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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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surprise you. he's a zoo worker dressed in a zebra suit. >> it's an emergency case. >> they got him too. thanks for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen. >> the first primary just one week away. hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, this is the real story. jeb bush left iowa early to try and garner some support. last night's top three fini finishers, ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio are all there. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are there too. here's a live look at senator ted cruz who may be celebrating
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his big win today and keeps the win going in the state. >> you look at the constitution and principles that built this country, by the way, what the media wants to do is say something crazy like the constitution. that's a crazy right wing document. does that show how out of touch the national narrative is? >> south carolina congressman jeff duncan joins the story now. he has one announcement for one candidate. good to have you on the real story. what is it? >> i wanted to officially announce i support ted cruz for president. >> wow. so you have made the decision. you are endorsing ted cruz, why? >> well, you know, i've been to a lot of battles here in washington and ted cruz has been standing there with me in all those battles. he's a constitutionalist and shares my vision for america.
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>> south carolina is going to be the next primary after new hampshire. how important is south carolina going to be? >> i think it's important we've always picked presidents. they will kind of give the next presidential nominee, republican nominee the juice going into the sec and super tuesday primary. >> i want to look at some of the other endorsements. you have a supporting sen store or the rand paul. lindsey game threw his support behind florida governor jeb bush. scott has announced he's going to be behind cruz as well. so let me ask you this right now. i'm interested in knowing about something that ben carson's camp is putting out and ben himself this morning, the doctor, he's saying that he's going home to florida to get a fresh set of clothes but that the cruz people in iowa were telling the caucus
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goers last night hey, look, carson's dropping out of the race and you should vote for us. he's calling it dirty trickery. >> ted cruz put a statement out. what they did was send out the cnn news report. they sent it out verbatim. ted cruz has apologized they didn't follow up whether or not it was official on the second part of that. so look, ted cruz has answered that and those guys are friends and both good strong christian men. people in the south like him. we got a great field. regardless of who wins the nomination, we've got a great field to take on hillary in november. that's the important part. >> what does ted cruz have to do in new hampshire? obviously, it's a different set of voters. the evangelical vote was great for him in iowa. new hampshire is a different beast. >> well, it's still a ground
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gain. politics is politics. their camp does a good job getting out in retail politics turning out with a vote, connecting with at the time the being consistent. that's where ted cruz leads the field. he's a consistent messenger. he was willing to communicate to the voters there his position on ethinal. i think he'll do the same thing in new hampshire. he'll be clear and consistent. he's a fighter. >> etch the governor of iowa said don't vote for ted cruz. donald trump was attacking him for being born in canada and he was still able to pull out a win. republican from south carolina announces he's supporting ted cruz as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> fox news alert for you now as the associate press is declaring a winner in the democratic caucuses in iowa with hillary clinton beating bernie sanders in the closest caucuses in
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history. some were decided by a coin toss. check it out. really, a coin toss? shannon live in iowa. what is the status of the democratic race being called now officially? >> yeah, so what we have the is official call in favor of hillary clinton but it's so tight, it's within five of what we call delicate equivalents. five points separating these two with a few points left over getting out of the race. the clinton campaign was quick the claim victory last night. the bill pending saying it's a win for them and even if it's raiser thin she can put this one in the win column. bernie sanders feel it's a hunl win for them to come within that
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fraction of a point to be right there with her at the end neck and neck. this morning, bernie sanders when he arrived in new hampshire where he was up by strong double digits he knows that he's going to have a victory. here's something from this morning. >> thank you, so much. we just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. and now in new hampshire we found the world again. >> even if it's not a win on paper, the sanders campaign is considering it a moral e kwif len lan si. >> is it true the winner was decided by a coin toss? >> yeah, those are the reports. this is not a fairy tail. aparentally, there were presyncs where they were counted as
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multiple. if there was a tie some reached out to democratic officials and said what are we suppose to do. apparently, there's numerous cases of coin tosses. here's how it played out in one. >> i'm going to let the coin hit the floor. if it's heads bernie gets the extra dell kate and if it's tails hillary gets the extra delica delica delega delegate. >> our understanding is it happened at least five. the sanders folks are arguing hmm, maybe if the coin tosses would have gone differently we would be the winner. tough to know but so far for now the official victory goes to the former secretary of state. >> it's so unbelievable. this is the first year they had an act to count all the votes and then they have a coin toss?
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i mean, it seems kind of ridiculous. >> they went old school. >> very, very old school. shann shannon, thanks. >> i want to make a correction. i said scott was going to be endorsing ted cruz. that's wrong, he's endorsing marco rubio tonight and he's going to be on gretta tonight. donald trump opening a second campaign office in massachusetts. the state is strong hold and trump drew thousands of people to a rally last month. his new campaign office hopie o in a boston suburb. with the iowa caucuses behind us, sites are turning to new hampshire for the next primary. donald trump leading the g.o.p. pack by a big margin. joline live from new hampshire.
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who needs new hampshire the most? >> reporter: it's all about the three governors. you got jeb, christie and governor kasich of ohio. they need to do well. why? because they bet everything on this state and ignores iowa. i got on a campaign but with governor kasich on his way to a town hall meeting and asked what are you going to do in the next final days ahead of the new hampshire primary? >> what needs to happen in the next seven days? what will you do to push yourself to beating donald trump or senator cruz? >> nothing's going to change. i'm going to keep doing what i've been doing. there's no reason to change anything. i don't need to throw any hail marys. >> meanwhile, jeb bush is heading to town halls across the state and he is meeting with slightly smaller crowds, around 300 people. a lot of enthusiasm there. he's trying to draw contrast to donald trump in addition to
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other candidates and we're also looking at chris christie as well. he's been attacking every other person actually coming after him including marco rubio, the other two governors, chris christie says it matters how he does here in new hampshire and it is all in the hands of the voters and as you know, gretchen, so much matters in the final days here. they like to take their time and be independent in the way they choose their candidate. all eyes here. here in manchester, the candidates all coming through trying to meet as many voters as they can. donald trump will be taking the stage tonight for another big rally that's going to draw a lot of eye balls. >> thanks, much. first primary is now one week away. which candidate fairs well in new hampshire? we're going to ask scott brown what it takes to get the voters support and we're going to ask him about whether he's endorsing somebody tonight.
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shake, of course. whoever was filming must have been freaked out. neither of these guys hurt. the fight is on in new hampshire. primary less than a week away. latest cnn poll shows donald trump leaving the state with 30% support. behind him senators ted cruz and marco rubio with 10 and 12%. joining me now is scott brown, former massachusetts senator and a fox news contributor. great to have you back on the real story, senator. i understand tonight you're going to be in new hampshire at a rally with donald trump and two reputable sources are saying you plan to endorse donald trump tonight, is that true? >> first of all, thank you. it's great to be on again. i will be there and i'm going to reserve my comments to tonight and let everybody know probably around 7:00 what i plan on doing. >> he said back in january when he was with you at an event you
11:16 am
were cut out of central taxing and could be his vice presidential pick and you said then about trump the next president of the united states. it sounds pretty clear like you like him. >> listen, i like them all. i think every single candidate would make a better president than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. we've had our backyard barbecues and 10 of the candidates have come to participate in the events to see people up front and close and personal and grab a beer and a hot dog. they're good people, they're poised, they have high character and it's going to be exciting in the next week here in new hampshire. >> those backyard barbecues were called no bs backyard barbecues. so, senator. no b.s. what do you like about donald trump? >> i like the fact he's not a
11:17 am
washington insider. he's somebody who i think can change washington certainly because he's not part of washington. he's a change maker in that regard. somebody whose actually created jobs and has the ability to not only sign the front of the check but actually hire and grow and expand businesses and business in america. that being said, i like marco rubio for his youth, his energy and independence for the fact he cares deeply about this great country and i love ted cruz too in the fact he's talking about getting back to the basics and the constitution and talking tough on isis. everybody has great characteristics and it's been a difficult process for me and others. in new hampshire right now, i would venture to guess 35% of the people are still undecided. >> chris christie just called marco rubio today the bubble boy. i'm not sure what he meant but i think he was saying he's too scripted. his speech last night would not
11:18 am
on teleprompter. is this what candidates have to do? they have to attack. >> politics is a blood sport and been fairly mild when you get right down to it. that being said, i know they all respect each other. i know chris and care for him deeply. he's working hard doing it the new hampshire way. today there was a jeb bush supporter came to my house. that's the second or third time they've come to my neighborhood. you're finally seeing an up tick of people getting out and working hard to earn each and every vote. it's going to be a record turnout as well. >> you'll be at the rally with donald trump. let's say you do in fact endorse him. what does he have to do differently now in new hampshire if anything to come off of a second place finish in iowa? >> i think he needs to work hard and basically be here and don't take any vote for granted. just like any other candidate. they have to make sure they ask people literally for their
11:19 am
votes. don't assume the tip o'neal theory. you have to ask people and look them in the eye and tell them what you believe and how you plan on solving problems. >> no doubt. all right. senator scott brown, we'll be watching tonight for that endorsement. murder and robbery case that may have been carried out by a loan wolf terrorist. the terrifying plot this man looked to carry out on behalf of isis. plus, we just heard from senator scott brown who hosted no b.s. barbecues. which candidate would you want to have over for a no b.s. backyard barbecue and why? >> by the way, one of the best songs of all time you're listening to right now. ♪ ♪
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isis boy now facing charges for the death of his elderly neighbor. he's accused of shooting the man on the screen with his dad's rifle and burying him in the backyard. trace live with the disturbing details on this. >> hi there, the murder of 74-year-old murder has gone unknown. someone busted in his home, robbed him, shot him three times in the head and drug him outside and buried him in the shallow grave. just justin sullivan who was 19 was not a suspect. he got on the radar last year
11:24 am
when his parents called 911 saying he was burning all their religious symbols. >> he's got all the windows open and trying to burn stuff. religious stuff. i don't know if it's isis or what but i come home and he's destroying budis and fig reens and burning stuff in the house. >> he started referring to himself as gorilla war error and started conspiring to buy an assault rifle and wanted to use it to attack a concert or restaurant killing thousands of people. he told the agent here quoting our attacks need to be as big as
11:25 am
possible. we can do minor assassination before the big attack for training. sullivan was also concerned his pa parents were catching on to them and offered the undercover agent to kill them. he was arrested the day before he was planning to buy the assault rifle and that's when the search warrant turned up to evidence he murdered his neighbor. he was using the money to finances the entire terror attack. >> convoluted and bizarre story. these three big winners in iowa. new hampshire is a whole new ball game. will they take to cruz's desires? hillary clinton wins by the thinnest of margins. did you know some of the districts were decided by a coin toss like this. i still can't get over theris. >> it is tails.
11:26 am
>> the tie has been broken by coin flip and will go to bernie sanders for the delegate. >> what? so ed, you're on the road to new hampshire. got any coins in your pocket? just kidding. where you heading? >> i got my pockets full. did hillary finally declare victory? i'll tell you that. i'm going to tell you where i'm heading. i'm going north on i-89. we're within the speed limit. we're going to take you inside the campaign next. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom.
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bottom of the hour. back to politics for you today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders wasting really time. both trying overnight to new hampshire. chief white house correspondent ed henry live on the road traveling to new hampshire. ed, a long night for you and for the clintons. how are they trying to spend iowa today? >> well, i arrived about 4:00 a.m. on the clinton plane and we call this the quick response vehicle. today i'm going to call it ed force one because we are steaming across the state of new hampshire. we went from iowa to new hampshire. i knew you would like that. the bottom line is we were just with hillary clinton. she was finally declaring victory after a rough night where you remember as a bizarre
11:31 am
scene she came out last night and wouldn't declare victory. i've never seen someone come out and do that with such high steaks. bernie sanders, by the way, we got this thing we call roof cam above me and that gives you an idea of where we're steaming across towards bernie sanders. and bernie sanders, he addressed his supporters at about 5:00 this morning blurry eyed. listen to this. >> well, we're here and we're awake and there will be some great days. there will be some tough days where something happens terrible to somebody in america or around the world and then there are all the other days. >> i could not believe.
11:32 am
>> thank you so much. you know we just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. [ applause ] >> and now new hampshire we're going to astound the world again. [ applause ] >> you heard bill clinton say there these are those other days. this is a rough day for hillary clinton no doubt about it. i saw a change in her message. after declaring victory, she was no longer hitting bernie sanders. she was only attacking republicans. bernie sanders by the way told supporters he's going all the way to the convention in philly. >> yeah, it looks that way, today. i know why you call your rig ed force one because yesterday we talked about the nicknames that you call me and you coined for me speaking of coins you coined
11:33 am
kid and gretch. i asked on facebook and twitter what should ed's nickname be. i asked on the air too. we did a survey. these were the top ones were smiley, mr. ed, o'henry, pocket square, hanky, ship and scoop. the number one vote getter, guess which one? >> it was smiley. >> that's good. i guess people think i'm happy. i'm happy on the campaign trail and with the real story. >> all right. we'll touch base with you later on in the week. >> thanks. >> now to the republican contest. fox news folds in iowa asking voters what they like best about the candidates.
11:34 am
38% were most concerned about finding a candidate that shares their values. donald trump capturing 44% of voters with immigration as their number one issue. marco rubio looking for elect blt. 44% of their support. larry o'conner hosts mornings on the mall. simon rosenburg president and founder of the network and former clinton campaign adviser. very interesting to look at those numbers. it's interesting to segment out these candidates to see what is their number one quality in the end voters went with. ? >> it kind of fits the pattern and mold of these candidates.
11:35 am
>> here at the d.c. bureau, there's a nickname for ed henry, i don't know if i can say it on the air. >> let's not share that one today. just kidding. simon, what was your take away on the g.o.p. side from last night? >> sure. look at those numbers. it reminds you performance matters and things may be going a certain way and big decisions. i think if you look at me, to most interesting number was that rubio did really well with people who decided late. what happened late? fox debate happened late. donald trump by not showing up gave rubio an enormous opportunity to fundamentally change the race. i think donald trump must rue the day. he made a big mistake by not showing up in the fox debate. somebody wrote the big winner last night was megan kelly for staring down donald trump. >> yeah, i think there's one other element i might talk about coming up as well. thank you guys for your analysis
11:36 am
on that. i want you to listen to something governor chris christie said today about marco rubio. the daggers are really out now for rubio from christie. listen to this. >> i'm not the boy in the bubble. we know who that is who never answers your questions. it's time to answer a question. it seems to me he can answer your questions. >> wow, he's following rubio the boy in the bubble. i thought it was john. >> right, or that kid from the seinfeld episode. >> it makes you wonder what he would be doing. he has the same kind of new york straight talk kind of thing
11:37 am
going. the only way he lives is to cut into rubio. >> you can define somebody like that. marco rubio didn't use the tell prompter last night. he was speaking from note cards. >> i think when you're complaining about the reps it means you're losing. christie, this could be chris christie's last week in this race. i think new hampshire is going to be cruel to at least two of the republicans. probably jeb bush and chris christie. this may be their final week in the race.
11:38 am
donald trump is in much better shape than people realize. >> all right. larry and simon, thanks very much. >> at least we're not flipping a coin to see who next president is. >> that is bizarre, guys. we got to say it. time now for my take. after a wild night in iowa, all eyes go to nh. totally different state of voters for the candidates they select. donald trump led in the polls in iowa but didn't capture the top spot in the caucus. in the resent poll clinton beats trump 48%. sanders beats trump 50-47 still in the margin of error. interestingly enough rubio and cruz also get beat by sanders but do slightly better than trump against clinton. we've talked about the importance of the evangelical vote, the shared values vote. immigration and the economy.
11:39 am
it's my belief that elect blt will become the greatest factor moving forward on the g.o.p. side. as we continue in the voting process, who do voters think on the g.o.p. side can beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders? voters in new hampshire may decide to start coalescing behind candidates in the next week with that thought in mind. police chiefs from big cities across the country on capital hill are testifying about the threat of home grown terror attacks after isis releases another home grown video about a lit on the united states. catherine live in washington with that. hi, catherine. >> thank you. this new video releases a threat against american targets and with more than 52 isis related arrests last year alone local police chief testified in the senate today that the heart land is the new battlefield. after san bernardino the see something say something campaign
11:40 am
took on new meaning because local police forces resooved the activity tip. without intelligence from the federal agencies or overseas, it may be impossible to act. >> one of the corner stones is sharing critical information amongst all the players. it doesn't matter. when it comes to this, that's the concept one team one fight. they're looking at whether local cops have the security clearances. most of this is local. >> how are the police forces striking the balance between terrorism and mass shootings? >> well, the new york city police chief testified that this
11:41 am
active shooter training that they're doing really applies whether a terrorist is holding the gun or someone else driven by a personal judge. >> the loan wolf is not different than what we're dealing with with the actor shooter. the response is very similar. we have learned after column bine we have to get in there and get the shooter. >> one of the things that unfortunate remains constant is their city remains a primary target and he sited four credible plots. i think that's a new number as well. >> very interesting.
11:42 am
catherine, thank you. >> new polls in iowa sought stronger than expected supporters. can they defend on that kind of support? can they depend on it in new hampshire? and bill cosby heads back to court today. it's another judge in another state that is now ordering the comedian to follow his ruling. what he is demanding cosby should do and has to do now. what happens when lobster gets grilled, baked, and paired with even more lobster? you get hungry. and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is back with the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year. like new dueling lobster tails with one tail stuffed with crab, and the other with langostino lobster mac-and-cheese, it's a party on a plate! and you know every bite of 'lobster lover's dream' lives up to its name. hey, eating is believing. so stop dreaming and start eating.
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test. test.
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fnchts we lose in iowa, all a waste of time. going forward, can donald trump count on the polls and indicate he's leading in new hampshire? we'll break down what trump has going for him there.
11:46 am
that's the top of the hour. shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> back to the real story now. religion playing a big roll in iowa as evangelicals showed up. >> the truth is the american people are fed up with the federal government that views the bill of rights and the constitution as a rough draft, as an inconvenience and something to be set aside and we are ready to get back to the vision of the framers of protecting the unailable rights given to each of us by our creator. >> of those voter, 33% voted for senator cruz. 21% for senator rubio and donald trump. another 12% for ben carson. dr. ronny is a pastor and president of the southern baptist convention. great to see you, dr. floyd.
11:47 am
>> hey, good afternoon. >> you said you've spoken to a lot of evangelicals share this sense of frustration in the world, in our country right now, right. >> yes, they do. i do believe that many of them have hope and that's why they're so committed, i believe, during this season to get involved in the political processes of america and to try to really go and vote their values pertaining to what they believe we pray according to the scripture and according to our commitment to jesus christ. >> it's interesting because you wrote for and said look, all evangelicals, i think you said 60 million of them are not all unified in politics but they are in values and imagine if you could get all of them to be invigorated to actually go and take part in the political process. >> yeah, that would be pretty extraordinary, wouldn't it. you know, we pray and that was
11:48 am
really my urging was man, if we could just go, we could make a real difference in the country and regardless, we need to be able to come to the point, gretchen when it's all said and done we've prayed about it and been involved in the processes and for all evangelicals who know the lord, we just really trust the lord with the processes and with the results. what do they do in new hampshire now? the second least religious state second behind vermont? >> i do believe that will be a real challenge. there's no question about it. i would encourage any of the evangelicals involved in the race to be true to who you are and to not try to become someone else. the bottom line is that you have to lead out of what you are inside and let this ultimately
11:49 am
determine what you are outside. the american people are looking for an authentic leader who can engage the culture and could give and rally the american people towards a better future together. >> dr. ronny floyd, saying it very well. great to see you again, sir. >> thank you, gretchen. god blees you. >> you as well. >> a former d.a. agreed not to prosecute bill cosby. what it now means for the case. hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your father. quickfoto claims. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good.
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watching tvs get sharper, you've had it tough. bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. welcome back to the real story. airline passenger now charged with assault for attacking his fellow flyers and even a crew member.
11:53 am
this is after the event. here he is getting taken off the plane. jetblu crews said this guy had four alcoholic drinks in his flight from d.c. to jacksonville, florida. claimed he was an air marshal, put a passenger in a head lock, even kneed a crew member in the groin in an attempt to exit the plane while it was still in the air. >> court action for bill cosby as the entertainer's attorney tries to get the criminal sexual assault charges dismissed. with the former pennsylvania district attorney taking the stand. rick is live. what's happening in the courtroom? >> the former d.a. has been on the stand all day, and during his testimony, he explained why he didn't prosecutor bill cosby 11 years ago when the alleged victim first came forward to say the comedian gave her wine and pills and then sexually assaulted her. the d.a. said he found inconsistencies in the story of the former temple basketball manager which she told her
11:54 am
police in her native canada and the d.a.'s office. he said he was concerned she waited nearly a year to report the alleged forensic assault, and he thought the case would be hard to prosecute because she contacted a civil attorney before calling police. and he said there was a nonprosecution agreement with cosby's attorney at the time to convince the now 78-year-old to agree to a deposition in the civil trial, which might allow andrea to collect damages, which she did. today's hearing is about trying to determine if the deal, the nonprosecution deal, is enforceable. >> if he said, yes, we had this deal, i had it with his lawyer. i told his lawyer if he testified at the civil deposition, we would not charge him, and no other conditions, that would be sufficient proof. if the judge believes bruce castor. >> and this hearing may continue into tomorrow, gretchen. >> what's going to happen if they can't use the deposition? >> well, bill cosby's own words
11:55 am
may be the strongest evidence against him. that deposition, the comedian admitted to giving quaaludes to at least one other woman as part of a seduction process, and admitted to contact with andrea and admitted to giving her money for school after the incident. the current d.a. could pursue criminal charges without the deposition, but we have to see what the judge decides on this issue. >> all right. rick leventhal, live frus in pennsylvania. thanks. >> these eagles really don't like drones. swooping in to dprab them with their talons on purpose. so why would someone train them to do that? this is sheldon
11:56 am
whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice.
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they aren't allowed may have met their match. dutch police training eagles to take out unwanted drones. watch as the predator swoops in and grabs it with its talons. police say these birds could
11:59 am
help keep people safe, especially when drones fly over areas where fires are burning and may hamper rescue efforts by helicopters and small planes. >> what's a wiener without ketchup and mustard? that's the angle heinz is going for in the new commercial. wiener dogs with hotdogs on their backs running through a field to get to the condiments on the other side. so, will they make it? you get to see the whole thing during the super bowl. >> earlier, former senator scott brown talked about his no bs barbecues with the republican candidates. which candidate would you want to have over? that's our question. roger would invite rand paul because he says he doesn't want any bs when he's eating ribs. crystal is voting for cruz, but would like to have ben carson over. she thinks the work he's done is fascinating. kylie picks marco rubio saying he's the most attractive candidate inside and out. and kim would invite everyone to her farm, but if a candidate
12:00 pm
dodges a question, he or she goes straight into the pig pen. thanks, everyone, for writing. >> and thanks for being part of a very busy real story today. the day after the iowa caucus. i'm gretchen carlson. let's head to shepard smith. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. next stop, new hampshire. you saw what happened in iowa. ted cruz with a big win over the front-runner donald trump, and bernie sanders with a very strong showing against hillary clinton. but the granite state, that's a different game with different rules. ahead, who has the advantage going to our nation's first primary. and after two candidates called it quits last night, we'll look at who could be the next to go. here's a hint, check their bank accounts. plus, other news today, including how america's local police departments are becoming front-runners against terrorists. also, while our military is running low on bombs. let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting, live from t


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