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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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goes straight into the pig pen. thanks, everyone, for writing. >> and thanks for being part of a very busy real story today. the day after the iowa caucus. i'm gretchen carlson. let's head to shepard smith. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. next stop, new hampshire. you saw what happened in iowa. ted cruz with a big win over the front-runner donald trump, and bernie sanders with a very strong showing against hillary clinton. but the granite state, that's a different game with different rules. ahead, who has the advantage going to our nation's first primary. and after two candidates called it quits last night, we'll look at who could be the next to go. here's a hint, check their bank accounts. plus, other news today, including how america's local police departments are becoming front-runners against terrorists. also, while our military is running low on bombs. let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting, live from the fox news desk.
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>> from the fox news desk this tuesday afternoon, on to new hampshire. the presidential front hp runners on the republican side not taking any breaks after the long night in iowa with exactly one week until the next big vote. top-tier candidates at least were up early, hitting diners, churches, schools. even a groundhog day breakfast, anything to get their message before the first of the nation primary. ted cruz is trying to build on his momentum, beating the front-runner, donald trump, but new hampshire is a very different place with far fewer evangelicals who make up much of the ted cruz base. cruz says he plans to win in new hampshire using the same ground game that helped him last night. >> we've got this army on the ground in new hampshire. one of the things that we're seeing in iowa, but also new hampshire and across the country is that old reagan coalition coming together of conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats. >> there you go, the polls show cruz has a very long way to go.
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in fact, so does everybody not named donald trump. the real clear politics average of the poms shows trump leading in new hampshire by double digits. a four-way tie, really, a dead heat for second place. analysts say marco rubio could see a big bump after coming just a point shy of donald trump in iowa. rubio says he did well because he can bring together all sides of the republican party. >> i think more and more people began to realize that as we got closer to voting day. of course, you saw we surged there late. we felt great and feel great about the momentum coming in here to new hampshire a week from today. >> but one republican, for one republican, iowa is the end of the road. mike huckabee the latest in the gop field to bow out. the one-time winner of the iowa caucuses scored less than 2% of the vote this time. another one-time winner in iowa, rick santorum got fewer votes than huckabee.
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his precinct captain admitted, no he did not vote for his own candidate. the reason -- his pen ran out of ink. ben carson came in fourth. today he flew back home to florida. his campaign insists he's not dropping out. that's not it. he's not dropping out. instead, aides say the carson campaign is stronger than ever. he just needed a fresh set of clothes. and there are no signs today that even iowa's last-place finisher plans to quit. jim gilmore, ges, jim gilmore got a total of 12 votes. not delegates, votes, for perspective ten times as many caucusgoers voted for other than for jim gilmore. he continues. as does our team of correspondents, john roberts live, clairemont, new hampshire. let's get to campaign carl. he's first in new hampshire. ted cruz going after trump in a big way after last night. >> he was.
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and ted cruz actually the campaign apologized to ben carson for having tweeted yesterday that he might be dropping out. the cruz campaign says that what happened was they heard on cnn that mr. carson was going back to florida. and they thought that that meant he was dropping out. and as soon as carson said he wasn't, they apologized. carson had been accusing them of dirty tricks. ted cruz roars into new hampshire with momentum from last night's surprise lead. and already, he is dealing with his two dearest rivals, marco rubio, who has an event here tonight, and donald trump. trump called ted cruz nasty repeatedly in iowa. the winner of iowa now, cruz comes to new hampshire and talks about character and some of donald trump's person characteristics. watch. >> i'm a big believer that you convey a lot about your character and how you conduct
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yourself. how you treat others. i think one of the greatest tests of character is how do you treat people you don't have to be nice to. >> the argument from mr. cruz being that donald trump is mean to people without justification quite a bit. rubio has somemomentum, as i said, coming into new hampshire. just as was the case in iowa, here in new hampshire, he hasn't spent as much time as a lot of the candidates, and they are planning the momentum from last night in third place, and what he acknowledges is a lot of support and a lot of endorsements from fellow senators and members of the house and governors around the country to bring that here into new hampshire and do the same thing. a huge media push. very, very aggressive campaigning, and lots of advertising. whether or not that's going to pay off is an open question. trump has an event tonight in milford, new hampshire, and there is a growing buzz that former massachusetts u.s.
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senator and former candidate for u.s. senate here in new hampshire scott brown will be endorsing him. brown has confirmed to fox news he is going to the donald trump event tonight. he won't say for sure that he's going to be endorsing, but a lot of the folks who have worked with mr. brown in new hampshire thinks that's the kind of move that can keep him in play. he has been hosting campaign events at his house here in new hampshire, having moved from massachusetts, for all of the candidates all year long. picking trump will certainly be something trump would love to do, roll out big endorsements just before the first votes in the next state, the first primary now is a week from tomorrow. >> indeed it is. carl, thank you. the three so-called establishment governor candidates did not stick around in iowa to find out how badly they did in the caucuses. jeb bush, chris christie, and john kasich headed to new hampshire last night. none of them made a dent into the top five in iowa. combined, they got one delegate. one. it was bush's. but their campaigns have been focusing more on the first
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primary states. with coverage of that, our team coverage continues. john roberts, clairemont, new hampshire, this afternoon. >> good afternoon to you. for some of the establishment candidates, the results were so bad, it's like you didn't want to look. that's prompted some talk within the republican establishment that maybe some of the lower tier candidates should step aside so the establishment can coalesce around marco rubio who appears to be the strongest candidate coming out of iowa. hold on a second here because some of the lower tier establishment candidates are actually leading marco rubio here in the granite state. take, for example, john kasich. in some recent polls he's been in solid second place. kasich told me a short time ago, he plans to stay in the race through april. >> well, look, if we get smoked here, it's over. i said that all along. we don't expect that. when you're running in a solid second place, when your voters are committed to you, when you have the best ground game that some observers here have seen in other 40 years, positive tv, i
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think we'll do very well. >> kasich is very strong among independent voters. and they are the largest voting block here in new hampshire, and under party rules, they can play in next tuesday's primary. >> what about chris christie? he's put in a lot of time in new hampshire. >> he's been putting a lot of time in since october when he was down at 2%. he rose in the polls, in some recent polls in the beginning of january, he was actually tied with marco rubio. he's fallen back somewhat behind rubio now, but rather than clearing a lane for him, this morning, christie was taking a blow torch to rubio. listen to this. >> you know who the boy in the bubble is. never answers your questions, constantly scripted and controlled because he can't take questions. senator rubio gets here, the boy in the bubble gets here, i hope you guys ask him some questions. >> marco rubio, the boy in the bubble, according to chris christie. harsh talk, which lets you know how important a new hampshire good showing in new hampshire,
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at least, will be for christie. another candidate who could do better than many people expect is jeb bush. he's running ahead of marco rubio in the poll averages right now in new hampshire. of course, rubio's coming out of iowa with what everybody is calling that marco-mentum. we'll watch the polls closely to see if things change. >> i hadn't heard that one. john roberts live for us in clairemont, new hampshire. a very different place from iowa. do the establishment candidates have a better shot there. glen hall is here with the "wall street journal." what do you think? >> new hampshire is a better place for the establishment than iowa was, where it really favored the ultra conservative and the sort of evangelical side of ted cruz. so you may, and we have seen as was mentioned in the polls that guys like john kasich and jeb bush are doing better early days. i would say we have to throw some of the poll numbers out going in. last night changed a lot of dynamics too. >> remember, trump said if we lose here, it was all a waste of
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time. second place, that's loser. so does this guy who has built everything on being a winner have trouble now? >> well, he has more trouble than was expected because there's a dent in his armor. going into iowa, it seemed like he was invincible, but now he has been beaten and i think that gives ted cruz a little more momentum. he's got more of a ground game and more money than previous iowa winners have like rick santorum, and other guys like rubio are coming on strong from below. so i think there's a real chance that he's wounded but not sufficiently to lose. >> the twitterverse was very upset that donald trump took 12 hours or something off, and since, he's been on a tweet storm. the most recent we'll bring to the screen. and here it is. anybody who watched all of ted cruz's far too long rambling, overly flamboyant speech last night would say it was his howard dean moment. go trump go. >> well, i guess that's one way
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to try to call out your biggest rival. line him up with a previous loser. but you know, he was quiet. and initially he was gracious, donald trump was. >> last night. >> last night, but this morning, he was back to business and wanting to win. he was talking about how he didn't spend as much as cruz and rubio, which is true, and also talking ability how iowans just didn't get him. >> big picture, though, if someone from the establishment lane, marco rubio, whoever, starts coming up, makes some noise, and trump starts to be the one nomtalked about all the time, are there concerns he could cause problems? there have been suggestions that he could be a huge problem down the road. >> at the beginning, there was a whole debate whether he would run as an independent. he said he wouldn't. that's what he said. >> i don't know. do you know? >> nobody can know yet, right? i think that's right. >> that would be problematic, i suppose. and what about this whole idea that mayor bloomberg might step in there? is that still something that's top of mind, or is it too soon? >> i haven't been hearing as
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much chatter about that. it got a little buzz at the beginning. he would cause a trouble. you can remember the other times we had nment independents come in and siphon votes from other candidates. that could happen, but so far, i don't see the signs it is going to happen. >> glenn hall from "wall street journal," and speaking of the "wall street journal," fox news alert. >> what is this? why? why is this happening? why is this down 334 points? >> oh, man. we've been seeing a lot of topsy turvy in the markets. you have seen oil prices going below the pressure point, a lot of concern about china and the global economy. these markets can't find stability. >> just yesterday, someone from the fed said something like interest rates probably aren't going to change. it ran 200 points up. now today, it's sitting down there at minus 337 and still going. the trend all day is down, down, down. oil, okay, oil is low. got it. what's wrong with everything else? 29 of 30 industrials in the red. >> it's been a surprise.
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last night, good numbers from google's parent, alphabet. but there hasn't been enough sustaining levels of good news to create the optimism. a lot of negative sentiment out there that's hard to beat. >> oil way down, microsoft down. everything down but dupont. dupont is having a day. if you own dupont, be happy there. otherwise, just stay away from your fidelity account. thank you. after democrats had their closest caucus in the history of the great stay of iowa, team clinton and team sanders looking ahead to new hampshire. while hillary clinton says she's sighing with relief, it's bernie sanders who may be breathing more easily today. especially considering his strong showing last night, and the polls that show him with a big lead in new hampshire. how big is it? that's coming up from the fox news dpesk esk on this tuesday afternoon. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs...
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coin tosses helped tip the scales in favor of hillary clinton last night, giving her a razor thin advantage over bernie sander. the final numbers are in. you'll see she's gone up one tenth of one point. 49.9% to 46.6%. secretary clinton won by a sliver, less than a percentage point. the closest democratic race in the history of the iowa caucuses. in half a dozen precincts, the race was reportedly tied, completely even. election officials decided to flip a coin. they didn't make the decision. the rules allow for that coin flip. clinton won all six times. six coin flips won six in a row.
12:17 pm
six tosses, 1 in 64. democrats candidates, both of them, hit the campaign trail in new hampshire early this morning where the first in the nation primary is a week away. according to the real clear politics average of the polls, the vermont senator has a double-digit lead over the former secretary of state. ed henry is live in new hampshire. what's next for the clinton campaign there, ed? >> well, she's got to pick herself off the canvas. this is something hillary clinton did that we should point out in 2008, when she finished third in iowa. this time, looks like a squeaker of a win. remember, last time, she stormed into new hampshire, was down there, and had a comeback. and actually won new hampshire against barack obama, but of course, lost the nomination. what she's trying to do now is sort of shift her message. what we heard her today was hold back on the attacks against bernie sanders which didn't work in iowa, it appears. instead now going after republicans.
12:18 pm
the first step was simply to say she won. here she is. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! i can tell you, i have won and lost there. it's a lot better to win. >> and so i can tell you, this follows a surreal scene last night, i was at her headquarters in des moines. we were waiting to see if she would call out. the race still hadn't been called. she finally came out with former president bill clinton and said, boy, i'm breathing a sigh of relief. never claimed victory. they were shell-shocked in the clinton camp. >> picked herself up from the canvas? usually it's the loser who gets up off the canvas. like the metaphor is for boxing, the one who is down. but she won, ed. did you see that? >> no, i saw that, but look,
12:19 pm
here's what bernie sanders is saying. nobody thought he was going to come anywhere close. and so this is something that hillary clinton couldn't even claim a victory on last night. yes, she's claiming a victory today. but what bernie sanders is saying is that this is not going to be a coronation. this is going to be a long, drawn-out fight. here he is on his plane in the middle of the night. >> tonight is a wonderful start-off to the national campaign. as i have indicated many times, we're in this to the convention, and i think tonight shows the american people that this is a campaign that can win. >> and to deal with sanders, we're seeing another shift in strategy for clinton. we have been talking about how she might accept more debates. another candidate forum tomorrow night in new hampshire, and a debate on thursday. the debate, the forum, a little smaller. only two candidates now, clinton and sanders because martin o'malley, the former maryland governor got out last night after a dismal showing in iowa.
12:20 pm
this also gives clinton and sanders a chance to go one-on-one in these forums and debates. and show sharper differences with one another without the distraction of o'malley. >> ed henry off the ice. thank you. >> the water crisis in flint, michigan, is now insubject of an fbi investigation. we're getting reports of toxic chemicals poisoning people's water in other cities and states across the united states. apparently, it's not just flint, michigan. apparently there are other spots where kids are testing positive for high levels of lead. we'll speak to the judge and bring you the news. that's next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. 23 minutes past the hour. not just flint, michigan, but multiple cities across the
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united states dealing with contaminated drinking water. the cases are all slightly different. let's start with the crisis in michigan. a full-fledged crisis. the fbi is now investigating the water in flint. that's the word from the u.s. attorney's office today. multiple federal agencies are looking to see if any laws were broken. back in april of last year, the city began using water from the flint river to save money. now, the city didn't make these decisions. the state government made these decisions. they were made for the city by the state. the city had no options at all. around the same time, experts say they found the tap water to be contaminated with lead. same time. doctors in the town revealed the city's drinking water caused extremely high levels of lead in some children's blood. lead contamination has been linked to learning disabilities and other health problems. we're learning this is not the only case of possible water contamination in the united states. state officials in mississippi are warning people in the state capital of jackson that the water supply for some of that city's homes has shown levels of
12:25 pm
lead that are way too high. however, the director of public works in jackson, mississippi, says this, quote, does not mean that the city has violated the safe drinking water act, and she says, quote, the water is safe. and then there's this. upstate new york, they have a much different problem. the environmental protection agency is warning people not to drink or cook with tapwater in hoosick falls, a community 30 miles north and east of albany, new york. investigators say the water has high levels of a toxic chemical which some studies link to cancer. it leaks into the water from a plastics victory. there's trouble in flint, right? >> a lot of trouble. >> league trouble. >> one of the things i would add to the terrific scenario you just gave is that at the same time that the water was switched over by the state to the flint river, officials in the state buildings started drinking
12:26 pm
bottled water. they stopped drinking and using water in their own buildings. which gives rise to the potential criminality. because the crime here is the knowing introduction of toxic materials into drinking water. what did the state officials know and when did they know it? that's one scenario. the other scenario here is the fbi traditionally only investigates for crimes or national security issues. every once in a while, they will assist other agencies like the epa, because the fbi is the best investigators we have, to figure out what happened even if there is no crime. add to that, they have announced that they're doing this investigation. shep, when they're knocking on somebody's door looking for evidence of a crime, they don't announce ahead of time. it's leading me to believe that the fbi is the lead agency here to try to figure out what happened, who is to blame, how can it be stopped, how can it be
12:27 pm
prevented from happening again? >> now there's talk of other cities. hoosick, new york, they have been having problems for a while. a guy who works here is from there and said they have been drinking bottled water for a while. jackson, mississippi, not that we have anything to indicate it isn't safe, but that's what they said in flint, michigan, for months before they came in and said not only is it not, but you knew it wasn't when it was. >> the issues are so serious, the children have began to manifest a problem in their blood which will be with them for the rest of their lives. question, can you sue the state government because it made a bad decision? answer, no. >> no. >> the government has local, state, and federal immunized itself from a lawsuit. who are you going to sue? that's another reason the fbi is involved. quite probably, the fbi will characterize how massive this problem is, and the federal government will attempt to
12:28 pm
remediate it, pay these people for their damages. taxpayers, federal taxpayers, will pay these families for damages to the children, pay the children for the damages they will endure as they get into adulthood, and pay the money it costs replace the lead pipes with pipes that won't harm people when the water goes through them. you're talking about a long, expensive project. so far, estimated at $600 million. initial estimate. >> sounding like a super fund site. >> yes, and of course, once you have the federal government here, then the money is going to want to go to hoosick falls, and jackson, mississippi, and wherever else these poor, insnlt children are showing up with toxic material in their blood streams. >> hillary clinton has called in a statement she released for an investigation in jackson. i'm sure there will be one. when there's something to report, we will. thank you, judge. >> the american general leading the fight against isis says there is a good chance he may need more boots on the ground. we'll speak to the retired lieutenant colonel from the
12:29 pm
special forces who says military trainers could end up close to actual combat. >> plus, police chiefs across the nation telling congress what their officers need to fight terrorism here at home. local police departments fighting terrorists. we're approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel.
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they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. even this one loves them. you eat prunes? mhmm. it's true, feeling good starts with eating right. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. fox report time. more headlines. bill cosby appears in court in pennsylvania for his first hearing on criminal sex assault charges. his lawyers say they're trying to get a judge to throw out the case. dozens of wipen have accused the former tv star of drugging and sexually assaulting them, but this is the only case in which he's facing charges. >> schools in france are pushing to allow kids to smoke on school grounds over terror concerns. france has been under a state of emergency since terrorists killed 130 people in paris in november, and school officials say they're worried the kids could become targets when they
12:32 pm
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nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. u.s. military has used so ben many bombs that the pentagon reported it's running low on bombs and needs nearly $2 billion to bye more bombs. that's the word from ash carter. of course, thousands of u.s. and coalition air strikes have failed to stop the terrorist army. now, the knhander of u.s. military operations against isis says there is a good potential that he will need more troops on the ground to battle isis militants. the commander would not say whether the forces would be for combat or to train local forces,
12:35 pm
whoever they are. pentagon officials say they already have boots on the ground in iraq and in syria to help fight isis there. mitch is a retired lieutenant colonel for u.s. army special forces. more bombs, need them. a couple billion dollars. it's budget time. what do we make of this? >> let's ask the iraqis to reimburse us. >> sure, and mexico will build a wall. it's fun and nice and sweet to think, oh -- nobody is going to do anything. they don't ever stand up and fight. they take our weapons and then we act like, maybe boots on the ground are a good idea now. what? boots on the ground to do what with whom for what and for how long and where? what again? i don't -- i don't understand how this stuff percolates up like this on a news day when everybody is talking about other stuff. all of a sudden, you need $2 billion for more bombs and oh, we might need boots on the ground. stop it. >> unbelievable. this is mission repeat. i have heard you say before, is
12:36 pm
this mission creep? this is mission repeat. we're doing the exact same thing that we did there for years, that we stopped doing in 2011. and we saw what happened. unfortunately, it could always happen again. the sectarian purges that the iraqi government did on its highly trained military, taking out its best leader. this could happen again after we leave. >> we forget who it is who's leading in large numbers on the ground over there. it's the same leaders of the iraqi military whom we decided to toss out. they're now working against us. they're using our bombs and our equipment and our know how. this is a cycle that keeps repeating itself. it's almost the definition of insanity. to keep thinking the same thing we have done before is going to work the next time. >> indeed. i have watched yesterday mcfarland's briefing. he wasn't very specific in anything. i think he is helping prepare the media and the american public for a larger commitment of u.s. forces. commitment of u.s. forces that will increase as trainers inside
12:37 pm
the security of coalition and iraqi bases. but we could see a point, especially during the retaking of mosul, where those trainers lead the wire with their iraqi units they have been working with, and might not get to the very front lines, but might position themselves as a nearby iraqi command post to help the iraqis in their own fight, advising them in the specific combined arms aspects that general mcfarland talked about on monday. >> what will lead us to believe that the next time, the iraqis woeblt turn over the weapons we give them and run home, but this time they'll fight. why would we think that? >> there's a very interesting dynamic in that part of the world and in iraq specifically. iraqi troops fight extremely well. when an american adviser is shoulder to shoulder with them. it's really beyond the understanding of our culture here. but there's something about the culture of honor in iraq. where iraqi troops fight better and harder for their own country when there's an american standing there telling them, hey, man, you can really do this. you're doing a great job.
12:38 pm
i'll call in the precision air strikes if it really gets bad and help you out. >> until they end up killing our folks there, and then don't we have a new problem? >> thank god that hasn't happened yet. that's certainly a problem in afghanistan. we have a program that we won't really discuss, but we really watch out for ourselves. people are watching out for each other in those situations. thank god it hasn't come to iraq, but it's still a big problem in afghanistan. >> mitch utterback. thank you for your service and your time today. >> thank you. here at home, cops are ending up on the front lines of the fight against the terrorists. the police chiefs from some of the biggest cities in our nation are telling congress it is critical for the feds to share intelligence with local officers. catherine herridge has this news from washington. >> a newly released isis video is renewing the terror group's threat against american targets. now with more than 62 isis-related arrests the past year, the local police chiefs
12:39 pm
say the heartland is the new battlefield, and intelligence sharing remains a problem. >> if you can't trust local law enforcement with information, you know, we're shooting ourself said in the foot. we're not going to be able to prevent a lot of this stuff. >> after the december massacre in san bernardino by tashfeen malik and syed farook, to see something say something campaign took on a higher profile because local police are the ones who received the suspicious activity reporting, but without better intelligence, they say there's no context. >> one of the cornerstones of being able to counterterrorism is sharing critical information amongst all of the players. it doesn't matter that i'm wearing a state patch and he's wearing a federal patch and she's wearing a local patch. when it comes to this, it's -- that's the concept of one team, one fight. >> what they said repeatedly today is this really remains a culture problem, as opposed to a problem with regulations.
12:40 pm
>> how are these police forces striking the balance between terrorism and mass shootings? >> well, the new york city police chief testified that in the end, these active shooter training exercises that they're doing apply whether a terrorist is holding the gun or someone else driven by a personal grudge. one of the lessons of the paris massacre at the bataclan concert hall is they can't wait to negotiate because the shooters are willing to die. the s.w.a.t. team in this instance waited 38 minutes. by the time they entered, 90 people were dead. >> the lone wolf is in many respect other than motivation, not different than what we're dealing with with the active shooter. various motivation. the response is very similar, that we have learned after columbine that we have to get in there and get the shooter. >> even though the threat has changed, especially in the last two years with isis and social media, he stillts new york is the primary target for the groups and he said there were four credible plots in the last two years.
12:41 pm
>> thank you. >> lil' kim is at it again, apparently. north korea announcing it will launch a, quote, satellite, unquote, as soon as next week. but analysts say it really may be cover for a long-range missile test. last month, north korean officials claim they had tested a hydrogen bomb, one of the most powerful weapons on the planet. u.s. officials say they don't believe that, but they have been pushing north korea to not have tests and to tell us whatever that was. a top u.s. diplomat says a missile test would be a slap in the face to anybody who argued against new penalties. the fbi is deploying a new tool in the search for a former agent who went missing nearly a decade ago in iran. it's the same tactic some people use when their pets go missing. use when their pets go missing. more on that coming up. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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what hand paired with even getmore lobster?ked, you get hungry. and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is back with the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year. like new dueling lobster tails with one tail stuffed with crab, and the other with langostino lobster mac-and-cheese, it's a party on a plate! and you know every bite of 'lobster lover's dream' lives up to its name. hey, eating is believing. so stop dreaming and start eating. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. planes on the planet made a special delivery for nasa.
12:45 pm
we have pictures of this in our slide show. the main reason is because it's so weird looking. looks like a plane opened up its mouth and swallowed a whale. they call it a super guppy. nasa uses it to haul all sorts of large stuff that can't fit on a normal plane. here's a look from the side. that's another regular non-guppy style plane above. what makes it so unique is it opens on a hinge. see here? it slides open here. the cargo area about 25 feet tall and more than 100 feet long. in this case, workers are bringing an orion crew capsule to florida. that capsule, seen here, where astronauts will eventually ride. it's built to fly on nasa's space launch rocket system or sls. also a very nice hotel, but that's another matter. when it's completed, it will be the most powerful rocket ever built, designed for deep space missions that could include trips to an asteroid and trips
12:46 pm
to mars. nasa is scheduled to test the rocket in 2018 can an unmanned trip around the moon. >> u.s. officials say they can't find a former fbi agent who went missing in iran nine years ago, so they launched a facebook page in farsi, it asked the iranian people for help in finding the agent. the fbi has put on an award for information on where he is. they report levenson was working for the cia when he disappeared. his relatives say u.s. officials did not tell them about the prisoner swap that freed four americans last month, and that they were devastated to learn he wasn't part of it ro. our secretary of state john kerry says they do not know if levenson was still alive. any word on whether the facebook page might really help? >> the news site has only been up for a few weeks and the fbi tells cbs news a number of people have been drawn to it,
12:47 pm
but it's a bit unclear whether any of those visitors provided leads or clues as to the whereabouts of robert levinson. it's clear the english language social media campaign in iran has not led to any significant information, so reaching out to the locals in their native language is at least worth a try. levenson's family received a proof of life video in 2010 showing a very thin robert levinson pleading for help to get home. and as disappointed at the family is that he was not part of last month's prisoner swap, they are continuing to push the administration for help. the white house says there is still no evidence that robert levinson has left iran. >> meantime, iran's president says she is inviting u.s. to invest in their country. >> iran is depend on oil, and president rouhani is trying to
12:48 pm
diversi diversify. he's urging foreign investment. so far, several international companies are rushing to establish a position there. most of the sanctions against iran have been lifted, but some u.s. sanctions remain. because of that, u.s. companies are holding back. but rouhani says, and i'm quoting, if u.s. companies are willing to come and invest in iran, we have no problem with that. iran also has key elections coming up this month, and the mullahs, who control the country, have been accused of excluding large numbers of candidates. president rouhani said he will fight to insure a free and fair vote. >> thank you, trace. coming up, people across the south today are on high alert as forecasters are warning of possible tornadoes. if you think your town has problems to deal with in the bad weather, look at what a snow storm did to travel in china.
12:49 pm
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fox weather alert. folks across the south bracing for some severe weather. earlier, the national weather service issued tornado warnings in parts of mississippi and tennessee. these areas in pink, these ones right here, right around jackson, mississippi, this is a severe thunderstorm warning. these are tornado warnings. so east central mississippi, western alabama, check your weather radar, because it's very serious. the weather service reports every county in mississippi could see strong sotorms today. janet dean is live with us over here. you were talking about this yesterday, and people down there were paying attention. i know some of them called me. there's concern down there today, janice. >> absolutely.
12:53 pm
this is like a springtime setup. we have the cold air to the north, humid, warm air to the south. a lot of atmospheric conditions coming together for large, long-lasting destructive tornadoes. tornado warnings from the gulf coast to the ohio river valley. conditions are favorable for tornados until 7:00 p.m. local time and we'll continue to see those watches extended overnight tonight. so noaa weather radios on. you pointed out the tornado-warned storms. this is doppler radar indicated. we're seeing some strong rotation and we had a warning for parting of central tennessee. that's been lifted, but you're not out to have woods. overnight tonight and tomorrow, we could see hail, damaging winds, and yes, very destructive, dangerous,
12:54 pm
life-threatening tornadoes. we've got the very warm air. behind it, extremely cold air. so a lot of dynamics working together to bring us that thread today. >> 78 in montgomery and it's the 2nd of february. >> we see these in the springtime. that's the kind of setup we had today. behind that, the blizzard. >> i was going to ask you about that. >> blizzard warnings in effect with winds in excess of 40, 50 miles per hour, continuing throughout the afternoon and the overnight. so lots of weather happening and people need to be safe across the south and mississippi valley where tornadoes continue overnight. >> we'll watch it and have coverage all afternoon. just when you thought your rush hour commute was bad, police in southwestern china say a snowstorm stranded 100,000 travelers at a train station. ugh. look at this mass of humanity, people waiting in some sort of line to try to get to the train
12:55 pm
station. magic mountain this is not. the crowds apparently got so bad that media report officials declared a level two emergency and deployed thousands of police officers to keep the peace. in this next picture, you see people huddled together to keep warm. the bad weather also coincided during -- with the start of the chinese new year, where hundreds of millions of people are expected to make their way home. at last check, some 50,000 people were -- look at this line! good lord! china, you need to slow down. we'll be right back with a look at an invention that changed criminal investigations forever. and it's made its debut on this day in history.
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
what's the best part of a mcdonald's happy meal? got to be a toy, right? mcdonald's is getting rid of the toy and replacing them with books specifically made to fit into a happy meal. there are the kid's classic
12:59 pm
"paddington," you know, the bear. it's the third year mcdonald's is doing this. the company is partnering with "reading is fundamental," and representatives say by the time this ends in two weeks, they will have given away more than 50 million books. on this day in 1935, a lie detector made a debut in a courtroom. a college professor built the machine which measures the responses of skin and blood pressure during questioning. he first demonstrating his polygraph in a court in wisconsin and apparently convinced the jury that two suspects were, indeed, lying about their roles in the attempted killing of a sheriff. decades later, supreme courts ruled states can ban the machine because of concerns how accurate they are. after two accused criminals failed the first polygraph test 81 years ago today. if news breaks out, we'll break in, because breaking news
1:00 pm
channel. and this is becoming annoying. yesterday, it had a big turn around and they welcome like -- and today is bad. why? very good question. let's ask neil. neil cavuto starting now. iowa decides. now the race is on for new hampshire and beyond. how will it shake out? now, live from des moines, "your world with neil cavuto." >> all right, the scene in des moines, iowa right now where we'll still staying. my colleagues got out before the snow, we did not. but our obligation remains to you. so we remain here. very good to see all of you here. but the fallout from this state is being felt far and wide. donald trump in the unusual position of technically not being the front-runner anymore


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