory last night. >> all right. well, we'll show you now who actually it is who has cash on hand. if we can go ahead and show that full screen. ted cruz at $18.7 million. rubio at $10.4 million. bush at $7.6 million and trump at $7 million. we saw in iowa governor bush spent $15 million on ads there. of the $70 million that was spent in total. so are these ads even working, what's the best way for these candidates to spend their money moving ahead? >> well, in iowa the best way to spend your money is on people and on organization. and ted cruz to his credit and marco rubio had an operation on the ground. it was very impressive. and that cost money as well.
3:56 am
i think that in new hampshire, it's less about the organization and it's more about what you can do to contact voters on the phone. digitally, on television. those kinds of themes are going to -- of things are going to work better in new hampshire. i think we'll see a slightly different race, but people still matter in politic, anna. you have to have the ground game and have to have the folks who are willing to lay down and work hard for you. >> but terry, why is it that some donors are giving boat loads of cash to candidates who are barely registering in the polls? >> well, it's hard to imagine, but this fund-raising circumstance is a victim of the success of the republican party. we have so many candidates running that the money has been so diffuse, hey, as i see the polls shift, i'm going to follow the success. i'll write another check to the guy who might win. so the money restarts again.
3:57 am
money will find a way in politics. >> they're hoping to bank on the momentum. thank you, terry. senator marco rubio going to be joining us next hour. also, jeb bush and ben carson, so don't go anywhere. to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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4:00 am
that's the beauty of working at gnc, we've got something for everybody. we're here for you. just ask. we make it simple. gnc. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. the democrats here seem to be at a virtual tie. between one candidate who admits he's a socialist and the other candidate who pretends she's not. >> we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition. and we were taking on the most powerful political organization
4:01 am
in the united states of america. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up. >> we have to be united against a republican vision and candidate who would drive us apart and divide us. >> and hillary clinton can never be commander in chief. because anyone who lies to the families of people who have lost their lives in the as much as of this country can never be commander in chief of the united states. >> live from the capital city of iowa, downtown des moines at the embassy suites, there's brian kilmeade sitting at that desk with all the lights on it and live from studio "e" as in election, here in midtown manhattan, welcome to the
4:02 am
special edition of "fox & friends." the big news -- cruz wins the republican side. which should -- it flew in the face of the final polls. >> all the final polls. remember the "des moines register" poll and quinnipiac poll, it's too bad, it looks like ted cruz fell flat in the end, but in the end it was donald trump who came in second and ted cruz, the superior organization and ground game gave him the victory. perhaps the guy that shocked more people than ted cruz whoever is first or second, is the guy, anna, who came in third. >> that's marco rubio with 23%, 1% behind donald trump. who had been leading in so many polls and a lot of people are saying that senator marco rubio is capitalizing on this moment and is straddling the lane of the outsider and establish.
4:03 am
>> cruz wins on the republican side. throughout the night it's too close to call. hillary clinton and bernie sanders as you can see, oh, man, for her -- >> amazing. >> deja vu all over again. they lost iowa last eight years ago and the last thing she wanted to do is lose. too close to call officially. we'll talk more about this coming up. we have more demographic information to show you who showed up for bernie in big numbers. unfortunately for mike huckabee and martin o'malley, they didn't get big numbers and both of those campaigns are officially suspended. >> see if they endorse someone else. >> here's what i found strange about this. everyone knew they weren't going to win. o'malley knew he'd get about 3%. this was the one moment to have leverage, to call up hillary clinton or bernie sanders and say, how about would you feel -- how do you feel about me urging
4:04 am
3% to go in your direction? instead, while the voting is happening, word goes out that o'malley is out and governor huckabee says i'm out. when he clearly after showing up at this trump event might have provided the difference had he said donald trump he sees eye to eye what i think, so therefore, he seems to be out. you wonder if he's down south with trump soon. >> maybe little rock, maybe later on today. regarding who's out and what's in, there was the ted cruz campaign was accused by ben carson of a dirty trick and we'll tell folks about this. but right now let's get live reaction. >> we'll go to peter doocy live on the ground there. >> let's start with rich. >> well, the trump campaign if they could have historic turnout that's an intdcation that they got all of the trump goers to be caucusgoers and that would carry him over the top. well, trump turned out the voters but not enough of them.
4:05 am
ted cruz taking this one. it wasn't just the massive general turnout, it was evangelical turnout. 6 percentage points higher than four years ago. so with that, you've got ted cruz finishing first. donald trump in second, a surprising strong finish in the establishment lane for senator marco rubio who finishes third and with those results all three of them are now predicting that they will be the republican nominee. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it. okay? thank you. >> they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were
4:06 am
too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait in line. >> this is your turn! >> but tonight, tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back! >> and so it is now on to new hampshire where a variety of polls, one week out from the new hampshire primary show that in fact it is donald trump with a very substantial lead with a week to go in campaigning there. the republicans will campaign this week without former arkansas governor mike huckabee. he has dropped out of this race after winning this back in 2008. we now know go for the democrats and an update on them to peter doocy. peter? >> and as the clinton team made their way to the airport last night, staffers on a bus were
4:07 am
apparently shell-shocked because none of them expected the race to be this close. and if you listen really closely to what secretary clinton said before leaving town, she said she was confident, but didn't quite claim victory. >> breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. i congratulate my esteemed friends and opponents and i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america. >> so how close is it this morning? the iowa democratic party is divvying up state delegate equivalents like this. 699.57 for clinton. 695.49 for sanders. but some delegates are still outstanding. the fox news entrance polls showed a majority, 55% of democratic caucusgoers want the next president to have the same policies as obama. 33% want the next president to
4:08 am
be more liberal. and 68% of them said the person with the policies most like obama is clinton. 76% said that sanders was the more liberal alternative. and even though results this morning show a razor thin margin between clinton and sanders, sanders is casting himself as a big-time underdog. he just touched down in new hampshire. people there are already really excited. listen to this. >> you know, i really honestly -- i cannot believe it. that you're here at 5:00 in the morning. thank you. thank you so much. as you know, we just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. and now in new hampshire, we're
4:09 am
going to astound the world again. >> those folks waited up all night for sanders. a lot of energy for that 6:00 a.m. and senator sanders walked back to the press part of the plane and he said he feels great. >> wow. that's some energy for a 74-year-old man. >> how about all the people who showed up? like welcoming the super bowl champs. bernie sanders. bernie sanders by the way, when it was so close, it was too close to call and yet, keep in mind, they used the special app that was developed by microsoft and their search engine is bing. bing early called it for hillary, and the bernie people said hey, wait a minute, we told you earlier the corporate influence of microsoft because microsoft employees have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to hillary. this stinks they said. >> wow. >> so important.
4:10 am
they have used the software in the past. >> but still too close to call. >> that was the prediction. not having the situation with the republicans when we didn't have a clear winner because there was some problems with the ballots when santorum and romney were going at it. eventually santorum would win. i did not know this, things remind me less of 2016 and more of 1816 when it comes to the voting process. evidently it was so close to call in hope, jasper, davenport and ames, they flipped a coin, all six times, hillary clinton won the coin toss. >> what are the odds of that? >> incredible odds. >> maybe three in three, but six times? >> because they were all ties. so they was say warded the winner's status in the six precincts. meanwhile on the republican side, ben carson's side is that saying that ted cruz's side played dirty tricks. cruz camp is being accused by
4:11 am
the carson camp of telling people at the various caucus sites, the various people can make speech, by the way, dr. ben carson just dropped out and for you people who are going to support him, now you can come to ted cruz. >> very rare that you hear dr. carson, you know, talk bad about anyone, get in the mud. but he started to sling some this morning at least he feels like he's backed into the corner and may feel like he has to. this is his campaign manager saying this. there has never been a more tainted vic iowa caucuses from the mailings denounced by the iowa secretary of state to his abject lies about dr. ben carson. senator cruz demonstrated he's the worst kind of washington insider. no candidate who claims to be an outsider would stoop to these tactics. >> this on the heels of -- >> and voter violations, a lot of people saying if you don't caucus, you're in trouble. >> yeah.
4:12 am
>> and i'd like to add too, because as carson dropped, cruz rose. so the evangelical support left carson. went to cruz. so if carson was to drop out he'd be the candidate to benefit the most. i'm not saying it actually happened but there's a reason -- there would be a motivation. >> yeah. >> he's not dropping out. coming up, all eyes -- all eyes turning to new hampshire and the big question should hillary clinton just skip that state? democrat joe trippi says yes, she's doa, dead on arrival. does karl rove agree? he joins us next. and is it an early winter or spring? we're taking you live to the party in punxsutawney. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through!
4:13 am
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text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. rightabreva can heal itold sore, in as few as two and a half days
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when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. hey, everybody. good morning. 16 minutes after the hour. record turnout for the republican and democratic caucuses in iowa. here to break down the results, joe trippi and former deputy of
4:17 am
staff to george w. bush, karl rove. >> we're the space cowboys, not the campaign cowboys. >> okay. >> you megyn kelake that mistak you'll hear from us. >> i think they're so loopy from being up all night. you think someone can really pop up in new hampshire. what do you mean? >> look, we have 12 candidates and we had three tickets out of aye where we had five or six or seven candidates in the race. iowa does not tend to do -- excuse me new hampshire doesn't do what's happening in iowa. witness 2000. i mean, john mccain was not number three in iowa and yet he jumped up in new hampshire and became the principal competitor to george w. bush. the same thing happened in 2008 where he didn't perform well, i think he was fourth or fifth in iowa and went on the win the nomination. don't count the other people out just yet because they have camped out in new hampshire. many of them -- some of them
4:18 am
ignored iowa entirely but let's see what happens next tuesday in new hampshire. but they have to be in second. you know, third, fourth or fifth may not be enough. >> yeah. of course, on the democrat side, joe trippi, bernie sanders is way out ahead. so it looks like he's going to clobber hillary clinton. what do you make of the top three status on the republican side now that ted cruz has won, what's it going to do for him in new hampshire? right now, donald trump is leading by a lot in new hampshire and marco rubio just got a boost, right? >> yeah. that's all true. i think rubio it's interesting because when you look at the headlines in the papers today it's all cruz wins. and so rubio may not get the -- quite the bump that he should get out of what i think was the big news last night on the republican side. >> rubio? >> yeah. we all thought, you know, cruz -- it would be cruz and
4:19 am
trump but rubio is right on trump's heels. one of the other candidates could pop in new hampshire. it's the kind of place that doesn't repeat necessarily what happens in iowa and there's still room for somebody. but i think once you get out of new hampshire, we will be down to three. >> and karl, are there any candidates who are skipping new hampshire or not spending a whole lot of time there and looking on down the line to south carolina and beyond? >> well, interestingly enough, the front-runner, i think ted cruz is going not to new hampshire today, but to south carolina. i think he realizes new hampshire is a little bit more difficult for him. he's going from -- iowa is one of the most church states in the country. that is to say, a lot of people there are evangelicals. they've played a big role last night in his victory and new hampshire has one of the smaller percentages of evangelicals, so a different territory. my sense is he'll spend more time in south carolina between
4:20 am
now and tuesday. >> on the democratic side, last night in iowa it's still too close to call between hillary and bernie. how many people given hillary clinton's perhaps legal peril regarding her e-mail situation that she brewed at home, how many people do you think in iowa said you know what? maybe i should go with the other guy? >> i -- >> hold on a second. we're going to go to punxsutawney, pennsylvania, where every year the groundhog, punxsutawney phil, is pulled out of his hole. if he sees his shadow, you know what that means -- six more weeks of winter. >> he's feisty. >> all right, he's coming on out. >> he's feisty, look out. >> it's a funny tradition. >> it is a funny tradition. >> ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. [ cheers and applause ]
4:21 am
>> okay. so that's him. the question is, did he see his shadow? to the naked eye, you would say can't tell. so he's got an interpreter who's going to read something. watch this. by the way, he's seen his shadow -- >> what do you think? >> winter! >> sure? >> winter. >> ready? i got ya. whoa. that's the one. he's feisty.
4:22 am
>> hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, the second day of february 2016, the 130th annual trek of the punxsutawney club, punxsutawney phil the seers of seers, prog nos cater of all prognosticators and he directed the president to the precise prediction scroll which translated reads -- the inner circle goes to great ends to keep me abreast of the latest trends. down in him hole i never get bored and i have fun flying my drone but the weather forecasting is my comfort zone. is this current warming trend -- is this current warm weather more than a trend? perchance this winter has come to an end.
4:23 am
[ cheers and applause ] there is no shadow to be cast, and an early spring is my forecast. >> all right. >> thank you. >> and the crowd goes wild. this is only the 18th time that punxsutawney phil has not seen his shadow. >> that's right. okay. it's official, ladies and gentlemen. no shadow. and an early spring. for the analysis on this now let's go to karl rove and joe trippi. gentlemen, what do you make of the fact, no shadow early spring? >> we were here until what, 12:30 last night. >> yeah. >> we got up in order to be here early on your show and we have been bumped for a four-legged little marsupial like creature? no, no phil. no phil. >> all right, fine.
4:24 am
>> he's a cute little fine. >> yeah. >> cute. >> come on. >> he bites! >> look, he's a cute little thing. come on. he doesn't bite. he's -- he's a prognosticator. >> what's going on here? >> karl just saw his shadow. >> no phil. no phil. >> all right. let's pick up where we left off, just about three minutes ago. joe, i had asked you because it's so close to call in iowa on the democrat side, hillary and bernie are tied. how many people at the 11th hour when the surrogates are standing up in front of the precincts and making their case on behalf of hillary or bernie goes, you know what, she does have trouble with that e-mail thing, maybe i shout p -- maybe i should put my vote into bernie sanders because he
4:25 am
doesn't have an fbi investigation? >> i don't think that played a part. i think hillary clinton who lost iowa and barely got to 30% against barack obama in 2008. the iowa democratic party, there's only one party -- one democratic state party more liberal than iowa and that's vermont that sent bernie sanders to washington as a senator. so you have that happening. you had a state that's never -- that she's never performed well in. i think that's what was going on there. she does get to claim victory, that is a small one. i mean, a very -- the closest one in history. so i don't think that's what's going on in people's heads. i do think she faces a real uphill battle in new hampshire because it's a neighboring state to vermont. and that the real test always was going to be the real test between the two of them. it's going to come in south carolina where the democratic
4:26 am
party's far more diverse than in iowa and new hampshire. >> do you think bernie sanders can claim a victory out of this too even if he isn't the declared winner? i mean, he sure rose from the bottom didn't he? >> he sure did. he would have been better last night had he adopted what -- the tone he had this morning. look, bernie sanders came from nowhere. and his message that, you know, we need a revolution, it's the kind of thing that speaks to the left wingers who dominate the democratic caucuses in iowa and he -- you know, holding the former first lady and former secretary of state to this narrow win, he could have last night declared victory and said, we're gaining momentum and we're on to new hampshire. it took him to this morning to strike this note and you saw him strike it on the ground. i'm with joe, when you get to south carolina, you know, the electorate in iowa, the democratic electorate is 93% white and it gets to be 95% white in new hampshire.
4:27 am
it gets distinctively less white in south carolina, about 55% of the vote will be black. he's doing very poorly with nonwhites and my suspicion is we'll likely see his fate start to be represented in south carolina which is of course followed by a lot of the other southern states with large non-white populations on the 1st of march. >> listen, space cowboys, it sounds like you and karl agree on what happened last night. what don't you agree on? >> he thinks she would be a good nominee for the democratic party. and i don't. you made an interesting point when you asked him that question about e-mails that is is an issue that affects independents and the general election -- >> yeah, he was spinning it. >> no, he was right. over in the democratic party they don't care about it. but independents in the general election -- >> how can they not care about an ongoing fbi investigation that could wind up with an indictment? >> it could wind up not being
4:28 am
much of anything. >> absolutely. >> we'll see what happens there. but look, i think, you know, we do disagree -- i think trump would make a great nominee to the gop, i'm not sure where karl is on that. so maybe we differ there. >> why do you think he would make a great nominee? >> no, i'm kidding around with you. i think rubio -- you know, rubio honestly is someone that would concern me as a democrat. he's a much better i think profile and branding -- rebranding of the republican party that gives it an opportunity to reach out beyond the current base. i'm not sure trump or cruz do that. so if one of the top two finishers are the nominee, i'd feel a lot better about it. i'm more worried about rubio or one of the others who can pop up in new hampshire. >> and rubio coming in just one point behind donald trump. karl, do you think mr. trump skipping the fox news debate had any effect? >> yeah, i wrote in my column last week if he loses, if he
4:29 am
lost iowa that part of the blame could fall on dissing the des moines debate, not appearing. look, iowans take this very seriously and he underperformed his average in the real clear politics by nearly four points. ted cruz overperformed his number by about five. and rubio overperformed him by nearly eight. he's about eight points better than he was in the "des moines register" poll and i think part of what donald trump did was he dissed the people of iowa by not showing up in the debate and he gave cruz and rubio an opportunity to say things -- say more things in the debate than they might otherwise have. and clearly, i think the advantage went to rubio in that because he was the one whomped >> they were able to take more -- >> and a note to ourselves, let's never book mr. cranky on groundhog day. >> never, never. never.
4:30 am
no phil. no phil. >> you guys have a great day. it's space cowboys. not the campaign cowboys. wallace is going to be on you, doocy, for calling us -- >> we'll put that on the lower third of the screen next time. >> thanks. we have a lot of program straight ahead. up next, senator marco rubio. he feels great on this groundhog day. he's going to tell us why when he joins us life next. stress sweat. it can happen any time, to anyone. stress sweat is different than ordinary sweat. it smells worse. get four times the protection against stress sweat. with secret clinical strength invisible solid and clear gel.
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4:32 am
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or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card usually i say polls are only good for strippers and cross country skiers, but in this case i do think that the polls are accurate and are reflecting that the american people, the electorate we're looking for something different. that's why you see the outsider candidates so high up in the polls. for the first time, i believe the polls.
4:34 am
>> she's always -- >> strippers. >> but the polls were wrong this time. senator ted cruz beating donald trump to win with 28% and donald trump in second place at 24% and senator marco rubio, third place, just one point behind at 23%. >> well, on the democratic side, too close to call. hillary clinton has 49.9% of the vote and bernie sanders has 49.5%. meanwhile, joining us he's already moved on to new hampshire. there a week from today, they have a primary. the senator from the great state of florida, marco rubio joins us live. good morning and congratulations. >> good morning. thank you. we're very excited about the results last night and we're really excited about what awaits here in new hampshire for the next week. >> how do you explain how the polls got it so wrong? the "des moines register" poll is regarded as the gold standard, they had you at 15 and yet last night you had 23 when
4:35 am
it was all said and done. how'd you do that? >> we felt we were growing down the stretch. i think as more and more voters come to the realization that not only are we strongly conservative, but we give the party a chance to come together, because we have to unify the republican party and the conservative movement we can't continue to be fractured, but we have to grow it. and i give my message to the people that convince them and i convince them that conservatism is better for them and american and if we do that, we beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders and we'll turn this country around. i think more and more people realised that and we surged there late. we feel great about the momentum coming into new hampshire a week from today. >> you're one point behind donald trump coming out of iowa. we just had karl rove on the program saying that perhaps some iowa voter felt dissed by him not showing up to the debate. not only that, it gave you more air time, more time to talk.
4:36 am
how much do you think that helped you? >> well, i mean, in hindsight we'll see exactly how much. i didn't have a lot of voters mention that to me, but i think that could have been a factor. people in iowa and in new hampshire take this very seriously. one of the things that's missed at the national level is how seriously voters take their responsibility. that's true here in new hampshire. they take very seriously the responsibility to vet these candidates and make their decision. that's why we always felt good about it. when the hype is gone and all the other factors are gone and it comes down to a voter who's done this before, looking at the candidates and making a decision, we're always confident that we're going to do well in this setting. because we're going -- i give our party the best chance to beat hillary clinton. if i'm our nominee we win. hillary clinton and the democrats know that too. that's why they attack me more than any other republican. >> well, you outperformed last night. dr. charles krauthammer had this observation right here on the channel. >> this is now a three-man race. there is no establishment lane. there's a cruz campaign, which is sort of austere conservatism.
4:37 am
there's the trump campaign, which is a populist, trumpistic because it's idiosyncratic, and you have marco rubio, and establishment and nonestablishment is irrelevant. >> does that accurately depict you, you're the moderate conservative? >> i always reject the labels but i'm as conservative as anyone running for president. but i believe i can grow the conservative movement that's what's important about our candidacy too. i can take the conservative movement to people that are living today the way that i drew -- i grew up. my father and mother lived paycheck to paycheck, i've lived paycheck to paycheck. for us to take our message and convince those who voted for the democrats for 25 years that conservatism is better for them and better for america, that's how we'll grow the conservative movement. and i know i can do that better than anyone else in this race
4:38 am
and if we do that, we don't just win this election. i think we win the future. we turn america around. i give the republican party the best chance to win. go to marco and sign up to help and donate if you can. we need your help. we're excited about how we're growing here. >> yeah, your american dream story seems to be resonating. senator rubio, i want to bring in brian kilmeade. he's got a question for you. >> i don't know if i have seen the numbers exactly, but my observation, going to before and after parties, you ahead the most beer and they continued to drink and celebrate. but senator, in all seriousness, you're off to new hampshire. i'm wondering if success leaves clues, what did you learn along the way in iowa that's going to help you in new hampshire? what can we look to, to see you interject in the quest to have two straight strong showings?
4:39 am
>> well, i think two things are really important moving forward. number one the american people are realistic about our challenges, but they want to be optimistic about our future. they understand that we can have a chance to be greater than we have ever been, if we do what needs to be done. if we don't do what needs to be done then we're in trouble as a country. we'll lose whatever makes us special. the other is we have to win. we cannot lose this election to hillary clinton or bernie sanders. the impact that would have on the supreme court, on our national security, on the role of government in our lives, we cannot lose this election. we must nominate someone who's principled and conservative the way i am, but hopefully someone who can win. i can do that. i can win. i give us the best chance to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the democrats know this, that's why they attack me so much. i think that's important for people. someone as principled and conservative as i am, and someone who can win and i will. >> while the results were coming in last night, an important endorsement was announced. senator tim scott, the very popular senator from south carolina has decided to back
4:40 am
you. only been three or four polls in south carolina so far. what kind of impact can that endorsement bring? >> well, let me just tell you, tim is a leader not just in south carolina but around the country. he embodies the american dream. he embodies so much of what our party needs to be about, people who come from challenging circumstances and backgrounds. he doesn't come from a privileged background and neither do i, and we know that conservativism is the right way forward, especially for people trying to make it. i'm a huge admirer of him and i think his impact will be not only in south carolina, but across the country. >> all right, marco rubio joining us from a diner in new hampshire where he's about to leave the live tv position and shake every hand in the joint. thank you and congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. brian, i love your observation about the fact that at the marco rubio party, they had the most beer. >> everybody was in control.
4:41 am
as you know, when they say good-bye to a state, they say good-bye to all their volunteers and i'm talking about the candidates. win, lose, draw, second or third place, overachieve or underachieve. so we wanted to last night get a sense of what it was like at the watch party for their candidates, no matter how they did. so let's take a look. >> so here at a watch party. time to salute the volunteers that helped you so much before you move on to another state. we are at the donald trump watch party how do you know? look at the media turnout. >> trump! >> the first caucus? >> first caucus. >> had good time tonight? >> having a great time. we still have new hampshire. we have carolina. we have a long ways to go. >> we're at the rubio camp right now where there's an elated marco rubio. what was it like as the votes for the first time started coming in? >> i was with marco. we were at the caucuses around
4:42 am
the des moines area and they were huge. >> we know he's going to be the winner in the end of all of this. >> so here we are the middle of the cruz camp and they just predicted that cruz has won the iowa caucus. this place is going nuts. >> feels good because our man won. >> good to be at a watch party when the guy wins. >> nothing better than a victory like this. this is a springboard and no question that ted cruz has a tremendous amount of momentum. >> so frank, we have projections, cruz has won this thing. what do you think? instant analysis. >> this is significant. all the polling had trump winning in this state for the last ten days and every one shows that cruz won by four points. that's proof that every time the candidates get up together, it makes a big difference. >> especially if you don't show up. >> if you don't show up, you
4:43 am
have no place to go but down. >> well, looks like a fun night. >> yeah, it was a good night. i think a lot of people are saying that if you don't show up, to the people of iowa, those who hadn't made up their minds yet looked at donald trump's decision not to be there. they looked at it as anti-iowa. you didn't give us a last look and maybe we'll go with someone else and maybe they did. >> hard for anyone to compete with senator cruz's intense ground game. >> looks like the infrastructure he spent a year developing paid off last night. great job. coming up, you just saw it. die hard bernie fans showing up at 5:30 on a tuesday morning to welcome their man home from iowa. what is driving his popularity? peter johnson jr. with analysis, next. at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship
4:44 am
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4:47 am
you just saw it. die hard bernie fans showing up at 5:30 a.m. this morning to rally with their man. what's driving his popularity? here to discuss is adam green, and he knows all about it. you didn't come out and say that bernie is my guy or hillary is my woman, but you like what's happened to the democratic party. >> well, it's a rising populous tide in america. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been moving in the economic populous direction. they're moving in the same direction. >> how do you explain the bernie mania that we have seen, that i witnessed first hand? getting into a gym 45 minutes early with lines that would never get on into the inside? >> he's tapped into the populous tide and people are sick of the
4:48 am
corporations not paying the taxes at all. that's inspiring to young people and people -- you know, both across the political aisle and the spectrum. >> would you say that bernie sanders's success has pushed hillary way to the left? >> it's pushed her in an economic direction. from the economic collapse to elizabeth ware up's rise, there's a hunger for the people to speak to the young people. >> so seven years ago, eight years ago when barack obama came up, you see in young guy, very charismatic, a wonderful speaker, he captured the youth vote. when you see a 74-year-old who's been around without any legislative accomplishment, who isn't really a democrat, you wonder how he has this type of support among the youth. 84% of the youth voted for sanders.
4:49 am
how do you explain that? free college, right? >> people are sick of the establishment politics. again it's not just -- it's everybody. it's a real challenge for hillary clinton. you know, she has treed to make -- tried to make up some ground. she has been talked about the rigged system, talking about economic issues that he was talking about before. >> right. >> we'll see. one thing that she hasn't done that's little challenge for hillary clinton she has not said she will not cut social security benefits. i would challenge her before new hampshire to make it clear to democratic voters she will never cut social security. those on the democratic side want their nominee to say no to cutting social security. >> adam green, cofounder of the progressive green campaign. see what happens in new hampshire and bernie should be favored. meanwhile, straight ahead from des moines, iowa n the beautiful embassy suites, cruz
4:50 am
and rubio, is this a new face of the republican party and will trump be leading that or leaving that? we'll analyze straight ahead. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. the flame is out... the flame is out, tomorrow my attitude... your mother... antonio. antonio. que? the stove. it's not working. campbell's microwaveable soups. made for real, real life.
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4:53 am
god bless the great state of iowa. we are not tired at all. to the contrary, we are inspired by each and every one of you. >> here you have texas senator ted cruz celebrating his victory
4:54 am
in the iowa caucuses last night and following not too far behind him, senator marco rubio in a surprisingly strong third position. so what does it say about the republican party that two young first term senators did so well? here to discuss that, fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. who must get paid by the hour, i think i saw you on at midnight. >> yeah, sean hannity had a good show last night. this is an exciting, different night that people did not expect. it was the burst of the new face of a republican party. in rubio and cruz, cruz and rubio, mr. cruz, senator cruz, the winner last night. a vitality. a freshness. young families that we haven't been seeing as much out on the campaign trail. a commitment to conservatism, but at the same time, an adherence and a pride in their own immigrant roots. this is the republican party
4:55 am
we're talking about, in the top of the pack. two of the three, cuban immigrant families. and so there was an excitement about the old america and the new america together. there was a freshness. there was an optimism that usually you see in rallies very often the excitement. they showed democratic rallies, hundreds of thousands of people and the excitement was palpable last night. the media was wrong, the pundits were wrong, the entrance polls were wrong. all these folks were wrong. and the income nablt and the notion that donald trump will run the table, it's a three-man race and i think it will excite people. >> i know you wanted to run this sound bite from last night. >> important sound bite. >> when our work is done, here is what history will say of this generation. it will say that we lived in the early years of this new century
4:56 am
and in uncertain and difficult times but we remembered who we were. we rose up to the challenge of our time, we confronted our problems and we solved them. and because we did, the american dream didn't just survive. it reached more people and changed more lives than ever before. because we did what needed to be done. the 21st century wasn't as good as the 20th century, it was better, it was a new american century. >> that is a message that i believe can resonate, whether it's marco rubio or anybody else. people want to hear something that's uplifting and optimistic, that brings people up and not brings people down. so it was exciting and interesting to hear that. i mean, it was something that no one expected the enormity, number three, to win in the race. ted cruz pulled it out, a lot of
4:57 am
people said he couldn't. interesting night for america and the republican party. >> thank you very much for your postgame analysis. up next, look who's with brian, laura ingraham is up next.
4:58 am
4:59 am
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5:00 am
ready? ready. ready. you're ready. everybody wants a piece of ready. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. the democrats here seem to be at a virtual tie. between one candidate who admits he's a socialist and the other candidate who pretends she's not. >> we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition and we were taking on the most powerful political organization
5:01 am
in the united states of america. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> we have to be united against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us apart and divide us. >> and hillary clinton can never be commander in chief because anyone who lies to the families of people who have lost their lives in the service of this country can never be commander in chief of the united states. >> well, it was a big night in iowa and there you're looking live downtown, iowa. the embassy suites right there along the river. brian kilmeade is sitting there right now with laura ingraham. good morning to both of you. >> hey, guys. >> how's it going in there? >> it's going okay.
5:02 am
you know, we're two hours into our three-hour show. it was historic last night. record number of republicans showed up to caucus. they say probably 180,000, which is 60,000 that had done it before. >> yeah. all eyes right now are shifting to new hampshire. so we're going to go straight to our molly line. she's standing by in manchester with more on the race ahead. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. this is the center of the political universe, as iowa has wrapped up all eyes, turned here to new hampshire. first in the nation primary just one week away right now and of course the candidates are scrambling to get here. of course the first place finisher out of iowa was ted cruz. he'll be here on the ground doing a lot of retail politicking. that's really what it takes to win here on the ground here in new hampshire. he is followed by the second place finisher who was -- donald trump, who also has
5:03 am
events planned for on on the ground and a third-place finisher, a bit of a surprise, marco rubio with a better than expected finish also has a lot to do here on the ground. there are a few republicans that were already here, already on the ground that chose to forego the evening caucuses there in iowa. those are this governors from -- those are the governors from around the country, who decided to put their mark here in new hampshire. governor john kasich and chris christie and jeb bush. they're out there retail politicking as well and they will not have the state to themselves for very long. the democrats are hitting the ground here, wheels down. secretary hillary clinton as well as senator bernie sanders on the ground. here's what senator sanders had to say about the way forward. >> we surged there late, we feel great about the momentum that gives coming into here in new hampshire a week from today. >> that of course was senator
5:04 am
rubio. bernie sanders talking about his message, saying they'd resonate across new hampshire and on across the nation. they're very engaged in this process, very proud of it. and they actually want to meet these candidates one-on-one. that's what it will take here, that one-on-one meeting all around the granite state. guys, back to you. >> molly line, with the very latest. let's go back to iowa where laura ingraham is there with brian kilmeade. take it away. >> so your first taken the numbers we see, rubio has a reason to see happy. trump is very humbled and cruz was elated. >> cruz was unbelievable. he did the retail politics that people thought wouldn't work, but he did what santorum did. but he got a bigger turnout than santorum did in 2012. a lot of interesting
5:05 am
observations, a lot of snide remarks, well, trump didn't win iowa. trump wasn't expected to win iowa. he still got a great chunk of the early voters, the first time voters, the immigration voters. that's very positive for him. the warning signs for both cruz and trump going into new hampshire if they keep this death came struggle going on, that's going to give it to marco rubio. marco rubio has a great showing in new hampshire, that establishment train i know krauthammer thinks there's no establishment train i disagree with him on that. that will move from new hampshire, do better in south carolina and have much more momentum going into his home state. they can't keep attacking each other. they have to stop that. it will hurt both of them going into new hampshire. >> so the one thing that i don't think you're figuring in, you're right on the numbers with the establishment. if you take the so called establishment numbers it doesn't add up. but in terms of authenticity,
5:06 am
they went from great friends, to i hate this guy, anchor canadian guy. and look they can't go -- >> well, look nixon workedchina. you work the people if the ultimate goal is to move the country forward in the right direction. if they don't, if cruz and trump continue to savage each other, marco rubio will be delighted. and he ran a great campaign in iowa. he had a great victory speech for third place. he did better than anyone expected. he was very positive this morning. he's doing to run into that in new hampshire which i lived in for four years and new hampshire is a tricky place to predict. just like iowa. not an easy place for someone like cruz to win. if i'm cruz, i'm thinking i'm probably not doing to win new hampshire in. better for trump to win new hampshire. you heard on this network, other networks, rubio, rubio, we'll
5:07 am
hear that meme and the donors are putting huge pressure on the other candidates -- >> to drop out? >> from bush to christie to kasich to get out of this race and give it to the new face of the republican party. >> right. >> watch for that pressure. that's going to build. >> and steve, tell you what, in terms of money, i guess the money is more than likely going to start flowing to rubio. >> picked up an endorsement today from senator tim scott. here is rubio responding to being called a moderate candidate. listen. >> i don't always reject the sort of labels to tell you i'm as conservative as anyone running for president, but i believe i can grow the conservative movement. we have to win. we cannot lose this election to hillary clinton or bernie sanders. the impact that would have on the supreme court, on our national security, on the role of government in our lives, we cannot lose this election. we must nominate someone who is principled and conservative the way i am, but also someone who can win. i can do that. i can win. i give us the best chance to
5:08 am
beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the democrats know this. that's why they attacked me so much. >> okay. >> laura, i want to get your take on the gop entrance polls as to rubio's strengths. electability. 44%. late deciders 30%. the economy, 30%. somewhat conservative, 29%. >> that's about right. i think people in iowa, especially, i was at the iowa 60 second caucus in des moines, it broke big for rubio last night. i think it was 150 for rubio, cruz in third place. ingmar coe has to say that, right? remember, new hampshire they picked pat buchanan years ago, it's a quirky state. i will say this, he has to grapple with what megyn and bret touched only in the debate, his main piece of legislation was an abject failure. the immigration bill -- i know
5:09 am
he's trying to smooth that over. that's still the rub that rubs a lot of voters the wrong way. i have been dying to show this prop, look at the box. >> what is it? >> it's a 3-d dice. it says don't roll the dice on national security. this was one of the many mailers that jeb bush sent out. like this thing must have cost i don't know how much money. he spent $15 million in iowa and he came in what, 4%, 3%? did he win the governors? this is like -- and the only person not on this die is ted cruz who won the iowa caucuses. it's hilarious. >> jeb bush spent $2,884 for every vote he got in iowa. meanwhile, the winner in iowa was ted cruz. we'll put up according to the
5:10 am
polls what his strengths were. 44% conservative. shares my values, 38%. and evangelical christians 33%. we need to talk about one of the facts that he -- one of the reasons he has won he's been in the state for over a year. spent millions of dollars in it. the infrastructure i'm getting out the -- on getting out the vote was on top of the heap. he had 99 county chairs. 12,000 volunteers. each doing 2,000 door knocks a day. 20,000 phone calls a day. they had 164 iowa pastors. they had 800 out of state volunteers there every day working it. >> lock it down. >> and yesterday it worked out for him. >> yeah. i mean, this is the kind of politics that traditionally wins in iowa and this is no exception. the polls are wrong. the last two polls in "des moines register" and quinnipiac was wrong. trump up was up five points and those polls are not true. >> i love the way that donald
5:11 am
trump's tone -- he got off the stage -- >> magnanimous. >> he went on for too long. >> went on for an over an hour. >> brevity is the sole of wit, we love our shakespeare. but the more brief, succinct, self-effacing humor, love to iow iow iowans, i know you want to thank everybody. >> wrap it up. >> you don't want the rickles hook to come out, but wrap it up. >> look at the democratic side. ed henry reported there was a bit of a panic in the clinton camp. it turns out with this in this deadlock,ville sack is on the stage and over comes hillary with the family behind her. what is going on behind the scenes? >>i thought that was awkward last night. i mean, the hair's breath
5:12 am
between hillary and sanders -- >> fox has not declared a winner yet. >> i don't see how you can. i was in the high school cafeteria at the merrill middle school for the democrat caucus last night, and it was very tense. there was three counts of the votes. they had 767 people voting. much more than when i was there, same school, for obama in 2008 and 2012. many more people and hillary won i think 520 and sanders was down to 200 or something, o'malley had three or four people. but the people were upset because the vote kept changing. the count kept changing. wait a second, we can't count the votes. there was definite animosity, although fairly calm between the sanders people and the clinton people and the sanders people looked like they were ripped off. i don't think they were, but they were angry, they were not happy. >> peter doocy was in one of the precinct houses at iowa state university. you can tell the demographics of
5:13 am
who for bernie and who for hillary. let's watch. >> this is the sanders side. it is overwhelmingly where the sanders crowd is. and the students say they're motivated by the message of cleaning up wall street and some of the undergrads on the clinton said, they're here to listen. >> young voters bernie sanders got 84%. hillary clinton 14%. we just saw a bunch of them right there. >> yeah. i noticed that last night, it was -- the percentage of people who had multiple piercings and tattoos was definitely more concentrated on the sanders side. yet, there was a smattering of the old woodstock types that looked like they never left woodstock. but they were fun. i actually talked to a bunch of them. they were upbeat and they thought, look, no one thought sanders was going to do this well. he's going to perform well, he's going to continue to perform well. i found them very positive. the hillary people were kind of more staid. >> and the greatest thing about
5:14 am
going into iowa, check out the new set. great to see you, laura. see you on the east coast. >> and brian got his ground game going during last night's caucuses. what he found, coming up next. >> cruz has won the iowa caucus. bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better.
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5:18 am
well, after brian leaves his embassy suites location there in midtown des moines, where does he go? well, last night he went to the caucuses, right? >> yeah. steve, i know you know about this, but nevada, and nebraska and maine all have this. it's the caucus system when it comes to the primary process. i didn't think i could even get inside. i did. i saw the whole thing unfold. i wanted to share it. take a look. there are 1,600 different places to caucus in iowa tonight. this place in particular is the state historical building. you have six different rooms to caucus in. three republicans, three democrats. it is jammed. >> a lot of people here, it's exciting. >> i feel the bern.
5:19 am
>> meredith, you're ready to caucus. you do not know the decision you will make. >> i do not. but i'll listen and decide from this. >> who are you voting for? >> ted cruz. >> are you persuadable. can you be pushed? >> i'm open to hearing what others have to say. >> people are everywhere. they're trying to get in. they're lining the walls. they're even on the floor. >> there's no room to sit. >> good news for republicans? >> yeah, it's good. >> brian, who are you voting for? >> trump. >> like father, like son? >> no, i'm going to be going for marco rubio tonight. >> a huge turnout, that's fox news. >> americans come out to vote in this country. that's why i stand with donald trump. >> senator ted cruz. >> senator rand paul. >> marco rubio. >> vote for donald trump. and let's make america great again! >> we will announce the results. stick around. >> so just like that, brian, on
5:20 am
a scrap of paper, you put it in the bucket and it gets tallied up and sent to microsoft on the app. >> yeah, unlike the voting booths -- i know you have lived this and done this, people are showing everyone, this is who i'm voting for. and to see the -- >> some secret ballots. >> i think if you had a good captain, i think you won votes over in this caucus process. and there was some like fiorina and huckabee that didn't send anyone in the place i went to. >> there are over 1,600 locations, but relatives and surrogates were in. >> theres why the polls were wrong. they all talked about who is persuadable. when you're in the room with a surrogate, are they like let's make a deal? i was for this one, but i liked that speech. i'm on that side. >> yeah. it's raw politicking. and i know we have a lot of guests coming up straight ahead.
5:21 am
>> jeb bush wasting no time, moving on to new hampshire. he is going to be joining us shortly. (two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this. we're going to the doctor. take charge and ask your doctor about myrbetriq. that's myr-be-triq, the first and only treatment... its class for oab symptoms of urgency... ...frequency, and leakage.
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5:25 am
see his shadow this morning. punxsutawney phil making the big prognostication about an hour ago. phil has predicted an early spring only 18 times and winter more than 102 times. steve, over to you. >> thank you. after a record breaking number of people showed up on the republican side to caucus in iowa, now the focus turns to new hampshire and former florida governor jeb bush is waste nothing time. he's joins us from manchester this morning. >> hey, steve, how are you doing? >> i'm doing okay. how are you doing? you didn't do so well in iowa. >> no, you know, i congratulate ted cruz for his victory, hard
5:26 am
earned, well fought and i congratulate him. now we come to new hampshire where, new hampshire has a tendency to reset the race and i think what people are going to want is someone with a proven record, proven leader. someone who has detailed plans to fix the mess in washington. last night i had a town hall meeting with about 300 people and they seemed to respond to that message. >> how are you going to reset things, governor? with all due respect, most people know your experience so how is new hampshire different than iowa? >> well, your start at this another attack in paris. we have a national security threat that's not going away. we need someone with a steady hand, someone who has the backbone to be able to be a commander in chief to lead this country. that's the story i tell. as we get closer to the raise here in -- to the race here in new hampshire that seems to resonates. >> if you had a do over and of course in politicians you never do, but if you did because today is groundhog day after all, if
5:27 am
you had a do over regarding iowa, what would you do over? >> look, it's over. you know, you move on to the next race -- >> i know, in your race you have to be thinking, i wish i had done this or that? >> no. >> really? >> i'm 62 years old. i have a life, 32 years in business and eight years as governor. i don't look back. we have got a long haul here. after new hampshire you start in south carolina and nevada and then a slew of states. everyone has a chance to decide who they want as their nominee, who best can beat hillary clinton and who can best be president of the united states. i think that's my case. i think this is a serious time, it requires a serious leader and if people want that, i believe i'm their guy. >> and as history has proven, iowa doesn't always predict the nominee, doesn't always predict the president. >> yeah. i remember in 1980 we were all excited with my dad upsetting ronald reagan in the iowa caucus and he had big mo. he came here to new hampshire
5:28 am
and it didn't work out and many others have the same story. people in new hampshire take this seriously. they're proud of their first in the nation primary status, and i'm going to go earn their support. >> well, the primary in new hampshire is one week from today, governor. do you have a prediction how you're going to do? >> i don't predict. i'm just going to work my tail off. >> well, you know because at this point, even though the caucus has just ended about 12 hours ago, mike huckabee has already suspended his campaign and martin o'malley on the democrat side has suspended his campaign. we are, you know -- we're winnowing the field it appears. >> yeah. that's the way the primary process works. finally, the pundits which have gotten it wrong almost every step along the way have to take a step back and let the voters decide who they want to be our party nominee, and i will respect that decision. i trust them to make a decision that's best for our party, best for the conservative cause and best for our country. >> well, i know you'll run hard
5:29 am
until next tuesday right there in new hampshire. governor, thank you and good luck to you. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> all right. 29 minutes after the top of the hour -- on a tuesday. that's right. coming up, how did cruz defy the polls and win in iowa? dr. ben carson says he cheated and he joins us next. did you see the biggest star of the night? sticker guy. we're going to explain. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! plan well and enjoy life...
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5:32 am
heads or tails? hillary clinton won over by bernie sanders by a flip of the coins. the democrat rules allow a coin toss to break a tie and hillary
5:33 am
clinton won it some six times at six different precincts. >> she finished at 49.9% right now. barely beating bernie sanders at 49.5%. still too close to call. on the other side, republican side, record number of republicans caucused. ted cruz winning with a solid ground game, nearly 28% in second place, donald trump with 24%. and then you've got marco rubio, one percentage behind at 23%. dr. ben carson places fourth, far behind at 9%. he'll join us later on to say that ted cruz's camp was cheating, they had dirty tricks because they told people that ben carson had dropped out. ben carson had not dropped out. >> also had a problem with the controversial mailer that went out a day before. >> heads or tails, brian? >> well, i mean, if you're
5:34 am
hillary clinton it doesn't matter. you'll win anyway. they had to flip a coin to decide who won. just to add one thing about the gop results. the word expectations. i mean, ted cruz thought he'd win, then he dropped and then he ended up winning, how did he do it? and donald trump was winning every poll and it looks like a loss and marco rubio never said he'll win iowa, i'll do the best i can, some say he was surging, some say he wasn't, and when he posted the number 23 his camp feels like winners. i wonder if anybody is going to learn something like that from new hampshire, where donald trump right now is dominating. how do you walk out of there with some of the votes and some of the momentum if you don't finish first? see if jeb bush and the others can do that. >> regarding donald trump's number he wound up with more votes last night than mike huckabee won with in 2008. there's just a record number of republicans who showed up for the caucuses. all right, brian, stand by there in des moines.
5:35 am
we're going out to los angeles. >> yes, we are. we're going to bring in our special media guru, kurt the cyberguy. who was the big media headlines light now? >> good morning to you. we're talking and we said if you have a crystal ball, who will win the iowa caucus? chances are you're doing really well if you're gambling on it. if you went on google and searched for how to caucus, fill in the blank. well, the candidates came out just like the search results are -- and the iowa actual results came out in the caucus results. cruz number one, rubio, paul and carson and christie and trump was not on the list of that one. what were the twitter questions if you isolate the rest of the country down to just what is being said in the state of iowa, it was very interesting to see what was coming back on that one. cruz coming in at 31% of the conversations on twitter.
5:36 am
trump at 30%, rubio, 14% and carson and bush getting 5. duck duck goose was really capturing the moment online. and this was the interpretation of how we caucus and kind of a funny meme that was going on. playing out, as well as a lot of the folks taking a fun moment with some moments of old television and using like popcorn eating. >> was that a democratic or a republican caucus there? >> i don't know which one was that was. but either one. it got a lot of -- i don't remember which one they were deciding on. but one guy is undecided. did you see this guy who many say stole the iowa caucus, at least in social media. we're talking about the sticker kid. the sticker kid is now trending like -- >> what's on his face? >> it's stickers -- those are stickers. of course he puts on a variety
5:37 am
of different candidates' stickers. finds himself photo bombing or video bombing in the background of a lot of the shots. someone caught up with him to find out who the heck he is. turns out it's peter craig -- peter clingscales is his name. he goes to drake. and he admits that even as of late, late last night, he's undecided. go figure. >> what is he doing with his mouth too? wow. this is nail-biter for everybody last night. i think we have a quad box of some big names. kermit the frog. >> like the anticipation, who's going to win? you see kermit, sponge bob and jason alexander. >> if you're a republican or a democrat, people are retweeting these and sending them to their friends. a lot of attention went on. the caucuses -- like none before.
5:38 am
if you were to look at the level of interest online, it was -- it was the morning of the caucus, boom. a giant trend. of people searching for various candidates. trump notably falling very, very hard that day. where senator cruz really lifted up as the day trended on. which mimicked exactly the outcome of the iowa caucus which i thought was kind of interesting. like, wow, this social media thing might be the new voting -- not quite. >> you pick up your smartphone, you see what's going on. you watch fox news and see what's going on. hey, what it a minute, it's all going on. kurt, thank you very much for getting up early at 5:38 in los angeles. thank you, sir. >> thanks. 38 minutes after the hour. for else is making news headlines, over to heather nauert. >> peyton manning is speaking out about the nfl doping investigation about him. this comes less than a week
5:39 am
before the super bowl. he is accused of taking human growth hormones and this morning he's made the strongest statement yet. listen. >> i welcome that investigation. and i understand when an allegation is made that the nfl has to choice but to visit. i get that. but i'll tell you what they'll find -- a big fat nothing. >> big fat nothing he says. well, the results won't be released until after the big game against the carolina panthers on sunday. a fox news alert to bring you from overseas right now. a brand-new blow to the isis propaganda machine. the voice of the caliphate was taken out and it was used as a recruiting tool by isis and this comes as the top u.s. military commander says so called carpet bombings go against america's principles as a nation.
5:40 am
that's something that ted cruz proposed during his campaign. >> so indiscriminate bombing where we don't care if we're killing innocents or combatants is just inconsistent with our values. >> lieutenant general mcfarland said that the recent victory in ramadi shows that defeating isis in iraq is a matter of time. and this little gal has only been walking for a month. but she's already shredding snow. watch this. >> all right. set, go. go. how cute is that? in the little snowsuit, she's just 14 months old. her name is sloan. this is in park city, utah. she snowboards. she has a special snowboard that's modified to fit the tiny little legs. she and her parents practice balancing on the board at home and they're having a great time. those are your current
5:41 am
headlines. >> hi ho silver, the sloan ranger! >> here's what's coming up on the program. we told you about this one. dr. ben carson's campaign says that ted cruz cheated in iowa. dr. ben carson joins us live next.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
some quick headlines for you right now. brand-new record from the national debt unfortunately. now stands at $19 trillion. it took a little more than a year of unchecked government spending to gain the $1 trillion to hit the sad record high that we're now at. and chicago sees a shocking new spike in violence. police reporting 51 homicides this month alone. the highest number in 16 years. one of the shootings happening
5:45 am
near mayor rahm emanuel's own house. the record comes as the city's police department deals with corruption investigations and of course racial controversies. all right. steve, well, how did ted cruz defy the polls and win first place in iowa? dr. ben carson said he cheated. there's never been a more tainted victory in the iowa caucuses from the mailing denounced by the iowa secretary of state to his abject lies about dr. ben carson. senator cruz demonstrated he is a worst kind of washington insider. no candidate who claimed to be an outsider would stoop to these tactics. >> here to address this for the first time, dr. ben carson. good morning, doctor. >> good morning. >> what are we talking about? what dirty tricks? >> well, you know, many of the -- at many of the precincts, the information was disseminated that i was suspending my campaign, that i had dropped out. and anybody who was planning to
5:46 am
vote for me was wasting their vote and therefore they should reconsider. >> now, when you say that information was disseminated, are you saying that the various speakers who spoke on candidates' behalf, the ted cruz surrogates said, hey, you know what, dr. ben carson has dropped out. come vote for cruz? is that what you're saying? >> yes, some of those speakers said that and we have also tweets and written correspondence to the same. >> wow. dr. carson, we'll bring in brian kilmeade he's live on the ground in des moines. but dr. carson, i wanted to ask you your wife had firsthand experience with this. what did she tell you? >> yeah, she spoke at one of the caucus sites and before she got there one of the cruz people d had, you know, again disseminated that information to the crowd. and the organizers -- they said,
5:47 am
i'm so glad you here so you can set the record straight and she did. we actually won in that precinct. >> look at that. brian? >> well, i'll tell you what, that's interesting because steve king who i have seen as a big supporter of ted cruz tweeted this out at 7:20 p.m. carson looks like he's out. iowans need to know before they vote. most will go to cruz, i hope. then a twitter address on there. is that specifically the tweet you're referring to? >> that's one of the tweets, yeah. and, you know, here's the thing. i mean, if ted cruz doesn't know about this then he clearly needs to very quickly get rid of some people in his organization and if he does know about it, isn't this the exact kind of thing that the american people are tired of? why would we want to continue with that kind of, you know, shenanigans?
5:48 am
>> dr. carson, you came in 9% last night. do you think that number would have been higher if the allegations you're making hadn't been in place? >> i think they would have been. i got calls from several people who told me their internal intelligence said that i was going to do extraordinarily well. >> well, what would you like ted cruz to do today? >> well, if he doesn't -- like i said, if he didn't know about this, he needs to get rid of the people who were responsible for that. i mean, that would be a high priority for me. and if he did know about it, then he needs to -- he needs to come out and admit what he did and try to offer a solution. >> right. it's interesting because the theory goes that a lot of the evangelical support that you had in first place left and went to ted cruz. you wonder if that is indeed the difference. let's end on a high note.
5:49 am
ben carson, i visited one of the caucuses and they had people standing up and saying, vote for my candidate. here's what your captain said for you. >> america comes first in this country. and that's why i stand with dr. carson. he knows what it's like, he knows what it took to build this country. he's an entrepreneur. he was the one that they said could not make -- >> if there were persuadables in that room, they were going to switch people, they would have switched to you after hearing your captain at work. >> no question. i spoke at a couple of the caucuses and the people were over the top enthusiastic. so, you know, what this does is it makes me more determined than ever to save our country. >> but you said you're not going home for good, you're going home
5:50 am
to get a fresh set of clothes. what's ahead for you in new hampshire? >> obviously i'm going to be there, i'm going to be talking, of course, we have a debate coming up next week. and, you know, i am by no means even thinking about throwing in the towel. this is just the beginning of the fight. >> all right. dr. ben carson, it says this is a test of fox news. announcement: this storm promises to be the
5:51 am
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♪ we have been talking politics all day. but there's a big game sunday called the super bowl. >> it's the big game and it better be the carolina panthers as the winner because my husband and i are huge fans of the carolina panthers. >> oh, you too. >> and when we're not yelling at the tv, we're whipping up good food to eat. >> you're australian and you're importing to the super bowl the aussie pie. >> this is what we -- when we're
5:55 am
watching a sport, if it's rugby or cricket back at home, you have a pie in your hand. get through about two or three of them. >> let's make one. >> anna made one for me when i first moved to new york. >> really? >> a little adaptation on the australian -- >> the way through your heart is to your stomach. >> we have beef and onion. cooking 15 minutes, let that simmer. then add a little bit of flour, a little bit of tomato sauce. >> tomato sauce. that's ketchup for you at home. >> worcestershire sauce. the secret ingredient -- >> vegemite? >> i never had it until i visited your family a couple of years ago, what is it? >> it's a salty -- >> it's an acquired taste. >> so vegemite, is that how you met? >> well, part of it.
5:56 am
>> where did you meet? >> during superstorm. he was living in london and he came over for a buddy's weekend and what happened? >> yeah, the timing, we got caught in the same space and worked out it. >> he likes the dimples, she likes the smile. >> superstorm anna. >> we dated internationally for a while. >> come on, stir. >> put this in there. this is what happens. >> then you make -- we know how this works. we have seen how pies works. he makes the meat stuff and she -- we'll take a time-out. they'll put the lid on it. more after this. i've smoked a lot
5:57 am
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awesome. >> brian, i wish you were here. >> i know. the first chance to really meet tim. it would have been fantastic. i have to thank samantha and matt for doing a great job. steve, next time you're on the road it's you in new hampshire. >> i know. a week from today. >> bye, everybody. bill: here we go. iowa is in the history books. ted cruz pulling off the upset over donald trump. thanks for the great hospitality. what a week, what a story. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: it was great to be on the ground and feel the pulse of what was there. good morning, i'm martha maccallum.


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